The House Just Passed A SECOND Extreme Gun Control Bill

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    This article was originally published by Dagny Taggart at The Organic Prepper

    For the second day in a row, gun-grabbers in the US House of Representatives have passed an extreme gun control bill.

    Yesterday we reported that the House of Representatives voted to pass H.R. 8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019, which would require background checks for all firearm sales, including private transactions and purchases made online and at gun shows. Currently, only federally licensed firearms dealers, importers, and manufacturers are required to conduct background checks on customers under federal law.

    We also reported that the House would be voting on another gun control bill this week – H.R. 1112, the Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019, which has been nicknamed the “Charleston Loophole” bill:

    That bill would extend the amount of time firearms dealers must wait for a response from the background check system before the sale can proceed to 20 days. Currently, they can make the sale if they haven’t received a response in three days. (source)

    The National Rifle Association (NRA) warned that H.R. 1112 is “worse” than H.R. 8:

    Under that bill, gun sales from licensed dealers would be subject to the discretion of federal officials. Through either malice or incompetence, the legislation creates an unworkable system where gun buyers could be placed in an endless loop of background checks and would never actually receive the firearms they wish to purchase. (source)

    Today, the House voted to pass H.R. 1112 on a largely party-line vote of 228 to 198.

    Rep. Debbie Lesko, a survivor of domestic violence, attempted to amend the bill to keep the three-day time limit on background checks for domestic violence victims trying to buy a gun, reports USA Today:

    “Do we really want to tell victims of domestic violence they have to wait up to 20 business days,” the Arizona Republican asked, “before they are allowed to adequately defend themselves?” (source)

    The NRA published a statement in response to the vote, which reads:

    “The anti-gun politicians in the House of Representatives continue to employ the shameful tactic of exploiting tragedies to market gun control that won’t prevent criminals from committing murder.  It’s a sham and the Charleston Loophole bill is the perfect example of their dishonesty. The assertion that a supposed 10-day delay would have prevented a crime that took place over 60 days after the initial delay is ridiculous.  This legislation would not have prevented the Charleston murders, and even worse, the legislation is so poorly drafted it would put law-abiding citizens who need a firearm for self-defense at risk by trapping them in an endless loop of delays. The NRA will continue to fight for the constitutional right of law-abiding Americans to defend themselves and their families without apology.” (source)

    The Republican-controlled Senate is very unlikely to pass the bill, and as we reported yesterday, President Trump would likely veto it anyway:

    In a statement, the White House announced it opposed the bills for violating Second Amendment rights.

    “The extensive regulation required by H.R. 8 is incompatible with the Second Amendment’s guarantee of an individual right to keep arms,” the statement reads. “By overly extending the minimum time that a licensed entity is required to wait for background check results, H.R. 1112 would unduly impose burdensome delays on individuals seeking to purchase a firearm.”

    The two bills are expected to pass in the House, but would then need to be approved in the Senate, where Republicans hold a majority. In its statement, the White House suggested President Trump would veto both pieces of legislation if they pass the House and Senate.

    The gun grabbers are NOT going to stop.

    The gun grabbers in Congress are not going to stop trying to take away our rights. They will continue to chip away with insidious measures. We will see continued efforts to diminish our rights.

    And the worst thing is, they’ll call it “common sense” measures. Terminology like that sets it up so that anyone who objects is a nutcase. It makes it seem as though those of us who demand our rights be unfettered are fringe lunatics instead of self-reliant, law-abiding citizens.

    This bill may not pass this Senate. If they pass it, President Trump will most likely veto it.

    But this is a sign of things to come. They’re not going to stop and imagine if we have a gun grabber in the White House.

    They ARE coming for our guns. Don’t let anyone fool you.

    About the Author

    Dagny Taggart is the pseudonym of an experienced journalist who needs to maintain anonymity to keep her job in the public eye. Dagny is non-partisan and aims to expose the half-truths, misrepresentations, and blatant lies of the MSM.

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    Daisy is a coffee-swigging, gun-toting, homeschooling blogger who writes about current events, preparedness, frugality, and the pursuit of liberty on her websites, The Organic Prepper and She is the author of 4 books and the co-founder of Preppers University, where she teaches intensive preparedness courses in a live online classroom setting. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter,.


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      1. There will be an uphill battle to pass this in the Senate. I hope

        • They are well aware. they dont intend for this to pass. its all about scoring points with their base before 2020: “Look, we care are we passed these bills! but the evil conservative nazis stopped it! they dont care about children or violence or immigrant families or cow farts or wtf ever the topic of the day is!”

          Its ALL a big f’king opera.

          • I think everyone cares about children and violence, but making it harder for a good guy is not the answer.
            Bad guys will always find a way and they do not adhere to the law.

            • If anyone cared about children and violence (injury, death and maiming), then there would be a $1,000 fine for running Stop signs and red lights, and speeding, and tailgating closer than four seconds for cars and straight trucks and eight seconds for combination trucks. Commercial Driver Licensing, training and obedience of CDL rules would be required for all drivers. Involuntarily-paid tax subsidy for highways would be ended, which would show how naturally self-sustaining only rail transportation is.

              • commie

          • Democrats version of Obamacare repeal.

          • Just like the republicans did in their bill to eliminate Obamascare.

            Both sides play the voters.

            • While the Government is waving one hand over here to distract you, a Global Grand Gold Heist just took place in Syria, stealing Syria’s Goold, just like the US did in Libya. Where is Libya’s Gold?

              US Army Takes 50 Tons of Gold From Syria in Alleged Deal With ISIS

              ht tps://

              And these Dopes still enlisted in the US Military still think they are fighting for our freedoms.

              The US Govn;t morals are in the toilet.

        • Do you really believe that will continue?
          They do not just want your guns.
          They want you replaced and enslaved, or dead.
          They are stacking the demographic against you.
          Their ultimate goal is communist government.

          • It’s not about guns, it’s about controlling you.

            Have a plan and a backup plan.

          • I’m actually surprised to say, if you work in a factory watch your back. Here in a little town in Indiana, they have been walking in groups of 6-10 Sub Saharan Africans every couple of days after hanging up lots of diversity posters. They are adding a bunch of really crazy rules, reducing the number of “points” that employees can have before termination, threatening double the points if an employee calls in during mandatory overtime, pointing employees for being a minute late from a break or lunch, even if stationed ten minutes away from the break room, etc. They are replacing the US workers with migrants, bringing in more and more every two or three days.

            These migrants, I found out, get paid a lot less than a US worker and are basically treated like slaves without choices or the right to complain. And, our lovely president is hoping for more. Get ready, folks. The net is tightening. Almost all the places around here are putting hostile jerks in management positions to make conditions pretty unbearable too. I don’t have much confidence that we’ll be able to get out of this one unscathed.

            The posters came about a week before the people. At first, the employees were relieved for the extra help since lines that take over a dozen people were manned by six to eight. Well, that feeling of relief has pretty much changed to fear. There have been four meetings in the past two weeks with new regulations, new expectations, and diversity/cultural awareness lectures.

            • Where do you get, “our lovely president is hoping for more?” All I have heard is he is trying to reduce the number of migrants to the USA! WTF do you think the wall is for? WTF do you think blocking refugees from certain countries is for? Obama was the one that wanted to flood the USA with migrants! Your demorat idols are the ones that are wanting the permanent underclass!

        • No matter what the problem is with America, the Dems will fix it by killing babies and more gun control!

          • Republican governor of Oklahoma this past week signed Constitutional carry law to take effect on November 1, 2019.

        • It’s one thing to pass a law, and yet another thing to enforce it; i.e. NY, etc.

          Vox populi, vox Dei, which means “The voice of the people is the voice of God.”


        • IF the politicians decide to enforce any gungrabbing bill the people should demand that politicians guards and staff are unarmed for common sense sake of course. After all shouldn’t the political elite be setting an example to the citizenry, “Look at us, we trust that society is good and will not attack us”, but of course they won’t, they want an unarmed people to rule over.

        • Hey guys, wake up! you CAN NOT take away an UNALIENABLE RIGHT! You can only be coerced into refusing to exercise those rights because as the 2nd amendment states, those rights SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED (restricted).

          Let them pass their unconstitutional laws which will be null and void just like the ones already passed. We will not comply and will use the rights guarded by the 2nd if they try to deny us our natural God given rights.

      2. ??⭐️⭐️?? News article commonsenseevaluation “FBI Data Shows Armed Citizens Have 94% Success rate Stopping Would be Mass Shooters” The left is lying to us AGAIN. Nothing good ever comes from knee jerk reactionary emotionalistic hysterical legislation. We are not in a civil war, we are in the mist of a communist style over throw of America. The second amendment was never more important than now. The second amendment was not placed in the constitution to preserve hunting rights, it was put there by the founding fathers to prevent overthrow by would be tyrants such as we see all over the world today. Keep informed, Spread the word. Catch up with me on YouTube. News article: Never Give Up Your Guns

        • Just saw this and was wondering where to post.

          ht tps://

          It’s Lisa Haven’s channel but Justus Knight is sitting in today. The vid is 26 minutes long but he packs this really full of information and facts. If anyone is indifferent to the USA’s status, you won’t be after this.

          • * They want the sheep Unarmed.
            * Yes they will take your guns.
            * They want to remove your ability to say “NO” to the NWO-5g Smart cities control Matrix INSANITY.
            * They also want to shut you up. Tech Monopoly at work.

            Restless Armed Sheep, talking to one another in real time, are the last things your EVIL Corporate-UN-NWO AntiAmerican Politician masters will allow.

            Plan of your Politician-Media-Corporate NWO-Tech Monopoly, Masters:
            – Keep you fed BS.
            – Distract you.
            – Decieve you.
            – Divide you by economic status, race, religion
            – Disarrm you.
            – Collapse Economy
            – 5G Smart city control surviellance kill grid
            – AI-Robots to replace you worthless eaters
            – Then they will KILL you and your children.

            (The politicians already passed laws allowing Planned Parenthood and other abortion mills to murder babies and sell body parts for profit.)

            Gun control.
            We Will Not Comply. If you cowards allow them to take your firearms you are finished. Once 5g smart grid fully in place you will likely be finished armed or unarmed. Law enforcement assets used to round up anyone who has traditional American values. Quite weapons for quite wars. (RAND Corporation and others)

            Concealed carry license is a defacto Gun Registration so they can come after you when guns are banned. You idiots.

            1776-1861-Date? (The day they come for the guns)
            The lead will be returned one round at a time.
            You better get your head right. NOW. Today.
            Man up. “What are you gonna do when they come for you?”
            Once you are unarmed you are HELPLESS.
            Once you are in custody they will kill you.
            Then sell your organs on the black market for profit.
            Just like Planned Parenthood does to little babies NOW.
            Some “elite” rich puke will make good use of your eyes, heart, liver, kidneys.

            Children killed and organs sold for profit. Why don’t you think they will do same to you?

            Social Services-Foster Care, is cover for pedophile ring trafficking children.
            Dems want to keep children with adults illegal border intruders, so the children are trafficked to sick politicians and corporate pedophiles.
            Charities caught doing thin in Haiti after hurricane.

            Dems want open border so drugs keep coming across. The politicians take thier cut from the cartels.

            Media are anti Americans to brainwash generations.

            Public Education is for BRAINWASHING of slaves.

            This is Amerrikka. This is reality. This is what the sick puke politicians have built that YOU ALLOW!

            All this goes on NOW.

            Imagine what they will do once you are unarmed.

            • Anon you pretty much summed it up there.

            • Great post. Dead on.

            • “Imagine what they will do once you are unarmed.”

              No need to imagine. There’s a movie coming to theaters around March 15 called “Captive State.” Per the commercial, everyone will be chipped, noncompliance is not permitted. It looks like their way of telling us what’s coming.

            • It’s a comin’. SOON!

            • Anon, way too many gun grabbers are going to get killed trying to disarm any of us. We know what their plans are but they have to eliminate us first before they can do anything.

      3. The senate will not pass this bill
        But if the Rino’s like Collins get it to pass trump will veto it

        • who gets to stop it depends entirely on who they want top smear as “uncaring” in the next election.

        • This is why all liberty loving patriots need to vote to re-elect Trump in 2020. Yes, I know he has his warts and he’s not perfect, but he’s always been clear and steadfast on his view on 2A.

          Yes, please feel free to call me a one-issue voter (you’re welcome), but this is simply too important to sit out.

          As Matt Bracken continuously warns: Never ever EVER give up your guns!

          • What good is 2nd ammendment in a Nuclear war?
            Trump has little self control.
            Trump has a thin skin.
            Trump thinks EVERYTHING is about him.
            Trump represents Trump.
            Trump will say ANYTHING to have his way with a situation that he desires. Flip flop day to day.
            Trump can’t keep his help. They ALL leave.
            Trump is a used car salesman. He lies.
            Trump has maturity of a 14 year old.
            And this is the man that could start ww3.
            Do you trust a man with above “warts” as you say to have finger on nuclear button?

            But what is alternative?
            – A communist barmaid who is now in congress?
            – Muslim women that hate America who are now in congress?
            – Bernie the commie?

            That is problem with the false fake so called two party system that are one and the same.
            Trump is only so called “choice”.

            Our beloved country is so screwed.
            Take it up the backside?
            Or Civil war?
            Then what would you get?
            Probably worse. Only nutjobs get the jobs at top.
            Man with any sense wants to stay out of all of it.

            That is why I stay out of it. No I will not vote.
            No. I care nothing about ANY politics.
            I have no political affiliations or ambitions.

            I grow my garden. Tend my livestock. Raise my children.
            I live in peace. Don’t listen to ANY political anything.
            Every politician is a liar and thief out for thier own self interest. ALL TV media is lies and false narrative.
            SO why would I waste valuable time listening or getting worked up by liars?

            I don’t listen to talk radio.
            I don’t watch TV liar media. They can’t even get the weather right!
            I don’t waste money or time on movies. I refuse to support anti American hollywood types.

            I do not allow distractions.
            I have a business, a farm, a family, neighbors, that all need tending to. I have no time for fantasy of politics.
            I have chores to do. Most are unpleasant. But the weeds need pulled, the animals need fed and watered, the fields and garden need care. The elderly nieghbors need care and their houses painted and yards mowed. I have no time or disposition for politics of anyone. I have chores.

            No one will save you people.
            No politician. Not Trump.
            Jesus Christ and the word of God is your only hope of salvation.

            • For someone who doesn’t listen to the radio, watch tv, or care about politics. you’re spouting off alot of info about it on the internet when you could be farming.Just saying

      4. It is only a matter of time before the communists control both the House and the Senate and we have a progressive, proper victim class SJW in the White House. At that point they will outlaw freedom and no one except the Department of Fatherland Security and the goons of the TSA have firearms.

        War is Peace.

        • That’s when the 2A will be used as it was truly intended and we kill them all and start over.

          • We nee a genuine Purge but no one has the balls to man up and clean house and remove the cancer ad save what is left. People, you all do not seem to get how serious of situation tis is. We are being picked off left and right and no one does a god damn thing.

            • If you personally know how serious this is, what exactly are you doing about it yourself?

              I’m honestly not trying to be a douche, but some self awareness may be in order 😉

              I suspect you know what we know- anyone stepping out and breaking the surface tension between us and the controllers is going to get squashed pretty quick, and they will do it under the guise of you being a “domestic t3rrorist”, kick your door in, take your pc/laptop and your guns at 4am, and throw you in a hole if they dont kill you outright. They have been doing these “high risk warrants” for awhile now and they have their story down pat. You will be demonized as a psychotic, a pedophile, or some other socially undesireable in the media. Your friends and family will say “tisk tisk I had no idea. he seemed like a nice guy. what a shame” and you’re gone, and no one cares.

              we have very few options at this point. I spend a considerable amount of time as a 2A advocate in my state working on local issues. You could consider that route. I share my knowledge of shooting with anyone willing to go with me to the range and “normalize” the use of guns as much as possible. I teach kids, both in the use of arms, but also in personal accountability and responsibility. I push CCW at my job and everywhere else. It may not seem as glamorous as randomly shooting at authority figures, but I can make a big impact over time and (probably) wont be killed in the process.

              The final straw will in fact take violence if everything else fails, but unless folks ORGANIZE and COMMUNICATE, it will be a handful of lone wolves who will be demonized and taken out pretty quick.

              Now I’m not saying one would want to take up arms against our government, but theoretically speaking if any such intervention were to be successful it would entail many cells of like minded folks willing and able to act when the baloon goes up. And speaking of, one owuld need to define EXACTLY what that event would be first.

              • +100, NEC!! Well said!

                God bless.


              • The big players are here for a reason.

                They are cells.

                They are deep state.

                It’s crazy but the big boys are playing at this kind of low level crap.

                • Imagine that some of the worlds biggest spooks see it as critical that they post here, on SHTF.

                  It’s become that important.

        • That reminds me of the movie “Equilibrium”, with Christian Bale, and the “father” stamping out joy by liquidating resisters to the police state, all in nazi (as in socialist) regalia and trappings. Quixotically, Leftists hate this movie. The Villains in it are their heroes.

      5. And so it continues. Excellent article, ties in to one at “American Thinker” today on the Second Civil War. It’s ironic that in that article it predicts the ” Cold Civil War” will become HOT when the Commie controlled D’s go after America’s guns.

        The left, “will not give up, will not sleep, and will not stop” until they have complete control.

        No one has ever changed their minds by being insulted, so watch out fur dem hogs Brothers and Sisters.

        • SW, most likely it will take civil war 2 to stop the commies, period! I hate to see it happen but I don’t see how it could be avoided now.

          • dear DR,

            we are already having a civil war…


            the shooting hasn’t started yet.

            the shooting is the last gasp, the terrible last gasp

            • Grandee, just like everyone else I wish a shooting war could be avoided but we’re being forced into one regardless.

        • read both the articles on American Thinker, good stuff thanks

      6. I shudder to think how quickly the Republic will collapse if the leftist/socialist dimnocraps win the presidency and both houses of congress in 2020.

        • Abaddon, your scenario could very well be the best scenario. Perhaps then the proverbial ‘patriot frogs’ will finally jump out of the pot!

        • That’s when the SHTF.

      7. I’ll own whatever I choose regardless of what they pass. They’re still pushing us toward civil war 2. I don’t see how that can be avoided now.

      8. In Israel ordinary citizens walk the streets with machine guns. Yet in the USA the fight to disarm Americans is and has been from the beginning, lead by j-ues. Do some research. The people are public figures. It’s not difficult to find the people who want you disarmed, vulnerable, and out of their way. Cattle. Slave. Whore. Little whore.


        • You are right, we are made complete whores of yet NO ONE does a god damned thing about it, I just truly do Not get it. I for one, am extremely sick and tired of this garbage. We are basically a 1/2 inch from being full-blown slaves.

          • Absolutely right. Now go pay your property taxes, slave!

        • Even citizens of Iraq are allowed to own an AK to defend their homes(They are called Ali-Baba weapons). It is amazing we have no rights like that. These Marxist that are clamoring for disarmament of US citizens have no idea of what is awaiting them when they try it…..

      9. My only comment is the government has not been able to stop drugs. Only an idiot believes they can eliminate guns.
        In fact they are going to build the world’s largest arms black market. I’ll be one of the smugglers when they outlaw semi autos.
        I’ll specialize in AK 47’s my full auto of choice.

        • The government never tries to stop drugs, they only control who runs the drug trade, so they get a cut. It’s how they finance the deep state, their terrorist armies, and shadow government, plus line their pockets.

          They will eliminate only the guns the public might use to stop their rogue regimes insanity.

          Democrats are desperate to disarm Americans and criminalize firearm possession. Two crazy aspects of these laws. One, makes it illegal to notify ICE of an Illegal Alien attempting to buy a firearm. Two, the ban on private sales goes to far as to make it a crime to allow anyone to borrow or use a firearm you own. You literally can’t under this law take family or friends to a range and let them even hold a firearm you own.

      10. Anyone, ANYONE who tells you that this is meaningless political maneuvers is either naïve or full of crap. Abortion, Government run healthcare, and so called “Gay Marriage” all were said/sold to be the same thing. “Don’t worry, it will never happen” RIGHT!

        There’s no emergency at are border, no way, and Trump is either an idiot or wants to be King (sarcasm)

        We are undergoing a Communist take over, IF you’ve lived long enough in this country you see it and if you don’t see it, you’re a fricken Commie troll!

      11. This is just groundwork leading up to the 2020 election. I would not be surprised to see at least some measure of gun control pass both house and senate to be vetoed by Trump. Close to the election they will stage a mass shooting and blame Trump for vetoing their bill. This will sway voters away from Trump. You heard it here first.

        • I can’t even imagine what the next election is going to be like, 2020 will just be so vile and make me puke. Guys, the time is upon us, put down the silly cell phone, stop watching the savages run in circles – sports and get those lazy asses in gear or you will be really, really sorry when it all comes together and you can thank yourselves.

          • 2020 will be brutal

            • I don’t comment on here very often unless it has something to do with farming or raising your own food, but I think you are 100% right. It will not only be brutal but interesting. Interesting in an unlikable way. I just hope everyone on this site is ready. Raise your own food and be ready. We’ve got a year to still prepare.

          • This is the congress that refuses to act to fix any crisis, they only exploit them and obstruct. They are furious that Trump has made so much progress if fixing so many problems in such a short time.

            The laws they are trying to pass are intended to create more crisis that they can exploit.

            Politics always attracts functional psychotics, and really evil people. The Bible teaches that the governments of men belong to the prince of this world. It may look like total chaos to us, but Satan runs a tight ship. Every once in a while God raises up a few to keep us from utter destruction.

            The Bible also teaches that the world will hate you if you belong to God. The whole worldly world seems to intensely hate Donald Trump with a fever I have never witnessed in my long life. That should be a signal to people of faith. Thinking he needs our prayers. Trump has definitely shown us the people behind the curtain, a lot of Americans have taken the red pill, and we can never rejoin the Matrix.

            We are all witness to the greatest criminal conspiracy in the history of man. The Democrats and RINO’s are desperately trying to remove Trump, and Pence, so they can have Nancy for president, and the Matrix will be preserved. You think AOC is a nut bag, wait until Nancy is president and she has her night of the long knifes. The Marxists in the Democrat party are coming out of the closet, but don’t think the old guard like Nancy and Schumemer are any less Marxist. They just won’t admit it. This talk of Democrats moving left is just smoke and mirrors.

      12. When I joined the military in 1965 I took an oath to protect this country from enemies either inside or outside this land. I have not forgotten my oath.

        • Tex,
          I hear ya!
          I took my oath in 1973. Unlike my enlistment the oath had no expiration date.

          • Took mine in 1970, ditto!

            God and Guns, save the Republic!

        • You guys can count the Old Sgt. I took an oath and by the power of the God lord I will keep it.

          • Thanks SGT.
            You have connected Leo’s with citizens for a decade or more here. The deep state must hate you, you must drive them crazy.

            I can’t help but think you are on a list. The day you go silent we must all very aware.

            Have a family member aware you post here. If something happens, let them post, or the rest of us will suspect the worst. You are a treasure.

            May I thank you for your many years of service. Not just to law enforcement, but to speaking to the rest of us on the other side of the blue wall.

            I have been seriously wronged by some in LE. You always reinforce, that not all Leo’s are bad. Thank you, and I’m less than helpless. Sight unseen I will have Leo’s backs. That is on you.

      13. The stand and fight thing just took on a whole new meaning.

      14. Guys we are in serious trouble and it is extremely alarming that no one is really doing anything about anything. The end result is going to be devastating and you all can thank yourselves..

        • And just what is your brilliant plan or contribution other than trying to get someone to say something stupid or expose their plans?

      15. The next SOB that tells me that they aren’t going to ban or take away our guns is going to get kicked right in the NUTS.

        Those Commie SOB’s can rot in hell!


        • yep about a year left to get what you need. I expect the shit will hit in that respect well in advance of the election in order to turn public opinion.

          on the flipside, nice to hear from you SGT. Hope you are well.

        • How difficult is it to smith your own?

          • Start buying all the parts you can and set them aside. This one of the things I’ve been doing lately. This is one of the new things I started doing about 6 months ago.

            • Absolutley Sarge. One of the Commies’ bills is eliminating “parts kits”. They want to shut down the ability to build your own AR and also repair your own guns. The AR build angle is just an excuse for them to dry up gun parts. For the mechanically uninclined out there, you cannot run an AR without needing parts eventually.

              About $300 will buy enough parts for an AR to safeguard it’s viability. I like MINI 14’s because they break down a lot less than AR’s. Lots of guys like retro M1’s for the same reason, but I want to stay with nato 556.

              AR must have parts: Charging handles, extractor and springs, pins, firing pins, extra gas tube (carbine, mid or rifle length) and an extra gas block, extra delta ring, plus a $50 parts kit of springs and pins.

              BTW, I would also collect a few parts for 1911’s.

              The best safeguard however, is a second gun. Instead of one AR, get a second or third. When one breaks down, use it as a ‘Parts Gun’, cannibalize it for parts.

              Patriots, we’re gonna have to spend some bucks this year, freedom is not free. They’re coming..

              • I got a Beretta parts kit with all kinds of parts for 30 bux on ebay! Check them before buying elsewhere! Oh and be sure and get some silver (seriously).

                • Eh I just looked and now it’s 40 bucks but all factory parts and 19 of them! For the 92 and 96…

                  ht tps://

                  • And for your 1911…
                    -Barrel Link Pin

                    -Ejector Pin

                    -Firing Pin

                    -Firing Pin Spring

                    -Hammer Pin

                    -Hammer Strut Pin

                    -Mag Catch Spring

                    -Mag Catch Lock


                    -Mainspring Cap

                    -Mainspring Cap Pin

                    -Mainspring Housing Pin

                    -Mainspring Housing Pin Retainer

                    – Plunger Spring
                    -Plunger (Slide Stop)

                    -Plunger (Safety)

                    -Disconnector Pin
                    -Disconnector Spring

                    Mill-spec, current production

                    74 bux and free shipping!

                    ht tps://

            • But Sgt.! I believe the more gun control the better! I thought you did too? Why if you can’t control your gun how can you hit anything? If you don’t want gun control at least use a sandbag! Don’t just go off spraying boolits everywhere lol. Speaking of gun control I need to practice up more with the handguns. Hmmm that gives me an idea… Maybe I can make my own action pistol course! That would be cool 🙂

        • I got stocks, but was reading on the net to stock up on knorr rice or pasta paks. Cheap at one dollar at Walmart. Also they have one I think called Value for 72 cents a pak. All dehydrated should last for at least 10 yrs. Put in plastic buckets. Leave in paks. They are yummy and cook in ten minutes. That’s the one thing I did not have. Very tasty. High sodium, but to get rid of it I just dumped the whole pak in a screen strainer and shook out all the powder so then low sodium!!! You use just 2 cups of water.

      16. It won’t matter, if Trump gets the courts to uphold the national emergency for any thing he wants. The stage will be set for the dems to use it for gun control as soon as they get control of the white house. And, yes they will get control again at some point. This letting a president declare an emergency any time he feels like it has got to be restricted. Congress should have never gave this power up to the president in the first place.

        • @ JAS; “declaring an emergency any time he feels like it”
          I see this a few ways; securing the nation’s border is actually a de facto duty of the President… if Dems tried to declare an emergency to take the guns it would be 100% unConstitutional. My concern with Trump’s Nat’l Emergency is that the courts already said he doesn’t need to declare an emergency to secure the border… so that does make one wonder if he is somehow setting a precedent that did not need to be done. Kinda like redefining what an automatic weapon is while banning bump stocks. All things to keep in mind as we analyze our current situation…

          • The war powers act has never been repealed either.

          • My point exactly. If the courts rule that the president has the right to declare an emergency for any reason, we have let the cat out of the bag. It will be used over and over for the demo to get what they want. Fortunately, it now looks like some of the GOP wants him to back out of it to prevent setting this precident.

        • Your hero Obama used the very same tactic to let illegals stay in the USA. So it has been around for longer than Trump. Isn’t it strange that if the democrats do something it is fine, but if a republican does the same thing, all of a sudden the same action will cause a world meltdown. Talk about hypocrites.

        • As hard as democrats call for gun control, if conservatives roll over, we are done.


        Hey Wally look what I got from Guss.

        It’s a German Mauser from his WW2 days.

        Gee Beaver do you think Eddie Haskell can check it out ?

        He wants to be a CONGRESSMAN or a SENATOR some day.

        I think Lumpy wants to be one too.

      18. Keep in mind that the House can pass all the bills it wants. Those bills still have to pass the Senate, and in the unlikely event that the Senate approves the bill, it still has to survive a presidential veto. The Senate and President are unlikely to approve any anti-freedom bills from the House. Good luck with that, House.

      19. I took my oath in 1976.Bring it on.

      20. Before we all rant and rave about how will protect the 2nd, remember that these pea brains are elected by that swath of other pea brains who live from Boston down to Richmond and the West Coast. Their sense of reality comes from another plane of existence.

        These politicians need to visit Mexico to see how well restrictive gun laws have helped curb gun violence.

        On the bright side, ever since I lost my place to shoot, I sold my guns. Can always rent one at the local range if the mood strikes and I know where and how to get one if the need comes up.

      21. Another thought. This legislation will not pass. I am more concerned that they will try to eliminate the Electoral College so they can skew an election based on urban popular votes that do not reflect our values. Note the hew and cry after Hildebeast lost her run at being POTUS.

      22. Publish the names of the individuals signing these UNCONSTITUTIONAL Attacks against our Civil Rights.

        President Trump should work towards the opposite direction and insiat all Honorable discharged veterans get to take hone an M-4 and 9mm for ‘Lifetime Defender’ with the ubderstanding they are now and forever more members of the citizen milita, defenders of The Bill of Rights.

      23. Hate to break it to those of you who still trust Trump but he’s on board with this AND it is happening on HIS watch.

        • 100% correct. But people have short memories.

      24. Come and take ’em.

        I’ll be waiting.

      25. That is treason all of those people took an oath punishable by death to defend and uphold the people’s Constitutional rights I say we as the people enforce the punishable by death part history has proven that is the only way to stop tyranny and oppression it’s on us to care less about our individual careers and think of the future generations of our families and how we can stop the oppression they will face today not in the future

      26. That is treason all of those people took an oath punishable by death to defend and uphold the people’s Constitutional rights I say we as the people enforce the punishable by death part history has proven that is the only way to stop tyranny and oppression it’s on us to care less about our individual careers and think of the future generations of our families and how we can stop the oppression they will face today not in the future

      27. I wish Canada had a 2A so we could at least have these issues.
        Western Canada has a good size gun culture
        But we don’t have near the violence associated with firearms.
        Here in Canada handguns semi auto rifles are considered toys for varmints sport and target shooting very very rarely are handguns mentioned for self defense.
        For that the weapon of choice seems to be either a shotgun or baseball bat.
        But again this is Canada I leave my door unlocked lol I really do.
        Americans have a right to a firearm.
        We ask for the privilege.
        Such a bag of dicks!!

      28. Ku klos is Greek for circle ,klan could be group? Kikel is Hebrew for circle . The illiterate Jewish immigrants didn’t want to sign their name with an X because it looked like a cross. And since their Talmud says that all dead Christians are boiling in vats of sewage, and Jesus is boiling in a vat of semen. They wanted to sign with a circle,hence KIKES. And if you believe Jesus words in Revalation 2:9, 3:9 , and Johns account in 8:44, And you see who owns and runs the media of this planet , seems they are just like their father , as written. The great delutions of the end times seems to be ,keeping some flasks empty? Good.

      29. Alex Jones knows he is going to die, regardless if he crosses the line? And the rest?

      30. Hey, if you run out of things to do, watch the credits after the movie The Other Guys, with Mark Walberg. It’s a decent explanation of a economic theft?

      31. I believe we’ve been manipulated to believe otherwise,but, There’s a lot of Jews out there that call themselves Cristian’s Unlike revelation 2:9. Seems many just don’t get it.

      32. In the movie Glory, read what happened to twitchel in north east Louisiana. By Marston? Paybacks a bitch?

      33. Well the sooner they come for them the sooner they will no longer be in office. And it will give “we the people” a chance to clean the whole house out immediately and with a vengeance. So hope they hurry up so we can move on with getting this country back to the constitution and on with freedom and real life.

        • If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let you do it.

          George Carlin

      34. These people just do not realize how close the American People are to just ignoring their unconstitutional juvenile actions and unbacked threats.

      35. Only a blind person didn’t see this coming. Far worse is on the way. You have a very small window left before they go all in. But, there is light at the end of the tunnel. By passing all these laws they ensure only one side will be armed.

        It’s a lot like leftists going all in on trannies and womens sports. The funniest videos and pictures ever have been on InfoWars and Gateway Pundit. Pictures of guys doing each others hair. Videos that look like they are from a wayans brothers comedy. Leftists can’t help but be fools, and now they are touching all lives in America. Trannies in womens sports. Trannies in your childrens schools, and public libraries. Lgbt / quiltbags in your childrens schools teaching mom and mom and dad and dad. They are so far over the line that America has no choice but to put them in their place, and back in the closet.

      36. ALL going “according to plan” in Bolshevik USSA

      37. On a side note –

        I can’t help but notice that Maranatha hasn’t – at least yet! – made even ONE posting on this thread… let alone his usual twenty or thirty!

        I can only conjecture that he’s been hit by a truck – yes Virginia, karma ALWAYS has the last word! – or in some other way indisposed.

        I shall be conducting an Inter-Denominational ‘Service Of Condolence’ – here on SHTFplan – should he fail to re-appear in the near future.

        • Hey preacherman.
          I think Maranatha is a she.
          I could be wrong.
          Not that it matters.
          What ever it is, it, if you dis-regard
          the religious stuff, it has some good information.
          At our ages our belief systems are pretty well
          set, so blasting us with verses we’ve read
          or ignored for years
          really doesn’t bother me.
          Your soul is your responsibility.
          I only have impress God.
          I think I’ll have a beer.

          • We need an EDIT!
            “I only have impress God.”
            S/B “I only have to impress God”.

            • I caught her in fron of everyone lying and making shit up. You can see for yourself on the article before this one with 193 comments. I doubt she will show her face again here thank god!

      38. The Dems advertise their simple background check laws as common sense laws. Even for private sale ???
        How , pray tell is that to be enforced ?
        IMHO this is only a stepping stone to a required national registry for all firearms. How else can such a law be enforced ?
        Then come the storm troopers going door to door ! Searching for the unregistered guns you understand… it’s for the children’s safety after all…

      39. Their needs to be a million man armed march to DC to clean the commies out of the white house.And locally, to the court houses to arrest for treason any judge or person who tries to uphold these unconstitutional so called laws.

      40. Most retailers, such as Cabelas and California Tractor Supply, will NOT release a firearm within three days anyway. They have a policy to not release the firearm until the background check is cleared and approved.

        • Cabelas was bought out by Bass Pro Shops last year. I’ve bought 2 guns from Bass Pro previously without any trouble. NICS check only took a few minutes.

      41. 3/2/19 Read on Breitbart today that the Communist state of New Mexico has passed some pretty harsh new gun control laws. 30+ County Sheriffs are in rebellion against these laws as they deem them under minding the 2nd. amendment!

        The Sheriffs are say’s that their respective Counties are “Sanctuary Counties”, and WILL NOT BOW TO COMMUNIST TYRANY!!

        God and Guns will save The Republic!

        • My mistake, only 21 of the 33 County Sheriffs are Patriots!

      42. *Sigh* Well people you seem to forget this one MAJOR thing. THE GOVERMENT DOES NOT GIVE RIGHTS! They are committing infanticide now! Wake the fuck up!! The gov does not own us! Fight the fuck back stop being cowards! Take control of your lives! Only you are responsible for you and yours! What is it going to take? Your mother, sis, brother, father, wife, kids beheaded or shot? What the hell is wrong with you people? WE OUTNUMBER THEM! Why are most of you afraid?

        • CPB You are absolutely right, the government doesn’t give rights,they only try to take them away. Rights are God given.And yes we vastly outnumber them, however who’s going to go first? Are you? We as patriots basically want to live our lives in peace in a free republic and be left alone. That’s becoming harder if not impossible to do.The problem is there is no leader to solidify us all, and if one appeared they would take him out or arrest and slander him and destroy any movement that started to get anywhere. But don’t you worry, if they show up at my door I’m fully prepared to die and take as many tyrants as I can with me first.

        • i can tell u what all,like myself are really concerned and wonder about.and that is,will the GOV. predator drone our ass or not.someone said earlier,a million man march and just go and kick their asses.guys most are us are armed but how does a person fight a carpet bombing or the GOV just nukes all of us.when they have that many of us in one place.

      43. More vaginal sci-fi

      44. To those of you who comment that you took The Oath to protect the Constitution: I took mine in 1968 when I went to work, aged 16, as a civilian Govt employee, when being a public servant really meant something. AFAIK, ALL government employees still have to take The Oath. That includes all the Congress critters, many (most?) of whom are certainly violating theirs. There’s other stuff people with clearances have to do, too, but The Oath is basic. Millions and millions of people. At this point, there should be a lot of people in jail. Or worse.

        I have one question – and I ask this in all seriousness. How do you expect to keep your guns? Based on what I’ve seen, early morning smash and shoot attacks on innocent civilians and their tail-wagging pet dogs has become pro forma. Even if you see them coming (will you?) the odds will certainly be in their favor. Im sure they are all schooled in how to dismantle a house looking for hidden caches. And I wouldn’t put it past them to point a gun at(or shoot) your family members to make you open the safe. Have we all forgotten Ruby Ridge so soon?

        The idea of burying them or hiding them somewhere else is great, but as has been said by wiser men than I, if you’ve come to the point where you need to bury them, you need them.

        I honestly don’t know the answer to this question. It’s quite one thing to protect your guns from home invaders or local thugs. It’s quite another to keep them away from Alphabet Agency SWAT terms who arrive by the dozens in the dead of night.

        Your comments would be appreciated.

        • History shows that governments which resort to terrorizing and jailing civilians en masse are at the end of their life cycle. What comes after the current entity known as the corporate US Gov’t fails, is anyone’s guess.

        • 4GW is my answer.

        • VG, there is a way to defeat SWAT teams. Just because no one has ever tried it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. People are just going to have to become willing to challenge them and defeat them. It’s coming to that point. we won’t have a choice but to fight. I’m not burying any weapons, I’m going to use them ONLY when I’m forced to do so.

      45. Every time I hear this subject I just roll out my guns and start cleaning and oiling…..

      46. Every time I read this kind od talk I get out my guns and start cleaning and oiling….

      47. The country I grew up in called no longer exists and has become “Animal Farm”, here are the Two primary reasons:

        Formation of Google, Facebook, Twitter funded by the military industrial complex after the launch of the internet, which has ties to DARPA.

        911 Inside job to lay the groundwork for the Patriot Act.

        It is on like donkey kong.

      48. I will say it again:

        How many have to die before i will support gun control:

        All of them.

      49. Can I say this, Brother and sister Patriots. Freedom is not free, yer gonna hafta buy a lot of stuff this year, as if it will not be available again. It probably will not. If you’re not buying until it hurts, you’re not buying enough. If you’re not sneaking guns in through the window to get ’em past your wife, your not buying enough.

        As it stands, many Republicans are reported to have sided against Trumpm on wall funding. There are a lotta rinos.

        Think about Prepping for the following:
        . More guns (as if they will be banned and ya cant get anymore).
        . Parts kits for guns.
        . 556/223 ammo, 9mm/45 acp.
        . MREs/Beans/Rice buckets.
        . Kerosene heaters, kerosene.
        . 100 gallons of waters, minimum. Rain barrell for non-potable.
        . Solar dealy for charging phones.

      50. Some of you guys may be interested in going to Knobcreek machinegun shoot in Kentucky.Its always the 2nd weekend of April and 2nd weekend of October.Huge gunshow.Anything and everything.Bulk ammo.No paper trial or sales tax.Bring your supply list,and fill it while you still can.”Rangers Lead The Way”

      51. When the senate passes the bill and Trump signs it or Trumps Veto is overridden . Then I might begin to worry. Its no surprise. The Dems control the house. Its just more Dog & pony show.

      52. Idiot voters put Demon Rats in control of the House. What in the hell did they expect would happen? That they would somehow honor the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Not that the spineless Republicans are any better, but hey, at least the Democrats will flush the country down the toilet a bit faster, and kill the country faster than the Republicans will.

      53. As long as those who keep and bear arms don’t spontaneously and voluntarily drill daily and weekly in close and extended order as “well-regulated” (traditional, self-disciplined) militia, in cadres of block squads, street companies, city battalions and county regiments; keeping and bearing arms won’t mean anything as the government’s squads, platoons and larger forces come after them (like they do to those individuals whom they seek to capture and, who surrender, guns and all, to them), to abduct (or kill) those who keep and bear arms, one-by-one, while the rest look on, munching their cuds and believing and cheering all the maligning they’re told about it by the mainstream.

      54. No armed rebellion will work. A well regulated milita will accomplish nothing. however it would be easy to bring the government and left commies to surrender. Terrorism. Good old fashioned Terrorism like throwing the Tea in the Harbor. The USA Archilles Heel is the electric grid. All it would take is a small number of terrorist to destroy sub stations. set car tires on fire at wooden utility poles. shoot transformers. and while your at it chop the telephone wires in pieces. open the peds and pour gas in them and set them on fire. It needs to be done all across the nation by just a small number of vandals. Put the grid down and keep it down. No one is guarding the grid. No electricity and no internet or cell phones and millions of liberals will quickly perish. the jobs will be gone . the welfare will be gone. the illegals will go someplace else.

      55. Can’t have Socialism with 5-600 million guns in the country.

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