The Mathematical Reality Is We’re Losing Over 600,000 Jobs a Month That Have Been Hidden From View

by | May 7, 2013 | Headline News | 214 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    The Dow Jones is soaring. The unemployment rate is stable. People are shopping. America is in recovery.

    Or is it?

    Despite all of the positive spin being put on the global and domestic economic recovery, the truth is that nothing of the sort is actually happening.

    Any observant analyst can deduce that 15,000+ stock market values are a result of easy money being pumped into investment banks, who then slam that money straight into markets. The Fed itself is reportedly providing direct liquidity to the system. They can do this forever, so long as our creditors let them. And, until they’re stopped, they’ll continue to convince most Americans that financial markets and the economy have been stabilized.

    Underneath all the hoop-la, however, is the reality of the situation.

    The latest employment report from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics is a prime example of the shenanigans being played by government statisticians and their media cohorts behind the scenes.

    While the official story is that non farm payrolls rose by 165,000 people last month leaving the unemployment rate at 7.5%, the truth is that the devil is in the details:

    Now for the bad news.

    The average workweek for all employees on private nonfarm payrolls decreased by 0.2 hour in April to 34.4 hours. Within manufacturing, the workweek decreased by 0.1 hour to 40.7 hours, and overtime declined by 0.1 hour to 3.3 hours. The average workweek for production and nonsupervisory employees on private nonfarm payrolls decreased by 0.1 hour to 33.7 hours. (See tables B-2 and B-7.)

    This is a problem.  If we look at the “employed” figure of 143,724,000 people a drop of 0.2 hours is a full-time-equivalent decrease of 1/2%.  Applied to the employed population this amounts to an imputed economic decrease of 718,620 jobs!

    That is, the loss of work-week hours of just 0.2 is the same economic impact as firing 700,000 people!

    There is a huge problem coming this year and into next in this regard as the trend of cutting hours back to get under Obamacare limits is picking up steam and will continue.

    Do not underestimate the economic impact of those hours-worked changes — you’d have to post up a +700k jobs figure to offset just this one month’s change in hourly workweek!

    You’ll be told this is a “good report” and it is, on the surface.  But I bet not one of the talking heads on CNBC runs the math on what the workweek means in terms of economic impact.

    You heard it here first, and later this summer and into the fall when the jobs report continues to post up mid-100k numbers but consumer spending collapses into the toilet at a rate that is roughly identical to when we’re losing 600-700,000 jobs a month and people are scratching their heads  trying to figure out why it’s happening as the stock market crashes, you will be one of the few who understands what has happened and why.

    Via Karl Denninger’s Market Ticker

    We may be creating jobs in America. But not only are we not creating enough jobs to offset the amount of people entering the workforce, those who have jobs are being forced to work fewer hours. Couple that with rising prices for essentials like food and energy being fueled by the Federal Reserve and US Treasury, and you’ve got quite a predicament.

    They can show us their charts, make forward looking statements, cite rising stock markets, and try to play with the statistics to give us a perception of growth and improvement, but they cannot rewrite the basic laws of arithmetic.

    This is going to end horribly for tens of millions of Americans and none of them see it coming.


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      1. same as every summer , jobs are created for the tourist industry and the government claims a surge in employment.
        the ice cream shop is open and the mich. DNR is hireing temps for the campgrounds and parks , marina’s are staffing up .
        these are all temp part-time and low wage positions,
        these are not jobs .

        • Where Is The Recovery? A Higher Percentage Of Americans Had Jobs Three Years Ago

          In the past four years “food stamp enrollment has soared from 32 million to more than 47 million.”

          “Unfortunately, the next major wave of the economic collapse is rapidly approaching and that is going to make our employment crisis far worse.”

          “And things have been particularly hard for our young people…According to Accenture’s 2013 College Graduate Employment Survey, 41 percent of all Millennials who graduated from college during the past two years are working in jobs that actually do not require a college degree.”

          “And a different survey conducted a while back found that 53 percent of all college graduates under the age of 25 are either unemployed or underemployed.”

          “At this point there are more than 101 million working age Americans that do not have a job, and that number is going to go a lot higher in the years ahead.”

          • KY Mom – how many have been added to social security? The roles grow 10,000 people a day (that’s additions) not counting for those dropping off the other end but net additions. Of course the work force is shrinking – its aging out.

            • “””Fed itself is reportedly providing direct liquidity to the system. They can do this forever, so long as our creditors let them. “””

              The fed ARE the creditors. They can do it forever until every note they issue is worth less than the paper it is printed on.

              That time is a comin’.

              • Sorry….. all the “experts” have been saying ‘That time is a comin’ for the last 4 years. The FED keeps printing and pumping, the stock market continues to skyrocket and convince all those who got out of it to jump back in and the MSM has the sheep absolutely convinced that “happy days are here again”. Add to that what they’ve done to the metals markets and you have to begin to think that EVERYTHING being done now is working to a tee. They can keep this **** going for god knows how long. Sorry, I no longer believe that a collapse is anywhere near a possibility at this point. The ‘powers to be’ have it figured out. They will keep everything looking nice and rosy for another 4 years, up until right before the big crash. Oh yes, it’s ‘coming’ but really, who really knows when. Meanwhile preppers food preps are expiring, they can no longer afford ammo, supplies, or future food preps and gun laws are disarming Americans in the “blue states”. Oh yea, this can only get better…….

                • As shitty as that sounds, it is dead on accurate. However, we preppers just have to get more diverse in our preparations. Grow and jar what you can, that takes care of the short and mid term supplies. For long term, anyone not buying 25 year or better is making a mistake. As for ammo, it’s about time we learn to make the entire cartridge, as difficult as that may seem. When they come for what you have, you’ll have some damn tough choices to make.

                  So yeah, I agree, this scam is on track, but we must adapt and overcome. It’s like that old saying, “If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.”.

                • Tyron, the high flying stock market has abslolutely NOTHING to do with the ACTUAL, REAL economy. While the market soars, companies are CLOSING left and right, and the economy is NOT creating any GOOD jobs, and workers hours are being reduced. Bluntly, things are NOT “rolling along”. Fraud Street is up because the market is MANIPULATED. There is virtually NO real growth.

            • Jim,

              Many have been added to disability. That has helped the “official” unemployment numbers look better.

              Record 10,962,532 now on disability
              CNS News dot com
              (also link on Drudge Report)

              “In December 1968, 1,295,428 American workers collected disability and, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 65,630,000 worked full-time. Thus, there were about 51 full-time workers for each worker collecting disability.

              In April 2013, with a record 8,865,586 American workers collecting disability and 116,053,000 working full-time, there were only 13 Americans working full-time for each worker on disability.”

              • Howdy KY!

                Sheesh…I KNEW it was bad…I didn’t KNOW it was that BAD. Thanks for the figures M’am. I’ve begun to beleive that ‘wrecking everything’ might just be a GOOD exit strategy for those at the top…Who’d be able to chase them later then? Hell, with as much money as they’ve concelaed elsewhere who needs the US or us, at all?



            • Jim, IF 10,000 per day are retiring … where are those 300,000 jobs per month going? There should be huge hiring and quickly shrinking unemployment numbers … IF that is true. Or are they just disappearing when the person retires?

              That was the case when I left to retire. That was the case when my sister retired. The jobs were absorbed by the other department employees “to cut costs”. I don’t doubt the 10,000 figure, but what happened to those 3,650,000 vacant job positions? The supposed 185,000 per month hiring is still 1,200,000 per year short. That’s 6 million missing jobs over 5 years. Are they in Asia or just gone?

              • Quite a few folks got laid off and just retired early rather than face the employment picture. A lot of slots are remaining vacant, the employer is looking ahead to 2014 Obamacare and wants to cut his payrolls. It’s going to get worse, companies with over 50 employees are going to be hit with massive health care costs, so what do you think a small business (most of the US) with say 65 employees is going to do? It’s going to cut back to 50 people, and hire the others back as at-will contractors, if the 15 sackees are lucky.

            • And Jim that number going on social security is just the baby boomers over 62 years old. That does not count the millions in the last two years that have applied for and have been granted permanent social security disability. These are, for the most part, the 50 some year olds who have not been able to find work after being laid off. While on unemployment they applied for SSDI knowing full well that the job market or their skill sets would never be needed again.

              I read a report the other day that estimated that at least 40% of the people who have gone on SSDI in the last three years are in fact not really disabled. This is called warehousing of the unemployed for political purpose. Political Purposes, Interesting way of manipulating bad figures in a common sense manner.

              P.S. For those of you who wondered how that moving of my bees went last weekend, don’t bother asking as things did not go as scheduled. Perhaps next weekend I will have MY sh*t together. I will let you know.


          • Welcome to Free Trade. Wait til you see what amnesty will do for the american worker, family, and taxpayer. Take to the streets or take the big green weeenie is the ass.


            • “The Dow Jones is soaring. The unemployment rate is stable. People are shopping. America is in recovery”……and Howdy Doody has a wooden appendage.

              • PATRIOT and the whole f–king world is about to collapse
                just like in the 20s

                • Another indicator of a poor economy. In my Tool and Die business, I stamp out some stainless steel parts. The scrap goes to recycling every other month. A couple years ago I was getting a little over a buck a pound for the scrap, a couple months ago it was eighty cents a pound, very recently it was down to fifty cents a pound. The only reason for the depressed price is there’s not enough manufacturing taking place. There’s no demand for the scrap metal. The price I’ve been paying for the stainless steel has been dropping a few cents a pound as well. The price for aluminum has also been stabile. A few years ago it would go up about 15% every time I ordered a new lot of material.

              • Patriot, are you sure it was wooden?

            • Actually this is :Welcome to Obamacare. Employers can not afford Obamacare costs so they are cutting hours of full time employees to put them below the Obamacare cut off. That way they do not have to pay the employer part of the healthcare. (And that way the business does not go under). But it results in fewer full time employees and fewer who have healthcare.

              • Unintended consequences???

                The hell you say *sarcasm*.

                Sort of like how, by attempting to ban guns, the Democrats have succeeded in making private citizens 5 times more armed than they were previously?

                Reverse-Midas touch guys.

                Poop finger.

            • @ durango kidd

              Traditional legal immigration numbers in the U.S. were around one million for decades and now we are hearing reports that in the last few years this number has risen to three million. The current proposed legislation seems to encourage this level or higher (this is in addition to the effects of an amnesty). How can the number of jobs being created keep up with these numbers?

            • Yeah…remember FAT AL GORE…THE FUCKING LIAR… Free trade my ass. Ross Perot was right. I hope Al is eating a double cheeseburger right now and gets heart disease. Then we’ll give him a green tax on the fix. ha. Asshole.

            • It’s already out there– $3000 tax credit for each “new” citizen hires and they get an exemption from ObamaCare if they don’t provide health insurance if they are a full time employee…

              Sounds like White American employees are just not desirable anymore- want too much money and believe in the G** D*** ( quoting GW Bush) piece of paper called the Constitution. I am absolutely convinced that Corporate America just wants mindless slaves…

          • And most of those melennials love BO.

            • Sure they love him.They think he’s the saviour.It will play out like the scene in the movie Goodfellas.Joe Pesci rides in the cadillac dressed in his best suit to the party where he’s going to be made.When he opens the door,nobody’s there,he begins to turn around and has just enough time to say oh nooooo……

        • Mac, again: figures don’t lie but liars figure. Who do they really think is believing their figures? If this keeps up Obama will get another Nobel Prize. He can play golf and vacation endlessly and still turn things around. Yep, the puppet should get another prize.

          • Saw on Drudge that this has been the second coldest spring on record…

            How long before Obama takes credit for stopping global warming?

            • Don’t worry. Obama will bypass Congress and issue an executive order banning global warming. I did my part to stop it. I installed a CFL bulb yesterday. I feel all fuzzy and warm now.

              • I did too–I have about 50 CFLs…in the attic!!

                • Stop knocking CFLs!!!

                  All my lights are CFLs! I love them. Why did I install them? Because with the battery backup system I can run every light in the house all at once of 8 hours. Were I to still be using incandescant it would only last 2. …and, it cuts my power bill. Sure, they’re full of mercury, but, after all, what comes from the ground can go right back in, right?

                  In the summer CFLs save you double: they don’t use as much current and you don’t have to absorb the heat using the air conditioning.

                  But! Beware! Some CFLs look really sick and they’ll give you a headache. The light is all wrong. I just take them home, light them up, if I don’t like them, I take them back.

                  Not only do they use less power, but, they last like 5 times as long. Of course you pay for that. One bad thing, though, if you get a lightning strike, it can bust the electronics in the base. A regular bulb will take a pretty big transient. CFLs? Not so much!

                  But, really, I love my CFLs. Call me crazy if you like, but I think they’re good. Forcing people to use them through misguided legislation, however, is VERY VERY BAD.

                  • I hated them–retired all 16 rooms of CFL bulbs to the attic.
                    While using, some did not last even a few weeks.
                    I read too many articles about fires.
                    They did not make one cent difference in my electricity bill for one year.
                    No difference when I put them in and no difference when I removed them.
                    When I turn on a light, I want real light—I CAN NOT stand being in the dim or dark.
                    I still have new ones in the package–anyone want them cheap??

                  • Looking at LED’s. Have a couple, but they are blue. I think they are the future with a little more research.

                  • Going with LEDs myself, and for the exact same reasons: longer on the generator, longer on batteries, and less heat.

                    Prices were sky-high until recently, but now I can find them “cheap enough” at Costco and BJ’s Wholesale. And even though they’re still more expensive than CFLs, the light is better and they give 100% immediately when you flip the switch.

                    And the reliability of LEDs is much better in my experience. My CFLs never lasted nearly as long as advertised, but I’ve have some LEDs in service over five years (kitchen and office, used long hours each day) and have yet to have one fail.

                  • My personal experience is that they don’t last like the manufacturers say. I have incandescents in my house the builder installed in 2002, and have already replaced some CFLs. I have seen a CFL literally burst into flames. CFLs are not the panacea they’re made out to be. CFLs are promoted by the same people who have freaked out over mercury for decades, and demanded we all stop using mercury filled thermometers. I have read literature that advised that in case of a broken CFL, any carpet under the lamp should be cut up and disposed of. Hardly practical.

                    LEDs show more promise, but are very expensive.

                    Incandescents only convert something like 5% of the energy input to visible light.

                  • Re CFLs, a health magazine published an article saying most have tiny cracks that allow an unhealthy amount of UV radiation to reach your skin and eyes if you are at all close to them.

                  • CFL lighting makes me and a whole slew of folks in my family very sick. We have epilepsy running in the family. CFL exposure CAUSES seizures!

                  • In most homes, lighting is about 15% of your power bill. CFLs don’t save a ton of money, just small amounts month to month. You’re better off unplugging the beer fridge in the garage, or getting rid of the waterbed, if you want to save money on electricity.

        • These summer jobs used to be for the teenagers…seeing a LOT more adults in these temporary positions.

          • Insanity you are right.

            When I was young kids mowed grass, washed cars, sacked groceries, and delivered papers. These jobs are all done by adults supporting families now and frequently with no benefits!
            I am tired of hearing how great things are.
            Many people have just quit looking for work, or have settled for scraps.
            The goal for my parents was for me to be able to have a better life than them. Sadly I have to say that I haven’t . More importantly my kids are REALLY struggling, but they are still better off than their peers. My poor grandkids I really worry about.

            Socialism Does Not Work! Tyranny Does Not Work! Liberty is Not for the feint of heart.
            The greatest threat a Prepper faces in my opinion is not being able to defeat the true consequences for which we prepare. I believe the first six months will break most because they weren’t ready for the horrors that will be the new reality.

            Please continue to prep. Continue to acquire knowledge and skills. Keep taking time to enjoy the conveniences and pleasant moments. All of these things will make the hard six months workable.

            Thanks to all who take the time to provide thoughtful material, ideas, opinions and counter theories that make me think.


            • Now that is a sound, well stated piece of mind. Agree 100% and though I am struggling to hang on I know that I must continue to do the “whole” prep thing alone. Last week my immediate family (Wife, 3 adult daughters and spouses) let me know in no uncertain terms what an idiot I was for all the preps and research I do and they will not hear another word. Man alive was I shocked. I at a minimum thought they’d give me a little credit. Guess not. Anyway, I like what you said and the way you said it. Thanks…

              • i’m sorry you have to feel like “Noah”.

              • You are acting the part of a true Patriarch. Continue with your efforts and shrug off your families remarks. They will respect you for it one day.

        • Mcjobs

        • @ hammerhead –

          It all began in the early 90’s when Corporate America really got going on the “outsourcing” of all those $18 – $25 per hour manufacturing/factory jobs that had those expensive benefit packages and company funded pensions attached to them.

          All those jobs that the MSM brags that the economy is creating??? 90+% of all those “new” jobs that are being created are minimum wage, often part-time, temporary or contract work, no benefits associated with them!!!!!

          I could allow myself to get really worked-up over this situation, except for one little thing. While they were fucking over the middle-class; the ignorant assholes were, in fact, fucking themselves!!!

          Now there isn’t any vibrant, affluent middle-class with money in their pockets to buy any of the cheaply made junk that they bring back to the United States and want to sell here.

          That ‘law-of-unintended-consequences’ is a real bitch-queen from hell when she works against you! You wanted it? You got it! Now the banksters, stock-marketeers other assorted corporate kleptocrats can TRY and enjoy what they have created here in our once great country.

          Gotta go now boys & girls. God Bless & good luck to all who post here.

          • Don’t use foul language and then say “God bless”. You’re showing your spiritual ignorance.

            • Bad language is not a sin.

          • Madmarkie,

            Whether a job is part time (a few hours a week) or full time, they count them the same…a new job.

            We know you cannot support a family on a part time job paying minimum wage.

            This explains why those on food stamps has surged.

            God bless! Keep prepping!
            KY Mom

      2. Companies are cutting hours too. They want to avoid having to pay for Obamacare for employees. Some are being cut to 29 hours. New hires are scheduled for 20 hours so that if they have to work an extra shift they won’t go over 29 hours.

        • Here’s a post I did a few topics back, it’s kinda fitting to this topic:

          “BFB, you’re right. There are a lot of people that get that something isn’t right, they can’t put their finger on it. I don’t offer answers because I don’t have any, I just listen. I will say that within my life I’ve seen our economy go from a value added economy to a value borrowed economy. I explain that a value added economy was when we would mine a rock, melt it down into steel, turn that steel into a toaster and sell it through Sears. We added value to that rock and that rock employed a lot of people and a lot of skills. We had jobs throughout the economic ladder and we had a chance to work our way up the ladder, we could be optimistic. Now we have to borrow money to buy a toaster from china and purchase it through an import distribution outlet like walmart. Our rocks are collecting moss and those that worked those rocks are collecting underemployment.

          Don’t try to understand how this happen if you don’t want to be labeled a conspiracy nut job. By seeking understanding you will go down a rabbit hole.”

          The only reason why government changes the way an economic indicator is measured is because their policies have been a complete failure and the only way to make themselves look good is to lie with bogus numbers. Later this year, the way the GDP is measured is slated to be changed and the new matrix will make the numbers look better.

          • “””Later this year, the way the GDP is measured is slated to be changed and the new matrix will make the numbers look better.”””

            Yes, but it will not make the reality look any better.

            • To the propagandist, perception is reality.

            • But, the sheeples won’t notice, GC.

              • Doesn’t matter what the sheep notice. the market is being pumped to keep the fat cats and powerful satified. They are the only ones that Obama has to keep happy.

            • remember… the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king

          • Answers are easy.
            Welcome to the “Great sucking sound” of Ross Perot…
            He warned that if we signed the so called ‘Free Trade’ agreements GATT and NAFTA, the aforementioned sucking sound would move production out of the country, and the jobs that go with them…

            But, he wasn’t ‘pretty’, made a few mistakes, and his movement fell apart.

            We tried to stop it… but Ross only got 19% of the vote, which, gave the election to Bill Clinton with a minority vote. I still remember the Wall street crowds mantra from the 90’s… ‘WE THINK, THEY WORK’. Thinking they were creating an ‘Information Economy’, remember? We were screaming that that would destroy the economy, we were right, they, should be hunted down and stood up against a wall. (Yes, including the drunks Clinton and Bush.)

            Now, when you add in the new illegal amnesty, you are talking wage deflation pressure from China added to wage deflation of illegals added to Obamacare job deflation added to the fact that nobody is willing to borrow any money to do anything in this economic and regulatory climate. Greed has turned to Fear, and that, as they say, is the Ball game. When you add resource depletion, oil prices, that’s the End Game. Those who sell that the Earth has infinite resources, are not idiots, they are merely the greedy selling propaganda to idiots. All the numbers coming out of Washington and NY, are outright bs, or negative when you factor inflation into the numbers, which they don’t. The housing recovery is a sham, because over 10 million houses are being held off the market by the Banks, to prop up the market numbers. Will they become the rentals of the future, held by the new National Rental Authority?( since the paper is now held by the Feds… Will you quality for low rent housing, if you agree to be a serf overlord?…)

            We have been in an increasing depression since 2009, its going from depression and dismantling towards;

            “And I heard a voice out of the midst of the four beasts say; a measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny, and damage not the oil and the wine.”
            -Rev 6:6

            No more middle class, only serfs and nobles.
            The Black horse rides, now, it is the time of democracy, where power and justice is held in a balance. The time of the pale green horse comes… I firmly believe, the green horse is the Islamic horse. It is pale, because it is watered down and merged with Christianity and eco druidism or some such Gaia crap… it has death and hell that follow it, because that is what the socialists and the Islamists worship.

            Obamacare will turn you from a human being, into an ‘economic unit’. The ‘defective’ and the old, will simply be terminated, legally. You will be able to work, for them, in their company stores, or you will die.

            The time will soon come for the Hands of God’s Justice to come forth in Biblical Exploits, during this time of Jacob’s Trouble. To purge the Earth of the Head of Gold that makes the Rule of Gold, that can bring forth the Golden Rule.

            That time will come, because it always comes, when free men are destroyed and their joy of life taken by the richest and most arrogant. Revelation is symbolic, but Enoch and the Hopi, clarify that the end times, will partly be a choice of destroying the evil ones that destroy the Earth, or the Earth will destroy a major chunk of humanity. You can call it whatever you want, the Earth Mother, the hand of the Lord, the power of God, or whatever spiritual belief system you wish, but one thing is a known quantity now; Evil has taken over the Earth, and is destroying it. The Earth, is not theirs, it is for all the future generations of men.

            If you are a non believer, then consider; Did you get a better deal with Natural law and rights from God, or the privileges handed out by evil men?

            CRY FREEDOM, and let slip the dogs of war.
            Hunt the suits, hunt them well my brethren.

            • Ross was a nutjob that gave us Clinton and with Clinton Robert Rubin. The little jug eared jerk destroyed his own campaign. He may have been right about NAFTA but he sucked by getting Clinton elected.

              • Yes, and no.
                He was attacked by the media, and made to appear to be a ‘nutjob’, just like Sarah Palin was a ‘nutjob’… eh? I don’t expect a candidate to be anything but human, no human is perfect…

                WE GAVE US NAFTA MY FRIEND… don’t blame it on Ross, he tried. It was the most important economic issue of our time… and we didn’t listen.

                Its probably too late to worry about split milk, the milk has soured, no single politician can fix us now. The only fix to us will be politics by other means.

            • Right On Piper! If you choose to follow the path that the evil lead you down, one day Karma,Mother Earth, God or the Great One will show you who really is in control!!
              Get Right with yourself and the Creator or pay the price$$


            • I voted for him

        • I think Ocare has some provision concerning “full time equivalent” workers. The end game is to require health insurance for part-timers, and eventually to nationalize the whole health care system, but only for us peons.

          I’d guess more than a few Brits were pissed when Kate was hospitalized for morning sickness. How many average Brits can expect THAT kind of care?

          • “I think Ocare has some provision concerning “full time equivalent” workers. The end game is to require health insurance for part-timers, and eventually to nationalize the whole health care system, but only for us ECONOMIC UNITS.”

            There, fixed that for ya… remember, the tenants of fascism are quite easy to predict…

      3. Any government stat that’s released, unemployment, finance, monetary, anything its all bullshit and it’s all cooked and sloped in their favor. This is a PR world, if we say it long enough and loud enough the masses will believe it!!

      4. Three years ago, I had 5 employees. I now have 1 full time and 1 part time. Business is slow and the economy sucks, in the real world. My small business is getting smaller every day.

        • I had worked for over 30 years with forward mobility, savings and security until I was bought out, downsized and then layed off in 2010. Since then I have wiped out savings, retirement and now have no clue what to do. I have wasted over 3000 resumes and applications to date.

          The excuses for not being hired are … over-qualified, under-qualified (I have never worked a service industry job before therefore have no experience), over aged, previous salary too high, wont be happy, wont stay, training is not offered, wrong degree, no openings, wrong color (no joke), facial hair not allowed (I offered to shave my mustache on the spot) unemployed for too long and so many other excuses I cant list them all here. Not a single employer ever acknowleged that I had an unbroken work history with excellent reviews and multiple awards and promotions. Not a one has ever noted that I am very very dependable and will work my ass off. Not a one ever admitted that I was a viable candidate for training. None would even talk with me about the fact that ANYONE who offered me a position would have my loyalty because I need to feed my family. Small business owners were always the best interviews and mega corporations were the worst.

          My favorite was one small business owner that told me the truth. He needed me and badly but if he hired me he could not pay me. He asked if I would dontate my time so he could afford to feed his family. I shook his hand, thanked him and wished him the best of luck and he did them same.

          The fact that you still have a business and earn enough to pay yourself and a couple of others is huge Anna. Keep up the hard work and I wish you the best as well. Maybe one day I will find a person that can afford to hire a couple folks and I will be one of them.

          • another guy – been there and learned the hard way-
            i have not held a “job” since the eighties .
            since then i have been self employed , when it all came apart in “08” i tried to land a job, whatta joke .
            i heard all those excuses as well.

            so i still have a farm and a license to do business .
            but no job , but hey! hotdogs are still cheap !

            keep the faith .

            • I hear yah about the self employment. I tried that last year before I ran out of cash. Got my business license and hit my bank of 25 years for a small business loan. I was turned down because I had cashed in investments and my balances had dropped so much over the last 2 years. I guess I was not economically viable.

              Today I help a roofing crew across the street for about 7 hours. I was paid 40 bucks out of the guys wallet. He was short handed and I was cheap but at least I can put the cash toward my utilities. Every little bit helps.

              • Another, you probably netted as much as the other guys. You don’t have to travel there, or pay any of the taxes and fees they did.

                If it makes you feel better. The laborers here in the Philippines make P400 per day. That is about $10. Everything they buy has a VAT tax of 12%. There is no Social Security. most sleep at the site during the week and travel to their homes on the weekend by commercial transport. Baths are from a hose used for the construction. Porta-Johns for personal business. Food is from street venders and probably cost $4 of their $10 per day. They work 6 days a week. Very little power equipment is used. Cranes, trucks, power trowels for concrete slabs, and concrete pumps to get it to the upper stories. This is in temperatures of lower 80s to upper 90s and high humidity. Sun of course, if you are in the open. THIS is what is coming to America.

              • My wife lost her job several months ago and it was hard because it was a high paying job. She had a boss aways making advancements on her and when she didn’t accept he tried to get her fired. (yea I almost ended him on several occasions)

                We started paying GOD his 10% before this happened and continued to pay him when she was unemployeed. Within a couple months she got a offer from a guy she used to work with for less money and a longer drive. We can still pay our bills and up hold our lifestyle on the lower pay. I know its because we staying faithful to GOD and he has always taken care of us. We have never been without and he’s always brought us through everything. I know its hard to give but in the end its his anyways. In the Bible there is no other situation where GOD says to test him but through giving him 10%.

                Faith is a beautiful thing and its always darkest before the sun comes out. My prayers with you. GOD BLESS

                • Still buying into that propaganda indy? You know what that means right? You believe in a talking snake, you believe that a virgin can get impregnated, give birth, and remain a virgin, and of course that a man can be beaten to death, buried for 3 days and then magically come back to life. TPTB count on the masses to continue to beleive such utter nonsense.

                  • Never get into an arguement with an idiot, He’ll just drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

                  • Of course, your own beliefs are obviously so much to be preferred, since your intelligence and integrity just stands right out in your incredibly bigoted post.

          • Oh, how you guys and gals have plucked a nerve. Here’s mine:
            Without going into the details, I have worked for myself for 20 years. No employees. Just me, going out every day, and “hustling” for a paycheck. Bills are paid. Some are tardy. I owe my Uncle some, but,oh well.
            The really hard part is having to hear the wife complain the house is not paid off! She is worried about HER future! BTW, stay at home, and absolutley clueless. I am a nutjob because I have a secure room, with a mini-mart in it. And at 30 years in, I just listen to it and do what I have to do.
            Folks, I am not complaining. Just comisserating among like minded friends. We do what we have to do. And I don’t want bad times to come(worse!), but I hope I live to see these pampered, clueless sheeple see what hard times are!
            We have a solid roof over our heads, health, bills paid ok, food for now (and some for later). Why bitch?

            • @Rick- FIRST thing you do if SHTF is shove your wife right out the door and say “Good luck Honey!”


          • Another Guy..Home Depot is hiring…if you can understand Pakistani!!!

            • And that’s for the over-the-phone interview!!!

            • JJ if home depot is hiring bad if your a man you must
              wear a tutu

              • I know and that’s why I shop Lowe’s for every need.
                Home Depot needs to concentrate on their business, not gays’ business.
                Oh, DH sort of hung up on the outsourced foreigner.

                • JJ didn’t me no harm didn’t know how people knew about

        • Anna – You are doing what all of us with a small business is doing…surviving. I thought I was tough as I have been at it since 1978. Now, in my consulting business, I do all the day work & scheduling. At night and Saturday I do the reports, accounting, records & filing. As you can imagine, billing is the fastest as it is not what it once was. I am a one person, weary business. I am now in one room at home. At least I still have a home.

          I fear the fools in power will place the nail in the coffins of all the small businesses this year. The economy cannot sustain this gross mismanagement. Flipping the calendar to 2014 will be certain business death for all that can survive 2013.

          No way the private sector can plan when uncertainty is the daily norm. No way I can endure as a business after this year as the last of my customers will hang it up too.

          Good luck with your endeavor. Let us all last as long as possible before the dumb masses implode on us all.

        • Extremely similiar situation here Anna.

      5. I;m a friend of Mountains and MIners, I don’t like mountain top removal but I don’t like seeing my local economy obliterated either. There should be some middle-ground or balance between the EPA and the mIning industry, but there hasn’t been, just the decimation of THOUSANDS of jobs in my region, which has basically amounted to thousands more since in this area, for every coal-miner employed there are 3 other jobs directly and indirectly attached to that miner. Looks like the “poor people” of the Appalachia’s will stay that way- but no one cares, we’re all just a bunch of dumb hillbillies, right?

        • I love West Virginia but I’m forced to live elsewhere just so I can get paper money. I don’t mind being called a hillbilly. The Lord favors a man living in a self-sufficient cabin not botherin nobody. That’s the real American dream.

          • YOU A HILLBILLY? Oh for god’s sake. Eisentoots, that is just about the dumbest f#$ken thing that has ever slipped from your pie hole.

            • patriot his name doesn’t sound hillbilly it sounds commie

            • I thought I could tell when he was off his meds… he went ALL CAPS on everything… but now… I see he’s just a bipolar psycho with self hating delusions of grandeur because of his pocked and troll colored skin… you’ll get that way if you spend too much time in your underwear in your mama’s basement…

          • Make up your F*&king mind

            are you a biker ? a cowboy
            a hillbilly or do you suffer from multiple personality’s

            no wonder people call you weirdo

          • Eisen. You need to keep your lies straight.

            • he is not sure who he is

              one minute he is a biker then a libertarian
              then self sufficient then a skate boarder

              get the picture? he is very confused

              • My guess is he is a cross dressing tranny that hangs out near Hollywood and Vine, in Lost Angeles.

        • Okay–my story.
          DH showed a loss of $27,000 in 2011, independent trucker hauling logs.
          2012, he showed a loss of $17,000… the CPA didn’t even charge him in May for filing.
          Told him to give it up; he said, well without a truck, I did just that.

        • Most communities dependent on mining, timber, resource extraction, are now dying out. There were no ‘green jobs’ they were promised in return for the regulations. During the water crisis in the California Central Valley, the folks promoting the crisis said we could just make up the loss of farm production by importing more food from abroad.

      6. Mac

        It took me a while to figure why there is a difference
        between the 1% that get it and the 99% that don’t.
        The 99% have swallowed the “American Dream” paradigm
        hook, line, and sinker and won’t let anything interfere
        with that utopic quest.
        The fervent pursuit of the almighty dollar is not to be
        compromised by the fact that we could hit the ditch at
        anytime from any number of things. The sheeple can only
        see the “Situation Normal” part of SNAFU.

        • Actually Outwest, I think people feel something is wrong. They will talk for a moment about it, then shut up. They would rather hide in ignorance than have to face the ugly reality that this house of cards is going to come tumbling down. While I am starting seeds and working up my garden and storing preps, they are planning their vacations. Actually, I am taking one also. For three days I will be thirty miles from home attending a Christian concert weekend. You can bet my bugout/get home bag and a bicycle will be with me just in case.

        • OutWest: I have come to the conclusion that like kids who won’t clean their room until they HAVE to under threat by their parents, the silent majority of people will NOT do anything to stand in the way of a tyrannical government, etc., unless they HAVE to brought by whatever it is they perceive as a threat (famine, poverty, war, and the like).

          During WWII, Europe kept up with the appeasement portion of their program for Hitler until the whole of Europe was in flames. They were lucky we were around.

          What worries me is there is nobody overseas for us to call/count on now that tyranny comes a’knocking. Except for Nigel (who deserves a Nobel Prize for honesty and integrity), we are on our own.

          That said, this pseudo-utopia that the OWO is trying to create would, in reality, not be such a bad thing if enslavement and then global extermination wasn’t tops on their agenda.

        • OUTWEST the 99% are actually the zombies everyones waiting on


      8. There is no real recovery ..little to no construction jobs even with the hurricane
        sandy hype few people in N J have received settlements and the ones that did
        Did not get enough to rebuild .forget FEMA only public projects that produce nothing except a photo op for politicians.fed continues to print $ 85 billion a month
        and buy back t bill debt only a matter of time even china is scaling back on buying
        US debt…. its coming and soon .and it won’t be pretty.

        • Part of the plan is to push out the peons who had property near the beach and hand the property to buddies to build megaresorts. Flood insurance premiums will soar (face it, FI has been kept artifically low for decades). The corporations want your tax dollars to subsidize their resorts via FI, and your take-home pay when you come to their resort. Government flood insurance shoule not even exist. If no private company will write a policy, the risk is obviously too great.

        • San Diego is booming with the real estate back to where it was five years ago and construction everywhere. No jobs though to speak of except service jobs.

      9. Been unemployed for 6 months now. I have 22 years diesel mechanic skills and cannot even find a job as a janitor that is full time. This country is hiding a huge skeleton in the closet. Things are not looking good for the old US of A. Good thing I got my mind right for my kid’s sakes.

        • I feel your pain. I lost my job so the boss could hire his siter. Nothing available full time here either.

        • Ramadiron: Sorry to hear that. That sounds spooky, the part about not finding work in such a great field as diesel mechanics. The full time stuff I get. I figured that once businesses figured out Obummer Care that they would start laying folks off to get under the required number of employees and/or reduce hours from full time to part time; that was a no-brainer. I even thought we might see wholesale layoffs in larger companies and these companies hiring folks back as self-employeed contract workers so that the companies had almost no employees, putting the burden on these ‘new hires’ to pay their own insurance premiums. They could ‘sweeten’ the pot a little by allowing these contract workers access to the accounting system and even increasing their pay slightly to offset the cost of paying their all of their own taxes and insurance. Whatever the govt. tries to fix it only makes worse becasue of these unintended consequences. Good luck.

        • Ramadiron

          Move to where the oil & gas are being fracked. They have a significant amount of diesel powered equipment.

          • I was just going to say that.

            and NoDak has low taxes. if you can take the cold.

        • You would have no problem finding a job as a diesel mechanic In Alaska. Probebly would pay considerably better than down south also

          • It would also be a lot more expensive. Same in north Dakota where housing is non existant and the Western part of the state is being destroyed.

      10. One must have a skill or trade//! Most sheeple don’t,, so one flips burgers// WAY back in high school we joke’d about be’n a plumer;; so wrong we were// most sheep cant change a light bulb!!! Hay have a light bulb out? Ill change it for 15 bucks!! We have a opening @ my work and cant find anyone<> They must B waiting for their check at the first of the month,, SO FAR SO GOOD,,, STILL AFLOAT IN SWF,,,,, THE BUG OUT BOAT

      11. ” But I bet not one of the talking heads on CNBC runs the math on what the workweek means in terms of economic impact.”

        Aww, Shucks Mac,…we KNEW THAT…else, “WHY would they be ON TV?”… 😉


      12. Nobody sees the doom and gloom coming but us. The rest are out drinking in a bar and taking vacations.

        • Sorta makes you wonder if WE are the ones missing something?

          But then again, i doubt it,

        • ZOMBIES……………………………………..

        • Oblunder or Bushitler signed various Executive Orders (of dubious legality, but that’s another thread) giving him emergency power to seize all agriculture (including our gardens), all transport, our labor (hello, slave) and all our provisions. Who decides what’s an emergency? He does.

          When those taxpaid stormtroopers knock on our doors saying “Mr. Jones, we’re here to conscript that 900 pounds of beans in your cellar, your garden, your pick up truck, and you” … do you just go along?

          “Your neighbors didn’t prepare. That nice Mrs. X told us about you. So we need 880 of your 990 pounds of stored food and water. My squad will help you load our trucks. JIm, go with her to the cellar and let’s get started.”

          Or it is game on? Do you starve so your brain dead sheeple neighbors can eat your food? Do you go dig ditches for them (to bury us in)? Do you let the state rob you blind because they wave a warrant in your face and have you out-gunned?

          A few comments up someone said they intend to exterminate us. Preach it brother or sister. The progression is: broke, homeless hungry then murdered. Millions of people are somewhere on that continuum.

          IF we can’t live with peace and freedom at least let’s die honorably. Make your own decision which pitch to swing at but at some point it’s game on or game over whatever we do.

          If possible, let’s make sure some of the sheeple die before we do.

          • 880 of 900 pounds, proofreader fired

      13. ***Tech Tip***
        I don’t believe in keeping SHTF inventions classified. So here is one you might like. “Hillbilly Wash Machine”
        1. Take a 5 gallon paint bucket with lid “clean”
        2. Cut a hole big enough for a toilet plunger handle in the lid “quarter size”
        3. Cut 2, 3 inch pieces of door sweep “broom looking stuff from the bottom of doors”
        4. Rivet the 2 pieces on both sides of the hole whiskers covering the hole
        5. Get a toilet plunger and drill half inch holes around the upper half and lower half.
        6. Put your dirty skibbys in the bucket with water and soap, put handle of plunger through hole in lid, put on the lid and plunge the skid marks right out!

        Lets here your inventions!

        • My name is Og. I invented cave painting, the bow and arrow, fire and the round wheel. i will be watching for the mail man bringing my royalty checks.

        • It’s not really a new idea, but after you wash the clothes, you need to wring them out before hanging them out to dry. Get a mop bucket with a mop wringer on it. It will squeeze the water out of your laundry.

          Also you can make your own laundry soap. There are many recipes, but basically they are all soap, borax, and washing soda. Many of the recipes calls for Fels Naphtha soap, but you can use bars of Ivory soap or even Dawn dish washing liquid (the original blue variety). You can even use homemade soap.

          If you can’t find washing soda, you can make it by heating baking soda on a pan in a 400 degree oven. Washing soda is manufactured from salt and limestone, but I think the process may be too difficult to do at home.

          The only part of the laundry soap you cannot make is the borax, so I would stock up on it. The EU is restricting products containing borax, so it might get restricted here at some point. It’s always something, isn’t it?

          • The reason borox may not be available is that borox has some health benefits including a reduction or elimination of arthritis. I recently heard about this and is on my list to research more including the health benefits of food grade hydrogen peroxide 5%.

            • Over the weekend I got a sinus related ear ache, so I made some garlic oil. After the setting time, I added a few drops to the ear and in 2 days the pain was gone. I’ve started making herbal tinctures and salves so they can age. When ready they can reduce cholesterol down to safe levels so there is no need for medication, which contaminates the liver. A good skill to learn!

              • Hi, patientmomma–I have ear aches with the tooth aches on the right side due to sinus.
                Care to share?
                I usually use a few drops of warmed alcohol and it handles it if I catch it before it gets acute.
                Thanks in advance..JayJay

                • JJ, in a clean, small glass container add about 2 oz grape seed oil, Squash 2 cloves of pealed garlic and let sit for about 10 minutes. Position your head to use a dropper to put 2 drops of garlic oil in the affected ear; lay still for about 5 minutes and then put some cotton in the ear so the oil doesn’t drain out on your clothing. Do this twice a day and depending on the level of swelling and infection, you should feel relief in 24-48 hours and healing in 3-5 days.
                  To your good health!

                  • OOPS; part of the instructions disappeared…Let’s try it again.
                    JJ, in a clean, small glass container add about 2 oz grape seed oil. Squash 2 cloves of pealed garlic and let sit for about 10 minutes. Add garlic to oil and place container in dark, cool cabinet over night. Next morning, use cheesecloth or clean t-shirt to strain out the garlic. Position your head to use a dropper to put 2 drops of garlic oil in the affected ear; lay still for about 5 minutes and then put some cotton in the ear so the oil doesn’t drain out on your clothing. Go about your normal activities. Do this twice a day and depending on the level of swelling and infection, you should feel relief in 24-48 hours and healing in 3-5 days.
                    To your good health!

              • Used to get a couple drops of warm olive oil in the ear from Mom, it worked great for earaches.

            • Chantilly, I can help you out with questions on H2O2. I use it for just about everything. Besides disinfecting it can be used taken orally to detox or inhaled to stop respiratory sicknesses. Bacteria, viruses and fungi can’t live in an oxygen rich environment. And the argument about H202 releasing free radicals is a moot point because our bodies produce H202 on it’s own to combat infections.

              Don’t use the kind you buy in a store for anything internal unless it’s an emergency. Buy food grade 35% strength and dilute it. Dilute it 11 parts distilled water to 1 part H202.

              Keep 35% h202 in the freezer (it doesn’t freeze) and it will keep longer than you will ever need. I think every prepper should have some in stock.
              molon labe

            • Its actually 35% food grade HP. 🙂

          • Do NOT forget the washboard!!

              {{{The Columbus Washboard Company is proud to be sending shipments of laundry supplies to help our troops as they strive to fulfill the tasks before them.}}}

              • I was recently in a menonite home and they had two old plunger/wringer washing machines from the 1930s. The woman was using one and the man repairing the other so he could sell it. Very interesting.

          • Ramadiron
            lol and you can make lye for your suds 🙂 good thinking. I like the make instead of buy, I should of thought that one thru too… I bought a couple turn tumble hand washers.

        • I was thinking bicycle powered, now i just gotta take my AR down by the road and wait fer a bicycle to come by, pop, gots me a bicycle to start experimenting with,
          Was thinking washing machine, compressor, fan, maybe even a generator, gotta figure out how to get my GF to pedal the dang thing, guess ill get the AR out again, oops sorry :0)

          • That’s good, I think we can force one of our captive lawyers to ride a bike past you, then use a model 70 to take your AK. It just takes the right bait! And lawyers are useless anyway. We baited him with cash!

        • In a pinch, you can use a rolling pin to wring out clothes. I usually apply pressure towards the front edge of the counter, running the water into the bucket waiting below. Flip over, repeat.

      14. we all know our system is beyond being corrupt
        there are just no words for it anymore
        politicians are literally bought and paid for like
        street corner whores
        and Wall Street and corporate types have the cash
        and they are the ones doing the buying

        people are losing faith in “the system”
        the government is losing its legitimacy
        bad,bad things will occur as that happens
        they know that
        that is why we are RAPIDLY moving to becoming a police state

        control will be maintained by brute force in the not too distant

        ‘A Pathological Moral Environment’

        “”I’m going to put if very bluntly. I regard the moral environment as pathological…these people are out to make billions of dollars and nothing should stop them from that. They have no responsibility to pay taxes. They have no responsibility to their clients…to counter-parties in transactions.

        They are tough greedy aggressive and feel absolutely out of control…and they have gamed the system to a remarkable extent. And they have a docile President, a docile White House, and a docile regulatory system that can’t find its voice. Its terrified of these banks. If you look at the campaign contributions the financial markets are the #1 campaign contributors in the US now.

        We have a corrupt politics to the core…and both parties are up to their necks in this. The corruption is as far as I can see everywhere. But what it’s led to is this sense of impunity that is really stunning…and it very unhealthy. I have waited four, five years now to see one figure on Wall St. speak in a moral language and I’ve not seen it once.

        And if they won’t, I’ve waited for a judge, a president, for somebody and it hasn’t happened, and by the way, it’s not gonna happen any time soon.”

        The Death of Truth: Chris Hedges Interviews Julian Assange

        Expanding Security State

        The U.S. Government Is Monitoring All Phone Calls, All Emails And All Internet Activity

      15. I would agree with the figure we are losing about 600,000 jobs a month. The point missed however is that we are adding 10,000 people to social security every single day – because they are aging into it. Its called the baby boom. That is at least 1/2 of the equation many just want to ignore for some reason.

        • Jim, Don’t forget the staggering SSI and disability increases as well.

        • Jim not all those “aging into SS” are ready to do so, they have to because they cannot find a job. Yes baby boomers are retiring but do not minimize the problem or write it off. Given the choice most would prefer to work and build up their savings. But to avoid starving are having to start SS early.

          • Add to that, Cal Girl, that many are starting SS earlier than desired with a ‘get it while it’s there’ attitude!!
            Can you blame them? It’s them or illegal Mexicans.

        • Many are taking early Social Security as there are no jobs available except low paying service jobs. Not easy to return to working minimum wage when you have been pulling down thirty to fifty bucks an hour.

      16. They don’t even count all the unemployed people. If you are not currently receiving an unemployment check, you are not part of the 7.5%.

      17. We are at Great Depression levels of unemployment. Spot on Mac. They don’t count those who have given up, are dropped from the unemployment rolls, under utilized, etc. More young adults moving back in with their parents. More older parents moving in with their children. The Fed printing $85 BILLION a month. 17 TRILLION in national debt. $135 TRILLION in unfunded future liabilities. If TPTB have a viable plan, why don’t they share it? TPTB will not relinquish their control willingly. What are the COA’s: 1. Kick the can down the road until the world community says no more to the American dollar 2. Lop 2 or 3 zeros off all financial figures/accounts 3. Declare bankruptcy and tell the banksters tough luck (like Iceland did, oh, and they also arrested the banksters) 4. False Flag event, blame it on the evil nation du jour, go to war (an unfortunate option at the end of any COA). Anybody got any other ideas?
        “The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal. Many of them are normal because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence, because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives that they do not even struggle or suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does. They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness. These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted.” – Aldous Huxley – Brave New World Revisited
        I put that in just for you BI.
        “How did you go bankrupt?
        Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.”
        – Ernest Hemingway – The Sun Also Rises
        I put that in just for you Mac.
        I desperately want to believe a recent quote from Pres Clinton: “Any one who’s bet against the USA in the last two hundred years has lost”. But for me, the numbers just do not add up for success.

        • XXX

          Howdy Peter P,

          “I desperately want to believe a recent quote from Pres Clinton: “Any one who’s bet against the USA in the last two hundred years has lost”

          Mt Clinton IS in error, I’m afraid. Anyone who grew up in America during the 60’s-80’s SAW WHAT a functional economy LOOKED like…this ‘ain’t it’. Wherever one looks today, by whatever REAL metric one uses to measure it, our economic vtality is fully “dying”.

          I follow the ‘Hedge fairly closely, and in the last year I have seen NOT ONE, single indication that what I assert above is anything other than perfectly correct. As such, then given the night/day disconnect between what the various PTB apparatchik’s have to say, and what we SEE, the only conclusion is that America is, truely, “Dying”.

          A thought occured to me some time ago, that being namely that perhaps this IS not an attempt to ‘take over the Nation” by allowing things to become SO bad that the People will scream for them to do so…perhaps it is to simply ALLOW the Nation to FAIL?

          Think for a moment…Here, you have a WILLFUL population, hard-headed, not apt to ‘bow down’ to authority. What could they possibly want US for?

          Hmmm, one of the most recent articles up at the hedge asserts that there is in EXCESS of 30 Trillion dollars squirrled away in the various ‘secretive country’s’ like the Cayman’s, Cyprus (well, there used to be!)…yes, I said 30 Trillion with a “T”. That is nearly the GDP of the US…for TWO Years. Imagine what they could do with the Tangibles that THAT could buy…Where would you go to live after wrecking a country…What population would you then enslave?

          IF I were going to STEAL so MUCH I woudn’t want anyone left from whom I had stolen to be ABLE to come after me, now would I? I would MAKE absolutely sure that the wreckage was SO vast that they would no longer pose a threat to me…or mine.

          Now let’s see…the money has been all moved off-shore and so have our troops (and the larger portion of the military hardware as well), as well has ALL the manufacturing been removed LONG ago. Well what’s left then…UNLY ‘THEM’ Who would our troops ‘answer to’ if suddenly “America” didn’t exist anymore…as a real country; who would keep paying thier check’s monthly… who wou;ld OWN thier ‘loyalty’ from that point forward when they are STUCK overseas, nowhere NEAR Home?

          The outcome of “Helicopter Ben’s” printing is inescapable Folk’s…the complete destruction of America as a viable economic power. A worse thought than this is that IF that were the ‘Plan’, then LATER, they could step back in, re-assert “Order” (with a SIgnificantly REDUCED ‘population’ and V’iola…Brand Spanking New, Fully-constituted “Corporatocracy”…actually, at THAT point, there’d be NO NEED for further obfuscation of thier intent…it would just be a full “Plutocracy’ …think, “Middle Ages, Europe”.

          Does any of this make ANY sense, maybe I’m just ‘nuckin futz’ here, Eh? Remember, you might get away with stealing a few million dollars of REAL Wealth…but NO ONE can expect to STEAL ten’s of TRILLIONS and just GET AWAY with it…SOMEBODY WILL NOTICE….

          Can They?


          • Funny on the Corporatocracy. I was watching a dystopian sci-fi thriller recently called 2103 where a corporation was about to installed into the U.N. and the needed to get rid of a few skeletons in their closet so to speak (a couple of people who knew too much, chemical weapons and a weapon of mass destruction prototype). One of the lines in the movie was along the lines we make our own laws now..

            The movie was made back in 1996 I believe, how ironic we are already at that point, even more ironic that the company in the movie was involved in the war and prison industry.

          • Here’s the status of the game in a nutshell. The Treasury is issuing debt to cover Federal Gov’t spending. The Federal Reserve is buying the T-Notes (and mortgage backed securities from TBTF Banks) to cover FedGov’t overspending (and bubbles in the stk mkt, gld mkt, etc and trying to reinflate real estate prices, etc.) They also must keep interest rates near Zero b/c the Federal Gov’t owes 17 Trillions (and the stk, gld, ect. bubbles will collapse) and the FedGov’t would go bankrupt in short order if it started paying interest. That’s all inside baseball…

            Now here’s the root of the matter. The only thing keeping the whole house of cards from imploding is the Fed creating fictitious money to bankroll the overspending FedGov’t and the criminal banksters and their wealthy cronies who are finding ways to multiply the fictitious money many many times over and gamble with it in various markets. And the only way that the FedRes (and to a degree other G8/BIS central banks) can keep this QE/funny money scheme going is if the US$ remains the World Reserve Currency (i.e. if the US$ remains the USPetroDollar). We are in a currency war right now with the PRC over that very point. That’s the reason Israel is bombing Syria and the reason we and reportedly 40 of our closest allies are doing ‘war game drills’ near Iran.
            Why not go directly at PRC? Well, considering that the PRC has had backdoors into nearly all of our corporate and gov’t networks for the past 7 years. I imagine they could do a reasonably good job of exploiting our military and infrastructure weaknesses. But the PRC isn’t quite ready to take us on either, not without a big military ally like Russia.
            So the desperate play right now is to keep the Middle East flowing in PetroDollars by going after the oil producing counterparties who are considering getting off the PetroDollar train. Next up is Iran, it appears.

            The catch 22 is that the reason countries are considering dumping the PetroDollar system is that our FedGov’t is spending so recklessly and the FedRes is printing funny money so recklessly that it is damaging their economies through terrible food, fuel, etc inflation. It really stinks here too, but imagine if you’re barely eating to being with and inflation takes off like a rocket starving your people because a bunch of super-wealthy banksters and wall street hoodlums in another country have corrupted the system so that they don’t have to pay for their mistakes and financial losses.

            We should arrest the whole lot of them and put them under the jail. But with Obama running his administration like the Chicago Mob, a bona fide American hero like a member of Seal Team Six who follows the Oath he took to protect and defend the Constitution is more likely to be executed to coverup Obama’s evil deeds and lies than a real criminal bankster is to ever even SEE the inside of a courtroom.

      18. No cheap oil. No demand. No economy left. Keep printing Bennie.

      19. Average hours went from 34.6 to 34.4 yielding the 600K jobs lost equivalent. Fully expect the avg. work hour figure to move down into the 32 handle as their will be much more downward pressure towards the 29 hour mark.. That’s gonna be plain ugly– easily another 3-6 million equivalent jobs lost… Know a few people in retail and they are saying that they are cutting everyone’s hours below 29, more like 20-25 and are not hiring as many extra people to make up the difference. Its either they are extremely short staffed and customer service is going down or there is an extreme amount of pressure to get the job done- stocking etc. in less time or lose your job– don’t think about a break.. I would not be surprised to hear that employers are telling their employees to clock out and go finish up before heading out for the day– yea– modern day slavery at its finest…

        Plus if they pass the sales tax on internet purchases the compliance is going to kill a lot of small businesses..

        Its becoming more apparent whose side the 536 in Washington are for– its not us or small business, its all about Wall street and Big Business..

        It’s amazing to me that regardless of what big business and DC does the avg. American just bends over even more, and says more please…

        • I had to have some plumbing work done recently and I paid more money to hire a mom and pop company who paid their employees a fair wage, provided medical benefits and 401k contributions. It was painful to pay more, but I felt the need to support local business which supported people in our town.

      20. The Trillion Dollar Question is… how long can this go on… I keep thinking 2years, for the last 4years now…

        • Hawk: I think you will find that this can go on, much like it is, for a very long time. MSNBC is now pissing and moaning that the reason We have problem with Islamic Terrorists is because they are so poor! Yeah, that’s what they said.

          So expect the PTB to stop shipping OUR jobs and transferring OUR wealth to China. Turkey, Egypt, and Indonesia are the next beneficiaries of the American taxpayer.

          Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. Then reload.

      21. pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

        Obama Warns People To Reject Voices That Warn About Government Tyranny

        you know
        when they have to come out and get in your face like this

        you know things are really bad

        the Emperor has no clothes

        • did you notice it was college grads ?
          i found it interesting that he had to address college twits and tell them there is no tyranny in America maybe he is hoping that some will join the obama army of brown shirts he has always wanted. or become Navigators for the New Obama care and they can make $48.00 per hour that’s $400.00 per day or $2,000.00 per week. all with a health plan that wont cost America a cent RIGHT ???

          i wonder if any one has told them that what they have in store is massive unemployment Debt like nothing else they have or will ever see and a dark future.

          but!! if he gets his third and fourth terms they have a bright future taking our guns from us. those that survive!

          And if he cant get his third term then he can run the show from behind the scene when Moochelle gets in. with Lesbo Hillary as VP. maybe they can get Bill to get them some girls for sat night dates.

          • Notice he gives a lot of speeches at colleges. Dumb kids. The balance are at union shops, sympathetic audience. The sad part is, these kids are coming out with piles of debt, and no jobs. Oh well, stay in school, pile more debt, and get a masters. Now your very highly schooled ( and tooled) , unemployed and in debt. And almost guaranteed to be a left winger. We’re pucked.

          • Obama isn’t running things. He is just a puppet. Hillary will probably be the next President, maybe running against Jeb Bush. I won’t vote for either of them. They are all puppets anyway.

      22. If it were not for the two TRILLION dollar underground cash economy, this country would have collapsed already.

        Marijuana is the largest cash crop in the US yet it’s illegal. George Washington grew pot and smoked it too!

      23. This situation reminds me of the book Amimal Farm and we sure are not the pigs (government).

        I am most grateful that our two daughters are fully employed
        (one in the Chicago area and the other in Toronto)

        I see the suituation happening where three generations will live in the same house plus extra people and everyone has to contribute to the financial upkeep.

        For thoes not employed or underemployed do not let your mind go to waste. Learn skill, study even if not in your field, make friend and help family.

        • I saw that movie HP; it was “Dr Zaivahgo”!

      24. Just got back from take a drive down to my home town. Wow, is the word. It is on the one way ticket to ghostville. Even the homes starting to show the lack of money to keep things up. A majority of the shops, closed. Very sad to this happening and not just in my old stomping grounds.

        There is no silver lining and green shoots ahead for what they are hiding with all this talk about everything is growing and everyone is just making butt loads of money. All complete utter Bullsh*t!

        Stocks are only for the rich man, because they are the ones making it soar with all that digitized $.

        I wish I could pinpoint when that final bell is going to toll? Just one major event or hiccup I feel will throw America off the bus and reality will bite like a b*tch.

        But, hey those uninformed just cannot wait to catch those pathetic shows tonight. Wouldn’t want them to actually get out and maybe see what’s actually going on.

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive
        A storm is forming?

      25. No recovery in our area, for me & our business it has been a vicious cycle of either feast of famine here when it comes to work. Been very difficult to make ends meet some months the past few years but we are keeping at as best we can & getting things paid off. We have way to many koolaid drinkers & government free loaders in our area & most are all blind as to what’s going on, and as long as they get their free hand outs, free cell phones & their new Cadillac to drive they could care less !

        • SB, seeing it here too. Been doing business with alot of other businesses and waitin’ extra longer to see a check. Afraid I’m gonna have to put them on COD.

          • The single female sheeple next door came over today, complaining that her free medical insurance doesn’t cover vision or dental care anymore. I said “Thank you Obamacare. How do you like the new benefits you voted for?”

            She looked at me like I had shit on my face.

            I just laughed and told her to get a pair of pliers and a bigger magnifying glass…problem solved.

            What I had on my face was a smile.

        • “Welfare Cadillac” by Guy Drake on the Porter Waggoner Show:


      26. Thanks ObomaCare
        I was full time NOW I work part time.
        Nothing else I can do but to keep working at what I do, to old to re-train for a new job.
        I’m 60 years old I guess I can mow lawns with my new found spare time.

        • Hey TPI. Chin up Mate. I’m 53 and lost my job on 1 April after 19 years at the same company. My mistake… asking for a long onverdue salary increase. Supposedly we were an Employee Owned Business. HA! I generated over 8+ Million $ in sales in 2012, up from 7 M$ from 2011. Did that matter? NOT!

          The upper management aristrocracy will hire less qualified, un-experienced and younger slaves. They want to keep the status quo as long as they can.

          Use the time to practice up on some fundamental skills and dust off that boy scout manual. Do some fishing and catch supper every once in a while.

          The game is almost up and The Reset button will get punched soon. Be sure to get on the dole so we can speed up the closure we all want to appear.

      27. It’s all a question of when the tipping point is reached before anything changes, for better anyway.

      28. “We are the future of America. Unlike any prior generation, we now have the critical mass. We’re going to Latinize this country.”

        “We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him.”

        -Jose Angel Gutierrez

        ‘ Someone might want to inform the ‘Beaner’s’ about the Last time they tried that in Texas !’

        ‘ REMEMBER THE ALAMO !’ comes to mind . They may have won the battle , but lost the war !’

        So let me understand this right as a Straight WASP guy I now have not only to fend off the Blacks Jews Muslims Zio-Christians Fanatic-Catholics Mormons Freemasons Spics Asians Homo’s Lesbo’s Tranny’s and Womens Lib ; but I now have to fight off ‘Jesus the ILLEGAL ALIEN Gardener’ from taking up arms against me so he can pollute once free AmeriCa with more Mexican Trash and 3rd World Repressive Fanatic Catholic Death Culture !?


        ummmmmmmm yeah … go for it ‘Beaner’s’ see what happens .

        ‘ The Vikings didn’t conquer All as they did because they were Pacifists and Fairies !”

        ‘ There will be Blood !’


        • Gear up! Take no prisoners. :0)

          • @Slingshot … Respect !

            i’ve got the gear and no plans to keep the prisoners , except in the garden and fields as fertilizer .

            now i’m just patiently awaiting for it to ‘go off’ … and i’m a very patient man .

            Vendetta .


        • You probably won’t need to fight off any mormons—they’ve got their own preps and like us, just want to be left alone.

        • Bring it, Jose. Hell ain’t half full.

      29. This morning I was driving to my jobsite, listening to the radio when I heard that a boat manufacture south of us is getting set to hire 100 new people because they are adding 2 new jet boats to their production line…. Am I missing something? Ever wonder if we’re all full of crap and the economy is getting better? Who in their right mind would spend money nowdays to buy a jetboat? I can’t imagine wanting to or having the money to buy a boat. Little lone a jetboat! Here in northern Michigan in my neck of the woods there’s a stretch of road that has at least 6 boat dealers. Every one of them is packed with huge power boats. Who buys these things. What the hell goes through someones mind when they decide to buy one of these things? Maybe the economy is all better! Maybe my wife would like one of those nice 32 footers for Mothers Day?

        • You’d be surprised at the number of people with a little money in their pocket and just don’t see what’s going on in reality.. Take my neighbors for example. She doesn’t work and had a 4 year old Maxima w/ low mileage and kept in immaculate condition. Trades it in for a leased car– but the payments are less and they gave me more than owed on it..

          Shaking my head… Driving my 10 year old car until it drops.. then go and get another 5-6 year old car…

          • C Lady, I do a lot of construction. F250 diesel gets 12 mpg. For those jobs when I just need to get my butt on site, I wanted a “beater”. I bought a totaled Subaru wagon for $400.00, did the body work,painted, timing belt and maintenance on the engine. Total cost , including purchase, $1500.
            Insurance is $100 for six months. I have a car with awd, ac,runs at 70 and gets 25 mpg on regular. It will save me $100 a week. And now, drum roll please….ta da…..

            The dingbat goes out, without discussion, trades in paid for vehicle , and buys a Brand New Car!!…. That sits in the driveway because she doesn’t work. And wants to use my ride to run errands and pick up yard supplies. ( can’t get the new one dirty). And no, I won’t leave her or split. She’s my responsibility. I made her this , I suppose. Plus, w shtf, I want to be there, see her reaction. Btw, I did not marry her for her brains, and I was young. Those tits have cost me a lot of money.

            • Do ya still get to suck on them some?

        • The economy IS better—just not better for US…

        • Bill, on his blog Oftwominds Charles Hugh Smith has some interesting things to say about the concentration of wealth in this country. [his archives, around October 2010] The highest 5% by income, and those on the Federal payroll, are still doing well compared to the rest.

          Here in Northern Virginia most of the Useful Idiots, the technocrats who work for Government, the War Machine, the media elite, the political weasels (unfortunately, most of the local population) are still doing quite well. The restaurants and stores like Neiman Marcus are full. Doing well.

          It’s like trying to put a bra on a bull to persuade them things are anything but rosy. Now do you understand the anarcho-capitalist contempt for tax parasites?

          And who do you think compiles those phony government economic statistics? GS15s on the Federal payroll. Who do you think trumpets them nationwide? The propaganda useful idiots of the Washington Post and CNN.

          Nine-tenths of this country’s population could be eating tree bark and living in sleeping bags and the top 5 percent will sail on unaffected. Feasting on your blood.

          The wealthiest one tenth of one percent of the population owns something like 30 percent of the financial wealth. The bottom fifty percent owns something like 5 percent. Guess which group feels the most pain?

        • For most boat owners, the happiest days are the day you buy it and the day you sell it.

          • B.O.A.T.

            Break Out Another Thousand

        • Revelation 6:6 “A measure of wheat for a day’s wage and three measures of barley for a day’s wage, and do not hurt the oil and the wine” third seal. The 90% expensive basics, the 10% luxuries unabated.

      30. The reality is that for a certain percentage of the population (those that CAN afford a jet boat or 2) the economic down turn has not affected their way of life. The money game they play is so big it is just numbers on a sheet of paper. If you have 1000 dollars and loose 25% you cant afford to pay your light bill or insurance. If you have 10 million dollars and loose 50% you still have 5 million dollars and your light bill cost is of no concern.

        The fact that the manufacturers are still producing and sometimes expanding production of such high end luxury items means the rich are still rich and the middle class are becoming poorer.

        • Yup. Guess which was the only car segment in the EU to go in the past six month? The super cars, the porsches, ferrari and lambo’s. All the other car lines dropping like rocks.

          In the U.S. house prices are up. Why? Because of rich VC’s that are plunging the money into them to flip them as rentals.

          So the 7% are doing quite nicely thank you very much. It’s the rest of us 93% that are sucking wind.

        • We might be next.

      31. How Occam’s Razor Works

        Detectives use it to deduce who’s the likeliest suspect in a murder case — you know, the butler did it. Doctors ­use it to determine the illness behind a set of symptoms.

        This line of reasoning is called Occam’s razor. It’s used in a wide variety of ways throughout the world as a means to slice through a problem or situation and eliminate unnecessary elements. But what we call the razor is a little different than what its author originally wrote. There are two parts that are considered the basis of Occam’s razor, and they were originally written in Latin:

        The Principle of Plurality – Plurality should not be posited without necessity
        The Principle of Parsimony – It is pointless to do with more what is done with less

        Taken together, they represent the basis of humanity’s investigation into the universe, and the way we see our environment is largely based upon Occam’s razor. There’s no telling what kind of world we would live in today without Occam’s razor. Would we have the Internet? Would we have inoculations?

      32. An hour ago, the landline rang.
        Very unusual. We don’t get calls.
        Automated/soliciting gets disconnected before the third word gets out.
        It was HOME DEPOT with an automated interviewer for the first 5 minutes. interview with a live person speaking Pakistani.
        I can’t make this s**t up!!!

      33. Oh, I left out this part…guess how many hours employment for that job??

      34. It is defiantly getting worse , you have to understand we get further away from reality everyday and the news is no longer reporting all the actual events but just what they want you to hear. Its not Obama or any particular party its all of them . They are keeping the truth about our economy and unemployment under wraps because they certainly aren’t going to tout what a bad job they are doing. So here we sit waiting for the inevitable collapse. Be prepared and be ready , great selection and pricing @

        God Bless and stay prepared

        • The reality is that these legislators and pres and money printers have all been meddling too much, they think if they meddle more they can get it straight! In reality, more govt will just screw stuff up more!
          Let the bodies hit the floor,
          Lets get it on and get it over with already, this is dragging out too long

      35. Well, I have the opposite problem. I am working more hours than ever becuase it is cheaper to pay me overtime than hire new people and pay benefits. I have already worked close to 300hrs of Overtime this year and much more is on the way for sure. I know that making extra money is great, but having your 4yr old son grab your leg so you can’t go to work is heart-breaking. I know that I am very fortunate to have the job that I have but their are things in this life more important than a bigger paycheck.

      36. Im of the opinion that the USA is in decline. NAFTA GATT freetrade and environental laws have driven & enticed our producing jobs away. We now have too many parasite takers and too few producing makers. there are not enough makers to robb(tax) to pay for what is redistributed to the takers. So the US goverment borrowes 40 cents of every dollar that it spends. Ive expected things to fall apart for the last few years. but so far is just been a slow lingering downward sprial

      37. Who needs jobs? Let’s just all live off the government.

      38. I wish we could pull a citizens arrest on TPTB. Then send them thru a kangaroo court system the likes of which we see today. No justice, just money. I hate the idea of so many suffering but I wish a great equilizer would strike the earth and render the politicians and corporate goons equal to garbage men (no offence to the garbage collectors). ” you did what before the shtf? a CEO? Lookee here boys another one to dance the dance on dangling piano strings.. Just kidding of course.
        . I am thog.

        • Warthog.

          I have often thought about punishment for those whom want to bestow hardship on us. I find that death would be to good for them. Too quick and an easy way out. Make them work a road gang or hitch them to a plow in their three piece suits till it falls away. Feed them to bleed them till they realize what they have done to their fellow man.

        • “I wish we could pull a citizens arrest on TPTB. Then send them thru a kangaroo court system the likes of which we see today.”

          According to the way Obummer works, we should just pass on the due process and drone them into oblivion, and forget it…He’s got his list.

          WE HAVE OURS.

        • Romania 1989. Nokoli and Elana had a bad day.

      39. IF

        If you can keep your head when all about you
        Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
        If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you.
        But make allowance for their doubting too;
        If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
        Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
        Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
        And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

        If you can dream – and not make your dreams your master
        If you can think – and not make your thoughts your aim
        If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
        And treat those two imposters just the same;
        If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
        Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools.
        Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
        And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

        If you can make one heap of all your winnings
        And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
        And lose, and start again at your beginnings
        And never breathe a word about your loss;
        If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
        To serve your turn long after they are gone,
        And so hold on when there is nothing in you
        Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

        If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
        Or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch,
        If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
        If all men count with you, but none too much;
        If you can fill the unforgiving minute
        With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
        Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
        And – which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son!
        –Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)

        Keep the FAITH

        • Watchman I am soo sorry my Troglodyte thumb hit the down thumb button when It was meant for thumbs up I have too many thumbs… Maybe I should buy five times more…
          War Thog.

          • Watchman – Great post. Never read that before. I’m going to print that up and hang on my sons wall. Thanks.

      40. @ Everybody. I am so totally pissed off at the utter crap we are all being spoon fed by the mass media and the government, that I wrote a hard core article in total support of freedom. When I get bee stung angry I write to curb some of this total disgust I have with the rapildy decaying struction of the U.S. Mac, might or might not like, but the more lies and deception that go on, the more freedom of the press getting out the truth must be used. Anyway, I am sending it to Mac after I send this comment. Long live freedom of expression of the truth.

        • BI….

          It is only going to get worse. Enjoy today.

          The many, many, many folks that depend on the Govt will have no quarrels when SHTF to sell all folks down the street that were conservative, religious, and paying their bills and have something because they were honest and stayed debt free.

          The Have-Nots will turn on the Haves. And the Rich Haves will also turn on the Haves (middleclass)….

          The so-called poor will want your stuff. And the rich will expect your stuff too when SHTF.

          This reminds me of the theme in Book of Kings where it states in paraphrase….’Everyone did as they pleased because they had no King.’

          We have no Leaders. Just the ussering in of the NWO.

      41. Joe Biden for future President!!!

        • I like Mac & Cheese. What happens tomorrow…

          I know you think you know how to think.

          You have never learned how to think.

          You react.

        • And the other option to be Hillary?
          yep, were friken doomed

          • Three years of Joe’s leadership would change the thoughts of most liberals.

          • If Bo gets caught up on this…thunder thighs will too.

      42. Puck Joe.

      43. I. Am now indigent….no job…no unemployment…house up for sale. I watch our senators discuss opening the country to just about everybody. Seems to me this bloodless? Coup already a done deal.Turned down for aid…its Get Whitey time.

      44. Don’t let the fear mongering of this and other articles ruin your dreams. Constantly following And focusing on the news negativity will lead you into a death spiral of negativity itself

        Personal and financial success cannot occur in mentality of fear and negativity

        • Personal and financial success cannot occur IN THE OBAMA ECONOMY

      45. Worker participation in the workforce is at the lowest percentage since records were first kept. We add 3 million people (immigrants) into our country every year. Most of them are working age. They are here to displace higher paid Americans. That is intentional. If you destroy the currency, you can’t afford to pay the American standard pay scales. You then have to export jobs and import neo-slave labor. Does it make since now? We are done for. Massive poverty and violence. Maudy’s ready. Are you?

      46. “It has to effect you” before you will do something about it that’s why so many people are in denial, then it’s to late.

      47. All employers with 50 or more employees will have to buy health insurance or pay a fine starting jan 2014? Or cut hours to part time?
        Everyone in the country will have to buy health insurance or pay a fine, whether you are an executive or a bum on the street?
        We are screwed.

      48. That’s a fascinating point about reduced working hours amounting to 700,000 lost jobs. Something that’s missing to balance that is the increased productivity from improved technology that folks used to talk about, if that didn’t disappear with the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs. Federal Democrats under Obama look to have anticipated net reductions of unemployed resulting from reduced working hours and more part-time employees as employers seek to reduce costs of supporting employee medical insurance, not to mention the administration’s reduced costs of not having to support medical for part-time employees. So for now, about as many employees as before have medical through their employers until the economy actually improves, through new technology that hopefully won’t get outsourced and can improve on the number of high paying jobs.

      49. Its been hard findign a decent paying job I can support myself on

      50. Have you talked to any business contractors lately.
        people (sheeple) with money are pulling there investments and liquidating cash assets. Buying land and building strip malls and buildings that stay empty….?????

        they would rather own the land and building empty.
        than have cash in the bank or funds in the markets.

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