The Looming Economic Collapse: The $250 Trillion Dollar Worldwide Debt Crisis

by | Aug 15, 2018 | Headline News | 116 comments

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    As governments raise taxes to cope with their unending spending habits, people are increasingly being forced to supplement their own income with loans. And according to most financial experts, this debt problem is so big that it will usher in a global economic collapse of epic proportions.

    According to the Institute of International Finance’s latest Global Debt Monitor, the amount of debt held in the world rose by the biggest amount in two years during the first quarter of 2018. It grew by $8 trillion to hit a new all-time high of $247 trillion, up from $238 trillion as of December 31, 2017.  And that’s up by $30 trillion from the end of 2016.

    Global debt is staggering to the point most of it will never be repaid and as governments continue their spending sprees and the debts keep mounting, the future of the economy looks bleak. There is more than enough economic data out there to show there could be an economic collapse and stock market crash in 2018. Bill Gross stated in 2017 that “our highly levered financial system is like a truckload of nitroglycerin on a bumpy road”. One wrong move and the whole thing could blow sky high, wrote the Epic Economist. Once this bubble pops, it will fling the globe into a financial crisis of epic proportions never before seen.

    According to Financial Times, it is becoming clear that the global monetary policy is now caught in a debt trap of its own making. Continuing on the current monetary path is ineffective and increasingly dangerous. But any reversal also involves great risks. It stands to reason that the odds of another crisis blowing up will continue to rise. –Ready Nutrition

    The Epic Economist also has a video out detailing how all of this came to pass.  It’s easy enough to understand, yet most still can’t get past their own preconceived notions and biases to comprehend that this will be the fault of governments and those who continue to look to rulers or masters to solve their problems.

    “It is all about taking money from us and transferring it into government pockets. And then, taking money from government pockets, and transferring it into the hands of the elite. It’s a game that’s been going on for generations and its time for the humanity to say that ‘enough is enough’.” -Epic Economist

    The future of the global economy doesn’t look promising based on the vast amount of debt and wealth being transferred from people to their masters.  We are living in economic slavery and until humanity understands that, the only other option is an economic crisis.

    It comes as a bit of a surprise the infamous Keneysian economist Bernanke would express concerns over the government’s inability to decrease spending.  But now that he has, will Americans heed the warning and protect themselves against the next financial crisis? –SHTFPlan

    There are ways to prepare for a financial crisis, although an ongoing and global crash could complicate things for preppers. But there are still ways to prepare and an open and educated mind is step one.  If you still believe the government and global elites have your best interests in mind, you probably also don’t anticipate a global economic crash, and therefore, are not going to prepare.  For the rest of us, taking on a “prepper’s mindset” will give you the upper hand in any financial crisis.

    How To Best Prepare Yourself For The Coming Financial Crisis

    “If we have learned one thing studying the history of disasters, it is this: those who are prepared have a better chance at survival than those who are not.” -Tess Pennington, author of The Prepper’s Blueprint



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      1. Anybody see the price of silver lately? It was $14.41 today.


        • time to order silver coins for christmas

        • Going to go lower before it shoots for the stars. Don’t get discouraged.
          Think long term. Buy and hold.

        • John Stiner. I was going to say the same thing, and here is what I believe what is going on. This is the “Red Alert” / “Canary in the Coal Mine” moment.

          I think the Banksters / money changers know full well their entire debt currency sham is going to crash soon, so they are purposely using paper shorting to slam the price of Gold and Silver, to give these money changers one more big opportunity, one more time, to buy up all the Physical Gold and Silver at ridiculously low prices, because they are greedy, and to also get rid of their phony money currency, in exchange for real wealth in the form of physical Gold and Silver. You see the last person holding their phony money, is the loser in this game, when this all crashes.

          This is a real BUY Signal, right here, right now to let everyone here know, its time to dump the dollar before it becomes worthless. You will also be greatly rewarded, to also follow suit and get rid of your phony money, in exchange for some real wealth in the form of Physical Gold and Silver. There is no reason what so ever, other than extreme manipulation of the PM’s for the greedy elite to grab one more opportunity to profit even more by slamming the price of PM’s right now, and buy it on the cheap.

          I just bought another 400+ OZ’s and so should you, if you can of those shiny Silver 1 Oz rounds. SHTF is a coming folks, pay close attention to all the signals, and this is one of them.

          When the stock market crashes big time by this October, there will be a mad dash by the public, to the Precious Metals counter to scoop up physical Gold and Silver.

          Gold and Silver may explode in price, even bigger than after the 2008 Crash. As in 2011, when Silver hit $48 an ounce. So pick it up cheap right now at $14.50 an ounce and triple your wealth in a collapse, and you will have physical wealth in your hands.

          ** This is what I see happening, be smart and pick up some PM ASAP. Thank me later. Your thoughts on this observation?

          • TharSheBlows.. when silver was $17 per ounce the coin shop charged $4 over for US silver eagles and $3 over for Canadian maple leaf 1 ounce coins. So now that the price is lower, how much higher did the overcharge become?

            • Paying 3 or 4 bucks over spot is NOTHING when you consider where we are headed.
              You will more than recoup any premiums you are paying now. Bigly.

            • it is never over $1 over spot in my town.

      2. The richest family (500 trillion or more) in the world.

        The Rothschilds Control the world through their private global bank. They maneuvered the USA into world war twice. By guaranteeing to get the US into the first war, the Rothschilds gained a foothold in Palestine where England had colonized it, insuring the defeat of Germany who had virtually won ww1 before American troops got into the fight. By having a homeland, Rothschild could send out criminals to spy, rob, whatever; and then run away to Palestine and literally get away with murder.

        Rothschild, Warburg, and perhaps a few families, maybe a few dozen, own the world. They own power. They own AC & DC.


        • and one day they might own a .308

      3. New York State raised property taxes on waterfront property on the Finger Lakes by 65-percent this past last year. For example, our neighbor’s property taxes went from $11,567 in 2017 to $18,895 in 2018 — in one year. They are retired school teachers and haven’t done a thing to their place since the 1970s.

        Why? Because New York State is running on a total debt of 300.1-billion dollars with no way out. This is another “Democrap” Socialist state (second only to California), run by the Cuomo Mafia Family since the 1980s.

        The state won’t tackle issues like the over 50-year decline of the state economy, but they spend the citizens money prolifically pursuing stuff that has nothing to do with the state’s problems — like suing sitting presidents, fulfilling their gun confiscation agenda, using financial extortion schemes to kill lobby groups like the NRA, or any other company they don’t agree with.

        Is it any wonder so many apocalyptic movies are shot in Upstate New York?

        Governor Andrew Cuomo (the great gun confiscator), has got to go.

        • Realistically, there are only four ways to fix this property tax problem.
          The first is to leave.
          The second is to be less worse off than your neighbor, so they will vote out the local government before you go broke paying higher property taxes.

          The other two are illegal…but very satisfying.

          • I would sure like to hear about the other two.

            The citizens in Upstate New York (that’s everybody outside New York City), are like scared little minions. I have never seen people so sick with the normalcy bias. I guess they think if they just behave themselves their will behave responsibly. WTF?

            • You aren’t kidding! I’m in upstate NY. I could go on quite the rant. But I won’t. I’ve been trying to wake people up. Not going to happen. They’ll re-elect Cuomo, then cry when they reap what they have sown.

              • The bozo Cuomo just came out today saying how the United States was “never that great.” What a campaign slogan. Except that he has been saying the same thing about New York State for decades.

                Governor Andrew Cuomo says: “You can’t recover from 50-years of a disappearing economy overnight.” Funny, since it has been the Cuomos running the place into the ground since the 1980s.

                From the 1870s until the 1960s, New York State use to be a paradise.

          • Just today I received my statement of estimated property tax on my home for this fiscal year. It jumped $400 – from $1600 to $2000. That’s a 25% hike reflected by last year’s fee. West Central Coast Florida. I know for damned sure my house’s value hasn’t improved to reflect that. Funny, I don’t recall getting any raise or pension plan being self-employed. Can’t rightly say that the “services” by local government have gotten one iota better even though they’ve added personnel. Nor do I see my mighty law enforcement being more effective in stopping crime – they still get there just in time to mop up the blood, the roads sure seem worse, the schools are turning out less and less educated children/kids, the fire dept. has gotten some pretty new engines but seem to get to the crisis points about time to roast a marshmallow or two… and for double-damn sure, the mosquitos are swarming more’n I can remember. Don’t even ask me about the response to the red tide here.

            • Florida is another state being used up by the politicians. My grandparents had their retirement place in Winter Haven starting back in 1967. My grandfather retired from Corning Glass Works in 1972 after 48-years with the company. Those were the days. I really dug Florida until the Crash of ’08 – ’09 exposed how weak the state was to go on the way it was. Water depletion is a real issue. The Key Biscayne Aquifer is in jeopardy of being pumped out. The Florida Keys get all their water from the aquifer shoreside — as well as their electricity. The water pressure is just terrible. Invasive species are another. Rising sea levels and salt water intrusion is another problem. They are saying the Florida Keys could be under water by 2100.

              • If that is so, why are state and fed governments and big business investing so much $$ in infrastructure and new developments in the Keys in past few years.

                • They spend, so they can tax the SH!T out of you and keep those taxes high, even after the “work” is done… Easy to create new taxes, but almost impossible to get them removed…(unless you have the kahunas of a Trumpian).

                • Easy. Key West has a huge military base. And there is the at Pensacola.

                  • Southern FL? That is a suburb of the Bronx! Condo Commie, Bolshies in Buicks, Lexus Lenins, Mercedex Marxists, ad nauseum.

            • Mine jumped 14%.

              I called an appraiser. He charged $300 dollars for an appraisal. The appraisal came in 7% lower than before the increase.

              I then filed an “informal protest” and met with the county tax appraiser. He accepted the new appraisal without question.

              It lowered my taxes by $250 a year. If i did not do this it would have risen $565 a year.

              It was worth the $300 gamble.

              • If the county tax appraiser and your local government were doing their jobs you wouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get them to do the right thing — to begin with. And you were gambling with your money. These losers are just testing the waters. All state local and federal governments are desperate — DESPERATE — for money. Someday, they are just going to take it all. When are the people going to rise up?

                F*ck. WTF? You got a few hundred professional politicians pushing around 320-million Americans. The people could burn the place to the ground and take the country back in an afternoon. WTF?

            • Re elect another rethuglican government and expect more of the same eh ?
              I’ve lived on the Space Coast for twenty years now. Taxes have steadily risen , along with the population.
              Water quality has year by year gotten worse.
              Yet they blame big sugar…how about central Florida’s using the Kissimmee basin as a sewer with runoff being the cause ?

            • My property taxes are at an astounding $600 a year. It pays to live in a RED state people.

        • You should move to somewhere that’s less expensive, like here in NC. My property tax is only a few hundred a year.

          • I just paid my property taxes today. A little under $500( we pay half every 6 months) So my total bill is less than $1000 per year.
            I own over 5 acres, have an un-obstruted ocean and mountain view, I’m in Hawaii.
            Don’t bother to move here, you cannot afford to buy a place like mine.
            I’d hate to think what Nailbangers place would cost. Maui is VERY pricey.

          • Archivist, same for my BOL in north GA. GA definitely beats the hell out of NY state or any other northern state.

          • I lived on the west coast for almost 25-years for the job. I found the weather boring in its sameness. I left in 2014 because of the illegal immigration epidemic and the Fukushima radiation coming ashore along the coast.

            I wouldn’t move south. I cannot stand the heat.

            The older I get, the more and more I pray and hope for a few more White Christmas’. So, that keeps me in the Northeast. My family is from Upstate New York. You really do develop a sense of place, where you are from.

            Except that Upstate New York (actually all of it) has become a socialist sh*t hole. I may move to Vermont, to Woodstock or Stowe.

            I really do love the winters. Missed them. Watching the cardinals feed above the rhododendrons, in between the long needle pines and the fence rails is one of the most beautiful things imaginable.

            • We have cardinals here in the South. The cardinal is the state bird of NC.

              We fed them some leftover grits today.

            • Go to sdbullion (dot) com and look at the 5-oz and 10-oz bars. Excellent values. I like the CRM (Canadian Royal Mint) bars, which are .9999 fineness.

          • Short and sweet and good common sense. I rather liked visiting North Carolina but that us under normal conditions.

            I am not very certain it’s a great BOL though. In fact, y’all will probably get pinched from the fleeing urban folks from the North and the South.

            I hope not for your sake.

            • Appreciate the sentiment, but what the h*ll is BOL? Bread of life? Burst Out Laughing? Be on the lookout? WTF.

              • BOL =bug out location.

                North Carolina is a be

              • BOL =bug out location.

                North Carolina is a beautiful state with admirable folks in my experience and a rich history. The Triangle region of Raleigh, Durham, and Charlotte once was heralded as the best real estate in America. You have the mountain and the ocean and lots of superb woodlands and meadows. You have the Cherokee Native Americans.

                But if worse came to worse, you will be hammered by fleeing urban folks from the Atlantic Seaboard from the North and fleeing Floridians from the South. That ain’t great but troublesome.

                • One of my favorite most favorite novels as a child, and one of my favorite movies as an adult, “The Last of the Mohicans,” was filmed in several locations around the Ashville, North Carolina area, including Chimney Rock State Park, the Biltmore Estate, Manor Inn Apartments, DuPont State Forest, Lake James and several other locations.

                  Still, I have been to Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, both Virginias, Georgia and all the way down south to Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas in the summer. Hotter than h*ll.

                  McKee, Kentucky and San Antonio, Texas in July were both killers. You go ahead and take North Carolina and I’ll take Vermont.

                  • I greatly enjoyed traveling through North Carolina and once I seriously made inquiries about moving there.

                    I don’t mind the heat in Kentucky and I love the rural people here. I could go on and on about small kindnesses done to just about everyone including diverse people. Our reputation from history is often a great distortion versus the facts.

                    In some parts of Tennessee in the hills and mountains, they don’t have air conditioning as typically they don’t need it. I generally liked all the rural folks I met there but they sure have a lot of “chop shops” so stuff is not on the up and up. Lots of these folks are truckers who live there and are generally good honest hard working people.

                  • When I visited Maine, I was shocked at how plain the women looked. The same was generally true in New Hampshire and Massachusets. I never really got to visit Vermont. It would be miserable to be a Yankee.

                    Now the ladies in Kentucky and often in Southern Indiana are lovely Southern belles…and that drawl is enticing and sweet with no pretense. I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Ladies in rural regions around Lexington often are exceptionally beautiful but know it which spoils them.

                    • Hillbilly broads are too mannish.

      4. You are right

      5. My wallet is as flat as the earth cause of cuomo

        • Cuomo is the type who gives Italians the worst kind of name. DON Cuomo.

        • Your life was never that great anyway.

          • Ouch.

          • Wonderful comment.

      6. My wallet is as flat as the earth

      7. No country has taxed itself into prosperity.
        Over half our taxes goes to the Military.
        I’d say, that would be a good place to start cutting back and gut it.
        Stop funding billions of dollars a year to Israel.
        End the Fed and dismantle AIPAC.
        Do not send an I.O.U to the Central Banks, just send them a F.U. letter instead.

        • The annual federal budget deficit is about $1.2 TRILLION dollars. This represents the cost of American Taxpayers SUBSIDIZING the NWO AGENDA to enslave US with higher taxes, bigger government, third world immigration, and the micro management of our lives through increasing Rules & Regulations at every level of government with more public employees, each having a cadillac health care & pension plan.

          US Taxpayers subsidize ILLEGALS to the tune of $500 billion a year; China $400 billion a year; the EU $160 billion a year; Mexico $125 billion a year; and Canada $25 billion a year. Similar costs have been adding up for about 30 years to create the $20 trillion national debt. These are the costs to subsidize the NWO Agenda. TRUMP is moving aggressively to reduce and reverse these costs.

          Unfortunately the military needs that money to stay ahead of China & Russia. We only need to fall behind them ONCE in quantity and quality, and the ideal that is America is lost forever. 🙂

          • To be ahead of Russia and China, we must return the troops home and reduce the military budget by 10 times. The German exceptional nation will become the head of the world and prosperity will come, only a little need to be fought. This is fascism. The proletariat will triumph throughout the world and the earthly paradise will come, only a little need to be fought, this is communism. America is an exceptional nation and must write laws for all of humanity, only it is necessary to war a little This is democracy. Maybe it’s time to stop running around in circles destroying millions of people?

      8. The bankers are mostly of one “type.”

        We should just call a Jubilee and cancel all debts.

        • “We should just call a Jubilee and cancel all debts”.
          A very j3wish solution. Works for me.

          • A debt jubilee turns all of your fiat into toilet paper.
            Convert into hard assets ASAP and hold on for dear life.

          • The only problem is that a jubilee is the same as a default. No country will ever loan you money ever again.

            It’s like that movie, “The Big Short” where, just before the crash, a broker says about the impending sell off. “You can do this, but at what price? Nobody will ever do business with you ever again.”

        • The USA cannot just call a jubilee as it would plunge the dollar and collapse our economy, and then by contagion, plunge the whole world into the 2nd Great Depression.

          But… what the federal government under President Trump COULD DO, is forgive $1,000 of debt for each mortgage holder and specifically against the principal. And then pause and see the effect on the markets. If that worked, then do it again in 6 months.

          Likewise foirgive $1,000 on student loans using the same cautious intentional process.

          My guess is that is make the economy very robust because it stabilizes almost everything. In return, the bankers write it off, which perturbs me as they loaned money they did not actually possess.

          And if citizens are free and clear, give them a $1,000 tax break or give them a $1,000 30 year bond. Or if they wish, they can transfer the $1,000 write-off to their children or relatives.

          In 5 years of twice a year forgiving $1,000 in debt, the American economy, banks, gvernment, and the citizens would know unparalleled economic stability.

          What would happen is citizens’ net worth RISES but they did not gain income, so no new taxes! It’s rather a simple but elegant solution…and it’s sound BIBLICAL theology!

          Did you know that all across the political spectrum, there is support for this?

          Formerly broke Millennials would effectively have more net income (as long as they are not in education debt defferal), and so could do wider job searches.

          Home owners would be on a very sound footing and closer to be free and clear.

          Those two things alone make the economy very ROBUST. It also subtracts the negative effects of inflation YET is not deflationary. It should stabilize real estate. It should spur on private investment too.

          I actually can’t imagine a reason NOT to have a measured small series of planned debt forgiveness. We could even have an exchange where if the government does this, then each citizen promises to do 100 hours of community service in return. Why not? It would be worth it!

          If the government actually acts to shepherd the People, why not have the People shepherd other People? We could do very positive creative things to benefit all instead of being at each other’s throats.

          • “But… what the federal government under President Trump COULD DO, is forgive $1,000 of debt for each mortgage holder and specifically against the principal. And then pause and see the effect on the markets. If that worked, then do it again in 6 months.”

            “My guess is that is make the economy very robust because it stabilizes almost everything. In return, the bankers write it off, which perturbs me as they loaned money they did not actually possess.”

            NO, that is complete LUNACY !!! That would “STABILIZE” nothing. That would be a financial disaster !!! Stick with what you know, whatever that is.

            The banks do not own those mortgages. They only originated them. Those mortgages are now resold to investors, tranched, and securitised. The government cannot arbitrarily CONFISCATE private property without compensation. The number of lawsuits that would arise from such action would be staggering.

            “In 5 years of twice a year forgiving $1,000 in debt, the American economy, banks, gvernment, and the citizens would know unparalleled economic stability.”

            You are a financial MORON !!! 🙂

            • Well, who owns these mortgages, my fellow moron? You can’t say because they have been sold and resold somany times that the chain of ownership and their use as collateral on other loans is befuddled!

              That all came out in the roboscam debacle.

              And frankly, you can’t loan money that you don’t have!

              • They are owned by pension funds, hedge funds, other governments, and private investors. The BANKS do not own them only originate them.

                “And frankly, you can’t loan money that you don’t have!”

                Evidently your do not understand fractional reserve banking at all. If you don’t know how the system works, why would you want to open your mouth and expose your ignorance ???

                STFU !!! 🙂

            • Go back to 2008 and the subprime mortgage debacle. Two years later, they were still trying to foreclose, but two additional years passed and they were still trying to foreclose. You know why? These mortgages had been sold and resold so many times and put down as collateral on other loans that literally the judges had no idea who held the title!

              It’s a SCAM as the banks never had the money to loan, then sold the mortgage so many times that there’s little recourse on foreclosure as you have to hold CLEAR title to foreclose.

              The only way is debt forgiveness and my guess is that lots of banks would leap at the chance to get this ludicrous paper debt off their books.

              • Why are you arguing over hypothetical bullshit?
                Trump is spending money at a faster clip than Obama.
                He knows its going over the cliff and he’s not trying to stop it.
                DK, the Russians appear to have us faded with hypersonic nukes.
                Putin concentrated on research and development and it paid off.
                They don’t have to out-nuke us. They don’t have to outspend us.
                There is a pucker-factor over at the Pentagon.
                Our generals and admirals are not walking around as puffy-chested as they used to.
                They know what time it is. The technology gap has been bridged.
                The USA Space Force might as well be Star Wars 2.0 / i.e..pure propaganda.
                Try to convert your soon-to-be worthless Federal Reserve Notes into hard assets.
                The Russians have massive shitloads of gold. Very little sovereign debt.
                While they may have the economy of New York State, they will be in better overall shape
                than the US after this shitstorm subsides.
                They are leaner and just as lethal. The Russians make good horse traders.
                I say don’t worry about debt forgiveness and all of the hypothetical bullshit.
                Titles. Deeds. Hard assets.
                If you want to see the NWO reversed and dismantled, pray for Trump’s safety.
                Understand that not everything will be all peachy afterwards. Lots of re-adjusting for all.
                The banking and credit systems will be WAY DIFFERENT.
                It will be a new paradigm. It will be better for the diligent that prepared.
                It will be rough for all, but really rough on those only in paper assets.

              • “The only way is debt forgiveness and my guess is that lots of banks would leap at the chance to get this ludicrous paper debt off their books.”


                This “paper debt” is not on their books. But if it were on their books it would be an “asset” which would be either “performing” (if the payments were being made) or non-performing (if the payments were in arrears.

                Comment about what you know. You know nothing about banking and finance. 🙁

                • I’m incredulous that you are an apologist for fractional reserve lending and the bankers!

                  Just because something is one way does not mean it must be that way.

                  You still haven’t explained any original ideas of your own. I suspect you work in banking and don’t have any useful ideas.

        • The bankers are mostly of one “type.”


      9. What happens when nobody can pay the bill?
        Most all this debt is “paper” debt,
        as is most all the wealth is paper wealth.
        Who is richer, the family that outright owns
        100,000 acres of ranches or the guy that has
        lots of stock in Facebook?
        If my local and state government were to shut
        down tomorrow, I could care less.
        The only thing I need the Federal Government for is
        national defense and the monetary system.
        I’m treating a very complex problem simplistically,
        but the bottom line is “you cannot get blood
        out of a turnip”
        I’m prepared for the worst, but I hope
        and pray for the best.

        • Believe it or not the Federal government to a extent holds state and local goverments in check. When they overstep we can take those local goverments to court in a federal court.

      10. I’ve never had a loan in my life, it’s all about living within your means. Don’t owe anybody a penny and don’t plan to. But the car insurance ever rising gouge and rents through the roof really gets me heated. The right to medicinally toke up is really special, but this ass backwards state called Florida is over run with big pharma sucks ups like Scott, Bondi, Putnam and Rubio, actually from both sides of the political tyranny duopoly. The Souths gonna do it again, screw you over that is.

        • Jamo,
          It is hard when you start out in the world to go it alone without debt to someone.
          I borrowed money in the past for cars, motorcycle, homes, and a boat. All paid off and then cash only since then, but it took time to get established and save to get ahead.
          The real problem is that people don’t see debt as a very temporary tool to get to a better situation. It is like playing with fire.
          One thing I can say is unless you are a Gypsy moving from town to town, renting a place to live is stupid. I’d sooner own a 3 bedroom house in the middle of a Barrio than rent a 1 bedroom Apt in a “safe” neighborhood.

          • Rellik, I know everyone says you’re wasting money when you rent, but some people have to either rent or become homeless. That’s the way it’s always been for me. I’ve tried one time to get a mortgage and was turned down. Now there’s people out here who can’t even afford their own place and still living in ‘mommy’s basement’. Eventually I could end up owning the BOL but that’s a ways off.

            • DR,
              Sorry to hear that. If it weren’t for the VA I would have
              had to wait a lot of years to “own” a home. I also have the advantage of two aunts that are Real estate agents and know all
              the ins and outs. My first house was funded by a USDA Rural Farm home low income loan to a Veteran.
              You have to work the system. I did not get any subsidies, but I was allowed to bypass a lot of the upfront costs that shut a lot of people out of the system. $0 down, reduced loan origination fees,
              my aunt, passed on her cut of the sale( I treated her to a trip to Hawaii some years later).

            • You can buy without borrowing money. You just have to start out small and lower your expectations for a while.

              Anyone can save up enough money to buy a used mobile home. I bought one years ago for just $3,000.

              Then save up some more and buy some land. That might take a while, but some parts of the country still have cheap land prices. Put the trailer on the land and continue saving money.

              Then you can start building a house. You can build any size house you want, if you start small and pay as you go.

              I don’t live in that area anymore, but there is a huge brick home in Craven Co., NC that you ought to go see, or at least find the Google Earth street view. If you go south on Highway 17 from Washington, NC, you will come to a bypass around the small town of Vanceboro. At that split between Bypass 17 and Business 17, look to the left. There is what appears to be a huge estate, brick home, multiple garage bays, etc.

              That house was built on a pay-as-you-go basis. The owners would save up money and then build some. It took them years to complete that house. Every few weeks or months we would go by and could see progress.

              You don’t have to take years and try to build a huge McMansion house. You can just build a small, simple home that’s designed with expansion in mind.

      11. You can’t even begin to imagine what’s about to happen.
        You think you’re prepared?
        Not even close.

      12. The People of the USA republic do not owe a dime to the Federal Reserve. The Fed pretends to buy debt instruments as an intermediary but writes checks on an account that has no balance. That was publically exposed by Sen. Ron Paul before he retired. And what is worth is the absurd monetizing of US debt instruments when there was insufficient demand for them.

        It’s a ludicrous system. The whole process of creating currency is obscene as it solves nothing but creates massive inflation that has halved the value of a dollar since 1990.

        • Ever notice when the Government talks about the National Debt they like to spread the cost of this debt as a Per Person / per US Population as this is our share of the debt.

          I have a better solution. Lets calculate the National Debt as a “Per Congress representative amount.” As they voted for this massive debt party. They are responsible not us for this national debt.

          I never voted once for the US government to spend any money they don’t have, and pass that debt onto future generations yet unborn to finance todays drunk binge party. Congress individuals need to pay this back, not us regular folks trying to scratch out a basic living.

      13. You idiots still read these repeat
        Articles huh

      14. The Looming Economic Collapse:
        This the 1,000,000 time we have heard this.

        • It is like the coming of Christ.
          It is going to happen, many will be devastated,
          and you have no idea when it will happen.
          For you guys that don’t believe in Christ,
          shit is going to happen, no matter what, as
          that is the nature of life.

          • Rellik, amen.

            • The reality of an economic collapse is not like the return threat of Christ returning. If your Crist loved you so much, he would not put us in such a spot. Don’t twist your religious fantasy with the true facts of this massive debt bubble about to blow.

              And if you people call yourself preppers, and believe in your faith, then why do you prep? Are you all afraid you really won’t be saved by your savior Christ? Then why prep? He will take care of you right? Wrong..

              Here is a clue for ya, Nobody in the history of this planet was ever saved by Christ, or a religious superstition, nor has a single soul ever received eternal life. John 3:16, And That’s a fact, as every humanoid dies and turns to dust.

              Unless you religious folks can show proof of some crusty old priest hiding in a cave, who really believed in this religious scam and is still living, then bring him or her forward as proof of eternal life. Otherwise, end your fantasy superstition talk, as it is magic trickery of your mind.

              I like facts, not hopey wishy fantasy claims based on nothing.

              • Right…because you believe nothing whatsoever can make all the infinite mass in the UNIVERSE. You believe that just by trillions of random accidents that you are alive.

                Atheists are brain addled. Anyone can witness the Fibonacci Sequence in Nature, and that IS INTELLIGENT DESIGN. It is not random.

        • At least.

        • Cry wolf enough eventually you will be right.

          • Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Broken clocks are better a predicting economic collapse than all of these other prognosticators.

      15. Censorship increases. The FCC has just shut down Alex Jones radio station.

        • That will teach that fat fuck who is boss. Maybe now he will shut the fuck up.

          That is what he gets for telling the truth. There is no room for truth in this fake news world.

          • Alex Jones needs to sue them all.

            He has cause under international law. The Deep State (Facebook, Google, the FCC, the whole damn government, all of them), are in violation of treaty agreements against censorship and violation of freedom of speech, expression and the press.

            Second, Facebook, Google, Amazon, are not private companies. They are monopolies.

            Typical. The United States sells itself on democracy (which doesn’t exist) and behaves like the biggest hypocrite and tyrant out there.

            • Alex Jones requested a Congressional Hearing so he could face his accusers in person like an real type of justice in a court room. Right?!?!, don’t we all have the rights of a speedy trial and be able to face our accusers.

              Many democrat congress persons demanded from these tech companies to shut him down. This is a free speech issue, the heart of the 1st Amendment. Otherwise we need to stop paying taxes into this sham organization called the US Government playing fascist dictatorship.

              • Our taxes mean nothing and count for nothing. They may only go towards paying the interest on the national debt. There is no more starving the beast like in the past. Revolution is the only way.

      16. Also, Alaska has just had another big earthquake. The last one was just a week ago. Shallow 6.6 at the outer part of the Alaskan islands. Sparsely populated.

      17. One more ride on the doom and gloom nerry-go-round……..

      18. When Jesus comes back, many people are going to here, I never knew you, from Jesus.That would scare me more than the global economy collapsing ! We are talking about eternity in Hell!

        • TMR
          Amen to that!!!

          • Yes Matthew 7-23 is the most fearful verse in the Bible, if you don’t have a Bible just Google it. Unfortunately there will be a few on this site that will hear this one day, hopefully it won’t be you. “Abandon Hope All Ye That Enter Here” Trekker Out

        • Hey tool maker, how about those who were never exposed to the BuyBull? Are they too going to burn in hell just because? lol

          Pope Francis said there is no hell.. Which is the Boogie man excuse for the entire premise of which religion is based on, which if you believe this crock of scam, is suppose to save you from hell’s boogie man.

          Got’s to have a boogie man fir sure, to put fear into the empty heads of sheep who cant think for themselves, eh.

          Did you know 4 out of 5 Gods choose Jif peanut butter over other leading brands? lol

          • Hmmm. You believe that YHWH is imaginary and then spend the majority of your time discussing imaginary beings.

            How weird. First, you are emulating the kind of actions used by mental patients in psych wards. Second, merely by persisting, it creates a reality where YHWH is real.

            Too funny! Do you waste this kind of time on discussing Odin too?

        • Hey tool maker, how about those who were never exposed to the BuyBull? Are they too going to burn in hell just because? lol

          Pope Francis said there is no hell.. Which is the Boogie man excuse for the entire premise of which religion is based on, which if you believe this crock of scam, is suppose to save you from hell’s boogie man.

          Got’s to have a boogie man fir sure, to put fear into the empty heads of sheep who cant think for themselves, eh.

          Did you know 4 out of 5 Gods choose Jif peanut butter over other leading brands? lol

      19. Actually, we have already passed the point of no return. The country is in debt far beyond the ability to pay. For starters, fed. gov’t debt-21 trillion, state and local gov’t debt-at least 5 trillion, student loan debt-1.4 trillion, auto finance loans-1.2 trillion, consumer debt-at least 2 to 3 trillion, mortgage debt-many trillions, and corporate debt-many trillions. Then there is at least 7 to 8 trillion shortfall of funding of promised pensions-both public and private. Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are all but exhausted, with far more going out than going in. And worst of all, if all this was not bad enough, there is more than 100 trillion in future unfunded liabilities. We are swallowed up in debt, we are drowning in debt. Not only will the debt not be paid, it cannot be paid.
        You may expect lots more money printing, continued low interest rates, and inflation-real inflation (whether the gov’t admits it or not). It is actually impossible to pay off national debt because every single dollar is borrowed into existence. If all debt was to be paid off it would absorb every single dollar out of circulation-whether paper or digital. In effect, taking ever more borrowed dollars to pay existing debt only to create more and greater debt. TPTB, in which the fed. res. is part of, knows that. Their own balance sheet has about minus 4.5 trillion. They must keep the Ponzi scheme going. Their policy announcements are in effect basically little more than cosmetic, they cannot do much. If they try to reduce their balance sheet and control inflation by raising interest rates then debt at all at levels of gov’t would go beyond the ability to even finance. And, raising rates would dramatically increase the cost of business. Yet indefinitely keeping low interest rates combined with the current monetary policy are artificial measures which sooner or later absolutely must cause high inflation, and eventually render monetary policy unworkable.
        Even officialdom has basically been ignoring dealing with the debt, they know in reality it is now out of control. To keep the money flowing they will simply rubber stamp the ongoing creation of tons of new money, and allow the resultant inflation to be imposed on the public.
        Prices for commodities, especially precious metals, are being purposely driven down primarily to help the dollar maintain its fiat value. In fact, our entire economic and financial system of the country is totally and thoroughly manipulated. As debt grows it will be harder and harder to manage, then CRISIS.
        Remember Joseph’s dream of seven fat years then seven lean years; the Egyptians were wise to follow Joseph’s advise for the coming crisis, and their nation survived. The present growth of the economy is a good thing, and will continue for awhile, but may be compared to something like the last spasm of a dying body. Now is the time for people to become preppers, there are literally thousands of sites on-line to help.

        • Let’s imagine that everything was hunky dory EXCEPT the pension debacle, both public for state and federal workers and private for the rest of us who worked and paid into them with blood, sweat, and tears.

          This alone could cause economic collapse.

          The Emperor has no clothes…and when people are no longer afraid of saying it outloud, then at that point, either collectively Americans RIOT or some positive pragmatic folks suggest workable solutions like debt forgveness.

      20. Isn’t there anybody out there
        with terminal cancer that is a good shot ?

        • Whoa–there are actually two people that think like this?? Scary.

      21. All preppers should have an electronic and an actual physical library.

        The electronic library is a resource in case the SHTF and you’re tasked with rebuilding civilization.

        This is actually an area of discussion in postapocalyptic literature. In Niven and Pournelle’s Lucifer’s Hammer, a comet hits the Earth and causes freakish catastrophic weather disruptions. And this ends up utterly destroying all coastal cities. One area is spared and they are up against a crazy bunch of cannibals who have formed an army. Luckily, a scientist grabbed some famous books from history, and so they are able to make all kinds of weapons like napalm and ordinary mustard gas to oppose them.

        Science is not all theoretical but immensely practical.

        In earlier times, our ancestors did not have access to ready made items, but might have access to chemicals from common things, and so make something useful. Look for a “formula book”. All public libraries have these and they explain how to make cleaning solutions, paint,oldstyle medicines, etc.

        Actually, the military has made improvised munitions an aspect of assisting rebels to oppose tyranny. You can find these quite easily.

        All you need for electronic library is a solar backup generator and a tablet as it has quite a bit of space on it and reader software. You can additionally have a portable usb drive.

        A solar backup generator is just a solar trickle charger and charge controllar, a deep cycle marine battery, and an inverter.

        With the latter, you can run either small dc devices or ac devices for brief periods of time, and then recharge the battery. A deep cycle marine battery is far better and longer lasting. If you really want overkill, you get an old style edison nickel-iron battery which will last a lifetime.

        Practically anyone with very little skill can put this together in a weekend. You typically have some switches and lights and a little wiring running into an electrcal box so that it’s easy for your family to use.

        Any ways, you can go to archive sites like Guttenburg and can download public domain texts and now you could have 10,000 volumes on all kinds of ancestral knowledge and skills.

        • I have all those books, thousands in print and tens of thousands on the computer.

          I started my collection around 50 years ago. A friend of mine, even then, was prepping because of Russia mainly. I decided that if war happened, the really big libraries would be destroyed. So I started collecting. I bought books. I read books and took notes. I still have all those notes, along with every book I’ve ever had since more than 60 years ago, except for one Little Golden Book that has disappeared.

          I have a whole collection of those “formula” books. I even have an old one for drug stores with recipes for soda fountain drinks, etc.

          I started copying Project Gutenberg back in the 80s, when it was easier. Everything was text files and not spread out through 10,000 folders like it is now. Get an FTP program and go to an FTP site to download the files. It’s quicker than using the website.

          I am the Archivist.

          • In the seventies when the Foxfire books grew popular, I realized that there were enough rural folks with ancestral skills that survival was possible even plausible.

            Now, there are far more declared “preppers” but a lot are urban folks with few actual skills but gadgets and a month of supplies. And while I am happy that more people are trying to prepare, it’s at such a low threshold that I’m not optimistic that these urban folks will make it a hundred miles if they had to bug out.

            And the health and physical fitness of Americans in the seventies was sound as there was lots of exercise especially running and lifting weights. Now? Sheesh there is no comparison.

            But the genuine improvement is in archived electronic libraries. At least if the SHTF, for less than $300 you can make the system I described. And then this not only is a huge reference library, but it also is your homeschool information and likely your system for self-care with medical needs. Of courrse for those of us who are Christians, then have enough books to raise up pastors too.

            At the very least you need books on guerilla warfare, agriculture, engineering, raising animals, medicine, education, Christianity, science, etc. I’d suggest 500 books as a start.

            And you should own at least 50 physical books as references.

          • Archivist and Maranatha:

            Good Posts.


            Create a library.

            Leave something for posterity.


      22. Christians as a ministry have made bible software that will operate on multiple platforms and operating services. They are typically free.

        Additionally there are sites that provide various version of the Bible, plus dictionaries, commentaries, Hebrew and Greek so you can deeply study the text, etc. Ofcourse these are also free.

        I suggest biblehub. I go there probably ten times a day. And then you can cut and paste the text into comments.

        When studying the Bible, you really should pray to be led by the Holy Spirit which you invite to live inside of you. This is the Great Comforter that Jesus promised us.

        The passage from Matthew 7 seems cryptic if all on it’s own. Instead, I suggest people NOT read out of context, but look for general themes in the WHOLE chapter to get insight of the meaning.

        In my opinion, there are two reasons atheists get nothing from the Bible. The first is the don’t have the Holy Spirit living inside them to guide their understanding. The second is a cryptic secret in John 3.

        16For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. 18He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. 19And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. 20For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. 21But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.
        John 3:16-21

        Most people quote John 3:16 all the time, but out of context…thus blurring the meaning. Atheists don’t believe in YHWH. I always try to use the actual name because the word God is so bandied about that it almost is meaningless. YHWH is the Christian GOD.

        Atheists disbelieve in God and objective morality ie good and evil and right and wrong. Therefore they disbelieve in sin which is falling short of the target ie error. And so, how could they possibly understand this passage???

        Atheists honestly hate the Light and would rather stay hidden in darkness and that is why they will never encounter YHWH. In Jesus there is no darkness at all, so an atheist cannot ever understand Jesus.

        A Christian is only slightly different than an atheist. A Christian realizes they are sinners and inherently evil,not good, and approach into the Light of YHWH so they expose their sin and ask forgiveness. This is the first step in asking for salvation.

      23. So look at the context on Matthew 7

        15Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. 16Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? 17Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. 18A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. 19Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. 20Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

        21Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 22Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
        Matthew 7:15-23

        False prophets who are actually rebellious souls who are not doing the will of YHWH, may have done miracles, but actually are workers of inquity. What does that mean?

        The Greek word is anomian and it means “lawlessness”. They seem to be benevolent leaders in Christ performing miracles, but actually are lawless people ie wicked and unrighteous.

        In Matthew 25, Jesus specifically says who is righteous and wicked, and that is those who call Jesus “Lord” but then fail to help one of the least of these. The righteous call Jesus the Lord, and help one of the least of these, and are claimed as sheep ie one the flock of the Good Shepherd. The others are false and only pretend to be Christians but the Word never penetrated their cold hearts and they never helped a single soul who was suffering.

        And so in both Matthew 7 and 25, Jesus condemns that wicked lawless souls to Hell.

        Jesus actually spends more time saying which spiritual people will go to Hell, than unbelievers. Surprising, no?

      24. Noone with a mint literally needs taxes.

        “As governments raise taxes to cope with their unending spending habits…”

        It’s printed, without consideration, and generally paid to cronies, without consideration.

      25. In a totally closed economic system, money is based upon a valued asset in limited supply like gold or silver. But it could be literally anything OR be a combination of various things like predictable tobacco or soybean or field corn yields.

        Now as long as this money is only traded domestically, and if all trade is domestic goods, raw natural resources, and services, it really doesn’t matter what you pay people. The Federal government could “coin” true money and businesses would only hire domestically and pay a very fair wage as they genuinely are paying their own customers. This would be capitalism. It is inherently stable and fosters home ownership.

        The problems are manifold in an open economic system. There we have fiat currency which has no standard, an endless amount can be generated, we trade our precious limited natural resources based upon a free market international rate, and likewise compete with everyone who can undercut wages and benefits, thus offer a cheaper product. This is corporatism. It is inherently unstable and home ownership falls.

        There is ZERO BENEFIT to an open economic system for Americans. It only benefits the megacorporations and thus it is NOT CAPITALISM but CORPORATISM.

        Turn American into an isolationist closed economic system based on capitalism, and you have a robust economy with a high standard of living zither a built in customer base with limited domestic competition. It’s a utopia where there is plenty of new construction and maintenance of infrastructure. Home ownership is high and stable.

        Why? Because there is no need for wateful economic and military aid and no need of worldwide military bases.

          In just nine minutes, this video exerpt explains what the John Birch Society was trying to accomplish to save America from globalism and one world government.

          And this is in the sixties!

      26. The f…king stock market is a joke

      27. No PM’s for me. I will just buy right now whatever items Many think they will be able to buy with PM’s after SHTF.






      28. Scarecrow here thank you JJ for your concern Dont be scared. But stay off my lawn

      29. The massive debt load hanging above our heads has not receded or gone away it has merely been transferred to the public sector where those in charge of such things feel it is more benign. By a series of off-book and backdoor transactions those in charge have transferred the burden of loss from the banks onto the shoulders of the people, however, shifting the liability from one sector to another does not alleviate the problem.

        Writing off bad debt is usually a painful process and often results in a huge change in what something is worth. The creditor, meaning the person, business, or institution that holds the paper can suffer a huge loss. Defaults generally constitute an unplanned and involuntary financial adjustment. We as individuals should be concerned as to how defaults can spill over and affect our lives. The article below delves into this subject.

      30. I’ve been seeing so many stories of flooding and droughts in different parts of the world and of their impact on crop harvests. If you look at the official global crop forecasts, you don’t see the effects. Part of it is the presence of the carryover from the previous harvests. It seems to be changing as the countries involved are now increasingly lowering their country’s crop forecasts. The best that I can figure is that we are okay for this year but if the bad weather continues into future years, we will be in trouble. European agriculture seems to be especially hard-hit. Anyone else concerned?

      31. Writing off bad debt ie uncollectable recievables is a sound business practice. It’s routinely done by physicians. It’s done by businesses and corporations.

        I think America will be forced into a domestic economy just by inflation alone. We cannot support 330 million on service jobs and we have college educated Millennials with high education debt working in coffee shops! That is insane. Now what is worse is their loans were often co-signed and this dooms their parents.

        What is painfully obvious is we cannot keep using Free Trade and letting banks rape us.

      32. Imagine seven little men armed with picks and shovels going off to work in the mines as in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves(little people-P.C.). In the updated version, they are singing “I owe, I owe, so it’s off to work I go!”. Times change.

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