The Lock Down Has Begun: JP Morgan Restricts ATM Cash Withdrawals

by | Apr 4, 2016 | Headline News | 141 comments

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    Last month All News Pipeline warned that major banks were preparing to tighten the screws on American account holders starting April 1st.

    It appears that the lock-down of cash has begun.

    Citing criminal activity as a factor, JP Morgan is limiting cash withdrawals at ATM machines.

    The bank said there doesn’t appear to be fraud involved. But partly due to heightened regulatory scrutiny, banks are paying more attention to large cash transfers that could be a sign of money laundering or other types of shady activity. Typically, the card-issuing bank sets withdrawal limits, not the bank owning the ATM.

    The move by the largest bank in the U.S. doesn’t affect J.P. Morgan Chase’s own customers, whose maximum daily withdrawals are set depending on the client’s account type. The bank has seen high-dollar withdrawals at both new and old ATMs, said bank spokeswoman Patricia Wexler.

    J.P. Morgan Chase’s change last month affects roughly 18,000 automated teller machines nationwide and followed an interim step earlier this year limiting noncustomer cash removals at $1,000 per transaction. The earlier move was made as a temporary fix while the bank could make software changes to roll out the more stringent daily limit, Ms. Wexler said.

    She added that the bank “felt it was prudent to set withdrawal limits on all of our ATMs” after identifying some large cash withdrawals from noncustomers.

    In 2015 we warned readers to divest some of their assets out of bank accounts for this very reason, noting that bank glitches and arbitrary holds would begin to affect more and more depositors. And while the recent move by JP Morgan Chase appears to only affect non-customers, a recent report indicates that the Justice Department has advised bank tellers nationwide to keep any eye out on cash transactions. Suspicious activity, which by the government’s definition is as little as $3000, should be reported to law enforcement and under existing guidelines police can then seize those funds without charge or trial:

    “[W]e encourage those institutions to consider whether to take more action: specifically, to alert law enforcement authorities about the problem, who may be able to seize the funds, initiate an investigation, or take other proactive steps.”

    After the massive bailouts required to save the system following the crash of 2008 banks and regulators worked together to ensure that all deposit accounts in the United States are no longer the property of depositors, but rather, the banks themselves.

    All customer funds in the United States are now the legal property of JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, BNYM, or whichever megabank is the counterparty on the loans the FCM or depository institution takes out in order to fund its mega-levered proprietary in-house trading desks.

    In a recent interview intelligence insider Jim Rickards discusses this recent trend and provides insights into how susceptible the banking system is to not just cyber warfare or power grid failure, but confiscation in the form of bank bail-ins or outright government seizure.

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      1. Will we be able to withdraw cash out of the banks ?

        • DF, read the archives.
          A wealth of info.
          If you can keep a few months expenses in cash in hand, you would be better off.

          Thanks Mac for all you have running here…

          • Just put your money in Panama. Seems like thats where that Little KGB punk Putin puts his. I keep hearing many on this site talk about how great Russia and Putin are. Well Valad may have to start a war, just to cover up his rape of the Russian People, but there ain’t much they can do about it. Boy he sure ain’t one of the NWO group he’s a straight up good ole boy. Trekker Out. Panama Papers Leak. Shhhh The Sound Of Silence.

            • Glad you’re still kicking old man.

              No money in the fucking Amerikkkan National Bank of Cyprus for this millennial.

              No siree Bob.

              • Acid,

                You first have to pull out of your butt buddy.

                Leave your mom’s basement.

                Get a JOB!!!

                Show up and work a full day. 🙁

                Without doing this Lil’ bit, you’ll never have to worry ’bout “Amerikkkan National Bank of Cyprus”

                For now… just pick up your Lil’ piggy bank that you keep near your Play station and shake those several quarters back and forth, and continue to think your happy thoughts.

                • Clueless moron…

            • putin was not on the list, you have been sheepled. they put pictures of putin and assad in the msm reports although neither were involved.

              • Alice,
                sure seems like anyone who is NOT part of the NWO , they try to crucify them and make up stories that the average JOE will only see the MSM stories and then think it is true, that is how they try to persuade and control the public opinion. I just have a really hard time stomaching all the corruption there is!

                • You are NAn native? Unite your clan and nation….
                  It’s de-pop time again. Stock up on 308 hollowpoints… Like the Guv has last year.

              • Well said, AS

            • No Americans in the Panama Papers? Hmmmm. American enemies listed? Hmmmmm. Seems like this leak is curated by American Intel assets.

              • I was thinking the same thing. Really? No Soros money over there? No Gates or Clintons? I call BS!!!

                • No prominent Canadians either, just more anti-Russian propaganda.

              • There are Americans in the papers. 76, I believe the number was. However,not all of the papers have been released into the public sphere. Again, we only get part of the story.
                Martin Armstrong has a bit about this on his blog. It gives a bit more on these papers then I have seen trumpeted around.

                • It’s called a false flag.
                  The psychopathic liar elite are world famous for their deceptions… over the millenia!
                  They do NOT know how to be truthful. It’s not in their pharoahn genes.

              • u.s. media coverage is so whitewashed. it’s so sad that so many americans walk around prideful in their ignorance of the worlds history and other cultures.

                before any of the corruption we live in actually has any real significant change, we have to stop the disunity between us all. you have to learn how to recognize what you’ve been socially conditioned to and think for yourself.

                putins name being all over this article, all over the web ….as though he is a culprit himself (article claims people associated with putin are on the list), is propaganda bullshit and a form of disinformation. not sure what the agenda is behind making it appear putin is a big fish in this situation but im sure the few notions i have cant be too far off from it.

                if you know your history (and not the whitewashed history in u.s. public schools), then you know better than to believe all these other individuals have dirt on their hands but not a single american. hm. when something is too good to be true, it usually is.

            • @ MT… Never thought the ex head of the KGB was a angel. I bet there are 536 traitors here in the USA that are on the list……the part that Soros hasn’t released…..the part that is going to buy/appoint the presidency here. I have no faith in any so called leaders. Only Have Faith In God.

              • So…Not ONE politician is on the Panama Papers so far…can you say “Election Blackmail”. Soros backs Hildasnatchmuncher.

                • Aren’t they all homo murderers?

              • Amen

            • YES he surely IZ one of them NWOers, but he has his own bent on his own jurisdictions. He’s a Masonite templar fascist Nazi homo, the identical same as the rest of them. Check out pics of him in formal dress. Nazi symbols, masonite symbols, templar symbols…. the symbolic disclosures are right in our faces.
              Sean Hross has 3 channels of SSwiSS exposure. The world’s elite love SSwiSSerland… the enemy from within!

              MUST SEE channels:


              Hross is an educated historian… With BALLS

            • Panama Papers is a load of asswipe.

        • Your ??? Money in the bank, is the bank property !
          LOL.. Keep it under the bed ?? The red are long gone from under your bed ??

          • ATM Machines are the Biggest Class Warfare Ripoff out there.

            The poor guy who only has $100 in the bank goes to an ATM machine, takes out $20 and is charged $4. The ATM spits out 1x $20 Bill. That’s a 20% Fee charge to get at his own money.


            Then the Rich Guy pulles up to the ATM in his Jaguar, inserts his card and takes out $400, and is charged the same $4 fee. That is just a 1% charge to get access to his $400 of money.

            So You see who is being ripped off and paying the other 19% in fees? And if you consider the wear and tear on the ATM Machines, poor guy only takes out 1 x $20 Bill, but then guy taking out $400 or 20 x $20 Bills is making the ATM work 20 times harder, depleted the machines of cash, and walks away with just a 1% fee. That how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

            If the Proper ATM Fee Structure method was in place it would bee a flat PERCENTAGE FEE rate depending how much cash you with draw.

            These are the ways Big Fascist Banking Corporation Fleece the little people. What if the Guy that took out the $400 had to pay the same 20% Fee that the poor guy paid, he would be charged $80 to take out the $400.

            Does anybody see this BS? I refuse to use ATM Machines, if only at my own bank where there are no Fees. Otherwise learn to manage your cash, the better.


            • why are you being charged at all to get access to your own money…? Are you mad…?!

              • Tom I’m referring to ATM machines and fees you dope. DO you not ever leave your house? Do anything more than 10 miles from your bank? Ever travel? Clueless I guess. You probably don’t even have a bank account, and waits till Friday when your Mommy gives you your weekly allowance for cleaning up your basement bedroom.


              • @ Tom
                Because (I know that you have NOT fingered this out yet)
                Watch some EWEtubes

                G Edward Griffin…. The monster from Jeckyl Island, is a good start

                YOU, and we….
                own NOTHING, not paper “DEBT” currencies, not bitsNbites digital cash, not our dirty gaunch, not our vehicles or homes, not our dog, not our kids.

                You doubt me already!

                EVERY-FRIKKEN-THING that Guv, the elite, the media say is false and a big lie and verbal puke!!!

                RULE #1

                Translate whateverTF you read see or hear to the diametric opposite and THAT is the truth.

                Good luck waking up…

            • OOOOOoo. Someone else who passed grade 4 arithmetic.

              Did you say, “Big fascist banking CORPSE-eration?” Good for you! Fascist SSwiSS nazi banksters have bigger computers than the lil PCs and laptops we get to play with.
              Legal “FICTIONS” and DEAD taxable Enttitties….

              Rape and kill the population. Log a profit in your Corpse-erate books. It’s called Bizness as usual for the “SSwiSS nazis and templars”

              chatzefratz get some balls and understand Sean Hross’ exposes…


          I am glad the soul of Manfred Fritz Bajorat roams on the peaceful holy waters forever. And not in his native lands.

          It breaks my heart to see what is happening to my ancestral lands.

          Not only is my Pennsylvania Deutsch heritage extinct, but now white people are hated by their own governments.






          • keep fighting AE. Be the best “Warrior” that you can be.
            Totally fucked is the word of the day… or century.
            EWEtube channels:


            Dont fear the names… Sean Hross is a warrior, too!!

        • Got a letter from Chase today threatening to close my account if I again DEPOSITED large sums of currency (had just deposited $1K) in the night depository again. $1K is a large sum? WOW!

          • 1K wont even buy a decent set of tires for my jeep.
            1K wont buy a decent knife grinder
            1k? Thats like 100$ 10 years ago.

            • Barter for used stuff. Buy used tires as they are the first item pulled from a “dead” vehicle and sold when they still have tread.

          • Nuffin…time to withdraw everything and find another smaller bank

            • Go to a credit union, not a bank.

          • WTF
            Liein criminals

        • At a standard deviation of 15, there is no significant difference in the IQs of whites, orientals, and Ashkenazim, yet there is a significant difference between those groups and all the other races.

          This is the rationale for school segregation.

          Cause like, students who are significantly different in intelligence should not be in the same classes. It will only slow the smart kids down.

          In every country regardless of the laws, when you look at only the white population, the crime rate is always exactly the same.



          • America was FORCED to ‘integrate’ schools (and other stuff) will the sole ‘end goal’ amounting to as much division as possible. This is how such things were first put into motion …and now we see how it been progressed into the impossible-divisions we live with today.
            Fuck Muslims. Their Quran // Koran clearly states that their entire duty in life is to kill off ‘us’ (us “whities” …and they’ve got about the same damned attitude as do a bunch of blacks that just decided to give a whitie a hard time, just cuz he’s white (but it is NOT ok to do the same ‘in reverse’ …no no no, that would be racism then and politically incorrect.
            I stopped adherence to “political correctness” and all the other “train-your-brain” shit years ago

            • Equorial, I NEVER subscribed to the PC crap and never will.

            • I never adopted it…

          • The blacks are the worst bunch out there!! They ruin every damn thing they taste, smell or touch and i do man everything!!!!

          • And this is your Brain on Acid..


        • Great news!

          Work is now simplifying the leave policy to save everybody the hassle of having to like, check boxes on a form, you know?

          You now get two weeks off in total per year. Doesn’t matter if it’s for vacation, medical issues, bereavement, pregnancy, or anything else.

          Because like, you peasants exist to slave to make other people rich. Fuck your quality of life, boyo.

          Load 16 tons, and whatya get? Another day older and deeper in debt. St. Peter don’t you call me cause I cant go…I owe my soul to the company store.

          You really don’t need college at all to do the majority of white collar jobs out there. Not at all. The family dog is probably smart enough to do a lot of this shit.

          We’re creating lots of jobs…in fucking fast food joints.

          Every fucking day I hate this country more and more.

          Amerikkkan cities now look like fucking set pieces from The Omega Man. Burned-out, post-apocalyptic shitholes.

          Grandpa, tell me bout the good ol days, when Detroit was the City on the Move. And not the set from The Road Warrior. When the Mustang was a great car. And America built shit.

          I want to save enough to be like Manfred Fritz Bajorat and just fucking check out of civilization altogether.

        • I must admit that the shit that comes over the airwaves these days is pure garbage. It isn’t even fucking music.

          The 60s and 70s were an explosion of creativity and talent.

          • Thanks to all us baby boomers, AE, you dumb cunt.

            Boom yawh! How does it feel now.

          • Oh?
            Those are some of the very boomers you shit on regularly,,,
            The younger generations are shit! Buncha entitlement pricks,
            101 reasons why we need a total reset,
            Separate the chaff

          • eg Frank Zappa
            Tune in. Turn on. FTW.

        • Ever since I learned what high IQs Asian girls have…I fell more and more attracted to them.

          I think Korean girls are beautiful.

          Japanese girls are…kinda kinky??


          • They are all very pretty until they hit about 30 …then one morning, you wake up and after seeing your wife, you’d rather chew off your arm than wake her up. This is called turning “Coyote Ugly” and it goes right along with marriage to an Asian.
            My sister married a man from Nepal (muslim). Hard to figure how someone as hard-headed as my sister would tolerate having no rights, living in Nepal half the time (shit hole), and then trying to survive in America dressed like you are from Nepal. Oh well, she’s not called me once since I didn’t show up for their wedding ..I think NOW she’s starting to catch on as for my reasons for “non-support” toward the entire fiasco. (He is NOT an extreme-ist —far from it. He’s “Americanized”, or so he says. I wonder what it’s like around their house these days? Maybe it is a good thing I don’t know?

          • I have a friend who moved here from China when she was a toddler and she made a very good point. Most of Russia is in Asia, all of India is in Asia. So by trying to be politically correct and lumping all those different people into one group (Asians), it’s actually achieving the opposite.

          • They don’t like fags. But every whore has her price.

        • The bank I use has changed names 4 times in the 25 years. Way back when, the max withdrawal was 300. It’s 500 now. I don’t think this move by JP Morgan has any sinister intentions behind it. Stay quiet be smart.

          • Do yer homework J

            • Reread my post. I do my homework everyday.

        • Gimme a break. The limit is 1,000 per day. How is that a problem for most of us?

          I could see a politician out on the town, meets some hookers and needs $3,000 cash fast! But the rest of us, I don’t think so.

      2. They seem to be panicking.
        Are the smoke signals making sense?

        Be well all…

        • Eppe- Smoke is the only thing that makes sense anymore

          Norks are prepping their nukes right now

          • Does make one wonder.

            Been doom porning for a long time.

            No idea what will REALLY happen, but us preppers are waaaay ahead of the game.

            And be well rounded.

            Be well all, it is your best asset, what is inside between your ears…

            • “…between the ears?” haha…. That’s means we are fixin’ to lose a LOT OF BLONDES. The frigging echo inside their heads will drive them even crazier than they already are. (That’s why blondes have more fun they say).
              I wonder what Marilyn Monroe would have to say about that one? What a waste that she wasted herself on a politician!

          • If they shoot one at us i hope it lands on my house,,,,
            Not really into living in a waste land

            • “In teenage wasteland…. we’re all wasted”……
              Seems like the noose is drawing tighter. Turbulence ahead.

              • Its interesting to watch,
                Im here just cruising along, it seems everything around me is frantic,
                Quite amusing

            • Hey there Kula. Wasn’t there something said (waaaaay back) about “the islands” coming under Jap-attack should the usa fall to whomever is supposedly going to destroy us?
              Besides, you could always grab a ketch/sloop/(dinghy?)…lol, and head for ‘el carib’ if things get far nastier than what is expected. You could make it to Belize in less than two days (24hr sailing with autopilot or just take watches at the helm).

              • Eq, good one! You do know Kula’s in HI.? Little thing called the Panama Canal would have to be traversed, there’s your 2 days alone!

              • Whats funny is, back in the late 80s early 90s there was a construction boom here, i was a union electrician at the time so was working on hotels etc, my foreman was a local Japanese guy, he always said,
                ” they couldnt bomb us and beat us so now they are just buying us! ”
                It was and still is so true, why the hell would any of these legitimate countries invade or bomb us? They all own large amounts of realestate here,
                IMHO, its the terror groups, they are not about conquest, just discord,
                Like that case of crabs you just cant shake

              • Hell, if things got real bad theres miles and miles of coastline and forest that nobody would ever find you in let alone have the resources to search. Theres forest not 300 yds from my house that is so thick, aerial thermal would be useless and anything but sniffer dogs is a waste of time, and at that the wild game that lives in there will send them off on false trails every ten feet.

      3. Get it out now while you still can.

      4. I’m an ATM tech, the vast majority of my work is for JP Morgan and 5/3. This is just an out of network restriction not a blanket restriction. If youre a Chase customer you can still pull a daily limit FROM THE ATM of $3000. If you do it in person you can pull as much as you want.

        • soon the 20$ bill will be about the value of toilet paper

          so i dont think it will be long before we see 50’s and 100 dollar bills being dispensed from those ATM machines

          just my 2 cents .. now not worth a dam thing

          • One would THINK that IF “they” were considering (truly considering) doing away with cashless (ie; cashless society), that we would be seeing NO NEW ATM’s being installed. And, to the best of my knowledge, ATM’s are being REMOVED from many places that they used to be found (like WALMARTs all had them for a time, now very few, if any, have one …perhaps in the big ole metros)?
            This road of “deficit spending” that the government is practicing is also being practiced by “we, the people”. More than 80% of Americans are up to their necks in impossible debts. Borrow 5 grand from any credit-card company and by the time you’ve repaid them, they’ve collected a cool $18k. Shouldn’t those kind of interest rates be “criminal?” Most often such debt leads to the demise of the person ‘sucked’ into going into debt, so what’s the advantage in having such a thing without “limiters?”
            (Because you can go far over the limit and legally get out of paying for a penny of it …the legal system set up that one very nicely). (I’m talking of bankruptcy chapters, and other ‘work-a-rounds’ that are in place which are the main reason The USA has financially crashed. NOT the people being in debt. THE GOVERNMENT SPENDING BILLIONS MORE THAN THEY TAKE IN —so they just print more and more and more and more …no end in sight. How could there possible be any kind of crash when money keeps getting printed and induced into society. The elites “suck it all up”, and so more is printed until the elites suck THAT all up, and then we print even more. We are going to run out of paper and trees to print money on. Maybe now is a good time to start using pretty rocks and clamshells, conch-shells, starfish, snake-fangs and other ‘barter-able’ items?

          • I cash out at the teller every payday… Make deposits to pay my registered bills, or cash at Biz kiosks. Fuck “convenience”

            I despise having CORPSE-erations having access to my accts and CCs. The Law is a FICTION!

            Anyone run to get their free Flu shots??? There’s a surprise included.

            Your very own nano-chip, not to mention heavy metals and other toxins that aren’t nec.

            Can you spell, cuntspiracy? (Sorry to you PC junkies)
            I refer to the SSwiSS Templars, masonites, and fascist Naziz in all of their sleeper cells That worship Horas, Isis (protector of the SSiSSterland) and Set (satan)including the Triad. London Mile/Vatican/DC

        • Thanks for being the voice of reason, but fear not truth is what sells food storage and firearms accessories. My hometown bank has a limit of $400, but $400 a day is still $146,000 a year so more than ever goes in.

          • Prepared pastor
            My bank has had daily limits since ATMS showed up. Hunh. If I want more than that, I have to go inside. The big deal is requiring all big money to be reported to the feds.. that was sold to people as part of the war on drugs. They aren’t using it against drug lords. Anytime the government says war on anything, they mean YOU.

            • Ever been out in Aspen. The ATM Machines there, spit out $50 Bills instead of $20’s.


      5. May the odds be ever in our favor….those that have prepared are well ahead of the game…those that haven’t are,well, going to have a bad day here pretty soon. Glad I heeded the warning.

      6. We havent been able to get more than 200/ transaction 600/day for years and years, like at least 18 years
        Not news

        • The 299 and three hundred limit is to protect the account holder when a ATM card is stolen or lost and the PIN is known by the thief, It will take them awhile to clean out the account.

          • Should be $200 not $299. Can’t type worth a dam.

          • actually, it protects the BANK….NOT the cardholders. we aren’t liable for the bank’s giving away our money without our permission. WE get made whole(usually), it’s the banks that loses.

        • Kula, that is what I thought, too. If I want cash I just go to the teller and get it. Easier.

          • I just am always broke!
            Problem solved!

            • HAHA , Yeah , the problem is , that there is no problem !

              My withdrawls are only limited by my imagination , lol

              • Hammer to truck salesman : uhh , how much for that shiny new truck?
                Salesguy : 50k
                Hammer : I have a 69 Oliver , 6 calves and forty bales of moldy grass hay ….
                Salesguy : Dont let the door hit ya ….

                No money = no ATM card = no worries !

                • Heres kulafarmer: How much for that 16 F350 ?
                  Sales guy: 75,000 plus plus plus plus
                  Kula: how much for that 2010 long bed trade in over there
                  Sales guy: 35,000 plus plus plus plus but
                  Kula: how much for my trade ins?
                  Sales guy looks at the bangin built 07 JK, 5k minus minus minus
                  Kula: PfFFttTT! (Picture Bill the cat from Doonesburry except wearing levis and boots)
                  Sales guy: here fill out these lease papers,
                  Kula: looks over papers, notices fine print,
                  ” limited to 1 mile a day and there is a 65,000 pay off at the end of 3 years”
                  Thats the sound of the door hitting me in the ass on my way out

                  • no shit , lol

                  • damn rite!

          • The wife and I, being both retired, have a monthly “set” of bills that rarely change in amount (save for the electric bill which is enough to make anyone unplug the damn grid). Since we already know exactly what the month will ‘cost’ (not counting surprises), we withdraw every last penny that will not be going for bills and if it looks like the bank may come up short, we’ll put a bit back into the bank. Cash stays in a home vault or our pockets and is insured by Glock, Remington, Winchester, Nosler, Lapua, Mossberg, DPMS, LAU, ‘pineapple grenades’ and other home-protection products). (just to name a few)?

            • If ya dont hold it ya dont own it!

            • Smart. Very smart.

              Most people don’t realize that all your valuables including cash deposits to a bank are considered UNCOLLATERALIZED which means you lose everything if the bank goes bankrupt. And the FDIC insurance the government gives means exactly that, squat.

            • Equorial

              REF to PG’s. Careful. They are for practice with the bottoms drilled out. RIGHT! Got them at the gun show.

      7. CHASE BANK SUCKS PERIOD!!!!! They card me now and ask for all kinds of
        Personal questions just to make my mortgage payment which I do in cash
        Usually sometimes a check. They are just one shady ass bank and ask their employees
        As they all seem to get fired once they improve VS a promotion.
        They are hiding something but as for now they still SUCK BIG BALLS!!!

      8. Michael Snyder warned us of this 4 years ago almost to the day. His article about the FDIC B of E Resolving Globally active financial institutions policy paper. If you’ve been sitting, fat, dumb and happy on your hands the last four years sorry, pardner, but your Darwin Award is on its way. You deserve what befalls you.

        If you can’t hold “It” whatever “it” is, in your hands, it isn’t yours.

      9. We have always had a limit. I expect the new rules are way less than 1000. I think the article must not state it. Try to keep money at home. 6 months worth if you can. Also bank at small institutions. That and credit unions.
        You get to form relationships and they may even be able to give you a tip. There will be a bank holiday one day. Count on it.

      10. If cash goes, it will be very difficult. Better to set yourself up now with some type of business or activity that can later be used to barter. Since I now have chickens, in a pinch, I could trade eggs for something I might need. One reason I decided to go ahead and get them is because I read about how a family, dirt poor and near starving, got chickens which not only provided them with “nature’s perfect food”, but gave them something with which to barter.

        Skills that have become rusty such as knitting, sewing, crocheting are invaluable during hard times. If cash goes and the banks digitally steal part or all of our money, barter will be life saving. Of course, the PTB will limit that ability, but they’ll never stop it completely. I forsee more women returning to the traditional role of wife and homemaker. Those women who master traditional skills now will be a great asset in the future. My uncles were tailors so by no means is sewing traditionally a female domain alone. The vast majority of seamstresses have always been women. I know many who dable in such hobbies but never take them seriously enough to master. In a barter economy, one will survive on the basis of how well he or she has prepared by how well they have perfected their mastery in their chosen skill for trade. Dealing only with close friends and family keeps you off the radar. I think I would divide myself between being open about bartering something and stealthy about bartering one or two other skills. Live long and prosper my friends.

        • But i thought chickens need laying mash in order to lay? If the shtf do you have enuf corn/mash stored up to feed them? I have duks and i worry about that. Sure they can eat the bugs in the grass/weeds but i was told they need special food in order to lay eggs. Well, might be ok in warmer weather, but here we have winter so we need corn for them for six months! They will probably starve when the shit hits unless we are in warmer climate.

          • Marie what do you do with all those duk eggs. My kids have chickens and one duk and they all get sick from eating those duk eggs, and after a couple of dozen,I had all I wanted, I didn’t get sick but I didn’t really care that much for them and I can eat road kill. Trekker Out. To Big!

            • Duck eggs are the best for baking. I use them in everything from cornbread to cheesecake. Hardboil for amazing deviled eggs and eggs for salads.

              We have never gotten sick! 🙂

          • Marie:
            Corn grows here on the farm so I don’t worry. Just foraging should provide enough to sustain them. People have kept chickens with very little. Warm weather is surely a plus. But if you don’t leave them out in the snow, they should survive. I would store as much feed as you can, plant food they can eat, as well as yourself, cross your fingers, say a silent prayer and hope for the best.

          • Marie, it has been my understanding that as long as they achieve a good diet with protein (worms, insects, grasses) that they’ll produce eggs. I feed mine table scraps (bread, lettuce, leftover can corn) and they do just fine. I do offer them the usual grit as well as the oyster shell for eggshell strength.

          • you don’t HAVE to keep anything handy for chickens except water. They can do just fine ‘pecking at the ground’. “Free Range Chickens” …eat bugs or whatever else they want. Finding the eggs is ‘the challenge’ unless you are growing ‘non-layers’-for eating hens …THEN it helps to have some grain to fatten them up. If you have chickens and are lucky enough to have a creek on the property, they’ll always have food (from in and around the water). Water-bugs, ticks, worms, grubs,fireflies …etc). YOU can live off those very same morsels if you’d rather not starve, and you do NOT have chickens (yet).

            • Coolest thing I’ve heard is “Meal Worms” can survive and prosper eating styrofoam, and then you can feed the worms to chickens. Sounds creepy, but it’s scary how much foam packing goes into the trash. Chickens go nuts over meal worms. The worms are available at pet stores and are very easy to raise for chicken food.

        • B from CA – Dable? What is that? See, when you criticise other people’s use of English you’d better be absolutely perfect yourself.

          That’s it. No more corrections to your English from me. I haven’t got all day to read your dross.

      11. This article is basically a rip-off of Tyler Durden’s work over at ZeroHedge. Copyright Mac Slavo my big fat ass. Not even a mention of ZH.

        For the original posting (and subsequent intelligent comments instead of the usual worthless shithead comments here) go to ZH.

        • I wasn’t aware of the zero hedge report until after I posted the above.

          To suggest this is a ‘rip off’ is a stretch.

          Zero hedge is regularly cited and excerpted here. The original report is actually not from zero hedge — please see the ZH citation of the Wall Street Journal ( also cited here) as the original source of this information:

          Sometimes the Internet happens.



          • His (Barkley) first name must be Charles. Always was a dick.

        • BARCLAY – – Do the letters “F.O.” have any significant meaning to you? The same information is being carried within about 2,000 or more “media sources” globally …and you want to bitch about Mac allegedly ‘ripping’ YOUR story? YOU are such a dumb piece of shit to NOT REALIZE the story DOES NOT HAVE YOUR NAME ON IT.

          What you ARE doing is trying to fish for people to come to YOUR site, cuz your “loaded out” with liars (which is why I’ve never once posted there).

          Oh, did I mention that you can FUCK OFF? If not, FUCK OFF!

        • @ Barkley…The comments @ ZH are just as bad. I read ZH more than I do here. Mac does a good job, and even better than most when he sticks to prepping, and not economy/fear porn. There is dis-info people at both.

        • Barkley, don’t like what you see here? The why do you still come around?

      12. It’s getting so bad in the UK that if i ask to take out just what i earn in a week from my bank that i have to tell them what i am doing with my own fucking cash.

        Do not trust bitcoins they have taken to eating there own and you are all advised to take you BTC wallets off-line because the “.Locky” virus i had last week also encrypts your wallet but it’s funney, Tor is left working.

        Silver coins is the way to go but thats not a buy singnal because i still think that Silver has some way to fall.

        • Mr Smith – I don’t have a problem withdrawing cash from my main account and no one questions me when I need to withdraw a largish sum. I bank with Nationwide (ok it’s a building society, not a bank) and TSB.

          Buying silver in the UK is silly. The sellers premium, plus 20 percent VAT makes it uneconomical. It would have to drop 30 percent to make it viable and I cannot see that happening! I do have silver but only as a hedge. Gold is the way to go.

        • I have been finding “bits of shit” in TOR that make me nervous, so I’ve swapped over to using ONLY TAILS (latest version) …and even then I’ll use additional proxies (or just one) if it seems ‘good’ that I do.
          TAILS is a Linux “program” (package), but since it only uses system memory (it runs off the CD or DVD you install it on ONLY). So, you leave NO tracks, NO history, NO trail, NO NOTHING. (and it’s fun). lol…
          For you Linux users, I need say nothing about it, you’re already using it.

      13. The article does not produce the shock and awe it is intended to. Mainly because we have been around the block a few times. We exceed the projections of what the banks can exercise in their confiscation of our wealth. I am sure they understand the ramifications of their undertakings. As the government steps in with its protective services to maintain the infrastructure.

      14. ALL NEWS PIPELINE ??!!! You get info from that site?! They are the ones that said Jade Helm was a prep to take over the U.S. with martial law last summer! They actually posted a story about Blue Bunny ice cream trucks, and claimed that they would be used to transport dead bodies!!
        ANP website is for crazies! It is worse than the supermarket check out line magazines that have stories about UFO’s.

      15. Never had any trouble with my bank ever. Not sure where this is going.


        Chris and anon.. your banned for Agency ass clownery..apparently you have not listened to Larry Nichols, the paid mechanic, “hit man” for the Clinton who have murdered over 65 people for the muslim united nations of Islam, who is trying to take over one come to this site to post and attack preppers post because people that are dumbed down do not read these sites much less keep up…Jade Helm is a fact because I saw the equipment in the middle of the night running down Houstons freeway, the shinuk helicopters with the frequent fly overs over the 1960 hwy 10 and of how it kept rattling the florescent bulbs in my office.. Every morning I kept having to get on a ladder to adjust the bulbs, you out my ass to work like that I will certainly pay attention. Then all tenants kept complaining until I did a stake out one night in the area or my office and saw the 3:00 military jet flyovers, yes jets, helicopters and a lot of equipment driving in our freeways at 3:00 am in the morning on hwy59, hwy10, hwy 290.. I saw it I read it and I heard it, then people started to clean our all the ammo from the shelves all over again…and during the gun ban time of 2014-2015, when bullets were gone from the shelves the feds cane into Houston to teach white men who buy ammo a lesson by arresting them on Jones Rd and the Cypress area, harrowing then asking them why r they need AR 15 ammo, this is a well known fact of life since one popular ammo store Freedom Munitions had to ask a local cop to stay into the store armed with a 300 blackout all commoed out, and decked ready for combat, literally had to protect the shoppers and the story managers and owners from getting arrested outside of the store while fed cops were watching to see who was leaving that store then pulling them over to arrest them, the shoppers, from the store for legally buying ammo, he then had to tell the federal cops to get the phuck out of Houston and the good cop ran them the phuck out.and restored rule of law. I knew my cop friend was different when I drove by him with the My stickers expired and he does not pull me over..

        I was in that store and talked to that cop, alter he is now one my good cop friends that I have talk to all the time that told me what had taken place and how he had to stand with the people to stop this tyrany. So I don’t know who the phuck you two pieces of sh..t think you are because you ain’t fooling me. Anyone the handle anonymous or anon is a troll, Chris you are a fusion center employee that is going on this site to phuck with people.. phuck with me and see how many cops I really know.. we have some really good cops in Houston that are on our side..

        Don’t come on this site and insult my phucking intelligence, it offend
        Me, phuck with me in person and I with beat the sh..t out of you trolls and brake you back over a public table either in my city.



        Phucking trolls.

        • HCKS – I’ve never yet got past the first sentence of any of your posts.

          • His posts will make your eyes bleed.

            • Some people really do need pharmaceuticals.

          • While his grammar isn’t the best, I can still decipher what he’s saying.

        • Wow!

          Only been here for a few days and already banned.

          Fog on deck. We have a fire to extinguish.

      17. Over on Survival Blog, JWR has warned people that NW Territorial Mint is filing for bankruptcy. Buyer beware. Do all your purchases locally.

      18. Panama info leak, wikileak on the IMF June 23 attempt to collapse European finances for a controlled take over, but not much in the MSM about this stuff. And conveniently, no American politicians are yet to be mentioned in the Panama leaks. The CIA can really scrub the news before their employees at the MSM release anything.

      19. ZeroHedge says there are 441 US clients in the Panama leak info. Why haven’t any been released by the MSM? Too many politicians? You better believe it.

        • OH I would bet anyone that Hillary Clitton is listed among them.

        • They are most likely ALL the DC elite,
          Hang them all

      20. PO’ ain’t kidding buddy. The rat bastards are trying to shut down the mints by cutting off the factories at he juggler by stopping the mining of gold and silver especially silver.. Observer. One retired cop told me how he was told while in this neck of the woods of a Panama that chinese soldiers were down there by the hundreds of thousands and literally over 1,200,000 of the bastards in Mexico….now we leaned from Larry Nicols that Cuba is working with the cabal with obviously who, and is planning a massivr invasion force that can deploy by land, air and sea over 250,000 Cuban soldiers to take our Texas. Yes folks our state is the target..war is coming… now we just we just read on yahoo that Janet Yellen, the fat ugly toad faced arcon. said, that the dollar will be callapsing and that it’s enevitable.. this dollar calapse is being done in purpose to declare martial law and to have the UN. Chinese the Russians and other to murder, rape kill us and our children, to massacre the American people.. and to commit one can argue as to what those soldiers will do when they get here..

        Remember the free energy scientist that outed the event and the talk show host who was mad at him because he kept refusing to have him back up a truck at his plant to pick up every free energy device because be was getting ready to bail from the city..the cops who are in the know.
        I was told that the July time frame is when we will know if Trump is getting in or not getting in..if he is not allowed to go in, guess what happens, civil war, and revolution war.. the jaded helm equipment is hee to supply the jihadist when they get here, with the chinese allies, since China supports terrorism, and supports muslims extremist fighter a.d still continues to supply the with weapons to take out the US population…the Chinese general said that he wants every man woman and children dead in America.. his busy mass raping female students, and mass raped the women, during the Tiaman square massacre and shot and killed thousands of the male students. You chinese soldiers reading this, try that here and your fucking dead.


        The truth will not set us fee but it will make us ready..

        • We paid Panama $1 billion to take our canal. The Chinese have been running the canal zone or the ports since then. The Chinese are every where. Zimbabwe, Sudan, Djibouti, etc.

      21. A person today would be foolish to keep a large amount of money in the bank.

        I can’t fall into that category, because I don’t have a large amount of money.


        • We maintain accounts at two banks. One a local small bank and one a larger bank. The idea is if one locks its doors the other should be open. We flag out calendar so we are sure to generate the required account activity so our accounts remain open.

          We also keep two brokerage accounts, same reason, and these are not associated with either bank.

          It’s all insured, but when a bank fails it can take months to get your insured money back. It can also take the better part of a month to establish a new account at a bank to pay bills from.

          Warning about FDIC lnsured accounts. You may have accounts at two banks, but check the fine print, if the banks are owned by the same company and this is not uncommon. The amount the accounts are insured to is combined for FDIC purposes, since they are the same entity.

      22. And let’s not forget the Globalists are still going after Russia. Russia is the big prize. Natural resources. Fighting in Syria is a proxy war. Sanctions. Fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia is a proxy war. Russia backs Armenia. Kind of a surprise what with all the Armenians living in the US. Ukraine is moving lots of troops east for the spring offensive. Nato and the US have moved armor and troops east to the closest they can get with Russia. But don’t forget, Kaliningrad is at Nato’s back door. Smells like WW3 to me.

        • Yup.

      23. yup.

        • Good to see there is someone else out there, that comes here and has insight to the 7 year periodical significance, and Yahweh’s time table.

          This seven year period has been set and declared as a governmental/political/new WO, time period that began in Sept. 2015. The naysayers have proclaimed that nothing happened during that Shemitah period. But, ignorance is bliss. The proclamations made at the UN/nwo world headquarters by member nations and the globalist cabal isiders (including the Roman Poop) has all the ingredients.

          The next seven year period is one of Religious inclusion, and the UN/Nwo system will be set up and implemented…for the most part.

          To all the naysayers: Make a copy of this statement, and prove me wrong in the future.

          The world will continue along on Yahweh’s time clock that has been signaled to those with eyes and ears…open to His message and warning. No man can stop or delay it. The time stamp has been put on it and announced by Gabriel.

          When nations spout destruction and annihilation, they know nothing of Yahweh’s earlier announcement. Their nukes and weapons of mass destruction may destroy many…but they can’t bring an end to what has already been declared to happen by the Creator of the whole Universe, on His time table.
          The end of this age will come about when and how our Father declares it.

      24. You haven’t got much to worry about with this withdrawal limit of $1,000.

        In the UK most providers set it at £350($500) – some even lower at £200($350) – just go into the branch and tell them you want an amount higher than the limit at the cash machine, show your ID and the cash gets counted and then handed over – no problem.

      25. My bank held a cash deposit I made to an ATM on the grounds that I had also deposited a small check along with a hundred-dollar bill… for five days. Then, despite the ATM being emptied in the middle of the night on Monday’s wee hours of the morning, some brain child at the office couldn’t tell the difference between a cash note and a check…. and they held it all, causing a bill payment to crash and engender more fees. Their excuse? Oh, well the machine can’t tell what is being deposited. No… but the guy opening the envelope can! Also, another bank I deal with, on the same day, gave me a new bank card… my old one did not have a chip in it.
        Now there are new ATM machines coming out that literally photograph every deposit.
        BTW… when you deposit money into your account (and this is NOT new) you are giving the bank a DEMAND LOAN. That means you can ask for your money at any time. But it is just like if you borrow money. It’s your money. You just owe an equivalent amount, but if you waste the money, or lose it, and don’t have it when it’s demanded, your creditor might sue you. The banks, if they are insolvent, get to take their depositors’ money… it’s called “bail-in”, and all the G7 countries have that provision, including Canada and the USA.
        Quite frankly, I’m about ready to start speaking like HCKS, because it’s enough to fry your brain.

      26. The article discussion refers to”banks”, but does not mention “credit unions”, which I know in most cases are regulated completely differently. Are they lumped together in this case? My income is very low, balances under 1k, and it is in a very good credit union. How safe?

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