The Scamdemic Continues: Most “COVID Patients” In The UK Are Hospitalized For Something Else

by | Jan 29, 2022 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    This scamdemic is going to continue until we decide enough is enough. Most of the “COVID patients” in hospitals in the United Kingdom have been hospitalized for something other than COVID-19.  The “deadly” disease was only discovered by routine testing.

    About 52% of people counted as Covid-19 patients in England aren’t actually in the hospital because of the virus. They were admitted for treatment of other medical conditions and only tested positive during routine screening. likely using tests specifically designed to show up as positive.

    The latest government figures show that, as of Tuesday, 6,767 of the 13,023 patients reported as having Covid-19 were being treated principally for unrelated health issues. The incidental case rate, reflecting hospital patients who didn’t even know they had the virus, is at its highest level since such breakdowns were made available last June and has doubled since the beginning of December.

    The UK was averaging about 145,000 new COVID-19 cases daily and set an all-time high in the first week of January, up more than fourfold from before Omicron emerged in late November. However, deaths from the virus have averaged just 230 per day in the past week, down 80% from the peak level seen in January 2021, according to a report by RT

    The same thing is happening in Canada. Nearly half of Ontario’s “COVID-19 patients” were admitted for reasons unrelated to the virus. Of the 3,220 people hospitalized with Covid-19 in the province, 54% were admitted because of the virus, Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott said on Tuesday. The other 46% were at hospitals for medical treatments unrelated to the pandemic, but they tested positive for the virus.

    This scamdemic will never end until we all just obey, comply, and take the shots our masters are desperate to get into us.

    Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

    Those who are asymptomatic, not showing symptoms, and go to the hospital for another clear cause, are now called “incidental cases.”

    Among Ontario’s intensive-care patients with COVID-19, about 17% are incidental cases, Elliott said. More than 70% of patients were fully vaccinated against the virus before being hospitalized. A further 5.4% had received one jab, while the remaining 24% were unvaccinated. Nearly 45% of Covid-19 patients in intensive-care units were unjabbed. More than 88% of Ontario residents are fully vaccinated against the virus.

    It’s nice to see, that based solely on the data being provided by the governments of the world, these “vaccines” are far from effective. But they’ve come out and told us that now anyway.

    CDC Director: “What Vaccines Can’t Do Anymore Is Prevent Transmission”


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      1. UK huh, must be in the hospital for their bad teeth.

      2. As you correctly mentioned:
        The incidental case rate, reflecting hospital patients who didn’t even know they had the virus.

        Phony 19 is so deadly,
        noone has any idea
        they even have it.

      3. UK, Denmark, and some other countries are doing away altogether with covid restriction BS. OH but not the US or Kanuduh! At least Canada has some balls with the trucker thing. I’m waiting for the new “monkey” virus BS to arrive on the scene. What a coincidence huh? I figured smallpox would be the next accidental leak and bought a bunch of herbal extract to prevent it (took almost 2 months from india fook). Ebola again mixed with it. This shit will never end until these pricks are no longer living. I;m halfway a hermit as it is since retirement and doing things to make my own food. I found some things called grow bags on ebay. They are fabric bags that hold soil like a pot but made of fabric that breathes. Cheaper than plastic pots too and promote much better root growth. Impossible to overwater because excess just drains out. Imma get a bunch and use them (reusable forever) for my taters and root veggies. My hydrogarden has had a few sprouts but mostly still sittin there. I think I need to pre sprout them. As far as the soil grow bags The hydro nutrient I have is supposed to be good for potted plants too and it’s damm cheap! The native soil here is sheet! I made a raised bed once but weeds, bugs etc. made it too much of a pain. It did make some GIGANTIC zuccini though. It took 2 pallets of garden soil to fill that fooker so maybe I will pull all weeds/plants out and shovel it into 55gallon steel barrels and cook it with my weedburner to sterilize it then add compost and hydro fertilizer. What a pain. But hey check out those grow bags! 6 3 gallon bags for like 12 bucks. They make 1-10 gallon bags. They have handles and some have side opening so you can check yer stuff. Very cool and much better than plastic pots.

        • If your doing hydrogardening I would recommend usin a 50/50 mix of garden soil and coconut coir. Using just coconut coir (like the directions told me) makes a very moist almost mud substance. The coir is a great absorber and wick for water but maybe too much.

        • I’ll have to check those grow bags out, thanks for the tip. I grow a big garden every year, mostly in the ground. I line in central Arizona, the soil is acidic here from pine trees and not the greatest, so you have to doctor it up a bit. I’ve had great luck adding mushroom compost to the soil, you can get bags of it cheap at Home Depot. I add that as the majority, also Kellogg’s gardening soil,compost,steer manure, gypsum,a little peat moss and sprinkle around some powdered Dr. Earth fertilizer. Had a great garden last year despite the elevation here (5500′) and a short growing season.

        • Nobody in the UK is following the Covid rules, and that is a fact from the Prime Minister on down.

          As for the NHS, it has always been badly run – they can’t even get the staff to take the vaccine!!

          The Government pretends to fight the pandemic and the population pretends to observe the health measures. Hmmmm?? It sounds a bit like the Soviet Union in its last days.

      4. Layne Staley one said “ And its over now” !!!!!
        R.I.P Layne!

      5. I read the last part of the article 3X and still couldn’t make heads or tails of those numbers. Can it be any more confusing??

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