The New World Order: Does It All Just Boil Down To A Battle For Your Soul?

by | Nov 21, 2014 | Headline News | 198 comments

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    This commentary and analysis has been contributed by Brandon Smith of Alt Market.


    From its very inception, the Leninist/Marxist ideology of the Soviet Union made it a central priority to dispel and subjugate religious and spiritual expression. The state was “god.” No other god could be allowed to flourish, for if the people were given license and freedom of belief in something beyond themselves and beyond the establishment, they would retain a sense of rebellion. The collectivist philosophy requires the utter destruction of all competitors; otherwise, it can never truly prevail.

    Atheism became the cult of choice among the communists, for in an atheist world there is nothing beyond the veil. There is no greater goal and no inherent self. There is no true individualism, only self interest (not the same thing), the trappings of environmental circumstances, and the constant substantiation of the greater good. By extension, there is no inborn moral compass or conscience, only the social fashions and mores of the moment. In such a world, tyrants reign supreme because atheism allows relativism to flourish; and any crime, no matter how heinous, can be rationalized.  Beyond this, if you know and study the real history of the rise of communism, you know through great researchers like Antony Sutton that the very fabric of the system would never have existed without the monetary and military aid of international financiers (i.e. the NWO).

    The atheist position uses the same arguments I have just made as a reason to remove religion and spirituality from our cultural influences. And in some respects, atheists are right. Religion is a tool that can be exploited to manipulate the masses. Any system of belief that is faith-based can be misinterpreted and abused in order to lure unwitting dupes and mindless followers into the fray of an engineered disaster. Atheists commonly argue that it is the encumbering nature of faith that causes mankind to destroy itself in the name of zealotry and self-righteous ignorance.

    The difference, however, is that religious zealots are still required by the confines of their dogma to at least appear as though they follow a moral code. Therefore, they can be exposed as violators of this code and weakened over time. The atheist/collectivist system, though, thrives on the concept that there is no such thing as a moral code and that one is vindicated and heroic if he takes extreme action to prove that traditional morality is a vice, rather than a virtue. Atheists in positions of power often make no attempt to affirm their actions; rather, they demand that society abandon all conscience and sense of natural law. They do not ask for forgiveness; they order you to apologize for your moral compass.  Are some atheists good and honorable people?  Surely.  The point, however, remains; atheism is the new flavor of the era, the increasingly predominant gravitational center of modern culture, the philosophical soil in which the NWO has chosen to grow its globalist experiment.

    What atheists don’t seem to grasp is that atheism is itself based on an act of faith: faith in the idea that there is nothing beyond our perceptions of existence. They have no more factual knowledge of what lay at the center of life than any of the religious acolytes they so fondly attack, yet their own hypocrisy is apparently lost on them.

    I would not pretend to deny that religion has the ability to create a volatile atmosphere edging toward genocidal tendency, but so does any belief system that assumes it is the paramount of knowledge denying all others. The intellectual intolerance of the socialist atheism of the 20th century spawned a death machine that claimed the lives of millions of people. So, clearly, atheists should be more concerned with the violent tendencies of their own ilk rather than the religious “fiends” they seem so obsessed with. Of course, this is a history modern atheists would rather ignore or rewrite.

    I have always been concerned with the dilemma of the collectivist ideology, but even more so in recent months, as our world creeps closer toward global crisis. Crisis always provides circumstance and cover for dangerous philosophical totalitarianism.

    Not long ago I came across the column “Some Atheists And Transhumanists Are Asking: Should It Be Illegal To Indoctrinate Kids With Religion?” on Huffington Post. It was written by Zoltan Istvan, a transhumanist and self-proclaimed “visionary and philosopher.”

    Firstly, I have a hard time taking anything published by the Huffington Post seriously. Secondly, I have a hard time taking anyone using the name “Zoltan” seriously. Thirdly, I have a hard time taking anyone who labels himself a “visionary” seriously. That said, it is important to study the propaganda of the other side carefully. You never know what kinds of truths you might come across amid all the lies.

    The article does not really define what it considers “indoctrination”, but I would assume transhumanists and atheists would argue that anything not scientifically proven could become indoctrination. Interestingly, Istvan starts his tirade against the handing down of religious beliefs by admitting that science has added very little to our overall knowledge of the universe. After all, human beings experience only a narrow spectrum of the world around us, and there is indeed much we do not know. For some reason, it does not dawn on atheists that perhaps our limited scientific observations of the universe do not necessarily outweigh or deny the existence of an intelligent design.

    In order to distract from their fundamental lack of knowledge, modern collectivist governments and movements have always made the promise of technological utopia and endless abundance in order to sway the populace into supporting establishment power. We will all work far less, or we will never have to work at all. Shelter, food, health and wealth will be provided for us. Our free time will be spent studying the nature of the cosmos and perpetuating the cult of academia, protected by a benevolent technocratic governing body straight out of an episode of “Star Trek.”

    Not surprisingly, John Maynard Keynes himself predicted in 1930 that technological advancement and economic abundance would result in a three-hour workday and infinite time to amuse oneself by the year 2030 in his essay “The Economic Possibilities For Our Grandchildren.”

    This was the same essay in which Keynes referred to the financial concerns of many at the onset of the Great Depression as “misinterpretations” and “pessimism.”

    Transhumanism, a mainstay of global elitism and the New World Order, also uses fantastical images of scientifically created contentment to sell itself to starry-eyed rubes packed into the circus tent of the technocratic carnival. The very essence of the movement is the argument that one day ALL knowledge of the universe will be obtained by mankind and that through this knowledge, we (a select few anyway) will obtain godhood.

    Again, as in the Huffington Post column, the claim is that science knows all or will eventually know all and that whatever has not been dissected and observed by science like the conceptions of religion must, therefore, be dubious myth.

    Ironically, there is far more scientific evidence of God and spiritual life than there is evidence against. So by the very standards many atheists hold dear, it is they who are peddling indoctrination rather than truth.

    In the world of mathematics, the good friend of Albert Einstein, Kurt Godel, is famous (but not as famous as he should be) for writing what would be called the “incompleteness proof.” In mathematics, a proof is a statement that is ALWAYS true and can always be proven true. Godel’s proof shook the very foundations of the mathematical world, because it outlined the fact that all mathematical knowledge is limited by numerical paradox, and that humanity will never be able to define all things through mathematical means.

    Global elites such as Bertrand Russell had spent years of effort attempting to prove that mathematics was the unbridled code of the universe and that the universe could be understood in its entirety through the use of numbers. Godel shattered this delusion with his incompleteness proof, establishing once and for all that math is limited, not infinite. The existence of mathematical paradox along with an undefinable “infinity” lends credence to the religious view that there are indeed some things man will never know, but at least he has the ability to prove that he can never know them.

    In the world of quantum physics, the work of Werner Heisenberg, along with that of many other scientists, has shown that the very mechanics of the world around us are not at all what they seem and that traditional physics is only a hollow shell of knowledge limited by our ability to observe.

    The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle dictates that the observer of a particular physical state always affects the object being observed, making it impossible to know all the data necessary at one time to predict the future of that object. If a person hoped to become a god, he would certainly need to be able to tell the future; and to tell the future, one would need the ability to observe and record every aspect of every particle interacting in the environment around him. Any unknown quantity could change the outcome of any particular event. Heisenberg found that particles act very differently depending on how they are observed. In some experiments, he even discovered that individual particles appeared to be in two places at the same time, thus making them wholly unpredictable.

    This behavior in the building blocks of matter is confounding to many in the realm of physics. Add to it the fact that scientists remain fixed on an endless and apparently futile quest to find the base particle that makes up the universe, and once again we find that the dreams of the transhumanist atheists to attain godhood fall terribly short.  In addition, the apparently “intelligent” behavior of inanimate particles under observation leads one to question whether the universe is really just a chaotic mess of matter, or a dynamic living machine.

    In the realm of psychology, Carl Gustav Jung discovered through decades of research the existence of inborn psychological contents. That is to say, from the moment of our birth, human beings contain complex elements of knowledge and identity, meaning we are NOT merely products of our particular environments. Jung called these pieces of inherent information “archetypes.”

    The most important aspect of archetypes for our discussion is the existence of opposing views, or “dualities.” The concepts of good and evil, the concepts of conscience as well as guilt and regret, are not necessarily taught to us. Rather, we are born with such elements already within us. The fact that we are born with an at least unconscious understanding of good versus evil means we have the potential power of choice, a power beyond the realm of environment and beyond the reach of would-be tyrants and collectivists. If this does not constitute scientific evidence of a human “soul,” then I do not know what does. The fact of archetypes is undeniable. The question is: Since they do not come from environment, where do they come from?

    Istvan’s column doesn’t mention or regard any of the scientific evidence for the existence of an intelligent design. He merely argues that science is the only definable known quantity, and only the known quantity is an acceptable form of belief. But what if the known quantity is so limited as to make a society dangerously ignorant?

    The article goes on to promote (somewhat shamelessly) the author’s book, in which the hero, a transhumanist atheist, is given the power to reshape society into any form he wishes. The hero questions whether he should remove religion from the picture entirely, for if religion were erased, wouldn’t the world finally be at peace? Istvan himself questions whether religious expression should be banned in the case of children, so that they are given the chance to “choose” what they wish to believe later in life. This, of course, disregards the fact that children are already born with the prospect of choice, which is why many children who grow up Christian do not practice it later in life, and why many children from atheist homes end up joining religious movements. The idea that all children are permanently molded or damaged by their parent’s unchecked beliefs is complete nonsense.

    What the author reveals in his work of fiction is the greater threat of the atheist and transhumanist ideology — namely, the arrogant assumption that they know what is best for the world and the public based on their scientific observations, which are limited and often misinterpreted. This problem extends into the oligarchy of globalists, who adore the theories expressed in Plato’s “The Republic,” in which an elite cadre of “philosopher kings,” men who have achieved a heightened level of academic knowledge, are exalted as the most qualified leaders. However, leadership requires more than knowledge, even if that knowledge is profound. Leadership also requires compassion and informed consent, two things for which the elites have no regard.

    The New World Order, an ideal often touted by globalists and defined by their own rhetoric as a scientific dictatorship in which collectivism is valued and individualism is criminalized, seems to me to be — in its ultimate form and intention — a battle for the human soul. They try to convince us that there is no such thing, that there is no inborn conscience, that there is a rationale for every action, that spiritualism is a frivolous and terroristic pursuit, and that cold logic and science, as defined by them, are the paths to prosperity and peace. They also seek to tempt the masses with imaginary stories of attainable godhood and artificial Eden, promises on which they can never deliver.  Anyone can point a gun at you and demand your fealty, but this is not what the elites want.  Rather, they want you to voluntarily resign yourself over to the hive mind and sacrifice your conscience in the process.  While one might argue over what it is they “truly” believe at the core of their cult, it is undeniable that collectivism, moral relativism, and atheism are their favorite promotional weapons.

    The reactionary responses to my criticisms of the elitist philosophy will likely involve endless renunciations of crimes committed in the name of religious fervor. I agree; religion has always been exploited, usually by the elites themselves, to enslave as well as to murder. Even today, I hear some so-called Christians argue in favor of genocide using half-baked interpretations of biblical reference. But at bottom, I much prefer a world in which religious expression is free, rather than abolished in the name of an overarching zealotry in the form of a stunted mathematical morality. I prefer a world where the spiritual side of existence is allowed to add to observational awareness. Logic alone is not wisdom, after all. Wisdom is the combination of reason, intuition and experience.

    I refuse to live under any form of theocracy, whether religious or scientific. The idea that we must choose between one or the other is a farce — a controlled debate. The individual soul (or whatever you want to call it) is the only thing that matters. It is important that we never forget that when we fight against the NWO, we are not just fighting for liberty; we are also fighting for something profoundly and inherently spiritual. Though we might not be able to define it, we can feel it. And that is enough.

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      1. Too long of an article, too much garbage in it, too much of “them” and not enough of “us”.

        Just a typical trashy piece from Huffington Post. What would you expect from them, anyway?

        Left wing liberal atheists who know just what is good for YOU. How you should spend your money (if they let you have any of it) and how and what you should think.

        Well, I guess that covers it. Just a peachy article, huh (sarcasm in full bloom)!

        • Like my t-shirt says “GROUPTHINK… IT’S A NO BRAINER” 🙂

            • Anything that is of a hive mind nature is usually detrimental to the group as it kills true creativity and progression toward self improvement. I do not belong to groups religious or otherwise therefor I am free to think, observe, create and expand on my own. Govt. destroys individuality, Religion destroys spirituality, Doctors destroy health, Lawyers destroy justice, Many things say one thing on theyre face but do the exact opposite. I am not an athiest but I don’t fall for religion either. The NWO is just onother religion, a man made plan for domination by the few. When you adhere to some groups plan as to what to think or what god is then you have had your soul stolen from you. Your soul is a free spirit here to learn and experience, if you bind it to a religion for guidance you have given it away to someone else and effectively imprisoned it. THINK FOR YOURSELF! 🙂

              • “Think for yourself!”

                I think Jesus is God and that He is the objective, absolute, and transcendent Truth … who chose me!

                • So what happens to those who have never heard of Jesus?

                  • Genius, are you a follower and disciple of Jesus, i.e., a Bible-believing Christian?

                    • No I am not. Like I said, I don’t do groupthink so am I going to hell now? I somehow doubt it 🙂

                    • FS, can you answer my question? What happens to those who have never heard of Jesus?

                    • Genius,

                      Would you say that you’re a Christ-Rejector and that it’s rather likely that you will die as a Christ-Rejector?

                      If so, then that enough to provide an answer to your question about whether Heaven/Hell for you.

                      With regards to your shallow puff about “GroupThink” as if that’s enough of a summation to unintelligently dismiss thoughts on the meaning and purpose of life (and related important questions), please know that the group which believes that Jesus Christ is not God, a group which you belong to, is numerically larger than the group that does.

                      So you are a part of GroupThink, “Genius.”

                    • FS, that is not an answer. You obviously cannot answer that question. Is everyone that ever lived that din’t know about jesus in hell now? When the crusaders came and forced christianity on others if they didn’t agree are they in hell too? That my friend is the stupidest thing I have ever imagined. The buybull has some spiritual fact in it along with a plethora of man made mind control rules. It has enough fact and mind control to give you that “saved” feeling but in fact it takes away your free thinking and orders obedience or else! The creator “god” is in everyone it is not in some external religion. I knew you couldn’t answer my question I just wanted to give you something to think about…

                    • Self-Proclaimed “Genius”,

                      Your question is the lesser question. The larger question is whether you embrace Jesus as your Lord and Savior or whether you are a Christ-Rejector.

                      Don’t worry about the eternal fate of others. What is yours. I don’t like to waste my time with smokescreens.

                    • Genius. I keep asking that anr religious personon this board who cslls themselves a true believer to bring just one person foreward who has been granted everladting life as stated in John 3:16. And nobody can come with a single person precher 300 yrs old or not even a Cardin as l or Bishop several hundred yrs old or even Jebus himself the holliest of thou. So that pretty much sums up that idiots still believe in a false prophacy. Unsubstianted falsehoods of Bible babble faith. Yeah that is what Group think gets ya. Fleeced!!!

                  • Genius:

                    Jesus Christ is fair and just. Anyone not hearing of Him will be given the chance to accept his message. The only unforgiveable sin is Blasphemy of God/Jesus Christ.

                    • I thought it was the Holy Spirit

                    • Im not a Christian. Ill take full credit for all my bad deeds as well as my good ones. I never asked crist or anyone to die for my sins. I don’t want something for nothing. Im very aware of my soul. I don’t need organized religion to know right from wrong. Like Genius im free im not burdened with hipocricy & superstition.

                    • POG. No disrespect. But only those who have been duped into the Beliefs of the Babble believe that Babble. If you were born in Iraq you would be a living product of the Koran and brainwashed the Babble was evil. People are just dumbed down products if rheir gullible environment. I can go to Las Vegas and bet red everytime and win half the time. Just saying. Even a dead clock is right twice a day. LoL.

                    • Old Guy: “Im not a Christian. Ill take full credit for all my bad deeds as well as my good ones. I never asked crist or anyone to die for my sins. I don’t want something for nothing. Im very aware of my soul.”

                      I appreciate this.

                    • POG, The law of the universe is fair and just. You are simply substituting natural law for jesus/god’s law. The law of karma judges mankind, man just reworded it to make you obedient to a “god” they control by religion to pacify and control people. It’s exactly what I would do if I wanted control over men. Religion is the first form of government (govern=control.. ment=mind”. Christianity is a fairly new form of religion in the grand scheme of things. What happened to people before Christianity? Hell must certainly be full by now 🙂

                    • Granny and Genius,

                      Those people who have never heard of Jesus are not held accountable to His law. Someone who has never heard of Jesus is therefore not accountable for breaking a law he/she has never been taught. All people will eventually be taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ, whether in this life or the next,and they are free to chose Christ or not. At that point they become accountable.

                    • Oldwhatshisname, So your saying everyone is reincarnated till they hear the gospel then get to decide theyre fate? Do you even realize how retarded that is? The creator isn’t stupid and man that is STUPID. May the pasture where you graze be always green and full of wisdom nutrients to help your quest for knowledge (if you have one) 🙂

                    • Freeslave, The lesser question? WOW MAN! Are you some superfreak that downgrades questions asked of you? Answer the (smaller) questions before you ask your lofty shit asswipe! You limp wristed liberal punk, you have the brainpower of your poodle. Why the hell are you even here? I suspect you will not last long lol…

                    • I used to walk the straight and narrow line
                      I used to think that everything was fine
                      some days it sit through sleepless dreams
                      all alone and trapped in time
                      all alone and trapped in time
                      I wonder what tommorrow has in store for me
                      or even am I in it’s mind at all
                      perhaps I’ll get a chance to look ahead and see
                      as I find myself a crystal ball
                      so tell me tell me where Im going I don’t know where Ive been tell me tell me and then tell me again
                      Mt heart is breaking and my bodys aching
                      and I dont know where to go
                      so tell me tell me Ijust got to know..
                      crystal ball …
                      so many things I need to know
                      crystal ball..
                      won’t you p[lease before I go…
                      TELL ME THE BAND LOL 🙂

                    • Genius; ‘Free Slave’ is himself stuck in Group-Think, it’s called organized religion. It requires nothing more than blind faith and obedience to some distant voice without the slightest bit of doubt. Does this sound familiar? This malignant thought process brought the world the acceptance of slavery, both OT and NT, the belief that women/wives were property and less than men, that witches were real and must be killed, up until the 1600’s. It’s the same primitive thinking that rejects any science that conflict with their special world view. These follower’s forebears actually believed that diseases and, meteorlogical and geological events, were signs from their god. Science has been shrinking their god’s power with every discovery of the natural (scientific) explanations to these events. You will never get a straight answer from a true-believer like Free Slave because he can’t reconcile his belief system to the facts of this world. All you’ll get is circular-logic arguments and plain nonsense. Then of course will come the name calling, the last sign of a lost argument. So save yourself some frustration and don’t ask any more questions from the likes of him.

                  • I’ll be glad to answer that one for ya.

                    Romans 1:20

                    For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

                    You may not like or agree with that answer but there it is from the Bible. And yes I believe it.

                    • Highspeed, Of course it is obvious this world was created. But looking to a man written religion for proof of the obvious is foolish imo. Let’s look at the word RELIGION… re (change alignment with) ligion (alliance to or with) So religion= re alignment with. Why would you realign your spirit with something other than you were born with? Even Christianity has probably over 100 diffent sects with different interpretations. Who is right? But because it gives you the warm fuzzy feeling you believe your version is right. Many religions have enough truth in them to give you the warm fuzzy feeling but if you stand back and use critical thinking, they are ALL mind control.

                    • Highspeed, Of course it is obvious this world was created. But looking to a man written religion for proof of the obvious is foolish imo. Let’s look at the word RELIGION… re (change alignment with) ligion (alliance to or with) So religion= re alignment with. Why would you realign your spirit with something other than you were born with? Even Christianity has probably over 100 diffent sects with different interpretations. Who is right? But because it gives you the warm fuzzy feeling you believe your version is right. Many religions have enough truth in them to give you the warm fuzzy feeling but if you stand back and use critical thinking, they are ALL mind control.

                  • Genius, Most will never answer you. I will.

                    They all know what will happen to those to do not know or have never heard of Jesus. As people follow a certainly faith, there is always a certain lack of understanding. Those who have never known Jesus, have never been exposed to his philosphy cannot be held accountable for it.

                    There is a term: “The Age Of Accountability”. We think of our children. Babies that die, 3 year olds that get shot or killed in an accident. They are “Unaccountable”. Where do they go?

                    I know. Do you?

                    They’ll all end up in Heaven since they were unacountable for any sins they may have commited. In fact, you could say, they never commited any sin, since sin is a breaking of a law. Since they knew no law, no law could be broken.

                    FreeSlave, You said, “I think Jesus is God and that He is the objective, absolute, and transcendent Truth … who chose me!”

                    It warms my heart to hear you say that and then I know that I will see you at The Gates Of Glory someday!

                    • well said Ranger!

                    • Thanks NetRanger. Look forward to meeting you in Heaven too!

                    • NetRanger…your biblical illiteracy is staggering. Psalm 51:5 “Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me. Age of accountability is a man-made concept to soothe their conscience. No one would worship a god who sends innocent babies to hell. As for adults…Leviticus 5:17 says, “if anyone sins and does what is forbidden in any of the lord’s commands, even though they do not know it, they are guilty and will be held responsible”.

                  • God is transcendent, merciful, and sovereign. He can deal with individual souls in any way He sees fit. Nobody can say what happens to those who have never heard of Christ our God.
                    The most conservative Orthodox priest I have ever known said such words as the above to me in his house.

                    Humans cannot force God to be accountable to their whims in a legalistic, juridical fashion. I suspect that those who want Him to be their errand boy just have an unhealthy need to control other people.

                  • Now who might that be?

                • Question for Religious Folks. Would you keep playing the Lottery if Nobody ever Wins?

                  Then why would you keep having Faith in a Religious Cult where Nobody can bring forward a single soul in 2000 years who was ever granted ever lasting life? As claimed in John 3:16

                  Stop buying the Lotto ticket, You ain’t ever going to win anything, and you sure aint getting any ever lasting life either. Its all a Hoax.

              • Genius, excellent post. I agree wholeheartedly.

                • Nice article Brandon.

                  “Not surprisingly, John Maynard Keynes himself predicted in 1930 that technological advancement and economic abundance would result in a three-hour workday and infinite time to amuse oneself by the year 2030 in his essay “The Economic Possibilities For Our Grandchildren.”

                  Investors in android/robots, (“replicants” if you will) will not have to work at all, long before 2030 if the world is still in one piece by then. Of course with the depopulation plans of the NWO articulated in the Georgia Guidestones; I am not long on civilization as we know it.

                  Keep stacking and packing. 🙂

              • And that why you are a Genius. BRAVO!! DITTO! Any Cult you let in to rob your soul will destroy you. And why I have been Self Employed 20+ years. I punch NO clock for No one, and do what ever the f@ck I want. Just get rid of the Taxman and Mother Time for Aging and I’m Golden.

              • Where are the red thumbs at? Genius is spouting out so much nonsense that I want to click twice.

                • lolz, instead of your precious anonymouse redthumbs why don’t you just say whats on your mind? Go ahead and speak up it’s a free forum! Oh I know it’s because you can’t face what I will hand you huh? There are chatrooms for idiots like you, go find one 🙂

                  • GENIUS is Right of course. Sine none of tge religious cult types can bring forward a single person who has ever been granted everlasting life, it must be a pretty busy place down there in hell. I can just hear the chatter now complaining how the church ripped them off for tens of thousads of dollars and they still didn’t get a seat in heaven. You just can’t fix stoopid. I would look into seeing if the Church will give you a refund while you are still alive. I would ask the preacher to bring some one forward who got everlasting life to prove his shirade is valid. But nobody has the guts to do it in their group thought mind control group meetings. I would stand right up when they start passing the collection plate and call the preacher out.

                    • This is definitely one of the more immature and senseless arguments I have ever seen from non believers. Asking a human to perform something only God could do what an adulterous generation this is demanding miracles from men, Asking a human to perform something only God could do.

                    • Obviously you and your “genius” friend do not get it, it comes through faith. I am not here to call names and such childish things, but I do know in eternity I will be smiling, I don’t think you two will have any reason to smile.

                    • The so-called Bible, a collection of books, a compendium if you will, wasn’t even in existence until well into the 4th century A.D. First there was a gathering of books in 170, but many were left out. Then they came together in 363, and later years. But there are also different versions with different amounts of books in them. To say this was inspired by some god is just too ridiculous to even imagine. He waits for centuries and then has these writings compiled piecemeal over several hundred years? Which Christian faction has the correct Bible then; the Catholics with up 7 more books, or the Protestants with their KJV? Diehards from both camps will claim theirs’ is the ‘divinely inspired book’. Never once do you actually hear God commanding, or even suggesting, that certain messages of his should be bound together for his followers. The Bible, like their religion, is like ‘Silly Putty’, it can be shaped any way the player wants to mold it. You can’t argue intelligently with folks who hold irrational beliefs. EX: evolution isn’t true but the belief in an invisible magic man in the sky making everything is true. You just can’t fix this kind of stupidity.

                  • Tsk tsk the name calling comes out so quick and from an individual who imposes his ideals of higher thinking beyond a “hive mind”. I do enjoy a good debate on subjects ranging from philosophy and personal beliefs to biology and concepts of scientific theory. You handed me and everyone else here an incomplete idiology and nonsensesical b.s. nugget covered in a chocolate pseudoscience shell. Should I give you the definition of a theory? Because a theory is just a nice flowing story whether they be creationism or the big bang. YOU do not know more about the origins of life on this planet more than anyother individual, because no one knows. So your ideas of bashing religion and using science as a religion is as flawed as Ptolemy.

              • So Genius, if I beleive what you say and do as you do, I’ll be finally free? We could start a movement and make everyone “free”.

                • Larry, For 1 don’t think like me or anyone else, think for yourself. YOU and only YOU can decide what to think! The freer you think the freer you’ll be. Try it sometime you’ll love it. And remember one thing Larry, you cannot love another unless you love yourself! Go get em grasshopper 🙂

                  • Netranger, Those babies that died young probably saw the shit going on and opted out. Believe what you want, your free to do so for now. Quoting you….

                    ” They’ll all end up in Heaven since they were unacountable for any sins they may have commited. In fact, you could say, they never commited any sin, since sin is a breaking of a law. Since they knew no law, no law could be broken.

                    FreeSlave, You said, “I think Jesus is God and that He is the objective, absolute, and transcendent Truth … who chose me!”

                    It warms my heart to hear you say that and then I know that I will see you at The Gates Of Glory someday!

                    That my friend is the biggest myth of humankind. The only glory you will find is the glory of the karma you created here. Not some bullshit in the buybull.
                    A good person does not go to hell, just as a non believer in your bullshit. What you give is what you get expect nothing less. But hey, your free to believe whatever you want, good luck…

                    • Genius: “A good person does not go to hell, just as a non believer in your bullshit.”

                      Self-proclaimed “Genius,”

                      Who defines what is “good”? How do you define “good”? Do you consider yourself “good”?

                    • The problem is many folks are brainwashed from childhood into whatever religion their parents subscribe to. That ingraines the core concept that that religion and only that religion is the only true religion and everyone else,s superstitious beliefs are wrong. I myself was a victim of the same actions by my parents and others in authority. However Im curious and want to know why. Any road when a teen I started having out of body experiences. Now If I had told anyone I would likely have been treated by some shrink and given drug therapy ect. So I researched the subject and found out it was quite common. This led me to believe the theory of reincarnation and the universal law of KARMA has merit. I rejected all organized religion. And My wife had the same sort religious brainwashing. And She also regected it. I had a seventh day Adventist tell me because I worked on Saturday and ate meat I wasn’t going to heaven. I stated are you gonna be in heaven? He assured me that he would. I stated that Ok I don’t want to be around you any way. now I have no doubt that the adventest is a true believer in his 100% confident in his chosen superstition.

              • Genius, You are on the right track. “Religion” is an insult to your soul, however, there is a balance. Religion is the “dirty rags” that Saul talked about. Religion is the “Camel Through The Eye Of The Needle”.

                Do not, however, mistake collective effort, action and worship with collectivism. There is a difference. Just because multiple people band together and decide as one body the best way to do a thing does not make the effort collectivism.

                I have experienced this on some fairly large scales. Collectivism sets in when the oranization becomes and organism and begins to do things for the “greater good” (a term that makes me want to pyook!) and, somehow, that “greater good” always seems to be detrimental to individuality and benificial to the organization.

                When I start seeing that happen, I dump it and run! (…it usually starts with “rules” to control the individual members.)

                Just because one has a faith, like FreeSlave and I do, does not mean you’re a collectivist. Just because one goes to a church or belongs to a club, does not mean you have to compromise your own individuality.

                Good luck on your journey, but, you really should check out this Jesus guy. Beware of those that proclaim him though. Many of them aren’t right in the head and may appear to be zealots.

                • Netranger, trust me I tried that and no fookin way do I buy it. Jesus may have been an enlightened man (if he even existed) but the things the buybull says are insane.

          • Genius, that’s right. If you accept groupthink without question or reservation, you DON’T have a brain.

            • Brave, not only no brain but a block on your souls progression. How many preachers invite people to question what theyre told without reservation or logic? There in lies the problem, religions do NOT allow people to question or think for themselves. Take care brother!

              • Genius, that’s the primary reason I left organized religion back in the 70s, but that’s another story for another time.

          • OK I read half the Article, And already disagree. Not sure where the Author thinks Atheism is a form of faith.

            I am neither Religious nor an Atheists but would say, anybody who is so weak they need to lean on some other higher power like a magic narcotic to bring them happiness is a sad state of being. Nobody needs any religion to be happy, moral, or live their life with integrity and kindness to others. If there is one cult more dangerous on this earth in genocide and war, it is the religious cults in the world, that kill others who don’t believe like them, or sacrificing others to their Gods. Religion is a disease of the mind, a pollutant that blinds all rational thinking, or insight of reality of the here and now. Appreciate today, not some foreign destination called Heaven. There is NO HEAVEN OR HELL, only the “HERE and NOW” in your living conscious and 5 senses. The rest is just a never ending dirt nap. Religion needs to be eradicated from the planet, and get back to the Mother earth as out soul and bread basket. Treat her with respect, and kindness. Get real, wake up Sheeple. And Jesus was a homeless drifter that is NEVER Coming back to save you and if God was so prepared in life, then why does he keep needing your money every Sunday? Just my 2 cents of copper.

            • WWTI, I agree totally except in my opinion we will move on after our experience here. In my opinion we are here for a kind of cosmic karma schooling. The more good karma the higher you move in other cosmic dimentions, the worse your karma the lower you move (perhaps reincarnated as a beaten abused starved animal). This planet and being human is a huge classroom, you either move forward or you move back. Good points you make my man, you are obviously intelligent 🙂

              • Thx Genious. I do believe in Karma. Do good to others and you will be rewarded back tenfold. I too was raised from Childhood as a Christian and when I grew up to an adult I began to think for my self and just. Never found a single stitch of logic in Religion whatso ever. And lots of gullible sheep following the precher shepherd down the path to the fleecing station for their weekly Sunday shakedown.

              • Genius says:
                Comment ID: 3272284
                November 21, 2014 at 6:02 pm
                WWTI, I agree totally except in my opinion we will move on after our experience here. In my opinion we are here for a kind of cosmic karma schooling. The more good karma the higher you move in other cosmic dimentions, the worse your karma the lower you move (perhaps reincarnated as a beaten abused starved animal). This planet and being human is a huge classroom, you either move forward or you move back.

                Gotta say, this is one of the strangest and most unsupported “beliefs masquerading as an opinion” I’ve heard from you. A couple of flaws
                1) “Good Karma” – Who is the arbiter of good vs bad?
                2) If this planet and being human is huge classroom, is it the first? If so, why would any creature exist that isn’t human? You suggested that a beaten, abused starved animal was in that state as a punishment for previous “Bad Karma” actions..Where/when were those actions performed? Were all of us “there?” and if so, how come we have no memory of that previous location? What’s to say being a human in this classroom is the top of the “Good Karma” ladder? Humans fall on the entire “suffering” spectrum from very well off to despondancy.
                3) You have absolutely no knowledge or proof of this “Personal Karmic” system (i.e. you are taking it 100% on faith) yet you are the first person to jump up and down and claim “Fraud” when others present their Faith systems to you. This is the definition of hypocracy.

                Unlike many on here I will never resort to tossing insults to try and further my position or lessen yours…However, you should make an earnest review of the 3 points above abut this time apply the word Christianity to them and see if you would still agree with them.

                …Then we can continue the discussion and get on to the Salvific benefits of knowing Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord.
                Peace to you my brother.

            • Matt 5:3

            • Like I said before you are an atheist.

              • Ms.X please define your opinion of athiest. Because I don’t follow your brand of mind control means I’m an athiest? Please clarify this if you can…

                • “theme from jeapordy playing” I could beat every one of you that can’t respond easily, Because you don’t think logically. Ask a direct question and I will give a DIRECT answer. The diffence between you and me is I am flexible and you are not. If I read or think of something that challenges my beliefs I stand back and re evaluate what I have learned. If I was questioning myself I would hang back and rethink it. But I’m not, I am just posing questions that people can’t answer. If you can’t answer them then maybe YOU need to rethink your diatribe 🙂

            • WhoWuddaThunkit, like many Humanists, with the often added kicker of “getting back” to our “Mother Earth” as a diety substitute, you seem to actually believe that you don’t have religion, your way is just the ‘right and true’ way of the universe. This of course puts you aquarely in the league of the most dogmatic of religionists, who don’t believe they have a religious viewpoint, but rather the truth and therefore are not bound by religion. It is that which makes them, and you, most dangerous.

        • ???????? HUFF PO ????
          Maybe you should reread.
          Brandon is a little bloviated here though.

        • @David:

          Agreed….let me rewrite that article…

          If not Free Will……then, free lead.

          There we go….easy peasy.

          … safe….stay the course…..BA.

          • BA;
            That was much better, could you right the next article?


            PS: I do usually like Brandon’s work but sometimes it is hard to stay focused on it.

          • Bad American: Let me guess. You edit “Cliff Notes”, am I right? 🙂

            • @GR….DK:

              Good Day to your fine selves:

              My talents lie more along “unlost in translation”.


              "Martha ! Not in a million years could I have generated a thesis based on my eyewitness presumption of what clearly and most certainly transpired" …

              "Yo Biotch, belea dat"


        • Brandon Smith: The point, however, remains; atheism is the new flavor of the era, the increasingly predominant gravitational center of modern culture, the philosophical soil in which the NWO has chosen to grow its globalist experiment.

          My goodness! Who woulda thunk it?

          To Hell, literally, with the NWO Lib Atheists!

          Resistance to atheistic NWO Lib Fascism is obedience to God!!

          There can be no false peace when the NWO Lib Fascists want to rape the conscience and God-given rights and freedoms of others.

          • The mind-boggling thing to me is that there are so many liberal atheist Jews. Per Scripture the Jews are God’s Chosen people. So when I see an atheist Jew it just boggles my brain.

            There is a civil war (figuratively, not literally) between the liberal atheist Jews and the conservative observant Jews.

            If I’m not mistaken, there seems to be a preponderance of liberal atheist Jews who comprise the top echelon of the banking industry.

            • The bible never says the people we call jews are God’s chosen, it says Israel is the chosen of God. Israel is a bloodline descended from Abraham, Issac, and Jacob which the people we call jews are not a part of. This is what Brandon is telling us in the article, quit listening to those false prophets in the pulpits and start reading the bible and useing your concordance yourself.

              • Very concise and true statement, Mark!

                Thumbs up to ya.

            • FreeSlave;
              serious question, is there such a thing as an atheist jew?


              • I have seen Jews who say they don’t believe in God.

                • Ok, I guess I always thought of a jew as someone who follows the jewish faith. So to me an atheist jew sounds like saying an atheist Christian.


                  • Many Jews think that Jewish is their nationality not their religion. Way too Funny

              • GR~ yes there is such a thing as an atheist Jew. Being a Jew is not only a religion, but is also a race of people.

                CHRISTianity (on the other hand)was given by Christ to any one of any race who accepts his work on the cross. No one is ever an atheist CHRISTian.

                • grandee,
                  I guess we were posting at the same time. Yes I can see how one could consider jews to be a race of people, but wouldn’t they be a race of people centered around their religion?

                  I don’t know any jews so this is new to me. Alternately, going with the assumption that there are atheist jews, would there also be Christian jews?


                  • GR, there are Jewish Christians. Also known as Messianic Jews. I.e., Jewish people who believe that Jesus is the Messiah.

                    Also, the first Christians were Jews. Jesus was a Jew. And the 12 disciples or 12 apostles were all Jews.

                    • Thanks FreeSlave, learn something new everyday.

                    • FreeSlave “AMEN” Trekker Out.

                    • FreeSlaves info is not correct. He is being brainwashed by the Hag, etc.

                      Read what Jesus has to say about REAL Jews in John 8:44. Wonder how FreeSlave and his preacher/teachers have overlooked that statement.

                      Jesus says they are “the synagogue of satan”. Now you decide whether Jesus Christ is correct or Freeslave. Not a very hard choice, is it?

                    • “FreeSlaves info is not correct. He is being brainwashed by the Hag, etc.”

                      Dear Pissed Off Granny,

                      The information I provided is correct. What part of the following do you say is incorrect:

                      “GR, there are Jewish Christians. Also known as Messianic Jews. I.e., Jewish people who believe that Jesus is the Messiah.

                      Also, the first Christians were Jews. Jesus was a Jew. And the 12 disciples or 12 apostles were all Jews.”

                      In John 8:44 Jesus was speaking to the Pharisees, a legalistic sect of Judaism. Read the whole chapter.

                      Also, please consider Romans 1:16: “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.”

                    • 1/2 of your post is Bullshit, FS!!!

                      The first Christians were blood descendants of Abraham, Issac and Jacob…recall that Jacob’s name was changed, per divine order/decree, to Israel(a man, not a nation).

                      To call them jews is slander.

                      As in its original form, down unto the Greek & Latin translations of the bible…the Apostles were term Judeans.

                      ..hence, much confusion and misunderstanding has resulted from the mangling of scripture…via its manifold translations into various languages and numerous…versions!

                      ..the jews of that era were the descendants of Cain & were their leadership..the scribes and pharisees.

                      And Christ identified them(their tribe) as…the synagogue of satan.

                    • Hunter,

                      The Pharisees tracked their lineage to Abraham. Jesus tracked his lineage to Abraham.

                      Also note that Apostle Paul was a Pharisee too.


                    • POG,
                      FS is not the brainwashed, he is doing the brainwashing.

                      Yes he mixes half truths in his posts, almost in a professional way 😉

                      He is one of the newer posters to join us (supposedly) stuck in the left / rightwinger matrix. I say supposedly because he speaks with some intellect, yet anyone with half a brain today could not possibly still believe in that system… normalcy bias is that thick!

          • Can any religious person bring forward anybody who has received “Ever Lasting Life??” Check Mate – case closed.

            • Since when did Athiesm become the NWO? Sounds like Jews trying to mask their identity. Rothschild =Jew =NWO in my Book.

            • WWTI,
              You are very hostile to any form of spirituality. You do not believe in it but you still make comments. I knew you would have numerous responses to this article.

              • Ms. X,

                I would have been very surprised if WWTI hadn’t made any comments to this article.

                WWTI’s ultimate earthly enemy is his fellow Christ-rejectors, the atheists.

                • MrsX and Freeslave. Sorry but as a free non-group thinker, I choose not to be Fleeced nor Duped by any Mind Control Cult. But obviously you do. If yoor cult teaches you to demonize nonbelievers of your cult, then I feel sorry for you both.

                • FREE Slave: Maybe This will educate you on being wrong about jews etc and what YOU believe it all means.

                  In 2001, Dr. Ariella Oppenheim, of Hebrew University, a biologist, published the first extensive study of DNA and the origin of the Jews. Her research found that virtually all the Jews came from Khazar blood. Not only that but Oppenheim discovered that the Palestinians—the very people whom the Jews had been persecuting and ejecting from Israel’s land since 1948—had more Israelite blood than did the Jews. In sum, the vast majority of the Jews were not Jews; some of the Palestinians were. Some of the Palestinians even had a DNA chromosome which established that they were “Cohens”—workers at the ancient Temple and synagogues of the Jews.

                  The Definitive DNA Study
                  Now comes the ultimate, definitive DNA study, by Dr. Eran Elhaik and associates at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Entitled, The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses, and published by the Oxford Journal on behalf of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, the study confirms Oppenheim’s research and the many scholarly books.

                  Dr. Elhaik and the prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine conclude in their report: “The Khazarian Hypothesis suggests that Eastern European Jews descended from the Khazars, an amalgam of Turkic clans that settled the Caucasus in the early centuries CE and Converted to Judaism in the eighth century…Following the collapse of their empire, the Judeo-Khazars fled to Eastern Europe. The rise of European Jewry is therefore explained by the contribution of the Judeo-Khazars.”

                  Who Can Argue With DNA Science?

                  So DNA science has proven that the findings of many historians and anthropologists is correct. The “Jews” of Israel are not Abraham’s descendants but, instead, come from the subjects of King Bulan of Khazaria.

                  The newest DNA science finding is from Dr. Eran Elhaik (“a Jew”) and associates at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. In research accepted December 5, 2012 and published by the Oxford University Press on behalf of the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution, it was found that the “Khazarian Hypothesis” is scientifically correct.

                  What exactly is the “Khazarian Hypothesis?” Simply stated, it holds that the Jewry genome is a mosaic of ancestries which rise primarily out of the Khazars.

                  Jews are Khazars, not Israelites.

                  The “Jews” of America, Europe, and Israel are descendants not of Father Abraham but of King Bulan and the people of ancient Khazaria. Khazaria was an amalgam of Turkic clans who once lived in the Caucasus (Southern Russia) in the early centuries CE. These Turkic peoples were pagans who converted to Judaism in the eighth century. As converts, they called themselves “Jews,” but none of their blood comes from Israel.

                  Later, the “Jews” (Khazars) emigrated, settling in Russia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, and elsewhere in Europe. As “Jews,” the Khazars then left the European nations in 1948 and settled the fledgling, new nation of Israel.

                  The people of Israel are not the seed, nor the ancestors, of Abraham. They call themselves “Jews,” but in fact, DNA science shows them to be Khazars. They say they are “Jew,” but they are not.

                  “There are no blood or family connections among the Jews,” said Dr. Elhaik in an interview with Haaretz, Israel’s daily newspaper. “The various groups of Jews in the world today do not share a common genetic origin. Their genome is largely Khazar.”

                  Thus, when Prime Minister Netanyahu says, “God gave this land to our Israelite forefathers,” he is absolutely wrong. There are no Israelite forefathers of today’s “Jews.” When today’s “Jews” say they should possess the land because they are Israelites and are the seed of Abraham, they are mistaken.

                  The “Jews” are in Israel for one reason and one reason only: Because the United States, in 1948, recognized the nation of “Israel” and has since funded and protected it. God’s Word has nothing to do with it.

                  God’s Word, the Holy Bible, prophesied that in the last days imposters would erroneously and falsely claim to be “Jews.” These imposters would, the Bible told us, persecute their enemies and especially the Christians. But God would have his revenge:

                  I ask my evangelical Christian friends: What will you do now? Will you heed what God said, in Revelation 2 and 3, about “them which say they are Jews and are not?” Will you accept modern DNA science as legitimate and valuable in proving the truth of God’s Word?

                  We know that Netanyahu and the people who now inhabit Israel have no claim to the land. They are interlopers, false pretenders. But there is a true and legitimate Chosen People of God. In fact, the scriptures had it right all along. The answer is found in Galatians 3:29. Read it for yourself:

                  “And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.”

                  So, if you belong to Jesus our Lord, you are “Abraham’s seed,” regardless of your physical race. You are overcomers, and Revelation 21:7 promises, “He that overcometh shall inherit all things.”

                  PS: Same as their KING HERROD was an EDOMITE and Not an israelite of ANY of 12 tribed israel, Khazars also are edom aka edomites. Which are and were Mortal enemys of true “israelites” of jacob/israel.

                  Read the bible on king herrod being of Edom/edomite ancestory….ALL Free Slave and several others here claims of jews etc is flat out WRONG infos based on Falsehoods as taught by pastors like jihn hagee and most pastors today also…It just makes more of them wrong and parrots of untruths designed to favor jews for various reasons that are NOT true biblical reasons.

                  And This latest DNA evidence Seals it as proof solid..Readit again! NO blood ties, NO one family or “Race” of jews…and ZERO Israelite 12 tribes DNA!

                  What did you expect when most pastors of todays churches went to Seminary school with ZIO Rabbis and jew zio professors teaching Them how to be christians!

                  Why would the worlds greatest haters of Christ & christianity & christians, IE jewws and rabbis and such Professors aka Talmudics be qualified to Teach christianity!? They aint! Yet thats exactly whom has taught at most if not All todays seminary schools.

                  Kinda like a car mechanic as a Prof at a medical school eh!….End result is todays massive apostacy within “Most” pastors and their churches.

        • Agree on most of that, David.

          It boils down to two basic ideologies that make up the NWO; atheism and liberalism.
          Both are remarkably the same.

          Atheism is the belief that no Superior being created the Universe and everything in it. Therefore if there is no superior Being then there is no one that has “authority” over a person and their decisions and lifestyles. They can then lead a life of selfishness without having regrets,remorse, or repentance.

          Liberalism, is somewhat akin to atheism by seeing one’s self and body as being owned by no one, nobody, or an entity, such as God. Therefore, not being held accountable for the actions of using that body as they see fit, even killing life within that body.
          Liberalism doesn’t play by the same rules as christians do, so therefore “true” christianity doesn’t exist within the realms of liberalism. In fact, if liberalist don’t like the rules, they just bend and change the meaning, until it fits their agenda. Resulting in a big fat lie. Kinda hard to do with the Ten Commandments, so they say; “let’s remove them from the public eye, hence our liberal seeing eyes”.

          The NWO crowd follows these same idologies without a conscience thought about a day of reckoning or judgment.

          They are dead wrong!


          • Brilliant PWTW!! Well said, well argued!

            • Ever checked to see who the NWO order crowd is that PWTW is referring to, FreeSlave?

              They are the people you claim to be God’s chosen. Conflicted and confused aren’t you?

              • Sounds like the NWO is going through a New Marketing Rebranding Scheme, since the Jews destroyed all their Credibility. Now they want to hijack Athiesm.

          • PWTW, The one law they cannot escape is the law of nature. That is the universal law not written by man. The ten commandments are just part of natural law and karma. You don’t need some mythical figure to carve it in stone for you, it’s been there since the dawn of time.

          • PWTW. It basically comes down to if you want to live your life to be a freethinking free man or a slave to someone elses cult rules. I enjoy my life free and unemcumbered.

        • Are you kidding? It’s not too long for me. I spent years upon years being indoctrinated with the transhumanist philosophy in college. It’s nice to see an article that takes a real stab at the subject without resorting to merely flinging poo and using completely circular references (it’s in the Bible, so it must be true… why is the Bible true… because this stuff is in it… on and on in a circle… it’s just maddening).

          I could live without the ad hominem against Zoltan. While hilarious, it drags the overall work down a bit to resort to such a lame attack. And one could argue that Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle is not de-facto an observation of God and his little semi-intelligent researcher-trolling particles. It could very well be that we just haven’t conducted enough experimentation nor have we got the math even kinda right yet. But that doesn’t change the fact that you can’t know everything, and raising humanity to the level of potential deity is just completely ridiculous at root concept.

          For the most part, I really liked it.

          • OK next article Mac, what the heck is going on in Ferguson Mo. Any Grand Jury decision yet?

            • WWTI, see the video I posted up yonder^^^ it has the latest from furgestan!

              • Yup Genius. Prety much sums up the State of Fergy.

        • Mmmmm – I was about to write: “Good article, but over the heads of most SHTF posters.” You just proved me right, LOL!

        • This has got to be one of the most worthless articles ever on this site.

      2. If you ever do any in depth reading on the laws of conservation of matter and energy you see they contradict themselves when it comes to the big bang. Matter and energy can be neither created nor destroyed, only changed. The physicists workaround for the beginning of time is that the universe was expanding at such enormous speeds, those laws didn’t apply at that time. Whether you are religious or atheist one has to question, where did all the matter and energy that started our universe come from?

        • Thats a pretty deep subject,
          Such a huge difference, of opinions, yes opinions,
          It all had to start somewhere, but where and how, excellent thing to ponder when deep in meditation, that or make yourself mental considering it,
          But for sure stuff to ponder.

          • KULU: Its rather simple really, acording to top atheist scientists etc…The entire universe and all it contains began as “NOTHING” at all, and Nothing was the size of a small DOT like the period at end of a sentence!

            THEN!! Blammo! that Nothing of everything, contained in a dot size of all in universe BLEW UP! Big Bannnnngggg! and all a sudden turned into planets, stars, suns, EARTH etc etc.

            Then many many meteors that each contains one small DROP of water…Fell to earth and created EVERY ocean and lake and stream etc!….Still no solid explainations as to where did so many meteors end up though…They probobly returned Back into Nothing like they started out as eh!

            Fast fwd a bilion years and dinos ended up as OIL!

            Because dinosaurs must have numberd so many to create such vast oil reserves they probobly stood on top of each other as Tall or high as the MOON is distant from earth!

            But they too all died, ended up 9 miles deep in earth but somehow all their BONES remained at top or close to top of earth crust so scientists can find and experiment on said dino bones and skeletons.

            Science is stil debateing How did OIL lighter than water defy itself and SINK so deep beneath Water tables since in ALL other areas of science OIL floats on TOP of water always…Anyways back to it all….

            NEXT was how animals got made…Seems same or similar meteors from MARS, also fell to earth and while getting totally detroyed by buring up in atmosphere of earth, aka our AIR….They also carried tiny mircoscopic size “Things” which said things fell into Ponds of water…Later, alot later the tiny things decided to leave the pond and turned themselves into tiny worm like other “Things” which decided to evolve into frogs etc…Then evolved into four legged animals, then to APES and GORILLAS (see negroes as proof of missing links)…And Finally apes turned to Humans!

            However recent DNA and exams of human and animals EYES has proven that no such process of evolution could have self invented the EYE we see with…

            So basically thats modern day lib kommie atheist science’s explaination of everything what matters..Got it.

            Now go see if you can locate any of them metors that brung the OCEANS to earth since the whole planet must be filled sky high based on their One drop per meteor ideas eh…(Somehow Heat from earths atmosphere hot enough to burn up solid rock and iron etc of a meteor never burned up the drop of water…Its ok, just act like its truth)

            How many DROPS of water do the oceans and lakes on earth have anyways?…I bet alot more drops of water than meteors that fell eh.

            What Else no scientists can seem to find is even one single Fossil that can show proof of ANYTHING like animals, leaves, trees, humans etc which became fossilized while still HLAF way thru that evolutionairy “change” process…So Far over One Billion actual fossils has been found and catagorized to finder, location found and what it is or was prior to being a fossil…yet NOT one single fossil shows anything midway thru that process eh…Hmmmmm…Stay tuned…Situation developing…Scientists are certain to again change word meanings to cater to more ridiculous explainations in their ever quest to disprove God existense…in Fact! the more they attempt to prove Gods fake the more info arrives which proves His existense and biblical accuracy etc…No wonder Lib kommie nwo scientists like their political fellow traveler kommies act so damn frustrated eh….Because they are!…The more they find to prove themselves wrong the Harder it gets for them to always refuse to admit being wrong…And being wrong on 99% of Everything libs spew must really frustrate one no.

            • You coulda just asked our two resident experts all them questions. Based on all their BS they seem to have all the answers.

        • We are all sub-sub microscopic and living in a fuel /air atomized mix inside Cylinder #4 of this humongous internal combustion engine, awaiting the coming of the “great squish”.


          • Dawin was Right. MAN is gullible. Still evolving back into an Ape form Stoopid and compliant.

            • RELIGION is the ultimate indicator of gullibility in humans. Even animals are smart enough to not believe in that bullshit. Are all the non-believing animals going to burn in a false lake of fire?

              Is there intelligence on Earth? Certainly not in the sheeple that look to the steeple.

        • Here on earthmatter can not be created or destroyed. However einstiens MC2 theory changed the laws of Physics. Outside of our universe time & matter behave differently. Black holes do exist. If you traveled away from earth at the speed of light for a year and came back more than a year would have passed on the earth. Ill not delve into parrell universes or the string theory here. However everything is not always what we believe.

      3. Brandon, this is one of your best articles yet. one of the best descriptions of socialism I’ve ever read. My wife was a refugee from Cuba who came here in 1967. She lost part of her family to Fidel Castro’s butchers. The stories she told me about her life under Castro’s brand of socialism were totally mind-blowing to me when I first heard them. Her personal experience made me more opposed to socialism than anything else could have. The New World Order is based upon those same faulty and failed concepts that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels spoke of in The Communist Manifesto. I and everyone else here are opposed to it. I will stand and fight against it, and if necessary, give up my life fighting it.

      4. Magnificent article. The best attack on the NWO I have read in a long time

      5. Does it come down to a battle for your soul? Yes!

        As the old Hymn say’s, “Lead on Oh King Eternal, the Battles nearly won”.

        As some of you know, I have a degree in Theology and served in the Clergy. However, I don’t want to argue with you, insults are the last weapon of “small minds”, and I know without a doubt that there is a 3 in 1 Father in heaven who loves His kids.

        Anyone who does not accept that, I’ll pray for.

        • Sinner: “insults are the last weapon of “small minds”

          Just a small quibble given that we agree on the majors: There are examples of satire and mockery of the wicked in Scripture. The example that comes easily to mind is the one of Elijah mocking the prophets of Baal. And Elijah did not have a “small mind.”


          • Agreed. I am not going to stand there with a dumb look on my face as my beliefs are insulted. If some pastor wants to let them. I won’t turn the other cheek when someone is trying to take my stuff either.

      6. You hit the “nail on the head”!!

      7. Well, this should give the atheists that comment here screaming fits.

        • BH. You think Castro was Brutal? Look what the NWO has in store for all humanity.

          • WWTI, yes, the NWO will make Castro and all of the other current tyrants look like angels. However, on the day Fidel Castro’s death is announced, I will celebrate and so will every Cuban exile outside of Cuba.

      8. Wonderful article.

        So simple. They cannot have people who believe in God no matter what religion. If they do then they have people who will make decisions according to there beliefs. They have to have a system where they control the money and power and everyone else has to work for the good of the whole. It is social justice period.

        • Mike, True they cannot have religious thinkers unless its theyre religion. What they really can’t have is people that are free thinkers! Ever notice that in a totalitarian takeover the first to be killed are the free thinkers and educated people? Those ARE the real threat to them.

          • Genius:

            Checking Russian history of the Bolshevik Jewish revolution, clergy were one of the first to go; with torture that was unimaginable.

            What were the Bolsheviks so afraid of?

            • POG, they were afraid that the clergy had such control over the people that they could in fact make a considerable resistance. In that instance I would have taken them out first too. Leaders of possible resistance are #1 targets. If the religious beliefs of the population are all over the place then it is less a threat as the free thinkers that could also form a rebellion.

      9. I once had a roommate who, as part of his sophomore film project, took a shit in a blender. This article is the literary equivalent of that movie. Replete with syllogistic fallacies and false premises. I’ll never get the time back in my life that I’ve just wasted reading it. Thanks.

      10. Good Job, just a little bit long, but very very good!
        Only God gets my SOUL! Will do everything I can do to see that I return it back to his hands.

        • God wanted us to be happy so he invented BEER!! ~Ben Franklin

          You know what is better than beer? FREE COLD BEER!! ~WWTI

          • My favorite Franklin quote 🙂

        • SGT:

          1 Cor 1:18

          “For the preaching of the Cross to them that perish, foolishness; but unto us who are saved it is the power of God”.

          • POG
            Thanks: That scripture really make me feel good! How about you?

            • Sgt:

              Might not meet you in this life but looks like we will be friends where it counts.

              • Dang SGT.

                Gtanty? Nope it was just me….Granny.

        • Agreed Sgt.

          I find it interesting how some of our longer-time posters here can’t wait to tell us what they DON’T believe. Some of these deny religion, if not God completely.

          These same people have demonstrated, over a considerable period of time, a love and reverence for the Constitution and the principles therein, as well as the Declaration of Independence.

          Question: What do these same posters think that those documents are based upon? Where do the ethics contained in the documents find their origins? What are ethics, and how do they differ from morals?

          These longer-term posters have an ethical compass that agrees with what they profess to reject, whether they realize it or not. Right and wrong? This article has given a glimpse into why most have a certain kind of moral compass that is hard-wired into us. It is amazing how some very loyal and intelligent people can be blind to things that have been in front of them their entire lives.

          We are here a short while, be a steward.

          • I noticed that too tonight. I also was shocked to find that some of these longetime posters actually feel that way…..I didn’t realize that. And some of these were arguing along my side with some other posters a few days ago for the constitution, True Law and such.

            Tonight, I read their posts and don’t even recognize them. Amazing how fractured we are. Some people I argued and heavily and disagreed with lately on the cop/thug/govt thing in Ferguson. I now agree with. And those whom I agreed with I don’t now on this and they are arguing with others…..aahhhh you know what I mean. Amazingly fractured we are.

            It’s like one big huge puzzle and not one single person, especially here has all the pieces to complete the puzzle. Some have more than others, but not one person alone can complete the puzzle and see the final picture.

          • i dont understand it ,its one thing to disagree on each others beliefs ,but they arent content with that ,they feel like they have to tear down or belittle anyone that does not think like they do ,and profess to be free thinkers ,if they are free thinkers why do they all spew the same hate ,ive said this before ,if you close your eyes ,there repetitive speech sounds just like the liberal far left ,which is “im right and your wrong and you must be a moron if you dont agree with me” to answer Geusus question no one can say where he will go ,that will be up to God

            • I won’t touch the right/left things…it disgusts em to no end.

              But I agree with the rest of what you say and will add, that while I am no psychiatrist….the free thinker argument along with the demand to have a saved for ever person brought forward in order to believe, sounds very immature, childish and insecure to me.

      11. Brandon,

        Excellent article. You never cease to impress with your learned and insightful analysis of important topics.

        Thank you.

        • Except that Brandon is blatant anti-semite.

          • Actually, I don’t think Brandon has a problem w/ long as they don’t mess w/ him, his family or that which he holds dear.

            ..I do think he understands, who it is, that is the real enemy of GOD and humanity!

            Brandon is sharp…he’s done the research..he knows his stuff!

            • Khazara aint “semite” ergo what do JEWS Own Almanac wrote BY jews For jews and About all issues jewish say on whom is a jew..”Einnie wienne the spirits are about to Speak!” Bullwinkle J. Moose

              Who are the so-called “Jews” of today?
              A reasonable question answered from logic and historic fact

              The word Jew comes from a Greek word meaning descendent of the tribe of Judah, or someone living in the land of Judea. Today’s Jews call themselves Jews to falsely imply that they are somehow descendent from the Biblical tribe of Judah.

              When asked the question, “Who is Israel? – Who is a Jew?”, the Israeli Government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) unhesitatingly answered thus [emphasis added]:

              The term Israelite is purely Biblical.

              An Israeli is a citizen of Israel, regardless of religion.

              A Jew is a person anywhere in the world born to a Jewish mother, or converted to Judaism, who is thus identified as a member of the Jewish people and religion.

              — Information Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem; Feb, 1998.

              “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a “Jew.” Or to call a contemporary Jew [an] “Israelite,” or a “Hebrew.”

              –The Jewish Almanac, Oct., 1980, page 3, Bantam Books, Inc. Under a headline entitled… ‘Identity Crisis’.

              Well this “crises of identity” is Now solved by the very DNA posting I also posted Here prior…Scroll and look for That post also…DNA of Dec. 2012 that Proves 100% jews are really Turkic Khazars and of NO one “Blood-Family-or Race”…..Just a group whos former ancestors CONVERTED to Talmudic Judaism in aprox. 750 A.D.era when in their lands called “Khazaria”, now called Moscow/Russia/Poland etc….

              Does that make their jewish almanacs also antisemites? Or simply Fatcs provider’s….

      12. The weak job market should get even tighter in 2015.

        WORK PERMITS banned from Obama speech but not from his amnesty

        “In a 2,200-word speech, he didn’t mention “work permits” or “work authorization” even once.

        Pres. Obama’s huge prime-time TV speech about his big fix of the “broken immigration system” somehow left out the fact that he would be rewarding millions of unlawfully present foreign citizens with three-year work permits to compete directly with struggling American workers.

        He hid the most consequential part of his big immigration “deal” from the American people.

        The President made it seem like the big change was that he was going to stop deporting illegal aliens who don’t have a big felony record.

        But officials already have acknowledged that the average illegal alien has almost NO chance of being deported, anyway.

        He told us that if the illegal aliens stay here they have to pay taxes. But he forgot to say they would get work permits and be able to compete for any job in construction, manufacturing, service, programming or any other occupation.

        Or that they would get Social Security numbers to enable them to obtain all kinds of other documents that could embed them in America for life.

        He indicated that Americans who oppose his immigration “deal” for around 5 million illegal aliens might be guilty of religious and racial prejudice, and probably of violating the admonitions of scripture. But he didn’t tell the truth about his “deal.” He didn’t tell Americans about the work permits.”

        Numbers USA dot com


        Y = Thumbs up
        N = Thumbs down


        Do you want the thumbing rating system back and why?

        Live Free or Die…thumbs up or down

        • In a nut shell I would like only the thumbs up back. There are quite a few times that I agree with a point, or maybe the post just makes smile. I like to be able to quickly hit thumbs up and continue to the next post.

          Unfortunately, I do not have the time to respond to every post that I agree with or disagree with.

          Just my .02


          • GHOST, Im with ya on that.
            I seldom used the down thumb, if i dont agree i move along or comment .
            But i always thumbed up good comments that i thought stood out as well written/ thought out.

        • N

          This isn’t a fucking popularity contest, nor is it fuckbook. No Ones post deserves to disappear, and anyone who thinks it does deserve to disappear doesn’t deserve any freedoms.

          Red thumbs come back and I’m gonna go tell Iopenedyoureyes 😉

          • N

        • Yes I would like to see it back.
          That way if someone disagrees and gives a thumbs down you can ask why and try to explain from you point of view.
          You guys know I’m a Cop and until you have done the job there are things you don’t understand, a I can answer them. or reasons I can try and answer them.

          • SGT Dale, Just by being here I know you have heart. You are the cop I wish everyone was. If more police were like you this country would be a way better place. To protect and serve not to harrass and extort. When things get ugly please do the right thing and throw your badge in the river. I will welcome you with open arms. I AM a man of my words…. Genius

        • N because it became more of a popularity contest. People would thumb you down just because they saw your name and wouldn’t read your post.

          Y because it gave feedback, let you see how the group felt.

          How about a thumbs up or down with a number and not the silly, hiding the text so you have to click the link.

          It also might help if each IP address get an allocation of thumbs, either way. So, you try doing 100 thumbs down in an hour and the system would just start ignoring you.

          A million reasons to have it.
          A million reasons not to have it.

          I liked it, generally, until it became abusive.

        • A big Y from me.
          If I can’t see how other SHTFanners feel about a fellow followers comment then this site is doomed, IMHO.

        • N.
          Want thumbs? Go to Fagbook.

      14. Ha ha There is no New World order but soon will come a day when countries mean nothing and that day will bring a world president and a world order and that day is not so far away!!!run don’t walk

        • be tripping on bad crack and watching the “5th Element” 40,000 times. But hey, we know anything the NWO says isn’t… actually is. You guys are not going to win.

          Because we would rather..
          Live Free or Die

        • Just saw a squirrel fall out of a tree 14 Ft drop. He got up, ran back up the tree. Now that is technology adaptation in action. Vs. Man falls down while standing and breaks his arm. Who is superior?

        • Really? So you deny it then you define it.




      15. I wasn’t going to comment because all of you have summed it up well but, I’ll post it anyway.

        Communism, atheism, collectivism, ill morality, what race/peoples/religion would promote such mechanisms into society? What is their motive for doing such?

        It could be any faction that strives for unmitigated control of their fellow man, it just so happens to be a particular group/race with specific character.

        1787 Constitutional Convention: “I full agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. The menace, gentlemen, is the Jews……” Benjamin Franklin

        1947 Oct: Albert Einstein (Ashkenazi) writes an open letter to the United Nations encouraging all national government and religion to be destroyed to make way for a one-world government to be run by the UN…….

        Who runs the UN?

        Different judgments, perceptions and believes are not a product of sensible, rational deliberation of evidence and logic. It is in every way, a religious conviction, assumed only because of continuous indoctrination. I agree there is an element of selfness infused in our DNA which contributes to our freewill as an individual person. Is it an evolved genetic trait or was it deliberately induced? Um

        Morality is a natural trait inherent in mankind from day one. Over the centuries it has become common place for governments and religion to dictate what is/is not moral, right/wrong, good/evil. They tell us it is moral/good to go to another land and kill, maim and destroy their/our imagined enemy. But, somewhere deep down inside us there is a moral compass that tells our sole that doing so is evil/wrong. “They” have altered morality.

        • Well,who DOES run the UN? Their policies and pronouncements are certainly as hostile to Jewish people as they could possibly be. Only the military power of Israel keeps the UN from committing genocide on any given day.

        • Religion is like a Gang. Many need the feeling to belong to something. To be loved and coddled.

          • I am a Christian.
            If I am wrong, nothing happens.
            If I am right, eternal bliss.

            You are an atheist.
            If you are right, nothing happens.
            If you are wrong, eternal HELLFIRE.

            THINK AGAIN!

      16. I say it is about time that we prove to these Atheist that are taking away our freedoms and trying to indoctrinate my kids that thier is an after life.

      17. This is a comical article. Atheism has nothing to do with the NWO. The Bush clan is part of the elite and they are christians. “Matter and energy cannot be created”, hence there is no creator. You christians claim there is no inherent moral code for atheists, yet Pat Tillman, a staunch atheist gave up his NFL career to fight and die for every one of you. The bible says there is no greater love than a man lay down his life for another. How about that…god’s love is no greater than an atheist’s. “There will always be good people who do good and evil people who do evil, but for good people to do evil…it takes religion”.

        • You seriously believe that a family as evil as the Bushes are Christian??

          Why? Because they said so?

          Look at their deeds, not the words that came out of their mouths.

          • What exactly are their deeds? Just so I can take a look at them.

      18. I always say, “A man without God, thinks he is one”

        This pertains mostly to Obummer.

        • It certainly does pertain to The Kenyan, however, in my daily travels I find that it pertains to many others too.

        • That don’t mean shit!! How about how far from the end of the gun barrel?

          • If he shot him from 35′ away, yet the SUV where it all started was in fact 148′ away, that would mean the cop chased him…..doesn’t hold water for the “I was in fear for my life” defense.

            If he shot him from 148 feet away, it would mean that he is one hell of a shot with a handgun and definitely won’t hold water for the “I was in fear for my life” defense.

        • Daily Kos is not a reliable source of information.

        • Yup…..similar argument I proposed to Walt earlier tonight before even hearing about any of this you just posted…..if he was in fear for his life, it should of been in his car when there was a struggle for his gun… WTH would he get out of his car without back up…..because he had a pig attitude and was pissed and they been lying all along like they always do.

          Thanks for posting this Satori!

          And for the record I don’t like street punk thugs and don’t like rioting to hurt innocent people or harm innocent peoples property.

      19. I find that those who call themselves atheists are just those who are ticked off at God due to their being ignorant because what they were taught conflicts with reality. Religion is man made. God’s truth is realty. Do you want to base your beliefs on what you are taught is truth or what your experiences teach you? Real truth is found outside what one thinks they already know. Marine Corps drill instructors deal with this all the time. They call it ‘boot camp.’ Have you dealt with the boot camp of life.? This is the battle for your soul. Your honesty or lack thereof determines the outcome. There is truth available, however it depends on one’s humility. Humility brings one to this site because you must be willing to consider things that contradict your own deeply held beliefs in order to learn the truth. Whatever you have already made up your mind on is an area where you cannot (not may not but can not) learn.
        Do not criticize those that disagree with you, give cogent reasons for them to consider an alternative opinion (such as what you are saying). There is more in life than what appears to the five senses.

        • Green tomato: ” god’s truth is reality”. I could give you thousands of examples of god’s truth not being reality, but for the sake of expedience…I’ll just give 1. Mark 16: 17-18 says “And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up serpents with their hands; and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover.”
          I’m sorry, but that’s not reality. I know, I know…it doesn’t really “mean” what it says. Standard christian drivel.

          • The reality is that the Gospel is as “drivel” to those who think they are too smart to need God.

            …of course there is the translational loss that occurred when they translated it to English. Because of that you have to study it to know what it means, not just read it. Since it is that way, many, many evil men have “hijacked” the Gospel and give all sorts of diverse meanings that don’t make any sense in relationship to the Bible. They’re using it as a tool not to understand it and not to help you understand it.

            The “turn the other cheek” and “give them the shirt off your back” background scriptures are the ones that kill me. They’re actually civil disobedience, but, modern out Amerikan statists/collectivist culture has given us a totally different paradigm in which to digest it. …and it comes out all wrong!

            • NetRanger…I really don’t think that I am too smart to need god. As a matter of fact, I was part of the deluded for 42 years. It’s funny that you would assume that I haven’t studied the bible. I went to bible college and majored in bible. I spent the next 25 years studying the bible wholeheartedly, and with every available resource, not to disprove the bible…but to know god. The bible says to be prepared to give an answer to anyone who asks you to give a reason for the hope that you have. To put it mildly…christian apologetics is a joke. The mere fact that the bible needs humans to do mental gymnastics to come up with excuses for it’s shortcomings, is very telling. I don’t hav.e anything against christians in general, heck, all of my best friends are christians. I can debate them all day long. Know why? Because the bible is the most debatable piece of literature on the planet. “God is not the author of confusion”, yet there are thousands of books written to tell us what the bible says. It’s good that you recognize the translational errors, it’s a start…but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

      20. Always enjoy reading the challenges you pose in your writings, Brandon.

        First, the God of the Old Testament (Yahweh) railed against injustice. Hence he sent the Prophets, and he favored & protected His chosen people WHEN they kept/obeyed His Commandments.

        Second, the God of the New Testament (Jesus Christ) became crucified chiefly because he exposed both the Religious and Political leaders of his day as charlatans, frauds/fraudulent, and NOT out for the people, just for themselves. Faith in the NT means TRUST, not belief. Furthermore, Jesus was the Justice of God.

        Third, Allah and the God of the Bible are NOT one and the same, no matter what Cardinal Dolan says.

        Fourth, when Atheists meet their maker and are given an opportunity to accept Christ, atheists send THEMSELVES to Hell when they reject the Godhead.

        Lastly, the whole/entire transhumanist agenda/movement is an attempt to deny the spiritual and creative centers of a human being, espousing that machines (which will be externally controlled, of course) merging with humans will enable humans to be transcendent.


        Grace, prayer, contrition, selflessness, and compassion will outdo any machine any day of the year.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Oh, yeah! You get it. Very well said.

        • @ Lone Ranger,

          What do you mean, “when Atheists meet their maker and are given an opportunity to accept Christ?”

          • During the Warning, everyone will have a face-to-face encounter with Jesus Christ. We can ask for forgiveness for our sins, or not.

            Those who at that time do not ask for forgiveness for their sins and who die before they change their minds, or, those who after having met Christ still do not believe there is a God, well, because they have free will, they will then have freely chosen to send themselves to Hell.

            God will NOT violate His gift of free will to us.

            But God’s mercy is limitless.

            BUT if we freely choose NOT to ask for it nor ACCEPT His Mercy, then we choose the darkness and fires of Hell, for eternity.

            Express sorrow during the Warning AND NEVER forget that God is MERCIFUL!

            We MUST ask for forgiveness BEFORE we die!

            – the Lone Ranger


            • “During the warning”

              When is that?

      21. We do indeed have a battle for our souls taking place.

        “And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16,17

        The majority will take this mark, many are already predisposed to receive it. Only those who diligently heed Ephesians 6:13 will be able to resist in this evil day and stand firm.
        “Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.” Ephesians 6:13
        Keep your spiritual preps in order too. We are only here for a little while, but eternity is forever.

      22. Had a typo in my website: Here’s the correct URL:

        We do indeed have a battle for our souls taking place.

        “And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16,17

        The majority will take this mark, many are already predisposed to receive it. Only those who diligently heed Ephesians 6:13 will be able to resist in this evil day and stand firm.
        “Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.” Ephesians 6:13
        Keep your spiritual preps in order too. We are only here for a little while, but eternity is forever.

      23. atheists don’t seem to grasp is that atheism is itself based on an act of faith: faith in the idea that there is nothing beyond our perceptions of existence

        Your ignorance is showing again. Athiests want verifiable and credible evidence that there is something beyond our perceptions of existence; evidence which is sorely lacking. But, I guess you would rather have ISIS-like religious afficiandos than lowly athiests who by and large mind their own business.

      24. If you doubt there is a God, or if you believe or feel God has abandoned you, or if you feel lost, overwhelmed, abandoned, hopeless, or desperate, do the following:

        – shut off your computer or iPad

        – shut off your TV

        – get in a comfortable position

        And say something like this or something close to it:

        “God (or Jesus) if you are real, help me to make sense of all this chaos in our world and in our country, and please show me a sign that YOU are REAL! Help my UNbelief! SHOW my why I must trust in YOU, and not in my bank account, my government, my ammo, my toys. I so much want to believe in You but I’ve been rejected, and betrayed– by people, and by institutions like my government and maybe even my own church. If You are real, Jesus, please show me a sign.”

        • Lone Ranger: perhaps you should consider, that some atheists are atheists because they have done exactly what you propose countless times…to no avail.

      25. Brandon created a fantastic, 2 part video series that will BLOW YOU AWAY! The production is as professional as any you will eer see, but, the information will help you see your way through. I mean, like a laser. EVERYONE needs to watch it. Simply hit YouTube and search for: Sons of Darkness Sons of Light

        Brandon, as always, your work rocks!

        To say you knocked it out of the park is an understatement. You show an amazing understanding of this subject and exhibit the signs of someone who has arrived. Since the days of NeitherCorp you have helped me see the way clear.


        • Thank you Ranger..Brandon is truly a class act with a knack to ferret out the most important topics and issues and analyze them with brilliance.

        • Ranger, there are quite a few videos on there with that title or dealing with that subject – could you share a direct link or a more specific title?


      26. Brandon,

        Once again, great writing, really enjoyed it. In fact, as it was nearing an end, I was getting disappointed in wanting the article to go longer. I sat and read it by the fire to my wife and mother who is visiting.

        Would of loved to of talked about this one over the lunch table back in May. Hope to see you again some day.

        The J Gang

      27. I made the decision concerning my soul a long time ago. Evil may make my journey through this world difficult at times, but it is the next life I am preparing for. I can only speak for myself but I can not see it any other way. I have known non believers and there seemed to be something missing in their lives.

      28. With all this bickering about ‘religion’ there is an important piece missing. The Law of Moses was designed for Man to practice. Man could not practice ALL of it because it’s impossible to. Therefore a Scapegoat(Christ) was sent to take the law upon himself. And what did Christ say to call God? Yes He told Us to call HIM Father. That is very intimate. Just call HIM ‘Father’. This fact reveals HE is more interested in a relationship with You than continually condemning and judging you.

      29. “Does It All Just Boil Down To A Battle For Your Soul?”

        One can only hope because that is a battle that will be fought like hell. My soul belongs to God, my heart belongs to Jesus, and my family belongs to ourselves. Everything else can be up for grabs but there is no compromise on any of the 1st three.

        • My soul belongs to me its mine. Im the one who is responsible for it. Although im at present using a human body that body is merely a vessel it is not me. If dogmatic worsippers of organized religion & bible thumping superstition do like it I could care less. You are free Think & do whatever you wish you the one that has to live with the results.

      30. I could tell this guy was a Christian Fascist idiot from the start with his always used FALSE argument by the ignorant religiously insane-that past dictators and tyrants were so-called “atheists”. First of all ignorant insane Christian fascist COWARD, the tyrants and evil doers you refer to in the past which you call “atheists” believed themselves to be gods and believed they had the powers of Gods, such as the Christian Fascist Adolf Hilter, who was surrounded by Nazi SS and other pieces of fascist filth who were CATHOLIC AND LUTHERAN CHRISTIANS. Second point you ignorant self righteous HYPOCRITE piece of fascist trash, the so-called “moral code” you believe atheists lack is not rooted in HATEFUL, CHILD ABUSING, HELL CONDEMNING, MAN MADE, ANCIENT PURE BULLSHIT from that Holy Book of Man Made Shit……any intelligent FREETHINKING person bases his moral code on what is right and what is wrong from what the history of humanity has taught the ignorant, violent, GREEDY human race. One thing is 100% certain, the history of humanity has taught us how morally bankrupt, hateful, controlling, and destructive ALL religious man made ignorant trash has been and always will be, because it is all based on evil fascist filthy humans getting power over brain dead dumbed down mindless lemmings, who only have GREED for eternal life…….GREED IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE DOWNFALL OF THE BRAIN DEAD DUMBED DOWN, AND NOW THANKS TO EVIL GENOCIDAL CORPORATIST FASCIST FILTH-THE CHEMICALLY ALTERED LAZY WADDLING FAT ASS IGNORANT HUMAN RACE

      31. I refuse to live under any form of theocracy, whether religious or scientific. The idea that we must choose between one or the other is a farce — a controlled debate. The individual soul (or whatever you want to call it) is the only thing that matters. It is important that we never forget that when we fight against the NWO, we are not just fighting for liberty; we are also fighting for something profoundly and inherently spiritual. Though we might not be able to define it, we can feel it. And that is enough.
        I read the whole point of view and several replies… This last part is fantastic… I have personal relationship with my Heavenly Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and His Dear Holy Spirit… I was a derilict… He made Himself real to me… I speak with Him and He speaks with Me… It first I highly questioned whether I was really hearing the God of the universe or not… Then everything He said was happening just as He would tell me it would… IMHO… The True and Living God that created the universe created everything free and we should all be individual… Not a part of any collective… If I want to be a part of a group and contribute as free person than that is up to me… I do not believe in giving any of my freedom to anyone or any group… I am created with inaliable rights… Collectivism of any kind is against my Fathers will… And to answer someone’s question… He is God and does not answer to any human… He can save anyone He wants any way He wants… He is the supreme sovergn… He does not and is not limited by our lack of understanding or lack of compassion… I have found Him to be love… But I would never dream of rousing his anger… Only a fool or an ignorant person would…

      32. The New World Order is all about replacing the current human population with reptilian/human hybrids and this can only happen once humans have been eradicated. The ruling elite of Earth are so inhuman to majority of the human population because they the ruling elite are not human but reptilian. Reptilians that look like humans can be male or female, and are found in every race, religion, age, social class, income group, educational level, and in all sectors of society but usually in positions of power especially at the highest levels where they totally dominate. All reptilians are psychopaths and all are evil. The aim to keep the global human population down to 500 million refers to the reptilian/human hybrids and not humans. Therefore since reptilians are estimated at 5% of the population roughly means 350 million with the rest allowing for population growth.

        Reptilians can be identified by looking closely at their eyes the have irregular shaped and variable shaped polygonal pupils, irides, and anomalies with hands that can elongate and with skin colours that have a greenish tinge or variable scaly texture that can suddenly appear more human. Interestingly a reptilian pregnancy only lasts 2 months. Some more sensitive people can sense a presence of evil. However it’s much too dangerous for any human to attack reptilian as reptilians have reaction times 5 times quicker then humans, are far stronger and have more developed psychic powers including in some cases telepathy but that does require consumption of human flesh and blood. Humans are currently a human resource in every sense of the word like animals are to humans.

        Unfortunately for reptilians and the ruling elite both they and the New World Order will fail because evil itself is being eradicated by the true divine light (true divine creation) and nothing of spiritual value will be lost. It means the ruling elite and reptilians have lost and run out of time for their spiritual existence. Mainstream religions stop those good people (not spiritually evil) connecting to their higher self and finding a way back to their creator (true divine god).

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