The Last Rebels: 25 Things We Did as Kids That Would Get Someone Arrested Today

by | Jun 16, 2015 | Headline News | 245 comments

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    This article was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper. Daisy is the author of The Pantry Primer: A Prepper’s Guide To Whole Food on a Half Price Budget and The Organic Canner.

    bow-and-arrowWith all of the ridiculous new regulations, coddling, and societal mores that seem to be the norm these days, it’s a miracle those of us over 30 survived our childhoods.

    Here’s the problem with all of this babying: it creates a society of weenies.

    There won’t be more more rebels because this generation has been frightened into submission and apathy through a deliberately orchestrated culture of fear. No one will have faced adventure and lived to greatly embroider the story.

    Kids are brainwashed – yes, brainwashed – into believing that the mere thought of a gun means you’re a psychotic killer waiting for a place to rampage.

    They are terrified to do anything when they aren’t wrapped up with helmets, knee pads, wrist guards, and other protective gear.

    Parents can’t let them go out and be independent or they’re charged with neglect and the children are taken away.

    Woe betide any teen who uses a tool like a pocket knife, or heck, even a table knife to cut meat.

    Lighting their own fire? Good grief, those parents must either not care of their child is disfigured by 3rd-degree burns over 90% of his body or they’re purposely nurturing a little arsonist.

    Heaven forbid that a child describe another child as “black” or, for that matter, refer to others as girls or boys. No actual descriptors can be used for the fear of “offending” that person, and “offending” someone is incredibly high on the hierarchy of Things Never To Do.

    “Free range parenting” is all but illegal and childhood is a completely different experience these days.

    All of this babying creates incompetent, fearful adults.

    Our children have been enveloped in this softly padded culture of fear, and it’s creating a society of people who are fearful, out of shape, overly cautious, and painfully politically correct.  They are incredibly incompetent when they go out on their own because they’ve never actually done anything on their own.

    When my oldest daughter came home after her first semester away at college, she told me how grateful she was to be an independent person. She described the scene in the dorm.  “I had to show a bunch of them how to do laundry and they didn’t even know how to make a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese,” she said.  Apparently they were in awe of her ability to cook actual food that did not originate in a pouch or box, her skills at changing a tire, her knack for making coffee using a French press instead of a coffee maker, and her ease at operating a washing machine and clothes dryer.  She says that even though she thought I was being mean at the time I began making her do things for herself, she’s now glad that she possesses those skills.  Hers was also the room that had everything needed to solve everyday problems: basic tools, first aid supplies, OTC medicine, and home remedies.

    I was truly surprised when my daughter told me about the lack of life skills her friends have.  I always thought maybe I was secretly lazy and that was the basis on my insistence that my girls be able to fend for themselves, but it honestly prepares them for life far better than if I was a hands-on mom that did absolutely everything for them.  They need to realize that clothing does not get worn and then neatly reappear on a hanger in the closet, ready to be worn again. They need to understand that meals do not magically appear on the table, created by singing appliances a la Beauty and the Beast.

    If the country is populated by a bunch of people who can’t even cook a box of macaroni and cheese when their stoves function at optimum efficiency, how on earth will they sustain themselves when they have to not only acquire their food, but must use off-grid methods to prepare it? How can someone who requires an instruction manual to operate a digital thermostat hope to keep warm when their home environment it controlled by wood they have collected and fires they have lit with it?  How can someone who is afraid of getting dirty plant a garden and shovel manure?

    Did you do any of these things and live to tell the tale?

    While I did make my children wear bicycle helmets and never took them on the highway in the back of a pick-up, many of the things on this list were not just allowed, they were encouraged. Before someone pipes up with outrage (because they’re *cough* offended) I’m not suggesting that you throw caution to the wind and let your kids attempt to hang-glide off the roof with a sheet attached to a kite frame. (I’ve got a scar proving that makeshift hang-gliding is, in fact, a terrible idea). Common sense evolves, and I obviously don’t recommend that you purposely put your children in unsafe situations with a high risk of injury.

    But, let them be kids. Let them explore and take reasonable risks. Let them learn to live life without fear.

    Raise your hand if you survived a childhood in the 60s, 70s, and 80s that included one or more of the following, frowned-upon activities (raise both hands if you bear a scar proving your daredevil participation in these dare-devilish events):

    1. Riding in the back of an open pick-up truck with a bunch of other kids
    2. Leaving the house after breakfast and not returning until the streetlights came on, at which point, you raced home, ASAP so you didn’t get in trouble
    3. Eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the school cafeteria
    4. Riding your bike without a helmet
    5. Riding your bike with a buddy on the handlebars, and neither of you wearing helmets
    6. Drinking water from the hose in the yard
    7. Swimming in creeks, rivers, ponds, and lakes (or what they now call *cough* “wild swimming“)
    8. Climbing trees (One park cut the lower branches from a tree on the playground in case some stalwart child dared to climb them)
    9. Having snowball fights (and accidentally hitting someone you shouldn’t)
    10. Sledding without enough protective equipment to play a game in the NFL
    11. Carrying a pocket knife to school (or having a fishing tackle box with sharp things on school property)
    12. Camping
    13. Throwing rocks at snakes in the river
    14. Playing politically incorrect games like Cowboys and Indians
    15. Playing Cops and Robbers with *gasp* toy guns
    16. Pretending to shoot each other with sticks we imagined were guns
    17. Shooting an actual gun or a bow (with *gasp* sharp arrows) at a can on a log, accompanied by our parents who gave us pointers to improve our aim. Heck, there was even a marksmanship club at my high school
    18. Saying the words “gun” or “bang” or “pow pow” (there actually a freakin’CODE about “playing with invisible guns”)
    19. Working for your pocket money well before your teen years
    20. Taking that money to the store and buying as much penny candy as you could afford, then eating it in one sitting
    21. Eating pop rocks candy and drinking soda, just to prove we were exempt from that urban legend that said our stomachs would explode
    22. Getting so dirty that your mom washed you off with the hose in the yard before letting you come into the house to have a shower
    23. Writing lines for being a jerk at school, either on the board or on paper
    24. Playing “dangerous” games like dodgeball, kickball, tag, whiffle ball, and red rover (The Health Department of New York issued a warning about the “significant risk of injury” from these games)
    25. Walking to school alone

    Come on, be honest.  Tell us what crazy stuff you did as a child.

    Teach your children to be independent this summer.

    We didn’t get trophies just for showing up. We were forced, yes, forced – to do actual work and no one called protective services. And we gained something from all of this.

    Our independence.

    Do you really think that children who are terrified by someone pointing his finger and saying “bang” are going to lead the revolution against tyranny? No, they will cower in their tiny apartments, hoping that if they behave well enough, they’ll continue to be fed.

    Do you think our ancestors who fought in the revolutionary war were afraid to climb a tree or get dirty?

    Those of us who grew up this way (and who raise our children to be fearless) are the resistance against a coddled, helmeted, non-offending society that aims for a dependant populace. In a country that was built on rugged self-reliance, we are now the minority.

    Nurture the rebellion this summer. Boot them outside. Get your kids away from their TVs, laptops, and video games. Get sweaty and dirty. Do things that makes the wind blow through your hair. Go off in search of the best climbing tree you can find. Shoot guns. Learn to use a bow and arrow. Play outside all day long and catch fireflies after dark. Do things that the coddled world considers too dangerous and watch your children blossom.

    Teach your kids what freedom feels like.

    The Pantry Primer

    Please feel free to share any information from this article in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to The Organic Prepper and the following bio.

    Daisy Luther is the author of The Pantry Primer: A Prepper’s Guide To Whole Food on a Half Price Budget.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]

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      1. taking a bus into the city

        • I did most of the things on the list.

          I’m scarred for life. 😉

          • All the above…..and walking down the street with my .22 in my hand @ 11 years of age to go shoot at my friends house, and nobody batted an eye. Man has the world changed. Great to be a child of the 70’s and early 80’s.

            • What a wonderful article, thank you. We used to jump from the hay loft, into the back of a truck full of shelled seed corn. It didn’t soften your landing much, but it beat landing on the floor of the barn.

              • I’ve jumped from the top of a hay loft, into the hay 20 feet down…I’ve also jumped from the top of a sand pile that the road crews make for winter, and landed safely on the bottom. It was awesome! Our kids have no idea…actually, mine were raised to be able to care for themselves by the time they were 15, and it was a good thing, because I ended up being divorced about that time, so had to work to support them, and they were mature enough to care for the house, and their little brother, then do odd jobs in the neighborhood( cleaning houses, babysitting a cat,) til they were old enough to be hired at regular jobs. They’ve all worked since they were 13 or so….and they still do. Two of them put themselves thru college, and the third is in process( what he wants to do requires at least a bachelors in science) .so, now I can tell my grandchildren about the “good old days”…

                • I too did a lot of those things on the list and survive. My child (who is 40 LOL) did a lot of those things too. He too worked for everything he has. Nothing was handed to him like kids of today. The kids of today are spoiled rotten and will have a hard time if/when the SHTF!

                • Embarrasing to say but I fell out of the hayloft getting my first kiss. Chipped a tooth, sprained my arm, knocked the breath out of me.
                  Played in the little league championship game the next day. Had a guy in a run down and could not throw the ball hard enough to get him.

                  Oh the good old days.

                  • “Chipped a tooth, sprained my arm, knocked the breath out of me.”
                    yup, that’s love, lol

                    • Forgot the see-saw, fell off one knocking the breath out of me. Did most and then some. Parents weren’t into firearms so that came later, think I have fired most small arms. They weren’t too pleased with the motorcycling thou. I was into a variety of things insurance didn’t cover.

            • what a difference a comma makes.

              ” to go shoot at my friends house”

              ” to go shoot, at my friends house”

              I assume its the latter, and you didn’t do a pedestrian drive by…

            • Yup, the 70’s and 80’s were great!!! Me and my friends would take off all day on our dirt bikes many times each summer, we’d ride 40-50 mile round trips. Now in my state, (Maine), kids aren’t even allowed to ride off their own property until they are 16 and have passed a safety course!!! Suck, for sure…

              • I did all of those things and many other horrible feats of kid like things. M80’s at 4th of July and 2 weeks either side of it. Cherry Bombs. Rifle Club in High School. We shot in the basement of the gym. Being able to walk into the hardware and buy a large can of black powder and fuse. Old metal film cans that could be filled with said black powder and wrapped in many layers of dads expensive electric tape.. All the kids after dark playing kick the can in the street. Great times!

                I feel sorry for today’s young kids.

            • Throwing rocks at each other in the “college field” (a pasture, actually). I got hit in the eye when didn’t duck in time. The boy who hit me was crying more than I was because he knew he was going to get into trouble… I had to have eye surgery.

              Pretend we were fishing at the dam above our house… mom came along and saw us, had a switch because we were forbidden to go there. I got scared, tried to step over sister’s fishing pole to avoid the switching… fell into the dam, went under twice, but mom put a branch out for me to hold onto and I got out…

              Sleeping by the front screen door in the summer time to avoid the heat– it was un-locked.

              etc., etc., etc.

              • Oh, yeah, shoveling snow down long road to our house– about quarter mile, also, as other poster said. (And I’m a girl!) Also, mowed enormous lawn, cleared fields, worked in the garden, changed tires, etc. (I was teenager– female).

          • I experienced all but #22, and several more that are not on the list. It gives me things to talk about in group sessions. I’m ok (twitch), I’m ok (twitch). My counselor would be unemployed if I had not been scarred for life.

            • The kids in my family and neighborhood did most of these things growing up and yet we all survived.

              • Love your list Daisy, little tame though.

                12yrs. old carrying my dad’s 30-30 over my
                shoulder through the middle of town and
                everyone asking where I was going hunting

                Helping my commercial fishing Grandad fillet
                the 300lb catch of perch for the market.

                Splitting the 20 cord of wood for the winter

                Shoveling by hand the 20in snowfall that fell
                on the quarter mile drive to the highway.

                Shooting the old dog in the head because he
                was so old and infirmed with pain.

                I won’t bore you with any more stories about
                the way life once was when a kid grew up fast
                because if we didn’t do it, it just didn’t get
                done, which was detrimental to the way of life
                in a country setting.

                • If you want to restore America to the America we knew and loved, this is the man with the best chance to do it; despite his obvious flaws.

                  He is a Patriot. Engage. 🙂

                    • You must be completely delusional.
                      This is the same guy that wants to Nuke Russia.
                      This is the same guy that wants Edward Snowden assassinated.
                      This is the same guy who has risen to the top on several occasions and fall all the way to the bottom to bankruptcy.
                      This is the same guy who is playing you and others for a fool with his rhetoric.

                      This guy is not a true American, this guy is a complete fake and a piece of shit. This clown fits right in there with the rest of the blowhards running for Office.

                      Sorry, but Optimism = stupidity and America is full of optimistic people.

                    • UUUUUUUUUUUUUGE!

                    • Durango “Kidd”, like Mr. Trump you have an enormously overinflated ego, which in your case also leads you to laughably wrong conclusions.

                      If you believe that voting actually works, let alone think Donald Trump of all people could win the Presidency as a “rogue agent”, that’s an indicator of how much you really DON’T know about anything.

                      Despite his flaws, I too respect Donald Trump as the successful businessman he is. That’s ALL he is. He seemingly does not understand anything else, especially politics. Only a fool believes he could run for the Presidency, without being in anybody’s pocket, and turn everything around. The exact same type of fool who voted for Obama…also known as a “useful idiot.”

                      I see you on here spouting your opinions all the time, always wanting to bet over such-and-such is true or not, making out like you’re some unrecognized genius who’s got it all figured out….when it’s clear you don’t know nearly as much as you think. Deep down inside, you KNOW this…which is why you’re so INSECURE.

                      I saw when that other person exposed your online dating profile for all the world to see. You tried to shrug it off and make excuses, but you fooled nobody. It was no surprise to any of us to find out you’re actually an ugly loser, with what are clearly overstated and vastly exaggerated delusions about your own success, abilities, and general worth.

                      Did anyone else save that picture, which they’d like to post up here to remind everyone of who this durango KID actually is…? I wonder if a continuous and ongoing public humiliation is really what you need to finally put you in your place…or will you wise up on your own?

                      Maybe if you’d spend less time publically stroking your own 4″ cock on this forum and others, and more time listening and thinking instead of jumping to foolish conclusions, you might learn something and possess wisdom for a change. Then maybe your opinions might actually be worth taking seriously.

                  • I am humbled, DurangoKidd

                    • On the other hand, I stand only
                      in the shadow of Sir Donald T.

                    • Granted Trump is an egomaniac of the first rank, but he is a Patriot with a capital P and I believe his POSITIONS reflect the majority opinion of this community.

                      He will not genuflect to the New World Order.If not him, who? If not now, when? Real Americans must rise up with a loud voice to support his efforts as he spends HIS money, not ours, trying to become President.

                      Once in the Oval Office, I believe he would streamline government, make it more efficient, eliminate the political correctness, and ROLL BACK the NWO policies that have destroyed this nation.

                      Infiltrate your local Republican Party NOW! 🙂

                • …all in one day. uphill. in the snow. naked.

                  • Trumps daughter…same as both daughters of al gore and hillery klinton’s did…Married a NY Jew bankster!

                    Article I read this at also said all three parents, trump too, were so very proud of these marriages.

                    Anybody that thinks trump aint in kahoots with and shall be so if elected to prez with same type ny jewish and zionists nationwreckers, is still totally asleep at wheel and by now not likly to ever awaken enough to get it.

                    ps: Beware of the resident Judiazering Censor who is also the top “Baiter” on site. See New Testement for More info on evils of, and reasons to Beware of such rabid fanatical Judiazers. Especially if they also claim to be christian!

                • “Helping my commercial fishing Grandad fillet
                  the 300lb catch of perch for the market”

                  Until the “native Americans” put the gill nets out…

                  • Amen Brother Wrong…… Amen

            • “My counselor would be unemployed if I had not been scarred for life.” — is pretty well said.
              Your counselor would be unemployed if we aren’t too scared to live.

              —how did we get too scared to live?

              —-someone saw our potential, it scared them, it stopped them from doing things in their life, so they do not want us to live.

          • Agreed, It was also fun to read the whole list. It brought a smile to my face as I reminisced how I did most of those things and had a blast doing them.

          • cannon ball off railroad bridge in to a river . build a wooden fort in backyard from scrap wood or boards in a tree for a hang out

        • We used to play ‘kill the man with the ball.’ but no one died. It was fun even though we got bruised and cut.

          • When I was in Elementary School we played a game with a football called “Smear the Queer.”

            I shudder to think what would happen if the teachers and principals of today would have caught us playing that game at recess.

            • They’d call the cops and the kids would be tased, arrested, diagnosed with a mental disorder, forced medicated, taken from their parents and raped in foster care, etc….

              • If we still had the green thumbs, you would have gotten about 100 with that post….

              • Not ALL of the kids would be tased, arrested, diagnosed etc. Some would be shot to death by police…

                • Just the black ones.

            • Dude, we played Smear the Queer as well! It was mid-80’s, Grade School, tackle football, no helmets or pads, and no PC Crap.

              • Sorry Pedro, but we were playing “Smear the Queer” way back in the 60’s. And, no, none of us knew any other meaning to the word queer, than the kid getting pummeled. We played tackle football out in the field, with no equipment…of course when I was 11, I broke my left wrist playing tackle football, with no equipment. Amazingly I received no emotional or mental scars from that…only thing I could remember is how cool I was with that cast on my arm. Oh, and it didn’t stop me from continuing to play tackle football with no equipment

                • Born in ’83 here here…we definitely played Smear the Queer in the mid 90s rural Alabama. Our P.E. teacher was a bull dyke, but a good hearted one of Scottish descent; not the kind to worry about the kids getting a little rough or calling each other queers. Not sure what the situation looks like today but it probably hasn’t improved.

            • beat me to it. we also had a rope swing that broke many bones and sent more than one kid to the er. we had it tied to a tree limb and jumped off a 50 foot cliff. where is the “killed game animals” category? the op shot bows and guns, but did she actually kill anything?

              • My dad (born in ’58, rural AL) and uncles were out waiting on the school bus one morning, and they spotted a rabbit way over across the road, on the edge of a field. My dad said he could shoot that rabbit, and they bet he couldn’t. So he got his .22 rifle, lined up, and took a shot. The rabbit sat there and didn’t move. So he took another, then another, and still the rabbit sat still. After 4-5 shots, cursing, they thought it must have been the bravest rabbit ever, so they started walking towards him. Even as they approached he still sat there. Turns out the first shot went right through his eye and killed him instantly; the rest of his body was riddled with bullets. lol

                One time my uncle shot him on accident, as kids when they were out in the yard playing with rifles. Bullet went through his shoulder area thankfully, so no major damage, just blood loss. Pretty sure Uncle Tommy got his ass beat pretty good for that one.

                My mom and her brothers and sisters did their fair share of crazy stuff as kids. My granddad was of Scot, German, and Cherokee descent; the exact opposite of a helicopter parent, with a more Spartan “let kids be kids, and if one of them cracks his skull open doing something stupid, he’ll learn something valuable from it won’t he?” parenting approach.

                My uncle stepped on a “stob” once (piece of wood) which went right through his foot. They took him down to the doctor who sewed it up with no anesthetic. Another time my mom went flying off a rope swing and broke her arm. She didn’t even cry; just laid down on the couch, feeling sick to her stomach, and wouldn’t tell anyone what was wrong, for hours…probably because the fear of getting her ass busted by granddad for doing such a stupid thing outweighed the pain of having a broken arm…lol.

                One time me and my cousin, up there on that same property (mid 90s), decided to build ourselves a “go kart” out of an old push mower frame with no engine. We bent over the handlebars to make a “roll cage”….lol. Then we took it down off the side of the mountain and found us a spot where we could take turns riding it down a ways, then pull it back up with a rope and start again.

                At first we were careful with it, but after a few fun and successful trips downhill we started pushing off faster, even as the trail became more worn down and open. Finally my cousin pushed me really fast one time and I flew down the trail, hit a fallen log at high speed, then flew through the air and crashed. Woke up in the creek below a few seconds later, with the feeling of cold water on my cheek, all twisted up with lawnmower frame on top. My cousin said it was the coolest thing ever. I wasn’t hurt too much, just scraped up a bit. We never did tell anyone about that little experiment, least of all granddad….lol.

                I feel sorry for these kids growing up in their shrink wrapped little worlds. Like my neighbor and his daughter for instance. He is a good guy and a good neighbor, which is why it’s so frustrating to see his total cluelessness and lack of regard for the future, in how he “raises” that little girl. She has training wheels on her bike, at like 7 or 8 years old, because he’s afraid she’s going to fall off and bust her head.

                SHE runs the show in that household. His idea of being a good parent is to let her do whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and to “not sweat the small stuff.” Like her jumping on the bed 3-4 times after being told not to, and spilling a damn ashtray everywhere because of it, RIGHT after she was told not to. No ass whipping, no being made to pick it up, no punishment whatsoever. She’s the princess.

                My mom, dad, aunts, and uncles, and myself would have feared for our lives had we dared act in such a way. My great grandma would have sent me outside looking for a switch, then sent me away for another if the first one weren’t big enough.

                Besides the lack of discipline, he’s not doing her any favors in the education department, either. His main occupation is sitting there watching TV, playing Xbox, and smoking weed. She loves Minecraft, and sits there watching Minecraft VIDEOS all day long….because the idea of actually buying the game for her and letting her figure it out is a totally foreign concept to him. “It’s confusing. It’s too hard for her,” he argued. Wow….I’m SO glad my parents didn’t have such an attitude.

                Only the mom seems to care about raising the daughter right, and actually gets on to her about things…but with such an undisciplined non-man of a “father” as the “thought leader” in the household, both hands are tied behind her back.

                I can see it coming from a mile away…..can’t you? That sweet little girl today is going to be an absolutely uncontrollable teenager tomorrow. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll will be her lifestyle…and she will have nothing but contempt for her father, and probably for men in general.

                All I can say is Thank God for having been gifted what is seemingly uncommon wisdom and foresight these days.

                • Neighbros little spoiled girl will probobly become a Coal Burner by age 13-14 yrs old….Then feminized daddy is going to spew to You all day long how its all ok that her little niglet baby has a Dark tan all year long.

                  You can spot such parents easy…They Always after giving kids an direct order to do something, end the sentence with “OK Honey?”….as in “now go Do your homework sally…OK Honey?”

                  Every kid that hears OK honey is thinking “NO its Not ok and why should I obey when parents ask for My permission to comply”

                  I bet he views alot of Doprah TV also eh…Stuffed to gills with whitey guilt and pc too.

                  Cannot wait to hear such parents answers when kids complaign of have to learn new yiddish language for their future rulers satisfaction. Parents answers probobly be akin to answers when grandkiddies ask of why didn’t grandpa and granny do something when had chance prior to full blown ziogov took hold fully.

                  • As one of the many Jews who doesn’t even know one of the Jewish banksters, let me say you are an AntiSemetic idiot. Equating all of us with the banksters is equivalent to judging all Blacks according to the words of LeBron James. It is so easy to pick on the few of us left.

            • Smear the queer was played every day at recess at my catholic grade school.

              • At my school, everybody went through a phase, seriously, where you held your breath until you passed out on the playground…we were maybe 10 (1960s era).

                Red Rover – yep
                Dodgeball – yep
                Cowboys & Indians – yep
                Drank out of hose – yep
                Slip N’ Slides — excellent fun. Did that until we wore a track in the grass 2 feet wide and a Slip N’ Slide long.
                Croquet on the front lawn – yp

                We actually had singalongs on the front porch. Actually had a neighborhood guitar player.
                Touch football game in the street.
                Tennis in the street.

                Everybody on the “block” – and we are talking 6 Mile in DETROIT – had clotheslines and a strip of land that ran behind our garages, with fences between each property’s back yards — a favorite game was using the clothes poles to swing over the fences all the way down the block and back.

                We even used to have “Ice Cream Socials” put on by the elementary school – where there were games, cotton candy, candy apples – all the neighborhood kids around the whole school attended.

                Good times!! …until busing.

                America today totally sucks.

                • BB gun war’s out by the creek. Take a sack lunch and stay out all day. My brother shot me point blank in the throat. He’d be in child protective services today.

                  • Snowball battles—crabapple battles, rock battles and dirt clod battles ( broke a window during recess in 6th grade and none of us would say who threw the rock so all 6 of us got paddled by the principal, and again when we got home.)

                    Honda 50’s and mini bikes ( no helmets of course)..rope swings and cliff diving at the quarry, challenge to swim across the Potomac river ( up near Berkley springs WV-not in the water near DC) swam in every river, lake and pond we went to and waded in every creek for crawdads, tadpoles etc) walked miles and miles or rode our bikes everywhere, just make sure you were home before dark and that the chores and homework were done or you better stop and pick a switch off the tree for Dad to use on you ( the thicker ones were better because those skinny ones really stung!! oh, and NEVER put your hands back there to cover your backside or make Dad have to chase

                    Smear the queer?- of course!–we played it different, unorganized–you grab some kids ski cap..throw it in the air and someone caught it and ran–everyone chased him down and dogpiled him–then he would throw it in the air and the next guy would run until he got smeared—

              • Tackling Priest was the mission?

                Bad joke, I know, but I couldn’t resist the urge.

            • FS,
              FORGOT! all about playing “Smear the Queer”, we did it ALL the time in elementary school and into junior high. Thanks for the belly laugh! And yes, some of the guys playing did in fact come out as gay, later after high school.

            • “Smear the Queer with the ball” Wow, we did the same, in elementary school. I graduated high school in 1982.
              As kids, we did a lot of the stuff on that list, and survived with no issues.

            • Smear the Queer was played with one of those softer balls you could grab better. Great Game!!!!!

              FreeSlave – Can you imagine even suggesting that now! Wow!

            • OHHH dont forget about the scarey game of “KING OF THE HILL”!!!!!!!

          • we called that game “smear the queer”

            • Dang it beat me too it!!

          • DOG PILE. and the Nun with the 18 inch ruler. Dad with the belt when he found out the Nun had to use the ruler on me that day.

        • Wanting to play sports at elementary school so bad, I would walk home, nearly eight miles, mostly up hill, because of no one to give me a ride home after softball, and basketball practice in seventh and eighth grades.

          Life was a bitch sometimes growing up with one parent and being poor.

          You really get a good read of your neighbors at that age when they just pass you by on their hurried way home.

          I do have to say that my Principal, who lived a couple miles before my house on the mountain, would give me a ride in the winter most days after basketball practice.
          If he was in a bad mood, or had a bad day, he would most often just let me walk the remaining couple miles from his house, which was about half the time.

          Kids nowadays don’t even appreciate a ride home and a stop at the fast food joint. I barely had money for my lunch at school, much less a snack or drink after practice. My friends did have money, and if they all went to the little snack shop just out from school after practice, i got to sit and watch them eat and drink, while i just felt embarrassed and hungry.

          My greedy ass dad didn’t give a shit, his beer and whore money was priority.

          • Hey passinwiththewind, I felt sad reading your post … your greedy ass father will learn in the end that karma is a real bitch … at least you learned how to read people, a skill you will need to survive.

        • Riding on the back of the trolley…Outside

        • LOL–took a bus from Michigan to Florida in the mid 70’s when I was 16 to visit grandparents. Took almost 3 days.
          Went in the service in 79–those Drill Sgt’s–didn’t hold a candle to my ole man–I don’t EVER remember Mom and Pop ever buying anything in the “food store” the entire time I was growing up and we NEVER ever went hungry. Funny thing though–after leaving for the service–garden shrank by 3 acres–the ole man bought a RIDING lawn mower for the 5 acre yard (previously mowed with a push mower by me) and I’ll be damned–bought a log splitter to split the 25 chord of wood a year that previously was split by lil ole me with a sledgehammer and wedges. I can’t thank him enough for this and to this day still thank him for the upbringing. I miss America

          • I did all of the things on the list and more. I learned how lot about hard work from my family. My greatest lesson I just taught was to my six year old daughter, took her fishing, she caught a trout,showed herto clean and cook and we shared it for lunch, she had a ball and loves to fish. Life lesson she’ll never be hungry!!!

          • Great post!

        • Fireworks…..don’t forget fireworks. Every 4th of July and New Years. And we’d even save some back for later use when we just wanted to “blow stuff up”. (like carpet bombing the red ant beds in my backyard) Do that today and a kid would be in trouble with both the police and PETA.

          • Fireworks are all fun and games, until someone figures out how to get a M80 to go off in the school toilet and you don’t have plumbing in the school for nearly a week!

            • lol. I remember I recorded a science project once on film – my purpose? To shoot bottle rockets a gas tank, the thing almost blew up too, lucky for one of my friends it didn’t (he was standing next to it filming the whole thing on an 8mm tape).

              Now days, kids (and even their parents who had no clue) would get arrested for that. Hell, now days in some states like IL. almost every kind of firework is illegal, yet I remember back in the day we used to light off quarter sticks of dynamite on the 4th of July right in my uncle’s backyard! He used to make his own explosives & fireworks himself and sell them. That was late 80s.

              You do that today, you’d get SWAT teamed.

              Today, I refuse to celebrate the 4th anymore. I celebrate my premium scotch whiskey instead.

            • Growing up here in southern california in the 70’s, lots of people would go down to Tijuana Mexico and come back with bricks of firecrackers and M80’s.
              We would then proceed to have a great time blowing up stuff, ant holes, bottles, whatever. Heck, if we did this today we’d be arrested for possession of an explosive device.

        • I am 63 years old.
          I read through your list of dare-devilish events. I did them all.
          When I was 5 my Grandpa taught me to shoot his 12 ga shotgun.
          This was on a farm in Nebraska. It was an old gun and the trigger didn’t work. To shoot it you pulled back the hammer and let it slip off your thumb. I shot several ducks and a few pheasants that summer. This was during the depression and we relied on fish and game we could get.

          I also used to hide in weeds near his corn crib and shoot pheasants in the head with a bb gun. I didn’t get too many that way. Maybe 5 or 6.

          My folks moved into a small town when I started going to school. The school was a little over a mile from home. I walked it all year, including in the winter.

          I had all sorts of jobs starting when I was 6 or 7. I picked and sold fruits and vegs from our garden. I delivered magazines and newspapers. I swept floors and cleaned out spittoons in a pool room. I shined shoes, mowed lawns, shoveled snow set pins in a bowling alley and worked as a printer’s devil. When I was big enough I did farm work.

          There wasn’t anything unusual about this. It is pretty much what kids in Nebraska did in those days. I’m damned thankful for the experience. Kids today are terribly deprived!

        • and going to a movie alone.

        • It’s stupid, but we used to cut shotgun shells, pour out all the lead shot, at lest we thought it was all the lead shot, then we would have war and shoot the wadding at each other.

        • LoL hell when i was a kid i lived in Queens NY from 13-16 and we would at 13 go into the city in a group of maybe 3 of us to go to an indoor pool and not return for hours OMG on a school night.

        • In addition to above:

          We jumped trains, rode them into the city. Swam at the local mines that filled up with water, dived off cliffs too — including rope swings into local creeks (where the water would pool and you’d have to dodge the water moccasins).

          My nieces and nephews had the police chasing them down the creeks…they took their plastic swimming pool and down the creek they went (in the Spring when waters were high). It was their boat. They were pretty young 🙂

          Still have the scar on my eyebrow from when my brother and I were playing Cowboys and Indians, he shot me with the BB gun.

          We’d skate down the frozen creeks,fell in, built a fire along the creek side to get warm, brought hot dogs and marshmallows along to cook on our homemade fire…we did it all. Yep, free range was true…out in the a.m. back home before dinner.

          The stories I could tell…but I digress, some shouldn’t be told to protect the young and innocent.

        • Archery club in middle school,took bow on school bus,bb gun wars,bmx bikes,no helmets.Pulled a lawnmower behind our bikes and worked.Tree houses on property that was not ours.If we got into a fight in the locker room and teachers would not report it. Learned to drive a stick before we had learners permits.

        • Two words – Lawn Darts

        • Sleeping in the back window of the the car…that didn’t have seatbelts or made to withstand a crash!!

        • I remember playing flashlight tag with a group of friends at a neighbor’s house. We would get a group of about 10 to 12 and play that in the summer. If we did that nowadays, we would probably be cited for causing a disturbance or arrested for mischievous behavior. I have done all of the other things in this list also. One of my favorites not on the list was to ride in the box of my family business’s truck. It was about a twenty foot box truck. That was a hoot.

      2. What has happened to our Nation? At a loss for words.

        • AM, it has been feminized and fagged.

          • … and if Bruce Jenner can be a woman, what’s wrong with Rachel Dolezal being black????

            “Liberating tolerance would mean intolerance against movements from the right and toleration of movements from the left,” said uber leftist Herbert Marcuse a number of years back. “Certain things cannot be said, certain ideas cannot be expressed, certain policies cannot be proposed.”

            Yep, more from the fascist left.

            • Rachel was the most qualified for the job at the NAACP. they wanted to fire her after they found out she was white….good affirmative action lawsuit.Too bad she’s a nutcase.

              • She stepped down because she is a psychopathic liar who couldn’t even tell the truth about who her father is. Not the kind of person to be given authority, although her love of semantics give hillary a run for her money.

                • All the scathing remarks about Rachel, yet the majority of people support organized religion, all of them, institutions of ignorance, presided over by purveyors of absurd belief systems, masquerading as truth.

                • all that means is she could run for President of the United States and win , because that sounds just like the one we already have

                  • hey, y’all, think on THIS- Rachel Dolezar is neither psychotic or stupid. Where on this planet can an ignorant, lazy, lying, four-flushing, good-for-nothing sack of skin get a high paying job, doing as little as possible? The f’n NAACP! But on the bright side here’s a little something to “make you happy”…. sung to the tune of “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”—-

                    …” If she’s thinkin’ that she’s black, but she’s not… if she’s thinkin’ that she’s black but she’s not, if she’s thinkin’ that she’s black…. she must be smokin’ crack,… BUT AT LEAST SHE HAD A HIGH PAYING JOB!!! ”
                    If this song goes viral, I want a slice. Yeah, right!

            • You complain of “leftists” censorship like herbert marcus promoted yet You do exact SAME on worlds biggest ongoing Taboo…That “J” word taboo!

              Hypocracy eh…Admit it you once posted that prior you too were a flameing leftist lib, test…Well you also need admit you still are…Your asinine use of alinsky tactics and double speak reek of hypocracy and a true leftisdt lib kommie…Bash everybody you please to, as long as you keep that “J” word 100% Off Limits eh.

              You’d make a great VP for Hillery as she too does constant double speek etc.

              I suppose you are going to either keep my replies in moderation for 72+ hours untill 1/2 dozen new articles bury it or simply disappear it like those others of mine right. Your world view is how usa got this way. You are just Blind to the obvious is all…Maybe all that collage yrs should have been better spent obtaining a masters in Obviousness degree eh.

          • It sure has. And now you know why Acid Etch is like he is. Not saying I agree with his radical outbursts, but they are solidly grounded with exactly what all of you are saying right now. He’s just not too much of a fucking pussy to say it to your faces.

      3. God will NOT be mocked forever…I know it looks grim (Homosexuals running rampant, Abortion on demand, evil/corruption everywhere) but there will come a time soon when he will pull the rug out for our own, collective good.

        I’m not a prophet so cannot give dates, but just know that we are in the last days of his Sacred Mercy. For those that won’t pass through the doors of His Mercy, they will pass through the doors of His Justice.

        Come Lord Jesus come.

        • I am a contractor working on another companies property and they are huge into the “inclusion and diversion” programs….we get inundated with the emails all the time.
          I have noticed more and more lately that more and more websites are blocked by their IT security. Sites like bibletools, many sites about Netzari and a site I tried to go to read the other day on lunch called It has really been aggravating me more and more lately, especially in light of their disgusting evil, wicked & unrighteous programs. So the other day another one of these diversity emails comes out announcing that the site is having a speaker come to speak at a luncheon that anyone can come and join. The speaker, they are paying, is coming to speak about coping with life when your living the sinful life of homosexuality and how to come out of the closet……made me sick! So I thought about that website I couldn’t get to the other day, the one called and bibletools, and decided to google something for the heck of it. I googled “study the koran” and not one F’ing website was blocked.

          I’d love to think one heck of a lawsuit could be lying under this, especially for a company that prides themselves on “inclusion and diversity.”

          • Find out how much your employer paid that speaker, you’ll get sick again.

            I’ve seen some invoices for similar ‘motivational’ speakers, they’re making a couple thousand dollars for an hour running the local corporate circuit, peddling the latest social fad.

      4. I did that and sooooo……much more.I will be sending article to me buddy,he has got his daughter shooting a bow and air gun a bit but she needs even more outdoor time in my opinion.That said,perhaps I need to volunteer a bit and take her hiking ect. a bit more.Ngph,we took the subway to the big city after riding 8-9 miles from home.

        • Wow, that list is nothing. “that ain’t shit in a negro’s joint.”
          I should be in prison for life for some of the stuff I’ve done…

          Lucky to be alive…

          Bless all here..

      5. Meanwhile, in Russia: ht tps://

        We’re fortunate they’re not a hostile country.

        FWIW, when I was in school we played Mumbletypeg with our pocket knives during recess in elementary school and carried our rifles and shotguns to school in high school either because we were in the rifle club or were going hunting after school to help feed the family (and I don’t recall a single kid getting shot, even by accident).

        Times have changed, this is not the country I grew up in.

        • Thanks for sharing that walk down memory lane. Remember the “Johnny 7 OMA (one man army gun)”? It broke down into a pistol, a knife, and I don’t remember what else. Really wanted one in 1963 or so. I had a “Fanner 50” and a belt buckle derringer-type roll cap pistol that would pop out from the buckle and fire when you pushed you belly out against it…

      6. Liberalism – it’s not a cure, it’s a fucking disease!

        Of course there is a lot more to it than Liberalism, but at the moment something is going to be blamed.

        • “Liberalism – it’s not a cure, it’s a fucking disease!”

          Your diagnosis of the root problem is correct!

          • Dr. Micheal Savage has written a book about it- it’s called Liberalism is a Mental Disorder….

        • The problem isn’t liberalism, exactly. If they were liberals, they’d keep an open mind, but they don’t. The problem is too many leftists are certain their way is THE way. Their way is treated as revealed truth.

          It’s all become a religion to them.

          The left constantly go on witch-hunts now looking for intolerant sinners that might have bad thoughts.

          And they’ve turned the universities into churches, complete with forced tithing through taxation and through degree requirements closing off the professions to those that aren’t of the faith.

      7. Dammit!I almost forgot,all the fireworks!You know,the good ones,m-80’s/bottle rockets/2′ black jacks/ roman candles with reports,the good class B stuff.Of course,interested adults can still play with fireworks,some great recipes over @UScrow for those interested,4th of July and all coming up!

        • and the homemade cannons….. what a hoot.

          Want to really show people your age, tell them how you cut the ends out of your Dad’s beer cans, that were “not” aluminum,

          And then, taped about six or more together, with just a hole drilled in the bottom end can.

          Squirt the thing full of cigarette lighter fluid, and shake the tar out of it then hold away from anyone nearby, and light the little hole.

          Ka-whoooom! My grandpa from next door came running out cause he thought we had blown the house up. It was all fun and laughs until i messed up and just about blew my face off.

          Singed my eyebrows, and couldn’t focus good for weeks. That broke me of making cannons.

          • We did the same thing, but we stuck a tennis ball in the open end. It would shoot that ball out of sight!

            • Hmmm, sounds familliar. My Dad showed me how to make a hand cannon out of half by 2 in metal pipe and a pipe cap. Put in a ” real ‘ blackcat firecracker and a marble and light the fuse and adjust for aim, dad was trying to hit one the upper windows on the barn that was about 75 yds away. He never did hit anything, but we / he had fun. My cousins in later yrs were finding marblesup to 3 and 500 yds west of the barn. All this took place in or about 1956 or 7.and yes I’ve done many of those things that are listed above, not o mention a few more that could have gotten me badly hurt. Including having a friend’s shotgun go off just inches from my foot while we were pheasant hunting, we were about 15 at the time. enough said.

              • I got a better one, friend or a high school aquaitence was messing with one of my friends, got into a fake fight with him and got into a mock argument, my friend started getting mad at this person and he pulls out his 12 gauge shotgun and says to him “im fucking sick of your crap and shit fuck you and aims it at him. Not knowing either of us at the time my friend ducked and I did too. He started running away and pulled the trigger and shot him in the back. He thought he was dead and so did I. He took out the pellets and only left the wad. He was shot with just the wad and friend thought he was really shot. Even though he did that still left a temp mark on his back. lol This guy was nuts, funny afterwards.

            • Yeah, we did that too! Man we would have been locked up in juvi if we did that stuff now.

          • My Dad, born 1944, actually made and 18″ cannon in metal shop in high school, he still has it!

          • My brother would drop a tennis ball into one of these lighter-fluid cannons and it would go out of sight over head, once he set it off…

        • We used to put bottle rockets on the ground and fire them in the general direction of groups of other kids. Now, what was it we called those???? Hhhhmmmm…. Ni%#€r chasers!!!
          Come on, now… That shit is funny. I don’t care who you are!

          • We took 1/8″ PVC tubes, taped the end and aimed at the enemy…
            Amazing no one really got hurt…

            • I graduated by age 12 to one of those Frontierland musket pistols. It was wood and metal and served as a great platform for the rudimentary Kentucky windage we would employ.

              • If you broke the bottle rocket stick in half, you never knew where that sucker would wind up…

      8. that’s what happens when you let a bunch of deranged sociopaths run your society

      9. All of the above and then some!

        • We made our own “mortars” using newsprint roll ends, my mother got for us, so “we could express our artistic sides”. We did. Worked well for our neighborhood dirt-clod wars too.
          Have a brother that would make gorgeous model airplanes, then when he tired of them(usually in a day or two) would set them on fire(with the airplane glue that came IN the box with the model) and fly out of his second floor bedroom window, scaring the crap out of the old lady next door.
          Went “tubing” down the several creeks nearby, by ourselves, often stopped and went fishing as well, eating the catch of the day too.(by ourselves starting at age 11)
          Went jack rabbit hunting at the municipal airport nearly every single school day after school with our .22 rifles, rode out to the airport on our bikes, with the rifles across our handlebars or on a sling. Nobody ever said BOO to us either. We used to throw rocks at the “homeless transient population” (Bums) getting a free ride on the railroad cars that went through town. Again, not a problem.
          I made extra money “bartending” for the college fraternity across the street from our home starting in junior high and into high school. Never have even tasted alcohol still, in my life, and was a popular “kid” because of my “bartending skills”. Hey, they were drunk before I started…

      10. my friends and I would ride our bikes ALL over town
        from one end to the other
        as long as we were back home by the time the street lights came on ,it was all good

        and strangely enough
        if we were doing something we weren’t supposed to be doing
        somehow our parents ALWAYS found out about it
        before we got home !

      11. I was born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y. We played army practically every day. One of the guns I had was a .45 auto and the beat cop directing traffic came and looked at it because it looked REAL, when you fired it the slide went back a plastic “bullet”came out the front and loaded a new round. He suggested I not bring it out because I might get hurt.Playing stickball in the street and if you weren’t playing you watched and yelled “CAR” because a car was coming down the street.

      12. My daughter is the supervisor over a large department in an ammunition testing facility – dangerous & stressful work. Her favorite “pep talk” when morale seems low? “You don’t get a trophy just for showing up!”

      13. As kids, we made our own fireworks. Picked up use flares from the railroad tracks to get sulfur. Then we grounded up charcoal from the BBQ grill. Went to the drug store to buy salt-peter because we had a “sick goat”, told the clerk our dad sent us. Then we ground up all three ingredients and made small m80’s, I guess today they would call it a pipe bomb or IED. Put it inside a trash can (because we were safety conscious) then lit the fuse which we got from some black-cat firecrackers. Mom yelled at us for destroying the garbage can, told us to be careful and not to blow up anymore trash cans. The good old days.

        • HAHAHAHAHA! Those old galvanized steel garbage cans DID in fact contain all of our homemade improvised explosive devices too.
          Guess we were all committing “acts of terror” by being kids back then.

      14. All the above. I graduated from pocket knife to switchblade at around age 13. I rode a bike through some really rough areas.

      15. It is time to take this country back from all these corporations masquerading as govs.

        Governments Have Descended to the Level
        Mere Private Corporations
        Supreme Court Building
        Clearfield Doctrine
        Supreme Court Annotated Statute, Clearfield Trust Co. v. United States 318 U.S. 363-
        371 1942
        Whereas defined pursuant to Supreme Court Annotated Statute: Clearfield Trust Co. v.
        United States 318 U.S. 363-371 1942: “Governments descend to the level of a mere
        private corporation, and take on the characteristics of a mere private citizen . . . where
        private corporate commercial paper [Federal Reserve Notes] and securities [checks] is
        concerned . . . For purposes of suit, such corporations and individuals are regarded as
        entities entirely separate from government.”
        What the Clearfield Doctrine is saying is that when private commercial paper is used by
        corporate government, then government loses its sovereignty status and becomes no
        different than a mere private corporation.
        As such, government then becomes bound by the rules and laws that govern private
        corporations which means that if they intend to compel an individual to some specific
        performance based upon its corporate statutes or corporation rules, then the government,
        like any private corporation, must be the holder-in-due-course of a contract or other
        commercial agreement between it and the one upon who demands for specific
        performance are made.
        And further, the government must be willing to enter the contract or commercial
        agreement into evidence before trying to get the court to enforce its demands, called
        This case is very important because it is a 1942 case that was decided after the UNITED
        INCORPORATION” in the State of Florida (July 15, 1925). And it was decided AFTER
        the ‘corporate government’ agreed to use the currency of the private corporation, the
        FEDERAL RESERVE. The private currency, the Federal Reserve Note, is still in use
        (i) Articles of Incorporation of UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY
        (ii) From The Great American Adventure by Judge Dale, retired. (pages 93-94)
        [4] Corporations are not and can never be SOVEREIGN. They are not real, they
        are a fiction and only exist on paper.
        5] Therefore, all laws created by these government corporations are private
        corporate regulations called public law, statutes, codes and ordinances to
        conceal their true nature. Do the Judge and your lawyer know about this? You
        bet they do!
        6] Since these government bodies are not SOVEREIGN, they cannot promulgate
        or enforce CRIMINAL LAWS; they can only create and enforce CIVIL LAWS,
        which are duty bound to comply with the LAW of CONTRACTS. The Law of
        Contracts requires signed written agreements and complete transparency! Did
        you ever agree to be arrested and tried under any of their corporate statutes?
        For that matter, did you ever agree to contract with them by agreeing to be sued
        for violating their corporate regulations?
        [8] Enforcement of these corporate statutes by local, state and federal law
        enforcement officers are unlawful actions being committed against the
        SOVEREIGN public and these officers can be held personally liable for their
        actions. [Bond v. U.S., 529 US 334-2000]
        (iii) Our Government is Just Another Corporation

      16. All the above and bottle rocket fights, walking to the swimming pool alone at home and at grandmas in Sioux city, girl scout camping. Had to stay away from the hobos down at the rail road yard though. Could walk to the movies alone too.

        • We used to do that with Roman candles

      17. How about taking your shoes off the last day of school and not putting them back on until the first day of school the following school year.

      18. Lite a dozen Red Rats (pop bottle rocket, no stick) in a closed garage. Some small burn marks but boy, what a way to improve eye/foot coordination!

      19. They didn’t even put fireworks on the list.

      20. In fairness, we used to keep the insane people in insane asylums – not on the street, in corporate executive offices, and in Congress.

        • My God, AC, that’s the best reply on this whole page! I can’t stop laughing – it’s so true. Thanks for that!!!

          • You’re welcome 🙂

      21. Having my 12Ga. shot gun in my car at school and going hunting (killing them Bad Wabbits) after school with my buddies and some teachers.

        Fast drawing my 22 pistol and shooting bottles. That’s right killing glass bottle.

        Making swords out of 1″ X 2″ boards and using a trash can lid as a shield with no protection. Major Sword Fights.

        BB gun fights with no eye protection,

        Home made sling shots to shoot birds out of trees.

        Went fishing by myself at the river.

        I was a bad little boy wasn’t I.

        At 10/11 years old mother in Hospital/or in bed. (she was very sick during that time of my life.), and father working took care of myself and little sister with the help of my twin brother. Learned to cook on a gas stove (OH NO Fire)

        Damn I’m happy I did all 25 of the above , and this stuff, I can say I lived!!!!

        • Dang right, sarge, we lived.

          I would go home after school in the fall and winter, before i was old enough to play sports, run check my rabbit gums,(traps), and then grab a couple cookies, if there were any, and slip Dad’s little 22 single shot out of the closet, and head to the squirrel woods. Dad was working nights, and Pa Pa gave me bullets. Neat little 22 shorts. They were like gold in my hands.

          Most days it was just a peaceful easy feeling, without anybody causing me grief, but sometimes the squirrels were active and I had a blast.

          My grandpa that lived next door could skin a rabbit or squirrel out like a pro, in just a couple minutes. They loved the fact that i helped provide meat for the table.

          Oh, btw, did I mention that we were poor. Yea, and looked down upon by some folks, but we loved Jesus and we lived life to the fullest. At least i did, my little brother and dad were too busy trying to get me to do their chores.

          I always helped my Pa and Granny, cause they were old and worn out, and dirt poor. No one else in the family seemed to care.

          • Passin, I sure miss my grandparents too.
            They taught me so many things, hunting, fishing, gardening, processing game, too many things to list.
            And morals, even some of those did not register, till after they were gone…
            Kids nowdays are missing out on soooo much, really sad…

      22. Shit, I carried a jacknife on me since I was 7. We threw rocks and snowballs at cars, we’d mark a chalkline across the road at night and there’d be 2 or 3 guys on either side and when a car would come wed pretend like we were pulling a rope and the cars would come to a screeching halt and wed take off running, or how about ding dong ditch or raid peoples gardens or fruit trees and have something to eat all night as you played. We also used to make a dummy and use a rubber halloween mask on it and just lay it in the middle of the road. It looked like a dead person in the road. Cars would drive up, stop, honk their horn, then they’d get out and nudge the dummy. When the head rolled off they’d scream like hell, we’d laugh like hell then they’d curse us out for such a thing. Man that was fun stuff. Like cutting the tubes off the box of shotgun shells and dumping the powder in a toilet paper tube to make a gigantic flare. Lucky we didn’t shoot ourselves. Gee I remember lining kids up on the road laying down as I sped down the road on my bike to see how many I could clear as I hit the ramp. We’d all take turns being the guy on the end. That brings back memories. I actually told my son to go play ding dong ditch last month. The people called the cops because they thought someone was trying to break into their house. Frig, what is the world coming to? Those are great memories. And I’m not in prison or some derelict. I turned out ok, an elementary school teacher. We all lived through it. Geesh!

        • Ah, the memories. Thought I was one of the “Demented Few” as a child, glad I’m in such good company!

        • How about sledding down super steep and narrow hills with big trees on each side and no helmets????

      23. You poor neglected people…Not one of you mentioned playing with 1/4 sticks. Blowin stumps was just plain cool.
        After the job there were always a few sticks left over that were just never accounted for.

        • Same thing as blasting caps? We “found” some of those, set off with batteries, had yellow and red wires running to them.

      24. OH My !! Did most of the things on the list plus some.. Made “wind wagons” from 2×4 frames and lawn mower wheels and any old sheet or piece of canvas we could find. Actually rode them down the road past the cows and trees and an occasional car. We lived in the country. Later we rode our dirt bikes far from home all around the Great Dismal Swamp, camped, made fires etc etc. My buddy rode on the back of my Honda trail 90 and we hunted rabbits “on the fly”. Picked up Pop bottles and cashed them in for 3 cents each to buy penny candy and a coke for a dime! Kids these days are REALLY MISSING OUT!

      25. I fucking kid you not. When I was in 7th grade, I hijacked a fork lift on the playground where there was new construction in the works, then I drove the fork lift all the way into the middle of the playground with two supervisors running my way, screaming at me to get off.

        They thought I was a fucking mental case, I had the whole class laughing for days after. Those were the days!

        • Thank God, OSHA didn’t exist back then…

      26. While we create children afraid of their shadows, evil teaches theirs to cut off their heads.

      27. Some of ya’ll lived shelter lives and missed out on sooo much fun.

      28. I did all the things on that list and much more, it served me well. Just before I left the military I took my wife to my old neighborhood, the woman that baby sat me still lived there, she asked what I’d done with my life, I said “the same things I did growing up but on a global level.”

      29. Rarely did parents park & wait to pick kids up after school- it was walk, bike, bus…

        We had some seriously high treehouses back in the woods, complete with escape routes and booby traps.
        And we dug out trenches and holes, then covered them with boards and dirt for forts- even had some with fireplaces, and you learned quick about draft and air draw…

        Pedaled everywhere, sometimes long distances in iffy traffic (‘Bike Lane’? No such thing). Gotta patch your own flats, tubes dunked in water, looking for the bubbles.

        Remember needing a pay phone that worked? (An ‘answering machine’? Like on ‘the Jetsons’?)

      30. BB guns, then graduating to .22s, bows with broad head arrows, sling shots, homemade go carts, Jarts (aka lawn darts), throwing sharp pointed bar darts over the house at each other (ok, that one may have been a bit over the top), climbing trees, then learning to move from tree to tree without touching the ground, hunting, fishing, raising and butchering farm animals as food, walking to school, staying out till well past sunset, fire crackers … I guess I must be a homicidal maniac??

      31. Have a friends son just went on a Naval War Game Excise off of Alaska in the Bearing Sea for at least a month. Have another friends son going to South America for war game training excise for again at least a month both of these were just call two weeks ago both to start 6/22/15. Folks something big is truly in the works for the world. I’ll say it again eyes to the north.

      32. What Happened The Last Time The Fed’s Balance Sheet Hit 25% Of GDP

        “From the first rate hike by a Fed whose balance sheet as a % of GDP was nearly identical to the current one, to the start of World War II: less than three years.”

        “More to the point, last night we showed that the first Great Depression period is comparable to the current time period not only in being a mirror image of the Fed’s balance sheet, but also of interest rates, which by necessity had to be virtually zero in a time when the Fed was monetizing assets to stimulate aggregate demand. And so they were… until 1937, when the Fed hiked rates.

        As we showed yesterday, what happened next was that a little over a year after the Fed hiked rates for the first time, the Dow Jones tumbled, plunged by 50% in March 1938 (the S&P500 in its current form would not appear for another 20 years).

        But that was the topic of last night’s post. What we want to emphasize here is what happened after. Because as the market crashed and the economy collapsed yet again in the last such acute episode of the Great Depression, something far more historic than a simple market collapse took place.”


        Thomas Jefferson said in 1802:
        “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

      33. We used to hop the freight train to school…in Detroit. It was way cooler than taking a city bus.

      34. Haha, that sounds like the good ol’ 1950s to me. We had so much fun back then. Miss those days. We walked or rode our bikes everywhere, even from town to town. Played cops-&-robbers and cowboys-&-Indians. We dressed up in our mothers’ old clothes and walked up and down the sidewalks. Ran out after dark with our jars to catch lightning bugs (fireflies). Played fly-&-bounce in the alley until dark and the bats started flying around, which scared us into running home. Got called home after supper because Amos & Andy was on TV (B&W TV, of course). What a nostalgic list that is. Young people nowadays have no idea how much fun it was to grow up back then. Too bad you can’t do or say pretty much anything nowadays.

        Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

      35. We threw firecrackers at each other, went to the woods, playing army, shooting those little bottle rockets at each other.
        Sounds bad but they usually flew way over ir well past…

      36. Yep, all about 10 to pre-teen…used to hitchhike or ride bikes 14 miles to the beach & amusement park,took trains everywhere just to explore, played all kinds of games, went out at sun up on weekends and came home at suppertime, shoveled snow for pocket money, rode buses and trains to go to school, worked in a candy store and lots more..never really got into trouble because nobody bothered you for what was NORMAL BEHAVIOR..the present is deafeningly dull…poor kids of the present have to be regulated adults by the time they are 13.

      37. I grew up in the 50’s and early 60’s so you can imagine how old I am. I started walking to school when I was 5 and kept doing that thru the 6th grade. We moved out to the country on 20 acres of land in the mountains of Colorado. I grew up camping all over the west. My parents started a campground and my brother and I worked every day all summer helping my parents run it. My Dad showed me how to use a double bitted ax and run a chain saw when I was a young teen. I got to drive our PU truck all over the back roads when I was 13. My brother and I played with fireworks each summer including cherry bombs and M-80’s. My dad bought my brother and I a 22 bolt action riffle and we would take it the dump and shoot tin cans and bottles. We would ride our bikes up into the woods where there were some hundred foot tall douglas fir trees growing and climb all the way to the top. Life was much different in the 50’s. Even as a teen we did some really crazy things. Drove my fathers cars as fast as they would go. Often times in excess of 120 cause the speedometer only went that high. And those are just a few of the highlights.

        • Cee, I was once young and not so wise myself. Ditto on the cherry bombs and the m80s, especially the m80s. I also used to shoot tin cans and bottles with a .22. Starting at age 8, I started doing odd jobs for other people, especially elderly people, in our neighborhood. I had pocket money and saved most of what I earned. At 10-12, I had a paper route with some occasional odd jobs in between. From 12-16, back to odd jobs after school hours and on weekends. used to do some tree-climbing myself until at age 8 I fell out of a tree and broke my arm. No more tree climbing for me after that deal. When I wasn’t on an odd job, I would be out playing until the street lights came on then I had to go in. If I heard thunder or saw lightning I had to go in the house. I always knew what the limits and red lines were and I was taught to have common sense. These ‘educators’ of today [I use that word reluctantly and with a bad taste in my mouth] wouldn’t know what common sense was if it bit them on their asses. Obviously, they had to be brainwashed with all the nanny state crap first before they could pass it on to anyone. These generations coming up now don’t stand a chance. They are doomed.

      38. I did all 25 and oh so much more! I had the best childhood imaginable. Hard to believe I survived!

      39. i remember the m80s that shit was straight up dangerous but fun as shit. i dont see how any of this stuff makes kids be free adults alot of it could stop them from making it to adults. this generation of kids doesnt understand what crossing the line is we did. i dont want my kids riding in the back of the pickup truck these days. not having common sense does not mean freedom. do what the hell you want if you get hurt its your own fault. the free range thing is a made up political term designed to condemn a parenting style.

      40. Riding in the back of an open cotton trailer full of cotton all the way to the gin, never wearing seat belts, having mud fights in irrigation ditches, going barefoot everywhere but to church and restaurants, driving a small tractor, climbing the piles of lumber at the local lumber yard while waiting for my dad to buy lumber, swinging on my tree swing – I did all these things before the age of 7

      41. My brother brought our dad’s handgun to school for show and tell and kept it in his desk the rest of the day. That was the early 1970s. Times have really changed.

      42. I remember cutting the ends off coke cans and tapping them together and putting light fluid in one end and getting my buddies to light the other end and WAMO a bazooka, or how putting army men on a san pile and lighting fire crackers and blowing them up, and making model airplanes lighting them on fire and watching the plastic melt in the toilet……

      43. I did ’em all, and one thing not mentioned. I took my pocket money down to the little general store on my bicycle when I was about ten years old and bought (gasp) ammunition (double gasp). In Massachusetts !!

        • Damn coach,aged yourself there.As New England boy growing up in Mass.(I escaped to N.H.)I barely remember the passing of bartley/fox gun law(a lot more interesting things for a kid at 10 years old),remember bicycling to Wellsley then to record store to buy Areosmiths “Toys In The Attic”which had just come out.Hmmmm….,guess I just aged meself!

      44. Braveheart,

        Very fond of you, and you’ve been on my mind a lot the past few weeks.


        Well, come anywhere between a week or two before September starts and November 1, a lot is going to happen, bound to happen. In fact, we are seeing some of that stuff hit the fan now with Jade Helm and other stuff.

        Braveheart, I wanna see you with your family, your loved ones at your BOL. Maybe that’s selfish of me, I don’t know.

        I certainly of course can’t tell you what to do, but I will feel a lot more relief if by the end of August you put up a post, “Got to my BOL safe and sound.” Now that would please me to no end.

        You’re a good man, BH, and a good planner. It would just piss me off to no end if you left too late and ran into closed roads, closed highways, and other pre-martial law bullcrap.

        If your gut and prayer tell you to stay, well that’s one thing, and I’ll respect that.

        But don’t underestimate these evildoers because evil is accelerating at an incredible pace. It might very well be a very “hot” summer.

        Wish I could have your back, but I live too far away.

        Good luck to you, Braveheart, watch your six, or as someone here said, keep your head on a swivel!

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Lone, I feel the same way for many here.
          When Brave decides to leave, well it is up to him.
          But, you are correct, the world is changing fast, even if we do not see it.

          Bless all here…

        • Lone Ranger, thank you for that. I still have a supply run scheduled for July to the BOL but the way things are looking with Jade Helm that may become the bugout trip.

          • Brave…better early than late…or never.

      45. In California, yes California, I attended a small rural high school in the early 1980s. It was never second guessed of being common place to see the Senior parking lot full of 4×4 trucks with rifle racks in the back window with rifles in unlocked trucks and windows down during hunting season. Nobody ever thought it strange or even questioned it. In 7th grade in the 70s, I gave a presentation of gun safety in class with a demo gun. I got an A.

      46. 25 out of 25 but with 2 variations:

        #2 – Leaving the house after breakfast and not returning until the streetlights came on, at which point, you raced home, ASAP so you didn’t get in trouble.
        *** Too late by then I was in “belt” trouble.

        #23 – Writing lines for being a jerk at school, either on the board or on paper
        *** Generally by then I met with the “Board of Education”.

      47. Never got the opportunity to throw rocks at snakes but we did throw rocks at rats down by the river, I had fun too but you always wanted to have a stick just in case one of the rats came at you.

      48. I did just about all of them, except we didn’t have snow or hills, so no sledding, and pop rocks weren’t around when I was growing up.

        In the summer, I would stay outside all day long until it got almost too dark to see a ball and bats were flying around catching bugs. I mowed grass for a neighbor, $1.75 for a huge yard. I walked to school through a bad neighborhood when I was 5 years old. When I was about 12, I had to walk from our house in the country all the way into town to pay the electric bill with change from my piggy bank, because my father had somehow missed it. I had a little magnifying glass and would burn things with it.

        And I was nowhere near being a wild wreckless child. Other people I knew did much more, roaming the woods, sniffing gasoline, driving, etc.

        I do currently have a stash of bottle rockets.

      49. “Here’s the problem with all of this babying: it creates a society of weenies.”

        The powers that be want a “society of liberal weenies” because they are so much easier to control like sheep rather then have independent strong conservative freemen who don’t want or need help to live their lives.

      50. That’s funny. I think I’ve done every one of those 25 things.

        This was a cool article. Ms. Luther is a great writer.

        • I dd allas wll and when I overd the line another adlt actyally called me down and told my parents who hupped my rump. We need to vote out the lis, and install conservaives who will repeal these senseless laws.

      51. In about 1979 or 80, I was in junior high school. We all got those kickback knive with brass ends and rosewood handles. They were carried in snap button leather sheaths. We wore them EVERYWHERE. In school, the rule was that they were never to come out. Even during fist fights, it would be never even be thought of.
        We also used tool handles and old metal power tool blades to make medieval weapons. We carried these ridiculous things right down the streets. Cops driving by simply didn’t give a rats ass. They knew we were harmless and that our dads would kick the crap out of us if we got out of line. The most they’d do was shake their heads. This was Dukakis era Massachusetts!
        We did get in trouble for starting a grass fire as a funeral pyre during a kite fight, though. We used to wrap fish hooks, nails and wire around the cross bars of kites and fly them after school when the sea breezes kicked up. That breeze spread the fire and we put it out just as the FD showed up. We burned a stretch of tall grass about 20 x 30 feet. We got a lecture from the fire chief and a beating from our dads. We didn’t screw around with fire after that. It took Fort Benning to really calm us down though. I keep thinking of what kids who are in the service now tell me. They flash a stress card in the faces of their drill sergeants these days. We’re so screwed!

        • Over,grew up a couple years earlier then you,met dukakis getting off the T at Park Street for job during summer,was running again,wanted to shake my hand to which I replied”My dad hates you!”My dad was big time bond guy and hated the dems then,he smartened up and learned both parties sucked and banded together to screw the people.What part of Mass you grow up in,I grew up in Dover region.

          • Damn, Warchild,,, you must come from money. I’m from Swansea but moved to Dighton. Perfect place for my little family right now. Lotsa history in a little town.

      52. Wasn’t life great? Riding down the street towards the RR tracks with my .22 auto over the handlebars, and nobody would give you a second look. Going to the bottled pop machine in front of the gas station, putting in a dime, and on the count of three, you & your two buddies would pull out six bottles of great pop. Calling the police to tell them somebody was being attacked in the playground at night, so the helicopter would fly over. Flipping off the cops & outrunning the spotlight (that was fun – and hard). They were probably laughing so hard they couldn’t keep it on us. Throwing dummies out in the street in front of a car with a rope on it so you could pull it back in the bushes after they ran over it. Tipping a milk box full of bottles against a screen door on a high front step, so that after you beat the door they would throw it open and all the bottles would break on the porch. Meanwhile you would be across the street laughing at them so they would chase you (we only did this to a guy we saw beating his dog when he came home one night). Another time when it was hard to run when you’re laughing. Damn kids!

        • Yet,we rode our dirtbikes down the RR tracks(few trains then),you needed to go say 60 or above,otherwise tires wouldn’t ride just the top of ties.I imagine now kids would be treated as terrorists threatening transportation or some such nonsense!

          • Same here!!!

            • mx what part of maine are you from?

      53. Think it’s bad now? Wait til Hillary gets elected. 20 quotes your neighbor just might want to reflect on before voting for her (you can verify most of these by just googling the first parts of the quote)

        1) “Many of you are well enough off that the tax cuts may have helped you. We’re saying that for America to get back on track, we’re probably going to cut that short and not give it to you. We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.” – Hillary Clinton

        2) “Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.” — Hillary Clinton

        3) “You know, we can’t keep talking about our dependence on foreign oil and the need to deal with global warming and the challenge that it poses to our climate and to God’s creation and just let business as usual go on, and that means something has to be taken away from some people.” – Hillary Clinton

        4) “I can’t worry about every undercapitalized business” — Hillary Clintontestifying before Congress on the effects of Nationalized Health Care.

        5) “Yes, we’ve cut the maternal mortality rate in half, but far too many women are still denied critical access to reproductive health care and safe childbirth, and laws don’t count for much if they’re not enforced. Rights have to exist in practice — not just on paper. Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” – Hillary Clinton

        6) “We are at a stage in history in which remolding society is one of the great challenges facing all of us in the West.” — Hillary Clinton per Barbara Olson’s Hell to Pay: The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton

        7) “There are rich people everywhere. And yet they do not contribute to the growth of their own countries…..They don’t invest in public schools, in public hospitals, in other kinds of development internally.” – Hillary Clinton

        8) “No. We just can’t trust the American people to make those types of choices … Government has to make those choices for people.” – Hillary Clinton

        9) “If you have guns in your home, tell your parents to keep them away from you and your friends and your little brothers and sisters.” — Hillary Clinton to middle school students

        10) “I also believe that every new handgun sale or transfer should be registered in a national registry…” — Hillary Clinton

        11) “I think again we’re way out of balance. We’ve got to rein in what has become almost an article of faith that almost anybody can have a gun anywhere at any time. And I don’t believe that is in the best interest of the vast majority of people.” — Hillary Clinton

        12) “We came out of the White House not only dead-broke, but in debt. We had no money when we got there and we struggled to piece together the resources for mortgages, for houses, for Chelsea’s education. It was not easy.” – Hillary Clinton

        13) “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.” — Hillary Clinton makes up a ridiculous, untrue story about her trip to Bosnia.

        14) “In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including Al Qaeda members, though there is apparently no evidence of his involvement in the terrible events of September 11, 2001. It is clear, however, that if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons. Should he succeed in that endeavor, he could alter the political and security landscape of the Middle East, which as we know all too well affects American security.” — Hillary Clinton, October 10, 2002

        15) “There’s a different leader in Syria now. Many of the members of Congress of both parties who have gone to Syria in recent months have said they believe he’s a reformer.” — Hillary Clinton on tyrannical maniac Bashar Assad

        16) “With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night decided to go kill some Americans? What difference, at this point, does it make?” — Hillary Clinton

        17) “My husband may have his faults, but he has never lied to me.” — Hillary Clinton per Kim Eisler’s Masters of the Game: Inside the World’s Most Powerful Law Firm

        18) “Put this (helicopter) on the ground! I left my sunglasses in the limo. I need those sunglasses. We need to go back!” — Hillary Clinton from Air Force Lt. Colonel Robert Patterson’s Dereliction of Duty.

        19) “I have to admit that a good deal of what my husband and I have learned (about Islam) has come from my daughter. (As) some of you who are our friends know, she took a course last year in Islamic history.” – Hillary Clinton

        20) “The last time I actually drove a car myself was 1996.” — Hillary Clinton

      54. Daisy, you forgot one. Walking home from school and picking up pop bottles to turn in at the corner store for 5 cents a bottle, which then went to buying a Dr. Pepper and maybe some baseball cards.

        • Dr. Pepper had the numbers 10.2.4 on the bottles (no cans back then.

      55. Ah the good old days, let’s not forget hunting by yourself with a .22. Shooting butterfly’s and bull frogs in the pond back in the woods. Camping out in those same woods, cooking Spam in our mess kits on an open fire and let’s not forget smoking cigarettes. Riding mini bikes unsupervised, hitch hiking and the ultimate, finding a stash of Playboy magazines someone put out for trash. Kids walking thru the neighborhood carrying .22’s and shotguns and no one saying a word or in a panic. Ah the good old days.

        You would think I grew up in the country, but I didn’t. I did all that living in a middle class neighborhood called Montpelier in Laurel, Maryland between 1969 and 1975 starting at age 11.

        Yeah we got busted up riding dirt bike, playing sports and a occasional rumble at the roller rink, but we survived. We played football without helmets, pads or mouth pieces. We had dirt claud fights, we were outside from dawn til dusk. We ran and played and camped and fished and hunted. We were “American Boys”

      56. My older son plays outside until the street lights come on, knows how to do laundry and can cook (just a little but we’re working on it ). He walks to the gas staion, Gets himself off to school, and can shoot. He’s 13 and very self sufficient, my 6 year old is learning, he goes out with his brother, can use the microwave, and does chores. While we decided to drive our kids to school while in elementary school it’s convenient for us. My older child can light a fire, carries a pocket knife while not in school, and knows how to stand up for himself.
        This goes along with the theme of Daisys post, I understand the anti-bullying campaign. But our kids need to know how to stand up for themselves. Someone will try and bully you your whole life. They need to learn how to take up for themselves. My 6 year old got in trouble for pushing someone down, he said the other kid kicked him. That course of action seems completely reasonable to me. Well after my son pushed him down they became friends.

      57. Going out in my wooden row boat (bought with trapping money) at eight years old with an old Sears 4hp air-cooled outboard at dawn and coming back around lunch time. I had life jackets on board but never wore them. I lived the Huck Finn-Tom Sawyer childhood. I fished and crabbed all summer long. Hunted and trapped muskrat, coon, otter and fox in the winter. My mother would drive me the fifteen miles to the fur buyer to sell my hides when I gathered enough for the trip. And yes I paid for the gas.

      58. hmm…my 14 yr old daughter can hit targets at 400 yds consiitentley with .556, just did quick reaction drills with my 10 yr old son and his S&w mp5…no pussies here.

        • Good for her. My daughter got her first Daisy BB gun at age five and learned how to shoot. Recently after watching the riots in Baltimore(she lives there), we were talking on the phone and she told me, “Dad I need some range time when I come down to see you next.” It’ll happen.

      59. I think what’s wrong with today’s kids has to do with air conditioning an microwaves. they have spoiled so many that they take it for granted. I have sat through Jr. High and High school classes at 95 degree temp with only a fan for relief. We went outside because Mom said we made the house hot. Living in Arkansas you get a lot of humidity. A lot has to do with patience. they don’t know what it is like to wait a month to have enough to pay for a new basketball or baseball glove.

      60. TURNING 70 ON WENESDAY… done all on the list and even more
        SGT USMC 1966-72

      61. Many of the prohibited activities on this list are enforced by government schools. The solution is to send your kids to a Christian school or to homeschool them.

        With the freedom of homeschooling, I’ve allowed my kids to experience many of those prohibited activities on the list and much more. They’re healthy and very, very happy!

        • I was able to homeschool for 10 yrs, after that, they went to Christan school. We were blessed, truly blessed….

          • We’re doing the same. We’ve homeschooled for about 9 years. However, this fall they’ll be in a Christian school a grade ahead of their age peers. I thank God for homeschooling.

      62. Boot hopping cars in the winter,shoveling snow for cash which entailed digging out 5 foot snow drifts in front of garages on a regular basis. Huge bonfires in sub zero weather. Train hopping ,jumping off them as they increased speed miles from home. Free climbing buildings and industrial smokestacks. Pretty much living on the edge, no regrets.
        Thank God we didn’t have video games to rot our brains back then. If our parents only knew half the suit we did.

      63. 5 or 6 of my 2nd grade friends and I would climb up a 50 foot pine tree until it bent over. Then all of us except the designated flinger would count to three and let go, thereby heaving the lucky ballistic 9 year old 50 feet or more into the pond. No-one was ever drowned, dislocated or otherwise grievously injured. There was a lot of turpentine used to clean off tbe sap later on in dads garage. I guess now in this sad world it would be “ballistic wild swimming” or some such crap.

      64. We did much of the above. I’ll add that at 6 years old I’d walk to the market and pick up a gallon of milk for my mom. I walked to school, even in Kindergarten. I was hit but a car in kindergarten and my mom finally allowed me to walk to school with my crutches after behind her for a week…the cast was toe to top of my thigh.

        We’ve tried to give our children freedom. It helps homeschooling. My son always has a couple knives in his pocket…the weapons these boys fashion! He rides his bike to check the mail for me, takes care of all 35 chickens, 3 ducks, 1 dog and various cats. He never gets his schoolwork done in time but knows the words to every Johnny Cash song. He’s a joy!

        Our oldest daughter at home is the family baker. She makes lunch everyday and a huge Saturday breakfast. Today she brought in her jeans that she just patched in the knee. Finished sewing her holiday dress a couple weeks ago. She can cross stitch, knit, and shoot a bow. She leaves tomorrow to travel with my friend and her two young children. She’s a good girl! Recently some girls came over, not from our church and they all sat around chatting with the boys, laying in the hammock together and my daughter stayed in the kitchen preparing dessert.

        My kids are so filthy, everyday, they have to take baths.

        They are not growing up in the country I did, but we are getting as close as we can.

      65. #26 – 14 year old boy making out with his 14 year old girl friend. GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

      66. Heck, I did most of that, and my parents were considered to be overprotective at the time!

      67. Aaah. The good-ol’ days. We used to play ‘kill the guy with the football.’ Even though my sister broke her leg, that was just considered a part of being a kid. Gasp, we used to walk to the pool in the summer, which was about 20-30 minutes of walking,got into the pool area with no parental supervision and then, oh the horrors, walked home again, by ourselves! Parents shooed us out of the house and just said to be home by 6:00 p.m. The only time the parental units were with us was when we had to go to church or had to be driven somewhere. Other than that, we had fun on our own, plastic guns and all! And for those liberals that are confused by these activities, yes, we are still alive. You are not reading a letter from a dead kid who dared to have fun.

      68. Great article enjoyed reading it…it has brought back many memories. It seems that large to small towns as opposed to large cities is where the kids did many of these things. It would also seem to be a global thing, I grew up in Eastern a small town, I was 12 in 1980 and did most and more of the things mentioned above. And yes we did play Cowboys and Indians…funny that, made sling shots, blasting anything that moved incl. passing cars, making fires…burning stuff and lots of it, exploding aerosol cans, rolling huge tractor tyres down a hill. Raiding peoples vegie gardens and fruit trees, rock throwing battles with kids from the next town, building dams in the river, fishing and grilling over open fire and we were only 11 and 12 year old kids, roaming all day until it got dark on the weekends coming home stinking and my mother commenting that we stank like gypsies. And next day we did it all over again. The stuff we got up to…today we would be labelled environmental terrorists…if it could be climbed, crawled into, smashed, bent or burnt or busted in any way, we did it. On the other hand we also built and made things…repaired our own push bikes, built wooden hideouts and rafts. In the winter times we made ice rinks and igloos in the backyards. And just like in summer only this time snowballs replaced rocks and when a passing car got hit we ran like hell, we would break speed records on skis, sleds or anything made of rubber or plastic. We would also recycle…usually the stuff that the local factory discarded, the stuff was not fenced off so we helped ourselves to it. We spent the money on sweets and cigarettes…yeah I remember my first one, I was 8…man it was awful but cool at the same time, my school friend used to be sent by his father to a local pub with a 2L jug to bring back beer and yes we tasted along the way back and you know what? apart from the usual cuts and bruises, burnt fingers, dropping a huge rock on your foot or hand, occasional bleeding from somewhere on your head, being chased by a pissed off adult or group of older boys, a sip of beer…we made it out live and fit and I think well adjusted. Today I have two children of my own and I take them out to camping/nature as much as possible and I’m a non-smoker….I still love my beer specially after a great BBQ on hot summer evening.

      69. Great piece! I would have to say the biggest Weenie Nation on the planet has to be Canada. You could not find a place more politically correct, more enmeshed in rules and regulations and safety legislation hamstringing children (they once tried to ban playgrounds in Toronto!). What this creates is not a safer place, but a place where people are so dense they can’t see the sexual predator amongst them (famous CBC broadcaster caught attacking women). Or the crazy Muslim radicals in the school who one day disappear to fight for the Islamic State.

        The 70s were another world compared to today.

        I AM STILL HERE……..

        WIMPS !!!!!!!!


      71. And what caused the change from fun to illegal? IMHO – LAWYERS. We are all victims now and someone should pay for it, less the fee, of course. Almost all politicians are lawyers. We need the “best” qualified to lord over us, doncha know?

      72. I did all that was listed and then some. I was the only girl in a neighborhood of all boys. We rode horses, sometimes bareback; went barefoot from about Easter until nearly Thanksgiving; swam in a cow pond; played baseball using cow patties for bases; built forts in the woods, and even rode on my black Angus bull. Sometimes we would go to a little store about 1/2 mile away for root beer and candy. We lived in a rural area so there were no sidewalks. We had to walk in the road. My Dad taught me to shoot a gun when I was too little to hold the weapon. He had to hold both me and the gun. Our target? Rats in the trash bins! I used to catch a chicken, kill it and clean it for Mom to fix for dinner. (Let’s see these kids do that today.) When my son was born, he had the same type of “wild” childhood I enjoyed.

      73. The list brought back great memories. Would add we would swing on wooden seated swings. Swam in quarries. TPed houses of friends then went the next day to help clean up. Ate unwashed fruit and veggies out of the garden. Stole watermelons, apples and peaches from the local farms.

      74. Schools are used by corporations to tuen out good little slaves (debt slaves they hope) and to generate taxes for the government to steel.

        Teachers like the plan because they are counting on the kids being milked to pay them over inflated pensions when they get old.

        Teachers are so leftwing that you don’t have to be gay to become a teacher but sleeping with a poof now and then helps you climb the ladder

        Sexual misfits should not be teaching our kids that turning a penis into a pussy is normal nad we need the balance to be retored to our school systems where rightwing teachers can block the leftwing

      75. On a side note,Greece,this is your chance to throw off the shackles of central banks/imf/euro!Yes,will be a tough ride,pols in your country like everywhere promised you unobtainable pensions ect.,coming to the US soon!Pull a Iceland,fuck em all!You can free yourselves and with a lot of hard work become a vibrant economy,go for it!

      76. We jumped off cliffs and off tar poles into various bodies of water. Went off very high rope swings, explored caves, crossed the bay in knee-deep muck during low tide without so much as a single bottle of water to prevent certain death by dehydration; climbed up and down waterfalls and high cliffs; crossed various canyons over nothing more than drainage pipes… ran around barefoot on rocks covered with oysters (and got cuts almost daily), swam in jelly-fish infested waters, swam out as far as we could then swam back. We dug up geoducks as a team, then came inside and prepped and fried them… rafted down rivers on old pieces of styrofoam board… walked up and down rivers to find where they meet the bay… We picked/ate all kinds of berries…

      77. You forgot to mention “smear the queer”. We played this in the 2nd grade…

        • Yes!! We played that every day at recess. It sure did make you tough. We played really rough and had a blast. Never seen any kids playing that today.

      78. Ill keep these things to myself, but i did like trading stuff at lunch to get money. I would wait all day not to get candy, but comic books. I had rotten luck with those days, it always rained. So i would run to 711, get the new issue of so and so, put it under my shirt and run back home so it wouldnt get wet and practice drawing the ladies.

        Simpler times

        • That’s funny. In the 6th grade, I used to capture lizards to sell my classmates. They were fascinated with “blue belly” lizards that climbed the trees during the day, but couldn’t catch them. I figured out that the lizards didn’t sleep in the trees by day, but crawled under shrubs nearby at night. I arrived a half hour early for class, found the torpid lizards and snatched them up and placed them in an empty coffee can. My classmates paid 50 cents apiece for them, and all would escape from them within minutes of sale. I mostly spent it at the candy kiosk at the school…

      79. We played king of the kill at school on of all things the ash heap. In the winter we played on the ice I fell and knocked myself out woke up n math class.

      80. Going to the local store and buying 50 rds of 22LR for 4 bits. Heading to the farm with my 22 over my shoulder walking on the sidewalk. Shooting at the groundhogs out my bedroom window and mom in the kitchen asking if I got him? At least my kids experienced some of this, but there children will not…unless grandpa gets a hold of them…ha ha.

      81. I remember playing with M80s and cherry bombs as a boy but mostly with blackcats because the m80s and cherrybombs were much more expensive. Always prefered the cherry bombs beacuse the were alot more areodynamic when used in a wrist rocket. Now a days the commie libs would try and make you a felon for what was great fun growing up. Just having some blackcats would be the solution to getting these kids off those video games!

      82. 1-having to cut your own switch.
        2-dad getting the razor strop out-you knew you were in big trouble then.
        3-sassing a teacher or cop would get you in double trouble at home-authority figures were not to be challenged back then.
        4-settling fights after school on the unofficial playground-no adults, but no weapons either-a few licks were all that was required to settle differences.

      83. When I was 10 years old I had a squirt gun that looked like a real tommy gun and I had to walk 2 miles to school through a huge field to get to the school.

      84. Do not forget actually eating REAL FOOD your mother actually made from scratch with ingredients free from chemicals, HFCS, and other processed poison. Eating REAL FOOD now will get you taunted, teased, and vilified as having a mental illness (orthorexia nervosa). Now the same COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIE parents, who should of never had children, will cover their chemically altered toxic waste dump children from head to toe with protective gear, as the shit stain fascist filthy boot licking parents feed them poisonous toxic chemical filled GMO FAKE FOOD. Of course the fascist boot licking scum of the earth parents will keep poisoning their children they should of never had with poisonous toxic chemical filled GMO shit, just so the fat lazy disgusting slob parents can keep eating and drinking the HFCS/CHEMICAL filled poisonous FAKE FOOD the filthy disgusting toxic waste dumps are addicted too and cannot live without. The shit stain parents doom their children to a life of disease, misery, and early death all because the COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIES cannot admit the evil Corporatist controlled fascist filthy GENOCIDAL shithole of the world they live in called MURICA. The filth still wave that fascist disgusting evil Corporatist Murican flag, as their children are dumbed down, disease ridden, and given a life of slave misery to their Corporatist Fascist SLAVEMASTERS.

      85. Children today must deal with this…

        Italian Families Protest Forced Cross-Dressing of Schoolchildren

        “In the northern Italian city of Trieste, parents are in uproar over a taxpayer-funded elementary school program that includes dressing little boys as girls and girls as boys to overcome so-called “gender stereotypes.”

        Schools are calling the exercise “the game of respect,” which purportedly adopts many guidelines from the European standards on sex education, attributed to the World Health Organization.

        “Parents are especially up in arms over the school district’s attempt to conceal the program and its contents from them.”


      86. Let’s play “Laugh at the Libertarian Conspiracy-Theorists”.
        It’s a hoot.

      87. The irony is this: while our children become greater ninnies and weenies by the day, Muslim children learn how to lop off people’s heads, snip girls clitorises, become the catamite to an older man (this really happens!!), and generally prepare for holy war against all non-believers. In the UK, by the day, they flee the country to training camps in the Middle East. WTF is going on???!!

      88. America has become the nightmare after a good drunken binge, except it wont ever get better…unfortunately….Americas glory days are over. People should accept that and be thinking about how and what we can do to UNDO the out of control FED GOV and Progressive shithole America has become.

        It wont be pretty, it wont be easy and it wont be bloodless, but I think most commenters would agree, it is entirely NECESSARY at this point. America had promise when we were kids in the 60 70s and 80s, but it is black hole of despair now and getting worse IF WE DO NOTHING and let apathy suck us down with it and Progressive machinations that are rotting US from within. Doing nothing at this point is surrendering to essentially National suicide, one option I do not see as reasonable. I could be wrong in my assessment too.

        Maybe the best thing for the USA is for it to fall to complete corruption so it can learn the painful lesson it could have prevented, as it has lost its way from being a beacon of hope to a garish neon light of disgusting freakishness. Sometimes the ONLY way to understand what was good is by a hard stint of living what is very bad, providing you survive it. Life teaches the best lessons, but only to survivors.

      89. I have very fond memories of lying in the back window of our car and having my dad slam on the brakes. Once I flew onto the back seat I’d jump up, climb back onto the back dash and demand “do it again dad, do it again!” Lying on the back dash and watching the street lights and stars go by always reminded me of Christmas as my sisters and I would lie under the aluminum rotating Christmas tree with a light wheel on. Man I loved growing up in the 60’s.

      90. As a child I…

        1. Walked to the park alone, played at said park up to two hours and walked myself back home with my brother at the age of 11.

        2. Rode all the way from Missouri to San Antonio Texas without a seat belt on. Mom let us make a little nest in the back with our toys, snacks and games. I was 7 years old.

        3. Kindergarten, I was a latch key kid. Mom worked at a factory. I got up, made my own cereal, watched cartoons, walked to school, walked home and stayed inside until mom got home at 3pm.

        4. Back in the 1970’s and 80’s, school lunches were pretty good and didn’t resemble slop, and if I wanted a chocolate milk and a cookie, no one threw a big fit or tried to take it from me.

        5. We sang real Christmas songs in public school about the birth of Jesus, and we had a Christmas pageant where we sung “Silent Night” and “O’ Little Child of Bethlehem”. We didn’t call it a “Winter festival” we called it “Christmas pageant”.

        6. I roller skated and rode my bike without a helmet and survived.

        7. We had bottle rocket wars in the street on the 4th. Now the cops are called and the bottle rockets are confiscated.

        8. At the age of 12, Mom dropped us off at a movie and a $10 a piece. Don’t know about other movie theaters, but you can’t do that here. You have to accompany children under 13 even if it’s a child’s G rated movie.

        9. played out after dark catching fire flies in the summer, sometimes until midnight, while the folks played cards and listened to the stereo. Now, if you let your kids out too late the busy body neighbors complain about you or call CPS. Yes it’s happened to our friends.

        10. Dad let me shoot a gun, drink from his beer once in a great while and taste some chewing tobacco at the tender age of 12.

        The 70’s was a good time to be a kid.

      91. When I was 10 years old my aunt had her right leg amputated. the whole family pulled together to help. I was designated house keeper/ errand runner. now, this was in 1983. my aunt would give me money to walk down to the thrift drug store to pick up her medications. all pain pills, lots of narcotics etc. she always let me keep the change which I would spend at a little candy/whatnot store where, if you knew how to keep your mouth shut, the owner would sell you all kinds of goodies like roman candles, m-80’s, etc, etc. so there I was, 10 years old, walking back to my aunts house which was a 2 mile walk, all by myself, with 2 giant paper bags, one full of drugs and the other full of enough fireworks to burn the entire town down, and you know what? no one even cared, no one stopped me to see if I needed a ride, no one called cps to say I was walking unsupervised thru town and where the hell are your parents? people actually minded their business back then. ahhhhhhhh, the good ol days.

      92. Love it! Also we collected bottles to take to the store to get cash and then we would buy candy bars and soda pop and we mowed lawns for cash and raked leaves and climbed tall trees. Played tackle football without helmets..we are still alive believe it or not.

        • Yep very rough tackle football with no helmets or pads. An occasional broken tooth, bloody lip, or cut on the forehead but always a good time.

      93. A mother and father took their 6-year-old son to a nude beach.

        As the boy walked along the beach, he noticed that some of the ladies had boobs bigger than his mother’s, and asked her why.

        She told her son, “The bigger they are the dumber the person is.”

        The boy pleased with the answer, goes to play in the ocean but returns to tell his mother that many of the men have larger “units” than his dad.

        His mother replied, “The bigger they are the dumber the person is.”

        Again satisfied with this answer, the boy returns to the ocean to play. Shortly after, the boy returned again.

        He promptly told his mother, “Daddy is talking to the dumbest girl on the beach, and the longer he talks, the dumber he gets.”

      94. Playing with lawn darts and having shoot-outs with cap guns using real caps…..

        Who eats meat now a days…??? You don’t need a knife to cut your tofu….

      95. I was in high school in the early 1970’s. Still had the Board of Education hanging on the wall in Mr. Alexander’s office(vice-principal) and yes, I had several “meetings” with the Board of Education(well deserved). Back then it was COMMON to have shop class, teaching the students how to make a new rifle or shotgun class, so many times it was commonplace to see fellow students actually carrying their rifles and shotguns FROM the shop building across campus to the Vice Principal’s office for safe keeping. Especially during bird hunting seasons, or deer hunting season. The school had all of the students keep their rifles and/or shotguns IN the school principal or vice principal’s office, to keep the hippies from breaking into the PU trucks and cars in the parking lot.NOBODY batted an eye at that and we were grateful that our Principal and vice-principal cared enough for us to keep our weapons safe. Their offices looked like an armory during the seasons too.No big deal and we were not diminished in anyway, never felt threatened.
        Fights were rare, and looked upon as “low class”. Practical jokes were common place and expected, as long as they didn’t damage anything or anyone. We set up a home made zip line from the top of the two story high school down into the Quad area, for Seniors Only, and no one fell, no one got hurt, and even several of the teachers tried it.Yeah, all DURING school hours, was a normal sized high school campus for that part of the country. Had bottle rocket battles during Senior Days using Ruger 10/22 stocks and bottle rockets with the fins taken off, yeah! A LOT of fun!!

      96. Jarts

        Snowballs thrown at cars

        Melt ants w magnifing glass

        N word pile – yep at every single football game

      97. In the 60’s. Rode my bycicle acroos town with no chain gaurd and makeing turns and not touch the handle bars the whole way until I wanted to stop and eating my candy with both hands while riding home.
        Walking in the woods all day and play in the creek.
        Catch snakes
        Go to the pond in the woods and take a shaker of salt along incase we got leeches on us.
        And thats the minor things.

      98. Favorite memories of mom cooking frog legs, squirrel, rabbits,dove, quail, fish , etc rule was we cleaned it and she would cook it for us. We used bows, pellet guns, wrist rockets and fishing poles to bring in the game. Mom could make anything taste great sure miss her

      99. What a great article Miss Daisy! I’m guilty on all counts—- ‘cept for #9. We had to resort to throwing rocks. Snow was rare.

      100. BB gun wars with no eye pro

        TP rolling the neighbor’s house

        building a tree fort – 30 feet up in a tree

        rope swings over creeks

        shooting at the power line insulators

        pushing shopping carts into the malls glass doors with a car on an icy parking lot

        running over trash cans the night before trash day,

        then stringing fishing line between cans for the Boeing early shift workers

        baseball bats applied to mailboxes

        Wow, that digressed from malicious mischief to vandalism to a federal felony, fast!

      101. GREAT POST! Loved every line and everyone’s sharing…

      102. Jumping a homemade ramp with your bicycle.
        Walking the creek and tearing out beaver dams.
        Shooting blackbirds with a .22 rifle.
        Building forts in the woods behind the house and spending the night in them occasionally.
        camping by yourself or with a couple of friends.
        All of these I did before the age of 12. I turned out good and so did most of my friends from the 80’s. It is really sad the way kids are growing up today.

      103. When I went to school, students locked their shotguns in their trucks to hunt after school. And the school actually provided a smoking area for students.

      104. what part of maine are you from?

      105. Yes to all 25 items on the list. Plus BB guns, sling shots, motorcycles, and a whole lot of other fun things. Glad I grew up in the 70s and early 80s.

      106. My cousins and I would go to the timber part of my Grandfathers farm. Then each one of us would climb up to the top of a tree. Then the tree would be cut about 2/3 through with our hatchets. Then the person at the top of the tree would rock the tree back and forth untill it would break at the cut and then ride it all the way to the ground. What fun!!!. Its a wonder my cousins and I did not break a arm! Not proud of this, but I would sometimes shoot out the big flourescent light bulbs on the big road sign above our house with my Daisey pump action BB gun. Best BB GUN Daisey ever made! Would go into the barn loft after dark and shoot sparrows with it. Does anybody remember slot cars? Crappie fishing off a dam spillway. Quail hunting every fall. Watching Combat and The Untouchables on TV. Riding our bikes past 427/4 speed Corvette Stingrays at the Chevy dealer around 1966. Dreaming of owning one someday. Good article. Brought back so many memories of a simpler time and a simpler place.

      107. All the above + making rubber band guns, leaving the house all day to play, playing ‘chicken’ barefoot with knives, riding horses, cashing in coke bottles to go to neighborhood store to buy a coke and a Baby Ruth as big around as your wrist and half as long as your arm. Worked at 12 washing cars in the neighborhood, cutting grass, doing odd jobs for the old peeps.

      108. In my youth, I was allowed complete freedom, solong as I returned in time for afternoon school. The half doz kids & I played around often in a delapidated building along the RR tracks. It was both boys & girls. It was wholesome fun climbing in this old building. As I got older, a friend of my parents, with their permission, gave me a single shot .22 rifle. I still have it & that was 58 years ago. I’ve done most of those things on the list and then some. I lived in a neighborhood of old folks, being the only youngster for quite distance, you had to learn to amuse yourself. Before I could drive, I hopped on my mulit-speed, and peddled down the road, about 18 miles each way, down towards the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in St. Pete. I called home, Dad was not pleased I had gone so far, but I promised to stay off all of the main roads. The only time he gave me a whipping with a belt, I had deserved it. I and a friend of mind threw rocks and broke windows in a old garage. Lesson Learned. I’ve been a good boy since, rather boring at times.

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