The Most Important Supreme Court Cases “Derailed” By Scalia’s Death: Amnesty, Obamacare & Guns

by | Feb 15, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 181 comments

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    The sudden death of justice Antonin Scalia is sending shock waves through the political system.

    It is unclear how long the process to appoint a replacement would take, but Obama’s first two choices make clear how dangerous his presidency is to the laws of this nation.

    Radical misinterpretations of the law will upend the rights of the people, and introduce leftist indoctrination and twisted policies into the institutions across this country. Landmark decisions on any and all of these matters will weigh heavily with changes to accommodate these ideas.

    In the short term, it will mean the likelihood of frequent 4-4 tie votes… in the longer run, it means that another Obama appointment will tip the court towards a decidedly left leaning Supreme Court that frequently takes up controversial social issues that divide Americans and devour rights.

    The conservative leaning of Scalia was an icon, with 30 years in the Supreme Court.

    USA Today reports:

    Within moments of the announcement that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had died, Republicans and conservatives signaled they intended to end the Obama years exactly as they had begun them: with partisan- and ideologically-fueled obstructionism. Before the nation had time to ponder Scalia’s impact on American jurisprudence and society, prominent conservatives and GOP presidential candidates were vowing, through tweets, to block President Barack Obama from filling the vacancy on the Supreme Court. This could well be the Republicans’ final battle in the war on Obama.

    And, of course, there is a great deal of scrutiny and controversy over the handling of his death:

    Now with the passing of Justice Scalia, a number of contentious key court cases could find much different outcomes if Obama places a more sympathetic justice on the court.

    Pending cases which the Supreme Court may take up include:

    – labor unions

    – contraceptives

    – religious liberty

    – Obamacare

    – redistricting, affecting red state/blue state fights for dominance

    – immigration

    And none of these key legislative fights will be better off without Scalia; with him goes a defender of Constitutional rights in an era which justice is twisted, along with the meanings of our laws and way of life.

    Via the Washington Post:

    It deprives conservatives of a key vote and probably will derail some anticipated conservative victories in major Supreme Court cases, including one in which labor unions appeared headed for a big defeat. Next month’s Supreme Court clash over contraceptives, religious liberty and President Barack Obama’s health care law also now seems more likely to favor the Obama administration.


    The administration’s plan to shield up to 5 million people from deportation was struck down by lower courts and a Supreme Court tie would leave that ruling in place. On abortion, the administration is backing a challenge to Texas’ strict new regulations for abortion clinics. A federal appeals court upheld the regulations.

    Though the Post didn’t mention it, it is will surely affect gun rights as well. Obama has chosen numerous battlegrounds for gun control through agency mandates. The chance for a big test on firearms in the Supreme Court seems difficult to ignore.

    Moreover, Scalia had a very strong record on free speech rights, and protection for the fourth amendment. Via Slate:

    Scalia cast a decisive vote in the most important free speech case of the 1980s, Texas v. Johnson, which held that flag burning qualified as constitutionally protected expression. He wrote the landmark majority opinion in 2011’s Brown v. EMA, a double victory for First Amendment advocates that protected both depictions of violence and minors’ rights. And he dissented in Maryland v. King, arguing that the Fourth Amendment forbids law enforcement from collecting DNA from arrestees. (His fierce dissent sounds like it could have sprung from the pen of Edward Snowden.)

    In many contexts, Scalia was extraordinarily protective of Americans’ right to privacy—though he himself would never use that term. He wrote the majority opinion in Kyllo v. United States, a 5-4 ruling that barred police from peeping into a home with a thermal-imaging device. He also wrote the majority opinion in Florida v. Jardines (another 5-4 decision), barring police from entering private property with a drug-sniffing dog without a warrant. Time and time again, he cast votes to protect drivers from intrusive car searches by law enforcement. Just last term, he sided against the police in a landmark ruling that restored constitutional rights to motorists illegally detained by cops.

    And then there’s his view of the Confrontation Clause, which guarantees every criminal defendant the right “to be confronted with the witnesses against him.” The Framers of the Constitution intended the clause to forbid hearsay in the courtroom, allowing every defendant to cross-examine, under oath, those who offer testimonial evidence against him. Before Scalia joined the court, this crucial safeguard against faulty trial testimony had been reduced to a constitutional vestigial limb. As a justice, Scalia embarked on an astonishing and almost entirely successful crusade to restore the clause’s place in the pantheon of civil liberties.

    Will anyone take up his mantle in the era of ever-present surveillance?

    And more to the point, will anyone slow the tyranny of Obama, or of a Hillary?


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      1. And we were more worried about Hillary becoming President.

        • This is a game changer….. Not that it will help Mitch McConnell grow some balls, but it may be time to call, email and write the SOB to not settle on an obama pick, or obstruct…..

            • Berightnotwrong
              Good link, buddy.
              Too many battle the dragon’s fire but leave the dragon intact
              and mistake symptoms for causes

              • What is frustrating but not surprising is the fact that no one in the media is talking at all about his death, lack of autopsy and the suspicious surroundings, i.e. bed clothes not wrinkled after being in bed for 12 hours or more and being found with a pillow over his head. All the media is talking about is the political wranglings going forward. Yes he was 79, but how good of health care do you suppose a Supreme Court Justice gets and regularly?

              • The facts are, the Supreme court is already stacked against Our American Values with 33% of the Court Justices being Liberal Commie Jewish.   When the Jewish Population in the US is only 2.1%…  It is far from the demographic or representative of 70& White Christian America.  And guess who Obama will pick next?  Americans need to be outraged by this…   Just the court decision of unlimited campaign contributions stacks the deck against regular Americans.  And why Fascism is so prevalent in Corporate America and the Shill ZOG Congress.  
                WWTI –  

          • It’s all just too bad for Conservatives. Obama gets to choose, and I’m glad for that fact.
            Nyah Nyah Mac

            • Rare,
              well this world would be very boring IF we all thought alike, BUT then I like to use the cannibal synopsis, IF you were raised as a cannibal from birth and everyone you knew was a cannibal, i guess you might consider that a NORMAL, thing!! HMMMMM!!!! well maybe you see the point and then again IF all you knew was HOW YOU were raised then , MAYBE you don’t understand after all! some people NEVER grow out of it!

        • Good thing Bill Clinton had his law license revoked. Now we just have to worry about Hillary appointing Obama to the Supreme Court in exchange for no prosecution over the e-mails.

          • CIA=Criminals In America.
            Our motto:
            ~dirty deeds done dirt cheap~

          • Barack and Michelle had their law licenses revoked by the Illinois Bar Assoc on the same day several years ago. The records containing the reasons have been “frozen” some time ago too. So it won’t be Obama Clinton on the Supreme Court but look out for Eric Holder.

            • Anonymous
              It is a fair amount of trouble and expense to maintain CLE classes and fees plus malpractice insurance to keep a law license if you are not a practicing attorney… and not even living in your state of licensure. Few do. I’d be surprised if Ted Cruz has. Few in government ever do. For one thing, it keeps them “officers of the court” and subject to disbarment. For another, it is quite easy to reinstate. Just the fact it was done on the same day indicates it was voluntary. Just sayin as a paralegal… common as beans.

              • Rebecca,
                the Clintons had their license to practice law REVOKED, there was quite a bit of info. o it a few years ago, they did NOT just let them go. i read about it but the reasons were NOT given but it was made clear that they were revoked. hope this clears that issue up!

                • Apache54
                  The Obama were not subject to adverse suspension. The Clinton were. How does Rumplestilskin in Oklahoma prove anything about Sleeping Beauty in Illinois?

                  • Rebecca,

                    I believe it’s referred to as hardening of the arteries. It’s common among old men who can’t distinguish one thought from another any longer, and it only gets worse with time.

                    • Anon
                      I an old too! 61 already. But you made me laugh and I appreciate that.

                    • Anon,
                      well i don’t have health issues and we will leave it at that as i really don’t care what you think! seems there are more and more disrespectful people on this site than there you used to be!

                    • Apache54
                      pot, kettle, black
                      Go back and read your own posts over the past few months. Clean up your comments and we can talk about appropriate debate principles, sir.

                    • Apache 54,

                      And I quote, ” seems there are more and more disrespectful people on this site than there YOU used to be”. If THAT doesn’t prove my point about you better that anything I ever could have said, LOL!

                  • Rebecca,
                    just thought you might find it interesting that the Clintons (both ) and the obamas ( both) had or have issues with the bar! nothing more than food for thought!

                    • Apache54
                      the Obama have not had issues with the bar per the bar association’s representative. I looked it up again.

          • Obama has stated he is interested in becoming the next UN Chief. He wants to be president of the world. Gee…which coming one world dictator does that sound like?

            • I catcha Spook.
              Fuckme… What’s next???
              Not good, that’s for sure.

          • John Stiner,
            Bill Clinton is poorly suited to the studious and sedentary lifestyle of a Supreme Court Judge. Not a likely candidate even from Hillary.

            • Rebecca,
              just think about it old BILL would see lots of women! HE might be in favor of that! (pun was intended)

              • Apache54
                Bill’s a bit of a skank. But he’ll see more women on the beaches than on the benches.

        • I’m concerned that Obama won’t leave office as scheduled.

        • ht tp://

        • ht tp://

      2. No autopsy eh? Nothing fishy about that.

        • Mac from T.O.
          if that is suspicious… look to right wing Texas, 30 Republican bigwigs, and Scalia ‘ s family.

      3. It is all part of the marxists plan.. Do you really think this turd is going to leave office…???

      4. America lost one of its best conservative jurists if not the best. This places the court in a 4 by 4 deadlock unless Obama can squeeze in a recess appointment like he tried to do before. Scalia’s death places the conservative movement in next election with a do or die task.

        I believe that if the conservatives lose the election (by real votes or voter fraud) America will enter its dark period where our “rights” and freedoms will be “eaten alive”. This will give the statist total control as liberty dies as firearms disappear, free speech is prosecuted, property rights disappear (e.g. second homes confiscated by government) and individualism is ridiculed. Their method will be a slow build up of tyranny as individuals will be prosecuted rather than groups.

        The only thing that will permanently stop the liberal juggernaut is the collapse of the financial system. This is what Laurence Kotlikoff testified before the senate would happen:

      5. This one event could turn out to be the most consequential event in the past 150 years for the USA. It may affect this country in ways that cannot even be imagined just yet. Good luck to us all going forward.

      6. slingshot

        its a two edged sword; Hillary signs an unconstitutional law and her USSC pick OKs it.

      7. I don’t mean to burst everyone’s conspiracy bubble, but he was 79…

        • Elementary my dear fearpornrefugee, Livin For Doom Porn, alias!

          • That’s bullshit Sheer luck. This isn’t enough of a doom porn thread for me to get involved.

        • Yes he was 79, with probably better health care than almost anyone else and regular health care.
          Still why were his bed clothes UN wrinkled after being in bed all night….he wasn’t found until in the 11 am hour. ALso he was found with a pillow over his head…..yeah, nothing weird there, everybody dies of natural causes like a heart attack and puts a pillow over their face/head. Funny how it was announced “natural cause” before any preliminary tests had even been done.

      8. Another check on Obamas bucket list for the demise of the country

        • My dad is 93. What is your point? The pillow over his head, no security detail, no bad health reports, no autopsy, AND swift movement to make it all look just fine is fairly transparent.

      9. How did Justice Scalia vote on money as free speech? I’m guessing he voted for it. I understand the questions and timing of his death, I would not put anything past Obama’s evil. He was old though, with the best health care provided for the upper crust. We all should be so lucky to live to that age.

        • Aljamo,
          Good question. He voted in favor of money as free speech in Citizens United, making it 5-4 in favor. He has made a number of public remarks recently saying it was a bad decision that has damaged our country. Many were expecting a reversal of Citizens United because Scalia had changed his mind. For all the blather about Obama smothering him in his sleep… the 30 Republican guests (plus minions) there with him had more to lose if he made a reversal. Citizens United is a huge blot on his record and he knew it.
          In Texas, coroners regularly declare death without viewing the scene so long as the investigators call no evidence of foul play. If they do, the coroner shows up to document the scene and off the body goes for autopsy. Because of his status, they asked the family whether they wanted an autopsy, the family declined. Few families have that option.
          It wasn’t odd that he died: age, obesity, poor health could certainly have taken him off. Republicans control Texas and they may not want an autopsy, either. I am curious as to whether there will be just enough scurrilous whispers to crap on Obama but not enough to get an autopsy and a closer look at the Republican honchos and their minions that were actually on the premises. Given the Republican upset over his waffling on Citizens United….

        • There is no such thing as a perfect person, politician, judge or otherwise. They all make mistakes. However, when we look at the bigger picture, Scalia was one of the best justices we have seen in recent years and his death will be felt for years to come. It may be that his absence is the spark that could lead to a civil war in the US. If the court rules in favor of further restrictions on the second amendment then the line in the sand that so many have drawn will finally be crossed and conflict becomes unavoidable.

          • Winston… he gave you Citizen’s United which destroyed the vote. He gave you McCutcheon which means rich folk have unlimited dollar votes and you have zero. He gave you George Bush and the Patriot Act giving you Uncle Snoop and endless controls. Are you impressed with his voting record yet? The Supremes haven’t ruled on anticonstitutional spying yet because… Scalia.
            Oh my… he wrote a nutcase and incoherent dissenting opinion on gay marriage. Available online. With friends like him who needs enemas?

      10. Hang in there Clarence Thomas.

        • Clarence won’t be the only black on the Supreme Court when Obama is done.

          • John Stiner
            He might be the only Oreo!

      11. Supreme Court Justice found dead, in bed, with a pillow over his head.
        But, there’s nothing to see here folks, move along…..
        And stop asking so many questions.

      12. ‘…it will mean the likelihood of frequent 4-4 tie votes’

        B.S. the court is left 5-3

      13. I’m sure the political fall out of this will run its course, make plenty of talking points for months to come.

        But the human side of this, or lack there of is what upsets me most. The fact that the left side of policitics actually celebrate a mans death (either direct or indirect) to push an agenda, so soon, is distasteful IMO.

        It’s truly a sad state of affairs when a representative of constitutional justice, on the grounds of…..the constitution……is remembered in this way, just hours after his passing.

        Prayers for his family, and many thanks for his years of service as a supporter of the founding principles for this country.

      14. no security detail…found with a pillow over his head…pajamas not wrinkled…in the last 60 years only one other justice died in office…obamas last year in office…huge cases coming up…nothing to see here…

        • This very well could have been murder, but we will never know. One little drop of poison is all it takes, and our gun rights are forever changed.

          • “Pillow talk”… No autopsy required

            Live Free or Die…everything thing Hitler did was legal

            • Shades of a certain body transfered from airport to funeral home with a certain feature stitched up enroute.

            • Pillow talk, lol… what if they were covering up a ho in the bed? Texas hospitality for the rich and famous.

              • Oh my goodness what a mouth you have on you. Perchance do you have that in a police report or is it personal experience speaking?

                • Many Happy returns
                  Not a potty mouth. I lived in Texas 28 years and worked in top laws firms that service the rich and famous. I was a servant to the servants. Of you think that kinda thing does not go on you are naive beyond belief. Texas is a very Republican state and they show the big boys a good time. When I was young and cute I was invited to some of those private parties. Not for me but it was for a lot of young women. I worked twice as hard to keep my job. Even so, it never occurred to me until I read the prior commenter say pillow yalk.

                  I am 61 now… been many years since I was invited. Still goes on. Not sure how that ME evil in any way since I didn’t participate in the party down lifestyle.

                  • And I didn’t end up in Bill Cosby’s bed or anyone else’s crying about what happened to me. I went home after work.

                    • Don’t really care. The man is dead. You have no reason to even suggest such a thing about him and yet you have. Your experiences are your own. Your lack of respect and attempt at sick twisted humor are beyond the pale in poor taste and lack of good judgment. I am a born Texan too. You shame us and yourself through such thoughtless remarks and ad hominem attacks. A man is dead, but his family and friends are not.

                    • Returns,

                      Please. Take your phony piety to your local revrind’ and whine on HIS shoulder, ok? Whenever conspiracy nuts like you involve yourself in the discussion all rationale thought goes right out the window. Yes, you’re right, EVERYBODY you like is a victim of ” conspiracy”, is THAT what you’re so eager to hear?

                • Many, everyone is speculating about how this guy died. As such, everything is on the table. Reference the whole article on assassination techniques in articles after this one. No matter what happens the conspiracy theorists and police report adherents are going at it. Not a “mouthy” or disrespectful issue….just is what it is. There is also no solid evidence that anyone killed the guy either yet folks are accusing POTUS or the CIA or tea partiers of offing him. And quite frankly given some of his decisions on the bench he wasn’t due a great deal of respect for is stunted jurisprudence stances either.

          • John, and that is why I find it particularly disturbing that the rights of all present and future Americans rested in the hands of one frail, unhealthy old man. Regardless of how he died or was dispatched, it is ridiculous that ONE person had that much power…….

            • No. Those rights are in the hands of the citizens and their willingness to do what it takes to maintain them. His death only means that the easy path to maintaining those rights peacefully just became more difficult.

              • Winston, I have to respectfully disagree on the rights of the citizens. The rights of the citizens were sold down the river with the Citizens United SCOTUS decision. This old man’s vote was in the majority on that 5-4 decision. If he had an epiphany lately and thought it was a bad call, it is truly unfortunate now. He’s dead and there’s little that can be done about it unless the SCOTUS chooses to turn it over – which is not likely. As has been proven on this website in the last 2 weeks, when a situation requires fighting back, few people are actually willing to do it. They may talk a great game, but when it comes to the nut cutting only a few have the stomach or courage for it. 🙂

              • Winston, I have to respectfully disagree on the rights of the citizens. The rights of the citizens were sold down the river with the Citizens United SCOTUS decision. This old man’s vote was in the majority on that 5-4 decision. If he had an epiphany lately and thought it was a bad call, it is truly unfortunate now. He’s dead and there’s little that can be done about it unless the SCOTUS chooses to turn it over – which is not likely. As has been proven on this website in the last 2 weeks, when a situation requires fighting back, few people are actually willing to do it. They may talk a great game, but when it comes to the nut cutting only a few have the stomach or courage for it. 🙂

                • 79 today is not that old and I didnt see any reports of health issues and he did not appear frail or even appear as old…..just sayin~

                  • Bj,

                    Come on man, the guy was born when, 1937? 79 is old, for any time. Maybe people born in the 21st century might raise the average up the somewhere in the 80’s but for now he is right at the average age group for men to die. Everyone seems to think they’ll all live to 90 today because it’s some kind of new era. Hell, people drop dead of heart disease in their 40’s if they don’t watch out for the danger signs or get regular medical check ups.

                  • BJ
                    The man had health problems and they have been written about openly for several years. Ginsberg has been the best bet to be gone first but her health has been better overall. People were guessing Obama would be the one to replace both of them for 7 years.
                    Legal people gossip about this stuff when they should be billing hours. In the news too, though.

          • They’re only forever changed if…
            All it takes for evil to gain a foothold, is for good men to do nothing

          • JS, the Soviet KGB had a special dept. with operatives specifically trained in highly specialized methods of assassination. I suspect scalia was killed by someone with that type of training but we’ll never know for sure. What I do know for sure is that now it’s only a matter of time before SCOTUS totally dismantles the Constitution. I will still disregard SCOTUS rulings.

          • BS… man or men give you or me or anyone rights to a gun. Nor can they take it away…people can only let others take from them!!

        • Sound awake,
          Where did you read that he was found with a pillow over his head? Assuming you were not there to see, of course. If you were there you could get rich off a cell phone photo. Barring that, police report indicated no sign of foul play, which is why the coroner did not show up. Besides, what nitwit would leave a pillow over his head if they killed him? Even tards watch TV crime shows.

          • It is on the Drudge report.

            • Many Happy Returns
              Do you think the Drudge Report holds more weight than the Police Report? What redneck Texas sheriff would make a cover up for Obama? Lived in Texas 24 years and I will never buy that one. A pillow over his head isn’t even rational, what murderer would leave a pillow over his face anyway? Fear porn to sell hysteria supplies.
              Prep on.

              • Wow, you are ill informed. It is all over the news. Drudge is a meta news site. His sources are the same as any other news source. Some folks just don’t like the particular sources he uses. Some prefer that ALL of their news is filtered through their own preferred news sites. I was trying to be polite, but …

                The New York Post
                Raw Story
                Zero Hedge
                World Net Daily

                The owner of the ranch is quoted many times in confirmation. Hmmm… is interesting that you would believe a police report. Have you ever seen one? More than likely it was quoted in a news source. Also of interest is the fact that not a single news source is denying the pillow….although many are choosing to ignore his death altogether except to speculate about who will replace him. That in and of itself is quite revealing.

                • Many Happy Returns

                  The initial reports from police, owner, and coroner all said no sign of foul play. Melodrama shows up afterward. I generally doubt melodrama because it is bs more often than not. Could he have been murdered by one of the 30 Republican bigwigs? Possible. Likely? Who knows. He was recanting on Citizen’s United. That would make a lot of big Republican donors furious. None of this speculation can be proven and there was plenty of political muscle in the building to squelch or force an autopsy. Nothing in the scenario implicates Obama or the CIA. Either way the body was embalmed.

                  • Initial reports included the pillow dear.

                  • Obama and the CIA? Are you on medication or do you always try to put words in people’s mouths? Are you really that insecure in your beliefs? You don’t inform, you slander without reason or cause. Projection is treatable.

                    • Returns, you have just described your own behavior, not hers. Why does every conspiracy nut have to foam at the mouth constantly? Oh, that’s right, because they CAN….

                    • Uh, many…..look at the conspiracy stuff in this thread. Look at the article a couple after this one. No attacking and hating, just speculation. When someone dies suddenly under less than clear circumstances there is always speculation. You need to lighten up, dude….you’re gonna stroke out, dear! 🙂

      15. Like so many others, I find the circumstances and aftermath of his death very suspicious. Anyone who is found dead, especially in a hotel room unless it was an obvious suicide, gets an autopsy. Why not him? After so much hoopla, even if they do one, the conclusion will probably still be ‘natural causes’ no matter what they find. Granted, he could have had a massive heart attack or aneurysm in his sleep given his age, but why not be sure?

        • In Texas, this type of death investigation is very common place. However, just the fact that Scalia was a Supreme Court Justice an autopsy should have been preformed.

          • This raises many questions…

            Death determined by “natural causes” over the phone. No autopsy to be done. Body sent to funeral home to begin embalming.

            “Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara acknowledged that she pronounced Scalia dead by phone, without seeing his body.”

            “Guevara also rebutted a report by a Dallas TV station that quoted her as saying that Scalia had died of “myocardial infarction.” In an interview with The Washington Post, she said she meant only that HIS HEART HAD STOPPED.”

            “It wasn’t a heart attack,” Guevara said. “He died of natural causes.”

            “There is also a report that after arriving at 3:30 a.m. on Sunday, the Sunset Funeral Home embalmed Scalia’s remains, according to Chris Lujuan, a funeral home manager. The embalming process could destroy vital toxicology evidence.

            WND dot com

              • BTW, Thanks KY Mom.

            • Too many questions, not enough answers. Suspicion should be immediately brought hard to bear on any “cause of death” ruling not supported by a complete autopsy by a medical examiner.

              I would go so far as to suggest multiple independent autopsies should be conducted to rule out any impropriety. Scalia was disliked by many, and his passing will have profound implications for the nation for generations to come.

              If you’ve been putting off buying that special “something”, this might be a good time to do it before it gets banned.

            • Scalia found with pillow over face.

              No autopsy to be preformed.

              Body embalmed within 24 hours.

              Yep … nothing suspicious here at all.
              It appears Scalia became a victim against the upper ruling class … example has been set in place for others … play along or get Obamacided.

              • FTW, it would be interesting to know how much money those people received under the table for pulling this off.

                • Probably all part of receiving a C.I.A. Salary.

                  Performing assassinations are more than likely a “Bonus” to the right psychotic employee.

              • Similar thing happened to Osama Bin Ladin. They dumped his body overboard before anyone knew he was even dead. No independent verification, no autopsy what-so-ever. I say, seeing is believing.

                • YH – they dumped his body in the Ocean because that was “not” the real Osama Bin Laden. If this was the real OBL, then why haven’t they shown video or photographs proving it was him? Why would they suppress this information from the public? … because it wasn’t him.

                  The real Osama Bin Laden died in December 2001 of liver disease.

                  • Exactly FTW. I don’t know how Bin Ladin really died, or if he’s really dead, but I am certain of one thing, the government was in one helluva hurry to get rid of that corpse before anyone could ask any questions. It is no secret that Bin Ladin had many body doubles running around to the place to confuse U.S. intelligence services, or so I’ve read.

            • It was the one-arm man.

              • P.O.P – lol … that’s a good one ツ

        • Even if there was an autopsy, it still would not convince everyone that his death was from natural causes. There would always be those who would question anything coming from the government just because their faith in authority has been so completely compromised.

      16. “Scalia says there’s nothing unconstitutional about executing the innocent.”

        Almost two decades ago, Troy Anthony Davis was convicted of murder and sentenced to die. Since then, seven of the witnesses against him have recanted their testimony, and some have even implicated Sylvester “Redd” Coles, a witness who testified that Davis was the shooter. In light of the very real evidence that Davis could be innocent of the crime that placed him on death row, the Supreme Court today invoked a rarely used procedure giving Davis an opportunity to challenge his conviction. Joined by Justice Clarence Thomas in dissent, however, Justice Antonin Scalia criticized his colleagues for thinking that mere innocence is grounds to overturn a conviction:

        This Court has never held that the Constitution forbids the execution of a convicted defendant who has had a full and fair trial but is later able to convince a habeas court that he is “actually” innocent.

        Quite to the contrary, we have repeatedly left that question unresolved, while expressing considerable doubt that any claim based on alleged “actual innocence” is constitutionally cognizable.

        So in Justice Scalia’s world, the law has no problem with sending an innocent man to die. One wonders why we even bother to have a Constitution.

        Whether Scalia’s death is a natural or not means very little to me. It’s people like him in the Political spotlight that needs to end up having the same result to them … Death!

        • We all die bud… ARE YOU READY?

          • YES!!!!!

            • Good for you.

        • FTW – I agree…. and also think he was a glutton, a mobster, and a psychopath all rolled up into one… and I for one don’t give a rat’s ass if that fat pig rots in hell.

        • There is a difference between legal and moral. Stalin’s purges were legal but anything but moral. Gay marriage may be legal, but to many it is immoral. Likewise, Scalia’s job was to interpret the constitution and as he adhered to a constructionist interpretation, he offered an opinion based purely upon what is in the document. It was a legal decision, not a moral one. If you want someone to read their own morality into the constitution then you want a liberal justice, not a conservative one.


          • Winston, okay so why did he go along with Citizens United? It did not take a rocket scientist to figure out that decision was going to put the nail in the coffin of citizens rights in the political process. Yet, he voted for it in the 5-4 decision.

          • Scalia was not a liberal but was every bit of an “activist” judge. Look at his decision record and the opinions he proffered over the years. Those tell a much different narrative. Citizens United and Bush v. GORE will live in infamy. Not that I think gore should have been president – I dont. But the electoral process was perverted by the SCOTUS and Katherine harris. That election was just a precursor for all to come. Citizens United closed the door on any influence a citizen has on politics from now on…..

      17. LOL. That’s it. Please pass me the salt for my popcorn. Can’t wait for what the next episode of “Watch America Die”


        • nice tagline but it wont die, the name will continue; but it is in rapid decline.

          • Lena,
            I agree. Countries go through declines for reasons similar to ours… bankruptcy from imperial wars and treason at the top, mostly. Circuses aren’t held because the people demand them… they are pushed by the treasonous leaders to distract… just like divide and conquer is used to keep people at odds with each other and out of the rulers’ treason.

            • Rebecca,
              divide and conquer, democrat X republican, YUP that is how it has been! people been brainwashed for years

              • Apache54
                true and sad for our country. Adding so many Muslims to the mix is a disaster. Still, tptb just stirring up more enemies.

      18. Look at the drudge headline.

        Civil war has been thrust upon us. It’s really really happening now. This is the straw after the straw that broke the camels back.

        It’s sad more than anything.
        Our tree of life , liberty , family , freedom , all things good , needs a thorough watering of blood

      19. The guns will be gone when you give them up. The Bill Of Rights only agree with Gods given rights.

        Sometimes you must fight , when you are a man….

      20. Silver is back down some today but who knows about tomorrow when the markets open i can only wish for some snafu that would drop silver down to the 5-4$ range just for a day and gold to 300 but thats alot like a pipe dream

      21. Did get a garret ace 350 metal detector so when it warms up hopefully ill find 350$ worth of silver and rings ect to pay for its self how do you do the settings on them so you dont get junk but dont miss good stuff

        • I am not sure about that particular model. Usually nickel is around a 5. I would eliminate anything 1, 2. Keep 3,4,5 etc. Every model is different my friend. I take my time when I am out so I will usually dig every solid signal. Find a lot of junk, but found some musket balls and oddities as well. I wish you the best of luck.

        • god s,
          i have used many detectors allot over the years and i find that it is always BEST, to NOT tune them down, ( depends on what your looking for and where) as certain objects can get masked and you might loose a great target! just from my experiences, as always there are exceptions to everything!
          ENJOY it is fun looking and finding stuff!

          • So keep sensitivity high and descriminate low

            • I am agreeing with Apache. You get a good, strong and loud signal, dig it. Why not? Like I said, it may not be silver or gold, or even a coin. But it may be treasure nonetheless.

            • High sensitivity and low discrimination fits the definition of a liberal.

      22. Scalia of Bush vs. Gore and Citizens United should have died twenty years earlier.

      23. I’st it ironic that the toughest conservative dies and the olds liberal Darth Bader is still alive,(or just still breathing). Doesn’t make any sense to me that the old lib is still alive and the best conservative is dead.

        I hope that the Repubicans keep their word and hold off voting on a judge. If not prepare for Civil War. You and I know that it will come when they start taking more of our rights away. It to me is clear AS THE NOSE YOU MY FACE.

        If Obullshit doesn’t get her/his nomination you will see her/his use executive orders like they are T.P. Look for him to put one of his boyfriends in. Look at Kagan and her little rainbow.


        • There is no way that this doesn’t end in total civil war.

          This is just the beginning too

          • At this point does it really matter what any level of government does?
            Pretty much on a course personally, and dont really care what new laws etc are passed,
            My freedoms according to them may be reduced, but you have to actually acknowledge these prics for them to affect you.

            • Kulafarmer
              I think you just hit the reason so many people in this country don’t vote or care about the crooks at the top. They ignore what the top does. As our rulers get more crooked, people get more crooked. They ignore and flout the law just like any third world country. Not that every one hasn’t woken up or applauds the filth running our country, many are doing whatever the heck they please. Law abiding folks suffer the most under oppression.

              • Hey reb, I don’t this this is about “law abiding” or “outlaws”. I think this is about “the pursuit of happiness”. If I see a law that negatively impacts my personal happiness, I generally ignore it. As long as my flouting of the law affects no one else, what business it of government or society if I do? This election, the maneuvering of 60+ oligarchs, the balance on the SCOTUS will not affect my plans for how I will choose to live my life. I will keep right on with my plans. I have my own ambitions and dreams for myself, my family and my friends. What oligarchs, bankers, black-robed arbiters, and political shills do is their business. I can only control what I do……

                • Foxglove, I couldn’t agree more.

                  • Brave I was waiting for you to join the crowd, you was the only one missing. If they pass a law we don’t like, we’ll all just pretend that it don’t affect us and everything will be all right. Trekker Out. Reminds Me Of Ostriches!

                    • Trekker, the average person disobey laws all the time: the California stop, speeding, not clicking that seatbelt, etc. These are all laws people break everyday for their own convenience. People sell stuff on craigslist and at yard sales. They legally should collect and remit sales tax. Do they? I’ve never been to a yard sale where sales tax was collected. I’d be willing to bet most folks havent. My point is that people avoid following the law on a daily basis. That is not “ostrich with its head in the sand.” That is simply everyday life. Once laws get away from the Constitution and the 10 commandments, they tend to only serve a rather proscribed purpose, namely to benefit someone other than the folks governed by them.

                    • My point was that just because we don’t acknowledge laws that we don’t like, doesn’t mean that they won’t effect us. I can pretend that this or that law don’t affect me all I want, be it can and will bind me down. Sad but true. Example, Most times when I make a comment, Mac seems to try and put a stop to any replies. Trekker Out.

                    • Trekker, my comment got through to you so I don’t see mac’s censorship in this. I think censorship is a red herring. I think people may not respond to your posts because they disagree with you and simply don’t want to engage in spirited debate. 😉

                    • Foxglove, my remark really has nothing to do with censorship, and I’m not so concerned with whether anyone responds or not. It must just be my computer, since I see a blank space where it usually says reply. And yes your comment did get through, in a round about way. Trekker Out. Scuse Me, If I Said Censor.

                    • Trekker, I have the same posting issue too. Looks like it may be comment tree issue. The tree gets to a certain level and they just pile up so you don’t get to respond directly to a comment. Mac, am I wrong?

                • Foxglove666
                  I agree with you. When I said law abiding people suffer the most I am talking about those well intentioned people who are thwarted at every turn and put up with every abuse. Criminals at the top makes every rational person at the bottom a criminal too. Messy altogether. We should not obey most of the rules and we should not convict those who disobey unconstitutional (aka bs) laws. There was a conversation a couple blogs back about civil disobedience through jury service. Great idea. I am a registered voter and get occasional calls for jury duty. What you are talking about is civil disobedience labeled as criminal activity. Thanks for helping me clarify that!

                  • Here’s the deal Rebecca and FoxGlove666…You 2 have commented to oneanother and NOT tossed grenades at each other… Notice that your comments weren’t deleted… Well my, my, my…that’s the WAY it’s supposed to work. Thanks guys for contributing to the comments without grenades…

                    • Chauffeur, thanks for noticing. To the best of my knowledge none of my posts have gotten deleted. If you notice, the only time I’ve tended to go on the offense was when someone brought it at me. Then I put up with it awhile until….I didnt. Not a hater, don’t want to get flamed and tossed to the dogs. Spirited, courteous discussion rarely kills anyone. 😉

                    • The Chauffeur
                      THANK YOU
                      If we all thought the same thing we wouldn’t have a thing to talk about and we wouldn’t stretch and learn. Drunk and disorderly has always been tossed in the pokey. I enjoy all the different ideas and will defend my own or give em up. It is a bunch quieter when I give em up… like “good post” lol

        • So many important cases pending for the Supreme Court and now a toughest Conservative is gone.

          “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”
          -Rahm Emanuel

          within hours…

          Dems Fundraise Off Scalia Death

          Weekly Standard

          • Politics is just disgusting.

            I know why people escape into sports, sci fi, games, etc.

          • KY Mom
            you must not be on any Republican lists. He hadn’t got cold yet before the Republicans were bawling for money and polling for support to block a nomination. It makes it harder to win people over if they know you are blowing smoke.

            • Just like the Democrats suddenly crying about the presidential duty to nominate a justice and the Senate to confirm it, during a lame duck last 12 months of his term.

              When Bush nominated a justice 18 MONTHS before his term ended the left was promishing filibusters and refusing to consider it.

              Cry us a river, you’re full of crap, talking out of both sides of your mouth.

              Explain to all us ignorant folks why what was acceptable behavior by Shumer and the rest is today not acceptable when the other side is doing it?

              • Smokey
                I don’t defend the D/R corporate machine in any way. I pointed out that Republican perfidy in this matter is equivalent to Democratic perfidy in this matter.
                When you notice that you are being offered one coin with two sides, we will be on our way to cleaning up our government. Buy either side of that one coin and you get the other side.

      24. Well, I guess that was a “convenient death” for a lot of people. I have lost all trust in both the Dems and the Repubs. There is no telling what the “Deep State” is up to.

      25. WHO CARES- THE SUPREME COURT ONLY ISSUES OPINIONS!!! They do not make law and the States can Ignore those OPINIONS and nullify them. Look at the actual duties of the supreme court as enumerated in the US constitution!! We need more conservative Governors with balls that is all!!

        • Spuds
          not exactly. The Supremes can and do nullify laws. They don’t write laws. If a law says no gay marriage and the Supremes nullify it then ipso facto gay marriage. What happens just as often a law is just poorly written and is struck down and a stronger one replaces it.
          They are not an advisory board and their decisions are law.

          • You are incorrect- Their OPINIONS are not law, They Are OPINIONS. States do not need to follow their OPINION. Article 1 section 1- CONGRESS MAKES LEGISLATION, PERIOD. NO WHERE in Article 3, in any section does it give the Judicial branch the Authority to make or create Legislation, nor does it state that any state must follow the OPINION of the Supreme court. The Supreme Court provides OPINIONS on the constitutionality of a Particular Law when it meets the requirements in Article 3 section 2. The Federal Government has Hijacked the original intention of the Supreme court to enact all sort of laws and to use that as leverage to threaten the States. The States are sovereign and, given the 10th amendment, can choose their path. The Federal Government has no true Recourse. Which is why, when states pass laws such as those Nullifying federal gun control measures- As we have seen several states do lately, You don’t see arrests of those States Legislatures or federal troops moving into those states. The AG of the U.S. has bark but no legal bite unless the States allow it. The Federal government was never intended to be an entity unto itself, It was meant to be a representation of all states, not a totalitarian entity to dictate to the States what they can or cannot do.

            • Spuds
              The Supreme Court’s job is to nullify unconstitutional laws. They judge court cases that question the validity of local, state, and federal laws. They are integral to rule by Constitution and law. The founding fathers created this part of our checks and balances with lifetime tenure to help justices get above the pettiness and partisan politics and help us stay close to our Constitution.

              Scalia’s great failure as a Supreme Court Judge was Citizen’s United that replaced one man one vote with money votes. He had already repented of that destruction of our Constitution. Scalia destroyed his own place in history by that one vote.

              Our government is in three parts: legislative, executive, court.

              Saying it is something else doesn’t change the law but it might destroy the country. What do you offer to replace the best form of government ever devised? It is under attack and you join with the destroyers. As furious as I am about Citizens United, I am involved with bringing it down legally.

              • You have no Idea WHAT you are talking about. You said- “What do you offer to replace the best form of government ever devised?”- What the hell does that even mean?? Where did I say ANYTHING about replacing ANYTHING??? OUR FORM OF GOVENRMENT IS THE BEST EVER CREATED SO LONG AS EACH Branch FOLLOWS IT’S PLACE IN THE CONSTITUTION!!!!
                “It is under attack and you join with the destroyers”- AGAIN WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???? Because I want all Branches of our government to follow their allotted powers in the constitution I am a “DESTROYER”? I am sorry but I cannot fix you if you truly feel that way.
                “Our government is in three parts: legislative, executive, court” DO YOU MEAN EXECUTIVE, LEGISLATIVE AND JUDICIAL????
                Again, If all Branches of our government Stayed within the powers allotted to them in the constitution it would work wonderfully. The problem is Congress has been neutered and is ineffective, The Executive branch has turned to ruling by decree in the form of executive order and the Supreme court has become a joke, Hearing any and every case they feel like and using judicial activism to change this country. I mean look at some of their decision- Voter ID is unconstitutional, Yet we need to show an ID for Nearly EVERYTHING in life? Where in the Constitution does it say that voters do not need to show ID? I Know, It doesn’t. If you think that all of that is OK then YOU are the one “JOINING with the destroyers”- As far as Voter ID or Gay marriage, Unless and until the states Ratify Amendments stating that Voter ID not required or an amendment stating that Gay marriage is a right- Then the SOVEREIGN STATES themselves have the right to decide whether they want those things or not. AMENDMENT 10-“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
                YOU are the problem
                What a Dolt.

                • Spuds

                  Congress has not been neutered, least of all by Obama. Congress gets everythingthrough that benefits their corporate masters. Obama the so-called commie signs everything they put in front of his nose that gives the corporate masters what they want. Any and every argument is street theater for idiots.
                  Scalia gave the corporate masters the constitutional right to purchase elections.

                  Hysterics don’t impress me much after 30 years in law firms. My old boss always said that when an attorney can’t win on facts, they go straight to screaming, cussing, and intimidation. I just outed you.

                  Prep on.

      26. You don’t miss what you’ve got ’till it’s gone.

      27. While I think that voting is an exercise in futility in this country, I must remind everyone that who ever is elected to be President, will likely get to name at least 4 new Supreme Court Justices. There are really only 2 or 3 real conservatives on the court. Replacing the liberals with liberals won’t speed up our demise. Replacing the older conservatives with liberals will be the end. Finally. We can stop pretending to have a peaceful chance to survive. The only way to have meaningful change, the only way to be free, is through the use of overwhelming force. Accept it. The dye is cast.

        • Observer,
          Odds are the next President will replace Ginsberg.

      28. The shit really has hit the fan good style… Sigh… What a FUCKIN’ mess.
        I’ve got no empathy towards the courts but I recognise wisdom when I see it.
        The WORLD is a more dodgy place without this fella .
        Rest in peace righteous Judge.
        My sympathy to his family and Patriots alike.

      29. This problem occurs due to the most divisive Presidency in history. The Kenyan-in-chief doesn’t believe in “CHECKS & BALANCES.” Some of the current crop of candidates will likely have the same approach. A justice that understands the Constitution should be understood as written, ver batim with the understanding of English used during that period, is a problem for a tyrant. The Federalist Papers written by John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison explain many of the concepts in the Constitution. Other writings by the Founders help us to understand concepts like states rights, limitations on Federal Powers, and the thinking behind the BILL OF RIGHTS. Now, many citizens suspect skullduggery.

        • While I agree with some of your post, I disagree that Obama’s presidency as the most divisive. Actually, Abraham Lincoln’s was. A Civil War occurred during his….THAT’S divisive. Bush going into Iraq to enrich his buddy dick cheney’s friends was divisive. (Bush managed to squander any goodwill and sympathy toward the US after 9/11.) FDR with his supreme Court packing plan was divisive. Teddy Roosevelt with his social engineering and Woodrow Wilson with his league of nations were divisive. Lyndon johnson with his Vietnam was divisive. Agreed, America has gotten tribal, but it is not at the feet of any one president……

          • Foxglove666
            Teddy Roosevelt created a national park system monolith that is the basis of the Oregon standoff.

            • Reb, I think Woodrow Wilson has the most to answer for – both the Federal Reserve and League of Nations were founded in his presidency. As you know, the League would morph into that abomination known as the United Nations. Wilson was pretty much the founding father of the NWO.

              • Foxglove666
                That’s what I am always saying…. this mess did NOT begin with Obama. I don’t think it will end with him either but I admit I don’t have a crystal ball that says when it will end. Those pesky tea leaves don’t tell me a thing!

      30. The War on Paper Currency Begins: ECB Votes To “Scrap” 500 Euro Bill

        “In other words, if overnight the €307 billion worth of €500 bills were eliminated, the notional value of the entire amount of European physical currency in circulation would decline by 30% to €700 billion!

        “…former Standard Chartered CEO Peter Sands who just last week said the US should ban the $100 note as it would “deter tax evasion, financial crime, terrorism and corruption.”

        “$100 bills account for $1.08 trillion of the $1.38 trillion total in circulation. So should the Fed react to the ECB’s “scrapping” of the €500 bill, which accounts for 30% of the value of currency in circulation, then the Fed would respond in kind, by eliminating 78% of all paper currency in circulation by value.”

        “Not a bad way to launch a global ban on paper currency ahead of a global NIRP regime, and all, of course, in the name of fighting “tax evasion, financial crime, terrorism and corruption.”


      31. Yeah, civil war, the ” big” uprising, yeah, it’s for sure any day now. Just a week ago everyone was quaking about the inevitable North Korean EMP that would be the end of life as we know it, today, some old fat guy who’s just another member of the privileged few dies off and we’re on the verge of a ” civil war”. Braveheart always saying he ” knows” we don’t have much time left, maybe a year but I doubt that long. Every spring he always says ” it’s gonna be a long,hot summer if ya know what I mean, I’m makin another run to the bol before then because we won’t have another chance after that”.

        All the clucking about gold going up 50 bucks an ounce one day last week and not a peep about it going down over 30 bucks an ounce toady. Every day it’s always something that’s going to ” end the world as we know it” but somehow, we’re always here the next day, week, month, year, etc. It’s a good idea to keep some supplies around for back up or emergency, to be skeptical of everything you read or hear. But it’s also real easy to cross the line of reason when everything becomes a conspiracy, when ” they” are all out to “get” us, when civil war begins ” this time for sure”, when big talking cowboys are going to take on the feds and ” fight till the end!” but end up whimpering and surrendering. Anybody who’s ever spent any time reading this site can tell you the walk never matches the talk, obviously, if it did, all these events that are forever rehashed here over and over would have come to pass long ago but yet they continue to be worried over today, tomorrow, next week, next year, etc. There needs to be balance of facts and reason about everything or it all sounds like some cult of doom and paranoia, you can’t always go around saying the end is near and come back next week and repeat it over and over when it obviously never happens.

        This stuff is nothing new, there’s been doom and gloomers since the beginning of time. I can tell you with absolute certainty some day a huge asteroid or comet is gonna smack Earth all the way back to the era of dominance by small animals who burrow underground but is that any reason to dwell on it? Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it a supposed conservative Justice Roberts who gave the final nod to the ACA? And now the death of another justice is going to cause ” civil war”? Please, chicken little, take a break. There isn’t going to be any civil war, now or ever. People, and I mean people here too, will talk a lot while waiting for the next guy to ” do something” about the situation. Don’t believe it? Have you ever seen what happens to anyone in the workplace who dares to bring up a dangerous or illegal activity to the management? What happens afterward? Yeah, you know what, the ” problem” employee soon finds they’re being shown the door for reasons that pertain to ” poor performance” or some other type of invented excuse.

        This effectively ends the problem by sending the clear message to everybody else what happens when a blade of grass gets too tall, and it WORKS! Sorry to say it but that’s the truth folks,and we all know it too, we’ve all seen it done and nobody is going to be willing to be the next one to risk their neck when they see what happened to the last guy. It’s easier and safer to talk anonymously about how ” somebody” should ” do something”, meaning ” you go ahead, I’m keeping my head down”. THIS is why you’ll be waiting a long, long, time for your civil war to materialize.

        • Louie;
          That was a pretty rational rant. Are you sure you are at the correct site?

        • Louie Louie
          Rome fell… but there are still Romans. Scalia was surrounded by his Republican buddies. My guess is he was not murdered. His family didn’t think so and their intuition is better than mine. I think we need to get self-sufficient, there are some egregious problems out there. I will finish writing about the endocrine disrupters by tomorrow and publish it. The feminization of men! Plus other horrors. EMP has gotten a lot of press, but we have major real problems without one. It keeps people looking in the wrong direction.
          Scalia=Citizens United. They’ll find another to destroy our rights under the Constitution, never fear.

      32. Big changes will be left to the lesser courts until there is a replacement and that doesn’t look good either. Hopefully the repubs can hold things off til the election. Obama has our attorney general on the short list.

      33. A lot of people have said an (UN)civil war is just down the road for the U.S. I’ve watched the slide for almost 82 years now and I’m beset with a feeling of deep sorrow as I realise that that which I have – through ignorance and sloth – allowed cannot be corrected except without shedding the blood of my children and grandchildren. Like most, I hoped to leave America a better place than I found it. Instead, they get a cesspit. I and all like me deserve eternal damnation!!

        • Its not ignorance nor sloth OldFart, i see the same in my folks, family and aquaintences, they didnt want to rock the boat and felt that eventually things could get voted right or would straighten up, those of us in the generation behind you are just as guilty, some have eyes open most are still more concerned with their SUV and if they can get a new whatever when they get their tax refund, never mind that they overpaid taxes to begin with,
          Personally i envy you older folks, at least death is closer

        • Old fart
          Don’t despair. You did the best you could. My parents did the best they knew how to do. I just realized my dad taught me woodcraft in case I needed it in a nuclear war. I love them still and your family loves you. My son is a grown man and picking up the baton. He tosses me lots of info because he knows I have more time to fight. The grandkids are growing up too. Count on your people being up to the task even when they look off the path.

      34. It is not the pillow found over his head I find surprising. Nor the lack of an autopsy. Not even the lack of interest in possible foul play or the swift desire to just “move on”. It is the country’s almost visceral knee jerk reaction to this as a “common place” event, with no demands for investigations being made that surprises me. NEVER, in recent years, has it been THIS BLATANT. They aren’t just laughing at us. They are in stitches holding their sides at the public’s lack of attention or interest. I know they can get and ARE getting away with anything, but the death of so great and powerful a man under such suspicious circumstances with so little care to disguise or hide it, cannot fail to illustrate the dire straits our nation now finds itself in.

      35. There are nine judges and one dies. It just happens to be the most conservative one while Obama has only one year left in office. Does that seem convenient or what ?

        • Virginiamom,

          I admired Justice Scalia very much. My first reaction was “Did someone shoot him or was he poisoned?” In my opinion, this was an inside job that had nothing to do with “natural causes.” You are right to question the circumstances. Why did he have no body guard? Did he really refuse one? Why no autopsy? The wishes of the family are not the only factor. The American people have a right to know what was in his bloodstream and if it was something that was incompatible with human life.

          The timing is horrid. Reminds me of the timing of the passing of Ovomit’s grandmother just prior to his assuming the office of the presidency. Did she know too much? Also reminds me of the lady in Hawaii (name escapes me) who certified Ovomit’s birth certificate. She was the ONLY one who perished in the plane crash off of Molokai. Why them and why then?

          What about the passing of Amb. Chris Stevens? Why did he meet with the Turkish ambassador just prior to his death? Did it have anything to do with arming the Syrian rebels? Did he know too much?

          The timing of the deaths surrounding Ovomit are quite disturbing and people who pay attention are questioning just how much of the Scalia story is true and how much is a BOLD FACE LIE!!! We have no proof that any of these convenient deaths was engineered but it seems that few are interested in proving that they were not.

      36. if new gun laws are passed and 100million gun owners ignore them just what is the government going to do about it ?

        • Who knows ma’am?
          That’s what makes this death so much more poignant.
          Death by a thousand tears!

        • Nothing

        • VirginiaMom,

          In many cases, no one would notice if 100 million gun owners (and sheriffs also) ignored the unconstitutional gun laws.. This “administration” has seen a marked decline in the prosecution of existing gun laws. There are too many gun laws and most of them are useless and idiotic.

          I hope we have some new gun laws, like 50-state and DC reciprocity in shall-issue concealed carry. It seems to me that all the states with horrid gun laws, such as New Jersey, California, Hawaii and New York, should have their overly restrictive gun laws struck down. These states were aware of the bill of rights and the second amendment when they formed the union or when they joined the union. They have no excuses for not supporting the second amendment. This is not an issue of states rights, but of individual rights which the Federal govt. has an obligation to protect.

          We cannot afford another left-wing liberal justice on the Supreme Court or the USA as we know it will sink into the quagmire of tyranny.

      37. They are pushing every button they can to invoke martial law before BO leaves office. They don’t need anything left to start the riot. The borders are down. The people are asleep or brain dead or both. Illegals are running amok. More are pouring into the western world (China and Russia aren’t taking any) every hour. The system is beyond broken. All we need is a match.

      38. Why is it not standard practice for all justices and high ranking government officials in the other 2 branches to have an autopsy performed? With the timing of it all, it dosent pass the smell test, Kinda like Andrew Brieghtbart.

        • Usmc
          Another federal law taking away Texas’ right to govern itself? Horrors!

      39. America is moving closer everyday to a second civil war. Sad but true. You can’t take peoples freedoms and keep expecting them to just accept what the liberal government says to do. We should be able to stop the taxes coming out of our paychecks to stop what they are doing or fine or imprison them for violating the Constitution or their oath of office. No taxation without representation. I guess we will all know by the end of this year.

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