The New World Order Takeover Is Very Real: “A Full Spectrum Destabilization Of The Old World Financial And Geopolitical System”

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    The following analysis was originally published by Brandon Smith of


    The New World Order Will Begin With Germany And China
    By Brandon Smith

    In numerous articles over the years I have outlined in acute detail the agenda for a future one-world economic and governmental system led primarily by banking elites and globalists; an agenda they sometimes refer to as the “New World Order.” The term has gained such public exposure and notoriety recently that the globalists have fallen back to using different terminology. Some of them, like the International Monetary Fund’s Christine Lagarde, refer to it as the “global economic reset.” Others call it the “new multilateralism.” Still others refer to it as the “end of the unipolar order,” referring to the slow death of the U.S. economy as the central pillar of the global economy.

    Whatever label they decide to use, all of them signal a full spectrum destabilization of the “old world” financial and geopolitical system and the ascendance of a tightly controlled one world edifice dominated openly by globalist hubs like the IMF and the BIS.

    Too many people, even in the liberty movement, tend to examine only the veneer of this agenda. Some have deluded themselves into thinking the U.S. and the dollar are actually the core of the NWO and are therefore indispensable to the globalists. As I have shown time and time again, the Federal Reserve is now on a fast track to complete its sabotage of the U.S. economy; they would not be instigating instability and crisis to deflate the massive fiscal bubbles they have created unless America was at least partially expendable.

    Some believe the NWO is a purely “western” construct and that eastern nations are defending themselves against an encroaching globalist empire. I have also shown that this is nonsense, and that eastern nations work closely with the same exact globalists they are supposedly at war with. This includes Russia’s Vladimir Putin, a figure often ignorantly praised by select liberty activists.

    What we see in the mainstream is conflict, yes; but it is theatrical conflict. At the end of the day, Eastern leaders pander to globalist high priests at the IMF and BIS and have lunch with NWO icons like Henry Kissinger, just as heads of the Republican Party and even Donald Trump’s family go out to parties with Democrat strategists and George Soros.

    It’s all a kabuki play. All the world is a stage…

    So, the question then remains, since the NWO and a one world economic system is in fact a real threat proven to exist through considerable evidence including the very words of prominent globalists, how does such a thing begin? If the U.S. is merely a limb that the globalists are willing to sacrifice in trade to gain even greater centralization, where will the NWO actually take root? As noted, both Eastern and Western nations are at the disposal of the international financiers, so it should come as no surprise that the NWO is seemingly taking shape around the relationship between two nations; one from either side.

    As Bloomberg announces with apparent glee in an article titled “China, Germany Step Up As U.S. Retires From World Leadership,” Donald Trump risks “uniting cold war allies and foes alike against him.” In other words, the future is extreme socialism, the populists are a dangerous and dying breed and globalization marches on without them. The narrative is clearly being established.

    The relationship between China and Germany might seem strange, but the two countries are far more alike than many people comprehend. Germany is the industrial and economic centerpiece of the European Union.  China is the economic and industrial pillar of Asia.  China sells itself as a communist society with capitalist hobbies. Germany sells itself as a capitalist society integrating socialist (communist) programs and social justice mantras. In reality, both nations are collectivist hell-holes, but this is exactly the kind of model the globalists want for the entire world.

    Germany has set the stage for the self-flagellating model of “multiculturalism.” Angela Merkel is obsessive in her pursuit of the ideal, and this makes sense from a globalist perspective. Multiculturalism requires absolutely uninhibited movement of ideologies and populations across borders, making borders essentially obsolete. Idiot leftists duped by pie-in-the-sky fantasies like “it takes a village to raise a child” have been exploited by the globalists as a tool to push the end of national sovereignty. Merkel’s Germany has been at the forefront of this movement in Europe and is now apparently being groomed as an antithesis to Trump.

    Germany has also for many years stood as a kind of socialist paradise, with over 25% of their GDP going into entitlement programs so pervasive it is possible for German citizens (women in particular) to live most of their lives without ever having to work. It was this constant flow of tax dollars into welfare programs that attracted a vast number of so-called “refugees” from Islamic countries into the EU, virtually overwhelming the entitlement system and forcing Germany to put restrictions on new citizens.

    China has served the NWO model as more of an oppressive economic testing ground. Welfare and universal health insurance is indeed at the forefront of the Chinese government’s latest “five year” program. Of course, with hundreds of millions of Chinese living on less than one U.S. dollar per day, the population has no choice but to rely on the generosity of the state. This has molded an economy that is barely tolerable for many, but tolerable enough to keep them from revolting. It is a dynamic the elites would like to apply in every nation.

    The Chinese government oversees every aspect of the corporate networks that make up its economy. A Chinese business is in most cases a Chinese government business. There is no such thing as free enterprise in China. China’s relationship with globalist institutions is well known. They are one of the first nations to openly call for a new global currency system headed by the IMF and based on the SDR basket. China has also recently been inducted into membership in the SDR basket by the IMF, showing that the back scratching is mutual.

    It is this strategy of elevating the SDR basket and replacing the dollar’s world reserve status as a precursor to a global currency that has been brought up time and time again by globalists. Recently by Mohamad El-Rian, former CEO of PIMCO in an article titled “Could The IMF’s World Currency Help Encourage Global Unity?” Take special note that El-Erian suggests the shift into a global currency system as a way to fight back against the recent “rise of populism.”

    In order for such a plan to be launched, there has to be some stability somewhere on the world. While many nations face financial crisis on a scale not seen since the Great Depression, the globalists still need to have places to consolidate capital and establish a beachhead for the next assault on sovereignty. This beachhead may come in the form of an economic union between Germany and China, the two NWO favorites.

    China is Germany’s largest trading partner and Germany has been the top place for Chinese investment in Europe. Last month Merkel and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with the intention of “deepening ties” in the face of “protectionism” promoted by Donald Trump. Merkel stated:

    “China has become a more important and strategic partner…”

    “We are living in times of global uncertainty and see our responsibility to expand our partnership in all the different areas and to push for a world order based on law…”

    Germany’s ambassador to Beijing, in a recent briefing with reporters leading into G20 stated:

    “The economic and political dynamic from a German perspective is moving toward the east.”

    “The U.S. has left somewhat of a vacuum in the region by abandoning the proposed 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade agreement…”

    As I have argued since before the 2016 election, Donald Trump’s job is to be the catalyst for multiple globalist programs which have actually been in the works for decades. Trump is now the excuse for everything. Trump and populism are the excuse for renewed “multilateralism,” the excuse for German and Chinese cooperation, the excuse for a new global currency system and, most likely, the scapegoat for the inevitable final stage of our ongoing economic collapse.

    Where Trump is supposed to represent the old world order and its “barbarism,” Germany and China obviously are being staged as the symbol of something new; a New World Order in which cooperation and interdependency are the great virtues of our epoch. It is my suspicion that along with Russia and China, Germany will be one of the first nations to fully dump the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency when the time comes to shift into the SDR basket system. And, that time is approaching quickly. It is also my suspicion that the globalists are seeking an economic power base from which to project their NWO, and Germany and China fit the bill nicely.

    I suggest alternative analysts watch the relationship between these two countries very closely. Their behaviors may signal many changes and dangers ahead.

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      1. I have no complaints. All is well. I must comply. War is peace. Amen. Everything inside the State. Nothing outside the State.

        • The NWO has a greater goal than just taking over. We live in the best of times now and anything beyond that will be nothing short of a nightmare for everybody, especially for the super rich who can fly around the world and still breath clean air not fouled by the mountain of corpses. Ask yourself, what would be the purpose of murdering the world to have a little more control than you have now? Satanists have one goal, to bring the demon to power and enslave as many souls as possible. Its all been foretold.

          • “Germany will be one of the first nations to fully dump the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency when the time comes to shift into the SDR basket system. ”

            And when is that “time” Brandon ??? LMFAO !!!

            Complete BS. The NWO, Europe, and Germany in particular now face an existential threat: Islamic Jihad. Europe is headed towards civil war. It cannot be avoided. The major cities of France and Germany will burn.

            Merkel, Soros, and others made a major fundamental mistake. They thought that refugees would assimilate and be corrupted by Western decadence. It was a major miscalculation. Refugees want to dominate and replace.

            Millions of Jihadis will light the fires in Europe that will be visible even to CNN. The dollar will become more important than ever, and Brandon always conveniently overlooks the fact that the US CONTROLS the IMF and the IMF basket by voting rights.

            TRUMP, MIC, & the FED will NEVER allow financial control to pass to anyone without war. The future of currency in the world is digital with everyone’s local accounts based in their local currency. Computers will automatically adjust account balances for those individuals and companies using their currency outside of their local jurisdiction.

            WHY ???

            Follow the money. FX is by far the largest profit center of the Gangster Banksters. In an increasingly interconnected world, with more travel, and more commerce between individuals and nations the number of transactions will multiply, multiplying the profit the banks will make by their computers automatically transferring and computing your account balance with every international purchase.

            Brandon is an economic and financial moron without the qualifications to make an analysis of global finance. You might as well take the opinion of the guy that sits at the end of the bar … Norm.

            Brandon, don’t forget to rush out and buy those SDR’s so that when the crash comes you are wayyyy ahead of the game !!! 🙂

        • ” A Chinese business is in most cases a Chinese government business. There is no such thing as free enterprise in China.”

          This statement is patently false. Sheer ignorance of what is happening in China. I know, I have corresponded with many Chinese businesses and people. There is a lot of free enterprise in China. Tens of millions of Chinese own their own small businesses just like Americans do.

          In many regards they have become a nation of shopkeepers built upon consumption, competition, and debt. Brandon how can you make such a spurious statement ??? 🙁

      2. All the cowards know what has happened to them in New Babylon America. All the millions upon millions of dumbed down cowardly parents suffering from Munchausen Syndrome in damned and doomed Police State hell on earth New Babylon America know they whored out their children’s health, freedoms, and future for booze, Big Pharma, porno, football, and continuous materialistic consumption of useless disgusting vile garbage. They know their blackened cowardly boot licking souls are damned for whoring out their children to evil genocidal psychopaths, so the cowards are just gonna get their drunk on, pop their pills, and forget about it and their children they care NOTHING about.

        • R Ahrens, everything you mentioned is all already in motion here in USA today, so it isn’t something coming it is already here. As far as the article goes, this is the globalist intentions, but I doubt it all plays out as they seem to think. Lots of outlier events in motion world wide and USA is insolvent ! Chicago will be the opening event for the meltdown here in USA. As soon as the state retirement plans are cut drastically, we will see tremendous angst and upheaval from millions of people and it will be a template for Kawleefornya, Oregon, Washington which are also insolvent and promised far too much. And that is just a few of the insolvencies in USA today.

      3. I have many grieveneces. Everything is fucked up. I will never comply. The state and its enforcers better stay the fuck away from me or I’ll kill many of them. Amen.

        • Menzo, same here. If they come around to the BOL, they’ll disappear.

          • Or, more likely, you will.

          • No disrespect Braveheart, but you are not familiar with their tactics. If they want to get you, or me, a drone would drop a incindary device from a 1000 feet up. you would never hear it until the phosphorus hits.

            • That’s not how it works. Drones need ground confirmation most of the time if they’re going to drop ordinance. They have to find you and identify you first. Not sure why people have these kinds of fantasies about drones as if they’re all seeing eyes in the sky. Too much television, I think…

      4. China also has all of those “Ghost Cities” they can fill with dissidents…

      5. NEW BABYLONIAN CORPORATE WHORE…..this is the new designated label for ANYONE supporting the criminal treasonous psychopaths controlling the Globalist Fascist New World Order US Government destroying our children’s health, freedoms, and future. May the Creator and our Lord and Savior have mercy on your damned and doomed souls, and you have no right to fly MY American Flag New Babylonian Corporate Whore traitor, so take it down now if you are still cowardly enough to fly it.

      6. If you dump the dollar you also have to dump the SWIFT system. Almost all international trade uses the SWIFT system and you would be locked out of most trade should you choose to dump the FRN.

        • The SWIFT system isn’t reliant on the dollar at all. It’s a communications network, the banksters can use it for anything.

          • Hey, thanks for calling that out, David.

            It made me actually go and do some investigating instead of just repeating what I had heard. You are right.

            I see that the SWIFT system is overseen by the Central Banks of the G10. I wonder how they would react to one of their own members dumping the FRN? I think that some institutions have been sanctioned from using SWIFT for various reasons, in the past.

      7. EVERY single age has its self-proclaimed “masters of the universe” (those of you old enough might remember that term from the geniuses of the dot com bust.

        Nebuchadnezzar, Xerxes, Caesar, Saladin, Napoleon, the British empire, Lenin/Stalin/Mao, Hitler, the geniuses at Long Term Capital Mgmt in 1998, the aforementioned masters of the universe, “the Maestro” Alan Greenspan.

        Tell me: where are they now?

        At the risk incurring the wrath of the SHTF atheists, I will add this, tho. Then you tell me who is the real master of the universe:

        “Here is a man who was born in an obscure village, the child of a peasant woman. He grew up in another village. He worked in a carpenter shop until He was thirty. Then for three years He was an itinerant preacher.

        He never owned a home. He never wrote a book. He never held an office. He never had a family. He never went to college. He never put His foot inside a big city. He never traveled two hundred miles from the place He was born. He never did one of the things that usually accompany greatness. He had no credentials but Himself…

        While still a young man, the tide of popular opinion turned against him. His friends ran away. One of them denied Him. He was turned over to His enemies. He went through the mockery of a trial. He was nailed upon a cross between two thieves. While He was dying His executioners gambled for the only piece of property He had on earth – His coat. When He was dead, He was laid in a borrowed grave through the pity of a friend.

        Nineteen long centuries have come and gone, and today He is a centerpiece of the human race and leader of the column of progress.

        I am far within the mark when I say that all the armies that ever marched, all the navies that were ever built; all the parliaments that ever sat and all the kings that ever reigned, put together, have not affected the life of man upon this earth as powerfully as has that one solitary life.”

        • Test, you have a lot of reading and research to do, because most of what you said is simply not true or even close to accurate. You do realize the current Bible that goes back to the era of Constantine was deliberately censored by men, right ? around 350 AD ? Why were many books left out and the true story of Jesus polluted and perverted ?

          If you will take the time to start reading the Dead Sea scrolls and the Nag Hammadi text you will find the truth of many matters that have been deliberately withheld and distorted for almost 2000 years ! You have been greatly misled like many millions have over millenia. Here are some answers for starters


          • Down to Earth.

            As a matter of fact, one of my graduate degrees was specifically in this field, the other in linguistics. I was utterly and completely staggered by what is essentially a regurgitation of Dan Brown’s incredibly puerile thesis, but which has made the rounds before – and been more than adequately addressed. In fact, I have two years of Greek, and also Hebrew, under my belt. I have read the New Testament in the original koine Greek – what about you? Your comment about Constantine is not ever remotely close to the truth. J Warner Wallace, former cold case detective and atheist, in his book Cold Case Christianity, would – should you have the intellectual honesty to consider this – show your post to be, if I may respectfully say – utterly unfounded. Lee Strobel, JD from Yale and also a former atheist, has a similar book on the subject. I wonder if you even know who these two men are? The famed FF Bruce has an earlier work on this for free, if you are as cheap as I am, with PDF of book at

            As a matter of fact, the canon – e.g. the Muratorian fragments – utterly prove your statement categorically incorrect. In fact, the whole canon can be reconstructed by what *opponents* wrote, and seen as canon HUNDREDS of years before 350 AD. I’m sorry, but – with all due respect – you appear not to have done your due diligence on the matter.

            You see, for my second grad degree, we had to read all you note, and more, such as the JEDP theory, the ludicrous late canon contention, the embarrassing “gospel of Thomas, including this gem: “I will lead her that I may make her male, in order that she too may … For every woman who makes herself male will enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Do you really think this comports with the canon?

            I spent YEARS studying this issue, and also YEARS with my grad work in linguistics. I respectfully challenge you to even take a cursory scan of the books noted above. I can assure you, I have done more than my due diligence on your contentions, and they are utterly and seriously intellectually wanting. Question now is, will you do the same due diligence I did on your contentions?

            • Way past all you seem to think is real ? Your problem is what you call your education. It is completely bogus and misleading of nearly every point of reality. I used to think the same stuff and finally realized it was all bullshit and little more than another control mechanism. Your degrees are quite worthless and worse than that have polluted your intellect ! Every word I mentioned was quite accurate. The Gnostics were purged because they spoke a different truth than Constantine and the high priest wanted going forward. And out of that contest came the new testament and a new control mechanism sponsored by the government at the time. I suggest you do the soul searching and personal honesty ?

          • Addendum: For those of you tired of this hackneyed, hoary old canard about “Constantine did the New Testament canon (including that intellectually embarrassing book by Dan Brown, the DaVinci Code), let me point you to some excellent works for your review:

            – Cold Case Christianity, by former LA cold case detective J Warner Wallace. Wallace is a former athiest

            – Lee Strobel (JD, Yale; former atheist) The Case for Christ, several others

            – FF Bruce, The New Testament Documents, Are They Reliable

            – A more scholarly book by Harris, Inspiration and Canonicity of the Bible

            – Breaking the DaVinci Code, Dr. Darrell Bock

            There’s more, a LOT more, but this will get you started if interested. Personally, I find this contention intellectually vapid, but I think some of you may want to educate yourself on this hackneyed old meme.

            • I agree Dan Brown was a hack ! It is clear to me you do NOT understand what I am saying ? It is also clear your supposed education is the problem for you ?

          • DTET,
            A spiritual world does exist. One light and one very dark. Doesn’t matter if bits and pieces of the Bible have been left out. Once someone has a grasp on the spiritual it all falls in place. Questions get answered and what was hidden eventually gets revealed. So no problem there.

            • Anon, simply put, nothing was left out that God wanted us to have. Everything needed for life, faith and practice is, in fact, there. If, in fact, Christ rose from the dead, then he would, ipso facto, be omnipotent, would He not? And thus able to guide and control the transmission of Scripture.

              Ah, you say. The resurrection. Here’s the thing about that: Christianity alone has a point of falsification (something can’t be proven true unless it has the ability to be proven false). The Vedic literature says “the sages point this way to truth.” That’s ok, but hardly verifiable. Gautama Buddha? I’ve read the Pali Canon too. But nothing falsifiable there, either. In fact, no one really knows if Buddha even believed in God – it’s more psychology than anything. Islam? Well, you can or cannot say the angel gave Muhammed the Qu’ran in the cave, but again, that is not falsifiable.

              In contrast, Christianity says God entered space and time. That is something that can be verified by history, archeology, etc. (e.g., there are are ZERO archeological discoveries that contradict the Bible). In fact, the man who is most responsible for the laws of evidence in this country, Dr. Simon Greenleaf of Harvard in the 1800s, was a Jew, not a Christian. Someone challenged him to examine the evidence for the resurrection and, you guessed it, he ended up a Christian, penning the book The Testimony of the Evangelists. I don’t know about you, but the man considered MOST responsible in this country for what is considered valid evidence in a court of law becoming a Christian based on the EVIDENCE he found is just a TAD interesting, n’est pas?

            • Anon, I fully realize a a spiritual world does exist and I likely live at all far more than most on this site !

              Like every other issue many of you here are ignorant and cannot grasp what is real or truth. all you know is what you have been spoon fed, not unlike the extreme left ? My point is that the current Bible is not the end all be all of anything to do with truth of anything ! There is far more to the entire story and it has all been deliberately hidden for a reason. It is a big part of why the world is so screwed up because it is based in lies and distortions. Exactly what the left does today in spades. Many of the answers and truth are here if you and others can handle it.


              You have been lied tom your entire life, probably time to wake up ?

          • I’d say the early church was on to something by leaving very questionable writings out.

            • I would suggest for those of you interested in this extremely critical topic of the reliability of the Bible to review the highly regarded texts above, for starters. J Warner Wallace’s book, Cold Case Christianity, by a former atheist and cold case detective, is most recent, and VERY well done.

              As I noted earlier, the early church did not “pick and choose,” but rather recognized VERY early on what was inspired and what was not. I noted that even in the FIRST century, you could virtually reconstruct today’s canon by using bible quotes cited from OPPONENTS of Christianity. Does the full import of that ring in anyone’s ears? Viz., the opponents of Christianity ALSO recognized what was being considered canon and not. This is incredibly significant, and that utterly absurd “Constantine did it” fall down in a heartbeat when confronted by this one reality.

              Truth is, facts are stubborn things, as I think it was Adams said.

              Hank Hanagraeff at put it best:

              Suppose you wrote an essay and asked five friends to copy it. Each of them in turn asked five more friends to do the same — kind of like a chain letter. By the fifth “generation,” you would have approximately four thousand copies. Now, obviously, in the process, some people are going to make some copying errors. The first five people to copy it would make mistakes, and then most of the people who copy from them will make some more mistakes. Eventually you’d have thousands of copies and all of them flawed.

              Sounds pretty bad, right? But hold on. Your five friends might make mistakes, but they wouldn’t all make the same mistakes. If you compared all of the copies, you would find that one group contained the same mistake while the other four did not — which of course, would make it easy to tell the copies from the original. Not only that, but most of the mistakes would be obvious — things like misspelled words or words that were accidentally omitted. Anyone looking at all four thousand copies would have no trouble figuring out which was the original.

              That’s essentially the same situation with the Bible. We’ve got thousands of copies of the Bible in its original language, and scholars who have studied them have been able to classify them into groups and in most cases determine what the original documents actually said. The few cases which are still debated by scholars really don’t affect the basic message of the Bible at all.

              In fact, interestingly enough when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered at Qumran, they predated the earliest extant text — the Masoretic text by almost one thousand years — yet in spite of this vast span of time, there was no substantive difference at all…..In fact, in looking at Isaiah 53 there were only 17 changes between the Masoretic text and those found at Qumran — 10 involved spelling, 4 style and 3 involved the Hebrew letters for the word light in verse 11. However, none of these differences were substantive — God has indeed preserved His Word

            • They left out the true ancient knowledge for a reason ! Their control.

      8. The world would soon revolt in chaos. Everyone would end up like Venezuala and how many would put up with that? Seems the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. How many billions would have to die to make the rest compliant? Not for me.

      9. I hate Germans. My stepfather was German. He and his male kinfolk were all pedophiles/abused females in various ways. They were all dominating, abusive males, who sneaked and abused women/children when they were alone with them. Guess they got their tactics from Hitler. Be careful the family you marry into– could really destroy your life/make your life hell!!

        • Icall B.S. You sound like a Jew it a cuckboi. I hate anti-German propaganda and its perveyors. We know who the REAL pedophiles are, they in Hymewood, they’re not Germans.

        • My grandmother was a German immigrant in 1926. Came over alone on a boat at 16 years of age to get away from Hitler. My ancestors were scared to death by him. My Grandfather was a Polosh immigrant in 1916 or so. My German father was a loving and caring man. His mother beat him so that he joined the marines at 17 to get away from her. Cared for her to the day she died. Cultural differences cannot be understood by some folks. Guess you have to be an anonymous culture to be perfect. Be careful who you insult. Generalities give you saviors…like Hitler

          • Nice post, Stanga.

            As Solzhenitsyn said, the line between good and evil runs through EACH of our own individual hearts. There are bad Germans and Jews. In fact, ALL of us are on the continuum of “bad,” if we really look at ourselves.

            I grant that there are certain people who are more evil, and cultures the same, but let’s quit being reductionistic.

        • Anonymous, Just as every generation has it’s share of psychopaths, rapists and child abusers so does every nationality. I’m not German, I’m mostly Irish/English, but to think all/most Germans are like that seems ignorant. Some are, some aren’t. Every group, whether it’s age group or race or nationality, etc., has its share of horrible, disgusting people, albeit some do have significantly more than others. But making sweeping generalizations and painting an entire or particular group with the same broad brush is counterproductive. That’s also one way TPTB keep us divided.

        • Im German, dont give a shit what you think

      10. Simple solution: kill the bastards responsible and reinstate the constitution.
        I said simple, not easy.

        • ‘vocalpatriot’, you’re close to something. The ‘simple’ solution is always to do the unexpected in order to come out the victor. Brandon Smith, to give him credit, has laid out the problem and the plans of the powers-that-be pretty well. So? How to defeat it? The 3 boxes approach does not work (soap, ballot, ammo…). At least the 1st and the 2nd assuredly don’t. That last one… it would depend on many factors. No one man or group is powerful enough to alter the course that has been set. What would (or is) needed is something else. I’ve been watching closely the efforts of our enemies. ISIS and their ilk. They are close to the ‘way’ of it. I often wonder if they’re a part of the globalist strategy though. Perfect excuses for militarization of the police forces, rallying the troops of the militaries, crack-down on freedoms, surveillance everywhere, pressing forward agendas in education, health-care, the environment and many other venues that speak of improvement while ensuring degradation. It will take thinking outside the box folks. I’ve some ideas; but, I reckon it’d be a waste of time to publish anything in this manner. I merely write to get all to start thinking – very critically – thinking. How do you stop a flood or a lava-flow? Answer that and you’ll be on the right track.

        • Or very probable.

      11. Smoke and mirrors…..Nothing is what it seems. Only God can be trusted. Humans are so irrational.

      12. While i love Brandon Smith’s work, i’m afraid i’m calling bullshit on this one. 2 reasons…

        1) Trump will NEVER ALLOW this to happen in America. He rejected the TPP, he rejected the Paris Climate Accord, in what alternate reality would he bow down and capitulate the running of America to the god forsaken globalists? Cmon…NONE of Trump’s actions since taking office support this claim of ceding America to one world govt and currency. If Hillary won, we may have had a problem.When Trump said “America First,” he meant it.

        2) As long as America’s 2A rights are intact and 125 million Americans are armed to the teeth, ain’t NOBODY coming into this country and either occupying us OR telling us what to do.

        • AK Johnny 1, I hate to break it to ya; but, Trump is ‘one of them. Re-read the article – Trump is “..catalyst for multiple globalist programs…”, an excuse. And he is aware of his role. Do you honestly think he is concerned with anything beyond his own safety, his family, his ego? He’s a tool, a puppet, just like all the rest. I’ll grant that just possibly he may be “that stupid” that he doesn’t fully realize just how easy he is to cause to dance ‘their’ dance – the PTB polka. And as for 2nd Amendment rights – the bad guys are already here in our country. Many are your/my neighbors or nearby. We are already occupied by legions of fools, traitors, cowards and selfish misguided people. We are rife with division, so many here ….. that we don’t even know who the hell they are. You, me – all of us – are being told what to do daily. And we are complying. Got a driver’s license? Have a carry permit? A hunting or fishing license. Pay your property taxes, registration on your vehicle? Actually believe in social security as some sort of right? That it really exists and is a proper American way to retire? Yeah, nobody …. telling us what to do. Right.

      13. As a Christian believer and professional tax preparer and taxpayer representation expert (for 36 years and counting) I can tell all of you that this is “on-time” and inevitable and even spoken of in your Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible of 1611, especially in the Book of Revelation.

        The New World Order is a religion … in the Bible it is termed “The Synogog of Satan” as a world-wide spreading religion founded by the Anti-Christ (instead of Christ) that carries the title of the man 666 (6th trump, 6th seal, 6th vial) that we more commonly call Satan, Death, The Serpent (as in the Garden of Eden), etc.

        You will see this happen during what is called in the Holy Bible the “Last Days” during the period from 1948 to 2018 (40 years) or from 1948 to 2068 (120 years) one or the other represents a Bible-dictated “generation.”

        This all has to happen before the Lord Yeshua (in the Hebrew;Jesus in the Greek) returns.

        I am also a “on the radar” and published survivalist and fully expect every jot and title of Bible prophesy to be 100% accurate and true just as Yah ha veh Himself put in His letter to you in the form of the Holy Bible.

        You just need to prepare yourself (spiritually and physically) For this coming tribulation with caches of short and long-shelf life nutritious food, fresh water long-term resources, shelter, and various other survival materials (I have a list).

        Imagine what your taxes will be like once this all comes together, then fails, and then 666 appears with a mouthful of supernatural powers and outright lies. Never forget: One of Satan’s many names is the word DEATH.

        • Who lives at 666 5th Avenue, New York? LOL

        • For Biblical believers with a Biblical world view and who understands the Banking history … the most important element to prepare for our future was omitted from the article.

      14. You have nothing to fear in all this unless you bear “The Mark of the Beast” in either your forehead (i.e.: that is, in your mind and brain) or in your hand (as one who supports and works for that Synagog of Satan). The New World Order is already growing around planet earth … and most of us, both Christians and otherwise, can somehow instinctively and simply feel it coming. Yah ha veh (God) takes care of His own … so true Bible-believing Christians have nothing to fear … God is not (I hope) angry specifically at you unless you have not yet repented and become joined to the Bride of the Christ.

        • I’ll never accept ‘The Mark Of The Beast’.

          • Good for you DP. Keep up the good work.

        • The book of revelation is not at all about what you claim. It is about your own personal inner journey and nothing else. I fully realize many millions of so-called Christians believe what you believe. That does not make any of it accurate or correct. Just means many millions were duped and we now see how easily many millions can be duped on all manner of matters to include religions. Especially if the government is on the side of the religion. Jesus never spoke of empowering religions ! Not even once, quite the opposite in fact.

          • DTET,
            You are certainly no authority on the book of Revelation.

            • ANON, and how do to know that ? Simply because you disagree because you have been spoon fed junk your entire life ?

        • Thanks, Thomas.

      15. To understand Germany today requires an understanding of the German experience over the last 100 years.

        There are many books and movies about Germany from the viewpoint of the winners of the world wars. Most all universities, publishing houses, media, Facebook and Google, etc., etc. are controlled by (((the winners))).

        Expand your knowledge of Germany by looking at Germany from the perspective of the losers, the German people.

        Some reference material: “Hell Storm”
        “The Bad War”
        “Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told”
        “Communism By The Back Door”
        “The Secret Behind Communism” (Dr. David Duke)
        “The Green Meadows Death Camps”
        “The Leuter Report”
        “Did Six Million Really Die?”


        It is difficult to see Germany as anything but a devastated shell of its former glorious past. German women and girls were raped. Almost all surviving women and girls in Germany are either victims themselves or they were raised by these women whose honor and pride was deliberately broken. The few surviving men forced to observe their mothers, sisters, and children violated by the winners. The winners are still in Germany. They still run everything. Germany is an occupied Country still to this day.

        __ I have family who married Germans. The children are beautiful, intelligent, and kind. I have German friends who have been nothing but kind to me. My neighbor and childhood friend was German. Her mother told me that she was starving and would not have survived if Hitler had not saved Germans. She told me he saved Germany and did many good things.

        __ when I was stranded with children after my house was destroyed, a nice man offered to let me stay free of charge until I could get another house. I learned later that he had been a German Youth and avid follower of Adolf Hitler. There was not anything but kindness and generosity. He treated my children with patience and affection. He protected them from harm as he did his own children.

        There are always more than one side to a person or a group of persons. Like the good book says, “remove the beam from your own eye, before you condemn the splinter in another’s.”


      16. It’s so comforting to hear from Hitler sympathizers defending the German people. Excuse me while I go throw up.
        Those who chose to leave under Hitlers rise, are the real heros. There was no way to oppose this monster once he disarmed the populace. Nice to know some people still embrace genocide. Keeps the rest of us on our toes.
        Cicil discourse with a touch of unbelief!

        • Stanza:

          Before Hitler took power, under the Weimar Republic, the German people were disarmed. Hitler loosened gun restrictions. There were enemies of the state, namely Communists (mostly J..s))) who were forbidden to have guns. Also, a boycott and declaration of WAR was made by (((J..s))); so, they specifically, were not allowed to have guns.

          Hitler was in the process of deporting (((J..s))) to “Is real hell” and Madagascar. But when France and England declared war against Germany, Hitler stopped sending (((J..s))) to “Is real hell”; and since he had to feed the (((J..s))) anyway, rather than have them be a burden, he set them up in work camps to make armaments. Which is what they did.

          As for my being an apologist, after studying the facts, I have to ask ” Apologize for what?”
          Hitler had (((J..s))) inside his military. Not just soldiers, but officers and Generals. By the end of the war; disease, starvation, and death killed both Germans and nonGermans alike. But some people can only cry for their own losses, never anybody else’s. This characteristic is sickening to be sure.

          I am not an expert on the period, and have changed my mind when new information was presented. I’m not a genius but I have a high IQ and can understand and evaluate data. Give me the facts, honestly and I can give you a reasonable reply. But for most of my life, I had only heard what the one side wanted me to know. I thought the Germans started the war for expansion of an Empire. I thought Hitler was personally responsible for murdering innocent women and children.

          Then I get educated and find out that it did not go down that way. So, now I’m the bad guy?? I think not! I think you need to take a deep breath and relax. Whatever I think doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. It won’t change your mind. It won’t bring back my friend’s father and the rest of the family who were killed. Let them all rest in peace.


          • Hitler was just another of the many psychopaths and sociopaths that seek ultimate power in governments. And he was directly responsible for millions of unnecessary deaths. There is no way to candy coat what he created and allowed. Not any different than Stalin and many others thruout history. I believe Barrack Obama could be the same guy if allowed ! He did use the Goebbels propaganda playbook on all of us and still trying to regain power just like Hitler did early on. I also believe in facts.

          • B fron CA

            “Before Hitler took power, under the Weimar Republic, the German people were disarmed. ”

            Thats simply not a true statement. Hitler loosened restrictions on NAZI Party members but forbid others from weapons possession.

            See NAZI Weapons Laws 1938 JPFO

            Thank you my deported friend Aaron Zelman (may he be known for good) and Jay Simkin who put together so much data.

      17. And to use a bible verse to support those who supported Hitler.. Really?

      18. Just no arguing with anger and ignorance. I have family history to base my opinions on. Some people just have hatred and distortions of history to justify their misguided views. Thinking I’ll trust my grandmothers stories, having been there during this period in history. Keep pumping a mass murderer and sleep well. I sleep well knowing my dad, son of my 16 year old immigrant grandmother, fought his fellow germans. Including his Great Uncle.. an officer in the Nazi regime!

        • ??

      19. Yes, the evil (destructive) people have taken control of our money supply nationally and globally.

        However, if the United States of America does one thing, they canNOT succeed and that one thing is to return to practicing day in and day out God’s Ten Commandments.

        Mock them if you will. Destroy them if you will, as that idiot did the other week. But they stand and are God’s Eternal Word as such cannot be destroyed.

        Return to the Commandments and God once again will protect in all ways the United States of America and its Sovereignty. We have been given a start in President Trump who has halted and undone many of Obama’s destructive decisions and policies.

        But if you fall for some of the posters here who cleverly mix in truth with lies to deceive you, it will not happen.

        In the Old Testament, we see again and again Yahweh protecting those who upheld His Commandments.

        It’s time for our United States to get right with God.

        And that begins right now with me.

        And you.

        – the Lone Ranger

      20. Trump spoke to Putin and said it’s okay if you want to bug out on Wrangel Island.
        Putin said there were no Russian troops there and you could stay as long as you like.

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