Indian Drugmaker Wants EUA For A PLASMID DNA Vaccine

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Headline News | 8 comments

For months they wanted us to believe that somehow an mRNA vaccine wouldn’t impact human DNA. Well now, they are coming out with a new experimental gene therapy, and this one actually uses plasmid DNA. An Indian drugmaker has applied for Emergency Use Approval (EUA) for its Covid-19 “vaccine”, which is administered in three doses. The firm claims the shot is the first-ever plasmid DNA vaccine.

We already know that these “vaccines” are actually experimental gene therapy shots. That’s been shown time and time again no matter how much the media and ruling class try to hide reality. Then the makers of Russia’s Sputnik V “vaccine” admitted it contains a “genetic engineering platform”:

Russian researchers have unveiled a new genetic engineering platform that they say will enable the country’s pioneering Covid-19 vaccine, Sputnik V, to be adapted, within 48 hours, to fight any future variants of the deadly virus.

Alexander Gintsburg, who led the team behind the formula, told RIA Novosti on Friday that his scientists at Moscow’s Gamaleya Institute had refined a way of rapidly updating Sputnik’s makeup if new, vaccine-resistant, variants emerge.

According to Gintsburg, this is the same technology, based on adenovirus vectors,” which was used to develop Sputnik V last year. “A new sequence, based on a mutant version of the virus’ spike protein, can be synthesized literally within one day,” he confirmed, “and the next day it is inserted into the previously used vector,” and then the genetically engineered construction can be used as a vaccine.RT

And now we have India wanting approval to start injecting the masses with a plasmid DNA “vaccine” that is not a vaccine by their own admission.  It doesn’t offer immunity or prevent transmission or infection.  It only prevents “symptoms.”

Indian pharmaceutical giant Zydus Cadila claims that the vaccine is 66.6% effective at preventing “symptomatic RT-PCR positive” cases in its interim analysis. “Whereas, no moderate case of Covid-19 disease was observed in the vaccine arm post administration of the third dose suggesting 100% efficacy for moderate disease,” it adds, while also confirming that no severe cases or deaths were observed. –RT

No COVID-19 disease was observed in the “vaccine arm” post administration of the third dose? Isn’t this a respiratory infection? How is this virus in the bloodstream if we can pass it by not standing six feet apart and wearing a ritualistic shame muzzle? It’s almost as if they are talking about COVID like it’s HIV or AIDS.

Much like Russia’s admission, this DNA shot will be “engineered” to work.  Zydus says the plasmid DNA technology is “ideally suited” for beating Covid-19, noting that it can be easily adapted, and adding that the vaccine is the world’s first plasmid DNA shot. The vaccine works by injecting a genetically engineered plasmid containing the DNA sequence of the pathogen.

But these things aren’t somehow affecting our DNA?

Keep asking questions and using your own discernment after applying critical thinking to these nonsensical announcements. The ruling classes of the world are not giving up and they desperately want everyone injected with this stuff.  This agenda is steamrolling ahead and we need to remain alert and prepared.






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    1. Unreal

      I would love to be transported and trapped in one of Rod Serling’s classic Twilight Zone episodes.
      Considering the reality we are currently living through – it would be a most definite

    2. Perhaps

      Unlike Vegas, I have a feeling
      that what happens in India won’t stay in India.
      If approved in India, how long
      before that plasmid crap is pushed in other countries
      as well?

    3. Anonymous

      Does this mean Anne Margaret’s not coming?

    4. Genius


    5. Darth Skippy

      “66.6% effective”


      • ikr

        @DarthSkippy, thanks.
        I totally missed that 666
        thing. Probably just an innocent coincidence by the evil ones behind this –

    6. Anonymous

      Why not just give it to them.

      After all, what can possible go wrong?

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