The Time To Fight Back Is Now: Striking Back at Police State Amerika

by | Jul 22, 2013 | Headline News | 243 comments

Do you LOVE America?


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      1. Wolverines!

        • and for the Generation Z’ers:

          • The real and ONLY way of fighting back starts right at the most difficult human emotion to purge, the instinct to be part of the crowd and swim with the school. This is what is the worst enemy of anyone, conformity. The political correctness crap is running amok, and says that if you feel something you cannot say it, even with your first Amendment rights to do so, because you might offend someone. The whole stupid MSM is full of the A,B,C,D,E,F,G………. words instead of saying the word. This is taboo conformity.

            The government wants this, complete fear to exercise your right to express yourself without any other reason than you have that right. I think one of the most positive courses of actions before the total collapse of everything is that each and every Amerrican regardless of race needs to become extremely familiar with the Constitution of the United States of America and ALL those rights that were given to ALL of us.

            In other words screw the race crap thing, and let everyone see the shear importance of what it means to be free. Especially stress all these utter failures of other countries that don’t have a constitution. Oh the government would hate this with seething rage to every American go right back to their roots and start to see that their neighbor is not the enemy, it is those in control and very high positions that are trying to enslave everyone and anyone that are the problem. People have to piss on this political correctness liquid manure and see that free speech must NEVER be taken for granted or given away like so many of the brain dead masses want to do.

            The government that wishes to control everyone and make them into cyborgs has an enemy of their own, it is called awareness. This starts with the biggest thorn in the asses of any politician or elitist, and it is the Constitution that every American should be sent out a copy of to know they have rights and protection under it.

            • From the previous thread incase anyone missed it
              soak it in, because im sure this isn’t all of them that have infilTRAITORed our MSM and Governemnt,, keep digging people, they all need to be exposed

              VRF says:
              Comment ID: 1938754
              July 22, 2013 at 9:17 am Here are some of the reasons we cant trust MSM

              CNN president Virginia Moseley is married to Hillary Clintons Deputy Secretary Tom Nides

              CBS President David Rhodes is a Brother of..Top Obama Official Ben Rhodes..who changed Bengazi talking points

              ABC President Ben Sherwood is the Sibling of Obama special Advisor Elizabeth Sherwood

              all of this and more( way more this is tip of the ice burg shit) plays into why and how the MSM is complicite in whats going on and what is and isn’t being reported and how its being reported

              it is playing a part in the lynching of the innocent Zimmerman
              it is playing a part in what you hear or see in all the scandals surrounding DC and this presidency

              It is playing a role in the one sided race baiting in this country..

              the media is bought and sold, just like the banks

              • The Truth and two bucks
                will buy you a good cup of coffee.

                • @ OutWest. Just imagine that if we knew the exact truth to all of this. That along with two dollars would sure buy me a good cup of satisifaction.

                  • Be informed

                    You’re absolutely right on with that one BI.
                    The biggest problem I could see with getting
                    that much truth in one dose would be akin to
                    standing directly on top of one of your Mag 10
                    earth quakes.

                  • VRF; Check out, for much more MSM-GOVNT-Private orgs like ADL-SPLC-AJC etc Info on Names and Color Photos of most if not every actual Honcho-CEO-VP-Board Directors, as well as Many more Names listed of aids and advisors and appointed officials for Prez and whitehouse etc. Many include Personal Bios info too.

                    www dot incogman dot net

                    His website has internal onsite Links to a Ton of such great lsits and names info similar to Your post has. Only Lots More of it.

                  • If we knew the exact truth you and i would be standing side by side tying up hangmans noose knots to give the criminal political elites what they deserve, IMHO they already deserve a slipknot and a short drop, ALL OF THEM
                    Dont kid yourself that any of these fuckers are different, the gov is now operating without the consent of the people,
                    FUCK YOU
                    Riceball out MOLON LABE

                • @OutWest

                  Around 1913, that “two bucks” would have bought you 33 cups of coffee.

                  As a side note, think about this. In 1913 there were no income taxes, no sales taxes, no state taxes, and not much in the way of property taxes.

                  The problem with socialism/fascism and a central bank is, eventually they run out of other peoples money, and then they’re left with just printing it.

                  A collapse will follow. America is on the fast track.

                  It took less than 300 years.

                  • Don’t forget in 1913 there were no Interstates, Electricity was not available in most areas.

                    The US Army rode horses and used them to move the artillery. Troops traveled by rail cars, or marched and it took five days to ride a train coast-to-coast.

                    There was no Commercial Aircraft.

                    You forgot many things in your comparison of the Last hundred years.

                    Oh, BTW there was no Internet, Long Distance phone service was hard to find and very expensive.

                    Trench warfare was not in use, since there was no World War going on.

                    Pretty hard to compare then to now.

                    So I have to ask, just what are you trying to say or created with your statement?

                  • how did you get 7 red thumbs?

                  • @ a christan man. I see you are at it again, just cant wait to post something negative.

              • Indeed VRF, the takedown of America was impossible without their ” help”. Now that it’s too late to change the inevitable, the media should rate quite special attention after the collapse, perhaps the common man will have a chance to ” thank” them personally for their handiwork.

              • No to mention that the whole of the mainstream media in the US is owned by 5 multinational corporations who are some of the biggest lobbyists in DC, and if you look at who is on the boards of all of these corporations it’s all the same people. Oh yeah, no conspiracy there. Move along. Nothing to see.

            • B.I. a little off-topic,but what about the quake in n.z. they sway they can expect after shocks for days.

              • @ tired of ny bs. The faults around New Zealand are some of the most rigid in the world. Some faults will smoothly have their earthquake and the aftershocks die off very quickly. In New Zealand this is not the story. Remember the quakes in Christchurch that just kept coming? Lots of aftershocks and a much higher than the usual 5% chance of a bigger one to follow. I would say that area will have aftershocks for weeks. The rest of the world is gearing up for something quite large. The last time there was so many precursor quakes on the plate boundaires the largest ever recorded deep focus earthquake struck off of eastern Russia at 8.3.

            • Good evening, Be Informed, and once again there is nothing in your post I can dispute. I have long resisted politicla correctness. I’ve said certain things about certain issues over the years that allegedly offended someone, but I don’t care. I’m about as prepared as I can be for the struggle that will soon be upon us. I’m hearing that the protests for Trayvon Martin have been co-opted by the Occupy Wall St. gang. If that’s true, expect some real rioting to take place, especially if the ‘black block’ makes an appearance, and they most likely will be there to perpetrate it. Those riots COULD be the trigger for martial law, and when martial law is declared, IT WILL BE GAME ON! Once we get in this fight, we’re in it for the duration, or until we’re killed; at least I know I will be. There’s no turning back once you go through the door. It will be a world of trouble. NOMI CATIMF WOLVERINES BRAVEHEART

              • The “Black Bloc” is nothing more than undercover agent provocateurs, trying to manipulate the event into violence…just in case it stays too peaceful for the media hypesters.

            • Nicely said !

            • What you are saying is what I have been trying to tell anyone who will listen (there aren’t many). The govt tries to divide us in many different ways in order to render us powerless to change the status quo. But the real war going on is between the collectivists and the individualists. This is related to Agenda 21. They want us all herded into the cities so we become collectivists like the Obamanites so they can control our food, our water, our power, our travel, and even our minds. Spying on us and gathering data about every aspect of our lives is merely the first step in making this happen. Next will come the common digital currency and global financial governing body. They’re going to use taxes, water rights, land rights, and power rights to make life harder and harder for free-thinking rural people in order to drive them into the collectivist cities where everything will be controlled. You want to leave the city to visit a state park, you’ll have to get on a waiting list for a bus tour where you can take pictures through the windows. Of course, none of this will apply to the elites. We can already see the mainstream news being turned into collectivist news, where the important is trivialized and the trivial ss presented as what we’re all supposed to be focused on.

          • 1or 2 people doing small things won’t do a thing to change this mess. A lot of people doing the same small thing will be noticed.
            Does anybody have a good small poke in the eye action we can all do starting today?

            • ed says:

              “Does anybody have a good small poke in the eye action we can all do starting today?”

              Yeah! Don’t Vote!

              • That’s how we got into this mess!

                • rcooley56 says:

                  “That’s how we got into this mess!”

                  How’s that genius?

                  There is no difference between a Democrat or a Republican. If there is, it’s only in your mind.

                  They’re both parasites attached to the backside of the American people.

                  The only question is: For how much longer?

                  • The answer is not “don’t vote” the answer is to get in at the primary level and vote for the person that the system hates. That is how that A-hole Hatch was put out, and how Rand Paul was put in. Come on people, work the system to our advantage.

              • 1. National air balloon day, set a date rent air balloons across the country and release thousands of flyers nationwide with info about the government plans, information web sites , group starting info.

                2. I don’t read info about the power of the jury, look at what the jury did in the Zimmerman case, if jurys would find not guilty on all these tyrannical laws it would make a difference, one jury at a time!

              • This is a letter I had published in the News Review of Roseburg, Oregon. The replies I got were overwhelming to say the least. People from 18 to 85 agree with me but they are afraid to speak out. Please inhale and pass.

                Let’s Talk About OBAMACARE.
                I went to see my physician and he told me because I smoke, (he said someone in town told on me), and that my wife is overweight, (yes, he was insulting). That we, (my wife and I), would have to pay higher insurance premiums under Obamacare.
                I cannot believe how many people agree with this.
                Please, my people of Oregon, can’t you understand this slippery slope. This administration has done everything possible to separate us as a people. This is the so called divide and conquer technique. Obama is all for corporations and not the individual citizen.
                If we start charging more for healthcare insurance because of personal flaws, where will it end?
                Will we start testing peoples IQ’s? We all know people with lower intelligence have more accidents than people with high IQ’s. Do you see where this is going?
                Do you see who will be enforcing it?
                Here is a quote from an article from the Galen Institute entitled, “The IRS and the 46 new powers to enforce Obamacare”.
                “The power granted to the IRS to enforce ObamaCare’s mandates, taxes, penalties, reporting, and other requirements is unprecedented. Based upon Government Accountability Office data, we count 46 new responsibilities assigned to the IRS under the health law.”
                Is this the same agency that has recently posted 10s of thousands of social security numbers online by mistake?
                The current administration has no real clue on what America is about.
                We must return the dignity and sovereign nature of the individual to each and every one of us.
                Steven Douglas Elwood

            • hmm I once received change back from a store and it had wrote on it in big red colors END THE FED . Its what led me to reading and learning about the fed reserve was an eye opener for me

              • Me too! I got a dollar bill back in change 20+ yrs ago. It had bright Red ink marker stating “Them Germans was Right”! Got we woke up more also.

            • Start rounding up all the child molesters at the top of the pyramid!

            • see my post above.

            • @ed, All people really need to do is shut down the interstate highways. How? Get a hand full of people to drive very slowly on the interstates, creating huge traffic jams. Do that for a few weeks and store shelves will go bare. Of course, I DO NOT advocate that. Anyway, those most affected will be the “sheeple”, and not TPTB.

            • I have thought about this a lot over the last 3 years or so, and I have come to the conclusion that this tactic simply won’t work. You cannot get a big enough consensus of people in this country to come together and do anything. Peaceful non-compliance might have worked for Ghandi. It might have worked for the people of Iceland. But we have a different country that is sliced up and divided apart like a pizza. The politicians and the PTB know this. there really is only way to get rid of the scum and that is to take it out by force. You take entitlements for instance. Most of us understand the moral idea of providing a safety net for people. But when you do this through the kind of govt we have it will always turn into a cancer. We cannot get rid of the cancer now because we are being out-voted by the people who want their free swag, and they are going to vote for more and more swag until they take the entire paychecks of the working class.

              • Reynaldo, this is not true yet. If all the people that voted for McCain had voted for Romney, he would have won. Too many of us, and similar, don’t vote. Look at the percentage that votes, there is a lot of room for improvement. I know people that stay home, and they would more than likely vote our way. A total waste. The system is screwing us because too many that could make a difference – DON’T. I know gun owners that don’t vote and won’t join the NRA or GOA. What kind of thinking is that?? 3-4 million stayed home because they didn’t think Romney was what — not conservative enough, not gun owner enough, not anti-illegal enough?? What?? What did that do? The perfect candidate is not on this planet. Get over it. Start by blocking the worst.

            • Remember in Brewsters millions,

              Write in:

              None of the above.

            • Homeschool:) Most property tax goes to that perverted institution called “school.” Without our children’s participation, they lose federal dollars. If we don’t send our kids to those hell holes, they don’t become indoctrinated dolts and future communists/socialists. I homeschooled my son from the beginning and he is about the biggest believer in small government you will ever meet.
              Just my 2 cents:) Have a great day.

          • Mac
            The second clip gave me a smile and chicken skin, the statists can go f themselves, i cant wait till they start pushing us around when the obamacare registrations cause people to just stop complying with the gov.
            FUCK YOU
            Riceball out

          • 1. National air balloon day, set a date rent air balloons across the country and release thousands of flyers nationwide with info about the government plans, information web sites , group starting info.

            2. I don’t read info about the power of the jury, look at what the jury did in the Zimmerman case, if jurys would find not guilty on all these tyrannical laws it would make a difference, one jury at a time!

            • I like youre style! Pamphleteering is something we can certainly all do. The only problem I see here is such a diverse aray of viewpoints- the main thing we agree upon is that the current situation is unsustainable. Of course, waking up more folks to that alone whether to agree with us or disagree with us on finer points would be valuable.

            • Yes, juries have much more power than many of them realize. Not only can they decide guilty or not guilty but they can also decide if the supposed violated “law” is a just/ good law. I would suggest anyone who doesn’t know what the term “jury nullification” means to investigate it. A hundred years ago it was told you by the judge but they don’t inform of this third option anymore.

          • MAC SLAVO,I wished the RED DAWN we were facing looked so good,the lord has shown me a differant picture,THEIR going to use NUCLEAR WEAPONS,poison gas,Virus that cause blisters and boils,and within days you die,OUR military has all kinds of EVIL things planed for america,along with their NATO friends,this won’t be a long war,the LORD says.”1 year,3.months”by that point in time america will be DUST,and no one cares,our own military will completely destroy the country,and I won’t even get into whats going to happen in the FEMA DEATH CAMPS,IF you guys aren’t close to the LORD,you better work on it………………

        • Homeschooling will never be outlawed in this country, most people that commit to homeschooling are ready and able to defend that right. They will not sit by and allow the regime to dictate which way their children will be taught.

          Homeschool Families will never give up their right to teach their children the way they see fit, they are a group of citizens who the regime knows they can not mess with. If you don’t believe me then wait and see, this is one group that will fight and win because they are fighting for their children. I have never seen a more dedicated bunch of people who will do whatever it takes to continue the fight against a government that wants to own their children. You want to see a really pissed off giant, then try taking that right away from them.

          Right now there are over 3,000,000 homeschool kids and counting in the U.S.

          • Word!


            • 3,000,002

          • There has been a new series of commercials on TV promoting homeschooling using the current govt controlled public education system’s curriculum. It’s no stretch to believe that they will allow homeschooling, but only under the auspices of the controlled system, and to verify, your children would have to take and pass a series of public school system tests. I’m sure there will be other hoops you’ll have to go through also to prove you are not deviating from the public school system indoctrination program.

          • They will end homeschooling because colleges will not accept home school diploma’s. They will require state requlated courses. Sorry folks; It will happen.

            • Indy Colts,

              You are wrong, there are Christian colleges and private colleges that will always accept homeschoolers, and who is to say the everyone has to go to college. As for the curriculum, that is personal choice, there are Christian based curriculums as well as home created curriculums. Look up New Hampshire law regarding homeschooling, no end of the year testing or reporting to the school district. If your State does not look kindly upon homeschooling then move to one that does.

              Live Free or Die!

              • @swinging

                So… then the govenment just sets regulations where colleges that accept homeschool diploma’s with not be accredited. In return those colleges will be a worthless degree employers won’t accept. It will happen, denial doesn’t change they fact the government will run all education just like healthcare soon.

                • My son was home schooled when we lived in Kalifornia. He is in his second year Med school right now. He also has a degree in finance.

                • I’m an employer. I say we start our own accrediting process.

                  Let’s make a list of all colleges that accept government aid and refuse to hire anyone who presents a degree from those colleges.

                  While were at it, like one of the previous posts, let’s do whatever it takes to starve this beast… Don’t shop at megacorporate chains, de-bank (or switch to credit union), don’t send your kids to their schools, don’t use their doctors/clinics/whatever…

                  I can’t wait to get this party started!

                  Molon Labe Mutha F#@%ers!

                  • sorry JM but I was poor with 4 kiddos and could not have afforded higher ed without pell and various scholarships but I guess the gov didn’t plan on me looking the gift horse in the mouth knowledge is power.

            • …then we need to find other schools that will…we need to stop sending our kids to these crazy universities that teach nothing valuable and instead undermine our liberty…time for those of us who own businesses and who can hire to refuse to hire anyone who waves papers from some college in our faces and thinks that entitles them to a job(you got a diploma from Harvard?…sorry not interested)…start looking for brains and determination, loyalty and a good work ethic…some jobs may require a good education(maybe those that need educated people for their field of work should start hiring the brightest homeschooled kids and offering them training on their own…bypass the colleges) but the state sponsored education system is more about indoctrination than education and most of these mass produced kids coming out of them haven’t a clue or the desire to get one… we support it by playing their game…start dealing with the guy who can do the job and not the over-indoctrinated wannabees…hire the person not the degree!One step at a time one person at a time we can dismantle the system!

              • REB,

                Excellent post, I have a perfect example for you. My Son was looking for part time summer work, he is a teenager entering 11th grade, he inquired about a job application at a privately owned pet shop in our area and was told that they were no longer hiring. The owner asked him what school he attended and he responded that he was homeschooled, the owner then handed him a job application and said he would see what he could come up with for him. The owner was impressed with my Son’s politeness and sincerity, homeschool kids do have the advantage where it counts.

                • Agreed…My wife and I homeschooled our son and daughter and they both graduated 3.9 and 4.0 respectively…daughter just finished a two year college degree in administration and now the USAF wants her…my son is a computer tech wizard and has a job in an electronics makers plant…hes so professional and courteous the owner made him the receptionist as the first person anyone talks to when the come in contact with his company…pays better too ;)…daughter is just as proficient and professional and will do well anywhere.
                  I might add that I paid for their education whist grossing around $5000 a year and paid the extortion on my farm to keep all the mindless drones in class too…they turned out well…made this hillbilly papa proud!

            • Homeschool kids usually take their GED, that is just as good as a high school diploma, what the hell difference does a college degree make now anyway? Other than no difference.
              Other than knowledge a degree pretty much means nothing

              • My oldest son home educated >>himself<< for 9th grade (took the GED at 16 in Vermont to get NYS off his back, then went to community college at 15, did great, got a full ride when he transferred to CU-Boulder.

                the home education/GED/Community College/4 yr college route works. although I agree that for many people (especially men) college is a waste of time & money, mainly good for grooming you for a job in brain dead, politically correct, feminized, soul destroying corporation.

                • Only worth while to go to college if you want to be a structural or civil engineer or work in architecture, anything else and the market is saturated or you are stroking the pud and just wasting time and money

              • Howdy, Kulafarmer. I always avoided the college/student loan debt trap. Heard too many bad stories about it to even consider it. made it through high school and that was it for me. Couldn’t see going into debt for tens of thousands of dollars on a useless piece of paper. braveheart

                • Todays college degrees are good for a PHD in everything but a…J.O.B.

                • Now at almost 50 sometimes i wish i had stayed in school and gone after a degree, (mechanical engineer) but i sucked as a student so only did 1 semester, my buddies who went all the way through and got the degree are not working in that field anyway and are all self employed like me and all in some completely different field! So then i dont feel so bad, especially when i see all the industrial jobs drying up or going to foreigners.
                  Im right where im supposed to be!
                  Aloha Bh

                  MOLON LABE

                  • Kulafarmer.

                    You said, “I’m right where I’m supposed to be”.

                    I know what you are talking about and it is a good feeling. It is an advantage that most people desire but can not achieve.

            • @Indy Colts

              Who needs college? A BA today gives you the right to apply at Burger King.

              They have destroyed the value of a college education right along with the value of our money.

              You don’t need a college degree to “successful.”

              List of college dropout billionaires:

              Bill Gates – US
              Mark Zuckerberg – US
              Lawrence Ellison – US
              Eike Batista – Brazil
              Michael Dell – US
              Marc Rich – US
              Ty Warner – US
              Gautam Adani – India
              Micky Jagtiani – India
              Shahid Balwa – India
              Subhash Chandra – India
              Vinod Goenka – India
              PNC Menon – India
              Roman Abramovich – Russia
              Sheldon Adelson – US
              Amancio Ortega – Spain
              Kirk Kerkorian – US
              Donald Newhouse – US
              François Pinault – France
              Jack Taylor – US
              Joaquín Guzmán Loera (Mexican drug lord) – Mexico
              David Geffen – US
              David Murdock – US
              Ted Turner – US
              Henry Fok – Hong Kong
              Ralph Lauren – US
              Mohammed Al Amoudi – Saudi Arabia
              Stanley Ho – Hong Kong
              Gabe Newell – US
              Dustin Moskovitz – US
              Richard Li – Hong Kong
              Sheldon Solow – US
              Stef Wertheimer
              Ted Waitt – US

              • @yourmother

                Your a loser commie. No need to reply to any of my posts because your opinion doesn’t count. I can’t believe you can actually read and type.

                • @Indy Colts

                  How old are you?

                  Does your mother know you’re online? Because, if she does, she’s just plain wrong.

                  Children should be seen and not heard.

                  Indy Colts says:

                  “your opinion doesn’t count.”

                  Spoken in true Obama-esque fashion. I’ll bet you’d shoot me or send me to prison for speaking my mind too!

                • At this one rare moment, YMWW is correct. I have a graduate degree and can’t find a job with it and even my B.S. in Social Science (sad how apt that is now) just gets me an entry-level job.

                  • Sigi says:

                    “At this one rare moment, YMWW is correct.”

                    Only one???

                    I suspect there are much more!

              • I love lists that detail outliers. I don’t have a list of loser college drop outs. It is too long and no one has heard of them. Yes yo moma, there are exceptions to most any concept or hardened thoughts. Pointing out outliers does not paint a sincere picture. How about all the non billionaires who did graduate from college but did not get up to billions. Doctors lawyers engineers. Etc.

                • Yep. I graduated in ’97 with a BS in CS, and at the age of 37. I wouldn’t trade my time in school or my diploma for very many things in this world. There’s nothing wrong with a college education. The real problem is something that goes much deeper and reflects the complete moral decay our society has fallen into from top to bottom. College education is being poisoned by the financial aid scam. The financial aid scam is a microcosm of how nearly every aspect of our economy and way of life has been turned into some kind of financial scam designed to enrich a few at the expense of the many. They throw just enough free and easy swag down to the bottom feeders to keep them compliant and complicit in the scams. None of this is sustainable. The scams on Wall Street are not sustainable. The scams in DC are not sustainable. the scams in our state govts are not sustainable. The scams coming out of corporate America are not sustainable. Pensions are scams, entitlements are scams, and none of them are sustainable. So how long can we go on like this??

              • Wow, all but a couple from US, and several more in other countries look as if they all are members of the “Tribe”. Over 1/2 of total for certain. Looks like US has Most members though. Not unexpected.

              • Yeah, but just think what the Beatles could have done if they would have received a PhD in music….

                • They might have at least had the maturity to stay together longer, and their student loans would have made it necessary 😉

            • With higher education in such dire straits financially, so desperate they are enrolling the homeless??
              They’ll accept any animal!!:-)
              Degree or not pretty soon.

            • Indy Colts: Incorrect my friend. If you can pass a university entrance exam, you’re just about in ($$$). There was young fellow on the Tonight Show that was homeschooled by his parents, both former teachers. They lived so far out in the country that they didn’t even have electricity. This young man scored second place on his exam to enter Harvard out of all the applicants that year. And yes, he went on scholarship because he was so damned smart.

            • My Homeschooled son had 3 universities offer him FULL RIDES! Colleges and universities are dieing to get their hands on homeschooled kids. Most homeschooled kids are smarter than 90% of the kids that graduate from college even before they start college!!!

            • All homeschoolers have to pass the state mandated tests… and everyone has to take the SAT tests to go to college. I’d imagine the average homeschooler will blow through all of these.

              • Mine didn’t have to take SATs, they got GEDs,then went thru Community college, with honors,then went to 4yr university for their specialty. Ones computer science,ones BA in English, w/second major of business admin, and the third is finishing his stint in the Navy special forces, and is planning on going to school for civil engineering..homeschooling works, and we were debt free doing it!

            • With respects, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

              And I will wager my 3 children (all with college degrees) against whatever information you have.

              All 3 were homeschooled by my bride, the oldest is 35 in the military, my 33 year old runs his own business as a videographer, and my 30-year-old has a culinary degree.

              All 3 of them have excelled in life. So do little more research and don’t talk to things you don’t know about

          • We are a proud homeschool family (I was a public school teacher and witnessed so much crap it would make ANY decent parent run far away from the system).

            I do not think homeschooling will be “illegal” anytime soon but I do believe the feds & even the local gov’ts will try to pile on restrictions in an effort to “control” homeschooling trends.

            Mandatory state testings, mandatory curriculum, etc.

            But there will be plenty of homeschool families who will not do it, despite it being a mandate.

            Homeschoolers are some of the fiercest patriots I know.

            • The feds can try to mandate their standards, tests and so forth. What they can’t do is get hold of the homeschooled kids and beat the creativity and critical thought out of them!

            • My wife and I just ignored the local district and the state we went with a basic curriculum from out of state and to this day the state didn’t even know they existed…when they graduated they then took the test for that grade point average thing…passed with flying colors and then went on to jobs…point being if parents are smart and don’t broadcast it they can avoid the state and its meddling…theres a time coming and even now is when those with the smarts are going to be in demand…with or with out a diploma!

              • @REB..Yea, you’re Right….Case in point >SNOWDEN !!……mm~

          • how can ANYONE legitamately tell us how to raise our kids, f u. thats not the purpose of govt, morons. i will defend my family to the end. bring it govt losers

          • Swing on Star: Ever heard of “Common CORE” education?

            Its soon comming and will Onclude homeschoolers too.

            Go read several writers take on it at newswithviews dot com just scroll down and look for several articles by several writers. Mrs. Eyserbt(sp?) is the major expert, wrote a book on “why is johnny so dumbed down” or something like that.

            You won’t believe all that common Core ed entailes and forces folks into doing. Homeschoolers Not exempt.

            • Them Guys,

              Not in New Hampshire, here you can create your own curriculum, I know all about common core. You see, homeschoolers knew about common core before the general public. We know what the U.N. is trying to pull off and we know what bills are being presented that would harm homeschooling, before the general public has a clue. The homeschool coalition is a quiet and deadly force that no one in congress wants to mess with.

              • @swinging

                FYI some of us actually enjoyed playing sports like football,basketball and baseball. I would never rob my children of those experiences. I know your going to say there’s some homeschool team that probably gets killed 70-0 in football. I was in public schools all but 3 years which I went to a Chrisitan school. Sorry to say but the education was better in public schools because private got a lot of new teachers that didn’t know how to handle children. Large catholic schools would be the exception because they usually have high quality facilty.

                Let the children decide if they want to go to school with their friends down the street or stay at home with Mom. And not all parents are qualified to be teachers.

                • Your F O S. Stay at home with Mom. That comment alone shows you haven’t a clue what your talking about. You say not all parents are qualified to be teachers. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU IF YOUR NOT A TEACHER WHEN YOUR A PARENT??? What I suggest is that most parents don’t have the balls to want to commit 12 years of their lives to homeschooling. Gotta earn enough to have a new car sitting in the driveway and s fucking mcmansion piece of crap mortgage to pay on for 30 yrs….!!! It’s called selfishness..

                  • Wrong,
                    It depends on what they are teaching their children. Are they teaching them to be close minded, ignorant, racist knuckleheads. If so ,they are not qualified to be teachers. Most paid teachers are not qualified to be teachers, it’s just a paycheck.

                • What is it that you want?

          • ~~~Homeschooling will never be outlawed in this country, most people that commit to homeschooling are ready and able to defend that right~~~

            They are non-conformist, non-sheeple; that’s WHY they are homeschooling!

          • I’m sorry to tell you this , but basically , yes , homeschooling will end. They will do this through Common Core Curriculum ! Right around the corner is the nationalization of all school curriculum. Over 40 states were duped into CCC standards by accepting a waiver for No Child Left Behind.

            • You are incorrect Julie.

          • Here in Oklahoma homeschooling is guaranteed in our state constitution. Also, the only regulations concerning homeschooling is to teach your kid at least three hours a week.

            That’s it!

            No tests, getting lesson plans approved, no public school teacher supervision, nothing. Complete freedom to teach my kid whatever I want to teach them.

            I’ve already decided that I will not comply with common core, should it be forced upon us. The way the colleges are becoming little liberal indoctrination factories, I’m not so sure I want my kids to go to college anyway.

          • Educating our own children is the most important freedom to protect along with freedom of speech/press and the right to bear arms. We must resist any attack on these freedoms.

          • 3.000.003

        • OK, I’m back with a vengeance. Dave Hodges, thank you for this excellent article. Jed and Matt Eckert, welcome aboard, and I’m with you. we all need to become Wolverines! NOMI CATIMF BRAVEHEART

          • I’m waiting for the call…
            Sound the dam alarm already!!!

          • Amen brother

          • braveheart , I think you need to STFU and stay in Fraser !

        • You want to strike back at the Police State in Amerika?

          Then… Don’t Vote!

          Q: Why would anyone “vote” for a criminal abomination (Republican or Democrat) to run the show?

          A: Democracy… But, Democracy relies on the people, and the people are stupid.

          Any government that violates the Constitution in any way, is illegitimate, null and void (Republican or Democratic).

          If you vote (for illegitimate government):
          1. You are the problem.
          2. You get what you deserve.

          Don’t blame those of us who refuse to “play the game” (vote).

          You (the voter) are responsible for this mess. You have enabled and encouraged the bastards to run amok!

          Consent of the Governed (the brainwashed morons), just may kill us all.

          Withhold your consent. Don’t vote.

          • YMWW, there’s something you and I have some common ground on. It galls me when someone says, “if you don’t vote, you can’t complain”. Nobody needs a voter registration card to speak their minds. The elections are all scams, anyway. Which POS do you want in office, the Democrat or Republican? George wallace said back in 1972, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democratic and Republican parties.” There’s no point in playing the voting game because the people are going to lose every time. Like Joseph Stalin once said, “It’s not the people who vote that make decisions. It’s the people who count the ballots who decide everything.” braveheart

            • @braveheart

              Look at the thumbs down.

              There is a disconnect here, and I know where that disconnect lies!

              The false Left/Right Paradigm.

              They won’t vote for a “LibTard,” but they’ll sure as hell vote for a “NeoCon.” The difference being… NOT MUCH!

              Maybe you can help.

              • YMWW, as I stated earlier, NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO WHATSOEVER. they sound different from one another, but still pursue the same agenda. Absolutely correct about the false left/right paradigm. braveheart

            • I recall George Wallace on TV saying “The Only solution to forced busings and integrations, is to Keep us and Them Seperate….Us and them, Seperate….Seperate Today, seperate tommorrow”

              What a True Visionary Prophet. No wonder they shot and attempted to murder wallace. He spoke Pure Truth.

          • @ yourmotherwaswrong

            Not voting IS action by inaction, and is a sin in the eyes of God.

            If someday someone comes to relieve you of your weapon, are you going to “consent” because you think that putting up a fight doesn’t really matter?

            Either die on your feet, or die on your knees. It’s your choice.

            You CAN’T “refuse to play the game”. We’re all in this up to our eyeballs.

            • CA Resident,

              Your joking, right? Not participating in the scam that is voting in America is the same as not defending your life?? What???

        • You had me at “Manlove” Hahaha

          • Yeah, I noticed that, haha! He’s probably out trying to prove he’s not into “manlove”, trying to prove he’s a man. That’s why he goes overboard trying to be tough and ends up being a jerk.

        • We need a website specifically for voting on any and all topics. We also need to vote on the votes. Everything should be as transparent as possible while maintaining integrity. The integrity can be downloaded as a file as scrutinized by any. Follow the open source movement.

          To start from the basic essence of money while killing two birds. Grow your own organics. The going rate of organics would keep you afloat for some time while nurturing and giving others options.

          Then you get to trading food for other items. In essence you craigslist without even using money or taxes.

      2. -Prepare in secret, and keep your powder dry.
        -Trouble will seek YOU out in time, so be ready physically and mentally.
        -The people who are forced to panic first are the ones that will die first.

        • @CR,
          You’re in a double whammy, police state USA and police state Californacate, under prepare in secret I would add pay cash for your preps if at all possible

          • oops! I forgot, FU NSA

      3. Teach your children to be self-sufficient and not fall into the credit/debt trap. Get out and go camping, raise a garden and do not stay tied to the tube, shirk the mainstream media with alternative news websites. Just a start.

        • TX Hillbilly, glad to see you’re back from the other side of the Misssissippi River.

          Keep a level head, don’t be sarcastic, and don’t say much when dealing with Leos. There may be a time that you find out aome are on our side. Not all Leos are bad. I’m sure, most of us have a few stories dealing with the bad apples.

        • My son is in his mid-20s, has never been in debt, never had any credit cards, has always paid cash for everything including his college classes (I helped with that) and his vehicles. He is wide awake, an intelligent human being with excellent critical thinking skills, and an avid prepper.

          I am so very happy about the man he has become, and will be a great asset during SHTF. Wish I could say that about other immediate family members!

          • GV, welcome aboard, and glad to hear about you and your son. Hope to hear from you. braveheart

            • Thanks for the welcome, braveheart! I’ve been reading here for a few years, but only started posting about a year or so ago. I originally used my real name, then switched to an acronym that fit me.

          • You should be very proud of yourself and your son.
            I’d love to shake your hand,look you in the eye,and thank you for raising a real man!
            God bless you and yours..

            • Thank you, Anon! God Bless you and yours as well.

          • You need to give you and your wife a pat on the back too. Good job. Excellent. I like hearing the success stories.

            • Thanks, wrong, will do 🙂

        • Wrong!! Shirk the mainstream-new-world-bought media by disconnecting.

      4. I love the Police State… now go away, before I shoot you.

        • If we all just think good thoughts, and stop being sooo mean to Black people, everything will be just fine, honest. I’m the President, ya know?

          Oh, all you Middle Class people, please hand over 1/2 of your stuff to me so I can redistribute it “fairly”, just like they do in China, Cuba, North Korea, and other Communist countries.

          • @PWO,
            Good words, I would add that somewhere in there you should have an, “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddd”, and a “tttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttt” he always says those two words, especially when talking without a teleprompter

      5. Their day will come, I just hope im alive or not in prison falsely to see it.

        • Howdy, VRF, and I’m with you. Hope i’m alive to see it as well. One thing I know for sure; NOBODY will take me to any prison alive. When they come for me, i will take out as many as possible before I’m shot. NOMI CATIMF BRAVEHEART

          • If you need to borrow a cup of bullets come see me.

            • Paranoid, thanks for the offer, but I’ve got plenty of “precious metal”. braveheart

              • I’ll supply the beer….

      6. Thoughtful ideas on how to “strike back” without talking about having to pull out your gun to start the next civil war.

        • Bringing out the hardware is inevitible, TPTB dont care about civil disobedience
          The only thing that will get their attention is when you burn their fucking house with their families inside.

          • Kalufarmer

            I’d buy you a beer anytime!!

        • There is no greater “revenge” than standing when everyone else bows. That was true for Mordecai in the book of Esther; for the Hebrew children in the book of Daniel; for the Confessing Church in Nazi Germany; for the underground church in the USSR and around the world today. Know who you are. Know what you believe and refuse to cave, refuse to bow, refuse to comply and until the day comes to take that stand, feed your mind and character. Live with integrity to build discipline and to have less that they can use against you later.

      7. I refuse to shop at the williemarts of this world. I already grow 80% of my food. If I am in town I watch the parking meters as I walk by if they are about to time out I put a quarter in it. I love it when the private parking nazis are watching. Yes Atlanta hired a private company to enforce parking. What a disaster. I am glad I don’t have to go there much.
        And I always try to warn other drivers about speedtraps.

        • In July 2009, the Atlanta City Council authorized the department of public works to enter into a contract with Milwaukee-based Duncan Solutions.

          • You can always spot a fascist rat fink organization when they have the word “solutions” in their name! 🙂

      8. Whats so great about nonviolence? Some mothafukkaz needs killin, dog.

        • Yes you!

          So why don’t you do us all a really large favor and eat your gun, that’s if your “Boyfriend” will let you have one.

      9. It’s all just for your own good.

        Now lie down and take it like a good little slave.

        • Yes, the beatings will continue until morale improves.

          • Howdy PO’d. It’s time for people to start fighting back in self-defense; it’s their natural, God-given right to do so. braveheart

          • That’s our kind of man. Would you be interested in a well-paying job with good benefits? Just fill out our DHS application form below.


            • In the vernacular of the lay man, it sounds like a “brainwasher” to me. braveheart

      10. As the old balladeer David Allan Coe would say:

        I’ve been sayin’ “Yes sir” at work

        and sayin’ “Yes ma’am” at home.

        And storing up the “Fuck yous” under my tongue.

        Time to spit them out, I guess…not at the “ma’am” of course.

        • Thugs never deserve any respect nor is anything owed to them. braveheart

          • Braveheart,

            It was not I who cursed at you some two articles ago. It was an Eisenkreuz imposter whom I suppose posesses motives of sowing discord. Methinks it rather redundant given the amount of discord I sow for myself. Still, I will not suffer a falsity.

            • Eisen, it’s OK. I was actually agreeing with your post. The one who really pissed in my wheaties was on the drone article posting under my name. THAT WAS THE MF THAT SET ME OFF! Hope I never find out who he is, for his sake, not mine. braveheart

      11. The truth may get you banned eh?

        • Infidels, give me truth over propaganda any day. Even when truth about something hurts, i know how to deal with it. braveheart

      12. The militarization of local police has been alarming to me for quite some time, since when the SHTF, martial law will likely initiate at the local level, with federal troops brought in for backup/continuing operations.

        I’m going to try educating my county council and local sheriffs about becoming Oathkeepers.

        • Relax about the MilCops. Just get yourself a long fishing pole put a hook and a donut on the end of the line and cast it into heavy traffic; gets them every time.

      13. The author doesn’t really say how we can fight back and win. We live in a country that’s becoming more and more oppressive but most people are asleep. They’ll remain asleep until the economy collapses. Unless we have martial law first. If 60% of the population was ready for armed insurrection we’d have a chance. Vocal people of influence who advocate armed revolt will disappear or die in some unfortunate accident. Or suddenly decide to commit suicide after printing a suicide note from Microsoft Word that isn’t signed.

        • Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. It took the commies two to three generations to come to power for the “fundamental transformation of America”. It will take a sustained effort to eradicate them.

          The numbers are with US! 100 MILLION AMERICAN GUN OWNERS hold the future of this nation in their hands. Victory ALWAYS belongs to those who refuse to quit. Take a breath, get some space, then get back into the fight.

          For now, add your voice to the Tea Party as it infiltrates the Retards. With enough support from gun owners, RINOS could become an endangered species.

          That’s a start. Engage! 🙂

          • DK, while I can appreciate the thought, the Tea Party was hijacked by the neocons. It was originally inteneded to be an independent movement to get Ron Paul into the White House. That one opportunity we had for peaceful change is gone forever and now revolution is the only hope I see for our country. Revolution will be the only way to eradicate what the commies have done. braveheart

          • Yes, VOTE!! That works, doesn’t it? Obama is destroying the country but he was re-elected. Plus, there’s no real choice. The Republicans are on the same side as the Democrats. The two party system is a mirage.

        • 2nd this. unless you have the resources, voicing dissent as their are collapsing is just going to bring the hammer down on you.
          when the shtf, those in authority are going to make that officer in portland look like a teddy bear if you give them trouble.

          • Howdy DK and Lena. Let anyone try to drop a hammer on me and it won’t end well for them. DK, I will engage the enemy. NOMI CATIMF WOLVERINES BRAVEHEART

          • Lena: Spoken like a …. girl. 🙂 Stick you head in the sand all you want. It just gives the government a better position to stick you with the green weenie.

            Patriots will engage. Losers will suck their thumb. 🙂

          • That’s a truism…never the less its not an option…beaten, robbed, and raped if I stand up to them and beaten robbed and raped if I don’t…so at least have the fun of mouthing off to them and resisting in anyway possible….its like the wife/girlfriend who takes the blame for abuse and tells herself its her fault for saying something that set him off…never works to make things better they’ll just figure out ways to hurt you even worse the harder you try to conform…seen it too many times! 🙁

            • Hm. I took Lena’s caution to mean get your resources in order before it’s time to take a stand. Now everyone is there, not everyone can be, but do what is possible.

      14. If you are a honest LEO. You will hide a small camera on yourself. Record the illegal orders and then post them on Youtube. When you get fired you get to sue.

      15. IMHO, LEO will do what they are told for a paycheck. I’m sure many LE know what they are doing is abusive and anti-Constitution and just revenue generation. And we keep seeing them do it. AND it’s getting worse.

        If I had my way. I’d make them liable for any civil rights violations. Why should the taxpayers pay for their mistakes? Their pay should be docked. Even if it takes decades. Their pensions should be docked too. Even if they don’t get a Dime when they retire.

        One of our big problems is there is no accountability in state and federal government for bad behavior/law violations. Make them pay and they might stop being bad.

        • ~~~IMHO, LEO will do what they are told for a paycheck.~~~
          Yep–but the whole point in most circles is when the economy collapses, well, that point is mute.

        • Sierra Dave, you hit the nail RIGHT ON THE HEAD!! I’ve been telling people this for quite some time. Around here, leo’s live large. Big houses, bikes, boats, lots of toys and nice new cars. Does anyone here really think that they’ll give all that up?? Think about it. They WILL NOT walk away from all that. They will follow unlawful orders because if they don’t they lose everything and that’s just not going to happen. Sure, some will abide by the Constitution but like what was already alluded to in the article, the younger cops are a new breed. I happen to know a leo who has told be all about these guys. They are taught in the academy that WE are the enemy, and everyone should be treated as a potential threat no matter how old or the sex of the Citizen. They can not be trusted to uphold the Constitution. The old motto “To Protect and Serve” is no longer in play. This is coming from a guy who’s been in law enforcement for over 30 years.

          • Ben in CT, you’re right, I’m sad to say. What you mentioned about cops being taught that the public is their enemy is part of the federal curriculum that all the academies were forced to adopt after 911 and the creation of DHS. The mentality you see behind the local and state uniforms and badges of today is the same federal attitude toward the people that has been in existence since the Lincoln Administration. Since 2002, the academies have turned out countless mindless robots at local, county, and state levels. That doesn’t count the ones that are turned out at the federal level every year. Some people in LE have actually managed to wake up and see the reality of what they’re doing. Not all cops are bad, but on a personal level, I’m still not sure what to expect from them or the military, so I’m still wary of both. We need to turn the tables on them with their mindset and I think there are enough victims of police abuse out there who would go along with me. They actually have good reason now to view LE as the enemy and treat ALL LE as a potential threat. turn that federal brainwashing into a double-edged sword. it could happen. braveheart

            • Braveheart, I agree with you about the feds co-opting the local (and state) LE agencies. Living in the north east I feel almost like i’m behind enemy lines, lol. We plan on moving to a free state as soon as we can, but probably not until early next year. Can’t come fast enough too. The LE agencies here now have automatic weapons (M16’s), armored MRAP type vehicles and numerous other military surplus equipment and gear that NO LE agency needs for domestic LE applications IMO. And obviously this is going on coast to coast. One has to ask…….WHY??

        • When the Muslim terrorists flew airplanes into the WTC the politicians were quick to point out that “not all Muslims are terrorists”. Still, it was damned hard to find a Muslim that would openly condemn the killers.

          When a gang of blacks attacks and kills a white man we hear the refrain (if the story even makes the news) that most blacks are peaceful – yet any who condemn the attack are called “Uncle Toms”.

          When a police officer commits a crime agnst a citizen and follows it up by arresting that citizen and fabricating evidence to support the arrest any other officer who might have witnessed the act generally keeps his mouth shut and allows the citizen to become victimized again. When the story does air (if it does) we’re assured that “most” of the cops are good guys and only a few are bad apples.

          Folks, if I witness a crime and withhold evidence I’m guilty of being an accessory to that crime. The Muslims who bite their tongues and withheld evidence are also accessories. The black citizen who has knowledge of who perpetrated the murder is an accessory to murder. And the police officer who looks away in disgust but fails to turn in his fellow officer is just as guilty as the one with actual blood on his hands and deserves the exact same treatment.

          Of the three groups I’ve mentioned, Muslims probably check in here the least and LEOs the most. You cops need to remember, you are supremely vulnerable to any who feel the need to “sanction” you. At some point you need to reassess your priorities and decide if that pension you’ve been promised is worth what you may have to pay for it. Remember also that cities, counties, states and – yes, even the Federal Government – is going broke. There may be NO pension, only sanctions!

          • Quite apt in light of what has happened to Detroit and Stockton.

      16. The pace of these type of abuses over the past ten years is only getting worse, it appears to me we are being funneled and pushed down a path that isn’t natural. It’s clear BigGov/Progs have been attempting to push us into an event that will start the downfall, currently the powers that be cannot understand why one of us has not attempted something radical yet.

        Too many Cops today have been programed into believing they are a separate part of the community, they’re deliberately being pitted against us, and they too often see all citizens as criminals because it’s easier to treat everyone like shit rather then apply reason and critical thinking.

        In short too many cops are just lazy programed robots.

      17. Great article!
        First of all, it blows my mind when I see these ridiculous stories pasted all over the news in order to draw attention away from real issues; the Zimmerman/Treyvon Martin case. Black and white self defense from a hood that I would have gunned down long before Zimmerman’s patience finally broke. The woman that falls from a roller coaster at Six Flags. Quite interesting that I actually had to go searching for the picture of this disgustingly obese woman, despite the mass quantities of articles and news reports that have been everywhere since. How many of you knew/had heard that this woman was by many standards “morbidly obese”? I mean seriously, anyone with a basic understanding of physics can look at this picture and go “Well what the hell was she doing on a roller coaster!?”
        It doesn’t take an Einstein or a Newton to understand that even IF you can get her lap bar nestled between her rolls far enough to lock, and get her safety strap adjusted all the way out to the “Fat Albert” setting and secured, that those devices are not designed to hold someone that weighs nearly that much weight, let alone while moving as fast as that coaster does. Its simple physics and anyone with half of a brain looks at this and once again…black and white. Those are the news reports that are being fed to the American people, in a very specific manner, so as to keep the sheeple attention from the REAL news. How about the cops in Hawthorne, California that gunned down a man’s dog for absolutely NO reason. If you haven’t seen the video of this you should look it up on Youtube. I will let the video do the explaining because I get entirely too angry doing it myself. Lets just say that if I was that man, and that cop gunned my dog down in front of me like that, they would have had to kill me. Right then, right there. If I was a bystander that witnessed that I would have been drawn and shooting. In the military, our dogs were one of us. You shoot our dog its just the same as shooting a human soldier, and we reacted accordingly. All that being said, did ANY of you see this on the news? I sure didn’t. There is a reason. ANYONE who has a heart and half a brain looks at that video and starts to turn green.
        Now, all that being said, my point is that we must walk the fine line between non-violence and appropriate response to deliberate act of war. I like the ideas you proposed, mass jay walking, mass video recording of police (which I think all interactions between police and general public should be recorded). However, if a cop goes to throw me on the ground for jaywalking, or a cop puts his hands on me, or point a weapon at me, it will be met with appropriate response, and they best know exactly what they are doing. I may lose the battle, I’m not superman, they may hit me with the taser, or mace (both of which I have experienced before and, with training, you can learn to fight through), or even gun me down but my example will be set. I WILL NOT simply lay down and take it. I WILL NOT abide this oppression. I’m not going to go out and look for a fight, and I will live my life according to reasonable law in order to not draw attention to myself, but if they throw the first blow, if they attack me first, I view it as an act of war. An act of war is met with war.

        What I think would be pretty magical, and it would set quite a stage not to mention put cops on their heels when it comes to infringing upon/attacking us, is when these things happen, when a man is thrown on the ground and in handcuffs for jaywalking, we conduct an old fashioned citizens arrest. If you see a cop committing a crime against a citizen, or really at all, and you’re with one or two brothers that you trust, take him. Have someone who is willing to record the cop/cops committing the crime and record you and your men taking him. Cops may wear body armor and carry weapons but that doesn’t make them Rambo. Get the drop on them, draw your weapons and have them lay face down on the ground. Disarm them of course, handcuff them, put them in the back of your truck, and take them downtown to their own station with 2 to 3 witnesses and possibly a lawyer in tow. The embarrassment factor alone is enough for cops not to mess with citizens. If drawing on a cop is too much, carry a taser yourself. If not that then learn to throw a good rear naked choke. When they are down on a knee putting someone else in restraint throw a solid rear naked choke. Properly executed they will be out cold in mere seconds and you will have close to a minute to disarm, cuff him before he wakes up all poopy-faced. The key is going to be not using unnecessary force but using enough that the cop/cops have no choice but to comply. Yes you may be arrested and charged once you take him to jail but with proper witnesses and video record it would not and could not hold up in court, especially if you have direct video of the cop/cops committing a crime. Lets not forget, PUT THOSE VIDEOS STRAIGHT ON YOUTUBE. You can bet that this wont be seen on the news unless you have pull with a reporter/journalist, which would be ideal. If we can get this started somewhere and get some videos out there of this being pulled off successfully, we could inspire a lot more people to get it done.

        Lets start booking a few cops for the crimes that they commit against us and we’ll see how the piggies respond. My guess is that as soon as one or two get balled up and rolled into their own station in handcuffs with video evidence of them committing a crime, that they start treating us with more respect and we start having a lot less rights trampled on. Set examples my brothers. I will do my best to set mine, and follow the ones that you set forth. Remember: SPEED, SURPRISE, and VIOLENCE OF ACTION. Give your enemy no time to counter or plan against your move, the only option for them must be to surrender completely or die. Lets also not forget to keep that head on a swivel.

        Sua sponte

        • Ender, although I dread what’s coming to this country, I’ll second the motion for your suggestions. The way things are shaping up, we’ll have no choice anyway. BTW, I saw the picture of the mega heffer that fell. She should never have been allowed on there in the first place. Now watch her family, through litigation, try to take over Six Flags, but more likely it will get settled out of court for a handsome sum. braveheart

      18. P Od why are you not digging spuds

        • I’m spudless in Seattle.

      19. Off-topic alert:

        Just a reminder: gun show, Douglas County Fairgrounds, Castlerock, Colorado this Saturday and Sunday, July 26 and 27.

        • Heading our of state or I’d see you there. Need me to pick you up an 30 rounders while in a free state?

        • So what do they sell in Co these days at a gunshow? No Guns, no ammo, no mags. Just Pot?

          • @COBeach – thanks for the offer. I’m stocked up for now, but will consider what is at the Casper show in September.

            @Paranoid – They still sell guns and ammo at the shows, among other things. Just no real mags to speak of. I picked up some AP rounds, some tracer rounds, and a few incendiary rounds recently at the last show.

            Colorado is slowly becoming the new cradle of liberal filth.

            • There’s a gun show in my area, July 27-28 at the Agricenter International, 7777 Walnut Grove Rd., Germantown, TN, a suburb of Memphis. Yours truly will be there looking for some more goodies; primarily more mags for my M1 Carbine and 10/22, plus more ammo. braveheart

              • braveheart if you have problems finding mags or parts for that carbine, let me know.

      20. Jay Walking is a gateway crime…
        Next thing you know, they are drinking Big Gulps!

      21. “If we are going down as a country, I am not submitting without a fight. Will you join me? The time to fight back is now! What is your idea on how to fight back against this tyranny?”

        Plead the 5th, keep them guessing!

      22. I am planning to take a trip out west, most likely relocating from the deep southeast. My concern is getting stopped by pigs on the interstate highway system, having read from numerous sources that they are harassing motorists and taking their possessions when they have’nt committed any crime. I’ll carry my cash and pm’s, it’s a bit scary what I might run into.

      23. I agree with most of the points but one stands out that I can not…peaceful resistance ends and becomes violent when/if anyone shows up at my door for any nefarious purpose…especially foreigners after my guns or anything else…heck even if theyre not hostile I will be because they do not belong on my native soil!!!

      24. You must flee the city where things are going crazy and can only get worse from here Sure it’s been a police state for a long time but now the cops are losing it almost as bad as the population That’s why were a jail nation move to the country! NOW!

        • Feds to map every neighborhood in effort to ‘eliminate segregation’

          Social engineering at work.

          “HUD’s new ‘Fair Housing’ rule establishes ‘diversity data’ for EVERY neighborhood in the U.S.”

          CNS News dot com
          (posted on Drudge Report)

          • Ky–I actually had a foreigner stop by last week, said he was a foreign exchange student going to college. Clean cut nice looking young man wanted to stop by and try to show/sell me some educational material for my children. I told him I wasn’t interested, my mother is a retired teacher. He then started asking about others in our neighborhood. Did anyone have children, were there young people etc. I noticed he had a hand drawn map of my street and other neighborhoods around me. I said I’m not aware of any and I’m not interested. He started to explain he just wanted to sell this material to help the children. I said you need to leave now.

              • If you dont want to associate with negroes you shouldnt be forced to. I know the modern liberal attitude is that you must love the negroe,care for the negroe, marry the negroe……OBama can do anything he wants and the 20 somethings who elected him will cheer him because if you dont agree with Omama you is a racist!
                Finally after 50 years of government propaganda and brain washing………….We must atone for what the negroes suffered! Well not me, I owe them NOTHING!

            • ILmom, you may want to go to, go to the alerts page, and you’ll find some stories of similar things happening in other communities on the West Coast. There’s even a story out of Alaska about the same thing. In all these cases, the “salesmen” were speaking in heavily accented English, possibly Russian. Just thought I’d pass it along. braveheart

              • Ive had similar experiences and with persons whom with I had to actually come at in a hostile manner before they got the hint…asking me questions…now I’ll ask you one…who in hell are you and why in hell are you here and why in hell are you not already half a mile down the road from here?!…I never volunteer info on any neighbors to anyone who asks…if I don’t know you, you get nothing!

            • Ilmom..go to, find the alerts to the right of the screen, click and read about these young people pretending to sell $500 dollar books.
              They are searching for children.
              Why?? No one knows.

          • KY Mom.

            Good one, and they can start by first putting a sec.8 housing in Malibou , Hollywood, and Alexandria, Virginia.

          • So are they going to force hapless black folks to move to cold/sunless parts of the country just to get the ‘right’ balance? In the last few decades black migration has been toward the sunnier/ warmer portions of the nation. In the PNW we have a lot of Celts and Scandinavians. I suspect that free people go where the climate suits them and an arbitrary program like that will be massively oppressive.

          • @ KY mom. That new HUD regulation will work real good up here…Sarc.

            • Dave in Id,

              I doubt that new HUD regulation will work well here in KY either.

          • I will never willingly associate with negroes, come what may.

      25. I guess Barry’s job is still the same as it was 20 years ago still stirring up unrest like he did as a community organizer.

      26. Yes again lets fight back against the real threat and not become Divided like They plan and are manipulating with their Media. I am so Sick of all this Brand New Old Racial strife bullshit already ! Give Zimmerman back his piece and lets call it even we got more important tasks. What does Al Sharptounge want already we got a black President and AG… ok lets say God is Black too, Jesus, Mohammed, the next Pope. Ok? Now go find your father and get a job. What no jobs? Take it up with your Black President and get real with the rest of us who have been quietly struggling as the engineered collapse gains momentum. Peace and Preps to all regardless of race color or creed!

      27. “Trickle Down Tyranny” sums it up for current history. It is time to fight back by all Americans.

        Finally! Someone is doing something. There are 2 veterans (1 is a 65 yr. old combat Vietnam vet & other is a Gulf War vet)walking across America in support of the U.S. Constitution & carrying the American flag with every step.

        True Grit! Walking dangerous highways fm San Diego to Washington, D.C. shows once again veterans are defending our freedoms. They need assistance so I support them.

      28. you figthers are going to get your heads handed to you.

        you guys realize that history has proven, over and over; that people will put up with it until its too late; if you take from them little by little. if the USA wasnt around in WW2, the world would probably be nothing but tyrannies today.

        well, the USA of WW2 is not the same USA today; re-electing Obama proved it and there’s not another USA out there. i’m afraid the world is on the doorstep of a 21st century dark ages.

        i’m going down fighting for God, Christ and what is written in the Bible; i’m not going down for the record number of people on welfare in the US; they need to start pulling their own weight or they can tell their kids about the great country they sunk.

        • If you were right how come you aren’t a BRITISH SUBJECT?

      29. United We Stand!!! Divided We FALL

      30. It’s not called a politician state, a banker state, or a lawyer state, it’s called a police state because the police are the enforcers. Without the enforcers there is no power behind any of the bullshit the puppet politicians say is law! Obama isnt going to take your guns, the enforcers will. Just because some psyco fat fook in a suit writes some shit on paper does NOT make it law! Know who your enemy really is, the fooking brainwashed retarded cops and troops that enforce this crap. Remember to support our brave moronic soldiers who fight to enslave us and enrich the psycos that own you! I could end 95% of our problems with one thing… STOP USING FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES! That would render them powerless overnight. But alas, I cast pearls before swine and few will get it. To kill the problem you need to kill the root of the tree, blaming the whore politicians is attacking branches of a much bigger tree. I call the idiots that spend time blaming all theyre woes on politicians branch managers. Neocon retards addicted to Rush and Hannity and Beck are the worst mind controlled branch managers there is. Try fighting for real freedom and killing this monster at the root! Class dismissed!

        • the goon squads os def. who are comin after us along with the beauracrat data door knockers. have a copy of castle doctrine from your state and a lock and load.

        • Hmm 4 thumbs down, must be the way I said it because no one refuted anything I said. The truth isnt very pretty or sugar coated and a hard pill to swallow. Care to expand on what I said isn’t true? I guess I need to write with less hostility it just irks me that so many people can’t understand or see what imo a 5 year old should be able to.

        • I watched this HD youtube last nite called ‘State of Mine’, it was very good I thought.

          • Yes it is a good video but there is a lot more to it than what is in it. The creatures at the top of the pyramid are dark occultists (occult= hidden) with knowledge of many things including how to control and enslave humans. If you liked that vid then check out Micheal Tsarion’s work, it will expand on it a lot. I recommend 2012 the future of humanity. Also check out Mark Passio. just remember, KNOW YOUR ENEMY OR YOU WILL FAIL!

      31. I usually don’t get to deep into the comments, as the NSA reads them all, and as a choice, I don’t want everyone knowing my thoughts, but this got me thinking, it is time to get active, it is time to show that we are here.
        You wanted some ideas, here you go… Teach your children to NEVER file taxes!! The tyranny withers and dies without our blood. File EXEMPT, and don’t pay them a dime, ever. Don’t file, even if you could get a return, remember, YOU earned that money, keep it, spend it on food, land, a well, a sensible, reliable structure. Take the time to buy a physical library of books, real pages, not kindle or ebooks. Spend more time with your kids, not in front of the TV, if your going to go clean your rifle, take them and teach them… what happens if you lose a hand? Teach them how to find and purify water… teach them how to cook meals…. take them on long walks or hikes, what happen when they take away all the gas? Yeah sure they can come to you en masse, but you are trapped, get used to walking friends, because we will all be doing alot more of it real soon.
        Remember, share what you know! Don’t be a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Black, White, Red, or Yellow. The System is going to screw us ALL over in the end. We need to remember that we are human first… If they go crazy, and come for you, your family, and your network of support… put them down like rabid dogs. Life is unfair, but the more we get out now, the larger the network, and the less the effect of collapse….

        • I forgot to mention, I believe the term is “USSA:

      32. Well…to take back a nation taken over by commies…. first you fire them off…you don’t hire them, you rise their rents. You have then a hard time at every turn.

        THAT is the end game of what will become of the United States.

        SO.. hide your wealth. If you create a business…automation is key…don’t hire any commie dems.

        All you fuckers that want to disarm us… Yeah… if all collapses….and you have to eat human flesh…then just look at the unarmed dems. ha I’m so joking here..but a funny thought.

        All you dems and can take your welfare state and shove it.

        Make dems the new second class citizens.

      33. Nice article! I wrote column advocating boycotting government, you can read it at:,

        but you’re WAY ahead of me in the ideas you present. Thanks for writing this, it was inspirational.

        And I by all means advocate non-violence. Mostly because I think that those that fight for liberty should be alive to enjoy it.

        • @Rex
          Totally disagree with your point number 2. Losing your morality and integrity is NOT part of a solution. This IS a huge part of the problem and how we got here!

      34. Time to strike back? Thanks Colorado for open season on drones, no daily bag limit and no restrictions. Fire at will. We can scrap the trophy’s for food and water. What a great hunting season this will be. PETA will be satisfied now.

      35. This whole thing is getting more then I can contend with and with that in mind maybe I just need to stop the world and get off or somehow make it go away and be a bear; because if you are a bear you get to hibernate. You do nothing but sleep for 6 months. I could deal with that. Before you hibernate, your’re suppose to eat yourself stupid. I could deal with that too. If your a bear you birth your your children (who are the size of walnuts) while your sleeping and wake up to half grown cute cuddly cubs. I could definitely deal with that. If your a bear your mate EXPECTS you to wake up growling. He EXPECTS that you have hairy legs and excess body fat. Yep…..I wanna be a bear.

        My reason for the above statements are fighting and using nasty words amoing ourselves isn’t going to get much accompilished, we are on the tail end of a downward spiral and we may just as well get along and work together because fussing with each other is getting us nowhere. chill out and get it done or go hibernate.

      36. Passive resistance or Passive aggression. Not going to work! Too much energy for results.

        Armed confrontation, though we do not like it, is the only solution.

      37. I believe that very soon we will have to fight to take back our country from a crooked, bankster owned government. Writing to Senators and Representatives gets you an automated printed up by a secretary then rubber stamped. All we can do is wait for the hammer to fall. Get trained/brushed up on your fighting skills and tactics. Od course prep necessities and barter items. Bright Blessings you all my brothers and sisters.

      38. All we can do is prep and wait for the hammer to fall. Writing our “officials gets you and automated response with a rubber stamped signature. prep the necessities, some barter goods, and something to defend it with. Bright Blessings to all my Patriot brothers and sisters.

      39. Your president signs all these bullshit bills from detention to allot Monsanto free from responsibility for poison shit they feed us, careful my friends. shtf will be soon enough. think of safety in numbers, bring together your community educated and unite your neighbors pull together and survive. ever read the book Hunger Games ?

      40. Thanks for another story to show my beloved when I’m asked, again, why we left Portland and why we don’t go back. What’s really crazy is that people jaywalk there ALL THE TIME. Bicyclists ride down the bus-only lane and flip the bird to he bus drivers when they honk. No police response. Leave it to the police to chose a working man to go after and not some patcholi-princess street dweller.

        • Burnside on the Gresham end is probably alittle bit better. But agree, the once beautiful Oregon has been ramrodded by weirdos.

          Medford was a working man’s town. Lumber gone, just yuppies.

          As a runner, Eugene the Mecca?

          Burns and Hines hasn’t changed too much–neither Brothers, Drewsey, nor Hampton.

          Oregon has its beauty though.

          • Sure does 🙂

          • I grew up in Portland. The Portland police are much worse than people think. If you really want a better view of how they act towards the citizens, got to
   They will beat people to death in broad daylight, in front of 30 witnesses and walk away without remorse. They routinely intimidate elderly citizens. The vast majority of what Portland police do to people never makes the news…trust me, I know first hand.

            There was a show called “American Detective” with ex-Multnomah County Sheriff John Bunnell, that quit filming in Portland after a major drug bust was trashed, when a few common Portland citizens spotted the film crew on the street and brought the fiasco to a halt before it even got started.

            I earned my lumps, quietly assisting “less than literate” victims of Portland police file coherent complaints for over two decades. Getting a Portland police officer reassigned to another area or another police dept is no easy task, but I did it, and paid dearly for it.

            Portland police corruption goes way back, even before the days of Mayor Neil Goldschmidt and the rise of the Oregon Dept. of Corrections. These are topics in which I am well-versed.


      41. When the SHTF, the cops will take off their uniforms and run home !……………….Just watch!

      42. I agree that civil disobedience should be a part of the strategy. However, our problems with this government is huge. The “contract” has been broken. We no longer have an obligation to them.
        I would like to say, at this point in time, I still respect the form of government established initially, a Constitutional Republic. I also see merit in no government. I think communities would natually revert to a more tribal system perhaps similar to the Iroquis. However, I require more study and understanding regarding this.
        Back to the problem at hand. If people are serious about Liberty, we need to identify the core problems.
        I believe the love of money IS the ROOT of all evil. Let’s start chopping away – Starve the Beast.

      43. “The ordinance would permit people with hunting licenses to fire bullets at the hated drones.” Actually, they did say that only shotguns could be used to shoot drones with. Of which, none had ever been seen flying in that area. fwiw, peace

      44. Trying to predict WTSHTF is like winning POWERBALL. Too many variables. And each Variable have Sub-Variables.
        TPTB have infinite resources to draw from and as many plans to be used against us. The only uncertainty is the amount of resistance and its duration. You can be sure that protection of the business sector is of prime importance. If I was to plan to protect such an area I would wait till the city empties out. Most major cities are void of people on the weekend as most commute to work. Less people to interfere with operations and can effectively choke the cities entrances. Leaving the other portions to burn. Supplies being transported by truck or helicopter for support of defenses. As a base of operations, then they can reach out to secure the outer sections by force. One at a time. Command and control comes to mind. Deplete and deny the resources. Have them fight among themselves.
        Some of the things I think about is what happens to all the social services? Food Banks and City Rescue Missions. Fire and Rescue. Water and Electricity. What would happen if they shut off water and electricity, like the SWAT does on a barricaded individual. No gas at the pump. Lights, air condition, refrigeration and heat gone! How will people react? The difference is in a Natural Disaster people come together. When events are done deliberately or restricted, they become violent.
        All I can say is that we are too fractured in our religious beliefs, our politics, acceptable behavior, our History, our ethic background, our race and our social standing.
        Hell, awaits us.

        • People aren’t fractured at all, they’re all in lock step, marching as the commies they are. Most people are commies, yearning for commie care and welfare.
          F”em. Lock and load.

      45. The only true political power comes from the barrel of a rifle. Vote from the roof tops! Vote early, vote often.

        • LOL. I would like to ‘vote’ too! LOL!

      46. It has become clear that that we have been turned into slaves. The system may collapse at any time with less than half paying the bills. Could the answer be for us to welcome and even cause the inevitable? Tax reform, welfare reform, blah blah blah… It’s time to take the final action and stop paying. All of it. Take away the money, take away the power. Let the cleansing begin.

      47. They cannot put a gun to your head and force you to buy an airline ticket.

        I have not flown since the TSA put the Backscatter machines in airports, even though the destinations I would fly to never had them. The machines are now gone, but I still refuse to fly until the TSA is gone.

        If Americans realized, as the French do, the power of the boycott, then the TSA would indeed be gone in a matter of weeks, after the blue shirts were fired for running through empty airports and groping eachother for fun.

        But, they won’t. I have realized that a great many of my countrymen are content to wait for the next NFL, NHL or MLB season, or go into hock to bring the kids to Disney. Or sell themselves to some corporation for a pittance of a salary so that they can practice contrived and unworkable policies and converse in corporatespeak and tell themselves lies.

        They spend all of their time watching the shell game.

        This is a great article, but mostly, those who wish to challenge the status quo are on our own until the rest of those leading lives of quiet desperation and make believe wake up to what is happening.

      48. We can vote. We can cry and wring our hands. We can keep electing a new politrash to replace the old politrash. Until patriots begin to take the streets and destroy the money making enterprises, no one will change a thing. Until we become skilled in guerrilla war and until the feds understand this little flare-up they will be experiencing, will not end; they will do nothing. They will, however, change or collapse. We can do it. We can bring down this Politically correct, socialist, Marxist nightmare and put people in jail. Freedom!

        • that’s what they want you to do. figure it out. don’t be anxious and play their game, use your head and quit going on your anger. think about it!!!

          • Exactly. Time to use the Art of War on these enemy occupiers. Train train and train sI me more.

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