The United States: United in a State of Un-Readiness

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    On Saturday, we witnessed a mistake (perhaps genuine and perhaps purposeful) regarding the emergency alert system in Hawaii. Yes, we know most of the parameters: the warning of an incoming missile, that it was “not a drill” was broadcast, and 38 minutes of panic.

    First, the warning sent to cell phones: “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.”  (Hawaii Emergency Management Agency)

    After 40 minutes, another message rescinding the alert was sent out. Then, the usual “conga” line emerged after it was revealed to be a false alarm, and here are the statements proving these “authorities” (officials and other nabobs) are either cloned or made in the same mold:

    “An investigation is underway, and it appears human error was responsible for the alert.  The alert was sent out by mistake during a shift change at the agency. Such shift changes occur three times a day every day of the year.  This is a day that most of us will not forget. I know this was totally unacceptable.” (David Ige, Governor, State of Hawaii)

    “The FCC is initiating a full investigation. The agency (FCC) will vote at its January meeting to enhance the effectiveness of wireless emergency alerts, which have been in place since 2012.” (Ajit Pai, Chairman, US Federal Communications Commission)

    “I take responsibility for what happened. We are doing everything we can to make sure this never happens again.” (Vern Miyagi, Administrator, Hawaii Emergency Mgmt. Agency)

    And to finish the kicking for the “Rockettes,” the White House pointed the finger at the state of Hawaii to round things off, ensuring the audience knew no feds were involved before the curtain call:

    “It was purely a state exercise.” (Lindsay Walters, White House Spokeswoman)

    There you have it: Mr. Miyagi of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency…Mr. Miyagi, mind you…took responsibility (without being held accountable) and will make sure this never happens again. No sweat: Wax on, wax off.

    That is simply business as usual for the establishment “caretakers,” continuing to reassure, continuing to calm, to placate, to promise… The reality comes from interviews conducted with the average citizens. A professional golfer (John Peterson) sent a phone message that he was hiding in a bathtub under a mattress with his wife, baby, and in-laws. Must’ve been a pretty big bathtub! Others ran to shelters that were locked, or simply stood around and tried to telephone others…family members or officials, to see if this was really happening.

    I found a faded, sky-blue, cardboard-cover-jacketed book…little more than a pamphlet just over a year ago. It is SM 3-11-A, dated November 1966, entitled “Personal and Family Survival” by the Department of Defense and the Office of Civil Defense. The book is the Student Manual for the Civil Defense Adult Education Course, as printed on the cover. People could enroll in the course with the same name as the book’s title.

    Now what do we have? Nothing. No “Civil Defense” agency, no courses for the average citizen. Courtesy of Bill Clinton (excuse me, President William Jefferson Clinton) in 1996…canceling the entire Civil Defense program and all of the fallout shelter signs and supplies in one fell swoop.

    A continuation of that quisling Jimmy Carter’s actions in 1976 and forward, doing everything from weakening our military to repealing the Homestead Act. The latter? Clinton finished it off in 1996 by revoking permanent land deeds for miner placer claims through the BLM…Bureau of Land Management)

    Then Obama’s eight years to wring the blood out of the nation and eviscerate it from top to bottom. President Trump (to his dis-credit) punctuated all of this with a “period” by allowing the Commission to Assess the EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Threat Against the U.S. to disband due to de-funding in September of 2017.

    We are in a weakened state militarily, with economic growth only in appearance…not considering an economy based on 75% consumption and consumer spending, where the manufacturing base has been outsourced, where unfunded liabilities and credit deferred swaps (CDS’s) are not factored into account. We are relying on a millennial generation that prefers to escape reality within the stultifying world of television and the Internet…where instead of learning a trade they amass debt with degrees in nebulous subjects and expect their elders (and the government) to pay for their debts.

    Returning to the first sentence of this article, all of this is purposeful when the big picture is considered. The country has been substantially weakened over the past fifty years, successively within the Democratic administrations, with a brief “hiatus” from the artificially-shifted paradigm with intermittent Republican administrations. The march toward global governance…making new inroads, as with Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, and other “Monopoly Money” gimmicks designed to remove all financial transactions and savings from scrutiny: the elimination of privately-held funds.

    We saw a weakness in Hawaii that is extant throughout the United States: the inability of citizens to be able to function in the face of a potential attack. Other countries prepare entire underground cities for their citizens, as with Russia and China. We do not do that for a simple reason: it is the intention of globalist oligarchs and politicos to eradicate (or allow/create a war to eradicate) as much of the common populace as possible. Then they will take their seats at the table of the global government…seats “earned” through their wealth, power, and actions: the actions taken to destroy the U.S. internally and either kill off or subjugate her citizens to this governance…this world rule.

    “Purposeful” also given the climate between an unbending North Korea that will not capitulate to U.S. demands and gives no indication of inability to continue under the paper tiger of U.S. and UN sanctions. A new Cold War has been developing for the past several years, now. The reasons are always the same: pursuit of power and monetary gains.  The “mistake” in Hawaii does more than show us how inept we are in civil defense…it also shows other nations how we are neither united in purpose, or in a state of readiness. This is going to cost us in the long run, and time will reveal just how high that cost will be.

    But you may rest assured of this guarantee: of that “conga line” mentioned above? Every one of those individuals…when the attack is real and is not a drill…will be on their way to their shelters…paid for with our tax monies…and safe from whatever occurs to the rest of us.

    The next world war will be initiated by an EMP attack against the United States, followed by a nuclear exchange and conventional warfare.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. Thank you J.J. Agreed. Now that folks is the real STATE OF THE UNION.

        Many veterans in Hawaii that can do our best to survive and fight the good fight. But we need a functional early warning system to avoid the blast zone. Too many liberals in the state that don’t understand the reasons for prepping and/or history, as in the Pearl Harbor attack.

        • funny how admiral yamamoto, during ww2 said he wouldn’t attack america, because of the “gun behind every blade of grass” thingy, yet they are trying like hell to take all the guns away in hawaii……MAYBE it was a wakeup call to those hawaiians, that they just might ought to KEEP those guns….i PERSONALLY think that someday, they will receive the brunt of any attack on america… EVERY apocalyptic movie, and we all got guns, so ANYBODY attacks U.S., they gonna git SHOT…..not so much, if the dims are allowed to keep this up.

        • “it is the intention of globalist oligarchs and politicos to eradicate (or allow/create a war to eradicate) as much of the common populace as possible”

          To me that means mostly Liberal Democrats will die. That is a good thing. I basically ignored the Nuke warning, but I’m a little better prepared than most, after all, I live out in the middle of nowhere. Some guys on this site have made extensive prep lists, and for the most part I have all the same stuff and then some.
          Most people think all of Hawaii is like the show Hawaii 5 Oh. Most of our population is on Oahu and they are mostly Democrats. Honolulu is just a big crappy city.
          The rest of the state is much more rural, bible, guns, and Libertarian.
          I’m ready.
          Are you?

          • I hate to say it but it was a bit of a letdown when the false alarm thing came out,,,
            Guess i have issues

        • ???

      2. As usual the Government and Police are hours and minutes away when SECONDS Count !

        Take responsibility for your own Safety and well being!

      3. we are on our own, as you can see “the authorities” are incompetent

        • I really don’t believe that it was a “mistake”. I think that is a LIE they are telling us. I think it was a “planned mistake” – to test the population, to see how the sheeple, i mean people react, to scare the masses, a test case, to see how nobody was ready, to know how people will react when it really happens, to TRAMATIZE the masses, so that in the future they won’t know WHO or WHAT to believe, therefore making the population weak and unready. I do not think it was a mistake at all!!!

      4. “Mr. Miyagi, mind you…took responsibility (without being held accountable) and will make sure this never happens again. No sweat: Wax on, wax off.”

        The man just held himself accountable. What more could you want “Jeremiah”? I suppose it is much more fun to write another mindless government bashing article while totally missing the point.

        Mr Miyagi did the right thing and did the citizens of Hawaii a huge favor with his wake up call. All that remains is to see how many Hawaiians learned from the experience.

        • Most( but not all) Hawaiian citizens are dumb as posts.
          The majority trust the government and always
          vote Democrat.
          They did not learn anything from this exercise
          except how impotent they are, they will however
          re-elect the assholes responsible for America’s

          • Bingo,,,,
            Most have no clue,
            Will never get a clue,
            And will continue to vote D forever,,,
            Personally, as sick as it may seem, im cool with everything coming unglued,,,
            Yea, psycho
            Sometimes ya just gotta say WTF

      5. I heard there really was a major false flag scheduled for Hawaii, and something went wrong. And the story about “worker pushed the wrong button” is just damage control.

        • You wrote:
          I heard there really was a major false flag scheduled for Hawaii, and something went wrong. And the story about “worker pushed the wrong button” is just damage control.

          I write:
          Whoa. The S is about 2 inches from the fan.

      6. Heard @ today’s Martin Luther King Jr. festivities,
        “Damn, when I heard…. I got on my looting shoes, called up my posse and then… just as we were going to settle some old scores with the tribe over on the east side… they called the whole thing off. I sure did want to put a cap in Deshan’s ass and could’ve used some new Air Jordans.”

        • No doubt bra, now I stuck up in my crib wit nothin ta do.

          • Sheet man, now I gonna get me some fry chicken and wabbamelon.

      7. RAF fighter jets INTERCEPT ‘Russian supersonic Blackjack bombers’ flying towards UK – 1/15/18

        “RAF fighter jets were deployed to head off two Russian supersonic heavy bombers less than 35 miles from British airspace.”

        ht tps://

        • This is a common thing, all countries with modern air forces routinely test each others air space; sovereign air space however is rarely if ever violated. The US does many types of these provocations. Modern navy ships and subs also routinely test sovereign territorial waters, I was in the navy many years ago, it happened then. We often don’t hear about it often but it’s nothing new. It’s quite possible the false alarm in Hawaii was a false flag, think about it. There are emergency alerts for every area of the US, but this incidence it was only a wrong button pushed. There has been 60 years of civil defense, do you really believe a wrongly “pushed button” never happened before. This was a test alright to test warning infrastructure, and for social and political purposes. The public panicked, MSM went berserk, the politicians got exited, and the prez gets the blame for everything.

      8. KY – Not really news. The Daily Star (with a low readership) must be desperate. Intercepts like this take place regularly and have done so for

        A few weeks ago a couple of Russian frigates were testing UK territorial water limits.

      9. And for the white folks… Happy MILF Day I hope I didn’t TRIGGER any TRIGGERS now.

        • over 58% of the population just got TRIGGERED.

        • Haaa HAAAa haaa
          Good one,
          I know a few MILFs

        • Thanks for keeping it light ???

      10. My family and I went through this Saturday, it was surreal. It’s so sad what is being said on the News. I understand why everyone in Hawaii is upset (it was scary stuff) BUT we saw mass confusion and people didn’t know what to do. Yes, the situation was shitty BUT it was a good lesson for EVERYONE in Hawaii to be better prepared. The threat is real

        • Yea, and rather than these dummies using it as a learning experience and adjusting things, they will just keep pointing fingers rather than taking responsibility.
          Im changing some stuff in my get home bag and getting extra stuff for our home supplies, dont care who pushed what, that dont matter.

        • As I said in earlier posts I just cracked open a beer and kissed the wife. I was 50/50. I thought this was BS and If it wasn’t there wasn’t much I could do. I’m also pretty sure I wasn’t near a target area.
          I’m satisfied with my preps, but I didn’t my solar in, I will get it done this year.

      11. Interesting part of Q’s post:

        >DEFCON 1 [non-nuke FALSE]
        Where did POTUS stop [post] ASIA?
        FOR GOD & COUNTRY.
        :[AGAIN] direct pre-knowledge.
        :[AGAIN] warning ALERT.
        Think BDT.

        What could this mean?

        First he says NSA. One thing we know about NSA is that Edward Snowden was in Hawaii overseeing a massive transfer of secret NSA surveillance databases to a new secure facility in Hawaii that would keep the databases out of CONUS. I thought at the time that somebody was preparing to lose large parts of the US mainland, perhaps in a revolution, and they wished to maintain control of their data on a secure island redoubt that rebels from CONUS would have great difficulty reaching.

        I thought at the time this was a bad move, as if I were China and war were about to break out the first thing I would do is push to take Hawaii so I could get physical control of the servers. Then I’d transfer them back to China and begin trying to crack them with Quantum computers if they were encrypted, and I couldn’t get in another way. Instantly I would have an intelligence bonanza, and one which might just turn the American people against their own government in the middle of a war, if it revealed the government spying on citizens too deeply.

        • I have been following the Q Anon stuff. On Youtube, Check LTC Roy Potter for good explanations. Also Tracy Beanz, Jason Sather (his Tube is Destroying the Illusion), and Jerome Corsi. There are a few others but these will give you the best insight.

          If it’s all true, Trump’s storm is coming. If not, it’s been a great spy tale to follow.

      12. Good article over at revealing more truth about the MLK murder than has been revealed to date. Hint: the deep state did it. He survived the gunshot but was smothered by a pillow in the hospital.

      13. unfortunately this is true for civilian readiness other areas like Fema are equally poor.our armed forces are ill equipped but can do miracles with what they have if they are let do their job properly. I spent 8 years in the navy and know what we had to work with. civil government always has the experts that know everything.just ask them!

      14. If you are not prepared by now, you are behind the power curve! Personal safety is individual responsibility! The “State” will not save you. Let alone alert you!

      15. If I’d gotten that notice I assure you I’d have been doing about 140 mph up the 405. I know exactly where I’d go if I was at home vs if I was at work.

        And then I’d starve as a homeless bum… there’s that…

        Point is what did these guys do? Head for boats? Le nope. Ran around in circles and tried to crawl into the sewer where they could be cooked like rotisserie chicken from the heat. Or rendered completely radioactive upon exiting.

        I mean my plan is reasonably bad but theirs? Holy crap really?

        • TG,
          If you are on the two 405’s I’m familiar with you can’t do 140MPH
          at a little after 8 in the morning, unless you are flying over them.
          As for using a boat as a preparation plan or more accurately as an escape plan, I sold my 45 foot sailboat. You can buy a 2 years worth of food for the price of my Mainsail alone. I carried 8 sails on board.
          Steal a boat and pick a good one.
          I can recommend a few.

          • Theres a few cats in Honakahau i wouldnt mind borrowing,,, but then again thats not the target,,,,

            • You can go to Lahaina and get some really nice boats.
              Especially after the Vic to Maui race!

      16. Really, to think you could be “ready” for a nuclear blast is wishful thinking-the blast will destroy everything in its path-including first responders. And it will leave radiation all over the pace so nobody can come in and rescue any survivors

      17. It was reminiscent of the radio broadcast of H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds. I wish people would learn from it and prepare for when it won’t be a false alarm.

      18. I simply don’t care about those who for whatever reason don’t prep. Let them die good riddance. Bring on the culling. Ive got a lot of relatives that reside in Florida. I wouldn’t care if a sunami carried them all out to sea.

      19. From what ived observed and read . Our special forces are the best in the world? But our regulars are red high heel wearing trans gender traitors? Worthless ? So ten percent are good ? Maybe we are in for a rude awakening? I wonder if we under estimate the general population. As ounce quoted. Their will be a rifle barrel between every blade of grass? Old guys with nothing to lose? Too old to run? But super good shots? Too old to run is best? No running? Semper fi?

      20. Those old fallout shelters were no bid deal. A few barrels of water and lots of rancid biscuits. Not enough to seriously help anyone.

      21. In the event of a nuclear attack, I’m going back in the closet. I’m not gay. It’s a walk-in closet.

        The wind is raging. It is raining. Might snow. The kids were surprised to see how empty the supermarket is. No eggs and they say the truck delivers tomorrow. Seems people are preparing for a few days of bad weather. I got tickled. My kids think it’s some kind of foolishness to prepare for “Armageddon”. It isn’t Armageddon I think about. Frankly, nuclear war is outside my prepping reality. It’s an unreality. I will concern myself with the more mundane preps. I was happy to learn that we will be receiving a large shipment of fire wood. And I’ve been reviewing YouTube tutorials on how to kill, clean, and butcher a chicken, deer, pig, and steer.

        I was surprised but one fella gave out the simple advice I would tell anyone. Buy a whole chicken from the store and cut it up. Chickens don’t come just breasts or just drumsticks. The important thing is to remove the guts without contaminating the meat. If the gall bladder breaks, the meat is ruined. Of course you don’t have to worry about that with a store bought chicken. The guts are gone. Kind of like people who have lived in the cities and suburbs. Time to get out and ruff it if you feel like you’re getting too soft. Nothing like watching hard core butchering to get you psyched up. Then do like I did and empty the garbage.

        Wow, I feel invincible !!!


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