The Mantra: Practical Tips for Resisting the Police State

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Do you LOVE America?


    Sun Tzu counseled that it is madness – because pointless – to directly confront a superior foe. A costumed goon with a badge and a gun, for instance. You will lose (cue Dolph Lundgren voice from Rocky IV).

    But that doesn’t mean you must cooperate with said goon.


    In that spirit, here are some practical tips and things to keep in mind the next time you’re compelled to interact with one of America’s Swinest:

    • Never forget: Cops are not your friend; they are not there to “help” you. They are there to bust you. Don’t make it easier for them. Make it harder for them.
    • Never forget that cops are legally permitted to lie to you. Take nothing they tell you at face value. Assume their intentions are malignant.
    • Never forget that a cop is a law enforcer. He is there to enforce the law – any law, every law. It doesn’t matter whether the law is reasonable – or whether you’re a nice guy who doesn’t “deserve” to be hassled. Cops are paid to enforce the law. Period.
    • If stopped, keep your window rolled up almost all the way; leave just enough of a gap to allow you to hand the cop your license/documents. If he “asks” you to roll it down, politely decline. Whenever a cop “asks,” it means you do not have to comply. If they order you to do something, then you must do it. But force them to make it clear you are being ordered to comply – “Is that an order?” – and are only complying under duress and not of your own free will.
    • Be civil – not slavish. A cop is not “sir.” By so addressing him, you feed his inner bully and Rule Number One for dealing effectively with bullies is to not let them think you are a pussy. Simple – and curt – “yes” and “no” answers will get the point across without being directly confrontational.
    • Never make the mistake of responding directly to a cop’s purposefully leading questions – which means, all of his questions. If the cop says, “Do you know why I stopped you?” You tell him, “I suppose you will tell me your reason.” If he says, “Do you know how fast you were going?” You say, “I’m sure you have an opinion.” If he asks whether you’ve been drinking, you remain silent.
    • Never concede anything that could be construed – will be construed in court – as evidence in support of whatever charges are leveled at you.
    • Never admit to anything – ever.
    • Never attempt to excuse anything you may have done. Be silent. Shrug. But do not make excuses. Do not offer an explanation. If you do, you’ve just handed the cop exactly what he wants most – a tacit admission of guilt, which in court will become the basis for establishing your legal guilt.
    • You have to give them your ID and insurance info – if you are operating a motor vehicle on “public” roads.  It is “the law.” But you do not – yet – have to tell them where you’re going, where you’ve been – or anything else. If asked, shrug.  State – politely, calmly – that you won’t be answering any questions.
    • Ask – repeatedly – whether you are free to go. It’s an excellent stock answer to cop questions.
    • If you have a concealed carry permit, the cop probably already knows – having run your license plate info through the computer in his car. Still, it is good policy to tell him, even if you are not legally obligated to do so (it varies, state to state). This is a psychological tactic which shows you (in the cop’s eyes) to be “cooperative” without your actually having complied with anything that’s against your interests. It may help defuse the situation – important when guns are involved.
    • Never consent to a search. If a cop asks for permission, he is asking permission. It means he hasn’t got legal probable cause – yet. Do not give it to him. Politely tell him, “I do not consent to any searches.” Repeat as necessary.  If he searches you/your vehicle anyway, you may have a legal basis for challenging the admissibility of anything found. But if you gave your consent to the search – and not objecting is the same as consenting – then anything found as a result of that search can and will be used against you in court.
    • Record the interaction. Higher courts have consistently ruled it is legal to do so, irrespective of what the cop tells you (see point made above about cops lying). There is no expectation of privacy in public. He can record you – you can record him. Use audio and video. If the cop “asks” you to turn off the equipment, politely decline. Merely state you are recording the interaction in the interests of everyone’s safety.

    Just like they do to us.

    Eric Peters is an automotive columnist and author who has written for the Detroit News and Free PressInvestors Business DailyThe American SpectatorNational Review, The Chicago Tribune and Wall Street Journal. His books include Road Hogs (2011) and  Automotive Atrocities (2004). His next book, “The Politics of Driving,” is scheduled for release soon. Visit his web site at Eric Peters Autos.


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      1. Sounds like a list for somebody living in a police state.
        Oh…wait…never mind.

        • Ya think so?????!!!!!

          • “””Cops are paid to enforce the law. Period.”””

            If that were only true. Cops get paid to MISenforce what they believe is law against those who are not actually subject to it.

            The only answer you should ever give a cop is I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY.

            Here’s one way to catch a cop in fraud trying to give you a ticket. Make sure you record his answers.

            When he hands it to you, ask him if it is a judicial summons. The answer will be yes.

            Then ask him what branch of the government he is employed in. the answer, if he has the sense to know, is the executive branch.

            Then ask him if he is aware that it would be fraud for an executive branch officer to issue a judicial summons that has not been signed by a judge with probable cause?

            Make sure he gives you a copy of the ticket. A judge signs all of the tickets before the court date, so it will be easy to prove the fraud by the add on signature.

            Both the judge and the cop are self evidently guilty, waiting only for you to make a charge against them and have them arrested.

            I believe they would like to avoid that situation. Judges don’t live by the Law, but they sure know what it is.

            Most of these ass clown code enforcers have no idea how Unlawful their actions are. They believe their trainers are the good guys.

            It is my hope that they can be educated one at a time about the Peoples rights. But there are not many people who know what their own Law says.

              • The best way is to avoid (or minimize – time to time you need to renew your CPL) interactions with law enforcement. Much easier.

            • @GC:

              Agreed Sir. Spot on as usual.

              Fraud, fraud, and more of the same.

              What really “gets my goat”, is that on the local level, these so called enforcers are suppose to be our neighbors, our fellow Citizens, or our friends.


              …be safe…..BA.

            • Sounds real good, but………
              If that were ALL true about the “add-on signature” then every violator who hired an attorney would beat the entire citation in court. Every time. Hmmmm

              • Attorney’s work for the bar. The Judge and State Attorney work together. If you do not have a Attorney they will hose you. If you hire a Attorney than you have a chance… Then it becomes a game.

                • Traffic ticket fines are kept as high as possible without encouraging a large percentage of people to contest them, in which case it becomes unprofitable for the city/county/state.

                • Attorneys are officers of the court, and they all work under the same oath to not rat each other out.

                  If you hire an attorney, you are making a declaration of incompetence. You had a chance right up until you did that.

                  It is a fraud, not a game.

                  • I don’t know how to fix my automatic transmission either. You need a lawyer unless you have nothing but time for legal research.

                  • Or you could just stand on your rights, but first you have to know them

              • “””then every violator who hired an attorney would beat the entire citation in court. “””

                Attorneys are part of the scam. If you hire one, it is LITERALLY a declaration of incompetence to the court he works for, and NO they do not work for your best interest if it conflicts with what is best for the government.

                An Attorney is also sworn to NEVER challenge the system or the judge, lest he lose his union privilege and title of nobility.

                What I have said is TRUE. Call a court and ask them if ANYONE but a judge or the clerk can issue a judicial summons.

                The scam continues because the people don’t know their own Law and have given full control over their lives to a legal fiction out to rob them blind.

                • Obviously you have studied this in the past.

                  Can you make some recommendations on what to study to educate myself like you have done?


                  • sedm dot org

                  • marc stevens dot net

              • Corpis Juris Secundum, at about page 716,it states ” an Attorney is an officer of the court, and as such, his first duty is to the court, his clients success is secondary”, so much for attorneys. They are there to re-present you as a corporate enity, not a flesh and blood man.

            • You have no idea what you are talking about.

              • That is the truth,but unfortunatly never stops god’s creation from spouting off about anything. It would extremely unwise to take his advise on any subject,period.

              • …jbt…..your coma is calling, go back to sleep.

                YOU have NO idea what YOUR talking about.

                I call bullshit.

            • I was in the Army, in the 82nd ABN as a sniper. After leaving the military I joined a local PD in So. Cal.. I worked many assignments there for more than 27 years. The article above is only going to get you hassled. Cops are trained in reading body language. If you want to fly under the radar, then you need to blend….If you dress or act like a gang member, you are going to get a lot more attention than someone wearing a suit and riding a bike like the LDS guys do. The average citizen when stopped, is usually polite and a bit nervous. If you are curt, and barely cooperative you are going to raise a red flag. For OpSec reasons that is the last thing you want to do…By all means, know your rights, but be polite and cooperative .
              Things vary by department and state, but at my department there were traffic cops and patrol cops. Traffic cops #1 priority is writing tickets and had to write an average of 10 to 12 tickets per day. Patrol guys had other priorities, like responding to calls such as burglaries and robberies. In Patrol, we would write an average of 10 tickets per month. I would see a lot of violations but often I was responding to higher priority calls and would ignore the violation. When not responding to other calls, if I saw a violation I would pull the vehicle over….Contrary to what others have said, CCW information does not come up when you run the license plate. If the vehicle was involved in a crime or was stolen, that would come up, but nothing else….The registration information would only tell you who the car was registered too, not who is driving it….Try this the next time you head to work….Take a look at the vehicle in front of you and try to identify who is driving the car. If you are lucky you can see an outline of the back of the driver’s head…. Is it a short haired woman, or a long haired man???? Are they white, brown or black???? 95% of the time you cannot tell until you walk up on the driver, so you have no friggen idea of who you are stopping……Even if you have stopped the car before, that doesn’t mean the driver is in the same condition or mental state as when you stopped them before. You don’t know if the guy just robbed the gas station down the block or has a dead body in the trunk. You literally do NOT know.
              When a cop approaches the driver or passenger window, they do not know who or what they may encounter or have to deal with. They are looking for threats and where your hands are. Hands can hold weapons or a wallet, but if one or both of your hands are out of sight then they don’t know what you are holding and will be even more alert. Again what is your goal? Is it to get out of a ticket? Is it to fly under the radar? Is it just to get back on your way with as little hassle as possible???? If a traffic cop pulled you over the odds of getting a ticket are higher. If a patrol cop pulls you over, your odds of getting a warning are much higher….But in all cases your chances of going on your way with a minimum delay and hassle increase when you are polite and cooperative. If you have a bumper sticker of Calvin pissing on the word “America” or something else that is offensive, you are going to get more attention. Maybe more than you want or desire.
              Finally, get involved at the local level. City police take their marching orders from the city council. Deputy sheriff’s from the Sheriff and County Commishioners . Attend the meetings. Try and meet the local police chief or sheriff and tell them your concerns. When I joined the PD in 79, cops had a lot more latitude to let people go…..Back then when I stopped a DUI, I would call a cab and send the guy home after locking their keys in their parked vehicle. Then MADD comes on the scene and new laws get passed and that discretion is gone. The same thing happened with domestic calls. Back in the seventies, 9 times out of 10 when I showed up at someone’s house for DV, we would talk to both parties and unless there was some serious violence leave with nothing else done….Enter various special interest groups and new laws get passed taking away almost all discretion. Now if there is the slightest indication of violence someone is going to jail…..Cops come from your local community, and just as there are good people and people in your community there are good and bad cops. But as other writers have stated, they are fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers , aunts and uncles just like in your family. Some like me are preppers and oathkeepers. I would always always instruct my officers to treat people like they would want their family member treated should they be stopped. Most of them did, but not all.


              • Very well said, knightowl77! You sound like a level headed man first, and a cop second. That is what separates the good from the bad. I’m glad we have a few good, level headed men out there in LE.

                I agree with what you said about CCW not coming up with the license plate info. In fact, it doesn’t matter if it comes up with a person’s driver’s license info or not; it is “supposed” to be announced the moment a person’s driver’s license is asked for. That is what i was taught during my CC class prior to getting my certificate of graduation. That it is the responsibility of the “individual” with the permit, whether carring or not, to make the LE officer aware.

                For that reason, and many others, I decided “against” having a CCP. A little voice kept telling me that I shouldn’t follow thru with getting my permit and i kept procrastinating. I finally came to the realization that the Concealed Carry Law was just another infringement against my constitutional rights to “bear arms”. I didn’t want to be “marked” as a gun owner or not. I didn’t want to be given any more “demands” to offer up any information about me to LE or anyone else for that matter. If I carry, I carry openly and not hiding from anyone, whether friend or foe. If I carry in my vehicle and leave my vehicle with my gun covered inside, I am not breaking any laws because i am not “in possession” of such vehicle. Upon arrival and “possession” of such vehicle, my gun is uncovered and i bear my legal firearm in full view. As far as I know, it is still legal for any citizen, to carry any legal firearm fully exposed, anywhere in my state, except where alcohol is being consumed.

              • knightowl, thank you for taking the time to write and basically correct a lot of misconceptions.
                Thanks again for your service.

              • Great post knightowl77. I would add this to the author’s list above:

                When you get pulled over, turn your vehicle and radio off, turn on your interior light if it is nighttime, put your hands on the wheel. Do not reach into your glove box until the officer requests your papers. This is just the practical way to bring down an LEO’s tension before he/she ever reaches your car.

                • 20 yrs. D.C. suburbs, Montgomery Co. Police, Forced Retire @ 140% LODI. Always treated folks as I would want to be treated. PD is a calling, you need that 6th sense to know who is the criminal, who is the bullshitter, who is a Regular joe… many now days are badge heavy and afraid. Above advice is true….put them at ease, know your rights, but, address them w/respect. 90% of the time you’ll be OK. Besides the nickname “roscoe” (gun), I was “thumper” and “time Bomb”. There are enough ASSHOLES out there….that an officer doesn’t need to provoke. My last 15 yrs. had 44 Commendations.

              • He just gave away the “quota” oh we dont do that lie..yep figures ,, gotta give out the tickets even if its not legit because it all about your job being a thug and not about safety at all.

                Yep I knew this all along, but thanks for making it solid

                if it was about safety, you guys wouldnt hide behind signs and bridges, you’d roll in traffic keeping visible!

                thanks for the proof and truth

                • The sad thing is that the people who do that job do it even though they know it is perpetuating a commercial fraud against the people.

                  If your job is to routinely violate another mans rights, there is only one option a good man can take.


                  If you don’t, you can no longer be considered good. You may consider yourself to be good, but if you violate one mans rights, one time, on any one day, you have lost your moral high ground and have become nothing but a part of the problem.

                  Maybe not the biggest part, or the worst part, but still a bad part in a bad system.

                  • GC: So in your OPINION, once someone has made a bad judgement, intentional or not, they can never attain the moral high ground again? You’re a real horse’s ass with a head so big it’s a wonder that you can get ant door. Who the hell died and left you in charge!

                  • “Who the hell died and left you in charge”!

                    I wish someone had of, we’d all be a hell of a lot better off. Too few people alive today have comprehensive knowledge of the truth and that is exactly why we are in the shape we are in. You are a prime example Gregory8

                  • G8,

                    Once a crime has been committed by an officer, which happens at the instant they take the Oath and again upon the first issue of a fraudulent judicial document, there can be no moral high ground until that error is resolved.

                    An officer can return to his moral high ground when he resigns the position that REQUIRES him to continue committing crimes against the people.

                    Until then, they will remain criminals in the eyes of the Law regardless of the protection he receives from the corp for his actions under ITS codes.

              • I have had many interactions with law enforcement (traffic stops) over the years. I am disabled in a wheelchair which I fold up and put on the floor behind the drivers seat and the back seat. I was working a shift where as I would be driving home between 2:00am – 4:00am. I have a spotless driving record all my life, NEVER NOT ONE ticket. I also carry at all times posible a sidearm. While working that shift and being on the road at those above mention times I was pulled over at lest once a week and once as many as three times in one week. reasons given to me for being pulled over: i noticed you were driving kind of slow (I am a very defenc careful driver). i noticed you took some time in crossing the intersection. this lights out that lights out, lane changing bs ect…Well 2-4am is BAR TIME Closing. They more than likely were looking for DUIs. Of which i really don’t mind that a good thing.
                I always see them before they see me I generally get the feeling they will be pulling me over 98% of the time I’m right.
                So Here is what I do when when my car is flooded with the red/blue and spot light.
                I slow down.
                I look for the safest place (for me AND the cop)to pull over.
                Using my driver side door mirror I watch the cop approach while rolling my window down. I’ve always have managed to have the window down before the cop gets to my car.
                I place both hands on the top of the steering wheel in plain sight.
                I look the cop right in his eyes or into off center of his flash light and let him speak first.
                I then state, “Officer I would like to inform you that there is a firearm in the vehical”.
                That sets the cops brain cells rubbing together really fast at that point. They always ask right off where is it. Leaving my hands on the steering wheel keeping eye contact with him I state, “It is right there on the seat next to me.”
                95% of the time they thank me for letting them know I’m armed.
                They ask is the passenger door unlock which it never is.
                They don’t want me handing it to them if they can avoid that. It is always holstered. So they peer into the car and see it. So I just suggest “Would you like me to hand it to you by the barrel?” They have never said no. So they get it put it on the roof of the car and give me the ole “Do you know why i pulled you over, bit?” I always say no and let them give me the reason. I then give them my driver lic., vehc.reg., and ins crd. They go back to the car and do thier radio check up or what ever they do back in the car.
                Well your free to go just fix this or do that…They then give me my paper work back, I place it on the seat next to me. Then will always give me my gun back unloaded, first the rounds, the mag., then the gun. they explain it is a safety procedure something or other.
                So to this day uncountable pull overs without a hitch.
                Thats what happens when your taged, insured and have a spotless driving record not to mention clean criminal record and when you sraight up with them and anwser YES or NO and address them as OFFICER not Sir.
                I’ve found out from my experience dealing with them they are pretty nice just be nice to them don’t cope any shitty attitude and you’ll be all right. I always like when they thank me for letting them know about the firearm right off the bat. Sometimes they will say that is a nice Colt small talk gun stuff, that is some pretty mean bullets you got in there ect…
                Well that is my .02 cents thanks for listening. sorry about the poor spelling

            • Sorry GC, but a lot of this is flat out wrong. Under all interpretations of the 4th Amendment, law enforcement is empowered to effect an arrest when they witness a misdemeanor or felony in their presence. By extension, and by law (at least in my jurisdiction), a peace officer can issue an unsworn citation for infractions, or in the case of infractions/misdemeanors triable to the court, may, in lieu of a sworn written complaint, make out a uniform citation, which operates as both a complaint and a summons. The form of the summons is determined by the supreme court, and is judicial in origin.

              Your faulty information is going to get people in trouble they don’t need.

              As for your comments regarding attorneys and judges, you paint with an overly broad brush. Attorneys did not swear “to NEVER challenge the system or the judge, lest he lose his union privilege and title of nobility.” They swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic, just like the military and law enforcement do. Some of them take that seriously.

              Your comments are analogous to a person striking out at all religious people because some religious practices are cruel and inhumane, or because some religious people bomb innocent people. So I think it’s fair to call you on this.

              • Well said NG.

              • NG,

                So what you are saying is that any LEO is allowed to serve two separate branches of the government at the same time, which violates the separation of powers inherent in all of the Constitutions, state and federal.

                Anything you say past that point is moot. You may believe that you can do those things, and your ADMINISTRATIVE courts and judges may protect you from accountability for the crimes you commit imposing those beliefs, but that does not make them Lawful.

                And yes, Attorney’s do take an Oath to the BAR association to the effect of “I will demean myself to the court” or something similar. Check the BAR association in your state.

                And yes, it is FACT that when you hire an attorney to “represent” you, you are LEGALLY and LAWFULLY declaring yourself to be a ward of the state under the jurisdiction of whatever administrative court you are forced into.

                In your system, you have an officer of the state, bringing a charge on behalf the state and testifying as a witness for the state, in a court owned by the state, presided over by a judge who represents the state, and prosecuted by an officer of the state, and in the case of traffic tickets prosecuted by an officer of the executive branch.

                The only thing your system lacks is an injured victim, which by the way is the only thing that creates the Lawful authority for you to act.

                The only one who is not acting as an agent for the state is the victim. And he has declared himself incompetent by hiring an officer of the state.

                My comments are like a free Man striking out at all who prevent others from living free, and then justify their crimes because a legal fiction protects them while they are committed.

                Simply put, you are an “agent” of a fiction without a prinicpal. You have no standing to make any claim against any Man when no injury is involved and you have not been SPECIFICALLY asked to intervene on the injured parties behalf. PERIOD.

                Cops have no autonomous authority. In order to Lawfully take action they are required to first have a living principal, an injured man seeking relief through the Law. He must swear out an affidavit with the Sheriff, who will then seek a warrant from a judge.

                If you EVER initiate contact with a Man, travelling in a car or otherwise, without an injury first occurring and a warrant being issued with probable cause against him attached, signed by a judge, you are violating that Mans Natural Right to be let alone.

                The belief by cops, that they have autonomous authority over anything and everything is the root of why our rights are no longer being respected. To the cop, we have no rights but they do because the corrupt system protects its main source of revenue.

                Look at it this way. When you put on that uniform and pin that little piece of metal on your clothes, you gain no additional rights because of it, but you gain limited authority to act in the protection of a Mans property upon his request.

                Anything else you do is a crime against the People. But I know, you are just following orders. Gotta meet your ticket quota or get booted out of the fraud and lose the benefits of your participation.

                • You spout a lot of Soverign Citizen bullshit…

                  • Sorry…Sovereign

                  • What is a Sovereign Citizen?

                    I don’t believe it is a political possibility to be both a Sovereign, and a Citizen.

                    The two are mutually exclusive.

                • GC, have you successfully used your own advise in court? Have you been stopped while driving on a “corp” road, failed to produce a driver’s license issued by “the corp”, and been allowed to go about your business? I also wonder about how far the use of catchphrases like “I do not consent and waive the benefit” gets people. At least parts of what you say may be true, but I am curious as to how effective it would be in preventing a beatdown or incarceration.

                  • Most of you people simply do not know what you are talking about. Some of you are angry, some of you just can’t stand it that somebody may be able to tell you what to do during certain circumstances…like the man said earlier, don’t show your ass when you get stopped for something; be polite, courteous, and respectful. The officer who stopped you has a job to do and he doesn’t need to waste his time if you are not going to get a citation or be arrested. THE MAJORITY of our nation’s police are good people, not lockstep nazi’s who just want to hassle you. As for asking the officer what branch of government he works for, well, you are simply an idiot for asking that question, and you put a big neon sign across your forehead that reads, “PRI_K”. I ran across you people more times than I care to count, and in general, you are just a pain in the butt that most cops don’t want to even waste time with!
                    Is there a percentage of adam henries out there wearing a badge?. Of course. But far less than most professions, and those types never last.
                    The truth is this: most cops are warrior personalities, and the vast majority are
                    sheepdogs in their hearts. The next time something goes bump in the night and some pop-eyed clown is trying to do you or your family harm, you will be wanting that warrior to bust down the door to save your simpleton ASS. Give it a break.

                  • Bob, I would NEVER go to a commercial court. I don’t work as an agent for free. Besides, I do not possess any license or other state property they can put at issue in one of their courts anyway. What are they gonna do, suspend what I do not have if I don’t pay their extortion? Besides, in my state they can do NOTHING if you NEVER pay the fine. Fines are literally uncollectable if you don’t volunteer to pay them because doing so violates the state constitution.

                    I have not been stopped by a cop in many years. Silly me, I follow the rules of the road for my own safety. I even started wearing a seat belt long before it became “law”.

                    I have had many cops pass right by me with my dads old “license” plate that has no expiration sticker (abandoned property from another state) without being stopped.

                    Should I get stopped, I have notarized identification documents, complete with a picture of myself and supported by two witnesses and a state officer from within his jurisdiction.

                    Notaries are evidence takers and nothing else. Anything Notarized is considered FACT until rebutted in the corp courts. Corp officers can not rebut ANYTHING you say. People should use that more often to assert who they are BEFORE they have an encounter.

                    The “address” given is a set of geographical coordinates, as opposed to a US Postal address, and the documents clearly establish who I am and that I am legally a non resident Lawful inhabitant.

                    Everything I want in the administrative record is in there somewhere, already accepted as FACT by the corp.

                    Should I get stopped, i will put a small crack in the window and ask the officer upon his arrival “what is the probable cause for this stop”.

                    I will wait for his lie that he does not need it, and respond with “for me you do.”

                    Then repeat the question, “what is the probable cause for this stop”.

                    He will answer how he see’s fit, and I will respond with the old stand by “Am I free to go”.

                    That is his opportunity to do the right thing.

                    When he requests ID, he will get my simple identification document, witnessed by TWO common law men and an officer of his corp (the notary) as FACT.

                    I have no license or other documentation that would suggest he has jurisdiction over me or that I am engaged in commerce. All he has is what I give him. If you hand him a license, you may as well just give him the wallet too.

                    My ID opens with “I have nothing to say other that what this document contains. I do not consent to any searches or contracts and stand upon my Natural Rights as a Man in ALL matters.”

                    Any further questions will be replied to with “I have nothing further to say, read the documents and proceed accordingly”.

                    Many people MISTAKENLY believe that when a cop request an ID they have to pull out a state issued document. All I have to do, as far as he is concerned, is identify myself, and I do that in MY way. He can’t say I refused to provide my identification, because I have. He can’t say i need a license, because the FACT has already been established by the notarized document that I do not require one.

                    I have no intention of being rude about it. I understand he thinks he is doing a legitimate job, so I have met his perceived requirements in every way without compromising, and in fact protecting, my rights.

                    If he wants to write a ticket, he will not have an entity in commerce to charge and no jurisdiction because there are no state documents brought into evidence. And yes, EVERYTHING you give him or tell him is evidence to be used against you unless you make sure the evidence tells your story instead of theirs.

                    If he proceeds anyway and writes one, then I will contact the Sheriff and report the fraud with the request that he act as my Trustee to Lawfully resolve the matter with the States agent (the cop).

                    Or, you can just give them a license and hope for the best. The fraud relies on YOU providing the evidence of their jurisdiction and your own submission to corporate statute commercial law.

                    Do it your way. I think I’ll stay free instead.

            • good points question

              what charge do you have the Judge and Cop arrested on? and who do you have do the arresting?

              and if there is no co-operation, and they still try to hang the ticket on you, what move do you make than?

              ’cause you know they aint gonna be happy about you, and they are gonna want to throw your ass in jail for contempt

              • First thing, NEVER go into an administrative court. The ONLY way you should ever go to a corporate court is in Handcuffs, and even then never “understand” anything that any agent says. That includes the judge. For questions, you have nothing to say. When the judge speaks, you do not understand. How can a fiction speak, much less be understood by a Man.

                Handle the matter by sending an inquiry to the court about the nature of the judicial summons, and the FACT that it is a judicial document signed by an officer of the executive branch. Include all of the specifics because you are building your administrative record and evidence.

                Tell them you would be glad to pay any Lawful damages for which you are liable and that you would be happy to have the matter heard by a common law jury assembled by the Sheriff if they feel you have incurred a Lawful debt or committed an injury unknown to you.

                If the matter does not involve injury, then it can only be a matter of contract. So ask them to, in that case, produce the contract for the administrative record and send you a copy before the court date so you will know if you should and how to respond to the summons/citation.

                The main thing is to force them to respond to questions they will refuse to answer. Give them plenty of wiggle room, but only allow them to wiggle towards dismissal to protect what they really do.

                They are there to do two things. Commit fraud, and hide it. they will not be so likely to do the first if you refuse to allow them to do the second.

                Should you feel the need and want to go to court, your should first go to the Sheriff and swear out an affidavit about the crimes of the officer. inform the Sheriff of the court date and demand his presence to arrest the offending officer and any and all who assist in his crimes.

                The SHERIFF, and him alone, can enforce the Constitution on behalf of the people. The problem is, the people never ask him to do it.

                They are too busy fighting the fraud to stop it.

            • Here is where im frustrating, im a law a bidding citizen. And always had respect for officers of the law, until, I was parked over. I just left a family emergency, and pulled over turned my car off took keys out of ignition so I could text my mother. Low and behold The reflections of those pretty lights. I rolled my window down, I was driving my mothers car, im 38 and yes mom told me to drive her car home frkm hospital but failed to tell me registration was 2 months over due. I gave officer respect, asked why I was out so late. My bad , gave brief run down, then started getting rude with me, took my license never gave it back said it was confiscated, said they had to tow my moms car, I asked when we could get it out , 24hrs. Ok. Had another officer come and stand with me until done towing car, aske if I had ride I said no, well im sure youll be fine, other officer was concerned but I didnt want trouble for me or other officer. So said Id be fine. So they left me on the east side at 1:35am after an already hard night, I lived accross town. Went to get car out next day . Said nope 30 day hold. The tow yard sold moms car and I no longer fell a safety from our police , there cold and mean. Ever never ever been I trouble.

        • Slightly OT, but this article sounds a lot like what I’ve been reading in Enemies Foreign and Domestic, and now Domestic Enemies, The Reconquista, two books in a trilogy by Matthew Bracken. All about the police state/big brother state we see evolving around us. I cannot stop reading these books! I literally can’t put them down! They are not for bedtime, put me to sleep reading. I have trouble sleeping at night after reading them. I highly recommend these books if you want some insight into what may come our way. If nothing else you may get some EDC/BOB equipment ideas. As someone in the soon-to-be-People’s Republic of Colorado, I am getting a vision of what is coming from reading these books by Bracken and I don’t like the vision worth a damn.

          • The police where I live are doing what they were hired to do, this article paints a nasty picture on all of law enforcement and it is certainly full of prejudice. All cops are not bad and without them there would be anarchy. Sorry but articles like this are manipulative and incite anger and bias, for me, it is below my mentality and I am not buying it for one minute.

            I have never had a problem with a police officer and I for one respect the badge of the good ones, and guess what, there are plenty of good one. Find something better to bash.

            I can just picture it, no cops, every convenience store, every bank, every business, every house, every car, ripe for the picking. Are you kidding me?

            Seems like the weather underground is infiltrating this site. Did Bill Ayers write the article?

            What’s next, how to hate and bash the military?

            • I agree. In my 57 years, I’ve never been hassled by a cop. I tell them I’m carrying at the time that they ask for my ID and there has never been an issue. If I ever get harrassed, then the advice here is good but until it happens, I’ll continue doing as I have always done.

              • The truth is in-between, unfortunately.

                Most of my interactions with police have been professional, polite, and free from hassle; though usually it involved my traveling way the hell over the legal speed limit. It’s a habit of mine, and I won’t deny it.

                There have also been exceptions in both directions. One, in 1990-91, involved me being caught doing 115 mph on a Utah freeway on my way to Vegas. As I handed him my DL and military ID, I explained to the patrolman that I was about to be deployed to the Gulf, and I wanted to see my (then-) girlfriend in Salt Lake one last time before I left (I was returning home at the time). He gave me a warning about driving so quickly, told me good luck, then informed me which mileposts I should slow down at until the border (where other troopers had their various speed stake-outs) to avoid further hassle.

                I’ve seen it the other way ’round as well. I’ve been stopped by southern state and county police who, much like their stereotypes, got whatever they wanted out of you. If you didn’t provide it, the results were literally painful and/or expensive — usually both.

                In that last situation? I wouldn’t recommend standing on principle so much… it’d be a great way to have a few baggies of crystal meth planted in your car, and a sound beating by Officer Friendly and a few of his buddies if you so much as said a peep of resistance. The trick in these cases (if you’re not a local) is just a little give-and-take. Keep it perfectly professional, but never give them the slightest hint that you’re trying to be a bad-ass. You don’t have to show weakness per se, but you will need to show that the only thing you want is to get down the road w/ no troubles.

                The whole “don’t be a pussy” thing is nice and all if it’s just you and the trooper, but when he’s got buddies loitering around nearby, I guarantee you that being a hard-ass about it will buy you a fight that you will not win.

                Long story short… use your head.

                • Everything is situational. Good advice can be bad in the wrong situation.

                • Agreed!

                  I will say that you have to use your best judgement in every situation. I believe our rights are being infringed more and more – esp. around the 2A. I refused to get a CPL and got pulled over in Illinois – south of Chicago.

                  1. Rental Car
                  2. Dallas to Detroit
                  3. Look like a Biker 🙂

                  The questions began when I got pulled over doing 65 in a 55. I was polite and respectful. Long story short – I had a loaded G19 in the front seat in a bag and when asked if i had a firearm – I did not lie and told him the truth.

                  I drove away from the incident with the G19 (Unloaded) and warning for speeding. I am sure had my responses been confrontational and disrespectful – I would have needed a lawyer.

                  • Wow, you are one lucky dude. That’s a class D felony here in the People’s Republic of Chicag…uh, Illinois.

            • i agree.. not all are bad guys.

              • Bullshit. All are monsters, it’s just a matter of degree. Just look at the bullshit laws that they enforce. Only a monster could do it.

            • @Live Free:

              I think the author was trying to express to the readers the idea of protecting and exercising their Rights. The author does not seem (by the content of the article) to have a working knowledge of how our justice system really works. Even though I think that disagreeing with a LEO can work against you, a Citizen should never relinquish consent or jurisdiction to the front lines of the CORP.

              All LEO’s work for the CORP, that is their job, to enforce policy. They protect the CORP, collect revenue, and perpetuate the fraud of implied consent and statute law upon the misinformed Citizens. There are many good men and women in law enforcement, but each time they use color of law to infringe on the Rights of the Citizen, they are no better than any thug working for any other criminal enterprise. Cops in your area may not be bad, but the system still is.

              LEO’s rarely stop actual crime, they are more of a “visual” presence. A fully armed citizenry would do a better job to reign in criminal activity. A few more guns on the streets is always a deterrent. Local Citizens, armed, present a lawful force multiplier for any society because the locals have “skin” in the game.

              Bill Ayers did not write this article, but the effects of his style of propaganda are evident in the authors misguided understanding of jurisdiction and who is really in charge. The CORP and its system are not your friends. Time for everyone to claim their Birthright.


              …tuna is toxic, eat a peach……BA.

              • BadAmerican,

                You should have written the article, well said.

              • Very well said. It is important for local law enforcement and the citizens who pay their salaries to get on the same page locally; with a lot of input from the people whom they serve.

                The LEO’s here need to be very PRO ACTIVE about the Second Amendment within their departments, and generate a dialogue with the folks in their respective cities and towns to ensure and DEMONSTRATE that they understand who they work for and what their TRUE responsibilities are.

                They are US and WE are them. They are OUR brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces. They need to remember that WE are family; and the family that pays their family’s bills. You work for US.

                Step up in your dept guys. I’ve got your back and expect you to have mine when the NWO Gun Grabbers ride into town to take it over.

                Its OUR town, and its OUR America. WE are Seal Team America and WE can eliminate the NWO Gun Grabbers from a 1000 yards. Shoot and scoot.

                Make every ballot count.

              • dont just eat the peach, eat the seed inside the pit too. and eat the seed inside of an apricot pit as well as apple seeds. Don’t believe the lies on this. Eat them and live longer.

            • This article was spot on. You have the RIGHT not to incriminate yourself. You have the RIGHT to not be searched . You have the RIGHT to remain silent. They usually tell you that after you have incriminated yourself. ONLY speak to law enforcement in the presence of an attorney. Other than that shut up but be polite. I disagree with not addressing the Officer as sir. Maybe because I was raised down south. There are plenty of good cops. But there are also plenty of bad ones as well. Protect yourself because you can’t always tell the difference.

              • You have the right NOT to incriminate yourself…and your rights do not need to be explained to you until after you are in custody….You may be searched if the officer believes or can articulate probable cuase for the search. That is easy to do. The level of probable cause needed to search is not as high as it is to arrest…….Be a jerk and the officer will start looking for probable cause. Be polite and courteous anf don’t give them a reason to look any further…It is up to you.

                And to the comments on the “CORP” we only have ourselves to blame. Cops only enforce the laws that the people we elected to make the laws have passed. Don’t like the laws your legislature or congress is passing? Vote them out, turn them out. Get involved.

                • @knight77:

                  Statutes are not law, it is internal policy…defacto.

                  The yellow fringe on the flag is the dead giveaway, see USC title 4.

                  Law is written to prevent error or injury(crime).

                  No injury, no crime, no law broken.

                  Establishing a “consensual” encounter is fraud of the LEO. If a LEO does not witness an actual crime, said LEO should leave the Citizen alone.

                  LEO’s rape the Rights of Citizens on a daily basis, all for the CORP, all for their quotas, and all for their shits and giggles.

                  Any defense of the CORP is a violation of oath

                  Any defense of the CORP, is supporting the fraud.

                  Any defense of the CORP, is criminal.

                  Any defense of the CORP is rape.

                  …… “I was just doing my job”…….not..

                  ..government can only operate in the fiction…

                  …..there is know spoon…..BA.

                • “I thought I smelled marijuana”–One of many manufactured forms of PC that cannot be disproven.

                  • “I thought I smelled marijuana”

                    Just respond, I do too, I think it is coming from you. If you get that recorded I doubt he will proceed much further. His probable cause became yours.

            • I agree with you. This article is over the top. I was a cop for 20 years and never took anyone to jail that did not deserve to go. Its people like the idiot who wrote the article that makes a police officers job much harder than it should be.
              If I told a rapist, a murderer, a child molester, that I would give a “good word” on their behalf to get their confession I did. At least they were put in prison where sometimes other convicts took the action that our courts failed to provide. I have been shot, spit on, injured and I won’t let the author get away with this. Only people who have been put in jail will agree with this puke.

              • Agreed, Spike. You didn’t say this, but I will. If someone acted like this when pulled over there is a good chance that what could have been a routine and short encounter would go south very quickly.

                I have seen many people go to jail for the offense of POP. Pissed Off Police. In some states the officer has the option of “cash bonding” a person on a ticket. That means they take you to jail for a traffic violation, and the fine/bond must be paid before release. Once the person is taken into custody the vehicle has to be “inventoried”. That means searched.

                • Cops often act illegally and are sometimes arrogant. That said, descretion IS the better part of valor. One must bear in mind that during such an interaction, you are essentially playing ball in their court. Right or wrong, they have the home field advantage.

            • “””All cops are not bad and without them there would be anarchy. “””

              Anarchy is just another word for freedom.

              Governments exist only to punish those who cause injuries to another, and protect people from further injury through proper enforcement of the Law. Cops are not concerned with that. Their job is to file reports (act as state witnesses) in the generation of revenue through abuse of commercial law.

              Are there good ones? Sure, and sometimes I imagine a good kernel of corn might show up in a turd. But that don’t mean the rest of the turd is as good as corn.

              If you respect the badge, you have placed your faith in a piece of metal, issued by a fiction, to someone hired to serve as agent, in the generation of revenue through the Unlawful enforcement of commercial statutes.

              Good luck with that.

              If the man wearing the badge does not warrant respect, the badge makes no difference. And if he warranted my respect, he wouldn’t be wearing the badge to begin with.

              • GC,

                Just because you say it, does not make it true to me. We all have our own opinion and I don’t agree with one thing you have written. To each his own, right? Sorry but what you wrote is in my opinion, sanctimonious and ridiculous.

                • If you ate a can of corn and waited a few hours you would agree with at least one of my points.

                  You are certainly entitled to your opinion. But that doesn’t change the value of mine.

                  Nothing I say is true to anybody but me. It doesn’t have to be.

                  You have been well indoctrinated into the state. You believe exactly what it wants you to believe, that it’s officers are authorities over YOU.

                  So long as the masses believe that the state is an “authority over them” they will submit themselves to the degradation of slavery and fight to the death to convince the world they are free.

                  Respect the badge and the uniform, or respect yourself. You can’t do both.

                  • GC, you get smarter and more eloquent all the time.

                    Keep it up and I may trade some silver for your time to be my “first friend” if I ever need one.

                    All thumbs up for you!

              • “sometimes I imagine a good kernel of corn might show up in a turd. But that don’t mean the rest of the turd is as good as corn.”

                Buddy, that line gave me the best laugh I’ve had in a long danged time!

                Right on the money, too.

                Thanks for the humor!

            • @Live Free….Coming from a LE family, I must agree. There is good and bad within any field of endeavor….but to say all LE personel are corrupt and “out to get you” is wrong…and would perhaps be detrimental to you should you “try” this methodology….Basically, one needs to know their rights as they stand at this time…be calm, be respectful and co-operate within your rights…..of course, all may be moot in the coming times….

              • “rights as they stand at this time”

                God given rights NEVER change, only peoples knowledge and protection of their rights

                • Excellent point. Another sign of submitting to the lower powers, waiting for their rights to be determined.

                  It’s a long road ahead when we must first convert these people back into free Men before they can fight for a cause they understand.

                  Most, it seems, are too happily enslaved. the collapse is not about setting us up as slaves. It’s about taking the happiness out of the slavery most are locked into out of ignorance.

                  • Holey Cow Batman! Do you realize what you just said?

                    “The collapse is not about setting us up as slaves. Its about taking the happines out of the slavery most are locked into out of ignorance.”

                    …and thereby hangs the reason the corp fights SO INCREDIBLY HARD to keep the system going.

              • “””but to say all LE personel are corrupt and “out to get you” is wrong…”””

                FOB, it is not the individuals but the system itself that is corrupt and set up to get you. Therefore, prudence would dictate one should not respect, as anything but an enemy, a representative or agent of that system.

                Not all law enforcement are bad as people. They are just ill informed and have sold themselves to serve the enemy of the People, and in so doing routinely violate their rights and lie to them as a matter of policy.

                And that IS the good ones.

                When the laws are unjust, such as in all corp code enforcement, the enforcers can not be just in their actions to enforce them.

                Using unjust force and coercion in the violation of another mans rights makes one irredeemably bad, no matter how many times he kisses his kids when he gets home and no matter what costume they may put on.

                • It really does depend on the kind of cop. Good cop or bad cop. DHS cop , Federal cop might have a different program going against you than just a local “blue” working the street. They’re all different. A “blue” might just want to get you on a traffic stop whereas a detective might want to implicate you. Every encounter is different. Basic rule is that you stand your ground on your rights guilty or innocent and don’t give anyone an excuse to beat your head in, tase you etc. Another good rule is to avoid contact if you can.

              • Answer me this…if there are good cops why aren’t they speaking out against brutality by the state? Seems more of the just following orders drone mindset.

                Honorable people don’t make excuses for the police state.

            • I see your proving your screen name to be an oxy moron once again

            • The police swear to uphold the constitution / bill of rights – read it some time.

              • They also swear to uphold the laws of the United States and the State they represent.

                When there is a conflict between the Constitution and the law, which do you think they will uphold. Yes, some will uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but I suggest most will uphold the law.

                Attended a local “Day of Resistance” rally, and one of the speakers was the county sheriff. Talking of gun confiscation, he stated that an executive order is not a law, and he is not bound to enforce it. Then, he stated, several times, that if Congress should pass a law requiring confiscation, then he would be bound to enforce it. He also mentioned, several times as well, that he is a law enforcement officer, and his job is to enorce the law.

                • NC,

                  Your Sheriff is right in that EOs are not law.

                  Your Sheriff is mistaken in that the Congress CAN NOT pass a law that applies within HIS jurisdiction, unless it is a commercial law affecting interstate commerce. Those are NOT enforceable against the People of the state not engaged in commerce. In fact, it is the Sheriffs responsibility to protect you from the Unlawful enforcement of those “laws” by federal agents entering into his jurisdiction.

                  It looks as though we will be left to shoot the offenders ourselves when the Sheriff doesn’t even understand his job, his jurisdiction, and the source of his power.

                  Still, he is better than a lot of them.

                • “””They also swear to uphold the laws of the United States and the State they represent.”””

                  ONLY the laws made pursuant to the constitution. No Laws can be passed so long as the corp funds itself with private debt currency, and the States participate in the fraud.

                  The United States Codes are referred to, in the codes themselves, as prima facie evidence of law. A rebuttable presumption is made that they are Law, but that does not make them Law.

                  The presumption is easily rebuttable via affidavit, and the state will never rebut your affidavit because it officers can not speak and have no standing to rebut.

                  At this time in the history of the United States of America, the ONLY Law in force and effect is the Constitution. All other “laws” are private administrative law for matters internal to the corp.

                  One day maybe the People will rise up and enforce their Law. Until then, we have to deal with criminals who don’t understand their own crimes and who do very little to protect anything but their job in the corp by continuing the crime spree.

            • I for one respect the badge of the good ones, and guess what, there are plenty of good one. Find something better to bash.

              Maybe you’re living in the last Mayberry, or maybe you’re living in fantasy land, but the reality over most of America is that the vast majority of cops are nasty, criminal thugs.

              I can just picture it, no cops, every convenience store, every bank, every business, every house, every car, ripe for the picking. Are you kidding me?

              The only two options you can imagine are the police state we have today, or, a world in which nobody has any means of self-defense? I’d say you’re suffering from a failure of imagination.

              What’s next, how to hate and bash the military?

              What’s not to bash? The military hires young uneducated men and women to run around the world murdering people, stirring up ever more hatred toward the U.S. in every nation we can locate on a map. We’re writing a script for a certain future of terrorist attacks, and you think it’s unthinkable to utter any criticism?

              • 95% of cops give thge rest a bad name.

              • JdL,

                You sound like a terrorist, a weather underground terrorist. Is Bill Ayers your hero. Not interested in what you or GC has to say, you are both no better than the ass holes in charge. You want a freeking dictatorship, you run everything, you call all the shots, you keep everyone safe, you are the boss. Get real and stop living in fantasy land. We need cops, we need the military, we need law and order. If you were the head of a small community that banded together to fight the system, who would be in charge, who would stop the crime that is bound to occur, who calls the shots? Oh yea, you and GC. You both make me sick with your preaching and neither of you is very good at it. You’ve got nothing but big mouths and a lot of hot air coming out of them. Go eat some corn.

                • “””You want a freeking dictatorship, you run everything, you call all the shots, you keep everyone safe, you are the boss.”””

                  I don’t want to run anything but my own life. It is you who wants to run everybody elses by coercion and force through a fictional proxy nobody can ever face or cross examine.

                  “””We need cops, we need the military, we need law and order. “””

                  We have cops. We have a military. What is lacking is that those in them do not honor the Rule of Law that ensures law and order. Logic indicates that if freedom can not exist with these forces in place, that they will have to be removed before freedom can exist. I prefer a peaceful removal and disbandment of these unnecessary groups.

                  “””If you were the head of a small community that banded together to fight the system, who would be in charge, who would stop the crime that is bound to occur, who calls the shots?”””

                  To you, fighting the system is the crime. If I was elected in a Lawful manner by the rest of the community to serve as it’s “leader”, I would immediately issue a REQUEST that every citizen capable of carrying a gun be armed at all times when they are in the “community”, and that they be willing to protect it if called to do so.

                  I would then establish nightly classes on gun safety for all to attend for free. If there was funding, i would provide a free range and ammo for practice shooting.

                  We don’t need armed corporate officers patrolling the street committing fraud for profit and protection under force of arms. We need armed Americans carrying weapons everywhere they go without fear of corp interference. That would stop MOST crime INSTANTLY, as the criminals will have lost their advantage over their victims.

                  You don’t have to listen to me or anybody else. And you will not, I am sure. But I will continue to try to awaken the people as to their rights, and the violations of them sanctioned by people like you who refuse to wake up to who they serve and what they do.

                • Live free or die…….your name does not serve you well, it is qquite the oxy moron….emphasis on the moron part. You are either a paid troll or just a dumbed down person who couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with directions on the bottom.

                  • I suspect a troll purposely mentioning other posters as “terrorist” in his replies hoping to get the post flagged so he can get a bonus. That, and he is in fact, a moron based upon his comments.

                    Nobody with half a brain believes the “terrorist” claim is ever legitimate. Those muslims who are deemed terrorist are actually freedom fighters in their own country forced into war by the banksters.

                    By that definition, anyone who fights for their own freedom against the banksters is a terrorist. That will be their whine. Everybody but them will be terrorists

                    The sad thing is there are millions of idiots like LFOD who will believe it.

            • I agree with your comments. This article was written by someone with an ax to grind with the police and will be the first person screaming for their help when the real SHTF. Police are fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers AND Americans too. The author is so offensive that I now am questioning why I read this website if this represents the general attitude of the authors and readers.

              • This article isnt offensive to someone with brain who wants to gain knowledge. Applying knowledge is up to you and is nobody elses responsibility. I treat the pigs the way they treat me. If you need the pigs in SHTF you shouldnt be here because youre not a prepper.

              • md482,

                You are right on the money, for me it is time to leave this shit hole site. Many here are starting to sound like the elite that they profess to hate. Just a bunch of angry, stupid, do nothing, big mouthed, lazy, sit at the computer all day, jerk offs. What a waste of time, not to mention the attention they are getting from the left, they are treading dangerous water with their terrorist mentality that they are starting to display openly. Be careful little sheeple of another color, I am sure the other terrorists are watching you. All mouth and no brains or action.

                I for one won’t poison my brain reading this crap anymore plus I don’t want to be associated with you occupy idiots. Some of the people who post her are intelligent and insightful, they have a lot to offer but I would think twice if I were them about posting on a site that is turning violent.

                Come on little red thumb bitches, bring it on, that is about all your good for.

                • That’s brilliant.

                • you’ll be back, I know you will

                • @Md,Live free,eisen:

                  The author reveals his own enslavement to the CORP.

                  The good that comes from such an article, is that an open discussion on such a topic, might lead to your own self revelation of just how deep the fraud is spread. It is truly a cancer.

                  Each Citizen, not only needs to know their Rights, but needs to own their Rights.

                  Defacto(internal) vs dejure(common) jurisprudence, implied consent, cause and standing, jurisdiction, jury nullification, and remedy or recourse, are just the tip of the iceberg of the list of topics that will lead one to finally understand what Rights and Freedom are all about.

                  Disagreeing with the other posts, or how the posts are presented, is part of the discourse, and should be used to enhance your own knowledge base. Eisen(twubble) has it correct when he states that knowledge gained should never be offensive. That which doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

                  Don’t be such a baby, life is pain –The Long Kiss Goodnight–.

                  I may not like what you say, but I will defend your Right to say it.

                  …eeeder, the peach I was talking about does not have seeds…….BA.

            • I see it this way: A good cop won’t be trying to bully you and will be observant of your rights, hence, no need for half of the above tactics…however, when you do come across the self-important bully cop, it is good to know how to deal with them.

              This article doesn’t waste time and space on how to defend against a good cop, it deals with how to defend your rights against a bad cop…most of us already know how to legally deal with a good cop, it’s the bad ones we have to watch out for.

            • I hear what you are saying, but the author’s premise was not to bash the PEOPLE carrying out law enforcement, but to address the nature of the DUTY of a LEO. Their DUTY is to enforce the laws, period. Even if they (or you) don’t like the law being enforced. So the author’s points are right on. A LEO is NOT your friend, even though the person wearing the uniform might be.

            • I agree with you. I am an Army veteran and a law enforcement officer. I, as well as everyone in my agency, are deeply concerned with what is happening in our country. I have NEVER used the tactics described in his article, and it is painfully obvious that he has developed a severe hatred of police based on negative contacts. The Constitution is my guide which I base ALL of my decisions on. To say that the police “aren’t your friend” or there to “help” people is ignorant. This is the same kind of bullshit that preppers have experienced when labelled as “extremists” and “gun nuts”. When Federal, Unconstitutional gun laws take effect, its going to be the Sheriff’s of this country that will be the first to stand
              up and refuse to enforce. If you live in a part of the country where you dont have this support from you law enforcement agencies,
              then LEAVE. I know first hand the problems which face our nation, and to demonize ALL law enforcement is beyond disgusting. I served in Iraq and Afghanistan and now serve a small community in AZ against those who prey on hardworking citizens. The federal government has abandoned our borders and WE are all that stands watch. This was never my dream job, but I do it everyday with a copy of The Constitution and Bill of Rights in my pocket. This writer is a douchebag, don’t buy into his bullshit. “Liberty or Death”!

          • I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, also, Reader. For 3 1/2 years I read everything I could get my hands on about climate change (a misnomer; should be called climate hell!). Finally, like most who study this issue, I concluded there was no solution to the problem. But, being an optimist I finally concluded the only way to solve the problem was if the system came down–Revolution. The system is just so f– corrupt! Then, funny thing, that’s exactly what started taking place- all around the world and even here (beginnings of revolt). Anyhow, one of my favorite books is “Climate Wars”. The guy who wrote it interviewed various experts in various fields to see how they were responding (military, etc.) I read that book twice– loved it!! You probably need a background in the science of GW to really appreciate it best, but anyone would appreciate it. Sort of like watching a scary movie but its based on facts– actual interviews. (NOT for closed minded right wingers who listen to rush limpballs and other non-experts).

        • Five, one, five, oh…

          • SO,
            i hate that song. 🙂 What happened to real country music????

          • @SmokO:

            …sums it up Sir…..your best comment, joke, response ever……….

            ….some people see the light…….some just get hit by the train……

            …….hey Bulldog, wooo wooo chugga chugga …….

            …..I can fix that hump…….BA.

            • Reposted….


              Howdy BA,

              “….some people see the light…….some just get hit by the train……”


              GOOD One!!, T’anks


              • @JOG:

                Good Day Sir.

                Thank you for the compliment.

                I’m thinking that some people are having trouble with SmokO’s post “five one, five oh” — (5150) — hysterical !!

        • Yeah, rather sounds like dude is trying to hide something. This type of behavior would make any cop quite suspicious about him. Why not to let search your car if yo have nothing to hide there? Why not to open window all the way down? Stupis advise, would just make cop look for a reason to stop you now.

          • OK for them to search your house at will as well? If they ask to search your car, they’re fishing.

        • The State needs bodies, and the Police work for who?

          The State.

          • I don’t know, but it’s been said,
            Army boots are full of lead.

            I don’t know, but I’ve been told,
            Our Constitution’s made of gold.

            Sound off…

        • State: I am having a bad day, officer. With all due respect, what is the nature of this contact? Reply: I intend to be compliant, but I do not acknowledge any wrongdoing. Am I being lawfully detained? Then: I would like to know when I am free to go. Thank you, officer.

        • Southron List of Cops, this first sentence is for naught.Now that being said. George Bush used the SURGE in Iraq, and now Obammy is using the SURGE on the American people, with Gun Control Laws. He has call all his stooges in state Government, and had them bring up any ridiculous law they can think of. They are trying to overwhelm us with laws, even if they can get a few of these laws passed, they have won this round. So we must still contact our Senators and Representatives, both State and Federal and tell them plain and simple. ” No New Gun Laws, PERIOD. I would bet that many of the people on this blog, that comment often, have never contacted the people who are now trying to enslave us. So stop attacking fellow bloggers, and cops for that matter, and start directing your energy toward those who are in power. I’ve heard many on this site say, don’t blame the soldier for wars, go for the head. So what are we doing in regards to the cops, they sure ain’t the HEAD. WASP. This is my 4th try, started when there were only 5 comments early in the afternoon, now there are 235

          • WASP



      2. Societies with lots of guns and few cops have very little crime. And societies with lots of cops and very few guns have a lot of crime. Most people use that information to argue it’s ok to own guns, but they’re missing the point. Cops that are rude, arrogant, and who assume they are above the law, encourage resentment and the spread of resistance. Disrespect and denial of unalienable human rights directly contributes to the creation of new “criminals”. Cops cause crime.

        • I’d say, “bad cops cause crime”.

          • An increase in laws causes and increase in crime.

            • Absolutely.

      3. What a shame, whether an elected representative, a school staff/admin/teacher, or a police officer; they all work for us and they make it their habit to lie to their employer: the tax payer.
        When asked by an officer if I know how fast I was going, I always respond “yes” and leave it there. Never have I had them inquire any more about speed. Normally, they get it and give what I’ve handed them back with a curt “drive safely”.

        • “..they all work for us ”

          Yes, in the sense that a mobster is working for you by not beating you up (too badly) and not stealing (too much of) your stuff so long as you show ‘proper respect’ and keep on paying their requested (and ever increasing) protection money.

          I wonder just how many ‘public employees’ we would have if mandatory withholding laws weren’t in place?

          • Owl, Good points.

          • Owl, MANDATORY WITHHOLDING is not Law. All withholding must be voluntary, for BOTH the employer and worker, otherwise it is a violation of the Constitution.

            If everybody would quit volunteering, things would change radically overnight, as you imply.

            But then the people will have killed the Banksters Golden Goose. They would have no more use for the plantation and who knows how badly they would tear it up on their way out.

            Then they would go into their holes and regroup to try again later. We can’t just chase them out for now. They must be PERMANENTLY removed from the face of planet, by whatever means they make necessary for us to use.

            Peacefully is the only way they will not go.

        • By saying you didn’t know how fast you were going, some cops feel you didn’t have full control of your vehicle, or so my attorney said…

          • If you have an attorney, you are wide asleep.

            Attorneys DO NOT know Law, they are taught procedure, procedure, procedure.

            The Law has nothing to do with what attorneys practice, and hiring one removes you from any protection you had as a Man before you declared yourself incompetent to deal with your own affairs.

            • Unfortunately, one needs to use the system to get any kind of “justice”, that’s just the way it is. No matter how much we dislike or disagree with the current joke of a system, we are also bound within it and subject to it.

              You can’t go into any court room and just insist you are innocent just because, well, you are. The guy in the big chair needs to hear WHY you shouldn’t be found guilty, and that means finding and presenting those pesky written laws to him (laws one would think he should already know).

              I guess one could go into a court and tell the judge you’re innocent of an illegal left turn by reason that the motor vehicle law says it’s legal to make a right turn on red after a stop, but I don’t recommend it if you plan on beating the ticket.

              While lawyers are generally good at filling out lots of paperwork, YOU are responsible for knowing your own rights, not the attorney…his area of expertise is knowing where to look for the limitations on those rights, and how to write them in legal format.

              In short, he MAY have some uselful information, but in the end, IT’S YOUR ASS, NOT HIS on the line.

            • If I may ask GC. And I am pretty much in agreement with you.

              What IS the history of speeding, illegal turns, and other tickets? Did the constable pass out tickets for riding the horse too fast in town?

              When did this all start and how? Did they have citations post Revolutionary war?

              • Citations started with the commercial licensing of vehicles in commerce. That is still the sole Lawful purpose.

                They just conned you and everybody else into getting a commercial license for what you already had the right to do anyway.

                Take back your right. You are free to do so at any time.

                • So what we need is someone to challenge this in court. Claiming that they do not need to register a vehicle as it’s NOT used for commerce. Has this happened?

                  Maybe a Kickstarter legal fund to take this as far as possible.

                  What sites do you use for searching legal cases?

                  • Dave, we need nothing from their courts. The cases that win are on dismissal of charges with no reason given, and they are not recorded anywhere. Others are dismissed before the court date. They will dismiss any case that may require them to expose their fraud in open court.

                    Furthermore, if you do go to court with a valid Lawful argument they will lose and all their efforts fail to trap you, they will keep you there until you are the last one in the court room.

                    People do win all the time. You will never hear about it.

      4. good advice in the article, thank you!

        • Personally, I come here for ALL of the information found here. I find Be Informed’s info and earthquake predictions useful, because I live smack dab in the pacific fault zone and it is a REAL threat for me.

          I find the personal and home protection articles of great value and have actually implemented some from this site. The same is true of the wide range of opinions on combating gun control laws and hungry neighbors and friends in a SHTF scenario.

          I find the info on current political and financial trends useful.

          I find absolutely ALL of the varied opinions useful, whether I agree with them or not, because it helps ME to figure out if I’m on the “right page” in my own resolutions.

          In fact, THE ONLY THING I don’t find useful, is the name-calling and hateful little jabs at others for their stated values and opinions. Other than that, EVERYTHING ON THIS SITE is useful to one degree or another.

          EVERYONE is appreciated, even Eisenkreuz. The only one I’ve found NO use for is finx and he’s probably a govt troll, but even HE reminds me that not everyone thinks like I do, and there is an ever-present threat behind the scenes that I need to watch out for…so I guess even finx has some sort of positive purpose for me.

          This is a good site and nobody can take that away. Nobody.

      5. Why would you follow any of these rules? You’re just asking for trouble if you do. No wonder there is police brutatily. Ive been pulled over by nice cops and cops that were just assholes but everytime I was asked a question and asked to do something I always did everything with respect. And everytime I was let go without any problems. That was even including one time being clocked going 130mph on a motorcycle cop pulled me over angry and yelled and talked to me and let me go with a waring.

        • Most of my personal experience is similar to yours Hutsy. I probably will not follow this advice and I will probably be fine (I don’t speed, drink, or engage in any common illegal activities – essentially if I’m breaking the law I’m not aware of it.)

          However, I do plan on following the advice of similar articles written about justified home invasion shootings. If I am ever involved in one (against all odds) I will be too shaken up to talk, request to be taken to the hospital, and only agree to an interview with my attorney present. There is just too much at risk for a ignorant hack like me to be my own legal mind.

          But things may change, maybe in some big cities they already have. I’ll keep these ideas on the back burner. I think preppers and survivalists have a inherent distrust of authority and it probably causes some simple interactions with LEOs to take a turn for the worse.

          • DumdDude….good advice. Having been an LEO for 20 years, and involved in a shooting, I was told by my sergeant to go home, relax, and do the report the next day, after speaking to a union rep.
            It should be, and I recommend, the same advice if you are involved in a shooting of your own….tell the LEO that you will say nothing, request a lawyer, and do your statement after that.

            • That same sergeant would be pressuring a citizen to make a statement immediately. I would also be terribly shaken up and unable to give a coherent statement.

              • yep, but even by policy the cops have a “cool off” period before writing anything down about a shooting, or even talking about it if they so request..

                request it.

        • Tough call because I’ve had similar experiences to you with cops. Legally speaking, it’s good advice. In Los Angeles… it’s called “how to get a beat-down 101”.

          The search thing, I’ve held firm on. Too much chance of something magically appearing in my glove box. Huh, where did that come from? That wasn’t there a minute ago…

          • I’ve heard a criminal lawyer (apt job title) say that 90% of people convict themselves. On the recording thing, tough call. If you tell them, they are less likely to act illegally, especially if they know there are multiple cameras and the footage is being automatically uploaded and thus out of reach. If you don’t, you are more likely to win your lawsuit. I can see why “the authorities” are desperate to find a way to disable wireless communication at will. Those pesky cameras everywhere are ruining everything.

        • Big mistake! The officer that smiles as he asks you to willing give up your rights is still asking you to give up your rights! Every time the sheep willing do that…makes it that much harder for the rest of us.

        • hudty,
          “Why Follow any of these rules”????
          Because they are out of control for the most part and if we “comply” they win and it will get much worse. No one is saying be an asshole to them, just dont give them anything they dont have the right to get. If we dont resist this way, where will it end?
          I chose my rights!

          • Well I guess the diffrence is I dont have anything to hide and I dont think Im above the law. I do something wrong the police are there to let me know. Yeah I seen police brutilaty splashed all over the news but I never had any problems ever. And im not about to tell a cop what he can and cant do because that just asking for trouble. But thats me and who I am.

        • “clocked going 130mph on a motorcycle cop … let me go with a warning”

          Ima call big fat BS on that. That’s reckless driving and reckless endangerment of everyone around your dumb ass on the road. No cop lets that go with a pass.

          • probably felt sorry for him, all those bugs in the teeth…

            • LMAO.

              I drove a bike when I was younger. I remember some of those B52 sized bugs splatting on my helmet visor at 55mph. I cant imagine hitting one at 130mph.

              • I hated love bug season

                • They Suck

                  • On I-10, between San Diego and El Paso, if you’re not going at least 100 mph, you’re blocking traffic. Maybe it’s different now, though.

            • Yea, all three of his teeth!

            • Bugs in my teeth? Ever heard of a full face helmet?

          • My working hypothesis is Hutsy is an attractive young female.

            • And here comes all the dumb ass comments because some pple cant belive a cop let them go for doing something wrong. It is possible there are good cops and yes bad ones. Just because you drive your bike at 55 dosent mean I cant ride mine what it was built for. But keep living in fear and just stay in your house behind your keyboard safe place for you all.

              • You’re right Hutsy. There’s a lot of sofa Rambos and keyboard Shwarzeneggers on this site,mostly in their sixties.Lots of heros on the internet chatrooms.

                • ….as Anony(mouse) hides in the corner….

                  …………just pointing out the obvious….

                  …..dirge or dinner bell, you decide…..BA.

                  • Or,I could use a real hard ass name like Bad American too. Go change your depends,ba.

                  • I earn the Right to this name, as obviously you to yours.

                    Go back to the kid’s table, the adults are talking.

                    …your either in, or in the way..BA.

          • True Story …

            Not B.S. some Cops are still cool guys …

            I too was once pulled over for going 135 mph on a highway in New England at 4am … took the State Police officer 26 miles to catch me .

            He only caught me cause I slowed down for the off ramp Exit … ;0P

            He was a Ex-Marine , literally ripped me from my car like a rag doll and reamed me a new a-hole .

            After a good 5 minutes of him ranting he ask me why i was going so fast … ;0)

            I told him I wanted to see just how quickly I could make the 120 mile run to First Ski Tracks in Fresh Snow . ;0)

            Which made him laugh grin then bitch me out again !

            What saved me in the End was my clearly marked USMC Duffle Bag in my cars trunk that I used as my ski gear bag !

            He Let Me Go with a Strong verbal warning and a threat to “Pit Me” if he ever caught me doing that again ! ;0)


            • note: during that entire incident i was passive , NON-CONFRONTATIONAL , answered all his questions truthfully honestly and let him search my car and he ran my NCIC back ground which is squeeky clean .

              and i was very lucky !


            • Cops just like people have different personalities and prejudices … let the cop “set the tone” of your inter-action … stay calm agreeable and just let them do their jobs .


              IT’S THAT SIMPLE .

              just be honest to a point in answering their questions and calm chill be like water just flow with it .

              ” Innocent honest people want to provide evidence to protect them validate their innocence , Dishonested Criminal people want to hide deny evidence to protect themselves from criminal prosecution !”


          • I also had same experience 135 Plus Plus. When He caught up I calming pulled over. When he approach he asked a why. I said it was the price of owning the car

            Ran me no issue. Said slow down. Than admitted it was fun to get some high speed driving in. And didn’t want to do the paperwork. Could tell an arrest would make no difference. I pay the money and then sue because they damaged my Mercedes while it was in there care. We got a big laugh. We drove at a 100 together the whole way to the state line.

          • Huh I dunno, friend of mine had the same thig hapen to him, 130 in a residential no less.

            Cop wrote him up for 90… just under felony. But he was, as I’m told, cool about it. Which strikes me as really weird. 130 in a residential is kind of… um. Totally batshit crazy. I guess the fact that it was 4:30 AM and the streets were totally bare mitigated it somewhat but still…

            • Or business district I guess is more appropriate way of putting it.

              Business bordering on residential. 4 lane road with shops on either side and side streets leading directly into residential.

          • In 1974, I took a few of my friends to Florida before I married.
            On the way home, I crossed the Florida line into Georgia and was pulled over by a Florida ST…he said I was doing 100 and I was.
            He said he couldn’t ticket me for speeding in Florida while I was in Georgia and told me to slow down—I did!!

          • Call bs all you want you wasnt there. Just because I agree with the cop and knew I was wrong means he has to throw me in jail? And name calling? Good way to have a conservation.

      6. Good article and good advice, but we really do not need to stoop to terms like “swinest”. Some cops are no doubt not the finest, but many are doing the best they can in a nearly hopeless situation.

      7. Some of this “advice” is not going to do you anything but harm. If you are stopped for a traffic violation and try that window cracking idea you will be ordered out of the car, which is legal. Not all cops are the enemy. A great number of us are Patriots, oath keepers and Veterans. I did not fight tyranny overseas only to come home and subject my fellow citizens to it. I work in a large urban department and to be honest simple courtesy will get you on your way. Pulling this type of nonsense will irritate some cops and cause you to be written expensive citations for things you didn’t even know were laws. This is how I advise my family to act during a traffic stop. I would apply the tactics listed if and only if you/I were stopped at one of those unlawful immigration check points. Understand the huge legal differences between a traffic stop and a check point encounter. Best wishes

        • i agree , alot of this advice is inflamitory and would escalate a routine “taillight out” traffic stop into a battle of wits . noboby needs it , if after youve been courteous , the officer decides to bully , then push back is called for.
          its just like talking to anybody else on the street , you get what you give .

        • How do I tell if you are an oathkeeper? Is there a pin you wear? I applaud you for being a one of the nice ones but when I see a cop just like a gangbanger type I go to condition yellow. I am fortunate that the town I live in the chief keeps the cops on a tight leash but the State Police in this state are criminals with badges. They are arrogant and hatefull. The state has paid out millions in damages from the idiotic damage they have commited. When the big SHTF comes they might as well head home and hide as they will be targets. I don’t trust or like cops and just like you see the public and assume we are up to no good I see a cop and I assume he is a JBT. I avoid cops completely and only call them as a last resort. (which is usually never). Let me ask you this, if 30 round mags were illegal would you arrest someone merely for possesing one?

          • KingKrazy….you will know very quickly if an LEO is an Oath Keeper by the way they conduct themselves when you ask questions. I dont work with any officers that are not “card carrying members”…..I think alot of it is location, demographics.

          • I think you will realize quickly based on the respectful manner in which your treated.

        • I have been pulled over 3 times in the last two years by Police Officers on “fishing expeditions” because I happened to be traveling during “bar close” time. Each time I was sent on my way after using tactics very similar to those described in the article. I was polite. Kept my voice even. And exerted my rights. And again…each time was sent on my way.

          • If you can remember your “Rights” you must be sober.

        • Iragi freedom 814 mp-
          You’ll probably get a hundred responses to your comment. Mostly bad. And some of those, I’ll agree with. However, let me say this upfont: If I have to deal with a cop, I’d probably rather deal with you than some of your co-workers. You’re probably more calm and level headed than most.
          BUT- Here’s where we’ll disagree:
          You said ‘Pulling this type of nonsense will irritate some cops…’
          You surely don’t believe that exercising one’s rights is nonsense, do you? Not accusing you, but that’s how many of your responders here are gonna take it. And it does make the question legitimate. (personally, I don’t think you believe that)
          You said ‘…and cause you to be written expensive citations…’
          They’re only expensive if you lose in court, or choose not to fight them. You are assuming that everybody will do that. Granted, most do, but the larger point is that you are ASSUMING everyone will lose (or not fight them at all). And therefore, you appear to ASSUME that the rights don’t exist. Or aren’t worth fighting for.
          You said ‘…written expensive citations for things you didn’t even know were laws.’
          That is exactly the mindset we are combatting! Let me stress again, it’s not you personally. It’s the mindset that we are against. The idea that there are so many ‘laws’ on the books that anyone could be guilty at anytime, is anathema to liberty. If we are to be citizens, and not subjects; if freedom, and the responsibilities it carries with it, are of any value, then we MUST change this mindset.
          You said ‘…simple courtesy will get you on your way.’
          That’s true. And in many cases that ‘simple courtesy’ is just that. A respectful exchange between parties and a quick resolution. However, in today’s society, that ‘simple courtesy’ has been construed to mean a peaceful surrender of ALL the rights one has as a citizen.
          Far too many cops, and civillians, think of it as the duty of the accused to toss away all presumption of innocence, all rights against search and seizure, and an expectation of complete surrender to authority simply because it is “Authority”. That’s where tyranny lives and breathes. We either point it out, and fight it…or we give in.
          All of us have an obligation to know where courtesy stops and tyranny begins. You’re the cop. You have a gun and a badge. And the ability to exercise certain aspects of your authority. We want you and need you on our side when the shtf. But, you (and we) absolutely must know where you stand on this question. You’re the only one that can answer that…

          • I agree fully agree in exercising ones rights. I personally hated the Westboro baptist church protesting one of my brothers funerals but I respected their right to free speech and assembly. My only point was getting stopped for speeding is a minor infraction that may or may not result in a traffic citation. Arguing the constitution on the stop may not be the best time or place. Again this is the routine traffic stop. Now an immigration check point or something along those lines is totally different. I’ve scene both the good and bad sides of law enforcement first hand. It would be highly naive to think all cops are solid citizens. They are not. But we all are not domestic enemies either. My sole purpose for posting was I would really hate for someone to take the advice in this article as gospel on how to handle police contact. I would hate for someone to take the posted articles advice and end up with five tickets or worse instead of a warning. I have a tough job. I work in the third largest town in my state in a highly urban area surrounded by housing projects. I view myself as a sheepdog trying to protect the flock from the wolves. My goal is to treat everyone with respect and also respect their constitutional rights. It’s hard sometimes but even the banger who tried to shoot me in the face was treated with respect. Best wishes

            • The mindset.
              You and criminals are predators and the rest of humanity merely sheep.
              We can clearly see how you view the people as completely different and inferior to yourself.

              I simply cannot comprehend how you fail to see how your posts prove the “cops are thugs and bullies” argument. You repeatedly describe how acting like you have rights are are not inferior to said Leo will/can lead to further and harsher action by said piggy. You are telling us that the encounter and how it will proceed is dependant upon our attitude towards the pig NOT the facts and the law.

              It is sad to see how many actively defend the world you describe.

        • IF 814 mud puppy,
          I say mud puppy with all the brotherly love of a fellow Army Guy 🙂 10th Cav
          I understand your point a little, but think about this.My wife was discussing gun laws with a deputy at a court house she was working in and she asked if it was legal to carry loaded in her jeep. He (being uneducated in the laws he is supposed to enforce) said no you will go to jail for that. In the state that I live in, it is 100% legal to carry any way you want in your vehicle it is an extension of your home. If she would have been pulled over by one of these uninformed fools, she would have been in a world of hurt.
          I say give only what the law says.
          :)Get ready for all of the hate replies you will get for the “fighting tyranny” thing. Believe me they are coming and not from me brother!

          • Bulldog, I also intentionally avoided any comment on the ‘fighting tyranny’ thing from 814. Yep, he’ll get a bunch of responses about that. But not from me, either. I’m sittin this one out!

          • I agree sir. I take my job and oath seriously. I’m am a student of the law and make sure to study updates and high court rulings. Unfortunately some cops don’t. Which causes serious issues. It’s a roll of the dice from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

            • “THE LAW” takes up 13 feet of bookshelf space. We dont need 90% of these stupid fucking laws. We need to fire as many government workers as possible. The military is a massive worthless waste of money. And we dont need the pigs for anything. We can do for ourselves.

            • The ONLY Law you need concern yourself with is the Constitution of your state. It controls EVERYTHING in your jurisdiction.

              Statute law is only to be enforced against corporations that exist because of creation by the state. the rulings of the courts are all based on commercial statute law, which DOES NOT apply to the People.

              Do yourself a favor. Forget the law, and instead study the Law. You can start by understanding why one is capitalized and the other is not.

        • I agree with you.
          Some of these tactics are only going to get you in trouble with the officer. Its going to get you unwanted aggravation. I always go with being polite and they get you going on your way. If you have a problem then you contact an attorney and follow up the claim from there. There is no reason to help feed and officer on a power trip. Most of the time you get a good person who is just doing there job. I rather fight and accusation in traffic court if there is one.

        • Read a bunch of the responses to your post, guess opinions are like a holes, we all got them, being a law abiding citizen, i dot worry so much about the popo, most of the interactions ive had are good, if it was bad i most likely was doing something wrong and deserved to be reprimanded, but im sure there are bad popo too,
          Pretty much believe in limiting contact but when or if i need to prefer to keep it professional and courteous, not saying that will be the case if they are going around confiscating firearms but ….
          Sorta like you dont attract flies with honey

          • Maybe a bit of clarification is needed for my previous comment to Iraqi freedom 814 above-
            The Federalization of local law enforcement is increasing daily. All that taxpayer money to buy new LEO toys, comes with significant strings attached. Local cops are being forced into a decision- support the corporate/government kleptocracy or support the citizens who oppose it.
            Kulafarmer is right. Most contacts with cops should be short, professional and as courteous as possible. And as infrequent as possible.
            And….we should remember, we’re dealing with a human being who, like us, has emotions that compel certain responses under certain conditions. If nothing is lost by courteous interaction with them, and if you stand to gain nothing from resistance, why piss them off? Why piss off anybody under those circumstances?
            The question for us is, in any given LEO interaction, Am I losing anything by complying? Is it worth the fight? Guess that all depends on the situation. And what we’re asked to surrender…

            • Agreed, our community is a little different than many of the huge metro areas on the continent, so little bit different situation.

        • @IF814

          You sound like a schizophrenic cop capable of going either way.
          Dangerous thin veneer with this one.

          • Just trying to offer some advice. If you wanna argue with the police when stopped more power to you. My point was if you get stopped for speeding be semi courteous and you will be on your way quickly. Act like an ass and that officer right or wrong will start writing more citations than u really want. Responses like this is why I rarely post. My record of combat service and police service is degraded by a half wit hiding behind a keyboard who acts like saying fuck the police is cool untill you need help. When you need help I show up and do what I always do. Put my life and safety on the line for a total stranger who hates me 95% of the time. Either way best wishes and be well



              • Very classy comment sir. Intelligent debate whether we agree or not is excellent. This type of commentary serves no purpose. Surely your macho tune will change when you need police assistance. Crime victim, lost child, involved in a car wreck. Hate us all you want but I will still assist without malice when the day comes that you are in need. Best wishes sir


                  I’ve called police for break-ins before and you did absolutely nothing. The only thing you’ve done in my life is steal my money with speeding tickets. And I never go but 10 or 15 over the limit. The reason people hate the police is because you deserve it. You treat people like shit and harass them when they have done absolutely nothing to you. I don’t need you for anything. I can take care of myself.

                  Thank you so much for defending my freedom and liberty by bombing and killing people half a world away and spending trillions of my hard-earned money. I’m so glad we have the biggest military in the world. It’s done so much to advance the position of humankind.

                  I don’t really hate or even disrespect you old man. I’m just frustrated by the fact that none of you in blue has the balls to speak out publicly about the crap that’s going on in this country except for a select few and honorable LLE. And boy do you guys like to talk tough. It’s easier just to go along with the elites and harass the little people, isn’t it? We’re an easier target.

                  • You are DEAD WRONG. Half of CONgress would not be nearly enough.

            • Dont let em get you down….Ive have some really bad contact with lawmen and some that wasnt…lots of people have just gotten very cynical on anyone with a badge and I understand why,but I dont see what youre saying as being stormtrooper-ish…it makes sense to try to be reasonable in any confrontation…even with LE..

        • Iraqi freedom 814 mp:

          Typical power trip cop hiding behind a gun and a badge.
          Nice bunch of blah, blah, blah, surrounding his veiled threat.

          Serve and protect my ass.

        • They can’t order you out of your car without PC. A broken taillight or speeding does not qualify. If you get out you just consented to having your car searched. Your passengers need to keep hands on their laps and mouths shut.

          You can be polite and yet object to their questions. Read the 4th and 5th amendments.

          • In the state of Illinois a traffic violation permits the officer to order you from the car. The violation is PC. Now that does not permit for a vehicle search or a search of ones person. It pays to know the law in your respective state before making blanket statements. Implied consent laws very greatly from state to state. You may be correct about your state but not mine.

            • That, unconstitutional gun laws, corrupt unions, and the most corrupt politicians in the country…are why people should leave Illinois and never go back.

              • If I could I would.

                • I’m sorry for pounding you like that. You didn’t deserve that. I’m just so frustrated that I’m not able to reach people and get my ideas across. I’m sure if you’re here you’re a decent person just trying to do the right thing like all of us. I hope you remember you were born free and what that means to you later on…when things get rougher.

        • @Iraqi814:

          Why would any LEO stop a Citizen for a traffic infraction?

          Where is the probable cause relating to a civil matter?

          What was the observation technique used to determine that the Citizen was doing “traffic” and thus under that particular jurisdiction?

          Does not the Liberty of the Citizen take precedence over a simple traffic stop that results in a detainment(arrest) for a non criminal action?

          Why would a NTA(ticket) for a traffic infraction require an arraignment to enter a criminal plea on a civil matter?

          Do you really think that compelling a Citizen to a consensual encounter is somehow justified under the color of law? Would you personally allow a stranger to demand compliance over your personal freedoms?

          Nothing under the sun can justify a Citizen violating the individual Rights of another Citizen, that, in itself is a crime(injury) and thus unlawful.

          Taking an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution is only valid if the oath taker respects all the Rights of the Citizen, even those supposedly given up through implied consent. Picking and choosing what to protect is simple hypocrisy, a sure sign of enslavement to the CORP.

          I applaud your affirmation to the Constitution, Sir, but in the end, actions to the contrary will reveal Tory or Patriot. I mean no disrespect, but freedom starts in the mirror.

          …be safe….stay the course…..BA.

          • In the state of Illinois we have implied consent. By obtaining an Illinois drivers license you consent to the police enforcing traffic violations. I offered some simple advice take it or leave it. Not every cop conducting traffic enforcement is a wanna be tyrannical dictator violating your constitutional rights and trying to grab your guns. Some of us are literally trying to keep the streets safe for family’s to travel without being killed because of another driver ignorance to the traffic laws. 956 traffic deaths in my state last year. Back to my original point. If ya get stopped for speeding be semi respectful and not argumentative and your on your way. Again this is for a routine traffic stop not something like an immigration check point. There is a growing list of enemies foreign and domestic. I’m not one of them. And based on a recent discussion amongst the other 40 guys on my shift I was surprised to hear how many guys were against gun confiscation and would rather resign than violate their oath. Small snap shot but refreshing none the less

            • Thank you for your service and your common sense…I left Kalifornia cuz it was getting bat-shit crazy with regulations and laws that I did not agree with…
              I moved to Colorado where things used to be better. But at least now I work for a Sheriff who believes (as I do) that the 2nd Ammend trumps state law and he will not cooperate with what is happening in Denver at the moment. Nor will he cooperate with the Feds who show up and want info on CCW holders….

              May God Bless you and your brothers

            • “””Not every cop conducting traffic enforcement is a wanna be tyrannical dictator violating your constitutional rights “””

              They most certainly are violating almost every victims Natural Rights, unless they happen to be driving commercially or a corporate owned vehicle.

              It would be better to know and accept you are behaving like a tyrant dictator for your own profit, than to be acting like one without the capacity to understand what you really are.

              Some are so fully indoctrinated by the corp they will fight for it to the death and never accept the reality of who they are and what they serve.

              • Just so we are clear on what you believe…
                If you in your personal vehicle run stop signs, or red lights. Drive over the speed limit. Drive under the influence. That is your right to do so and the police have NO right to stop you? IS that what you believe?????????

        • Pulling this type of nonsense will irritate some cops and cause you to be written expensive citations for things you didn’t even know were laws.

          After a statement like that, do you think anyone with any sense of self-worth will respect you? You’re saying, very clearly, that anyone who does not bow to your authoritah will get screwed, and you and your fellow cop friends are just the guys who have the power and will to do it. I have nothing but contempt for people like you and your brother thugs in arms.

          • I’m saying that if you get pulled over for a sign or signal violation and start using the advice from this post you may end up with a less than desirable result. A little bit of respect or courtesy goes along way on both sides. I agree some cops might forget their oath but I’m not that guy. I just offered some friendly advice. Best wishes

            • @iraqi814:

              Sir, you might be missing the point. Why would you be pulling over a Citizen for a traffic citation in the first place? Having a car pulled over to the side of the road is never safe, and never routine. The word “traffic” has a legal meaning referring to commerce. Do you seriously believe that all travelers are engaged in commerce, and thus under said statutes, or are you presuming. A Citizen’s Liberty should be presumed, not some foreign, admiralty law implied(presumed without firsthand knowledge)consent alleged contract with the STATE CORP.

              You do understand that the STATE OF ILLINOIS is a corporation, right, and that you are employed by the corporation, and are enforcing statute that is internal law relating only to the corporation. Your jurisdiction lies only in the confines of the corporation and with those of whom you create a consensual encounter, not with the Republic of Illinois, where the Citizens reside(outside the CORP). Any presumption on the part of a LEO, that a Citizen belongs to the CORP, and is under the jurisdiction of the CORP, with no firsthand knowledge is a violation of the 4th, 6th, 9th, and 10th amendment. If you have no firsthand knowledge, and can’t articulate an actual “crime”, not a violation of corporate policy (Terry v Ohio), you perpetuate the fraud.

              I know you believe you are providing a necessary service to your community, but at what cost. Is the Birthright of future generations, the Freedoms and Rights of you fellow Citizens, not a greater “necessary service”. You cannot serve two masters.

              Presumed authority over travelers is never respectful, or courteous, it is abhorrent, thus null and void.

              I apologize if I seem disrespectful, but choice and action define each of us. Feed your Freedom, don’t feed the beast(corp).


              ….Sovereign, and not backing down……BA.

              • Well said BA.

                They ALL miss the point. There can be no good cops enforcing bad (or inapplicable) laws against the people by the use of coercion, commercial fraud, and force of arms.

                I guess they feel if they have to be slaves, then so does everyone else. The only law they know is the law of their slave masters and they can’t see that there is not only one, but several higher Laws that supersede anything their master says.

                Simple fact is this, and all should understand it


                No one else has that right, unless you give it to them.

                God created the People, and gave them His Law.

                The People created the government, and wrote the Laws for it to follow.

                The government writes laws for the things it creates to ensure they do not violate the Peoples Law.

                The people can NOT write Laws for God, and the government can NOT write Laws for the People.

                Learn who you are, and what you are. You have ALL the power unless you give it away by submitting to officers who lack the basic human instinct to see who they serve and what they do.

                When it comes to the codes of government, you really are above the law. You are the source of the Law, not it’s subject.

                You are not, however, above Gods Law or the Common Law of the People.

                • @GC:

                  Thank you Sir.

                  I guess taking on the responsibility of being responsible is too big a burden for most.

                  To get back to a level and just playing field, some must swing, and swing they will.


         to you and yours..BA.

                  • You and gc sound like you’ll both be a couple of great jailhouse lawyers in the future. Try your sermon on the next cop that stops you and see where it gets you.

                  • @Annoying mouse….er I mean JoeN(ut)C(ase):

                    Been there, done that.

                    I prefer to resolve commerce law with the judge.

                    Misapplied statutes never have a charging instrument attached, therefore are easy to get dismissed.

                    “May your chains sit lightly upon you” — Samuel Adams.


              • So the State of Illinois is a corporation????????

                You claim to support the Constitution, but I doubt it. The Constitution was crafted by men and RATIFIED by the States, or in your words different Corps….Without the ratification by the States errrr corps it has no legal authority either…

                That same Constitution reserves many powers to the States, errr Corp in your words. I know that you are an “Anarchist” who believes in NO law and supports chaos.

                But if you believe you can run red lights at will, because the “corp” has no jurisdiction over you then you are living in a Mad Max world that does not exist…..

        • What’s the rational behind just cracking the window?

          • Several reasons. So they can’t reach inside and grab, punch, or otherwise assault you or damage, disable, or take anything inside your vehicle, like your camera if you’re recording. To minimize the possibility of them easily drop/place any illegal substance inside your vehicle while your getting your papers out of your glove compartment. So they can’t easily drag you out of the vehicle should they feel the need.

            The real question to ask is do you roll down the window all the way for any other stranger who comes up to your vehicle? If the answer is no, then why should you feel the need to do it for a LEO?

            • You are safe and in a protected place until you “step out of the vehicle”. At that point, you have surrendered to Unlawful force and are at the mercy of the thug perpetrating the crimes against you.

              You car is your HOME while traveling, and FULLY protected by the same Law as your house.

              Don’t open the door, and NEVER step out lest you care to be tased or otherwise violated when you get as pissed off as you ought to be at the thug victimizing you.

          • “rationale”, not “rational”

            • @eisen(lineformyobamaphone):

              ……never ration ale…….just sayin’

              AARP —Adequately Armed Retired Person.


              ……that didn’t hurt…..BA.

      8. When I worked as an ARMY MP at Fort Carson-Colorado, I was shocked at how easy it is was to write a ticket for ANYTHING, because there is pretty much a law or ordinance for damn near anything and everything. When I pulled people over I usually felt too guilty 9/10 times to write the motorist a ticket if I felt like they legitimately did not know they were breaking the law and let them go on a verbal warning. I felt that most reasonable people would remember what law they got caught breaking and since they were caught and let go they would remember that good experience rather than another “ASSHOLE MP” story they would tell 100 other soldiers about. Unfortunately, I was without question in the minority in that opinion. Although once when I wrote a ticket for the wrong violation, the patrol supervisor said not to worry about because few if any knew enough about the law to realize the charge was wrong and they would likely pay the ticket without contest. Just something to think about people.

        • Funny ASSHOLE MP Story..

          Don’t know what post it happened on, but this one takes the cake..

          A young enlisted guy gets pulled over by the MP’s. Speeding. MP’s hassle the guy, starts stacking offenses onto his ticket. The enlisted guy tells the MP that it was a bad idea and he feels that the MP is abusing his badge an power. MP laughs. “What can you do to me?”.

          The enlisted guy worked in personnel. The MP was PCSing, so paper was filed that the MP had died. MP shows up to new duty station and can’t process in because he’s “dead”.

          “what can you do to me?” was the wrong answer.

          • hell yeah, mess with a 2-star before u ever mess with a clerk.

          • A Florida senior citizen drove his brand new Corvette convertible out of the dealership.

            He pushed it to 80 mph, enjoying the wind blowing through what little hair he had left.

            ‘Amazing,’ he thought as he flew down I-75, pushing the pedal even more.

            Looking in his rear view mirror, he saw the State-Trooper behind him, blue lights flashing and siren blaring.

            He floored it to 100 mph, then 110, then 120. Suddenly he thought, ‘What am I doing? I’m too old for this,’ and pulled over to await the trooper’s arrival.

            Pulling in behind him, the trooper walked up to the Corvette, looked at his watch and said, “Sir, it’s Friday and my shift ends in 30 minutes. If you can give me a reason for speeding that I’ve never heard before, I’ll let you go.”

            The old gentleman paused then said, “Three years ago, my wife ran off with a FloridaState-Trooper. I thought you were bringing her back.”

            “Have a good day, Sir,” replied the trooper.

      9. Here’s the “legal” or more accurately, the lawful definition of probable cause;

        sufficient reason based upon known facts to believe a crime has been committed or that certain property is connected with a crime. Probable cause must exist for a law enforcement officer to make an arrest without a warrant, search without a warrant, or seize property in the belief the items were evidence of a crime

        • @ Danimal.Can you or someone else answer this queston? When a car gets pulled over for speeding,or some other violation.What are the law’s in regards to the officer asking for the id’s of anyone else who happens to be in the car? is this legal? what rights do the others have that are in the vehicle?and what should be the response,without causing a conflict.
          The reason I ask is,my son got pulled over for speeding,he had two of his friends in the car with him,he then asked for everyone’s id that was in the car.
          Most kids that age do not know their rights,the only thing they know is,What they have seen on TV You have the right to remain silent,anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.But that’s only after your arrested.
          I think when your greeted by an officer he should start with that line first!!!

          • If the passenger has committed an offense they are required to ID themselves. No seatbelt open alcohol littering etc

            • And I guess, for you, the ONLY ID acceptable is one issued by the corp you are an agent for?

              Is it an acceptable form of ID for you if a Man presents you with a notarized document of Identity supported by two witnesses?

              And WHEN is it necessary for a free man to possess a license from the state? He already has Natural Right to travel and exist, and do everything that a license can be required of a corp. Must he give up that right just to get a CORP ID to keep you from getting pissed off that he is free?

              I have no license for anything, and don’t need one. I travel FREELY all the time. i fish freely all the time. But I do carry documents of identification to rebut the false assumption of jurisdiction and commercial activity you presume.

      10. These aren’t the droids your looking for,
        Thank you carry on

        Use the force Luke

      11. I’m torn on the issue to state if you have a concealed or weapon in the car.

        I live in a state where you do not have to tell them. I personally emailed arguably the #1 attorney in my state on this subject and he told me not to tell them. Do not give more information then needed. If they ask by all means say yes but do not volunteer information.

        Curious as to your thoughts on this for those who live in a state where you do not have to disclose if you have a weapon.

        • Don’t have to in FL. If the pig is polite I will tell them in order to condition them to being used to armed citizens and to show them that professionalism works both ways. If the pig is a smartass I won’t tell them.

          Every time I have been pulled over I deserved it because I was speeding. Letting me off with a warning is a courtesy that I appreciate. Most commonly the police are professional about what they do.

          • You live in Florida?

        • I was taught in my concealed carry class to tell them, as they already know from running your vehicle tag..And with your hands on the steering wheel tell them if you are or arent in possession of a firearm at that time..And if you are ask them what they want you to do…Sounds reasonable and logical to me as I dont want to be shot needlessly…

        • Chilton, when I got my CHL we were told to always have it ready with our DL and keep both hands on the wheel and inform the officer you have a weapon. Reason given: it’ll help keep (most) officers at ease. I’m in Texas.

          • Everyone can now legally carry a gun in their car in Texas.
            ONLY the driver with a CHL has to inform the officer.

          • In in Texas also and cross the border patrol serveral time weekly, I carry a vast amount of armory every time. Never once have I been asked if I have a weapon. Just depends on the locations. Across Juarez where weapons are in true abundance. Keep the faith and prepare.


      12. Cops are simply high school drops outs who were shoved around and now feel the power because they have a badge and the state backing their little power trip. They are enforcers of oppressive state authority and they do not care one bit about serving the public. These tiny dicked losers love to flex their “authority” in the face of a weak, brainwashed, and servile public that fears the pigs. That is exactly what these losers want. You summed it up – cops are not your friend.

      13. “I do not consent and waive the benefit”…

      14. I like that picture. The shit smiles and beer bellies hanging out. Thinking they are so superior. They have a tin badge and a gun. I can make my own badge, and have lots of guns.
        They only seperation between them and me is the ammo I use.

        Bye, bye oinkers…..

        • Larken Rose is awesome!!!!!

        • @EA:

          I see lots of red thumbs…can’t help but wonder how many even bothered to view the video.

          The follow-up to that vid can be found here:

          • “Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.”

            ― Benjamin Franklin

          • Burrow Owl.

            Great follow up video, thanks. Regarding your statement…

            Thumbs up, read it. Know exactly that Larken Rose’s logic is indisputable, for a rational thinking mind to comprehend.

            Thumbs down, either watched it and it was too much for their programmed minds to handle, or they didn’t watch it, for the same reason. Many close minded, programmed people here, in denial, who are comfortable living in fear.

            As Larken says: “The fact that so many people literally can’t think about this, can’t talk about this, in any context where the attacker has a badge, shows just how thorough the authoritarian indoctrination is…

      15. Rule #1 for truckers- Never blast air horn and ride rumble strip next to cop on shoulder of highway. They have NO sense of humor!

        Close Encounters Of The Poe-Leece Kind-

        Cop: Do you know why I stopped you?
        Me: Do I win something if I guess right?

        Cop: Are you being a smartass?
        Me: Would you rather I be a dumbass? I’m pretty flexible that way.

        Cop: Let me see your license and registration.
        Me: Ok.
        Cop: Insurance card and medical card.
        Me: Here ya go.
        Cop: Bill of lading and trailer registration.
        Me: Okie dokie.
        Cop: Fuel tax permit and annual inspection report.
        Me: You gonna need help carrying all that?
        Cop: Logbook and cargo manifest.
        Me: You must love to read. I got yesterday’s newspaper and a thick book by Ayn Rand if ya want those too.
        Cop: Operating authority permit and your papers of submission to anal cavity inspection.
        Me: Oh, now I KNOW you’re just makin’ stuff up!

        Cop: Step out of the truck.
        Me: Is that an order?
        Cop: I SAID step out of the truck!
        Me: I SAID is that an order?
        (yanks door open, Butch my chihuahua lunges)
        Cop: Aaaiiieee!
        Me: Down, boy! Down! He’s just a little one, not worth straining yourself for.
        Cop: You talkin to me?
        Me: No, I was talking to Butch.

        • That is hysterical!

        • SO: LMAO! reminded me of the time some years back when I picked up my girlfriends dog at the vet and was bringing him home.

          I kinda cut a guy off at a stoplight because I was going much faster than he was as we approached the light.

          It turned red and I pulled in front of him because I needed that lane. It wasn’t like he had to slam on his brakes or anything; he just didn’t like it that I pulled in front of him.

          He got out of his car to approach me, and he was huge! He didn’t see the Laso Alpso laying on my lap, and the dog didn’t see him until he jerked my door open …..

          Fortunately for the guy I had a hold on the dog’s harness. This guy jumped back so far and so fast that he probably set an Olympic record of some sort.

          This was major intersect with lots of cars in line. The guy had to walk back to his car with his head down and HIS tail between his legs.

          Me? I just reached over and pulled the door closed. I am sure that everyone sitting in their cars thought I had a gun, but it was just a dog. LMAO! 🙂

          And the moral of this story? Its not the size of the dog in the fight; its the size of the fight in the dog!

      16. Some of this advice, used without properly assessing the situation, will likely make matters worse for the driver. Some of it is stellar.

        I always hand the officer my concealed carry permit without saying a damn thing. They can then choose how to address our mutual knowledge of me being armed. This has always, for me, been the most professional method of handling a routine stop.

        Being respectful, to the point, and non-chalant is the best way to handle a routine stop. Being a perceived jack-ass can land you in a whole lot of water with no good reason (whether it is deserved or not).

        Pick your moments.

      17. The only time I have ever been agressive with a cop was when he was in the wrong and I called them on it. I jumped out of my truck without thinking and blasted the cop before he had a chance to even speak. I don’t advise anyone to try this as the article clearly states, but it worked for me. The cop was clearly surprised at my behavior but made no move to control the situation. My opening question was what the heck is wrong with you???

        • there was i time long ago , an officer could be reasoned with , it dont happen much anymore.
          hell ! i was pulled over after to much fun one night and the officer drove me home (in MY car) and had another deputy pick him up at my house.
          i did not know this guy, but i learned to not draw conclusions before i had reasons .

          and thats the point the author of this story is missing.

        • I’m pretty sure the reason cops are hyped up is their life is on the line. They don’t know you from some whacko with a death wish. They have to treat everyone with extreme caution. I know I would if I were a highway patrolman.

          Pulled over lots of time for speeding, not wearing seat belt, and such. Never had any police seem agressive to me. One time some young copper was busting our chops for being on the property of an abandoned restaurant… some of us had been “rescued” by an emergency swim team only 10 minutes prior and were waiting on them to try to rescue one of our canoes. The diver said he almost drowned trying to get it. I told the cop to chill out when he harassed us; but, never had any other cops treat me badly. Now, I have heard stories from others though. One thing that always bugs me is the planted evidence story.
          BTW, second on criminal “judicial” system. Guilty unless can afford a good lawyer; and then probably quity until proven innocent. Not what we are taught but what I’ve learned from others who’ve been there. Its not a “criminal justice” system as Sierra Dave says, its a “judicial” system: the purpose is to subordinate all claims and persons to the authority of the state. Not to determine justice. This is why, save Louisiana, all the courts just tick off according to legal arguments with no regard to the case itself.

      18. This article is stupid, short-sighted, and lacks perspective. The majority of the time during a routine traffic stop if you’re polite to a pig you’ll be let go with a warning. If you play these stupid games you’re going to get a ticket. Be nice to others until it’s time to not be nice. When I was a teen I had a pig lie and say he smelled pot when he didn’t. I told him to his face he was a lying sack of pig shit. The next week when I had my lawyer and my family at the station he didn’t act out so much. But that’s another story.

        Police state? You stupid old white Republican fucktards created the police state with your no fly lists and your big war big military Bushitler weapons of mass distruction Patriot NDAA bullshit. You fucking retards had to have your stupid Patriot Act that was written the night before it passed by Joe Biden and nobody read…even though you stupid fucking old people are so annoyed when the democrats pass bills without reading them. Still think DHS was a good idea now that they’re getting ready to murder us, old people? Have you found those terrorists hiding in the bushes? You were cheerleading for Bush when he instigated all this shit, you knuckleheads. Try using your brains for once. “Wide awake” my ass. You people still don’t know half of what’s going on. Don’t tell me you people weren’t country club RINOs until recently. I know better.

        The DHS and the military is what needs to be abolished. You’re bickering with pigs over speeding because you’re afraid of the task that really needs to be done.

        Federales monitoring this site I hope your mothers all die of cancer you freedom-hating treasonous rats.

        • Hey Eisenkreuz.

          Been retired 8 years and so is my wife.
          Life is good. All I have to remember is three things. Wife’s Birthday. Day we were Married, and the Fat Paper comes on Sunday.

          Old Fucking People Rule. Just had to Jab you ;0)

          • You still read a physical newpaper instead of the internet? Waste of money.

            • No. I like to collect the coupons.

              • I hope you extreme coupon away, old man. Let me know the most you saved at once. My favorite word is free and my second favorite word is cheap. Glad you have time for it while I slave away in the rat race to pay for your pension, SS, and Medicare. When I retire I’m gonna sail around the Pacific and try to pick up Latin chicks. By that time they’ll have some super Viagra, not that I’ll ever need it.

                • @Eisenkreuz.

                  Biggest coupon hit was about $50. Average is somewhere in the twenties. Good to see you are hell bent on retirement. All a ponzi scheme. I like the idea of sailing around the Pacific. Even that has its dangers on the high seas. So when you get to be an old man I hope you have covered all the bases so you don’t lose the lifestyle you have become accustumed to.

                  “Old age and treachery will overcome skill and youth”.

                  Old Italian saying

                  • Look up vega1860 on Youtube. These old bastards are just having too much fun.

                • Eisen….I’m not old. All AARP letters get ‘Return to Sender’. You are old only if you read them and save them in a file. Also, thanks for your service. 30 hours per week is nearly killing our youth, but please hang in there–I need the SS.

        • “Try using your brains for once. “Wide awake” my ass. You people still don’t know half of what’s going on.”

          LMAO! …said the dolt that voted for Obama. You say the dumbest shit.

          • Why would you think I voted for Obama? There’s more than two parties.

            • Because the way you talk here most of us assume you are an extreme liberal.

              • I’m a libertarian. I oppose the Republican police state I think big business has too much power and should be harshly restricted.

            • Uhh, because you said you did. Not three or four articles ago.

              I believe you’re words were, ‘I cant believe I voted for him.’

              • Good Catch.

                There has been 2 slips today. And no defence to the charge of multi able user today. Plus just to nice today

                BUT again very good catch

              • I’m an Eisenkraut watcher. So don’t mistake me for a fan. But when he said “I can’t believe I voted for him” I believe it was Romney. But I have been wrong before.WASP.

                • We’re both wrong. I went looking.

                  His lament (I cant believe I voted for…) was that he voted for McCain.

                  I thought it was a lament of voting for Obama (my apologies to Eisen for that).

                  Now here’s the interesting part. Right after that lament, he proclaims ‘At least I didnt vote for mittens’.

                  While I believe this is tacit admission of voting for Obamao, at this point eisen will lie about it, so there’s no point in asking.

                  • I voted for Gary Johnson. I told you I’m a libertarian. There’s onther people on the ballot. People bitch about there not being any choices in the election. There are…you just choose to ignore them.

                • those who like him listen to him reason ” to hear what he will say next”

                  those who dislike him listen to him reason ” to hear what he will say next”

                  hey they said the same thing about howard stern. eisen you gonna be famous 🙂

              • I said I can’t believe I voted for John McCain.

                Pay attention.

                • ” Yesterdays glory will help us today,
                  You wanna retire, Get out of the way”
                  “Power Play”, By Steppenwolf.

                  • Correction it was the song “Move Over”

                • Eisenkraut, I said I was a Watcher. That don’t mean I hang on your every word. It does pay to keep an eye on your adversary.WASP. Know Your Enemy!

        • Eisen, So basically, you hate old people, right? You think old people vote republican, old people are stupid, old people got us into this mess, and young people vote democrat, right? (Just wanted to make sure we hear you correctly so hopefully, we can get on to another topic).

        • Wow, never met a guy so able to take a mostly correct opinion and mangle it to the point he can aggravate the people who agree with him. Please never be on my side in a discussion. I’d have to change my opinion, just to not be on your side.

      19. Search Youtube for “Don’t Talk to Cops, Part 1. And Part 2.” I found it on channel ‘MP Anon’. Possibly others have uploaded it.

        Best advice you will ever get from a Law Professor AND a LEO.

        Talking to the police can get you locked up for life. Why do it? The deck is against you when you get mired in the criminal justice system.

      20. There are 2 sides to the law enforcement debacle. Of course there are bad cops, but good cops also. I have never had a ticket which was trumped up, I was always speeding or running the stop sign ect. I have been given warnings plenty of times, and had tickets that I feel should have been given warnings for but was still guilty, like seat belt violations. They have a job to do and as long as they stay within thier legal authority and dont get overzealous I have no problem. If it were not for them, many (like me) would be driving wide open anytime they wanted and creating a major hazard for the innocent motorists. So, to play the devils advocate here, I am not as down on them as some are as long as they treat me with the same respect as I treat them. But if I were a cop and stopped a speeder that used some of the items on that list I wouldnt cut any slack, but the speeder that acted nice might just get a warning. My 2 cents!!! kf

        • I am glad you are honest enough to confess to your inability to act responsibly but that does not mean those of us who do should suffer unwarranted intrusion. Your childish behaviour is not a logical argument for universal repression. This “save me from myself” bullshit needs to be buried in an unmarked grave.

      21. Hey Mac,
        What is up with your peep’s in California, Looks like they are going house to house violating the second amendment. They are using a very convincing argument that it is for public safety. The people that they are removing firearms from have a 1: prior felony 2: domestic violence 3: committed for mental health evaluation. My question is where does this lead??? (maybe to lead??) What a slippery slope we are on, people who honor the law’s of the land. It is very interesting that they are not doing much of this in comptom, watts, oakland, or maybe I am just being racist, and don’t see the big picture.

        Potato out

        • You people keep talking about engaging the pigs if they come door to door for unconstitutional gun confiscation.

          Lets see what happens.


          Sheeple calmly disarmed by the pigs.

          This is why we cant tolerate a gun registry.

          The government cant resist the temptation to enslave us.


        Potato out

        • That is not exactly correct. You need to check up on your laws and exceptions to search warrant rules.

      23. Cops are people, just like you and me. Their costume gives them no more authority or power over you than someone wearing underwear on the outside and demanding you follow their orders. costumes dont grant extra rights. If the same guy wearing the police costume was wearing normal clothes, he has no right to order you around or kidnap you against your will (arrest) at gun point. His badge and costume are nothing but a facade of authority that DOES NOT EXIST!!!!!!

        to be truly free is both very easy and very hard. wake up, to see the farm… is to leave it
        MOLON LABE

      24. On traffic stops, cops do not initially know who you are, other than LP info and then DL info.

        I’m not talking about you possibly being an armed threat, but you being a threat to their job itself if you turn out to be somebody that could out them if they were to behave badly. They do worry about that, at least most of the bad ones who need to be concerned about it do.

        Thus, most are a little careful before being too pushy, cause they don’t know if you might turn out to be a lawyer, ex-cop, DA, JP or councilman somewhere, or relative or best friend of one that could cause him big problems later out of all proportion to what little gain they get from being pushy.

        Be informed, be professional, be courteous, as you firmly and confidently stand your ground and visibly record the proceedings. Don’t be a smart ass or threaten or lecture them, laying out all your cards, but instead leave them guessing & wondering what you might do with their traffic stop interaction, if you might could later turn out to be somebody of substance w/ connections not worth they risking pushing limits and acting badly.

        – Shane

      25. I love the fact that I drive vehicles that are licenced and insured by my company, so when they run my plates, they got nothing on me the “person” driving the vehicle

        so, they do not have the heads up on if I am a licenced conceiled carrier..but when they ask for the paperwork they will see it than

        they also dont get personal info on me when they do a plate run on a parked vehicle..or anything like that, all they get is a company name and address..nothing more

        Yep I know it pisses them off, thats why I do it.

      26. I haven’t seen a cop around here for quite a while. Around here it’s rare enough to be called “a sighting”.

        I have to drive to town and maybe, just maybe, there might be one in a car — a deputy in a County vehicle.

      27. “If the cop asks you to turn off the equipment, politely decline. Merely state you are recording the interaction in the interests of everyone’s safety.”

        Everytime I see a video involving this, the person videoing is arrested without fail.

        • Yeah because the cops searched him and found a little baggy of weed he didn’t know he had.

          • The last one I saw was a young lady videoing cops accosting someone in front of her house.

            She was either on her porch or inside her house, videoing them. They confronted her and were the beligerent dicks about it. She was mild mannered about it to say the least.

            They arrested her because ‘she was endangering them’. No baggie involved.

        • “If the cop asks you to turn off the equipment, politely decline. Merely state you are recording the interaction in the interests of everyone’s safety.”

          Everytime I see a video involving this, the person videoing is arrested without fail.

          So, you’re advising everyone to take the cowardly way out and never stand up for themselves, is that right?

          • Yea, I said that where? Oh, I didn’t think so.

            And by the way, the last time I stood up to a cop, it cost me $1400 just to retain the lawyer. It took 3-4 months and 2 days missed fom work to get the charges dismissed.

            You’re welcome to get yourself arrested all you want. Good luck with that. Or are you a coward?

      28. Police aren’t the enemy. Not yet anyway. They have a tough job to do and it only makes sense to cooperate unless they’re overstepping their authority.

        Besides, the tips that were given are only useful in a society where police force is under strict control. Don’t try that in Mexico or any other third world country like Russia. There will come a time when anything less than full, complete, rapid compliance will put you in serious danger.

        • Police aren’t the enemy. Not yet anyway. They have a tough job to do and it only makes sense to cooperate unless they’re overstepping their authority.

          It would be nice if that were true, but it’s not. The vast majority of cops are nasty criminal thugs, and it’s no use pretending otherwise.

      29. BTW, best way to avoid all unwarranted hassles with cops forever and most anywhere, that I rarely ever hear anyone promote, is to become a reserve deputy if offered in your county.

        You’ll also likely discover there’s plenty of good apples, you’ll be proud to be associated with, amongst the bad, too.

        – Shane

        • Do you know how asinine that logic is?

          Join the gang and the other gang-bangers won’t mess with you?

          Sure, there’s some dangerous gang-bangers, but most are cool?

      30. IMHO it’s a shame this discussion is even taking place. After my tour in one of americas many,many, many wars I never suspected I would go from the hunter to the hunted… but here I am asking,,, I’m free to be on my way………. sir. Wow

      31. To quote George Carlin , “It’s the American Dream, ’cause you have to be asleep to believe it.”

        We have gotten to the point where it is no longer considered lunacy to oppose police. Considering the dishonorable and despicable manner in which police have been subjecting the population (with impunity) to all sorts of horrific crimes i.e. rapes, sodomy, torture, murders, chemical attacks, tazers, electronic warfare, killing handcuffed detainees, etc., no reasonable person at this point can see police as a benevolent group. I’ll go so far as to say it is insane to consider police benevolent. We need no better example than post Katrina New Orleans.

        If this form of legally sanctioned barbarism and predation were happening in a foreign country we would be screaming from the rooftop for international sanctions, but instead it’s happening right here in the U.S.!

        Police as a group have already chosen which side of the equation they’re on, and when the SHTF I will not have the time, patience, resources, or interest to ascertain who’s wearing the white hat or the black hat. They’re all the same to me, Grey.

      32. “Police” from the word “policy”. They enforce the policies of the corporation.

        From “serve and protect” to “enforce and collect”.

      33. Cops are like jackals.

        Notice there is always a pack of them whenever they catch a victim?

      34. There’s going to be a big difference with police before and after martial law. After martial law, expect the police to act like the Nazis. Act accordingly or you can expect to be viciously assaulted and your female companions to be sexually assaulted.

        • …with respect…after martial law I wont be stopping…not for long anyhow.

      35. Cops, like most everyone else on this journey, are either good people or thuggish goons. But that said, I wouldn’t want their job. Anyone who has ever spent a month on Grand Jury duty and realized the kind of street vermin these officers have to contend with everyday would probably lose it. These cops have to content with the lowest of low lifes, only to have some liberal judge dismiss the case time after time. I will treat the officer with the same respect he shows to me.

        • These cops have to content with the lowest of low lifes,

          From everything I can tell, cops ARE the lowest of the low lifes.

      36. SURGE must be a key word. Every attempt to comment with it in there has vanished.

      37. I have no respect for any cops, bad ones out number the good, the last bad run in I had, in Roland OK, I was on my way to work, stopped to get gas, the entire police was on the backside of the lot, I finished filling up, they followed me to Hardees, while in the drive thru, my tags were run, they start to get ready to pounce, I jump out and ask what the hell is going on, they said there was a report that I was in a hit and run accident, my truck has no dents in it, then they read my tag wrong, took everything out of my truck, tried to steal my maglight, told me they would find something to write me up for even if they hafta kick my taillights out, so NO, I have NO respect for pigs……**ck ’em

        • Yeah, I’ve had a similar experience to that one too.

          They tend to profile based on social standing stereotypes.

          I had that problem when I’d just got done working on a car, I was greasy, in raggy old clothes, with a hat on backwards, driving a shitty old car in Torrance, CA. They were really punks about it.

          I have had it happen twice, it’s always when I look like that.

          • Yeah I was driving my 74 Chevy, it has primer on it, but no dents, and the kicker is, that was the 4th time they read my tag wrong, they knew who I was, I hafta pass through there goin to work, I asked them 1 of those 4 times who they were lookin for, I was told, can’t tell you that information, when we were done on the last stop, I told them I would be contacting internal affairs, haven’t been stopped since, imagine that!!!!!!

      38. What is going on MAC, I have tried to Comment 3 times and all have vanished into thin air. No hate, No Profanity, No threats. So whats going on.WASP

        • I’ve brought this up to Mac also. Sounds like a lot of the problems with the idiots (trolls) on this site will be getting solved soon. This site has some awesome people on it and when everyone contributes something useful all the better.

          Keep giving the trolls the thumbs down and don’t respond to them and they’ll leave. Please everyone, do not respond to them!!
          molon labe

          • Would that be like pulling over a troll and then not rolling down YOUR window?
            Sounds like the troll wins that one.

            Best thing to do is ignore trolls.
            NO thumbs up.
            NO thumbs down.

            Acknowledging the troll with a thumb is exactly what he wants. It shows you read his message. The more thumbs, the more people he knows have read it.

            100 RED thumbs is twice as good as 50 Green ones.

            So don’t be an internet cop thumbing the trolls — that’s THEIR GAME!

            • 187 is not near the record. DK and myself are the top spots.

            • Frankly the object is to REMOVE the comment from evident sight so that the rest here do not have to CONTEND with it…unless they SO CHOOSE by thier action.

              Leaving the bulk of the utterly inan,e JUVRNILE crap ‘up and plainly visible’ is frankly offensive…this concludes the rant at hand…

              …there will BE no follow-up’s


          • @ KM,


            Please, DO NOT respond – in any way, shape or form to the trolls here circulating about the site…simply “BLOT-and GO” with red thumbs. In VERY short order they’ll get the picture and GO ELSEWHERE. IF you’re here at the board and see something is already ‘blotted’, then give it another one for good measure so as that it cannot be ‘uncovered’ again. When that is the case some several times per, they will have too many things to try to keep up with, Yes? Brilliant suggestion KM!

            We might call this ‘Operation Clean-sweep’ in the future…


            • Stop whining about the trolls. Who cares if people want to troll? Just leave them alone.

        • Same thing happened to me on another story. Don’t take it personally. Stuff happens.

      39. Don’t Tread on me– aren’t you the one who’s the expert on earthquakes, etc.? I have a question: the volcanic eruptions which recently took place in Italy– was that especially bad? Also, was wondering if there have been any earthquakes in the area of Nevada recently? thanks for any information you can give on this. ; )

        • Was wondering, can you order guns online that aren’t terribly expensive? Just went to one website and they were around $1,000 for just one gun! Ridiculous!

      40. Lets face it all cops aren’t bad but “The Blue Line” pretty much prevents the good cops from “ratting” on the bad cops. Unfortunately the Frank Serpico’s are so rare that they make a hit movie about his life. Like prohibition, drugs cannot be as available in society as they are without significant police corruption.

        Certain professions due to their unusual nature too often drawl those to it that can “indulge” their specific character flaw. Priests and homosexual child molesters, firemen and pyromaniacs and police and bullies.

        “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” should require that those with government sanctioned power must be held to the highest of standards but unfortunately power has an inverse application in that that regard.

        • Why do we need drug laws? Who cares if someone wants to kill themselves with crack cocaine?

          • ~~~Why do we need drug laws? Who cares if someone wants to kill themselves with crack cocaine?~~~

            I read it was to keep the cells occupied since many prisons went private.

          • When that crackhead steals your riding mower at 3 in the morning so he can sell it for a rock then you’ll understand.

            • Don’t leave any tools outside in SHTF. The hordes will use them against you.

            • The crack head steals your riding mower at 3 AM because drugs are illegal and therefore very expensive. The crack heads dealer is the king of the neighborhood with plenty of money thanks to his product being illegal. That status motivates others to do get into the illegal drug trade. Al Capone was a elevated from a common street thug to the de-facto mayor of Chicago thanks to prohibition which put the big O in organized crime.

              • Who was behind prohibition? Stupid old Republican women. They even created a myth that alchohol kills your brain cells to get people to stop drinking. To this day people still believe this stupid shit.

      41. ROFLMAO on this thread.

        Hey try doing the speed limit.Drive like hell you will get there.
        Used you turn signals. Don’t have stuff all over your dashboard. Have rear veiw mirrors? Do all your LIGHTS work on your car? Good tag and registration up to date. OH! How about car insurance. How about lowering that damn bone bouncing music. Keep riding the middle turn lane and the shoulder of the road. Throw your garbage out the window. Run Red Lights and stop signs.

        You give them a chance to stop you everytime you do this crap and then complain.

        • Do you really, SERIOUSLY, believe that cops only harass people who break laws? That is simply not true.

      42. I come to this site daily. This article is a bunch of trash. Who has taken over this site? You have lost a reader, good luck.

      43. “We’re just going to kill the dollar!”

        -reported to pro-investment mgr Kyle Bass by a senior Obama administration individual .

        ” You better watch out

        you better not cry

        cause the Dollar is goin’ to Die .”

        ;0P pssszzt

      44. If you want to Survive whats coming …

        ” Listen to All

        Follow None .”


      45. I have put over a million miles criss-crossing the US in various vehicles for business and pleasure. I have found that if you are respectful to the police, they will be respectful to you. If you act like a punk, you will be treated like a punk.

      46. I’ve had so many negative encounters with the gestapo that I hate them with a passion. Are there good ones? Yeah maybe but until I know otherwise, I must assume any Jackboot I meet is just another thug with a badge and state permission to murder me.

        You might say “well now without police there will be anarchy! No protection from bands of roaming gangs!”

        Yeah whatever. WITH police I have to look out for the gangs AND the police.

        I’ll take anarchy, thanks all the same.

        The only difference between a police department and a street gang is the street gang doesn’t have government permission to kill you ro lock you in a cage for ANY excuse.

        • WITH police I have to look out for the gangs AND the police.

          The police are the most dangerous gang on the streets today.

      47. I never understood don’t roll the window down. If I want you out of the car you will not come out, not rolling the window does nothing but piss the cop off and makes him look for stuff.

      48. I found out the hard way so just remember, anything you say can and WILL be used against you! NEVER talk to the police !

      49. I see a lot of college boys wearing these gay shoulder bags now. So I bought one and its perfect for what I want to carry around. With a cheesy sun hat and sunglasses, shorts, boat shoes, and a panama jack floral shirt, I look like some dopey tourist that everybody ignores. The grey man.

        Old men, buy a purse. Make it the fashion like it is in Europe. Then we can carry something big instead of stuffing something little in our pants.

        • I bet you would look natural, with one of those,”what kinda bags” and as far as looking like a dopey tourist, I bet that would be easy for you.WASP. OldFolks.

      50. There are many decent Sheriffs around the country who are lining up in support of the 2nd amendment. Not all cops are bad. There are decent cops and corrupt cops.

        • my local sheriff pretty much wussed out on the 2nd amendment thing
          he’s a “strong supporter of the 2nd amendment”


      51. Militarization of Local Law Enforcement Erodes Civil Liberties, Encourages Overly Aggressive Policing

        Forbes: 1.6 Billion Rounds Of Ammo For Homeland Security? It’s Time For A National Conversation’s_Time_For_A_National_Conversation/24697/0/38/38/Y/M.html

        does anybody think this is all an accident ???

      52. Let’s see, the police have guns and ammo. You morons worship your guns and ammo. Where do the police get their guns and ammom? From the same companies you buy your guns and ammo. You people are so stupid that you do not realize the gun and ammo industry are using fearmongering as a marketing tool to separate you fools from your money. They are getting revenue from all sides. They donot care about your second amendment rights. They only care about your money. They will get their money, too. From you and from the police state you so dread. But, if things are so bad here in the US, why do you stay? Surely you can find some other, less tyrannical country. Fuckheads.

        • Joe
          even a broken clock is right twice a day

          but yer not even managing that !!!

          • Duplicate Post…


            …just ‘blot-and-go’, Eh? No need for commentary at all…


        • “They donot care about your second amendment rights”

          And you vote for people that dont care about any of them. Stupid ass libtard.

      53. Change of subject:
        Has anyone heard that Bank of America is going under? My son has a BofA account and he was notified by mail his account was being transfered to Arvest Bank. When he called BofA they told him they had sold every bank in our state (and several other states) to Arvest bank as BofA was closing down???

        • Wait what?

          *goes to their site…*

          It… doesn’t… look like it… and I don’t see any news stories…

        • there are or should I say were two branches of BOA in my town

          the newest one
          just announced its closing

          when it comes to BOA

          good riddance to organized crime

          I used to be a customer years ago
          I know have a custom printed bumper sticker


      54. Navy Veteran’s Plight Indicative of Houston’s Growing Homeless Population

        what kind of cop would arrest someone for eating out of a dumptster ?? why not buy the guy a meal ????????

        the mistake that vet made was not working for one of the big banks and being involved in laundering HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in drug money
        thats the kind of crime that pays in this country

        or how about Bank of America and its MASSIVE mortgage fraud ???

        if yer crime ain’t payin
        yer not doin’ it right !!!!!!!!!

      55. The Feds just awarded a Boston hospital more than $1.5 million to figure out why nearly three-quarters of lesbians are overweight — calling the disparities a significant public health issue.

        • Clam juice.

          • New England or Manhattan. You’re killing me Anon.

        • Eisen….don’t you know that obeisity is the number one cause for being fat? This must be studied! There is evidence that excess calories and lack of exercise could be the root of the problem. $$Billions more….

      56. I agree with an earlier statement–show them the respect that they show you. Let’s face it, you usually know if you’re being railroaded or not. Every time I’ve been pulled over by the state boys, I’ve deserved it. I took some personal responsibility and sucked it up.

        Around here, though, town cops are a different story. There are two towns nearby which are notorious “speed traps”. If you go through either town either late at night or early in the morning, you are likely to get pulled over. I’ve had the dubious honor of being stopped in both towns. Neither time was I speeding, yet in each instance the officer informed me I was doing fourteen miles an hour over the speed limit (54 in a 40 and 59 in a 45).

        In each case, I asked to see the radar readout. I was denied both times. The cops were smartasses. I have no respect for officers like these. On the other hand, the state officers were polite and professional. They wrote me up for pretty much the speed I figured I was doing. One even let me go with a warning.

        While I agree that one should be aware of his/her rights, I’m a firm believer in picking your battles. To the officers who gave me the shaft, I was curt and offered only the information I was required to give. I wasn’t confrontational. What was the point? Would I have received a prize afterward?

        Until they turn into the Gestapo of a totalitarian state, I see no need to antagonize them. A lot of them are good guys. They have a crappy job that I wouldn’t want. And the good ones would make good friends to have when the SHTF.

        • Waldo and Lawtey Florida on 301

          • AAA award. Browse the produce stops.

      57. You’re Citizen of the American Republic Right to Take Up Arms , Rebel for Individual Liberty.

        “…When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

        – United States Declaration of Independence


        • So said the Founders…Hear ye, Hear Ye!!

          And THIS was WRIT large upon the fabric of this Land from the DAY of it’s Creation.

          Won’t see me arguing against what the Founders set forth Boogie! 🙂


      58. Re: God’s creation commenter: My husband is a recently retired LEO who still is a sworn officer and works part-time..I asked him the question,’WHAT BRANCH OF GOV’T DO YOU WORK FOR?” He just laughed at me because he honestly did not know..
        I have to say though, he is a good man and a good father and a good LEO but there has been some bad apples in his dept. over the years. There are some good cops out there.

      59. Okay, here’s my take on this subject. I think it really depends on whaat type of circumstances there are surrounding any encounter between a civilian and a cop. I’ve had very few encounters with cops in my lifetime. They were courteous toward me and i replied in kind. Every encounter went very well with no problems. But i will state that I see no legitimate basis for civilian law enforcement to become militarized. This trend dates back to the 90s under Bill Clinton’s DOJ handing out federal grants to local, county, and state agencies for military weapons, training, and equipment. After 911, when DHS was created, they took over the task and it accelerated. Even the curriculums at the local and state LE academies were changed over to the federal curriculum. This is where today’s LE mindset comes from. This is what has produced so many monsters In LE today. Law enforcement in this country HAS NOT ALWAYS BEEN LIKE THIS. I can still remember when there used to be a certai n amount of trust between the public and LE. Now that trust is all but gone. I’ve had 2 relatives in LE who quit because of what they saw happening, who couldn’t “get with the program”. When they saw what was in the “program”, they decided they wanted out. I feel sorry for whatever good people are still in and struggling to cope with all the BS. Plus, a corrupt judicial system that totally disregards the Constitution doesn’t help things either. Many people fear, and with damn good reason, that LE will be used by the feds in an all-out war against the people someday. We can go to the bank on federal LE going to war against us with DHS in the lead. It’s good to know a lot of local cops won’t take part in any gun grab and will go home to protect their families when TSHTF. I don’t want any war to take place between LE and the public and I don’t think anyone else here wants that either. But as I’ve said here before and it bears repeating, ANYONE WHO FORCES THEIR WAY INTO MY HOME FOR ANY REASON, UNIFORMED OR NOT, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR LIFE. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. I’m not foers from anyone to surrender my weapons or anything else I have, period! To Iraqi Freedom 814 mp I must say this: As long as cop approaches me with good intentions toward me, I’ll do my best to be civil and polite toward him. but if he approaches me the wrong way, there will be trouble. Too many of today’s breed of LEOs brainwashed with all that federal garbage go out here with bad intentions and a bad attitude toward the public and you wonder why your chosen profession gets the worst kind of rap? It’s because of people like them that there’s very little trust left between the public and LE. Also, I’m sure you’re aware that protecting citizens is not part of your job description. You serve government, not the public, according to the federal and state supreme courts. Anytime we face a home invasion, carjacking, etc., we are on our own and have to fend for ourselves. If/when I’m ever faced with such a situation, I will handle it any way I consider necessary and I won’t care if I’m violating any law in how I do it. I don’t follow any restrictions on self-defense, period. In my mind, when you tamper with self-defense, you’re tampering with someone else’s life. That’s a red line that should never be crossed. IF 814, I hope you’re one of the good cops. When the SHTF, we’ll need and welcome good cops to our side. If not, then you’d be better off going into hiding. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • Yur fulla shit,….AS USUAL !

      60. @Dr. BuzzSaw – HSBC went through something similar in N.Y. HSBC bought up all the banks around them, then HSBC were told they could not be a monopoly. HSBC then turned all the banks they bought into ‘little’ banks, i.e. Key Bank, First Niagara, and there was one more bank but I cannot remember the name of it. It was a real pain in the a$$. HSBC closed their banks on a Friday afternoon, and reopened them under the different banking names Monday morning. No one could access their account until that following Monday. I always throught that whole scenerio smelled. I got rid of HSBC and went into an ESL credit union account. I have not heard anything about BOA. It should be on the news, unless it is ‘hush-hush’ and the news needs to cover Michele Obamas latest recipe. I will keep on the look out for the news. Please keep us posted.
        Thank you.

      61. It all sounds great until all the communists finally come out from the bushes!!

        Just try this once there is martial law and see how fast they snatch your A$$ OUT of your vehicle and beat the brakes off you!!

        Unfortunately .. there is really nothing we can do other than “get down or lay-down” when this finally does occur..

        The choice will be up to you.. LIVE FREE..OR DIE HARD.

        • Just an accusation is enough. My, how far we have “progressed”.

      62. There is some mighty good advice there, but there is one bit of advice I have found to work MOST of the time. First don’t look for trouble. There are policemen (policewomen), cops, and your classic slabs of stinken bacon. Many times a human being is simply employed aty something to bring in a paycheck to feed their families and simply want to do their job the best they can. Automatically assuming that someone is a pig can lead to trouble that no one had to go through. Be ready for trouble, but try to be fair, we all seem to have been at a job we don’t like, as long as they are fair to you.

        You can get more bees with honey than vinegar. It is very difficult for someone to continue to be a f’head when someone is nice to them, just friendly. An attitude with a pig can lead to them making up all sorts of crap. Unless you are able to record exactly what happened, a judge and/or jury are most of the time going to believe what the pig said.

        Bite your tongue. Pride is worth nothing when you consider what could happen to you from a confrontation with a cop that just doesn’t like. It is so much more worthwhile to swallow your pride than have the state try to take away your right to own a firearm.

        People of ALL professions want to be appreciated. A little brown nosing can go a long way with a cop or others in authority. Talking over how difficult their jobs are can help. People are suckers when it comes to someone that has understanding to how rotten their jobs are, and people like to complain about them. This can’t hurt.

        Arguments over a ticket are for the courts. Calmly explaining yourself is usually okay, but at least in court you can’t be falsely accused of doing something you did not go when you say the cop is lying about what they say you did.

        The person needs to be in control, and this stems from NOT raising your voice, it “ain’t” worth it. The most slick politicians are the ones that remain in control, and their mannerisms speak this. They don’t cower down, their posture is upright and they look you in the eye, and of course lie but that is another matter. Speech classes in college teach this, especially in debate, and it works in everyday life.

        The main issue here is that why do you any of us have to go through this? That is what is most disturbing, that America of other western countries that WERE what others looked to for freedom, now are becoming or have become exactly the type of military police control states like East Germany and other Warsaw Pact satellite states of the USSR that people tried so desperately to escape from. That is what is so frightening.

        • BI
          I had a ’56 Chevy with the left headlight missing from
          an altercation with a deer once. As a joke, I put a
          candle in the hole til i could get it fixed. As luck
          would have it, a cop pulled me over one evening coming
          home from work. We walked around to the front of the
          car, and I said “damn, the light blew out,” and I lit
          it again with my lighter. He just laughed, shook his
          head, and said “gitter fixed” as he walked away.

          • @ OutWest. We are all put on this planet to function with the planet, nature, animals, but most of the time each other. I have found that I personally can trust individuals in law enforcement way more than most politicians because they deal with regular people everyday. There are the good, bad, and ugly, and when you deal with a good policeman/policewomen you are lucky and those people deserve respect because they give respect. Those that don’t need to be fired.

            The point is that you could be in line at the market with the same cop that will pull you over months later. The person you talked with you might really enjoy, that person is still the same person to the most part, with of course some exceptions, when they wear the uniform. Many wear different uniforms in the form of suits and ties, anything that your employment requires of you. This usually doesn’t make the person, the person is already a jerk or a decent person. Seeing past this can help a lot with dealing with a cop, that you are dealing with a person that wears regular clothes when not on duty.

            What I am trying to say is sometimes it really helps to humanize someone in “authority”. At very least it relaxes you to see a person rather than the badge, and allows you to retain some or most of your own personal control. That is half the battle when you are faced with something that can be very minor or nothing and something that can be a major life changing SHTF.

            By the way I think that is so funny with the candle.

            • I worked with sheriff deputies for over 5 years in Florida and the most striking thing I found when I was first hired was how polite and proffessional they were. Good manners go along way in any proffession and interpersonal relationships. Most people do not put their life on the line for their jobs each and every day and do not have the understanding just our stressfull it can be.

              • @ Dee in NC,

                From the time I was a ‘jungen’ my Father stressed that;
                “The axle of the WORLD turns on a grease made from the tact and courtesy people show to ona another…remove THAT and sais axle grinds toa halt in only a single day.”

                In the last 30 years we have seen the gradual destruction of the HABIT of being gracious and courteous to each other…not suprisingly we have ALSO seen the lock-step diminuation of society’s ability to function
                …NOT, I think, a coincidence….


        • Revenge is sweeter if you are around to savor it.

          re:Brown nosing. BI is right, and you don’t have to actually MEAN it.

          Always keep asking yourself: Is this the hill I want to die on?

        • The word “less” should be used to define a quantity of something. The proper word to use in your first sentence is “fewer” – which refers to a number.

        • NOTHING is created or destroyed in our world.

        • Mother Earth will be fine…Humans…not so much.

      63. The best thing to do if stopped is just admit guilt if you were guilty. When stopped, the Officer usually asks me if I know why he stopped me. I usually do. I admit it and I usually get off with zero ticket.

        In past 10 years, I have been pulled over probably 15 times. I have received 2 tickets for no seatbelt. That was the lesser charge v say epxired lisence.

        Most Officers I know are pretty nice people with a tough job working with ignorant and often violent people. Yes they have an attitude, buy so would I if I worked in their environment for awhile.

        So my 2 cents says be friendly with your local police and sheriff departments. They are not after you for no reason.

      64. Just before 9-11, I had a really BAD feeling! And just before the tsunami struck Indonesia, several years ago, I had a REALLY bad feeling. Well, I’m feeling the same way again. Don’t know what’s coming, but don’t think its going to be too pleasant…

      65. A policeman or sheriff is “sir” in the South. We were trained from birth to say “yes sir” and “yes ma’am” to our elders. Oops, I just realized that I’m older than all the officers.

        • Howdy Archivist,

          I THINK that with ‘advancing’ age the PROPER form of address changes from ‘Sir’ or ‘Mam’ to simply ‘Officer’,
          Eh? I am ABSOLUUTELY NOT going to refer to someone 30 years my junior as “Sir’

          …even at gunpoint! 🙂


          • especially not, at gun point

            • Howdy VRF,

              I stand corrected… 🙂


        • By the way, I have never gotten a ticket for anything so I don’t have much experience with the law.

          • As a person who has had less than a dozen traffic tickets in my 40 years of legal driving, I can say I got a whole hell of a lot less than what I “deserved” to get. However; the few i got that i didn’t deserve to get, stick out in my mind as reminders that there is a bigger cause at work, in some cases, that is the result of greed and corruption in the judicial system.

            I won’t go into details, since most people have had their own experiences or heard of those where LE was acting on behalf of a “corrupt” system. I think these instances cause people, in general, to have a negative opinion of LE. The other is the Follywood portrayal. And, sometimes cops are just being human and are having a bad day whereby it spills over into their work. Kinda like the N Jersey cop that stopped me after i screwed up and took a 53′ Big Rig onto the Jersey Parkway and realizing I had royaly screwed up, got off immediately and was taking out limbs from 150 year old trees down a neighborhood street, where straight trucks were even forbidden. The cop started on me like a red-headed step child and cussed me for everything he had in him. All I could do was play dumb and take my cussing and what i thought would be a stack of tickets with fines. After finally running out of breath from cussing so much, he paused long enough to catch air and give me a split second to apologize and ask for a direction to the nearest main road. Without hesitation, he said, “continue down this street for three blocks,and you will be off my fucking beat, and after that i don’t give a flying fuck where you go, just don’t come back this way again you hillbilly dumbass mo foker!” Well, no tickets and fines so, hillbilly dumbass mo fo, it is.

            The point is, we need to take the good with the bad, and just imagine what life would be like without our laws and the LE to enforce them. It would be like a law of the jungle rules, and where gangs and thugs have their way with your wives and daughters. At this point in time we have the majority of LE on our side. There may come a time when the majority are sided with the gov/TPTB and it is then, that we need to be afraid of them.

            Keep everything in perspective here. This site is dedicated primarily to a period of time when SHTF and all the rules change. When common decency,common sense and common people are all out the window. When common law is replaced with a law of the jungle and anyone encountering LE will be considered “guilty” until proven innocent. If and when, a time like that is upon our civilization, then the end will be upon us soon thereafter. Until that “end” has come with the return of Messiah, everyone with eyes to see and ears to hear should already be tucked away in their “safehaven” somewhere and not be on any roads, for anything or anyone. Doing so, is asking for trouble no matter where it comes from.

      66. I’m glad to see that SEVERAL people on here have stood up for the cops! This is a BAD article and I just lost a good amount of respect for this website for posting it. I AGREE… there are certain police state problems going on in this country right now (like the citizen checkpoints article posted earlier on this website… and I agree with the folks who did what they did there)… but to say cops are not here to help you? OK THEN… for all of you that believe that… DON’T call 911… EVER!!! FOR ANYTHING… EVER. Be rest assured there’s a good chance a cop would show up.

        There is some wise advice in here… but VERY limited (ex: I agree that you shouldn’t just hand over your right to have your vehicle searched).

        Piss poor artice! Try this stuff out and see if it doesn’t get you in further trouble or see if you don’t end up with a pissed off cop on your hands. What you SHOULD do is to cooporate with them 100% as long as they are acting in a CONSTITUTIONAL mannor. And you SHOULD call them SIR… probably half of them fought in the military to protect your freedom. Even if not… they spend their days in the underbelly of society keeping you safe. They deserve a little respect (even if some of them are boneheads).

        As for all the Anarchist here… move to north Africa. you’d LOVE it there! The lack of laws and proper enforcement are the RULE of the DAY there.

        • @Bad Ideas….I agree, it was a bad article with bad advice. Hope nobody follows it. People need to use common sense and quit being too paranoid.

          Yes, times are changing and I believe there is a NWO that is aiding the Central Bankers into our dollar collapse. But Officers are needed in a society that is beginning to melt. Violence is increasing and help is decreasing.

          Be careful for what we wish for.

          Be prepared but be wise also.

          • good article mac, forget these sheep, theyll sing a different tune when theyre in cages and their wives are taken away for some reason? stupid fucks
            that means you too pigs





        • It’s beyond BAD, it’s stupid…sorry Mac…
          I just don’t understand why you put it up.

        • This article is going to cause “BILLIONS” and “BILLIONS” of problems for the every day law abiding citizen of this country. It’s as if the article is designed to INCITE unwanted, unecessary, ignoramic bullshit ! I’m surprised Mac posted this crap……..!

        • Don’t blame the site. Mac does a terrific job of bringing about articles that expand the normal conversations and therefore bring about a better perspective of what we are faced with in our lives. Even if some things are considered negative to some, to others, they may be enlightening. Sometimes we get too “touchy” about words that don’t tickle our ears. Maybe we can learn from them.

      67. They had a 4.6 in the Macquarie Islands and this has in the past lead to a pair of very large earthquakes within 15 days, and many 7+. Out of the past 20 times since 1973 there has been a sequence of earthquakes here of 4.5+, 17 times at least a 6.5+ hit. Why I am mentioning this is because the previous areas are matching up with the swarm of Prince Edward Islands and the ones south of here. The following are targets:

        Mexico big time, 6 times Mexico got nailed after this region of the Macquarie Islands had an earthquake of 4.5+

        Mexico down to Central Chile

        New Guinea again to Santa Cruz.

        Fiji Islands down to Kermadec Islands

        Southern Japan

        South central China


        Especially along the International dateline, with the Aluetian Islands being the most likely

        Yes, the Pacific Northwest from the swarm off of the Prince Edward Islands until 15 days after the last earthquake there on the 11th. or March 26th is in danger.

        It was strange as the earthquakes in Mexico were all very close to 15-20 degrees north, as the one on Oct.9, 1995, 250 miles west of Mexico City, that was 8.0 and hit 3 days after Macquarie Islands had a quake of only 4.7. Whenever this area on the boundary between the southern Australian and Pacific plate has an earthquake, about 1/3 of the time Mexico gets it. 90% chance of an earthquake of 6.5+ in the world, and at least a 80% chance that it will be in one of the locations above by March 27.

        • Duplicate Post

          Good Evening BAD,

          I actually agree with much of what you state. There are many here who have the unfortunate habit of going ‘doe-in-the-headlights’ the instant they are in the presence of Police. What most of those fail to understand is that most Police are (by thier nature) relatively quick ‘reads’ of human nature and as such THAT instantly sends up ALL kinds of warning flags for them subconsciously…that’s when things usually go ‘south’ for most here who have had problems in the past. For whatever reason (perhaps, lately advancing age) I simply DON’t react like that; I’m always cool and scrupulously polite to all law enforcement I have occaision to deal with…and I NEVER have a problem with those at all.

          I would state here UNEQUIVOCABLY that NO ONE should offer any thing which is not asked for as a start, but that when things are asked for, do as most here have alrady detailed…if LEO’s want to go the routes we have lately seen them go, compel them to abide within the confines of the LAW as well…doing otherwise encourages them to a Hubris of sorts which simply doesn’t work out well for anyone, anywhere…but DO SO with impeccable civility and tact..BE POLITE. IT always goes ‘south’ when you deviate from that. It is a simple matter to assert – and if required, re-assert – your rights in a any given circumstance short of outright viloent behaviour in a fashion which is in and of itself not predominatly antagonistic.

          Also, I beleive that for some – even perhaps MANY – the long training which society embeds within us must needs be counteracted with a strong dose of self-assertion … which I THINK is Mac’s actual intent here in proferring this article. I could be wrong, that’s just MHO. Thanks for listening Friend.


          • The foregoing SHOULD have psted under BAD IDEA’s post

        • Good Evening BI,

          A point of clarification I would ask of you here, Friend.

          Since the begining your assetion has been that the polar or near-to-polar activity we observe is the seminal factor in the analysis you perform, Yes?

          Is this, in fact, an issue of the ‘differential compression’ as occurs with the plates (broadly) not compressing towards the polar regions but instead along proximately equatorial lines of transit?

          Stated somewhat differently the motion of the major plates seems to hardly ever involve noteable responses in Antarctica proper or in the deep north Polar basin…ergo WHAT we do see consistently is lined up around the equatorial regions (again, broadly). The ‘differential’ component being refered to above, of course, being that which would occur given that relatively small displacements in the arctic regions (North or South) imply much larger concomittant displacements (or atress/strain bulid-ups when motion is NOT realized, actualized).

          This is a question which simply serves to clarify (explicitly) for me the underlying nature of your insights.

          Oh, and thanks for the read on the McQuarie Islamd region…I wasn’t sure (if at a sub-5 magnitude) that was relevant or not.


          • @ JustOneGuy. I just tried to send you an explanation of what is going on and I got that 404 error messgae. So real quick, they just had an earthquake of 5.6 in Russia, and during the past 40 years this area was only hit 3 times. Out of those 3 times Mexico got hit twice, once in 1976 with a 7.5 and in 1973 with also a 7.5. The other area that was hit was New Guinea. I am now fairly confident Mexico is going to be whacked hard within 15 days by a 7+, maybe something in the 8 range. This is now the fourth earthquake indicating that Mexico and Central America has a big fat bull’s eye on it.

            I will try to send what I was trying to later to you. I hate when you lose a message like this to that error 404. I wish I knew why that happens.

          • @ JustOneGuy. I have been experimenting with ALL plate boundaries and found that certain areas moving lead to big movement somewhere. I don’t usually bother with anything less than 4.5, and usually only 5+, but some areas only experience sub 5’s and have lead to big earthquakes such as this area of the Macquarie Islands. Like pool where the smallest variation in which a ball is hit can lead to much different movement down the table, but on a 3 dimensional scale, each area has a very specific spot from a plate boundary that leads to a future big earthquake, even in the tropical areas. The New Madrid fault is affected by the Mid Atlantic Ridge at 54-60 degrees north, but even more so at 14-20 degrees north for example.

            The reason why I concentrated on the polar regions probably because it was so apparent what was going on. Like any theory, one has to modify it and expand on it, which it shows to be working. I have seen certain plate boundaries for example that have had earthquakes there and less than 1/3 or even 1/4 of the time has this area lead to any large earthquake. Other areas it has been 100% of the time like that one up in Russia a couple of hours ago, 3 out 3 times.

            I would like to say something about the article here about police and life in general. The one bit of advice I would like to give everyone is: does my action or lack of action benefit me the most or at least cut down as much as possible the cost or liability of what is happening? When you choose the path that harms you the least or benefits you the most, that is the correct course of action. It is just not worth it to lose so much more than you would have if you just put all pride aside and logically thought for a moment is this going to cost me way more than if I just put the attitude away until the cop leaves.

            It is like the trolls here, like that psycho Joker in NC. It makes you feel good to say something to the pure idiotic comments, but it doesn’t help the web site and others, including myself, by letting loose on the imbecile. It is so difficult not to turn the other cheek. An example is someone that is riding your bumper wanting you to go 45 in a 35 mile per hour zone. You so much like to stick your middle finger up and tell the asinine creep something clever. However if this leads to an accident or the creep trying to shoot out you, a simple irritation turns into a personal SHTF event that NEVER had to happen in the first place.

            Is it worth it?, should be what all of ask ourselves when confronted with a potentially dangerous situation that can be avoided most of the time by keeping our cool and remaining in personal control. Irrational outbursts can be enjoyable, but they can lead to very costly results. What is best for you should be the motto for all of us in these situations with police or life in general.

        • What are you going to do about those quakes?

          Ask them for their PC “probably cause” and first name including badge #. Ask them to wipe their hand print off of your trunk or tail bed before producing DL.

      68. NJ Mother Pressured to Turn Over Her Guns, Charged With ‘Terroristic Threats’ After Reading the Constitution at Tax Dispute Assembly

        What are you gonna do? Your lover boy Chris Christie wants your guns, too, old people. Do something about this, old people.

        • Yeah, those pigs sure are doing a great job of getting those terrorists hiding in the closet, aren’t they?

          Enough is enough, old people. No more of this fucking stupid terrorists-are-coming-to-get-us crap.

          Ridicule everybody who even uses the word terrorist or stupid fucking old people who talk about the military “fighting for our freedom” and are unable to read. You have to make your idiot neighbors see our law enforcement personnel as monkeys and morons in order to put a stop to this, as Reagan did with communism. His jokes made them look ridiculous and they were laughed out of existance.

          How can any thinking adults believe militarism equals freedom?

          Grow up, old people. Let your minds age to match your decrepit bodies.

      69. We need Peace Officers not Law Enforcement Officers. Police should only arrest if the crime is being commited in there presence. Police need to solve or help to resolve problems and stop fights. They need to go back to wearing 8-point caps and lose the blue lights on the cars for good old red for public safety just as fire and ems. There there to help and should be reminded help people out. Police need to be able to hit people again with the stick if they mouth off too. Basically i’m saying it all needs to go back to the 1950’s.

      70. JoeinNC, F#$% you! You’re the one who needs to leave America! Go down to Cuba where my wife came from. You’d fit right into Castro’s tropical gulag!

        • You married one of dem? Is your wife hot?

        • I see that you missed another one of your “AA” meetings again BraveFart !

      71. Eisenkreuz, in your comment #1284709, you’re starting to sound like a globalist. Let’s be careful with that. You’re making JoeinNC and Finx look good.

        • I’m not a globalist. Just a man with common sense. Look at what we are doing to the Earth. How much longer can this continue? You don’t want an overpopulation of deer or any other animal. When this occurs you cut their number down artificially. Why should humans be any different?

          • @ Eisenkreuz. The planet of course has finite resources and there will absolutely be deep dire consequences WHEN natural resources run out. I have found mass starvation starts at between when the amount of people reaches between 1500-2000 per square mile of arable land. The average world rate right now is about 1400 people per square mile of arable land. So we are getting a lot closer to this breaking point. Cheap oil is about over as it is taking that much more energy to extract oil from used up fields. Fresh water is a huge issue as it is not just for drinking. The oceans are being depleted of fish. There is of course that breaking point.

            Nature will take care of it, as with every other life form from plant to animal this has happened. It will be extremely likely if humans don’t blow themselves up or start up some mass murder, that a super virus will come out of the most highly populated area, likely India. The number one killer of all lifeforms since the planet was first here has been disease. People have made the choice to overpopulate the world, and that is what freedom is about, being able to make that choice. Whether some elitist group decides to release something or nature does, the population will have a mass die off. This is just raw science, it has to happen because you can only fill up a container so much before it overflows.

            This is why I and others on this site try to encourage people to prepare and store up as much as possible for when that peak is reached, because one way or the another it will be. It is extremely likely it will not be a gentle transformation to a different world, it will likely be very harsh and sudden. Those that have choosen not to prepare at least to a minimum sense will die hard and ugly. The more someone has to sustain themselves and their families the better chance they have to see the aftermath of what is coming. My cup run over, it will happen. How you and others ready yourself for it will determine your survivablity.

            • BI
              I am amazed at the lack of heed paid to the
              “Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse”, or in fact,
              even understand their resultant consequences.

          • Don’t sweat it, E. 10K years after we’re gone, visitors to planet Earth will have to really look to see that we were ever here. Earth has seen worse than us.

        • Them damn hippies. They’re going to wreck beautiful CO.

      72. Mac. Why did you think this was a good story/topic to have on Your site.


      73. I know they really hate it when you push back..they really really hate it when you push back and your right.

      74. Look around you. Does anyone really think this is what the founders had in mind? I laugh at people that say “I’m glad we aren’t like Germany was before the war”. Or, “At least we aren’t like USSR was under Communism.” We ARE in a police state with LEO, TSA, DHS, etc etc…not much different. They have instilled the police state “authority” in your mind through propaganda and public education as the “correct” way. Eddie Bernays would be proud. Why do we need police? I have never had to call them for assistance. They are simply revenue enhancers for the corporation statute and code. THEY are even brainwashed into believing they are needed by the common man. Can’t have the “consumers” thinking they can defend themselves. The whole f–king system is about control of YOU. GC and BA …great comments…thanks for putting your thoughts on this into words way better than I can with mine.

        • This is along the lines of what the founders envisioned…”Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.” Thomas Jefferson

          • @JRS:

            Great post Sir.

            Any infringement of a Right, even under the color of law, is truly an obstructive action.

            Any support of the fraud of the system, or CORP, is a defiling injustice.



            …I fart in your general direction –Monty Python–

            …be safe…..stay the course…….BA.

      75. Eric Peters counsels people that they are off with a little front-drive rice burner in the snow than a 5,000lb rear-drive town car. This recycled crap article has about as much value as that advice. Come of SHTF, you can do better than reposting stuff like this.

        • What the hell are you talking about? Are you drunk?

      76. Unfortunately the writer is mostly, certainly not all, correct. There are many wonderful, selfless and dedicated officers and deputies. The bad part is they are Law Enforcement Officers. No matter how unconstitutional a law is they get their paychecks from enforcement. When it comes to knocking on your door looking for “unlawful” guns they will kill you if you resist, no matter how unconstitutional the law they are enforcing is.
        They are caught in the middle. On one hand enforcing a law (no matter it is made by morons) which is their paycheck. On the other their conscience which while strong will lose out to the paycheck. I can only hope there are many officers with conscience.

        • Carbine, you got that right. Stalinist commies will kill you if you let ’em. Keep your distance and carry the good stuff.

          Bigger is better.

      77. The writer never read, Sun Tzu.

        Because the writer doesn’t know what he is talking about. Remember people a lot of this media now is government controlled. Believe everything opposite the Government (SHTF) tells you.

        Chris Dorner could of took more out Guerrilla fighting instead he ran and trapped himself. They’re are big plans under way with the resistance and going to major cities and taking out a shit load of corrupted cops. if not half the force.

      78. Sun Tzu counseled that it is madness – because pointless – to directly confront a superior foe. A costumed goon with a badge and a gun, for instance. You will lose (cue Dolph Lundgren voice from Rocky IV).

        The writer doesn’t have a fu**ing clue what he is talking about. A lot of these third party medias are being government controlled people like Shtfplan. Believe everything opposite or pick up a book and read Sun Tzu yourselves.

        • Yes, much wisdom in those pages.

          The battle always won, is the battle not fought.

          IOW, pick your battles.

      79. Give me Liberty….

        Or I’ll get up, and get it MYSELF!

        • LoL…. uh yup.
          Good one vrf

      80. more security without the cops..?..yep

        One Mexican town finds more security by throwing out the police

        The indigenous town of Cherán used to be like many places in Mexico, caving under the weight of drug-related crime and a police force that did little to stop it.

        But about two years ago, citizens here threw out the police, and took over their local government, running the town according to indigenous tradition. So far, they’ve had remarkable success.

        so the mexicans are showing us up? mean to tell me they can get this done but we cant?

        its disgraceful people

      81. NJ Mother Pressured to Turn Over Her Guns, Charged With ‘Terroristic Threats’ After Reading the Constitution at Tax Dispute Assembly

      82. Smokin, et al.
        There is only one rule when dealing with LEO.
        Don’t piss LEO off.

        Message to LEO: You’re my heroes because you put it all on the line for us, always, until you ain’t. You know what the “ain’t” is…
        Clean up your own messes in a back room, or be tarred with the same broad brush, and remember why all oligarchies fall…

        Because they get a God complex. (Power corrupts.)
        Then they die.
        ’nuff said?

      83. Ive been reading this page for a while now and stop here nearly everyday. If this is the way its going, pandering to a bunch of Anarchists. Im done with this page. Good luck with your attitudes in the coming collapse.

        • True freedom is anarchy. You whiney little bitches are too sissy to handle that simple truth. You need big sugar daddy government to prepare and take care of anybody.

        • Aww… don’t go away mad…just go away.

          Anarchy = freedom. Its that simple. It doesn’t mean ‘chaos’, it means a system of Private law, instead of thousands of bureaucratic bs Laws. Think the golden rule, is the perfect system of Private law. You get to be free, until you affect somebody else. Then the citizenry takes charge of you. That’s what being a CITIZEN means… being willing to do your ‘civic duty’. WE don’t need no stinkin’ government, all we need is US in the moral authority of God given natural law. All the rest, is straight out of hell.

          (Unfortunately, today, we have to have a military or else we’re gone. But, a time will come when all governments lose legitimacy and authority… remember that centralization of anything, is centralization of power always equals absolute power, and that, always and eventually = absolute evil.

          God didn’t want us to have a king. How’s all that King stuff working out for ya?

      84. As Chris Rock says; “don’t do that shit”. I thinks most here already know how to act in the first place. This article is not the best advice depending on where you live. Try some of this crap in a small town and see what happens. Sometimes it makes sense to talk sometimes it doesn’t.

      85. In France:

        Lawmakers in the ruling Socialist party have been calling for the imposition of taxes on Google’s activities in France and police monitoring of SKYPE, while a French court has ordered Twitter to identify people behind racist tweets.

        This is an example of where America is headed.


      86. I’ll bet they’re all in there telling pope jokes.

      87. The leprechaun finally acknowledges a financial crisis is coming after years of focusing on stupid shit like abortion that has nothing to do with nothing and supporting the big military that earned the debt for us.

        You Republicans really are dumb as rocks.

        • Eisen….

          Look up.
          Look down.
          Look at my thumb.
          Gee your dumb.

          • You’re not your

      88. I was reading above about coupons and I had someone tell me that coupons are like dollar bills, and IF you are going to purchase something you use that not using that coupon is like torching a dollar bill. A lot of coupons offer free stuff that can be stored away and used later for barter. People that save money using coupons for example can take that extra money saved and gather it up and purchasse ammunition for thing. I know someone that uses coupons and puts away the money saved each month and then buys silver coins with that money saved.

        Money that is just there for the “pickens”. Poor people can put away for their survival supplies using coupons. If someone hands me a fist full of dollar bills I say thank you. Coupons on items you use are just like this.

        • Beinformed. This is my first posting. Been cruising the sight for awhile.I really enjoy your posts.. I am a couponer and that’s part of how I build my preps. I have a large family and save an average of 60% of what I pay on groc. For example last Friday I bought 360 worth of groc and only PD 124. Our budget is 600 a month for all household stuffs. So couponing serves me well.

        • COUPONS! Right O’ Bi….

          This is how we can buy 2 instead of 1, that adds to the prep stash….
          Good one.

        • Use common sense though, BI; like Aldis says, ‘we’d match other store prices, but we’d have to raise our prices to do that’.
          And they are right–why do I want to chase bargains(coupons on brands I do not purchase and never have)when I know Aldis’ price is the best on most items.

          • Love Aldi’s, and Sams club, we do both. Haven’t found too many american brands at Aldi’s however… so we are constantly experimenting with their never before seen brands. Some are just as good as what I’m used to, some others… not so much. YMMV.

      89. Colorado now close to voting away its own freedom. I’m sure those short magazines and background checks are going to do great wonders for crime. Another formerly beautiful state falls to stupid pussy-whipped manginaed old people.

        Nobody wants to learn to shoot or box no more. Just android phone, DWTS, texting, lady gaga, and the latest clothing brands.

        • Stalinist commies in colorado. What did you expect.

          Tyranny of the majority, commies will kill you if they get the chance.

          Mostly, cowards live in commie colorado.



      91. off topic personal message
        Thanks… for your kind rejoinder on the previous thread. It takes awhile sometimes to see previous comments…(I get lost in here… 😉
        So easy to misconstrue what someone says on this thing…
        I apologize if I took what you said backwards…

        There is indeed much blood on the hands of the Churches, both Catholic and Protestant. Those who say this is ‘ancient history’, don’t understand that history creates the future, and the future is NOW.

      92. White smoke at the vatican…
        wait for it.

        • FrancisI

      93. Free George Zimmerman

        • What’s the right thing to do in a case in which the lead investigator has testified, under oath, that there’s no evidence on which to base charging the defendant?

          the right thing to do is let him go, and give him back his money

          • Amen.
            And that would mean race riots?
            If he is acquitted, same thing?
            He can’t win either way.
            If he is acquitted, his life is gone, as he is hunted on the outside.
            If he loses, his life is gone, as he is hunted in prison.
            Sucks to be the good guy now days, eh?

            • sure does,,, and it gives a lot of credence to shoot shovel shut up

              • Yes…
                speaking of ‘practical tips for resisting the police state’…
                My mantra…


      94. Mississippi passes ‘anti-Bloomberg bill,’ banning local limits on portion sizes and requirements to post calorie counts

        they should probably ban him from even coming into their state too

      95. Isreahell “Declares War” on AmeriKa’s Children…

        Are you ready to sacrifice your children’s lives innocence , your own life in Another False-Fag driven Global War based on ZOG FEDGOV industrial war complex propaganda and banker financial market lies…

        Worth watching if you care about your future or your children’s future.



      96. Bergoglio… of Argentina! Pope Frances…? A JESUIT…

        Blows out the Malachy prophecy of the next name being Peter the Roman? But, the guy on Tv says he will also be “peter of rome, because he follows peter”… don’t you just love their MYSTERIES?

        Lot of happy Mexicans…

      97. This article contains good sensible advice for dealing with decent cops. HOWEVER… some cops are not decent, and even the most peaceable,reasonable sorts can end up dead at the hands of police, even pastors. I especially call attention to that old “catch-all”, “failure to obey a police officer”. This is frequently used even when the LEO has given an obviously illegal order that blatantly violates your Bill of Rights, common decency, state or local law. Like cases where they insist you cannot photograph or record them in public, maybe even smashing your camera, when courts have ruled in favor of your right to record activities in public areas. In the end, it is the police monopoly on force and courts weighting their testimony against yours that prevails. They not only are permitted to lie to you, but they often plant evidence on people they want to bust. Beware!

      98. sometimes the truth works miracles…

        having been pulled over for rolling thru a stop sign in Hollywood years ago,, cop asks, (I’m in a driving a 68 VW Van)

        Cop: You wouldn’t happen to have any marijuana in there?

        Me: Sorry officer, you should have stopped me a couple of weeks ago.

        Cop: why did you run the stop sign?

        Me: You want me to tell you God’s truth?

        Cop: Try me

        Answr: Because I didn’t see you staked out at the corner..

        no ticket..

      99. Eisenkreuz, I don’t care what you say about me, but by god, YOU LEAVE MY WIFE OUT OF THIS! All i did earlier was offer you some friendly advice because some of your posts are decent so i know you have some capacity to carry on a decent conversation. It’s you unjustifiable insults that turn off everyone here and get you red thumbs. How would you like someone running down your wife and no one even knows anything about her? You really are making joe and finx look good in comparison. SO F#$% YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON!

      100. After much deliberation, I decided this would be my first post. I frequent this site for information from like minded individuals and sometimes as a compass to ensure I am not reading things wrong. This article and some of the comments paint a picture of local law enforcement as goons and the enemy. Folks we do a job that must be done. Those complaining would be the first to yell where are the police when they find their home broken into! Sure their are some bad cops. There are bad apples in every profession. Most of us could care less about traffic tickets, were too busy running from assault to robbery. We have enough to do dealing with the illegal immigration. We are just like you. In my area we provide pur own weapons and ammo, and thus are rushing to the nearest academy hoping to find the ammo to qualify and maybey practice 50 rounds this month. Surely you know we see first hand that were on borrowed time? We know better than anyone that DHS doesnt need armored vehicles and that they dont need billions of bullets! So before you go lumping law enforcement into a big basket of fat heavy handed thugs and disrespect us, take a moment and use your head. We in large part are precisely the people you will want to band with when the SHTF. Rest assured, we are sworn to uphold the constitution of our state and nation as written, not interpretted.

        Not on my watch.

        • Howdy TXLEO,


          We are always glad to have ANY of the (I presume) Law endorcement crowd weighing in with thier ‘take’ on things. Much, I think, of what you see here as derogatory stems from the uncertainty that folk are feeling of late with respect to the PTB….much of what has been seen from THOSE of late IS disturbing, to say the least!

          I am one of those who has no native inclination to be apprehensive as to the LEO in this country. As is the case with all large groups of Human beings there will be a percentage that are ‘not worth thier salt’…I do NOT apply that estimation to the LEO community as a whole. SOME here do…

          In an age where border control is being pre-emptively obliterated and the police in the country are becoming more ‘militarized by the day some might well be within thier rights to fear the possible implications thereof.

          As I usually say to those who come here, “Well-met, it IS good to ‘see’ and be ‘seen’, again Be Welcome Here. I hope to hear from you in the future…any ‘solutions’ which we find in time to come WILL be a matter of ALL of us acting together, Eh?

          Lastly, MANY tThanks for the job you Guys (and Girls) do daily…not everyone is unmindful of the tribulations which accompany the job!


      101. For the most part Police are still for the most part decent people..In the cities they are forced to be overpowering and have a sense of grandoise. It is for sure they are looking to excercise more than a hero image at a bank robbery, or as friendly school crossing guard. They have once a month DHS training, which means they work for the White house,and the long over stretched government

      102. I can tell that most of you think that the future cwilkl be like its always been. It won’t be.
        A family cannot go it alone. We need a group to work with for many reasons. But most of us have moved around so much we dont have that group. It is hell to find such a group of like minded people. I am a right winger in TN, family man, combat infantry vet, survivalist, skills, dependability and well informed. But I cannot find like minded people. My wife is very nervous about it because of this problem. Any like minded in East TN , with a brain and a heart, we would like to meet.
        I was threatened by 2 cops (one a fat sergeant) after I reported a neighborhood disturbance at 2 AM one night. So I am leery of cops.

      103. Wow this is mostly bad advice.

        Cops are people too. They are not all out to get you. In fact 95 percent of cops want to help you 99 percent of the time.

        To not roll down your window all the way = and to answer like an evasive smart guy lawyer is a sure to escalate things. Now instead of just giving you NO ticket or perhaps ONE ticket for speeding he is going to use the law to ticket you for speeding, failing to signal, tail light damage, and glass tinting. You want to be a smart guy “I know my rights guy- and come off as contentious, hateful and disrespectful you will get the full of the law!

        You better call a cop ‘sir’ or ‘officer ____’ if you want any leeway. And yes cops Do give people breaks if they seem like good people- but act like a jerk to a cop and expect fines adding to 500 dollars or more.

        Cops are not swine – the author seems hateful and spiteful. My guess is the author was pulled over drunk and speeding and was treating like a idiot drunk and is now angry. It is persons like that who would do well in Singapore with a good beating on their hides to rend some sense into their rebellious selfish brains.

        And people preppier people wonder why cops automatically assume the worse about them after reading articles like this… Duhhh I wish I had a donut… I was in both the USMC and later law enforcement – I know about these things….

      104. I usually won’t comment on COP issues due to my personal bias of being one but I have Bravehearts back on this issue and concur with brother knightowl77.

        Listen I don’t like cops in general because I don’t like anyone telling me what to do either. But as in life an asshole is an asshole no matter what you do for a living. LE attracts A personality types and dudes who like to be a tough guy behind a badge…take it off and they would never act like that.

        That being said I’ve been doing this for 20 years and ALOT has changed. New cops love “THE BIG SCORE” so they stop everything that moves and go fishing.


        Where I work you can stop somebody for almost anything…if I want to stop you I will find a legal reason to do so. There is nothing wrong with asking politely why you were stopped…remember it.

        I get paid to do a dangerous job. I accepted that when I took it…what I won’t accept is a citizen who I stopped for a reason acting like a fuckin curbside attorney challenging every thing I say with bullshit they read on some blog.

        YOU DO YOURSELF NO FAVOR BEING A DICK…even if the cop is a dildo to you…be nice. It makes cops nuts to be a dick to someone who is being respectful and and is being cooperative. COOPERATIVE NOT STUPID.

        Ask polite questions and KNOW YOUR RIGHTS DON”T SPOUT EM THROUGH A CRACKED WINDOW. If you are stopped for a MV violation one of these apply:

        1. You actually did something wrong…it happens and you got caught…shit happens. How you react plays a HUGE part in what happens next. COPS ARE HUGE BULLSHIT DETECTORS. I know if you are lying within seconds of my first contact with you. BE FUCKIN HONEST. Your odds of geting off with a warning go through the roof if you are just honest if you did in fact fuck up doing 20 over the posted speed limit ETC.

        2. You did nothing you are aware of…you can be pulled over for countless reasons you are not aware of. ASK POLITELY. If its legitimate ie tailight out, shit hanging from your mirror, expired registration ETC. BE POLITE YOU WILL MOST LIKELY WALK.

        3. You are stopped for suspicious reasons. You match the description of a wanted person, your car matches the description of a car used in a crime, you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. NOW IS WHEN YOU REALLY MUST BE CAREFUL AND SMART. Do everything you are asked that does not violate your constitutional rights. DO NOT MAKE FURTIVE MOVEMENTS, SHOW YOUR HANDS, Listen and be polite and ask questions. The sooner you are found not to be that person the better.

        4. You get stopped for bullshit. It happens and there are bad cops end of story. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. You do not have to consent to anything. If you did nothing wrong you have nothing to consent to. BE POLITE but do not give one inch of your rights. Identify yourself and request why you are being detained and if you are free to leave. If they have nothing don’t give them anything.
        If you have a CCW permit and the gun is on you or in the car TELL THEM POLITELY. You are legally permitted so tell them. BE POLITE and you will be on your way…be a dick you will have no end of hassles..,.your choice.

        This is just my opinion and life experience. You do what you want. Cops are generally regular guys who get paid to do what they have to do. They just want to go home in one piece to their families. If they come across you in their day or night alot depends on you how that encounter will go.

        If you are drunk and want to fight thats OK we will kick your ass and you go to jail. Got drugs? illegal weapons, just beat your wife…yep expect trouble. If not just be polite we appreciate it.


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