The Root Of Current Tensions: “They Hold No Loyalty Except To Themselves And To Personal Gain”

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    One of the items that is regularly reported on, but quietly…not alarming anyone…is the situation developing in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States.  At the forefront is Ukraine, as the U.S.-orchestrated coup of 2014 and the subsequent annexation of Crimea by Russia created a line to develop into a Second Cold War.  This is the root of the current tensions where both Russia and the U.S. are continuously posturing against one another.

    The root of the matter lies in the undue influence that was secured by Georgy Schwarz (also known as George Soros) with the purchase of John McCain.  An article just surfaced on September 13, 2017 entitled Power Games: What McCain, Soros, and the Clintons Have in Common, by Ekaterina Blinova of Sputnik News.  The article gives a brief history of “The McCain Institute for International Leadership,” a non-profit organization profiting on the campus of Arizona State University.  This non-profit organization has received “minor” donations, such as $1 million from the Saudi Arabian government in 2014.

    Financial ties between McCain and Soros have been exposed in the past, and that the two have had a nebulous relationship since 2001.  Interestingly enough, it was McCain who was the leading proponent behind the regime change in Ukraine.  Assisted by Victoria Nuland with Obama and Hillary Clinton acting the part of “Zardoz” floating invisibly in the background, supplying the authority, and with Sen. Lindsey Graham as a lapdog-collaborator, it was McCain who orchestrated the coup above-board.

    Beneath the boards was Soros.  The reason Soros funded Maidan (the right-wing ultra-nationalists of Ukraine) and approved of Arseniy Yatsenuk (a globalist scientologist who currently resides in California) was to grab Eastern Ukraine for himself.  Soros planned on dumping $50 million, backed by political control via McCain and the other Munsters, and financially by the IMF…all wrapped up in the NATO Hegemony….and buying himself one third of Ukraine…with all types of natural resources from coal to minerals…for 1/1000th of its actual worth.

    Soros’ plan fell apart, because he did not count on the Russians seizing Crimea to secure Sevastopol (their Black Sea Fleet HQ) and access to the Mediterranean.  He also did not count on Ukrainians of Russian national derivation revolting in Eastern Ukraine against the installed puppetry of Yatsenuk (Yoda) that eventually “morphed” into Petro “Willy Wonka” Poroshenko’s Kiev government.  Because of the insurrection in the east, the IMF would not bail Ukraine out of the $9 billion plus owed to Russia to pay Gazprom for natural gas consumption.

    Notice the complexion of the game has changed.  Soros now is fostering ties with Russia, in the hopes that he can take those mineral and oil rights from the other direction and take himself off the hook with the Russian government. Par for the course in the manner of Rothschild, bankrolling both Napoleon and the British government and selling short on both sides to pocket from the overall misfortune of the situation.  A situation caused by Rothschild and instigated into a war that gave him profits.  Only the players are different in the comedy being played out today.

    Jared Kushner has deep ties to Soros, as does Hillary Clinton.  As mentioned in other articles, read Shadow Party by Poe that outlines the key role Soros played in the rise to power of Hillary Clinton.  The President truly needs to clean Washington out, and remove these politicos that kowtow and bend to the whim of oligarchs.  Only then can foreign policy be set that is in the interests of the United States and not a pack of privateers, oligarchs, and politicians…such as a Pelosi who begins a career making $150 grand and ends up with a net worth of more than $40 million.

    There is a part of it all that is even worse than the theft.  Because of these games and the corruption attached to them, these individuals depose governments and throw whole nations into civil war and anarchy for the promulgation of personal power and personal gain.  World wars begin on the whims of madmen and see fruition because those madmen are in positions of authority derived from the citizens, yet with no accountability to the citizens.  They hold no loyalty except to themselves and to personal gain.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. JJ, this article is right on the money. So Soros thinks he can buy his way out of his troubles with Putin? I doubt that very seriously. Putin has an international arrest warrant on Soros. If Putin would send a hit team to take out George Soros he would do the whole world the biggest favor. Oh and take out the Rothschilds also.

        • Mafias work together. It’s the worthless stupid gangsters that fight for turf. Putin loves Soros, Gates, Trump, z(f)uckerburger, Hilldabeast. That’s why he’s still alive.

          • i heard the airforce red berets para rescue are much better/tougher than green berets?

        • Soros is still just a frontman for something larger. Their end goals will not change. Even if Soros is taken down, something like him will replace him, and the nightmares will continue. Those creatures will give up easily.

          • dont worry, the NRA will save the day?

        • Putin needs to program the longitude and latitude of George Soros into two or three of his sunburn cruise missiles and then hit the ‘liquidate’ button.

          Same thing for Henry Kissinger and Bibi Satanyahu.

      2. Read the one segment of a line again, “…Jared Kushner has deep ties to Soros…” and all just may, just possibly, make things very very clear. If anyone, anybody at all thinks that our current executive branch of government is somehow polarized against the legislative branch (or for that matter against the judicial branch) they are a fool. There are no parties. There are no ‘sides’ other than the common citizens against the denizens of power – those creatures with their all-consuming lust for control over all of us. That group includes each and everyone one now currently occupying the halls of our government. Class over. Any questions? Meanwhile, I’m sure someone has something important to add like how to best dehydrate berries or something equally ‘special’.

        • I dehydrated a batch of goji berries in the cab of the pickup truck this summer.

          worked great !!

      3. That we allow lobbyists and lobbying is a main reason why it went haywire. Unaccountable unconstitutional agencies like the CIA assured it. Unconstitutional federal reserve notes paid for it. The pattern has grown tedious.

      4. Grandpa, the system will eventually collapse under its own weight. It’s out of the question to reform it. Start all over from scratch.

        • DB,
          Pol Pot tried to reform, start from scratch,
          and it didn’t work so well.

          The real problem that we have, is our fellow citizens.
          Most of whom are too stupid and un-disiplined
          to make good decisions for their future.
          That is why we have to tolerate Democrats and RINOS.
          Moral, ethical, thinking men would have eliminated
          their political power long ago.
          We do not have a lot of moral, ethical, and thinking
          people in the country today, hence our mess.
          This mess was a long time in the making, and I suspect
          it will never get repaired, even in the event of total

          • Free shit at the expense of everybody who produces
            Who is John Galt

            • Nail,
              The fictional John is my hero.
              My 8kW of Solar panels are supposed
              to ship from Shanghai this week.
              They make them to order.
              Success or failure, I will share
              my solar experiences/design with
              the SHTFplan, somehow.
              My system is a little larger than most
              people on this site probably have, but
              I am powering 2 houses and a 2400 SF shop.

              I’m going Galt, but I’m still going to live
              in the 21st century. That is assuming
              they don’t destroy my Satellite.

              • rellik

                How many panels is 8KW?

                • K2
                  26 panels. I ordered a pallet load.
                  At STC they will be 8580 Watts, PTC will probably be ~7800 Watts.
                  I ordered directly from the manufacture via Alibaba.
                  I ordered Trina ( AKA Yangtze solar panels).
                  Part of the reason I chose these panels is that the customs
                  hit is the smallest. They are very good panels, UL and CSA et al rated.
                  I ordered the new 330 Watt Mono panels.
                  This is my first importation of goods from China direct.
                  I’ve already talked to customs and know what to do. The Chinese side is confused, I suggested which shipper and even ships to use.
                  I will find out and share how it works out.
                  Alibaba is like Amazon or Ebay. They guarantee performance
                  or money will be returned, Alibaba is much bigger than Amazon.
                  The expected price loaded on my truck after paying customs is $0.57 per STC Watt. Delivered to Hilo, HI.
                  I’m my own delivery guy. I know most the mainland guys aren’t used
                  to going to the dock to get your stuff, but it is common here.
                  You want a real hoot, show up at the dock on Molokai when the barge comes in.


                • 7.8 kW, is 7800 Watts. Divided by 26 pannels is, 26x 300 Watt Panels. Keep in mind you can only run about 14 together in each string. So 2 strings of 13. Just make sure your configuration and math with your controller is proper. Is it grid tied or all off grid? Makes a big difference as to how it is hooked up and what equipment is hooked up. For Grid tied go to http://www.PVWatts dot com to do your calculations. Type in your home address for the azimuth and other calculations.

                  • CSS,
                    Not grid tied.
                    24 VDC AIMS 6 kW split phase 220
                    Midnight charge controllers.
                    LiFePo4 batteries.

                    Expected total cost ~$14,000
                    and I get a tax credit from the Federal
                    Payback time for me is less than 8 years.
                    my electricity runs $0.38 a kWh for
                    one house, $0.75 per kWh for the other
                    house, and the shop.

                    I’ll keep people on this site informed, as
                    long as my Internet Satellite link
                    keeps working.


                    Hawaii is going “green”, Thus
                    increasing the cost of energy
                    even more.
                    I’ll be one of the last people
                    that can afford to live here.

      5. Oil and gas are behind a lot of what is going on in Ukraine. When Russia seized Crimea, they took controil of the Ukrainian oil and gas operations offshore in the Black Sea. Eastern Ukraine has a lot of oil shale lands similar to Canada’s. Russia has a virtual monopoly in Europe which funds the Russian monopoly. The Ukrainian government is working pretty hard to create their own supply of gas and oil and stop buying from Ruaaia.

        • Russia did not hijack Crimea. Russia has a 40 year lease in the port of Crimea where their Naval base is stationed. When the West hijacked the Ukraine Government, Russia moved in more troops to protect their Naval Port and assets from the West. If all you read is western propaganda you are an uninformed idiot.

          How many countries has Russia invaded and overthrown in the last 20 years? = Zero. How about the US? Dozens. Who is the real Global threat? Us or Russia? Get real.

        • Russia did not hijack Crimea. Russia has a 40 year lease in the port of Crimea where their Naval base is stationed. When the West hijacked the Ukraine Government, Russia moved in more troops to protect their Naval Port and assets from the West. If all you read is western propaganda you are an uninformed idiot.

          How many countries has Russia invaded and overthrown in the last 20 years? = Zero. How about the US? Dozens. Who is the real Global threat? Us or Russia? Get real. Get educated on the facts.

      6. The root has been the same throughout the centuries causing all the violence, chaos, and division….the root is called FALLEN ANGELS or WATCHERS, the sooner you realize that TRUTH in this realm called HELL-the better off you will be.

      7. The 3 biggest lies used to be:
        1. Honey, I love you.
        2. The check’s in the mail.
        3. It’s only a cold sore.

        Now the biggest lie is…… Drain the swamp.

        • Exactly, and that is just the beginning of the fantasies and lies the dumbed down drunken toxic dump New Babylonian American COWARDS live in DAILY in the Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed New Babylon America.

      8. “When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes… Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.” – Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France, 1815

        • War is bad for business.
          Perhaps that is why Napoleon
          got his butt kicked.
          Preparing for war is quite
          Ever priced a Euro-fighter Typhoon?
          ~170 million each!
          A Lockheed Martin F-35B?
          ~122 million each!
          A Lockheed Martin F-22
          ~150 million each!

          Fortunately Americans build better weapons
          and are cheaper than the Europeans.
          The cost of these weapons systems pales in
          comparison to the cost of using them as

          • does that price including the aircraft windshield washer fluid?

        • “Greed has no borders or morals.” – CrackSummSkulls SHTFPLAN 2017.

          • “______ has no borders or morals” Insert one of:

            1. Graft
            2. Greed
            3. Theft
            4. Murder
            5. Violence
            6. Evil

            How can you recognize them? By applying this statement-

            They denounce ______ even as they wallow in it.

            Hypocrisy! …and the lack of wisdom to recognize it.

            We are in the collapse. The collapse of morality. People got tired of living like they should and just decided to stop being human and just become highly intelligent animals.

            To the world:

            You are a different species, not of my own. You have lost your salvation and, thus, your direction. I denounce you. I may walk and talk in a similar way but your spirit comes from a different place.

      9. “The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.” The Rothschild brothers of London writing to associates in New York, 1863.

        • YO,
          I think you just
          found a quote describes
          modern American politics.

      10. “…No Loyalty Except To Themselves And To Personal Gain”

        With relatively rare exception, such as the work of The Founding Fathers, this has been the norm throughout history.

      11. Disgusting to put it mildly. How out to lunch and dumbed down can a majority of the US population get? When they were handing out brains they heard trains and are still waiting for a ticket.

        • aljamo

          They’re not stupid, they’re intellectually lazy and self centered. They don’t know, don’t care and most importantly, don’t care to know. My own brother is an example. He is a walking encyclopedia of sports both current and history and thought the US lost more people in Vietnam than WWII. His statement about all of this, “It doesn’t effect me”.

      12. I read that there is a ritual at bilderberger that is called something like . The cremation of care. Were the caring for anyone else but your group is burnt. I guess it all depends on what your group believes?

      13. I guess it must be hard for billionaires to drive by homeless people .? But they’d probably just buy booze with the money anyway? Right? I read that Mary the woman of substance. Was found after she died. Everyone thought she was just a dirt poor man. Apparently she gave all her money away and lived in total poverty Untill she finally died. I wonder why.

      14. Today you can’t keep your lamps full without money.

      15. The public has no clue what is happening behind closed doors and why so much of it is classified secret. If we knew part of what was going on none of us would sleep properly again or find a decent place to hide or go to…it wouldn’t be enough. We are objects of the state,here for its purpose and nothing more.

      16. owe allegiance…..seriously , is that a joke ? Our Goverment ( ie. court system ) has taken my child from me because of idiot ” sole custody” judges. …taken all financial gain from me in said divorce … takes away my wife because we missed an immigration deadline because THEY are swamped and cannot handle it ……fucc any Goverment …they cannot be trusted

      17. The thing I like most about Trump being elected is the shadow government and deep state is finally being exposed.

        These are dangerous and amazing days.

      18. For the thousandth time.
        The Russians did not seize or invade Crimea. The people of Crimea held a free election and decided by an overwhelming majority that they wanted to be part of Russian and not Crimea.

        It’s incredibly frustrating that this lie “The Russians invaded Crimea!” or “The Russians seized Crimea!” continues to be passed along even by authors who don’t seem to have any particular ax to grind in that regard.

      19. Fred, uh, you’re partially right. Although there’s been a Russian community in Crimea since 1783, Crimea was technically part of Ukraine after the USSR collapsed and Ukraine became an independent state. But there’s also still Ukrainians and the Crimean Tatars in that peninsula. The Tatars were there even before Russians or Ukrainians. Putin DID send in the Russian army primarily to secure Sevastopol and the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet HQ located there. The majority of Crimea’s population is still Russian. Putin wanted Crimea primarily for strategic reasons. With naval and air bases there, he can dominate the entire Black Sea. There HAVE been questions regarding the legitimacy of the election and there have been reports of oppression, terror, and people disappearing under the Russian occupation. Russians are not like us at all. They are devious and treacherous. Putin is trying to rebuild the old Russian Empire. They’ve never given up those ambitions. But their economy is not doing well at all so it all remains to be seen.

        • Russia’s GDP is on a par with that of Spain. In the scheme of things Spain is a fiscal and military nonentity. So what does that make the Russian Federation?

          America has long needed a boogie man to frighten its ill educated and gullible citizenship into acceptance of its massive military spending. Russia fits the bill perfectly and has, since the Cuban missile crisis, been all too happy to play that part. After all, it gives them (Russia) an importance out of all relation to their world relevance.

          You say “Russians are not like us”. Please clarify such a sweeping generalization. Are you speaking of Russians as a body or as a body politic?

          I would say Russians are superior to Americans, especially in their intellectual attainments. Most Americans are incapable of rational and reasoned thought beyond what they read/see in a far from free media. Most Russians (and I speak from experience) are cultured and knowledgeable.

          During the present fright with North Korea, people on this site have advocated turning that country into a nuclear wasteland. The average Russian citizen’s reaction to that bellicose mood was horror! So, in that respect, yes, Russians are not like us at all. They know what war entails, unlike the ignorant ill thought out jingoism displayed here on a daily basis.

          During the “great” depression Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath” was banned by the Russian leadership. Not for its depiction of American poverty (the Russians are well used to that) but for the fact that the poorest American family could afford to own a car.

          America will continue raping, bullying, threatening and interfering in the poorest of countries affairs using its military might. The American citizen is happy with their government doing this, providing the petro dollar continues giving them an unjustified standard of living way beyond their actual worth.

      20. The coup murdered a number of the Ukrainian people in the east who sided with Russia. Not totally sure where Russia stands vs the US because they do have the private bank setup like the overwhelming majority of nations I believe. I have read that Russia wants to alter or end that banker relationship. That won’t be easy. It’s a mess and won’t be settled soon. North Korea firing off all these test weapons must be insignificant if no response has been enacted to this point in time. “You are either with us or for the terrorists” does not leave much wiggle room.

      21. Come on, Deplorable Braveheart, the Russians are not like us at all? We probably seem pretty devious and treacherous to anyone on the receiving end of our foreign policy and not blanketed by the u.s. media lie machine.

        Back at the time of the Civil War the Tsar stepped in and offered the U.S. help in resisting the Rothschild debt enslavement apparatus.

      22. Russia is not the enemy. Banksters politicians and the Rothchilds band of Global Murderous 3ew Squatters are the enemy. They do the soft invasion, hijack the media and every others sector and degrade it unto a qelfare state the suck the assets dry like a true parasite. Like inviting cancerous Herpes into your home.

        • CCS, like the herpes your wife gave you? the herpes she got from her escapades with the delivery guy.

      23. Maybe, just maybe, NK will do what can only be accomplished by a well placed nuke, not by an American revolution. While Congress is in session, a little NK sub surfaces off the coast of Nuntucket and launches a nuclear tipped SLBM right into DC. I think the entire World could be saved, and certainly this country….a fresh start with a real Nationalist taking over the reigns of power.!!!!

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