The Number One Reason to Invest in Gold…

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    With the the U.S. economy having once again dropped into negative recessionary growth, currency wars around the world heating up through direct and indirect devaluations, and trillion dollar fiscal deficits piling on, how is it possible that the stock market, a key measure of economic health for many Americans, is touching near all time highs?

    Marin Katusa, Chief Strategist at Casey Research, suggests that this effect can be traced to monetary machinations that are happening behind the scenes, where few people are willing to look.

    “Because they’re printing and making the availability of money so easy, the market is really confused right now,” says Katusa.

    The reality is that literally trillions of dollars have been borrowed and printed to bail out the United States and Europe, and much of that money has been injected into stock markets to give the appearance of recovery.

    It is, at best, an illusory effect.

    Given that more people than ever before are out of work, over half of American households are dependent on some form of government disbursement to survive, and prices for essential goods like food and energy are consistently rising, it’s only a matter of time before confusion in financial markets turns to panic.

    And when it does, just as we’ve seen throughout history, only real, tangible assets will be of value.

    One such asset that has always maintained real value in times of calamity is gold.

    Despite arguments that gold doesn’t grow like typical modern day investments and simply sits in a vault gathering dust, according to Marin Katusa in a recent interview with Future Money Trends, there is one key reason for why it should be in your diversified basket of goods.

    The number one reason to invest in gold is insurance.

    Because of the massive liquidity and the dilution of, not just the US and not just Bernanke, but all of the major countries – they are a printing press… The main reason to invest is because gold is money.

    Before they had fiat currencies – that’s the currencies like today… there was gold.

    The Romans. The Egyptians. The Babylonians.

    For thousands of years they used gold before they used these fiat currencies.

    And, every time in history a fiat currency ends in disaster.

    We have recent examples. If you look at what happened to Yugoslavia, or Zimbabwe, or even Germany with their fiat currencies… gold always holds true value.

    That’s why we believe gold is a true, original money.

    I think at least you can see with gold, it is the insurance policy to bet against the bankers.

    Watch at Youtube

    With all of this money – literally hundreds of billions of dollars – being thrown into stock markets by leading financial institutions that were just a few years ago on the brink of insolvency, there are massive price distortions happening across the board. This includes rising stock markets, one of the key benefactors of the Federal Reserve’s printing press.

    Another not so positive effect (at least not for the American people) are ever increasing prices in the free market, something that Katusa says is going to continue:

    [There is a] One hundred percent [chance of inflation].

    You can guarantee these three things in life: Taxes, Death, and Inflation.

    Inflation is coming… I just don’t know if it’s next week, or in six months, or twelve months.

    But the reality is, it’s coming.

    That’s why if you have a percentage in gold, you’re covered.

    It’s an insurance policy.

    When all fiat monetary exchange mechanisms fail, only one asset has stood the test of time as a store of wealth.

    Gold is and always has been an insurance policy.

    It will be the only thing left standing when the U.S. dollar, the Euro, the Yen, and other paper currencies are inflated to oblivion by their respective governments.

    Make sure you have some when that happens.


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      1. gold is out of reach for many of us and I know silver is more affordable for the majority of us. Good to know and remind us but I think those that have guns/ammo and food will be the ones that have the true wealth in hardtimes

        • 2nd the silver sentiment.

          althoug i can afford to buy gold, imo; if the shtf; having silver and lots of cash on hand if bank holidays, wage freezes and price controls come to the US will be the most useful.

          • Gold has no more value today than it did a fifty years ago. It is the value of a dollar that has gone down. As in the 1930 when you needed a wheelbarrow full of money to buy what had been a nickel loaf of bread, it is called inflation and those days are coming again. Soon!! I’ll keep my food and ammo/guns, you can have the gold.

            • Gold is only useful if there is hope that a conflict will end and reason will prevail or there are areas where goods can be brought in to trade for inflated gold prices. Human greed/need for gold is so odd, but then so is the human race.

              • Compared to what other race?

                • You want to hear about ODD (and very informative) who are the people talking up gold as true money set to hit 2,000 or 10,000? Who are the people who scream from the rooftops that our fiat currency is worthless and will soon collapse? Gold dealers.

                  What do the gold dealers do? Trade their precious (true money) gold for dollars (fiat pieces of paper). Their actions speak louder than words.

                  All things are worth what someone else will give you for them.

                  • dumb dude: you make an excellent point. After y2k, silver and gold really tanked in value. I’ll “yupp” clint’s and jammin2’s comment too, as I also am very practical.

            • Silver as a commodity is projected to fluctuate more than gold. And while I know volatility can be precarious, I’d hardly call silver volatile at this point in time. penny for penny and bang for buck, I’m projecting pre 1964 junk silver as the commodity along with fast flying lead as the more solid investments.

            • @knotjammin2

              (Wow! This is long. Sorry Mac…)

              YOU GOT THAT RIGHT! Finally someone who gets it. You see, the American population has been “Money Majic’d”. You’ve all heard me explain word majic, right? Well, money majic works the same way except instead of morphing language, they take perfectly good money (gold and silver coin) and suck all the value out of it (the gold and silver parts) and make you think its still worth something. (Clue: its not.) Money majic, like word magic, is a tool TPTB use to rob us. They use word majic to control us and money majic to rob us.

              With “Money Majic” it has worked like this: USCON specifies ONLY gold and silver coin. Really? So how did we get the dollar bill? Well, the dollar bill represented gold or silver. It was, basically, a warehouse reciept. They first started it, people started screaming, “UNLAWFUL!” but they successfully defended it by saying, “No, no, it just like a gold coin but you don’t have to carry the gold coin, its a reciept for the gold thats over here in the warehouse.” The people accepted it and started using bills. Then, in the 60s, they quietly moved the silver out of our silver coins. Not a whimper. Then, in 1971, they wiped out all reference to gold or value in the paper money. Not a whimper.

              A magician would say, “Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!”

              The money changer says, “What me make worthless paper and base metals into valueable-as-gold-and-silver-coin!”

              …and the audience goes, “Oh! Wow!” and applause.

              Stupid sheep.

              Get the people trapped and then, what are they going to do, stop using dollar bills? No.

              Slowly, the people of America have been dumbed down to not understand gold and silver. They think “The price goes up!” or “The price goes down!” Look! I made a bunch of money! I bought gold for this much and then the price went up! Silly rabbit! The price of your gold did not go up! The worth of your dollars went down. But, the price of the bread didn’t go up? The price of your labor didn’t go up? NetRanger, what are you talking about? No. The prices of those things can’t adjust that fast. Over time they adjust to trends but not little bumps and jiggles. This is how the money changers make their TRILLIONS, they do it by screwing us. They devalue the dollar, trade it one way, bring it up, trade it another.

              This is why Uncle Ben and the Criminal Bastard Class “ABSOLUTELY HATE GOLD AND SILVER”.

              You do know gas is the same price its always been, right? Actually, its a little cheaper than it was in the 50s. No, you say? If you take REAL money (not government bullshit tokens) you find the price of EVERYTHING is really about the same. Sure, it fluctuates, but in reality, its all the same. The fact is we’ve been lead to believe the prices are going up, when, in fact, the “price” of the dollar is going down. This is done to stimulate the economy. Saving makes for a stable, sustainable but sluggish economy. No politician ever got elected by stable and sustainable. No! They do it by stimulus and driving the economy hard. Inflation makes people spend because if you save, you lose. …and thereby is the reason they HATE gold: it stops their little ponzie scheme in its tracks. Thus, people have been told and told and told “you don’t make any money off of gold, it just sits there.” Which, to the ignorant masses, is bad. But, to those of us that know, its good because dollars don’t just sit there! They melt away into the rat holes of the money changers!

              Since the American Peoples’ still have a perception of a relationship between the dollar and actual value (a remnant of days gone by), the fed can inflate away and people think “the price” is just going up and they accept the fact that they’ll just have to work harder or wait for that raise (which, historically, does not keep pace iwth inflation).

              Maybe I need to put it more simply so some of you can understand:


              But, most people still see money as value so the Criminal Bastard Class are able to stimulate the economy into ever more growth and perverted, unsustainable expansion while robbing the productive, hard working people even while they never see the invisible inflation tax.

              The USA can be likened to crack whore thats been given higher and higher doses to turn more tricks per day. Eventually without sleep and fatigued, her heart explodes and she’ll lay lifeless on the floor as the world wonders, “What happened? She was so good!”

              Like that crack whore, we will, in essense, have been “fucked to death” by the money pimps.

              After you get enough food to eat, after you get enough guns to protect it, after you get enough sustainability, buy gold and silver. How much is a computer worth? An Xbox? A car? There are very few things that hold value like the following:

              1. Guns
              2. Ammo
              3. Gold & Silver
              4. Land

              They are all nearly timeless. Guns and Ammo aren’t quite as durable as Gold and Silver, but, nearly. (I routinely load 8mm Mauser rounds and shoot in an 1888 mauser rifle. The rifle is 120 years old. The components are much newer, they’re only 70 years old.)

              Gold and Silver can fit into your plans somewhere. And, remember, “it just sites there” is a very good thing because, dollars do not! They run off to run around the world to kill maime and torture “communists” in the last century, “muslims” in this century. Inflation, essentially, drives most of the ills of humanity.

              If you understand the true relationship of dollars and gold/silver, you’ll fare much better,

              • An analogy I have read is that in 1963, a US quarter would buy a gallon of gas, and the silver in that same 1963 quarter will still buy a gallon of gas.

        • Gold is to transfer wealth into the new system we create. There is a point you can have to much guns and ammo.

          • If you want to see Gold and Wealth in action, just watch the 2013 Grammy Awards….

            • The number one reason to invest in gold is because the market for the metal has only been scratched, on the surface, globally.

              China is buying furiously behind the scenes and wants another 6-7000 tonnes. If China is buying that much gold, WE should be too.

              I got MINE. get yours.

              • Yes, our illustrious government wants you to buy gold and silver so that they can, via executive order, confiscate it again and add it to their coffers. Thanks for playing

                • It’s to bad that I lost all my silver in a boating accident… along with my guns.

                  • Yeah I suffered the same loss, Now I wonder if I could fins all of that in a very deep lake……

                  • what lake did you way you were on? I think some scuba diving right about now …

                  • Sem: So sorry to hear that. What terrible luck!

                • Mac, go do some research. You are wrong.

                  You are playing their game.

                  • done lot’s of research, fact is status quo will continue for a long time. nothing will change, no collapse, no attack from known aggressors. craptastic leaders will continue to degrade society and deprave of us or rights under the constitution but ultimately, nothing changes.

                • They’ll have as much luck with that as they will confiscating guns.

                  • Exactly.

                • They NEVER confiscated it from citizens!!
                  many turned it in voluntarily and it was illegal for awhile,but NEVER outright confiscation

                  • … but they’ll put people in FEMA camps.

                    Real consistent eh?

                    If they’d do that they’d confiscate it. If not, not. Guess it comes down to what you believe is going to happen. Mayhap hiding the stuff’s a good idea.

                  • Scott: sorry but you are wrong about that. yes they did confiscate gold back in 1934(?) or was it 1933?…Every bank Closed. Then every single person who had a safty deposit box at every bank nationwide Had to wait till the Feds IRS if I recall right, had to be Present along with bank official before you can open safe box for Your contents.

                    The gold coin or gold backed notes(dollars backed by gold) were Confiscated. the Only gold you were allowed to Retain was jewerly and “certain” numismatic(collectable) coins…AND the Fed gov Treasyru dept I think it was is who decided Which coins fit the collectable catagory. A huge list of coins you can keep was published.

                    If You had gold coins or gold certificate dollars or gold ingots etc it was TAKEN away. Same for cash in deposits.

                    The very first folks to go to bank and got in LONG lines first got “Some” percentage in excange of new fed res notes(like todays).

                    MOST folks got barely one or two or ten percent back and MORE folks got ZERO!…My granny and older uncles etc lost every dime they had due to FDR kommie confiscation tactics.

                • Back in the 30s when we were uber sheople, that might have worked. They pull that crap now and they’ll have another revolution on their hands. The INSTANT that happens, people know crap has hit the fan and the charging handles will be pulled. Ever hear a bolt drop on an AR? Its a sound you won’t forget. (…and it makes me crack a very wide smile.)

                  First of all, executive orders are not law. A little study proves this. There is Law. There is Color Of Law (fake law). Then, there are “Executive Orders”. Personally, I call them “Color Of Color Of Law”.

                  No, it was “Patriotic” to be stupid sheople back in the day. Everybody felt they had to do it for the good of the country. Well, just look at us now!

                  We are a little smarter than that. The ones that aren’t, they’re so dumbed down, they’d never sacrifice a minute of Xbox time for gold of silver.

                  They might be able to get my guns because I probably can’t hide them good enough (mainly because of the muzzle flash), however, they’ll NEVER get my gold. Hehehe. Never.

                • Mac not that one: Yupp, you make a good point and if they get the guns, they can take everything else like Hawk’s show says on survive to thrive radio.

              • You’re so right, DK. Gold is for long-term investment. Silver is for future purchases and for trading when the USD has gone kaput. Copper Ladies and old coins getting stacked here too — for melt value.

              • You’re right DK, the Central Banks, Large Investors (Soros) and Governments around the world are buying what they can. Maybe we should stop and listen and do the same. Hmmm. ‘got MINE, get yours.

                • But it’s NOT money, and is backed by nothing. BB said so. He just wants you to have something REALLY valuable.

        • I agree Clint, that gold is not available for everyone. Silver is a great investment as well. My view is, get what you can with whatever means you have available.

          There are also a great deal of people with wealth tied up in stocks funds via retirement or 401(k)’s, and cash in money markets or bank savings accounts. My hope is those people have taken the time to invest some of that money into preparations like you mentioned – food, supplies, self defense, etc. – but one can only buy so much of that… I get emails regularly from people asking what to do with this ‘excess’ money.. while I am not a financial adviser, I always recommend people explore gold/PM’s as an option.

          I am not suggesting one should put all of their money into any single investment, but for those concerned with where the Dollar is headed, or fearful of another stock market crash that wipes out massive amounts of wealth (Americans have lost 40% of their wealth since the 2008 crisis), I would strongly suggest a well balanced diversification strategy that includes at least some gold – whether physical, or for those looking for exposure in solid mining companies, even holding stock has its benefits.

          During the great depression, even after FDR ordered the seizure of bullion gold, mining stocks survived and went through the roof.

          This is an example of what happens to gold, even in the midst of Depression… It shows what the company Homestake Mining did in the early to mid 1930’s while the Dow Jones was collapsing:

          Here is the chart version – sorry for the quality:

          Gold Stocks In Depression

          huge gains for those who were ahead of the curve, and another example of how one’s investments can thrive in the midst of crisis and widespread wealth destruction.

          I think we will see a similar ‘decoupling’ of precious metals stocks from the Dow Jones in the future.

          • What is the right hand valuation in? I seem to see the word “score” but can’t make out the other word. I’m almost positive it is not a dollar amount.

          • The boomers are getting into “cash-out” mode as far as stocks. This will go on for quite some time.

          • And the reason that gold mining stocks went through the roof AFTER the gold confiscation, is because FDR re-set the price of gold at $35 an ounce when it had been trading at about $20 per ounce pre-confiscation, and bought all US gold production.

            This scenario was designed to put people back to work and stimulate the economy. It worked, and would work again after a real collapse.

            • Hi Kid: Quote in the Article is not the correct one. Should be Ben Franklin’s: “There are only three things you can trust :”Old dogs, old women and old money”. Gold is the oldest money still around

            • Nothing FDR did, “worked”.

              • You are wrong about that Walt. Politics aside, the process I described above worked and it create many thousands of jobs in the gold mining industry, and many more jobs in businesses that serviced those mines.

                At $20 per ounce there wasn’t a big enough profit margin to generate incentives to open those mines. At $35 an ounce the profit margin covered the cost to mine and provided the profit margin that miners needed.

                The CCC also put many tens of thousands of people to work building infrastructure projects.The income from these jobs circulated through the economy, generating demand for goods and services.

                Thats history Walt, and factual. 🙂

                • Are you really holding up ripping off millions of Americans of their Gold and make work projects that literally had people digging holes and then filling in those same holes as a success? REALLY?

                  Henry Morgenathau (FDR’s Treasury Secretary) –

                  “We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started. …And an enormous debt to boot!”

                  That’s real history DK. That’s actually factual. The more I read you, the more I think you’re dumber than a bag of hammers.

                  • But those are $600 hammers.

                • Sorry…you can have your own opinions, but you can’t have your own facts.

                  Here’s a link to a book describing how FDR’s programs were a miserable failure.


                  “No, gentlemen, we have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. …I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started.” – U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau, Jr.

                  The CCC was just another example of Keynesian economics that don’t work. Did it put people to work? Sure. But at what cost in the longrun? The CCC was FDR’s version of Obama’s green energy jobs plan.

                  Here’s something that guys like you don’t understand. I’ll put it all in caps so that it’s perfectly clear.


                  Do yourself a favor DK. Throw away that “economics education” you got in college. Throw away the books. And while you’re at it…throw away what ever degree you have that makes you think you know what you’re talking about when it comes to this.

                  Then go to and learn how things really work. And while you’re at it…pick up Hayek’s “Road To Serfdom”

                  • Don’t try to confuse me with the facts!

                • By the way DK…

                  Roosevelt could have set the price at $35/oz., without depriving people of their property.

                  Or…he could have just let the free market work and the U.S. would not have had to endure a depression that lasted the better part of a decade.

                  When will you people learn that government meddling in the economy is ALWAYS a disaster?

                  • Again Walt I am not saying that the gold grab was justified. I do not support a gold grab, then or now, and I probably have more gold to grab than the rest of you …. put together.

                    Read my original post again. Gold mining is a way to get the private sector moving after a “total collapse”.

                    When will you people learn to read the comment and put it into perspective rather than jump the gun and shoot yourself in the foot, bringing your bias to a comment?

                    Actually the free market had set the price of gold at $20 per ounce and it wasn’t enough to cover the cost of mining if gold possession were legal.

                    Thus no jobs would have been created, no goods and services would have been purchased, the velocity of money would have remained stagnant, and many people would have continued to be poor, homeless, and hungry if FDR had not arbitrairly raised the price of gold.

                    How many average Americans do you think really owned gold in the 20’s /30’s? Only the rich owned gold. By letting the rich keep their gold and raising the price it would have only made the rich wealthier. Not unlike covering the losses for the GB’s while your house was devalued by 50%.

                    Read the history of gold mining in America and you would know better. I have. 🙂

                • Not So Much: I am not justifying the gold grab by FDR. I am suggesting that if WE experienced a total collapse due to EMP or earth changes, gold mining would be the way to get a private sector economy moving again.

                  That’s all.

                  • How are we going to to be running a mining operation after an EMP? Smelting is pretty damned power intensive, not to mention ore extraction.

                • True but the CCC and other items were Hoovers idea. FDR mostly made a depression that should have been over in 3-4 years go on for 10. Just like this one.

                  • Walt: At that time there were not tens of millions of private investors with cash on the sidelines who could have created jobs, and there was no incentive to risk the capital they had.

                    At that time, the only entity that could spend money was the entity who had the power to create it. Put it into perspective. Its yesterday’s news.

                    Mellow out before you have a stroke! 🙂

                  • Exactly my point.

                    I stand by my position. It’s foolish to attempt to manipulate a market for anything, for any reason.

                    FDR is held by “most” of the economic “experts” as the guy who got us through and out of the depression. Hogwash.

                    As Parnoid stated, he took what should have lasted no more than 3 or 4 years, and extended it to 10…and following FDR’s policies would probably had gone longer had it not been for WWII. Yes…war creates jobs. But it also creates massive amounts of debt….not to mention the loss of individual freedoms that ALWAYS accompanies war. We become a little less free every time we go to war.

                    Bottom line. If it’s not “right” to confiscate gold, then it’s not a good idea either.

                    Again DK…’s time for you to toss aside the Keynesian economic nonsense. It’s what has put us in the mess we are in.

                    If gold mining is going to be a way of creating jobs, then it should be because there is a demand for it. Again…I compare it to all the “green energy” jobs that Obama and his ilk have been touting. The fact is….it’s not cost effective. And attempting to force products on the population when they are not cost effective is sheer lunacy.

                    When the technology is developed that will produce green energy at a lower cost, you won’t have to subsidize it for people to buy it. Look at the electric car boondoggle. The government is trying to force the industry to produce cars that people don’t want…at tremendous cost. Why don’t people want them? Because they cost more to buy than what people will save. They LOSE money in the long run by having them. The only people who buy them are old hippies who want to feel good about themselves. Of course….you could always have the government PAY people to buy them. Or you could do another cash for clunkers program to “create jobs” and stimulate the industry. Oh yeah…that worked out great, didn’t it? There was a recent study that revealed that, in addition to wasting a whole lot of money, the Cash For Clunkers program actually caused MORE damage to the environment.

                    The reality is, any time the government gets involved in “stimulating” markets, the end result (despite any immediate gains) invariably ends up in having a net negative result..simply due to the law of unintended consequences.

                    It’s the same logic that some use to claim that when there is a big natural disaster like a hurricane or earthquake, that the economy and job market gets a boost due to all the cleanup and new construction.

                    Read Fredrick Bastiat’s “Broken Window Fallacy”.


                    FDR’s….and now Obama’s…economic policies were and are vivid examples of the Broken Window Fallacy.

                  • @DK….

                    The purpose of government is provide an environment where it is safe for them to exercise their own initiative to provide for themselves and their families without fear of being deprived of their lives, liberty and property by others through force or fraud.

                    That’s it. That’s all.

                    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,…”

                    When government seeks to “stimulate growth” or otherwise meddle with the free-markets, the inevitable result is that someone loses in the process. And more often than not, eventually EVERYONE loses.

                    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” C.S. Lewis

                  • Walt: There has been a demand for gold for at least 9,000 years, but it must have more value in the marketplace than the cost to produce it.

                    My comments have only been with respect to gold mining, the economics of gold mining, and the role gold mining could play in reviving civilization after a total collapse. I have no desire in arguing the merits of FDR.

                    NSM: After an EMP, civilization would be returned to a pre-industrial state, yet gold was mined and processed before electricity was ever developed.

                    It would be again.

            • Not sure what history book you read but FDR did not get the people working again due to the gold bullion confiscation. In fact his work programs, taxes and spending delayed the recovery for years. It wasn’t until after the war when taxes were reduced and all the nations economies were in shambles that the US experienced an economical boon.

        • “gold is out of reach for many of us”

          1/10th OZ American Eagle. $175 (as of today) Can’t afford not to have at least a couple of these. (along with a roll of once ounce silver rounds)

          It might be the ONLY asset one has in their possession that could provide “free” passage through the ominously armed, militarized police road block up ahead, on your way out of town. Unless, of course, one feels they have superior FirePower.

          I prefer to have both options at my disposal.

          • I agree with you! But I will not pay anyone to pass or control me, I will go out shooting and have pride.

            • Now, your case might be the exception, but most would say that’s “false” pride. Better to live today and join forces, down the road, with like minded friends, i.e. there is power in numbers.

              Consider it a “toll” fee to the other side. I think if you have children (in the vehicle with you) as might be the case with many, you’d agree with me.

              • EA ~ My thoughts exactly regarding children in the truck with me.

                Clearly it’s my right to pass, but I will pay a “toll” if I must to keep my children safe. There would be enough hazards on the road in such an event – I’d prefer to save the blazing guns for something that cannot be otherwise resolved.

                • This is to my post about standing my ground and not giving corrupt officals to pass the time of day. why so many neg? I dont understand what I said that so many of you disagree with? I was saying I will not pay a person to try and drive across the highway and give them silver or gold or food. I would rather take out the enemy or at least try to than to give in to bribes etc.

                  • It cost 1 oz of gold when Vietnam fell to get past the border guards and out of the country. Money well spent, If after you get out you want to sneak back in and shoot the bastard and steal whatever he has back, that’s different.

                  • I would be more concerned with, if he pays a toll lets see what else he has. I agree with clint on this. I would prefer to stick to the woods and avoid roads, but thats not available for everyone.

                • Right, Daisy. “Blazing guns” is a ticket to a shallow grave in this scenario. If I can,I’ll pay the bribe and probably have my “contraband” overlooked. I know! Staff the roadblocks with TSA personnel. They’re pure as the driven snow.

              • European American….I looked at your moniker on flickr and that is a cool airstream. Looks like you have about 1000-1200 watts of solar panels? I noticed you had a propane tank at the side, thus the propane for heating and cooking? And the 1200 watts for light? Just curious. Also, is it easy to keep the batteries recharged? I am looking at a solar panel system, thats why I ask.

                Also, the background photo looks awfully similar to an area in Southern Idaho about 70 miles west of Pocatello. It is an area called Raft River, not to far from Declo.

                • Ugly
                  When I had that particular airstream with panels I lived in the “San Luis Valley” of south central Colorado; 315 days of sunlight a year. I only had 8 6v batteries in that rig. Easy to top off by the time sun set. Not a heck of a lot to run the “appliances” inside a 23′ rig. 12-50 watt panels with that system.

                  Consistent daily sun is the key. Can’t get much better than that area of Colorado. I’ve got a wind turbine where I am now to supplement the solar system. Day and Night power source; highly recommend, if you have sun and wind.

                  Propane for heating bodies, heating water and heating food. In the winter temps consistently fell below zero at nights. Not a lot of insulation in a 63 airstream safari. Burr! Panels were for lights, fridge, fans (hot in summer), water pump, tv (at the time), sat .dish, misc.

                  Now I’m in the far Pacific NW (Washington) nestled on the western aspect of the foothills. Too much cloud cover. We’re thinking of moving to Northern California (screw the gun laws if we end up there, I’m keeping everything I’ve got!), or, southern Oregon. I want more SUN!!. West of the Cascades or Sierras. Love the panhandle of Idaho but don’t want to shiver in the winter. Would love to sidestep the meltdown on an “off shore”‘ sailboat in the south pacific, but my two “Great Pyrenees” aren’t sailors.

                  • Try looking at Nevada, east side of the White Mountains.

                  • EA….Thought I recognized the background. I worked in the Monte Vista area in the 1980s. Many nights at the Movie Manor. San Luis Valley great farming community at 7,000 feet!

                    Worked mostly in the Monte Vista to Center areas and north of there to that town Seguche?

                    The background photo looks similar to Raft River, Idaho. Nonetheless, I knew I recognized it. Just couldn’t pinpoint exactly where. Thanks.

                    I am going to purchase a solar and wind charge system. But boy you have to do your homework. Quite spendy, especially if you buy a lemon of a system. My main goal is only power for radio, 60w lights, and maybe quick cooking with 1000w burner. Any advice?

                  • I’m in NorCal, west slope of the sierras. Beautiful here. Lots of sun, little bit of snow. Better rainfall than Nevada. It’s almost perfect here. Now, if we could just dump Nasty Pelosi and DiFi…

                  • What are the average winter/summer temps? Any place in particular?

                  • Red Leader, that average temp question for you.

                    Yes, never use a solar system to generate heat, i.e. for cooking. Firewood, free standing cook/heat stove, or propane. But we already know the, down the road, issues with obtaining propane. Check out prices on “”. I’ve purchased systems from them at reasonable prices.

                    without prying into your exact location, whereabouts are you, within 50 miles of?

                  • EA, im in Boise Idaho, lots of sun, winter isnt bad either. Plenty like minded folks too. Caveat, dont tell the californians about us if you come.

                  • ive done got to old or to spoiled to do the cold ,it was 90deg. yesterday (sat) here in SWFL ,sun and wind by the plenty ,friendly gun state ,no state tax ,6% sales tax, homestead exemption ,places are selling for less then 25 cents on the dollar since the bubble burst

                  • to EA; yusta live in washington state, lovely place in many ways, but west side is not sunny except for squim. In the “sun” belt, “rain shadow” of olympics and is semi arid at 17 ish”/year rain. Good luck and God bless…

                  • EA, I’m in El Dorado County-a very conservative county with lots of timber and even a little agriculture. Our sheriff is one of those who told Biden to stick it too.

            • Clint Hospo: We can put that on your tombstone, “He had Pride and Wouldn’t Bribe”. Can I have your stuff when you’re dead. I’ll give your widow and orphans a good price for them.

          • Glad I bought my 1/10th oz @ $100. Wish I bought more, but who woulda’ thought..

          • Why wouldn’t the ominously armed, militarized police road block up ahead simply steal your gold and do with you and your family what they intended anyway?

            • Good question. Well, they certainly could. But my “vision” for that particular situation is similar to stories I’ve read where those fleeing an area can bribe the guard to get “quicker” passage.

              That’s why I also suggested the option of “the use of firepower”. Take the path of least resistance, at first, but if necessary take the path of force if all else fails.

            • I don’t think they’ll try to flat out rov you for one simple reason. If you have gold and are confident enough to boldly pass a bribe your probably not the guy to screw with. Also, most bullies are cowards and don’t want to risk injury. Additionally A lot of guards aren’t dishonest enough to shoot you for your stuff, but most have no problem “receiving a tip for prompt service” especially if they are in the same boat as everybody else and are just trying to keep their families fed. At that point you’re just motivating them to perform well/ helping a guy out. That goes a long ways towards helping you pass that way again in the future.

          • Well,EA. Since I will never be able to afford ‘Gold or Silver, I guess I’ll just keep a BRICK on my floorboard ,to put on my gas petal for any ROAD-BLOCKS!! Wanna-Be-Prepper!!

          • I hear that’t why a lot of Jews got into diamonds. You can put a fortune in your pocket and walk across the border for a relatively small bribe. Like it or not, bribes get results. Communists are the biggest capitalists on Earth. Ask anybody who lived in USSR.

        • You can have the gold contacts from my laptop, ahh ain’t they gold? gold plated, ahh gold painted, ahh hell you can have my laptop from my warm living fingers. That’s all the gold I’ve got folks, err feds, (They do monitor this site. Looking for sunken canoes and their shiny cargo.)

        • Gold is for someone who has everything else already prepared and paid for and still has excess wealth. (Few of us qualify.)

          What good is gold if you have no food and water? Are you going to trade an ounce of gold for a chicken? How about an egg? If you are starving, the ones with food will be the master. If YOU don’t have the means (and experience) to grow your own food, gold will mean nothing. Ditto silver.

          There is a wealth of things needed to be truly prepared that money cannot buy. And a lot of things that are necessary that money can still buy. YOU have to be intelligent in your choices and just NOT listen to those who have a product to sell, especially gold and silver. When you are comfortable in your preparations, THEN buy gold or just add another case of Johnny Walker Black to your trade goods. Odds are, the JWB will be worth more than a few coins in the future. ^_^

          • You’re right. If you can’t afford silver
            just keep rationalizing

            • If you haven’t noticed, a bottle of JEB costs about the same as an ounce of silver, but the JWB will get you more when the SHTF. Silver/gold is for after, if there is any ‘after’ where they have value. JWB will ALWAYS have value anywhere, anytime. And a little aging won’t hurt it. Anyone with food to trade for metals will be rare or non-existent.

        • Why has the Pope just resigned? The last one to do so was Gregory who reined from approx 1406 -1425.

          This is a massive red flag for me that summat out of the ordinary is brewing that we aren’t gonna like down the road.

          There have been a lot of high profile global resignations (in the secular military, political and financial sectors) in recent months, but this is the most notable to date. Popes do not resign!

          • Wow!
            I hadn’t heard till you mentioned it.

            I wonder if the new guy, whomever it may be, will have the guts to excommunicate:
            Joe Biden,
            Nacy Peloci,
            Kathleen Sebelius,

            Interesting indeed.


            • Thank God WE must only endure one more perverted Pope of the Satanic Catholic Priesthood. This should tell US how much closer WE are getting to REAL SHTF.

              Maybe WE get the “dark Prince” AM is always muttering about. Maybe not.

            • Take a look at history before you rush to give me a thumbs down – only about 5-6 popes have ever resigned and each time it happens shtf. Look at what was actually happening in Europe around 1425 – Western civilisation went through some serious turmoi. (SHTF shortly after Gregory resigned).

              Take 5 mins on google to look up Papal resignation dates and then match them up to the socio-political events in the corresponding decades. Every single time it’s shtf for Mr Ordinary Joe. There are less than 1/2 dozen occasions it’s ever happened so it really won’t take you long.

              History may not repeat itself but it sure does rhyme.

              For me this is a sign I need to really get cracking on my preps, as things are likely to be far worse than I was anticipating.

              • At one point in that older era they had Three popes at same time!…Each pope and his supporters claimed to be the One that counted as Real pope!

                I cant recall exact dates or final outcomes now but it was also a bad era to be alive if I recall right.

          • Just received today.

            {{{Ben Fulford: Queen Beatrix quits, the Rockefellers flee, the Bushes are rats in the trap .. is any of this legit?


        • If you think silver is a good deal you should try buying steel or copper to store your wealth. You can get like 100 times as much steel as silver for the same number of dollars so it’s obviously your best value for metals investing.

        • If you’ve largely got your preps squared away and can see that you’ll likely still have some paper investments (401k’s, IRA’s, stocks, bonds, CD’s, etc.) and/or significant cash remaining when finally done, THEN it would be prudent to convert and diverse out of some of that solely paper wealth into physically held gold/silver.

          BTW, silver will probably double quicker and more often than gold.

          – Shane

        • There’s a youtube video showing a guy trying to sell a $1 Silver coin for .99 Cents and no one would do it. The coin had a value of $35 – but the average citizen doesn’t know that.

          I think there’s a huge risk in Gold and Silver.

          – First, the average citizen doesn’t value them. Go ask your friends.
          – If the SHTF what system will be in place to trade gold and silver for currency or goods? Who will run that system? The same bankers as always.

          Those bankers have been hoarding gold and they can manipulate the market.

          The Rothschilds have always made their real money by starting a collapse and using their vast wealth to re-buy at historical lows. I’d expect they will collapse every currency including gold. They can sacrifice a queen to ensure checkmate.

          Gold IS a FIAT. FIAT means “any money a gov’t declares legal tender”. Gold’s intrinsic value is in its industrial use value. The only reason it has value is because financial markets have agreed it has high value. If these same bankers decide it has no value then it will be valued back to industrial commodity value.

          Paper money is also FIAT and can easily be inflated. Gold can not. Unless the Gov’t lies about how much gold it has… but the Gov’t would never lie. Gold can crash and it certainly can be regulated and taxed like crazy.

          Gold is not “magic”. Food and water are.

          Food, Water, Weapons, Transportation, Shelter, Clothing, Alcohol, Medicine, some art, musical instrument, tools, machinery, power generators… these things all have actual value that any average person values.

          Trade your soon to be worthless dollars for that stuff IMHO.

      2. because it looks good on me.

      3. I agree that security and food are first priorities. However, we still need something to exchange for goods and services. Gold has always been a medium of exchange. Silver too, but its value is tied to industrial usage. 1/10 ounce gold can be had for about melt plus $30. Around $190. That’s roughly the cost of six ounces of silver. And the gold is much lighter and more concealable. Nations, the money printers, are repatriating and stocking up on physical gold.

        Gold is not a substitute for preparation, but it has its place in preparation.

        To each his own. Just please don’t say you can’t eat gold. Got that the first hundred times I heard it. Can’t eat a dollar bill, either.

        • Ask them this question: When in the entire history of the world can you cite one example of where someone with Gold starved; If here was any food around?

          • This is a song my wife sung when she was a young girl ,i especialy like the part about the gold

            Life was filled with guns and war
            And all of us got trampled on the floor
            I wish we’d all been ready
            Children died the days grew cold
            A piece of bread could buy a bag of gold
            I wish we’d all been ready

            • On the other hand a bag of gold would buy a piece of bread. FRN?

              • That is true ,but im betting the guy with the bread would be holding the cards

                • How much bread can you carry? What if it gets wet. in 4 days it’s stale and getting moldy. A 458 Win MAG is no good for hunting rabbits, $7 a shot and there.s nothing left but ears. a 22 won’t help you with a PO’d Cape Buffalo.
                  People this is a stupid argument, Gold silver Ammo and food are for different things! 5 tons of aspirin won’t help you a bit, if what you need is a parachute. Quit; you are wasting time.

                  • Quit what ? expressing my opinion ,im not trying to get in a pissing contest with you just giving my view ,same as you ,i agree all things PMs food ammo will be an asset ,im saying you couldnt show me enough shiney stuff to get any of my food ,im sure there are others that would feel different

      4. clint,

        I agree with you. How much is some? Most people can’t afford to purchase enough gold to make a difference in their lives down the road. Do you really think the government isn’t going to find a way to take it’s value away from you? I want to be able to see what I own when I look out the window, when I look in my food pantry.

        I finally got my horses out today after more than three feet of snow. Take a horse and keep him stall bound for more than a few days and he will most likely do this: first day, be antsy and a bit flaky, second day, mad as hell and pushy, third day, outright dangerous if you go in his stall, not from meanness but pent up energy, fourth day, pacing, making grunting noises and whinnying, fifth day, ready to explode and run out the door when you change his water, sixth day, resort to eating anything in site, wood posts, water bucket, anything they can get their teeth into, seventh day, not so great an appetite for even food, sad, moping and withdrawn. If you get my point then you can relate this to the human spirit. It takes a lot to break a horses spirit and a week in a stall won’t do it but it will make him more cynical and not as trusting. The same with the human race, hard to break the spirit but easy to manipulate with fear and control.

        My horses were stuck in for only a day and a half but they were wild when they went out. You can learn a lot about life if you observe the animals, ever notice how even the tiniest of birds can live through a blizzard with wind chill temps below 0, well take one of those tiny birds and put it in a cage in your house where it is safe and warm, and that hearty little bird will be dead in no time. Freedom, that is what feeds the soul, be it animal or human, Freedom.

        • When the Collapse occurs, the govt is going to try and seize anything and everything they can from you and I, be it by legal or illegal means.

          So unless you are in the Elite bracket who is calling the shots expect the Govt to target each and everyone of us. And it’s not just the US Govt per say. This will stretch across the globe as govt’s will do their damnedest to curtail the contagion once it’s unleashed.

          Because what they will see is a financial holocaust the likes of which humanity has not faced before, EVER !

          So even if you are hold Gold while somewhat more valuable it will be really tough to use when the meltdown occurs. As others have said, the first and foremost plan is food, followed by security.

          When the SHTF more communities will be FORCED to deal locally within the community and as such will be forced to barter for most of the stuff.

          Also not to throw a monkey wrench into Gold but what’s to say someone you want to trade with is suspicious that the Gold you think you have maybe viewed as worthless or even counterfeit.

          • What I forgot to say is that when someone is starving and wants to survive, a box of Mac and Cheese will have more value for survival than a 10z gold coin.

            You can survive by eating gold. That box of Mac and Cheese will keep you alive that much longer. I also see people trading food and services more than anything else.

            • My thoughts, too, Rodster.

              IMO, gold would be good, for lack of a better term, large ticket items. Bulk clothing or food purchases, fuel (if any to be had), services. Smaller items could possibly be had with a simple barter.

              As a side note, still some good deals to be had locally. Went to WallyWorld yesterday (don’t judge me, lol) and picked up instant oats in a variety of flavors, 10 servings for $1.62 a box. Shelf life of 3+ years. Big cans of Campbell’s Chunky Soups for $1.50 a can. 3+ years shelf life. 40 ounce cans of ravioli for $1.98 a can. Similar shelf life.

              Over at Big Lots, they still have the 8 serving Bear Creek dried soup bags for $3.00. Made some last week, and it’s good. 10 ounce cans of chicken breast for $1.70.

              Total spent at both stops: $85.90. Items will last my family of four over a month.

              KySSG . . . out

              • All good ideas but just a “HUGE” FYI. Can goods last much, much longer than the expiration date, like several more years. Google it and see for yourself. 😉

                Btw never heard of Bear Creek Dried Soup. Is it that good?

                • Yeah, the dates are the “Best By” dates. They’ll be good a lot longer than that. As long as they remain sealed with no swelling, they are good to go. Heard stories of canned goods decades old that were still good when opened.

                  Bear Creek has a website. You can even buy from them on the site. Big Lots has a pretty good selection. I mean, 8 servings for $3, can’t really go wrong there.

                  I made the chicken noodle last week, and added a couple cans of the chicken breast. Have to say, best soup I ever had. Also made the vegetable beef and added a pound of browned ground beef. Kids ate 2 bowls each. Really tasty and inexpensive, light weight, and don’t take up a lot of space.

                  KySSG . . . out.

                  • If you have a business, any business, you should check out and see if they have a location convenient to you. You can purchase a great many interesting things there for the prepper type and for most items, it is far less than the grocery store or Wally World. I’ve purchase case lots of sterno, wet wipes, coffee ( they are somewhere between 5 and $6 for a 3 lb can )… lots of #10 cans of stuff, beef stew, corn beef hash, big soup cans etc. Bulk veggies, choice meat cuts, very high quality stuff. You have to be a member, but it’s free if you can prove your a business ( it would be worth incorporating for ).

                  • @ Ouch, Thanks for the tip on the depot. We have one in our area and I will be checking it out! Peace Clay

                • Bear Creek soup, is outstanding. Been using it alot. If you want a real treat, with their Potato Soup. Instead of using all water or even milk, use half Heavy Cream.

              • Hi, KySSG. I got a case of peanut butter yesterday for 1.50 each.
                IGA brand, but I’ve been eating generic so long, I’d probably get a tummy ache with Krafts, Campbells, or Aunt Jemima brands.
                Like most, I steer clear of Chinamart too–but those Plano white plastic shelfs for $20 are really tough.
                {strange, Lowes out of shelfing?? people organizing, like more preppers??

          • Rodster,

            Please tell me of a culture where gold did not buy you an opportunity for escape. Vietnam, Cambodia, Bosnia, Germany are all examples of where gold could buy you the opportunity for escape during troubled times. Don’t like gold, don’t buy it.

        • Live Free or Die: Metals have a value because of their rarity, unlike paper (fiat) currency which is just paper in the end. They have been a store of value since men first lived in towns and governments can’t devalue them because they can’t just make more of it like they do with dollars. WTSHTF and paper currency goes back to being just paper, people will need a form of exchange, and as for thousands of years, PMs will still do the trick. There is nothing wrong with silver and even the so-called ‘junk silver’ (90% silver coins). Getting your other preps is of course everyones’ first priority (beans, bullets, and bandaides). But when shortages, or emergencies, hit the last thing you want to do is have to barter with your day-to-day preps, especially food and ammo. Better to have either a skill you can barter with or some simple silver. It’s never to late to get some silver, except the day after the dollar dies. Good luck.

          • I agree. There are varying levels of everyone’s preparedness and personally the last thing I would want to do is trade away food unless it was a necessity. For others though they may be awash with food and then they would be in a better barterable position with it.

            In the past year I reached a level of satisfaction with my stores and so I was finally able to expand into potential barter items. These are just a few items I came up with and they’re very affordable.

            Toilet paper, cheap alcohol (handle of vodka is about $10), In the spring I buy winter gloves and hats for around a $1 as stores want to get rid of them, candles, tea.

            Any other good ssuggestions?

            • Wolf359: Something I learned early when dealing with folks I don’t know or trust; never tell them that you have something to trade unless it’s really small. Never let anyone know that you have a big stash of anything. Pretend that you’re just the middle man with shakey characters so you don’t get robbed or killed. You know, “you got a friend with a friend, etc who may have what you’re looking for”. When trading goods like ammo (.22) or alcohol, use small containers taken from the bigger ones you have for the reasons above. Always meet in place where you feel safe, and have a backup guy/gal they don’t know about with a gun or two. And always arrive early to scope the place out first to see if they have brought backup and if that backup is in hidding. It’s going to get scarry and you’ve got to be smarter than the next guy. You can barter bigger and better stuff with people you know and trust. But even then, get there early. Good luck trading.

            • Needles
              Nail clippers
              Pocket knives
              Wood pencils
              Metal files (any hand tools)
              Whetstones to sharpen knives, etc.
              Fishing hooks, line, weights, bobbers, etc.
              Reading glasses
              Magnifying glass (can start fires in daylight)
              Matches. (Strike anywhere dipped in wax.)
              Straight razors w/ leather strop. (not the double edge)

              All of these are cheap and small, but make life easier for survival. Easy to trade to those who need them or use yourself and last almost forever.

      5. @Mac
        i know you have said before that you live somewhere in California Sierras before, do you think you will move if the current bills that are being compiled are passed? i currently live in California and these draconian laws will make about 30% of everything i own outright illegal. I don’t really know what else to do but leave at this point. Is there anyway you could do a report on the laws that are currently trying to be passed? As of right now it is hard to distinguish what the truth is, if there is any truth at all in todays MSM. I value this sight as one of the last sources of actual truth. Thanks again Mac

        • Joe, i feel your pain… we moved to NorCal last summer — it wasn’t my first choice, but requirements for my ‘day job’ were part of our decision… to move here, i had to modify EVERY single gun I owned – including ordering new mags for the handguns. I ended up having to leave a couple of rifles in Texas because they were too far gone to be legal here…

          Now they are proposing basically an outright ban on just about everything I own and threatening no grandfathering and confiscation (if I heard correctly)…

          man, it’s a tough call… I still have boxes on the floor that have yet to be unpacked, but have seriously discussed the option of leaving if these bills pass. I can deal with bullet button solutions for the semi-autos (but am not at all happy about mag restrictions)… but outright bans? that’s a whole different animal.

          It’s just not right… Do we leave? or do we stay and resist as the people of New York are planning?

          I am not sure what we’re going to do yet and will have to wait and see how this plays out.

          • Agreed, Mac.

            Bide your time. If the situation becomes intolerable, you can always leave.

            My rule of thumb: if you think it’s time to get out, it probably is.

            KySSG . . . out.

          • I am not a soldier, I am not a warrior, and no matter how much I have prepared, no matter how early on I was woken up… I am not ready for this. It does not matter that I or most of us have completely seen this coming for a few years now. This threat to our freedom was not as terrorizing as it is now even a week ago. Things are progressing so fast. Even the people who deny all truth are starting to realize what we are about to face. Anyone in California, New York, or Illinois has a lot of life descicions to make very soon. God bless

            • Illionois?? there too/!!

              • Chicago has been beating this drum for 15+ years and is now the murder capital of the world. Rahm Emanuel is not there by accident. The rest of the state is reasonable (for now), but understand that a FOID card has been required since the ’80s to purchase guns or ammo. This, in my opinion, is in essentially a firearm registration since the SN’s are connected to the FOID.

                Lately, Chicago has been beating a new version of the old drum, making a heavy publicity push of the importance of informing authorities if your guns are lost or stolen and how stiff penalties apply of you don’t. I’ve heard this at least a half dozen times on the news, but didn’t make the connection right away. They want the old canoe accident excuse out of the mouths of the citizens when the confiscations begin.

                Interesting how they have Chicago, LA, and NYC in a bad way (the big three).

            • Not my wife. Had to listen to another diatribe this afternoon about how I’m brainwashed. LOL!

              She’s my “touchstone” to the other side. Sheeple through and through. But, I’ve got 30 years in, so I guess there is no need to switch horses now. As cruel as this sounds, the look in her eyes will be priceless. Not a clue, and doesn’t want one. Oh,well.

              Of course, if we’re wrong……

              • You sound like a friend of mine. Same situation. WILL NOT recognize the reality of what’s happening.

                As Ayn Rand said, “You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.”

                If we’re wrong?

                I don’t have anything that I won’t be able to use eventually. So what’s the loss?

          • Southern Oregon is beautiful country. There are some small towns off the beaten path. It would be a short haul…

            • @ Sixpack
              Any info about bend Oregon? I’ve got a friend moving there soon considering sharing a uhaul and uprooting.

              • Bend Oregon is a nice town and area. Plenty to do there. You are in the outskirts of the Cascade range. I like the area. Before residing in Bend, check out Sisters or SunRiver too. Then decide.

                • Ugly: The eastern side of Oregon is fantastic. One of my favorites for sure. Heck, just about the whole state actually, but east has a more individualistic/frontier flavor.

          • That truly is a personal decision but I have NO desire to have any part of California. I had a chance to start a small business in NoCal back in 2003 and thought better of it and it was nowhere as bad as it is today.

            For me taking Guns which I only have a 9mm for home protection would be the last straw. It’s TAXES that would get me to bail on that moronic State faster than an outright ban on firearms. What’s really idiotic is that Sen. Frankenstein and Boxer probably have a good deal of protection and we all have heard that Diane Frankenstein (and yes she literally looks like Frankenstein without the neck bolts) would have NO trouble putting a cap up your ass if she thought you would do her bodily harm.

            So yes they are fucking hypocrites all of them.

            • Interesting to see how one dude can paralize one of the largest police forces in the country.

              They seem to be a little uptight. This needs to watched and studied closely.

              • the part that needs to be watched closely is the fact that they are using drones ,and so it begins ,now they have opened the door ,how easy it will now be for them to go through it when ever they like ,all you have to do is make this guy or who ever you want to use them on into a boogey man ,and you have the sheep lapping out of your hand saying “please master protect us “

              • I had the same thoughts.

                What are they going to do when they have 3 million or so gun owners who refuse to comply when they start to confiscate?

                I think they will run out of willing agents pretty quickly. I’m thinking lots of folks just won’t show up for the party.

                This has been instructive.

          • @ Mac
            These are tough calls
            Here in the islands the legislature is looking at a bunch of these bills,
            Not real good choices,
            On the one side is give up more freedom and loose the posession of a few of my guns
            On the other is walk away from my home, job, significant other, etc etc
            Or resist and plan on being one of the people you read about that the MSM paints as a psycho.
            Im one of the folks who is lucky to just pay my bills let alone buy gold, thats something totally out of reach, so then to have these politicians trying to stomp on my rights and force compliance, im getting to the point of saying screw it MOLON LABE

            • If we give up our guns, its all over… just a matter of time before they squeeze the bolts on our neck. NO WAY in hell I’d give up my guns… better die fighting back than die in a FEMA concentration camp! Once they have our guns, they can do whatever they want. Have you’ll seen the video of dead corpses all over the place in the video, “history of gun control’?

          • I was having problems with DMV awhile back because of new requirements. They took my drivers license away even though I have a near perfect driving record. (They want everyone to have a National ID card now). I fought them tooth and nail for over a year. One time I went to DMV and told them how other states are fighting this because it violates our right of privacy, guaranteed in the Constitution. Guy at DMV said other states are basically “selling out”–if the price is right, they acquiesce. I noticed that a number of states had started going along with the Fed’s demand.. guess money speaks louder than words. I’m afraid this is what will happen in regards the second amendment. I’ve read the Fed is offering money to states to get rid of sheriffs.

            • Isn’t that the card you place in the microwave and squelsh that chip embedded??

          • Mac,

            My humble advice; if you have young children and you see that the State is going to force you to give up your right to bear arms, then leave my friend. One has to think of the future for our kids sake. Do you want them to live under complete control of the State when they grow up, or do you want them to have the same freedoms that you were afforded until now? Once the kids are older and somewhat planted, it is hard to pack it up and leave, they don’t want to leave their friends or if they are married then getting them to leave would probably not work.

            It’s not a hard choice when you think of your kids future. Where will they be the most safe, free and happy, good luck.

          • Stand your ground Sir!

          • USA is not far away from the time when what’s “illegal” is determined as the pigs ransack your house.

          • @Mac
            There is a good YouTube video of a New York town hall meeting about the SAFE act and it is encouraging to see people speaking out and for their rights. California and Colorado will soon be facing similar dilemmas with other states to follow. Mac the only REAL discussion I have seen about these laws has been on your site and I hope that continues but I honestly would like see more. That said you and whomever else on this site that believes in liberty are welcome here in Texas. On a topical note I have chosen silver as my currency choice foe now as I have a long way to go before I feel comfortable prep wise. To all stay vigilant.
            Come and Take It!

          • Mac, I am sure to get flamed for this post. I’ve noticed over time that the people who are the most outspoken are the first to scream “OPSEC”. So it goes.

            The only guns I actually use and carry are guns that would be legal under California’s proposed laws. The ones that would not be legal are for OMG, break glass in case of emergency only situations. There is no reason for them to be readily accessible or in the open. There is no reason for anyone to know you have access to them. If the situation deteriorated to the point that you needed them, law and order would be an individual responsibility rather than a state responsibility. In other words, gun laws wouldn’t matter any more.

            Once ammo supplies are normalized make a drive across state lines and stock up, thereby avoiding California’s proposed law changes. That assumes you need to stock up.

            No reason to move now. Just do some creative gardening or remodeling. Once your obligations in Cali are over, consider moving to the rectangular states, or Idaho, where the weather sucks but folks are still sane.

            • It would’ve been a good post if you had stayed away from your little ‘there is no reason’ BS.

              Who the hell are you to tell anyone there is no reason? pbtpbtpbt. Thumbs down.

          • Be happy to baby set your: guns, ammo, mags, gold, silver,cash; here in Wyo for a few years. Call me Mr’ Nice Guy.

      6. I cried my eyes out. So we’re all dogfaces, we’re all very, very different, but there is one thing that we all have in common: we were all smart enought to buy metal. We’re mutants. There’s something wrong with us, something very, very wrong with us. Something seriously wrong with us – we’re preppers. But we’re American preppers! We’ve been kicking ass for 200 years! We’re 10 and 1! Now we don’t have to worry about whether or not we practiced. We don’t have to worry about whether Captain Stillman wants to have us hung. All we have to do is to be the great American fighting soldier that is inside each one of us. Now do what I do, and say what I say. And make me proud.

        That’s a fact jack.

        • B..L…oooowwwwnnnn up! sir

      7. I agree with the investments in precious metals, but be diverse as always – gold, silver, steel, lead, brass, etc…

        I would also recommend, as I’m sure many here already know, investing in oneself and one’s family or team members through a thorough education in everything…

        The zombies are getting restless…

        And we haven’t much time left…

      8. Well, gold is a little out of my range, currently. I will be looking at it a bit later, if there is time. Silver as well.

        If there isn’t time, and the SHTF before I have any, I’m not too worried. I see too many gold chains and gold teeth everywhere in this town, twinkling prettily in the sun as they chat on their Obamaphones to and from their decked-out Cadillac Escalades. Figure all I have to do post-SHTF is wait a bit, then just go around and pick them up. Reckon my taxes paid for a good percentage of them anyway.

        I’ll have plenty of other items to barter with at first. Got a good selection of hand tools, nails, screws of all kinds, and, well . . . you get the idea. Not to mention a healthy suppply of ammo for calibers I don’t have. My food storage has come a long way, and I’m adding to it everyday.

        KySSG . . . out.

        • @ Kyssg and others.

          I was reading Mac’s comments about his dilemma concerning moving from his present location, and then got to your’s KySSgt. It dawned on me that now, more than ever, “timing” is everything concerning prepping and dealing with the times we are facing.

          How many times have we heard the questions, Do I have enough time? Is their enough time to get everything we need to survive? The list of “timing” questions go on and on.

          The comments about enough time to get to a point where we feel fully prepped, like; ” I need another six months to get things in order”, or “if we can get another years worth of wages”. Them there are those that are right at the time of retirement. “If I can get by another couple months or years I can cash out my 401k or pension and I’ll be set.”

          To buy gold or not. Should i buy now or wait till the time is right? Is their a right time or not? Either way it may be a gamble. It could be the best or worst decision a person can make.

          I bring these things up because I have been facing my own dilemma as to making a leap into a proposition that has been kinda layed in my lap last year. As a person that relys on my faith for wisdom on such matters, that can involve a lot of time and energy, I prayed for wisdom and understanding as to what I should do.

          That revelation came over the weekend and i received information of events that “not may”, but “definitely will” unfold beginning in April of 2014. This has been the most exciting and unveiling of events as I have seen in quite sometime. This isn’t a prediction, or based on some dream I have had. It is scientific fact and corresponds with Gods on words. It gives me what I needed to know to make several “different” decisions in my life based on “TIME”.

          I am now deciding “how” to put this information together and make it available to my friends here on SHTF plan. I don’t want to scare anyone or cause undue alarm, but just want to make this info available so each person can make up their own mind as how they will use it, loose it , or ignore it. I for one am taking it to the bank, sort of speaking; and will save much time, energy, and money by doing so. My whole SHTF plan will not change that much, but the timing of coming events will cause me to “cut out/cancel” some things I was going to do in the next 6 to 12 months.

          If the Lord is willing, I’ll have the wording worked out and laid out in a couple days and share with the site.

          • don’t tread,

            Nobody can say when the SHTF,hell if I had another 1000 rnds of ammo for ever time said it was next month I’d quit work. Even the Bible states no man shall not know. Just keep your down and keep prepping..



        • KySSG- By the time the uprepared die off they will have long ago traded their “bling” for any food scraps they can find.
          My opinion is that it would be better to stock up on extra foodstuffs for bartering purposes and after a week or two post-SHTF load up the extra food in the truck and become a mobile gold for food vendor!

          …just make sure to bring some armed back up along with you and a driver just in case it gets hairy and you have to make a fast getaway to protect you and your stuff.

      9. I’m starting to think ammo will be more valuable than metals

        • For a time it will. But as we create a new system that is where metals and land and skill will be the most value.

          And ammo value will be go higher based on how bad it gets. Plus if it is that bad i will trade my gold before my ammo.

        • Hey RICH99. Hope all is well, haven’t heard from you in a while. Hopefully you made it through Sandy relatively unscathed and are faring the NEMO well.

          I agree. In the book One Second After, a local boy was trading varmints he shot for .22LR ammo. He would get 5 rounds for 1 varmint and was able to kill more than 1 or 2 of them to help feed his family.

          Anyways, good to hear from you!

          Take care.

        • @ RICH99. I have heard this over and over again, store up ammo that is the most universally used and canb be bartered with the most. The humble .22 LR rounds like Norse Prepper says is not only good for use, but excellent for trade. The .38, .357,.40, 9mm and .45 caliber handgun ammo is also very good. It seems like after true SHTF that ammo might be far more valuable than any precious metals.

          • How many people on here are going to be trading their ammo to someone?

            Someone that could possibly be giving it back to you at a very high rate of speed.

            Yea, I don thin so Lucy. You keep ammo for protection, not for trading.

            • Why are so many folks planing to get rich off others misery?….I got no problems with Fair barter trades. But it seems some folks think alot like them evil greedy Banksters when they speak of how they plan to get rich or do so swell in bad situations.

              Personally I think a Better plan is to do more like early era christains when they were persecuted, and banded together as One group and it didnt matter who had more or less…Their Main goal was All in group do ok.

              As for them what believe They is who will “rebuild” it all afterwards etc….I think that fantasy will become a heartbreaking thing when Reality sets in if things go really bad. Unless you are very young, like 15 to 20 yrs old Now?…I do not think you will be doing much more than surviving if posible.

              Don’t misunderstand what I am saying. Yes I agree you should get fair barter and be paid fair for any work done. But there Is a difference from that to pure Greed.

              Especially when greed turns to pure Lust for $$$. How is that any different from todays bankster crowd?

              • What on Earth inspired you to believe I’m talking about Greed in what I said in any shape manner or form?

                What differentiates ‘fair barter and to be paid fair for any work’ and ‘pure Greed’? Who decides that difference? Who decides what’s fair?

                If you go to the gas station today and are charged $3.15 vs go to the gas station tomorrow after hurricane Sandy, wait in a line for 8hrs and you pay $6-$10, is someone greedy then? Who forced you to make that purchase? Who decides when it becomes greed?

                Regardless, I’m not going to agree with you in any shape, manner or form simply because you’re a leftist and a hardcore racist and you’re NOT to be trusted at all. You really have no grasp of anything but your d*ck.

                • Not so much: Great screen name choice Not so much! fuck You asshole. I wasnt replying to you or your comment. It simply posted at that spot on board idiot.

                  Sounds as if You got a Guilty concience eh…And You is whos alot like leftists with that crap attitude of all stuf is relative to what You believe. They call it Moral relitivity right?….And thats exactly what has so fucked up america and especially todays Yutes…You sound alot like todays Yutes. Not so much…Yes that fits you swell.

                  ps if you decide to change names…Go with “Even Less!”

                  • *smooch* right in the middle.

                    Apparently you’re too dumb to know that you replied to my post. Carry on dummy.

            • If I am trading .22LR ammo, it is because I still have enough .223 for my own use.
              If I am trading .223 ammo, it is because I still have enough .308 for my own use.

              • I wish you luck that your own ammo doesn’t find its way back to you

            • Not So Much: If small gold, silver rounds, and 90% junk won’t work in a trade then .22LR is the next best thing to currency. It’s light, very portable, and divisable into very small units (1 round). The .22 LR is the most ubiquitous gun in America and a good prepper should have more than enough for small game etc. with some , and I mean some, left over for barter. The rest of the ammo (30-06, .40, .357, etc.) is for big game and defense, and you wouldn’t want to trade that unless it was for medical emergencies. So, .22LR is an option if PMs won’t do.

              • You could also trade a slice of your wife, that doesn’t mean it’s prudent.

                Like I said, good luck with that. If the word gets out that you have ‘stuff’, you’ll need it now that you’ve armed your opposition.

      10. Pretty soon we will have a brand new meaning for living from paycheck-to-paycheck. I prefer silver because it seems easier to invest a few hundred dollars at a time.

        I am afraid of gold because in 2016 we may have a new Cleopatra named Hilary?

        • don’t worry about 2016, or 2014. System will go down before then. We’ll be picking up the pieces, or in a civil war. There’s lots of motion now, of people determined to stand up a new republic. Take a look at the thinkers coming out of the young generation.That guy who made the 3D-printing AR magazine. He had an interview with Alex Jones last month, and was speaking about libertarianism, and using terms like information-anarchy and such. It was a brilliant interview, and this guy’s generation will have the reigns of power in about 25 or 30 years. The current corrupt republic faces a binary condition–that of total success or total failure. Total success means marxist totalitarian police-state, at which time nothing will really matter, or refounded republic with rampant libertarianism, bordering on anarchism.

          Don’t worry about HRC.

          • Actually you should worry. The difference between what you’re talking about and the actual founding of our republic was the patent. It allowed the small guy to protect what he created so he could be rich if he wanted.

            I’m not against technology, I make a very good living off of technology. But ‘information-anarchy’ is not going to be the panacea you think. Unless of course, you’re in it to steal from others.

        • Gold is also not convienent in a local barter economy in which many of us live.

          Stick with silver…small denominations.

          • Gold has gram pieces they are the way to go for barter. Prei meam to high on silver grams unless you just know you need them. Dimes are the best silver.

            • A gram is still pretty high on the value chart even today with the dollar in place…if dollar is gone, everyone will have to learn to negotiate for what they need and decide what is “worth it.”

              That will become the deciding factor…”how much is it worth to me.”

          • Gold is the way to preserve your wealth THROUGH the Changes to the other side: if you have any.
            Silver is for commerce. Lead is for self preservation.

            Invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead. They won’t be making any more of it after the Changes.

            • bam, bam and bam!

              Let’s make those changes soon.

            • Absolutely right kid been saying that for years no one seem to understand; silver is to pay for the trip, Gold is to set yourself back up when it’s over.

        • It’s taking 10,000 cops to TRY to find one guy, just how many do you think it’s going to take to confiscate Gold and guns from 100,00,000?

          • I spent over an hour in conversation yesterday with a 15 year member of Phoenix PD. He told me that rank and file cops support the Second Amendment for US, but Chiefs would be replaced if they said something contrary to the Government line.

            It was a GREAT conversation. He is now spreading the word about Washington’s Vision.

            • Interesting.

              If the rank and file cops support the 2nd amendment…and stand by their beliefs….then who will the newly installed chiefs have at their disposal to command?

              Sounds like a lot of chiefs…but no Indians! LOL!

              And perhaps…if TSHTF…THOSE chiefs will be replaced rather quickly…with someone who has a little more respect for the Constitution.

      11. With these devaluations around the world there will be lots of “weeping and gnashing of teeth”. A lot of people will be starving and rioting like a couple years ago. Most countries don’t have EBT and some are already on the edge of starvation. Better get growing your own food if you haven’t yet…it is coming here.Hang some f’n bankers.

      12. I have some machine tools in my garage, a CNC, manual mill, lathe, surface grinder, heat treat oven, saw and a few other items. I’ve been buying extra steel, aluminum, brass, welding rods, saw blades. grinding wheels. If shtf then I’ll exchange my services to build a part for your pump, tractor, truck, trailer, or what ever metal part that’s broken for your gold 🙂 or skills.

        • Smart man !! Skills, and the tools to use them will be in demand no matter what calamity comes along.

        • That mill and lathe could be real valueable, amazing what you can make with that stuff

        • If you have power of some sort…grid could be gone.

          That is something that few take into consideration. Many just assume that there will be power.

          I don’t plan on there being any electricity…anyone else have a comment?

          • All my plans are based on “no electricity”. If I have power, it’s an added bonus.

            I have quite of few manual food prep tools – grinders, mills, cookware that can be used over an open fire and on a woodstove.

            I also have some quality garden tools.

            I can’t build much, but I can cook, grow, and preserve food. Everybody’s gotta eat.


            • @Daisy…Looks like you got it lined up right!! Sure glad I had my old “hand grinder” this past week….as I have to “mince” all of hubbys’ food….had a real nice little B&D electric food processor, unfortunately, I left it on the back burner of my stove (with a roast in the oven)….U guessed it ……MELTED!! ): Take care, CC.

            • i’m with you Daisy, a lot of manual cooking equipment. Do you have one of those apple peelers? I love mine, great for apple butter which I cook in cast iron over a fire.

              • Hi,, FCG – no, I don’t have a peeler yet. What I use for apples is a Roma mill. I cook them peels and all and then put them through the mill. Lots of vitamins in the peels. 🙂 A peeler would be very nice to have – I acquire lots of my old kitchen tools at yard sales and thrift stores, so it’s usually just a cool kismet find when I add something new.


            • I buy at least one of everything I can find of “tools” that will require no power, from food/wheat grinders, to hand drills, hand saws, meat slicers, washboards, coffee grinders, butter churns,seed planters, plows, wheat scythes etc, etc, etc,etc. Most any modern electric/fuel powered device you own now existed one time in human/animal powered form. You can find the stuff second hand at garage sales, Craigslist, etc. IF none of our fears come to pass, it won’t all go to waste, I will just start a museum.

            • I grew up “old school” we use all the “old tech”.

              Sure wish I had solar set-up to be off-grid. The money wasted on this fiasco just pissed me off.

              There is absolutely no reason why every home on this earth is not powered by the sun…it is because those “in charge” decided that it was more important for people to be moron followers rather than self-sufficient innovators.

              thanks for your comment…your site and your help is very valuable to humanity…lms

              • The price of admission to the solar game is quite high at present, but will come down. The cost of grid power will increase on a per house basis as fewer are connected to it, and the cost of building and maintaining the grid is spread among fewer customers. Solar is useful, but the term “free electricity ” is horseshit. There is no free lunch.

                I can forsee an offgrid solar home being practical and somewhat common after bugs like A/C and refridgeration have been worked out (the way we do those things really hasn’t changed that much). I can see a time where even moderately priced homes are built and never connected to a utility grid. Think of how hard it would be to cripple our society, taking down power to one house at a time. The utility operators better get smart and start selling things like PV panel service and batteries.

            • Daisy: Homade Apple Pies?…I do Window cleaning professionally(before I retired). Not many do window cleaning. Probobly because every window is a …Pane.

              ps window cleaners work High!

              • Angelo – Definite yes to the apple pies! Actually I can all sorts of pie fillings when I get fruit in the summer/fall. I use my granny’s pie crust recipe. It’s the best one I’ve ever found!


                • Daisy: ya just never know eh, maybe one day in the future we shall meet and we can trade off Your apple pie for My professional window cleaning efforts at your crib.

                  There Is a huge difference in a real prof window cleaner job as compared to avg amatuers work. It is more like an Art combined with skill. Before I gut in several accidnts and ended up with a very bad back and other phys problems. I could do the work of 1 1/2 to 2 men daily.

                  Good window cleaners can clean up in the cash dept!

                  Besides the best reason to have a Pro do your windows is…Because when I get em cleaned…You can almost see the Future when gazeing thru the glass, that appears to not be there once properly cleaned!

                  If your from Scratch apple pies are 1/2 as swell as my granny and mom made?…We Can do a deal!

                  ps grandma taught me how to cook and bake and from scratch also…I am simply too old and lazy to do so nowadays…So, I Can tell if it is from scratch!!!!!

          • Remember this: If you have no power 90% or more of the people will be dead in one year or less. Except among allies there will be NO trade, barter or otherwise. If 90% or more are dead, there will be Stuff everywhere.
            One of the reasons for the use of printing press was after the Great plagues there was a lot of extra cloth around to make paper. There will be machines everywhere.
            The biggest efforts will be to keep the power dams going, they can provide enough then for all that’s left.

          • lastmanstanding, I,m with you on no electric. The power goes out where I live a half-dozen times a year. When it
            happens, people don’t seem to know what to do after their
            toilets are full because they can’t flush it.

            I grew up in a rural setting where a lot of people used
            an “out-house” (we did’nt have indoor plumbing til 1954).
            A distasteful subject, I know, but I never see it talked
            about on most prepper sites.

            I worked on construction projects where we had to use a
            porta-jon for natures calls, so I bought a used one, cut
            it’s bottom out, and set it over a hole in the back yard.
            Works fine for when we need it! I don’t know what people
            in the cities will do. Let it hit the fan, I guess.

            • The plumbers’ here! Shitters’ full!

            • Not to sound too weird, but worrying about the Poo Problem was consuming quite a bit of my time. I found two eBooks (downloaded for free: library or via Google search) that totally explained how to handle this problem:
              Humanure Handbook by Jenkins, Joseph
              Goodbye To The Flush Toilet by Stoner, Carol

          • Lastmanstanding, being somewhat of a throwback already, if the grid goes down, we’ll just keep going. We’ve been forced off-grid due to weather before. The longest stint was 4.5 days in blizzard conditions. We were fine because of how our place has been outfitted: wood stove, wood cook stove (as backup), propane stove/oven (with 5 stored 100lb tanks for backup), our own woodlot and usually 2-4 cords split at-the-ready.

            Without the grid, all of the hand tools for the workshop, garden, barns, and kitchen would be the same tools used now. I hand grind my flour, hand mash taters, etc. My electric sewing machines would miss me but the treadle machine would get a better workout. 😉 All warm weather cooking would be out of doors, not inside. We already pulled the forced-air furnace from the greenhouse (got to be too expensive to run) and have taught myself how to grow with a lower set-point at 40-degrees.

            I’d miss my lights most, I think, because of Winter’s darkness but the lanterns would be glowing til the fuel was used up and then it would be candles, soaked rags, or small bundle burning. The long-term lighting issue is something few but solar folks have planned for.

            The Change will be very long term. What other lighting ideas have folks planned for? Maybe I should buy about 100 pounds of beeswax….

            • Zoltanne ~

              I have lots and lots and lots of solar garden lights. Every time they go on sale I buy more. Sometimes I get them when the stakes are broken off for small change and I made a cute little outdoor display of the broken ones in a basket that sits on a plant stand, soaking up the sun all day.

              The ones in the basket can come in at night and either be separated and placed around the house for nightlights, or used all together to make enough light for reading or close-work. The ones on stakes can be placed in vases to light a particular area.

              I’m looking at some of the solar camping lanterns too – they are reportedly very bright, but I can’t vouch for that personally.

              We have hand crank flashlights also, and then, as you said, all the different types of lighting that require fuel, and candles. Thus far we have rarely used the ones requiring fuel, as the solar lighting we have has been sufficient.


              • Daisy,
                I have been experimenting quite a bit with solar LED lighting. I have 3 of the solar lanterns that I found at Harbor Freight. They are bright, 12 LED, but not the brightest. They use NiCd rechargeable batteries that are recharged by solar, ac or dc.

                One of my new finds that I like even better is a solar 36 LED “security light.” I have the small solar panel sitting in a window inside and can use the led light indoors easier. They also make a 60 LED version that I am going to go get. Both are sold at Harbor Freight.

                I also saw Cabellas carrying a solar lantern but have not tried it.

                I have been experimenting with my small solar set up for a month now and am happy with it. I run a LED light for 12-14 hours overnight on a days worth of charge. The battery never goes below 12 after this many hours. The battery is easily recharged during the day. I don’t know what the # of LED’s the light is or what it equates to in watts but it is very bright. One could easily read by it.

                A couple of weeks ago when I first mentioned this small solar set up I was met with “impossible, no way, blah blah.” To which I say whatever…..all I know is the actual results I am getting. My setup is not intended to run a house or big refrigeraor, etc. I too prepared by powerless so anything I can get off of solar is just a bonus.

                I will be happy if I get to run the laptop for a number of hours or have some lights in the evening off this small setup. To me, it’s icing on the cake. Bonus extras.


                • Daisy and Kindle, we do have some small stand-alone solar equipment like outdoor security lighting and inside solar lanterns (the d.light brand). All works well.

                  We also have some white LED tubing (Christmas lighting), but same thing applies. We have talked about putting in a small system, similar to your idea, Kindle. For us, we could manage hardwiring 2 rooms for solar (out of convenience and evening laziness) which we could do ourselves. Doing this instead of trying to retrofit is more feasible.

                  We have a solar battery recharge unit and some batteries so as long as all of these lightbulbs hold out, we’ll still have headlamps and flashlights.

                  Refrigeration by means of solar would be more of a rethink-refrigeration than a retrofit with an existing power-hog appliance. I’m more inclined to build a Spring house by the stream than techno-fit a big appliance.

                  • Zoltanne & Daisy,
                    One of the other things I use for alternative power that works really well is a Xantrek Powerpack 400 Plus. It has a 20ah AGM sealed battery, 400 watt peak power, 2 110 Plugs and 1 DC plug. It can be recharged off of ac or dc. I have recharge it in my truck while driving down the road and off my generator. It is a self-contained unit tht once charged runs on it own.

                    I bought it years ago and it is still running strong. I have used it numerous times out camping to run the laptop, or small tv or lights, etc. I am now looking for a similiar item that can be recharged off solar. Northern Tool has one that is $400 and can be recharged off solar, ac & dc. 400 watts, 34AH battery.

                    Zoltanne, I too am thinking Spring House. I’ve been reading up on them and fortunately live next to a year round creek. I have also been playing around with a Thermoelectric dc refrigerator that will cool contents 40 degrees below outside temperature. It can be charged off dc…solar and generator.

            • I can find those little solar yard lights for $2-$2.50 on sale. They don’t give off a tremendous amount of light, but you can just use more of them where needed. They come with a AA size rechargeable battery, so you not only get the rechargeable battery but a solar charger as well – great deal! They charge during the day in any decent light. For outdoor use, I have pounded pvc pipe in the ground then set the light (attached to its included yard stake) and voila: a solar torch. Make the pvc pipe as tall as needed, to provide light for a larger area (dimmer, though) or a smaller, task light (brighter). These work well for indoor flashlights, rather than an open flame.

              You could buy a case of these for pretty cheap, and would work well if your ‘standardized battery’ program was size AA.

        • Don’t forget to buy some high temperature round steel bars. Might be a use for that too!

      13. Although you cant eat gold that is true, it isnt meant to be eaten. After, you have your food, WATER, and firearms/ammo squared away, then maybe look into PM’s. Once you hold an ounce of gold in your hand you will understand. There is just something about the size/weight ratio that makes it special. Not to sound condescending, but there are some people that are not prepping on a limited budget. Everyone has to do what is right for them and their family. There are plenty of stories of people in desperate situations, that have gotten out of them with a few gold coins. If you can afford it, get some, you wont be sorry. If you cannot afford it, dont worry about it, just prep with the basics, and just be glad that you are able to do that much. AS far as it being “illegal” to own or use it. Trading dollars in Caracas is illegal, but its done everyday. I wouldnt worry too much about any laws aginst having it.

        • You took the words right out of my mouth Clyde.

      14. Inflation is coming? Sorry, inflation is HERE. Has been all along. Go to the BLS inflation calculator and play.
        What costs $100 today cost me $15.16 when I graduated from university in 1968. I think you meant hyperinflation is coming. And I agree. Buy your gold and silver now. It’s not an investment. It is insurance and wealth protection.

      15. But the time for getting, has almost run out. When the price is rising fast, few are selling. Assuming that your wealth (fire, water, shelter and food) are taken care of, preservation of that wealth through transition upheaval was the point of this article. The dust will settle eventually. We, as optimists, prep to survive that transition. I’ll use as much silver and lead as required during, the gold is for after.

      16. Got to think WHAT will you be buying with your GOLD after SHTF? Food, safe water, ammo, guns, antibiotics, what??? I bet – You can get that stuff NOW a whole lot cheaper than AFTER SHTF with GOLD.
        SO, I would buy Food, Water Filters, Guns, Ammo, First Aid Supplies, Solar Panels, Batteries, Propane, 12 volts lights etc. Everything you need, can think of, could possibaly use. You need to play the “what if” game what if , this happens, what if that happens and be prepared for almost all scenarios. The people preparing for ONLY an EMP will be worfully un-prepared for any other scenario. That’s why you have to prep for about any scenerio, Flood, radiation, EMP, CME, Asteroid, Economic Collapse and I know you can not cover all bases doing this but IF you cover the ones most likely to happen you will be prepared better than most.
        And just maybe you and yours will survive.
        As for buying Gold and Silver, I would buy a ton of it BUT ONLY AFTER I had all – ALL my other preps done and had money left over. Make that your slush fund…

        • Absolutomo….GIVE that man a CIGAR! /NOSARC

        • Gold has very few natural enemies besides high heat and politicians and is relatively cheap to store.

          Food stuff is very expensive to store for an extended time since it is bulky, must be kept in a narrow temperature range, away from moisture and light.

          My gold is for obtaining food/goods/property in the future after my current stores have been consumed, stolen or damaged and I have no other way of replacing them. In short, it is the backup plan for the backup plan.

      17. I need some help. My little brain cannot understand why have cash put back for when the SHTF. If the U. S. A., collapses totally then the dollar will also? So if that is, what will dollars buy, if I had something that someone wants to buy and the dollar is now worthless, you think I going to except it as payment, no way? As for P M’s, how do you “cash” them into smaller amounts to use, and what do you cash in for “dollars”? Like I said this is mind numbing for me.

        If you think this is only going to last a month or two, THINK AGAIN. It will last years, so if you do not have preps put back for at least 18 months, and then some place to grow your own food, and your own water supply, that’s when barter items come into play. Like I said I won’t take dollars and I’m quite sure you won’t give me a 1/10 gold coin or five silver dollars for a sack of potatoes will you.

        So you see I will just go with my barter items, my preps, and worry about just getting through to the other side.


        • I think that having cash on hand is a valuable thing. We’re not talking huge sums of money here…just a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Remember, not all survival situations are “The Big One” and having a certain amount of cash on hand could be immensely helpful if ATMs and credit card machines aren’t working (for whatever reason).

          Besides, even if “The Big One” happens, some places of business may still take cash (at least at first). Spending your cash money might help you to fill in any inadvertent “holes” in your preps.

          • JS: THX

        • Gold is for preserving your wealth until things settle down. You might use a few ounces of gold to buy a house or farm. 1/10th ounce gold coins might buy you a horse.

          Of course you won’t use five silver dollars to buy a sack of potatoes. But you might spend a silver quarter or two for a sack. I remember when a silver dime would buy a loaf of bread. That same silver dime is now worth enough to still buy a loaf of bread.

          Gold and silver are still worth about the same as they always have. Just not when compared with paper money.

          If you have a little extra cash money, you should convert some into regular coinage. Copper, nickel and zinc coins will be worth their metal content just as the gold and silver ones. In other words, a few nickels would still be worth a piece of candy. Also, if paper money is devalued by knocking off zeroes, the government probably won’t bother with coinage. So your coins might escape the effects of hyperinflation.

          • Hi Archivist,

            Some time ago, over at the ‘Hedge someone took a look back at the cost of attending Yale vs the the price of Gold, ie, ‘How many ounces of gold to purchase same – from late 1800’s to today. The result: the cost hasn’t changed moe than plus ot minus 4% in all that time…amazing No?

        • Pale Rider….look at it this way. You should be preparing now on what you feel you will need for survival, such as food and other stuff.

          Cash can be used. Meltdowns and collapse won’t happen over-nite, thus you still want some purchasing power. You will know when the dollar becomes worthless thru hyper-inflation. But at first, credit will be gone so you will need something so you can buy gas or get some groceries.

          You need to spend your dollar before it becomes worthless, not after. As my dad use to tell me, ‘You can make more money selling easter lillies one week before easter versus one week after’.

          Thus, invest in PM and cash, but also know when to save or spend it.

        • You think taxes are going to stop one second before the absolute end? You think when the tax man says you owe him 1500 bucks he will take canned sardines? You think he won’t take your house and all your preps if you are short $1.98. How about: Water,power. Sure, you tell me EXACTLY when TSHTF and how bad and maybe I can tell you when to spend your last dollar; otherwise don’t be stupid, keep some

          • I agree, Paranoid. I think keeping some cash reserves to at least pay a couple of years of property tax may be a good thing. The government will be squeezing us for the last dollar so they can keep going. This state will not accept real money for taxes…only FRNs.

          • Paranoid, the tax man will be in the same predicament as us, no??

            • @ Paranoid, JRS:
              Well when TSHTF and there is a collapse of the government to me that’s FEDERAL, STATE, and LOCAL; government is government is it not. That’s means all government so why in the HELL are you going to pay F-CK’N PROPTRY TAXES. We say we will be fighting the FED THUGS and their STATE THUGS buddies from taking our GUNS right. What makes you thing that a little old lady from the LOCAL PROPERTY TAX OFFICE is going to be open to take your tax payment. When TIOTWAWKI event happens we are going to have more to worry about than paying taxes, I’ll guarantee you that. I don’t believe that the collapse will be a long process it happen very quickly.

              If it gets down to the point that we fight to keep our FREEDOM the Government will END OVER NIGHT, the day the FIRST SHOT is fired it’s over. That is my thinking.

              • but when: In the depression, the first guy that didn’t pay his taxes lost his farm. and there were plenty of cops willing and able to shoot his ass off. The guy that had 2-3 years of tax money got to keep his farm until the tax amnesty and they didn’t take it. You go ahead and be the first guy. I’ll wait awhile, thank you.

                • P: Maybe I’ll be the first,but I’ll take a few with me so when they knock on your door there will not be as many for you to deal with. I feel that there will not be a depression it will be like day and night when it goes down. Stick a fork in us we’re done, believe it or not.

                  Look if you have money to pay taxes or if you don’t,they can take it if they want to, anytime they want, so why waste your cash on hand to give to the government after it go down. In my neck of the woods good luck getting to pay your taxes and back home with cash on you.

        • During the Weimar hyperinflation in Germany, someone asked the farmers (who were selling food for cash) why they were accepting paper money. Their reply: “I’m paying off my mortgage.”

      18. So this year many of my folks friends are passing on.
        It’s ironic that many of these folks RVs cost more than their children’s how homes.

        Anything that comes your way via inheritance…. there’s only two directions to send it… PM or good sound rental property. You’d need to rent to professionals…most likely to survive the coming currency crash.

        Yeah, Obummer really printed shitloads of cash wth helicopter ben.

        I’ll stand my ground and go with God’s money.
        If they ever ban the sale of PM…the underworld will still need it as the currency is going cashless after the dollar collapse.

        Now here’s the thing…
        Have your preps well rounded… pm, dried longterm foods….protection.
        The big thing is to kill debts.

        We are killing it.. Where other families are headed on vacation… we stay home… backyard vacation….

        Things will continue to get bad.

        Very bad.

        The commie banksters are making sure there’s no factories in America and they enslave all with debt.

        Sad to see…

        The fourth turning book from 1996 predicted much.

        Personally I won’t miss the two generations kicking off…. they cannot hold a candle to my grand parents. They won world wars..had huge gardens…the original peppers… And despite it all… they had love. They were a loss…the silent and boomer generations… They can’t cash out fast enough for me.

        HA….where my folks inherited money and had a big house and many RVs….
        The gen X and those after will need to scrape by.

        • Agreed with everything you said until you lusted for my death 😀

      19. Mac and all I enjoy the information and opinions on this board a lot. Thank you. There years ago,after 10 mostly wonderful years in California we decided it was time to leave. When we were forced to go through all kind of “hoops” to build a carport for our Sierra cabin we said enough. With years in our eyes and many great friends left behind we moved to Eastern TN. Now we are retired and have been prepping for the last there years. Our new home has a large wood stove and our outdoor spaces are equipped with various cooking facilities in case of power loss. We have used several times during power outages and for garden canning. This year we will have a large garden and have chickens food,fuel,guns and ammo all in good shape now..Have begun purchasing gold as insurance on our 401k investments which will most likely go poof in the crash. We sold some collectables to allow us to do this. We are buying 1/10,1/2 gold pieces rather than ounce coins since we think the larger pieces would be harder to spend. We also have 3 large bags of junk silver my husband bought 7 years ago.
        Mac our biggest challenge leaving CA was selling our property . We finally did sell two places without taking a loss. We know this was all God because so many people have lost money. Long story short we miss beautiful CA but not the taxes,rules,regulations or general hassle. TN is beautiful where we are,low property taxes,lots of conservative people who we suspect are prepping too(we never ask or offer info). Course there are other issues but we feel much better here and are close to parents,son and his family and have 140 acre family farm away from heavily populated areas. There is life after CA. Good luck to all.

        • Just built in the mountains above Del Rio Tennessee. People here know how to take care of themselves – farm, kill/process hogs and beef, etc. Cost of living is next to nothing and feel secure in our isolated retreat. Winter has been wet and muddy, but spring will be here soon. I feel the independent folks in these mountains look out for their neighbors. Got gold, guns and grub. Garden is plowed. We’re good to go.

          • OS: My Mothers family are from Del Rio TN. A great place for us ridge runners.

      20. Why does most every one continue to talk about fiat money? Fiat money by definition is “paper currency” made legal tender by law. Few people even bother to deal with so called fiat currency, many years ago people were paid in cash, then we went to checks, and now few even want to be inconvenienced by that. As of March 2013 all payments paid out by the Federal Government will now have to be direct depoist or used on a debit card (plastic). These thing came about because enough people wouldn’t resist. It was just so much easier to go with the flow. So now the Feds don’t even have to deal with fiat currency, they just play with Numbers. Yes Gold and Silver is better than Numbers. But if you have assets to buy gold or silver, you will be losing out on that 1/0 of 1% you could be getting at your friendly bank. But lets continue to use that fiat currency as much as possible, pay bills when you can, and any other transaction in cash, at least resist dealing in just Numbers, because you know where that is leading us. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

      21. I have several posts on my blogsite on the topic of gold as a store of value. The post that is really relevant here is the need to keep your gold in a safe place. In a December post titled “How to buy gold”, I said there is more risk in custody than in price. That’s a factor that is usually overlooked.

        Let me recommend a forum that I subscribe to called “International Man”, patronized by many Americans concerned to keep their assets safe from confiscation. Some of the contributions there are well worth checking out.

        • Gordon
          That web site (International man) is incredible. Outstanding articles and I had never heard of it.
          Thanks for the info.

      22. News Flash! Germany demands repatriation of all its Gold! Feds scramble to find the metals. Plan confiscation of 9400 lbs of bling at Grammy awards!

        All nominated rap stars threaten boycott of show! Say they will hold their pimpin’ 9’s sideways and spray ‘holla points’ into crowd if bling is threatened. Snoop Zebra Salamander Gazelle, a multiple nominee, said, “It’s just who we iz! They takes our bling, we comes out shootin’ We ready for it, just ax any of the rappas.”

        In a related story– The ghost of Frank Sinatra says he will appear at the awards show, but only if the rappers make good on the boycott. In a rare interview, Sinatra’s ghost said, “If them punk-ass rapper boys stay out of it, then I’ll be there. Hell, even Sammy is ashamed of those guys. They couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. But if they show up and want trouble, I’ll be ready. I’ll plant my boot in their ass while doing an encore of ‘My Way.’ We’ll see how they like that!”

        Extra security had been planned for the Grammys, however, most of the available officers are said to be working the manhunt for a rogue LAPD cop gone on a killing spree. Of the 200 officers originally assigned to the event, 120 will be reassigned to the manhunt, and the other 80 will be home hiding under their beds. Wal-Mart has offered to transfer 16 off-duty store greeters as replacements.

        • SmokinOkie,
          I love your always funny uplifting spin on things. We all need a laugh in times likes these. Thanks!

        • Okie, you are one funny mofo. love ya

        • I haven’t stopped laughing yet Okie, thanks!:-)

        • LOL!!!! Don’t get your truck caught in one of these storms Okie!

          Take Care!!

      23. I vote for food, tools and ammo.

        I have read this site for awhile, and I am glad to see that it seems to be past the stage where prepping means having a large supply of toilet paper. If you can’t hockey without paper your not a prepper plus the nutritional value of paper is quite low. I can just see some of you trying to swap a desperate, cold, hungry man some toilet paper.

        I would suggest that building a fire is a no no, because hungry people can smell smoke a long way and associate somke with a warm dry place and food. Some of the food you save may not be really good cold, but do you want to have to kill someone to get to eat it? When I go to ground, I don’t want anyone to know I’m around or have anything worth having. What will people swap to me for food when anything they have is useless in a full blown crisis?

        I have made up my mind that I will stay where I am in any situation. Fifty years ago, I could live anywhere, with or without shelter. Now my wife or I neither one are able to bug out as you guys say. I don’t intend to die in some government camp either. If you are not conditioned to staying armed 24×7 even inside your house, you need to reevaluate your defense.

        Speaking of dying, I read a lot of bravado on this site, but I think very few people on this site have ever intentionally killed anyone in a face to face confrontation. Some have never intentionally killed anything, even for food. If you have to think about whether you will kill when the immediate situation requires you to, you won’t. Been there too. Killing happens in the mind before the action takes place. Make up your mind now, and if you won’t just get on the FEMA bus like a good boy. It works on your mind after it happens too.

        I was working in my shop yesterday and realized that I don’t have a supply of hacksaw blades, but I will have if we make it to Monday. This may ring a bell with someone else. This isn’t the only thing I lack. I don’t think any of us ever get everything we will need together. I sure would miss power tools. Don’t tell me about generators and solar panels, because long term they are just junk.

        • A resounding yes! All manner of hand tools in multiple multiples …for wood and metal…
          It’s amazing what you can get at garage sales and second hand stores…for pennies on the dollar…

          • Don’t forget a supply of extra handles for the hand tools, including garden tools as well.

        • Looking ahead to whether you want to eat meat or not, make sure you have a meat saw with extra blades and a couple of good boning knives and a steel to sharpen them.

          • They call those trees. and they grow by themselves. Don’t waste your money, buy a pocket knife and make what you need.

      24. I fully understand the reluctance to credit gold with the role of serving as actual currency when it’s price is at a level which places it beyond the reach of many. It is, nonetheless, an historic FACT that it has so served for 6000 years, through each and every empire, regime, junta, kingdom or whatever other names the political systems organized by humanity are called. I doubt there’s much going on today which hasn’t been going on before, somewhere, and despite all opinions to the contrary, the track record says…….buy gold!

      25. I agree gold/silver are good investments,history proves this out…wish I had some but its not an option in my case…small farmer/homesteader = no income…no income = no silver/gold…lotsa tools and food but no PMs…I know theres alot besides me who have nothing in fiat to spare…maybe Ill get lucky with the old metal detector 🙂

      26. Greetings Everyone!
        So our D.H.G.D.(damned horrible Great Depression) is almost upon us.
        My grandfather lived thru and survived the one in the 1930’s.His personal wealth had been reduced by about 3/4(thanks to the local “trust-worthy” banker friend,but that’s another story)his investments by 4/5th.In spite of that,he raised a family,kept his house and all had enough to eat.Xmas and birthday’s weren’t lavish affairs,he said that doing such things in a “showy display of one’s means of wealth” was only signs of people with “plenty of new money but no manners or good taste”.His wife was even able to “fix a sandwich” for a hobo or two passing by from time to time back then.He did have an INTENSIVE backyard garden(and I mean INTENSIVE!) to harvest and can fruit and veggies from.He kept the front yard a tidy and respectable grass and flowers. He also knew YOU CAN’T TRUST WALL STREET.He set-aside money not in the bank as his own “reserve”(hence only losing 3/4 and not ALL).He also had “one bag of gold,Two of silver”.As someone of German descent,he heard from relatives from “back home” about the foolishness of trusting Bankers(many of whom were Jews,they were the ones noted as being the first who would skip town after emptying their bank of funds leaving the savers with worthless accounts,sound familiar anyone?).When he died at 93 years of age,due to his careful husbandry of what wealth he had,he left a decent estate for the kids to squabble over(he also spelled out who got what for the most part,so it was only a squabble,not a family fight).We might have a part to play like his for ourselves as things get friable(the medical term) in the U.S. AGAIN.
        funny how the bankers manage to repeat the same fleecing again and again….
        Best to All
        Hope you and yours are warm and fed for this day

        • Grayfox: My grandma was polish and also lived thru the depresion era. She died at 94 yrs old. She had 12 kids, and at least 8 kids with entire families resided at her home in detroit near tiger stadium back then.

          When I was age 18 yrs old I got my 1st harley, 1959 panhead dresser. My uncles would visit my granny who lived at my house and to make her feel good they’d give her a couple dollars.

          As soon as they left granny would call me into her room, and hand me the cash for harley gas!(I was her favorite out of all her kids and grandkids).

          She never spoke english except for a few words…Them words was Always (as she handed me the 2 dollars) “Angelo dont trust bank!”…But spoken with heavey polak accent.

          She always made me promice I wont deposit in my bank account or she would refuse to let me have it!…She would hold it as tight in her fingers as possible till I swore to God I wont put the cash in Any damn bank.

          She and all her kids lost most all they ever owned or had due to greedy evil banksters. She Hated them with a passion. Most all older folks back when I was a kid felt likewise. Dont trust banks!

      27. Someone has to set the price of gold. Currently “The Market” sets that price. The only problem with this is we all know the market price is controlled and manipulated.

        Like you, I believe in gold as real money compared to the fiat money printing. Unlike you, I believe the price of gold will ultimately go down the shitter.

        That’s just my opinion. But one FACT that is unavoidable is this — The markets ALWAYS do whatever is necessary to screw the largest number of people possible.

        The moral of the story: Don’t fall in love with your gold. There will come a time to sell. Otherwise, you truly will get the chance to eat it, in every sense of the word.

        • Max kiaser says gold prices are set Daily in City of London by Rothchilds or their agents banksters pals.

          It makes sense if thats reason every time gold drops(maybe rises too?) aprox $30 the NYSE Halts all gold trades at 1:30 pm every time. Usually they anounce the halt of gold trades hrs in advance.

          How is That free or fair trade or market decides prices?..I ask as I do not know so much on how their systems and stock markets operates…I Do know them bastards cheat and swindle and scam like nothing we ever seen prior

      28. We’re all facing increasingly tough decisions.

        I am building up stores of antibiotics and other medical supplies. I had a stock of slightly expired test kits but one of my assistants went through the office and discarded everything that had expired. She thought I’d be happy that she cleaned up. What she didn’t realize is that almost everything she threw away was still good after the expiration date, we just can’t use it on patients in our clinic right now. What a loss!

        I think in one form or another, the next few years will be testing most of us on our faith, our self reliance, our dedication to family, and our resilience. While some of my family members are preparing, I know some of them are too young or sheltered to really know what it like to face hard times. I pray daily that we have the fortitude (and the preparations) to make it through.

        I am also so glad to have this community -sometimes it provides the boost I need to keep going. When I am reaching the point of despair, I get an article motivating me to continue or SmokinOkie adds a bit of humor. You folks are enormously appreciated!

      29. SmokinOkie, keep that humor mill going; you’re better than TV. Drbuzzsaw, absolutely on point about getting everything you need BEFORE any crisis hits. I’m going to look into some pre-1965 silver coins; supposedly a MUST HAVE item for barter, but gold is out of my reach. I have invested in and still investing in food, water, water purification items, medical supplies, camping equipment, extra clothing and footwear, etc.; things I know will help me stay alive. The “dividends”I receive on those investments are peace of mind knowing I can survive on my own and not stand in any food line. I’ve always been self-sufficient in my own needs and worked for everything I want and need. I pay taxes into the system just like everyone else here; I’m just as damned sick of the freeloader programs as everyone else here. That “safety net” is straining at its limits now; only a matter of time before it breaks and when it does, it’ll be party time. braveheart

      30. Don’t know if you’ll saw the video on Daily Crux– young vet was gunned down in his house by U.S. death squad. Its titled, “What do you think of this video?” In the video, his wife looked out and saw all these men and warned her husband, who got his rifle. Suddenly, his front door was kicked in. Several military men, all dressed in black, with real thick, bulky clothing–bullet proof eveything- black helmets, etc, looking like out of space monsters– they fired 50 or more shots at him and killed him. They said they suspected him of selling marijauna– no proof. They said he fired first but was a lie–hadn’t even pulled trigger back. Similar thing happened to another vet who had served 2 terms in Iraq. Was sitting on front steps when firing squad of men dressed in black fired about 100 shots– stun gun. All he had was a pocket knife in coat. they said they suspected him of selling pot too. Point is– if they come to confiscate guns, it won’t be your regular city cope dressed in civilian outfit– will be these goons like they hire at black water, psychopaths, who have no qualms about killing. doubt you would even see any blood if you shot them– no place to penetrate– all bullet proof gear. Good to think of ahead of time and figure out what to do.

        • Make sure the motherfuckers come home to a pile of smoldering embers and a dead family.

        • you do know that’s an old story, right?

      31. Off topic a bit here, but I was thinking…all of the people in California who are scared of the former LAPD guy gone AWOL. To make yourself safer, TURN IN YOUR GUNS!! That should give you a feeling of being completely safe, right?

        Why don’t all of the people who he listed in his manifesto turn in theirs first as a showing of solidarity with their legislature? If you believe the idiot politicians they should be safer!!!


        And yes, this is complete sarcasm and I realize how rediculous I sound. As rediculous as the legislation they are planning.

        • Jesus is coming…

          • @Iowa
            Yes He is, and as the old 1960’s poster used to say, “Boy is He Pissed”.

            The wonderful thing is that His Kingdom is just a prayer away, uttered now as you sit at your keyboard.

            Let him who has ears hear; Repent and accept His loveing care and all of your fears will seem like shadows, without power to harm.

            Your Father wants to hold you in His good strong arms, find your rest in them now….before it’s too late.

            • You think Jesus is pissed; wait till you hear from His daddy!!

          • Jesus is coming, and boy is he pissed.

            • Jesus saves.
              Green Stamps.

            • I hope he makes sure that everyone is on the field at the same time…that all the fucks are in play where we can get a hold of them.

              I pray for us being able to get our hands on them every damn day.

        • the interesting part is, the general civillian population dont have to fear this guy, he’s not after us.

          but the MSM sure wants us all scared

          • Thats the thing, honestly, this guy is just like you and me
            How would you feel if you went through what he did, only to lose your job because you tried to do the right thing, then had any prospect of future employment destroyed by a corrupt commander,
            Reach the end of your rope? Dont blame him one bit, revenge? In this day and age, definitely time for payback

        • NP
          I now see your logic clearly. I’ll also start eating more to loose weight, and spending more money so my Savings Account grows bigger. Thanks so much my Brother.

          “Will the Last American leaving Miami, please turn off the light and take down the Flag”.

          • Sorry LA…the government conducted research and found that spoons were making people fat so they were confiscated to save you from yourself!

        • DiFi & co said just that. If he realized nobody else was armed, he would turn himself in. Just the natural human reaction. OOOOOOOK! He doesn’t seem to be a danger to anybody other than LAPD.

          All of you proud veterans must feel a profound sense of betrayal, knowing that as soon as you are no longer part of the machine, you are labelled an enemy.

        • Howdy NP,

          Hahahaaaaa…Pathetic, ain’t it?

          I mean, so many folk worried about the LEO and there they are in CA totally unstrung by J U S T O N E guy. I’m just about to come to the conclusion that proximity to ‘salt air’ must do something to the Human ability to think straight…CA, NY? Hahahahaaaaa. 🙂


      32. Before you get gold and silver, make sure your preps are in order. Gold and silver are wealth preservation tools during the upcoming reset in my opinion. Sure, silver and gold will possibly be barter items in a SHTF scenario, but beans, rice, canned goods, .22LR and other ammo will be more valuable in the immediacy of a collapse becuase it helps feed people.

        If my kids are starving I could care less about gold and silver, I only care about full stomach’s.

        If I have extra, then I will start to worry about wealth in the future.

        My $.02.

        • I didn’t buy an ounce of precious metals until I owned free and clear acreage with a solar-powered, wood-heated cabin with all the infrastructure for self-sufficiency, an armory to last at least one lifetime, and a couple years of food storage. The reason I waited is simple. I didn’t know what it would cost to take care of the priorities. I did not wait until I had all my work done, but everything purchased and on-site.

          Becoming a refugee is a real possibility that many people do not adequately consider in their planning. Living in Appalachia we are used to being the first to suffer economically and the last to recover and are already living in a post-SHTF America. TSHTF during the civil war and again during The Great Depression and our region was among the last to recover.

          While I fully expect to hunker down in this low population density region initially, In twenty years we may want to move to where the economy is growing and the difference between my adult children being unskilled labors or skilled apprenticed craftsmen may be a monster box of silver.

          • PP…Amen brother.

          • PP – you have described my plan presicely.
            i won’t buy gold until the house note is paid .
            with the gubbermint taking over the housing industry there is no telling the future of home ownership rights .

            i may never get to buy PM’s but i do have a farm 🙂

        • @ Norse Prepper. Your 2 cents are worth a lot more than any currency is. One item that I have seen grow in value a lot and something that can be stored until the next eon, and people use a lot of of and is always in demand is HONEY. Sugar can be stored only so long, but honey practically forever. Honey is an excellent sweetner and has a lot of other uses, such as an anti-bacterial agent. Honey use to be less than $2 per pound, now it is going for double that or higher. There is a reason that many have called honey gold other than its color.

          • Sugar has an indefinite shelf life–like honey and salt.

            • @ Jay-Jay. I know that salt has an indefinite shelf life, but I thought sugar actually started to break down over time and lose its molecular bond and become worthless over time. I have seen what happens to brown sugar. I know honey because of the way bees refine it, as BigB would know much more than I would on this, that it lasts practically forever. Please clue me in on sugar, or someone else out there as I have a lot of white sugar that I forgot to rotate and I would like to know if it is actually still safe to use. Thank you to all that know so much, we are all helping each other plan for what is coming.

              • Howdy Bi,

                Think of this: Sugat + oxygen =?, same notion as any other ‘combustible’….remove the second half and V’iola, long term storage. Not applicable to gasoline Which MUST be VENTED for the obvious reson and which themce lets water vsapor enter the loop……then ‘sludge’, varnish…

              • Sugar lasts forever. if kept dry. Brown sugar is just sugar they have added molasses to. molasses will ferment. IF you look around you can find lists for things that last forever or nearly so. Grandpappy’s site has lists, if you can find them, His site index seems to miss parts of his site. Mormons also have lists.

      33. I think the idea is don’t go into debt buying PMs, but don’t keep your money in savings. Keep enough in bank, if your able, to pay for 2 months and cash for one. The rest should be in PMs after you have a reasonable supply of beans, bullets, and bandaids.

        If you can’t then buy extra food or something you will use anyway. Once I stopped buying new cars and keeping up with the Jones, I seemed to have more money to prepare. Now every purchase is for things I will need no matter what…

        • I bought a gold 50 gram combibar that can be broken up into 50 one gram pieces. I could alway grind them up and put them in cinamin schnapps and make Goldschläger and drink it…

      34. The number one reason to invest in gold, to line your pockets since you are stooge of gold brokers. How much of a cut are you getting for encouraging the sheeple to buy gold?

        • Joe, they pay me in Chickens, what does Barry pay you to com here and act the fool-Mac

          • Come, not com, and you’ll still a knuckelhead Joe.

            • TLA…either spelling it was appropriate …lol !

          • The NC in Joe probably stands for North Central, as in Utah, near Bluffdale. His fusion confusion is obvious.

        • @ Jo(k)e(r) in NC. So joker what do you invest in for the future? I can only imagine. Think about this, if you brought gold back at the turn of the century you would have tripled your money. That 300%+. How many stocks have done that? Not too many. I wonder if you even put away food and other necessities when NC gets nailed with a hurricane or other natural disaster. You complain and attack everyone on this site. Okay joker, tell us all what we should invest in. We all want to know what the “brilliant” joker thinks we should put our security in. Tell us joker in NC what all of us should be doing. IF you have the nerve tell us what the joker in NC “thinks” about what is smart way of protecting ourselves for the future, that would be interesting.

          • Social Security.

          • Watch it BI…joe and ricky will do a tag team on ya…lol!
            cwfo…so transparent…

        • disagree, Au/Ag will have value immediately after the SHTF, but when the sheeple need to eat, it has little to no value

          • You are wrong again…be a negotiator and you can get whatever you want, when you want/need it.

            “free your mind and your ass will follow”

            • you can say I am wrong, but when people are hungry and resources are low, no one will give two shits about a shiny metal object. The smart peeps will want usable objects or value in trade resources or workers.

              • Not sure why that posted as Anonymous, but clearly it was me

                • People who “get it” will take Ag and use it to barter for something else. they already have thought the barter thing thru.

                  Lots of people think “outside the box” Mac…as I said above…”free your mind, and your ass will follow.”

                  If one is to survive what is coming, one had better be a fast, free thinker…value is value, make a deal and move the fuck on to the next.

                  That is how the planet works.

        • JoeinNC: Your ignorance of economics is only surpassed by your ignorance of every other subject presented on this site. But then again, why should any of us be surprised. Hey, at least your consistant. When they were passing out the brains, you thought they said trains, and you told them, “no thanks, I’ll take the bus”.

      35. I’ll let you change the wording to fit our present situation.

        Patrick Henry:
        “Ask yourselves how this gracious reception of our petition comports with these war-like preparations which cover our waters and darken our land. Are fleets and armies necessary to a work of love and reconciliation? Have we shown ourselves so unwilling to be reconciled, that force must be called in to win back our love? Let us not deceive ourselves, Sir. These are the implements of war and subjugation; the last arguments to which king resort. I ask, gentlemen, Sir, what means this martial array, if its purpose be not to force us to submission? Can gentlemen assign any other possible motive for it? Has Great Britain any enemy, in this quarter of the world, to call for all this accumulation of navies and armies? No, Sir, she has none. They are meant for us; they can be meant for no other. They are sent over to bind and rivet upon us those chains which the British ministry has been so long forging.
        “They tell us, Sir that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance, by lying supinely on our backs, and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power. Three millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us.”
        “Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance, by lying supinely on our backs, and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot?”


        • As one of the more vocal of the time…
          Paddy was one of my favorites.

          • Yep, me too.

            Few indeed have ever met Mt Henry’s level of oratory… lord, but he was a firebrand, and such clarity!

      36. Golds a silly investment at this point sell your gold and buy silver ! None of your investments will matter if you don’t escape the city Go…Go Now!

      37. Have you not read, Gold will be thrown away as refuse in the last days?

        • oh, put a sock in it, it won’t matter soon anyway…
          One way or the other…

        • Agreed that it will be mostly worthless, but that is only if there is a total and complete collapse and even then it would be for many years after that point. However, if there is only a “little” collapse, then yes, gold and silver will probably sky rocket and have really nice returns during our probably inflationary future.

      38. Everyone knows the paper price Gold and silver are artifically capped by the HSBC and JPM. Until the whole system comes down will real money find its true value. JPM can make the paper price whatever they want. The premiums will skyrocket. At least we know the CFTC is behaving like police high fiving the bank robbers as they walk out of the bank with the bags of cash. When investing in PMs you must know this.

      39. Gold!? That’s for old economies. This is the “new age.” Like the New South and the New Math, we have a New Economy. Just because gold has been the most widely accepted form of money for over 6000 years, that doesn’t mean you need it now.

        These are enlightened times; new rules apply. Pressed cellulose with pretty colored ink numbers printed on it is what has real value today. Ignore Italy and France and China and India and Germany and Switzerland and Russia and Japan and the Netherlands. Just because they hold all that gold doesn’t mean they think it’s worth anything.

        And just to show you what a nice guy I am, I’ll take your gold off your hands and give you some of this pretty paper. Just sit right here a minute and let me go print up some of more of it.

      40. Sorry guys…this is off topic…translate and you may understand…

        Merree … êtes-vous là?

        S’il vous plaît … dire bonjour …

        • yahoo…

        • I was never good, but I think:

          Merree, are you there?
          Please say hello

          • yes

            • voulez who? My French ain’t too good. I prefer that Spanish lady who makes spaghetti. I think her name is Kay Pasta.

      41. One thing to remember, never “fight the fed”. People who took their 300-500% increase in gold, put it into stocks for another 100%, etc. have a lot of money TODAY, to buy several nice safe retreats, lots of food, tools, supplies, medicine, etc. all of which will be worth more than gold if a collapse happens.

      42. Keep your gold in your teeth.

        You can’t eat gold, but you can chew with it! lol

      43. Told my Better Half, from here to The Second Coming, the only gifts she’ll be getting for Valentine’s day, Mom’s Day, ect will say “14kt” Gold or “Sterling Silver” on them. Another way to build up value.

        We buy everything that we can afford to buy with a credit card, then pay off the balance so as not to pay any interest. The card gives us 5% cash back, which we then use to purchase silver coins on a dollar cost average, best way to get’m.

      44. How is gold not affordable for most people? My earnings are measly, but I have still been able to buy gold… as well as silver. It’ simple. Quit buying a cup of coffee on your way to work (make your own), drop the premium cable channels (or cable all together), rent a move instead of going to one ( I download mine; I don’t care), cut your own hair (I shave mine; I save on shampoo too), sell the crap you don’t need (dvd’s, video games, books, that extra bike sitting in your garage or apartment)… My money goes toward food, wine, internet, gold and silver.

      45. Yes, wine is a necessity.

      46. Think about just how little one ounce is and how much value gold and platinum has for that amount of weight. An average writing pen weighs about 1/5 of an ounce, a safety pin weighs about 1/20 of an ounce, an average computer printer cartridge is about an ounce. $1700 for an ounce, or about $1500-$1600 for platinum, that is a lot. Look at what gold was worth 4 and 1/2 years ago when the dow jones was at what it is now. This is why when they say that the dow is back to what it was and everything is fine now, is pure crap. Inflation and value to precious metals makes the true DJIA at around 6500-8500 depending on the precious metal.

        All depending on the situation and the rapidness of the SHTF event will determine IF gold and other valuable metals mean much or anything. If nothing happens then gold and silver and other precious metals are the way to go. If for example the missiles go off then precious metals will have no value, only food, water, other necessities, protection and ammo, and shielding shelter will matter at all.

        This is the real issue, WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. You could literally have the weight of an average can of soup in gold, about 15 oz. or about $25000 of gold sitting in a safe or some other place. If the world doesn’t fall apart you have a nice little sound and secure investment. On the other hand can you imagine what $25000 worth of supplies mean to a family of 4, like maybe 2-4 years worth of survival depending on how the well the money was spent. The real call is yours, what do you feel is going to happen? Which plan is best for you? Those that choose the food and supplies path still can’t lose much because of inflation. Those that choose the precious metals can lose much or gain much depending on the way of the world. Again, it is a personal choice, but everyone needs to at least invest in what you need to eat and live at least partially out of your resources.

        • SHTF and 15 ounces of gold will be the equivilent value of $150,000.00. I believe value will go to $10,000.00 an ounce or much higher. And that is not hyperinflated dollars. That is buying a house that today would cost $200,000.00 , with 20 1 ounce gold eagles.

          And when SHTF, no amount of money will coax someone to sell their gold.

          • Rick, what if TSHTF and someone was forced to sell a house, boat, land, farm, factory, apartment building, etc, and FRNs were worthless? What else is there? Depending on the scenario and where you are in the recovery cycle, it could well be that holders of precious metals would become the new elite. I’m definitely not wishing for that but this line of reasoning tells me not to sell it off but wait for the trade value to reach the levels you’re talking about if not higher.

        • Hi BI, I’ve been thinking about platinum vs. gold, but wonder if the color of it won’t put people off (“uh, looks like silver to me”). I’ve never seen any in person, and know you can get stamped bullion or coins, so maybe the coinage takes care of it?

          Also, haven’t looked – did that thing pass where gold purchases are recorded and sent to the gov’t? If so, wasn’t sure if platinum would get around that (or any future confiscation orders/reporting requirements/etc.)

          Obviously I need to catch up on my info and strategy…

      47. Do yourselves a favor and DO NOT invest all in. Price fixing is extremely common and if our not-so-wonderful leaders decide that they want the price of precious metals to be X, then they will regardless of what society thinks its worth

        • ding ding ding…we have a winner!

        • Please, I’m an idiot and don’t understand. Please explain how TBTB will dictate a price.

          Now I agree, they are manipulating the fiat price DOWN, because it makes the dollar look stronger. But they can only do that because there is a huge paper gold market, which determines price for physical also. We’re getting a bargain now. As long as you buy phyz, and posess it. When the paper and physical divorce, and they will, look out. Rocket ship! The paper market is estimated to be 10 times larger than the amount of above ground physical gold.

          When the music stops, do you want a chair, or a peice of paper that says your entitled to a chair? And a lot of folks in paper gold think they’ll just convert to phys at the last minute, no problem. This is going to be the greatest show on earth. There are so many that feel so secure, because they have “money in the bank”. Hell, they will probably let Bernie Madoff out of jail, just because he’ll look like a two bit check kiter. ha!

          Anyhow, I’ll be watching for the explanation on how the .gov will “fix” the price of gold or any other precious metal. This ain’t 1934.

          • Look, I am not arguing against gold/silver/precious metal ownership and I am talking about oz/lbs in hand, not paper. I think it is some of the smartest investment(s) you can make. However, I am merely stating that it would be in your best interest to not have an all-in philosophy with anything due to the nature of the beast.

            As to price fixing, was not one of the largest banks in the world (RBS) fixing interest rates for mortgages based upon the LIBOR or not? You are a fool to think that it can’t be done with any commodity, because it was done and it wasn’t 1934, it was 2006 at the onset and ended around 2010. And for their troubles, they were fined a laughable $600 million US. How much total do you think they bilked in the process. Odds are that it was MUCH greater than the slap on the wrist they got.

            When/if the SHTF, are you going to give a crap about silver/gold rounds or are you going to be looking for usable assets: food, water, ammo, medicine? What good does all that gold/silver do in your safe? You can’t eat it, shelter under it, shoot it or take it for an infection.

            JUST DIVERSIFY and you will be fine.

          • Rick–thanks for that–I saw a headline last week, ‘Don’t be the last holding Gold’…but in my thinking, if you are then let it be real, not paper.

            • Howdy JayJay,

              Too right Hon, Barnhardt (Anne) has been on this like a ‘dog on a bone’ from day one after the whole MF Global thing occurred. You all please remeber that some of what Corzibe ‘vaporized’ was serialed bullion held by GS…at the end a COURT ruled that they didn’t have to ‘give it’ back Paper is absolute CE_P!! To quote Barnhardt, “If you can’t stamd over it with an assault rifle, you DON’T own it.”

        • @ Mac,nto,

          Actually, thanks…people everywhere are getting myopic about the gold/silver thing. Remember folks, it’s only a TOKEN for wealth…better than Fiat, yes..but still a token. That’s EXACTLY how they’ll pull the magician’s trick at the END of all this. Everyone will be watching the money pool up in the banks feeling safe and then WHOOOSH!!!, they’ll pull the super-kill-switch on it all AKA the “Derivatives Market’ and then everyone will be left chasing a trail down an infinitely deep rabbit hole. Meanwhile they’ll actually have possesion of all the land, equiptment etc and nobody will be able to quit asking “Where did the Money go?” GET THE STUFF YOU NEED FIRST…then get PM…what you don’t have in a couple of weeks when China goes toe-ro-roe with Japan – dragging us in by treaty – you may have to wait a LONG time for! Since at that point all the trade from the FAR EAST HALTS…all the cheap goods we’ve been living on for years. SAVE PHYZZZ till last GET THE STUFF NOW!!!


          • That is exactly what I am talking about! It’s okay to hold some because when the SHTF it will be tradeable for resources of need for a little while, but overtime if things don’t improve, no one will want it because it has no intrinsic value

            • Hiya (again) Mac, nto,

              Yep, I belive as you do. At the actual END, or near to we’ll see a massive spike in the metals complex – at least gold and silver, platinum may DROP…industrial, Eh? – at that point anything one doesn’t have should be obtained at warp speed. High probaility that shortages will occur, any seller will likely need to be ‘incentivised’ with something that ‘gets’ thier attention. I’m not entirely talking about ‘cotton swabs and toothpicks’ here…larger stuff. That time won’t last long and if one HAD to give up half of thier PM to get the things neccesary to sustain life, security and health …DO SO. After the ‘Fall’ comes we might see gold at $40/dollars an ounce (long after…during the fall you won’t be able to buy anything WITH anything) but at that point the great ‘reset’ will have concluded and the entire system will be pushed downward hugely …probably a loaf of bread for a penny, a gallon of gas for 3 cents (if anyone is still producing, that is) …you get the picture. ‘Big Mac’ 🙂 hits it right on the head – as do others here – that it’s a store of ‘value’…whatever you make it through to the other side with WILL have extreme value once ‘trading’ begins again. What I am VERY worried about is that many, even some here, seem to think that trading will go on – in some form – day to day during the ‘Long Night’…it won’t since at that point it’s the ‘hunger games’ on steroids. In days of old people used to FEAR the time between the reign of Kings (especially if the King died without an hier) since the power struggles led to war and caused disruptions in eveything in normal life. There is a specific Latin word for this, “Interregnum”. We will see wars soon, on a variety of levels I’m, sure, including the ‘old Fashioned’ variety, interregnum indeed.

              I THINK it’s almost time to DUCK and COVER!

              Till later, JOG

      48. @ BI
        Sometimes you just have to roll them bones and hope for the best. Nothing set in stone. If it goes bad, well, “Sock it to me”.

        • @ slingshot. If what happens in the Middle East is what I feel will occur, we all roll snake eyes.

      49. I meant to say ““tools” that will require no MODERN power”

        • yes…think garage sales.

      50. For the past five years, been buying a little silver and gold every month, and in 2009, put a chunk of savings into gold bullion coins. IRA investments have been quality gold and silver stocks. Of course, as the dollar has dropped, these PMs have done well indeed.

        The second line of investments has been preps, food, firearms, ammo, and just about every item I can think of to make life in our mountain retreat a good and safe one.

        For those in states with draconian gun laws, I frankly would not be too concerned, at least personally. Enforcement of these laws is, for all practical purposes, essentially impossible, given the massive number of citizens who possess firearms vs the very small number of people charged with enforcing the laws. I’d be willing to bet that virtually no one in NY has given up any of their newly illegal magazines or AR-15s.

      51. I get the whole gold thing, “what if” they go to a cyber currency? Only ‘money’ is transferred by chip or ID card. Gold will be obsolete, they can do this, look at the value of gold and silver, fully 50% of the ‘silver market’ is paper… almost half of the gold ‘market’ is cyber gold…IMHO we are screwed.

        • Mmmike….I know what you are saying. If the ETF traders panic, then silver and gold will fall fast. Also, if China and others are buying Gold and Silver in extremely large amounts, then why is it so easy to get?

          Sure Gold will help those countries where their currency is backed by gold, but what about the dollar? If the ETF traders dump PMs and the dollar loses big value at the same time, then how does one cash-in in that situation?

          Nonetheless, I will still buy some more silver. My only goal is that it will not devalue like the dollar and can be used as a barter tool, such as food from farmers.

          Nobody knows what may or may not happen. Sometimes we create our own fear. But, on finances, it is still better to diversify than to do nothing. Thus, get debt down. Buy stuff needed. Have PMs that one can afford. Have cash on hand for emergency buying.

          Other than that, I don’t know what to do?

          • i think you’ve done what you should. i mean greece has been in a depression for some time and it still functions. being able to go for short periods w/out access to a bank, a grocery store and periodic power outages is about the worst i’m preparing for.

            if we are really about to fall back into 1800s type of living and the US govt is about to start behaving like stalin’s russia; i’m not so sure i want to live thru decades of that.

      52. Off topic, but where the heck is the Christopher Dorner story here? The story touches on survivalism, militarism, corrupt cops, and even the use of drones now. Personally, I hope this guy emerges from the shadows and absolutely unloads on a group of corrupt cops in the near future. Hopefully no innocents or bystanders will be hurt (I’ll leave that up to the LAPD who have already shot several innocents thinking Dorner’s portly body might be hiding behind them). As usual, the mainstream is completely ignoring the completely unjustified shootings that the scared, trigger happy LAPD has perpetrated against innocents.

        • While an accidental stray shot from the common man gets a stint behind bars for “reckless endangerment” or “involuntary manslaughter”, LEOs get a vacation called “administrative leave”. sigh

      53. your pm phyzz investment wealth preservation should be …


        40% gold

        60% silver

        focus one buying 1 ounce or grams coins mini-bars .

        buy local


      54. spelling correction ;0P

        your pm phyzz investment wealth preservation should be …


        40% gold

        60% silver

        focus on buying 1 ounce or grams coins mini-bars .

        buy local


      55. Why you don’t bring a Baseball Bat to a Gun Fight …

        70ish old Florida Man Defends Him Self and sister With A Hand Gun Against 3 Teen Home Invaders

      56. To anyone interested, I did a check on the recent earthquake on the African plate in the south Indian Ocean and found out something. Out of the 15 times in the past 40 years, 14 times, 93% of the time, a 6.5+ followed. This time the Kermadec Islands and Fiji/Tonga areas are lighting up as the best possibilities. Again China has potential. (Paupa)New Guinea area was previously hit several times after this region in the Indian Ocean has an earthquake. Japan to eastern Russia. Central Indonesia. This time northern California and the Pacific Northwest as back in the first part of 2008 and 2010 large earthquakes followed this area after the same pointof the Indian Ocean quake today. On Jan.12, 2010, 6 days after the Indian Ocean, there was a 7.0 off the coast from southern Peru.

        It is likely that something is coming as in the past, 93% of the time, something large hit. So until Feb.25 these above areas need to be watched. When more plate boundary earthquakes occur, the picture will become clearer. I wouldn’t give this a 93% chance yet, because this is timed closely with the Santa Cruz 8.0 and the the Columbian 6.9/7.0 quake. I would say right now 70-75% chance, this will go up higher IF more distant foreshock earthquakes occur and indicate the same spots. Watch those earthquakes around the borders of plates, especially the southern polar regions to help confirm this Indian Ocean quake being a foreshock.

        • Can you direct me to a detailed explanation of the method…
          I didn’t catch it if you already had…
          Great stuff…

          • @ jerrytbg. Okay here it is. What I do when an earthquake strikes on one the outer rims of the plate boundaries is try to isolate exactly where it has occurred. Say it happened in the Balleny Islands region, I then get the exact latitude and longitude of the earthquake. Then I will allow for a 1/2 degree to a degree of this location as the target zone in which a distant future earthquake fault has sent its energy towards because it is too locked to move itself. I then go back and see all the times that this area has been hit and within 15 days if there was a 6.5+ earthquake that struck after this.

            For each day that the area was hit, if there has been an earthquake of 6.5+ I make a note where it hit. From this you can determine where a future earthquake will occur because the plates move extremely slowly and don’t change much. So the patterns usually follow the same path. When you get more than one of these long distance foreshocks you can narrow down the location a lot. Then I do all sorts of measuring and direction correlations on a globe. Flat maps are useless when trying to figure the direction of the energy wave. This has proven to be fairly accurate in forecasting earthquakes. Narrowing it down to a 50-100 mile radius will be the next goal.

            • Kool! so you do have postit’s all over a globe…;)

              very interesting. Thank you.

      57. FORGET ABOUT GOLD ;0p … BUY MEAT ;0) !!! yum yum …

        Meat Industry May Shut Down For Weeks in March Due To U.S. Spending Cuts

        Better stock up on meat now while you still can preppers .

        * Without USDA inspectors, meat plants would have to close

        * Production losses of $10 billion possible

        * White House ties budget cuts to everyday life (Meatpackers say USDA can avoid mass shutdowns)

        • Got a cow, two pigs and catfish in the freezer(s) now. All raised, slaughtered and processed here on the farm.

          As the Phonzz said: The USDA can “sit on it”

      58. I don’t mean to meddle, just trying to test your mettle, but is there real metal in those gold medals?
        The Chinese fellow who sold me my PM’s only charged 50% over spot. What a great deal! And he gaurantees it’s genuine tungsten under that micro film of gold. Not to worry- I paid him with counterfeit renminbi!
        By sheer coincidence, the People’s Republic is using an exact replica of the $50 bill from Monopoly games. I got tons of ’em! How do you say “I’m rich” in chinese?

        • Wo you duo jiang

      59. the Pope has announced his resignation
        effective in 2 weeks

        rumors flying fast and furious

        • Tahnk you Satori for always providing us with these links. So the next Pope is suppose to be Satan, that would figure wouldn’t it? I know that it sure seems like the end times are upon us. Just look at all the earthquakes that have been occurring and volcanoes also. Something is really up.

        • The most interesting part of the papal prophecies is the fact that it is not mentioned once in the bible. Could this be something manufactured by a false prophet so many years ago? It is interesting but not well documented.

      60. Interest news today.

        Pope Benedict resigns.

        There are two events that I do take serious as to the final war on eart. One is the Jews build their temple on the mount and the second is the last pope.

        I have read there is only so many popes before the coming of Christ and only two left in line. This new pope to assend and the last to be called Peter of Rome.
        Anyone else heard of this?

        • slingshot,

          It will be interesting to see what name the next Pope chooses.

          Saint Francis of Assissi (1226 A.D.)

          Prophecy of St. Francis of Assisi (d. 1226): “There will be an uncanonically elected Pope who will cause a great schism, there will be diverse thoughts preached which will cause many, even those in the different orders to doubt, yea, even agree with those heretics which will cause my Order to divide, then will there be such universal dissensions and persecutions that if those days were not shortened even the elect would be lost.” (Rev. Culleton, The Reign of Antichrist, Tan Books, 1974, p. 130.). Some believe this prophecy referred to the controversy surrounding the election of Pope John XXIII and Cardinal Siri. But it could refer to the next and last pope (Peter the Roman). The last pope may just cut Catholics loose from unity and the papacy, causing total disruption and confusion.

          John Paul II said he saw the ongoing defection John Paul II also believed in the second prophecy of Fatima about the Apostasy coming in the Catholic Church. It is noteworthy that John Paul II appointed 185 of the Cardinals who elected Benedict XVI. It may be that John Paul II took steps to ensure a conservative pope followed him.

          • @ Live free or die and slingshot. 7 years ago I heard that Pope Benedict was the second to last Pope, and just like you said the last Pope will be Peter, like the first. This next Pope I remember reading will be the last, no matter the name, somehow Peter will be in there. The end of the world is suppose to be coming during the first 7 months of the last Pope. I wish I could remember where I read this as I was wondering 7 years ago because of the age of Pope Benedict. I don’t know about the Jews building their temple anytime soon. It sure seems like the end times are all about doesn’t it?

            • Be informed,

              The prophecy was first published in 1595 by Arnold de Wyon, a Benedictine historian, as part of his book Lignum Vitæ. Wyon attributed the list to Saint Malachy, the 12th‑century bishop of Armagh in Ireland. According to the traditional account, in 1139, Malachy was summoned to Rome by Pope Innocent II. While in Rome, Malachy purportedly experienced a vision of future popes, which he recorded as a sequence of cryptic phrases. This manuscript was then deposited in the Roman Archive, and thereafter forgotten about until its rediscovery in 1590.

              On the other hand, Bernard of Clairvaux’s biography of Malachy makes no mention of the prophecy, nor is it mentioned in any record prior to its 1595 publication.[1] Some sources, including the most recent editions of the Catholic Encyclopedia, suggest that the prophecy is a late 16th‑century forgery. Some have suggested that it was created by Nostradamus and was credited to Saint Malachy so the purported seer would not be blamed for the destruction of the papacy. Supporters, such as author John Hogue, who wrote a popular book titled The Last Pope about the claims, generally argue that, even if the author of the prophecies is uncertain, the predictions are still valid.

              I agree with you, it does seem like we are living through the end of our society as we know it. Morality is disappearing at an alarming rate and the people of the world are either fighting against the false gods, or worshiping them as gods. The earth itself is also in turmoil, earthquakes that are possibly world altering, seem to be imminent, thanks for your expertise and warnings. All should take heed regardless of their religious beliefs.

            • I thought St. Malachy predicted 112 Popes of ROME, not 112 Popes total.

        • Gianfranco Ravasi of Italy, if this man is picked as the next Pope then I personally will be shocked and saddened by what may come.

        • Will the Jesuit “black pope” still be in charge? Time to rid the world of the “axis of evil”…The Vatican, the “Square Mile”, and the District of Columbia.

      61. Putin buys 570 metric tons of gold. On Drudge.

        Oil=Gold=Dollar. Some equation eh?

        • “Putin buys 570 tons of gold”

          Surprised he could find that much around to buy.

      62. “A wild boar was sharpening his tusks upon the trunk of a tree in the forest when a fox came by and asked, Why are you doing that, pray? The huntsmen are not out today and there are no other dangers at hand that I can see. True, my friend, replied the Boar, but the instant my life is in danger, I shall need to use my tusks. There will be no time to sharpen them then.” – AESOP

        • This is sad. The cheap energy backed economy is not coming back. When it costs too much to drive to your MacDonald’s job, you either have to get a bike or go on foodstamps. Some people are not in a position to grow any food or they are bewildered as to why their income can no longer support a family. Most of us can see the writing on the wall and try to provide our own survival inputs. It takes a lot more than a few months of preps to be able to survive resource depletion. There will be no “reset” like many think. Only less and less to go around. GROW SOME FOOD. Use your “PMs” to buy land you can survive on. If not for yourself, for your children. There is an old saying, adapted from the original one from a now-dead Saudi oil minister.It goes like this…”My great grandparents burned wood and coal. My grandparents burned oil. We burn natural gas. Our grandkids will burn their furniture.” Get crackin.

      63. I have said over and over again that gold is for the future economy. BBB’s are what will matter in the short run. Not saying I don’t have some gold but am using my dollars for what will be of immediate value.

        AS A SIDE TOPIC:

        We are always watching for a shift in patterns that may be signs of bad things coming. I noticed a big one last night here in Sacramento. Have not seen a helicopter from any law enforcement in over four days. Normally we have at least one incident in my area where a helicopter is present. Too soft a target for Dorn or others? Pretty wierd.

        • Police Helicopters grounded by one pissed off sniper.

      64. I have nothing to gain by it, I am just a loyal customer of Monarch Precious Metals. Silver is available in 1gram to 100oz bars. You can buy what you can afford there. They have all types of pre 64 silver too. I found there prices comparable to what I use to get on ebay, but I hated eBay and the many hassles like crappy shipping, delays in shipping etc… There shipping is fast about 4 days from order. Like I said just a customer, but a satisfied one. Take it for what it is worth. Clay

        • Clay, agreed. I’ve bought from Monarch a couple of times and found them to be top notch. Good company to deal with. They don’t sell anything unless they have it in stock. Price always seemed very fair to me. Plus they manufacture their own rounds and bars and stamp them By Hand! How cool is that?!

      65. With the money the Fed has injected into banks, including foreign banks, how high can they theoretically take the stock market?

        • as high as the money created will take it.

      66. Greetings from Idaho,
        I have been following this web site for a while and find most of the post’s enlightened. I will say that I am very fond of an old axiom from the days of FDR ” There are no accidents in politics ” meaning that “think tanks” have bickered about political moves (prior to engagement); for a very long time. PM’s can indeed be a store of value, but if micro chips will be your store of currency in the coming years, with electronic currency being the medium of exchange, the utility of PM’s will be barter only. There will be war’s, and rumors of war’s. But the end is not yet. Guns and Butter is IMHO a much safer investment, with higher yield of returns.

      67. Morality – Great Principle in Life

        “I say to you, this morning, that if you have never found something so dear and so precious to you that you will die for it, then you aren’t fit to live. You may be thirty-eight years old, as I happen to be, and one day, some great opportunity stands before you and calls upon you to stand up for some great principle, some great issue, some great cause. And you refuse to do it because you are afraid. You refuse to do it because you want to live longer. You’re afraid that you will lose your job, or you are afraid that you will be criticized or that you will lose your popularity, or you’re afraid that somebody will stab you or shoot at you or bomb your house. So you refuse to take the stand. Well, you may go on and live until you are ninety, but you are just as dead at thirty-eight as you would be at ninety. And the cessation of breathing in your life is but the belated announcement of an earlier death of the spirit. You died when you refused to stand up for right. You died when you refused to stand up for truth. You died when you refused to stand up for justice…”

        – Martin Luther King, 1967

      68. The U.S. Government Is Preparing For War Against The American People

        It is no secret that the economy around the world is having severe problems. In the United States there are roughly 50 million people now on food stamps. Students graduating college find themselves in debt and can’t find a decent paying job. Inflation is running wild because of 0% interest rate policies and rampant monetization of debt from the Federal Reserve as well as out of control spending from the criminals in Washington DC. As a result, the cost of goods and services is going through the roof despite absurd claims that inflation is low. People are having an increasingly difficult time getting by and the American middle class is being systematically destroyed because of these policies. It is obvious that this economic system is unsustainable and when the day of reckoning comes, you are going to have millions of angry people out on the streets. Therefore, it is in the interest of the power structure to buy vast quantities of ammunition, set legal precedence for drone strikes against American citizens, expand the authority of the Department of Homeland Security and implement whatever gun control laws they can push through.

        There will be a day when the economic system completely unravels and when that happens, millions of Americans who are currently obsessed with breads and circus spectacles, reality television and other junk will immediately become aware of how badly they’ve been screwed. They will direct their anger and outrage towards the federal government and this is why they are preparing for war against the American people. The chances of a civil war happening in the United States is unquestionably becoming a more likely possibility by the day especially when there is zero possibility of any real change happening in Washington DC.

      69. True Valuation for Gold:

        Ok, what is the true value of gold…its not US$1650, that is for sure.
        The USA, at least from the treasury’s web site, has 261.5 million ounces of gold in fort knox so that is our starting point. The question is, do you base its value on base money, M1, M2, M3, MZM, L? Who knows, so lets do them all:
        Base money is currently at 2760 billion so the price should be 2760000/261.5 or $10,554 per oz.
        M1 is at 2600 billion so that comes to US$9,942 per oz.
        M2 is at 10,500 billion so that comes to US$40,152 per oz,
        M3 (fed don’t publish this amymore, you have to go elsewhere to get it) is 15800 billion so that is US$60,420,
        MZM is at 11,600 billion so that’s US$44,340,
        As an added bonus, the “L’ money supply is at 18,400 billion so that’s US$70,363.

        Now, if you consider that silver historically trades at about 16 times less than gold well…..

        Yah, you’d be NUTS not to be buying either.


      70. I’ve already sent this song to everyone of my elected officals. And a few more in D C.

        Tom Petty’s song: I WON”T BACK DOWN!


      71. There have been times that gold did not hold it’s value. When the supply of gold and silver that came from the conquest of the New World flowed into the Old, prices increased and social disruption happened.

        An old saying;”Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”.

        Nothing, not even gold is secure. Worldwide, people have seen the money creation in the US and many other nations and have bought gold and silver increasing the price by two or three times what the inflation that has already happened would justify.

        The purchasing power of the dollar could fall by 50% and gold would still be overpriced on a purchasing power basis. It still would be good to own some just in case of a total collapse of the dollar.

        A diversified desert prepper portfolio should include water, food, spirits, ammo, silver, and gold in about that order.

        Spirits (Vodka, Rum & Whiskey)are the only thing on the list currently underpriced historically.

      72. Had another earthquake on the southern end of Nazca plate and something quite interesting from the past records of this. Not once out of the 15 times in the past 40 years did this lead to an earthquake of 6.5+ in South America. That surprised me a lot. The areas, 13 out of 15 times, a 6.5+ hit was very similar to the south Indian Ocean quake’s records. The area around the international dateline seems to be most prone to the next large quake. This is the Kermadec Islands, Tahiti, Fiji, Tonga, and yes New Zealand. New Guniea is also a region along with central Indonesia. Eastern Russia just like in the Indian Ocean’s post large earthquakes. The Mariana Islands and South Sandwich Islands each had a major earthquake the last times this section on the West Chile Rise was hit.

        It was so weird that this section of the world, the West Chile Rise would not lead to earthquakes related to the Nazca plate. It seems to be more of a symptom of the Pacific and Antarctic plate interacting. Watch these areas, especially within about 6-7 degrees within the international date line. I would not up the chance of a 6.5+ by Feb.26 to 80%.

      73. is once again showing malware content
        mozilla is preventing my access to it. this is getting spooky.

      74. Gold does not “retain it’s value”. This is a myth. It is subject to many factors, such as market manipulation, price fixing, confiscation, devaluation, difficult to sell, refused as a means of exchange by 99.99% of places that have something to sell (houses, land, cars, food, gasoline, virtually nobody will accept gold except a bullion dealer or another investor).

        The same is all true for silver.

        You must time the market perfectly (or at least close) to make a profit and not loose your shirt on your ‘investment’. Then (and only then) you get to go buy the stuff you needed — at the higher inflated price.

        Better to forget gold and silver altogether, buy what you need right now. Food, ammo, firearms, land, fuel, seeds, practical useable “resources” that you actually need.

        Nobody needs gold or silver, despite it’s many (false) claims, it is neither practical or useful outside of some manufacturing and jewelery. For “preppers” and investors however, there are far, far better alternatives.

        • Gold… great for ransom to get your loved one back.

          Funny most preppers don’t know about the south American kinappings that go on.
          They don’t want your beans.

          A balanced approach is required.

          • And how many of us live in South America? Or have to worry about “ransom”?

            They call this a “straw argument” by the way, deliberate deception to deflect away from any of the points made.

            Gold is for fools.


        Dead Beat Feds and Obama are Officially Poor !

        They’ve run out of money $$$

        Expect a government shut down and possible financial crash in a month .


        Government Spending Freeze May 18, 2013 which will limit government borrowing.

        The other two deadlines are planned spending cuts and an expiration on government’s spending authority.

        “First, $110 billion in so-called “sequestration” spending cuts — originally scheduled to kick in Jan. 1 but then put off in the “fiscal cliff” deal — are set to take effect March 1. Then, on March 27, a continuing resolution that provides spending authority for government operations will expire.”



        It’s time to go loooooong real pm’s physical gold and silver .


      76. Bull market in stocks, bonds AND precious metals is over.

      77. What Do They Know That We Don’t? Corporate insiders were “aggressively selling their shares,” reported Mark Hulbert. And they were doing so “at an alarming pace.” The buy sell-to-buy ratio had risen to 9.2-to-1; insiders had sold over 9 times as many shares as they’d bought. They’d been aggressive sellers for weeks. That they dumped shares in December, when the sell-to-buy ratio was 8.38-to-1, could have been the result of the fiscal-cliff theatrics, but the latest sell-to-buy ratio was even worse.

      78. From: Victoria Baer – The Baer Edge
        Here Is What Is Going On Currently In L.A.

        Arnie, here is a more refined understanding of the situation of which we talked about as I understand it from the establishment media reports. The subject officer is Christopher Dorner. As a police officer, he witnessed a female superior command officer kicking a defenseless mentally ill man in handcuffs, and reported the incident to the upper command personnel.

        After an “investigation” the police department said that Dorner was lying about a superior command police officer, and was fired from the L.A.P.D. police force for making a false police report. He appealed the decision to fire him for was he believes to be an act of vengeance against him for reporting a superior command officer, only to experience more cover-up.

        He reached the end of trying to clear his name through all peaceable means, and the current life-threatening incident has ensued. He placed upon the internet a Manifesto declaring what really happened, seeking to vindicate his name and the truth through the only means left available to him. He claims that the L.A.P.D. is corrupt through and through, and now he is going to expose through any means, their cover-up and their corruption.

        L.A.P.D. his now in total defense mode, even shooting a mother and her daughter delivering newspapers yesterday morning in Torrence. The daughter was hit in the hand, and the mother is still in the hospital recovering from a gunshot would. The media showed the bullet-ridden pick-up the ladies were delivering newspapers from. The police are seeking to justify the shooting by saying that the pick-up coming down the street had no headlights, justifying their use of force upon this pick-up. The pick-up they were looking for was a Nissan, however, the pick-up the ladies were driving was a Toyota.

        Two blocks from that incident a different truck was fired upon, placing holes in the windshield, but missing the driver. The police are now trigger happy living in fear. We now know that some L.A.P.D. command authority lives down in that Torrence area.

        The two ladies have already hired an attorney to prepare a suit against the L.A.P.D. over this shooting incident. In the meanwhile, there is a all-out L.A.P.D. search for Christopher Dorner, and it appears they have no desire for a peaceful resolution to this matter, but want him dead.

        The reporter in Torrence has stated that all along she has honored police work in their trying to protect us, but filling a pick-up truck full of holes driven by innocent people is going a bit too far. Obviously, this is going to become a publicity matter of L.A.P.D. conduct in the courts, and getting to look like the making for a movie.


      79. Now, do we believe LAPD, the LSM, or this??

        • what does your true gut tell you?

          after seeing how they went after a preceived threat of a truck that wasnt even him..and how they fired upon it,And another one I had not even heard about..never giving the opportunity to surrender, or in this case show who they even were.. LAPD dont want to catch this guy ..they want him dead. And when a mouth is silenced its because its got something worthy to say.

          Like i have stated before..he will fall on his own bullets, to the point where his mouth wont work..and as far as the LAPD will be concerned done deal, they want to vindicate his death..its all about keeping the corruption out of the lime light.
          the thin blue line steped in this guys shit and he wants pay backs..

          The media hypes it as if we all are in some kind of danger, the average citizen is in no danger from this man, none of us were listed in his list.

          they sure dont treat the general public with this much care..If your life were to be threatened , they wouldnt lift a hand to do jack shit about it. I know this for a fact, yet they have these “soooo important cops” houses and such surrounded buy all of thier keystone buddies..all while the tax payer gets the screws put to them with this debacle..

          sounds like a classic case of they shit in their own backyard

          I am in no way validating any innocent life taken buy these acts, but the jury is still out on if they were in fact innocent

          • Look for them to find him holed up in some cabin or house. They’ll say he has barricaded himself in, and then they’ll set the place on fire the way they did at Waco.

            • JayJay: Hmmmmmm..Your post story says cops say truck had no headlights on. But RT news showed what they say is the blue truck two women shot was in. And showed the Back tailgate full of huge bullet holes. If cops claim no headlights?…Why did back tailgate get shot up?

              If truch Passed cops by and Then cops shot back of truck?…Cant cops tell Two women one 71 yrs old aint the very Lagre size Black/mexican guy they looking for?

              I didnt catch entire rt news stuff but I think the women was whites. How can cops make that type mistake?…

              Sounds like an rerun of 1980’s era “rampart” special gangcops squads that ended up totaly corrupt and proven so finally. Recall that era in LA cops? Cops shooting folks then framed innocent guys and cops stealing dope and cash and guns while claiming 100% honesty etc!

              They ended up with several Thousand cases of convicted folks who need new trails or outright Pardons due to such rampant Dishonesty of la cops back then. What has changed?

              Maybe too soon to say?…Personally I do Not trust cops unless I know them very well. And I do not know many cops well or even at all.

            • Well……did I call this one, or what? They made darn sure there were no news helicopters or other media in the area, and then they set it on fire. Tear gas……. right. I’m thinking they probably fired incendiaries into the cabin.

              They never intended to take this guy alive. Of course, in all fairness….he probably never intended to be taken alive either.

              As I’ve said in another post……this is instructive.

        • Believe NOTHING with respect to the “Dorner story”. “Fishy” is a respectful analysis. This may very well be a “test” to examine just how “over the edge bat-shit crazy” cops are willing to go to protect their own asses.

          Then multiply “Dorner” times 1 million. COPS WILL BE USELESS! But, YOU don’t need to be armed!

      80. Just imagine how trigger happy the cops will be in an all out chaotic/collapse event when there are APBs out on everything with wheels?

      81. My thoughts on Gold/Silver. I’ve been buying the famous green boxes of Silver since 1999 and loved it when in 2002/3 silver was about 4 bucks an ounce. The one thing I can say about the gold/silver bugs is well, I think the “Western” world is no longer controlling those markets. If China and India and Russia are buying so much gold, do you really think they don’t have their say in the price? We always think that the US and London can control the world, but the times they are a changin. China’s middle class will be bigger than the entire US in a few years time. India, the same. Numbers matter and Russia, India and China are alll countries with LONG term goals. The US can only think about tomorrow and the day after tomorrow doesn’t look pretty. So when we think about PMs, remember, we in the west may not be the puppet masters any longer. Just my two cents


        I showed this to a relative I cannot stand…
        “What am I looking at?” the bitch says to me.
        This fuck used to ride me for being a prepper.

        My reply…
        “Just another meaningless govt. chart.”

        I’m 100% in gold. and she’s got over $1M in cash in a bank.
        I’ll enjoy watching her stash turn to trash.

        • I was listening to the radio Sunday afternoon and heard Bob Brinker’s program. Brinker is supposed to be some kind of investment guru. I’ve never thought his advice counted for much, and the advice he gave to a guy who called into his show only solidified my opinion regarding him.

          Some guy called in and told Brinker that he had just inherited 1.4 million dollars and that he needed Brinker’s advice as to what to do with it.

          Of course…Brinker advised FDIC insured CD’s and U.S. Treasury Bonds. Got to be safe ya know.

          The only good thing about that advice is that the poor sucker will have plenty of paper to burn when the banks and bond market collapse takes place.

          I’m thinking that if the guy lives in high rise building, he’d better nail his windows shut.

      83. I can think of thousands of things I would need for a SHTF scenario before even coming close to PMs.

        But I guess if people have that kind of money to throw around, go for it.

        • OK let’s suppose’ Suppose you were in Germany in 1933. you could have your choice of 50# of gold, a ton and a quarter of silver,(Which has the same value) or a lifetime supply of everything else. Which would you take? I’d recommend you put the gold in a suitcase, and GET OUT OF TOWN. The silver is to heavy to move, so is the other stuff, and you won’t live long enough to use it. Quit arguing; the stuff has different uses and people have different needs.

        • Timothy, I used to talk like you do now about 11 years ago when gold sold at $400 an ounce. I finally got my awakening when it was going for more than double that about five years later.

          The hard fact is, though, we still need your contrary opinion to hang around in the marketplace for awhile. It’s useful. Currently, less than 2% of investors own PMs—not even close to begin a bubble.

          Rare is good in investment. While obama and his ilk run their copy machine money until the ball bearings melt, I’ll trade it for PMs anytime. Their paper will always be there (but in a larger quantity for any trade back).

          For fun Timothy, just buy a single coin now and check its value when obama exits his office in 4 years. And please note, PM fans are not throwing around money. It’s obama who’s throwing around debt.

      84. One important reason the price of gold is manipulated is in order to hide and control the true inflation rate. Important when you are inflating your debt away. And covertly in order to avoid panic affecting the confidence in the dollar or your creditors. Paper gold derivatives and central bank shenanigans with gold all have this core purpose. Shadowstats tracks CPI, unemployment and the inflation rate as it was in the 1990’s before the manipulation of those figures began in earnest. Gold prices should presently be around $2500/oz based upon those old formulas for inflation alone. This illustrates the extent of the manipulation which has now become quite a balancing act. There are no fundamentals to the economic system anymore. Destoyed in 2008, it is a living experiment now with the market responding to QE and not fundamentals. Pumped up now, full of QE and ripe for the picking. Then there is the fact that there has not been a proper audit of global gold reserves performed since the 1930’s. Since then even the World Gold Council has estimated the figures. No one knows for sure how much globally there is and who has it. But the red shield does. And it is now hiding behind a red flag and very hard to see. That flag has five stars, how fitting. Know your shepard. The drovers will get their instructions in Chantilly Virginia again this year. Since this pasture is a bit overgrazed, the question is, are we off to a new pasture (we will have to swim for it) or to the abattoir? For it has become impossible to continue defying physics kicking the can up an exponential curve. We may be forced to punt to China, and the shield is there already, waiting to receive. Can the sheep play ball? Its third and long.

      85. I don’t like getting into any argument about which is the better store of value – silver or gold. The important thing is for investors (and I do mean investors, not speculators) to include SOME precious metal in their portfolios. Here’s how I handled the matter in my personal blog, in a post last March. Fair comment, I think.

        Imagine a new-born baby being given a $35 gift certificate in 1971 and his twin given a one-ounce gold coin. Guess which of them would be the most pleased today. The one with the coin could today buy almost fifty
        times as much stuff as his brother could, with the gift. I can hear my grand-daughters now, “Grandpa, thanks for the $1700 birthday gift certificate (as if…!), but could we please have a gold coin instead?”

      86. There are unfortunately somewhat misleading “facts” on which this premise is made. I’m not disagreeing with the author, simply pointing out a misstatement of fact.

        “over half of American households are dependent on some form of government disbursement to survive,”

        This is simply not true. The numbers may be accurate, but the error is in assuming that these “households are dependent on some form of government disbursement to survive”.

        These households are on government subsidies because that’s the president’s plan – to get as many of the American people “dependent on the government” as possible. And so he sets about making it irresistibly easy to latch on to the BigTit. Whether they “need” it or not is irrelevant. Once you get accustomed to something, it’s not easy to give it up.
        That, however does not make you “dependent on it in order to survive.”

        Yank the EBT’s and sure, you’ll hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth, but in the end they’ll either dump the cable TV or lose a cell phone or two, either way, food will get to the table.

      87. Hello to everybody looking to invest in silver coins..
        I just want to inform folks who are buying morgans, peace, or other silver dollars. Invest in a good magnet!
        I’ve had some friends come to me to get an idea of what their coins might be worth- only to have to tell them that what they have isn’t worth enough T.P. to wipe themselves with after a round of taco s**ts. There are a lot of extremely well done counterfeit silver dollars out there. A lot of them are stamped with supposedly rare mint marks and such. So before you hand over well earned money, do a little research on what you are buying. It may save you money or a serious “embarassament” when you decide to cash in on them.

        Stay safe everyone

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