The Reality of Collapse: “Many Preppers Will Die”

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    Editor’s Note: In the following article well known Balkan War survivor and developer of the SHTF School Selco shares yet more of his insightful experiences. Many of us have taken steps to insulate ourselves should the worst happen. But is that enough? Selco explains that regardless of the supplies and tools you have in your possession, you still face the very serious risk of injury or death should the system around us collapse. 


    Why Many Preppers Will Die
    By Selco

    Survivalists and preppers are (or are supposed to be) by definition something like smart folks, people who do not trust mainstream bu..s..t, who follow their own path to be winners at the end.

    Actually in reality truth is different.

    We all like to say that we are different but just like everyone else we fall under the influence too.

    How many times you or some prepper you know built or formed opinion without even checking it? How many times you bought some item and store it just because you think it makes sense, not because you know it makes sense and you check on it. It is often easier way to believe others and you can not try everything yourself of course.

    One of the most stupid things or worst mistakes that you can make in prepping is to become “mainstream”. Slap label of prepper on you and you start to think you are smarter than others. You may think that preppers and survivalists can not be mainstream because it is not logical, but yes we can.

    We gonna buy bug for BOB because someone said “it is best for BOB” usually without checking who is the guy who said it. Or we gonna say “I have best gun for SHTF” because someone put huge amount of money for marketing it. If most preppers look at their storage they can find items they know theory of using it, but never used it.

    The problem here is not buying these things. The problem is with forming your opinion and many survivalists think they know and they have plan but that makes them in reality less flexible to consider all options.

    When SHTF and you realize quickly that you have completely wrong boots (or weapon, or BOB or whatever) you maybe still can fix it if you act. Changing way of thinking (or plan…) is harder.

    There was man who before SHTF was owner of few cafes, pretty wealthy man. He was involved in some crime business and you could hear from time to time how he was involved in some fight, or he was arrested, or served some time.

    Sometimes he was out of the country for months or year, rumors were that he was something like professional thief, specialised for breaking into “high class” homes, jewellery and safes and similar.

    Those stories were rumors only, but in his cafe in town all guests were his crew, and going there for coffee was not forbidden, but also was not bright idea. If you entered there (probably) nobody would kick you out, but atmosphere and faces there clearly would tell you that you are outsider.

    In short he was something like “tough guy” in city talks. Weapons, secret gambling, prostitution etc. Guy with his crew.

    On first rumors of troubles he started to sell his cafes I guess in order to leave the area, but he was too late. When SHTF, and groups and gangs started to form, he simply gave his cafe to the leader of one group in exchange for protection.

    Later when that leader and group were destroyed he found himself imprisoned for some time. Lot of people around were robbed and tortured or killed.

    He immediately agree to write statement that he is “selling“ all his cafes to the leader of new group, of course in exchange for the life and freedom.
    They had it anyway, but they needed that piece of paper for time after war.

    After that he was something like “lone crazy dude” through the rest of the SHTF period. He was nobody.

    He survived everything and after that he needed quite some time, few years to prove that he was forced to “sell” his cafes.

    Court gave everything back to him. Soon after that he sold everything and emigrated somewhere, probably to place with less chance for another SHTF event.

    My friend talked with him before he left the country, and after some time they touched the subject that lot of people wanted to know.

    Why did he go down so easy? Why did he not resist at the beginning with his crew? Why did he not had his own strong group during SHTF? Things like that.
    He had original answer: “Every time they were stronger than me, I simply had to let it go”.

    His story is not so unique, but I know much more stories about how folks got killed because they refused to leave their home (and run) when under attack by several people armed with firearms, while they were unarmed, or armed with pistol or knife, clearly outnumbered.

    I read every day on web sentences like “having this gun will save you when SHTF” or “with this BOB you can not lose when SHTF”. Of course this is marketing crap from people who want to sell you something.

    Please do not get yourself killed, or allow your family to die when SHTF just because you put your “perfect” BOB on, your “zombie survival” rifle in your hands and went out to save the world.

    Or to get killed because you “draw line and here you stand your ground” for example when they attack your home or your storage. Do you really want to die just to hold onto things?

    In world of survival number of people who are gonna blindly believe in their equipment, or just blindly stay where is impossible to stay are much higher from folks who are gonna take the smartest option (however bad it could look). This is why many preppers will die. Regular folks will run but some preppers take so great pride in their plan or equipment they do not make right decisions when it matters because of their ego.

    You can hear me being not hero and just doing what I had to do for 8 hours in my course.

    I am not the dude who is living on tree armed only with kitchen knife and big mouth. I also have BOB, BOL, equipment, weapons and plans.

    But if I see that my SURVIVAL is in question I am ready to say f..k it to everything.

    Sometimes to survive means not to win but to give up, and wait for next chance. Do not expect to be winner all the time.

    You can follow Selco’s story at SHTF School and learn how he survived one year in hell. 


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      1. More more people who aren’t preppers will die than those who are.

        Luck always favors the prepared.

        • One word – network. There’s safety in numbers!

          • The odds of survival of non preppers is very long. The odds of survival of preppers/survivalists are magnitudes better. I will place my bets on the preppers/survialists surviving every single time for any SHTF event. 🙂

            • Do not discount bad luck…

              The most prepared, organized, athletic person can be one of the first to die for any number of random reasons, from a lucky shot, a richoche or an accidental discharge from someone behind them, or from a bad slip on the ice.

              Hopefully, whomever you leave behind, paid enough attention so that they will be able to continue without you.

              • The most important prep is adaptability to whatever comes.

                You can have a lot of prep stuff today, but as it says someone stronger can come and take it. If you are adaptable you can still survive. And if you are smart you can get it all back.

                Ask yourself this… If you found yourself with NOTHING but yourself and the clothes on your back, could you survive?

                If the answer is yes, you are prepared.

                If the answer is no, your preps may end up being worthless to you.

                • Yep. Adaptability.
                  I was in Rwanda when that mess went down.
                  The friend I was staying with formed a plan the day it started. And that was to run. He was a copper pipe and fitting importer. He put all his goods in his basement and burnt his house down on top of it. Then we ran for the hills and stayed there for 3 months.
                  When we returned he dug up his goods and went back into business. Nobody looted his house because it was a pile of burnt wood and his family all survived.

                  • Joe, that was an excellent example of what sorts of thing one may need to do to survive and protect one’s property. You really have to think out of the box! We are so insulated and protected in this country, folks don’t realize how good we have it. We who live in uncalled towns and cities can be naive to the extreme!

                  • joe,
                    great example of thinking outside the box.
                    Your friend had the forsight to plan long term.

                  • That is absolutely brilliant!

                  • interesting. Some angles to think about with burnt earth type of tactic.

                • GC, someone bigger and stronger can take your preps ONLY if you DON”T have the means to defend them. If you’re really smart, you’ll have a good weapon with extra mags, plenty of ammo, some spare parts, and a good gun cleaning kit to maintain it. My heaviest weapon is my “Bertha”, in 12-gauge a la mode.

                  • my favorite weapon is 12 guage too, but i’m sure you KNOW, someone with a rifle, even a 22LR, can kill you out in the open. they can sit outside yer house and when you come out, BAM, dead. hope y’all got body armor! it’s still cheap out there on craigslist….i’m not telling all my friends, but when the shootin’ starts, they are gonna PAY DEARLY for it.

                  • Renegade, I have to disagree. You can have the best weapon in the world and still lose. How will you defend with that weapon if you are out numbered and they hit you from multiple sides. The best weapon you can have in your arsenal is your brain, and knowing when to pull out so you can live to fight another day.

                  • “””GC, someone bigger and stronger can take your preps ONLY if you DON”T have the means to defend them”””

                    I have the means to protect them against an intruder or two or three, but not against a gang of 10.

                    It will not be like a Bruce Lee movie where everyone attacks in a preplanned sequence, one at a time. If you got 10 people popping caps at you, one will hit you before you can hit 10.

                  • Renegade you have to sleep sometime and if you’re alone that’s when you’re vulnerable.

                    If you’re on the move you run the risk of an ambush at every step of the way.

                    If you’re holed up in your barricaded house with friends, all it takes is one guy with a strong arm (or some heavy duty elastic bands), a beer bottle, some styrofoam and gasoline and now you have the choice of being burned alive or trying to evade the guns waiting for you to make a break for it with whatever you can carry.

                    If you’re not equipped with clean water, food, medicines, antibiotics then you’re going to get hungry and sick. That means lack of awareness, reaction times, ability to think clearly. More people have died to disease, illness, bad hygiene, sanitation, infection than have ever or will ever die to bullets.

                    Check out the life expectancy or better yet the injury rate of those involved in hostile action. How many firefights they’re involved in before they go down or get minor wounds. Even minor wounds can and will kill due to lack of care and infection. Imagine trying to dig the 89 (rough guess) fragments of brass and lead out of a wound from something like a Nosler Varmageddon 60gr round without a well equipped operating theatre, xray machine and trained medical help.

                    Weapons are a force multiplier, they’re not a panacea and they should be low of the list of your preparations.

                    Our priority was Water, Food, First Aid, Sustainability, Weapons.

                  • All the ammo & firearms in the world won’t stop a Molotov cocktail from being thrown against the side of your home to burn you out if roving gangs are determined to take whatever preps you have stored inside your home.

                • gods creation is correct. Know How & self reliance is a lasting prep that cant be taken away & redistributed. More valuable than a train load of hoarded goods.

                  • If they want your preps why would they burn down the house they are in? They will simply snipe you off and take what they want including your old lady and any teenage daughters for fun and later trade.

              • I have mentioned the luck factor many times.

                Unfortunately…….there isn’t a darned thing you can do about it….except try to not be stupid…..which multiplies the chances of your being “unlucky” many times over.

                • @ Walt..Luck is a huge factor. One has to prepared am I. Can I repel 5..or 10. What if 50 or 100 want where I am holed up and my stuff. If I can repel invaders, am I prepared to fight the fires from 100 molotov cocktails. There are many avenues to one individuals demise, not just thugs with guns. Wrong place at the wrong time…or a revitalized disease might do you in without a shot being fired.
                  God and good luck may be your best,or only ally.

                  • I strongly believe RISK is an antagonist to LUCK. The more chances you take, the more your RISK FACTOR increases, the more you increase your chances of suffering the consequences of LUCK.

                    1 is 2 but NONE is better.

                    I suggest carefully scrutinizing each risk you take…Is it worth it?

              • Lurker: Yep, bio (germ warfare),chemical agents can kill the most experienced prepper as many times there is no warning. If the grid is down, bacterial infections, many drug resistant will kill many as Drs and drugs will be scarce. Food poisoning and water contamination is another concern. Nuclear meltdowns in power stations, etc.

                • “”” If the grid is down, bacterial infections, many drug resistant will kill many as Drs and drugs will be scarce. Food poisoning and water contamination is another concern. “””

                  A couple of 9 volt batteries and two silver rods will take care of ALL of that. Or you could rely on doctors and die.

                  Each of us can make our own choice about who we rely on. I couldn’t care less if there were no doctors and the toxic pills they push, I will rely on myself and retain the ability to manufacture my own CURES so I will not need to rely on bogus TREATMENTS from the medical profession.

                  • GC, You are right on. It is always best to rely on your own strength and knowledge. Doctors will be of no use without their much relied on tools. Common sense will get you a long ways. Keep your nine volt batteries charged. Perhaps you should consider solar recharge capabilities. How would you treat GC? That could get rough zapping ’em with the nine volt set up. Better have a bullet ready to bite down on.

                  • GC, why wait? Or why “will you” rely on yourself?

                    I’m betting you are relying on yourself now. I think I know the kind of man you are and I’m just betting you’re not visiting a doc very often.

                    The CS generator will do a lot.

                    BTW, as per my own research, lower voltage and more time creates smaller silver particles and works much better than pushing the generator. A single 9V battery and a lot more time will give you a much more potent elixir!

                  • Most won’t believe you when you tout CS as a cure-all. Nothing cures everything.

                  • Ranger,

                    I went to a doctor because I had a hernia that had to be taken care of before the SHTF. They are good for things like that, but not much else.

                    Other than that no one in my family has been to a doctor in the last three years since I learned to make silver.

                    Right now I am using a 1 amp 12v adapter to make mine. Works good and takes about two hours to bring it up to 10ppm in a 16oz glass. Stores good in empty beer bottles.

                    Beulla, most must be shown the power. My neighbor recently came over in tears because her puppy had parvo and the vet sent her puppy home to die, along with a big bill for his trouble. She wanted to warn me because I had a puppy too.

                    I made her a small batch of silver and told her to give it to the puppy. Her husband had to force it into puppies mouth because it was far enough along it was no longer drinking.

                    The next day she came over and tried to give me 20 dollars because the puppy was getting better. I told her to keep it because it cost me nothing to make. The following day I saw the pup out for a walk and it was like nothing was ever wrong with it.

                    They were so grateful. They had no doubts left about silver, but I don’t believe they will be trusting any vets in the future.

                    It is not a cure all. It will however cure ALL virus, bacterial, and fungal problems, which is almost everything that can go naturally wrong with the human body.

              • Everything dies, so what? I planted extra peppers for the ones that die. People take death to seriously.If you believe, it’s no big deal. If you don’t, all that matters is what you did while alive, and how you go. I’ll go standing if I can, and on my belly looking thru a scope if not. It’s amazing how many people say they believe in God and how few trust him. I’m the other way, I don’t believe in him, but if he is, I trust him. I don’t need to kill my neighbor, because he doesn’t think like I do, those who don’t trust God do it all the time.
                No my preps aren’t perfect, any asteroid will get me, so what? Anyone that has prepped is better off than if they don’t. I don’t need this article because I’m to old to care and to stupid to run. I’ll just shoot the sucker that tries to cause trouble. If enough people do that they will run out of people who want to cause trouble.

                • The problem isn’t dying, it’s dying slowly.

                  • A burst appendix and no medical care. That would be a fun one. Several days of very bad symptoms. When mine went even though it had not burst it was the sickest I have ever been. Can only imagine what it must have been like only a hunded years ago with that condition.

              • Like in gambling, bad or good luck can be made more favorable by knowledge. The more information and the more you know about the vast number of circumstances with survival, the better your luck will be. The more you concentrate on being able to pick off danger signs and places that you are unsafe, the better your luck will be when SHTF. Avoiding dangerous circumstances plays much in “luck” of the draw. Yes you can beat the house if you know what you are doing. Vegas and other casinos knows these professional gamblings and watches for them ande uses the excuse that they are “cheaters”. Poor luck is many times someone’s lack of awareness of their surroundings in many SHTF situations.

                • “”” Yes you can beat the house if you know what you are doing. “””

                  BS. The odds are mathematically figured in EVERY game, and are always in favor of the house.

                  The exception is sports betting, where profits can be made. The trick is not to know the teams playing, but how the books operate and where the money is to get at.

                  A skilled card counting TEAM can gain a VERY SMALL advantage in blackjack, and that is what they mainly watch for.

                  Luck never wins anything in the long term…

                  • Shuffling takes care of your card counters. Casinos probably have a gazillion decks of cards.

                  • @ Gods Creation. I think it is called hedging the bet, I saw this on done on a program once that I could vaguely remember. It is just like the way you would bet against the house and yourself. It is a slow process, but in the end the professional gamer comes out ahead. I similar process as they described was the derivative markets. I wish I could give you a link to show how it is done, I believe it was on either Fox News or CBS News. The casinos will watch for this and kick anyone out whom practices this. All I can recall is that this was the way they play the markets. I should have been paying more attention to this, but I can remember it had to do with playing two sides of a bet.

                  • @ Gods Creation. The show on beating the house in gambling I saw was way more complex than this article on hedge betting.


                    I wish I could find this about how these professional gamblers will actually profit from losses and slowly gain a profit over the long term. I looked all over the internet for it. You ever had something on the tip of your tongue and just can’t recall it?

                  • All I know is my 10 yr old always beats be at “Go Fish” so I am staying out of this conversation.

                  • BI

                    I have been making 10 to 15% ROI per bet betting on sports using this guys system for almost two years.


                    The “arbitrage” method you mention limits you to very small gains that are hardly worth the time and trouble unless you have a lot of cash to risk up front.

                    Gambling is no way to make a living, but it can be very fun when you win consistently.

                  • @ Gods Creation. Gambling when it is fun and entertaining and you lose nothing harms nothing. My whole point with survival is that the more you can remove luck from the equation of surviving and preparing the better off you will be.

                  • BI, Luck, good or bad, can not be relied on AT ALL for survival. It is certainly not a prep.

                    As the great golfer Gary Player once said, “The more I practice the luckier I get.”

                    Corollary to that is the better you are to your fellow man, the less luck you will need to survive.

                    If you think luck plays a part in your life and will play a part in your survival, you should be kind and generous to all you encounter now. Someone you help today may bring the luck you need when your survival is at stake.

                    I believe strongly in the power of Karma. Everything you give will come back to you. Maybe not from the same place you gave it too, but from somewhere either in this life or the next.

                    I wish you good luck, while hoping you never have to rely upon it.

                  • The casinos have card mechanics to get rid of those that have overstayed their welcome. Once in Vegas the blackjack dealer at the table I was at asked everyone at the table if they were okay with him doing a demonstration and put all bets off for a couple of hands. It was impressive how he would tell the cards he had dealt to all the players. he was their way of getting rid of those they suspected of being counters although with multiple decks I wonder what the big deal is.

              • I think Selco is a Fake!

                • Care to provide any hard information or even just personal reasons why you believe that?

                • Idiot, Selco is the real deal, so go back to sleep.

            • Yep, agree, don’t be one of those folks that buy a “survival seed vault” and never have grown a garden, it’s a lot more than sticking a few seeds in the ground )

              • I don’t know but, that seed vault might save your life in the hands of someone who CAN use it. Isn’t bartering great?

                • Well if things go like Selco told in his stories with all of the snipers it will be pretty hard to be out in an open field tending crops while some a-hole is shooting at you.

                  • …all the more reason to leave the gardening to somebody else…LOL.

          • I have taken Selko’s course and it is excellent and you have heard my continual ranting on planning and forming teams. excellent article and keep articles like this coming. The articles on money and investing how the world going to fall apart are great but, Article such as this are real meat that we can use. Thanks Sellco and thank you for your really good school. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

          • Remember, “Resistance is futile!”.

            • Actually, I was thinking about Putin and the Russians when I wrote that above. Putin definitely has a majority of this crowd on his side, perhaps he is the face of the next great superpower of the 21st century as he organizes all the dictatorships, fascists, communists from around the world. He has got to be better than Obama and our US government. Selco’s words should resonate. Better to be a pragmatist and be “red than dead”. Ultimately, survival is what it is all about! The meek shall inherit the earth!

              • Incidentally, Putin also has a majority of the Crimean people on his side, as well as his own people of Russia—WE (and our butt-buddies) seem to be the only ones who are not.

                We could solve all of our Crimean problems just by BUTTING OUT OF IT and telling the elitists behind it all to go to hell.

                …ain’t gonna happen though. They need to keep us all convinced that we NEED to be involved in somebody else’s business, and the only way they can do that is with FEAR PORN and PROPAGANDA.

                • @sixpack, agree, we should be hands off Ukraine. We’ve done enough damage with Victoria Nuland and John “crash a plane” McCain running around over there. We can assume their little putsch didn’t go as planned by the way they are whinning about the Russians taking Crimea.

                  Or…was that the plan all along? That would be one way to erase the debt wouldn’t it? By all out war. It wouldn’t be too good for us though.

                  • agreed.

                • Sixpack, wouldn’t it be wonderful if Vlad could pull off his little stunt and take over this country with the help of all the sleepers dispersed all over the place including the White House. With one swift move, one fell swoop, he could be done with the hated banksters and the shadowy NWO. Russia would become the new super power with the help of China, NK, the BRIC nations and the Shanghai group of nations. S. America is already here and so they would not have to do much to open up the borders all the way down to Chile and Argentina. The Middle-East would swallow up pesky little Israel with the support of this new world alliance. Like I said, “resistance is futile!” Put old Bertha away. Vladimer has shown the world that if it is done right, a whole country can be taken without firing a shot or a whimper! What genius! Vlad’s the man! Who cares about the Ukraine. They should be glad that Vlad has plans for them as he reconstitutes the former USSR and restores her former glory with even greater splendor. PAX RUSIA!

                  • “””With one swift move, one fell swoop, he could be done with the hated banksters and the shadowy NWO.”””

                    Come on….Putin is the Russian face of the NWO

                  • …and I thought MY imagination is over-active…at least I’m not seeing apparitions of things that just aren’t there.

                    I’ve got enough to be afraid of, without manufacturing more. Thanks anyway.

                  • Ukraine should be glad that Vlad has plans for them? AS I UNDERSTAND IT, THEY ARE. I just spoke to a real, live Russian from Ukraine.

                    Even HE says Putin is doing the right thing. Before you even say it, he had left Ukraine 25 years ago, not to escape the current issues there…I already asked.

                    If you can’t accept the views of people who are actually FROM there, I don’t know what else to say.

                    Stew in your own fear, leagle…it’s your right to do so if you choose.

                    I choose not to.

                  • How can the people on this site not see through Putin? He never left the KGB. He’s power hungry and can’t wait to bring back the glory of communist Russia.

                • SP, Obama got 100% of the votes in Philly, the Ayatola got all the votes, Castro got all the votes, Chavez got all the votes, Kim got all the votes, and it goes on and on. If you can’t tell a farce from the real thing then there really is no hope. Resistance is futile. Today the rights of the Ukrainians are be run over, tomorrow it will be you. All hail, PAX RUSIA! Right or wrong, RUSIA!

              • Don’t think for a minute that Obama has not given him the green light. Remember that conversation with Medveded where the mike was left on. They are both communists and Obama hates the country he is the president of.

            • You are the resistance.

          • @TTC, agreed, networks and support groups.

          • Sorry Mr. Selco your article sounds very ” self serving”. Take my “Selco online course” and live,but don’t, and take the chance that you have done everything wrong.
            I believe the preppers who read and use good judgement will stand the best chance of surviving without taking “Selco on line course”. Just my opinion.

        • and many people will die by preppers when trying to steal from them

          • 1940justme, if they come to steal from me, they’ll get some 00 buckshot from “Bertha” instead.

          • You know all a person can do is what he/she thinks is right. Whatever that is.
            For me I am staying where I am and trying to get right with God, Rotating my preps, tending my garden.
            Then I am going to go with my wife to the lake with our new/old boat and relax, real a Clive Cussler book, have some music on the radio, and maybe wet a line.
            Since I am older, my home is my Alamo and if the golden horde comes, I hope to whittle them down a bit so they can’t hurt someone else. God Bless, James

          • Even if they are not. Shitheads will shoot everybody.


        • We have a saying in the USN Submarine Force…”Semper Gumby”. Be prepared, have a plan, train lie you fight and fight like you train and always remain flexible. Something along the lines of what Bruce Lee said(say it in your best asian accent)”Be like water my friend”.
          Nobody can prepare for everything but we can educate and train to be prepared for what we know of and then be like water.

          • Semper Gumby. Haven’t heard that in awhile. Were you fast boats or boomers?

        • hmmmm, so im suppose to abandon my food stores, and get more later from where?????? This is the dumbest ass article Ive ever read on this website

        • What he is saying is be flexible, be prepared to think outside the square, even the “prepper” square, which can be as dangerous a trap as the MSM zombie trap.

        • I just have to say this is the worst article I have ever read. Whoever Selco is, doesn’t even know how to form complete sentences (with proper spelling or real words), yet he is putting information out there that people will actually use when their lives depend on it. This just makes us all look bad.

      2. Know when to hold em, know when to fold em,

        know when to walk away, know when to run.

        • And don’t count your gold until you are in your hidey hole

          • with the door locked and curtains drawn…

      3. Well this sounds a little familar, like an echo. I think a poster right here just said this last night on one of yesterdays threads……hmmm?

        • Thanks for that, BJ.

          • Thanks for that BJ? What kind of forum is this? Where am I?

            • I was that poster, Joe Rocket.

              As far as where you are at, the name
              Rocket might find you anywhere, spaceman.

          • LMAO….Geewiz OutWest! 🙂 🙂

            • Hey wrong, how are ya faring…..

              Sounds like maybe you and Hammerhead
              might put something together. Cool.

              He seems rock solid to me, even if he
              lives in a rival school district. BOO!!

              • That would be nice. By Wednesday I’ll be sitting around. Not very good at that. If the damn snow was gone at least I could start working outside. Even the sap is flowing slow. It would be nice if we could communicate outside of the reply boxes. Lazy Saturday for me. I’m going to be a gramps again sometime today. My daughter is in labor as I type. Another grandson. Pretty cool!

                • Congratulations Grampa!!!

      4. We all are going to die. The prepper will be the one burying the first of the die offs.
        Most preppers won’t go until we rebuild, at least start the rebuild. That is my goal!
        This is not going to make me stop prepping, just because I’m going to die.

        • Sgt. Dale

          I don’t know as though I want to survive
          only to be a grave digger for the rest of
          the non-survivors, even with a backhoe.

          • Bury ’em? Nah, we ain’t goin’ bury ’em boy, buzzards got to eat, same as worms”

            From ” The Outlaw Josey Wales “

            • I love it when people quote a fantasy movie as a course of action. They bury dead guys for a reason. they bring disease and they smell really bad. They are also bad for morale.

        • Sgt. Dale I know what you’re saying but I won’t hang around to plant the dead. Gonna keep on the move, evade and fight only when necessary. Maybe team up with some like minded folks. I’ll only leave my property when it appears its untenable.

        • Aim small, miss small. That’s what my wife says to me a lot…

        • My goal,
          Live right up until i die!

      5. Selco,
        You have a story for “everything”.
        I guess you’ve done and seen it all.
        I don’t believe you.
        I know whom you are!

        • yea , he’s an evil capitalist .
          Does that change the message ?

        • Hi Eisen!

        • I agree Nug, after a time his stories stop making sense. I am guessing most are just a product of his imagination. I remember his story about the guy who busted his tail lights out of his car, so people did not see him brake. Really? Guy didn’t have enough common sense to just remove a fuse?

          • He was there and survived, but so did millions more. One has to wonder about new stories being told after 20+years.

        • Nug- Your right. This asshat DOES have a story for everything.

          He has probably never seen any of wht he claims to have seen or “been thru”

          He is another asshat selling collapse and making money.

          Ya know? This worthless US Dollas that he wants for taking his “survival course”

          He wouldnt last a minute in my area.

          • Pot, Kettle…..

          • I wouldn’t bet the farm on that…..

          • Wasn’t it Abe Lincoln who stated you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can fool all of the people all of the time. Always beware of advice given by someone wanting to sell you something.

            • Lincoln never met the modern media or a huckster named Obama. Had he would probably not made that statement about fooling people especially when most of them are fools themselves.

        • Nug, or is it eisen? F#$% you, and back off Selco. You couldn’t hold a match, let alone a candle to him. Just another sorry-assed troll.

          • Cuz your just like the rest. Mad Max, livin the dream!

            • NGIC, I live in the real world, so go back to fantasyland, you stupid f#$%.

          • Renegade Blowhard-

            This Selco comes out with a new story every time he is selling something.

            Broker out the tail lights to not show braking WAS a good one he had… how bout taking the bulb out, or disconnecting the brake light switch, or fuse, all of which would take a second. Smash out the lens to break the bulb you can remove.

            Yeah, Selco is a fuckin genius, he is.

            I call Bullshit on him and his stories.

            • Well, it seems the people seem that Selco is full of shit, as do I.

            • HTJ, I’ll grant you that one piece of advice is questionable to say the least, but depends on circumstances. Was he in some situation where he had to act fast? It does take a few minutes to change a taillight bulb on any kind of vehicle. keep in mind he was trying to stay alive in a war zone, he was in a true SHTF situation. The wars in the former Yugoslavia in the 90s was about as SHTF as it gets. Selco has lived thru something most of us have never been through but will have to try to survive eventually. MEGA-SHTF is coming to this land, one way or another, and I think we should all pay attention to what Selco has to say on the subject. You can go play skeptic all you want; you do so at your own peril. I’m not a f#$%in blowhard as far as I’m concerned. think whatever the f#$% you want. I’m more concerned about the ones that will come to my place for the most obvious reasons. I’ve got something they DON’T want. MOLON LABE braveheart

              • Bravehart- the fastest way you can stop those lights is to simply reach under the brake pedal and unplug the brake light switch. Remember your chevy2? Its still done that same. It is NOT EASY to break out tail lights. That comment was bullshit.

                You said a lot of times you don’t trust and don’t just take someones word for something. You said you use your own head.

                These guys are profiting form this. All of them. Mac has 3 sites that I know of… well him and wife… this one, hers, an daily sheeple. Yes, maybe they start out with good intentions, but end with money.
                Don’t ever get me wrong. I prep. I believe in it whole heartedly.

                I *DON’T* believe in trying to profit off peoples fears with sensational, unproven bullshit.

                Selco is sensational, unproven bullshit.

                Did you ever wonder where MANOS went? I, in my opinion only, think Manos did not exist as he was portrayed. Here today, gone tomorrow.

                Dont say “well Mac talks to him” cause you have no clue what is real in this crazy world and what is not.

                I beleive Manos was not real. I know a person on Greece who could tell me is there was a real name.

                ANyway…. what I try to say is so much of this shit sounds like bullshit to me, and to many others if you read through.

                People will believe what they want. Most people on this site come for a particular reason, so the more sensational the story, the better for them.

                Like Alex Jones. He HURTS preppers, not helps them.

                But he LINES his pockets.

            • Sounds like the vehemence that global warming true believers respond with when AlBore is made fun of. Unless some one personally knows Selco there is no way to verify the truth of what he says. He may or may not be just what he claims. Who knows?

      6. “Winning” in this future SHTF scenario first of all simply means surviving. Personally I dread what lies ahead because I know what it entails. I can relate to Jesus’ lament in the Garden of Gethsemane, “May this cup pass from me…” And yet we all know what is coming. I try to find the silver lining, the demise of the Cabal.

        Prep, prep, prep. But remember your primary weapon is between your ears, your power is in your gut and what ultimately matters is in your heart.

        All the best to you my friends.

        • Slap,

          I agree. Survive, but the best weapon will always be our minds. There is an ood Czech proverb, “Don’t surround yourself with a fence. Surround youself with friends.”

          And Sgt, I don’t wanna dig graves until the rebuilding stages, then let those who didn’t prep dig! 🙂

          Keep your powder dry,

        • We know what is coming, but, we don’t know when. If we are very watchful and attentive, we might get to safety in time. More likely, many of us will be caught at jobs, or trying to get families to the BOL. Chances are what ever triggers “the event”, will happen at night, on a holiday or another inconvenient time. The panic which sets in will be horrible!

          • This is kind of what he is talking about. There may well be no “event” in your area. Think outside your box.

          • But what if it’s not all that exciting? What if we have a couple of months of financial upheaval then a transition to paying our taxes to the NWO? Done and done with nary a shot fired. What if SNAP payments just get doled out in the new currency? No riots. Americans just roll over and take it, then get on with their lives.

            I mean, if the people on this site who are so worried about what is coming aren’t willing to march on Washington RIGHT NOW, then how in the hell can we expect the sheeple to do it later?

      7. Call me crazy but I don’t think “the Cabal” is going anywhere, SHTF or no SHTF. Those like them have survived several of these types of things in the past.

        If they can utterly dominate when things are easy, they are the best prepared to continue to do so when things are hard.

        They never stopped “prepping”. Their “prep” is controlling everyone else around them, and it is a lifestyle. Always has been.

        • Guy,

          No, I would not call you crazy. You are right in that every ‘event’ to date has been planned by them for their nefarious purposes. And yes, they are engineering yet again another of their big events in the hope of realizing their long cherished dream of total world domination.

          Will this time be different? Have enough of us awakened?

          • I look at the recent elections and say no, I think more of us have gone to sleep. Part of the core of progressivism is the idea that the masses are too stupid to take care of themselves, that it takes a few ‘educated’ to rule over the unwashed.

            Look at how stupid we have become (talk to an average high school student for about 3 minutes). Look how enslaved to tech and the commercial systems our society has become.

            No, I’m afraid enough of us have not awakened. All the evidence I can see says we are more asleep than awake.

          • They even put what they were going to do in writing over sixty years ago and still there was no counter plan. They have implemented ever step with little to no opposition except for when Reagan was in office. He got us eight extra years by delaying their plan. They are patient and never quit never give up.

        • There used to be just a few of them and they were very secretive about what they had planned. Now they are everywhere and very upfront about what they are up to. The thing now is that no one seems to care and there is no opposition. Have Boner or his merry band of losers ever opposed one thing that Obama has done? Never will either because either he is one of them or they have something on him.

      8. Survival is minute to minute, day to day, even in the best of times. Prepping can increase your odds, but attitude and the will to survive are crucial. Stuff is stuff. Why do you want to survive? To protect your stuff? No, to make it to the other side. If you have to go all “animal” do it. But live to fight another day. There are line that can not be crossed, harming my loved ones, putting me or mine in a FEMA camp, etc. but yes, choose your battles wisely.

        • Also, Thank you Selco, for everything.

          • Great course….

        • Selco, thank you for your always interesting and unique perspective! We do well to heed your advice. Chance favors a prepared man.

      9. Preppers traditionally appear old fashion, whether we are or not is moot. It’s our inherent values and beliefs that drive us out of the mainstream, facts, experience and a gut feeling allows us common sense for what may be on the horizon.

        “A scientific education does not by any means go hand in hand with higher intelligence.”

        • That is what you think!

          • That is a bit of what I believe, what about you?

      10. Useless drivel.

        • useless troll.

          • BH
            Theres been more trolls around lately
            Must be the PTB and the progressives getting nervous that people will wake up

            • Yeah, that’s what it is KULA. The United States Government is afraid that this website will ake the masses and cause mass demonstrations the country over.

              I mean, it makes sense….. there are usually 200 comments on a story. If those 200 people get all riled up there could be civil war.

              Yeah Kula….. the PTB are shakin in their boots over SHTF Plan.

              Good drugs over there in Kula huh?

              Anyone who has an opposing opinion is a troll….

              yup yup

            • Kulafarmer, there have been some new trolls lately. someone is definitely getting nervous about something.

      11. I just mentioned Selco in my post the other day. 🙂

        As the first commenter- TimTheCrusader said:
        “–network. There’s safety in numbers!”

        Very true words. I also stated the same thing the other day…lone wolves will not have a much a chance to survive as those of like mind who band together.

        -Need more firepower in your group? Bring people into the fold who have them and are proficient with them.
        -More ammo? same thing.
        -need more skillsets than what you personally have?

        You have much to gain by developing your groups NOW before it all falls apart, than ragtag on the fly, alliances that may or may not work out. Take the time to really *know* what your peoples strengths and weaknesses are and your own as well. You don’t want to find out later when time is working against you.



        • I know my neighbors , its my wife i worry about .
          Something crazy happens and she’ll grab the kids and burn rubber down the road with absolutely no destination or plan . ARRRGHH !
          Some things ya just cant change .

          • I worry about my wife too. If something crazy happens, she’ll just stand there with that look on her face, like it was my fault, again.

            • LMAO ! We married sisters ! RUN RUN RUN

              • Hammerhead & Mcdave — I should be so lucky……

                I married their Mother!!

                • Guys I feel sorry for you guys!
                  My wife would be grabbing her Saiga 12Ga. and her tact. gear she has set up for her. Or she will grab her AK and gear. With her PT99 9mm.
                  She will be waiting for me to arrive if I am gone. Or waiting for her brother and family to show up.
                  I very lucky she is ready in mind and soul to survive just about anything, and even with out me. (HUMMM)
                  No she doesn’t have any sisters. Good Luck guys.

                  • …how ’bout unmarried brothers?

                  • Sarge, since I lost my better half to a sorry-assed Haitian drunk driver and never found anyone suitable for a 2nd wife, I only have myself to provide for. Last weekend I made another trip to GA taking another batch of supplies to my cousins’ BOL. My next trip could damned well be for the MAIN EVENT.

                  • Cuz and we sure did appreciate all them new supplies. We Love you man!

                  • Six”
                    Can’t help you there!

                  • No shit Sgt. My wife is as on board as yours.

                    You other fellas, better get your house in order.

                • LMAO… guys are hilarious!

                  My wife would panic, but she wouldn’t leave me….I don’t think.

                  I do know we would probably have to have an argument first. I know it wouldn’t be a nice one because at that point, it is shut your mouth and please just do what I say. Duct tape might be a good thing to keep handy and close by…..just sayin.

                  No in all seriousness, I would like to think that we would first stop to say prayer then act.

                  If she acts up after that….well then duct tape it is and maybe a nap for her 😉

                  • SHTF, my wife will be the first one to grab a shotgun when circumstances warrant it. She’s about as anti-panic as they come. She’s the most level headed woman I’ve ever known. She’s also fully on board with the prep stuff. Frankly, I have to keep throttling her back. “Honey, the Best By dates are two years back on the ketchup. We need to back off a little.” (I usually don’t like to go more than 1 year past the Best By date, though I haven’t had any problems going up to three years.)

                    She’s not much into political discourse but she can see the pile of S and she can see the F and she can see the corrupt bastards with the shovels ready to make it H.

                    Sometimes she doesn’t get it fully. I had to get after her the other day. “Dear, we won’t need that much hairspray when TSHTF…” She gave me that look, like, “Duh! Inflation?”

                  • When SHTF.

                    My wife will look at me and say, this is all your fault.

                • I am their mother!! 🙂

                • Very amusing, “guys”…..the reality is women will have far more “useful” items than a man….remember also, “necessity is the “mother of invention”…..I know you are all being silly at the expense of your wives, but, ya gotta KNOW that they will have much to offer when needed….and I must admit that I sorely miss my “better half”….love him, miss him and need him….always. Now, especially….

                  • Sorry FOB


            • The sun is going to burn out in 5 billion years…. I can tell you from experiace… its the husbands fault…. Booghahahahaha… Keep prepin…

              • Of course there’s always tension in a relationship. But that’s what makes it so much fun!

                I was sitting there minding my own business, tooling around the net, when mrs okie came up behind me. She starts running her fingers through my diminishing locks of hair and says “If you watch ONE more youtube clip of Midnight Train To Gergia, you’re gonna need some afro-sheen.” (she’s such a smart alec)
                I shot back, “But you LOVE me for all my traits, even the african inspired ones, don’t you?”
                She leans over and kisses my neck and says (in a perfect Madeline Khan) “It’s twue! It’s twue!”

            • And how is going to not be your fault?

              If a husband speaks in the forest, and there is no wife to hear him, is he still wrong?

              We all know the answer to this.

            • I can agree with this but things are changing. Have been teaching my wife on survival techniques, fire starting, retreat setup, defense,etc. she’s learning… but right now I get a lot of staring…

            • Sounds familiar, ill get the “What did you do now!”

          • well, great a plan for the family and practice it!

            • opps, create a plan and practice it.

          • Mine wanted to party till the end of time.
            I wanted to prepare.
            The day after the divorce a bailbondsman
            knocked on the door looking for his 20 grand..
            I showed him the divorce decree dated the day before.
            He almost cried.

        • On the money. I was watching a movie about surviving a wolf pack attack. The overriding advice gleaned was the lone wolf is easy prey, that’s why most wolves hunt in packs…good advice for anyone on either side of the survival argument…

          • ONV, agreed!

        • Soc, easier said than done!

        • Know my neighbors?
          Know what they do?


          Typical compliant government loyalists who are cable zombies..only come out to mow their lawns, then back into the house to watch sportscenter or cnn..

          Most of the wives are psychotropic induced stepford types..

          After all,, this is Massachusetts..

          Home of ‘shelter in place”

          Where only 4% of the population has a LTC/CCW..


          • LOL ! I remember that. That’s why I left Massachusetts for GOOD in 1978. It was like that then, and getting worse. How much worse has it gotten in 35 years? No, don’t tell me, I don’t wanna know.

          • Posse,as a former member of Mass.(my home state),do not use licenses as a measure of firearm ownership.I personally know many that did not bother and have many firearms,just keep em on the low.Now,if you only had say,hmmmm….,family in N.H. that could jump start a move out the govt. BS of Mass.!

      12. Selco’s emphasis on surviving humanity during total meltdown is noble indeed. It’s helpful to hear about real world experiences since it just may save one’s life some day. Personally, I think I have more to worry about from mother nature or myself than from other humanity… Just when you think you’ve got the world by the ass, you are at the end of a long hot day on the tractor and run over a very large bumble bee nest while bush hogging the pasture and get the shit stung out of you fifteen or more times; or stir up a yellow jacket nest while weed eating through some thick weeds along the property line, and barely making it back to the house to chew up and swallow a handful of Benadryl before collapsing for a couple hours on the living room floor, thinking all the time “this is the end of the line”; or how about being attacked by one very large and very angry water moccasin (thank God I had tall boots on) who didn’t appreciate being stepped on, or discover (just in time) a very large copperhead in the chickens egg nest. Or… smashing your head open with a twenty pound post driver when it glances off the top of the fence post and crashes into your skull; or like being smashed by an 18 inch diameter widow maker as it skip slides down the trunk of a very large tree and decides to jump the opposite direction from which you had planned and lands on top of you. Or, getting complacent and not wearing chaps when you are cutting trees, you get tired, and cut a four inch gash across the top of your thigh with the chain saw. The best one of all is cutting through a poison Sumac grove and your arms, face and neck are covered with the sap, you don’t realize it, you jump off the tractor and take a piss and scratch your balls with sap covered hands, later on that evening the fun (hell) begins and it cannot be described if you’ve never experienced it first hand. All of these things and more have happened to me over the last couple years. I’ve got enough to worry about keeping my head out of my ass and dodging nature and self, around my property every day, and have too much damn work to do around here. I don’t have time to be worrying about society breaking down. Damn… I’m getting too old for this shit. But… at least our garden produces a lot of fresh homegrown food. We give a lot away and other people give us stuff. One neighbor gave wife four gallons of blueberries last week and another just brought over two flats of fresh strawberries. Gonna make a lot of blueberry and strawberry jam over the next couple days. Gotta get back to the sausage grinder next week and then start another corned beef brisket. Damn, work never stops around here.

        • Damn…I thought I had it bad working around the property. You got me beat!

          • CN, such are the joys of life! You are definitely living the dream, in these parts any way!

        • Crab I can relate to the sumac, one time I dug into the roots in a sumac grove it was winter,
          Not an experience I would not repeat. One time I was trimming habanero peppers choping them up, couple of hours later touched my eye , felt like battery acid washed out my now blood shot eye , forgot about it for a couple of hours went to take a piss……

          It’s the things you don’t think about , are the ones that get you.


          Semper Fi 8541

          • Not an experience I would repeat .
            We need an edit function.

            Semper Fi 8541

          • LMFAO
            Thats funny as shit NB,,, not the pain part jut just the visual,,,
            I think we all have done stuff like that,

            • I know I did. I was cutting above my shoulders with a worm drive 7 1/4. Let go of the button as my arm dropped. It was still spinning when the combo blade ripped through my jeans—completely missing my skin!

              No lectures about blocking the guard…I don’t do that anymore.

              God must’ve been standing behind me that day!

          • From an old Marx Brothers movie:

            Professor: There’s only two words in the English language that start with “su” where it’s pronounced “shu,” sugar and sumac.

            Groucho: Sure.

        • I’m laughing with ya, not at ya!

          • that’s what they all say.

        • Sounds like a good life bud!

      13. I always enjoy reading what Selco writes.

        I certainly don’t have any illusions my preps will save me or that i’ll live through a SHTF scenario, only that i’ll have a reasonable chance of survival over those that didn’t.

        When that time comes, it will all be in the Lords hands anyway.

      14. Pretty sure this is a repost, or echoing what the author has posted before. Either way, I’ve read this more than a week ago at least. Is there nothing new to post on this site? Maybe some motivational ideas or current events?

      15. Selco’s situation was very different because NATO was dropping in supplies by plane. Nobody will be doing that for us in America. His experiences are still valuable to learn from. Especially involving the breakdown in law and order. I suspect that when the collapse gets close we’ll suddenly see drastic changes in the way people behave. We need to be prepared for the breakdown of society and of law and order.

        • USA will live out an old Kinks song. “I came to feed you, but now that I need you, you won’t give me a second glance”. Our “allies” will be circling like jackals.

      16. 2nd that.

        if things go real wrong, once your neighbor figure you’ve got a stash of stuff, they’re going to overrun you and might just kill you for not telling them upfront.

        i can see the scene of will smith sleeping in his bathtub with a loaded gun while you hear chaos all around playing out in every city with more than 100,000 people.

        • I’ve lost count of the times someone who “woke up and smelled the coffee” or “saw the writing on the wall” turned out to be a total idiot. The #1 factor in surviving collapse is the ability to adapt. Some people can do that well without a lot of stuff while others cannot do it at all no matter how many beans, bullets, and band-aids they stockpile.

          Those who have limited their options to standing their ground until their gun is pried from their cold dead hand are much more likely to have just that happen than those who can choose the best alternative from a set of losing options. “He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day.”

          • “He who chooses to run away
            Will live to run away another day.”

            “Coward at the Alamo” by Don Bowman

            youtube (dot) com/watch?v=Vou8JDlaYcs

            This is the unbleeped version.

      17. You know , it would just ruin your whole day if you were a highly prepped family and a mob showed up at your door and ya had to just let them haul it away and run for the hills .
        I really hate that senario , but its quite real .
        Anybody thats seen stayin home and livin life while everybody else is standing in line will soon draw unwanted attention . no way around it .

        • If it is a local line, go stand with the neighbors, but not in a FEMA camp line.

        • I could stay put except for that single truth. We live between a river and a lake and have three levels of backup heat, two ways to make electricity, soil enriched with mushroom compost, and plenty of game, but the houses in town are fifteen feet apart and I can’t do anything outside without someone commenting on it so we’ll head to the less comfortable retreat where our neighbors are used to being self-sufficient and while close enough to help one another we cannot see anyone’s home except perhaps a rooftop in the holler.

        • @ hammerhead
          your correct in thinking of that ‘scenario’ and yes, not only quite real , but actually quite likely. that is why along with your preps, be sure to have some bottles of booze. if your out numbered and know your going to lose, let them take it, the whole thing, just fade back for a bit. they’ll be so happy with all your preps, they’ll have a nice party on you. let them party it up, you’ll still have the key. go back and lay waste. you’ll be out a week or two of preps, but better than the alternative.

          • Rubbing alcohol in vodka bottles.

            • @ Beulla
              yeah, I know what your saying, but I won’t go that route. hate to make a mistake, or have something happen if I’m not around.

        • Lots of guns would only keep them at bay for a while. A flame thrower is unrealistic but sure would be a fun bad ass weapon.

          Explosives, grenades, now that is some stuff that would be effective against mobs.

          • Could you explain why a flame thrower is unrealistic? several designs have popped into my head over the years, that would work just fine.

            • Well, for one thing they need an awful lot of scarce liquid fuel.

            • I guess I just figured, probably because I am not mechanically inclined.

              I’d love to hear your ideas of design.

      18. There is a book titled On Combat – The Psychology and Physiology of Deadly Conflict in War and Peace, by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman.
        It is required reading for some in the Army. It is an excellent book about the harsh reality of combat, human reactions, making a decision to kill, etc. If you plan on being in a deadly fight, this book is written so that you will be prepared for or at least understand the mental and physical ramification. If you can borrow it from someone, read pages 172 to 174 subtitled “When Your Family is in Harm’s Way. Here is a quote from one sentence on page 173: “The chief’s wife new what to do because he had prepared her for this very possibility.”

      19. My kid asked why my backpack only has enough for a few days. I said “The trick is to be able to put the pack down and walk away and never look back, the pack is just to be convenient.” Its got stuff I want…but the things I NEED all come from the Earth.

        • SP, I am with you!

      20. “Or to get killed because you “draw line and here you stand your ground” for example when they attack your home or your storage. Do you really want to die just to hold onto things?”

        No, I don’t really want to die to hold onto things. I want to make the OTHER guy die for trying to take them.

        We’ll see how it turns out.

        • Correct. The idea like Patton said was not “to die for your country, but make the other bastard die for theirs”.

          That’s where YOUR gang comes in. If you have done your homework correctly the ‘mob’ won’t stand a chance when they ‘think’ they will take anything away from you and yours. You and your close nit group will know how to deal with them because you were well organized ahead of time.

        • I don’t want to die defending my stuff but I don’t see how I can live without it either.

          A group of people strong enough to take your stuff is also strong enough to kill you when you try to run away.

          Defenders have at least a 2 to 1 advantage. Once you give up your house you’ll never take it back without unacceptable casualties.

        • TNAndy, I’m right there with you. I haven’t spent all these years and all the money I have on preps just to let some POS come take it all away from me and I don’t care if he’s bigger than me. That’s what “Bertha” is for.

      21. Everyone dies.
        It’s how you lived is what counts.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

        • Northern Reb, “Every man dies. But not every man truly lives.” braveheart

          • BRAVEHEART:
            That is so true.
            I have been blessed, I have truly lived. Thanks to the good Lord who gave me, great wife, two great sons and 4 very special grandkids.
            When the SHTF, WE will ALL be living a night mare.
            Like most of us here, I still plan on LIVING as a free man until they plant me and I turn into worm bait.
            I’m not going down with out one he!! of a fight.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

            • Braveheart:
              I heard this saying some place>
              It go something like this:
              I’m not afraid of dieing. It’s the not living that bothers me.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

              • Northern Reb, I first heard that expression from my wife.

      22. I have a close friend that is a very good neighbor as well. His wife cannot emotionally handle the “thoughts” that go with being prepared for everything going down the toilet. While it may appear she is in denial, -and sometimes she wants to operate in complete denial for a variety of coping reasons, she still is glad he has been proactive in getting far more prepared than any of her friends and family members. And no, she hasn’t blabbed about their preps either to family and friends, which has shocked me. I would suspect several of your significant others might feel totally overwhelmed by the coming and current media blitz of bad news, and have needed to retreat emotionally from the “preps”. I could be wrong, but thought I would offer that up, just in case.I do know that when he travels over night, she has NO problem calling us at oh-dark-thirty to come over to assist her in dealing with “suspicious circumstances”. They are both great people and now, part of our family. Do I like her “coping mechanisms”? Ah, NO not at all, but she’s practically my sister-in-law now so am I going tom kick her out of the family? Not a chance, they are a package deal. Just like most of you guys are.

        • My wife’s coping mechanism is the teevee. She makes like my “prepping” is a good thing to humor me.

          She told me that she was gonna leave me if I didn’t stop interrupting Nancy Grace with my stupid conspiracy stories I read on the innernet.

          I got mad and told her don’t forget to take the remote…it’s the only way you can turn anything on(Thanks Al).

          Now I feel bad sitting out here in the garage with my dog Frank. Maybe I’ll apologize tomorrow when I’m sober.

          • JRS:
            It is better to to be sitting with your dog Frank in your garage than to be sitting in a house with a woman scored or on a strecher in a hospitals emergeny room!;-)
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • Nancy Disgrace

      23. Okay, some of you who think you know it all… A group of 50 bangers just grabbed the one person you love the most. They said they will let them go if you give up your guns and come out with your hands up. You have 2 minutes to decide or act or they will kill the hostage and burn you out. What do you do?

        • you agree to come out with hands up and don’t let them kill the hostage; But, they don’t see you planned ahead and have someone concealed on watch; Because anytime someone demands all your guns, means, they will shoot you with them. The concealed guy shoots the thug making demands and panic ensues. You kill the rest, and, take their footwear.

          Good Conflicted question though!!!

        • Far from knowing it all VaFarmBoy, but I must ask,

          is this a trick question?

          1- do you know any of the bangers? – if not

          2- how do they know who you love the most

          3- how do they know you have guns

          4- were you loose lipped about your opsec

          5- did you prepare for such an event

          6- did you prepare loved one for such event

          If these holes are in your prepper / survival

          plans (if you have any) then the prudent thing

          to do is give them the guns, come out with your

          hands up, and grovel at their feet for mercy.

          • Va farm boy ,
            Them your coming out , go out the back with your prepositioned LBE , gear and body armor. , they are going to kill the hostage and you regardless of what you do . They realize you have left and decide to party in your house with your preps and have their way with the hostage . They get blind drunk most pass out , others are outside .
            You take the sentrys out at 200 yards with suppressed sub sonic rounds. at zero dark 300.

            You know the layout of your house you approach with your PVS 14 NODs , up the porch and enter the dark house you garret the sentry at the door iwith piano wire he does not make a sound as his head is nearly decapatated. 10 others in the living room are passed out on the floor
            Your EK pg4 makes quick and silent work of those on the floor as the blade penetrates the back of their necks severing their spinal columns they don’t move or make a sound as they die.

            One of the losers staggeres out of the bedroom to go take a piss you crouch in the hall down on one knee as he passes in the dark you spring from behind put you knee in to his back as you slip the wire over his head drawing the ends apart in a swift pull . You gently lower his twitching corpse to the floor. Looking into the bedroom you notice the hostage cowering in the corner . Out the back door you notice the rest of the group,standing around a burn barrel drinking tequila laughing . They are night blind due to staring at the fire . Two remaining the room .. You drop to a one knees stance along side the door you tap your knife against the door frame . One looks toward the door Julio is that you , it’s not your turn! He gets up and goes to the doorway in the now darkened hall . He puts both hands on the door frame and leans out . You swing thrust the blade with both hands sideways rabbit punch style into his groin severing his femorial artery . He goes down thrashing about on the floor . You shoot the second one by the bed two shots to the chest one to the head in a rapid mozambique drill . You transition to your battle rifle not wasting time on you previous target .turning facing the open rear door You fire rapidly on each target out side by the burn drum seven or eight fall you do not linger on your targets .your kept firing with a volume of accurate fire .breath fire , transition to the next target . The rest panic and start to run unable to determine the direction of the rounds , the suppressor is doing its job. . You keep firing with rapid reloads until no other targets remain . Blinded by the fire they cannot see into the darkened house , some stand in shock as the guy next to him’s head explodes in a spray of red mist. They riun for the treeline some find the tripwires to,the bottles of gasoline and soapflake mixture, they trip the bank line cord deployed between the trees 6 inches above the ground . The close pins holding the brass pressure switches attached to a 9 volt battery and a model,rocket igniter in the bottle trips the circuit , the bottle explodes spraying the mixture on the trespassers.
            They become a human candle.

            Later the surviving members Tell the tale of being attacked by an assault team.

            Use your environment to your advantage , be adaptable , when cornered fight like hell.
            Appear weak when you are strong . Never be predictable. show no mercy ,

            FIGHT TO WIN.


            Semper Fi 8541

            • NB, not in my wildest imagination could I pull off something like what you described so eloquently. I suppose one could practice for it, over and over again.

            • LOL…Better change your handle to Jason Bourne…or just move out of NJ.

              I absolutely agree with showing no mercy.

            • You are my hero NB 🙂

              I have talked about this before on here and with wife, and that is this. If I could be any fictional character form any show, movie or book……hands down I want to be Jason Bourne.
              I could watch that whole series every weekend

        • Do you really think a group of fifty punks is going to actually release this loved one and let you both walk away?

          They’re already a kidnapping, hostage-taking, extortionist, thieving mob. Once they get firearms they are going to become honorable in some fashion?

          Your loved one is dead the instant they are in their control, either in a moment or two, or later on, when the two of you are captives.

          Start shooting.

          • If you’re lucky…best hope is to get a clean shot off at the one holding your loved one. Retrieve your loved one while everyone else is ducking for cover.

            • I suppose that is what Vladimir would have done!

              • …so you’re my stalker.

        • 1. Start your own fire
          2. Shoot the hostage
          You wanna see crazy? I’ll show ya crazy!

          • McDave— Great post

        • See that you never get into that position.

        • Burn the house and kill ALL of them, the hostage might as well be dead or will wish they were anyway, so introduce them to their maker!

        • The gang bangers will kill you when you surrender or maybe rape the hostage in front of you and then kill you. Either way, you lose. Sadly, this scene will play out many times. Nothing new about it.

        • 50 bangers would never get the opportunity. That is what preparedness is all about. Your scenario applies to those sheeple that have registered their guns.

        • Good answers… Your loved one is probably as good as dead, may have told them about guns, fortifications, & goods, and giving up is committing suicide. This is the kind of stuff you will have to decide about when shtf. No matter how great your precautions are, routine will kill you. You may have the best plan, but war doesn’t care about your plan. Your OP/LPs will change shifts and then anyone may make them. It isn’t like the movies. Imagine one dude with a Barrett picking off anybody that steps outside your home. Any good sniper will know to change positions after each shot. Most people don’t have fortifications that would stop a 50 from going through their house…

        • First question that comes to my mind is…… there anyone else depending on you….children?

          If not, I tend to agree, they are not going to let you go. I am thinking of Mel Gibson in ‘Ransom’ he knew they were going to kill his kid when they got the money.

      24. Off Topic:

        Today I’m making some bread using non GMO hard red wheat berries. I used a coffee bean grinder to make the flour. I don’t know how it’s going to come out, I’ve never used this type of flour and I’m using 100% fresh grind. If it has a superior taste and the foundation for good quality then I just may buy a good wheat grinder so I can get the best out of it. If it sucks then I’ll plant the rest of the seed and let my chickens free range through it once it matures and then let my goats finish it off.

        • I find the hard red wheat has a stronger flavor than white wheat. It is a matter of personal taste. It is much more filling than air pudding and will keep you alive.

        • @RickInOregon. Wonder Mill’s are awesome. We grind our own grain but add about 30% bread flour which we purchase from Sam’s. Usually keep five or more bags on hand. We bought a Wonder Mill about 20 years ago. We tried a NutriMill but it crapped out after a couple years. The Wonder Mill will last a decade or longer depending on how much you use it. I would recommend buying two of them. (one for backup). I would also recommend buying a manual country living manual grinder. It’s manual but you can add a small electric motor to it and make it electric. Nothing like fresh ground grain.

          • ” I would also recommend buying a manual country living manual grinder. It’s manual but you can add a small electric motor to it and make it electric.”

            I own it and it takes about 20 minutes manually to get 4 cups of flour, it’s designed to be slow so as not to heat up the grain for better flavor. I did buy the motor and I love my heavy duty built Country Living Grain Mill. My opinion, it’s the best out there for the money. And I believe it will last for many many many years.
            PS. I use wheat germ in my freshly ground spring wheat to help it rise.

        • Makes nice tortillas,
          Try sprouting the wheat, can eat the sprouts or can add the soaked just about germinated wheat to the bread dough,,, makes a nice rustic bread, i usually double mill the red wheat, i use a simple lehmans own grain mill, it takes some patience but works ok, all grain mills are not the same, check out grainmaker dot com, they have some nice mills

        • @RickInOregon…keep us posted on how that bread turned out, I was thinking of using the coffee grinder this weekend to grind my wheat berries…..but definately need to look at purchasing a grinder REAL SOON! take care, CC

        • The bread came out ok, a little gritty but I’m sure a good grinder will take care of that. The texture was good, the crust could use some thinning and softening, I’ll modify my bread recipe to fix that. I was pleased with the way the dough rose.

      25. Which leads me to SHTF power principle numero uno:

        Kill them and take their footwear.

      26. The best way to prepare is to experience the circumstance,I think.

        For example, with the exception of using deadly force, many of ue have experienced extended power outages during severe weather, regardless if its from a hurricane or tornado some other storm. Then most of us should know what part of that disaster plan worked and what didn’t. I have changed my plans
        based on those events. It was not a SHTF situation as we envision here, but……

        If you have bought a weapon based on what someone else has said and you have not trained with that weapon and you don’t understand the fundamentals, then you deserve what you get.
        People do not know how to use cover….. In a SHTF situation, we are not going to be able to come home that night, take a shower, get a kiss, rub some ben gay, and watch our favorite TV program.

        One person with a AR-15 against a small group with similar weapons, will not stand a chance. Live to fight another day. As usual, I think small neighorhood watch teams with communications and night vision devices will stand a better chance against roving gangs.
        As usual someone who thinks he has all the answers tries to rule everyone…..and take over…You don’t have to submit, just get along…..

        The problem for many and we can talk all the snack we want to will be “trigger time” when the time comes and that intruder person(s) is in your sights will you pull the trigger?

        Not an easy choice for many……..

        I think there is too much focus on bugging out…..Your best bet may be staying where you are if you can. Because you know your surroundings……It is up to you. Think about it, you have to carry your stuff on your back…

        Everybody be careful……. let’s hope this doesn’t happen.

        Just my 2 cents worth…..

      27. i was running over current events in my mind today, and i came to a chilling possible scenario pop in my head. now i dont go back and reread old posts days later, so someone else may have proposed this idea already.

        I was considering the ‘meaning and intent’ behind the off mic comment obama made to Pooty Putin about having more flexibility after the elections. What if the ‘power play’ in syria was all ruse between the US and USSR, oh I mean Russia.

        Obama’s flexibility, lies in laying the ground work for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea. These sanctions are tit for tat bullshit showmanship. and I think the world knows it. We’ve been distracted with a “lost” flight while the bitch Mooseshell goes to Communist Red Flag China and puts human rights conversations off the agenda.

        Economically he’s bared our a$$ to the world and he forgot to buy vaseline. This is a decades old game of chess and I fear we are nearing checkmate.

        I think Obutthole is jockeying to have the USA in a position for an attempted takeover by the two largest communist nations in the world. and I say attempted, because I know how those of us here would feel about that.


        • I’ve had many of the same thoughts. After cold war ended (not) the chess game slowed way down, but the pace over the past 10 yrs has pushed it to speed chess.

          Russia is placing bases in South America, China is all over Africa along with quite a few American assets playing on the same ground.

          • I thought I was overreaching. Glad I’m not alone.

        • I do not feel that communist visitors of a violent nature will be welcome here,have many small parting gifts for em in .308 range,hope they just stay home,we have enuff communists here.

        • NPPH, read my comments above and from several days ago. Resistance is futile! Obama will save us from the rising oceans and Vladimir will save us from the corrupt Banksters, the NWO, and The Cabal! This was planned a long time ago and every thing is working like clockwork. Question everything. What you hear is not true and what you see is not happening.

      28. This is exactly how a war starts:

        Bulgaria is just 210 miles from Russia and Crimea. IF the NATO forces start to have “militray exercises” in the Baltic States, especially Estonia or Latvia, LOOK OUT! The Baltic States were part of the USSR and those two countries border Russia. It is one thing to have NATO military exercises in Poland that have many miles separating them, and Russians on a hair trigger in Crimea or on their own borders.

        The real danger of what is happening now is that the whole thing is accelerating. Even during USSR and USA cold war lows, both sides found reasons to calm down the situation. This time it just gets closer and closer to a real war and there has been no cooling down. Just like Socrates said, both sides continue to push a little harder each time until someone takes a swing. Then it is game on. More like GAME OVER.

      29. Though would like to be part of the rebuild basically have prepped with the knowledge I will probably die,as have said ad naseum have no wife or kids.I will not be able to hold back on fighting evil no matter who or what it is,people being killed/raped ect. Warchild going to take some down and be useful cannon fodder,when SHTF is no time for folks to lay low but fight,otherwise you may find yourself alone in a ugly/brave new world with many enemies.

      30. K, so I gotta post this link because, MS passed open carry last year. I noticed in December and January that it seemed like everywhere you went there were no gun signs. Well this article explains WHY…..POLICE CHIEFS IN THE STATE OF MS WERE HANDING OUT NO GUNS ALLOWED SIGNS.

        www dot mississippigunnews dot com/mississippi-good-guy-stop-bad-guy-holds-suspect-at-gun-point-for-cops/

        you can go here to get a listing of police depts. I could not find names

        www dot 50states dot com/mississippi/police_departments.htm

      31. Thank you Selco, your perspective is alway helpful…you livednit & i try to prepare in the way you discribe & try to research everything.

        Keep you powder dry. Prayers with all who have there eyes open.

      32. “Many Preppers Will Die”

        Phew! Good thing I’m not a Prepper. Dodged a bullet there…

      33. “Sometimes to survive means not to win but to give up, and wait for next chance. Do not expect to be winner all the time.”

        ‘Plans rarely survive the first engagement’ comes to mind. I could be wrong, but I view the above quote paramount to ‘make the best with what you have and can access’.
        It’s great that survivors have relayed necessary information, so readers like me can attempt to avoid making mistakes.

        One story a relative would tell was how he believed after serving in World War II; he had believed he was ready for anything. After the Vietnam War, my relative and others including another relative who served in Vietnam at eatery, and there was a major accident that set a small blaze. The relative who served in Vietnam rushed to the vehicle and took out a blanket and first aid kit from the trunk put out the small fire and covered a victim in the blanket who was caught in the accident.
        My relative who told the story would then reflect, ‘I had thought that I was ready for anything, but can you imagine the reflex of recalling the blanket and first aid kit were in the trunk and reflexively grabbed them and put the fire out. The reflexes hound in the war were gone.’

      34. Everyone needs to realize when SHTF things that you think are cool or neat gadgets don’t matter much. Everything can change in seconds, and a split second can mean life or death. All the people that just sit and read articles on this or that without any practice, or hands on experience, they will be in for a rude awakening. If it everything falls apart, don’t be afraid to grab what you can and run like hell…

      35. NOPITTY:
        You have touched on something here.
        The power play is all about the economy getting ready to crash.

        All the big boys on the block, USA, Russia, China and all the E.U. countries are broke they could not pay off there debt if they had to.

        This is no more than a false flag to pull our attention onto Crimea and don’t forget flight 307 that just vanished (ya right).

        The only way that any of these country can pay there debt off is to cut down there populations (no or a lot less entitlement pay outs) and by having a war so they can rebuild (starting up there economies again).

        Something is just not right, you can fell it in the air. Those upper calss muckie mucks have a plan to disrupt the world.

        What’s that old saying, Order Through Chaos or something like that. Just wait there will be another crisis or two, then the Sh&% will hit the fan.

        This will give OBAMMA a reason to declare Marshall Law. That will nullify the Contitution and the Bill of Rights, shutting down the press, travel, communications, food and good shipments. The people that have not prepaired for this will be in Obamma food lines and Obamma controled sheilters. CAN YOU SAY “brain washing” and if you don’t serve us “you don’t eat”.

        With a Mad Max scenario going on this might be the opening that your talked about for Russia and China to walk right in.

        But if they do walk in, us good ol country boys and girls with our squirrel gun will really give HE@%. Just like they did in back in the 1770’s and again in 1812 to 1814.

        I know at my age (60) that I will not live through it, but I will go down fight like hell so my sons and my grandkids will have a chance for a better world and not be a slave to anyone.
        What these muckied mucks want to give them is not living freely it is slavery pure and simple.

        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • I have this feeling that there is so much more to it with 0bama and Vlad. It’s hard to articulate, but yes, I agree with you that the ‘end all, be all” will be the collapse of the American economy.

          I just got a check in the mail for a small overpayment on a loan payoff. There are lots of things i’d like to do with that cash, but I have a list for Sam’s and China Mart that will make sure I have a full years worth of food stocked in the house. Don’t know how we’ll feel if we have to eat beans and rice for a year, but I’d rather be alive than dead. Gotta do it on the down-low while hubby is at work this evening. He thinks 4 months preps is good, that anything more and I’m getting Obsessive.

      36. I figure this:

        I have to breath.
        I have to eat.
        I have to drink.
        I have to pee.
        I have to crap.
        I have to stay warm.
        I have to sleep.
        I have to stay sane.

        Those are all I have to do. The preps are tools and resources. It does not matter what I have or what I do not have. What I have, I will use or trade. What I don’t have but need, I will create or trade for.

        Anything that threatens any one of the above after TSHTF gets to be imtimate with a blast of some sort. Muzzle, or other, I’m not particular.

        Sure, it would be nice to cover all the bases, but, you can’t ever do it. Maybe its cost. Maybe its just too complicated. Maybe you don’t have enough time. Doesn’t matter. You do what you can and you make do and adapt where possible.

        But! There is one thing for sure: You can substitute corn for wheat, for beans for rice, or canned foods for grains, but, safety is safety. Just three guns gets you all the way:

        Shotgun – Castle protection and protein acquisition
        Pistol – Portable, personal protection
        Rifle – Longer range protection and protein acquisition

        It doesn’t matter how many preps you have, if someone comes in and takes it, its gone and you start from zero. Safety and security will rank right up there with the first few on my list above.


        I have to stay safe.

        …and the best tools are available. For our foreign posters that don’t have access to the best tools, you can improvise. The protein acquisition part might be more difficult but you can trade that out too with traps and such.

        Good luck to everyone.

        My prayer for all of you is that you will be given the wisdom of versatility.

        I don’t know if this Ukraine thing will blow over or not, but, I stand ready to meet the challenges. If they’re going to use that to bring down the economy so they can blame it on the Russians, well, then, in my finest midwestern shade tree mechanic redneck farm boy accent I say this: “Lets git ‘ur done.”

        Remember: A prepped sheep is still a sheep and will be led to the slaughter just the same but slightly better fed.

        • NR, Thanks for the comments. The Russians are coming! No ifs, ands, or buts. The bright side of it is that they will get rid of the dreaded NWO and the Cabal. I am not sure whether Sharia law will become the new law of the land, but, it is quite possible, considering how tight Vlad has been with the Mullahs.

          • You think that the Rooskies are not already part of the “NWO”? Do you live under a rock? Or what.

      37. This ‘author’ really needs to go back to school, or go to school in the first place.

        • Your as wide awake as the word use punctuation police over at breitbart,,
          Nothing here for YOU to see move along!

          • You’re as wide awake… 😛 lol

      38. Super Soup
        1/3 cup barley
        1/3 cup lentils
        1/3 cup Potato Buds, or 1/4 cup
        instant potato powder
        2 beef bouillon cubes
        1 cup dried sliced vegetables
        1 tablespoon dried meat
        A pinch each of thyme and marjoram
        1/2 cup dry milk
        3 tablespoons butter or margarine
        1/4 cup grated or cut cheese
        (optional) 1 cup biscuit mix packed
        in its own bag for dumplings

        Put into one bag everything except the milk – butter or marga¬
        rine – and grated cheese. Trail directions: 1. Put the soup
        into a pot with 4 1/2 cups water. Bring to boil, then simmer
        for 1/2 hour. 1. During the last five minutes, stir in 1/2 cup
        dry milk and 3 tablespoons butter or margarine. Add cut or
        grated cheese. 3. To make dumplings add 1/4 cup water to 1 cup
        biscuit mix and make a stiff batter. Form into balls about the
        size of ping-pong balls, and float them on top of the soup.
        Cover so they steam and cook until done, during the last 20
        minutes’ cooking time.

        Russian Black Bread
        1 square unsweetened chocolate
        2 cups water
        1 cup bran flakes
        1 cup cornmeal
        2 envelopes dry yeast
        1/2 cup warm water
        1/4 cup oil
        1/2 cup molasses
        2 tablespoons brown sugar
        1 tablespoon salt
        1 tablespoon instant coffee
        1 teaspoon crushed fennel seed
        2 1/2 to 3 cups white flour
        2 cups rye flour
        1 cup whole-wheat flour
        Glaze: 1 egg white mixed with
        1 tablespoon water

        Melt chocolate in 2 cups water and pour this over the bran and
        cornmeal in a large bowl. Let cool. Meanwhile, dissolve the
        yeast in 1/2 cup warm water. To the cooled bran and cornmeal,
        add the oil, molasses, yeast, brown sugar, salt, coffee,
        fennel, add 2 1/2 cups of white flour. Mix well. Add the rye
        and whole-wheat flours, then add more white flour until you can
        knead the dough (It will be sticky). Knead it for five minutes,
        adding more flour if necessary, then put it into a greased bowl,
        turn, and cover with a damp towel. Let it rise until double.
        Punch the dough down. Divide it in half and form each half into

      39. Many preppers will die. Could be the title of a new tv comedy.
        The concept is more than slightly amusing afterall.
        You learn, your prepare and you get wiped out. DUH !
        Now I wonder why that would be ?
        Could it be because:
        a. Your information is wrong.
        b. Your timing is wrong.
        c. Your perceived event duration is wrong.
        d. You did the same damn things as thousands of other preppers.
        Hey let’s buy some land in the country and become self-sufficient and own lotsa guns ! We MUST be safe then surely…
        So where are all the life saving resources NON-preppers want (and they outnumber you 10,000 to 1)?
        That’s right.

        The real secret to survival is this:

        Do the opposite of what 99.9% of people would do.
        And what’s that you ask ?
        Well, if I told you you wouldn’t learn anything now would you.

      40. Pedro, habla ingles, por Favor!

      41. Sorry, running wasn’t what this country was built on. Also, where the hell are most of us citizens gonna run to? At 80 my day’s of running aren’t an option, and yes, I know the what the consequences will be.

        • I hear ya Walter,
          Where would we run to and what would we be running into?
          Im not as far along as you but even i dont think running will improve the odds much,
          If its a natural disaster, ok, maybe i can get out of the way if its not a hurricane, but anything mamnade or man driven is pretty much going to ruin everything 10 miles down the road just as much as right here, so run to somewhere to starve, doesnt sound too good.

      42. Reality: We all die. .

      43. Many will die?
        Some of them will be preppers.
        Talk about stating the obvious.

        In disasters the most unlikely survive and even the most prepared are lost. That’s life, fate, bad luck, God’s will even.

        A prepper has the same chances of surviving whatever as everyone else. The advantage they have is AFTERWARDS where they have skills, supplies, weapons, and knowledge to keep going until someone saves them.

      44. the battle for our hearts and minds is gonna be fierce

        as government shill Cass Sunstein illustrates

        The Taming Of Deluded ‘Conspiracy Theorists’'Conspiracy_Theorists'/33897/0/38/38/Y/M.html

        but for him and the government there is that long list of things
        that were ridiculed as “conspiracy theory”, which were later PROVEN to be conspiract FACT

        guard your mind
        just like you guard your family and home

      45. I love how some people still think they can survive because they have the right weapon or right ammo. This article comes from someone who survived it and people still think there bullet proof. My guess is they will be the first to die

      46. In think in the case of Selco I do not think there is a lot he would do different. Being in a War has profound consequences for your actions.

        My question is to those who have lived through tornados, hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes and other live changing events.

        What would you change in your life? What actions
        would you take?

        “What did you learn from your experience?”, is a better way of saying it.

      47. Great advice! Prepping increases your chance of survival greatly but is no guarantee of survival. Like Kenny Rogers sang know when to hold them know when to fold them, know when to walk away and know when to run.

      48. Was this proofread at all prior to posting? I couldn’t finish because it was written so poorly.

        • English is NOT Selco’s native language.

        • Selco is from the former Yugoslavia. English is not his native language.

      49. Yes,I will die,but as it is the weekend am going to try and enjoy despite the weather not cooperating!We dwell too much we forget at times to enjoy our lives,happens to me at times,so,as Warchild would say: “Dammit!I am going to have/find/make some fun this weekend”,suggest all do the same whatever your life has in store for you long term.

      50. Off Topic…

        ‘Liberty Tax’: White House, Media Attack After Drudge Pays Obamacare Opt-Out Penalty

        Drudge indicated in his followup tweets that since he is self-employed as the proprietor of The Drudge Report, he files as a small business. According to the IRS’s website for self-employed individuals, they are required to pay taxes quarterly.

        “As a self-employed individual, generally you are required to file an annual return and pay estimated tax quarterly,” the IRS website reads.

        So, when they file and pay those 2014 first quarter taxes, such individuals have to pay the Obamacare Individual Mandate tax if they opted to not have health insurance—like Drudge just did.

        Additionally, the IRS form (1040-ES) for estimating quarterly taxes specifically recommends adding the mandate penalty to line 12 for “other taxes” — to pay before the first quarterly deadline of April 15.

        “It is true that thousands of small businesses will be forced to pay Obamacare taxes quarterly in 2014,” a Senate Budget Committee aide told Breitbart News on Friday afternoon.

        Breitbart dot com

      51. Heading to the gun show in Cedar Rapids and I can’t find the post by HUNTER that told me what book to buy…..dammit!

        Anyone remember??

        • 3 thumbs down for asking THAT question. Whatever, the thumb thing is a joke!

      52. You nut cases live in a fantasy world of war. It’s a pleasure to see so many committing suicide lately.

        • 777, f#$% you!

      53. This site has gotten stale. Its more of the same old story changed a little bit. How about something factual? anyway Ive tilled my garden. Went yesterday and worked on a newbies tractor. He left gasoline in it from last fall. last week he started it up and it did run a for a little bit. the gas that is now gummy varnish clogged the carb. cleaned the fuel system and it still didn’t start. the stale gas had caused the intake valves to stick to their guides. 4 bent pushrods. spraying liquid wrench on the valve stems and tapping with a small hammer freed them up. hammered the pushrods straight and it started & ran like a top. I made the dummy pay me 200 to fix it. not too shabby for six hours work.

        • Huh? That sound like years of neglect, not just an over-winter.

      54. Off Topic: Shots fired on Ukrainian air force base. Could this be the start of something bigger. I am starting to rethink some of my preps feel good in the little time that I have been prepping but I haven’t bought any type of gear for a nuke threat. I am planning on it but I didn’t think I could come so soon. Who knows

      55. Your mind is your greatest weapon, use it! But you still need survival tools.

      56. one thing over the last several years of prepping that has concerned me is this one statement that always goes through my mind more and more these days: “it’s not always who you tell…but who they tell.”

        By that meaning that over the last several years I started out concerned for everybody and trying to “wake them up” about what was really going on.

        I would say that 90% of the friends and family I’ve given tons of information and advice to over the last several years have pretty much ignored all warnings and have not done anything to prepare themselves for a collapse.

        I can’t count how many times people I know now whenever this subject comes up say to me, “we don’t need to prepare…we’re coming to YOUR house, because you already have food, guns, silver, etc…”.

        Some people would definitely be welcome to share with me when the SHTF. But I’ll be honest…many who I know won’t be welcome for various reasons. But that doesn’t mean I don’t “like” them.

        But the worry at this point for me now is that even though I trust all the people who I’ve spoken to over the years and who know that I’m fairly well prepped, I can’t control who they may have told about me. Maybe they’ve told members of their family and other friends I don’t know about…and so on, and so on.

        Those are the people we all have to worry about…because as I said…It’s not always who you tell, but who they tell who will get you.

        When the SHTF people will be desperate. Many more people will be desperate and unprepared than those of us who have done everything we can to prepare.

        That means we need to always be cognizant of the fact that we may have guns and food but we will be greatly outnumbered by the desperate and violent masses who will kill us for what we have.

        And not only that, but this treasonous government will demonize us preppers for what we have. They will call us hoarders and selfish, and they will say WE are the cause of everyone elses problems and shortages of food, etc.

        That will put a lot of people against us…and I’ll always be wondering how many people my friends or family told about my preparations and now in desperation will be searching for me to get what I have.

        A similar example is that fat f@ck scumbag from Washington that was on Nat Geo late last year saying that he was prepping his crew to take down the rest of us and steal all our supplies. That was a wakeup call to me and should always be in the back of your minds too.

        There are some seriously f@cked up SOB’s out there who are just waiting for these bad days ahead just so they can rob and kill people. They may talk like us now, act like us, and befriend us…but once the SHTF they will kill us if they get the chance.

        I’ve gone “dark” the last several months to a year regarding prepping to all the people I used to email and talk to about it so much previously. I figure I’ve given them more than enough to wake them up and so I’ve decided to stop trying anymore.

        I get requests from time to time from some of them asking why I don’t send crucial email information anymore or talk about preparing…they wonder if I’ve changed my mind and no longer believe we’re totally screwed.

        I just say I’ve been too busy and they should do their own due diligence from now on if it means anything to them. I can tell they don’t believe me, and I wonder if they get the “sense” that I’ve withdrawn my help and have basically cut them off from my information or help.

        We can’t save everybody…I’m sure most of you have gone through these feelings of trying to sound the alarm and help everyone and have gone through these frustrations of being the “only one” who’s awake, etc. LOL

        It’s a roller coaster ride of emotions sometimes, but ultimately we have to realize that we can only help ourselves first if we are going to have the best chance of survival.

        If any of us are lucky enough to have a good trustworthy group of like-minded prepping friends who will work together and who have a good plan then that’s excellent. Unfortunately where I’m at not I pretty much only have my brother and that’s it.

        We’ll do what we can to help ourselves and others if we can, but going forward I just don’t see that we’re going to be very vocal anymore about things so as to hopefully lessen the possibility that some unknown enemies after the SHTF might be out there waiting to come after what we’ve got.

        I’m very much contemplating even moving away from here to an area where nobody knows me and settling in quietly. I’m in Florida which is a bad strategic location to be in when the SHTF. So if within the next 2 years I can get myself and all my gear outta dodge and somewhere else far from here then I think that’ll give me a better chance of survival after the SHTF.

        Just something else to keep in mind…and I do appreciate the author’s advice as well!!!

        • Biker,understand your frustration at others lack of concern,many times not lack of concern but folks just don’t want to think about things going south in a big/bad way.That said,will always try,have to a degree gotten thru to a few folks and @ least thru use of past natural disasters as examples have gotten them to prep to a certain degree,tis a start.I will not give up,I do what is the point of living if not willing to help and try and get folks to think for themselves about surviving tough times,hence,though annoying will reinstall tin foil cap and keep preaching without being a pest doing it 24/7,good luck with any move though feel if in a low population area probably as good as it gets short of huge money and building bunker in middle of no where.

      57. In a lawless collapse.
        What a great time to get the police record
        and hunt down all the criminals in our area.

        Get it done before things reset.

        No courts.

        Felony…yeah…I have a rope for ya.

        • Many felonies are not a crime but a joke,just a way to bring in more cash to the cop/court/prison cartels and more ways govt. wants to control.I see murder or rape will perhaps die trying to put a end to it along with democide atrocities ect.Just to show though the ignorance of your felony point,martial law declared will be probably a felony for citizen to have guns,you going to hang gun owners man,let me know how that works for ya’s!

      58. Sounds like Nina has a south of the border cousin… Nice try… You funny…

      59. Energy cannot be created, nor destroyed. Thus, you cannot die. If you are bored, ponder on that for awhile. PS. Beautiful day for a long jog….

        • Ugly is correct For every action there is an equal & opposite reaction. you cannot make something out of nothing. you cannot make something into nothing.

        • For an interesting read, try to find “The Physics of Immortality” by Frank J. Tipler.


        Senior Ob/sama official talks about intent to kill the dollar.

        Ok now my trip down the rabbit hole has gone too deep. Off to sample my homemade sloe gin ………………

        Did I mention if you haven’t researched the wild foods in your area yet then you are missing a trick?

      61. The whole system goes down this year in preparation for 2015. This was finalized as the date back in 2000. We are on a schedule and a run-away train that can’t be stopped. Prep accordingly.

        The global elite had long ago decided on 2015 as the year that the button gets punched and we go to the New World Order. And I am afraid neither you nor I can stop it: it is too big. Somebody said something very profound: that the NWO may be a bit like Howard Hughes”Spruce Goose’: a really complicated and too-big plane that took years to build and millions in cash and flew for a couple hundred yards. The NWO may not last long but it will get started.

        As for preps, remember, the more you own the more what you own owns you. Travel light, be fleet of foot, have strong networks and allies, fluid wealth, lots of knowledge, be nimble and stay alive and healthy. The prize goes to the survivor not to the dead.

      62. got a new recipe on….”Casserole of Black Beans”

        1 pound black beans
        6 cups water
        1 1/2 c chopped onion
        1 1/2 c chopped celery
        1 carrot scraped and chopped
        2 cloves garlic, minced
        1 TBSP finely chopped fresh parsely (I had to use dry)
        1 1/2 tbsp salt
        1/2 teaspoon fresh ground pepper
        1/4 teaspoon dried oregano
        2 bay leaves
        Dashof ground red pepper
        1/4 butter
        1/4 c dark rum

        sort and wash beans. place in a dutch oven. add 6 cups water. bring to a boil over high heat. remove from heat, cover and let stand 1 hour

        add onion and next 9 ingredients. bring to a boil, cover and simmer 2 hours. Remove from heat and discard bay leaves

        spoon bean mixture into a lightly greased 3 qt casserole. Stir in butter, and rum if desired.

        cover and bake at 350* for 1 hour or until beans are tender. Serve with a slotted spoon. top each serving with sour cream.

        Smells good so far, and I’ve never had black beans.

        • Really?? We just had 3 can soup.
          *Ground beef cooked with onions(fresh or minced, doesn’t matter)
          *1 can of corn, 1 can of black beans, and 1 can of tomatoes.
          *A little cumin, a little chili powder.
          *1 cup of boiling water with 2 beef bouillon cubes.
          *Add together and simmer

          Fast, not much mess, cook in one pot. Easy clean up.

          Simmer till you get ready to eat. Enjoy with crackers of cornbread!!

      63. Off topic, but interesting just the same:

        If I Were the Devil By radio commentator Paul Harvey 1965:

        If I were the Prince of Darkness I would want to engulf the whole earth in darkness.
        I’d have a third of its real estate and four-fifths of its population, but I would not be happy until I had seized the ripest apple on the tree.
        So I should set about however necessary, to take over the United States.
        I would begin with a campaign of whispers.
        With the wisdom of a serpent, I would whispers to you as I whispered to Eve, “Do as you please.”
        To the young I would whisper “The Bible is a myth.” I would convince them that “man created God,” instead of the other way around. I would confide that “what is bad is good and what is good is square.”

        In the ears of the young married I would whisper that work is debasing, that cocktail parties are good for you. I would caution them not to be “extreme” in religion, in patriotism, in moral conduct.

        And the old I would teach to pray — to say after me — “Our father which are in Washington.”

        Then I’d get organized.

        I’d educate authors in how to make lurid literature exciting so that anything else would appear dull, uninteresting.

        I’d threaten TV with dirtier movies, and vice-versa.

        I’d infiltrate unions and urge more loafing, less work. Idle hands usually work for me.

        I’d peddle narcotics to whom I could, I’d sell alcohol to ladies and gentlemen of distinction, I’d tranquilize the rest with pills.

        If I were the Devil, I would encourage schools to refine young intellects, but neglect to discipline emotions; let those run wild.

        I’d designate an atheist to front for me before the highest courts and I’d get preachers to say, “She’s right.”

        With flattery and promises of power I would get the courts to vote against God and in favor of pornography.

        Thus I would evict God from the courthouse, then from the schoolhouse, then from the Houses of Congress.

        Then in his own churches I’d substitute psychology for religion and deify science.

        If I were Satan I’d make the symbol of Easter an egg.

        And the symbol of Christmas a bottle.

        If I were the Devil I’d take from those who have and give to those who wanted until I had killed the incentive of the ambitious. Then my police state would force everybody back to work.

        Then I would separate families, putting children in uniform, women in coal mines and objectors in slave-labor camps.

        If I were Satan I’d just keep doing what I’m doing and the whole world go to hell as sure as the Devil.

        This recording is on Youtube, as well.

        As far back as 1965, some people just knew what was coming……

        Have Faith, Keep the Faith, Share the Faith

      64. Anyone of you ever wander what the people who read this and not comment think of your statements?
        I learn from many of you, but for the most part, i would never want you to be a part of my little shtf excursion.
        Think logical and use common since folks.!

      65. That is what prepper sites are for, ask a question and there will be someone with the expertise to give a good answer usually several. I have a lot of mechanical and electrical experience but little in gardening. I have many of times explained the difference in batteries generators etc. And I have been helped in areas that I knew little about.

        • Unfortunately since Mac allows almost any whackjob to post, we have to wade through miles of anti-Semitism, and climb over barricades erected by keyboard commandos of every genus and species, before we get to rational advice.

          • Eh,need to work on mind editing skills coach!I can wade thru any chafe and get the nuggets of information that have value quickly.Having opposing points of view to freedom/tyranny I believe is good,need to know what some on the other side are thinking!

      66. oh i just love this website.

        it rocks.


      67. I would be considered a prepper by definition, but I really don’t care if I die for 3 reasons: 1. We’re all going to die eventually 2. You’d only be ‘surviving’ under a totalitarian government to later be faced with the ultimatum decision of taking the mark 3. I seek to be out of this body and with the our God Creator anyway. Here it is in a nutshell: There is nothing here worth surviving for.

      68. So what’s the use of prepping if in your opinion not to defend your investment but just give it when Joe the tough guy comes in with his artillery? Yes, you’ll avoid getting killed near term but die of starvation later, or even worst you’ll turn into Joe the tough guy and kill others for what they have. Your article doesn’t make any sense and you’re not suggesting anything a prepper should do or are you saying don’t prep?

      69. The reality of life: None of us are getting out alive. ALL will die.

        Thank you captain obvious.

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