The Pentagon’s Bookkeeping Is ATROCIOUS: The Books Are Wrong On EVERYTHING

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    The Department of Defense is the world’s worst bookkeeper. The books are so atrocious that they are wrong about everything and it’s impossible to detect just how bad the fraud and corruption that runs rampant through the Pentagon has become.

    Journalist Matt Taibbi told RT’s Lee Camp that he discovered it’s not possible to make any sense of the books.

    Taibbi recently dove headfirst into the insanity that is the Pentagon’s finances to find out how a much-lauded audit of the organization, (which receives half a trillion dollars a year) failed to give the DoD either a pass or fail. What Taibbi found was that the Pentagon operates under a system that is inherently unable to provide financial accountability, he said during an interview on Redacted Tonight.

    “It’s organized so badly that when the Pentagon at the end of every year goes to ask for more money for the next year… they invent the numbers because they have no audit trail. They submit all those numbers to the Congress, saying we spent this on that, but they don’t actually have the documents,” he said. “The sheer quantity of the numbers makes it impossible to detect anything like fraud or theft because the books are all wrong at every single level of the system.

    The massive amount of waste and corruption is unbelievable, yet it’s impossible to even get a handle on just how bad it has become. Taibbi also says that there is no way the Pentagon will ever change the way they do their books unless there is reform to how they receive their money. Unless the Pentagon cuts off weapons contractors, there will never be any type of reform – so don’t hold your breath.

    “The people who sit on the Armed Services Committee and the Appropriations Committee are going to be primarily funded by military contractors. Which means that none of those people are ever going to approve any measure that threatens to stop funding of the Pentagon until they get their books in order,” Taibbi said.  “And the only way you can make the Pentagon make their books in order is to yank the money.”

    Scientists Worried: Pentagon Wants To Make Virus-Spreading Insects

    The Pentagon is not known for their ability to reason or be responsible unless it’s providing “reasons” that they should be responsible for the deaths of millions across the globe.

    *Side Note: Taibbi added that he sees the “Russiagate” hoax to be the biggest blow to mainstream media’s reputation since the “weapons of mass destruction” fiasco under the Bush administration.


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      1. They have an unlimited allowance and absolutely no fear of getting in trouble for bouncing a check; their Uncle Sam will make good.

        • Easy solution, Cut the Defense Budget in half this first year, then in half again the 2nd year, then half again the 3rd year, and with all that savings we can buy enough good Hemp Rope and hang all the treasonous thieves and basstaaards that ripped us off. We are gonna need a lot of rope.

      2. Virus is a word that describes a computer problem and is used so frequently that it probably doesn’t get much computer attention from the artificial intelligence system program tracking everyone using a computer.

        I’ld say the Pentagon is using some type of scattering system to confuse any investigation. It is very effective. Wish I had an income of 500 billion dollars a year. That is one trillion every two years. I could retire after one day as a multi-millionaire. Pretty good bookkeeping if you ask me.


      3. Finally an article that I agree with Mac. Let us not lump the good Men/Women who serve our Nation into the same basket as these idiots.

        To be considered, Top Secret items and Operation aren’t list on the “books” and may appear to be Accounting errors as well.

      4. On Sept. 10, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld admitted that the Pentagon had lost track of a trillion dollars. The next day was 9/11. The section of the Pentagon that was hit supposedly had information on where that 1 trillion dollars went. The Pentagon could lose its own ass and wouldn’t know it until much later.

        • No wreckage of or impact prints of wings, fuselage, seats, vertical and horizontal stabilizers and surprisingly no video footage showing an aircraft impacting. Yes, there is video of something hitting but none show anything that resembles an aircraft. It’s one of those oddball things like WTC #7 that your lying eyes see.

          • On 9-11 it was the Pentagon accounting wing, as the false flag target, next to the helicopter pad outside, under under the pad was a secret rocket that was launched from beneath the helicopter pad. That’s why there was no wing wreckage, because it was a rocket blast. Total Fraud and deception. Didn’t fool me.

            • TSB, did you ever notice there was no further mention of the missing trillion at all after 9/11? Like everyone just “magically forgot.” Yeah, right. Did I just see a pig flying overhead? Nope, didn’t think so. [SARCASM]

              • The Deplorable Renegade

                Once the numbers go above a million the relationship of value gets blurred for the average working person.

                One billion is a thousand millions.
                One trillion is a thousand billions.
                Doing the math (hold on for a second I’m out of fingers and toes)
                One trillion is a million millions.

                A million millions and “forgetaboutit”.


            • I don’t know what was. I only know what I did and didn’t see. I did not see damage to WTC #7 remotely sufficient to drop the building in organized fashion. Likewise I did not see an airliner impact the Pentagon nor its wreckage or impact print. Who, how and why are speculative, but words cannot alter what one can and cannot see.

          • Kevin2, I always suspected it was a rocket or missile with a high-explosive warhead. I’d love to think the truth about 9/11 will come out someday but I’m not holding my breath. I agree there’s no way any type of aircraft struck the Pentagon.

      5. So many “black projects” to hide, ergo bad accounting….

      6. It is much harder to embezzle funds if you don’t cook the books. Don’t look for change.

      7. The military industrial complex warned about by Eisenhower in full bloom.

      8. I guarantee there is someone at the Pentagon that knows where the money went. Fraud, corruption, and lying runs rampant in all USA governmental agencies, no surprise here. No one respects the rule of law, and no one is willing to do a damn thing about it! I’m not even sure the American people will ever stand up and say enough is enough.

      9. The money pissed away on “defense” over the past decade could have restored the entire US infrastructure.

      10. What do you expect from a CIVILIAN agency?

        You people don’t think this is a government institution do you?


        Time to wakey, wakey!

      11. The bookkeeping is CRIMINAL.
        Halt ALL funds to the PENTAGRAM until it accounts for what is missing.
        The PENTAGRAM is America’s second greatest ENEMY.

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