The Patriot’s Most Wanted: If There Was a List, These People Would Be At the Top of It

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    Trea-son [tree-zuhn]:  The betrayal of one’s own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies.
    Source: Legal Dictionary

    If Patriots had a “most wanted” list, these people would be at the top of it.

    The alleged crimes of this Dirty Dozen? Betraying the American people from within by wantonly dismantling the Constitution, collapsing the economy, and creating an encroaching police state that rewards the few and restricts the many.  Each and every person on this list could rightfully be investigated for Treason against the United States of America.

    This Gallery of Dishonor is by no means inclusive.  It contains, in alphabetical order, some of the most despicable but certainly not all.  Feel free to share more nominations in the comments below.

    Meet the Patriot’s Most Wanted:

    Ben Bernanke

    Ben Bernanke, collapsing the economy since 2006.  He became the Chairman of the Federal Reserve under Bush and has maintained his appointment under Obama (unusual in that a Republican appointment continued to serve under a Democrat president).    Mr. QE-to-Infinity has recently received a license to print money indefinitely to institute the most recent round of Quantitative Easing, which Senator Ron Paul referred to as a “full-time counterfeiting operation”.  Unfortunately the only ones eased by this are the members of the Big Banking Cartel –everyday folks need not apply.  Under Bernanke’s leadership, the “too-big-to-fail” banks were financially bailed out, while the average American was left to flounder as housing values plummeted, mortgages were defaulted on and personal bankruptcies skyrocketed.

    Michael Bloomberg

    New York City’s very own soda pop Nazi, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has made a career out of micromanaging the lives of the citizens of the city.  Bloomberg has decided that he must take control of the health of New York City residents and has done so by disallowing the sale of sugary beverages over 16 ounces.  He also had NYC hospitals lock up baby formula and track when formula is dispensed in an effort to coerce new mothers to exclusively breastfeed.  And speaking of new mothers, there have been numerous quiet sexual harassment lawsuits filed against Bloomberg by women under his employ, dating back to 1997, when a female employ described telling Bloomberg of an unplanned pregnancy, to which he allegedly responded “Kill it!” and “Great, number 16!”  (Not treason, but saying that type of thing would certainly be indicative of a man’s character.)    Back to treason, last summer, Bloomberg stated the NYPD officers should go on strike until the citizens voluntarily disarmed themselves.  Under his “leadership” New York City has the strictest gun laws in the state, requiring permits, licensing and registration. This left the citizenry largely disarmed and unable to protect themselves in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Never one to let a good crisis go to waste, Bloomberg rounded up celebrities to  put together a propaganda video calling out for even more gun control just days after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    George W. Bush

    It was under the watch of erstwhile President Bush that the largest terrorist act in American history took place in our own airspace on September 11, 2001.  This inside job was rapidly followed by the “Patriot Act” – in truth the most unpatriotic legislation that had existed up to that point and the first serious blow suffered by the Constitution. The Patriot Act was rolled out to save America from terrorists, allowing surveillance and invasions of privacy without the hassle of pesky little inconveniences like probable cause and search warrants.  Bush and 7 of his cohorts (Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and their legal advisers Alberto Gonzales, David Addington, William Haynes, Jay Bybee and John Yoo) were find guilty in absentia last year in Malaysia, convicted of war crimes, including torture and cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Hillary Clinton

    Long-suffering wife of former President Bill Clinton, former Senator from New York and current Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has had a varied political career.  Recently on the hook for the Benghazi massacre, in which 4 Americans lost their lives due to negligence, she has been in the hotseat numerous other times.  A noted warmonger, she has been accused of lying to Congress about the Iraq War and Saddam Hussein, she has consistently expressed her belief that Iran is a nuclear threat to the United States and has been fingered by Wikileaks for ordering spying on UN Officials.  Other possible lapses in integrity include allegations of lying to the FEC about contributions, the hiring of unsavory advisor Sandy Berger (a convicted felon) and substantial financial involvement with pharmaceutical companies, whose causes she champions.

    Jon Corzine

    Neck deep in government and banking, Jon Corzine was accused of using  1.6 billion dollars of customer money to cover his company’s shortfalls.  Yes, 1.6 BILLION.  Shortly thereafter, the company, MF Global filed for bankruptcy and that money has completely vaporized.  A House Congressional hearing found the former New Jersey senator and governor at fault for the failure of the company, but he has managed to evade criminal charges. (Could that be related to the fact that Eric Holder’s former law firm represented Corzine’s now-defunct company?)

    Andrew Cuomo

    Leading the charge against the 2nd Amendment,New York governor Andrew Cuomo recently spearheaded the most aggressive attack on gun rights yet, proudly signing the NY SAFE Act.  This unConstitutional legislation limits magazine capacities, narrowly redefines the term “assault weapons”, requires background checks for all gun-related purchases, including ammunition, and obligates mental health professionals to become government snitches.  (Amusingly, the hastily passed bill does not exempt police officers, ostensibly making criminals out of every one of New York’s finest.)

    Rahm Emmanuel

     Mayor of Obama’s old stomping ground, Chicago, Emanuel’s city has dubious honor of being simultaneously crowned the gun control capitol of the United States and the Homicide Capitol of the United States.    Classic Emanuel quote: “If you are known as maybe a possible terrorist you cannot buy a handgun in America.”  Emanuel served on the board of the Freddie Mac while Bill Clinton was in office, during which time the organization was plagued with scandals involving campaign contributions and accounting irregularities.  Currently, Emanuel is browbeating banks with Mafia tactics to “suggest” that they cease lending money to gun manufacturers with accounts in good standing.

    Dianne Feinstein

    Possibly the most hated woman in Congress right now, Dianne Feinstein has made no bones about her mission to disarm America.  The senior Senator from California was responsible for the 1995 Assault Weapons Ban and  has just introduced a bill that would  prohibit the manufacture or importation of 158 specific military-style “assault” rifles, ban magazines of more than 10 rounds and introduce a  federal registry for all  owners who currently possess the aforementioned weapons and magazines.  She has supported the extension of the unPatriot Act and was the co-sponsor of PIPA, one of several assaults on internet freedom.

    Eric Holder

    US Attorney General Eric Holder is all about the law, at least if those laws apply to other people.  As for himself, he seems to feel that he is personally immune to those pesky little restrictions.  He has announced the Department of InJustice will still pursue prosecution of those terrifying criminals who have a state-authorized toke, deeming that the state laws are trumped by federal ones.  He is an adamant supporter of the Assault Weapons Ban, unless, of course, those assault weapons are supplied to Mexican drug cartels.  While 14 lower-ranking officials were found guilty in the Fast and Furious scandal, slippery AG Holder remained relatively unscathed, even though he was held in contempt by the House of Representatives by refusing to cooperate in the investigation.  If you are curious as to why the banksters seem to have blanket immunity for fraud and outright theft of funds, perhaps it has something to do with a glaring conflict of interest – Holder’s former law firm, Covington & Burling, represented MF Global, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and UBS.

    Janet Napolitano

    Not so fondly known as Big Sis, Janet Napolitano is the nosy Secretary of Homeland Security.  Encouraging an environment of ratting out your neighbor with her “See Something, Say Something” ads on screens in Walmart, Napolitano seems to have an extreme aversion to the right to privacy.  She has generalized as potential terrorists so-called “Right Wing Extremists”, veterans, and a wide assortment of other guilty-until-maybe-proven-innocent groups.  Under Napolitano’s reign the TSA has stepped out of the airport and into other public transit areas like train and bus stations, as well as large sporting events.  She is also a proponent of surveillance drone use in American airspace for “public safety”.

    Barack Hussein Obama

    The President of the United States,(despite his questionable eligibility) Obama has done more to demolish liberty during his first four years in office than all of his predecessors combined.  Despite his deadly drone assassinations, his dedicated assault on the Constitution and his dubious personal background, Obama was re-elected for another 4 year term of Constitutional destruction.  He has proven his willingness to circumvent the checks and balances of our system by sidestepping Congress with a dizzying, ever-increasing number of Executive Orders signed thus far in his presidency.  He has even gone so far as to boast about his habit of going around Congress, memorably stating:  ”we can’t wait for an increasingly dysfunctional Congress to do its job. Where they won’t act, I will.  I’ve told my administration to keep looking every single day for actions we can take without Congress.”

    Charles Schumer

    A gun-grabber from way back, this US Senator from New York recently likened guns to kiddie porn. “No amendment can be absolute.  I believe you can be pro-gun and pro gun safety, just like you can be in favor of free speech but also against child pornography.”  Schumer had his finger in the gun-control pie, co-sponsoring the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban and the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act.  He was one of the few to oppose the Vitter Amendment, passed post-Katrina, which prohibits the confiscation of legal firearms during a disaster.

    So, should these people be investigated for Treason against the United States?

    You be the judge.


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      1. first!!!!

        • EXCELLENT.

          As I have said, in preparation for Nuremberg 2, we must make our own “fusion centers” to collect data on traitors and the perpetrators of crimes against humanity, their enablers, enforcers, puppets, mouthpieces, and talking heads. Every single one must be prosecuted and, if guilty, punished and reparations made.

          THIS is a good start. The dynastic banksters must be added to the list.

          • JQP:These banksters should be at the top of the list!! Without them they would have no power and would run and hide as the cowards they really are.


            • Agreed!

              BUT even the second string flunkies, “middle management,” and street-level enforcers and go-fers must find themselves in the docket at Nuremberg 2. Even the talmudvision talking heads who, by both omission and commission, give cover to the criminal oligarchy and their crimes must be prosecuted.

              Just as every last octogenarian Nazi was run to ground, so too must every last one of these be run to ground. Let them find no refuge in any nation on this earth, not even in Occupied Palestine.

              Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

              • ….and EVERY psychopath associated in ANY way with every elitist corporation, lawmaker, political party, Rothschild, Morgan, Rockefeller, supposedly elected representative and especially EVERY central bank. How ’bout we start there? I can add many more categories of psychopaths and sociopaths, but that should be a solid spring cleaning for a start.

                Basically EVERYONE who subscribes to and feeds the cancerous beast of:
                1. fiat currency
                2. loaned into existence
                3. from a central bank
                4. at interest
                5. then fractionally reserved everywhere else.

                • I know you think your life is the most important, and you want to hold your politicians responsible for what they are paid a lot of money to do.

                  Regarding the 911: 🙁

                  A. Some believe New York politicians are the first ones who are responsible for their own state.

                  B. But others such as the anti-Christ believers, Bush’s enemies,the mainstream media, extremists, N.G.O. and the useful idiots have accused and blamed president Bush for the 9/11.

                  • All the US carriers, Destroyers, Tomahawks or any jet combat aircraft could shoot down the airplane that killed 3,500 people. 🙁 Why didn’t New York politicians give the order to shoot down the airplanes that caused the 9/11 attacks?

                    People said Senartor Schulmer (D), Hillary Clinton (D), Ex-governor Spritzer (D), Mayor Bloomberg (D) and their representatives, etc… could have done their jobs and prevented this disaster.

                    These politicians did not like president Bush before he was elected, and Bush would not possibly have thought that something of this magnitude could ever happen. Furthermore, the Supreme court ruled in his favor over the 2001’s election results (Gore and Lieberman vs Bush —- the chaff ballots’ issues.)

                    Especially, George Soros and Zbigniew Zebrinski, Clintons, etc… they always criticize Bush.

                    By seeing how the twin towers fell, they were destroyed by demolition charges, and not by the airplanes’ impact.

                    Gov. Spritzer (D) handed a check to the owner of the twin towers several BILLIONS for the collapse of his buildings

                  • I suggest a careful look at these eight families:

                    The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families (Parts 1 & 2)

                    and a careful look at these machers (Yiddish for ‘big shots’):

                    The “private central banks” have, of course, taken pains for centuries to conceal their concentrated power with interlocking Boards and Directorates. but this reality is being penetrated. “Using a database which listed 37 million companies and investors worldwide, the researchers studied all 43,060 trans-national corporations (TNCs), including the share ownerships linking them…” to map their worldwide power.

                    These 40,000+ are not the “1%”; they are the 0.005%.

                    Highly likely that these are the most concentrated cabal of misery and crimes against humanity.

                  • Well, this Daisy Luther has now just put herself and the lot of her family in complete danger. And if you think Canada is going to protect you from the long arm of the ObaMao clan, Ha! Never! You just signed your own warrant. Even though you had the ‘right’ to do so, sometimes things are better left UNSAID!

                • ANON: All Daisy did was put to print what WE all know and believe: The GIG who are OUR employees are working for the NWO at OUR expense and destroying the country.

                  Their actions are TREASONOUS and I have been saying so here and elsewhere for a couple of years now, and naming names.

                  In fact, GHW Bush had a relapse after reading my comments about him on Yahoo! while in the hospital last month. I wish the SOB had died.

                  It’s time to publicly name these Traitors: ID them, make a list, profile them, list their crimes, and print their home addresses. They have OURS. Turnabout is fair play. Its time to restore fairness to America again.

                  Its time for everyone to speak the truth to power. If not US, Who? If not now, When?

                  Grow a pair.

                  • JQP….spot on…..AGAIN. Thank you for your insights, friend. If any of you here don’t quite get it, and there are several throwing negative votes at him, just scroll around and read closely at JQP’s posts. His eyes are WIDE open. Please people, sack up and shake your chains off.

                  • DK…likewise….keep at it, amigo. Well said above.

              • “Just as every last octogenarian Nazi was run to ground, so too must every last one of these be run to ground.”

                Unfortunately, JQ, these people are so whacked out that they honestly believe they will be safely dead and beyond the reach of justice by the time their true crimes are discovered. HA! If they only know where such an “escape” will end! In the meantime, they live a life of luxury and opulence that few of us can even dream of.

                • Yes, and recognizing that, our souls too hang in the balance.

                  In this battle of RIGHT and WRONG, we must stay on the side of RIGHT.



              Daisy, read this article if you really want to learn something.

              A Message To The ‘Left’ From A ‘Right Wing Extremist’ from Brandon Smith

            • To give this idea some legs, we need to discuss this on other blogs and forums.

              Make Nuremberg 2 go viral!

              Make it happen.

            • Gotta add Piers Morgan.

              • Mac & Daisy,

                May I suggest that you establish a link for all the nominees with their mug shots, their crimes, and pertinent identifying information?

                Pin it prominently but apart from the day to day columns.

                Comments should probably be disabled and, at east initially only nominees vetted by the moderators should be added to the “fusion center’s” list.

                Firewall it, mirror it, and cross-link it far and wide. Back it up offline because , as we have seen before, they will use everything at their disposal to avoid prosecution—even avoiding travel to certain nations.

                Watch your “6.”

                • John Q…

                  That’s an OUTSTANDING IDEA!!!!

                  …sorta like a modern day version of the Revolutionary period…”Committees of Correspondence(research it)!

                  • JohnQ Public: have you yet seen the Massive photos lists at a website called…incogman dot org or dot com(?)?

                    An example= Incogman has a site section page dedicated to MSM folks. It aint all inclusive(yet) but is vast with probobly 50-75 photos in a huge photo-block on the page.

                    Complete with names and msm affiliates if known, and of course if tied to zio tribe or simply sold out gentile goyims.

                    His website is a virtual wealth of solid documented info on alot more than MSM too. Pages of actual quotes by the culprits including much WWII stuff most folks do not know yet regarding vast scheems and lies etc surounding WWII.

                    If you aint seen his site yet..Check it out. He also allows most all post comments same as Mac does here.

                    But trolls and hasbara disinfo agents Bewares! Ingog gives a couple warnings, and if they persist, he throws them type into Spamblinka to cool off or disapear.

              • As traitor or as simply another dick-less leftist moron?

              • Don’t forget the names of all the left wing propaganda media freaks who help perpetuate the lies.

            • How come people don’t put up old style “WANTED” posters at Post Offices and on lamp posts like they did in the old ‘wild west’ days? Imagine seeing a notice board plastered with these faces the next time you pick up your mail!!!! I’d stop to read what crimes they were wanted for.

          • What ? no harry reid and Nancy Pelosi ?
            How about Dick Cheney? for the patriot act along with John Mc cain

          • I have to listen to all rhis crap from a chick that isn’t even an American?

            Go enjoy Canookada Daisy. Write a bout something you know… like how to stay single.

            • Daisy knows more about America than most Americans do.

              • Sorry about the thumbs down. Tiny android phone.
                (I’ll be in the kitchen baking a cake)
                I pray you’re hidden well.

                Keep preppin’

              • I think Daisy is an American living in Canada.

            • The reach of crimes against humanity is, by definition, international in scope. Let them have a taste of what “globalism” means to us.

              • Indeed so, John Q. Would it not be the supreme irony if humanity should actually come together as One and in perfect harmony act against these elitists, crushing them like the bugs they are? God has a wicked sense of humor about such things, so this is eminently possible.

                • The pagans and atheists and especially the synagogue of Satan will hate this, but our great goal should be the Social Reign of Christ the King.

            • The problems that plague this country are not just American problems they are the worlds problems. “They” (banksters / elite) are against us, not just us in Americans, but us as in every single man woman and child that doesn’t suit their needs. Until individuals such as yourself accept that fact and understand we are all in this together and need to work together we will continue to have a huge handicap in this “game” of theirs. United we stand, alone we fall, if the US goes down the rest of the world is sure to follow soon there after leaving no one to oppose the evils that currently rule over this earth. Now is the time we must put our differences aside to achieve a common goal for the better of this world.

              • Seeker: How do you propose we “all” be as one to work together?…Please give a valid plan or example for instance on, How can you go into inner city ghettos and convince african yoooots and bangers types, along with their mostly welfare queens to come together and put aside Their massive unwarrented Predudices towards All white folks so we can do as you suggested and all work as one group to defeat our foes?

                Being a white man who was born & raised and spent 43 yrs in Detroit, and one that saw it All develop from Ground Zero detroit circa 1960 Onwards(till I move North 17 yrs ago) I can assure you such a task is not even Remotly possible today.

                I agree with you it would be really swell if it could happen. But like unicorns and fuzzy feel good lib fantasy thats about all it is in reality. I hope I am wrong…Time shall tell I rekon.

                • Angelo;I agree the tptb have spent more than a life time separating us through racism,so the time for talk has past and the time for action is waning!!
                  Hope for the best, and prey for some divine intervention. Were going to need it!


                • Angelo, I rekon you agree then with Seeker unless you are using rekon in the slang instead of its true meaning. Just saying…

                • Angelo,

                  Even if you could convience those kind of people to join you.
                  Would you really want them fighting beside you, I think I’ll pass on that one. I will only fight beside somebody I respect and that respect will have to be earned..

                  NOMI- CATIMF,

                • “How can you go into inner city ghettos and convince african yoooots and bangers types, along with their mostly welfare queens to come together and put aside Their massive unwarrented Predudices towards All white folks”

                  Well, I’d point it out to them that this government is going to put their “welfare queens” on the street and discontinue their EBT cards. Then I’d tell them Obummer is taking over their turf and in the process of stomping out the drug dealing competition—i.e. THEM. Then I’d point it out to the illegal aliens that tracking chips will seriously hinder their ability to sneak back and forth over the border, and that they too will soon lose their welfare bennies.

                  It’s pretty easy to piss people off once you get the hang of it and find the right chord…I’ve been pissing people off for years and I’m quite good at it.

              • Seeker; Well articulated and point on. Be Well.

            • Even I dont do personal attacks like that. Thumbs down.

            • Daisy is more of an American than you’ll ever be, dumb-ass!

          • Yeah…I’m thinking George Soros and the Rothchilds should be on that list as well. Also….Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski. And don’t forget Cass Sunstein and his shrew of a wife Samantha Power. And last but not least, Valerie Jarrett, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

            All of these need to be put in solitary confinement, fed the GMO’s they’ve forced on us all, given every vaccination known to mankind and forced to watch re-runs of “The Brady Bunch” 24/7.

            • Perhaps solitary confinement is too harsh.

              Each of them should have a cell mate named “Bubba”. 300lbs with bad hygiene and a history of being a sexual predator.

              • Walt: if dope cartel types can get Life in prisons and yet continue to operate their drug cartels and gangs from Inside walls of prisons…Then the Traitors you mentioned are Far too much of a Continuing Threat to be housed as you suggested.

                Perhaps at Minimum when convicted of being Traitors, they must get the Full penalty which has always required Death Penalty for total justice and to end the ongoing potential threats from reocuring if allowed to remain alive.

                But I am all for 25 yrs to Life in prison, Reg prison not country club atmosphere as the usual get today, for ALL convicted of Less than treason, and ALL enablers of any repute or power status.

                And as JQP stated: Reperations of every cent swindled/stolen/bribes etc. To be used to reimburse the middle class taxpayers, and rebuild our nation Back to sanity and prosperity once again.

                Deportations to other nations could also be a viable alternative for some criminals of Lesser violations.

                • I am not keen on the deportation idea. The money-worshippers have been kicked out of hundreds of nations, principalities, and city-states and yet they continue to ply evil wherever they go.

            • “Not The Brady Bunch! The Brady Bunch!–Wierd Al

            • walt
              you state cass sunstein is married to samantha power. i believe alan green span is married to andrea mitchell. do you know of any web sites that show links between TPTB, like who is married to who , or who belongs to which family?
              i think it wouild be very interesting to see how closely all the people in charge are connected

            • THIS IS FOR EVERYONE
              IF you find a nest of rats,,,you kill all of them,,not just the parents ALL,you dont leave the babies,,so to clean the mess up all must go,,,i dont think you/we can pick and choose,,,,


              • Rats weren’t created in Gods likeness and image…Humans were/are. You should know that.

          • Lest us not forget the media scum. Maybe we can have two or three lists.

          • Lon Horiuchi

        • Daisy: Your best article ever! But let’s not forget to list Piers (I need a hole in my head) Morgan.

          While he is not guilty of TREASON because he is not an American citizen, he is guilty of greivously attacking the America Republic, seeking to undermine OUR Constitutional Rights and actively attacking OUR right to self determination.

          Talking head or not, he has NO right to question OUR Law of the Land and aggressively campaign against it.

          He is just another Tory that needs to be silenced forever. Vote.

          • I agree that there could be aa longer list as I got some personal favorites, but Daisy you’ve done a fine job on some of the top twelves most wanted.

          • DK
            on the same hane most want to try the head smigger in DC for TREASON and he isnt a citizen either


        • When I read your accusations against George Bush, I wouldn’t read another word. No credibility as far as I’m concerned. Bunch of bologna, no truth, I guess if you say something long enough then some will believe the lie. It was not an inside job, end of story!!! What is the problem with torturing bastards that kill our young men and then behead them or drag them through the street till they fall apart. You may also want to do a little proof reading before you write an article that thousands will read.

          • Live Free,
            George W. Bush Signed into law the USA Patriot act, the military commisions act, and the continuity of government act. These are the cornerstone of american fascism. Bush is a puppet as much as the rest. His father was director of the CIA and his grandfather both supported Hitler and encouraged a military coup in this country. This is not a good family. Don’t support the republican party so ernestly that it blinds you.

            • Well, that’s the problem, Randy. The Demoncraps and the Repooplicans are pretty much the only game in town as far as politics go. There are libertarians and some of them are even legit but their numbers are far too few to sway even small local elections.

              Yes, there really IS a left and a right but the trick is that they are just different wings of the very same elite ruling class zealots. In spite of all the rhetoric to the contrary, they have FAR more in common with each other than they do with any of us. Just as the financial world is rigged in their favor, so too is the political world.

              The real question in all this BS is… Is there any real hope? I would like to think that there is but it concerns me deeply that there does not seem an effective way of combating all this crap. It just keeps on happening and, if anything, is getting worse with time and not better.

              As a conservative / libertarian / constitutionalist, I see very little in politics these days that is not controlled or at least strongly tainted by all this elitist crap. There is a tiny flash of bright light from time to time, though, such as when the courts tug on the president’s or the congress’s chains as we saw recently via their decision on the so-called recess appointments to the NLRB. We need more of this. A LOT more!

          • Live Free,
            Also, my father taught me torture was something the nazis and the soviets did. He taught me that America was better than that.

            • One can only hope. On the other hand, there is that which is right and that which is effective. In some cases, these over-lap but for the most part, they do not.

              Few of us here would condone torture. But let’s get real for a moment. Suppose that we had some of these elites strapped to a table and needed info about what they are doing and who else is in on it with them. Would we be all high moral ground about it or would we be more interested in rooting this evil out once and for all? It is easy to be virtuous in a vacuum. Add temptation to the mix and few of us knows what we would REALLY do.

              • I would not want to join their ranks as scum by doing as they did—I AM better than that. I think they’d piss themselves with very little help anyway. They are cowards, otherwise, they wouldn’t be the puppets that they are. I’d rather see them rot in prison for life, before I’d stoop to torture. We can’t call ourselves humane, while practicing inhumanity. There is nothing that justifies torture…nothing. Better to just execute them outright and walk away.

          • Sure went easy on the anointed one, Bush is her target, Canadians hate us but many think Obama is the savior. Sorry but alphabetical order, yea just so Obama isn’t at the top. You were pretty easy on Obama but then again you don’t live under his rule now do you? Mind games and manipulation, not for me, this stinks. The article puts the site in jeopardy in my opinion, ignorant and dangerous. I’ll bet all the canadians are cheering. You left out many who should be on top with the anointed one but you sure got your say about Bush.

            • This Canadian don’t. Mr Barry sure ain’t my Saviour. I gave my heart, soul and life to Jesus a long time ago…..

        • Wouldn’t take much for me to sell out all the dumb fucks in the USA either. Me and mine live like Kings and you dumb fucks vent on your keyboards. What’s not to like?

          • Tyranny.

        • How can Valerie Jarret not on the list? she is obamas main handler.

          not too mention that we need to list every media mouthpiece

        • I have to laugh @ you guys. When the Patroit Act was put up for a vote the vote in the senate was 99-1.One senator from Wisconsin stood up for you guys. That senator from Wisconsin was ran out of office by the so called Tea Party Patroits in the next election. He stood alone in a group of 100, he stood up for your rights, and you crapped on him. So when you put Bush on your list I say to you in reality you don’t give a sh**.

      2. I guess you had to go alphabetical to get obummer down the list huh?

        Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Graham would be high on my list for ruining the housing market.

        • Please excuse this slightly off-topic post. Some may recall the discussion about the minuscule number of ‘Jews’ who follow Mosaic Law, primarily the Ethiopian Karaites. Here is breaking news on how they are treated by Talmudic ‘Jews’ who do NOT follow Mosaic Law:

          • The Ethiopians are not the only group that follow these laws, the domination of world Jewry by a dishonest sect has meant that we just don’t get to hear about those who do not support the Zio-tribe. Just as we do not get to hear about the fate of the Christians who were residing in that part of the world at the time that Isreal was created. These Christian families had resided there since the time of Christ.

            Henry Kissinger needs to be near the top of the list. He is the ultimate warmonger who has left a global trail of human suffering and devastation behind him in every single nation he has ever visited. This individuals crimes against humanity create such a long list that is is almost impossible ever record them all. Due to his age he must be grooming his successor to do the dirtiest job of all – war instigation. We need the name of that individual too if we are to truly cut of the head of the snake.

        • Yup, you gotta add Frank, Dodd, and Lindsay “Posturing and Pandering” Graham in order to make this a sensible list.

          • LOL! If all who deserved to be on this list were actually on it, it might have been called “The 5,000 most wanted for treason against humanity” or some such. 😉

      3. Daisy, if you weren’t on the RED LIST before, consider yourself at the top of it now.

        This needed to be said. Thanks for saying it.

        • Anonymous,

          Yes sir Ms Daisy made the red list along with all of us.. Whats the ole saying ( Welcome to the Party Pal).

          Great write up it need to be said everyday to everyone we know..



      4. Why did you stop at a dozen? Don’t forget there are senators, representatives, cabinet members, supreme court justices, and a whole host of regulators who deserve consideration for membership in this elite club.

        • Realistically there are thousands of top level government and civilian employees who could be on this list.

          • You really need to add previous VP Cheney. He spent his time in office creating “a shaddow government that ran behind the scenes. He worked to increase the power of the office of president and seperate it’s powers from the control of Congress.” He is every bit as guilty as Bush in all that happened in that administration!

            • They were both draft dodgers.

            • …and Rumsfeld.

        • There will be time enough for reprisals and a close examination of the voting records of past and present members of Congress after the smoke clears.

          Anyone voting “aye” on either Patriot Act, or NDAA needs to spend the rest of their life in prison: and Gitmo comes to mind! 🙂

            • OK

            • durango kidd – you beat me to it – thanks
              I for one do not see how an American can thumbs down this. I am proud this group has taken a stand against an oppressive government – I hope we see more of this to come . . .

              • The thumbs down are from members of the DHS Cyber Squad that monitor this site. They need to think again. They are on the wrong side of history.

                Washington’s Vision at SHTF Patriots is the future of America. “Vote”.

                • LOL. Psst, your paranoia is hangin out. I smell F.A.R.T.

            • dk; Not sure why anyone would give you a thumbs down on this topic. Although on other blogs I have had very heated exchanges with people that think that the military will be in on “confiscation” and have taken me to task for saying otherwise. To the point that I have left a number of blogs because of the poster’s ignorance of their own military and their dedication to our Constitution and our way of life. Inevitably when I ask “What branch of service were you in?” I get a resounding silence. I have served since 1972 and retired in 2010 as a combat engineer. Both of my sons have served and one is a medially retired (WIA) Ranger. I have spoken to many in the military in all branches on this question. The BETTER trained combat units have a very ADEPT understanding of the Constitution and in particular, the Second Amendment. NOW, having said that, any absolute statement is false. There will be some NG troops (which are STATE troops) and others of lesser training that can probably be co-opted into doing the bidding of state politicians, and you can prolly figure out where that could/would take place but there would be a lot of “refusals” and confusion. I have full faith and confidence (at this time) that the military at large would absolutely REFUSE to turn on “we the people” for any reason. Yeah, this is not the domain of the “armchair commandos”. Leave this to the professionals that have been there and done that. BE Well.

          • Right On kid

            • @dk I’m with you we can put them systematically into my interrogation chair. I will come out of retirement for this, will do it for free even.

              Just one request.
              karl rove

              I want karl rove in my chair first. Then by all means you may pick who is next on down the line til we are done, I just get rove first.

          • Agreed, DK. Exactly how many of the “enablers and puppets” will earn their listings.


        • Methods of Execution

          Boiling to Death
          Breaking Wheel
          Buried Alive
          Drawing and Quartering
          Lethal Ingection
          Slow slicing

          Am I missing any?

          • As playful as one wants to be, the trials must be fair, punishment humane, and reparations carefully calculated so that history can find no fault.

            This must not be another Judeo-Masonic or Judeo-Communist “Reign of Terror,” but instead should reflect the Social Reign of Christ the King—or, for you atheists, the closest moral equivalent. We must not think or act like them.

            • Maybe if the “traitors” knew of what might await them, they’d think twice before trying to fuck us over.

              “From USA vs Rahman”

              “In the late colonial period, as today, the charge of treason carried a “peculiar intimidation and stigma” with considerable “potentialities . . . as a political epithet.”

              At the time of the drafting of the Constitution treason was punishable not only by death, but by an exceptionally cruel method of execution designed to enhance the suffering of the traitor.

              William Blackstone in his Commentaries observed that the punishment for treason is “terrible in that the traitor is hanged by the neck, then cut down alive, that his entrails are then taken out, and burned, while he is yet alive,” and “that his head is cut off, and that his body is then divided into four parts.”

              “In the modern era, most nations punish the traitor with a sentence of death for serious acts of treason in nations with the death penalty.”

              Seems like the “If there was a List” contains criminals who performed SERIOUS acts of treason. what “humane” method of execution would you suggest?

              • Rub them thoroughly with coarse sand-paper and then roll them in salt.

                Failing that, dragging them down a long gravel road or through a large cactus patch behind a 4×4 pickup would suffice.

                For a true American cultural execution, there’s always the “stake ’em to an ant-hill and rub some honey on them” approach.

                Last, but certainly not least, roll them down a very long hill in a barrel with about a dozen fist sized rocks in it.

          • I guess the guillotene would be a little too quick……

          • Gut shot.

          • Yep… get medieval on their a$$es with The Algerian Hook. Nasty thing that takes 4-5 days of suspended-in-air screaming agony to finally finish them off.

      6. is ben flipping us all the bierd in that arrogant

        • Why I do believe you’re right!

        • He does that a lot, just his way of saying screw you. I have no use for this subhuman waste.

          Our political figure heads are nothing more than worthless heartless souls. Give them some feeling of power an they become complete utter assholes and bitches!

          B Aware, B Awake, B Alive,
          “I’m a human being God Damn It and My Life has Value’!

      7. UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS for ALL firearms purchases—whether at gun shows and shops, between individuals and online—is Jewry’s latest plan to strip the Gentiles of their Second Amendment rights.

        In other words, gun buyers will soon be peeing into cups all across America.

        Launching Jewry’s totalitarian scheme is Jewish Senator Chuck Schumer who announced his Marxist scheme on Meet The Press this past Sunday.

        Boasting of his authorship of universal background checks, Schumer predicted that in the “next week or two” lawmakers would show “broad support” for his legislation.

        Teaming up with Schumer is yet another Jew who hates our freedoms, billionaire Michael Rubens Bloomberg, Mayor of NYC.

        With Bloomberg at his side, Schumer announced that his new legislation, the Fix Gun Checks Act, would mandate that all those purchasing guns, including transactions through private sellers, would be subject to a background check, effectively closing the so-called gun show loophole.

        Schumer’s Jewish-inspired legislation would also slap harsh penalties on States that fail to comply with his background check system: a 25% cut in Federal funds.

        • the quicker all states nullify D.C., the better. fuck chuckie shumah in his trick ass…

        • Be careful what you wish for, Chuck U. Schumer. Some of the “donor states” may bite on that.

        • So, let me get this straight. We American citizen patriot gun owners get to be the subjects of thorough background checks but the Kenyan Impostor does not?

      8. I think that this list could number in the hundreds, I feel big ben shouldn’t be on the list, he is just a talking head. Frankenstein, Cumo, Obummer would be my top three

        • By any show of hands across America Bernanke would easily make the list, as does Greenspan who really, intentionally, started this financial mess.

      9. I’m done with being reasonable, and I’m done with “compromise”. Nothing about gun control in this country has ever been “reasonable” nor a genuine “compromise”, and I have flat had enough.


        • Agreed. As others have said, “The 2nd Amendment is NOT negotiable!”.

          Citizen patriots were the guarantors of liberty 230 years ago and we still are. No, dammit, they can’t have my guns or your guns or anyone else’s guns. If they would personally like to come and take them, they are welcome to try.

      10. so, a start to the list I have been looking for all these years, thanks.

        • You did a much better job of it than I ever could..hats off to you Daisy lady

          • @VRF…What an HONOR to have a voice such as Daisys’ in this beautiful Country of Canada….but Daisy…..BE CAREFUL and STAY SAFE!!!CC

        • WANTED posters should be posted throughout the U.S. and world. Begin in .gov buildings, then move to the lamp posts and tree limbs of LIBERTY.
          Ain’t freedom of the press grand.

      11. Seems to me you’re missing the other 523 snakes and vermin.

      12. Predictably, the Jews are using the fake Sandy Hook “shooting” PSYOP and their control of the media to promote their un-American, tyrannical anti-Second Amendment crusade. Will America let the Jews take their guns? Are they dumb enough to let the Jews disarm them?

        The Jewish Daily Forward, December 23, 2012

        A Jewish community strongly supportive of gun control plus Jewish lawmakers eager to enact new gun control laws may bring Jews into a lead role as the nation debates federal measures to rein in mass murders at its malls and schools.

        The new openness to legislation and other measures following the slaughter of 26 elementary school children and school staff in Newtown, Conn. — plus the killer’s mother — is welcomed by most Jewish organizations, which have long supported gun control. But in recent years, with the prospects for progress on this front all but hopeless until the December murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School, those organizations have been largely passive on the issue.

        Now, activists are fighting to seize the moment and get gun control back on the front burner.

        “There has been an ebb and flow of activism on this issue,” said Dan Mariaschin, executive vice president of B’nai B’rith International, one of the groups calling for legislation to limit the sales of assault weapons. “It is an issue we as a community care deeply about, but it didn’t find itself at the top of the agenda of Jewish groups.”

          • in his trick ass.

            not one more inch, chuckie, unless it’s going in you..

        • A bit more on Rahm and the Emanuel family:

          An accurate yet still amusing translation:

          “Finally, according to [son of an Irgun terrorist and anti-Goyite bigot; fellow Chicago mobster] Rahm Emanuel, “It is essential that future [Goy] generations [have their minds and souls crushed by ‘Holocaust’ guilt. By promulgating ‘Holocaust’ guilt we keep ‘the Goyim’ subjugated so that we can go about building our ‘Jewish’ kingdom without the opposition these people would raise if they were thinking clearly].” He adds, “In the years to come, I will carry out [the work our Goy frontman Richard Daley started for us while we stayed in the background] to make sure that [the ‘Holocaust’ guilt is unrelenting].” The Illinois [Guilt Chamber & ‘Holocaust’ Guilt-Inducement Center] will make sure as well.

          • I Nominate JQP to Citizen Militia Col. status! Outstanding find JohnQ!

            Patroit Parents with kids old enough Show them that rahm emanual quote posted by JQP…Teach your children well, so they too aint duped by such Pure unadulterated EVIL as Rham Emanual is.

            help make america nation#110 since 245 ad to Bootem.

            But Only the Guilty! Leave the truly innocent alone.

            • 🙂

              To be clear, the words in brackets stand for Rahm’s code words that Maurice Pinay translated.

        • Hard to push their agenda if the goyim have guns!! Can’t make them slaves then!!

        • ATTEN: Freemasons…That B’nai B’rith org is the Main freemason controlers group and limits membership to jews Only. Evidence to such abounds if you but seek it out.

          Are the thumbs down folks aginst the Jews who wrote that stuf?…Or simply blind jew support and against the poster who brought it to our atten?

          And people wonder why this group that is barly 1.4% total usa population has been Booted from virtually Every nation stupid enough to Host their people?

          I sure hope soon whoever is of them thats Not that way gets a good plan to dis-associate from the group as a whole. Because that article is all about the Very reasons they are causing bad vibes from the Other 98.6% of Patroits and Real americans.

          Same as germany back in 1920-30’s era eh…Then they whine as no others can whine of being victims?!!!!!

          Nation Wreckers and Adversaries to God and All mankind.

          • F. u angelo? Not only are you a typical no nothing loudmouth., your posts are hateful and
            almost unintelligible. You do a disservice to the cause.

        • That BS could be ended rather quickly by suggesting that strict gun control also be implemented in Israel. Hey, if it’s good enough for Americans, it is good enough for Israelis.

      13. But where will you find an ethical jury? One that cannot be bought or terrified into failing to convict? I have to admit I’m convinced of their guilt and am not impartial. Please, Lord, let this happen!

        • Pick me!, Oh Oh Oh..Pick meeeeeee

        • Agreed.

          Unlike the kangaroo court proceedings, tortured ‘confessions,’ and transparently fabricated ‘eyewitness’ testimony at Nuremberg 1, the trials at Nuremberg 2 must be unassailably fair and only justice dispensed for genuine crimes against humanity, including economic crimes against humanity.

          Nuremberg 2 must have none of the Nuremberg 1 nonsense about “geysers of blood,” “different colored crematoria smoke for different ethnicities,” “lampshades,” “soap,” and the rest of the gross lies accepted in testimony at Nuremberg 1, lies long ago debunked, yet repeatedly resurrected by the children of the Father of Lies. Neither may the defendants be extrajudicially murdered as were Himmler and the millions of German citizens AFTER World War 2.

          This is about RIGHT and WRONG. We must remain on the side of RIGHT.

        • should just elect a posse of judges like Judge Dread,,,
          send em off and voila, problem solved,,,

      14. G.W. Bush – 9/11 – An Inside Job.


        Does Bush deserve criticism? Sure.

        But 911 Truthers are some of the dumbest SOB’s on the face of the earth. They are as mentally lazy and narrow-minded as Obama groupies.

        I know that insults a lot of people on here who read this, but I don’t care. The truth hurts. You’re just as much of the problem as the blood-sucking Progressives.

        And please don’t give me links to kooky websites with your “proof”. I’ve seen it all, and it’s easily debunked and a bunch of horseshit that makes no logical sense whatsoever, unless you live in a vacuum-sealed bag.

        • Ok, disprove this: Buildings do not fall at free fall speed without detonating and weakening the foundation below. Any high school physics student can tell you this.

          What about building 7? Wasn’t even hit by anything but some small debri and a couple small fires. Yet it also collapsed at free fall speed.

          There are many, many more facts, supported by scientists and engineers that cause many, many more questions.

          Whatever you ‘believe’, physics is physics.

          • I have a friend that did building demos for a living, upon talking to him about this event, out of his mouth he said ..”this was fully intentional..those buildings were “pulled” (pulled is a term used by contractors in the act of a BLD demmo)

            also it is on tape the the owner (i believe) of BLD7 said ” it had damage so we had to pull it” the charges were already placed., yes, before the planes hit TWR1 and TWR2
            Jet aircraft uses JetA, fuel..its basically a refined doesent burn hot enough to comprimise steel beams that were also incased in concrete and fireproofing..and to top it off..most of the fuel burned up fairly quickly because it was atomised upon impact

            some of the steel showed like it was cut with a torch, you cant get that with kerosene fuel., i dare any naysayers to prove that they can ..try it..i dare ya.

            Interesting too how all the financial records were in that BLD..and the part of the penagon that got hit was also having to do with financial records..

            too fucking convienient?
            not to mention the BS war it put this country in afterwards..planned right down to some of the people used in interviews and news stories.

            History has a way of showing its truth as the years go on by..some woudlnt believe the truth that looks them in the eye, even if it poked them in the eye..denial is a very strong emotion and , some people are not capable of coming to grips with the truth.

          • Timothy So you like physics? How do you calculate a floor load? I dont know either but I have built many floors and each one can only hold so much weight. IF you exceed that weight (like a floor from above falling onto it) that floor will collapse and it would go straight down to the ground no matter how many floors are below it. The bolts or welds holding the floor to the outside girders or columns could not possible hold the extra weight put on that floor from the floors above. Its gravity.. No conspiracy here…

            • It would still cause enough resistance to prevent a free fall collapse.

              • …only if you did not have the “convenient” 45 degree(thermate/nano-thermite) cuts in the main column supporting I-beams!

                ‘Twas an inside job…JP-6/7/8 fires cannot produce sufficient thermal heat to even weaken ASTM rated, structural steel!

                Fuck off drill….your an advocate for the real murdering perps!

                …and they weren’t a bunch of camel humpers either!

                • Camel humpers huh? Haven’t heard that one before but got quite a chuckle out of it.

        • Lemming, I see a cliff in your near future….have a nice trip!

          • @ B.J….

            Actually, I see him spending mega-bucks to some proctologist…in order to have his head extracted…from his ass!

            …might improve his chances for getting laid…some day!

        • After reading G.W. Bush 9/11 was inside job I realized I was just reading just another kook’s ramblings. You have to be a complete moron to believe that was an inside job. If the SHTF you will never make it because every shadow, tree, bush and dark cloud will a threat to you.

        • Oh, I keep forgetting, Building 7 fell from “sympathetic damage”, right?

          • Nope…building 7 was struck by…jewish lightening!

            • Is that type lightening caused by rubbing two or more massive shnozes together during humid temps?

              • no you need two pennies a rabbi and a dredel to make jewish lightning

        • GWB allowed 42,400 factories to leave America under Free Trade destroying 60 million jobs, thrusting a dagger into the heart of the American economy.

          NO mercy for this MF!

        • yep, as soon as you get called on yer bullshit you disappear. troll

        • To the post above denigrating 9-11 truthers, very few believe the official govt. explanation of the events and perps responsible for the obvious inside job complicity. To believe the lies put forth by TPTB, you must have one eye and half sense. The evidence against the official story is completely overwhelming. The ongoing attacks on the peoples rights are a direct result of the nonbelief of the majority as to the official lies. The truthers are the majority and your dismissal of them indicates a shill or pure ignorance. The real perps are as plain as day and as dark as night.

        • Hey, lemmings; I’ll debate you any day–and you…will…lose!

          • Lemmings+ drill+ eisencreutz are all the same person, just a troll here to disrupt.

            Do not feed the troll.

        • lemmingsrnotusdamnit,

          They’re just another kind of sheeple.

      15. Excellent article, Daisy! And right on target! Pun intended?? Yep

        Not One More Inch!

      16. Daisy,

        You must like living dangerously lol. Good on yer.

        Take care

      17. I can hardly stand to look at them. All RINOS and democraps. ALL wear the ugly face of evil. ALL NWO shills. The second thing I can hardly do is listen to their voices. Especially those little jew-boys Schumer and Bloomberg.

        You can add Nancy Pelosi to that list too. If Ted Kennedy were still alive – him too.

        • Very “timely” and well written article Daisy! You prefaced the “line up” with the caveat that the “list” is not complete. But it is a damn good start and a “lighthouse BEAM piercing the fog” for what I believe is the first appropriate action WE must concentrate on.

          They ARE TRAITORS and should be immediately removed from “elected” and appointed positions and incarcerated pending trial. After all, that is the “constitutional” prerequisite. Something WE are no longer afforded via the “patriot act” and NDAA.

          WE need to be reminded that “we the people” still hold immense legal power. Whether or not WE form a consensus and apply “that power” is the collective decision WE will celebrate or REGRET in the VERY NEAR FUTURE.

          Daisy has grown some thorns. I like it!

        • Nancy Pelosi is the bitch that introduced Agenda 21 into law way back when. No quarter for this CUNT!

      18. Yeah! These are good for starters to Nuremburg II
        Semper Fi

      19. One Big Ass Mistake America . . .

        lets hope we can recover from him & these evil elitists

      20. This list doesn’t surprise me. What surprises me is that this list will surprise others.

      21. Suggestion: For better credibility you may want to edit your dates.

      22. The author of this article lives in canada. She should stay there and worry about

        • Because YOU are contributing so much as a “native American” in-activist. Are you a “native American”? My maternal family IS! Daisy is American born, where she now lives is irrelevant to the relevance of the article. If the “shoe fits”, I don’t care where the AUTHOR lives.

          Those with a brain understand it is ALL about the message, not CURRENT homestead geography!

          Yes, “her” article and message is invalid because “she” lives beyond OUR “holey” border. If “she” were living in Mexico…hell, “she” would be more of a citizen than you. Or do you not pay attention to “American politics” with respect to OUR southern “holey” border.


          • Not irrelevant ? place of residence is critical to consequences when SHTF. As well as
            the fact canadians get free medical and other benefits from the socialist gov. Daisey
            seems to abhor. I am a vet and my family has fought in every war in the 20 th century.
            By the way has any one told you that YENTAL is a yiddish word. F U Jack ass bitch.

            • No one needs to tell me that “yental” is a yiddish word. It is strictly coincidental to my chosen ID at this site.

              Your a “vet”, and your family has fought in EVERY war in the 20th century. As a “vet” you are already targeted as a “domestic terrorist” by the “gooberment” you served. You must be proud. I wonder if you can name the last “war” that actually involved DEFENDING AMERICA vs. extending fascist lies. Can you name the last “congressionally declared war” this country has been involved in? WE have been in an UNDECLARED WAR ON FALSE TERROR for so long, most sheeple no longer know the difference.

              I must assume YOU buy the 9/11 Arabs with box cutters BS “officially gooberment sanctioned conspiracy.” Still, no CONGRESS SANCTIONED DECLARATION OF WAR!!! So when you state “your family has fought in every war in the 20th century”…exactly what WARS are you referencing?

              The “lame-stream-media” calling our current clusterfu*k a “war on terror”, that just keeps expanding…doesn’t qualify either as WAR (officially undeclared) or defending America. The currently serving troops are not defending America, THEY are blindly expanding an AGENDA that serves… well I will allow you to figure that PART OUT for yourself.

              The INDUSTRIAL MILITARY COMPLEX you and yours so proudly serve cannot survive without constant and unrelenting “kinetic military action”…because it damn sure doesn’t qualify as “declared war defending Americans”!

            • Another jim…

              Whoa dumb-ass!

              You’re way off-base! YENTAL is one of a handful of posters here…possessing a near genius IQ…and his heart is inscribed w/ the Constitution/BoR…and he has a set of cast iron balls, to boot!

              YENTAL is a smart WARRIOR!!!!!

              I know this man! He’s not of the self-chosen…he is a leader among real men!

              You owe him an apology….and much respect!!!!!!

      23. Senator Feinstein’s grotesquely over-the-top bill to ban regime change rifles although she still calls them “assault weapons,” and has certainly shown no inclination to adopt the Department of Homeland Security’s name for them: “personal defense weapons” is this political theater–a decoy?

        • If the proposal was a trial balloon, they have certainly seen which way the wind is blowing.

      24. So, so, so many left off this list, but its a start

        Folks like Geithner, Jarret, Dodd, Frank, Pelosi, Holder and quite a few from Wall Street and Corp

        • I dont think the Lady has that much time on her hands..Holder is there, go back and look..

          please add to the list, if you see fit.

      25. “One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. I would agree with St. Augustine that “an unjust law is no law at all.”

      26. 3 of the top 10 from new york. People of ny please wake the f@*% up!!!!! Vote these a%# holes out!!!!!

      27. Sorry i ment 3 out of 12.

      28. I wonder how many of us are on their lists….

        • All of us are on the list and they have acquired our names by what we have been buying on credit cards. When we talk on cell phones, what do you think all those fussion centers are for?

          • hell i`ve been on everyones shit list for so long i`ll feel left out if i`m not on the Gov.s


        • Rifleman,

          The answer is all of us that post here.


        • Lets see if I qualify for a position on their list:

          White male?- Check
          Veteran?- Check
          Self Governing?- Check
          Live out in the sticks in a “red state”?- Check
          Has arseloads of ammo stored?- Check
          Owns evil black rifles?- Check
          Carries concealed weapons?- Check
          Hates big gov’t?- Check
          Prepper?- Check
          Grows/harvests own food?- Check
          Pays lots of taxes and bitches about it?- Check
          Never been on Gov’t assistance program? – Check
          Christian?- Check

          I’m sure I meet the minimum requirements of “their” list. At this point, don’t really care.

          Since I’m here, are yall sick of hearing the MSM talking about the “gun culture” when referring to some of the shootings that have happened lately? These brain dead, doped up psychos are not part of my/our gun culture. My gun culture involves memories of plinking at tin cans with my dad at 7 years of age, harvesting quail, dove, Turkey, squirrel and deer for the dinner table. Drinking cold beer around the fire at deer camp, telling BS stories with your best buds. Taking care of your and your families security by being armed, not waiting on the sheriff/cop to save you. That is my gun culture.

          Good article Daisy, thank you

      29. @Daisy
        I up vote/ down vote you about 50-50. Sometimes I agree with your posts, sometimes I disagree. This list puts you on their lists. (If you weren’t already) when they come for you I garuntee you will be avenged 10 fold by the people on this site. Thank you for your posts.

      30. IMO, these should all be way way way down the list, below the international banking families

      31. You know, Hitler had lists. This is just childish. Why don’t we worry about defending freedom instead of killing people we disagree with.

        • Timothy, you need to read first. The article is about The Most Wanted for Treason. The killing part was what you added.

        • Timothy, you need to read first. The article is about The Most Wanted for Treason. The killing part was what you added.

          • This is understood, but many comments reflect an entirely different intent.

            • The penalty for Treason is death. That is the Law of the Land. It has always been the Law of the Land.

              It is not an opinion or interpretation. It is the righteous judgement for those who would conspire to deprive US of OUR livelihood, liberties, and dissolve the US into the NAU.

              It was their choice. Where is Robes Pierre?

              • Screw Robes Pierre, where is Lee Harvey Oswald!

              • I think this says it all:

                “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.” RR

                • Sorry, forgot to credit the author: Cicero

              • Of All terrible crimes and criminals…be they mass murderers-rapists-child molesters-thievs etc etc.

                There is but One, which stands far above All others and that is the Traitor from within. For regardless how evil or rotten the afore mentioned criminals are.

                None have such enormous ability to totally bring down and fully destroy a nation of people, as that possesed by the Traitor. For even one Single traitor can destroy an Entire nation…And the entire popultion within it, even so large a nation as america with over 315 million live souls in its realm.

                Only the Harshest punishment, that of the Death by hanging penalty will suffice to not only Punish and bring Final Justice, but also as an attempt to thwart all oters who may consider treason in the future.

                None are to be Feared more so than the Traitor from Within.

                ps Timmy singing Kumbaya and holding hands while we also sing We are the World…..Just wont suffice.

                Acording to Christ there are Three types folks…Hot…Cold….Lukewarm….While He wishes for all to be Hot, He also has More respect for the Cold group for at least They has made a choice….But as for them Lukewarm?….Christ says “I will Vomit them from My mouth!” for they refused to choose and be either Hot or Cold, and remained lukewarm. Ergo lukewarm folks end up with the Cold in Hell. Even athesists who disbelieve will believe once there.

                Modern terms= Lukewarm=fence sitters and Cowards.

              • You mean the French Revolutionary Robesspiere? You know, the one that was executed for being a part of the committee of public safety and leader in the reign of terror. You know, so paranoid and dictatorial they were executing CHILDREN in the streets.

                Phhhew, I smell a fart.

                • Pig Perm,

                  Instructions to you:

                  step #1.) -remove head from your ass.

                  step #2.) -go fuck yourself, govt troll.

      32. @ Mikey check E-Mail

        • OooooooooooH! You done it now, Daisy.

        • Got it.

      33. I agree with the choices although i dont know that last guy all to much

      34. You forgot that Bill Clinton gave the Chinese the technology to make their rockets fly. Until he allowed the technology transfer all their rockets splashed. For that matter I think the North Koreans were having similar trouble. I think it had something to do with a campaign contribution. In my mind this would qualify him for the list.

      35. Dirty dozen, or more like a carton of 12 eggs dropped and left to rot out in the sun for a few days. Mac, you have got to stop posting that feinsteinless picture, God what an ogress, or the audience is going to start to turn to stone. 😉

        Seeing one of these piles is bad enough, but to see all 12 on the same article. YIKES! I wish there was a way of posting the WORST pictures as each of these characters have a picture take of them that makes them look real bad. We are taking trash magazine level picture bad. I have seen a couple of pictures once that made ben bernanke look like a wino. Bloombergerhead must have a picture that looks like he has a bad case of gas. I have seen many pictures of j. napolesbian looking more dyke like than the queen of the lesbos. A prize picture would be one of the others goosing some teenager.

        This will be an article I fly to the comment section without looking at these 12 wastes for more than a nanosecond. Talk about 12 losers of our time.

      36. There are thousands of Canadians that understand ‘as goes the U.S. so goes the Great White North”. In a U.S. societal meltdown Canada could see tens of thousands of refugees flooding in.
        From what I understand Canada is about at the end of their socialist experiment and has come to their senses a lot quicker than the Europeans.

      37. Last post related to the comment about the author minding his own business.

      38. Timothy, the article Daisy submitted is important, not childish. It’s “people who disagree with us” who have evil intentions toward all of us, who want to destroy this country, etc. Some, if not all, of the people she listed, most likely have lists of God knows how many of us to take to a concentration camp, have murdered, etc. I’m not sure if you really have an idea of what is at stake here; what we’re all about to experience in this nation. There is no talking or trying to reason with such people; that has already been tried and failed in years gone by. Ron Paul was the last chance we had for any peaceful change in this country and now that’s gone for good. There’s going to be violent change in this land; there’s no stopping it now. I’ve put my prepping into overdrive and I hope you’re doing the same for yourself. I know you’re very sincere and we don’t always agree, but I really do wish you the best. I just want you to face reality. Best wishes. Braveheart

        • Agreed on Ron Paul. What needs to be taken out is the federal government, gutted and rebuilt from the bottom up following the principles of the constitution. Killing or imprisoning political dissenters won’t accomplish anything beneficial.

          • I disagree…

            Just what do you propose to do with those who have engaged in criminal actions against this Republic? Let them live in peace so that they can continue to conspire against our liberties…or perhaps give aid to some foreign entity that would do that as well?

            As far as a death sentence….there is not a doubt in my mind that when these vermin are investigated (and they are without the cover provided by their fellow conspirators) it will be revealed that many of them have committed acts that have led to the direct death of many of our fellow Americans, as well as other innocent people around the world. What should the penalty for that be? Should a person who engaged in premeditated activities that ended in the slaughter of dozens, or perhaps hundreds or even thousands of their fellow human beings be allowed to breath the same air as the rest of us?

            After WWII, the Nuremberg trials resulted in the execution of Nazis who had engaged in crimes against humanity.

            These NWO globalist conspirators make the Nazis look like rank amateurs.

        • I always jump the gun when I post. Prepping is going well, as fast as can be done after paying bills and such. I wish you the best as well.

          My biggest concern is being able to feed the chickens from what I can grow on my small plot. And amassing more ammo of course.

          Need to get bars for the windows, reinforcements for the doors, and (steel roofing for rainwater collection and fireproofing [which I was reminded about from a poster here]).

          Got a nice stock of vitamins as well to supplement a menial diet although they are supposedly only good for two years.

          • The vitamins are good long after the expiration date.
            You have to remember that the overly conservative date
            Is set by “the government “. Mine are already 3-4 years out
            And they work great. Still have almost half a pallet left too!!

            Keep preppin’

            • Thanks for the info, I kind of figured something like that was the case.

          • Timothy…I had to laugh at the “jumping the gun” remark. I find myself backspacing and deleting more comments than I post here of late. In fact, I should have just deleted this one since it doesn’t contribute anything to the discussion.

        • @ bravefart, I just hope your a#% dont end up at 201 poplar or Lakeside with the crap u spew !

      39. tall trees,short ropes…..not one more inch

        • Damn straight and if we run out of rope, lets use barbed wire!

      40. How can anyone make plans in this phony economy? I wish it would implode already. We need to see what the other side is going to look like in order to start building, expanding and hiring. These creeps and their cohorts are the problem. The impending SHTF is the solution.

      41. Be Informed, I’m going to download those pictures to use on my targets at the range; They’ll do for that purpose. Napolitano looks like Herman Goering in drag. OH….OUCH…BAD KEYBOARD! [Sarcasm intended.] And I’ll have fun, fun, fun til’ Daddy takes the T-bird away! Braveheart

      42. Once again what I will say will not be liked. It is the same for the families that have a gang banger in the house and they know what crimes they have committed but refuse to turn them in. This is the same with the families of these crooks. Once the dust settles I believe that the families also need to be stripped of all pocessions, homes, cloths, cars, money and be put in jail with no opportunity to get out in their natural life.

        I have said it many times, we are being systematically heralded like cattle and will be slaughtered. If and when it is your turn then I emplore you to shoot first, fight like your very life is in danger “because it is”. In the mean time when anyone runs across these individuals or their body guards, TAKE THEM OUT, get them now so later there are less to KILL !

      43. The fix is beyond the ballot box. Semper Fi. III

        Espeacially the SOB second to last. Why waste time with investigating. I’d go for an immideate summary X. and add about another 600 to that list for starts.

      44. It started alot longer ago than these clowns have been around. BOE, Woodrow, FDR, whoever allowed fractional reserve banking to become common practice and many more. I would add almost every member of congress to the list, many liberal corrupt judges and DA’s.

      45. I am SHOCKED that this site would actually hold GWB in any way responsible for 9/11. Lately it has seemed has become an echo of drudgereport. It’s nice to see a little fair common sense. It’s also nice to see an article that isn’t another paraniod diatribe about how “they” want to take our guns.

        • You know that pubes is another word for bush?

      46. Off topic, but I wanted to get opinions on the debate around women in combat:

        Is it possible TPTB want women in combat so that if the armed forces are unleashed on US citizens there will be a psychological disadvantage for patriots who are defending themselves by lethal force against females?

        Just a thought. No sexism intended.

        Esse Quam Videri

        • Of course. Why would they be doing this now.

        • All I see is the target firing at me. Couldn’t care less who or what is pulling the trigger.

      47. You left out Jamie Dimon, Blythe Masters, and Loyd Blankfein (who, by the way, has stated, he is doing God’s work)

      48. And so many more, Time is almost up for all of them.
        Time to PAY for what you have done




        KARL ROVE


        JOSEPH NYE















        KENNET W DAM


        JANE WALES



        LUIS RUBIO










        PEDRO ASPE




        STEVEN LEE

        JOHN F. LEHMAN



























        PAUL A. VOLKER










        • All Rockefellers, including those under changed last names. All Rothschilds, including those under changed last names. All Warburgs, Morgans etc. etc.

        • And every neo-con/dual citizen piece of shit!
          Micheal Chertoff too!

        • Great list. I would add Rudy Giuliani. He was most complicit in 911 and the coverup. Also John Ashcroft, Mitt Romney, Gen. “Tommy” [choking] Franks, and Tony Blair to name a few more.

      49. Whome, Daisy is a native-born American currently living in Canada. She is intelligent and far more knowledgeable than you could ever hope to be, so just back off her. Braveheart

      50. Another jim, I’ll tell you the same thing, back off Daisy. If you think you’re so hot, let’s see YOU contribute an article to this site. Braveheart

        • braveheart: Got a new sign for your front door.

          Due to the Price Increase on Ammunition

          Do Not Expect a WARNING SHOT!

          Thank you for your understanding.

          • Pale rider,

            Got that same sign hanging in my shop.



          • Mine is located on the approach to our home.

            If you are a threat and can read it, you are at what I call “the point of no return.”

      51. We need home and office addresses for each of the traitors listed. And we need daily schedules and travel routes.

      52. Hello Daisey,
        You got it all right except for G W Bush. He was a fool and never revealed much high level mental power, but he would never have been a part of any inside terror attack. All of the homeland protection programs that sprouted after the 911 attack were the production of ideas from low level bureaucrates. They are the ones who are beginning to make our lives more difficult. The stupid politicians can not operate without their lackys who actually write all the rules. The politicions simply sign off anything (without fully reading) that their people put in front of them. G W Bush (did) agree to some idiotic things like invading Irag. One must realize that he was surrounded by advisors spewing their own version of what should be the next step. The poor bastard truely did not know what to do next.

        • Comanche,
          Let’s set aside the 9/11 thing for a minute and remember that Bush signed into law the patritot act, military commisions act, and continuity of government act. The cornerstones of american fascism. He is guilty for throwing freedom and liberty under the bus.

          • It is like I said, he had to rely on his advisors who I already said were corrupt. They gave terrible advice that had a negetive affect on millions of Americans. But can you imagine what would have been the result of Al Gore as Pres. under the same circumstances?

        • you’ll just have to trust me when I say he belongs on this list

      53. We see here six Jews (Napolitano’s mum was Jane Marie Winer) and six PROVEN lackeys of the Jewish cabal. It’s not difficult to tell who is forming the agenda in the crumbling, diverse and tyrannical country we now see rotting before our very eyes. “If you seek their monument, look around you.”

        In their egotism, they even invent a word (‘antisemitism’) to describe the hostility they universally provoke among the host populations whose nations and cultures they seek to degrade and destroy. What catch-word shall we use to describe the cosmic, atavistic hatred that motivates these chosen ones in their unfailing impulse to enslave and destroy us?

        Schumer’s contempt for Goyim is palpable, and he is probably looking forward to repeating his performance during the Waco hearings — where he spewed equal amounts of venom and distortion while questioning the surviving Branch Davidians, in the best tradition of a prosecutor at a Soviet show-trial.

        • True

          • Ahab: Catch word? Hows about Goyroachs and Judenratzens.

            Someone call the ORKIN technician.

      54. Great post DAISY THX

      55. While browsing the list i noticed a few names not mentioned. The first that comes to mind is the illustrious John Kerry. I read a book a few years ago about the politicians that have connections to the “illumanati/TPTB” and John Kerry was listed. He was a member of the same secret society as Bush I and II. The group known as members of the “Skull and Bones” society. The members have to go through a ritual where they sell their soul to satan and are given a “code” name from the members. John Kerry was given the name “Long Devil”. Wonder why? Watch his moves in the future.

        In early 2008 I was given a web link to a story written by a former Illuminati member. His family ran deep within this evil organization, so after defecting, he was in hiding but did want to inform people as to how much manipulation of persons and the world governments the Illuminati had. The short story/book was very informative and had too much info for me to post here. i do remember him stating that Odrama would be made prez of the USA and was groomed for many years for that position.

        The ex illuminati member also said that Odrama would be given a second term and that he would be the one whom sets the stage for WW3 and would take many civil rights away from American citizens by EO’s and his liberal followers. There goal would be to make the American patriots weakened and defenseless and crash the economy. During his term, the majority of the military would be pulled from the Middle East and then centered in north Africa for the beginning of the next big war.

        Anyone seeing what I’m seeing? The stage is set. The players are in place and we were warned.

        This is being allowed by our Heavenly Father because of the evil and liberal mindset of the majority. It all has to happen to fulfill prophecy. We, the true patriots have a job to do, but we can only do so much. We can prepare for the days ahead and prepare our loved ones that will listen. For those that live for their lusts of the world and are following the evil dictators; their world will come crashing down around them in due time. In God’s time.

        Hug your children and try to teach them the truth so they won’t be blindsided. Most adults are too caught up in the Follywood mentality to listen anyway, so don’t waste your time unless they are hungry for truth. God bless all who have their hearts right and tough shit for the rest.

      56. I know he’s not alive buti haven’t seen any mention of FDR. The treason started many many years ago under his administration.

        • I think for those who have died that were a part of this, we should dig up their bones, burn them, grind them to ashes and then toss them into open latrines. All monuments to them should be torn down.

          Woodrow Wilson and FDR are just two that I can think of right now.

          • Oh….and any college, university, or other educational institution named after them should be renamed.

            As much as possible, their memory should be blotted from the national consciousness…unless it is to expose their treason.

          • Walt, add Lincoln to the list as well!

        • I checked it out and that’s what the Social Security Death Index says. It’s very interesting, although I have found incorrect dates for many of my relatives. I think the SSDI people aren’t very careful. Now if the death certificate says 12-13-2012 also, then I would say there should be an investigation. Is there anyone up there in CT or NH who can check the death certificate for the date and the place? His mother’s record says she died 12-14-2012.

          Adam Lanza was born 4-22-1992 in Kingston Co., NH. His parents were Peter J. Lanza and Nancy Jean Champion. Adam’s social security number was issued in 1992 in NH. Peter J. Lanza was born 11-16-1958 in Kingston Co., NH. Nancy Jean Champion was born 9-6-1960 in Essex Co., MA.

      57. May I have your attention please…

        May I have your attention please…

        Will the Real Dick Cheney please stand up…

        I repeat, will the Real Dick Cheney please stand up…


        We’re gonna have a problem here…

        • Y’all act like you ain’t never seen a dictator before
          Jaws all on the floor like Muhammed Atta just walked through the door
          And started whoopin our ass worse than before the USS Cole
          Pilin’ ’em into the Pentagon


          It’s the return of…
          Oh wait. No way. You’re kidding.
          He didn’t just say what I think he did… did he?

          And Saddam Hussein said…
          NOTHING YOU IDIOTS! Saddam Hussein’s dead he’s locked in my basement!


      58. @don’t tread: please post the link or name of the book re: illuminati. thanks

        • Sorry Pp, that link no longer seems to work. There may be a new link or a new short story book somewhere on-line. I’m thinking the link was also posted on either Steve Quayle’s or John Stokes’ site. ????

      59. Dear Santa,

        All I want for Christmas…

      60. Excellent list. Rumsfeld belongs on it for sure, as does Feith, Pearle and Wolfowitz (if memory serves, wasn’t it Wolfowitz who was caught in the US Archives stealing documents?). Journalist Christopher Bollyn has done an outstanding job revealing the criminal networks in USA, and among the leaders are also Michael Chertoff and Rabbi Dov Zakheim.

        • Speaking of Dov Zacheim (a dual citizen), he was the Comptroller of the Pentagon who was trying to account for the 2.3 TRILLION Dollars the Pentagon could not account for in 2001. Rumsfeld had made this revelation in Congress on Sept 10th 2001.
          Shear coincidence has it that a “plane” just happened to crash into his office on 9-11 and destroyed all the records and killed most of his staff. Luckily, Dov was not at work that day.


        • Ranch that was Sandy “the Burgler” Berger Convicted Felon yet handed top security creds Back after a 1 yr suspension. Then rehired as top fed agency honcho.

          They always try to limit positions to their own tribe because them pycho paranoids believe all gentiles are nazis out to getem.

          Which they would be if they only wised up!



        HES A KENYAN

        • Good point. He might want to own up to that at some point.

          I base my beliefs on African newspapers back when he became senator.

          • too late for him to own up to it, he had that chance before running for now he should be treated just like all the others

      62. This is just a few heads of the medusa. These hypocrites want to infringe on the “right to bare arms” while selling F-15 fighter jets to the muslim brotherhood in Egypt.

        • These hypocrites want to infringe on the “right to bare arms”

          They DO!?

          • Excuse me… the “right to bear arms”.

            When asking a question the first letter of the inquiry should be capitalized and the last two in your question should not. The exclamation point and the question mark should not be combined. Ok?

      63. You missed William Clinton. He sold us out several times by signing NAFTA “…It was signed into law by President Bill Clinton on December 8, 1993 …” and other legislation while he was getting blow jobs because his bull dyke wife was not interested in men.

      64. It’s pretty hard not to be scared. After reading about the “Cashless society” and how they are getting the guns away from people, I can only shake in fear for what these parasitic psychopathic verminous treasonous people have in mind for the rest of us.

        It’s looking more and more like some kind of Technocratic cashless feudal system, with a small circle of lard-asses ruling, a large administrative class (who will do the rulers bidding to remain out of the human trenches), and the rest of us….

      65. This was written Feb. 2012. They knew exactly how this was going to play out. O is not playing by the rules. I am truly gobsmacked.
        Oh sweet Jesus, grant us a hedge of protection from this evil.

      66. BI,

        A 5.3 Off the coast of Oregon, 19 minutes ago….

        • @ JustOneGuy. I was just going to comment on this, you beat me to it, that’s what I like, someone like yourself on the top of things. Much like the Nazca plate down in South America, the Juan De Fuca plate is at a spreading zone on the western side. The eastern portions of both plates is where the catastrophic movement is going to occur. When you have earthquakes on the western portions it means more stress is being put on the eastern very dangerous areas of enormous pressure build up. Just like down in the Nazca plate, the magnitudes are similar because there is not that much pressure that has built up here.

          If that 5.3 had occurred on the Cascadia fault rather than the opposite end of the plate, that would be a positive sign that the plate had not accumulated that much drastic pressure. The fact is this just means that the Juan De Fuca plate is being driven further towards breaking. If you follow the shape of the plate southeast from this point of the 5.3, it goes right to the Oregon/ California border, about where the fault should begin its break WHEN it snaps,

          You know, I am surprised it has not broken by now. That 7.8 should have done it before Thanksgiving. Then you have another 7.5 just north of here. These are harbingers of what is to come, and I feel there is 9+ energy pinned up there. IF there is a good sized earthquake in this vicinty of 7+, the southern portion on the plate, I think its gone. I can’t bet everything on it, but very likely. IF there is a 7+ on the Cascadia fault directly, this is extremely likely that the continuation of the break will finish up soon after. This could save a lot of lives IF people would listen. Keep watching, been too many earthquakes all over the place for this NOT to mean something huge is coming.

        • @ JustOneGuy. One another thing you and others can do to see what a true fault being locked up extremely tightly and ready to break. On the USGS map go to where it says data feed and check in 30 days, 2.5+. This is every earthquake for the past 30 days that is over 2.5 in magnitude. Then on the map itself you can zoom in by dragging the sliding bar up to the + sign. The up and down and side to side arrows will direct you to where you want to go. Now look at the San Andreas and you will see NO earthquakes directly on the fault from the Salton Sea to Parkfield. This means that this is totally locked from point A to B, and will break from A to B WHEN it goes. Whether it follows past the creep zone that has the little yellow boxes on it we shall see.

          Now look at the Juan De Fuca plate and you will find that not one single earthquake has occurred on the plate from the southern eastern portion of the fault to the northern eastern portion of it. That is 1000 miles+ from south to north. I don’t even want to mention what 1000 miles of plate breaking from south to north would do, but I will. 500 seconds of shaking, 8 and 1/2 minutes and something close to a low to mid 9 range, and the tsunami could top 100 feet. It will probably be about 600 miles of break and low 9 range, but it is always possible for worst case. Check it out on the map and see how no earthquakes means a massive locked hell ready to go off. Watch for earthquakes in the southern portion of the plate and the deadly precursor to what is coming. Could be very soon or a while. Further pressure point releases(distant earthquakes) should indicate what is coming.

      67. Not only do these fuckers never die or go away – they get younger looking. Kissinger, Cheney, Gephardt, Daschle, Kerry… the list goes on and on.

      68. A list that 12 bullets could take care of rather nicely, but that would only give their followers more reason to hate firearms. Now if they all suddenly woke up with their throats slit, would anyone try to ban knives?

      69. HI BI,

        …I was AFRAID you were going to say something along that line of thought. Let’s hope that this isn’t such that it ends up becoming a full-bore plate ‘fracture’ event as in Sumatra circa 2004. I was troubled when I saw the location of the tremor, just up the backside of the narrow (neck) at the lower end of the Juan de Fuca. I cannot imagine that this bodes well all things considered. Well, we’re already praying for divine assistance with the idiots running the land, I suppose we’ll have to start praying about this as well. As always, EYES OPEN everybody…start watching this one like a hawk! Don’t presume that BI or I have seen any new developments…all help aprreciated here Y’All.

        Finger’s crossed here, standing by…..

        • @ JustOneGuy. I think that the Cascadia fault not breaking would require some serious divine assistance. Physical law says that when a mass of rock reaches a certain critical mass it must break. Even 600 miles of it going would produce a 9+. 1000 miles and you could get close to the 1960 Chile earthquake of 9.5. You are so correct about the bottleneck location of this, that is just about one of the worst spots for an additional build up of pressure. Back around 1700 the Cascadia fault went and so did the southern San Andreas. I still am looking to China/Japan, Mexico to Chile, and western Indonesia along the line to Fiji, especially around New Guinea to Fiji as the prime targets for the next soon big quake.

      70. Scene From Nuremburg II

        Bailiff: All rise! The Court of Sweetrevenge County, Texas is now in session. Judge Roy Bean,IV presiding.
        Judge: Be seated….Bailiff, whatsa first case?
        Bailiff: The people vs. Janet Napolitano.
        Judge: Are you the- Good heavens! You’re the ugliest man I’ve ever seen! Are you the attorney for the accused?
        Nappy: No, your honor, I AM the acused.
        Judge: Well, I’m gonna give you 10 years in solitary, just on your looks alone. After that, we’ll bring you back in here, try you, and hang you on the other charges. Next case!
        Bailiff: The people vs. Nancy Pelosi.
        Judge: Land sakes! You’re the ugliest woman I ever seen. Are you married?
        Pelosi: Yes, your honor.
        Judge: You must be one hell of a good cook. Anyway, how do you plead?
        Pelosi: Your honor, first let me start by saying that I’ve never been so outraged as to have to defend myself in such a manner. And I’ve no idea where the authority of this court is-
        Judge: Guilty! I hereby fine you $10 for talkin’ too damn much….Oh, and on the other charges…guilty! Sentence is hanging. Next case.
        Bailiff: The people vs. Barak Hussein Obama
        Judge: He’s the accused? I thought he was the boy who was gonna sweep up after we finished. Well, how do you plead, Mr Who’s Sane?
        Obama: Judge, I am a trained attorney. And a Constitutional Law Professor. And I was a United States senator and the President of-
        Judge: Bailiff! Whack his peepee.
        Bailiff: Uh, he ain’t got one, judge.
        Judge: Shoulda guessed that by lookin at him. Well, Mr Who’s Sane, you talk too much! Just like whats-her-name, the ugly gal. So, I’m fining you 10 dollars for excessive jabberin. 10 dollars for being a self-important nitwit. And 10 dollars for having a funny name….Oh, and hanging you on all the other stuff. next case!

        • Damn good movie Okie.

        • Whack his pee-pee….. Damn it okie I just spit coffee on the keyboard. Haven’t heard that phrase since my Cheech and Chong album wharped from heat while stored in the attic. What a hoot!

        • We need a few thousand Judge Roy Beans. The Hanging Judge.

          • Hanging is far too humane and sissified. What we need to consider and possibly invest in are chainsaws and wood chippers.

      71. Guys, just let is all collapse, don’t turn in your guns. Forget these losers. Focus on creating your own businesses and running them as you see fit. Me…I pulled a group of men together for .com build outs…highly automated. Zero employees…how’s that Obama?

        Take charge of your life. Prep up…then you next prep…is to take command of your own financial life. In a few years when we’re ready…we’ll open up our group to the prepper community as a new direction for us all.
        A group of men (and women) who banded together to run global enterprises over the web. No buildings, all off the kitchen table.

        I’m sponsoring a young 17 year old kid who will be our mobile guy.

        So the US is collapsing from the worst generation.
        So build up your own empire and run with the winners.

        And I’ll say this…
        We will be a stealthy operation… no AA hires. They will never know about us
        and will not be able to inflict their socialist ways. Just files on a server…that’s it.

        Ecommerce stuff…

        Later everyone.


        BTW…I think it’s kind of dangerous to be listing all these folks names and faces.
        Not good… That’s not very responsible and might lead to some bad things from one nut job. Mac…I’d kill this thread if I were you.

        I’m as American as the next guy…but it just seems in poor taste and cheapens our groups culture.

        Again… Build up the United States through capitalism and our group and people.

        Learn web…and your sphere of influence will grow.

        LIve in peace… build businesses and build teams of men. Lead the leaders.
        Stay armed but responsibly. We need to be respected and not looked down on.
        Business men, NRA members, Fathers, husbands, Friends and rock solid Americans.

        The right to bear arms and form groups that build companies.

        To live like the men that we are. Not employee slaves.

        THAT is your next prep.
        I challenge you all to get our of “bunker mode” and back to life with us.
        Yeah, we’re prepped up…now we look to the future.

      72. Gentlemen, (whome, another jim) are those your faces or did your asses grow teeth? Go pass some more gas with JoeinNC- y’all and your comments stink around here!

        Y’all really need to know more about what you are going to type here before we have to waste our time and correct y’all again.

        yental, right on and thanks.

        Y’all Beware! Daisy, take care and stay warm. You have raised the bar again!

      73. Every time I see John Mc Cain involved with an issue I say hold on to your ass, wallet and constitution, he’s going to compromise away one of them or all of them. I don’t know what’s worst, the one that stabs you in the belly or the one that stabs you in the back.

        • I want to add “fiduciary” to the list. That bastard needs to die. Every time a company got closed down here and set up in China, the excuse was that “We have a “Fiduciary” responsibility to our share holders to enslave your children and their prodigy, to destroy your county, your life and rob you of every thing you’ve worked for so that our CEO can trade in his 23 year old trophy wife with plastic boobs for a new 18 year old trophy wife with plastic boobs, buy a new jet, mansion and island “. If it wasn’t for “Fiduciary” we wouldn’t be living in this out sourced, off shored failure of an economy.

          and for those that don’t get it. My comment was tongue and cheek cynicism.

      74. 12 missing from Club Gitmo.

      75. why do members of the propoganda machine that facilitated this get a pass? thinking of Chris Matthews, Brian Williams,Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, Piers Morgan (even though he’s a brit) Stephanopolous, basically the entire staff at MSNBC along with their mgmt, etc.

        • Don’t forget: Rush Scumbaugh, the despicably nauseating, self-hating, neo-con and Israel toe sucker Sean Hannity, the entire crew of Faux News Perpetual War for Israel Network, the equally despicable and arrogant loudmouth Bill O’Reilly.

          • LOL. You must be a devotee of MSNBC

      76. Take the time to read this , slowly and comprehend every word

        here is one sentance that tells alot about the ATF and what type of threat they are to us.

        “the effort to date has not snared any major dealers or taken down a gang. Instead, it resulted in a string of mistakes and failures, including an ATF military-style machine gun landing on the streets of Milwaukee”

        not to mention buying and selling guns and

      77. 5.3 off of the Oregon coast

        no reports of tsunami

      78. Take out Rockefellers and Rothschilds. Game over.
        I want dibs on Davey Rockefeller, son of satan.

      79. I say it’s time to bring these traitors to justice. Our founding fathers would hang them from a yard arm. These criminals are driving this nation closer each day to complete civil war. You need to decide which side your on. Molon Labe

      80. Although I do agree that these individuals are most certainly evil to say the least. However lets not forget all of them are puppets following their orders for the people who truely run the world stage. They just happen to be the people willing to follow these orders and if they were to not to do so there are many power hungry mislead people in line to take their place. Dont misunderstand me, I believe they should be held accountable for their actions, just know that they are puppets. God Bless and keep your heads up and keep praying and prepping

      81. Way to go Daisy !! This is the best article I’ve seen all year. I would add Dick Cheney. The most evil man in the world. JMO
        Thanks, Joe

      82. Formally 1/7 SFG, this memorandum is the true creed of SpecOps stand!!!!!!!!!!


      84. Mimes…please Lord add mimes to the list…and anyone who carries a small dog in their arms at the market.

      85. Today’s comment is brought to you by the letter E, the letter L and the number 7.

        Wow! I’ve been nominated for an Oscarmayer (for writing total baloney all the time) by the Academy of Internet Nonsense Thinkers (AINT). It’s such an honor, I’m humbled. Only 29 of the 30 nominees can win, but you never know. I might get lucky.
        Better start working on my acceptance speech, just in case.

        ‘Thank you, ladies and gentlemen of the Academy. I’d like to thank my manager, my agent, my bail bondsmen, for making this possible….’

        My cheering section called to congratulate me. I could hear them in the background, chanting… “We’re number 30! We’re number 30”
        Now, I gotta get busy preparing for the big night at AINT! There’s so much stuff to do to get ready. Where’s my map to Hollywood? Should I buy some breath mints? Do you think this blue suit jacket clashes with my overalls?

        • hehehe….clapping from the peanut gallery…

      86. @ BEINFORMED and @ JUSTONEGUY…….brilliant work by the 2 of you as usual……if I see any significant tectonic/solar activity I will post it on the most current thread here ASAP to help you guys out with all the important work you do.


        • @ badpuppydog. Well just had another polar earthquake, this one on the southern most portion of the Mid Atlantic Ridge. This one on the globe is connected directly to the Cascadia fault if you place a flat tape measurer on a globe and follow it north. However, this area was hit only 8 times in the past 40 years and 7 times there has been at least one major earthquake within 15 days, most of the time 2 or more quakes in different spots. Again, the same locations came up that got hit after this region had a quake.

          -New Guinea, Vanautu, western Indonesia
          -Northern Chile/Argentina/Peru border region

          The last 6 polar and sub polar quakes have had previous records to indicate the same areas were hit after they had their earthquakes over the past 40 years.

          Coincidence? NO WAY. What concerns me is this is the 15th day anbd IF there is not a big earthquake today, then something really terrible is likely coming as mega earthquake take longer than the 15 day window to build up and snap. The above areas are still the highest probability to get hit, but others areas like the Cascadia and San Andreas remain possibilities.

          • Keep up the good work guys…
            One of my first news stops, is to check out the EQ reports on SHTFplan…;)

            Do wish sometimes Mac would slow down to one article per day…hard to keep up with the threads MAC!

          • 6.7 in Chile. Good call.

          • 6.7, Chile, 15 minutes ago. Not huge, but biggest quake in a couple weeks…

            • Thanks Todd,

              Yep, things are heating up aren’t they? Just saw a 6.0 listed over at the Solomon Islands too…………

        • Possible Duplication here…

          Howdy BPD,

          Thanks but this here is all BI’s good work…Ah bee’s jus
          eyez and e-ah’s heah… 🙂

          Seriously folks neither BI nor myself can go 24/7/365, EVERY
          bit of help is greatly appreciated….Satori, BPD, VRF, Emily, Piper
          and a slew of others just to mention a few… IF you see IT, SAY IT!!
          Bear in mind, that Mac is just about to get the PM up and running
          here…hopefully that portends that the “Earth Changes” forum is
          near to being on it’s way, beleive me we’ll need all the help you
          guy’s can give when THAT arrives.

          Congrats BI, you’re quite the ‘shooter’ here, bulls-eyes every
          time! Doubly so since that big’un down in South America….Friend,
          you just jeep gettin’ better and better at this….

      87. and to think that these crooks have the best medical insurance that taxpayer money can buy! and then they’ve enriched themselves to unknown levels with all of their backroom deals while selling out the citizens of this country, all the while trying to convince the citizens of this country that austerity is a good thing! how much more before the people of this country say enough?

        • De Oppresso Liber
          welcome brother

          snake eater

      88. I love that Bush is on the list and that most people here approve.

      89. I realize that a truly accurate list would probably have a minimum of a thousand names on it, but how McCain managed to not make this abbreviated list is a gross oversight in my mind.

        • Its a “top Ten” list, Tucker. He and his two Amigos are asshole to elbow and bringing up the rear!

          • DK,
            Agreed, top ten is well, the TOP ten…
            People get their knickers in a knot because their favorite scumbag didn’t make the list?
            Create your own LIST, and send it to MAC, maybe a COMPLETE LIST, that allows people to enter names and data about the Elite inbred scumbags would send a REAL MESSAGE?

            • That’s right PM. WE need a National Traitors List, identifying who they are, what they do, what their crimes against US are, and their current home address.

              A Fusion Center for the Resistance, accessible to SEAL Team America. By a vote of the people the offending individual could move up or down the list based upon OUR vote.

              Let the American People decide who is Public Enemy No One.

      90. @ beinformed…wow…it’s getting really scary.

      91. @Daisy,
        Keep up the good work sister…
        Don’t let the bastards get ya down…

        😉 (Sometimes smileys work, and sometimes not…?)

      92. gotta add Nancy Pelosi for being Nancy Pelosi and Oprah Winfrey and David Letterman for using their star-power to make Obama appeal to the sheeple voters in each election.

      93. One word sums up these useful idiots while they deceitfully deal with “we the people” – lawlessness!

      94. How about Alan Greenspan and “TurboTax” Tim Geithner?
        As for Hillary, I would argue that she probably hasn’t done as much damage as Bubba Clinton.
        Obama – I just pity the man. He is the typical “post turtle” – it’s about the ones who put hime there …

      95. I would love to have a one on one street fight with each and everyone of these tyrants, I’ll show them the meaning of rugged individualism LOL

      96. And add Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown here in California…what wait, what did you say? He did?
        OK, then no way, get’s a pass.

        Governor Moonbeam will use the insanity defense. When America is recovered, we’ll tether him around the neck while he dances to the organ for our amusement.

      97. dick head durbin .

      98. One of our brothers is held up with a 6 year old in a bunker. I say bullshit. The fucking government made up the whole thing. What do you want to bet the government shot the bus driver and then hid the kid. They will somehow kill the brother and the kid. Then they will parade the bullshit like Sandy Hook. Finding children actors and fake parents. This has got to stop. Stop trying to make all the gun folk look like child killers. Stop hiring actors, you will be found out eventually. One of the 21 kids on the bus and the kids at Sandy Hook will come clean.

      99. De Oppresso Liber, welcome aboard; we’ll need all the help we can get when the balloon goes up. Pale Rider, I like your suggestion and will follow up on it. Timothy, I understand your concern about killing, but I’m afraid we’re all going to be forced into taking someone’s life just to preserve our own and our families lives. Nobody out here really wants what’s coming, but as I said before, it is coming, so we have to deal with it accordingly. here’s another heads up, everyone: If I could find one of those containers, I could make a fortune. Braveheart

      100. when Rome fell didn’t the General’s return to Rome and vie for power>>>>hope our TRUE military leaders do the same but truly I believe that Our Heavenly Father will certainly INTERVENE and shortly by nature events earthquakes tsunamis and more storms like Katrina and Sandy Behold His Mighty Hands PEACE

      101. Just a thought here from this old man. In the wake of the traitorous devils mentioned here: If our guns are to protect us from a tyrannical government, why are we not already engaged in a civil war? I just read a piece about Justice Scalia. It was reported that he claims the Constitution is dead and it is the job of the Supreme judges to ammend it according to times we live in.

        I’ll say one thing: I am glad I am old. I won’t have to stick around too many more years. It makes me sick to realize that we are not made of the same stuff as the men who built this country. We all get on these kinds of web sites and yack, yack about how bad it is. We used to say: “Talk is cheap”. Turns out, so are we.

      102. How about everyone who has every taken a check from the beast..

      103. What about the most dangerous ones, the ones who work behind the scenes, “the Puppeteers”…???

      104. You forgotne of the main facilitator’s; One Valerie Jarrett?

      105. @All; Apparently there are a lot of hateful and inarticulate people here. Daisy is a less than competent conspiracy theorist trying to stir shit up. I would like someone to CONTRAST what these people have done to deserve all the punishment everyone says they deserve compared to the crimes of the Nazis that they are compared to? Who have they killed? NOW DON’T GET ME WRONG, I HATE THEM. But to call for their executions or imprisonment is a bit off the mark, under the circumstances. The Nazis that were hanged in Nuremburg were given the death penalty because of the people THEY killed and had a hand in killing. Where is the comparison of a like level of COMMISSION in this situation? I personally would “bag” Pelosi and hog tie her, just to watch her twitch and piss her self…but that is a personal issue. The public issue is that we must take our gubment back. Hopefully it won’t take force. But if it does, I have no problem with it. It needs to be done with forethought and foresight. Just sayin’. Be well.

      106. You should never let a good crisis go to waste. What we have here is 100,000,000 pissed off gun owners looking for something to do. This could be a world changing event. You can just smell the fear, as military, law enforcement, and citizens send two big middle fingers up to the establishment. The false flag mass murders had the exact opposite effect intended by the clearly mentally deficient PTB. We all know now who it is who is hurting the children of the US and around the world,using them as mere vehicles for political agendas and corporate profit. Why did the ban fail so quickly, when all the media and anti-gun politicians worked so hard yelling and screaming in their self righteous morally superior manic episode full court press? Because even the anti-gunners were beginning to realise the true cause of all the mass shootings since the 1990’s was not the assault weappons but the killer SSRI drugs found in nearly every shooter. And since Big Pharma could not only lose profits but even be held liable for their crimes, the plug had to be pulled right away. These are also the people pushing vaccines tied to autism, and are associated with food industry and insurance interests who have conspired to add 600 unneccesary ingredients such as excitotoxins to our food, linked with the burgeoning rate of childhood cancers and anti-social behavior, which of course can only be treated with pharmaceutical drugs. And of course O’s eo’s focus on mental health angles of disarming gun owners, concurrent with a court imposed life time sentence of pharmaceutical treatment. Add this to the controlled candidate choices, either of whom would ensure Obamneycare and gun control, and you have the true enemy of law abiding gun owners and children in this country, the snake-oil salesmen mafia which has it’s origins in the 19th century, who learned to control the most powerful country on earth by using all the well known forms of coercion crafted throughout history on our elected representatives. They fear the righteous wrath of 100,000,000 million patriots- and well they should. In their psychotic drive for ever more profit, they would throw all children and the Constitution and every thing else under the bus. Those who wish to preserve our country, the Constitution and protect children from harm should turn their eternal vigilance on them.

      107. Daisy,

        What’s wrong with spying on UN Officials…as long as they aren’t ‘U.S. persons’ as defined by the Executive Orders covering intelligence activities? I’d be much more concerned about Secretary Clinton coordinating activities with UN Officials than keeping an eye on our ‘friends’ in World Government.

      108. They forgot a LOT!!! But at least they got BerSkanky as first!!

        Tim Geitner

        Larry Summers

        Hank Paulson

        Sanford (Sandy) Weill
        Citibank CEO (past)

        Richard Wagoner
        Chairman and Chief Executive
        Company: General Motors

        Alan Greenspan

        Angelo Mozilo
        Company: Countrywide Financial

        Stanley O’Neal
        Company: Merrill Lynch

        John Thain
        Company: Merrill Lynch

        Lloyd Blankfein
        Company: Goldman Sachs

        Edward Liddy, Robert Willumstad, Martin Sullivan, Maurice (Hank) Greenberg
        Company: American International Group (AIG), world’s largest insurance firm

        Charles Prince
        Company: Citigroup

        Richard Fuld
        Company: Lehman Brothers

        Kerry K. Killinger
        Company: Washington Mutual

        Alan Fishman
        Company: Washington Mutual

        Daniel Mudd and Richard Syron
        Company: Fannie Mae (Mudd) and Freddie Mac (Syron)

        Jimmy Cayne
        Company: Bear Stearns

        Michael Perry
        Company: IndyMac Bank

        Ken Thompson
        Company: Wachovia

        Jamie Dimon
        Company: JPMorgan Chase

        Vikram Pandit
        Company: Citigroup

        David Mc Cormick
        Under Sec of Treasury

        Scott Talbott
        Chief Lobbyist
        Financial Service Roundtable

        Martin Feldstein
        Harvard Professor of Economics

        Glenn Hubbard
        Cheif Economic Advisor
        Dean Columbia Business School

        Ralph Geoffy & Matthew Tannen

        Frederic Mishkin
        Gov. Federal Reserve

      109. “So, should these people be investigated for Treason against the United States?”

        Is this a trick question?

      110. You forgot Zbigneiw Brezinsky, aka big screw, George Soros and the Rockefellers. They should be on that list higher then some there.

      111. This site has a lot of people who appears to be mad as hell about the state of our union, but I can not find any reference as to who will be leading the charge..;o( Where to sign up…;o( When will the war begin?

        In reality we are all just talking out loud.

        The forefathers of our country gave us all the tools to rid ourselves of tyrants like these, it is called “COMMON LAW”. The Constitution declares that common law to be the law of the land and it was until the Act of 1871. Under common law it only requires 26 people to sit on a “RUNAWAY JURY” which has the authority to charge, arrest, and try these tyrants. Of course it would also be good to have mussel to back up such a play. Our military officers have to swear an oath to defend our constitution against all enemies foreign or domestic and would have the mussel to back such a play. Sheriffs take the same kind of oath. So the mussel exist, but are they available to defend our constitution?

        I am to old and tired and no longer have teeth to get into this dog fight, but there are plenty of men fully capable who need to step forward. Stop waiting for someone else to do the job. The time to act is drawing very close.

        The American people as a whole has become very soft. Most have never dealt with hardships of war, Katrina, Sandy, etc. so they will not survive the total collapse of the American lifestyle. This may become inevitable because of the situation we find ourselves in, but maybe the proper actions can soften the landing for many. A civil war will kill many Americans, devastate our country, and leave ourselves wide open for the same carpetbaggers to come back with the same solution candy coated that we tried to throw off. Eyes wide open please.

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