The Rulers Want You Locked Up In Your Home Forever: “Do NOT Travel”

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    The State Department is telling people they want us locked up and detained in their homes forever under their complete totalitarian control. They have updated their “COVID-19 restrictions” on travel telling 80% of the world: Do NOT travel!

    This will not end until we stop acquiescing like the slaves they think we are. As long as we continue to bow to these psychopaths and obey their edicts, they will issue more edicts.

    Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

    The updated guidelines seem to be based on the CDC’s advisory published on Monday. Unvaccinated people are advised to delay or cancel any international travel, according to a report by RT.  Americans who have completed immunization with FDA-approved vaccines are still considered “at increased risk for getting and possibly spreading new [Covid-19] variants,” the CDC says.

    If that is true, why get a vaccine and subject yourself to death or other health-related complications from these vaccines?

    The vaccine is an obvious piece of the overall agenda, hence the “official narrative” being crafted to manufacture the consent of those who are taking it. If the media was honest, they’d be calling the vaccines what they have been proven scientifically to be: experimental gene therapies.  But Big Pharma can’t escape liability or force these onto the public without FDA approval if there is no “emergency declaration.”

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    This is about control. That much we know. The official COVID-19 narrative is already so shaky that any further attempt at shoring it up suggests desperation. And that appears to be the stage they are at.  People are figuring this out, which means we may be waiting for another manufactured crisis. More and more wake up daily to the reality that government is slavery and that’s the one thing the master fears: the slaves figuring it out. 

    Globalists Will Need Another Crisis In America As Their Reset Agenda Fails

    Once enough people understand what is being done, they will have to switch gears.  My guess is, they already have a plan and know what’s next to get us to all comply and willingly enslave ourselves. Stay alert and stay prepared because we probably won’t know what the next step in their sinister plan is until it hits us.


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      1. I wish all members of the state department and all the evil tyrants would all travel
        …..right off a steep cliff!!!!!

      2. As you mentioned, they are desperate because their narrative is completely falling apart. We need to be ready for anything at this point because these psychopaths
        most like have their next diabolical plot ready to be unleashed on the masses.

        • The weatherman still shows Santa Claus on his satellite, every Christmas, and Cooties-19 was never disproved. It’s whatever they say, wherever.

      3. Recent Headline:
        FREE COVID 19
        THIS SUMMER”
        Tempting ain’t it?

      4. This is a slap to the side of the head of any sheep who got the “vaccine” thinking they’d be allowed to travel and things would go back to “normal”?

        • Yep. I have a friend that recently got the jab for that very reason. He had a trip planned to Mexico with his wife and got it in order to be able to travel. He’s one I didn’t think would get it based on our conversations with one another.

      5. Resist – Resist – Resist

        Do not do a dam thing our government or authorities say.
        We need to push back and assert our constitutional right – period
        I am and American citizen not a sheep not a slave – they can go to hell
        Can’t wait for our new Concord. Ma. to take place!!

      6. Who the fuck wants to be traveling anyway with all this phony baloney covid bull? going on? The airline industry and cruise ships can all continue to hemorrhage for all I care. Fuck them!!

        • There’s no place I want or need to visit that I can’t get to by car.

      7. Remember those “two weeks” folks? By now, that curve must be as flat as a pancake.?

      8. Covid isn’t the virus.
        The real virus we face are the tyrants and governments and all of us are the cure.?

      9. Technically they dd, or rather were suborned, on Jan. 6, 2021, the so-called Capital Hill riots that saw Ashli Babbitt executed and Patriots smeared.

        First time tragedy, second time farce.

      10. jakartaman – Who the hell do they think they’re talking to, we’re free, we’re Americans. You know what’s really bad about this globalist movement to control the American people? It’s that there are vast numbers of so-called Americans doing the bidding of these tyrannical globalists, working to help crush their own people. Many of them are officials both elected and appointed, and known publicly, but remain nameless and faceless in their support of marxism and globalism so as to remain in office. Others belong to “civil rights” organizations, but the irony is they want to crush your rights. You know what the next worst thing is? It’s that there are so many successfully propagandized citizens who are willing to give up their freedoms for literally nothing, they’ve been socially conditioned to comply with any and all “official” directives, they believe it’s virtuous to obey, no matter how mindless or wrong.
        I’ve actually heard these useful idiots say on-line those who love their personal freedoms are only selfish and deserve to die, that the Amer. Constitution should be destroyed. This is literally being said by hordes of college “students”.
        You know what that makes people like us? We are seen as the enemy. That is, whoever loves their freedoms are labeled at least a few of the following actual terms: anti-progress, racist, nazi-sympathizing, white-supremacist, anti-semitic, low IQ, pathological or a sociopath, anti-environment, gun nut, anti-American, anti-peace, greedy, anti-human, haters of the common good, white trash, selfish, genocidal, and many more terms being used. Of course it’s all contrived nonsense, but the useful idiots really truly believe it. All I can say it puts me on good company.
        I firmly believe when the takeover is really failing bad, and the traitors are getting desperate, we will see attempted denial of driver’s licenses, denial to travel, denial of employment, blatant gun confiscation, round-the-clock vilification by the MSM (getting that now), denial of cell phone usage or internet usage, heavy fines and penalties for a variety of new infractions, mandatory wearing of geo-location devices, and finally interment in a holding facility.
        You are right, there is still sufficient numbers of us that if we do not fold the tyrants won’t succeed.

      11. How can they fake the coming civil war if you are outside and see for yourself it is staged. Just like they faked massive hospital overflow of covid deaths when all the hospitals were empty. They have to go to lockdown and show the fake civil war footage actors on TV to fool you all. Then they can go door to door and take all your guns and arrest people they claim were involved in the civil war. They are truly psychopaths with devious plans=psychotic lunatics seeking “power” over their new slaves.with stupid lies and ridiculous demands of obedience to them your sadistic masters the NWO lunatic psychos who have a bizarre penchant for S&M. They want the entire world to be their bondage dungeon.

      12. They already have the race war lined up as the next excuse. They have tuned blacks into an illogical state of hysteria using social media where they can no longer see who is the real threat to their lives (other black people).

        While blacks spent the summer spreading Covid and protesting for BLM, in Africa the killing of blacks by blacks carried on with merriment.

        Let’s assess the current global situation: the past 20 years have seen a deliberate campaign to spread black people across the world’s cities so that you can’t go anywhere in Europe without finding blacks clustered together. Their involvement in drug crime and sex crimes is well known by the authorities, thus the attention by the police.

        The reality is this: the demands for ‘justice’, ‘racial sensitivity’ etc. are canards. They are thresholds that will never be met because they are designed to be never met. There is always more blacks that must get more welfare; more government jobs; preference for housing; more free stuff. It never stops. Hell, Africa is FULL of people and just bringing 1 percent of them to the West will overwhelm all systems.

        Thus the government will need to control movements to keep the lid on the rising crime and unrest. That’s the next step. The AI and the data demand it.

        • “They have tuned blacks into an illogical state of hysteria using social media where they can no longer see who is the real threat to their lives”. I see that on the internet taking place in the large, liberal cities, but I don’t see that in reality based on my day-to-day experiences. I talk to black people almost every day and most of them I’ve never met. Never had a problem or a cross word with any of them. I worked an event a couple weeks ago with around 6k people in attendance. I would guess 99% were black and most were young. Didn’t have a single issue with any of them and there were no problems at the event as far as I know.

      13. I got the covet shots just to shut my son and daughter in law ( both work in the health care industry ) up. but my plans were to visit Thailand for a period of time ( my other son married a Thai national and have two girls ) to meet my new daughter in law and grand daughters. But with a health problem, I’m going to have to wait ( hopefully not too long ), before I go .

      14. Does anyone with a lick of sense actually believe we live in a free America? The corruption Is so blatant, in your face drop the mike type. Does anyone really think that our politicians both democrat or Republican actually care what’s in our best interests. NO. They have made their deals with the devil and guess what, we lose. I personally know that there are Congressmen involved in murder and money laundering and much more. I know we have Supreme Court justices that are also involved in same. I know the DOJ is aware of this and is running interference for them. This goes on and on to every level of government, court, attorneys, judge, doctors, insurance company’s. Big business etc. if people are waiting for another Concord it’s never coming. All those cameras put up all over America after 911 are not to capture terrorist there for you. The same with TSA, security check points, Computers, phones, GPS, and a hundred other things. Our so called elected leaders for the most part are neither elected or are they leaders yet they have us following the pale horse straight to hell and our response, thank you may I have another. The last of the free thinkers will not give up the last of their comforts to save there own children from a fate worse then death. We will all become soil and green. I have been taught that the main reason America has always prospered was because of Gods hedge of protection he placed on this Christian nation. The democrats, liberals, foreigners, political correctness and all the other pieces of crap out there every day move our country further and further away from our God believing values.
        We’re in the final scene and when the curtain comes down, it’s coming down hard.

      15. This is what they have been wanting for years, TOTAL control. PLUS a government permission to take a crap.

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