The Government Has Released Their Initial Plans To Force a Vaccine on EVERYONE

by | Sep 16, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Forecasting, Headline News | 44 comments

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    Earlier today, the Trump administration released its plans to vaccine everyone in a short time.  Three potential vaccines are currently in Stage 3 trials in the United States and could be ready in weeks, President Donald Trump said Tuesday.

    Time is running out. And Trump has the military lined up and ready to distribute this vaccine to the public, whether you want it or not. The plan is to distribute the vaccine first to health care and other vital workers, as well as those most vulnerable (likely the older populations). After production ramps up, it will be made available to all Americans who want it. If you decide you don’t want it, don’t worry, the military will help convince you.

    The Department of Defense and federal health agencies have outlined plans for a coronavirus vaccine, which includes having them available for free for all Americans. We have warned that the DoD is about to become the enemy of the public. Instead of committing terrorism abroad, they will be going that here. Prepare yourself.

    The Pentagon & CDC Will Join Together To Mass Distribute The COVID Vaccine

    This toxic concoction will also be “free.” The government says they will foot the bill (borrow money from the Federal Reserve) to get everyone vaccinated, according to the Watauga Democrat. 

    “Preparing for the implementation of the safe and efficacious COVID-19 vaccine programs is a critical next step in the efforts to protect Americans and reduce the impact of COVID-19 and restore our normal way of life,” Centers for Disease Control and Director Dr. Robert Redfield said Wednesday, according to CNN.

    The plans came in the form of a report to Congress and a “playbook” for states and local governments, according to the Associated Press and Fox News. The agencies are looking at January for a potential beginning of a vaccination campaign, although it remains possible that this could come later this year.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s playbook, the vaccination campaign will be “much larger in scope and complexity than seasonal influenza or other previous outbreak-related vaccination responses.”

    President Trump said in a “Fox & Friends” interview Tuesday that a vaccine could be approved “in a matter of weeks.”

    Time is almost up. Once this vaccine gets into your bloodstream, you cannot take it back out. This one is different from every other vaccine made, and it’s going to be necessary if you want to get groceries or leave your house. Mandatory or not, they will do what they can to convince you to take this vaccine.

    Stay alert and be prepared.


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      1. We used to be shown portrayals of a pre-Tribulation Rapture, in which all the heavy machinery would go without drivers, all of the sudden, and there would be abandoned dogs walking with their leashes still on. Maybe, the influential banker leaves the door of his big, metal safe open. Some kites and maybe a space shuttle fly away, unpiloted.

        If that were to happen, for real, how many in my blue state, would literally be missed, from participation in the formal economy — straightforward traditionalists with a knowledge of saving grace.

        “restore our normal way of life”

        I know how to place silverware and my dress shirt, yet have zero normalcy bias, whatsoever.

        WASP masculinists have not seen normalization, for 50yrs or more, unless they have reason to believe that you were cruelly disadvantaged or degenerate, or they could make you that way.

        And, the state money church has hardly been a sanctuary, tbh.

        An exercise is scheduled, in my region, over the weekend.

        If and when this becomes important, I fully expect ecumenical Stewart Smalley pastors and conservative chickenhawk pastors (rawr) and 31 flavors of New Age spiritual pansexual “pastors” to be pushing a mark, required for all, in order to buy and sell. Just like when ballot boxes are put at church and the gossipy church ladies are calling your house, telling you how to vote. They will know who’s germline has been edited. Many in the alt news community have their doctrinal glitches and are just starting to say how it’s forgivable.

        So few will be the odd-man-out.

        • Try vaccine me, I shoot you.
          Try vaccine me, I shoot you.
          Try vaccine me, I shoot you.
          Try vaccine me, I shoot you.
          Try vaccine me, I shoot you.
          Try vaccine me, I shoot you.
          Try vaccine me, I shoot you.
          Try vaccine me, I shoot you.

          • There is a report on Fox where it is specifically stated “vaccine available for those who want it, it is NOT Mandated”

          • I don’t know what form the Mark will take, or what will be the justification, but the Bible differs from your too-big-to-fail news outlet. Masks and other forms of vaccination are already taken for granted by people willing to commit acts of violence.

          • Scare tactic

      2. This is what Fauci said at a town hall meeting on August 20,2020 as far as mandatory covid-19 vaccines:

        “I don’t think you’ll ever see a mandating of vaccine, particularly for the general public,” Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said during a live town hall hosted by Healthline.”

        “Overall, though, Fauci doesn’t see a broad requirement going into place. Schools and universities require certain vaccinations, such as measles and other infectious diseases, but he expressed doubts that the coronavirus vaccine would be added to that list. He said he’d be “pretty surprised if you mandated it for any element of the general public.”

        What Web MD said on popular resistance against vaccines:

        “However, many Americans have expressed their reluctance to get a coronavirus vaccine. A WebMD poll from late July found that 40% of people would get one during the first year, and 26% said they’d get a vaccine in the first 90 days.”

        Andrea Iravani

        • The first clue about the vaccine was when CONgress passed a law exempting ANY of the vaccine developers from liability of ANY adverse effects resulting from the vaccine. In other words, if you get vaccinated, then suffer some side effect that either kills you or does great harm, you and/or your family can’t sue anyone for damages, EVER.

          Anyone that listens to anything that Fauci has to say should have their head examined. The man is an egomaniac and has been caught lying so many times, he should have been fired.

          Fauci, as the Director of NIAID, has ONE JOB with two components; protect America from a pandemic and ensure that Federal and State governments are prepared to handle any pandemic that may appear. He FAILED on both elements.

          Ask yourself this question. Why is a 78 year old man, with a supposed very distinguished career, with numerous awards for his “accomplishments”, still on the job after 38 years?

          The guy is a fookin’ egomaniac and his tenure is all about power.

          If it wasn’t for the fact that he’s a died in the wool Demonrat and a darling of Jim Acosta and the MSM in general, Trump would have fired him after the first time Fauci disagreed with Trump in public. Then, when a PEER REVIEWED study comes along, from a world renowned epidemiologist, identifying cholorquine as a treatment, Fauci downplays it FOR DAYS.

          Now, Fauci’s touting this “new” drug trial, Remdesivir, which, in actuality, has mixed effect AND, because it’s so “new”, COSTS AN ARM AND A LEG compared to the 50 year old chloroquine.

          Not to mention that under Fauci, NIAID funded the Wuhan lab where the virus allegedly escaped from.

          My conclusion is that Fauci is just another power hungry deep state azzhole that’s looking out for Fauci and screw everyone else. If I were Trump, I’d be having Justice investigate Fauci’s financials and his stock portfolio. This guy is as dirty as Joe Biden.

        • We went from saying that face masks are ineffective to CA making it illegal to sing in a church, even with a mask on. Some of our parks have recently been surrounded by tall fencing and barbed wire, after many months of incrementalism.

      3. Nope.

      4. Hi Mac,
        I researched this very train of thought many weeks ago and several honest reputable independant actual journalists wrote reports on this idea that Trump was planning on forcing a vaccine. While Birk, Faucci and Gates assure you that it is mandatory the president has very clearly stated that the vaccine must be safe and effective and most importantly volentary. Numerous times the president has been questioned by the liberal press to the effect that Warp speed is a mandatory vaccine program he has replied when directly questioned NO it is volentary “People have the right to make a choice.”
        Millenial Millie did a two part 3 hour report about this idea of Trump using the military to force vaccinate showing the CNN news clip used out of context and the superposition of statements made by Bill Gates and Fuacci as the source of the FUD spreading that many have latched onto.
        A quick check with Cent Com will inform any caller of the MOS specialties being deployed for Warp Speed, when check you will find accounting logistics and motor pool are the direct specialties with MP and Support for the primary deployment only. I other words truck drivers and clerk and their doctors. No combat or mass coreman training has been implemented so I ask WHO is giving the threatened shots?
        As for me I am absolutely medically exempt from vaccine as I am undergoing experimental treatment for catestrophic kidney injury. I have paid extremely close attention to the medical community activities for the past 8 years The current State of US AMA medical standard of care is an insurance and pharmacy driven death cult. I have invoked my right to try in 2018 as soon as the RTT order was signed. At that time I was being continuosly pressured to go into hospice. I have successfully regrown 5/8 of a kidney by undergoing advanced experimental treatment. As part of treatment I studied and mastered the Krebs Cycle and Human immunity to a post doctorate level. I began taking Chloroquinine Sulfate in January 2020 I was given Serum treatment for Mers and SHNC014 in 2015 before deployment to middle east.
        I volentered to provide antibody rich Blood plasma in April and again in July.
        When the antibody test is run with my SSN it always comes back negative. However when run under an assumed name it comes back positive.
        Last month I had a Synocoidal Virus also a Corona virus when double blind tested the Blood sample shows positive for Corona when tested with ID it is negative. The whole damn thing is FAKE and a scam.

        • Thank you Dave, for sharing and Blessings for your complete recovery.

        • One thing that everyone has to remember is the government is here to work for us not the other way around the only reason they exist is because the people made it that way if all the people would make a stand we could end the corruption that’s in office now

      5. The psychopaths are clearly scared out of their minds after being busted for multiple frauds again for the third time this century for many of them.

        They are attempting to literally brain wash the global population and Americans also that they weild such power over everyone that we have absolutely no other choice but to accept what they have done, what they are doing, and what they intend to do to everyone.

        If any of that was actually true, it would be totally unnecessary for them to engage in such a lengthy orchestrated brain washing propaganda campaign.

        Bring on the Nuremburg 2 trials!

        The dumbest people in the room are in control. They are also unsurprisingly the most confident people in tne room.

        They are charlatains and quacks.

        They really don’t have a leg to stand on at all when all of the evidence is considered, the only conclusion is that they are all guilty of the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the world, that has destroyed the lives of billions as well as future generations with this sick, sadistic, insane, cold-blooded, pre-meditated, organized crime of medical mal practice to cover up for financial fraud.

        I had no clue that such a large percentage of the population was capable of being totally evil. It really is totally evil, exactly like it was with Hitler, Mengela, and Goebels, but this is on a much larger scale.

        Andrea Iravani

      6. I will be testing how much force the government is willing to bring to make sure I get vaccinated.

        • The police have shown an eagerness and proficiency at murdering or kidnapping anyone who disobeys them at any time over any thing that is “the law”. The police have shown themselves to be agents of system-evil institutions and enforcers of every wicked, stupid, tyrannical law ever concocted by corrupt men in power. They care not, they are just “doing their jobs and complying with policies…”
          If you understand these things and the condition of our collective situation, then the answer is simple: they will murder you or kidnap you if you do not immediately obey them with a servile attitude. (this is why the police are being killed now–people are fighting back against the kidnappings, the extortion of the state in way of fines, fees, taxes, levies, etc. the caging of humans for nothing.)
          Police are evil and those copsuckers who support them are complicit in the monopoly of state sanctioned violence and pillaging against their own citizens.

          • Time to bring back the old saying, if you are old enough to remember:
            Better off dead than Red!

          • The police are nothing more than hired thugs

          • Well put

          • It’s not the police doing it. They are doing it because of the Democratic Governors and Mayors who have been telling them to stand down. Putting the blame on the wrong people. You have heard it told to you but it’s you whom want to ignore it and not blame it on your Democratics instead. Wake up and smell the Rose’s Rather than their lies. Not peaceful protests but lawlessness rioters.

      7. No! I will not comply. I guess I’ll see god/jesus sooner than I figured. They for one using stem cells from aborted babies and I don’t care from how long ago they were aborted it’s murder! And I will not voluntarily take there sacrifice in me.

        • I read if there are aborted stem cells involved, anyone objecting can be exempt–all vaccines have these cells–so there ya go!!
          Now, how honest the injector is may be another issue.

      8. I have talked with many of my friends and none who would be interested in taking the vaccine…But the problem we all see is although the government might not make it mandatory, many private companies might mandate it. Many of the large companies are democrat driven and fall in line with the overall agenda. What if the airlines mandate it to fly? Or if you work for a large tech company? How about the grocery chains that will mandate for employees and customers? We might be facing some difficult decisions regarding the vaccine when it comes to employment and how we put food on the table. Personally, they would have to hunt me down and hog-tie me to get one, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t going to be a problem even if it’s not mandated by the government. What happens if god forbid, Biden/Harris win. I can see them mandating it in a heartbeat. We are fighting so much evil on so many fronts right now that it makes my head spin. We are truly teetering on the edge of complete destruction of our Country. Be safe everyone and keep prepping~

        • Yiu just described the mark of the beast to a T

      9. The blue pill people will unwittingly allow this to happen, it’s a fact and unavoidable. I feel alone in this world. You folks here are the exception, you’re the only ones listening amongst the few others. This will end bad for us red pills and all of humanity.

        • “This will end bad for us red pills and all of humanity.”

          Nah. Take comfort in the fact that we have most of the 300 million guns and most of the ammo and know how to use them.

          If, and that’s a big IF, Biden wins and as soon as inaugurated, somehow revokes 2A by executive order, well I think we all know what’s going to happen with that. Just look to the registration compliance of gun owners in CT and NY as an example.

          • They can pry the guns from my dead cold hands

      10. WHO IS IN CONTROL ?

        • God is in control

      11. Macgregor is correct as far as ending United Shithole of America troops in Germany. The Germans are full of shit! They demand that the United States protects them from Russia and China, yet also wants energy from Russia and 5-G and increased trade with China. Obviously they do not feel threatened by Russia or China. They are likely more threatened by other E.U. countries! What else is new?! The Germans are extremely sneaky people that speak out of both sides of their mouth, like the British and the French. All three of these countries are extremely manipulative and are extremely dangerous countries, much more so than many other countries, barring China, who they have now lobbied to replace the United Shithole of America as their bully. Let the Chinese do it. So sick of this! 

        As far as Macregor supporting moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, Macgregor is dead wrong, and his lack of understanding in international law regarding that is extremely concerning! 

        Andrea Iravani

      12. For when they say, peace and safety! Then sudden destruction comes upon them,as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape. 1 Thessalonians 5:3

      13. Already had COVID-19 and recovered. I have the only sure immunity: acquired.

      14. I am disinclined to be so optimistic, having witnessed all that I have witnessed, attempting to show people from various cults the truth regarding things, and the resistance and demonization that I have encountered, including cult tactics including surveillance, gas-lighting, and stalking, and Saul Alinsky’s 13 Rules for Radicals tactics being used against me. Cults were a bad idea, in hind sight, but America is made up of cults which is what defines culture, cult being the root word. I am not talking about Moonies, or Jahova’s Witnesses, or Scientologists, or Mormans, I am talking about the RNC, DNC,  and AA. Even in my own neighborhood, there is a really weird surveillance cult that moved in and took over this neighborhood and terrorizes me and gas-lights, spies on me, and breaks in, steals, and vandalizes. 

        This society is sick and as evil as hell and is 100 times more evil than Nazi Germany. I refuse to be a part of it. Much like the transition that occured during the Nazi Occupation with the total deterioration of society and a mad rush to join in and land a status position in the Third Reich or be totally rejected and demonized for refusing to buy into the Goebels propaganda, the Mengela Eugenics and sadistic pointless medical experimentaion and the fury of the Hitler fuhrer. 

        Those who rushed in felt a place of belonging and a common goal, never daring to say stop in fear of winding up hated and marginalized, but it is better to be hated and marginalized than respected by evil people with an evil agenda.

        So, I have no choice in my opinion but to refuse to interact with them. They literally can’t handle the truth. I happen to be speaking about many individuals that have Masters degrees, PhDs. and MDs, so it cannot be claimed tbat they simply lack the mental fortitude to comprehend such things, and in the case of AA it is deeply rooted philisophical disagreement since I do not believe in determinism aka predestination as they do. 

        So this is now life in America, as it was in Nazi Germany. If it is join or die, I choose death because I could not tolerate being a part of it on moral grounds.

        Andrea Iravani

        • It is not “society”, that is a huge leap to generalize in that way, it is a specific group who happen to be yelling the loudest. We can and will get them under control with our vote. That is how it’s done along with personal responsibility and influencing our sphere in the ways we can. Be an example on another whiner say “All” people are this or that – it is not true.

      15. Please print a correction. Trump has stated this vaccine is VOLUNTARY. He is trying to defeat globalist/ marxists.

      16. If u don’t already have 2nd Gen. or better like thermal sights get it now. No rifle get it now. No bug out bag get it now. Not right with God get in his good graces now. Get rid of any complacency, normalcy bias or outright denial or your dead.

      17. Thank you for your insightful comments, Andrea. You are not alone.

      18. Why is nobody talking about the reality that this is a freemason bolshivk communist take over. How dumb are people it’s so obvious. Not to mentire 32, 23 and five in every new article. 5 is the Freemason compass and square. Do you see it… cI’ve and angles.

      19. “Instead of committing terrorism abroad, they will be going that here.” REALLY??? You actually believe our Military are Terrorists?? Well, I have found your writing “interesting” until I saw that IGNORANT, ASININE, DISGUSTING, SIMPLY STUPID, ANARCHIST AND FRANKLY ANTI-AMERICAN statement. That single statement completely illuminates your ignorance and shows me you are simply one more pot stirring JACKASS that should not be believed. I would go so far as saying your article is dangerous and inflammatory to the current state of affairs in this country. As clowns like you are followed by Far Right Wing fools who are as bad or worse than those on the Far Left. You attract Conservative folks who are rightly concerned about the Progressive, Socialist, and Quasi Communist Left and slowly fill them with your bullshit rhetoric. That simple statement shows where Dangerous Anarchists like you really stand.

        • Can the military just quit if they don’t agree with the orders handed down to them?? Or will they do as they are commanded and carry out the “government’s” orders for the people to be vaccinated for their safety?? I’m just worried and curios.

      20. They can pry the guns from my dead cold hands

      21. Use of the military is completely unnecessary in a country that serves vaccines in nearly every drug-store pharmacy in the country. The military can not even begin to provide vaccines to the public as quickly and easily as the drug-store pharmacies. The military involvement is intended to intimidate and ultimately force the public to get the stab.
        Load your magazines and wake up to the reality that we will be required to shoot American police and soldiers in the very near future!

      22. Dr. Fauci is a member of the purple revolution. These communist are evil and have bad intentions for us. Their final solution is the vaccine. Millions of FEMA coffins that can hold 4 body’s at a time are standing by.

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