The When: “The Economic Collapse Cannot Be Predicted By Looking at Stock Market Charts or Other Standard Economic Indicators” *Micro Documentary*

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    Most astute observers and analysts understand that the world is on the brink of a widespread economic collapse. Our debt, the expansion of the U.S. police state, the militarization of governments, and geo-political posturing are all pointing to an end to life as we have come to know it in the modern world.

    We know it’s coming.

    The question is when?

    What signs should we be looking for?

    What will be the catalyst?

    The following micro documentary from Storm Clouds Gathering examines the complexity of the variables involved, the intentions of those making the decisions, and the various possibilities – real or imagined – that may set the whole thing into motion.

    (Video follows excerpts)

    As long as the U.S. military is able to crush or intimidate any major oil producing nation that defies them, the Petro Dollar Arrangement will stand, and the dollar will retain its position.

    What this means is that the economic collapse cannot be predicted by looking at stock market charts, interest rates, GDP or any of these other standard economic indicators. Because as long as America has the power to write hot checks at the entire planet’s expense they’re going to keep bailing out the banks and corporations. There’s no question about that whatsoever. They’ll drop money out of helicopters if they have to.

    Of course, the situation can’t last forever.

    The obscene national debt, the massive derivatives black hole still on the books, and the impending municipal bond crisis will eventually destabilize the rest of the system. And if allowed to run its course with these bailouts and the quantitative easing cushioning the fall we would be in for a very slow, painful economic death spiral.

    However, that’s not a very likely scenario.

    As of right now, our present course has a setting towards a third World War. This is where the game will most likely play out.

    The powers that be want to kick this next conflict off very soon – in a matter of months if all goes smoothly. Whether they’re able to pull that off is another question.

    If the United States and NATO go into Syria and the conflict spreads to Iran the results would be disastrous. This won’t be a replay of Iraq or Afghanistan.

    This will be a whole new level of war, one that will like draw in Russia and China, and which has the potential to bring the entire planet to utter ruin.

    Even these so called powers-that-be won’t be able to control what follows. They are quite literally playing chicken with nuclear weapons, gambling all of our lives on their deranged power games.

    To avoid that scenario [of civil unrest and rebellion] they’re going to preempt it by engineering a crisis. They’re going to knock over the game board like a spoiled brat to bring humanity to its knees, until we’re begging for a solution, until we’re begging for it to stop.

    When you really see just how many variables are involved here and how many of these variables are human decisions that are impossible to predict, it should be clear that there’s no way to pin down the collapse to a definitive date.

    That said, the escalation in Syria and Iran this next year has the real potential to set off a chain reaction that can very easily bring the global economy to its knees.

    Watch: When will the economy collapse?

    While the collapse of our financial, economic, monetary and political systems may be a foregone conclusion, the timing of these events is difficult, if not impossible, to predict. We know they are coming, as the powers that be have been actively positioning pieces on the global chessboard for many years.

    Keeping abreast of current events, especially those events which are not discussed in mainstream reporting circles, is critical to understanding what’s happening and to getting a heads up before this comes to pass.

    If you’re paying attention you may have some time to get ahead of the calamity and prepare for the worst case scenario.



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      1. Lets go, I am ready!

        • More time please…

          • Was riding my bicycle on A1A in Daytona and observed a man eating left overs from a garbage can.This is the major road along the worlds most famous beach.Next, while at home a polce helicopter circled overhead for approx. 1/2 hr.,come to find out two men arrested for stealing food from a major grocery down the way.And the day before an assualt occured at another major grocer in the area.Food is the common denominator in the above occurances.I’m carrying all the time now,hunger is a powerful enemy.

            • Someone once said that civilized society is only nine missed meals from anarchy. One can debate the number but not the fundamental truth behind that statement.

              • Everyone thinks they’re never going to die. That they’re never going to answer to God about the man that was eating garbage and they did nothing. We will have to answer for everything some day. Everything.

              • Where I live, it is illegal to go through the garbage. Even if you are hungry. That should tell us something about the times that we live in. When we deny someone a meal, from the garbage.

            • I didn’t read about the part when you helped the man eating garbage…

        • When you see OBAMA hauling ass you no its close


            • Rich, have “one more glass” of whatever, and call it a night. Your better than this when “your on your game”. IMO, which as always, must be taken with “whatever” personal GRAIN OF SALT!

              The “intended” sentiment is still understood.

              • Look folks, the scenario being painted by the micro documentary is wrong. Wrong because both Russia and China are on board with the NWO.

                The CCP and the GB’s are PARTNERS. Get it? PARTNERS!

                Russia would also like to cash in; which is why they joined the WTO. Putin just doesn’t want to open the floodgates to Western Capital. Putin is a nationalist. That’s why he recalled 30,000 Russian personnel from Syria. He does not want to be drawn into a conflict pushed by the Globalists; like his “American Partners”.

                Assad is on his own and is being propped up by Iran; financially and militarily. Intel suggests that Iranian Generals are now running his war. Sanctions are having a crushing blow upon the Syrian pound and the Iranian Rial. Yes, it will come to a head soon, but both Russia and China will watch Syria follow Iraq into Splitsville, as it is divided by the various Muslim factions.

                Follow the money.

                As it is now, Russia is a bone that the NWO Globalists can throw to China, if Russia decides to block Globalist designs upon the rest of the world. China profits from Globalism; indeed it is becoming the number one global power, but in due time.

                War WILL spread to Iran and not so far into the distance, perhaps before summer is over, as the Israelis are running out of time. I cannot imagine any scenario that pushes an Israeli / Iranian conflict past the end of the year.

                Economic collapse would have to be deliberate as the Uber Rich would suffer most and the PTB in DC would face an enraged electorate. Both of these groups profit from the status quo.

                True “collapse” as envisioned by many here would mean Revolution. The PTB cannot afford a revolution because revolutions are messy. Revolution means chaos. Chaos brings uncertainty and unintended consequences.

                The USA is not going to collapse. Neither will Europe as long as Bernanke is allowed to buy toxic securities from European Banks with American money. That’s right. European Banks are benefiting more from QE now than US Banks.

                Don’t buy into “collapse” and then sit around waiting for it to happen. Instead the PTB are feeding upon YOUR complacency while they tighten the noose around OUR necks.

                Its OUR money! Its OUR America. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. Lend your voice and support to those Patriots who are fighting the good fight.

                Engage!!! 🙂

                • So the Russians and Chinese are just gonna stand around with their thumbs up their ass while Amerika has it’s way with the world. Riiight… and I suppose you would have us think there are no illegals hanging around Home Depot either.

                  • Your Mama: Its not “Amerika”. It is the Dual Citizens and the Globalists who are controlling the American government; and yes, for now, China and Russia are going to sit around and let Amerika have its way with the world.

                    Why? Because Amerika is making the world safe for Globalism, and Russia cannot do anything about it anyway without committing suicide. China doesn’t want to do anything about it because there is no profit in it for them.

                    The “Chinese Miracle” is the result of Amerika (NWO) running the world. “Wealth is Glorious” to coin a phrase, so why quibble with your Partner when they are doing such a great job transferring their wealth and power to you?

                    China needs the 500 million consumers in North America, and the 600 million consumers in Europe to support its economy. It doesn’t need the Russian consumer. Russians only number 150 million and Russian consumers by in large,do not have excess income to purchase Chinese goods: especially when the Ruble is 36 to the dollar and the Yuan is 6 to 1.

                    Russia has no leverage, and after withdrawing 30,000 of its personnel from Syria, doesn’t have any skin in that game either.

                    Siberia is a prize that China has eyed for some time. If the Dual citizens and NWO can keep the Muslims fighting each other, don’t you think they can set China against Russia if need be?

                    Think outside the box, once you understand what the box is. 🙂

                • DK: Organizing and communicating with your patriot group I agree, the rest is a crock of manure as it is pointless and produces no results. People want to stay low key if they are smart. Keep your group small, not letting new people in as they can form their own group.

                • The romans believed the same – but this time I am sure it will be different because we are smarter. At least we are not steadily decreasing the value of our coinage, wait, what?

                  Maybe not in my lifetime a collapse as some folks envision – but to my way of thinking we have already collapsed. It will get worse – but over what duration of time is the real question. Some are preparing for sudden catastrophic failures of systems. Probably not, but still possible. Slow death, a little every day, a little more tax every year. A little more government every year. A little more erosion to the constitution every year. Collapse? Absolutely – will historians be able to point to a date and say this is it? So many things already to point to, off gold standard, maybe the federal reserve – a private bank but call it federal – confiscate people’s gold then give it to a PRIVATE BANK! This happened already – it is theft and collapse of a system – it continues. We could add others. We are no different that Rome – (my opinion)

                  • History, even American history, is filled with financial and monetary changes. Eventually, but not anytime soon, metals will back (digital) money again.

                    Until then, the dollars IS the world currency and the world loves it. The world clamors for the all mighty dollar. There is NO shortage of demand for dollars.

                    While logically, other currencies will eventually find that kind of acceptance and demand; the dollar is the only game in town for now. Ask Europe if you don’t believe me.

                    Its the American Dollar that is bailing Europe out. 🙂

                • I agree with your collapse analysis

                • The USA HAS collapsed. People that are comfortable don’t realize it just yet.

            • “Irony is when someone writes ‘your an idiot’ “…

        • Roseman91,get your hat on,its about to begin,obama has the death of america all planed,his foreign troops are here and the police gangs are ready to help them with the take over of america,THE ONLY problem they’ll have is with the ALPHA MALES who aren’t going to go along with it,THATS THE FLY IN THE OINTMENT,THE LORD SAYS,…OCT.1,2013.. expect all hell TO COME ON AMERICA,be ready to have the hell bombed out of you,if your in a city LEAVE NOW,IF YOUR ON THE COAST,MOVE INLAND NOW,GET READY ,THEY ARE…………..

          • Specific dates, aka 10/01/2013, indicate “insider knowledge”, or “Vegas style gambling”.

            Did you mean “by this date”, or specifically “on this date”? Just curious.

            There are not enough foreign troops or “police gangs” to take over this country. Mathematically impossible, regardless of “high tech toys”. Lock-down a couple of major metropolitan areas…Yeah, I can see that. The “entire country”…that would require a nuclear holocaust that would “burn up assets” already promised to the “global banksters” to repay the phony debt burden of the American sheeple.

            The “BANKSTER criminal cartel” would not appreciate that…nor would the foreign entities to whom these assets have been pre-promised.

            • If the plan is to take out NYC, DC, Detroit, and Chi with Neutron Weapons; I’ll support it. Won’t take any troops.

            • Agree. There aren’t enough active duty, reserve or National Guard soldiers, sailors, Marines to control this country much less cops. They may occupy a major city or two but that is so manpower intensive that it would never work. A city the size of say Atlanta would need an Army Corp to just occupy and set up traffic control points–not even patrol and control the city. Snipers, and roving gangs would rule the inner city and the suburbs would be cutoff from going anywhere.

          • Arizona,

            I am curious, how did you come up with the date Oct.1, 2013? Get a grip, did the Lord tell you himself? I don’t know you from a hole in the ground so why would I believe a word you write, you sound like a psychopathic trouble maker.

              • There may be an underlying message with the dates tied to this article on the Quayle site.

                Things seem eerily quite concerning the Iranian nuclear advancement. The lamestream media isn’t reporting much. However; it is still a hot topic within Israel.

                Last year the reports were steadily flowing about how Iran could have enough material to construct nukes before the end of 2013. Israel can’t allow this to happen. If the Iranians have the capability, they won’t hesitate to use it on Israel.

                There may be something to this Oct. 1st date, and it may be linked to Israel destroying the Iranian Nuke sites. TPTB know if and when it is coming, and they may be preparing for the “fallout” (figuratively and literally).

                What happens if the supply chain of crude is dispupted?
                Mega-shit hitting the fan within days and weeks causing food shortages, business closures, and riots worldwide.

                Got God, guns, and guts?

                • And…. the new moon phase is on Oct. 4th.

                  The dark of the moon? Time will tell.

              • Conner: your right! That is exactly where these tin foil idiots get their shit info. Tell them to go to ATS with Quayle, his Zio lovers, space ships and their 100 foot, 6 toes monsters you can only kill with a silver bullet, whoops I mean copper. You get into this bullshit and your gone. These dipsticks can’t tell you why the bible says all the 6 toed monsters were wiped out during the flood and suddenly were present at Goliaths time. Must be that Noah had some giant DNA or these ‘Sons of God’ got loose again and got down with those painted women. There are so many of these mainline witchdoctors that are Zio freaks who purposefully fill the heads of idiots with snot or alien goo.

                • Thank you. I heartily agree. We can and should all be prepared with a minimum of BS to keep us spinning instead of focused.

                • Thank you. I heartily agree. We can and should all be prepared with a minimum of BS to keep us spinning instead of focused.

              • Steve Quayle , now he hasn’t forecast a hundred false dates before now has he ?
                Where is Steve’s infamous RED SCREEN ?

            • Arizona: thanks for info. I replied Tues. about your ideas when country will go kaput. Now, must get busier than I am now. Got home from the I-10 trip in NW Fla. where I was this morn. and didn’t see containers near gas sta., or main roads. I’ll just betcha they were behind blg. shielded with a wood fence just like businesses cover the dumpsters behind their bldg.. Will run in town next few days and check Wally world and main intersections/gas sta in my city. Told friends in other cities to check also. The Lord spoke to others I hear via online newsletters, and they said the country was cursed and time is short, and any political activity is wasted time/unproductive from now on.

          • Stay in the cities, and fight ’em there. The enemies of America dropping bombs on all their lackeys in the cities would cause them many problems. If you think you’ll be able to hide from a drone in the woods – you are wrong.

            • Under the woods?

            • If there is no where to hide then there is no reason to run.

          • FUCKIN YAWN…….like we haven’t had dates thrown at us before ….10/01/2013….will come and go like usual

            • Arizona is a nut ball, a doomsayer who is full of crap. Sure this mess is going to end and probably badly but I have no patience for a jerk like that who wants to spread panic. Reminds me of another nut ball who said the world was going to end not that long ago.

              Yep, move, flee, the world will end on Oct. 1st, the bombs will fly and if you live on the coast then move inland immediately!!!!! Who’s buying this crap? Oh yea, according to Arizona,(the Lord said so),some of you will probably listen to that and panic. Why the hell would you give that jerk any credence at all. Maybe the Alpha Males are getting excited.

              • I think Arizona owns a store and a online sale site.

          • @ari-heada……Country FOLKS say ; Stop trying to send City RATS to the country !! WE don’t want their DUNB-ASSES to come here !! They picked their BED , now let them LAY in IT !!!……mm~

          • 10/1/2013 c2012s1 Sion will crown mars.
            Can you hear them chant?
            As above so below,
            as it is in heaven, it will be on earth.

        • Its going to happen when there’s a perfect storm….everything at once…..collapse of the dollar, major seismic event, or disaster and a geopoliticial event.

          and then there’s no going back

          • And how often do we have the PERFECT STORM ? DIPSHIT

            • Tell me o wise one. How many so called “100 year storms” has USA had in the past 10 years?

              The so called once in a life time storm has occurred several times already, how long can they print money. Until China and Russia says “times up”

              It’s coming……

              • The term 100 year storm has nothing to do with the frequency.

              • Its ALWAYS coming…its been coming for at least 5 years now !!!

                • How about more like THIRTY years?

                  Its heating up again that it is all going ot go down before the end of the year,,,,,,

                  same as every year.

            • About as often as you make an intelligent comment.

          • H.A.A.R.P – Able to control weather anywhere in the world, ie; blue skies to tornadoes and sunshine days to rain deluge. Ask Jessie Ventura and Alex Jones. Need a false flag event on a larger scale, bury a nuke 20 miles under a fault line under tectonic stress and watch the ants, (us) scurry….

            • Afgani AlCIAda could enter usa from mexican border after dark, then if they start with one of the deepest Oil Wells drilled, which is about 8-9 miles deep(russias are anyways) then them terrorist afgans would only have to finish digging by Hand the final 10-12 Miles Deeper, to place that Nuke 20 miles Below a fault line…Then…Kaboom!!!

          • You can bet your mre’s on one thing. What ever happens, will happen when the ptb gets ready. And it will happen very fast to cause the most confusion. I personally don’t think things will go as smoothly as planned. Even with extra foreign troops, there are just to many people to control. I think efforts will be made to control the urban areas, and the outlying areas will be somewhat left alone. Common sense—why would you worry about 15 or 20 people running around in the woods with weapons,, when you have 100,000 pissed off hungry people in the cities?
            I wouldn’t want to be the guys who had to patrol the country roads in search of some pissed off rednecks looking for a reason. I don’t think the gov will worry about these folks. The have to find them first. What’s the point?
            I don’t think we have long to wait, whatever happens. good luck

        • Its going to happen when there’s a perfect storm….everything at once…..collapse of the dollar, major seismic event, or disaster and a geopoliticial event.

          and then there’s no going back

        • No..!!

          It will not be nuclear at all…

          It will be from the star wars type systems already in place since the early 70’s and, since upgraded over the last 30 plus years..all commandeered under the guise of the nasa shuttle systems..

          And it will also be utilizing low frequency impulses via cell, and nexrad radar installations along with haarp signatures and other newer technologies as well..

          You folks really have to get out of the nuclear threat is old technology and has been outdated for quite some is pure propaganda force fed to all of us..and is equivalent to bow and arrow armaments!

          All the technology we have now that we use as consumers is 25 years plus behind the curve that the tpb have in their possession..who the hell do you think developed the phones, i phones and 4 g technology?

          Give me a break!

          Do some research will you please?

          The threat of nuclear exchange is just as likely as the hordes of huns invading us with spears..

          Prove me wrong..


          • and as far as a systemic collapse of of the frn..give it gives us time to prepare for the inevitable.

            Buy your food,medicine,water.leaded and canned goods etc with whatever you can..5.00 a week or 100@ week..we are all in this together..sharing information.

            Many of us have been laid off,downsized,wages frozen, ,unemployed,underemployed, homeless, what ever the circumstances..time is of the essence now..

            Just please please do not give in to fear of anything especially nuclear is all a keep us in fear..fuck that shit!

            Stay focused, stay positive,and keep on preparing with any means you have..


            • amen possee…standing firm with you in the Rockies.

              “don’t go down without one helluva fight” lms

              • lastman,
                Where in the Rockies? I’m holed-up on the western slope, out in the sticks south of Grand Junction.

          • Posses ,
            Kinetic kill vehicles have made the old fashion Thermo-nuclear weaponry obsolete except for battlefield tactical use. Strap a rocket and guidance package on a small near earth asteroid drop it like a rock from a highway overpass on your target and all that kinetic energy gets converted to thermal energy with same effect as a multi- megaton nuke without the annoying secondary radiation effects.
            This tech has existed since the late 1960’s .

            Semper Fi 8541

          • I think you are right. the PTB uses fear to keep people confused. I would say there is a high possibility of using an EMP blast from a low yield nuclear device to throw us back into the 1800’s though. Nothing has to be destroyed if we are riding around in horse and buggy.
            I’m sure some nut job in charge is itching for the chance to try some new weapons systems on the masses. After all, what are wars for?

            • …and you can bet your ass all of THEIR electronics are adequately shielded and will survive the EMP.

      2. The collapse can’t happen till we are disarmed so in that case a collapse will not happen , they will print till eternity !

        • Armed or not if the USD looses reserve currency status the collapse occurs.

          • if intrest rates go up we’re toast

          • IF……IF….IF…….but HASNT …..WHY ?????

            • Rich you are in a crappy mood tonight. Cant we all just get along.

            • Rich list his IQ in his ID..and appears to be over stated….Damn….get those Meds adjusted and everything will be ok…..Now just go lay down and take a nap !!!

            • actually if you look at the 10yr rate over the last 3 mos it is going up. thats why when ben had to back track on reducing QE. if you think that rates are going to stay where they’re at forever your nuts, the longer it takes for rates to increase the worse the problem is going to be.

        • RICH99,you better watch the HAGMAN&HAGMAN REPORT,july 29,2013,and listen to whats really going on,THEY LAY OUT THE WHOLE PLAN,by your government to destroy america,and being armed ain’t going to matter,their still going to try,THEY HAVE BEEN CAUGHT,and they know it.THE WORST FAMINE in the history of the world is about to happen in america…….

          • Arizona , your a fool if you think they will attempt ANYTHING with an armed populace ….why hasn’t ANY foreign country attacked us ????

            • @ RICH99

              Which would have a more devastating effect on the apathetically comfortable masses?:

              1. Lack of armaments
              2. Lack of food/comfortability

              If you say #1 then you’ve never been hungry and actually experienced what it QUICKLY does to the psyche.

              An armed populace is NO concern to Obama, a minor hindrance maybe. I’m coming to realize that an armed populace is going to be spun into a useful propaganda tool because they’ll be able use it as an excuse to “save” the rest of America from “us”.

              • California resident

                couldn’t agree more with you on this subject

                OVOMIT needs a miracle to happen he screwed the pooch in Benghazi He has failed to get OVOMIT care done and going. he totally lost it on the earlier attempt to take all the guns so now hes going to try a race war and have all the angry blacks sitting in there section 8 housing go out and try and take Back America “for Trayvon”. is it coincidence that EBT benefits are being cut in some areas ?.

                i have been screaming for months that something weird is going on i am seeing more black people buying guns then i have ever seen. and there not buying shotguns there buying expensive ARs. These folks don’t act like weekend shooters and most don’t even seem to be able to load and pull the trigger but there damn sure they want an AR. More and more the folks coming in to the shop are looking for high power big mag capacity and lots of ammo. and i have actually been offered EBT cards LOL ( cant pay suppliers with EBT cards )

                so either there waking up to the idea that OVOMIT is NOT going to protect them like he promised. ( remember the girl who said she didn’t have to worry about buying gas )

                OR there thinking its time to take back America and make it into the Black run country they have always wanted..

                and it makes sense since he has been whipping up the black cities with his race war talk and oh poor Trayvon ” my poor fictitious son Trayvon ”

                The people in America are asleep and not paying attention that we have a Racist President who has failed at everything else he has ever done. and he has only three years to pull some miracle out of his ass and make his legacy look good. and if it takes a full blown race war then so be it

                Any one who doesn’t have a CCW better go out and get one and then carry full time. Because your life DOES depend on it!!!

                i am seeing more homeless working the street corners walking in and out of traffic begging for money and there getting more aggressive.

                watch your car doors keep them locked and keep your eyes open in public thing are getting bad out there

                • I’d think at least some, perhaps the older Blacks are scared of them “Yoots” type blacks and bangers and are buying firearms to protect themselves. After all there are way more blacks who reside with the yoot ganbanger tpes than white residents in the ghettos and nearby burbs areas.

                  They are destined to Fail big if trying to take “back” america as blacks or africans Never had america prior. The orig melting pot as its called was made up of 100% White European stocks, with a very high percentage of Christians amoung the orig melting pot folks that discovered and Founded and Built and Paid for america.

                  If the african blacks desire to take back any nation? Best bet is they go Back to africa and Take it back from the remaining savages There. That would be worth viewing on Live CSPAN-TV no.

                  • Uh, I think the original melting pot was several tribes of Original People. Oh, and a whole lot of respect for the environment, as far as “religion” goes. The 100% Europeans did what they always do — rape and pillage and move on to the next feast.

                  • yes i would subscribe to a channel like that

                    but what would we call it ??

                    Blacks Taking Back Affrica ? BTBA

                    and now on BTBA we watch inner city Yoots getting wiped out by the natives

                    any way they tried something like getting the blacks back to Africa it was called Libya and it didn’t work so well and now were back there about to straighten that mess out.

                    seems like all of the descendant children of the orig slaves sent there are treated like third class citizens.
                    and live worse then the Ghetto rats here.

                    but hey lets try it again

                    Troll killer

          • Listen to the July 30 Hagmann and Hagmann report. It explains everything.

        • RICH99,

          No. The central banks cannot print to infinity! It is mathematically impossible, and this impossibility has been proven time and time again in a multitude of currency failures around the world.

          The 2000 Argentinian collapse is a case study in currency failure and they are experiencing a similar meltdown as I type this. Massive global financial de-leveraging has never occurred before on this scale. We find ourselves in uncharted territory here. It’s no surprise that collapse predictions have thus far been inaccurate.

          Just because we have underestimated the central banksters ability to graft the system doesn’t mean they are omnipotent. They have their limits like the rest of us, and we are perilously close to those limits right now.

          • When talking about inflation, I don’t think we have seen anything yet. We will be shocked regarding the changes in packaging sizes along with greater increases in prices. Just took some of my grandkids to get school shoes, wow, scary. Unless there is a sudden, violent event, I do not believe that we are anywhere near the collapse. It could slowly deteriorate for a couple more years.

            • When you consider that the major bankster families such as Rothchilds are estimeted to be worth in the Trillions of dollars of combined total wealth, and massive land holdings, the Queen of Eng, I read owns a grand total of Land that is equal to 1/6th of the entire planets land masses. She owns OR has direct royalty control over it all. And her net worth includeing lands is around $55-Trillion total. If thats true, and remember although former colynies of england were “liberated” Like Candada etc, their Treaties with the queen stipulate that their parliments agree Up front when they got free of england, if ever the queen requests their help for wars or whatever, those former colonies are still bound to the queen. So her land and wealth just may be as high as that $55 trillion figure.

              So what “IF” the combined nwo heads and Banksters said something like “ok we already made more profits the last 400 yrs from banks swindleing the entire world,then we can ever need we shall consider all current Debts owed by every nation Paid in Full…And start the game from Zero all over again”?

              Whats to stop them from doing that type thing? Who in right mind would complain if Their nation will overnite be Debt free and get to do it from scratch again for another 50-100 even 300 more yrs before things pile up like todays debts etc?

              Yes that and its very likely more things we aint thought of yet that they can do if they desire to keep it all going alot longer. Like say 40 yrs longer till all boomer gen are dead and gone. Then with todays youth completly Communized and socialized, once we boomers are dead nothing will stop their NWO and no violence will then be needed for the nwo sucess.

              • I have to laugh everytime I see someone quoting how much wealth a particular person has, and how much power that conveys. Everyone has to go poop everyday, everyone eats, sleeps etc. Wealth means nothing and it does not harden their head to resist lead. As a matter of fact if there was a serious SHTF scenario, and they could be linked to the calamity, this would assuredly put a bullseye on their backs.

            • LSB,

              >>”I don’t think we have seen anything yet.”<<

              Excellent point. I think you are correct. The $1.5 to 2 trillion dollars in cash reserves the Too Big to Fail (TBTF) banks are holding for the Federal Reserve have to go somewhere at sometime.

              Either the Fed Reserve will raise interest rates so they can buy the cash reserves back from the TBTF banks, or those banks put the cash into circulation, increasing money velocity and exploding the inflation bomb. The Fed cannot raise interest rates as we're already spending about $450 trillion dollars this year on interest payments for the national debt, and more next year.

              Also they can't raise interest rates as they did in the late 1970's and early 1980's to combat rapidly rising inflation levels due to the national debt. The Fed is already beginning to lose control of their 2 year old Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) judging by the rising interest rates on the U.S. Treasury Bonds.

              Interesting times are ahead of us. Damned if we do, and damned if we don't.

              • Typo…

                >>” as we’re already spending about $450 trillion dollars”<<

                should read: " as we're already spending about $450 billion dollars"

      3. >>”We know it’s coming.

        The question is when?”<<

        Knowing that the collapse is coming is what is important to know. The question of 'when' will take care of itself in due time when the market gaming and manipulation has run its course and can no longer continue.

        It is not possible to accurately predict when that rubicon will be crossed; and hyper-inflation the dollar is not yet an imminent threat.

        Being prepared for the eventual fallout is all that matters once all doubt about the collapse has been eliminated and it becomes a mathematical certainty.

        Thanks Mac.

        • Jim Rogers: “The Whole ‘Economic’ World Is Artificial… It’s Going To End Very Badly”

          “There is a huge artificial boom going on,” warns Jim Rogers as for the first time in history, all the world’s major central banks are simultaneously printing money.

          While he remains adamant of the positive outlook for agriculture, the fact that “the whole world is trying to debase their currencies,” produces a “major disconnect” between asset values and economic realities.

          Stocks are at new highs, not based on reality, but on printing presses “and that cannot work… this is going to end very very badly.”

          While not all western economies are as egregious as others, the intertwined nature means their fate remains very much tethered to the US, and as Rogers concludes, “everybody will suffer, be very very careful as these are perilous times.”

          • Thanks KY Mom.

            Too many domino pieces are currently falling around the world for this collapse to be a figment of the imagination as some would have us believe. I just returned from Shanghai China last night on business, and folks over there are VERY worried about their banking systems, tightening credit markets, and inflation. At least they have lots of gold and silver over there for a rainy day.

            If we roll the calendar back to early 1930’s and eliminate all the layers of socialized tax payer funded benefits from the public, we would see just how bad this depression really is. It would eclipse the Great Depression, and we’re not even in the thick of it yet. Take care.

            • YH,

              It is frightening when you realize the effects of what is to come will be felt around the world and yet so few are fully aware and preparing.

              Hope you have safe travels.

              Take care! Keep praying and prepping!
              KY Mom

              • KY Mom,

                I figure if my Grandparents and parents survived the Great Depression, and they had no forewarning what-so-ever and didn’t see it coming, we’ll survive this event in one piece.

                Too bad SHTF Plan wasn’t around back then. More people may have gotten the warning. Cheers.

                • You are a denialist who isnt facing reality. Many of our grandparents did not survive the depresion. Go to the graveyards and look at the number who died young. And back them the country was more rural many small farms owned by folks who where self reliant and had Know How. They knew how to live without electriciy. The knew how to feed themselves. Most Folks today dont know nuthin that will enable then to cope & survive. not very many will have any moral scruples. They will kill rob and do anything to take what they want. Before it winds down and a so called new normal is in place 90% will be dead. Many that survive will wish they where dead. Most folks are greatly underestimating the magntude of what the future holds in store.

                  • sheptical citizen,

                    And you have no concept of how to make a common sense rebuttal argument. Did I say everyone survived the Great Depression? NO. I said my Grandparents and parents survived. If you want to twist my words around to suit your argument, start your own thread, but don’t try and pass off your revisionist opinion as fact as if you know something the rest of us don’t.

                    Not everyone will survive the next major crash, as if that really needs to be mentioned. Anyone with an I.Q. higher than their shoe size knows that already. I should not have to state the obvious.

                    Next time, try the word skeptical instead of sheptical.

                  • So now you call me a bully And state I have no concept to make a common sense rebuttal arguement. You cant refute the facts and dont like the message so you attack the messenger. One thing this little spat proves. Is that even though we are pretty much on the same page We arent getting along. Folks by and large when they show & express their true selves dont get along. Now imagine You and I in some sort of survival group. Back in the depression My ancestors had to sleep in the cornfield for about 60 days fron the time it started tasseling until the crop was harvested. Otherwise The neighbors would steal it. They also had to guard te milk cows to keep thieving neighbors from milking them in the field. Folks who where hungry would steal back then. It will be much worse this go round. Nowadays folks dont even call it theft. They somehow think they deserve it. They think that someone else has more then their fair share and it should betaken and redistributed to them.

                • Boo Hoo. So ya didnt like my response to your post. So what that your grandparents survived without warning. That in itself has no bearing on you or anyone else,s ability to survive what is in store for us. yours is a lame statement with no logical basis. I tried to explain the 1930,s depression was mostly a money collapse. Back then most folks had the ability to feed themselves. Today we have the NWO-UN and agenda 21. this go round We have money collapse, corrupt goverments colluding against us. No jobs and most are deep in debt. Add to that the clatyclismic earth changes. Most will not survive. Especially in one piece

                  • I could care less about your bullying response in itself. The fact you need to insult to make a point reflects more on you than me. Besides my post wasn’t directed at you. Move on.

          • Like we haven’t heard THAT for 5 years … people feed upon DOOM so NOBODY will convince you otherwise ……BUT I will say this……see you next summer for more of the same !!!!!!!!!

        • A perfect cartoon depiction of helicopter ben as a new species of monkeys have been discovered in BO’s homeland of Kenya:

          The banksters probably have this all planned out and have a big red circle around a future date on the calendar. Of course unforeseen events may beat them to it.

          • Thanks Be Informed.

            That’s a very appropriate cartoon of Bernanke as he is turning the dollar into worthless toilet paper. I take that back, toilet paper will be exponentially more valuable in the post-collapse period. I agree, the bankers are probably primed and ready to pull the rug out from under the markets as they were in October 1929. Investors who were ‘not in the know’ did not see it coming then, and they will be blind-sided again when it occurs the next time.

            However, with the preponderance of warnings being given this time around, no one can claim ignorance for being unprepared for the coming meltdown.

            -Fortes fortuna adiuvat

            • Toilet paper has value.

              • Iowa,

                It most certainly does!

              • “toilet paper has value”….i’d bet my ass on that!

        • I think I have a date for some Calamity, Im predicting now that 10 13 13 there will be something big that happens, I base this on the fact that the 1929 Stock Market crash came on 10 29 29 so Im Predicting 10 13 13 for a Stock Market crash or other Calamity!!!

          • Want some real bad news, and a definate date? Here in Wyoming on 10-31-13, the general Elk season is over for another year, and those that hunt and have a cold camp will have to suffer throught for another year. And it will be back to just me and the wildlife out in the wilderness. Trekker Out.

            • Didn’t get lic this year, freezer is so full I’d have to work in a mouse

              • Well Paranoid, if that’s the case, then the date of 10-31-13 is another perdiction of doom, gone to hell. At least archery bear season opened yesterday, so I’ve still got something to look forward to, if a Griz don’t get me. Trekker Out.

        • Yea WHEN……could be 5,10,20,50 or 100 years ….I have already wasted 5 years of my life PEGGED to updates on upcoming NONSENSE ……you idiots can continue this bullshit but I now see that this game will go on for a long long time

          • Well then go and enjoy life some of us enjoy preparing and being Survivalist.

            So you don’t Just like a job change go do something else.

      4. We must pray for our leaders to make the right decisions, to keep calm in the face of calamitous events. I do not know any sane person who would use the nuclear option, it is not an option for this planet or its people. May God guide us and strengthen us.

        • Saw a bumper today that said:
          “Where in the hell is Easy Street?”

          • Washing town, DC

          • Think it was in Detroit.

          • Whatever street the Rothchilds live on.

        • Pray for our leaders?

        • We must pay for our leaders.

          Fixed it for you…

          • Pay for our leaders? To be euthanized? Hell, I’d scrape together some fiat notes to kick in on that!

        • it’s not what our leaders do. What counts is what their
          handelers tell them to do.

        • it’s not what our leaders do. What counts is what their
          handelers tell them to do.

        • ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!

          What “leaders”?!

        • Our leaders are evil. They’re preparing to bring the US into the one world government prophesied in Revelation. I pray for our leaders as well. I pray that the leaders of the church and the leaders of the country would have wisdom, integrity, and courage.

        • “We must pray for our leaders to make the right decisions, to keep calm in the face of calamitous events. I do not know any sane person who would use the nuclear option, it is not an option for this planet or its people. May God guide us and strengthen us.”

          We are not dealing with sane people.

        • Our existing leaders don’t give a #$%# about us or this country. I do pray for honest, patriotic men and women, who honor the Constitution and Bill of RIghts to step forward and remove these useless politicians.

          I wrote my senators a while back complaining about the Russians collaborating with FEMA. Just got a reply today that said “As you may know, on June 25, 2013, the United States and Russia entered into an agreement to exchange expertise and information about disaster response operations. Through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, this agreement will provide American first responders and emergency personnel with the opportunity to learn from their Russian counterparts and share many of their hard-learned lessons.”

          What are our 1st responders going to learn? How to suppress freedom,beat people into submission and make people disappear?

          • Ignorant people elect ignorant leaders.

      5. Well that was uplifting! I think I will hide under my bed with my AR-15

      6. This has been going on for a while. You never know what will happen. You just go with the flow and put yourself in a better position to survive. But honestly if Nukes start flying the world is in trouble its going to be impossible to survive no matter your preps.

        • Vitamin C and Cilantro both clean heavy metals (lead, mercury, uranium, etc.) out of your system AND heal radiation sickness to a certain extent. Other than that, try to stay out of the downwind fallout pattern.

      7. Not much to do except keeping the preps going and maintain OPSEC. This is their system and they know what they are doing, they can and do make the world economy defy mathematics, as they have the monopoly of force and power to enforce their will on the rest of us. It will most likely be a slow grinding ride to the bottom, with marked increases in crimes of desperation. Forget about cobbling up a posse to haul ‘those bums & Banksters’ out for a good ‘ole lynching. Nobody has the balls to do that and, every one is too busy scraping by to expend time and energy in overthowing the Shadow Government and their talking heads. In the grand scheme of things, there is nothing you can really do about it, facing such
        overwhelming odds and high tech killing power. It is their system of things. Best to just live one day at a time to the fullest, quietly buying that extra box of ammo, can of Spam etc. when and wherever you can.

      8. Everything the Obama administration reports is exactly the opposite of the truth. Once this is understood predictions then become simple.

        As long as the dollar is used as the world’s reserve currency, the facade of economic prosperity will remain intact.

        The truth (in my opinion) is that we are set to collapse in nuclear fashion.

        • This is what I always tell people. Maybe one in one hundred know or understand that the USA holds the World’s Reserve Currency and what it means. The day that this isn’t true anymore is the very day that the Empire Falls. It won’t be pretty and we can easily expect tens of millions of deaths to come with it.

          • more like one in ten thousand. i’m an engineer and around educated people all the time. none of them have a clue…

          • Generally the masses do not have a clue; even those with a 4 year college degree. Say, “Reserve Currency”, “Bretton Woods”, “Oil Peg”, “Glass Steagall” and you get a blank stare. Without some basis of knowledge its impossible to hold an intelligent conversation outside of food and circus.

            How so many can be so ignorant with all the information available in the internet age speaks volumes for how self centered the majority are.

      9. Fuck you Bernanke!

        • Is that you Ben?

          • Sarc/

            Yeah anon, It’s me, old Bunghole Ben.
            I know you would like to see me bent over the barrel,
            but many have tried though none have succeeded.
            You see, the Bunghole moniker that precedes my name,
            refers to your bunghole and all Americans, not mine.
            That’s because I control the worlds reserve currency,
            which makes me the bungholeer and you the bungholee.

            But I’m to retire soon and my position will probably
            be handed down to the more than capable hands of my
            esteemed colleague Lawrence “Donkey Dick” Summers.

            Oooh….. your gonna miss me when I’m gone…..

          • No. It’s Cornholio.
            Need T.P. for my bunghole.


        • I second that! Wouldn’t piss on “Shalom” Bernanke if he was on fire….

      10. @Watchman

        Thanks for the fallout info. Might need it soon enough.

        How about some glow in the dark hotdogs. They’re already cooked.

        • Watchman

          many might be helped if you explained Thickness for barrier protection more.

          Number are great but How much dirt do I dig everyone can understand.

          I would but they seem to listen to you and this is to important of a thing to mess with.

      11. The collapse is happening now. People are looking for one event to set it off, but it won’t work that way. The frog will leap out of a pot of boiling water. But if you slowly bring the temp up he will addle and succumb. Dont be the frog.

        • I could still see a panic happening at some “break” point.

        • Nope The frog will jump out of cold water just as fast as hot. Unless you kill it or put a lid on the pan a frog is likely to jump out no matter what the temperature. As a matter of fact I would surmise If you dropped a frog into a pot of scalding hot boiling water It wouldnt be as likely to jump out The boiling hot water would scald it to death instantly it would simply twitch and jerk a bit but not leap out. There cold be an event like a clatyclismic disaster. Or a EMP. What I think it will be a combination of political opression earth change events that will lead to civil unrset. civi unret will lead to martial law. Martial law will ead to revolition. revolt will lead to civin war. civil war will lead to race war and ethnic cleansing. And In the Mix will be starvation disease predation ect. In a nutshell about the same thing that occured with the soviet union. And before that Rome ,egypt, Gengis kann ect. I dont want any of that. I would be very happy to keep drawing my pittance of social security and play hobby farm for the remainder of my days. I know that isnt very likely.

      12. We must pray for our leaders ? I have been & will continue to do so here, but I have to say that what I’ve watched our leaders do over the past few years I think it’s to late to think that things will get better before they get a whole lot worse. Their pnonzi scheme has about run it’s course and I don’t think there’s anything they can do to string it out any longer but go to war. Sad thing is that they are now playing with Russia & China and if they start lobbing nuclear ICBM’s we are all toast ! If that’s the case I suggest saying a prayer for everyone.

        • I totally agree with you Southern Border. The evil and deception is way way too deep now. It about wants to make me puke when people say they can get the constitution back through voting??? Are you kidding me??? It is all coming down. I would say that most people that read this blog have only seen the surface of the mountain of evil that is going on. The elite and their evil puppet master are way too close to let things slip now, everything we are experiencing now and in the last decade has all come about by one big total lie. You are right pray to God for safety for you and your family, and may he crush the evil in this world. Take care.

      13. we will limp along among the fog of lies and propaganda and one day very soon the limp will be a collapse. imagine the old analogy of straw/camel. you wobble along, one more peice of straw, get a lil more wobbley but still going. add another, the knees start to buckle but still standing. add another and collapse. it will be like this; we are limping along but one day very soon we will wake up and everything will be different than what we are used to. in a matter of a few days the world will change. i dont know the exact hour but i can reconise the season. well, we were told to pray our flight is not in winter and all i can think of is winter is coming.

      14. After viewing the many articles and stories available every day for the last few years, the only direction for the individual to take is to prepare by adding more food, survival items, fuel and ammunition to your cellar.

        Many of us are not in a position where we will be able to grow our own food and live stock, but we can prepare for a disaster that last up to six months by stocking basic essentials. Only a fool would not prepare…

        Continue to do what you can and hope for the best…

      15. We are already in a collapse. Half of America is on entitlements the other is either drowning in debt or working their ass off trying to stay afloat. I am working daylight to dark to try to get ahead of the rat race only to see welfare bums living the easy street. Why do we as producers put up with the bullshit that is going on. If there was a following and leader to set things right I would pledge my fortune and life for righteousness in this nation.

      16. The government can trigger the economic collapse at any time. They may do that once they’re fully ready for it. All they have to do is have the Federal Reserve announce that QE will end immediately. The federal government will be broke. Government bonds will be worthless. No more foodstamp cards. Those things alone would cause a stock market collapse and an economic collapse very soon after that.

        • What do you mean “will be broke”??? The country is already broke, bankrupt, tapped out. Almost half of what the government spends is borrowed we owe in unfunded liabilities and budget debt over $120 trillion that can never be paid and the printing press can only run for so long. The writing is on the wall in glow in the dark paint and only a few of us are aware of it. My advice, use the government while it still exists, go get food stamps, if you can, and use it exclusively to store at least a years worth of food or more, start stocking up on barter items like lighters, cigarettes(even if you don’t smoke) ammo, hygiene items etc. When the collapse happens the stores will be empty and people will go hungry and start killing for food. I am lucky as I live way out in the country so my family will be spared from the carnage that will exist in the cities.
          There is a saying I am sure most here probably know about society is only nine meals away from anarchy.

          • The government isn’t broke as long as it can keep printing money. Yes, the government is technically broke now but it’s spending money, isn’t it? It will officially be broke when it can no longer spend all the money it wants.

      17. Shock the monkey, shock the monkey.

        • Don’t like it but I guess I’m learning…Shock the monkey.

          My kid is funky.

          Tadpole whacked Spunky.

          Bunker fuel is gunky.

          Major Tom’s a junky.

          • Nice job Mark, as always.

        • Brass Monkey
          By the Beastie Boys.

      18. Keep your eye on the 10 year U.S. treasury yield. It is the best indicator that is left to watch. The yield has been starting to spike the past couple of months. When it gets to 3 or 4 percent, it will start to become more clear to everyone how big the problem is.

        • Bingo…

        • eeder

          I’m kinda focused on “the big picture” and appreciate information like this. If you can please explain the relationship between treasury yield and any associated cause and effect. Why would they not keep QE infinity going? If no one will loan us money no problem its banana republic economics 101; we’ll print our own. I understand the inflationary implications but I wonder if the powers to be fear that more than the alternative.

          Sometimes this stuff can give you a headache trying to predict an outcome with so many variables.

          • Kevin. Here is my explanation. And you are right to be skeptical. Expect mortgage rates to stay fairly low. They can control those rates for a long time. The fed can control a lot of things. They can and most likely will keep buying these bonds until the monetary system does collapse. However, the fed still does not own a majority of these bonds, although they do hold a lot of them. Anyhow, the bottom line is, the holders of these paper, are starting to demand a higher yield on this crap or they will dump it. These are known as “bond vigilantes” and many thought they were gone forever. Not so. I expect this yield to keep edging higher and than will start to spike again. Kevin, me and you know there is a large problem. Most people do not have any idea about treasuries and will not know why things are getting more expensive, however I do believe things will get more expensive in the upcoming months and this will be what really makes people realize that there is a serious problem. Keep your eye on that 10 year yield. When it starts to spike violently, it will be mere days before things start to get more interesting and apparent to those who have a brain and for those that do not, the mad dash for food will become much more desperate. More importantly, watch what is going on around you. Be astute, be aware, be ready.

            • eeder

              I learn a lot from these sites having balled out of equities in Feb of 07 (a tad early but better too early than too late). So thank you for your reply.

              So we should look at 3 or 4% treasury yield as being the trigger? If the general market dropped simultaneously at a time of geo political up evil ( which is highly likely) many through maybe “old habits die hard” run to the USD buying T Bills. I seen it happen over and over the world gravitates to the USD during a crisis. If they buy those T Bills the rate stays low doesn’t it?

              Its like were screwed up but were big and powerful and the entire world is screwed up too. So the perception becomes were not as bad as the other options that are at best quite limited.

              I’m not saying your incorrect but I’m playing devils advocate. The big picture is pretty clear but the devil is in the details. I would have bet in 2008 that we would have been toast by now but they keep putting it off to my amazement.

              • To me, it really does not matter what exactly happens because either way, things are not good, and will get worse. I used to believe that mass defaults and deflation would happen and would be the best way to deal with this “crisis”. However I now realize that it is next to impossible to do this. Mr. Bernanke, just an hour ago, confirmed his course, which is that they will keep buying at a pace of 85 billion a month in the face of moderate economic recovery, he has essentially confirmed that they are staying on course as he had promised. What happened when the “taper talk” came, was that Bernanke knew, a couple of months ago, that he was starting to lose control of the bond market. The taper talk was simply an attempt to regain control of the bond market, which has failed. The yield had spiked this morning but has come down to where it started the day after Bernanke confirmed his course, which most of us understand is inflationary. I do not expect yields to fall much though before they go higher, as well as every asset out there. There is no simple answer as to what rate is critical but I believe when this yield goes above the 3 percent mark, we will start to see some stuff get clearer and yes, I believe if it goes over 4 percent things will spiral out of control. Watch for large spikes in it. Any of you doubt Mr. Bernanke when he said he would start dropping money out of helicopters if he had to? Think again, only he may not drop it out of helicopters, but they may well end up depositing it directly into all personal accounts, somehow. Doubt it? I don’t. That is how hyperinflation will occur. The money can no longer be lent into existence. It will be created and given away. Doubt this at your own peril. But hey, the alternative won’t be any better for most people.

              • I believe that geo political upheaval is not going to happen on the scale some think it will and even if it does happen, I do not see that “flight to safety” occurring. Rather I think you will see violent spikes higher in everything including the yield on the treasuries and not including the price of the bonds or the US dollar. You are right that the devil is in the details. If you think about it and if you believe Bernanke, who has actually done everything he said he would do and he has essentially not wavered course. He threw a curve their a few months ago with the taper talk, however , as I said , this was just a futile attempt to regain control over the bond market. He said back in 2008 that it could come to this potentially but that it was a worst case scenario. Well, it wasn’t a worse case scenario but the only likely outcome. The federal reserve has no more bullets left. All they can do is keep buying the mortgage backed securities and when he knows there is no option left, they will see to it that money will be flooded into the system, and when he said drop it from helicopters, he was only using an analogy. They will see to it that this money gets directly to the people if they have to in one last effort to regain confidence in the currency and system.

                • eeder

                  “They will see to it that this money gets directly to the people if they have to in one last effort to regain confidence in the currency and system.”

                  I’m missing something because if anything a huge supply of money chasing a more or less finite supply of goods is classic inflation and that destroys confidence in the system. I can see a measured input of additional money putting the smallest amount possible directly into peoples hands which will also facilitate control. An instant trashing of the currency is suicidal and reckless. Regardless there is no solution and no place to go but down one way (Depression) or another (Sky High Inflation). The distance between those two outcomes is way too narrow to economically stay in as each stop gap attempt makes the probability of either that much greater over time.


                  I’ll look for that 3-4% yield….thanks

        • Also watch the Jap 10 year, It’s been up near .9 if it gets over 1.1-1.3 and says there, it’s all over.

        • eeder:
          good point. The 10 yr is about 2.59%. Up about 100 basis points (1%) in the last few months. Historic average is about 4 to 6%. If it gets over 6% all bets are off.

      19. True, it is a matter of when not if it is going to happen. Any time a country resorts to fiat currencies it always ends one of two ways, economic collapse or war. In the case of war it will not be good for anyone because some moron will no doubt push “the button” and when that happens the chain reaction will commence. Many systems are computerized and will engage without human input automatically. I pray for anyone in major cities or near military facilities.

      20. World economics are predicated upon many nations needing oil and the few supplying it taking the US Dollar as exclusive payment. The more oil needed, the higher the price of oil the more dollars the US can print and spend. Manufacturing took a backset to industrializing the 3rd world, increasing their energy demand and suppling them dollars to buy their newly manufactured goods cheap.

        The above is a simplified outline of world economics and a recent advancement in oil / natural gas production threatens the status quo. Fracking has the potential to make many nations now dependent on foreign sources of oil to become independent of it and by extension the need to trade in US dollars.

        I guarantee that the powers to be are scratching their heads trying to control this technology.

        • They already have figured it out. Google Spain. They have made it illegal to be off grid so to speak.

      21. It appears our government gets its marching orders from the CFR, as Hillary so expressed. I mean advisement. Limited nuclear war is decided by how many minutes it takes for our leaders to get to the bunkers before the first bomb detonates. Then can escalate to total nuclear exchange. Have to save the government that has already put us far down the rabbit hole. What better way to get rid of 50 million gun owners and anti government rabble rousers. They stay below ground and wait till it is safe to surface and install a New Government. Those of us that escaped the Fry and Die will become serfs. Believe me, if our government is only concerned to keep themselves in power, they are not far away from a nuclear exchange.

        • No one including the powers to be want a nuclear war. Actually they have been at the forefront of seeing that it doesn’t occur. They’re not being benevolent just prudent. They’re not immoral but rather amoral. Nuclear weapons just break too many things.

          Abortion of the unwanted, euthanasia of those too old or ill to be productive are the preferred methods. Kissinger summed up their strategy when he called many, “useless eaters”. As long as your productive your useful. When your not your a drain.

          They will take a page out of the Hitler NAZI playbook if afforded the opportunity.

          • Kevin2

            You could be right. I think that the plan to destroy by financial collapse, the major cities of our nation is too slow. They will be forced to accelerate because they have created more useless eaters. What will be the major employment? Farming, ditch digging and who gets to do what for the benefit of the elite.
            Maybe we will have 200,000 to build a pyramid. Keep them busy for 20 years.

            • slingshot

              Like the saying, “a rose by any other name smells as sweet” its slavery regardless if the slave realizes it or not. Its preferred that the slave believe that they have control over their life with an illusion of freedom. This is where the powers to be beat the USSR in people control.

              Between social conditioning complements of manipulation of the media and financial control little by little the fruits of your labor are directed for the benefits of the collective. Its fascism at the top with communism controlling the masses supplying them with just enough food and circus to make them docile.

          • Kevin, you’re terrifyingly wrong on TPTB’s view on nuclear war. They want it 100% and they are working relentlessly towards it because nothing else will bring about the grand reset of the economy and, more importantly, the revolution in political thought worldwide amongst the survivors that is needed to smooth the way to a one world super government, like a European Union on steroids. And yes, there will be many survivors of a nuclear WW3… MAD, nuclear winter, etc are all relics of the Cold War and have no relevance to current nuclear warfare methologies. You think all the cities will be ruined? Wrong. You think the environment will be ruinously polluted? Wrong again. All most people think they know about a nuclear WW3 is little more than obsolete artefacts from Cold War propaganda.

            • Jay

              A fairly bright guy once said, “If WWIII is fought with nuclear weapons WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones”. The world will immediately go back 1000 years and take at least another 100 to get where they were previously. Gone are the research centers and their irreplaceable equipment and skilled staff. Gone are the manufacturing bases around the world. Gone are the institutions of higher learning. Kiss the cure for cancer good by for a hundred plus years. The environmental impact will be direct and indirect as the damaged facilities leak “God knows what” in “God knows where”. Disease? Bacteria and viruses will have a smorgasbord and orgy in the aftermath.

              In the meantime some mad kooks in a bunker that made this happen have lost the strength of their military obliterated as primary targets. Their faced with whoever lives that have “squatters rights” and sticks and stones of their own who could care less about gold and what the power elite used to control.

              The aftermath of a nuclear war would reset the social order in ways pretty much unpredictable but with a pretty good guess that the old order that fed off of technology would be gone.

          • Kevin they may not want it.However It could very easily happen. The japs didnt want a earthquake to set of a nuclear disaster but it still happened. There are looneys in the world that would like nothing better than set off a nuke.

            • MSM like CNN, FOX etc calls them all “Loonys” yet in reality the folks in all nuke nations have very intelligent folks who advise their leaders, control their nukes etc just like usa does. If so many loony with nukes are chompin at bit to blow off a nuke as MSM always claims? Why hanven’t any done it as yet?

              NONE wants nukes to use for any reason Other than a deterant weapon. MAD Is the game played by all nations with nukes. All that, Iran is itching to nuke israel crap, is fake BS spoken daily by guess who…FOX-CNN-BBC-NBC etc etc…Who owns and controles and has the Most of same group as TV takling heads?…Only One group has…Zionists jewish control of worlds msms.

              Which nations leaders Has actually threatened to use the “Samson” Option, which means send Nukes flying into every european capitol city and all others reachable?

              ISREAL thats who. No other world leaders has made such threats…MSM such as CNN and FOX “Tells You” that iran or pakistan says this or that…BUT…Fox and CNN et al msm’s has a good reason to “say” anything and everything true or not…Because a vast majority, 90% or more of all MSM also has or is Of those, some folks call “Dual Citizens”…I refuse all forms PC…I call them by their true name…Zionist jewish folks and Bolshevik jewish folks. But Dual citizen does portray many acuratly too.

              NOBODY else has Threatened the entire world besides Sharon-netanyhaoo-and crew. Research Samson option see for yourself whats its about. Bascially it is either israel gets What they want When they want, or nukes fly to every Major european city. Now with 1/2 dozen Nuke capable Subs israel got from germany(still back order on final 2 subs) it means NO nation is immune from their evil samson option threats. Not even USA and Canada.

              Subs can reach all nations. Plus 300-400 israel based Land nukes…

              ps: an FYI- We were repeatedly told by fox news etc msms, that iran leadr said he wants to destroy israel push em into sea etc…

              Sorry folks, thats NOT the real words fox tv quotes to us when Fox translates it to english. Those who Can read iran writing or language Has quoted it Properly.

              It really is irans leader saying something like “They are fake israelies(khazer fake jews like christ spoke of etc) and has NO real right to be in israel since none of their Khazer ancestors were Ever in israel prior to 1948.

              Thats NOT his exact words, I cannot recall it exact now, but thats the Gist of his words in english.

              I will see if I can find the exact quote again if so post it. But whatever we hear from MSM-especially war hawk neocon FOX tv is Bunk to the Inth degree.

              Fox tv has turned into zionist israeli jewish tv. Just observe all the fox regulars compared to gentiles regulars at fox tv…Aprox 90% to 10%…the 10%= goyim gentiles. Daily 24/7 fox tv is about war for israel-poor israel-vote neocon war monger hawks so we can war for israel because poor israel is Our best pals!

              Just ask them US Navy folks aboard the USS Liberty Ship who got whacked in 1967 BY israel jets flown By jewish israli Pilots…USS Liberty look it up! Read the survivors Book!…He can tell you what type “best friends” israel is!

              Bottom line no nations wants use nukes…Except for Israel zionists and bolsheviks aka Khazers.

              What One Single Nuke owner Nation has steadfastly Refused over and over again and again to Join and SIGN the UN-NON Proliferation NUKE Treaty? Every Nuke nation HAS agreed to the treaty but for One…ISREALL is that One nation who Refuses to sign the Nuke Treaty…Why? are they Special or what? Self Chozens perhaps?

              Why does israel reject the nuke treaty and UN inspectors checking THEIR 300-400 Nukes, yet israel non stop complains of iran wants nuke elec power plants?

              Whats wrong with that picture? Plenty if your Eyes see and ears Hear!….Research it all First before Kneejerk name calling like a child please. Acceptance of Truth is the place to begin. Or else fail always.

        • Ive been having a recurring dream. Im in the astrial body and looking at the earth where my home is. Everything is burnt. All organic material is gone. There is nothin but cooked rock. it looks like rock after its been in a hot fire all broken fractured and charred some melted. the vehicles and machinery are twisted melted hunks resembling iron ore. There is a dry wind blowing fine dust. no moisture no life. Ive had the same drean for decades ever since I was a child and usually wake up. Im guessing nuclear or asteroid strike? Very distrubing dream.

      22. The government is at the tip of the spear. Out lawing $1 bills will make strippers become heart breakers. Those saving PM coins for the after math (recovery) will be shocked.

        • @ anonymous. The strip clubs will simply print out some monopoly money type bills that the customers can purchase at $1 each, and what the girls can cash in after they have had the customers stuff them down various open slots on what clothes they have left on. Kind of like the U.S. dollar’s value when OPEC and other oil producing countries decide to drop the U.S. dollar for selling their oil. Monopoly money, worth something only for a short time, then just paper or clothe in the long term. This country is so f’ed.

          • Hell I think the game Monopoly money is worth more then the USD, or petro dollar as it should be called.

            im serious

          • You’ve never been to Mexico.

          • There is still clubs out there that the girls will do something for a dollar. Where we go the girls won.t even come by you for less then a 5. And laps start a 50.

      23. NinaO-

        Don’t know if you’re out there somewhere, but I wanted to THANK YOU for the links you have provided. I see the light. I’m not referring to jews, more, much more.

        • NinaO I’ve been thinking about you today…

          • So have I

          • LSB: The HERD-mentality here has really gotten worse eh. Your post to nina o got alot of red thumbs. And you didn’t even state anything about any groups or whatever.

            The HERD group-think-mentality here is as bad if not worse than what I’d expect to see at some Liberals Only site or liberal Kalif University scenario.

            I think its from folks who so hate truth and facts that their delusional minds begin to believe they can actually Change truth or disapear truth by ganging up in HERD fashion as seen here lately. How does such folks Live with themselves? remind me of small kiddies who put a paper bag over their head to Hide from others…Then believe if They cannot see anybody with that bag on their head covering their eyes…Then nobody can See them neither!

            I bet many come here from Other websites to red thumb any posts that speak truth if its about their favorite tribe they so worship. Glen Becks has tons of them types…Bet some come here and do that.

            The HERD should officially start a Club…Called “The We cannot handle the Truth folks club”

            They can Barter Lies-Misinfo-Disinfo-Unfactual nonsense-and trade baseball cards too on slower days!

            • I completely agree with you Them Guys!! The HERD are shocked as hell at what’s going on but I don’t think that they feel it will get WORSE. But it will get worse – much worse.
              Hold on to yer hats, folks cuz this Economic Crash is gonna to hurt reel bad.

      24. We now have the Australian Outback, with more oil than Saudi Arabia.

        As of just recently.

        So you have to ask yourself this question:

        Yes, your stranglehold on world currency will end. Given. Even if you do war, the end result given the weapons in play will be so chaotic that you can’t even define the value of holding the world’s reserve currency anymore.

        So, what’s easier to recover from?

        A massive war that renders you partially radioactive and completely demolishes all current geopolitics?

        Or an isolationist strategy with a bunch of nukes pointed at everyone else that might try to mess with you?

        The resource base is no longer a problem.

        Either option results in an economic catastrophe short term, this can’t be avoided.

        I vote Option 2.

        Dunno about you.

        • Didn’t Australia just reach a trade agreement with China using the yuan as the reserve currency??

        • Thanks: For Proving Peak OIL a LIE!!! Like Me-DK-several others have been saying all along…Theres NO peak Oil BS Period. More Oil exists and is NOT too costly to get or process, than the world can use up in 500 More yrs at same rate of use as world uses Now. 500 yrs is a LOW estimate! Russia-USA-Aussies-Brazil-Venesuala-China drilling off coast of Cuba and FLA and all the rest who has OIL…Again..There never has been any Peak Oil just as never was really any Global warming to fear of.

          All it was is LIES and More LIES to swindle folks.

          And once a Glut/Flood of Oil goes to market and worlds folks realize how Much Oil is there for use…Prices should come down because every scam or scare tactic big oil and banksters has used are used Up! Reality says so much oil is there for our use and so many nations finding More More More! almost Monthly! that Over supply means Lower gas prices or it should.

      25. you have to wonder if our “leaders” don’t know exactly what they are doing and are purposely leading us down this path of destruction…

      26. Someone said no sane person wants nuclear war. That’s true, but no sane person wants power over others. That’s why the worst dregs of society are in control. That’s why we’re currently enslaved by a monetary system that creates (imaginary) money as an unpayable debt.

        We don’t have leaders. What we do have is a bunch of lunatics acting as our slave-owners. They are NOT sane, so as far as possible we have to plan accordingly.

        Here in the belly of the beast, the sewer that was once England (and will be again), we were disarmed long ago, but Americans MUST hide as many of their guns as they possibly can, even if you’re prepared to shoot it out rather than give them up.

        It seems to me that Harold Covington is the ONLY person with a workable plan, though that depends on the lunstics NOT using the nukes.

        If “the system” somehow survives, gold and silver may have some value, but metals don’t taste very nice in a real TEOTWAWKI situation, so don’t overlook the true necessities.

        • That’s idiotic. You use the word “insane” whenever it fits your preconceived ideas. It’s not a sane/insane question but a good/evil question. People are naturally selfish and they naturally want power over others. People are like that from early childhood. That’s why toddlers throw tantrums. They want their parents to do everything their way.

      27. A little off topic but what is kerosene going for in your area ? It’s right at 5.75 a gallon here if you buy it in 5 gallon cans. A little cheaper if you buy it in a 55 gallon drum.

        • Where I live you can buy it at farm supply stores at the pump. Just bring your blue kerosene can and fill it at about $4.45 a gallon, last I checked.

      28. Like a thief in the night…..we won’t know the when until the hammer drops. Keep prepping and keep your faith! Enjoy the small things in life that are normally taken for granted. Won’t be too long now and a quiet stroll with wife/kids/dogs won’t be possible. I stopped worrying about the when because I realized what matters is acknowledging and preparing for the fact that it’s coming.

      29. You can’t tell by the Stock market cause its all artificially propped up. The Petro dollar is gonna have to fall first. There has got to be more than a handful of countries coming to terms on accepting each ones currency for oil or PMs for that matter, than there are now. We got a long road ahead of us that is not as pretty as we are used to seeing. Many of us here are struggling now. Everybody has pulled back on the purse strings of starting projects around the house. Some are weighing options of buying a new home for the first time but unsure if they’ll have employment 6-12 months from now. It is really imperative that you take stock of what’s going on around you and make necessary adjustments. Keep the faith, in the Almighty as well as yourselves. We are going to be tested in many ways. My best to those here.

        • The stock market is and isn’t “artificially propped up”. Here’s my take on the stock market today. It is propped up by the feds manipulation of peoples minds. Most people think folks form Wall street are “smart”, however the truth is most of these people are idiots. They can be lead down the garden path, generally, just as easily as any one else. And they have been led down that path just perfectly by Mr. Bernanke. That’s all he really needs to do to “prop up the stock market”. In the end, it really does not matter. The only reason they care about propping up the stock market is because most people associate it directly with their future wealth and retirement. Keep the stock market propped up, and these people do not focus as much on the bigger picture and the more important indicators. Until of course, they can not buy food.

      30. America, like the Titanic, hit the iceberg a long time ago. I agreed with what wormdirt said, collapse is happening now, as you all know. We are like the bow of the ship rising up on one end right before it snapped and took a fast nosedive straight to the bottom.

        Have any of you purchased a Berkey water system, and any thoughts on that would be appreciated, thanks!
        Time to go make parts; peace to y’all!

        • DO NOT BUY A BERKEY! I JUST HAD THE THIRD OF 4 FILTERS FAIL! I also saw on survival blog from a link the other day a guy saying he had 4 out of 4 fail. There are you tube vids with even more failure complaints. The black berkey filters are majorly defective, the seals fail and regular water pours right into the bottom negating any filtration and contaminating your water. It can happen slowly to where you cant notice it so beware and if you have one already all you can do is put aquarium silicone around the plastic base and the bottom of the filter to seal it. I will NEVER buy another berkey product as long as I live. I use an aqua-rain now. Dont bet your life on a majorly defective junk filter!

          • White filters only. You can clean them.

            • I second that they work fine in mine , the black ones supposively
              Have been fixed but to play it safe use the white ceramic ones only.

              Semper Fi 8541

              • “supposively”

                That’s a new one on me.

        • W69 not with ya on missing nina0 some things are better out of sight and mind,(my opinion.) As far as the Berkey water system a friend in OK loves his and has been using it for his drinking water for yrs. his county supplied water system sucks. I would have to look for it but there is an online DIY site that shows you how to make one out of 5 gal. buckets and using the same kind of filters the Berkey uses with links to obtain them, much cheaper if your a DIY guy. Hope this helps

          • @z-71……I built one ,cheap,from parts ordered from Water for Waves , or was it Waves for Water?? (brain is spark knockin) THE kit is from L.A. CALI. (of all places not to trust) and it seems to work fine. Will up-date if I have to go to HOSPITAL with stomach problems!!……mm~

        • we’ve been using a Berkey for the last ten years, switched filters once about a year ago. I’m happy with it, but some BAD reviews on failures if you read the comments on Amazon. Apparently they have switched to manufacture in China, and the new candles leak some gross contaminants.

          • Thanks for the heads up on the Berkey system, think I’ll pass on it.

            As for NinaO, I felt I owed that, if not for some of his links I might have remained in the dark on some things. I understand the red thumbs, but in my book, someone does me a favor I will let them know it’s appreciated.

            • For the most part, NinaO tells the truth. The truth is extremely uncomfortable for most people including many on here. The difference between most people and folks like NinaO and I , are that we long ago had our heads out of the sand and realized how silly of a game we are all involved in. Are we over the top at times? Yes. But when you are fighting a battle against a herd, and no one seems to pay attention, it becomes extremely frustrating. Luckily, many more people are understanding what is going on now and I believe it will become even more apparent to many more people in the next few months.

              • eeder: yes you are so correct on that. Not sure if in next few months we see many more, but I am begining to think that the great apostasy or falling away from their churches by multitudes of christianity, may occure once many folks realize how badly their preachermen has Lied in regards to israel and zionists and in teaching them folks to believe in their “Self Chozens” agenda and philosophy. That finding out its all Lies will surely piss off many millions like not much else would.

                First thing they will do is exit false pastor churches in Droves. Like predicted in the bible last days events. Nobody likes preachers who lie or are not qualified to preach…America is filled to the Brim with Both types today…Just most folks aint figured it out as yet. They will soon!

                Christ said Two main end time events Must Preceed His Return…#1 the great Apostasy(or falling away) and #2 the Man of Sin and Perdition(antichrist) will be Revealed to the entrie World….THEN Christ can and Will Return!

                I cannot thik of any other thing to cause such mass apostasy, other than folks learning that what their preachers preach Most has been based on Lies galore and about the Very People jesus Warned them to beware of…”Imposter Jews aka synogouge of Satan!” REV. ch 2 vs 9….Nothing else today has 50 Million christians so deluded…Nothing. Wait till they Realize it!!!!!

                • Them Guys: The mass apostasy is not caused by the Church learning about false teachers and preachers. We are in the midst of it right now. The Church already has apostatized, fallen away from truth and is captured by the beast from the bottomless pit because of the false prophet with 2 horns. Only a few will escape the masses are already apostatized ready for the final act in the play. We are well into the trumpets of Revelation and the Church has no idea how late the hour truly is. Incidentally the false prophets two horn (horns are powers and nations) are Israel and the Vatican. Two independent states-nations. That is a horn.

                • Them Guys: The mass apostasy is not caused by the Church learning about false teachers and preachers. We are in the midst of it right now. The Church already has apostatized, fallen away from truth and is captured by the beast from the bottomless pit because of the false prophet with 2 horns. Only a few will escape the masses are already apostatized ready for the final act in the play. We are well into the trumpets of Revelation and the Church has no idea how late the hour truly is. Incidentally the false prophet two (2) horn (horns are powers and nations) are Israel and the Vatican. Two independent nation/states. That is a horn, a nation nothing else, it must be religious in connotation; it is Jewish (old) Christian (new); both apostasies walking in lock step. So now that we are at the place of the ‘great apostasy or falling away from Truth’ the man of sin, the son of perdition can be fully revealed. The Christians who have left Judaism, Catholicism and Protestantism in the Modern Era (come out of her my people) are the true body of Christ… what REMAINS is the Whore of Babylon who will be burnt with fire. The beast is comprised of Capitalism/England/Lion; Communism/Russia/Bear; and Fascism/Germany/Leopard; these are the body of beast and the USA has incorporated all 3 and this beast is what is treading down the world. If you take the map of the Roman Empire and superimpose it over the Map of the EU + the Mediterranean League (Moslem countries being conquered by the beast (NATO and US; North Africa, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Syria) you have almost an exact copy of the Roman Empire boundaries. This is the beast whose deadly wound revives. The wound is revived by the false prophet and the whore. Chew on it, think about it. The beast described above, all its character and makeup are defined in the the nation of Zionist Israel…thus…Israel is the Image of the Beast. Israel or Zionism and its makeup; built, constructed brought forth Capitalism, Communism and Fascism all working for one common goal the destruction of the Body of Christ or True Christianity in Europe, in Russia, in Germany and in the USA and finally the entire face of the earth…hope you can grasp this…preping seems an insignificant thing when it is put along side of absolute truth…The beast from the bottomless pit is the Ancient Religion as exhibited by todays Judeo-Zionist-Pharisaical-Cabalistic-Babylonian-Egyptian pile of shit. What you do with this info is up to you! You have been told!

            • When Nina is in the mood to help he is a wealth of knowledge and knows where it is online. But he goes so quickly to hate and be that even the hardests of bigots get fed up with him.

        • We purchased a berkey system and experienced the filter failure. There are youtube videos demonstrating how to repair them, but I think it’s bullshit to have to finish the manufacturing process at home on such a high dollar filter. We switched to the Propur Pro One filter. It has flouride filtration also, so much better. So far, so good. It also fit in our Berkey housing. Good Luck!

      31. Good day all. A little of topic , but has any one noticed that government is buying up 22cal shells from stores now ? I’ve heard of it being done to other calibers. Any new news on this ?

        • has .22let made by S&B.
          In stock, by the case or by the box.

          • Sold out in 2 hours.

            • Natchez has had .22LR for the past 2 days. Not sure about today. $19/325

              • Thanks, got a couple other stores to check out. like to pick up a few more bricks. lol
                See everyone on the other side. Peace All !

      32. This article is about as close as you can get to an explanation of what is going on in the world. Pure Evil. As the majority cling to the materialistic, there can be no redemption to what awaits us. We can only deflect the hardships or reduce the impacts it will have on our lives. To the point that praying for our leaders is equivalent to Divine Intervention on a major scale. I do not expect it. On a small scale of family and friends is more plausible.

      33. The collapse could be triggered by a collapse of the dollar. According to Zero Hedge, 1/15 of all US dollars are held by individual investors in Argentina alone. A number of other foreign countries have a lot of citizens holding a lot of dollars. All we need is for them to get spooked and they could start dumping their dollars tomorrow for gold or silver or Swiss Francs or whatever. What starts with individual investors will spread to countries. The last nail in the dollar’s coffin will be OPEC refusing to accept dollars for oil.

        • OPEC will not stop accepting dollars for oil, however they will require many more of them for that oil.

      34. My thinking is, Wall Street is being propped up in order to keep the public employee pension plans solvent. municipalities are very burdened with the various retirement plans. If Wall Street tanks so do cities all across this nation.

        • And if Wall Street tanks it will happen rather quick, the government will then raid the private sector’s retirement and savings accounts and use it to postpone the cities from filing bankruptcy and negating the public sectors contracts, retirement and bennies. The public union sector will strike and cause chaos. The government will fend off the final collapse for as long as possible. Until these things happen, there’s still time to prep.

          • Wall street, which I think you mean the stock market, will either collapse or go MUCH higher. I used to think collapse and deflation was the best way to go, however at this point I see that this is not a viable option. I expect they will instead try to make everything whole, at least in the herds eyes, and you will see the price of everything go MUCH higher. Either way, it is not a pretty picture.

      35. .S. a Lawless State-Paul Craig Roberts
        24 July 2013 102 Comments
        By Greg Hunter’s

        Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts says, “The country is not being run by the President. It is being run by spy agencies and private interest groups, Wall Street and military security complex . . . They run the country. The President is a puppet, a figurehead.” Dr. Roberts contends, “If you are a lawless state, which the United States is, it obeys no international law. It does not obey the Geneva Convention . . . It tortures people. It doesn’t obey the Constitution. It doesn’t obey anything. It does what it wants. . . . If you are a lawless state, you disguise yourself as a democracy.” Former President Jimmy Carter agrees. Just last week, Carter said, “The U.S. has no functioning democracy at this moment.” Why hasn’t the mainstream media picked up this astounding comment from a former Democratic President? Dr. Roberts says, “Five firms now own what used to be a large dispersed independent media. Nobody can open their mouth, they’d get fired. They have become a propaganda ministry for government and corporations.” Dr. Roberts goes on to say, “My prediction or expectation is by winter, the second downturn of the Great Recession will be in place. Unemployment will explode, more foreclosures are coming. It’s going to be worse than the Great Depression.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

      36. Damn some of you are still so brainwashed, pray for our leaders? Saying that is admitting your nothing but a slave with masters! I have NO LEADERS, I can think for myself and can be responsible for my own. I do not need representatives to RE-present me I am a man and can present myself! Your votes are a joke, nothing more than a dog and pony show for people that have no critical thinking ability to give them the illusion of choice. Just like cops and troops, ever wonder why they are called DOG TAGS? Because they are considered the attack dogs for the elite. Blind obedience and patriotism and loyalty just like any other dog that cant think for themselves. Wake your ass up and be your own person and learn who your enemy really is. These people in power are laughing theyre ass off at you.
        “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.”
        -Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002

      37. Milton Friedman would be crying if he were still alive today. He’d be 101 tomorrow. RIP, Milton. Capitalism misses you.


      38. yep, its already been happening….gonna get worse..load up,hunker down buckle up,get yer bike helmet on.

      39. I’ll clarify all this shit for you. The greatest generation build the country. The silent generation, their kids kept it spinning. Their kids..the boomers are a bunch of spoiled shits. They fuck up everything they touch.

        The only think I buy is silver and gold.
        I’m glas the price is tanking…I’ll buy more.

        They cannot steal it… they cannot tax it..they think they can.
        When I need to cash out I’ll go see a Dr. or Lawyer who wants to hide their wealth too.

        Boomers…the generational wave that will steal everything from you.

        I love it.. I just automated a boomer out of a job.

        Bizinga fucker…you fat telletubbies. Have fun a the job fare.

      40. Guess my reply to W69 got axed. Was it the reference to the Berky or the nina0 ??

      41. I think you underestimate the psychopaths.
        Money? Economy?
        Look around you.
        Dead bodies is their rush.
        They can’t WAIT to unleash a contagion.
        “All bets are off” and the Boston home invasions is suddenly child’s play.

      42. Planning For Survival

        Nine major points: 1. Determination; 1.
        Becoming/staying healthy; 3. Allocating your Budget; 4. De¬
        veloping plans of action; 5. Have a “bug-out” kit; 6. Plan for
        Duration; 7. Get training; 8. Practice; 9. Don’t advertise.

        The first requirement to insuring your (and your family’s)
        longevity is DETERMINATION. You must want to survive. Contact
        others upon whom you might rely (and who may likewise rely upon
        you) in a crisis. This is not a game, although games can play a
        part in the training aspect. If we are to survive as individuals,
        as families, as a society, we cannot approach this as a one-
        person show. It will take cooperation of the highest order. The
        stakes are literally life and death.

        BECOME/STAY HEALTHY. Every-one in the family or group should
        get a complete medical, dental and vision checkup. Find your
        weaknesses and limitations so you may cope with them, before
        they take you by surprise Get caught up on immunizations such as
        Tetanus, hepatitis, and measles. If eyeglasses or contacts are
        needed, get at least one spare pair, or save old ones. Stock
        up on cleaning solution if you wear contacts. Work to bring your
        teeth up to the healthiest level possible. A toothache can be a
        major problem even in normal times when a dentist is available.
        Imagine trying to make critical decisions while suffering with a
        toothache when there may be few, if any, dentists in operation.

        Make sure your feet are in good condition. They may someday be
        your only mode of transportation.

        ALLOCATE PART OF YOUR BUDGET. Acquire supplies as your budget
        allows. Be practical; set priorities. For example: set aside $10
        per month for weaponry (including ammunition and cleaning sup¬
        plies, ($10 per month for clothing (if you don’t have the
        proper clothing already on hand. Three-piece suits or tennis
        outfits have very limited survival applications), another $10 a
        month for reserve food and medical supplies, and so on. If money
        is tight, you can alternate purchases from month to month.

        The important thing is to make some sort of survival-based
        acquisition regularly, or at every opportunity. In making sure
        vital investments, you should consider the following points: a)
        Might you actually need it (Does it serve a legitimate survival?
        need, such as food)? b) Do you have the skill to use it prop¬
        early, and would you be able to repair it when it inevitably
        breaks down? c) Will it need something else, such as electricity¬?
        try, gas, heat, or water to operate? d) How many/much will you
        need, and how long do you expect it to last (see Plan For
        Duration): e) is it practical for the conditions you anticipate¬
        pate, such as proper clothing for the climate?

        DEVELOP PLANS OF ACTION. You should discuss with your family or
        group the conditions under which you would run (Where?) or
        stay; whether to hide (For how long?) or fight (Whom? How?) .
        Every member of the group must be in agreement with the final
        plan. One dissident could destroy all your intentions; for
        instance by “setting-out” the group to an adversary.

        You should also develop “backup” plans to cover various
        contingencies such as those mentioned. Plan for the worst-case
        scenario and work down from there.

        HAVE A “BUG-OUT” KIT. Keep a short-term (up to one week)
        survival kit handy in case you must leave NOW. Remember the
        priorities: shelter, water, food, medical supplies, weapons,
        communications. Ideally, you should have several kits; one for
        each member of the family and group, another one in each vehicle
        in case a crisis occurs at an unexpected moment (as they usually
        Do). and a large cache of supplies away from the home, in a
        place safe from discovery or disaster; in the event you must
        evacuate your home quickly, as in the case of fire, earthquake
        or war. Each of these kits or caches should be planned to supple¬
        ment and extend the capabilities of the next smallest kit.

        Avoid making your personal bug-out kit too heavy to run with;
        you may have to carry it long distances, quickly.

        PLAN FOR DURATION. Try to realistically anticipate how long you
        expect your scenario may last, and add a little more to the
        estimate as a buffer against shortsightedness.

        Do you expect your disaster scenario to last for days (such?
        as waiting for disaster relief after a major storm, fire, or
        earth quake), months (i.e., a major strike by unions; re¬
        building after a disaster), or years (such as being caught in
        the clutches of a dictatorship, foreign invasion, or persecute¬

        Try to be realistic in your preparations. Plan for the con¬
        assumption of food (calories per person per day, plus other essen¬
        tial nutrients), water (gallons per person per day, for
        drinking, cooking and sanitation), ammunition (as much as can
        be obtained, with a suggested minimum of 500 rounds per weapon)
        , air quality (while in shelter, or masks for outside),
        medical supplies (including prescription medicines), and so

        Your aim must be to store adequate supplies for all intended
        members of your group for the longest time that you will likely
        be on your own, with self-sufficiency being your goal. The
        federal government recommends having at least three to five days
        supplies on hand, to sustain you until relief agencies can get
        into action. The more serious the crisis, the longer you may
        have to wait for outside help.

        If you are able, lay in extra supplies for a few additional
        persons who will, most likely, show up either on their own, or
        with members of the group (“My mother was visiting at the time; I
        Couldn’t just leave her”). As pragmatic as you must be, you
        must also not surrender your humanity completely. Otherwise, you
        are no better than the predators you may be fleeing. Of course,
        there is a practical limit to how much you can be expected to
        cope with. Examine your own conscience on this issue.

        A plan must also be drawn up to deal with waste management.
        Essential “luxuries” such as toilet paper, soap, and proper
        means of disposing of human waste and garbage with become major
        issues during a survival situation. Goods and services we have
        always taken for granted may no longer be available.

        You must also plan to cope with your people’s emotional survival¬
        al. The abrupt change in lifestyle, the day to day fight to stay
        alive, will take its toll psychologically if not treated quickly
        and continuously. Find things to alleviate boredom, such as
        games or projects. Give every able person in the group a job
        they will be responsible for. Even children can be instructed to
        secure trash, act as lookouts, or help with food preparation or
        gathering supplies. Also attempt to continue with their education¬
        tion, albeit with a different emphasis. Find duties which re¬
        quire a person to study the situation and come up with a solution¬
        tion. Hold meetings to keep everyone current on what’s happening,
        and conduct frequent and regular classes for everyone in survival
        arts. Keep your people, and yourself, busy. Despair may be your
        worst enemy.

        GET TRAINING. Your group should learn how to use weapons effect¬
        tively. Safety, maintenance, handling malfunctions, and
        marksmanship is all of equal importance in a survival context.

        Tactics are another important area of study. Learn how best to
        utilize your weapons under various conditions and environments,
        Such as snow, rain, or at night. There are several reputedly
        good schools for this type of study. There are also many books
        such as military manuals which can be have help, if accompanied by
        lots of practice.

        Study first aid diligently, as this is one of the most essen
        tial areas of self-help study. The American Red Cross has excel¬
        lent, inexpensive courses on CPR and basic and advanced first
        aid. Everyone should be encouraged to take and pass such a
        course. A study of improvised medicines and first-aid equipment
        would also be useful. Some community colleges offer non-credit
        courses in herb ology, folk medicine, and edible wild plants.
        Remember, in a crisis, your body
        does what is have been trained to do? The untrained reaction to
        crisis is usually panic Practical experience aids tremendously in
        overcoming the panic which accompanies disaster.

        Field craft is another valuable area of study. Learn the differ¬
        ence between, and uses of, cover and concealment. Learn how to
        survive in rural or urban wilderness, how to find or construct
        proper shelter, how to gather food and collect and purify water,
        the use of correct sanitation procedures, basic land navigation,
        and much more.

        PRACTICE. Conduct realistic simulations with your equipment and
        your people to gain valuable experience and confidence working
        together. Get the bugs out while it’s relatively easy. Learn
        what works and what doesn’t.

        As an EMT, you can work on an ambulance or in the emergency
        room to practice and to accustom yourself to the suffering of
        others. It’s certainly not pleasant, but it is crucial in over
        coming the shock of seeing something happen suddenly, perhaps to
        someone you love. This allows you to get on with treating the
        patient rather than wasting valuable seconds in panic. With prac¬tice
        tice, reaction becomes almost automatic, and confidence is
        gained. Without practice, hard-earned skills are gradually lost.

        You should try to incorporate your survival skills into every¬
        day life, making it a normal part of your existence.

        Don’t, however, carry it to extremes, such as walking around in
        public wearing cammies with a 10-inch knife on your belt. Be dis¬
        creet. Shooting and hand-to-hand practice, ambulance duty,
        making your own clothes, and canning your own food; all these
        skills and more will not only add to your survival repertoire,
        they will enhance the quality of your life, as you become less
        dependent on “the system” and more confident in your own alibi¬

        Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your equipment, your
        people and yourself. Without practice and effort you are just
        wasting time and money, and someone close to you could die need¬

        DON’T ADVERTISE. Keep your actions and intentions as low-pro¬
        file as possible. You could risk discovery and the loss of every¬
        thing you have been working for, or wind up with a lot of people
        on YOUR doorstep in a crisis; people whom you cannot support,
        and who may have no positive survival value. If you intend to
        support dependents, prepare for them with your supplies.

        One last thought. Because predatory people are out there,
        Firearms are an essential element of survival planning. Unfortunate¬
        namely, they have been abused frequently enough to give the
        whole survival movement a bad reputation in the eyes of the
        general media, who too often seem to be looking to discredit and
        ridicule the movement. Survivalists should respect firearms and
        view them as tools to protect what they have: their lives,
        families, homes, and provisions; not as weapons of conquest.
        The more you prepare, the more ready you must be to defend
        against those who don’t.

        Keep the FAITH

      43. Ammo…the precious metal of the future.

      44. Anyway you slice it…the massive boomer wave ahead of you will find a way to fuck you over. Say you inherit…they will tax it away. Earn it…same deal. They are planning to nationalize your ira and 401k to give it to the unfunded federal and auto union workers.
        Then the big dollar collapse will continue.

        Best instruct your kids to buy not single family homes but doubles.
        I did…all well and we use the rent to buy our cars.

        Very bad economic times are coming.
        They sold our factories away.

        I’m planning a business….a web venture… full automation…zero employees!!!
        No worries and Obama will never enslave me.

        Funny how the black guy is trying to enslave the white business owners.

        I won’t give him a chance.

      45. In the year 2525, if man is still alive, if woman can survive they will find………………?

        The ancient Polish prophesies are all coming to pass, as predicted in the book of Chester Sobieski, “2525”. read it, it’s all there.

      46. If you are playing poker with someone that can make chips, you probably don’t care if you are winning and everyone in the game keeps taking the chips. Now if someone starts consistently losing, that is altogether different. 1) you are losing and 2) once you get outside the game your chips just don’t have as much horsepower.

        A lot of folks staying in the game because they have accumulated a pile of chips. At some point you have to wonder about countries that swap federal reserve notes for their precious oil. It wasn’t a bad thing some time back; but now? I can’t imagine loading up the ol tanker for a stack of federal reserve notes. It is a pity, they do this as part of the game. The US provide a little protection – they take the green stuff and the cycle continues.

        What if a country like Iran that is not sucking down the US decides to make their own currency – backed by oil. In other words that currency is always redeemable for a specific amount of oil. Barrel notes. Folks in the business of world trade might like doing business with an old school currency. No different than silver certificates. Ahhhh, if you could still demand an ounce of silver for than one dollar bill. The poker game was different then.

        I might keep a few barrel notes around myself.

        De Oppresso Liber

        All it takes for evil to suceed is for a few good men to do nothing. We need more whistle blowers to call out the corruption in DC.

        • If you didn’t know better you would think the US got advice from Meyer Lansky. That “protection” thing is right from the streets.

        • We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.

          George Orwell

          Hoooah..De Opressor Liber Brother-in-Arms

      47. The Economy has already collapsed.

        Just watch the business channels everyday, they know it. You can verify it by listening them ask the same old question over and over again to every talking head out there.

        The question is, “What’s more important, Corporate Earnings or Quantitative Easing?” And the answer always is….Quantitative Easing (a.k.a Fed Printing Money).

        Corporations who have access to the FED discount window are operating their business (paying their employees, subcontractors, downstream businesses etc.) using printed FED money. They’re using their meager earnings instead, (which are not enough to sustain their businesses), to do corporate stock buybacks thereby inflating the market.

        Don’t believe me, look at the price of metals. They’re in the tank. Why? Because NO ONE needs to make anything cause no one is buying.

        Another important point is the inflating of the stock market indexes. These inflated numbers serve as a marketing pitch to the rest of the world saying “Come invest in America, We’re AOK?”. But everyone knows it’s a lie.

        I also believe that Bernanke is keeping the market inflated so that the TPTB have time to get out while still profitable. Think investment maturity on this one.

        The global default currency shift is underway. The Yuan is slowly making it’s way as the default currency for international trade. Just watch what goes on in Basel Switzerland for proof of that. Think bank of international settlements.

        Let’s talk Automakers. The Federal government has already seized the automakers. I say seized because the automakers (GM and Chrysler/FIAT) have tried to pay back the government and the government said no. The fact that the Federal government now controls the factories that produce vehicles (think military) is a capability too good to just give back.

        Let’s talk Detroit. Under the guise of bankruptcy, the Federal government will take control of the city and surrounding areas. Think about it, Detroit only owes 18 billion dollars.

        Bernanke has been printing 84 billion per month for the last 2 1/2 years? You mean to tell me that the Fed couldn’t set aside 18 billion dollars, purchase bonds from the US treasury and the US treasury couldn’t then funnel that money up to Detroit? Not if a seizure is planned.

        Control the industry and control the land. That is a territory. The Federal Government is in the midst of creating the first Federal territory on US soil.

        Let’s talk ammunition. We’ve seen the Federal Government (DHS) do large block purchases of ammunition from domestic manufacturers. Many think the government is stock piling.

        NOPE. It’s all about domestic production capacity analytics. They want to see which factories have the capability and thus there is a huge asset rating being applied.

        And no, the government doesn’t want ammunition producers out of business in order to subvert the second ammendment to the Constitution.

        Just the opposite. They want the ammunition producers to keep their factories well oiled and maintained because it’s harder to seize a factory that has been shut down and pillaged due to going out of business sales than it is to seize a fully working factory.

        Don’t get me started on healthcare.

        Sorry for the mega rant. It’s just all too sureal.

        • ~~The question is, “What’s more important, Corporate Earnings or Quantitative Easing?” And the answer always is….Quantitative Easing (a.k.a Fed Printing Money).~~~

          Isn’t that the same?? 😉

      48. Russian Black Bread

        1 square unsweetened chocolate
        2 cups water
        1 cup bran flakes
        1 cup cornmeal
        2 envelopes dry yeast
        1/2 cup warm water
        1/4 cup oil
        1/2 cup molasses
        2 tablespoons brown sugar
        1 tablespoon salt
        1 tablespoon instant coffee
        1 teaspoon crushed fennel seed
        2 1/2 to 3 cups white flour
        2 cups rye flour
        1 cup whole-wheat flour
        Glaze: 1 egg white mixed with
        1 tablespoon water

        Melt chocolate in 2 cups water and pour this over the bran and
        cornmeal in a large bowl. Let cool. Meanwhile, dissolve the
        yeast in 1/2 cup warm water. To the cooled bran and cornmeal,
        add the oil, molasses, yeast, brown sugar, salt, coffee,
        Fennel, add 2 1/2 cups of white flour. Mix well. Add the rye
        and whole-wheat flours, then add more white flour until you can
        knead the dough (It will be sticky). Knead it for five minutes,
        adding more flour if necessary, then put it into a greased bowl,
        turn, and cover with a damp towel. Let it rise until double.
        Punch the dough down. Divide it in half and form each half into
        a ball. Set these on greased cookie sheets, cover, and let
        rise until nearly double, about 30 minutes. Brush the loaves
        with a mixture of egg white and water. Bake at 375 degrees for
        50 to 60 minutes, until the loaf sounds hollow when tapped – the
        crust should be very dark. Cool on racks.

        Keep the FAITH

      49. Ok… so now what? I have zero debt. Pay cash for almost everything. I’m in my late 60’s. I have more food than I’ll ever eat and my gardens produce an abundance of fresh vegetables. I have more bullets than I will ever shoot. I have more books than 10 people could ever read in a lifetime. I have more money than I’ll ever spend and more firewood than I’ll ever burn and more tools than I could ever use. So… WTF is wrong here? I’ve been hearing this “collapse” crap all of my life and have been prepping. I’ve prepped until I’m so tired of prepping I could puke. All I can do now is hunker down and wait or step back and wonder to myself if I’ve actually been trick fucked by both the system and all the dumb assess around me who think I’m a dumb ass. When I die, my family, friends and neighbors will have this huge pile of stuff to rummage through like a bunch of jackals and hyena’s, all the while laughing and talking about what a crotchety old fool I was. LOLOL!!! WTF Over!!!!

      50. Breaking news. Don’t look now, but the 10 year is beginning to spike in the last few minutes, quite significantly I might add.

      51. with the amount of desperate unskilled and unaware walking around , when they realize there is nothing more to sustain them, that’s when the collapse will be seen by the masses, were already there, its just not on a large enough scale for the blind to see, or feel.

        small pockets show up, and you see some fly off the rails every now and than, but it only wakes up those further that have already seen the light, its not enough to wake up those that are thinking they are secure , secure either financially or with some skills, .. but until it hits their door they refuse to give it any merit ..
        were all going to suffer in some ways , some more than others and some to the extent of actions ,, actions maybe not seen by the common man as acceptable , but its their own hell for not waking up and seeing what was coming soon enough.
        The desperation in everyone will take on very different paths, due to the nature of human kind.. what affects you deeply may not bother another quite as much,
        some people go off the rails on quite small issues, others need a bit more of a push.

        It will be a mounting ever changing build up..some wont see it or will refuse to see it until its their back up against the wall.
        protect as much as you can, skill set up as much as you can..take your future seriously and do whatever you can to build yourself..or it will be you with the cold wake up call or the wolf at your door.

        Drastic times do sometimes call for drastic measures., sometimes you have to take chances to survive, and sometimes those chances you take can take your life, its only having the skills to survive your choices that bring you out of the pit.

        another thing that people don’t see or take into account is the level of corruption, and the level of gangs and organized criminals, they are a big threat, and if you don’t fly under their radar you will quickly become missing or used.
        addicts will also be a force to be delt with, when their needs arnt met and their wheels come off, you don’t want to be anywhere near that

      52. Are We Rome Yet?

      53. Rewriting History…

        Commerce Dept. ‘revises numbers’ back to 1929

        The new GDP methodology: What you need to know

        U.S. economy over $500 billion larger due to ‘new definitions’

        Market Watch dot com

      54. The economic collapse will start with hyperinflation. The only question is how hyperinflation will start. Will it be a natural rapid decline in the value of the dollar? Will the federal government’s unwillingness to cut spending finally impact dollar holders? Will the economy start shrinking rapidly resulting in greatly reduce tax revenues? Or will there be a huge disaster like a solar flare, an EMP, or a nuclear strike on an American city by North Korea or Iran?

        • Mr. Bernanke once said he would drop it out of helicopters, barn Cat. I do believe they may be getting those choppers ready for action.

      55. You can lock me up for three days if you pay me $4m.

        Just a second. What’s the taxes on that?

      56. And in Other NEWS ; Proctologist have made an AMAZING NEW Discovery !! They found out %#@*%$#…… rats ,..lost …reception…….mm~

      57. Arizona,

        Didn’t have time to listen to the entire 2 hour 46 min. broadcast of Steve Quayle : Big Brother & The coming Economic Collapse ~ The Hagmann And Hagmann Report July 29 2013

        Was the date of October 1, 2013 actually mentioned in the report?

        Here’s a video that mentions October 1, 2013 as the appox. time when things will begin to ‘explode’:

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