“The Powers That Be Have Looted Everything.” Greek Farmers Fight Riot Police With Shepherd Crooks

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The economic and social disintegration of Greece used to be big news. However it’s largely been overshadowed by the migrant crisis, and the American media hardly reports on Greece anymore. If you’ve been out of the loop, allow me to get you caught up on the financial situation in that country, by giving two answers to the questions you’re probably thinking. Yes, the Greek government still sucks. And yes, the people of Greece are still really pissed off.

Believe it or not, riots are still a common occurrence in that country. In fact there was an incident last week in Athens, after the government tried to increase taxes and social security contributions. In response, over a thousand farmers from Crete, who used to be immune from these taxes, took a ferry to Athens and proceeded to riot outside of the agriculture ministry building.

This however wasn’t an ordinary riot, not even by Greek standards. The farmers fought the riot police with shepherd crooks.

Taxes are being hiked to satisfy inspectors who represent the international creditors who Greece’s debt. If the government can’t pay 7 billion euros by July, then the country will once again face the possibility of default. However, the farmers are determined to change their Leftist government’s mind about the tax hikes. One of the protesting farmers who spoke to The Guardian stated that “We want to have them take back everything they have encumbered us with. To us, it seems like the powers that be have looted everything.”

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    1. California Resident

      The joke is on the looters.

      They can’t take their loot with them when they die, but they WILL be judged for the theft by God.

      • ACE^USMC

        once again. the police act as enforcers of the world’s ELite.

        The biggest enemy to the people.

      • Anonymous

        In the “superior” USA, the cops use “non-lethal” rubber bullets to kill rioters, cause concussions, etc…Wonder why the cops in Greece don’t just do like our “wonderful” country does??? (land of freedom and democracy– supposedly).

    2. Yeah, right

      Why do the police always get in the middle and always seem to take the wrong side. I think that one day when they wake up too, along with the rest of the world, that’s when things are really going to change. Then on that day the right people will be wishing that they had been the people forced to prep and had bought that surplus parachute when they saw it on sale last year.
      Or on the other hand, the people might be somewhat sympathetic to their crimes, and be nice to them, and just build them a special place where they can be taken to be shown how to do an honest days work for once in their lives…What? That’s not what I referring to.
      And media blackouts are good. For afterward you can make up your own stories that took place during that blackout. And base everything going forward on that story… What? That’s not what I referring to either. This is new stuff.

      • ACE^USMC

        In the US, Badges ARE redcoats.

        Elsewhere, they are known as the pawns of the ELites, the foot soldiers that WILL Always OBEY their master. ALWAYS going against the people.

        When a corrupt AND criminal politician is cornered, the police ALWAYS come to their aid. WHEN the people try and drag the corrupt S.O.B. into the street, the POLICE always get in the middle.

        The WORLD needs the people to drag the corrupt elected into the streets> EVERY PROBLEM will be solved.

        WHy are NO problems solved? The POLICE protect the ELites.
        that frickin’ simple

      • thassalonika

        It’s the pigs’ “job” to protect the rich. The rank and file cops are class traitors and should be shot on sight.

    3. buttcrackofdoom

      what CAN’T be paid back, WON’T be paid back.

    4. buttcrackofdoom

      coming to a theatre near YOU….this is a tutorial, in case you aint figgered it out, america(ns).


        AMEN there BUTTCRACK.
        I fear the worse is yet to come.

    5. B from CA

      Is George Soros in on this ?? I thought I saw a sign that said,

      •••••••••• G R E E K Lives Matter •••••••••


    6. Warchild Dammit!

      These farmers need guns/need to “repurpose” their fertilizer/some good hackers for the info end,either way,go farmers!

    7. TEST

      Thankfully, the Greeks don’t live in the People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Illinois, where they are raising income taxes 40% or so, and property taxes are already highest in the nation.

      Can’t wait to leave this hellhole, once a personal family situation ends.

      • joeybagofdonutsandbagels

        Make a red state redder. Go someplace where your vote counts.

        • bob

          Where your vote counts?

          Do you remember that we put the Donald in the White House to drain the swamp? So far …. he keeps packing in Goldman Sachs people (worst of the worst). Also, there’s apparently a blackout on the Clinton crime spree. How about investigation/prosecution for Obama using forged documents? Not a peep. Trump’s FBI is still silent on Weiner’s hard drive after they barged in and took the case from NYPD.

          Do you recall the NYPD saying they would release the disgusting hard drive contents if the case was not prosecuted? And now we have the roaring sound …. of silence …. from NYPD.

          Donald’s going to the dark side in a major way. When they corrupt or blackmail politicians who pledged to drain the swamp, do you really believe it matters who you vote for?

          Close your eyes — we’re about to crater.

          • Plan twice, prep once

            The first hint we will have tha Hillary Clinton is about to be charged, will be Hillary going on an extended vacation to foreign countries that don’t extradite!

            Trump announced there would be more information on the Trump Tower wire taps. Obama just left the country for a 6 week vacation.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        when you LEAVE…..watch out for neighboring states where the liberals have infected THEM too….like california, there’s no place CLOSE to move to. commies are everywhere now, so do your research.

    8. It's Over

      Sorry Greek ‘citizens’.

      You are reaping 100% of what you sowed.

      This is the end result of voting for socialists, and sitting there demanding massive pensions and retirement in your 50’s.

      The Greek population has been and is still getting exactly what they deserve for voting in filthy low-life socialist politicians.

      The Greek populace wanted an easy life by voting for politicians who redistributed wealth and provided free hand-outs.

      What other possible outcome could there have been?

      The rest of the socialized EU is in the same boat. They are and will get exactly what they deserve. The EU has a new master now, called ISLAM.

      The US’s day of reckoning still lies before us at some point in the future.

      The pain will be well deserved here in the US as well when it finally hits home.

    9. Kevin2

      I’m no fan of the bankers but Greece like most, if not all European nations provided benefits of pensions, work hours, maternity leave and the like that they couldn’t pay for. Politicians were elected based on what they could promise. The US from Johnson’s “Great Society” on moved in the same direction. The vehicle for both, fiat currency.

      • Anonymous5


        Gee…sounds just like us, doesn’t it?

      • apache54

        the Europeans have ALWAYS had better provided benefits for it’s workers, shorter work days and work weeks, starting vacations 30 days a year, etc. etc. and that was GREAT!! The PROBLEM was the politicians then spent the money ELSEWHERE and DID NOT fund correctly, they kept robbing peter to pay paul, JUST LIKE our government here cannot make a budget! I spent ALLOT of time OVER THERE and saw first hand what happened! as NORMAL CRAPPY politicians are to BLAME!! NOT the benefits!! the world is FULL of CORRUPT politicians and that is the REAL reason! nothing more!! BAD leaders equal BAD decisions and the people pay for those bad decisions!

    10. Zeus

      The Greek Government took loans from the IMF and Central Bankers to lavish themselves for decades. Now the Bill has come due, and they have no money to pay it. Same thing in the US, with endless perpetual wars abroad, and even the drug war failure, that served no-one, other than the bankers and fascist corporations and prison system, but they are trying to make the American people pay the tab for their scam. As the Fascist Corps park their profits overseas and the elitists park their money in Swiss Bank accounts to avoid paying taxes, take that as a que. Caterpillar Corp HQ’s just got Raided by the Feds for avoiding paying taxes, and moving money into foreign bank accounts to hide it. Lets see what becomes of that?

      What you can do is, Get off their financial Grid highway so you don’t have to pay the toll master. Stop depositing money into banks, cash the checks, Stay all on the back roads baby and away from the runaway train on tracks!!! They can’t steal what they can’t see. Its every man for themselves here. They surely don’t care about you or I. Other than being a tax revenue slave for them.

      • Traitor Hator

        Yes the Greek government employees took the loans not the Greek people. You can say the Greek people voted them in so its their falt? Are we responsible for our curupt politicians actions? Let’s take all the government employees money and property to pay back the loans they took? Paybacks a bitch?

    11. Nailbanger

      Aint government grand,,,
      I cant wait for everything to come unglued,,, got some scores to settle

      • buttcrackofdoom

        how do i make a smileyface on here?????….anywayz, you got me smilin’.

    12. anon


      Scores to settle? I have a few of those.

    13. Wang-Chung

      Ahhh, taxes. That really gets people out doesn’t it?

      I like how the vehicle was blocking the through way. Looks like an agitator non-greek may have been there waving about? Burning a trash can but not the vehicle with wire bars. Rocks, rakes and canes. They must have watched Stickman at Berkeley! One guy was wearing a similar mask. (Joke)

      The farmers did not go to the correct address. Perhaps they need to read up on the history of the French revolution. Or they will take it on the chin like Venezuela.

      Good vid-thanks! Do a compilation story of recent gov breakdowns and common societal effects.

    14. skeptic

      It’s been 40 years or so since I was on Crete but I find it hard to believe that there are 1000 farm there.

    15. Brian

      Not one of those Shepherd Crooks was registered as a weapon. Greece needs shepherd crook registration, crook permits, etc. I just want to stock up on shepherd crooks before they are outlawed. Any idea on where I can get one? The firearms stores don’t carry any.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        what’s next, pitchfork registration?….and what about all those pointy knives?

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