The Situation In Ukraine Is Serious: “We Don’t Rule Out A Full-Scale Russian Invasion”

by | Aug 23, 2016 | Headline News | 118 comments

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    “The probability of escalation of the conflict remains very significant. We don’t rule out a full-scale Russian invasion.”

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in a televised speech on 8/18/16.

    The situation of the rising tensions between Ukraine and Russia is being paralleled by the war of words between the countries’ two leaders.  As mentioned in a previous article, Vladimir Putin is still not satisfied with the alleged actions by Ukrainian commandos that killed one FSB officer and one enlisted man on two separate incidents.  Putin went on to say that any meetings between Poroshenko and himself in the upcoming G-20 summit would be “pointless,” and accused Ukraine of conducting terror attacks.

    To further complicate the issue, the attacks were labeled as “border incursions,” as they occurred in Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in 2014.  In addition to this, the 24th of August is rapidly approaching, and this is the date that Ukrainians celebrate their Independence Day…from the Soviet Union.  This bears special noteworthiness, as it would be a prime moment to conduct an incursion due to the historical significance of the date.  Vladimir Putin visited Crimea on August 19th and said the following to the Security Council of Sevastopol:

    “I think it’s obvious that Kiev’s current authorities are not seeking ways to solve problems through negotiations, but have turned to terrorism.  We’re not going to cut our relations, despite the reluctance of the current authorities in Kiev to have full diplomatic ties at ambassador level.”

    None of this is sitting well with Poroshenko, and the process for drafting as many as 100,000 men was initiated by him with a letter last week.  In support of such actions, Poroshenko also said this while visiting in the area of the Donbass and Eastern Ukraine:

    “Unfortunately, the deterioration of the situation in the east [Ukraine] and in Crimea does not exclude the possibility that in the event of further escalation, we will be forced to impose martial law and declare mobilization.”

    The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry released the following statement to the UN regarding Putin’s visit to Crimea:

    “The new visit by an official of the Russian Federation to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol city, which are an integral part of Ukraine, is evidence that the Russian Federation continues neglecting the Charter of the United Nations, the UN General Assembly resolution 68/262 of 27 March, 2014 entitled ‘Territorial integrity of Ukraine,’ Baku declaration and resolutions of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and other principles of international Law.”

    The irony of such a statement is only equaled by its audacity and arrogance.  The statement clearly reveals its “slant” that appeals to the UN and international law when the government of Ukraine is in its present form due to violation of international law and the Ukrainian Constitution.  The bottom line?

    Nothing was mentioned about the U.S., EU, and IMF-sponsored coup d’état that removed (under the Ukrainian Constitution) legally-elected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, and inserted Yatsenuk, the marionette-creation of the three headed hydra of Victoria Nuland, and Senators McCain and Graham.

    In the meantime, Europe and NATO have denounced Russia’s version and labeled them as “not being credible.”  The EU is actually less credible, because they have a vested interest in absorbing Ukraine, as well as her entry into NATO.  Let us also not forget the IMF wished to advance a bailout for Ukraine totaling around $18 billion.  This went ostensibly “on hold” because Ukraine “did not approve of promised reforms” in their political procedures: the superficial reason.

    The real reason is that because of the fighting in the Donbass and Eastern Ukraine, there is no guarantee that Ukraine can hold its territory against a Russian invasion and thus guarantee repayment of the loan and self-subordination as another European vassal state kneeling before the IMF.

    On July 28 of this year, Vladimir Putin signed a decree to officially incorporate Crimea into the southern region of Russia.  The decree was signed not on the basis of the annexation, but by the vote taken by the residents on March 17, 2014.  The vote ended up with 97% of the inhabitants of the region desiring to be separated from Ukraine and become a part of Russia.

    All of these details did not stop the U.S. from sending a shipment of night-vision devices to Ukraine last week, and this from the mouth of Geoffrey Pyatt, the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine in an interview on August 18th with Radio Free Europe.  The U.S. has stopped short of sending material that could be used in direct combat, as it has already been warned by Russia that such would be a provocation that could be construed as an act of war.  The U.S. and Europe still have ongoing sanctions against Russia that began after Crimea was taken in 2014.

    Those sanctions are considered being dropped by at least one European nation, the Netherlands, reconsidering its position in Europe as well as possibly resetting its relations with Russia.  The Dutch, as reported by on August 19 are considering a referendum to leave the EU, as Britain did with the Brexit vote, and also to drop the economic sanctions against Russia.  Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch Freedom Party spoke about this upcoming referendum and mindset on 8/19 as such:

    “Retrieving the ties with Russia is a priority for a traditionally merchant country that the Netherlands has always been. For many centuries, our nations, in spite of existing conflicts, could only benefit from mutual cooperation Today, the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions is a necessary condition for our prosperous future.  Brussels makes decisions proceeding from its own interests only, without listening to the people.  The EU is an expansionist monster that is busy with seizing territories, depriving us of our social system, identity and democracy.  The only way to change the current situation is to leave the EU.  Any solutions will have a secured legal status separately from the EU. We will become stronger economically, including through our relations with Russia, and trade.”

    In the meantime, Russia has been given permission by Turkey to use Incirlik Airbase for operations to combat Islamist terrorists.  Russian newspaper Izvestia Daily reported the following statement as evidence of the cooperation between Russia and Turkey:

    “It just remains to come to an agreement with Erdogan that we get the NATO base at Incirlik as [our] primary airbase.”

    Igor Morozov, Russian Legislator

    The Russian Air Force is already utilizing the Khmeimim Airbase in Syria, and the Iranians have given Russia permission to utilize Iran’s Hamadan Airbase.  The Pentagon has been denying the possibility of a Russian offensive, and has downplayed the incident surrounding the FSB affair in Crimea.  There is an interesting source for readers wishing to know more on the topic of Russian and Ukrainian troop movements and buildups.

    The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) is an excellent site headed up by Retired General Jack Keane with a plethora of highly-educated and experienced analysts.  Of not is a map entitled “Russian Build-Up in and Around Ukraine: August 12, 2016,” that also summarizes in bullet comments the deployments and composition per each area.

    As Ukraine and Russia continue to face off, combat is ongoing in the contested Eastern Ukrainian regions that the Minsk agreement is failing to bring to a halt.  The future actions in the area are going to be determined by just how much the West wants to push the issue and support the inclusion (absorption is a better term) of Ukraine into the IMF hegemony.  Russia has already stated it will not tolerate Ukrainian entry into NATO, however, it seems the West and Ukraine are pushing other buttons that may very well soon lead to war.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. Vlad should invade Ukraine and have his military to kill every single Ukrainian who is getting paid by the Zionist criminals to control the world. And in case the criminal tribe persist, to use tactical nukes to make them glow i the dark.

        • Got Fearporn?

          Log into SHTF and enjoy the bullshit articles posted on this site, and also read the idiotic comments made by loyal SHTFers (in reality a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue).

          And don’t forget to purchase the garbage advertised on this site…Mac Slavo & associates will thank you for that.

          • Remo, another useless troll. Just move along, sonny.

          • “bullshit articles”…

            As opposed to the shit that is on TV and other main stream media (magazines which describe Putin as a vampire, for example)??


        • Stolz, I don’t think Ukraine is the nation who is attacking other nations. I don’t mean this like it sounds and I hate the neocons as much as anyone here. Let’s not forget that Vladimir Putin served in the SOVIET KGB SECRET POLICE all the way until the demise of the USSR. He believed in the same communist system that the Jew Bolsheviks imposed on Russia and may still believe in it for all anyone knows. Over the past 10-15 years Russia has been re-arming at a furious pace and still is. Remember how we were all told that ‘communism has died’ when the Berlin Wall came down and the USSR ceased to exist? COMMUNISM NEVER DIED. IT WAS SIMPLY PUT AWAY IN THE CLOSET FOR A LONG TIME. Today’s “Russian Federation” is not that much different from the old Soviet Union. Most of the old Soviet symbols and statues are still standing. Although the old Soviet influence did die out to some degree, IT NEVER WENT AWAY TOTALLY. The older generations of Russians actually believe their lives were better during the Soviet era and are still teaching their kids the same old communist garbage. The opposition to Putin are the only decent and sensible Russians I’ve seen; I’ll take my hat off to them. Sorry, I’m not buying that Ukraine is the problem here. They’ve also suffered under Soviet rule; the holodomor, Chernobyl, etc.

          • Brave my buddy….. Them Guy below provided a great synopsis of the Ukraine / KGB , Russia etc. As I said before the problem we are facing is not among the nations and the regular folks but the Governments. Reading the current worldwide state each and everyday via various resources , referring to the historical facts via archives etc, there are no saints as far as governments on this earth but we have pure evil as well. Russia while not a wait but for sure not pure evil. However our own Government is becoming a pure evil each and every day just because it is owned and operated by the evil zionist tribe who controls it. You are a very intelligent person and no need for me to repeat that but the forces in Ukraine that are being guided via my be love under secretary of state Mrs..Victoria N….. are the same as the blood sucking forces of IDF and simply must be wiped out from the face of the earth. And for those who think NATO is so innocent just visits some of the countries they visited in the past to bring peace and prosperity to…. the last I heard French forces beat ISIS savages when it comes to rape.

            Take a trip to Europe and see it for yourself. Putin and Russia are not sending the ISIS savages to rape the European women… is the Global Zionists HQ’ed in TelAviv, London, and DC/NY working with their barbarian puppets, Saudis etc…

            • Black vans took over my car when I bloged positivr Russian news,shut my sites down,Had to live in car with daughter for a while, have to be carefull.

          • Braveheart, you’re still brainwashed from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. How many countries has NATO (read USA) taken over since the fall of the Soviet Union? And back during the time of the reunification of Germany did we not insist that with the exception of East Germany we would not take any other east block nations into NATO? Have we lived up to that promise? NO! We have country by country crawled right up to Russia’s border. But you’re right, Ukraine is not the problem, the problem is the USSA who fomented a coup to take out the democratically elected leader of Ukraine and installed a US puppet…

            • Chip, Stolz, etc. I agree that all of this originates with that stinking ‘tribe’, and yes, I’m aware of what CIA, NATO, and the other scum groups have been doing. I have also never forgotten the stories my wife told me about what she and her family went through in Cuba under Castro’s brand of communism. CUBA’S ECONOMY WAS ALSO TOTALLY SUBSIDIZED BY THE SOVIET UNION FOR 3 DECADES. I’ve also known people from the Baltic states, Poland, and Czechoslovakia who suffered at the hands of the Russians during the Cold War. Their experiences and my wife’s experiences under communism were real, not imaginary.

            • Correct.Putin is the voice of reason in the dialogue between the superpowers.

          • PUTIN HAS AN APPROVAL RATING OF ABOUT 98%, BRAVEHAEART… you mean you agree with the opposition to Putin (the 2%)? Well, they oppose Putin because they feel he is not strict enough with the US… they feel he is too soft. You need to listen/read some of his speeches… I really love Putin. I admire him greatly.

          • Braveheart,
            what you call communism is state capitalism instead. The scientific definition of communism is a production system without wage work, exploitation, money, capital, banks and market. In USSR there were wage work, exploitation, money, capital, banks and market. The specific form in USSR was state capitalistic with a fascist political system. Stalin killed all the communists, one by one, because they were his worst enemies of course. Never in the history of the world existed a state based on a communist economy, which remains to date a revolutionary, libertarian program for the future of mankind. The communism you refer to is simply an ideological definition, in the same way that US today is ideologically called a free market economy. We all know very well that it is a state capitalism with a considerable dosage of free market economy. If you want a naive glimpse of how a communist society could be, take a look to Venus Project.

        • Good thing Hillary Clinton sold uranium to the Russians, after the donation to the foundation of course.

        • Agreed Stolz. And why the fuck are we sticking our noses where it DOESN’T belong? Ukraine, the Baltic, Syria… just to name a few!

          Goebbels would be SO jealous of the PROPAGANDA machine called the Western Media!

      2. Seems to me if Ukraine wants to enter into an arrangment with NATO , they must think Rusian control would be worse.
        Should be obvious , even to RT droolers .

        • Hammerhead

          Its like the French Vichy Government being the spokesmen for the French people in WWII.

        • The people originally wanted a deal with Russia and elected a pro Russian president. The USSA started a coup, overthrew the democratically elected president, and installed their puppet who would side with the US and NATO. That’s the bare truth…

      3. The Ukrainian people are having no say in the matter as their legally democratically elected government was overthrown in a coup. This successor government, illegally put in power is calling the shots. Interestingly the Ukrainian gold reserves disappeared along with their democratically elected government. Certainly “We The People” in their nation did not approve of that.

        • Speaking of Putin Poodles and RT droolers, and look who show up, the Prepper from Moscow! K2

          • Them Hogs, Your IQ level is low so you won’t understand the comments from K2. However the solution is either read and bypass them or just shut the fuck up.

            Now go and screw some pigs.

          • How is that Hogs? Russia is not our enemy. Know many people from europe do you? I do and I’m working with them right now. The Germans want out of the EU and are suffering because of the nato bullshit sanctions. Oh I see, Russia can’t have nukes in Cuba but we can have them in Ukraine? Keep kissing that Kazzarian ass and waving your fascist nwo flag…. God bless umerika lol.

            • Why has So Few folks here ever mentioned the Fact that, of all the nations that have Nukes and/or nuke elec power.

              There exists just One single Nuke Missle owning nation that has, ever since it’s inception, refused to sign onto that Nuke-NON proliferation treaty agreement which EVERY other nation with nukes Has signed including Russia and USA.

              And that Lone hold out Refusnik nation is…Wait for it!


              But Israels several top honcho rabbis and politicos have never wasted any time in Fast reminding every nation on earth that Israel has a Nuke Plan/agenda they call it…”The Samson Option”..What is That option you ask?

              I will Tell you what!

              Bascially every so often, some top rabbi or top elected or appointed Israeli Official, goes on some tv show to announce again that “if any nations or peoples anywheres globally refuse to Give israel and the SCV’s aka self chozen Vampires, whatever They want be that Free Cash, Hoax cash cow payments, or more Nukes and more military weaponery etc…Then those aprox 300-400 Israel Nuke missles will get sent flying into EVERY Major city within entire EU zone!”…The “Samson Option” in reference to the Biblical story of Samson, whos Hair regrew long and his massive strength returned again, and samson used it to demolish the palace building he was in along with all of the Top politicos and kings etc in his days era.

              Consider just How mentally Unstable and Insane such rhetoric from those SCV vampires really is!

              Those israel honchos that make such threats to litterally push nuke buttons and destroy every main EU nation’s cities in one fell swoop…Know that as was done in Samsons era when Samson destroyed those top enemys etc Samson also Died!

              So these fully Insane blood lusting Son’s of Satan, according to Christ and the Apostle bible writers, do not even care if via such an agenda of nukes into every eu city it also will cause total death and destruction/End of state of israel itself…Yet in order to get and maintain total NWO aka Jwo rulership and Ownership of planet earth and all it contains including You goyim folk!

              They are willing to send live Nuke missles into every eu city!….They are even More insane and loony than most of their hassidic talmudic teachers are!

              kinda reminds me of yet one other thing Christ said of them….”You Pharisee will chase down a man to the utter ends of the earth and into every nation just to catch him and prostilize to him in order to turn him into another Convert(of talmudism judaism)…And then He will become TWICE the child of hell as You pharisee yourselves
              already Are!”

              There really aint no proper medical mental case terminoligy to best describe such Fanatical SCV vampires eh. Yet their usa/israel Dual citizens and 300+ Orgs such as AIPAC-ADL-SPLC etc are allowed to continue running the entire usa fed govnt and usa/eu tv and all forms media msm’s so to create their rabidly foamed at mouth for, Antichrist JWO eh….And with 60+ Million duped usa unquestioning defenders and israel-firsters?

              How can they be Halted? but but but! Pastor Sez! Yeah we heard what he spews about self chozen vampires eh.

              • Them Guys- Ill tell you why! Because Israel has never confirmed they HAVE nukes, therefore they don’t NEED to sign a treaty that doesn’t apply to them. I dont know why theres so much hate towards Israel. Israeli jews are different from the bankster elite jews here in Amerika. I have met a few Israelis and really liked them. I have met many Amerikan jews and HATED them. Esp the ones in the media and the pundits. Check this out as well:

                “Today, seven Jewish Americans run the vast majority of US television networks, the printed press, the Hollywood movie industry, the book publishing industry, and the recording industry. Most of these industries are bundled into huge media conglomerates run by the following seven individuals:

                Gerald Levin, CEO and Director of AOL Time Warner

                Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company

                Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Chairman of Seagram Company Ltd

                Edgar Bronfman, Jr, President and CEO of Seagram Company Ltd and head of Universal Studios

                Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO of Viacom, Inc

                Dennis Dammerman, Vice Chairman of General Electric

                Peter Chernin, President and Co-COO of News Corporation Limited

                Those seven Jewish men collectively control ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, and Interscope Records.

                Its Amerikan jews you need to be worried about, NOT Israel!!

                • Why is my comment awaiting moderation? No swearing, links nothing…. is it because the word jew is in the comment??

                  • WOW MAC! so you moderate ALL comments containing the word “J-E-W”??

      4. Pretty good analysis of the Ukraine and Russia. Good until I got to the part that referred to the Institute for the Study of War and Jack Keane.

        The ISW is a neocon Anglo-Zionist think tank that is funded by the major American defense contractors. It is headed up by Kimberly Kagan, sister of Robert Kagan (PNAC), married to Fredrick Kagan (AEI) and sister-in -law to Vicky Nuland.

        You’d get more of an unbiased accounting by using the Saker as a reference rather than that neocon think tank…snort…not really…they are pro Russian.

        • JRS, Thank You. Salute to your awaken soul and truthful spirit.

      5. It would be helpful to use the full descriptive name of the institution or measure at least once or twice in the article.

        FSB??? Gotta look it up.
        UN. I KNOW that one.
        OSCE. NO idea. Will look it up.
        EU, IMF, and NATO… European Union, International Monetary Fund and North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
        The ISW was explained well…

        I feel that I am a well read person, and I do know a lot of acronyms as a result- but I can pretty much guarantee that people have a hard time wading through these words, and that is a shame because it is an otherwise good article with an important message.

        It seems to be a habit with folks in the military to answer questions with acronyms. I know my SIL does it, and it drives me nuts. LOL:)

        • FSB is the successor to the old Soviet KGB. It was originally formed by former KGB members. Putin’s Gestapo. This ‘incident’ in Crimea sounds like a false-flag.

          • Braveheart1776

            There are no saints on either side. Ex KGB verses current MI5 and the CIA. Regardless the coup in the Ukraine overthrew a democratically elected government which just so coincidently fits the goals of TPTB. Now an unelected government in the Ukraine speaks with validity? When things don’t add up its because they don’t add up.

            • Kevin2, I agree all the intel agencies have their own scum. It’s possible there’s SOME people being used by CIA in Ukraine, but I do know the Ukrainians are just barely holding their own in the current war in the eastern part of their country.

          • Braveheart: You must remember that same as usa agencies of fbi and cia etc have some good folks in those usa agencies, so did russia….back when Borris Yeltsen got “Selected” into russian prez office and began to give a free pass to all his ziotribe benefactors and funders.

            A free Pass for them to litterally Rape and Rob Russia blind.

            Putin and several Other KGB members created a seperate secretive division within KGB.

            They were all NON tribe Goyim like Putin and each knew full well how the rest of kgb were acting against russias best intrests and mainly all on the Take and bribed.

            And That division is who created the main plan agenda to take over when time was ripe so to Fix russias 75 year old bolshevik jewdeokommie problems etc.

            For Exellant Infos and tons of proof links and expose’ infos and links check out a website called.

            www dot realjewnews dot com

            and also called

            www dot realzionistnews dot com

            Brother Kapner’s website and most times his forum reply posters post up a huge wealth of extra info about these issues. And most every poster person there is very wized up awake especially as it pertains to tribe and zio issues! Go there and check out the Long list of articles archived!….If it matters? His site has it!

            • Them Guys:

              So KGB formed a secret society within a secret society. This survival method practiced by many successful groups is one that white Christian Patriots need as well. Young Americans are brainwashed to believe that keeping secrets is bad. Spill your guts and be a blabber mouth will make you and your group vulnerable. Learning to withhold information trains memory and increases native IQ. Inability to retain information causes mental weakness.
              Children’s IQ can be increased or decreased. Adults can optimize what mental acuity they were born with.

              The greatest determination for intelligence is heredity. It is vitally important when choosing a mate, that one considers the intelligence of the other as well as self. Successful unions require similar backgrounds. Same race, religion, socio-economic, education, similar interests, and relatively close in IQ. Therefore do not seek out a genius if you are barely average, unless you are a female intending to raise the child without the father present. Which is usually a bad idea. However, upping the IQ of the gene pool is a good thing. If half of males with excetionally high IQ impregnate several females, the gene pool would rise. Instead we see low IQ minorities impregnating several females, leading to a reduction in IQ over time among these groups.

              Back to secrecy. Among white activists seeking to help aide white causes; joining groups that are theatrical and ineffectual but do little real politically and/or financially to benefit the white agenda marks that young person. It is perhaps wise then for some young white activists to keep out of the crosshairs of controversy. Advance within the fields of medicine, science, law, politics, education, finance, etc., while discreetly (secretly) advancing white people’s interests. Perhaps from these will emerge our future leaders.

              For those who do go public advocating for white folk, bravery and persistence are required. Whites did not get trampled all of a sudden. It has been a long multi-generation effort against us. We will be required to work long and hard to fight for the survival of the white European in America and around the world.

              Personally, there are only three goals for me.
              1. End the Fed
              2. Abort the JWO
              3. Expose and eradicate proponents of Agenda21/Agenda2030
              global warming hoax, GMO, contaminated vaccines, Chemtrails
              4. Take back the media, TV, movies, the Internet/social media, music, and entertainment
              5. Take back publishing, libraries, public education
              6. Expose Psychiatry, mind control, destructive organizations and cults
              7. Take back the Church
              8. Defeat the anti-Christ, Satan, Lucifer, Evil.

              That’s more than three. O, well; I lied. Two can play that game!



          • I know some who think the entire Ukraine situation is a false flag and that Poroshenko is willingly and secretly serving Putin’s agenda.

            And the recent reports of 40,000 Russian troops massing on the Ukrainian border, while somewhat alarming, should not be construed as an invasion force. If it had been 400,000 troops, then yes, time to panic, but not with just 40,000.

        • UNA

      6. >b>The Situation In Ukraine Is Serious: “We Don’t Rule Out A Full-Scale Russian Invasion”

        I doubt Russia would put themselves in this kind of position [invading].

        What I do see coming – is Poroshenko seeking the right kind of false flag against Russia to push WWIII into action.

        • BINGO

      7. Hammerhead

        This part is interesting.

        Of significance in this interview with William Kaye is the analogy between Ukraine, Iraq and Libya. Lest we forget, both Iraq and Libya had their gold reserves confiscated by the US. According to Kaye, the destination was the New York Fed.

        h ttp://

        • K2 , I appreciatte the link , but Kaye is just another hate America first libtard leftist .
          I,m not livin in an echo chamber , believe me , but i can read between the lines as well as the print.
          Just like the author of this piece , an RT drooler and pro russian shill with a hard on for anything representative of American culture or values .
          Nation building aside , the US is truly exceptional .
          People have it too good and take too much for granted.

          • We been lied to from JFKs assassination, through the Gulf Of Tonkin, WMD in Iraq. I don’t look at words but rather follow actions. I don’t believe that the government are fools and doesn’t know what its doing. They know damn well what their doing and it doesn’t make sense because we’re fed ostensible reasons for actions. The US is supplying Islamic terrorists to destabilize sovereign nations which is in complete violation of international law. The US at the bequest of TPTB are systematically destroying governments that have resources creating kayos. Do it once its an opps, repeat it and its intentional. I’m well aware of the Wolfowitz Doctrine and its certainly being played out in the Ukraine. The previous government was democratically elected and we’re to believe that the coup was spontaneous? We’re to believe that the present Ukrainian government that allowed the nations wealth in gold to be taken speaks for the Ukrainian people? If if it was the case its none of our business at best.

            The US has been hijacked by globalists and has been doing their bidding. We have zero business in either Syria and the Ukraine. The US is doing exceptionally well running roughshod over the world for globalist interests.

            • Cant disagree ,
              But there still aint another place on this spinning blue ball that you can live the way you do here .
              NO exceptions .
              While as US citizens we have to regain control of our government , the US is still an exceptional country , and i,m talkin country not governments .
              So before ya fly off hatein on the US , ya better step outside and see how many mud huts you see ? How many snipers tried to take a shot at you today? Got food? In a refrigerator?
              AND is it contected to electric?
              OH , and i guess you got internet too.
              Count your blessings friend .

              • Hammerhead

                I like it here but I realize how our standard of living, the food in the fridge, the car happens post 1971. We’re on a credit card and are having to use military force to maintain the Reserve Currency status of the US dollar which is predicated on all of the above. Internationalist bankers control the US, period. Our military is first and foremost their enforcer. Its nothing new as Smedley Butler, you know who he is spelled it out 80 years ago. The kids in Iraq died to maintain the oil peg not WMD. Libya, a stable government was overthrown and handed to Islamic crazies for the same reason.

                “ya better step outside and see how many mud huts you see ?”

                We used to compare ourselves to first world nations. Your lowering the bar to the 3rd world.

                ” How many snipers tried to take a shot at you today?”

                None, how many snipers shot anyone in the civilized world of a billion and a half people today?

                “US is still an exceptional country”

                The US was exceptional when its manufacturing reined supreme. When a good job was common, not the exception. The globalist bankers hollowed out, eviscerated the US. Failing nations resort to hard nose military action as its economic has depleted. The US ran up the credit card just to maintain what we have by 18 or so trillion to make up for our exported wealth creation. Thats exceptionally unrealistic to maintain.

                “But there still aint another place on this spinning blue ball that you can live the way you do here .”

                Your kidding correct. The US standard of living for the masses has dropped. Newsflash, were not number one. There are 43 million on EBT cards. That is roughly one in every 7. I’ll post the figures.

              • You’ve obviously never been to Australia Hammerhead

                • Yep 1985 , farm exchange program .

              • Kevin2: Yes usa been Hyjacked. And is being Used to Create what the bible calls “The Antichrist World Rule” systems/govnt/religion.

                So despite what most every usa and especially huge TV church apostate pastors say about this issue.

                For Best ever guess as just Whom or which ethnic group will actually Produce the Man that will play his Role as antichrist and King of Khazars.

                Look to who or what ethnic group so hyjacked and so controls every sphere of usa fed govnt, its too many agencies, every form MSM and tv and hollywood etc to locate the Main perps of now and soon to be future systems of that antichrist JWO.

                But he shall require a new temple in order to Rule from eh!…Maybe somebody will Rebuild him a Third Temple soon eh? oy Veh!

          • Hammerhead

            So the gold is still in Libya and the Ukraine? Hell we can’t get an inventory of US gold out of the Federal Reserve and US government.

            • Hammerhead

              Germany can’t get its gold back that was held in “safekeeping” by the Federal Reserve and Libya and the Ukraine have theirs intact? Seriously, I read your writings, you think, connect the dots, look at whats going on and realize that your government lies to you on such a regular basis that its very difficult to find any truth at all in their statements. Things don’t make sense not because this or that party is dumb. Thinks don’t make sense because their actions further international bankers not the US people and their excuses are ostensible. They’re not fighting terrorism while leaving borders open and importing refugees across the western world. Their creating terrorists to overthrow nations and to create a plausible excuse to reply the Us military to attach where, ho and when TPTB decide. Its indisputable and as obvious as the nose on our faces.

              • K2, EXCELLENT REPLY! People are sooooo damned brainwashed and have 0 critical thinking it makes me sick….

                • Hey brainwashed bonehead ,
                  Your a Genius , right ?
                  Why do you care so much about Germany or Libya ?
                  HMM ?
                  Just maybe its YOU who’s drank from the wrong punchbowl.
                  Benn hangin with Jim Jones ? hahaha

                  • Why do you think your enslaved, brainwashed, false patriotic, better than thou ass life is worth more than anyone else’s? You think killing and destroying other people’s lives and land and stealing all their shit and installing your buddies to run the place and be beholden to your master bankers also is perfectly acceptable??? HUH? Make sure you vote ok HAHAHAHAHAHAHa. Trust me, there is a thing called KARMA and it is coming for you 😛

                    • Feel sorry for ya dude.

                  • hammerhead, your replies today are very disturbing because it reminds me of someone who’ll betray the patriots when the time comes to get some bread for his empty stomach.

                    • Stolz: Or to get a few Shekels eh!

                      About the Only type folk them Khazars like better than Shabozz goy polititions are the Masses of Duped souls that Fear truth and run away from Facts!

              • “While as US citizens we have to regain control of our government ”
                Like i said , still cant disagree .
                Out my backdoor i got fat black angus on green pasture , deer , turkey, bear, whatever.
                Got a gun rack in my truck and scaboard on my tractor .
                WE can still live the way we want here , and thats STILL exceptional , you cant argue that.

                So while the globalists running the show ignore us flyover people life goes on .
                They know they push the wrong buttons , its game over for them.
                Just sayin , the deeds committed by the current or past regime are not representative of the US .
                Think about it.
                Not representative , them 435 fools will have a hangin one day.
                God help em all.

                • You will NEVER regain control of the govt. without a complete anihalation of the politicians AND THE PEOPLE WHO OWN THEM! Every govt. on earth is corrupt as hell and it isn’t ever going to change. Disolving the kazzar’s would be a good first step though.

                  • Perhaps in nitric acid hmmmm….

                  • Still cant disagree .
                    But why cant you guys see what you STILL HAVE !!!
                    Holy shit dude , wake the hell up .
                    It aint to late to gain control , as citizens we still have most of our liberties in tact .
                    Cant let it slide any farther .

                    • Well go to the casa blanca and start tearin it up. I won’t stop you….

                    • You guys need to get off your asses and get on local/county township boards , I have , and currently residing on one.
                      Be a pain in the ass , Agenda 21 and its tenticles start locally .
                      get busy and do something , its the only way you can fight the globalist agenda .
                      Then come back here and tell me i,m ignorant , GEEZ !

                    • But thats not where our policies and laws are written anyway. They are designed and written in a rabbithole. Take the red pill and see…

                    • Hammerhead –

                      I have to applaud you for taking the initiative in your local politics … that being said … some things can change for the better for your area … most do not … each ARM of the Government from above … trickles down … to the Local … as in …

                      Need a Loan?
                      Need funds for …?
                      A school having trouble funding itself?
                      What Company needs a Tax Break?
                      … etc…

                      “We are the Federal Government … we can assist your needs.”

                      Overall buddy … it’s a losing battle on the local/homefront … your conscience is solid … but at the end of the day … everybody still ends up getting reamed.

                  • Let’s just take our country back and return her to “as she was” prior to the “infiltration” – – the rest of the world will take close note of such a ‘win’ …and we must win as losing means death, loss of freedoms, rights and I don’t like to dwell on what Hillary may have in mind (other than that I’m not going to comply with a damn thing that is coming …and y’all feel it coming too). The prelude to war is quiet yet charged, blood is spilled but reserved …until “the big one” is let go (whatever that is to be).

                    Can’t say I’m too happy with the “hints” the media has been dropping on future events. (We even got to town and saw fat people lugging tv’s out of Walmart. Maybe a sale)?

                    Walmart sold all those rifles and what-nots – – and in doing so they have lost a super-fortune (back home in Arkansas they reckon they’d have kept lots more stores open if they’d kept the guns and such, so they’ve a good idea of the $$ in revenue they tossed away …for what)? We NEVER shop ole Wally World. You get what you pay for…

                    • Lets Take Back America?….How when you admit you cannot figure out what the real truth deal is regarding “Zionists and neocons”?

                      Rule#1 in any fight against any enemy is to First Learn and Know whom and What that enemy is eh.

                      Equorial, you make many good replies here. Yet in some respects you have quite a long way to go on a few other issues it seems.

                      Maybe its just that a few certain issues like zios and truth about WWII Lies we all was taught being just massive Lies, for you, like for most usa folks are simply too difficult to consider?

                      but I 100% Guarentee you that if you ever take the time to spend a few hrs of research at actual real Truth teller websites on these major issues….That then Yes you will fully awaken and be more wized up than you ever were prior.

                      Check out a few good websites such as…

                      www dot codoh dot com

                      www dot realzionistnews dot com

                      Michael Hoffman/s website..
                      www dot revisionistreview dot com

                      and be Sure to check out SHTF Poster guy, JQP’s own webiste of…

                      www dot judaism is

                      And also website of former univ professor Kevin McDonald phd and has several great books that diasect and expose factual Truths regarding Black Vs white race issues and much more factual infos on Zionists and neocons etc.

                      All it takes is a few hrs a few times and your mind will literally explode with new info that forces one to have a huge Re-Think about aprox 98% of all they formerly thought they knew as truth and facts.

                      WWII issues are the most difficult to deal with due to so many of Us boomer gen had fathers and uncles that were in WWII and in Europe then. It is only natural to want to still believe all we was told or taught about them being americas Greatest Generation etc…They are/were our own fathers and uncles after all right.

                      But Facts and real truth Outweigh all forms emotional feel good thinking, and when it comes to WWII issues…

                      We in america have been taught to believe a massive huge Pile of outright falsehoods and abject Lies period.

                      Which the fed govnt and those ziojewry controlers that hyjacked usa govnt and tv news/newspapers and msms, have constantly used as a weapon to control us and our every thought or idea about Patriotism and americanism etc.

                      It has been used against Us in same ways british red coats and king of england did to so control a huge faction of americans in 1775 era too. But they back then had No internet and we do! Internet spells real facts and truth those TPTB are as yet unable to stiffe…For now and a short while longer anyways.

                      Yes I am aware most folks here and elsewheres do not wish to read nor hear such statements.

                      But for some few folks…Facts and real verrified vetted truths that cannot be any longer debated nor dismissed, are about The Only real issue that matters most, end of story…And from all you have wrote and I have read it All, You sound like the type guy who also desires truth even when it upsets whatever you prior thought was truth yet is now proven wrong or lies etc.

                      I have Many more great info website links incase you need more sites to peruse so just ask and I shall provide a few more.

      8. I don’t pretend to understand
        Ukraine and Russian mess.
        Two very good friends of mine
        both from Ukraine, one has a PHD,
        think America is a vulgar country.
        Mostly due to a $2000 emergency room bill
        for a daughter visiting from Ukraine.
        They have returned to Canada.
        They will not return to their
        For all the people I have worked with, and I’ve worked
        with people from all over the world.
        They all miss the point, our medical costs are so
        high because we allow Democrat lawyers to write all
        the laws. Repeal the laws, kill the Democrats and
        our medical will become cheap even paying a doctor $300,000
        which is more than fair!

        • Rellic:

          “kill the democrats”

          hegelian dialect

          Divide people. Men vs Women
          Young vs Old
          Rich vs Poor
          Black vs White
          Democrats vs Republicans
          Right vs Left

          The Communist Manifesto at work destroying

          We need a Revolution to take the Country back from
          the mostly J*wish Communists also called Globalists

          If anyone should be killed, might it be someone causing
          War, Poverty thru banking fraud, not your duped fellow citizenry


      9. Don’t feed or poke the BEAR!!!! STUPID!!!!!

        I hope we have a few days before it spills over to the rest of the world. This will give us time to get better prepped!!! (I hope)


        • What I fear, is that when this breaks out, Israel will launch a few US Nukes at the US (false Flag), to draw in public support for their stupidity, and more perpetual war.

          USS Liberty… comes to mind. Never underestimate psychopaths thought processes.


          • How do you false flag a missile launch location? Secondarily, I don’t think Israel has ICBMs.

            • Kevin JFK was murdered because of his brutal fight with Israeli p.m. (((David Ben-Gurian))) over (((Israel))) having nuke weapons. JFK was adamantly opposed to them. After his murder LBJ dropped any opposition… he was a yuge kissass of (((Israel))). Do NOT ever forget the USS Liberty attack in June of 1967…

              • The reasons for JFKs assassination were many and sufficient enough to enlist the voluntary support of many that actually considered themselves patriots. MIC wanted him out, CIA wanted him out, high military brass wanted him out, Federal Reserve wanted him out. This was internal.

            • “I don’t think Israel has ICBMs.”

              Are you serious Keven2???

              After years of denial … the US Gov has already openly made it public that Israel has NUKES … how do they know? … Cuz we the US GOV supplied them.

              It’s not a Conspiracy … it’s a damn fact!

              Out of most of the people here … I thought you knew this kind of information.

              • FTW

                “Are you serious Keven2”


                Do you know what an ICBM is? Its an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. Not a ballistic missile, not a cruise missile but an ICBM with 15,000 mile range. You can hide a nuclear warhead but you don’t hide an ICBM. No ICBM,no global reach of the nuclear weapon.

                I’m sure Israel has no ICBMs because if they did their presence is undeniable. Does Israel have nuclear weapons. Absolutely, its believed to have 150 or so. Are they on ballistic missiles in Israel’s inventory? Very high probability, virtually a certainly. Can these reach the US? No as that would be a large, can’t be hid, ICBM.

                Someone stated that Israel would do a false flag and send a nuclear missile to the US.

                I have to ask myself a question, “Why do I bother to reply to that which is absolutely foolish”?

                • Israels Jericho II, their best missile that entered service in 2011 has a 4500 mile range making it a quasi Intercontinental Ballistic Missile being able to strike Europe and Asia. The closest point in the US is Miami which is 6500 miles away. Its therefore not a true ICBM .

                  No Israel cannot strike the US with a missile and its impossible to “False Flag” an ICBM launch. Satellites would pinpoint the launch location long before it broke out of the atmosphere.

                  • Kevin2: Yes that difference of ICBM type Nuke missles is correct.

                    However what about the SIX New Nuke Powered and Nuke armed capable brand New Submarines Israel Now Has thanks to Angela merkels idiocy, and her abject total support for her very Own tribal cousins aka ziojew-Kommies in israel and NY and wherever else they lurk like Viper Snakes in the Grass?

                    Israels lack of ability to Launch nuke missles at usa or canada etc, is Precicely the reason israel and Nuttyahoo and his Likud party of demonic Fanatical loons so desired Nuke Subs! And Now israel has SIX such subs!

                    So…Now, Today and for the future…Israel and fanatics like Nuttyahoo and his tribe can use their “Samson Option” Threat that has always been used to create an atmosphere of Fear and terror against the entire EU nation states…

                    Against the ENTIRE Worlds nations! Includeing USA and Mexico and Canada and litterally everywheres on the planet.

                    Folks that so fear Iran or other arab states and muslims etc…Have simply greatly lacked in their research studies, for they obviously have never yet discovered what a massive huge global threat is posed by Israel possessing Nuke missels and Now SIX Nuke Subs thanks to Merkel, whom also forced germany to Pay for at least 75% total sub costs!

                    Just more Ongoing Holohoax Cash Cow industrial sized WWII reperations?..or much more nefarious evils by Merkel on behalf of her True tribe members eh? She’s been selling Out EU peoples ever since she was a young Teen working For the east german Stasi-jewdeobolshevik Kommies as their secret Teen agent to foment Unpatriotism within European folks. Look Up Merkels devious resume.

        • Sgt. the russians would probably save us lol. Get rid of the kazzar mafia clowns and all the free shit army pieces of crap. Trust me I would probably rather live under russian govt. than what we are going to have in the near future!

          • It’s unfortunate that Russia does not have the climate like Tahiti … but … as a Northerner … a little extra cold winters wouldn’t bother me so much.

            I’m sure I could adjust just fine!

          • Genius, uh, be careful what you wish for. Political and economic conditions in Russia right now are starting to resemble conditions under Soviet rule. Russia is headed back in that direction.

            • Genius

              Don’t be so fast with that thought. Your better off here. You spoke about the near future. All I want is a future and in that regard the US is the aggressor at the bidding of TPTB / Globalists. We need a war like we need a second rectum.

            • Sources? I see no such info in any of mine…

      10. Load up on vodka….before the Russian incursion.

        • Vodka?

          Genius & FTW have something better for our visitors.

          We’ll have our stills running 100+ Moonshine for our guest.
          It’s only appropriate … cuz nobody else will stand up to our Government … may as well keep our guest happy while they clean up our political system.

      11. NATO – Dumb and Dummer Part WW3

        ~WWTI… Russia will destroy NATO.. Shall we take bets.. in 3 days, a week, 10 days? And that will be Putin’s finest hour.

        • Russia would desire a limited campaign keeping it in the Ukraine. The political ideology of communism is gone. Having its forces there is a home field advantage. Once secured the entire world will look at the US response and if it looks like the US will commit forces I see the NATO alliance completely fragmenting as European nation upon nationwide say, “Leave us out of this”. No one wants WWIII over this. The political fall out will greatly contain TPTB globalist expansion. I then expect China to secure her own oil resources within arms reach.

          The above is the potential military play. The economic ramifications in a world already fragile is frightening. One can bet on a global market crash with a suspension in trading. I suspect a massive injection of liquidity would follow. This would be the preverbal “black swan event” or the straw, lets say tree trunk, that breaks the camels back.

          If a single nuclear weapon is used its the game changer.

          • K2, a definate game changer. But the asslicking yes men in the military will do as told because they are exactly what they were described by the secretary of state many years ago… “dumb stupid animals that are used as pawns in foriegn policy” Remember that quote? These dumb assed animals obviously need someone to order them around as long as they believe it’s for the country (which they are too stupid to figure out that it’s not). Get your nationalism on for the globalist cabal so you too can be a piece of shit cannon fodder for the elite control you bitch about! Sign up your kids too you stupid mutherfookers because you deserve what your going to get!

          • Kevin2, uh, communism is not TOTALLY gone, unfortunately. Within the past 5 years, the Russian parliament has been enacting draconian legislation very similar to what the Soviets had. To some degree, conditions in Russia today have already gone back to something similar to the soviet era. I can’t picture Ukraine having either the mentality or the resources to carry out what Putin claims they did but I can certainly picture Putin carrying out a false-flag in crimea. I still believe he carried out false-flags in certain parts of Ukraine in the aftermath of the Maidan Revolution. while true that an elected president was overthrown, he was also a president who was PRO-RUSSIAN AND BETRAYING UKRAINE TO PUTIN. HE WAS GOING AGAINST THE INTERESTS OF THE UKRAINIAN PEOPLE WHO SIMPLY WANTED TO BE LEFT ALONE AND HAVE THEIR OWN FREE AND SOVEREIGN NATION, FREE FROM RUSSIAN DOMINATION. I see Russia as the instigators here. I don’t think they’ve changed much from the soviet era.

            • “communism is not TOTALLY gone”

              What do you can the central economic control that has for all intent and purpose is running the US economy? Interest rates are divorced from the capitalist supply and demand. EQ with fiat currency has been directly injected into the financial sector. None of this is capitalism. Hell Russia is more capitalist.

              Want some social issues? Need I say the absolute evisceration of the 4th Amendment. The blatant disregard of the rule of law.


              That wasn’t an internal coup. That was a Soros sponsored globalist takeover. Hell the Ukraine had free elections.Don’t you think that before people go to a coup they would try the election process first? Connect the dots. TPTB are attempting to economically destroy Russia in Syria with the gas pipeline. Think this is about some white hat US guy selling freedom? Come on, spare me. Its about those natural gas pipelines and secondary bottling up the Russian navy. The Ukraine makes a fortune off of those natural gas lines. Thats not domination, thats income.


                If someone wants a Free and Sovereign nation keep the hell away from the US. Read, “Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man” it was best seller. Think Gadaffi or Saddam were, “Free to trade their oil in something other than US dollars”? When the US wants to attack a “Sovereign Nation” like Libya or drops bombs, uninvited in Syria in violation of international law the UN does nothing. Despite the speeches given by foreign leaders for their own public consumption the votes in the UN go our way. Free? Sovereign? Spare me. If they don’t the IMF, the bank of TPTB, turn the screws. If all else fails there is a convenient coup. Worst case they look up and see F15s overhead and US Marines at their feet.

                OBTW why did the US invade Iraq? Why did the US use its air power to assist AQ, those 911 guys, to overthrow Gadaffi? Tell me please. Explain to me how the US protects nations sovereignty.

              • Communism is not gone. Consider for one that Putin is an Ex-KGB man so there ya go regarding communism. (He’s all for it). There is much of Russia who are also “all for it” and just may invoke a return (why, is beyond me).

                Just have them keep their missiles in their bays. (Except it appears they’ve just been taken out and transported for usage). Will they? Of course!

                I wonder how many of our boots he’d end up getting, if any?

                • Do you understand that communism isn’t goose-stepping soldiers in red square but rather state control of the means of production? No communism is by by in Russia but I can’t say the same for its inroads in the US.

                  • Equorial: About the Only folks in russia now that still desire a return to old kommie soviet era ways….Are those folks in russia that nake up the portion which still remains of the Prior aprox 8.5 to 10-Million jewish folks…but Today they number only around 290,000 Tops.

                    And most of that number of jewish russians still there are also full blown Kommies in same way as the usa tribe members here are. On avg each usa election while blacks vote at aprox 95+% Dem libs, the usa jewish voter base has aprox 87% always vote dem libs everytime.

                    They are about the only remaining portion of russia that wishes a return to soviet jewdeokommie era.

                    You and Braveheart Must stop getting russia infos from various Mainstream websites and TV news like fox tv!

                    And by Mainstream Websites I Mean sites such as WND and Hodges, and Brietbart…Those wbsites are all gatekeepers in Cahoots with zionists and jewry and israel in general period.

                    They are the exact same controled opposition websites at work for neocon war mongers and israel etc as compared to how all them Other liberal gatekepper sites such as Huffpo and CNN and MSNBC et al act only for dem lib marxist leftists.

                    it all sums up to BOTH type mainstream websites, rightwing and leftwing act in Favor of JWO-NWO agendas and on behalf of israel state and the tribe that inhabits it and are also located in NY and Chicago and FLA as far as usa tribe goes.

                    I prior posted several great truth teller wbsites web address’s closer to Top of This forums replies…USE those sites and Learn Real facts and Truths eh!

                  • Equatorial & Braveheart1776

                    Communism is gone in Russia as the means of production is not under state control and is falling into oligarchical hands (the rule of a few). Their oligarchs, consolidating power desire to merge with ours who have already achieved virtual omnipotent control. The Russian people are having their hands full with corruption. Any of this look familiar? Putin has personal bodyguards as he fights with their version of the Bulderbergs and Trilateral Commission types; gets he looked at JFK.

                    Many confuse totalitarianism with communism. The boot on humanity’s face is far more likely contain a fascist foot in the future due to the inherent economic flaws in the communist system which significantly reduces productivity. Communism, “From them according to their means to them according to their needs” has failed.

                    I learned a lot about the life of people in their system from my friends wife that lived for 20 years under communism. Yes many Russians, especially older ones, like the warm and fuzzy subsidized care the state provided. The youth like the possibility of economic gain. Did you know that there are monuments all over that were built under the Soviet times to the Great Patriotic War that all have three flags, USSR, US and UK? The Soviet kids were taught about the great help the US and UK gave the USSR in defeating the NAZI’s. Imagine building a monument in the US in say 1965 and fly a Soviet flag over it?

            • Again love to see your sources. Not the picture I’m getting of Russia from mine. Try New Eastern Outlook, Zero Hedge, The Burning Platform…

              • Or try talking to someone who lives and works there from time to time.

      12. How can any Ukrainian STAND the presence of a Jew?
        HOLODOMOR : The famine-genocide of Ukraine, 1932-1933. In June of 1933, at the height of The Holodomor, 28,000 men, women and children in Ukraine were dying each day. The intenttions were clear, genocide of the CHRISTIAN peasants. Holodomor is the name given to the mass starvation in the Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33. Occurring between the Russian Revolution and the Second World War …
        The Great Purge under Stalin 1937-38. … the Great Purge encompassed the entire Soviet Union and all categories of people. Out of 388 members of the new revolutionary government in Russia, only sixteen were real Russians. “Apart from one negro,” we are told, “the rest were Jews.”
        Of the 502 highest officers of the 1917 First Soviet Socialist Government, 467 were Jews. Alexandr Solzenitzyn writes in his last book on the history of Russia that the Jews murdered over 66 million Russians. Marx, Engels, Trotsky, Bakunum, Lenin, Stalin, Kruschev, and others were all Jews by two or at least one parent. All the prison camps, torture chambers, gulags, etc were all commanded and run by Jews.
        The Jews’ 1933 declaration of war on Germany was no mere bluff or empty threat. Jews were an active internal enemy. At home, alert Germans had already seen the bloody Jewish revolution of 1918-1919 that installed the secessionist Judeo-Communist Bavarian Soviet Republic. While Germany was trying to fight World War 1, subversive Jewish revolutionaries like Kurt Eisner, Gustav Landauer, Ernst Toller, and Eugen Leviné were murdering innocent Germans at home. By the time the Jews formally declared war on Germany in 1933, Germans had already seen millions die in the Jewish-led-and-funded Communist revolutions of the early twentieth century in Russia, Hungary, Bavaria, and elsewhere in Europe. There was a holocaust of over 60 million at the hands of Judeo-Bolshevism.
        To understand the ancient historical pattern of Jewish subversion and treachery, see Dr. E. Michael Jones’ thoroughly referenced and authoritative 1,200 page book The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History, ISBN 9780929891071.

        • Excellent comments, also since 1889 the reference to 6 million Jews is found in newspapers for decades before the Nazis came to power… more food for thought. When (((the tribe))) control the media, what do you expect?

          • Chaufeur: Yes that is 100% correct factual info about when the very First newspapers referenced that famous “Sacred” Six-Million holohoax number!

            I have located a website, several in fact, that have posted up scanned actual orig copies from newspaper archives, and library archives that show Headlines which claim “SIX Million Jews holacausted dead” and some also claim “A Soon to be reality Holacaust of SIX Million jews”, unless American and European patriotic folks donate $35-Million us dollars asap fast, or else in Less than Two weeks from Today ALL Six Million will be Dead in a firey holocaust event”

            Those wbsites have posted up at least a DOZEN such headlined newspapers that show actual papers date at top of page next to headlines, and the dates of said newspapers editions date as Far back as 1868!!

            And at Least a dozen to Two dozen such differant dates are shown! it avgerages that one such Fear of six million dead holohoaxed jews has been publsihed in TOP Major usa and euro papers, every aprox 5 to 8 yrs or so!

            up untill it finally stopped around 1945 when WWII ended!

            You can even Read the actual articles that came with headlines if you squint your eyes a bit.

            Maybe can enlarge font size also eh?

            So..Either its all been a huge pack of lies and hoaxes?

            OR..Somehow, while every eras jewish almanac census numbers that always state a total Worldwide POP of jewish folk at between 14 to never more than 15-Million Total alive at same time in entire world…

            They somehow have had a Grand total of Six Million Times at least Two dozen holocaust events! Which would add up to,…Between 70+ to over 100+ Million jews alive at same time in world eh?

            So which Is it already? Abject Lies and Fear mongerings? or Simply Bad Fuzzy Math by jewry that claims to be worlds most highly intelligent beings?

            Because both cannot be truth correct!

            When the Hell are folks ever going to awaken and wize up to all their massive lies and hoaxes eh? Is it really Too much to ask for?…”Know the TRUTH and it shall Set You Free!…Jesus, whom so many duped folks claims to trust and believe in eh…So whats their holdup on These truths?

            PC correctness and the big Taboo subject? Come On already folks. Wakey wakey time for whiteys.

            • Them Guys & Chauffeur:

              I’m not sure what or where but I believe the TALMUD prophesizing that Six Million J*ws would die by fire prior to the return to Isreal. Also, the “real” Messiah must come prior to the J*ws return to Isreal. The fact that neither requirement was fulfilled proves the lack of sincerity these so called J*ws demonstrate even to their own belief system. Since most are atheists, I guess their Holy Books are only useful as propaganda aimed at nonj*ws.

              I Believe it has been useful in controlling their own population. Most or many have also been duped keeping them fearful and hate filled toward nonJ *ws.

              It is mind control and almost like a spell in witchcraft, it can be broken. But fear and intimidation renews the spell and Sleeping Beauty drifts back into a coma. “Anti-Semite” works that magic.


      13. The meme, “Unintended Consequences ” comes to mind when Nuland was involved.

      14. Putin is facing off with the weakest president in US history. If there’s anything Putin wants, now is the time to take it, and he will.

        Obama is a joke that no one even finds funny.

        • Obama is just another butt puppet. Blah blah blah, blame the poopet for everything like a good little brainwashed fool thinking you have a voice or your opinion matters. Get out and make your vote and voice count! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 😛

          • “Obama is just another butt puppet.”

            That means FAGGOT to those who may not know the “butt puppet” terminology.


        • Presidents are salesmen employed by TPTB that have some capacity to sweeten a deal or put some sand in the gears. If they get too far off the reservation or lose their salesmanship ability with the public they have a single term. If they can sell snake oil and get the public to buy it they are considered great. Bill Clinton is the most revered snake oil salesmen in recent history feeding the middle class feces, telling them its pudding, and getting them to ask for seconds.

        • Plan twice, prep once

          You desire to die over Syria or the Ukraine? You desire, even if its very limited, to have US military personnel die over it? What skin in the game does the US public have?

          • War is not the only tool available to a president. The USSR was brought down without firing a shot.

            Obama is getting American soldiers killed in his adventures all over the Middle East and Africa, but to no positive effect, except the Islamic world is more united in their hate of America than ever before.

            Obama has toppled numerous governments and left those nations in total chaos.

            • Many of the tools employed to destroy a nation don’t even come from either politics or military but rather economic. Russia derives over 50% of its income from energy sales. Manipulate that driving the price down and a government dependent upon it withers. This cannot be accomplished for too long as friend and foe alike can feel the same pinch. The IMF is certainly used as a political / economic weapon.

              The USSR’s fall was hastened but in the end communism has systemic failures in both productivity and invention that dooms it. I believe that by 1970 or so the USSR new they couldn’t compete with the west but their system kept too many in power living large. It would have eventually collapsed by its own weight. The 1980s arms build up was just a catalyst.

              • Obama has sought to remake America into a socialist state. Obama’s biggest coup was ObamaCare, which by any financial measure is failing as we speak.

                The USSR lasted a half century. Obama’s great experiment into socialism is crashing as we speak. Just 7 years and it’s all crashing around Obama.

      15. Wonder if Putin would let me emigrate to Russia. I think I’d rather be ruled by a right-wing nationalist, than a left-wing traitor.!!!!

        • J

          Obama isn’t ruling you. TPTB are ruling you.

          Putin is no saint. Don’t think for a second that Russia is preferable to the US for living. Messing with Russia for the sake of global corporations control, putting the world at great danger is not in mine or your best interest. Far too much American blood has been spilled for the sake of international business interests that have zero concern for any nation. At one time it was said, “Americas business is business”. That ended when “American Business” became multi national and the only thing American about is when they need an enforcer to thump some nation or other. They keep the US as vibrant as it is so they can have that enforcer. The US is Frank Nitti, “Nice country you have here, wouldn’t want to see anything happen to it”. Locusts.

      16. this site is a joke!

      17. The conflict in the Ukraine was only started because Russia was helping Syria to defend itself when Israel was looking to grab some land along with Turkey.

        Now the banker puppets in the USA are trying to tell Russia who can and cannot fly in the skys over Syria as the Russians drop bombs on ISIS who the americans are backing in the region.

        Don’t blame russia when it’s forced to shoot down american jet fighters that have no legal right to be flying let alone bombing in the skys above Syria.

        Jewamericans are forcing Europe and Russia into a conflict but you might see a quick kiss and make “Love not war” if the gloves come off and then who will help the trouble makers of the world to start more trouble.

      18. These Mid east region wars will never stop untill Israel can Grab all those lands which make up the biblical referenced lands of the old testement as told to abraham etc. That is precicely what the Two Blue Lines at top and bottem of Israels State Flag represent.

        Each blue line at top and bottom of their flag represents one of the Two rivers spoken of biblically 4,000 yrs ago.

        Mid east Lands Now occupied and owned by aprox 500-Million arabs and similar to arabs folk.

        And to israelies and nuttyahoo and his NY cousin tribal folks here in usa, political dual citizens here, and in London and in various EU areas now, the FACT that all that stuff biblically about Land promices to abraham etc were totally Negated Via ancient israels tribes refusal to Obey their covenant they made with God with Moses help at Mt Siani some 4,000+ yrs ago! They all fully Ignore as fact!

        They LONG ago Blew it totally for any/all prior promiced land grabs or possessions and any so called world rulership by jewry period.

        But unfortunatly for every non jewish Goyim on earth, that is the one thing or part of that old covenant todays jewry refuses to aknoweledge at all.

        Its also why thay have so Bribed and funded so many usa pastors and churches to continue to promote total falshoods and propagandas of how all those OT promices etc are still as 100% valid today as were back when first spoken of 4,000+ yrs ago.

        What we now need badly is for the people that belong to such churches and pastors to fully awaken and re-think it all by use of their Own minds, and not just keep believeing whatever apostate pastors promote as truth which is total Falsehoods galore.

        most all we see happen today and all our prior lifetimes by israel and jewry in general would not be possible if said dupes would simply awaken to hese facts. Their unlimmted defense of all issues jewry Are the Glue that keeps these phony quests and demonic activities going.

        Goats that think they are christians eh. Wake up already!

        • Them Guys:

          This Superiority Complex is hard to fight. I have observed what some psychologists call projection is heavily practiced by J*ws. It is also a strategy. They are Supremists,so, in order to deflect attention away from themselves; they accuse Whites of being Supremists. I read a secret paper classified which said the J*ws needed a distraction away from the countless atrocities being commited by them, including murdering the Royal family, starving seven million in Ukraine, murdering and horrifically torturing many millions of Priests, intellectuals, white Christians, and Germans; they would need an “atrocity”. The secret paper used that word, “atrocity”. Is this the birth of the Six Million gas chamber genocide and tales of brutality at the hands of Germans. I believe it is and was the reason for the Holocaust hoax. It was in Russia that a genocidal purge and terrible brutality took place. The Germans are the scapegoat. There was an actual Olympic sized swimming pool in the work camp. The Germans did everything they could to accommodate the people in those camps. But the J*ws needed a distraction; they needed an “atrocity”. If they couldn’t find one, they would have to create one. Voila, 6million.


      19. The Russians have been invading for years…just ask Joe Biden’s son Hunter, he was appointed to the board of directors of Burima, one of Ukraine’s largest energy companies, just after he was kicked out of the Navy reserves for testing positive for cocaine.

        Maybe if Russia keeps invading, Hunter Biden can get into the ukrainian navy!

      20. Please do some home work and search the web for “MH17 evidence shows two Ukrainian fighters” …tied to… “Biden’s Son Ukraine Oil Deal (May 2014)”
        Better vote for TRUMP…!!!

      21. The Ukrainian’s own Air-force shot down the MH17 based on evidence of photos and testimony from pilots. This was a few months after VP Biden’s Son secured a huge Ukraine Oil Deal (May 2014). Hillary must have taught Joe how to be so corrupt.
        Better vote for TRUMP…!!!

      22. While the lies continue from the Administration, the facts also remain: Obama, Biden, McCain, Kerry and Clinton are responsible for the riots in Kiev and the over throw of the legally elected president. The flag was when the president decided to trade with Russia instead of the US. Prior to the chaos, while poor, Uke was stable with stable corruption. The people changed the government, not foreign countries.The US certainly changed all of that. They established a Nazi leaning president, with his hirelings wearing Nazi arm bands around Kiev. The list of atrocities would fill a book, from child crucifixions and destruction of villages to the murder of men on the streets who resisted the military. Obama and his goons have provided millions in guns, ammo, rockets, drones and machinery- still helping the military industrial complex survive until the big war. Many more millions have been sent in cash, pocketed by the president- a drunk and dope head. While, as usual, Russian assistance has been ignored. Hundreds of semi-tractor trailers, on at least four different occasions, have provided humanitarian aid, medicine, baby formula and food for the staving. These were handed directly to the people to counter the black market of the government. Today, insulin and antibiotics and many foods are not available in Ukraine, even Odessa, a city of over one million people. In the last decade, Ukraine has lost almost 19 million people from its population.
        Thanks Obama, Muslim Brotherhood friend, Arabian Prince wannabe and liar in chief. (Friends and family in Ukraine)

      23. Ron:

        Someone in the year 2016 wearing a Nazi arm band and crucifying children. Russian J*ws in the Katlyn Forrest took uniforms off dead Germans then butchered their victims so Grrman Nazies would be blamed. Which they were. Only J*ws perform the ritual murder of Christian children by crucifixion.
        Obama is a Zionist J*w.


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