The Swedish Government Is Warning Citizens to Be Prepared for at Least a Week Without Help

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    This article was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper


    The Swedish government is warning its citizens to be prepared to survive on their own for at least a week, which is unusual advice for Sweden to dispense. Is there trouble on the horizon?

    Shortly before Christmas, the Swedish government quietly published a paper called “Resilience.” Initially, the requirement had been for people to be prepared for 3 days without help, but it seems like that was a baby step. The government itself wants to be prepared for a 3-month long civil emergency and they’re urging citizens to take responsibility, too.

    It really makes you wonder what is looming ahead, doesn’t it?

    A publication called SVT reported today:

    “Because we have the security policy situation we have today, we say that we will make our planning at government level to face a security crisis for three months,” says Eva-Lena Fjällström, Deputy Director of the County Administrative Board in Västerbotten.

    Previously, it has been said that citizens will be able to cope for three days in the event of a crisis. Now it’s extended to one week.

    “I think it’s important that you can manage yourself. Society has changed and is vulnerable and complex with many dependencies. It can easily be a disturbance so we have to manage ourselves, “says Eva-Lena Fjällström. (source)

    The same publication provided video instructions for putting together a “crisis box.”

    The Swedish government is also urging young people to get better prepared.

    It’s also interesting to note that back in November, an article introducing the idea of preparedness was published and geared toward 18-year-olds. (One must also wonder if this is a gentle nudge toward a potential draft?) It referenced a study done to measure the preparedness levels of the country’s young people.

    “In order to strengthen Swedish emergency preparedness, it is important that as many people as possible be prepared to cope with themselves during a crisis. Therefore, it is gratifying that almost nine out of ten 18-year-olds believe that they should take responsibility for themselves and their relatives in a crisis, “says Nils Svartz, Deputy Director General at MSB.

    Nevertheless, the survey shows that many young people are not prepared for a crisis. Only one in three has water for three days and even fewer have prepared to communicate and receive important information from the radio if the electricity is lost. (source)

    Some Swedes will see this as a different way of life.

    The YouTube channel Swedish Homestead (find it here) recently released a video that discussed the national government’s warning for Swedes to be prepared to handle life for at least a week without the help of the government. According to the vlogger, this is not the norm there and the government is “the Big Brother who handles everything.”

    There were mentions of “war” and “crisis” but it appears that not many details were given as to the exact nature of the threat.

    Many people in Sweden would be incredibly vulnerable in a situation in which they were forced to be independent. Plus, an influx of migrants has to have put a further strain on resources. Nearly 20% of the population has immigrated from another country – 1.7 million people in Sweden are foreign-born in a country with a population of 9.9 million.

    Sweden isn’t alone in unpreparedness

    But wouldn’t we see the same types of issues described in the video here in America? How many Americans could go for weeks or months with the food they had on hand and the food they could produce? How many Americans make their land work for them? How many Americans have the skills to actually produce food for themselves and procure safe drinking water?

    Sadly, not very many.

    Just like Sweden, many Americans are locked into a system where we are reliant on imported goods, municipal water, and a reliable transportation system to bring us supplies on a regular basis.

    While we may not like to think about it, a vast majority of our own population would not be able to be self-sufficient in an emergency that lasted for more than a few days.

    The world seems to be becoming increasingly dangerous every year, with threats of nuclear devastation, petro-wars, economic collapse, and religious differences. Our own country has become rigidly divided in a right vs. left paradigm. While none of us personally can fix those issues, we CAN be prepared to take care of our own families, protect our property, and stay informed.

    Thank you to Molly for this tip! Other links provided by Toby Cowern of Tread Lightly

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      1. Don’t know what to make of this article. I DO know one thing for certain. IF a full blown SHTF Event comes to the shores of the United States; ALOT of Americans will Die; and there will be a tremendous amount of confusion and chaos. Which is what TPTB exactly want.

        • Dave

          Your correct. The citizenry will demand order and will surrender freedom.

          “Secret Societies have a great motto ‘Ordo Ab Chao’ meaning ‘Order Out of Chaos’. Agendas are formulated designed to give the powerful more power. Chaos is created, and media blitzed. Then cries go out for solution. Laws are passed which could never have been passed without the chaos. The order, has reigned through deception of the masses, and the agenda is accomplished.”

          I cringe when I read posts with the likes of, ” I can’t wait”, “Bring it on”.

          • Kevin2, agreed. I’ve been just as guilty as anyone else of saying ‘bring it on’. That was only because I felt challenged and threatened by what any of my enemies propose to do to me. Well, I’ve decided to stop using that expression in any of my posts. My response will simply be something like, ‘don’t be stupid’. I DON’T really look forward to what’s coming down the road for us. We can only WISH it could be avoided. Well, we can avoid it for as long as possible but only until the day that the balloon finally goes up. We’re all being forced into something that none of us wants. Regardless I still won’t shy away from I know will become necessary. It doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it because I won’t. You can bank on that.

            • I think we still have significant wiggle room in the political system from the bottom up. The Achilles Heel are the primaries in the House Of Representatives. The “Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick Maker need to displace the career politicians. No more State Rep to State Senator to Congress. The previous were their thief training school, graduate from one and apply to the other. Like Jonny Depp said in the movie “Snow” about prison. ” I went in with a bachelors degree in pot and left with a PHD in cocaine”.

              • The argument in the fall election against the Marxists should be “Freedom versus Thought Control”. Sadly no one uses this powerful argument, one we here know all so well.

                The concept of the Alt-Right using the freedom concept can break through all of the lies of the lying liars who lie on CNN and the MSM, their sheer lunacy and hate.

                Two words, “Freedom” and “Hate”. We are for Freedom, they (The Marxists) are “Haters”. The closer we stay on these points the closer we go to carrying the Rino fringe that live off the government teat:

                1. Old folks on Social security (they can bolt to democrats,if they’re scared).
                2. Soccer moms who used to be Liberals, and have only recently voted to the near right.

                These two demographics amount to only 10% of the electorate, but we need them to win. Let me state emphatically, we will never convert the haters on the left, they vote themselves our stuff, they have nothing tolose and everything to gain.

          • ” I can’t wait”, “Bring it on” comes from:

            those who are on someone’s payroll, the truly delusioned, or

            the Hans Solos of the world. in Star Wars (the good one), his line was something like “i prefer a straight fight over all this sneaking around”. i sympathize with: this state of affairs has gone on too long, and a lot of people are tired of walking on eggshells and keeping their yaps shut all this time. given the horrors of war, who would not prefer that things magically resolve “somehow”?

            problem: TPTB who want to not let their crisis go to waste

          • Solutions are predetermined, crisis will be then created to implement them. Like a stampede driven plan. Designed to run over the opposition. The cattle (people) are lead by fear.

        • Another Daisy info commercial to sell survival food. Enough already. Like a sollution looking for a problem. WTF? There is always canibalism. Or Rat Tar Tar.

          • Look how these parasites continue to undermind the United States. They pass our technology on to China. A must thed article for all Americans. These POS are our true threat and biggest enemy no mistaking it.
            ht tps://

            Never forget the 5 dancing scum mossad agents that were sent over to NYC on 9-11 to film the planes crashing into the Twin Towers then dancing in celebration when the towers fell. Then bragged about it and were welcomed back at their squatting land as heros.

          • Seems most people with an ounce of common sense realize it is prudent in todays world to have some stocks of basics and keen on some basic skills. I have always thought it well past strange people would think the supposed prepper experts are any kind of expert ? in what sales and internet marketing ? Some are simply worse than others. But many people are so incredibly lazy they will buy into the junk and do nothing to get fit or healthy, the two most critical points of any scenario ? Lame !

            You cannot buy knowledge or fitness or health, like a Berkey filter ? but you can get screwed along the way big time. More preps and get fatter sounds like a great idea for success ?

        • If you don’t know what to make of this article, go to Benjamin Fulford’s website.
          He explains why the Swiss are getting nervous. Should make your head spin.

          • I checked out his site. Head spinning as I type this.

        • I agree with Dave. the ptb want chaos and they want most people dead. I read a long while back that FEMA ordered a million or more of body bags. Now why would they need a million or more of body bags unless they know some real horrific event is coming? How come back in the 1950’s the U.S. had bomb shelters for the people and now there are none? How come Russia and Israel have underground shelters for their people and the U.S. has none for us? They don’t care about the people cuz there are too many and they can’t control us, so they want us dead.

      2. Well done Daisy, good for thought AND for action.

      3. Must be bringing in a shit ton of Muzztards..

        • If you can’t go a week without help, your a pretty sad sack of shit.

          • LOL, ain’t that the truth. Of course when the government wipes your ass for you (as the Swedes must do) it must be a helluva an uptake having to go a week sitting on the toilet waiting for someone to show up.

          • Go without help for a week, hah. See Oregon gas problem.

          • I have a friend in the city who has ONE wk of food in his house all the time. I’m tired of babysitting him. I decided to take action. I told him this spring he can give me $20 twice a month and i will go to the Mennonite store and buy him a 25 lb bag of rice, and 25 lb bag of beans., and get him buckets for a dollar at the chinese restaurant. It will only cost him $40 a month which is not bad. He has a big house and plenty of room for the buckets. Then i will have him get pasta, oats, and other stuff…little by little. At least if the sh*t hits he will have SOME to eat. Ramon noodles, boullin cubes, spam, stuff like that.

        • They’ve already got them in Sweden. At one time I was considering moving there, since I have family connections. Nope. Not now. Malvo was a hotbed of Islamic activity, and probably still is.

      4. PO’d Patriot, they’ll still do that regardless. They don’t care about their own people.

      5. That is really good advise. But I would say for a month. Always when the Guberment tell you something add about 3 weeks to it.

        • Make that 3 years 🙂

          • Genius, I’m prepped for 3 years and working on the 4th year now.

            • Most canned food expires after 2 years, so check all your expiration dates. Eat all the expiring food first. I checked ine of my 5 gallon sealed buckets which I had mylar bags of beans and oxygen absorbers in them. The beans are fine.. I also stashed some cans of chicken and packets of Tuna fish in the same bucket which were both expired by about 11 months. Opened up both and they were still good to eat. So maybe 3 yrs is fine, but you need to be aware of all expiration dates otherwise you are throwing your money away storing up too much food you cannot eat.

              • Canned food has an expiration date because the government says it has to. Canned food shelf life is measured in decades – not years and certainly not 2 years. If you are throwing out canned food after the expiry date you deserve to starve.

              • WRONG advice!!! I had cans of sardines and tuna that were 14 yrs old from Y2K. I opened them 14 yrs later. Still edible. The tuna and sardines were mushy but edible. I ate some and gave some to the cats. I had pasta that was 14 yrs old and i cooked it up and it was fine. I had all in plastic buckets. I don’t go by the exp date on the cans. Cept tomato sauce or paste i don’t save as they don’t last long. I had cans of corn and peas ten yrs old and were fine. I heard Spam will last many yrs. I ate some that were 6 yrs old and was fine. I don’t eat much spam cuz too salty for me, but if i HAD to i would squish under water and get out most of the salt. Too much trouble to do that now so i don’t eat it , but rarely.

              • Everything last longer than the expiry date by a factor of at least double or more. Also meats are the only canned items worth storing as vegs have nearly zero food value canned and always taste canned. Nearly all medications last far longer than the expiry as well. A good idea is to know how to forage wild foods and grow your own also. Canned meat protein is a good idea and does need to be rotated on about a 5 year cycle or more. So eating it at 3 to 4 year mark or even longer is fine and safe. Canned fish is my favorite for many reasons especially salmon and mackerel. Makes an excellent lunch or dinner when out on a long hike or venture for overnight. Some rice and wild vegs and good to go ! If it does not smell good , don’t eat it and always carry coconut charcoal in case you get poisoned or bit by a rattler or cotton mouth and it will remedy it instantly ! So nothing to fear, again.

        • I read “3 days” and “3 months” with the thought -‘huh?, not enough’. At least a year as some schools of thought and teaching preach. More if possible – and ensure multiples for each person you wish to preserve their life along with your own. Of course, here – I and others of similar mind are merely preaching to the choir; but, it begs repeating that the acts taken to prepare and be always ready – if not already doing so – to take on personal responsibility for all necessities of life is not just a good idea – it is the only correct way.

      6. Northern Europe wrote the book on a government safety net. They didn’t have a dozen aircraft carriers but one large and functional cradle to grave welfare system. I think it was as functional as it was because they didn’t have the underclass the US was burdened with coupled with manufacture of ultra high quality goods that China (free trade) couldn’t compete with. Seeing too much stability the globalists decided to spoil the party and import trouble. Regardless the Swedish citizenry are quite accustomed to being taken care of. This will no doubt be quite a shock.


          “One must also wonder if this is a gentle nudge toward a potential draft?” Is a quote in the article above.

          This is lazy research and typical scaremongering. On March 2, 2017, the Swedish government decided to reintroduce military conscription, meaning 4,000 men and women will be called up for service from 1 January 2018. This action is more to do with the perceived threat from the east than anything else.

          Before lambasting Europe, Americans should examine the entrails of its own body politic which exhibit a deep level of corruption, both morally and spiritually.

          Pointing accusing fingers at other nations perceived faults demonstrates a degree of brainwashing of the populace which, frankly, is disturbing.

          Is no one taught critical analysis in America? Or do you simply accept sound bites from un-researched sources as gospel? Sometimes the articles published on this site make the National Enquirer seem sensible and lucid!

          I’m Norwegian and have relatives living in Sweden so am perhaps better qualified to comment than some of the ill informed ramblings here.

          I also own a home in the UK (I have an English wife) and I frequently travel to the US of A on business and am appalled at the depth of ignorance that most Americans have of anything outside of their own county, let alone country! And, in the main, most Americans that I meet have a college degree proudly displayed in a handsome frame in their offices.

          All too frequently this ignorance and prejudice against others is displayed on this site. America will never be great again with a dumb, ill educated, ill informed citizenry, and people who can’t even be bothered to write or speak their own language correctly, let alone learn another!

          The days of high wage checks for doing laboring jobs have gone and gone for good, you’re being replaced by robots. Your president speaks with forked tongue! The jobs are not coming back. It’s foolish to believe in such nonsense.

          Laziness in checking stated facts, quoted by so called experts, when you have a world library at your fingertips, is also unforgivable. With this attitude you deserve to lose your empire, both militarily and financial.

          14 aircraft carriers are simp!y 14 sitting ducks. China is concentrating not on dominating the sea routes but dominating the age old trade routes within Asia and Europe.

          How you will deal with losing the phoney petrodollar, sometime in the next 18 months, will be an illuminating exercise in real politiks. Methinks a stage managed war, with all its flag waving and false patriotism (with Wall Street being the main cheerleader) will take place to bolster a failing empire and a beleaguered and increasingly incompetent presidency.

          • Well we don’t have “no go” zones that the white mice police are scared to enter and we don’t have a rape epidemic either. Furthermore, we are fighting the importation of more of the problem while Sweden and the rest of Europe are ramping up to commit cultural suicide at a faster pace.
            So you can climb down off you sanctimonious high horse and screw yourself Eurotrash. We shall see who is left standing.

            • Stuart – And your reply is exactly what I was getting at. Angry, frightened, and jumping at imaginary shadows. It’s so much easier to blame others for your own fears, isn’t it?

              • Wolf I agree with most of your assessment, but not all. USA dodged a major bullet when Trump got elected. But that does NOT mean he is the perfect guy, it just means Hillary and the DEMs were far worse by a long shot and BHO and crew are gone finally. That is the reality of where we are. In fact it is obvious there is no perfect guy ? The massive debt in the USA and world wide is still there and the control freaks still need to be eliminated , so we are still in an uphill fight or war, however one perceives any of it. We have no choice but to roll with Trump as long as he fights the DSA ! It is all far more complex than most seem to grasp. so you see many obtuse theories and comments from the ill advised and mind fucked numbskulls.

                My question to you is would you fight for your right or would you stand by and watch your daughter or anybody be raped and simply complain ? There are still decent people and patriots here in USA, but PRAVDA/MSM shouts them down, vilifies them and mocks them in ridicule. My answer ? FUCK them, we are winning !

            • There are many cities with no go zones for police here in USA !

          • Your Stockholm syndrome is not a good survival strategy.

          • The general USA public is as you describe. However, there is the “sleeping giant” who make up those who actually keep this great country going. We put Donald into office in spite of the massive illegal manipulations of the democrats. Keep your eyes open and you will see how we handle this mess. Our man is doing a FINE JOB so far!
            Remember one very important FACT: IF THE USA GOES DOWN, THE WORLD GOES DOWN! Our military is the ONLY thing holding Putin back.

        • Kevin2, you nailed it again. It would be interesting to see the Swedish peoples’ reaction when their government finally abandons them. When the freeloaders here finally get cut off, they’ll be rioting within minutes.

          • Remember that in places like Ferguson, MO, Baltimore, MD, etc, the people rioting were still having their basic needs met. Half of them probably hit the drive through on the way to the protest. Not too hard to imagine how darkie will react if he misses two meals in a row.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            “When the freeloaders here finally get cut off, they’ll be rioting within minutes.”

            They’re close to rioting over the most minor of incidents on a good day. Cut off the, “you owes me” money or supplies and look out. Let them think that police are occupied elsewhere and its a “Free For All” shopping expedition. Oh woe to the naive liberals that will go into their areas. Given severity and time and this will move up the food chain.

            The best defense is distance.

      7. I can see it now. Muslims turn to cannibalism and have Swedish meatballs during the crisis.

        • Actually they will turn them into kebabs and shawarma.

      8. “Migranting In Place?”

      9. an excerpt that should be carefully considered:

        ” even fewer have prepared to communicate and receive important information from the radio if the electricity is lost.”

        Yet again I wish to stress the extreme importance of having a s/w radio that runs off batteries that has single sideband capability. When TSHTF I fully expect the Federales to take over all domestic radio, TV, and satellite services. A really good outside antenna and an antenna tuner are also essential. I often keep my radio on low volume tuned to one of the HFGCS freqencies, Upper Side band: 4.724, 6.737, 8.992, 11.175, 13.200, 15.010 mHz. Transmissions are infrequent but fascinating. Do you know the freqencies for long range air traffic control? All in English, USB. Being able to listen to truckers on CB, international s/w broadcasts, and ham radio folks will provide critical information. lists all English broadcasts.

        If it is still in print, buy a copy of “Survival Communications.” I was in the Bay Area during the 1989 quake and during the August 1994 7 hour west coast blackout. I will never again be without really good battery operated s/w gear.

        I also highly recommend Daniel Ellsberg’s new book “The Doomsday Machine.”

      10. That wouldn’t work here with all the gimme dats.

      11. looking at recent sexual assault charge reports committed against women, they’ve had no help from the beginning..

        By the way was this mentioned the recent awards ceremonies on TV?

        Of course not, they don’t matter,

      12. Changed my bug out transmission fluid today. Pensotin fluid ,A/C delco filter. Pan had plastic magnet that had nothing on it . The 5 magnets I put in last fluid change were covered with metallic mud that might get through filter? Put in 5 new neodineum magnets from hardware store. Threw out plastic factory worthless magnet.

      13. Boy I can’t wait till the light go out literally. . .Most of the queer, spoiled buffoons will be dead within a few weeks if they last that long. Get em’ locked & loaded boys!

      14. Wrapped potatoes in aluminum foil (Costco commercial roll). Put them in the fireplace. Came out real sweet.

        Don’t think you need to farm. Just plant a fruit tree that grows in your area. Do a little here and there and you will find out why some cultures always have more than others. It just makes sense. It’s economical and it is spiritually fulfilling.

        I don’t live in fear of what might go wrong. I just try to enjoy and make the most out of what I have.


        • So true, B from CA. Even in my townhouse yard, I have stuff. There is wild strawberries in the spring, crabapples in early fall, mint (two kinds) here and there, roses (rose hips for vitamin C), and dandelions and purslane for wild greens. If I put up a trellis, I could have small vining things like peas, a big planter (like 2-3 sq ft) could produce potatoes, other little spots could have onions (which I get wild ones anyway), garlic, tomatoes, carrots, maybe a large terra cotta pot for green beans, plus a few herbs. I have a sunny fence so I might look up how to do that pocket gardening thing.

          Front yard (where HOA is more fussy) has loads of sun and no grass so I have lavender and a few perennials. I could put in more herbs like borage and rosemary that are very pretty along with possibly carrots (ferny tops :D) and maybe a few veggies that are pretty like leaf lettuce. Sometimes just having it neat and green is enough for the HOA. And I need to be careful of what could be there since people do spit and don’t want that on my produce. Don’t forget that many flowers are also edible.

          Indoors, I could put planters in the windows for small things like some herbs, leaf lettuce, etc.

          Would all this keep me in food year round? No, not enough space for that but having some fresh goods would be great and would not be hard to keep up. My main point is that even with my 0.0125 slice of land, much can be done. Since my commute from hell is no longer exists, I can certainly do more to ‘homestead’ until I can get a place with sufficient growing area. And there might be more ideas to implement if I look around.

          • This is my worry. If we have chickens or duks, and even just a few like a dozen….when the sh*t hits how will we feed them? I can’t keep grain in the small barn cuz mice would eat it and i got no room in the house for that stuff. I tried saving 4 huge bags of cracked corn under my bed and a few yrs later i found out they must have rotted as the bags were all deflated and soft and spongy. Had to throw it all away. How to feed the chickens and duks?

            • Hens will scavenge for their own food that grows up out of and in the dirt, as nature intended. Protecting them from hungry beasts of prey on two legs and four legs is a bigger challenge.

              Store your grains in food grade buckets with gamma seal lids. Remove the contents of paper bags of 40lbs. or 50 lbs. of grains (corn or other) into the buckets and burn the bags or otherwise discard them, unless you need them for some other use. You could cut out the description of the bags contents, and tape it to the outside of the bucket.

              Hope this helps.


      15. A bit off topic; anyone using zaycon to build their meat stores?

      16. Sweden is now a significant target of anyone.

        I see five scenarios:
        1. Sweden sees themselves caught between a superpower squeeze and expect to be stepped on.

        2. They expect some actor to initiate an EMP device, perhaps not targeted at Sweeden, they will just be on the fringes.

        3. They expect an international financial crisis. I’m thinking this is most likely.

        4. They have heard chatter and are expecting a Muslim uprising. I’m seeing this as number 2.

        5. They fear Sweedish people have had enough, and are afraid like all liberals that Sweedish conservatives will fight back. I see this as the governments number one fear, but the most unlikely of all.

        • The Swedes will deployvtheir Sig Sauers and slaughter all the muslim invaders. Their spineless leaders have sold out their people and coyntry to allow such anivasion of darkies. I spoke to a woman in Norway about this and she said its getting bad in Sweden and vastly underreported of the chaos and rape and crime. Blame those like Hillary Clinton and Obama shoe shine boy who created this chaos with shitty foreign policy. That witch needs to be burned at the stake.

        • The Swedes will deployvtheir Sig Sauers and slaughter all the muslim invaders. Their spineless leaders have sold out their people and coyntry to allow such anivasion of darkies.. I spoke to a woman in Norway about this and she said its getting bad in Sweden and vastly underreported of the chaos and rape and crime. Blame those like Hillary Clinton and Obama shoe shine boy who created this chaos with shitty foreign policy. That witch needs to be burned at the stake.

      17. Our government has recommendations on the site. Their basic recommendation is be prepared to be on your own for about three days–even in the hurricane section (where most advice revolves around prepare your home and evacuate). Much of this is basic info to me but I’ve seen lots of bad stuff in my life.

        There was no advice that I could find on preparing for enormous problems such another Hurricane Harvey or Sandy or Irma. They must presume that the states most likely to be affected will have the details for that.

        In reality, if it’s so bad that you need three days of supplies, it’s likely that a whole lot of people will need to wait longer than that before power, water, etc are repaired.

        Here in Virginia, if the power isn’t back on within a day because the snow is 2 feet deep, it may take 7-10 days to get a snow plow down some neighborhood streets and then another few days for power to be restored. Virginia doesn’t get disastrous tornadoes but we do get terrible storms that knock out power like that derecho that blew in a few years back. When Hurricane Isabel came through, it tore up much of the electrical grid in large swaths of the state. People waited weeks for power restoration.

        In most instances of some disaster, people are out of their homes in a few days whether stores are open or not, whether it’s safe to do or not. Some don’t even have a flashlight or candle for light; they just sit in the dark and wait. (don’t understand that at all.) In my neighborhood, people can’t wait to get out after a day or so because they are bored–no TV, I guess. I can gladly close the door to the world for a week because there is always something to clean, fix, make, or plan for. I have enough around to keep going for quite a while; won’t starve or be bored.

      18. PTPO, in Sweden it could be a combination of some or all of the scenarios you outlined.

      19. the Swedes should have done their homework – instead of “crisis box” they should have gone “BOB” – it’s universal ….

        if you’ve had conversing with the foreign preppers – no matter the language – it’s BOB ….

      20. I am glad that Daisy is writing about food self sufficiency instead of guns. Having said that, I bet any Swede would give his or her eye-teeth to have even a 5 shot .38 spec blackened S&W hammerless revolver with Crimson red laser when the time comes.

        I am not a gun person, my wife sure didn’t appreciate my buying her that, not as a keepsake, gift, or memento, but as her eternal guardian, long after I die.

        So we come back from the gun range, unpack the guns, stash mine away. The next time (3 months later) we plan to go to the range. Guess what? She can’t find her gun. Where is it? I dunno. We looked everywhere. Can’t find it.

        Absolutely pissed me off. Locked away all the guns in the house so they won’t get lost, including my daughter’s Glock 42 with Crimson green grip activated laser, shotguns, 22 LR etc.

        I always have my Glock 21 with 2 mags Hydroshocks and 2 mags of FMJ at bedside and in sight.

        I told her, if someone breaks in while I am away for the next three months, call 911. You’re’ on your own. I am done prepping. Talk about a spouse who is not on board.

        We have had it too good here in US.

        • My dumb friend i mentioned above? I warned him about y2k over and over. He prepped for it oh yeah. He bought 8 cans of pork and beans and a small case of water bottles, and that was it! After nothing happened with y2k he ate up all the can beans and drank all the water! You just can’t fix stupid!!!

      21. A chick I know, says she has a BOB. Battery Operated Boyfriend. Ha..

        • Best light hearted joke I’ve seen here since Eppe left us years ago.

          I still have my preps, from years and years ago. Still not sorry. Consider it a blessing to have a not need. Another decade I guess I’ll have to cycle some out…

          Fear Pron

      22. If I lived in Sweden I’d assume whatever it is will last longer than a week. Pregnant women, especially those close to or already in their 3rd trimester, should get out of the country now with their families and get to know an OB/GYN in a neighboring country so they can give birth there assisted by a doctor whom they already know and trust.

      23. I still say bring it on. If its eventually going to happen lets take the bull by the horns now. Those who will prep have already done so. every day we wait the problem gets larger. Every day more illegals arrive. Every day the Agenda 21 and NWO folks get a step farther with their plans. Every year the commie educational institioun’s brainwash even more parasite liberals who have a wrong core concept. Fuck it Im as ready as I will ever be. Bring it on. Let the culling begin. I wake up every morning and tell myself Today is a good day to die. I sorta wish hellery would have won. I still think Trump is a wolf in sheeps clothing. That December Execuitive order Trump signed has language that allows the government to use the military to take every possession and god given right away from anyone they chose. Its worse than the patriot act. Remember Trump advocates civil forfeiture of property. We are being royally fucked. Ive stated many times there wasn’t any viable political or ballot box fix. Politics is a dog and pony show.

        • Old Guy you said it well.

        • Did not hear about this “Executive Order”. And, just like Obummer, EOs are NOT law.

          Eos are for things like pardoning turkeys, “We will paint this room of the White House eggshell white”, “deploy these troops over there”.

          If anyone claims they are following “orders” from an EO, that is against the Constitution, they will be informed that they are following illegal orders.

        • You are absolutely correct.

        • There is no will to fight. I can speak for thee PNW Redoubt, home of the so-called Liberty Movement. Some plan for survival, most talk, but there is no will to fight.

          Back in 2010 I thought succession might take hold. I was naïve to think patriots would fight. They just have too much to lose. But the US will come apart anyways. Given that, the best case model for hope would be Estonia. It is a far cry from being a Soviet state. Imagine if that country were God-fearing and large enough to defend itself.

      24. Anyone see the Drudge headline Thursday morning as the bond market was crashing?
        China May Halt Buying Of US Treasuries.
        If this is true, WE ARE TOAST. Instantly. Victory without firing a shot. Sun Tzu is proud.
        People will quickly find out that our entire system has been propped up by the ChiComs.
        Forget about the Petro Yuan. Not buying our debt will make us collapse even faster.
        May God protect Mark Skidmore for exposing the fleecing of trillions of dollars by the
        corrupt cabal in our government.

        Remember, It was an accountant that took down Al Capone when no one else could.
        May God protect Julian Assange for exposing the Deep State scumbag parasites that have
        been sucking off the system for eons.
        Those 9,000 sealed indictments will awaken and anger millions of apathetic Americans
        when the truth comes out. The lions are afraid of the rats. The rats are now talking to save
        their criminal asses. Oh yes, 2018 is just getting started and you ain’t seen nothing yet.

        • 2018 could be a turkey shoot with the deep state playing the roll of the Turkeys, but don’t underestimate the power of money, graft, and negotiation.

          The right people, playing the right game (including assassination and false flags) could make it all go back to the way it was under Obama, in a matter of days.

          We live in exciting and dangerous times, I pray the lord watches out for all of us.

      25. 7 days? Does anyone But the Tares think that’s enough?Let them think that?

      26. Apparently they expect trouble down the line from their new guests. Once these men become more settled and organized they will want the country for themselves.

      27. Hopefully, the farmer will be as optimistic when armed Swedish soldiers show up at his farm to requisition his livestock and crops. They may or may not distribute it to the Swedish people. When the seven days are over and the populace has used up its food supply, what happens then? The Swedish government cannot feed the population indefinitely.

      28. I would be curious to know if the Swedish government is requesting that the 1 out of 5 “Swedes” (foreign born) are to save three weeks of supplies too. Or, are they (foreign born) still allowed to be subsidized by the rest of the country.

        Additionally, should the Russians attack, would the foreign born Swedes take up arms and fight to defend Sweden or run away abandoning their family, community and/or country again?


        • the “foreign born Swedes” wouldn’t join in with the natural borns or defend the country – just fight the Russians to keep from being rounded up and killed wholesale …

          nothing more scares the Russians but the Muslims and their creep out of the Middle East ….

      29. Do to a fire we had no electric power for a month and we learned alot about living without power. Now we are set up for that. Try it yourself one month no electric period. You learn alot

      30. A week covers most scenarios, assuming that normality is restored by that time. Most people way underestimate the amount of water they need for drinking, food prep, sanitation, etc.

        A month is better if you live in an area prone to natural disasters. Don’t think only of your home – think of your local stores getting wiped out, and a bridge or highway being washed out or blocked.

        If you want to stockpile a longer stash of food (I don’t – I will evacuate instead), you need 18 months. Why? Because you cannot tell ‘when’ something will happen. So you have to make it through to harvest time of next year’s growing season. Have a nice six month stash? What will you eat if the SHTF in October? You either evacuate at that point or hope Uncle Sam rescues you.

      31. What are we being prepared for?

      32. Some of you folks seem to think that “it” can’t happen, “it” being SHTF or more pointedly, the downfall of the good ole USA, through any number of means. Most of you, the real preppers apparently understand that “it” can, otherwise why would your spare bedroom and half your basement be stocked with supplies, weapons and ammo?……….I’m an old guy, grew up when John Wayne ruled the world and kicked anybodies butt that wasn’t friendly towards Truth, Justice and the American Way…sorry, that was from Superman, but you get the point………The good old days folks, times have changed a lot since J.W.’s time. We grew up worried about Russian nukes, which was pretty scary, but aside from that the USA pretty much did run the world. …Today, we have many enemies, foreign and domestic.They have ways and means of hurting us that our fathers never dreamed of. If you know anything about history, you know that many great countries and empires have, in essence, ruled the world over the centuries…….today all of them are forgotten, relinquished to the dustbin of time. Our time is coming too. It may not happen next week or next year or in ten years, but don’t kid yourself, it WILL happen…..You and I can only hope to survive whatever calamity brings “it” about…..As for me, I’m about as prepped as a normal person can get. I’ve got food, water, PD/HD and hunting covered for probably the rest of my natural life as long as I stay healthy and don’t get taken out by somebody with more firepower….but it’s still just a plan. As Mike Tyson said once, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”…..If things don’t go my way it won’t matter much, I’ve had a pretty good run and I’ll go down with a full stomach and empty mags. Best anybody can hope for……Prepare for a hurricane, hope for a thunderstorm.

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