The Sun Just Erupted: Blackouts Reported After Huge Solar Flare

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 83 comments

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    The sun just released a massive solar flare. In fact, this is the largest solar flare emitted in the past decade, and the earth has already been affected by blackouts.

    NASA has reported a huge solar flare was emitted by the Sun and it is the most powerful one since 2006.  This solar flare has already caused some radio blackouts on Earth and it may cause aurora visible as far south as London.  On the morning of September 6, scientists watched as two X-flares were unleashed by the sun.

    The stronger flare was the second of the two emitted by the Sun yesterday morning and it was seen by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). At 5:10 AM EDT, the Sun unleashed an X2.2 flare, with X-class denoting the most intense flares. Then, at 8:02 AM EDT, a much bigger flare measuring X9.3 was unleashed. By comparison, the last time we saw a flare this big was in 2006, which measured at X9.0. The number shows the intensity, with X2 being twice as intense as X1, X3 three times as intense, and so on.

    The loops of plasma emitted during these two flares were ten times the size of planet Earth. Scientists got to watch the massive coronal mass ejection from these flares, which can be seen below in the gif provided.


    According to NASA, the flares were emitted from an active region of the Sun known as AR 2673. This region also emitted a mid-level flare on September 4, 2017. But scientists say the timing of these big flares is rather odd as the Sun is currently heading towards the quieter period of its 11-year solar cycle known as solar minimum. This cycle began in 2008, with solar minimum expected in the next couple of years.

    “This is a phase when such eruptions on the Sun are increasingly rare, but history has shown that they can nonetheless be intense,” said NASA. And this one had some effects on life on Earth.  It knocked out the high-frequency radio, according to the NOAA, and degraded low-frequency navigation. But the Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) said it was expecting some radio blackouts yesterday, and the high-frequency radio was expected to drop out for an hour.

    The particles from the CME (coronal mass ejection) can also cause aurora activity further south than normal as they interact with Earth’s magnetosphere.


    *The map above shows how far south the aurora will be visible thanks to these solar flares.  If interested, watch the skies for the show.

    Scientists aren’t sure yet if the CME was directed towards Earth. If it does come our way, it could cause a strong geomagnetic storm that will further hamper communications.


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      1. Caused by Global warming no doubt

        • It was really NKorea. JJ said so

        • The sun is only about 5 miles up from the surface of the flat earth, circling under the dome in the fermament. Solar flare was put on by the deep state folks who brought us a fake eclipse a couple of weeks ago and have been steering Harvey and Irma and next Jose into populated areas of states that voted for Trump.

          • OMG are you INSANE! Flat earth is a myth and so is all your other crap. The sun is NOT five miles above us!!!!! HOW HOW much dope are you on?

            • Calm down. I’m mocking the kooks. I’m a long-time contributor on these threads and anyone who knows me sees the sarcasm.

              • Hahaha people get all worked up and nervous down below it seems…

              • drag a flat earther to the edge of the world and throw him or her off the edge

            • Sam, that’s right. Christopher Columbus proved the earth was round.

              • Columbus wanted to do that but Magellan actually did it.

              • off subject…just heard an 8.0 earthquake off coast of mexico?…tsunami alerts all over central america…10:23 pm thursday pst.

              • the seas are all flat dunces

              • columbus did not prove the earth was round. all he did was float a boat

                • Vikings used tools that proved the earth is round. However they were not the first archeologist have still yet proven where the tech originated.

                  learn about sun dials.

              • The Deplorable Braveheart…I’d like to go up into outer space to see the ball Earth. Otherwise how do we know?

                • From what I have read from accounts of early expeditions to the south pole ships moving around the diameter of the ice wall found a longer distance than at the equator. Is this why NASA now says the Earth is a pear shape,lol.

              • Nah; data shows CC was lost whole time And everyone knows the Sun cannot be five miles up, it would get stuck on the mountains in Tibet. It’s at least 6 miles up.

            • Sam, you need to get a life. You worry me.

          • Hahaha commercial aircraft cruise at about 6 miles above sea level so that means they fly above the sun and would have to take evasive maneuvers to avoid running into the sun! Funny how the sun has never crashed into the Himalayas!

          • First of all the eclipse I saw a couple of weeks ago in Madras, Oregon was as real as it could be…no fake. We had to take off the special eclipse glasses to see it, because it became too dark to see the eclipse with them. It was amazing to be able to stare at a dark moon with a white ring of a sun around it. You could even see a red spot on the upper right edge of the moon. Go figure?? I hope we’re all as ready as possible if a major panic event happens. Good article!!! Tom Stone (author of “Blackout” on Amazon)

          • This is soooo TRUE!!!

            Rob Skiba Proves the Chicago skyline (as seen from 46 miles)
            is NOT a mirage AND Furthermore that the earth is FLAT!
            Rob keeps his camera on the Chicago skyline from 46 miles out and goes to within 8 miles of the Sears Tower. The “mirage” never disappears. At the 25 minute mark he even points out a “hot-spot” on the lake. If the sun is 93,000,000 miles from earth there could be NO hot-spots.
            Height of Sears Tower [Willis Tower] is 1450’
            At a distance of 40 miles the Earth should drop 1066 Ft – [Based on scientific calculations for curvature of the earth.]
            At a distance of 46 miles the Earth should drop 1410 Ft – [Based on scientific calculations for curvature of the earth.]
            Here is Rob’s Proof…

            You can see from the formula [below] for “curvature” of the earth that you could only see the TIP of the Sears Tower IF the earth were indeed a globe.

            If the earth is a globe than we need a formula for calculating the drop for every mile or 10 miles and so on. Here is the formula the mathematicians have devised for calculating the “supposed” curvature of the earth…
            Formula = Miles squared X 8 inches divided by 12
            And there are 5280 ft/mile

            1 mile = 8” drop

            10 miles = [10×10=100] x8 = 800/12 = 66.66666666 ft

            100 miles = [100×100=10,000] x8 = 80,000/12 = 6666.66ft or 1.262626 miles

            Video explain math:

          • How dumb and stuuuuupid can a person be. flat earth hahahahahahahahahahaha what a dumb ass

        • trumps fault

        • My friend said that a few days ago he tried calling my cell phone a few times and it said the network was down. I forget the exact day as he told me late.

      2. Mac, thanks for schooling Neal Jensen on the site maintenance. What better place than SHTF to advertise prepper stuff. I have been on a few others, and those site do not cause panic attacks, and increase my blood pressure and insomnia like this one. When I log on here, I can feel the pressure ripping off the top of frickin skull along with sharp chest pains, so I am at the right place.

        The only reason I am still alive and my body was picked up off the streets of Houston is because of this site. You aught to mount up a bill board on Hw10, called Got shtf?

        Let me check from my source on the corona mass ejection to see if it happened. No telling, this might be conditioning for and EMP event. They are hitting us with everything since I was told all these hurricanes were HAARP induced.

        Unward to all out destruction and end of life as we know it.


        Yes, they call me Hicks. My name is HCKS, not Hicks.

        • Thats funny stuff bud,,,
          Sometimes i feel the same way!

        • What’s with the “Katy” part?

          • Peg, an ex girlfriend.
            Katy is a Houston suburb.

            • How you folks fare with the storm? Hope all is well

        • The storms we are having right now, as well as the powerful CME’s are directly connected to the normal cycles of the sun. Millie Weaver at InfoWars just did a good report on the subject.

          This science is sound and she suspects that charlatans like Al Gore know these solar cycles and time books and movies to correspond with periods when the probability of these disasters are highest, so they can push their global warming agenda.

        • I too believe these hurricanes were HAARP induced. They do not seem natural at all. Now since the money has to go for rebuilding Congress will tell Trump there is no money for that wall ! It could be a reason why they engineered these hurricanes. Maybe.

        • You know,HCKS, I used to think you were off your meds with the HAARP stuff, but I have decided since watching this weather with Harvey, Irma, Jose and Katia to start doing some reading on it. You may have something there. I do agree on a lot of other stuff you’ve posted over the years, and I’m listening, and prepping. But until these hurricanes started changing courses like they are, never gave it a thought. Now I am. Thank you for being the voice in the wilderness!

      3. Global warming my azzzzzz. Oh please, and they think that we are that fucking dumb to believe that horse shit. It’s Nibiru is what’s heating up the sun, causing it to act up. You all aint seen shit yet. You aught to see what it really looks like in South Houston, I saw it, the city is fricking lake. I made a claim here about over 1 year ago, told everyone that Houston would be under water, and got told I was full of shit. Go figure.


        • The fact that the sun is a variable star has nothing to do with it?

          • The Earth’s molten core is hotter than the Sun’s surface.
            Might have somethin’ to do with it.

            • I did read that the volcano’s under the ocean are heating up the ocean and not us.

          • So explain to me why it the Sun is a Star; Why doesn’t it have a slab of concrete in front of that restaurant in Hollywood?

        • I appreciate what you want to say but it is NOT some Niburu! C’mon the sun is the sun ….

        • ” I made a claim here about over 1 year ago, told everyone that Houston would be under water,”


        • “I made a claim here about over 1 year ago, told everyone that Houston would be under water, and got told I was full of shit. Go figure.”

          Correct me if I am wrong, but … as I recall. You did make the claim that not only Houston would flood, but also a large part of Texas in general.

          Not because of a Hurricane, but of this mighty fictional object called Nibiru. Was/is HAARP responsible for hurricane Harvey and others in the making? I’m not ruling that out, it is very much a possibility.

          HCKS – you are not completely full of shit – you are just another of many of people who get caught up with ill-informed information, coming from “doom-porn king” himself – Dave Hodges & blabber mouth Alex Jones.

          A handful of Articles ago – I saw you had mentioned Dave Hodges being 100% correct on everything … … … ??? … … … !

          If Mr. Hodges was a baseball player, his batting average would be .000

          That is how inaccurate & how much of a piss poor player Mr. Hodges is, nothing he says has come to pass as being truthful. If this guy had any kind of legitimacy, I’m sure Mac would be throwing articles left and right on his website from Mr. Hodges.

          I’ve only seen One article from Dave Hodges on SHTFplan and it was in all probability an honest mistake on Mac’s part … lol.

        • Yes Nibiru, but not now, not yet.
          It will take 30 more years to arrive,… early 2050’s.
          Tribulations, the real TRIBULATIONS, start in mid 2040’s.
          In the mean time, the controllers have to “prepper” for that event.

          • While I wouldn’t say Nibiru, which is very unlikely Wormwood, but the statement of 2040’s may be accurate. If we are correct in the restoring of Israel as a nation is truly the first sign, then in one generation it would start. I a generation in Jewish tradition is NOT 50 years we know it now, it’s 100 years.

            • in reality though the Children of Israel never turned into

              “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism from the land of Gog & Magog

              Notwithstanding the Fact that “Israel” in the Bible is a
              “Company of Nations” who have never been the “Jews”.

              …not that facts have anything to do with hysteria, myopia

              or willful ignorance

      4. London is at 51 N latitude.
        Want to impress me? I want to see
        aurora at 19 N Latitude.
        Due to my physical location
        virtually all my communication with
        the outside world is via a satellite.
        As I bang on this keyboard it is getting
        bounced off a bird 22,000 miles away.
        Everything is working.

        • For now……
          If we got hit by a hurricaine like Irma that would clean shit up wouldnt it,,,,

          • Yeah.
            My houses have so many
            hurricane clips I bought
            a TECO nailer to put them in.
            You and I are probably the
            only guys here
            that know what
            a TECO nailer is.
            My shop is metal and rated to
            100+ MPH but I ran the numbers,
            it will withstand 3 times that.
            I just found another chainsaw today.
            so I have 5 of them!
            I just need to get some Tack for the mule
            to haul stuff around.
            I’m a little short on Plywood, but I will fix that
            in October.
            I just ordered 8kW of solar panels.
            I’m ready!


            • Don’t count everyone out. I guarantee I’ve put in hundreds of thousands more hanger nails than just about anyone here, and I live in Wisconsin! Way too expensive, but code says they’re necessary. Problem with them is guys don’t use long enough nails or long enough ties. Big wind comes along and it’ll just rip your top plate off. And if a tornado sits on your house nothing is going to hold it together.

            • Why do you want or need 5 chainsaws?? I thought I liked to “have” extra but that seems pretty excessive friend.

        • My latitude is only 9N.
          No typhoons or hurricanes to deal with!
          Biggest problem is heat.
          Too damn hot.

      5. Rellik,come on,swing a hammer!I have a palm and my framing nailer will do metal with right nails,still,just use me death stick!

        Focus folks,no sum/emp nonsense,we have 3 hurricanes to deal with and by the time they are all done will make little kim’s nuke look like a firecracker!

        • Carpal tunnel.
          About 20 seconds with a hammer
          and the hand goes numb.

          • Eh,nail guns though less will fuck with ya’s also,seen a few guys who have trouble even with the guns extended period,so,you used to frame or boxing did ya’s in?

            • I’m a journeyman shipwright.
              I can and have built a wood boat
              from scratch. Not some canoe,
              a real sailboat.

              I switched to engineering because
              physical work was wearing me out.

        • Personally i like using the Simpson screws or lags more than the hanger nails, that and always use hangers that go to studs and wrap plates @ king studs, most of the stuff i work on is 1/2″ cdx with siding over, almost always on stem walls or slab on grade, engineer i use overkills everything,

          • Nail,
            I don’t think screws are code compliant in Hawaii county.
            Maybe elsewhere?
            Here, they want Galvanized nails and lots of them.

            • They are the Simpson screws, actually rated higher strength than the nails

            • Aren’t screws better and stronger than silly nails??

              • Concerned, it depends on the rating of the metal used and thickness of the shank and threads. A plain old brite box 16 penny is a very strong nail, but rarely used any longer because standard and better green lumber is a thing of the past and nearly all is KD. When I first started as a carpenter it was common practice to frame a complete house out of utility grade and back then it was better than what we call std&btr today and not KD. Air nailers do NOT build as tite of a frame as the old hammer and nail method when we had reasonable lumber available. You can still get the good lumber but you have to know where to get it from specific sources and all comes out of Oregon mostly these days and some in Washington. There is nothing wrong with a KD structure if you know how to make it tite. I was simply spoiled with the finest lumber ever to be used in all of history and it was abundant back then. In retrospect it was a golden age of such events and I learned some incredible skills like stick framing any roof and stairs and how t use a square expertly. We never used trusses, that was for the wimps and lesser carpenters. Very cool stuff to know that will never be lost as long as some of us are still alive, fit and healthy ! Most supposed carpenters today could not even cut a stick frame roof if they had to, much less a complicated one with hips and clips and dormers or cupolas and variable pitches in the same roof.

          • They all do by a factor of 2x or 3x at a minimum. That is their SOP. Gov projects are even more redundant.

            The hold downs that are poured into the foundation are very common place now and far stronger than any strapping. But the top plate assembly is always the weak link in any wooden structure and there are numerous methods to tie all of it together with all manner of straps today. The overall strength and structural integrity of good old PNW douglas fir is also a huge factor in any wood frame structure as opposed to any of the white woods used in Florida and the south in general.

      6. You see boys & girls….SOHO (Solar & Helioshperic Observatory)can watch the sun in real-time with tons of cameras & instrumentation. When a CME is detected, we know about it days before the high-energy CME particles hit the earth. Therefore, if it is strong enough to do damage, and we know where it will hit on earth, then all the relays and switching circuit breakers protecting the power grid from a spike can be activated for those sectors…..basically shutting down parts of the grid for a few hours to prevent the overloads. inconvenient? Yes….Catastrophic? No. Now, move on. Nothing here little pea-brain kiddies. LOL

        • Light, X-Rays, Gamma Rays from sun hit us in 8 minutes,

          Electrons 8 hours +/-

          Protons (heavier) maybe 2 1/2 days or so.

      7. More fear porn.
        Please people start thinking for yourself!

        All evidence regarding the shape of the Earth can be classified into 2 groups:
        (1) Evidence that we personally can verify through our own actions.
        (2) Evidence provided to us by 3rd party agencies on trust: NASA, Roscosmos, JAXA etc.

        If we consider the (1) then all evidence indicates that Earth is FLAT.
        How else could birds fly around in murmurations (please look it up) and along their migration routes?
        The Earth is not rotating.
        There is no 1600 km/hr wind that the birds encounter.
        There is no wind because the Earth is not rotating.
        There is no wind that “rotates” around the Earth because birds can fly!
        Thus the HELIOCENTRIC model of the solar system is crap.
        Wake up people.
        How else could airplanes take-off and land ?
        Airplanes could not take-off and land if the Earth was spherical and rotating.
        The Earth is flat and motionless. Just like so many cultures have said it was/is: Early Christians (Bible), Muslims (Koran), Hindus (Rig Vedas), Buddhists, Incas on and on it goes.

        We all knew the Earth was FLAT because it was so obvious to all.

        • Ya know, i’m not going to discount the theory that the earth may be flat. I’ve read a bunch about it and i find it absolutely fascinating. I will have to study more on it. I find it very intriguing. For now i give it a 50/50. It may or may not be round/flat, but i need more information. I am in the middle now. I would like to see what the ancients said about it.

          • just curious,

            on a scale of 1-10 in importance where does the issue of
            filthy lucre rate…as in

            Who prints the currency
            Who owns the Media
            Who pays the crackwhores in Congress

            how much filthy lucre is required of the
            “US CITIZEN”
            to support a Global Crime Syndicate

      8. I’m just curious if all of these rapidly happening disaster events are part of the coming collapse or are naturally occuring.

        • Supernatural.

        • I think it would depend on your view of what the collapse is,, end times? 4th turning? Or just a big ole coinkydink

          • No such thing as “coinkydink” . . .

      9. Alj,would say just bad luck at moment,hell,as of yet,not black plague ect.,millions dying and such,at least,not in our parts of the world.

        I would say we may likely see if a lot more damage from storms insurers going under ect.,i.e. another bailout.That may kick the economic dominoes down and then,well,who knows(besides the shadow of course!).


      10. I appreciate the headline but if you research more you can inform your readers of the actual events and how they are going to affect us.

        Check out suspicious0bservers on youtube

      11. Perhaps, in an electric universe, with a variable output star, decreasing electric output could result in anode sputtering. For reference please see Enjoy!

      12. they are Naturally occurring. For some reason the earths magnetic poles are on the move. the earths north magnetic pole has began shifting about a hundred miles per year instead of a few inches. The south magnetic pole not near as much. This activity puts the Earths magnetosphere in a twist. That twist allows space winds to enter our atmosphere. The twist also effects plate techtonics. Its not God punishing man for perceived sins. Its not man,s so called pollution. Man has nothing to do with it. Man cannot cause it and man cannot stop or even mitigate it. Its a End of an Age Pole Shift. It gradually occurs over thousands of years. As the magnetosphere gets nearer the tipping point of a complete pole reversal the clatyclismic events become more numerous and increase in intensity. There have been several pole shifts and complete reversals in the planets distant past history.

        • K Index hit an 8 out of 9 TODAY!

        • Old Guy, absolutely correct ! We are all subject to the many variable forces of our solar system and the universe/cosmos that we have zero control over any of it !

          All we can do is observe and that is where supposed science gets stupid and actually harmful in many matters ! Today what we call science and technology have many harmful affects on all of us, but few people can either grasp this fact or are willing to admit such. And certainly fewer yet who like to call themselves scientist or academics. That will get you fired from that cushy gov funded job in a heart beat !

          We are as you say in the midst of pole shifting as we speak and it definitely is verified and has many affects on the crust of the earth as well as the core and magma activity and electro magnetic shielding. Having said all that there is also no question humans have helped destroy this planet and many living things in spades simply thru their own ignorance and lack of thinking capacities. In a way we have become a sort of destructive virus on the planet. But that does not mean global warming is real as presented, it just means humans are arrogant and very ignorant of how to live in any correct balance ! That is also why so many people are sickly and weak and why 73% of Americans are fat and unhealthy, they don’t really think for themselves ! They let the supposde smart guys of government and academia tell them what is good for them and the planet ! Those results are obviously not working too well now are they in any matters ? We are by far the most comfortable people on a material basis and lazy, yet most have very little joy in their lives and most people are not happy at all for many reasons nor do they really control their own lives or destiny in any fashion. And the majority are not healthy or physically capable of much of anything these days, so how is any of that success or a good thing ? Most Americans have most things quite backasswards and do not realize why they are not fully functional or happy.

      13. long time no message. I sure Miss eppe on these boards. It was the good ole days when 2-300 comments on posts. Genius knows his shit about solar and other things. Don’t understand why you never archived posts by month and year Mac. There is stuff in the archives that is priceless and I would love to have, but I don’t have hours to spend clicking back.

        Brave, the farm is coming along. 8 bee hives now. herb gardens established. we’ve slaughtered our first pig (at a meat processor, we don’t have smokehouse set up yet) and a young bull will be going soon. The only thing I need to buy at this point is milk, bread and assorted junk food we like. we’ve been canning like crazy, selling the extra (cottage industry laws 😉 and I make our soap, insect repellant and skin balms and have a side business selling same. soon i’ll be giving the big f@ck you to big government. take care, as I hear kim jung fat boy has threatened an EMP because his short pecker isn’t effective at anything else.

        cocked and locked dead to rights

        • I hate to sound stupid, but how do you click back to find the old archives?

          • Marie,could just go back search blindly which would take a lot of patience unless you knew the title of article you were looking for,but,can be done.

            I would say any have a specific ? about something/how to do something ect.besides your own searches ask here,a lot of folks will have good answers but will also let you know of other sources for said info with links ect. if needed.

            Pity,I and many also miss Eppe,a lot of posters have left ,myself here a lot less,times getting interesting and folks getting final gear lashed down ect.

            • Hi warchild
              Sorry I didn’t catch up with you guys last year. My coworker got pneumonia and almost died from guilliane barre. I had to cancel my trip north.

              Marie some blogs will allow you to file posts under month and year. For instance in 2012-13 there were some awesome articles and a lot of indepth prepped conversations. I hate to bug people for info already discussed. Would be nice to just be able to go back and copy and paste. I tried searching month and year and topic, but it’s tedious.

              I have an Irma evacuee getting here tomorrow. Biological brother from ft Myers. I may send him home with some of my preps. God knows he’ll need if.

      14. ********BREAKING*********

        Mexico just had an 8.0 earthquake.

      15. oh wow more bull from the shysters at the space fraud nasa, its right there: they say they already had blackouts then it says expecting blackouts, which is it?

        oh neither because space is fake the sun is close and the earth is flat as a pancake

        “truthers” who trust nasa news are worse than sheep

      16. There were two solar flares with two coronal mass ejections. The first was of respectable size. It was projected to hit earth and create a geomagnetic storm of over G2.0. The second and far larger flare was X9+. This solar flare accelerated the first coronal mass ejection and made it more powerful; the geomagnetic storm will exceed G3.0. If you have an EMP weapon and want to attack, you time the attack to conincide with the arrival of a solar-caused CME hitting earth. The resulting geomagnetic storm will be far worse than the one caused by the weapon alone.

      17. Viewing a bunch of videos on Irma today it looks like everyone is in agreement on the storm coming up the center of Florida. Then I saw a video claiming Irma was manufactured off the coast of Africa. I guess someone was creating the hurricanes in the last 100 years too. Truth is stranger than fiction, now which is it?

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