The Ice Is Cracking in Antarctica. “Pyramids” Have Been Spotted. Is a Secret Past Emerging?

by | Dec 14, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 65 comments

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    Pyramids in Antarctica

    Image: Google Maps, 81°57’41.15″W 79°58’38.32″S

    There are secrets in Antarctica. You can sense them from thousands of miles away.

    And they are starting to come out.

    A giant crack in the ice has freed an iceberg the size of a small U.S. state, and it will ignite the climate change/global warming debate; but this change will also offer unique perspective on the geological history that has never before been known. Ice is accumulating rapidly in one part of the continent, but melting in the other. According to Live Science:

    Mysterious ‘Crater’ in Antarctica Has Ominous Cause:

    A “crater” in Antarctica once thought to be the work of a meteorite impact is actually the result of ice melt, new research finds.

    The hole, which is in the Roi Baudouin ice shelf in East Antarctica, is a collapsed lake — a cavity formed when a lake of meltwater drained — with a “moulin,” a nearly vertical drainage passage through the ice, beneath it, researchers found on a field trip to the area in January 2016.

    “That was a huge surprise,” Stef Lhermitte, an earth science researcher at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and at the University of Leuven in Belgium, said in a statement. “Moulins typically are observed on Greenland. And we definitely never see them on an ice shelf.”

    But it is evident that something is up in the South Pole, and climate change alone can’t explain it.

    Though they are restricting what can be accessed, UAVs and satellite images are offering new information about the significance of Antarctica, and the secrets that it hides.There is covert military significance there, though little of anything is ever disclosed. There have been major conflicts between world powers over territory, and there are rumors of something beyond belief in the past of this magnificently unknown surface on our planet.

    Startling images of a pyramid – or three – sticking out above the ice have been shared online, raising questions about the possibility of manmade structures and ancient civilizations that may have existed at a past time when Antarctica was relatively free from ice.

    via the Daily Star:

    If the structures discovered in the snowy continent prove to be man-made, it could change our understanding of human history.


    Scientists have long believed the freezing climate in Antarctica was much warmer thousands of years ago.

    In 2009, boffins discovered pollen in the continent, suggesting temperature was once as high as 20C.

    And in 2012, scientists form Nevada’s Desert Research Institute identified 32 species of bacteria from Lake Vida, east Antarctica – further suggest the climate was entirely different to the frozen tundra that it is today.

    Dr Vanessa Bowman previously said: “Go back 100 million years ago and Antarctica was covered in lush rainforests similar to those that exist in New Zealand today.”

    Of course, there are those that have dismissed the notion and insisted that the structure is a naturally occurring nunatak, basically a mountain sticking out above the snow. And they could be right, until more is known. Of the many nunatak formations identified in Greenland and other part of Antarctica, for instance; some appear almost manmade, similar enough to a pyramid.

    Nonetheless, the image is startling, and brings up fresh thoughts about the hidden history in Antarctica.

    It is entirely possible that secrets of the past are being uncovered, and it is also possible that secret projects are underway for purposes unknown.

    Things are changing rapidly on the mysterious frozen continent, largely forgotten in its solitude from the rest of the affairs of earth. Something is happening.

    Secretary of State John Kerry made an unprecedented journeys there for what appears to be a flimsy pretext, with a vague reference to concerns related to the climate change issue. On the other side of the coin, a Cold War has reignited, and the U.S. and its allies are preparing for unconventional warfare on every front.

    Curiously, astronaut Buzz Aldrin was medically evacuated from Antarctica just a few weeks ago, and afterwards tweeted & deleted this bizarre (and possibly sarcastic) message:

    Did he know something? Is there more going on there than meets the eye? Perhaps not.

    But perhaps this place has a part in our unique drama; perhaps it has another purpose.

    Though it is little known today outside the realm of conspiracy conjecture, the Nazis established a base colony in Antarctica known as Neuschwabenland during the late 1930s, and reportedly discovered the Schirmacher Oasis, where there is a large area of barren exposed land.

    U.S. Admiral Richard E. Byrd made two major expeditions to Antarctica, including Operation High Jump, which included an entire military division as well as hostile action. Its exact purpose remains clouded, but related to dominance of world powers and Cold War conflict with the Soviet Union. A journal he wrote suggested an underground oasis somewhere in the territory he explored… but who could really say?

    Rumors abound of secret technological research, and access to an underground world. The Nazis epitomized the nexus between occult archaeology, mysticism and the most advanced science of the day – what they may have experimented with or achieved is not entirely clear.

    There are at least 7 larger oases in Antarctica, (though they are wastelands by the standards of more inhabitable parts of the world) so it is not inconceivable that there are, or have been during past climate conditions, inhabitable parts of the frozen continent that could support civilization.

    This remains solidly in the realm of conjecture, but one really has to wonder what might be announced there in the years to come.

    If there were secrets to be found there, it could really change the way we understand the history of our planet, and the progress of the human species.

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      1. I can’t believe Mac just exposed my B.O.L to the World – not sure what to say but … “thanks dude”. ツ

        • LOL FTW. I can’t believe we haven’t met yet. I live 45 degree north of your BOL, 23 degree to the left and 10 degree below the first sign of life.

        • I got some ocean front property in antartica…
          from my front porch you can see the sea…

          • I heard you can see Russia from there too!

            • Might be time to go back and rewatch the Kurt Russell movie version of ‘The Thing’.

              Not to sound too paranoid, but I would advise extreme caution for any naive moron who gets an urge to dig around too deeply into the frozen tundra of Antarctica.

              • If they awaken the frog people we are all doomed.

                • Let me bring you up to date. Hillary just ran for potus. We’re still here

                • Menzo, I only care about what happens here. Screw Antarctica.

              • you might want to watch the original one from the 1950.

          • “If the structures discovered in the snowy continent prove to be man-made, it could change our understanding of human history.”

            Not any time soon.

            Dozens of pyramids and sunken cities exist ALL over the world and their discovery hasn’t changed the official fake news narrative one iota.

            That’s reality. False, but reality. 🙁

        • Its Official the Fed just raised the Fed Rate by .25 points. Here we go…. Lets see how everything reacts to that.

      2. Ummmm…..this is an 11 on the woo-woo scale.

        • The photo is tabloid quality. If you look really close on the south side, you can also see Bigfoot. Really, look again. lol That’s not a pyramid, its mountain terrain pushing up from tectonic plate movement.

          If you closely examine the geological rocks on the tops of mountains you will also find sea life fossils, reflecting that these mountains were below sea level at one time, back when before they were pushed up over 5 million years of earth quakes and continental plate movements.

      3. That’s the building structure of homo capensis. That’s that second race of humans, who enslaved the neandertals with the help of the annunaki, who built all those pyramids all over the planet. Now the shit has hit the fan, busted. You see Antactica is Atlantis. Yes folks this was told to me by yours truly, the scientist, it was the pefect spot to really explore and get all the ancient technology.. Watch Star Gate Atlantis, and get the truth shown as fiction.


        • HICKS:

          You got it right.

          There is a chance that the not so mythical Atlantis is buried under all that ice.


          • Atlantis has been discovered off the coast of Cuba. 🙂

        • This story is complete bull. And hcks believes and adds to the bull.

          • He’s waiting for Santa Claus so he gets excitable this time of year.

        • That “scientist” is still filling your empty head full of the conspiracies I see. Good thing you live in a warm weather state. You like one of the feeble minded idiots who puts his tongue on outdoor metal poles in the freezing cold because someone told you to.

      4. FOX NEWS – Proposal to Name Next U.S. Warship the “USS Les Deplorables”!

        by IWB · Published December 14, 2016 · Updated December 14, 2016


        A petition currently on the White House Website is asking to name the next United States Warship the “USS Les DEPLORABLES”, “to honor those citizens who rose up to defend America and the Constitution from the globalists.”.

        Of course, the liberals are going NUTS about this, while Obama’s NavSec, who named a ship the “USS HARVEY MILK”, calls it a bad idea, and very disrespectful.

        h\He said, “…who wants to be known as serving on a “Deplorable” ship?”

        These arrogant Democrats still don’t get it, do they?

        SIGN THE PETITION & more of the story here:

        • FTW, In all fairness we can also name a Ship USS Snowflake, and keep it defenseless with no guns, and full of LGBT, Islamo’s, illegals, and Liberal snowflakes. And it will be quite a site when General Quarters is called, and they all rush to the deck and compare their fashion dresses giggling as they all receive their trophy awards.

          • “In all fairness we can also name a Ship USS Snowflake

            Good call Zeus … USS SNOWFLAKE kinda reminds me of this pic below.

            Enjoy ツ


            • USS Snowflake? We are going to have new ships that can only attack at 10:1 numbers otherwise it runs away to a safe space? I can’t see our sailor sucking on pacifiers…..

        • FTW:

          It’s another trick. Gandhi referred to himself as “I may be DEPLORABLE…”. In the future little children, and dumbed down adults won’t think to question, “why is Mommy (or Daddy) serving on an American warship named after a Foreigner??”

          No one is going to know anything about the other deplorables.
          At least, I imagine that the (((2%))) are planning it that way.


          • I think you have misremembered.

            The actual quote from Mr. Gandhi is “I might be despicable but when truth speaks through me, I am invincible.”

            – the Lone Ranger

            • Why do people insist on signing their posts when it is obvious who posted it? Same goes for emails…don’t you realize your name/email is in the email?????

        • The Navu might as well named the ship SS Sperm Dumpster.

      5. Buzz Aldrin tweeted, We are all in danger. This is evil itself. Clearly, he was referring to Hillary.

      6. I think it is just a mountain. Until I can see more that is all it is. A mountain.

        Just another false story???? we will see in the future.

        Now just saying this. I have always said that there has been humans/humanoids on this earth and has taken it to where we are now and beyond, and for some reason they have died off and had to start all over again. Boy would I love to prove that. Just my belief. God lets us go so far then stops us before we go too far.


        • Yup, thats it period

        • Sgt.
          I think that was covered in Greek Mythology.
          Ever heard of Titans?

          • yep-they play football in Nashville,TN

        • That side oblique photo is definitely a natural mountain, formed by faulting.

          The top photo is meaningless, all it shows is a few sharp ridges and steep faces.

          Having said that, Antarctica was once a tropical zone, filled with dinosaurs and such things.

        • @ Dale…there are two of them. Antarctica base station Elisabeth (England) is between them. close up, they are just a rock outcrop/mountain. research the pics on Antarc

      7. The Annukna are not space aliens. They are enterdemensional beings. They occupy another dimension. about every 3600 years the magnetic poles shift. This causes anomolys with the magnosphere and allows them to travel to our dimension. They have genetically altered life forms to meet their chriteria. Or what I just stated is bullshit? time will tell. However its not hard to reason that something is up with the planet. And its not caused by mans activities. And man cannot mitigate it. We are indeed living in interesting times.

        • Old Guy:

          Some say the Annukna live in the area under the earth’s crust, which supposedly has an opening in Antarctica. The hollow earth theory was considered a legitimate Scientific theory. The Vikings came to North America way before Columbus. The Vikings were the first Navy. The Germans made many trips to Nuschwabia, Antarctica looking for something, and building underground bunkers. Part of German culture is a belief that they are descendants of these Annuka.


      8. Very interesting stuff. Seems like the pre-flood (circa 4500 years ago) civilization is being revealed. Genealogies in the Book confirm this dating, as do dino bone discoveries of the last 25 years which contain blood cells, hemoglobin, fragile proteins and soft tissue(by Dr. Mary Schweitzer).

      9. Wow,
        Really scratchin arent we

      10. Don’t laugh or dismiss….search flat earth and Antarctica.

      11. I know I heard this from somewhere….

        I trust nothing coming from common core communist mainstream. I do my own reading and research. I’m much better off for it.

      12. Sgt. Dale, I tend to agree there was something (somethings?) on this planet before the creation which currently inhabits the planet. I live in Alaska for instance, and there have been many tropical plants identified in the geological formations currently open to us. Also, many biblical scholars hold there was an extended time frame between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 for at least three reasons.

        First, God in His creative order is so precise that the creation account in Gen 1:1 would have been a perfectly created order – whatever it might have looked like. Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist, this summer noted that God must be a mathematician, and that the preciseness of mathematics, string theory, and the eleven differing dimensions of music proves the existence of a creator God.

        Secondly, we find in the biblical evidence (Gen. 1:2) the earth – at that particular time in space – was without distinct ‘form’ and was a vast ‘void.’ In distinct contradiction of what we might rightly expect to find from Gen. 1:1. This can lead us to conclude that a catastrophic event or events occurred to leave it in such a devastated condition.

        Thirdly, the Hebrew language in Gen. 1:2 can rightly be translated as, “And the earth HAD BECOME formless and void,” further allowing us to conclude that the earth had been created perfectly, but massive upheaval occurred to leave it ‘formless and void.’

        Interestingly, the scripture in varying places supports many scientific claims of previous habitation beyond our current species and human existence if we will be examine it closely. Agreed, many do not accept this, but that’s okay. There are many who do as well, and many more who shall.


        Son of Liberty

      13. This must be the handiwork of the frog people. That’s as good of guess as any other.

      14. methinks it is art bells bug out location

      15. clearly, we don’t even know what we don’t now!

      16. When I first started studying climate change around 2004, I remember reading that climate scientists said Antarctica wouldn’t be affected– that it was like an enormous freezer and wouldn’t be affected by climate change. Then things started happened… ice shelves started breaking apart, etc. Last I read about it (around 2011), they said scientists were more worried about Antarctica than they were about the Arctic, even. I just figure when it starts coming apart, it will send a tsunami to the east coast of US and take us out.. that’s when the fun begins (according to Edgar Cayce, 1800 psychic)… he said it all starts in the south sea (and Antarctica is about all that exists in the south sea!)

        • We’re either in a glaciation or deglaciation supercycle on this planet.
          We’ve been in a deglaciation phase for about 12.000 years. There are many underwater human sites that were down by an ancient coastline that is long gone.

          The sun has been super quiet and out planetary shields are in severe disarray. The magnetopause (magnetic field and solar wind boundary) has occasionally dropped below the monitoring satellite network.

      17. Edgar Cayce, the “sleeping Prophet” when asked (while asleep) about future occurrences, spoke of earth changes… he said it all will begin in the south sea– when some conditions start breaking up there. then there will be the east coast destruction around North Carolina and Georgia, possible destruction of the west coast, and the waters of the great lakes will run into (gulf of Mexico?), and the shifting of the poles… and he spoke of the greater part of Japan going into the water… and the greater part of Florida going into the sea… but all this stuff starts with conditions in the south sea breaking up.

      18. Oh, and he said there will be open shipping lanes around Greenland, which occurred a few years ago, due to ice melt. for those who don’t believe in him, he gave advice on helping people with medical conditions while asleep and it always worked. Also, he spoke different languages, old languages, Arabic and the like, yet when awake, he couldn’t speak any language except English! He was afraid at first, when he found out what was happening and didn’t want any part of it! However, people were getting well with his advice and so he continued…

      19. Yeah, I heard (maybe ethis website? Don’t remember) about some explorers going to Antarctica and all these horrible things started happening to them and they were warned ahead of time NOT TO GO THERE!! But they went anyhow. and after that, they realized YOU DON’T GO MESSING AROUND ANTARCTICA!!! Its NOT a good place to go exploring… Don’t remember if read that in a book or what… the indigenous people kept warning them to stay away from Antarctica!!

        As far as Atlantis, no, it was not located there.. forgot spot but somewhere up closer to the US– NOT the south pole!!

      20. Things ’round here are getting rather bazaar. But anyway,
        Obama says they didn’t build that.

      21. After the pole flip Antarctica is projected to be equatorial. Man that is going to be interesting.

      22. I suspect it is the hocey lumbasa event that was predicted back in 1814. This is scary.

      23. I would prefer a great clatyclism to the current political nightmare. However Im going to remain a skeptic. There is a lot of things we just don’t know. Don’t believe everything you read or hear.

      24. Heres a thought, perhaps WE are a lower lifeform that only inhabits a planet as its about to die?

      25. The “Old Ones” are awakening. Cthulu begins to stir. Haven’t any of you ever read “mountains of madness” by h.p. Lovecraft.

        • Thank you! I was wondering (and hoping) when someone would mention H.P.Lovecraft!

      26. Over the past few years, there has have been articles posted, not on this site, inquiring what is going on in The Antarctica?

        It seems we are about to find out.

      27. Don’t worry – it’s just a photo of a small piece of Megatron. We’ll be fine unless Megatron thaws out of the ice and gets the AllSpark.

      28. If you search the internet carefully, you can learn all about ‘inner earth’ AND see the SUPPRESSED pictures showing the OPENINGS to inner earth at both poles.

        The typical pictures you have seen since your school years, like the Zapruder film, are doctored.

        The elites do NOT want you to know this information.

        Admiral Byrd met the humans who live in inner earth and was told by our government he had to keep quiet about all that he saw and learned. From what I was told, they have also successfully defended themselves against those who would force their way into their inner world.

        There is so much suppressed knowledge it sickens me. And don’t get me started about suppressed energy invention as well as cures that would put much of big pharma out of business.

        Yes, the truth may make you miserable, but it will surely set you free. And yes, a little truth IS a dangerous thing. Be careful how you use it.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

      29. As a matter of fact, Antarctic ice is at an all time high, and three years ago was the coldest temperature ever reported on earth, – 135.8 F. Here is source info:

        SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – … Scientists made the discovery while analyzing 32 years of global surface temperatures recorded by satellites. They found that a high ridge in the East Antarctic Plateau contains pockets of trapped air that dipped as low as minus 136 Fahrenheit on August 10, 2010, researchers said at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco. The previous record low was minus 128.6 F (minus 89.2 C), set in 1983 at the Russian Vostok Research Station in East Antarctica, said Ted Scambos, lead scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado. (this site is highly recommended)

        Oh yes. Antarctic ice is also at all-time record highs, while Arctic ice is up ~ 60% this year (this is from a couple years ago, but still gaining), the US has seen the fewest major hurricanes in many, many decades, and in the US there were the fewest 100 degree days overall throughout the country in **century** this past summer. Poor Al Gore. All those trillions of dollars – many diverted to his personal coffers – may dry up. On the other hand, it appears Obama’s promise to stop the seas from rising is, like all his other Dear Leader magic, working like a charm! Details at or

        But my all time fav is from Dr. Tim Ball

        Picea glauca (white spruce) stump on the Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula in tundra,some 100km north of the current treeline that was growing therer some 4,900 years ago. Photo by Professor Ritchie (University of Toronto). Radiocarbon date was 4940 ±140 years Before Present (BP), and was featured in Hubert Lamb’s classic work Climate, Present, Past and Future. Note that the Archeological Survey of Canada says the treeline was 100 km north of today’s position during the Medieval Climatic Optimum. Hey, the lamestream media ain’t gonna tell you this!

      30. Cthulu lives! All hail Yog Soggoth!

      31. The Midwest was once under a shallow ocean about 200 million years ago. I have a 200 million year old reed fossil that I found in Wayne County, Illinois. Apparently, they are pretty common.

      32. Before the flood, the world was temperate in all regions. There was no ice. Adam’s ancestors lived and built structures all over the world. There is most likely this type of thing at both poles under lots of ice.

        These were not dumb cavemen, but people who were only a generation or two from the Hand of God in His creation. There mental faculties were pristine and far beyond what our degenerated minds can comprehend.

        Without a doubt there have been things found in these places that the secular scientists, who control archeology, don’t want people to see or know about. Hence, the great secrecy and restriction in these areas.

        God is good, and one day before he comes very soon, some of these things will leak out to the public, so every living person will have a chance to believe in God and be saved when He comes.

      33. Buzz Aldrin discovered the truth and they killed him.

      34. btw,why did John Kerry travel to Antarctica on Election Day?
        Here’s a link to find out why he went and many other things that we need to know.
        Ever know about the Black Knight alien satellite that astronomers say is 800 years old?

        The real violence is committed in the writing of history, the records of the legal system, the reporting of news, through the manipulation of social contracts, and the control of information

        – Bryant H. McGill

        To quote the late George Carlin: “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”

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