The Republicans Are In On It: Introduced Bill Banning Gun Purchases By People on Watchlists

by | Dec 14, 2015 | Headline News | 149 comments

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    “Slowly I turned…step by step…inch by inch…,”
    (Harry Steppe/Joey Faye Vaudeville routine, immortalized by The Three Stooges)

    gun-ban-billWe are currently being “funneled” into a trap that is created day-by-day with glacial slowness with the intention of nullifying the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, the right to keep and bear arms.  The “Overton Window” is a concept of pushing forth concepts that are believed to be acceptable by the public.  The media has been relentless in its aid to the administration by demonizing any and all who practice their God-given, Constitution affirmed rights to possess firearms.  The final enabling of this, however, is being carried about by the U.S. Congress and by President Obama with Executive Actions.

    HR 1076, “The Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act,” was introduced in the House of Representatives in February of 2015 by Peter King (R, NY).  Here is the summary:

    Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2015

    Amends the federal criminal code to grant the Attorney General the authority to deny the transfer of firearms or the issuance of a federal firearms and explosives license to any individual if the Attorney General: (1) determines that such individual has been engaged in or has provided material support or resources for terrorist activities, and (2) has a reasonable belief that such individual may use a firearm or explosive in connection with terrorism. Allows any individual whose firearm or explosives license application has been denied to bring legal action challenging the denial.

    Prohibits the sale or distribution of firearms or explosives to any individual whom the Attorney General has determined to be engaged in terrorist activities.

    Permits the Attorney General to withhold information in firearms and explosives license denial revocation suits if the Attorney General determines that the disclosure of such information would likely compromise national security.

    Authorizes the Attorney General to revoke firearms and explosives licenses and permits held by individuals determined to be engaged in terrorism.

    Nancy Pelosi on Thursday, used parliamentary procedure to force a vote on legislation banning gun purchases by people on the terrorist watch list.  It was Republican Peter King who introduced the bill.  Matt Fuller of the Huffington Post penned an article, “House Democrats Hijack Floor for Gun Vote.”  Fuller neglected to highlight the fact that a Republican set the stage for it.

    Once again we are “treated” to the results of the system: pseudo-bipartisan government, the illusion of a two-party system.  Substantiating this concept are the continuous closed-door meetings, the latest being Paul Ryan’s with Pelosi regarding the coming Syrian “refugee” influx into the U.S.  Recall, readers: this sort of thing was vividly exemplified in 2009 when Olympia Snow (R, ME) performed similar “functions” as King that enabled Obamacare to come to the floor of the Senate for consideration and eventual voting.

    Pelosi’s resolution is a 439-word diatribe that flaunts the term “assault weapons” in one paragraph while unwittingly stating the duties Congressmen are not performing in the next paragraph, that reads:

    “Whereas the first duty of Members of Congress is to protect and defend the American people…”

    The subsequent paragraph convicts Congress and the Administration:

    “Whereas leaders of terrorist organizations have previously urged sympathizers to exploit the United States’ lax gun laws in order to perpetrate domestic terror.”

    Interesting and true.  Nothing could be closer to the point that the President of the United States, Barack Obama, hosted functions at the White House where the Muslim Brotherhood and other Al Qaeda operatives were hosted, feted, and recognized.  The Administration enabled the creation of ISIS and all of their current activities both domestically and abroad.  Let us not forget it was the Administration, not the Second Amendment, that illegally created Operation Fast and Furious leading to the death of a Border Patrol Agent.  Should this not mean that the Administration and its agents will now be required to turn it all explosives and firearms, as they “perpetrate domestic terror” through such actions?

    Gun-control measures are crucial to the Administration and the Congress according to this “terror watch list,” because it is a list that is subject to the Attorney General (the President’s Attorney General), and can be kept out of the public eye with the subjectively-interpreted claim of being “in the interests of national security.”

    Now the Administration is augmenting these efforts with an attempt to do it with aid and complicity of State governors, supported by Executive Orders.  All throughout this process we see Republicans caving in and proving that there really are only interests of parties, and not true political parties.  We are seeing the complete dissolution of checks and balances.  We are witnessing the erosion of the Constitution incrementally.

    Soon Obama will take even further steps, justifying his actions by “Executive Orders” penned illegally, as they are onerous to the Constitution (in accordance with Marbury vs. Madison).  Obama is creating illegal laws under the color of law, and tying all of this in with the treaties his agent, Kerry has signed toward eventual gun confiscation with UN approval.  Day by day, step by step, and inch by inch the agenda is being pushed.  The question is if we the people are ever going to push in the opposite direction, and if so, when?

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. Maggots every one of them…..

        • Indeed… and next year the American people will put the majority of them back in Office.

          • And then theres that…….

            • Til the gallows are built and they are all swinging by their traitorous necks.

              • Sure, right, whatever.
                Seriously, NO ONE blowing about hanging traitors on the internets is ever going to ever act, or god forbid, get the ball rolling. And yes, I’m just as guilty of this as the next guy. It’s immensely frustrating…

                • Go f uck yourself, marcus

                  • Go F-CK yourself caucasian, Marcus is right, for nothing but years have we all bitched and none of us have done a dam thing!!!

                    • It doesn’t mean you attack the people that potentially are allies in our cause, dumbass. The s aint htf quite yet.

                  • Marcus,
                    I second that ( from Caucasian )you can come over to my house and see IF you’ll walk away or go away in a hearse, asshole!! you just never ran into the wrong person with your crap, we will clean your clock!

                    • We are all prepping waiting for the window of opportunity to open . Patient is the hunter. We shouldn’t blame each other for rigged elections . Our time will come . Don’t go off half cocked. That’s what they want. It’s hard to keep the faith. We are all sick of waiting. We need to see the whites of their eyes.

                • Actually, I have been actively trying to get my fellow Law Enforcement brothers and sisters to help me arrest the treasonous genocidal criminal monsters controlling our collapsing dying disease ridden country, and of course the COWARDS would rather watch football and get drunk, than care about the health, freedom, and future of their children. Expect NO HELP from the cowardly Police Forces or the more cowardly fascist boot licking US Military, I have done what I can, so I can now walk in peace with my soul intact.

                  • Traditionally law enforcement supports the oppressors.

                  • RON are you from Bay City, Michigan? If so, I know you brother.

                • @ marcus, Men that have a job to go to every morning aren’t going far away to hang anyone. The blood will spill when the government comes to our house to take the weapons. Let there be no mistake we will die and they will burn our house down on us. Hopefully we will take enough of them that we save our grand children.

                • Marcus

                  100 million firearms have been acquired in the last 7 years,
                  by the greatest gun salesman in history……obama.
                  And the American people aren’t arming to turn them in when our closet muslim tries to orchestrate confiscation. our total military and police number 1.5 to 2 million, and most of them won’t fire on their fellow citizens. We are heading if congress and obama persist to either a peaceful split into 2 countries or a civil war; because of the courts and congresses lack of action to reign in obama.

          • Because yeah, your vote makes a difference. A nation of grown children that buy every sucker punch thrown at them. Morons.

            • The real problem here is that based on the Attorney General’s discretion (i.e. opinion by the SPLC), a categorization of “terrorism” can be applied to you for being an Oath Keeper, III%er, Patriot, or whatever and now you’re an outlaw for standing on the 2nd Amendment.

              The genius in this is that without stripping the 2nd Amendment from ALL Americans at once, (which would cause a civil war), they neuter the most awake ones amongst us without pissing off the rest of the country and achieve the rendering of their chief opposition inert while continuing to enslave the masses without revolt.

              Of course they’d need the GOP to help them figure that one out.

              • Like we are going to just give them the weapons though. They will trigger the civil war trying to take the weapons. Remember they have millions of homes to visit, including mine. They cannot do this unnoticed d/t the sheer number of weapons in civilian hands. The ones that visit me will die. I’ve been planning their deaths for literally years. Armed to the teeth whenever I go anywhere. I suggest all do the same.

                • excellent words of wisdom ,

                • You are delusional if you think anything could ever upset the American public enough to get out of their chairs to even call their congress critter let alone do an armed resistance. That American nation disappeared long ago. What will happen is that the people being brought here to replace us the current existing population will have no trouble whatsoever in performing any act of violence or genocide required against us. Thems the facts like em or not.

                  • You forget our millions of weapons and billions of bullets. Don’t count out the few percent of us that will fight. I’m in great physical shape because I don’t just sit in my chair! As far calling congress to complain?! Sounds like you may be the delusional one Holmes. I have some hope and am not a sniveling coward.

                • AGREED!

                • What Obama’s doing is about as simple as it gets. People figure that someone on a watchlist has probably earned it, and what harm is there in just keeping an eye on someone who might be dangerous. Right? THEN, however, almost everyone capable of bearing arms who is not in the military ends up on a watchlist, and… That’s that. No actual accusation of wrongdoing, no arrest – they just can’t own guns. It’s that “just” where the glitch should be seen and jumped on with both feet!

                  Remember back when someone who had done his/her time for a crime? They started fresh, and back then people could actually read – and did. “The right… …to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. Short, simple, to the point, and unambiguous. Still, how many people have now somehow lost the right to own a firearm? THAT ALONE should be IMPOSSIBLE!

                  SO how do we fix it?

                • What Obama’s doing is about as simple as it gets. People figure that someone on a watchlist has probably earned it, and what harm is there in just keeping an eye on someone who might be dangerous. Right? THEN, however, almost everyone capable of bearing arms who is not in the military ends up on a watchlist, and… That’s that. No actual accusation of wrongdoing, no arrest – they just can’t own guns. It’s that “just” where the glitch should be seen and jumped on with both feet!

                  Remember back when someone who had done his/her time for a crime? They started fresh, and back then people could actually read – and did. “The right… …to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. Short, simple, to the point, and unambiguous. Still, how many people have now somehow lost the right to own a firearm? THAT ALONE should be IMPOSSIBLE!

                  SO how do we fix it?

                • What Obama’s doing is about as simple as it gets. People figure that someone on a watchlist has probably earned it, and what harm is there in just keeping an eye on someone who might be dangerous. Right? THEN, however, almost everyone capable of bearing arms who is not in the military ends up on a watchlist, and… That’s that. No actual accusation of wrongdoing, no arrest – they just can’t own guns. It’s that “just” where the glitch should be seen and jumped on with both feet!

                  Remember back when someone who had done his/her time for a crime? They started fresh, and back then people could actually read – and did. “The right… …to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. Short, simple, to the point, and unambiguous. Still, how many people have now somehow lost the right to own a firearm? THAT ALONE should be IMPOSSIBLE!

                  SO how do we fix it?

                • What Obama’s doing is about as simple as it gets. People figure that someone on a watchlist has probably earned it, and what harm is there in just keeping an eye on someone who might be dangerous. Right? THEN, however, almost everyone capable of bearing arms who is not in the military ends up on a watchlist, and… That’s that. No actual accusation of wrongdoing, no arrest – they just can’t own guns. It’s that “just” where the glitch should be seen and jumped on with both feet!

                  Remember back when someone who had done his/her time for a crime? They started fresh, and back then people could actually read – and did. “The right… …to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. Short, simple, to the point, and unambiguous. Still, how many people have now somehow lost the right to own a firearm? THAT ALONE should be IMPOSSIBLE!

                  SO how do we fix it?

          • KY Mom, are you listening now? The Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats. Worse, actually, because they will lie to you about what they’re going to “do” for you then stab you in the back.

            The sooner you figure that out and quit supporting the Republicans as if they’re some sort of savior to our United States of America, the better. They are a cancer to this country. Just like the Democrats. Just figure it out already.

            • Billy:

              KY Mom gets her daily brainwashing from Glen Beck/The Blaze.

              Beck’s little arena is allowed as “controlled opposition” just as Faux news is. Never touches the real PTB.

              And now, just another slap in the face to the patriots who support him, he sends his trusty go-fors to co-mingle with the commies at CNN.

              Day is coming when he, too, will “pay the piper” for covering the tracks of our true enemies.

              • Billy Hill and Makemyday, let’s stop right there. KY Mom doesn’t get her info from any MSM source. She provides us links to very interesting articles we would otherwise miss. I know Beck is a POS and I don’t listen to him either. I think you have KY Mom confused with someone else.

                • Braveheart:

                  She quotes as her source of some information as The Blaze.

                  Billy is correct, she supports republicans.

                  You are correct, she does provide some interesting links. But if someone still doesn’t get that Beck is a POS and that the Republicans/Democrats are all in bed together, then I question how really wide awake they are.

                  And, by the way, she never touches the true PTB in any of her posts.

            • There is an old saying, “When confronted by an enemy and a traitor…shoot the traitor first.”

              The Democratic Party is the enemy, but the Republican Party are traitors.

          • if it is a current politician and there lips are moving then they are telling lies, hang-em ALL

          • “It has always been thus.”

            Mountain Sharman.

          • In the ‘historic’ 2014 congressional election, fewer than 15% of Congress was removed (some removed themselves by ‘retiring’).







          The self-styled “prophet of allah” is said to have personally killed over 100 people and ordered the murders of many more.
          He killed or had people killed for such things as singing songs or reciting poetry that he did not like; for questioning his self-proclaimed status as a “prophet”; for mentioning his true lineage or his true name before he changed it to ‘Muhammad’ (praiseworthy).
          He had a young servant girl killed for having complained that he sexually molested her.
          He had a mother killed while she was breast-feeding her baby.
          He had a blind man’s wife killed for ‘insulting’ him.
          He had the old blind man killed for throwing dust in his face.
          He had an old man tortured to death in an attempt to make him tell where he had hidden his money.
          He attacked and plundered peaceful caravans of traders.
          He attacked the peaceful tribe of Banu Qurayza in order to plunder their wealth: he had the 900 men of the tribe beheaded after they had surrendered, he raped and enslaved their women and children and encouraged his followers to do likewise as their “reward from allah”.
          He sexually molested an infant between the ages of 6 and 9 and deflowered her at 9 when she was still pre-pubescent.
          ‘Muhammad’ (as he called himself) was an evil charlatan, a bandit, murderer, sadist, warlord, slaver, rapist, sexual pervert and a monster of wickedness, cruelty and depravity.

          • Acid Etch, that’s an EXCELLENT listing! I’ve tried pointing out that Islam appeals to the worst instincts and desires in people. Even non-Muslims here in my birthplace of America (Texas, specifically) seem to think that’s “putting down someone else’s religion”. Well so friggin’ WHAT? I’ve put down Luciferianism, too! Call me silly, but murdering babies for “sacrifice”, drinking their blood and teaching young children to eat the baked corpse as a “sacrament” just irks me! Say that humanity’s worst behaviors have been sanctioned by God, and the uneducated will flock to that permission to indulge humankind’s worst instincts and desires. That still doesn’t make it right and describing what IS doesn’t make it wrong if someone else doesn’t want to hear it.

            Obama has broken the law REPEATEDLY – MORE than enough to qualify him for impeachment! SO since the Congress clearly isn’t about to take that chance, as individuals OR as a group, who else can do it? I’ve watch my people in Congress now vote for things that I KNOW are foreign their natures, so Congress is running scared, people. They’ve been threatened; that’s the only possibility I see. The Prez may not himself be a Luciferian (though I have my own ideas about where Islam came from), but he’s certainly under their control! They got him there, and they keep him there. Otherwise he’d NEVER have been able to do all he’s done in D.C.

            Time’s running out, and if We the People don’t act on our own behalf, no one will. Act HOW? I wish I knew.

        • Gear Review: The North Face Thermoball synthetic insulation.

          It’s wonderful. Much more dense than down and retains some degree of warmth when wet. However, synthetic down does have a reputation has having a poor life span. We shall see.

          • Wool also keeps you warm even when wet, and it DOES last.

        • Stoves

          The two main platforms to have are propane or Coleman fuel and kerosene (seven times more expensive but will light in the extreme cold when propane wont).

          Other platforms are alcohol (inefficient but supplied as a liquid not a gas), butane (meh), and gasoline (carinogen).

          Eventually you need all these as well as a shitload of fuel.

          One of my BOLs does not have a water heater. Having no hot water in the winter is a fucking son of a bitch.

          Stock up on skin moisturizer and chap stick. If you are living outside in winter you gonna need a lot. Even I always pack these and I am known as a minimalist.

          • No hot water tank in the winter is not that big of an issue. Just keep a large pot of water, one of those big canning vats, on your wood stove. Hot water on demand.

            You can also route pipes to rear of the stove for hot water at your faucets.

            • Smokey ,
              I think what AE is referring to is in the field like a spike camp type of situation .
              It was a bitch in the ‘Stan trying to keep clean in winter conditions, hygene will get you real fast in the cold , I.e. dirty clothes don’t insulate as well . ( body wipes work to a degree) wind burn is real.

              What is coming for all of us is not going to be easy , but things that mean the most never are .
              The price of liberty and maintaining it is going to be high .

              I really don’t think we have time on our side before the North American festivities begin .

              Keep you head on a swivel and your feet on the ground , it’s no longer an academic exercise .

              Semper Fi

          • Seems like the part of Coleman fuel that goes bad first is the metal can.

            AE, what is kerosene seven times more expensive than? My biggest gripe with kerosene for cooking is the smell/soot. Good call on the skin/lip stuff. Cracked open skin on hands or feet is a downer. I like Aquaphor and Eucerin, but Aquaphor is mostly Vaseline (petrolatum).

            • Hil, I like alcohol stoves, they have no odor, no smoke, compact, and you can make your own fuel easily.






          • Acid, damn good post.

          • There are a lot of non-white inventions, actually. Mathematics, for example, was created by the Egyptians.

            • I think a muslim invented the concept of 0. islam has stayed static (actually regressed) since the time of their ‘prophet’ muhammed.

            • Communism was invented by the ooows.

            • I had a difficult time sleeping last night because of this gun prohibition bill Obummer has set up. Did you people see the video at Alex Jones’ website of Naomi Wolf? It is EXTREMELY important that people see this video!!

              Just go to: “Naomi Wolf interview at Alex Jones website”. There are 10 steps all would-be-dictators use in order to turn an open society into a closed one.. Alex said that getting the guns is the last step.

              Who is on their “no fly” list? Naomi Wolf, for one. I remember reading about it… she has never committed a crime. However, she did write, “Give Me Liberty” and other books which tells how our country is turning into a police state. She criticized the government, tells people what is happening… so, of course, she is on the “no fly” list, as are all of us…

              Paul Craig Roberts says that it is critically important that we wake people up. He says that if even 3% of the population is awake, we can change things. So PLEASE copy the page here on SHTF about the gun control (Republicans in on it) and distribute wide and far, to everyone you see. Hang it up on bulletin boards, lamp posts, or whatever. We don’t have much time!!!

              Once they get the guns, all Obummer has to do is to sign more executive orders and his dream of becoming the first American dictator is in his pocket. He has a whole year to fulfill his dreams and all the pieces of the puzzle are there, for his taking… all he has to do is get the guns!!

              PLEASE SEE THE VIDEO: “Naomi Wolf interview with Alex Jones”!!!!!!!!

              P.S. I doubt they will come door to door and ask peacefully. If you don’t come and turn them in, I imagine they will come in squads, knock your door down and start firing… this is Police State Time and things are changing…. little by little.

          • Just look at South Africa and Rhodesia which were former jewels in an otherwise disgusting collection of shithole African ruled countries. Since being turned over to black rule they are now also disasters as will the US be within the next ten years after the population replacement is completed. Enjoy the good life while you can.

          • Mathematics were not developed by the mongrels living in Egypt now.

            I say again, white people (mostly Christians) pretty much built this world.

            Name two major inventions created by muslimes in the last 1000 years. And no, the car bomb and suicide vest don’t count.

        • Naw, maggots at least have uses in the natural order of things. You’re insulting fly larvae with your comparison.

        • It’s also well past the time we got rid of the U.N.! Most of the people who work there use it as a giant ATM and drug clearance house. Oh, and an international hooker exchange. What they’re planning and implementing is High Treason – conspiring to alter the Constitution illegally, and using the results to illegally take over the country turning it into a dictatorship. U.N. Agenda 21 hooks together with Codex Alimentarius, and it all funnels in to the “elite” goal of annihilating 90%+ of the population, and they intend to extend that percentage goal to rest of the human race in time. For that matter, we’re in so many crosshairs at this point, I think Thomas Jefferson’s idea for a regular Revolution would be a FINE idea!It may be the only way OUT of this mess. The “elites”, btw, call the Depopulation Agenda “The Great Culling” – in which they rid themselves and their world, as they call it, of all the deadwood, the useless eaters and the stupid, unhealthy masses leaving them with healthy but stupid and uneducated slaves who can also be used for on-demand sex and other entertainment and the like. The place is as rotten as anything can be, and they’re dragging us down with them. We are the most poisoned, mind-controlled. uneducated and becoming the most poor of all the First World countries. We’re HARDLY that any longer.

        • Tyrants. Wait Obama said states couldn’t act alone on the UN created refugees but they can gun control?

      2. We will all wind up on one of the “not allowed to own guns” list within a few years.
        I’m going to call my representives in DC again, not that they listen, so I’m sure if I’m not on a list yet, I will be.

        • The governor (sounds like the Russian word for shit, guvnau) of CT has already said the next step is to ‘collect’ guns from people on the list.

        • There’s some sort of MAJOR blackmail or bribery (maybe something like, “Vote right and you get to live” kind of thing) happening in Congress lately! My Senator AND my Rep both voted totally out of character. I landed on both of ’em with both feet (and I wear size 13 boots…), but something is not right here! I mean, it’s wore than usual.People are voting and acting out of character. I think maybe we’re getting really close to the Collapse or something of that nature. There is SO much that our politicians are doing nowadays that’s illegal, immoral unethical and dead WRONG, and how do we address it all?

      3. Let them pass this BS gun grab and they will not have to look for us to try and get our guns. We will be looking for them and trust me, we ill have our guns with us. ENOUGH!!

        • Knot Jammin, they have their lists and we have ours. Lists are a two-way street; double-edged sword.

          • Sorry bravefart where i live it is a one way street. no one steals my weapons. dumb arse.

            • Tacoma, I understand your point. After what I went through almost 3 weeks ago, I’m more determined than ever to protect me and mine. I’m not giving up shit.

        • We all say that or something like it, yet nothing ever happens. I said it for years and now the years have caught up with me and I can’t even hold a handgun steady enough to do more than make a loud noise.

          But that’s what everybody else is doing, isn’t it? Just making noise. What’s worse, when someone does finally get to the point where he no longer cares if he wins or loses and takes action… we disavow him and his actions.

          I don’t know what precisely is going to happen but we deserve it.

          • Yup. All the “cold dead hands” types lined right up to register in Connecticut. Did we do anything..? Nope, we turned our backs and mocked them.

            • I read that only about 10% actually registered.

        • WELL SAID!

      4. They are so interbred you can’t tell them apart. Realize its over, way to late to change things now. Live free as possible and prepare to die.

      5. I pray that enough of us can say (from my cold dead Hands)

        • “USA is at that awkward stage. Too late to work for change from within the system, but still a little too early to shoot the bastards on sight.”

          I’m not sure who that should be attributed to, but I think it was a woman. Not sure of the exact quote, but this is a rough paraphrase.

          • Hildebeast, that sums our situation up perfectly at this moment in time.

      6. I threw all mine in the lake. If I can’t have them nobody will. Now..pick a lake!

        • Ain’t gonna happen. At the very least I can take one or two with me. No matter WHAT I’m not going to any FEMA Camp. The potential for and likelihood of the most horrendous abuse happening in those places… Well, I’m 60 now, a disabled vet with “massive nerve damage and Chronic Intractable PainA; I’ve had 7 back operations and can barely walk one block. But at least I KNOW I can piss ’em off badly enough that I won’t have to worry about something like that! I’ve been trying to get something going from a legal standpoint and just been brushed off, ignored, etc. We’re essentially cut off from the people who run (and ruin) things, folks. Either we take it all away from them, physically GO THERE, put ’em in locks (arm lock, etc.) and walk ’em out the doors and tell ’em NOT to return, or we refuse to go anywhere under duress because as long as ONE of us lives it’s still America – OUR America, and if they try and force us, make you’ve got your Honor Guard in Hell. (“Those of the Enemy you take with you are your Honor Guard in Hell”.)

          Writing emails, letters, signing petitions demands, phoning them, etc., etc., ad nauseam – NONE OF IT WORKS. The one person I personally knew who was an effective agent of change – addressed Congress twice, made a film, was working on a book and was nearly done – and she was suicided on Christmas morning, leaving behind numerous friends and 16 year old son. That’s what happens when you’re honest, hard-working, KNOW what you’re doing and making waves and progress. The same thing recently happened to 14 naturopathic (I think) doctors all of whom had learned to cure most cancers. How in Hell do we get past that kind of thing to get the results that are so desperately needed?

          • Ian, I have a question…

            Naomi Wolf, who wrote “Give me Liberty”, said that if just one outspoken journalist is taken away by the Gestapo and never seen again, then EVERYONE ELSE clams up…they don’t have to exterminate all of us for speaking out; all they have to do is eliminate one outspoken person and then everyone else freezes up and stops speaking out… everyone becomes afraid!!

            My question is, does this apply the other way around as well? I mean, if one politician who commits treason is “disappeared” do THE REST of the would-be-treason politicians likewise clam up, refuse to do anything that would be considered treason? I’m not an expert in history and wondered. I imagine that if things got really bad between us and them (they who would destroy us) then the tactics might start both ways(??!)

          • Ian, Paul Craig Roberts said that if only 3% of the American people are awake then we can change things. He said that it is not enough that he provides the missing pieces of information… it is UP TO US to change things.

            WE HAVE to wake people up and since there is so little time left, we need to copy this article, mass produce it, and distribute to everyone you see… or make up small leaflets, telling people a little about this and tell them about various websites they can go to for more information: this website, Paul Craig Roberts website, zero hedge, etc.

            WE HAVE TO WAKE PEOPLE UP!!!! mass copy this page and distribute it– put it under peoples windshield wipers, wherever you can!!!

      7. Can’t get on your Missouri cell phone post. Internet kicks me off every time I try. Been trying for 2 hours.
        There were the propane tanks, the cell phones AND in October the catche of explosives found by the hunter, and destroyed by the army, in Daniel Boone National Park.
        Also had a phone call interrupted by a phantom “ringing line” today, same time I was looking into all this and talking to someone about it. 🙁

        • These items are just the ones that have been found or noticed. Hundreds of times more stuff is out there. The only question is what strategy will be used. Wait as long as possible to get more recruits in the country or blow their cover with violent action now. I no longer spend any more time than is necessary in malls.

      8. Time to hoist the stars and bars and start slittin’ throats.

        • If only, if only.

      9. Of course you all realize that when you woke up this morning you were felon’s, right? So many laws on the books that make us felons, even here in internet land, that one more doesn’t make any difference.

        Like PM’s; stack’em deep while they’re cheap.

      10. Little by little we’re being set up, folks! Obama, Pelosi and other actors in Congress are BREAKING THE LAW in preparing this! Just because Obama uses – correction: MIS-uses – Executive Orders to create laws that break the Constitution, that does NOT make it any less of a crime each and every time! So if the Congress continues to support these illegal acts, and they refuse to do their jobs and impeach, there needs to be a bunch of recalls – at emergency speed if that’s possible! Just because the man in the White House has a pen, it doesn’t mean he can write and single-handedly pass any law he wants whether it’s Constitutional or not! Where is the Attorney General? Where is the Supreme Court? Just one Congressman could get the ball rolling – and if that person is attacked or commits suicide or some other thing like that happens we need to arrest – IMMEDIATELY – the entire bloody Congress AND the Executive if that’s what it takes! Can the military not act? This is clearly a plot involving the highest offices in the land. Well, the military all swore an Oath of Service, did they not? They if no one else have the RESOURCE with which to pursue it. Who do we bring this OFFICIALLY to the attention of? The FBI? Not the CIA, even though the top-ranking conspirator IS a foreigner illegally holding office. They created, or had the most obvious hand in creating – ISIS. Whether or not they’re sympathetic to Islam’s agenda, they have helped to forward it and cannot be trusted. I’m uncertain about the NSA. HOW CAN WE THE PEOPLE DO THIS?? Preferably BEFORE they pull the plug.

        • Dear Mr. MacLeod,

          You’re “spot on” about everything, and this is what makes it all so heinous. Every law they pass, and every unconstitutional EO that is signed…it takes years to reverse/be rid of them. Your last sentence is the truth and the bottom line.

          Thanks for the comment, and you hang in there.

          Respectfully Yours,


          • “It takes years to get rid of them”

            That’s why back in the day , we hung em

            Maybe seen as barbaric in these times .. But it dam sure sends a message to the “0thers”

          • JJ, thanks for another good article. I’m not surprised the GOP is spearheading this. I’ve never been a registered voter, period. I’ve been awake since the 70s. I don’t care what BS policy they come up with. MY RIGHTS COME FROM GOD, NOT FROM ANY MANMADE GOVERNMENT, AND ARE NOT NEGOTIABLE. Let them bring it on. They will pay the ultimate price for their treason. MOLON LABE BRAVEHEART AKBAR

            • Dear BH ’76,

              Thanks for the comment. You hit it on the head: the rights are ours, as God’s gift.

              And true patriots such as yourself are, in my humble opinion, a gift to guys such as me who know by words such as yours that they’re not alone.

              It’s good to hear from you, and I hope you and your family have good health and happiness over the holidays.



              • JJ, thanks for that and I wish you the same. I’m headed to the BOL for the holidays next week so I will definitely have a blast.

        • The recall has to be short, sweet and permanent! Do it to them, before they do it to you, and you know they will not hesitate, so why should we?

        • They’d shit a brick if all 535 walked out and two patriots grabbed each arm of each one and took them “into custody “

        • In the year 1947 the federal government thru our house and senators changed how our citizen grand jury works .the citizen grand jury was the check on our political class . the citizen in the grandjurys at all levels good look into events ,t I’mhey were in control of how a district attorney looked into crimes and how a criminal could be put on trial . there is more and all Americans should look into how ourcitzen grand jury’s used to have power to demand people to appear in open court for crimes.

      11. The problem is that the initial denial takes place WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OF LAW.

        Their real target isn’t actually the 2nd Amendment, it’s the 5th Amendment.

        It’s unconstitutional, but the courts are utterly corrupt from bottom to top, so I think we’re safely past the point of no return here.

      12. The problem is that the initial denial takes place WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OF LAW.

        Their real target isn’t actually the 2nd Amendment, it’s the 5th Amendment.

        It’s unconstitutional, but the courts are utterly corrupt from bottom to top, so I think we’re safely past the point of no return here.

      13. “The question is if we the people are ever going to push in the opposite direction, and if so, when?”

        Jeremiah…my best answer is when they attempt incrementalization one house at a time…we will push them back.,one house at a time. The word will spread like wildfire to a point that they will have 2 choices…back off…or engage in full warfare against the American Patriot. Even if they back off…the Patriot has his/her own Hegelian Dialectic and will not amenenable to the tyrants.

        Governor Shit Stain better think clearly before he tries this.

        Live Free or Die…we do not forgive…we do not forget…

        • Dear ’76,

          You’re absolutely right about those 2 choices.

          It’s guys such as you and others that post here that give me heart and help me to not give up hope.

          Always good to hear from you; hang in there, and God bless!


          • Jeremiah…very insightful article and I know stirs more opsec thinking here for me as well as many here. Thank you for your warm wishes…and may God keep you ready in all facets to fight the good fight…I know you heard about the Litmus Test…but for those who haven’t… It’s a must view!

            Live Free or Die…fence sitting only gives you hemmroids

        • When they begin the house to house, they won’t be able to do it all at once; there will be forewarning, however brief. The time for all us old farts to change our fiery words into effective deeds will be THEN. The first few hundred houses will be free; we will have to make them pay for the rest.

          • Well said!

          • Ask any foot soldier. Snipers, even when marginally effective, are terribly demoralizing.

          • When the banksters needed our homes and illegally foreclosed 4.1 million of them… nobody fought back. Now that they are paying fines to the feds it is “okay”. The media, including Fox, screamed it was all worthless people who didn’t pay. Now federal record that BoA Wells, Chase foreclosed illegally on people who were current. No one apologized or paid those people back… or cleaned their credit. On TV it will only be “terrorists” who lose their guns. They will all divide and conquer and every time you say you want to kill library you turn your countrymen against you.

          • Very well said

      14. That knot in the pit of your stomach is a healthy reminder that freedom isn’t free. Tyrants, like terrorists, are organized. The average lawful gun owner is not. Just something to think about.

      15. “A coward dies a thousand deaths, a brave man dies but once.”

        • WarVet, “Every man dies. Not every man truly lives.”

      16. Lets all get our guns and kill them!

        Yeah, that’s the ticket!

        The memory hole is a real place, where the last 37 times they said they were coming for your guns, they didn’t.

        Might I suggest you buy some stawks in gun manufacturers. All your congress critters already have.

        What? You thought voting for the Red team mattered? 2014 saw a landslide victory, and what has changed?

        Lets string ’em up! Kill! Violence is the answer! You sheep love getting fleeced, and you know it.

        All this talk, but NOBODY ever shoots up a cop shop, or their local government, or state government, or federal government. Can’t assault a place where people might shoot back!

        • @townsaver, You are not taking long enough view. The forth turning is very close. That will mean total war. Total war is we will kill all of them or they will kill all of us.

      17. We will never be given the curtesy of the door to door visits
        We will be made into felons without due process , there will be only one fight …yours
        It will be incremental, and slow
        Your neighbors guns will be taken because of some lust or feliny they pin on him
        Most will think he’s guilty , they will think the same of you when your turn comes

        It can be as simple as a traffic stop , and when that rock of crack falls out of the cops pocket
        Poof there goes your guns as you sit in jail unable to do shit about it

        All your non registered guns should not be easy accessible , they should be hidden , and not on your property
        The ones they know about for sure will be gone once you make bail
        Your house will look like vandals hit it
        Holes everywhere etc

        • And they will use gun/and ammo sniffing dogs. You wont be able to hide them in your home.

          • And just sprinkle some white pepper around, and behind where you travel. Makes a dog usless for days.

          • Shoot their dogs too.

      18. We will never be given the curtesy of the door to door visits
        We will be made into felons without due process , there will be only one fight …yours
        It will be incremental, and slow
        Your neighbors guns will be taken because of some lust or feliny they pin on him
        Most will think he’s guilty , they will think the same of you when your turn comes

        It can be as simple as a traffic stop , and when that rock of crack falls out of the cops pocket
        Poof there goes your guns as you sit in jail unable to do shit about it

        All your non registered guns should not be easy accessible , they should be hidden , and not on your property
        The ones they know about for sure will be gone once you make bail
        Your house will look like vandals hit it
        Holes everywhere etc

        • “List or Felony ”
          Dumb phone

        • EOTS, my house already looked like that, well 3 weeks ago on Wed. I’m only more determined than ever now to defend me and mine. Anyone who forces their way into my home dies, period. It doesn’t matter who they are.

          • You won’t be home when the red coats come
            That’s their plan and they will be sure of it

      19. Are you prepared? You better be and fast! Obama has less than a year to solidify his dictatorship, and will be aided at every juncture by GOPe and RINO’s everywhere, the MSM and the Attorney General. Allowing the Attorney General to prevent “ANY INDIVIDUAL” through executive branch FIAT, only means that every conservative, veteran, or hell, lets just say every white person, will sooner or later be placed on the no fly list due to your work ethic, your morality, the church you attend or just because. And your ability to purchase a firearm or even ammo will be severely restricted.

        Today is the day, you better go get that firearm you need, to join me and most of the others, in taking America back from these assholes. We will need them to take away the military weaponry they plan to use on us.

        Stay Frosty… It will be here much quicker than you can believe.

        • Bonefortoona, all of the feds can get f#$%ed. I’m getting everything I can as fast as the money becomes available.


          COPY THIS ARTICLE (OR MAKE SMALL FLIERS) AND DISTRIBUTE FAR AND WIDE. (Paul Craig Roberts said that if only 3% of the population is awake, we can change things!!!!)

          SEE THE VIDEOS: “NAOMI WOLF INTERVIEW AT ALEX JONES WEBSITE”. (She wrote, “Give me Liberty”, “Letters to a Young Patriot” and “End of America”)

          Tell everyone you know about the video, this article here at SHTF, zero hedge, Paul Craig Roberts and other websites.. WAKE PEOPLE UP!!

          Sell your registered guns, one at a time (they will come and get them anyhow!!) and buy guns from a different place (one at a time)> be sure you keep all receipts from selling your guns to show to the Gestapo.

      20. Hey y’all was this site down most the day ?
        Was for me

        • All day it kept bouncing me off….

        • It had problems for a few hours.

      21. Discharge petition 114-3 needs 218 signatures. As of Friday(12/11/15) they had 172.
        My congress critter signed it, the bitch!
        There are/were 188 Democrats in Congress so they may not get the bill discharged.
        Our problems as Americans is the Democrat party, Federal courts, GOPe, and the enablers of these institutions. Hard to imagine effective push back that wouldn’t need significant planning and logistics to pull off with a minimum loss of life and freedom.
        An EMP over the east coast and west coast major cities( don’t forget Chicago) may do us all a favor.
        Keep on prepping.

        • Rellik, like I said before, take out NY, DC, Shitcago, Hollywood, City Of London. Most of the world’s problems solved.

          • I know London is a financial center, but Banks keep their records in multiple off-site areas and very are safe from about anything. If doing London, in does the UK any good, it works for me. /sarc

      22. If voter fraud is not corrected you will never vote them out.


        I have to laugh to myself that they are trying to pass that bill, totally laughable. As if they can control what is going on in Texas at that level.

        When i read articles and see crap like that, i ask my self all kinds of things. Seriously guys, my fellow shtf-effers. I never taught 6 yrs ago, that i would be living like this, preparing to survive a future cataclism, if i can even spell the phucking word, and this is real, its all real. 100%, not a figment of and over active imagination. I have talked to cops, soldiers, preppers, eat Texas red necks, combat soldiers, ex spercial forces, Vietnam veterans who i am friend with two of these guys.


        I mean, the cops are talking us, making friends with us, telling us, that they are prepping and getting ready, wtf is wrong with this picture. SOMETHING IS COMING UP GUYS. The cops tell me how crime is gettig so out of control as if people are losing their minds, that they are seeing sh…t taking place that has them realizing that this is not the norm. Its got them thinking now.

        I really belive that all sh…t is going to bust loose. And since i have made it public now that i support Trump, i guess what i am saying is that if anything happens to him between now and Novemeber, as in a false flag on the country, etc. I belive that a revolutionary war is knocking on our door, impossible for it to not happen. The conditions are ripe and the ingredients are in the kitchen, and ready to commense.

        It still looks like no matter how positive or optimistic i try to live my life, i still accept the fact that Ed Dames is telling us the truth, because as i cook the sh…t and look at the ingredients, the end result is still the same, it stinks to high ass heaven. If we make it as far as November 2016, with Donald Trump sworn in, i belive that it would be a miracle. What most people dont know is that we almost didn’t even make it this far. In fact i am really supprised that i woke up this morning, and taught to my self, as i thanked God Almighty for looking out for my sorry ass, that its a miracle that we are all still alive. Gee, what i nice think for me to write, as i remind, the russians, chi-comps, the mexican ary, the cuban military who is getting ready to use and amphibian assault against our country, the jihadist, who swears that they are coming for us.

        You jihadist phucks reading my post, watch your mouth rag heads, i will literally fill your asses with led.


        If you phucks calapse my state, my country, role tanks down my highways and streets, hit us with and EMP, bio stuff, etc, and then invade my city, i SWEAR ON MY DEAD GRANDMOTHERS PHUCKING GRAVE THAT i will fight to the phucking death, and die in the the phucking streets, because i will not ever kneel to tyrany.

        I prepare my mind daily for the worst, i dont sleep well at night, and its obvious why. Even my girlfriend thinks that a woman should be making me feel better, yet not a damn thing has changed, nor has my mood. Like i give a rats ass what she thinks. She choose me, i didn’t choose her. I tell her that she will thank me when shtf commense for having a brutal aggresive, shtf survivalist who knows how to kick ass and shoot. She notices that i don’t get picked on publically, it must be my lumber jack swamp people type of look. i Remeber the cutte hair cut metro days 6 years ago, when i taught that that is what i was, to wake the phuck up, and see mother nature take it course to transform me into a red neck, some of the friends i have not seen for several years were shocked at my appearnce, asking me stupid crap about what happened to me. As if something is wrong with my look. My questions to them, was wtf is wrong with you, you are still asleep. You will soon wake up, when there is no food and water and the dred lock attacks commense in your area and the foreign military shows up, yor will learn.

        Dissobedience to tyrants is obedience to God.

        Thomas Jefferson.




        Ed Dames.

        • I didn’t make it past “LUMBER JACK SWAMP PEOPLE”…

          LMFAO …

        • You know what really chaps my hide? Some “elite” military, most of the “Shadow Government people”, those in the “Secret Space Program” – have all decided that we’re the leftovers, the inferior specimens who deserve to die; we’re useless anyway. They know how we’ve been poisoned, irradiated, mind-controlled, starved for real nourishment, medicated and showered with toxins, and on and on and on. Even so, WE deserve to be experimented on until we die of it. We deserve the abuses and tortures of the FEMA camps. WE deserve whatever they decide to do to us because THEY are superior.

          In a pig’s eye!

          Somehow this kind of insanity is contagious. I wish I understood how, I really do. Maybe it’s just Evil. In times of confusion and difficulties, and this is such a time if ever there was one, and fear, isolation anger and the rest ALL add to it. All we can do is never stop caring, never stop trying, don’t stop talking to each other. Share if you can; even a hug at the right time can be a treasure. God willin’ and the crick don’t rise, see y’all out the Other Side of this mess.


        More on Ed Dames, watch this. I have a meeting with my scientist buddy after Christmas. I promised to reveal mor info that i have not before. You will hear some new things



        • This fungus is a natural outcome of corporate monoculture. It is unnatural to the point it has to collapse.

      25. I have always been truly amazed there are millions of people who actually believe that it really matters who is in office. There is a difference in ideology between Republicans and Democrats, but not in practice, both are statists and want big government. They both just want big gov’t on their own party’s terms. Dem.’s are the welfare party, Rep.’s are the warfare party. Neither have a large enough majority to get all that they want without compromise. So the Rep.’s and Dem.’s say to each other “vote for what we want and we’ll vote for what you want.”
        Both are corrupt to a degree the average citizen would not believe; and both parties generally despise their constituents. I keep telling people to stop voting. Mark Twain said if voting really made a difference they would not let us vote. Just this week the senior Rep.’s have stated they are considering having a convention to broker a nominee; in other words – f* ck you voters. It appears Trump is not part of the clique so they don’t want him.
        Take my word, even if a Republican president is elected; Obama care will not be repealed, taxes will not go down, our rights will continue to erode, the economy will continue to stink, gov’t will continue to put out patently false and ridiculous statistics, deficits will continue until there is no remedy and the nation defaults. Many more can easily be added but suffice it to say just more really lousy representation and government. So you see, there is not point of going to the ballot box.
        Elected officials of both parties just keep saying everything is good and getting better. What dreadful awful people, just horrible persons. It is never about the citizens or the country, it is about them, don’t be simple-minded. In reality just shut up, go to work, and pay every nickel in taxes demanded.

        • It makes no difference which party.

      26. Peter King is a NY Republican. That would make him a democrat in Texas.

      27. Howdy, HCKS. Spot on post you just made. On a happier note, this weekend I went to a gun show and bought a replacement for one of my 2 favorite handguns stolen in the burglary 3 weeks ago and I will have the 2nd favorite replaced between now and Christmas, so things are looking up for me now. I finally have my mind back to normal for the first time since the burglary. The incident has only made me more determined than ever to defend me and mine. I know damn well it was crackheads, maybe even dredlocks who did this to me. If I ever find them, they die, period. My preparations have been stepped up. I feel like time is running out, especially with all the shit coming out of DC. If I have to, I can get guns ‘off the books’; done that a few times in the past. I’m not giving up shit. MOLON LABE

      28. This, I feel, will be the straw that breaks the back of the proverbial camel.
        “We the willing, screwed by the known, have been screwed so long and so hard, that we’re now able to take it up the arse and not feel anything “.

      29. I don’t see confiscation happening. I know too many police and military that say no way they would participate in a gun-grab. More likely scenario, esp if Hitlery wins and the Dems gain back Congress, would be more laws outlawing ammo ARs, and so forth.

        • Yeah right, that is what the cowards tell you, when their pay and pensions are threatened, the coward fascist boot lickers will grab every gun you have, and they will not think twice. Maybe you should spend many years with police and then you will understand more completely how they think and what they VALUE.

          • The only thing the cops fear is being on the receiving end of violence. A role reversal is their worst nightmare.


      31. They can pen anything they want but they will not get the guns.

        What we need to really keep an eye on is if he signs this executive order and then makes gun ownership “illegal” for anyone on these lists. Then who they add to the “list”. ( the no fly list has increased from about 50k to 700k since Obamy took office )

        For instance the far right wing terrorists “list”. You end up on that list, then have to shoot someone – lets say a like real terrorist- then they fine you heavily and throw you in jail. Your family looses your home etc… This will be where the battle is fought.

        They will not attempt to take the guns. They will try to hold your wealth and freedom over your head.

      32. “The beauty of the 2nd amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” – Thomas Jefferson

      33. As a side note- I was in one of the local gun shops last week, it was PACKED, people buying AR’s and ammo.

        Picked up some .223 hollow point, 22LR and 12 gauge.

      34. Common sense says that anyone on a do not fly list should not even be allowed to come into the US or hold a citizenship. Hence if your not a legal citizen in the US you cannot buy a gun. seems like a simple fix.

      35. They forgot to tell you about the provision in the legislation that includes all hate groups such as national socialist kkk deemed terrorists now by splc. It’s all about breaking the white man. Go and look on the splc website most of the groups they labeled as hate groups are pro whites. Only the Muslim brotherhood is in there for non white. Any white Christian or jew who gives up their guns is a straight up fool. We are the most hated group on earth now. Grab some high cap mags if you got the cash. Mag fed autos are on the cutting table first.

      36. Now for some good news on 2nd Amendment rights

        Ban on so-called assault rifles:
        6 months ago, supported by 63% Opposed 34%
        Today: Opposed by 50%, supported by 44%

        Stricter gun control?
        1 month ago: 58% supported; now it is 51%, with 48% opposing (7% collapse in ONE month),

        Will more gun control reduce crime? One month ago, yes 59% to 40% Today? 50% to 48%

        48% of Americans report having guns in their home


      37. We should ban these obvious traitors from office and put the all in Guantanamo…. Charge is treason.

      38. Your personal protection team should be stored away opsec, good luck to them finding your lake
        Bottom property. The new rules they are trying to pass are illegitimate due to who made them up.
        They know it as well as we do. If they really pissed the citizens off and no one kept the money
        Rolling and I mean not anybody ,they would suffer power of the purse. Who would work for them for nothing? Some of our population is already rising up,granted they are not in control and tend to burn the place down but will probably be first on scene. Add in the terrorist to today’s mix it up
        Crowd and they will be hard pressed to hold things together. Hungry pissed off, pressed to the max citizens would not be pretty and outnumber them by a vast number. And they will be trying to hide when tshtf but they tend to leave a trail behind them. Best to just be the grey man for now
        And be patient it will come in waves. Practice invisibility ……..

      39. Still going to vote regardless before they take that right away from the people. Still I understand
        It is the Washington cartel and pretty much not a party system anymore. But they leave elephantine tracks that can be followed,and we know who and what they do……..

      40. Republican = national socialist
        Democrat = communist

        You tard gun owners figure it out yet?

      41. Brave damn, I an sorry to hear that. That’s serious sh….t how that bastards did that its telling me that they are watching you and that if calapse commenses that they are coming for you..i highly recommend going on to order two specops.55 round bandaleers for you pump, to have 100 round to clean the streets of that filth post calapse. And people and tools like coming on her talking crap about me.. if shtf commenses I am certain that you will survive and head to your bol if you have one once you sense that is notify is about to happen. Hope you filed a police report also.. the dread lock nigger thugs always target whites in homes..



      42. Molon Labe, come and take them. Well my fellow Patriots, they already have come and taken all except the weapons in our possession. Just about every right we have has been bent, folded and mutilated and we sit back to wait for tyrants to come and take our pristine barbecue firearms, you know the ones that come out of the safe so you can parade them in front of your friends at a barbecue at your house and have never seen a range or training. How do you win a fight, offense or defense? Do you wait for the first blow to land before we take the assault on Freedom seriously enough to act like the freemen we are supposed to be? I know if we act before we are being killed we may be called criminals and hunted as felons with extreme prejudice, well that will happen anyway. Those who resist tyranny are always called criminals and those who do not follow lock step are always persecuted by tyrants and their brainless minions. Are you afraid of death so much you will hide behind the, if you just do one more thing, cross one more line, I’ll open a whole can of whoop ass on you. WHEN WILL ENOUGH BE ENOUGH????!!!

      43. No due process, guilty upon accusation.

      44. Gear up, Train up, MAN UP, Stand by.
        When ithe starts there will be no rules of engagement.

      45. Did I read someone say we’re going back to the rope? Well, we need more rope! Lots and lots of rope! Also, my pitchfork has been on an open fire….far too long now….its time to use it!

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