The Way The Left Has Responded To Hurricane Harvey Is Absolutely Despicable

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Headline News | 66 comments

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    As with most terrible events, the destruction brought on by Hurricane Harvey has a silver lining. At a time when America has never been so divided, it was refreshing to see so many people helping each other out, regardless of race or political beliefs. All of that nonsense has fallen by the wayside. Everyone in Texas seems to be focusing on each other’s humanity, and indiscriminately helping out everyone in need. The storm has reminded us that at the end of the day, we’re all Americans.

    Unfortunately, there is one particular segment of the population that is in no mood for some badly needed unity. It seems that a lot of people on the far-left have responded to this disaster in despicable ways. The hurricane has shown that leftists are so obsessed with politics, that they can’t let it go and appreciate human bravery and charity for a single second. For instance:

    • A Professor from the University of Tampa tweeted out that Texas deserved to be struck by the hurricane, because Texans largely voted for Donald Trump. It didn’t take long for the University to fire him.
    • A man with an airboat was recently spotted helping victims of the flood evacuate. The problem? A confederate flag was hanging from the boat. A former Clinton staffer took to twitter to express her outrage over the flag, and claimed that if he had rescued her, she would have torn it down and thrown it in the water.
    • Rather than simply report on the events surrounding Hurricane Harvey, the media has been quick to blame this storm on climate change and oil companies. They just can’t waste any opportunity to shoehorn climate change into disastrous events.
    • The Women’s March twitter account provided some racially-tinged advice for anyone who wanted to donate money for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. The organization tweeted a “list of orgs working to keep immigrant, Black, Latinx & other communities safe after Hurricane Harvey.” What were they trying to imply? That most charity organizations are only going to help white people? Either way, the twitter account was hammered with negative comments that accused them of being racist.
    • Perhaps it’s not a surprise that leftist ideologue and sharia law apologist Linda Sarsour helped organize the Women’s March earlier this year, because she also used this tragedy to push her agenda. Rather then just telling her supporters to donate money to organizations that are strictly dedicated to helping relief efforts in Texas, she told them to donate to leftist political organizations. No explanation was given for how all of the money would be spent.
    • The world delivered so much sympathy to the Charlie Hebdo magazine after their headquarters was attacked by terrorists several years ago. But when it came time for the admittedly leftist magazine to offer sympathy to disaster victims in our country, they went a different route. The newest cover of their magazine is an image of “drowning limbs saluting Nazi flags.” The title reads “God exists. He drowned all the neo-Nazis of Texas.” Because as we all know, the dozens of people who have died as a result of flooding are nothing but a bunch of racist skinheads.

    Once again the far-left has shown its true colors. They have no respect for humanity or the victims of a tragedy. Not unless it affects the minorities that they love to pander to. To them, everything is political, and every tragedy is an opportunity to push their agenda.


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      1. The LEFT’S shouldn’t surprise anyone.

        • LEFT’s response, or rather lack of response

          • Biggest H8TERs on the planet IS the left.

            Hurricane Sandy was 1/10th the level of Harvey, and 10 times worse.

            • There is NO left or right, its all a scam for people like you done to all of us by the JEWS.

              • You’re nuts. Get a shrink.

        • yes, now you know why the left leaning people such as the NRA want gun free zones and background checks. like Hitler said, we need common sense gun laws so we can kill who ever we want.

        • Their TIME is Coming !

        • You are exactly right. My son just started high school. He is very politically astute and he and I were discussing the difference between the left and right and I told him quite simply, Left = Hate. It’s just that simple. They hate everything from Christians to Whites, to guns to unborn babies. I think most of all they hate themselves and that’s the real problem. Since Trump’s election, they have simply become insane.

        • @Wilson, I agree. After all, the left are the ones inciting violence. Definitely not a surprise.

      2. Leftists are not human.
        Because we live in a Republic they have rights. Were we a Democracy they would be in cremation ovens, or piled up dead in the fields,
        dead, and rotting to become pig food.
        I really hate Democrats, they are really a minority.
        except in the media world.

        • Rellik, same here. Any libturds try anything with me and they’re history.

      3. 10-80-10

        • Is that the NPK of democrats after composting?

          • Nail,
            You are talking about Fertilizer right?
            Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium?

            • Yup

      4. Great guys out there. That Cajun Navy is terrific.


        • The Confederate Flag is a great stybol of Freedom in Amrican History and the reminder and the fight against Tyranny and Unfair Taxes. The South was being taxed so much and never getting much in return as the North spent the Souths tax revenue building up the Industrial complex in the North. Just like today where most of our Taxes are squandered on the Military Industrial Complex Mafia and we the tax payers get nothing back, but higher Gas prices at the pump and more hate towards America from the rest of the world. The South is rising up again and the (((Left))) can’t stand Freedom or our history.

          • Well said.

          • Does the media really think that Cajun Navy volunteers ask a rescued person what their political beliefs are before rescuing them? The CN couldn’t care less about your political leanings; if you are in need of rescuing, and they can help, they do. When you are in danger of drowning do you really give a damn if the airboat pulling your ass out of the water has a Confederate battle flag on it? Actually I love it when media melts down like this. It’s not only entertaining but it helps marginalize the left and the Democrats even further. Shitlibs committing political suicide is great entertainment.

      5. I imagine the Leftists are actually celebrating the disaster since it affected areas they consider enemies.

        But they ignore that Houston is actually a Leftist city run by a Black Democrat mayor.

        Which makes it one of their zones.

        • Anonymous, I actually appreciate the irony in all this. Hillary won the city’s votes last year. The stupid ape they have for a mayor is doing like Ray Nagin did in New Orleans during Katrina. I sympathize with the good people of Houston who are suffering but I don’t give a rat’s ass about the libturds. And the libturds don’t even care about their own? No surprise there.

          • Let’s see if zey send in zee “Shock Troops” to protect zee citizens by liberating zee weapons from them (history, Katrina, New Orleans, mayor, polize, constitutional, rights, etc.)

          • Let’s see if zey send in zee “Shock Troops” to protect zee citizens by liberating zee weapons from them (history, Katrina, New Orleans, mayor, polize, constitutional, rights, etc.)

      6. This is why i wouldnt care one ounce if there was a huge EMP blast that shut everything down as well as a complete collapse of everything,

      7. All this name calling nazi business is going to backfire on these Communist subversives.

        Martin Luther King (real name Michael King) was neither a doctor nor a minister.

        Michael King was a sexual sadist.

        He attended a Communist School run by 3ew Communists who wanted to overthrow the government of the United States.

        All these “leftist” anti-white lunatics are pushing the Communist agenda, whether they know it or not.

        _ Communism is anti-white and anti-Christian (although Communists have infiltrated Christian Churches).


        • B, King was just as bogus as the day was long.

        • B from CA,just read a book by Dr. Fred Schwarz, titled “You Can Trust the Communists” (to be Communists). It was written Aug.1960 and does it fit these 21st century commies to a T. The time is getting short for them and their shenanigans,they are making their own target rich areas.

          • Capn.Jack, I met Dr. Fred Schwarz about 1965 in Chicago.

      8. I was driving on my favorite less traveled back road to the store yesterday and counted 18 white tailed deer along the way. Now I know my count was really conservative, but dang that’s a lot of meat.

        What a prepper food supply, got a crossbow?

        Lots of vegetarian immigrants and liberals where I live, they’d eat their own children before they actually hunted…..

        There should be a power tool?

        • Yep I have a cross bow. I have 2 Does and 2 spotted fawns living on my few heavily wooded acres and a daily flock of 6 turkeys from a flock of 19 that still come on my property to graze daily as close as a yard from my cottage door. The deer stay back about 20 yards. They all get a pass as I enjoy nature but if I had to acquire food, its here. I alsobhave this wild rabbit that grazes and seems reall tame. I can walk right by it like within a few yards before it hops off. A dozen Squirrels and dozens of doves are here daily just yards off my porch.

          Got your wild game food plot going yet? Just pick up some cracked corn a sprinkle that around and you will see a lot of wild game come in to feed. My neighbor says my squirrels are a lot bigger than the ones he says are on his property. I said mine are corn fed. lol. There are raccoon here also if I want to set up a live trap. Won’t go hungry here.

          • Critters are always nice to have around, but you still need a good 30 day supply of the other essentials along with a water source/storage and purification. The Harvey survivors will be seeing this first hand as there won’t be any drug stores, grocery stores or restaurants open for at least a couple weeks in some hard hit areas. If YOUR car still works and doesn’t get stolen, chances are good that relief efforts will get roads back into shape first. That helps a lot if you need to evac or expand your radius for finding help or supplies. But if things are bad, do you really want to risk wandering around? And unless you are real hungry, figure out what you are going to do with a deer but no electricity!

          • Back during the depression every deer, turkey & rabbit was killed off in the Ozarks. I never seen a wild deer until the middle sixties. When it happens the wild game will not last very long. If you depend on wild game you will go hungry in a short time. You need at least years supply of stored food. And a years supply of canned goods is 365 cans for every person you need to feed. That lets you eat one meal per day. If you can supplement that with wild game that’s great. But you better not depend on it. Because there will be dozens of hunters stalking the game. The game will quickly become wary and nocturnal,scarcer and much harder to hunt. We kill several deer and turkey every year and lots of squirrel. And by spring they become pretty scarce. And We have several hundred acres to hunt on plus the national forest. Feeding wild game grain is a luxury you will not have after SHTF.

          • I also heard that the reason limits are now put on hunting deer was to bring back the decimated population from depression hunting.

            Hungry people will make short work of what ever animal is alive in the wild.

            Crack–Irma coming to visit ya.

            • The deer we have in Arkansas are decendents of whitetail deer imported from Wisconsin during the 1940,s. One reason the deer where hunted out was because they carry livestock diseases and destroyed crops and gardens. Today there are more deer than ever before in the history of north America. But they can be decimated in a very short time. Look at how the great bison herds where killed off in a half dozen years. The same with passenger pigeons.

          • So heres stuff to conside,,,
            If (or rather when) we have a SHTF event and the power has become spotty, water maybe too,
            Are you able to preserve that kill so it doesnt spoil?
            Do you have all the needed items?
            Do you have a good supply of the needed spices and minerals to preserve stuff?

            • At present we simply freeze our meat. I do know how to cure and smoke meat. I cure hams and bacon using a recipe I found in the Book titled the Have More Plan. it is a brine cure that requires salt and salt peter. after I brine cure I smoke it a small amount. You want cool smoke. its more for flavor than drying & cooking the meat. I really don’t think hunting and foraging will be a viable option. Hunter gatherers have to roam a vast area to find enough to eat.

              • I always though one of the main purposes of a smoke house for curing meat, was to make the conditions toxic to insects, while keeping the meat edible for people. Extreme salting of the outer layer of meat also made it quite inhospitable to insects that would lay eggs on the meat. That layer made great soup for people.

      9. Shhh, don’t help them get a clue, the longer they keep acting this way the more non-political typical Americans get off the fence and come scrambling to our side of sanity & reason.

        I silently cheer on every new leftist liberals shrill rantings, never has there been a better recruiting tool for us as they repel in disgust all decent Americans into racing towards joining us, quick before all is lost.

        • ???✌?

        • “Never Interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake”
          -Napoleon Bonaparte

      10. The thing is that the Civil War as not about the slaves. The Confederate Flag is about patriots and patriotism, and finally about revolution. Our founding fathers — Washington and Jefferson — were slave holders.

        The Civil War was about some states revolting against out of control government spending, tax and spend policies, and the endless revenue schemes being forced upon a whole people. The Confederate Flag is a symbol of tax revolt. These Confederate statues are about tax revolt not slavery.

        Abraham Lincoln only USED the issue of slavery and black people to cover his butt and his government when the body count from Americans saying “H*ll No! We wont’ pay.” got out too high and unpalatable to these professional politicians.

        Gettysburg, Antietam, Bull Run, the burning of Atlanta, and a hundred other battles are all victories for the tax man, the capitalist oligarch, the labor baron. Slavery never ended. Human bondage never ended. Income inequality never ended. As always, those in charge just doubled down.

        When you cannot justify high body counts in the tens of thousands and a sea of blood caused by greed and avarice you cynically fall back upon principles (so called) — in this case Slavery.

        At least the government had some pride and some shame back then. Not much, but at least some. Not today.

      11. All the left is gonna do is breed more racism and cause more nazis with bullshit remarks, keep on trying to put us in a category that fits your agenda you may just become over run with so called nazis. I’ve

      12. Keep it up ANTIFA, you just drive everybody to the polls come election day.People are fed up with your antics. You want to start something physical….your body count will be much higher than us. Even Democrats are starting to speak up because they know what will happen at the polls. What are you going to do when George Soros is taken down? There goes your bus rides and pay day.

      13. I knew a old guy who was 6 years old when the 1929 flood happened in the Arkansas delta. He told me they where on the roof of the house. The cow and chickens where up there also. They had carried up canned goods and other stuff as the water rose higher. And his father began tearing up the roof. His older brothers had brought up the wood cook stove and built a fire in it . they began melting the tar from the roofing shingles. Using the Roof boards and tar They built a large Raft-House boat loaded up the belongings milk cow and chickens and paddled and poled 50 miles to high ground. He stated they never returned to the bottoms again. They became Hillbillies & stayed on the high rocky ground.

        • The fact that they were able to do that speaks volumes about their ingenuity. Not stupid at all.

      14. It takes more than being a liberal to take pleasure in a natural disaster that strikes part of this nation. You have to have “a personality disorder and social maladjustment”. (To all of you conservatives: This is liberal speak for “being a real asshole”). As Americans, we should not wish harm on any part of America (no matter how infested with leftists.) We should want the best decisions from the political process (triumph of hope over experience). If Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, Portland, and Boston are destroyed by natural disasters, keep the celebrating to a minimum.

        • Well said.

      15. I don’t see any other way than literally WAR, between us…

        • Concerned that’s why I want NIBIRU to be true. If it is every person & nation on the entire planet would be equally effected. The rule of the survival of the fittest would be equally applied. To me that is preferable to WAR. We are 110 volts away from a stone age lifestyle. You better have enough canned food to be able to endure for a year. And you will need seeds and hand tools to plant a crop to sustain you after the hoarded goods are gone. However I don’t see any tangible proof that Nibiru is real.

      16. While I agree,fuck the folks that are mentioned in article and am sure more behind them we don’t know about.That said,some leftist’s in entertainment(?)/sports ect. have deposited large sums of money to charities,so,good for them,every buck counts!

      17. The French publication “Charlie Hebdo” was attacked by Muslim terrorists a while back, with several dead. Charlie Hebdo says Hurricane Harvey was punishment for all those nazis in Texas that voted for Trump. I would like to take the time right now to thank the Muslim terrorists who killed the employees of Charlie Hebdo back then. Apparently the terrorists knew something we didn’t. Fuck Charlie Hebdo and everyone that reads it.

        • What else would you expect from a bunch of french queers

        • Charlie Hebdo published on the cover of one of their issues depictions of God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit Sodomizing each other. A Tribal Rag deserving of what they got.

          Members of the same tribe held/organized a “Muhammed-Drawing-Day” in Dallas, TX. Just to inflame the Muzzies into anger against the citizens of TX. Just like ‘Operation Suzanna’, (or the ‘Lavon Affair’), was used to try to get the US to attack Egypt in the 50’s.

          Guess which tribe tried to get the fireworks started?

      18. The New Babylonian boot licking cowards just love pushing the divide and conquer “left vs right” paradigm as they do the bidding of the criminal treasonous United States Corporation Government psychopaths they worship as Gods.

      19. Some of the computer models are showing Hurricane Irma possibly hitting NC or SC in 10 days or so.

        It is one to keep a watch on. Floyd and Ivan came from the same area.

      20. Ive got sorry kinfolks who live near the coast. Im glad they don’t know where we reside. We don’t have to worry about them showing up at our place.

      21. Wonder where hurricane Irma will be steered towards. The Tampa Bay area needs a good wallop, been over 90 years since the last one. Wipe it all clean, open access to the beaches and coastline, greatly thin the migrating Yankee hoard who have packed the place wreaking havoc on the wildlife and former natural beauty turning it into one big rat race. I can dream can’t I. People actually come to Florida for jobs, what a joke.

      22. “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great! She has become a lair of demons. She is a haunt for every unclean spirit, a hideout for every unclean bird, and a hold for every detestable beast. 3All the nations have drunk the wine of the passion of her immorality. The kings of the earth were immoral with her, and the merchants of the earth have grown wealthy through the extravagance of her luxury.”…

      23. Racial politics, in this country, have been compared to a lifeboat, on which, there is not enough room for everyone.

        Are the Confederate people helping those of all colors. If so, why are they advertising for a white ethno-state. Are there no legitimate associations, to be made with the Klan, following Reconstruction?

        Should white people accept help, from the La Raza, Black Panthers, or ISIS boat. All of these people are racialists, secessionists, presumably entitled to an opinion. The Yakuza and sometimes, the Mafia, are said to be charitable, community activists. Greek fascists, some of whom wore swastikas and stylized versions of the swastika, distributed food aid and helped their govt firemen.

        Is it propaganda, and what is expected of all the people, involved, Aren’t there strings attached.

      24. If every thing is political to you. If your politics is your g-o-d whom you worship and your way of life. If there is nothing in your life that you can leave politics out of, and appreciate just as it is: Then you are a POS and a loser for a human being, and is sucks to be you.

        Harvey is bringing out the true nature in people and showing what they really are. Charlie Hebdo had better hope they never suffer a terrorist attack again. I will not give a damn about them, will have zero sympathy for them. Karma meet Bitch.

        I am willing to come to the aid of ANY American in there time of need, and am willing to put politics on hold for the duration of the crisis. But know this, should you kick my when I am down, you had better hope that I don’t get back up. If I do, your ass is going to be road kill.

      25. Amen Daniel. Progressivists are evil.

        Their agenda is nothing less than Marxism v2. As history shows, that has been tried several times in various places, with disastrous results. In fact, the body count is staggering.

        So they’ve changed the name of their ideology (but not its substance); and spun new buzzwords to rationalize it. We all need to recognize this for the smokescreen it really is.

      26. Decent people do the decent thing and put politics aside and help those in need. If they can’t help they can at least hope for them, pray for them and wish them well.

        We may not share political views but we are all Americans. We share that and that is what counts.

        Off Topic:

        At this point Irma’s direct path is unknown. We also don’t know if it does hit the U.S. the exact day that will be.

        But if Irma does hit anywhere along the U.S. coastline I sure hope it’s not on Wednesday the 6th or the following day because a Full Moon always intensifies hurricanes and storms.

      27. What do you expect? And they claim atheism/mesotheism isn’t a morality issue.

      28. I see many originations and business’ making donations, but so far nothing from BLM, NAACP, ANTIFA, GLBT, GLAD, NATIONAL BLACK CACUSE, Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton’s groups. I do see a lot of black people being rescued along with whites It surprises me that we aren’t hearing from any of the above even just to encourage people to donate!

        Even Cheaper Then Dirt is making matching donations up to $10,000.00 to what is contributed by their customers. Kind of makes you wonder…

      29. This is a time for BOTH sides to put aside politics. The only side now is humanities. That said it is not a stretch to shoehorn global warming into this disaster. The fact is this “thousand” year storm was fueled by the fact that the Gulf of Mexico was 6 degrees warmer than average. Sadly there will be more “thousand” year events in the next few years, whether we admit climate change or not. Rather than arguing what is causing it, it is time now to deal with it, prepare for it, and to not exacerbate it. This is one of the reasons I joined this site. Mother Nature doesn’t care if you’re red or blue, liberal or conservative. Eventually everyone is going to be impacted, be it hurricane,
        flood, tornados or fire. If I’m in trouble I don’t care if the hero who saves me is wrapped in the confederate flag or the gay pride flag. Like it or not we’re in this together.

      30. “A man with an airboat was recently spotted helping victims of the flood evacuate. The problem? A confederate flag was hanging from the boat. A former Clinton staffer took to twitter to express her outrage over the flag, and claimed that if he had rescued her, she would have torn it down and thrown it in the water.”

        At that point, anyone behaving like her would have promptly tossed her over the side.

        Personally, I am REALLY tired of these idiots on the left and their hyper-selective outrage. “Eff ’em”, as some say down south.

        The Stars and Bars have been about MUCH more than the politically fashionable non-issue of slavery. No one alive today even had a grandparent who knew anyone who was a slave. FFS, let it go already. Racism would be dead and buried now if it were not for opportunists on the left keeping it alive so they can profit from it.

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