The Ruling Class Deploys “Response Teams” To “Help” With The “Delta Variant”

by | Jul 3, 2021 | Headline News | 38 comments

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    The fear-mongering is never-ending at this point. The propaganda is only ramping up each day.  Now, the rulers are deploying “response teams” all over the United States to help fight the “dangerous delta variant.”

    Their message is clear. Be afraid. Stay afraid. And in your ignorant panic infested world, allow us to rule over you. They are continuing to keep the scam going by putting on whatever show they can. Now, it’s “response teams.”

    According to a report by state puppet propaganda outlet CNBC, the teams are comprised of officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other federal agencies. They will “work with communities” at higher risk of experiencing outbreaks, officials told reporters. And remember who is at “higher risk” according to the master: the un-“vaccinated.”

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    Most of us have already figured out that this COVID scam was never a “war on a virus” but a war on humanity. White House Covid czar Jeff Zients said during a White House news briefing on the pandemic: “To be clear, the federal government stands ready to meet the moment and work with our state partners to respond to the delta variant.”

    The teams will also increase testing (which is inaccurate 100% of the time) to expand detection of the virus (which hasn’t been isolated), facilitate contact tracing (mass surveillance and spying), and provide therapeutics  (experimental gene therapy) to help treat those who become infected, he said, adding the government is ready to provide additional personnel.

    There are 1,000 counties in the U.S. that have vaccination coverage of less than 30%, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said at the briefing. These counties, primarily in the South and Midwest, are the most vulnerable to the variant, she said. They are determined to stoke the fear. The best defense, is to be unafraid and continue to ask questions and speak truth to power.

    “As we continue to work with communities across the country to get more shots in arms, we will also be working with governors and state and local health authorities to identify and address the needs on the ground in places with emergency outbreaks,” Zients said. Their goal is not to help anyone, it is to get as many humans possible shot up with whatever is in those COVID-19 “vaccines.”  That has become all too clear for those really paying attention.

    “We need to vaccinate now. I mean get everyone vaccinated now because these mutations are going to continue to occur,” said Dr. Paul Offit, a pediatrician and vaccine advocate who has served on advisory panels for both the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration. It’s only July but “as we head into the fall and early winter you’re going to see a surge and there are too many people in this country who are still unvaccinated.”

    And that’s probably going all be made up and blasted all over the TV to try to convince those who are still “hesitant” to get the “vaccine.”

    This “delta variant” rhetoric is getting intense and they are continuing to lie and scare the public.  Stay prepared.  We should all be ready for anything at this point.  There is no telling what the rulers will do as the slaves begin to put two and two together. If there’s any chance that they cannot pull off this “delta variant” scam, they will try something else, and we should be watching because it may actually be real and sinister this time.

    Keep honing those critical thinking skills.


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      1. I think if any one of those “teams” comes anywhere near me,they really aren’t
        going to like my “response”.

        • Open fire!!! Ready on the left? Ready on the right? You may commence firing when your “able” target appears…..

      2. Totally unfair how they’ve
        singled out only Delta!
        I mean, why not go after
        all of the airlines????

      3. Dr. Peter McCullough, a well renowned consultant cardiologist and Vice Chief of Medicine at Baylor University said today that the CDC people WILL NOT take the vaccine themselves, they KNOW the harm it does, and yet they push it on everyone else. He said something sinister going on.

        It is obvious the CDC is under the Shadow Cabal and wants people dead, sterile, and incapacitated.

        When the days ahead come, like in the fall when covid erupts again, this country and parts of the world will turn to chaos when many vaccinated start dying unable to fight it off like in the animals studies. Be prepared!

        • Agenda 21 is going on.

          • Yes Jim – You are right
            Its amazing to me that the elite tells us what they are doing and the stupid American public does not believe them.

            I say if you are stupid enough to get the jab – do not bitch to me later.
            None of my children or grandchildren are getting jab
            Ivermectin – cheap, safe and highly effective for the virus and other ailments

          • The skill I’m honing is marksmanship. I can inject lead at hundreds of yards into response teams.

            • Try being realistic and you will probably be more effective and more likely to actually end up walking the way you are talking.

              • They’re called “keyboard cowboys” for a reason.

      4. Damn, where’s Chuck Norris when you need him? Wasn’t he in that Delta Force movie?

      5. D.oubt

      6. The fear mongering and lies by the psychos continue.
        One basic question comes to mind: How do you get so many “variants” of a “virus” which itself was never isolated/proven to exist
        in the first place??

        • The CIA propaganda units – that’s how; you know, CNN, FOX, CBS, ABC, et. al.

      7. One has to truly wonder
        about something:
        If any one of us were to ever attempt to climb the massive
        pile of lies heaped upon all
        of us ever since this covid
        scamdemic began – would
        we ever reach the top?

      8. I wonder if the vax is effective against the AK Variant?

        • AK variant works on all problems medical or otherwise. They better stay out of my neighborhood, they would sustain injury for pushing the jab.

          • Better still, when they come to your neighborhood, surround them, inject them and expel them.

            Problem solved.

        • The new patriot AK or AR copper and lead response anti-variant, targets the lying scum spot on, killing all scum, like Splat!!! 200 Villagers in India run to the river and jump in to avoid force vaccinations lol

          The deep state is in panic mode, their scams are not flying, too many informed persons now calling out their BS, and and lies. MSM lie TV viewership Ratings are plummeting like a body slam into turnbuckle. Oh yeah!!!

          This new FAKE Space Alien invasion was to dupe the gullible religious folks claiming it as Jebus returning. Falls flat. No proof just holograms pointed into the night clouds to look like flying saucers, to dupe gullible idiots.

      9. How about get rid of democracy altogether because democracy does NOT protect rights? All democracy does is insure the will of the majority no matter how willfully stupid and ignorant…and right violating…that majority is.

        • And the will of the many turns out to be the will of the few (one).

        • America is not a democracy. It is a republic. LOOK IT UP!!

        • Here, Want the truth?
          Washington DC’s 10 Square miles is the HQ for the illegal United States Corporation hatched in 1871, through the Corporation act of 1871, and owned and controlled by foreign owner entities such as the British Crown, who illegally threw out the original Constitution of the Republic. Since then, they have borrowed foreign money with illegal interest, and used the good faith of the US Citizens as the debtors through the use of Social Security Numbers and are the Tax Debt Slaves to pay it back. Once Trump is installed back as President, due to Biden’s Election fraud, Trump will declare this illegal US Corporation bankrupt and dissolve the corporation and declare the US National Debt as all illegal. The current stimulus money printing is the big wealth transfer back to the American people as we deserve, and everybody needs to quickly convert these fake money fiat dollars into hard assets before this fake currency becomes worthless. All Federal IRS Tax Debts will be declared illegal and wiped out for the real reset, as the United States will return back to the original Constitution of 1781 under our Republic, and all the current traitors and treasonous politicians will be executed. This current National Debt and money printing means nothing, because the private corporation Federal Reserve will be holding the debt and Trump will tell them to go pound sand. Get ready for the most epic transformation in US history that is about to be revealed and carried out. And you heard it here first,… Cheers. Stay Positive, there will be some pain, but the best is yet to come. Don’t blink. The Public schools do not teach you this info. TharSheBlows, WhoWuddaThunkIt, been here on SHTF Plan since 2010.

          • So … you believe your hero Trump will set this all to rights when he is reinstated?

            Would that be the same Trump that gave a billion dollars to Bill Gates (GAVI) to develop the kill shot? Would that be the same Trump that’s asking his supporters to take the kill shot? Trump may not be a murderous, drooling pedophile but he is most certainly a murderer. You sure you want this deep state trash back ruling this country?

            It’s time to take a broom to federal (and State) politicians and the bureaucracy that supports them.

      10. The MSM (including Newsmax this morning) is reporting that 99 per cent of patients in hospitals with covid are unvaccinated. This does not jive with what we read on Natural Health and other alternative media. We need clear information and science truth, documented studies with full references from Dr. McCullough and others. We aren’t seeing hundreds dying from the vaccine when exposed to covid or variants yet. So what is the true defense for unvaccinated citizens? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t trust mRNA instruction to cells and adenovirus injection of spike proteins either. We need more facts.

        • Newsmax has been compromised with the rest of the deniers of truth ignoring the Vaers report. They personally were promoting the vaccine the other day, so I shut them off.

          As I said before, ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Glutathione, Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin C, and with breathing problems COPD inhaled steroids like Budesonide help Covid patients recover very well. Dr Peter McCullough has recommended these treatments along with many other Phd’s and viral specialists in this field.

      11. Islam has always been the answer and that’s why it’s hated and feared the most!

      12. So the vaccinations are supposed to stop “these mutations. from happening?

        I’m having a hard time understanding how that would happen.

        Seems to me they would be making them more likely to occur as resistant strains develop from them the same way antibiotics like penicillin cause penicillin strains of bacteria to develop.

        But I’m no expert on the subject so let someone who is explain it in a way I can understand, if they will.

      13. Watch a new video on, it is called “The Final Refutal of Virology” it is an English translation based on the research of a German microbiologist(s) and others, with other information released revealing what Covid actually is/isn’t . It is explained in laymen terms but packed with facts and super interesting (only 23 minutes long), and reveals State/pharma lie after lie after lie by presenting the process in how this whole lie was/is being manufactured. The first fact made clear in the video is that regardless of what the State and pharma has stated, Covid has NEVER, I repeat, never been isolated. The conclusion is we are being told a truly monstrous lie, from the highest and deepest levels of the State. The only questions that remains after watching the video is who are the entities behind all this and why. It must be watched before it is removed from the internet.

        • One minute we’re told that covid has not been isolated. The next minute we are told that it contains genes impossible in nature like HIV and other crap.

          Has Tenpenny or anyone credible talked on this?

      14. Genius: What we have here is NOT a democracy…it is the beginning of a Marxist take over. Our Founding Fathers would be shooting by now.

      15. To my fellow Americans, “Happy 4th of July”. This holiday is celebrated in our country to honor our Founders (including many colonists that are not famous) great efforts to throw-off tyrannical rule from far-away. Statements like “no taxation without representation” drove our colonists to seek self-governance via the structure of a Republic.

        Today’s Federal govt. has grown far too large as it stomps on the concepts of STATES RIGHTS and INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS. We citizens have the capability of voting (selecting) the type of governance we want. If you don’t like the current situation, VOTE THE BUMS OUT.

        • Problem is you saw what the demonrats did to the 2020 election and sure they did it before in other races. Seems the Ballot box may not be working anymore. You know what they want!

        • The US National Debt is an Illegal debt under thr FAKE Corporation of 1871. See my post above. The FAKE US Corporation will be dissolved and so will the debt. In fact most debts to banks will also be declared illegal slave indentured-slave debts and declared illegal as well. Most all Debt will be wiped off the map. And the IRS declared illegal and disbanded. We have no freedom until this is task is completed and the tyrants are tried for treason and serve their sentences.

          • WHAT are you on about WITH THAT INSANEITY AHAH AHA

          • So in other words, it will never happen sorry to say…


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