The State Of Weaponized Education To Manufacture Ignorance

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 43 comments

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    It’s not news to most that the education system in the United States is not only devoid of logic and reason, but it’s become nothing more than a social engineering experiment designed to indoctrinate and manufacture innocence.

    The classroom, at best, has taken on the appearance of a fact-memorization factory; and we should express grave doubts about the relevance and truth of many of those “facts,” writes Rappaport. We now live in a society filled with people who float in the drift of non-logic who hold ideologies that deny individual freedom and independence.

    Joe Joseph with The Daily Sheeple breaks down the likely reasons the elitists might want an ignorant populace, and it’s actually obvious. “It’s coming to a head now more than ever, especially with the heightened costs of tuitions for alternatives to the indoctrination centers,” says Joseph.

    “The public school systems have now become a ‘teach the test’ type of place, simply becasue their funding is tied to the success of these standardized tests. Teachers aren’t really allowed to come up with their own curriculum,” says Joseph accuratly.  Public education has become a disaster and not many children are even mature enough anymore, to handle life after college when they become an adult.

    “This is all done by design,” Joseph says. “‘Group think’ is extremely pervasive in public schools. So if you do go down this road [of logic] you’re gonna be an outcast…now more than ever [logic] is void. Absolutley void.”


    “These habits that are formed: rumors, gossip, accusation, wild speculation..all of this in the public discourse just highlights the void of logic in our society,” Joseph says. “People become programmed. They become automotons and it’s very hard to change. How many of you out there have tried to change the habits of those that you might consider ‘not in the know?’ You find it very difficult.”

    Logic; the capacity to reason, to think lucidly; to separate sense from chatter; to discover deception and avoid being influenced by it; to remain free and independent from the shifting opinions of “the herd”; to maintain personal liberty in the face of every spurious enticement to abandon it; to come to grips with competitive sets of First Principles which will lead to freedom or slavery; these are the stakes in our time. -Rappaport

    This is one of the big issues of our time.  Many blindly trust the state to do everything, rather than trusting in their own individuality and living freely. Can we earn back our freedom by breaking the chains of weaponized education?


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      1. Yep blinders applied and wispers in their ears your parents dont know but we do..

        • If you love your children educate them yourselves. It’s rewarding and you get to raise them instead of the state. They will have your values and not the worlds. Not to mention they won’t be gunned down by an FBI patsy in yet another attempt to undermine our Second Amendment.

          • I love my kids, but that doesn’t mean I want to be around them all day.

            • Your choice. I do.

            • How aweful it would have to be arround that miserable SOB J Stiner everyday and learn from that ignorant American hating feckless moron. Acorns dont fall from the tree.. Another generation of Stiner losers infecting society.

              Smart people Home School and move to a less corrupt parts of the country, like way out in the Country away from socialist commie cities.

              Cities are socialist commie social centers where even you dont have any kids, half of your property taxes goes to the public brainwashing school district.

              I went and protested my school property tax bill, I got up and spoke and said, I do not have any kids, I said having kids is a life style choice, why do I have to pay for others wreckless sex lives. I said my life style choice is to go boating. So why dont you all pay for my boat gas and lets attach my boat gas bill to your property taxes. Thats how F-up the commies school taxes are. Now here’s your participation trophy.

              • Why don’t you “unrecord” your deed and then you will stop getting those “property tax” bills that label you a “tenant” on your own land.

                The only thing is you have to own it outright. If you bought it with bankster credit, you get to bend over pay the banksters slave maintenance.

          • Agree 100%! Seems to me that too many so-called patriots desire to have a nicer truck, a bigger house, etc., at the expense of the wellbeing of their children. Time to put away selfish of pursuits of such things mentioned above and homeschool your children. Put simply, whether you realize it or not, if you care about your children you will take their education into your own hands.

        • You have to manufacture ignorance so that people will not realize that communism and socialism is taking over America.

          If they don’t know about our founding fathers, bill of rights, expected freedoms, then they won’t know to object when they are taken away from us.

          You ask people about our founding fathers now they will tell you about how they were racists and slave owners, not the founders of our country and believes in freedom.

          • Actually, the situation is even worse. When those freedoms and rights are taken away, at least the educated will know they have no one to object to. Only the stupid and ignorant actually believe that there are supposed to be people there to help them.

        • Excellent video post of Charlotte Iserbyt.

        • That is sickening. So she used Marxist techniques to subvert the local people and their own choices. I am not surprised. It is also one of the reasons I have always hated groups. So this woman was a con artist. She was paid to con and manipulate people.

      2. This is a security issue. The indoctrination centers we identify as public schools are experiments in communist training. The requirement for rigorous study to improve a students abilities to function in society is gone. If you require young people to attend these institutions, you must protect against the intrusion by those that do not belong. Backpacks could easily be scanned by an airport style machine. Sure, it requires resources, but the political will is there. This issue has nothing to do with firearm capabilities. This latest criminal brought a long-gun into the school. Ray Charles could see this was a problem.

      3. Great video! Don’t piss in my face and tell me its raining;my back was bad enough! If you are teaching a class and some student doesn’t question the veracity of what you are teaching, you aren’t teaching and the students aren’t thinking and therefore are not learning!

      4. I heard a suggestion driving between jobs a bit ago. We need morality in this country again. To start with parents teaching their children to the schools. The retort was that the system today will not allow that. Until as a nation we can at least ask the right questions, have some national sense of just what IS right and wrong – we cannot begin to fix a damn thing.

      5. There was a school teacher in Atlanta Georgia that was caught helping the children cheat on the state required standard aptitude test.

        It was big news because everybody thought it was part of a corruption scheme, bribery, or school promoted cheating scam.

        But, no, the teacher said, “it was none of that, these kids are just dumb as shit.”

        • Black kids no doubt.

          • Well look at it this way. If they grow up and get their own tree full of monkeys they can be branch manager!

      6. Education? Forget about education. Too many teachers are securing their rights in the courts of law to have as much sex with as many of their students as they want to.

      7. The schools are not great. That’s for sure. But if you are a broke single parent who feels trapped into sending your kids to a public school/childcare/babysitter there are some things you can do to help your kids.

        1. Keep learning yourself. Read every day. Pick books on basic subjects like history. Read National Geographic Magazine, Scientific American, other good magazines and books.

        2. Buy books for your children. Read to your children and have your children read to you.

        3. Set aside a time for homework. Look at your child’s work. Pay attention to what subjects he is taking. Help him if he needs help. Be available during this time. Don’t be too busy.

        4. Go meet the teacher. Talk with the teacher(s) regularly. Go to school functions.

        5. Provide your child with additional educational experiences. Buy educational toys. Teach your kids how to read directions and assemble parts, follow a recipe, build and or repair things.

        6. Love them.


        • B of CA, well said

        • 7: Use birth control/ sterilization to prevent having those problems again. Plus have a lot of extra $ and freedom.

          8: Have your kids sterilized when they are 14 to prevent them from the same catastrophe.

          9: Teach them how to make booze and grow pot so they will have a job later in life.

          10: kick them out when they turn 18.
          🙂 😀 😛

          • at age 18 they are adults and should begin living on their own.

            If you can feed them don’t breed them!

            I fume every year when I receive my property tax bill…53% of it is education. Never had any kids. Never wanted any kids. Yes, I like kids, for about 1-2 hours.

            Friends/family are told that when they can afford a vacation without their kids they are more than welcome to be ouseguests.
            One week is the limit & do not expect a tour guide/activities director.

        • “Read National Geographic Magazine, Scientific American”

          Under (((communist))) control

          old america is dead

          • Word. National Geographic became an organ for radical environmentalism over 30 years ago. That is when I cancelled my subscription. On-line publications such as The American Thinker have thought-provoking articles. If you are going to participate in your children’s education, go to Blue Stocking Press. Purchase WHATEVER HAPPEND TO JUSTICE? and WHATEVER HAPPENED TO PENNY CANDY? by Richard Maybury.

        • The library is free.

          As for those ghetto mothers in Compton or Detroit or Baltimore? Hahahahahaha.

          TNNRaw2 posted some videos earlier this week (Utube channe) about colored women. One had a 6-year old vidded by her BF performing a sex act. Not just one, but two sets of women killed and harmed children during voodoo rituals in the same city, Bedford, Mass. Go back and watch a year of video on Tommy Sotomayor’s channels. These people are low IQ for a reason and a book isn’t going to help them. It could take generations if they started being seletive to raise their IQs. But they are not selective and, thanks to LBJ, these people are paid to breed like rats.

          If you haven’t read about the Mouse Utopia project by Calhoun, you should (there is a wiki page) and there are various Utube channels that discuss the project. I found it eye opening. The ghetto is exactly they way it is for a reason. It is very similar to how rats and mice behaved in Calhoun’s experiments. Down to mothers cannabilizing or killing or improperly caring for their young.

        • I was under the assumption that your list WAS parenting.

      8. The hardest lesson that I learned was to keep up with the homework and not cram for the test. When the teacher teaches, for you it must be a review of what you have already learned. I would study as though I were the teacher who was going to teach the class. Was I a grind? Oh yes! Did I miss out on a lot of fun? Hell yes!

      9. President Trump’s ‘drain the swamp in Washington D.C.’ pledge will be a temporary improvement at best unless we also drain the swamp that the NEA has created out of our public education system.

        Our kids are no longer educated, they are indoctrinated.

      10. I’ve been a public school teacher for 20 years… Science… And I can honestly say I don’t teach to the test. Never have and never will. I want my students to think, to question, to understand the world around them. I try, thought I don’t always succeed, to do some kind of hands on once a week. I try to guide my stud ers to think critically. With 6th graders it’s an ongoing process.

        I have seen the state of education decline over the years. I tend to blame the politicians first. Social media comes in next. And I hate to say parents. So many just aren’t involved in their children’s education. Are there bad teachers? Sure. I even had my eyes opn d in the last few weeks as to my weaknesses. And I vowed to my students that I would work on my failings right to their faces. I admitted to them I was failing them in some ways. It’s changed my whole outlook.

        Public education can be fixed if parents and teachers come together to vote the right folks in who care.

      11. Public education is not perfect but this article is full of biased, nonresearch based opinion. If u want to know the concern with education, start with what is happening at home. A teacher cannot instruct a student who tells them to f##k off, who is involved in gangs, etc. Public education has to take into account violent youth, hungry youth, mentally disturbed kids, students who don’t speak English, parents who don’t give a damn but will sue the shit out of you for not giving Sally an A. Bring some real facts…not biased nonsense that doesn’t take into account the whole picture. Maybe shadow a teacher for a day to get the real picture or just ask the teachers.

        • Seems to me you brought all the facts about the education system. Violence mental issues. School are only as clean as what you out in them garbage in garbage out. Our school system in Canada is a total joke were just indoctrinating cuter. NDP voters. Turning kids gay at 5-6 years old.

        • There are real facts but apparently you don’t like them. Oh well. Plenty of other sites that will satisfy your need for confirmation bias.

          • “teachers are not allowed to come up with their own curriculum”. In some places this is true, but this is a blanket statement that is not accurate…again…where is he getting his.facts. don’t know. I write curriculum and support teachers in the classroom and provide teacher training. I have helped teams of teachers erite the curriculum that supports learning nfor their students. I am confused. This article is politically charged and full of opinion but lacking in facts. If u can identify where the actual evidence is to support this rambling then I’m willing to reconsider…if not, then allow me to defend my argument because I do have data to support what I am saying…but I realize that doesn’t coincide with the agenda of “let’s blame the schools.”. Such bull shit.

            • Teachers are not allowed to create their own curriculum. Especially in public schools.

              Where are you getting your facts? Disputing the statement and saying it is not true is not a valid argument nor does it strengthen your (attempt) at a coherent counter argument.

              You write curriculum? And you are claiming this article is politically charged but the curriculum you write is not? Let me guess, the curriculum you write, has real facts. So far, the only thing I see is your opinion and if this is the level of writing that is considered adequate, public schools are not only dying, they are dead.

              Your writing skills are that of a sixth grader. Not bad if you are writing material for those in kindergarten.

              Go ahead cite your sources. I don’t see anything cited as evidence to support your feeble argument.

              • I apologize for the poor writing. I was on my phone. Fact: I am a curriculum writer and a public school teacher. I have been hired by multiple companies to write for them. I have written curriculum for my own classroom for the past 15 years. Most of the educators I know write their own curriculum. I present locally and nationally at educators conferences so I know a lot of educators. Fact: districts often pull together teams of teachers to write their curriculum based on standards alignment. Fact: it is more common that high schools allow this freedom than k-8 due to the laws in certain states, but this varies from state to state. YOu could, should you choose to, go to a site called Teachers Pay Teachers. Here, educators are sharing their curriculum that they have written with other educators. The new science standards (associated with I believe 18 of the 50 states) actually does away with fact based learning and encourages inquiry/investigative approaches. I don’t understand why the article argues that schools manufacture innocence and indoctrinate children. The article brought forth no data, other than opinion, to support this statement.

                Per the article: “The public school systems have now become a ‘teach the test’ type of place, simply becasue their funding is tied to the success of these standardized tests. Teachers aren’t really allowed to come up with their own curriculum,” says Joseph accuratly. Public education has become a disaster and not many children are even mature enough anymore, to handle life after college when they become an adult.

                Where is his data to support the ‘teach the test’ mentality? And actually, funding is not tied to test success. Funding, depending upon the state, is dependent upon the population of the students in the classroom. So, this is yet again a misrepresentation of public education. How does one define “mature enough”? I had no idea that is was the school’s job to make a child mature. It takes a community to raise a child, but I would argue the family should want to develop a mature child with skills to function in life after school. If a child chooses to sleep in class, not do their work, yell at a teacher…then that is not the school’s fault. That is a behavior issue that stems from home. You cannot fault the school for a child’s reckless behavior. And because parents have found govt loopholes, they prevent schools from addressing disruptive behavior in class.

                If you would like to read on some educational research I would strongly encourage you look into Haddie, DeFour, Marzano, to name a few. (Marzano and Haddie collect metadata that is why I direct you to their material). The educators associations in each state also keep some solid data around effective learning and best practices. The national educators association (NEA) also has some amazing published research as well.

                I would happily continue this conversation. Identify what information you would like me to bring forth and I will bring it. But calling my argument feeble and telling me that my curriculum is “politically charged” is a bit on the ignorant side. I have had the honor to serve over 2000 students and counting. Go ahead and interview any of them and they would tell you I teach them to challenge what they hear, find the facts, get creative, think outside the box, learn how to learn, and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.

                So…tell me what data you would like to see and I will find you real research, not pseudo science. Most of the time I appreciate what Mac writes. He challenges the reader to think but this time, I think he got quotes from people who don’t know what they are talking about. No offense, Mac. Though, I am happy to step up and be interviewed if he would like to know the real plight of public education.

      12. eyes wide shut great video 🙂

      13. the public schools should be turned libertarian

        the kids should be taught to flip off “authority”

        the kids should be forced to reject thought control


      15. Too many parents are trying to be their kids friend Instead of being their parents,and are neglecting to teach their kids discipline,respect,common courtesy,or to be accountable for their actions..Smartphones,computers/video games,and teevee have taken over the role of parenting..

      16. Yes, parents should teach their children all that they know, but what will they do after the start of the second week?

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