The Giant Currency Superstorm That Is Coming To The Shores Of America When The Dollar Dies

by | Nov 28, 2012 | Headline News | 251 comments

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    By recklessly printing, borrowing and spending money, our authorities are absolutely shredding confidence in the U.S. dollar.  The rest of the world is watching this nonsense, and at some point they are going to give up on the U.S. dollar and throw their hands up in the air.  When that happens, it is going to be absolutely catastrophic for the U.S. economy.  Right now, we export a lot of our inflation.  Each year, we buy far more from the rest of the world than they buy from us, and so the rest of the world ends up with giant piles of U.S. dollars.  This works out pretty well for them, because the U.S. dollar is the primary reserve currency of the world and is used in international trade far more than any other currency is.  Back in 1999, the percentage of foreign exchange reserves in U.S. dollars peaked at 71 percent, and since then it has slid back to 62.2 percent.  But that is still an overwhelming amount.  We can print, borrow and spend like crazy because the rest of the world is there to soak up our excess dollars because they need them to trade with one another.  But what will happen someday if the rest of the world decides to reject the U.S. dollar?  At that point we would see a tsunami of U.S. dollars come flooding back to this country.  Just take a moment and think of the worst superstorm that you can possibly imagine, and then replace every drop of rain with a dollar bill.  The giant currency superstorm that will eventually hit this nation will be far worse than that.

    Most Americans don’t realize that there are far more dollars in use in the rest of the world than in the United States itself.  The following is from a scholarly article by Linda Goldberg

    The dollar is a major form of cash currency around the world. The majority of dollar banknotes are estimated to be held outside the US. More than 70% of hundred-dollar notes and nearly 60% of twenty- and fifty-dollar notes are held abroad, while two-thirds of all US banknotes have been in circulation outside the country since 1990

    For decades we have been exporting gigantic quantities of our currency.

    So what would happen if that process suddenly reversed and massive piles of dollars started coming back into the country?

    It is frightening to think about.

    Well, I guess the key is to get the rest of the world to continue to have confidence in the U.S. dollar so that will never happen, right?

    Unfortunately, there are lots of signs that the rest of the world is accelerating their move away from the U.S. dollar.

    For example, it was recently announced that the BRICS countries are developing their own version of the World Bank

    The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) bloc has begun planning its own development bank and a new bailout fund which would be created by pooling together an estimated $240 billion in foreign exchange reserves, according to diplomatic sources. To get a sense of how significant the proposed fund would be, the fund would be larger than the combined Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of about 150 countries, according to Russia and India Report.

    And as I noted in a previous article, over the past few years there have been a whole host of new international currency agreements that encourage the use of national currencies over the U.S. dollar.  The following are just a few examples…

    1. China and Germany (See Here)

    2. China and Russia (See Here)

    3. China and Brazil (See Here)

    4. China and Australia (See Here)

    5. China and Japan (See Here)

    6. India and Japan (See Here)

    7. Iran and Russia (See Here)

    8. China and Chile (See Here)

    9. China and the United Arab Emirates (See Here)

    10. China, Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa (See Here)

    Will this movement soon become a stampede away from the U.S. dollar?

    That is a very important question.

    But you don’t hear anything about this in the U.S. media and our politicians are not talking about this at all.

    Meanwhile, our “leaders” seem to be doing everything that they can to destroy confidence in the U.S. dollar.  The Federal Reserve is printing money like there is no tomorrow, and the federal government continues to run up trillion dollar deficits year after year.

    They do not seem to understand that they are systematically destroying the U.S. financial system.

    Other world leaders get it.  For example, Russian President Vladimir Putin once said the following…

    “Unreasonable expansion of the budget deficit, accumulation of the national debt – are as destructive as an adventurous stock market game.
    During the time of the Soviet Union the role of the state in economy was made absolute, which eventually lead to the total non-competitiveness of the economy. That lesson cost us very dearly. I am sure no one would want history to repeat itself.”


    Why can’t most of our politicians see how destructive debt is?

    What the federal government continues to do is absolutely insane.  The national debt increased by more than 24 billion dollars on the day after Thanksgiving this year.  But utter disaster has not struck yet, and most Americans are not really that concerned about the debt.  So things just keep rolling along.

    And of course our national debt of $16,309,738,056,362.44 is nothing when compared to the future liabilities that our federal government is facing.  Just check out what a recent article in the Wall Street Journal had to say about all this…

    The actual liabilities of the federal government—including Social Security, Medicare, and federal employees’ future retirement benefits—already exceed $86.8 trillion, or 550% of GDP. For the year ending Dec. 31, 2011, the annual accrued expense of Medicare and Social Security was $7 trillion. Nothing like that figure is used in calculating the deficit. In reality, the reported budget deficit is less than one-fifth of the more accurate figure.

    Other economists paint an even gloomier picture.  According to economist Niall Ferguson, the U.S. government is facing future unfunded liabilities of 238 trillion dollars.

    So where are we going to get all that money?

    Well, why don’t we just print more money than ever before so that the U.S. government can borrow and spend more money than ever before?

    Don’t laugh.  That is actually what some of the top economists in the country are actually recommending.

    The most famous economic journalist in the entire country, Paul Krugman of the New York Times, is boldly proclaiming that the solution to all of our problems is to print, borrow and spend a lot more money.  He insists that there is no reason to fear that the giant mountain of debt that we are accumulating will someday collapse the system…

    For we have our own currency — and almost all of our debt, both private and public, is denominated in dollars. So our government, unlike the Greek government, literally can’t run out of money. After all, it can print the stuff. So there’s almost no risk that America will default on its debt — I’d say no risk at all if it weren’t for the possibility that Republicans would once again try to hold the nation hostage over the debt ceiling.

    But if the U.S. government prints money to pay its bills, won’t that lead to inflation? No, not if the economy is still depressed.

    Now, it’s true that investors might start to expect higher inflation some years down the road. They might also push down the value of the dollar. Both of these things, however, would actually help rather than hurt the U.S. economy right now: expected inflation would discourage corporations and families from sitting on cash, while a weaker dollar would make our exports more competitive.

    Of course what he is prescribing is complete and utter madness.

    At some point this con game is going to collapse and the rest of the world is going to say a big, fat, resounding “NO” to the U.S. dollar.

    Why should they continue to use a currency that is becoming extremely unstable and that is constantly being manipulated?

    And when the rest of the world rejects the U.S. dollar, the value of the dollar will drop like a rock because there will be far less global demand for it.

    In addition, if the rest of the world is not using the U.S. dollar for trade any longer, other nations will cease to soak up our excess currency and huge mountains of our currency that are floating around out there will start flooding back to our shores.

    At that point we will be looking at inflation unlike anything we have ever seen before.  The era of cheap imports will be over and we will pay far more for everything from oil to the foreign-made plastic trinkets that we buy at Wal-Mart.

    Most Americans don’t even know what a “reserve currency” is, but when the U.S. dollar loses reserve currency status it is going to unleash a nightmare that most economists cannot even imagine.

    So enjoy this holiday season while you can.  There are still lots and lots of cheap imports filling the shelves of our stores.

    Once the coming giant currency superstorm strikes, we will dearly wish for the good old days of 2012.

    Yes, the U.S. dollar is alive and ticking for now.  But at the pace that our authorities are abusing it, I would not say that things are looking good for a long and healthy lifespan.


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      1. just to make fun:

        FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <in my best Mel Gibson voice>

          • the Wall Street Journal always has a slant. . . Our great nation has immense wealth – including you and me and our great know how and guts. We could survive nicely on what is in North America. HOWEVER, the other nations will NOT suddenly wake up to us as deadbeats. FRIEND! Wake up: it is a world wide system that NEEDS the US, as we continue to be more creative in solving our problems. Austerity in Europe (what the GOP wants to do here) has made it hell over there! Here, we saved GM, and are moving forward. Thanks for this interesting discussion!

            • Freedom Gal,

              Your right,the GOP wants cuts,esp to entitlements as they call them nowadays,kind of a guilt trip since i been paying into Soc Sec for about 32 yrs.Austerity crushes most,esp middle and lower income.But the overall plan is Global and all that other bullshit you were ranting about is all that is”BULLSHIT”.

              • Fine just gimme my Social Security money back and we’ll call it even.

                Oh yeah, right.  The people on it right now would croak.  Sigh.  Well, lovely, cause by the time it’s my turn I get to croak.  Joy.

                • The government Give Back? lol

                  Guy they are coming for your 401k next!

                  Damn socialists can’t stop slobbering over that $5 trillion. Under the cover of CRISIS they’ll call it economic justice and claim it protects you from managing your own retirement risks because the government is GUARANTEED.


                  All hands secure for turbulence!


              • LoL, Freedom Gal is obviously a psy-op operative working in an undisclosed basement of a run down office building in the wrong part of town being paid fat stacks of worthless paper to spread this type of horseshit.  Either that, or some twat that thinks this brand of sarcasm is cute.   Say hi to Langley for me.


                As for some cold truth, end all of the handouts.  End credit while we’re at it too.  If you can’t pay for it with value you EARN on your own, you shouldn’t have it anyway.  As for paying into Socialist Insecurity, only a fucking fool would trust the government with their retirement plan.  Good riddance.


                Time to walk on your own two feet.  The days of saying, “It’s okay Johnny, you’re just in last first place.”, are over.  This cycle has been one of the worst, an greatest, in human history.  Maybe the next time around we’ll wake up sooner so it doesn’t come to this.  I doubt it though.

                • Joe Repub;

                  Yes, it’s time to end all and I mean all hand-outs to the rich.

            • @ Freedom Gal.

               G.M. is opening more car plants for newer models in China and Thanked the Chinese Government. Where are the Jobs Going, Sis?

              • Thank god we were able to bail out GM so they can bring new jobs to China What bullshit.

              • the only they GM is still operating it seems is because the federal gov. is buying the product,,hey where is my small business stimulus money ???i i didnt do it alone so where is the #@%$^&^^%% when i need to pay thev taxes?????



            • Forward towards the cliff? Forward like uncle Joe? Forward didn’t save gm, stealing from the investors did, not that gm is really saved as history will show in the not too distant future.

        • What would happen if much of the dollars located offshore were repatriated? Much of it would be confiscated by the Secret Service as a lot of it has been counterfeited by North Korea, Iran, and even “friendly” nations with commercial grade presses.

          I have addressed the hyperinflation fear mongering here often enough that I do not need to repeat myself again. While I agree with the author that the USA has too much debt, it is also manageable, and has been greater that this as a function of GDP before.

          Bottom line: no news here, just more hype. The danger is a deflationary spiral and the only way to get out of that once it sets in, is war.  The “good news” is that war is immanent. 

          Keep prepping.


          • Durango has been consumed by glue fumes again.




            • ‘Fraid not, Yeppers.   All the red-thumbers are the ones who have let this kind of propaganda go to their heads, (wafted by glue fumes?).   DK speaks truth.   Hyperinflation will not happen, since the Fed can stop it cold anytime they want by simply flipping the “off” switch.  

              Furthermore, hyperinflation is not at all in the interest of the big bankers who control us.  Banks, after all, make most of their money collecting interest on loans.   If those loans suddenly get paid off in cheap dollars, their revenue stream disappears, not to mention the fact that they’ve received worthless dollars as the payoff.    

              What is going to happen is the same slow relentless process we’re already experiencing – 2% to 4% price rise per year, but 0% income rises.   16% to 25% interest rates on credit cards, but 0.05% interest on your savings accounts.    And on and on and on until in 10-15 years we are all penniless, except the double-damned bankers.    

              The only thing that can break this is a so-called “black swan”.   The unexpected catastrophe that upsets their control over us.      THAT is what we prep for.   What will it be?  Asteroid strike?  Pandemic?  Grid breakdown due to solar flare or enemy action?  Famine?  Musloids hitting us with nuclear weapons?  We cannot know.   “Unknown unknowns” was not a silly phrase. 

          • Durango, I wish I could believe as you do that this article is “just hype”… I also wish that I could live in the happy cloud cuckoo land that freedom gal inhabits. 

            However, living here on planet earth and having studied lots of history, I have made the following conclusions:

            A) Nations are born, and some of them become strong

            B) The really strong ones become empires

            C) These empires eventually become dominated by egomaniacs who don’t actually know how to DO anything, but convince themselves and others of their “special” powers. (Sound like anyone we know in Washington? Lives in a great big white building with pillars out front?)

            D) These empires — like their foolish leaders — become convinced that they are “special” and indispensable, and that the same laws and forces that have governed other nations somehow magically do not apply to them

            E) These empires and their leaders begin to make promises they can’t possibly keep. They resort to scams like creating money out of thin air, convince huge swaths of the populace that’s it ok for them to not work or contribute, and take and take and take from those who DO work

            F) When internal opposition arises, they smear them, mock them, sideline them… look what happened to Ron Paul, the tea party movement, and indeed, anyone who stands up for logic and common sense

            G) When external opposition arises, they amke up some bullshit excuse to rain bombs on them

            H) Eventually, none of this makes a speck of difference: the money for the bread and circuses runs out because the currency has been inflated away into NOTHING, and the mobs run wild. The money for endless wars run out for the same reason, and the rest of the world realizes, dammit, they most certainly CAN keep right on going without the benefit of “Empire X”

            So guess what durango and freedom gal: the world does NOT “need ” US, and inflation will run riot in this country, just as it did in Babylon and Rome, as well as in the Spanish, English and Soviet empires, and indeed in EVERY country stupid enough to delude itself into believing it can pay its bills with piles of fake money. Other nations have ALREADY stopped buying our debt: last year, over 60% of ALL federal government debt was b ought by the Federal Reserve, using “money” they pulled out of their assholes. The next logical step is for them to stop using our money, since they know we are deliberately making it frigging WORTHLESS

            • SOS: While there is some truth to what you say historically, the reality today is very different with OURS being a very sophisticated financial system that has been honed over the past hundred years.

              I must give the devil his due.

              A hyper-inflationary crash requires way too many dollars in the hands of CONSUMERS chasing too few goods and services. The dollars that have created are sitting in the banks to protect their reserve requirements and absorb the losses as the GB’s de-leverage US.

              These dollars, by and large, are not NEW dollars but REPLACEMENT dollars, so the money supply is not increasing by the “printing” of dollars. Additionally, as homes enter foreclosure, the dollars that represent the equity of the homeowner are also destroyed.

              No hyper inflationary collapse. No dollar collapse. 

              • So, USA can go on forever, even though we have to borrow just to make the interest payments?


                DK is right that USA will soon be an energy exporter. We will exploit natural resources to dig the remnants of our nation out of the hole just like the remains of USSSR.

                • Bertha: Not only will WE become an exporter of natural gas but by then a gold standard will be in place so that WE can get paid in gold! LMAO!

                  Say what you want about the GB’s, but they ain’t stupid!

                • Whoever thumbed me down for my response to Bertha about gold, should check out the new quarter. Anyone but me seen one yet?

                  Conditioning.   LMAO!  🙂

              • As I posted above – entirely correct, D.K.   Glad to see one other poster here that actually understands the situation. 

                For the Chicken Littles:   Money Men fear a sudden deflation  (or deleveraging if you prefer) even more than inflation, because it takes control away from them.    They know how to stop inflation.  They have zero ability to stop a deflationary panic when the system is so full of junk money.   Understand please that 90% of large banks, and probably 50% of small ones, are still alive only because their creditors, (i.e. us),  still believe the fiction that they are solvent.   We can all stop believing that overnight, which is the very paradigm of panic.  They cannot stop panic, short of feeding every one of us a massive dose of Thorazine.   Given today’s instant communications, a real panic will collapse their house of cards completely flat in less than a day.    They will be broke, and worse yet powerless, which they fear more than poverty.  

                Fact is, that’s exactly what should have happened years ago. In 1920-21 we had a panic that lasted less than 18 months.  The Government wisely balanced their budget, the bad debt was purged from the system, and the stage was set for the “Roaring ’20s”.   Today, however, the Government is going exactly the other direction, because for the last fifty years it has been using its’ share of this fiat money-spinning scheme to buy votes with deficit spending.    

                But that’s for another time . . . . .


              • Makes zero sense to think if usa dollars become worthless to other nations that all them dollars will return to usa?….Why?….To Buy what if usless?……Most all what we used to make and sell is GONE to mexico and china and india etc.

                BUT…Usa does still have over 51+% of all oil and nat gas and coal reserves proven and not being used for last 40 yrs.

                New tech allows for drilling 40+ wells OFF of a single drill hole. Alaska is swimming on top of a vast sea of oil. Gull island has many wells capped off. These right NOW if opened will produce Oil at such huge pressures, they need zero pumping assistance for at least 20 yrs!…Then…They can add pumps and go another 20+ yrs on each well.

                All of these naysayers and ecko whacko greenies(green on outside but Kommie RED on inside)..Are full of BS.

                We have at min. a 300+ yr supply of Clean burn coal at utah areas. It can fuel electircicity as we use Today rates, for 300+ yrs.

                We have a 1000 yr supply of nat gas to use for electric or switch semi trucks to burn nat gas….Right NOW new 2013 Models of Peterbilt semi trucks can be ordered that run on Natural Gas.. And only cost a few grand per truck more.

                America has been blessed with more of this stuf and Land mass to grow food etc more so than most nations Combined.

                Instead of all these old and newer groups of green(kommies) and related whacko swindlers we should go BACK to what did WORK 50 yrs ago.

                Them whos old enough, like say 60 yrs or older age, can Remember usa used to be labled the Bread BASKET of the WORLD!

                We at all times ,100% 24/7 forever, had at min 17yr+ supplies of major Grains stored in so many silos that even After we sold off to other nations, and GAVE it Away FREE to africa to feed usless fools whos only skill or talents is to make more babies even though already have 18 kids per female and each male has 10-12 wives!

                Yep we usa fed em all free! year after year. Decade after decade. And we NEVER ran out of excess, Major excess’s of grains/foods.

                Now all a sudden its all gone haywire and world wil starve unless Lib kommies and greedy jew banksters can Cull the heard down to 250-500 million folks world capasity etc…WHY is this True?

                Is it because THEY say its true?….And Who is They?….Globalistic greed driven, self anointed,, self Worshipers who owns our fed gov and the main sources of All info ,aka the MSM’s wordlwide says so?

                FUCK THEM!…..We can go Back to what ALWAYS did work swell for usa and most of rest of world and do so in 5yrs time or LESS!

                All we need is GET RID of EVERY fuckin Unconstitutional EPA times 100 More ileagle fed agencies and beurocracies etc, END every fed or state law made the last 50 yrs.

                I mean Litterally have US Congress who work for US spend 3-6 Months doing zip, zero Nothing else but Go Thru every fed law book-library and round up all laws null and Void since inception as per us cosnt(read it its in there).

                Then Douse with kerosene and Burn every bogus law ever written thats by design to Deprive Us the american Owners of the entire USA lock stock and barrel(yes we leagly own it we the People).

                Then we can go BACK to Industry-factories-manufactureing-Farming etc as before when it DID work out very swell.

                When I was 10 yrs old, everyone got good pay jobs. In 10 minits of job hunting too!…….Why now is 25 Million Our of work?….You all Know the answers right.

                But many seem to not know who or why its been done as it has to destroy us. And a vast majority clam up or run for exits whenever the few of us willing to speak out about “Them” and “It” try to do so!

                Before any such stuf can happen, the same vast majority on all sides dems repubs and libertarians too!…..Must stop being unable or unwillig to learn or hear fatcs and truth. Its really that simple.

                America was divided into dozens of groups in every posible way to divide us all. And by a Handfull of people!

                And todays religious lies and fables spewed by most pastors has become as fake as the vaticans bs the last 50 yrs.

                Ask self a question…Everytime you hear some idiot pastor such as tv evang types…….You hear them tell us Bless jews and bless isreal or God wont bless america and will Curse us all etc!

                Ok fair enough….Lets set the wayback machine to 1948 Sherman…Ok Mr Peabody….But why then?…..Well sherman thats when we should have Begun to recive Massive God given Blessings due to usa support in Excess for isreal and jews.

                Gee hows them blessings been going the LAST 50 yrs if the todays pastros is so correct?…….Come on already! America has had MORE disasters-Wars-Racial troubles-Money trouble-Jobs-Destroyed familys-Morals-Ethics-Fed govnt-State govnt-Local govnt- MSM and on and on ad infinitim…..

                WHERES THEM BLESSINGS Pastors Haggee or Ropertson ET AL: ?….WHERE and WHEN?!

                Because if YOU be Honest with us and self, you MUST admit NOBODY or other nation has done more to Bless jews or isreal than America!…..No way to deny I am correct.

                So again Where is our vast blessings?……Maybe we been Lied to and swindled by fat greedy big mouth Wolves in sheeps clothes eh?

                Americas IS and HAS been being Cursed like never before the last 50+ yrs……Them old enough cant deny it if honest.

                What if bible dont really say anybody should bless isreal or jews like we was told?…..What if americans like us folks has been swindled with all that stuf?

                HINT! A good way to self prove it is ask a question….WHERES those Blessings preachers?…..Because PRIOR to 1948 jew crap america WAS Blessed like no othr nation in history was ever!

                What of Today and last 50 yrs?….CURSED and getting WORSE Daily!

                Who controls EVERYTHING that matters in usa? at Every level?

                Them same folks america has so been Blessings!!!

                WAKE UP!…..Got KIDS?…..GRANDKIDS?…..I thought so!

                Do YOU CARE about kids and grndkiddies futures?…….WAKE UP!

                You can’t Learn truth if each time its wrote or spoken you head for exits like Pavlovs doggies, well kommie trained.

                But you wont awaken unless you Investigate it for yourself or Listen to Truth.

                OR keep tuned into Southern baptist or protestant pastors that jew banksters or the ADL or SPLC has Paid OFF for decades to spew UN biblical crap……And if you continue I do feel sorry for YOUR kids or grandkids…

                And Thank God I myself never had any kids…….But I too am willing to help Yours in a true fight for good etc.

                Unfortunatly it will likely be them same braindead jewdeo christians who will be our deadliest enemys when they believe they, by killing Us types, are “Blessings” jews etc!

                Its ok….That will earn them fools an Eternity in Hell along with their beloved jew masters, who Christ himself called “Sons(and daughters) of the DEVIL!

                Keep blessing Devils sons and demonic evil greedy banksters and zios etc and hope for change right!

                Sorry for a long rant  but its tiresome reading so many “Dollar” “Crash/Inflation” theorys…..DK is correct..Again.

                I aint heard but TWO posts or mentions on all the Dollars FED destroys by burning in huge furnace in NY(?)…(Mine and DK’s posts)

                All we hear is too many dollars will return to usa….SO WHAT?

                Unless too many dollars gets into OUR hands to SPEND?…ZERO Inflation and TPTB wont EVER allow Us to get too many dollars to spend right!

                PS most all of them Links to above main article is wrote by or owned by…..CLUE….Same tribe as Banksters is….Trust them writers?……I sure don’t. They are Iternational…Not loyal to any Host nations…Loyal to Selves+Money/gold+isreal…..Check it out read for yourself.  Or Remain brainwashed and see how america looks in a few more yrs.

              • so sorry durango, but you are dead wrong: it is not our financial systems which are more sophisticated, but the bullshit lies that are spun to make everything appear “okily dokily” that are more sophisticated. Debasing the currency is debasing the currency, whether its Emperor Diocletian making coins that are not gold or silver but are 90 % base metals, or its Ben Bernanke engaging in “quantitative easing”. Its all still a swindle, and the swindle has the same purpose: to let TPTB pay for their outlandish and impossible promises with fake money.

                The end of this game will be the same: eventually, people will figure out that the currency they’ve used their whole lives is worthless. It’s already happening, and not just here on this forum, but even out on the streets of some of the meanest cities in America, where drug dealers are taking payment in Tide detergent in preference to dollars. Its not happening everywhere to be sure, but the fact that people who have most likely not majored in economics or finance, who don’t watch CNBC or read the WSJ can figure out that our currency is turning to shit ought to tell you everything you need to know about what is happening in this country. RIGHT NOW; not six months from now, or “somewhere down the road”, its happening now.

                Just don’t be the guy who gets stuck holding a worthless currency, its not a pleasant prospect

          • DK

            The US had more debt as a percentage of GDP post WWII however the GDP is now based upon an increased money supply. Like the modern inputs into the consumer price index it’s not an apples to apples comparison. Back then those US dollars were redeemable for gold at 35 to one ounce and we had 90+% of the worlds gold while today the US dollar is backed by more fiat dollars. GDP back then was real while today it increases with the next “stimulus” input. We competed post WWII with a bombed out world while we had an intact (and huge) industrial base so large that it’s manufacturing capability was greater than the rest of the world combined. Needless to say here lay another big difference between now and then.

            The US had no need to overthrow nations thinking of using another currency when the Bretton Woods Agreement insured that the USD was as “good as gold”. Today Wall Street and the US Government need the US Military to keep nations in line that desire to flee the USD. When you force your currency upon nations it’s a good indication something is seriously wrong.

            This is not 1945 and the numbers then do not reflect the realities today.

            • K2: It doesn’t matter whether the GDP is based upon gold dollars or fiat. Money is  money in a fiat world but don’t worry, in five or ten years you will get your wish and American dollars will be backed by gold again …… so buy some!  🙂

              Personally, I hope the FED buys all of OUR debt, just before WE crush them and put them in prison!

              American debt is ESSENTIAL to global investors as a place to park their excess cash. ESSENTIAL. Historically, global financial transactions have ranged between 55 and 65% of all trade. It is still within that range today.

              Nothing to see here!  🙂

              • So USA really is indespensible?

                • Bertha: Yes America is essential. Financially and militarily. If not Europe would have be over run by barbarians by now and totally broke.  🙂

              • “It doesn’t matter whether the GDP is based upon gold dollars or fiat.”

                Well it certainly matters to the unemployed. We have a high GDP but high unemployment. That happens in a false economy where fiat money is injected followed by more fiat money. This can only happen with fiat currency. With a standard a rise is really a rise. The GDP like the Consumer Price Index is false. One because the GDP is not reflective of reality because the units of measurement alters the other due to cherry picked data as input. Float the standard having no standard and the results float too. The GDP is a bullshit value today because it’s based largely on debt. If an individual runs up debt and just counts the things in their possession they appear to be doing ok although it’s obvious that they’re not. 

                Post WWII was so different domestically and more importantly internationally no accurate comparison can be made. 

                OBTW the bailout money is getting into the economy. The Investment Firms directly buy equities. They are using that bailout money to purchase those equities. This is a great reason why the market is going up with such high unemployment. As equities get sold that money gets into the system. Thank the abandonment of Glass-Steagall for it.




                • K2: One man’s debt is another man’s asset. Nice try though!  🙂

                • DK

                  “One man’s debt is another man’s asset. Nice try though!  :-)”

                  It was tried and it blew up. Their called derivatives. They were sold as assets and proved to be anything but.


                • K2: I don’t disagree with your perspective, or even the examples you cite:  just the conclusions that you draw from them. 

                  Money is money whether it is backed by gold or not,  and it operates in the economy in the same way. 

                  While metals have intrinsic value and fiat only has the value that people place in it; metals also have limitations as money, especially in a fiat world.

                  People would be unemployed either way.

                • DK

                  “Money is money whether it is backed by gold or not,  and it operates in the economy in the same way.” 

                  Money meets the following criteria,a medium of exchange, a unit of account and a store of value.

                  We force the first upon nations and overthrow their governments to maintain it. The second has an ever decreasing value so lets say the account is not accurate in relationship to the third a store of value which the USD is not.

                  The USD fails in regards to be accurately defined as money. The Fiat USD most certainly does not operate in the economy the same way as real money. 

                  The USA manufactures a money facsimile, exchanges this facsimile for real goods manufactures outside of the US and uses the threat of force and on occasion real force to maintain the this relationship. In the process as more is needed more is created. Because of interest the amount must continue to increase and hence it’s “value” drops disproportionately. Without it’s foreign demand which is being imposed by force and has been challenged by more and more nations that have significant defensive capabilities the system will collapse. The “system” has more in common with organized crime than economics. 





          • ‘ The “good news” is that war is immanent. ‘

                Thank God, I feel BETTER already! /sarc

            • JOG: I do what I can to boost morale !!!  🙂

              • I have only one question…..’who’s bringing the popcorn?’

                • JOG: Its BYOB … like always! 🙂

            • Here’s what no one realizes.

              Fukushima just drilled home to me the obvious fact (FACT) that having a major war is off the table (for any sane rational person).

              Think it through, guys.

              You know how… heh… like in Iraq 1, they lit the oil fields on fire?

              Heh.  So then, what happens if you are totally beating the ever living shit out of a country, to the point that they’re going to be toast, and they have like 60 NUCLEAR REACTORS in their country?

              It’s not just for terrists anymore, is it?

          • I have to agree with durango on this. Lets be adults and be serious and make our points and help each other., I prep and continue and im 40 years old. I said we would not collapse by this time and we havent. Many people on here thought we would by now and got many many neg feedback. yes we are going to go down but not for some time yet. Please lets all try and make good points and not cut on each other. we are a team on here to learn and share ideas. I do agree with durango that we got time and I predicted about april or may things will get bad when after christmas and spending goes down and after people spend their refunds etc. I think if a war breaks out with all the propaganda and bullshit obama puts out I dont know what will happen. but we all know Obama is destroying us. We dont know who to believe just like these investigations into fast and furious and eric holder etc. Where are the criminal crimes against them? They are all on the same news team and manipulating us!

            I’m more concearned with this bitch diane feinstein and POS Obama who want to ban guns and the NRA that claims to be our friends. I wont give a dollor to any of those companies who keep profits and we have rights, but why do we have to fight to keep those rights? We shouldn’t have to and that is my point. Why do we have to pay money to have NRA lobyists fight for our rights which we really don’t know what they really are doing,. I know they have helped us but my other point is I don’t trust any of those corrupt big businesses who all are in bed together. I just will never follow illegal orders or laws by a bunch of liars and crooks and frauds! If they try and do this, I hope millions do the same and tell them to go to hell,. If they push then I hope the people will push the same way back. I support all of you on here and want all you to have security and food and preps. Please dont trust people that only care about themselves.

            • Although I don’t agree with you on everything I do agree with you concerning UN, obama, & Feinstein.  I just spent thousands of dollars I really didn’t have to stock up.  I don’t trust any of them.

              I’m doing waiting until I can afford it.  With these people you can’t afford not to.

          • Sorry……there is simply no way that 200 or so trillion dollars in unfunded obligations is “manageable”.

            That’s sheer nonsense.

            • the total unfuded liabilites including derivatives totals in excess of 2 quadrillion dollars. at some point we default or at some point it will be a form of hyperinflation we have never really seen. it wont be like the hyperinflation you know dk? when the fed starts floating ideas like ” if everyone knew we were going to have 100 percent inflation, would that be so bad?” than you know that they have a hair brained plan up there sleeve. dk you are correct in many respects. your problem is you take history too literally. it will be a new and different trick than used in the past. you dont want your “good news” either. it will hardly be good news for you or anyone.

          • At the height of the Great Depression debt to GDP was 40% — Today 105%

      2. It’s an orchestrated takedown from end to end.  Every bit of this was calculated by the powers-that-were.  They know it’s coming and they know when it’s coming, and they too, are getting scared.  Prepare, prepare, prepare.

        Gold Leader standing by.

        • Spot on, G.L.!

      3. we are so screwed that i have gotten to the point where i am just saying let everyone get free food stamps, and money from the government. that would give me more money to prep.  things won’t get better until after the system crashes. if there was a chance to fix it then i would say do it. but since there is not, so i say lets prep and fuck the system over by getting on the government tit. as some kids say “everyone else is doing it”.


        • when i say “get on the government tit”, i don’t mean to rely on the government. i meant use the government.


          • I think I know what you mean. In the old Soviet Union and other openly Communist nations, people having little to no concept of private property made the concept of theft pretty murky then too; since technically everything belonged to the state no matter who had it in his hands at the moment, stealing from one’s neighbor hardly counted as theft to a Communist true-believer. Hence, they referred to all the pilfering, loophole-abuse, and cooking of the books they were doing as “business on the side” in a not-always-intentionally euphemistic manner. You’re thinking you’d like to do a little “business on the side” of this kind yourself with our system. Unfortunately, by the time the system is corrupt enough that any of your taxpayer dollars get redistributed back to you, chances are the money will already be effectively worthless.

            In other words, you could indeed probably buy all kinds of useful prepper stuff with one of those EBT cards right now, but by the time you’re eligible to get one, everyone else will have one too and none of that stuff will be available to buy anymore.

          • Damn I thought you meant to suck Hillary’s nipple… ah well… my dream has died… I am sad now.. no les… ahem!  Hillary nipple for me…

          • I agree.  Use the Cloward-Piven strategy against them.  The left has used it for years to bring us to this point.  We need to overwhelm the beast by making our own demands upon it, and meanwhile stop feeding it.

            • I feel truely sorry for u.

        • I can see that happening only as long as it takes for the government to institute a “work for welfare” program, where recipients would be required to provide labor in exchange for a check.


          From there it’s just a small step to a communist system.

          • you are completely right on that one. i don’t know what the type of system they had back in the dark ages. but i think that it would be closer to that. where the rich own everything and the poor have no say in the matter. they basically work for food, shelter and very little spending money.


          • Or, how about if they make you turn in your firearms as a condition of getting that gubbermint moulah?

            Thanks, but no thanks

        • Living off the government tit…..more like living off the people that are getting their asses taxed off.  Can’t see myself doing that.  I’ve got too much pride in myself or too much proper upbringing to rely on someone elses hard work to do that.  If I can’t do it on my own one way, I’ll find another way to take care of me and mine.  Americans used to be resourceful that way, I guess not any more.  I personally refuse to live off someone elses money.

          • the government takes there money out of my check before i even see my check. i pay into social security like every one else and yet i have already come to terms with the fact that i will never see any of that money when i get ready to retire. and don’t even get me started on what i think about the government taking my 401k and giving it to lazy ass people who don’t want to work. since i believe that i won’t see social security when i get older, i say give me my money now or at least give me a program that i can use.

            now lets study my term government tit. everyone here should know what a government is, so lets study the second word tit. there are two type of people that uses tits. 1 babies and 2 people. babies uses it to get food and nutrition that they need . and people just like to play with them among other things. now in this case the sheeple are the babies who rely on the tit and can’t live without it. and i am part of the group that just like to have fun with the tit but don’t really need it.

          • You wouldn’t be living off someone else’s money.  You’d just be getting some of yours back.

        • What will happen if they finally get the same fed banks and banksters who run it, into the Last few nations who has their Own bank system?

          N.Korea+Iran+ a couple more is the ONLY nations not controlled by exact SAME fed res banks as usa is. Yes they may call other nations fed a different name?…but its still the exact Same couple hundred banksters worldwide.

          Now suppose they do get 100% of nations and declare every nation bankrupt, and SWITCH to ONE Global money system?

          What IF it became CASHLESS Computer digital generated forms of money worldwide for Every person in world?

          Think we will still get inflation?…Or Mass inflations?…NO….They got power to declare all debts paid off or done in full and start all over with cashless or whatever else they desire.

          I don’t believe we ever again will see Gold or metal backed cash or even basket of curencies etc. There IS good reasons the last 20 yrs fed reserve and nations of world and corp’s has gone so far with Digital cash and Pay utility bills in cashless online methods.  Whats to stop that system going full blown in entrie world of “money”?…..Not a single factor, None.

          And it is probobly the ONLY type system posible to create a world where every living soul Must recieve a “Mark” or “Chip implant” in order to buy or sell anything period. NO other system can work to control all buyers or sellers worldwide than cashless computer digital cash.

          Who desires such mass control of Everyone in world?…How far has they progressed so far?(Lots!)……..The ones in charge didn’t do all this stuf the last 200 yrs just to see it all colapse and then they go away bummed out and what next?……No….They got zero ideas of allowing themselves lose grip on everybody and everything.

          Their true plans is to OWN and Control entire world…Whys that so hard to believe after you seen to many evils already done by Them?

      4. I’m sorry.  I know I will get slammed with red thumbs probably… but… may I ask a favor?

        Can you post ANYTHING that is GOOD news?  After all, we are entering into the Holy Season, and there is still good news out here.  Please, let’s remember the Reason for the Season, at least in a story or two… can we??


        • They don’t call it SHTF for good news.  

          The GOOD news is you are being fore warned and can prepare.   Preparing for an economic failure of our society (America) is daunting but not impossible.  I dare say if you prepare for a dollar collapse like that suggested you are just about prepared for anything – maybe other than a solar flair/EMP event.  Still the cross over of preparing for a dollar collapse to any other SHTF event is significant.  I repeat if you are ready for a dollar collapse you are as ready as you can be for most anything. 

          The ONLY thing I’d thank these politicians for is the time to prepare. 

          • Great!  So in the meantime all the truly hopeful and good news is ignored so that we “preppers” can get our fill of the current happenings and the eerie details enveloped within it?

            I think a true prepper will stay on top of these with or without having to be reminded every day, day in and day out, about it! 

            The fact is… if you and all of us… had the faith of a mustard seed, these times would not cause so much fear and tension.  All of these circumstances would simply be understood for what they are.  God is in control, no matter how prepped you, I or anyone is.  We are to stay on top of these things… absolutely.  But, to make it the only focus in not only unhealthy (both mentally and physically) it is defeating.

            We MUST see the good in even the things we call bad.  We have to be able to stand in the middle of NYC in rush hour an not be affected by it and be at peace.  Otherwise, we are just another problem spoke in the wheel of life.

            God bless and Merry Christmas!

            • @Paranoia:

              While what you’re saying is true that God is in control, why would you ask a site called SHTF Plan to post good news when you can just get it elsewhere, from a site devoted to that?

              If I ever see your house on fire, I will just send positive thoughts your way instead of warning you. I wouldn’t want to “scare” you or drag you down or anything with negative thoughts.

              • Read the below comment to KY Mom, maybe then you will get the point and reasoning behind my comments!

                • Hey there paranoia,

                  I am all in favor of good news, and that’s exactly why I come to this site, which is all about protecting oneself from the evils that surround us. When you’re worried about how bad things are becoming, but you can’t quite figure out precisely what’s happening or why, then its comforting to be in a place where not only do we look squarely at things the way they are, but we can also trade ideas about how to deal with it/ fight against it/prepare to ward it off.

                  Just because you don’t see the Devil lurking doesn’t mean he won’t try to pounce

              • LT,

                This is just the most recent in a series of agreements dating back a decade that have been trying to phase out the dollar as the reserve currency.

            • According to Lindsey Williams, the dollar being rejected around the world will result in those dollars returning to our shores, causing severe inflation around 6 months from now.

              • LT; WE have been hearing that from Alt media for three years. It STILL hasn’t happened and it won’t next year either. Eventually, maybe. But that is STILL years away.

                There are wars to be won, crony capitalism that must be spread, and gold that must be bought with dollars. DOLLARS are the weapon of choice.

                Not yet, not anytime soon.

                • @DK.  I know from your writings you don’t subscribe to HypInf.  Now what rattles my cage, when trying to conceptualize our economy to economies past that have encountered HI is this; After WW II/ Bretton-Woods, we found ourselves in a unique position.

                  First, the US was the only country (of consequence), not devastated by the war. And as such, went into non-mil high gear production of goods.

                  Second, our currency was used as the “reserve currency” of the world. Also, oil had to be bought/denominated with $’s. This gave us incredible leeway to abuse the rest of the world. And by abuse I mean “print $’s out of thin air because the rest of the world HAD to have them”.  And of course, as they started to catch on (al la the French in the late 60’s converting for $35.00 gold), Tricky Dick removed the gold backing. ( I believe this really pissed them off!ha ha)

                  Third: We still had ’em by the balls, because they had to get bucks to buy their oil! So we printed more, and with those “dollars out of thin air” bought real goods, oil and made war. Oil until the late 90’s at $10.00 a bbl?  Bought with worthless paper? How could you not win?  Our society was subsidised by other countries’ non-renewable cheap resources and labor, bought with dollars backed by  “The full faith and credit of the USA”! 

                  We didn’t get fat and happy on the GI bill. It didn’t hurt, I agree.  We got fat and happy because of the things I stated above. WE COULDN’T LOOSE IF WE TRIED!

                  Of course, all good things come to an end. And these countries around the world, will salivate as we get a taste of what they have been through. And China, she likes to sell to us, but would burn the dollars in the bank and stab us in the throat in a heartbeat, IMO.

                  So, I do agree we are in a deflationary circling of the drain. A race to the bottom. Offshoring of industry, leading to lower employment, leading to lower demand, leading to lower employment, …. and down the tubes she goes.

                  Followed  by a nice, ripe, juicy dose of Hyperinflation to finish the job. No historical parellels.

                  A distillation of Friedman,Martenson, Maloney, Fofoa.

                  And Paul Krugman is either so f*cking brilliant and beyond my brainpower to follow, or a complete idiot and moron. I lean to the latter.


                • Rick: Check a couple of replies I made to to K2 and SOS above, after your post. Particularly with respect to the destruction of dollars.

                  Krugman is a shill for the PTB and there are lots of them like him trying to talk the economy up, too. Its flat and will remain that way. Still, there are opportunities for those willing to think outside the box and apply themselves.

                  De-leveraging has a long, long, long way to go and that process destroys dollars. Lots of dollars.

                  No hyper-inflation. No dollar collapse. No matter how much some folks here want to see it happen.  🙂

                • Back in September MY WIFE and I took a trip to Germany to visit relatives. While there, we tried to exchange our dollars for the euro at several banks but they all refused to take the dollars. We did however find one place to exchange the money at the bahnhof (train station), but they wanted to give us a severe haircut for their troubles. Finally we resorted to go to a U.S. military base to get the $ exchanged. I previously had lived in Germany for 10+ and we never had that problem then.

            • Paranoia,

              Yes, knowing what will come is very sad.  At times, it can be very discouraging for a prepper.  But, we can focus on and be thankful for each and every day and the blessings we enjoy and use this time to prepare our hearts and homes. 

              Many written about in the Bible (Noah, Moses, Job and many others) went through very trying times, but they kept their faith strong and didn’t give up.   We must do likewise and be strong also. 

              A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them; the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

              Proverbs 22:3

              In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all he has.

              Proverbs 21: 20

              There are many low cost/no cost ways you can enjoy your Christmas season.  Take the kids and go Christmas caroling to shut ins or a nursing home.  If you have outgrown clothing, toys, etc. – donate some to a shelter or Goodwill.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter.  There are many good people who are facing SHTF situations – lost jobs, lost home, etc.

              Take care.

              KY Mom

              • Did I not say that we must be on top of these things, and be a prepper?

                Did you read only what you wanted to read of my comments?

                The fact is… you are only partially correct.  While all of life brings hard times and trials, we are NOT to dwell upon them.  That is what faith is for, and what faith is all about.

                And yes, while SHTFplan is a site of “doom and gloom” only I suppose, the reality is that it isn’t all doom and gloom.  Otherwise, what’s the point in living?  What’s the point in prepping if it’s only futile?  What’s the point in prepping with charity in mind if in the end it really matters not?

                The dwelling upon ONLY the bad is partially what has gotten this nation, and the world, into the mess it’s in now!  We have forgotten our first love!

                My only real point to the above posts is for you, me, SHTFplan and all others to not only be prepped up, be on top of the times at hand, but to have faith!  Have faith in the one true God and KNOW that it is He who is in control and to see where He is going and catch the wave He is creating.  Not the tidal wave of fear and despair that all is lost, all is doomed and all is so far gone that the only thing left is to prep up, fight, look for more bad news, etc, etc, etc….

                Thus my name… Paranoia Will Destroy Ya!!!!

                God is good all the time!  All the time God is good!

                Merry Christmas and God bless!

                • Paranoia,

                  Good for you! Read “The Universal Garden of Emuna” by Shalom Arush- it’s exactly the message you’re giving. No matter how bad things may appear, faith is what keeps us going.


                • Thanks Kelly! 

                  There is such a starvation for spiritual truth.  Most people unfortunately try to fulfill that void with so many things (i.e. handling things all on their own and by their own powers – like prepping, etc).  Yet, none of those things will fill that void. 

                  God bless and have a great day!

                • Hey, downer…you are assuming all us here have cups half empty…hey, mine is half full.

                  How about you other readers and preppers??  Thumbs up if half full…thumbs down if half empty.

                  Perspective means a lot.  We see what’s coming and linger here to learn how to better prepare for it–for it is what it is–and we are our saviors(lower case, not upper). 


                • Point taken, Paranoia. I think my reply to you sounded kind of rude, so I apologize. It was a reaction based on being surrounded by people who go to the opposite extreme from preppers, people who think they don’t have to do anything for the future and that such activity is fear-based and that God will take care of everything so we don’t have to do anything. As I always say, God doesn’t want us to go out in the yard and open our mouths like baby birds waiting for Him to fill it; he expects us to work and purchase what we need if at all possible, and I assume based on certain scriptures and common sense that that means for the future as well.

                  I have been told not to “scare” people at church, and that I am living in fear. Such is not the case.

                • Oh jayjay, you don’t get what I mean I guess.  It has nothing to do with pessimism, it has everything to do with reality.



                  I was hoping that you’d see what I meant if I explained it better.  I too have dealt with the exact same people that you have.  It’s frustrating to say the least.  But, I’ve learned that I can learn from them as well as them learning from me.  Some though, remind me of this story:There was a tornado heading straight for this little old house, and the family said, “We need to get to the shelter now!”  But … there was Grandma, in the living room – literally standing on the Bible!  The daughter yelled and said, “Mom, we have to go!  C’mon!”, in which the little ole Grandma said, “NO!  I am going to trust in the Lord and do what He has said.”  And the daughter said, “And that is?”  Grandma replied, “To stand upon the Word of God!”

                  WOW!  Sometimes literalism will destroy ya too!  LOL!

                  Have a great one LT!





                • God is good all the time but he can surely punish.

            • Wow and I thought we was supposed to be Discerning and to reprove and REBUKE…..Which for them who aint aware of it means Expose and Condemn folks and things or agendas that our discernment shows to be Bad or evil etc.

              We got too many folks already who refuse to say stuf out of fear of being non pc or be called racist or antisemite or simply right wing fanatic.

              Usually thems same folks who Run like a tornado wind whenever they do hear another speak truth or facts. Good in bad stuf aint real.

              After God turns evil into good for us who loves Him, then its a different story…..But till That happens?…Bad still is bad. No good in bad.

              God is still in control?…yes of course…But He said it is Satan whos the god of This world for time being. We are suposed to Fight evil in every way we can….Even Physically if necessary.

              Just as Christ did when he beat ass on banksters(money changers) in His Fathers Temple…..He sure didn’t turn other cheeck then eh.

              Sometimes its ok even for christains to fight evil with weapons etc. Its called a “Just” war. And Nobody ever had more Just cause than we do Now eh!

          • How do you prepare for a dollar collapse?

            • Hard assets, hopefully stuff the federal government will no take away from you. 


            • jimb

              Actually you use the same method that was employed to prepare for a nuclear war. 

              1. Go to the lowest point of your home preferably the basement.

              2. Go to the wall that is most likely to face the explosion.

              3. Bend over.

              4. Pull your drawers down.

              5. Kiss your a$$ good by.

              A complete collapse would be a horror. Not as bad as a nuclear war but  unless your prepped on some self sustaining little farm surrounded by others like yourself your long term survival is questionable at best. While this is going on domestically the world will be an ugly place internationally. 

              • u rang?

            • Prepare?   

              The answer is too long, but it’s all over this web site and others.   So many lists, and you can waste money be careful.  I like God, Guns and Guts as a short list.   Be strong in your faith, a good selection of firearms for any need, and the guts to use them.

              I also believe in getting self sustaining.   Watertreatment and filtration from a reliable source.  I met a fellow prepper last week who never thought or realized we have enough rainwater here to sustain our selves so long as you collect, filter, and treat it.   Gardening is essential to sustaining life and affordable.  Do it now and you can save money for ammo.   If you garden well your stocks of food can be less then some others.  Power supply – I went solar.   I have a generator and wood stove.  And a bug out property!   You might wantrot scout some remote BLM land if you can’t buy anything.  The list will never end…..

              • Electricity–who really needs it? Get ya a wood cook stove and a wood heating stove, some candles, kerosene + lamps and you’re good to go. That’s all my family had for years whilst I was growing up.

          • Totally agee with you Jim.  It is good news that there are sites like this and people who share experience, ideas, and thoughts.  Makes me feel so not alone in the world of sheeple. 

            I think people that see this stuff as only bad news need to work on their mindset.  The old saying “that only the stong will survive” has numerous meanings if you think about it.  Whether it is physically strong, mentally strong, emotionally strong, strong in experience, strong in knowledge, strong in spirit, etc.

            Finding websites and people of like mind sharing such as this is GOOD NEWS!


        • paranoia,

          Here is some good news. God is in charge and we will all get to meet him one day.

          Now back to today. We still have to survive until that day (no one knows when the day is) SHTF is the news we need so we can decide what to prep for. I wont red thumb you because your post reminds us that we still have alot to be happy about.

          • Thank you Bulldog!  You get it!  Thank God someone does!

            Merry Christmas and God bless you and yours as you do the right things of prepping, prepping with charity in mind, looking for the good in all, and knowing ultimately Who is in charge!

            Have a great day!

            • @Paranoia ……I understand where you are coming from, I’m pretty nervous at times too…….but like most of the people that post here, I know that everything is in Gods’ hands……..not ours.

              We do have so much to be thankful for , and as I said , most of us know that and do give thanks daily…….But  one thing I do give thanks for is all the good information that we get every day on this site…….I for one have learned so much…….great recipes from Copperhead(BTW) where is he?   The Best info  about under the earth  from Be Informed, and just one Guy watching the sky for us…..medical info, financial info, the list goes on and on………These are HAPPY things for me….We really do understand what you are saying !!  take care and Merry Christmas to you too….CC

          • I agree with Bulldog. We have to remember to enjoy our lives. It cannot be all about prepping 24/7. We have to be thankful to God for what we have. He is in charge, but He also gave us free will. Sometimes I get a little worried that by prepping heavily, I am looking to this world too much and not storing up treasures in Heaven. If I am wrong, I know He will forgive me. He has promised that. Paranoia, keep the Faith, keep prepping. If the bad news depresses you, take a break from it. I have lately. I check in now and then to see if anything is happening, then get out. It can be overwhelming. Hang in there, just remember to have faith in Him.

            • Thanks Jim!

              I do that exact thing.  Glad to hear others do the same.  I appreciate it, and appreciate your camaraderie. 

              God bless!!

              • I am a soldier in GOD’s army. That, ultimately, is why I work to be prepared

                • Notice it is predominately Christians who are prepping?  …moved by the Spirit?

        • From Tech Support:

          No, there is no good news.

          Due to technical difficulties…the light at the end of the tunnel has been temporarily turned off. Good luck.

          • YH,

            dont forget 

             press 1 for economic collpase

            2 for dirty bomb

            3 for 12/21/12

            4 for massive earth quake

            5 for all of the above

            • Ha Ha! I completely forgot to add that 🙂 Thanks Bulldog.

          • good

            because I was pretty sure that light at the end of the tunnel was a train 

            • satori,

              That is a great song by Metallica, No Leaf Clover!!!!

            • Satori

              it wasn’t a train, it was some bastard with a torch bringing me more work.


              take care



              • @ Burt-baby


                Hi Burt, glad to see you & yours pulled thru yer rather unsettling…monsoon

                deluge!  Was worried about you folks.

                Question:)  In bloke-speak…is an English torch the same as an American flashlight?

                • Anton


                  How  are you? Yes a torch is a flashlight, I forget which terminology to use  sometimes lol.

                  I am happy to report I have seen no rain for an entire 9 hours.

                  Hope you and the family are well, I’ll drop you a line via cyber post lol.

                  take care x

        • Good “news” ain’t hard to find.  Flip on NBC, Fox or any Reuters outlet, and they’ll tell you how the economy is recovering nicely, that we have enough oil to last hundreds of years, and the latest fashion news.  Right there at your fingertips.

          • I like your sarcastic satire.  But those you listed have no good news, it’s false news to make the sheeple feel good.  There’s a big difference!

        • It will soon be over, that to me is good news.

        • @PwDY. No, the electric bill is years behind. The light at the end of the tunnel is now off. Instead of visions of sugarplums dancing in your head, there will be visions of the behemoths running through the isles of Wally World, catapaulting and slamming their slothful blubbery bodies into huge piles of electronic gadgets while spittle froths from their lips.

        • @ PWDY

            The good news is that we are on the right side of the grass and not looking at any roots.

        • I have good news.  I now have year worth of stock.  And for luck we found a electric shooter for me to get around for less then $200.  yes it old and battery will need to be replace  but I could never afford a new one.  So I can get around.  Shop for myself and ride the bus to doctors and not depend on friends. 

          I know you all work for more then a year worth of stock when the problems come.

          All one can do is make life better and plan for more.  And being independent  is all anyone can do.

        • @Paranoia

              Good News!  Our nation isn’t completely lost, yet.  There is one bastoin still left fighting for common sense.

           Time to pack up and move to Oklahoma….> > > OKLAHOMA !!!!> > ‘Be who you are and say what you feel, because those that matter – don’t> mind… and those that mind – don’t matter.’> > Oklahoma is the only state that Obama did not win even one county in the> last election…> > While everyone is focusing on Arizona ‘s new law, look what Oklahoma has> been doing!!!!> > []An update from Oklahoma :> > Oklahoma law passed, 37 to 9 an amendment to place the Ten Commandments> on the front entrance to the state capitol. The feds in D.C., along with> the ACLU, said it would be a mistake. Hey this is a conservative state,> based on Christian values…! HB 1330> > Guess what………. Oklahoma did it anyway.> > []> > Oklahoma recently passed a law in the state to incarcerate all illegal> immigrants, and ship them back to where they came from unless they want> to get a green card and become an American citizen. They all scattered.> HB 1804. This was against the advice of the Federal Government, and the> ACLU, they said it would be a mistake.> > Guess what………. Oklahoma did it anyway.> > []> > Recently we passed a law to include DNA samples from any and all> illegal’s to the Oklahoma database, for criminal investigative purposes.> Pelosi said it was unconstitutional SB 1102> > Guess what……… Oklahoma did it anyway.> > []> > Several weeks ago, we passed a law, declaring Oklahoma as a Sovereign> state, not under the Federal Government directives. Joining Texas ,> Montana and Utah as the only states to do so. []> > More states are likely to follow: Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, the> Carolina’s, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, West Virginia,> Mississippi and Florida . Save your confederate money, it appears the> South is about to rise up once again. HJR 1003> > The federal Government has made bold steps to take away our guns.> Oklahoma , a week ago, passed a law confirming people in this state have> the right to bear arms and transport them in their vehicles. I’m sure> that was a set back for the criminals The Liberals didn’t like it — But> ….> > Guess what……….. Oklahoma did it anyway .> > []> > Just this month, the state has voted and passed a law that ALL driver’s> license exams will be printed in English, and only English, and no other> language. They have been called racist for doing this, but the fact is> that ALL of the road signs are in English only> > If you want to drive in Oklahoma , you must read and write English.> Really simple.> > By the way, the Liberals don’t like any of this either> > Guess what…who cares… Oklahoma is doing it anyway.

          My better half sent me this in an email this afternoon.  We are seriously considering a move.

          • Stupid, sucky formatting… In my best Homer Simpson voice 

            • “Stupid, sucky formatting… In my best Homer Simpson voice “…that’s what made it funny!

              • DOH!

          • This should be front page news at every prep and suvival site.

            Why to go.

            Florida! Get off your ass and do something!

          • Don’t forget Wyoming!

        • Here’s the good news…

          When America crashes and fails…the preppers will gather….put our minds, skills, talents and yes, out technology together and start fresh again.

          True Americans are a resilient bunch, kind, hard working and we like a challenge.

          We’re just all chatting like farmers who just closed the barn doors and watching the storm clouds headed our way.  We’re ready for anything.

          Take comfort that you just accessed the worlds largest community of REAL People.   We own businesses, run companies, employ people and hold real assets that will hold value..  silver, gold, land, skills and faith in God and eachother.

          “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”… and also the American Prepper movement.

          We are real and we exist in every town, city and even in cyberspace.

          In my own life..  I have bugout bags…one for the dog too.

          I also have medsurg sutures and stuff to treat gunshot wounds.

          We plan for the worst….not because we are a negative bunch..but because we are a Christian nation.   Sorry Obama..  WE ARE ARE ORIGINALLY A CHRISTIAN NATION!  The rest just followed us over.  Apologies to the native  Americans…you folks were here first.  

          If we have a collapse…I have heart that all preppers will take care of their neighbors.  In my own life..  I have prepared little humanitarian packets of dried goods that will last for decades for folks in need.

          The good news is…you found us.

          The evolution….in time…after the dust settles…. we’ll be networking to rebuild our country after the masses discover that socialism just doesn’t work.

          To our misguided government…  Yeah, when you guys wake up and come around…back to American values…just call on us…  We have the tools, resources, skills and such to help our country out.

          So…there’s your good news….  

          My advice.. Stop watching TV news if you do…it’s all lies.

          Don’t feel like it’s all collapsing…  It’s just the winter season for the United States for the next decade or so…we’ll come out of it.

          I see this as a time to prepare and gain new skills…  

          For your retirement…  I recommend that you get a nice safe…bolt it to the floor, brick it in…and put it under your basement stairs or someplace that’s hard to get at…  Then…weekly, buy silver coins…

          At retirement….  then you have something real that the govt. won’t steal.

          Good luck folks…

          Feel good that we are a community of like minded people.








      5. I love Michael’s articles. He is spot on about our economy and the global economy.  If you have read Michael’s articles in the past on any of his sites you are aware of the dollar being the reserve currency of the world and how we are losing that status via agreements with the BRICS countires that are cutting out the dollar.

        The one thing I would like to add to this is please, please, do not underestimate the power of our Government to “keep the ship floating.”  If you look at what is going on we all know there is a financial collapse coming. The only question is when? I don’t pretend to have all the answers but I think it would be foolish  not to consider our Government doing something completly unforseen that would keep the dollar going for years or even decades. So while it may look like financial collapse is right around the corner (and it may very well be) don’t get too crazy and go overboard with prepping and let it consume your life. Budget and plan like you have been and aquire preps on a rational basis that makes sense for you.  Don’t neglect your life right now because you think “it’s right around the corner.” Live life to the fullest, enjoy this time with family and friends, and steadily prepare for the future.

        • Good advice John.


          Also consider, if some other SHTF event occurs prior to a US currency collapse, then US FRN’s might skyrocket in value as everyone seeks the safest (?) money.  If that happens, gold will plunge in price as measured in US dollars. That would be the time to be cash out of dollars and buy into physical gold. 


          Not to suggest holding gold now isn’t a good idea, and I wouldn’t suggest selling it to buy dollars, but in many SHTF scenarios the US dollar may be a good investment as investors flock to the reserve currency for financial safety.    Sure, the USD has chronic problems, but an acute event might still drive investors to it for awhile.

          • High N Dry

            Yes. Exactly. There are a thousand different scenarios and not all of them involve a dollar collapse, certain situations might even give the dollar a short to mid term boost while driving down PM prices.

             I guess the point is no one knows exactly how it is going to play out or what road we will take to get there, and if you put all your eggs in the “dollar collapse” basket when it is all said and done you could have  alot of broken eggs.

        • Bullpoop–I’m prepping like tomorrow is here and the nation just defaulted on its debts to all other countries..equal opportunity defaulters, we are!!!

          We will leave no one out.

      6. The idots in charge will do whatever they have to to keep the status quo mvoing right along. They care not for the well being of  The united States or  any American, let alone anyone else in this world. This so called upcoming fiscal cliff is just another BS script in the grand schemes of how to destroy a nation at the expense of it’s people.

        One day soon the grim reaper of all holly collection will be paying a visit an when that day finally arrives, a hell unlike anything ever seen will be unleashed upon the happless sheeple, ostrich, serfs, and lemmings of America. The hands of death will reach out beyond the borders of America, because to many have been cuddle into the biggest ponzi scheme the world has ever seen.

        The utter destruction of America has been in the works for some time. How much longer till the final nail is driven into the Lady Liberty’s coffin is anyone’s guess? When that does happen, it’s checkmate!!!!!!!

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

        • SoapDish,

          Sometimes games can be won when the look lost. Sometimes, as corny as it sounds, 1 person can make a difference. Call me nieve, but if enough good, honest people adopted this attitude maybe it wouldn’t be “checkmate.”

          So instead of sitting back, screaming the sky is falling, I would rather try and make a difference. However big or small that impact might ultimatly be I have no idea. I am damn sure going to be able to look myself in the mirror at the end of the day and say I tried my hardest to make a positive contribution.  What I refuse to do is sit back and say “the end is coming, oh well at least I have preps.” If everyone has that attitude we are doomed, but sites like this and people like Mac, Michael Snyder, Be Informed, Norse Prepper, and many, many others have choosen to try and make a difference.  What will you be able to say you contributed at the end of the day?

          • And what is this great solution that we can kumbaya into existence?  We’ve already crossed the economic event horizon: raise interest, debt soars; keep interest low, reduce sayings, promote speculators.  That doesn’t even include other problems, such as unfunded liabilities, dwindling oil, etc.  We got 99 problem, and we can’t fix none.

            This isn’t a disney movie.  No amount of pixie dust can save us, and there is no calvary coming to the rescue.  The only way out of this mess is through it.

            • Bam Bam,

              I’m a solutions guy. Not a problems guy. I am aware of all the problems out there but what I am not will to do is roll over and let someone stick it to me without doing all that I can to prevent it. Sounds like you have a good grasp on a few issues we are facing. Good for you. Since you are one of the informed, the way I see it is you have exactly two options….

              1. Cry and whine about how many problems there are while you bow down to “the man” and how powerful he is, basically elevating TPTB to a god like status saying their agenda will move forward no matter what and there is nothing any of us can do to stop it, or……

              2. DO SOMETHING POSITIVE. Talk to people, try to educate the sheeple, start a blog offering constructive info, something that makes sense for you personally. Use your skill set to in some way, however small you think it may be, to make some sort of contribution. ANYTHING is better than nothing.

              Or I guess you could just continue to chastise people through sarcasm who are trying to make a positive impact. Your choice.

      7. I have always thought that WHEN the oil producing countries start using a basket of currencies instead of the U.S. dollar to sell their oil, that this would be a rapid collapse of the U.S. dollar.  The U.S. dollar used to have hard precious metals to back it up, but now really only good faith, lower than A+++ credit rating, and OIL is what is holding the U.S. dollar up.  The Euro stinks and that works to the advantage of the U.S.  But if those Oil prodcing countries start using something else like OPEC dollars to sell the oil, the U.S. dollar is in deep rapid trouble. 

        • I have always thought the exact same thing about oil / dollars.  And with the United States getting closer to producing all of the oil it needs there may be no reason for middle eastern countries to continue using the dollar.  We already know Venezuela would gladly dump on the dollar out of hatred.  Many think Bush wanted Saddam so bad for trying to do the same before we invaded Iraq.  The “only” good thing I can see in such a dollar collapse is that it will likely take a few days or weeks – though that is fast – its not faster than the drive to my bug out property.

        • Hi BI,

              G’Day Friend. I am VERY curious as to whether you have considered that 4+ event in Matane, Canada yesterday. I depend on your insight into things seismic. My own knowlefge of ‘your neck of the woods’ is general and not specific….my understanding of the East/North East coast of North America is that much thereof is monolithic granite/gneiss which most often I have seen referenced as the ‘Laurentian Shield’.

              I cannot fathom – without significant rresearching, which I am not at this time able to extract myself to effort upon – how something so old and unitary could have a seismic event WITHIN it’s confines….as said, I depend on you Friend for such. Please get back to me on this as you can, I am ‘concerned’ for this thing here by virtue of my lack of comprehension of it…. 🙂

          • BI,

               5.0, Algeria, 30 minutes ago.

            • @ JustOneGuy.  The area in Quebec is VERY seismic and this is quite common, a 4.2.  The area west of the 4.2 is capable of a near 8 pointer as indicated by the hazard map:

              Algeria has many earthquakes also that has lead to many people dying from collapsed buildings.  That area is Canada COULD be something to be concerned over for the people up there.  The extremely dangerous area in brown on the map is at 70 degrees west, on of the longitude that after the South Sandwich Islands earthquake activity that seems to favor. 

              • T’anks BI,

                    Much like many solar details that only someone who deal’s with it regularly would know…I knew you’d come through. The only reason that I know anything about the region at ALL is due to the fact that during strong solar excursions that area – due to the ‘hard rock’ underneath – is severely prone to massive swings in the ground plane voltages…. Quebec 3 decades ago. T’anks again.


            • BI,

                  Another “Polar Bear” for you…Svalbard, 4.6 , within the last hour…

              • @ JustOneGuy.  “Polar Bear”, funny.  This 4.6 does indicate pressure building up on the plates but is not large enough to be directed from anywhere of something too big occurring from this spot.  The other locations in the south are an entirely different story though.  many people worry over the Puerto Rico Trench, well justified, but this is not the big one.  In 1787 there was a low 8 that hit here.  The eastern section of the Caribbean plate is about 40-50 miles less area than what hit in Japan and produced a 9.0, and is very locked up as no movement of any size has occurred for a long time here.

                Eeder, the Algeria earthquake was 10.2 kilometers deep and was likely not an explosion.  When you see really shallow earthquakes that are under 1 kilometer in depth, that COULD be an explosion.  This is one one to see when North Korea tests a nuke, look for the depth.  Anything over 1 km deep is probably a real earthquake as no country is really going to dig a hole that deep to plant a nuke, but they can do it.  There will be other seismic signs as a nuke or mine explosion has different waves of energy that radiate out that a seismic station can pick up. 

            • a 5.0 in algeria , could just have been an explosion or something!

        • I have a question   just where are those opec countries growing their wheat at???



      8. The solution is to own physical metals, in spite of their tendancy to be lost in boating accidents. I had all my guns and gold in my canoe, but it tragically tipped over in the deepest part of the lake. Honest.

        • PP

          There are so many of those accidents occurring that the insurance actuary are adjusting rates accordingly. They are finding out that these accidents are happening at the deepest part of various lakes and quite often due to the severity of the accidental capsizing of the boat the occupant cannot remember the specific lake. 

          It’s very sad that in these modern times such accidents are not always preventable. 

          • BTW may I suggest boating at Lake Taho.   Est. depth 1600′.  Aint nobody going to find nutten…..

        • I shouldn’t have tried canoeing taking on  a class III rapid in a canoe.  A kayak would work much better.  Expensive lesson cuz I lost all my stuff too.

          Honest.  For real.

      9. In the mean time, my big corp company continues to off shore tech work..they will be starting to send US workers to India, for 4-6 weeks. 

        I no longer have a desk. I sit at a table in a big conference room. I work long hours try to keep my job as the slacker sits next to me. More jobs are going to contract worker/temp workers. It gets worse day by day.

        thanks to all you F’ers out there who make it possible for off shoring….

        • And you do what? Business Analyst is not a long term position that’s sustained. I had got my masters just to do the job I do to say ahead of the global crowd.  Stop be a whiner and get back to work, slave.  Start a business and make your decisions. If you can’t do that you will always take a chance of being cut or downsized. 

        • Corp slave

          “thanks to all you F’ers out there who make it possible for off shoring”

          Thank 80% of US Senate Democrats and 83% of US Senate Republicans with honorable mention for Bill Clinton for signing China Free Trade into law thus negating GW Bush having to do it which he surely would. 

          • I had a dream once while asleep, where some patriots rounded up every crooked politition and msm fool and forced them all into old used Shipping containers from China. The type sitting around all over kalif etc.

            Then the patriots wrote Do Not Open untill Xmass! on each shiping crate and shipped em all Back to china, I wonder how they like kommie china since all are true kommie internationalists.

            Too bad was only a dream eh…..

      10. >>”Why can’t most of our politicians see how destructive debt is?”<<

        Spending taxpayer money they don’t have, on things they don’t need, translates into votes and re-elections. That is all (most) politicians care about. Everything else is a non-event. Fiscal crisis?!?! Wealth effect ?!?! Please.

        Just add a few extra zeros to the national debt, the medicated uneducated masses won’t know the difference, until it’s too late.

      11. Most people don’t realize the advantage the US has enjoyed with the dollar as the primary “reserve currency.”

        Our complicit media has done very well for the most part “hiding” the true national debt (nearly $87 trillion) that our country faces.

        The collapse is inevitable.  All we can do is try to prepare to the best of our abilities.

        • Yes! The U.S. earned the right to propose the use of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency after WWII as we had the only functioning major economy left in tact. However, as the Founders feared would happen, greed ultimately became the driving force behind the currency. That greed came to a head when Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard and it was off to the inflation races.

          The ruthless calculus of greed fueled inflation demands that a monetary collapse is inevitable. Not a matter of if, but when.

          • Side note: I just read Nixon got Saudi and other OPEC nations to agree to accepting ONLY USD for oil sales by agreeing to protect them that the real reason we are in those countries and have made no effort to withdraw and close bases??

            Food for thought.

            • Hi jayjay,

                   Meaning no offence, but I thought that the inter-relationship of the Saudi’s  to US on a ‘Quid Pro Quo’ basis was common knowledge? Truly, perhaps if you spend some time occaisionally over at ZeroHedge you’ll find same to be useful in ‘filling in’ a lot of the shi__y detail’s that our GLORIOUS MSM doesn’t bother to cover for the ‘edification’ of the poor, ‘useless eater’s’. Again , not being denigratory here, hope you find it useful -if you don’t already abide there with some regularity?

            • jayjay,

              I don’t know all the details, but from what I’ve read that is accurate.

              Just a theory which I happen to believe in, but the Petro Dollar, which you are describing, seems to have played a prominent role in both Iraq and Libyan military campaigns.

              Both Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi had intentions to sell their oil in currencies other than the US dollar, including gold. In fact Gadaffi was putting the finishing touches on a new Pan-African Central banking system using a dedicated gold backed African currency to be used among African nations. This could have been used to wean African nations off their Dollar/Euro dependency.

              I can only imagine the fear that generated in banksters like Bernanke. Competing against a gold back foreign currency would be their single biggest nightmare realized.

      12. Don’t worry.  The banks will bail us out when we needed since we bailed them out when they needed it.

      13. While keeping in mind that the end result of this action(unlimited printing) is disaster. I also consider that in ’08 the world economy died. These actions, taken by very desperate men have kept the can moving for the last four years. Were you ready four years ago? I can have NO effect upon the actions of the fed, however I can take the blessed time bought and put to good use. For all who are awake this time has been a Godsend. We cannot know the reason we are here at this time, but we ARE here for a reason.

      14. Our so called leaders know EXACTLY what they are doing, destroying this country is the goal, is, is the plan, is the agenda, completely wreck the economy and enslave we the people with debt is going as planned. This nation has been hijacked by the Illuminati central bankers, we have no gov’t that represents the people of this former republic, its all a fraud. The MSM is the propaganda arm of the New World Order, spewing nothing but lies and BS, either you wake up ASAP or you will become a statistic when this debt bomb goes off. NDAA, NDRP, DHS buying 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammo, the control grid is being set up, they are preparing, ARE YOU?

        • Our parents should have insisted it be made law that every school age kid in usa Had to read the Protocals of elders of Zion and the Marxist kommie manifesto.

          If we had know all these issues longer than just aprox the last decade or so we probobly would have had a way better chance to fix america way sooner eh.

          Those Two readings of the manifesto and zionist plans IS the main agendas that all other agendas flow from. Sadly even now with such easy availability and access to both barely anyone has read either, Especially the latter, the protocals. Still time to read though!!!!  Outlines all their true plans. And How they will do it all!

      15. @ All

            As I’ve posted here before, PLEASE, look up ‘David Korowicz’ work ‘Tradeoff.pdf’ on the web, google gets you there pretty quick. The document is 78 (?) pages long….Yup, it’s looonnng. However, IMHO, this guy HITS it dead-on as to the actual ‘How’ of the impending disruption of our financial system – how it will actually proceed.

            Our ‘frail’ systems no longer have any ‘resiliency’ to fall back on, this, coupled with the existent ‘JIT’ – “Just-in-Time” logistics systems which underlay the foundations of the modern world is a time-bomb of absolutely horrifying proportion.

            The salient here is that any non-marginal disruption of the financial networks – global, or even broadly local – would set off a chain reaction which due to positive feedback would self-accelarate in the event that such continued generally for more than 6-7 DAYS….not weeks, not MONTHS…DAYS.

            Those of you who elect to read this, be advised; the author’s terminology, though not wholly academic, is ‘exact’…the first 30 pages must be wholly understood to comprehend the remaining analysis which follows.    Good Luck, God Bless.

        • Those of you who are aquainted with my post know I am not given to hyperbole, exaggeration and etc, ‘Tradeoff.pdf’ above when read carefully is identically;

                 “The Sum of ALL Fears…”

      16. Hell is Coming with a Vengeance


        • A Patrick Swayze paraphrase,

              “Hell ain’t here yet……..but it’s comin’.”

      17. According to Krugman’s fantasy we shouldn’t need to pay taxes. They can just enter some digits into the treasury computer and voila’ the corp government is funded. Therefore, what the Nobel prize winning economist seems to be implying, is that taxes are just a way to control the serf citizen. If you don’t pay the “tribute” you will become free labor in the largest per capita prison system in the world. Now, back to work slave. (sound of whip cracking). Idiot…..reminds me of a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest.

      18. I don’t have ‘stones’ but I do have a vagina-(and those things can take a pounding ) So I am cashing in part of my retirement funds-penalties be damned-  I need to take care of things NOW- college loan for brat-45K -new car to replace 16 yr old clunker-20K  and recent dr bills-6K- add gluten free products to larder-$$$$$-(twice as expensive as ‘normal’ food and much harder to obtain in my neck of the woods)

        At almost 60-I believe the American Dream is over-cut bait and grab what you can before the govt loses it for you- in 25 yrs- you’ll be on the govt retirement plan anyway-


        • 20k for a car?

          For real?  I’ve nver paid more than 8k in my life.  Ever.

          Dump an engine and trans in that thing and let it live another 16 years.

          • the old car just wasn’t safe anymore-I poured too much into it-plymouth minivanpieceofshit-I already dumped a new trans in it-limped it in when the brake lines went-had the serpentine belt fall off every time it rained or snowed-patched the muffler 4x-new trans axel- even the mechanic said to get rid of it-

            2013 chevy cruze – yes!



        • I rarely find it reassuring when a scientist says “This is real interesting.” 

          • As a matter of FACT, as one, I assure you that your observation is correct. ANY time the word “interesting” is used…most especially when bracketed by quotation marks it is an unspoken que to any reading that what follows is exceptional/noteable….

        • @ PrepperGal35.  I was noticing the high activity in california also all over the state.  Bunch of very small tremors in many different locations.  I have however noticed that before a good size earthquake activity seems to die down a lot.  Of course this is with large earthquakes, not super quakes like the San Andres going off.  No record of activity before the San Andreas broke before because it was pre-earthquake monitoring.  Northern california is in one of the areas to watch for moderately though from the recent polar and sub polar activity. 

          Rain actually seems to calm down earthquake activity in california as most of the earthquakes have occurred during average or below average rainfall years.  Again, the San Andreas is too large to be influnced by local events, it seems to be determined solely on the plate movement of the planet and what the Pacific Plate is undergoing at the time leading up to it breaking. 

          •     ….Marginal additional  distributed weight, subsequent ‘lubrication’ of the ground water table?

      19. There is one material error in this article. “Meanwhile, our “leaders” seem to be doing everything that they can to destroy confidence in the U.S. dollar.  The Federal Reserve is printing money like there is no tomorrow, and the federal government continues to run up trillion dollar deficits year after year.”  The Federal Reserve Banks do not print currency. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing – A division of the US Treasury, is who prints money, all at the direction of the Board of Govenors of the Federal Reserve in Washington.  The Board of Govenors is appointed by the President and is a Government institution.  The Federal Reserve Banks only receive and distribute physical currency received from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. 

        • We know they don’t actually print paper money.  They do create the money.  Most money is computer digits, not currency.

      20. “They do not seem to understand that they are systematically destroying the US dollar”…

        Oh yes they do understand that. The goal is for a One World Government and the US will not participate unless it has to  which means we must be on our knees.  They know exactly what they will to do us and this is their plan.

        My plan is to be on my knees right now — praying for this nation. Asking for Gods’ grace, guideance and protection from evil. And asking that He open the hearts of citizens and leaders to do what is right for the strength of this nation, not personal interests. And any leader that won’t do Gods will to serve Him and this nation should be removed from office.  They don’t deserve their office and we don’t deserve to be mugged by them.

        So before they put you there by force, get on your knees and ask for help. But be willing to offer help to others in some way inexchange for the help you are asking for.

      21. The Fed and Obama KNOW what they’re doing. They’re deliberately destroying the dollar. They’ve been deliberately making more and more people dependent on the government so that they’ll die after the collapse. It’s all part of the UN’s Agenda 21 plans to depopulate the earth.

        We’re now in the pre-avalanche stage of the dollar. All the conditions are right for a sudden catastrophic collapse in the value of the dollar. It could happen today, tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month, or sometime next year. But it’s coming. It’s going to be the biggest disaster in the history of the world. 250 million Americans could die from starvation and the violence that will follow.

      22. This is one of the situations that I believe is coming soon to our country. I don’t know that its the most likely of scenarios but it is one more possible cause of a future financial collapse. Which I see as the most likely SHTF event in our near future.

      23.   Borrowing  42 cents out of every dollar spent and not seeing any responsible adult trying to spend it wisely was one of the two catalyst that accelerated  my learning curve to the road to self sufficiency. The other was the out shoring of our jobs.

          Any idiot knows that you can’t keep living on your credit card and you have to have a job to pay it off.

         The problem is that we don’t have ordinary idiots in Washington. We have inbred, ivy league educated idiots. They have manipulated the system to the point of uncontrolled complexity that is out of control insane. It’s so big that what ever they try is only temporary and just makes the fix even harder if not impossible. It needs an enema.

        Keep prepping, learning and building skills, it’s the only control you have over your environment and it will empower you.


      24. The once-almighty dollar is on life support and the plug can be pulled at any time.  Hurricane “Death of the Dollar” is heading our way.   Our economy is dying and there’s no stopping it.   Don’t ever let me find any of the people who are responsible for this, for their lives will end with me;  I’ll be their worst nightmare.    To everyone:   GET YOUR NON-PERISHABLE FOOD, WATER PURIFICATION ITEMS,  MEDICAL SUPPLIES,  GUNS, AMMO, CAMPING EQUIPMENT, ETC;   WHATEVER SURVIVAL SUPPLIES YOU NEED,   GET THEM NOW!    SHTF is coming to a location near you and it won’t be nice;  you can go to the bank on that.   I’m still prepping all the way til’ it hits.   Best wishes to all.   Braveheart  

        • FWIW Braveheart,

              Dig around a bit on ‘Hopi Prophecy’…aside from any ‘religious’ cannotations involved they have an eery, inexplicable track record on the events of the last several centuries…..they are an OLD culture. I am NOT generally given to lend credence to anything related to religious  “Prophecy”  of any sort, “Science First” as it were.

              At the Last, they have indicated that ‘the ‘high’ ones WILL be ‘hunted’, that this will, ‘Get out of Hand’….eerily prescient in the context of the general ‘mood’ of late, No?

          • I pay attention to the “prophecies”, for information sake, but don’t live in fear of them.  If they happen, they happen.  I like the concept of the “high ones” getting their just dues.

            I have a feeling that if TPTB are going to pull something it will be in the dead of winter when people are most vulnerable.  Christmas time would probably work for them because for the most part they have little or no faith, so it wouldn’t be insulting to their belief system.  Plus soooo many people get preoccupied with the Holidays they forget to keep their fingers on the pulse.

        • I agree with you Braveheart.  I’ve read all the above rationalizations posted above and my eyes start to glaze over.  For me, it is more of a gut feeling.  It is going to happen and I’ve stepped up all the finishing touches on my preps.

          I’ve lived in this house for 23 years and last night was the first time I have ever seen one of those aromored type vehicles in my neighborhood.  It had bright search lights on either side and was scoping the houses.  Came through the neighbohood 3 times. 

          Don’t tell me somethings not up.  I don’t care what your logic may say.  Reality is just out the door. 

      25. It’s funny, this thing they call “money”. The whole world is awash in pretty colored paper. Yet, right on that piece of paper is the word “note”. My grandparents used to say they had to go to the bank to make a payment on their “note”.  A note is an instument of debt. It is hidden in plain sight. You are a debt slave when they make you use their notes. Better go get you some real money while you still can. Their is no “real” money being used as a state currency in the world. It is all fiat paper. Does it really matter who holds the reserve funny money? Back to work slave. The world of barter awaits YOU.

      26. Well at least we are keeping the printers employed. Hahaha. Keep prepping and praying and as I tell my friends “I pray that I’m wrong but I don’t believe that I am!”

        Pray for peace, train for war !!!!

        • @ Countryboy.

          Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

      27. Think about it — is America Too Big to Fail? 

        Money is a very strange concept in this day and age with the world population being what it is and the freaky control that has been given to the banks.

        Does the general population really care about whether or not their currency is backed by anything in particular?  Has money just become a mode of transmission of work exchange for goods without any intrinsic value standing on its own…much like a coupon that has no value to anybody but the customer and the manufacturer.   

        It all just seems like an insane scramble for profit — so much of it has been stolen and forged, etc. 

        I do acknowledge that China is working very hard to undermine America …but if they do succeed in this endeavor, wouldn’t it be in America’s best interest just to bring everything back home?  Keep our food and our oil at home?  Keep our aid at home?  Could we just encapsulate ourselves and redeem our country?  Restart our thinking on our own again?  Start at the bottom and work our way to the top again?  Of course, this could only be done if there are no more wars.  If China goes to war, we are seriously FUBAR’d.

      28. This is how guns will be banned in America


        Incrementalism has proved depressingly effective as a tool for getting most people to quietly surrender their rights piecemeal. For gradually habituating them to an ever-diminishing circle of liberty. When the circle finally closes and their rights no longer exist at all, they hardly notice – because by that time, most of their rights have already been taken.”


        To begin with … “They will target not guns – just dangerous guns. So easy to demagogue anything with, say, a high-capacity magazine. Or which looks “military.” Think how the ground has already been ceded by mainstream “gun rights” groups like the NRA – which invariably talk about “sportsmen” and “hunting.” Who needs an AR-15 (or Sig 220) to hunt? Open carry will be next. … Next, they’ll lobby for a new law (or just issue a fatwa) that makes it much harder to get a CC permit. Such as at a judge’s discretion. And only if you have a “legitimate” purpose. Self-defense will not be considered a legitimate purpose.


        But the big one – tied to Obamacare – will be the transformation of gun ownership into a public health issue.”


        The Daily Crux


      29. In my large brood,  we have a “jack of all trades”  a nurse, a cook , a few sharp shooters,  some that can do carpentry and build stuff… besides the basics, we are ready to barter when the money collapses.  I am trying to learn new things everyday and keep sharp what I already know.   I hope whoever it was that said we have 6 months until the money collapses is right, I really DO hope we have that long, but my best guess is, (and I’m no genius)  Valentines day isnt going to be so full of  Love.  I pray to GOD that I am way wrong….but the bottom of my prep list is chocolate!

        • Chocolate is WAY UP THERE on my list of priorities!!!!  😀

          • @ Daisy,

                Hi Daisy, as soon as Mac has the new PM system up I’d like to dialogue with both you and ‘snake’ at your conveniance. Refer back to the last of Mac’s forum’s where you and snake dialogued last. I’ve posted there…See Ya. 🙂

            • J1G ~

              I read your post. It’s very though-provoking.  I’d be delighted to talk with you further.  My email address is not private – it’s on my blog in the sidebar if you (or anyone else, for that matter) would like to reach me beforehand. 

              I’ve often commented that we have to think about the kind of world that will exist after the “fall”.  I know that my opinion of that tends to differ from the opinions of others, because everyone knows, I’m more of a softie when it comes to certain things.  (You’ve been warned!)

              I look forward to the discussion with you, Snake and whoever else would like to talk!~ D 

              • Hi Daisy,

                    Thanks for the swift reply…..myself, ‘slingshot’ and some few others have been attempting to BEGIN a long, down-to-bedrock look/dig into this…I can’t ‘jabber’ just now, I’m pressed for time and need to get out the door pronto. Thanks again. Till later. 🙂

                PS , About the ‘softer’ side, “E Pluribus Unum”…”Out of Many, One”

                • Ummm, Daisy,

                       Please save me the trouble of ‘back-searching’ the general forums – I’ve been a little busy lately Hon – where’s your ‘blog’ at?

              • Daisy & JIG,

                i`m a real dumb ass when it comes to computers,,i dont know how to get to anyones blog or e m address,,,there are so many in here i would love to chat with one on one,,or in a group,,,,

                i may not know computers but i sure can teach/show you how to survive off the land,,to E&E,,build items off the drug store shelf,,and i have the place to do it,,,so if this post hollar at me



                • I worked for Outward Bound for 10 years in my younger days so I’m with you on the survival stuff and living off the land.

                  Don’t know how to make Chocolate though but have thought about plant some coco trees.

            • J1G

              i have a question for you,,are you a traveler???


              • @ Snake Eater

                  Interesting  question. I posted a reply to the education of slaves. In here somewhere.

          • It’s great comfort food!

        • Mom of 6–you got some serious priority issues—:-)  🙂   🙂

          • No worries jayjay..chocolate is at the top of the list…3,4 times in the middle of the list, AND at the bottom of the list.  I just think it is better not to share the WHOLE list in public. (Cause I DANG sure aint sharing the chocolate!! Sorry man, but when it gets that bad…..its every man for themselves! lol)

      30. Superstorm? nah.  Shitstorm? most definitely!

        • Yeah….What HE Said!

      31. Daily Solar Report;

             Due to my absence this morning’s report has been defered till now,

           NOAA 11620 continues in growth mode and is consolidating magnetically as per the latest HMID (color) imaging. After yesterday’s M-class excursions and one subsequent high C-class event (C-7.1) most observed activity has been of the lesser C-class magnitude. Over the last dozen hours or so the 1.0-8.0 Angstrom flux has varied between B-3.2 to C-2.0 aside from transient fluxuations. It is the case that during the last 3 hours the flux has been seen to rise linearly from a low level to above C-1.0. Additionally, the HMID (Doppler) imaging continues to show strong high speed currents within the central component of the ‘centroid’ of mass of the spot group

              As of last evaluation by in the early hours today the spot group’s size was in excess of 650 SM. It is to be noted that last Fall’s X-6.9 Flare – the largest yet this cycle, #24 – originated from a spot group of lesser size ( ~ 420 SM) and proximately similar magnetic complexity /potential.

            As of this time NOAA has enumerated the newest spot group which has rotated into view over the last 24 hours as NOAA 11623. Same is similar is size to 11620, is of apparently lesser complexity at present but may in fact be a composite of two distinct, seperate spot groups inasmuch as a section thereof (Northern region) does not follow the usual convention of rough east/west axial orientation. NOAA 11621 remains non-notable at this time.

            Further, NOAA 11618 has fully departed from the terrestrial line-of-sight ansd is fully, ‘in-shade’ around the western solar limb.

        • Solar Update,

              An M-2.2 flare has just been recorded by the GOES-15 platform peaking at 21:36 UTC. The EUVI SAM imaging is sufficiently updated that the source is identifiably NOAA 11620.

      32. They do not seem to understand that they are systematically destroying the U.S. financial system” —  YES, THEY DO UNDERSTAND THAT…THAT IS THE WHOLE AGENDA, to break the USA and the backs of every decent, hard working soul in it!

        PLEASE stop suggesting that this mess we’re in is some, freak accident. By propagating that idea, you undermine the truth, that out government is NOT going to stop this from happening, even if it could. The decisions coming one after the other from Washington are NOT stupid mistakes…Our government is NOT a bunch of honest people making stupid mistakes…repeatedly.

        It’s not our government anymore!  The sooner we all realize that, the sooner we’ll stop hoping that “they” get a clue–the politicians are NOT going to save us! EVER.

        We need to stop waiting for Washington and keep doing what we need to do, with one eye looking over our shoulder an what is on the horizon. The only one going to save us, is US.

      33. If your 401k is in stocks, you’ll lose most of it anyway in the near future.  Also, Congress keeps toying with the idea of forcing the 401k money into government funds.  In the liberal world view, it’s not fair for you to have retirement savings when there are others who don’t.  Eventually, they will take it.

        • ‘Astute’ deduction….

      34. I just did it!  Still waiting for the check, but it will be 2 years worth of savings that I will have right now after everyone gets their unearned piece (I didn’t have too much in there in the first place).  Sure, I’m missing matching and the penalty and taxes will be high.  BUT, I have it guaranteed and no future games can screw me.

        • Now take that money and buy gold and silver so you will have something tangible after the dollar collapses.

      35. I don’t think at this point there is anything that any one of us can do to prevent the future degradation of the US dollar.  What we can do from this point is to focus on what we can do to prepare us and our family and chosen friends to help ride out the oncoming storm.

        I’ve heard some reference precious metals as a way to hedge against inflation.  I believe precious metals to be more of a wealth preserver for after the “reset” but probably won’t help you much during the times you will need hard assets such as food, water, clothing, shelter, defense….and the list goes on.

        In my opinion, before a person should have an ounce of gold and silver, they should have a full pantry.  Before having an ounce of gold and silver, they should have defense materials such as guns and ammunition to protect your family.  For 1/3 of an ounce of gold you can own a Berkey water filtration system.  For an ounce of silver you can have 60 cans of corn/green beans…etc.

        If/when a collapse happens and people are starving, they will not sell an ounce of rice for an ounce of silver.

        After society stabilizes which could take some time, gold and silver will help you retain or increase your wealth, but first you need to get there.

        Prepare yourself.  As we continue to print ourselves to infinity, you will never look back and wish you hadn’t bought these things when they were a fraction of the price that they will be in the near future. 

        God Bless,


        • Great advice. If I may add something about precious metals (PM). Timing is everything where PM’s are concerned. After the basic survival preparations are addressed, acquiring gold and/or silver should be the next priority. The problem is if you wait too long PM’s will be unobtainable at any price. It is essential to have possession of the PM’s long before the SHTF.

          Like you said, PM’s will come into play after the dust begins to settle and a new form of trading medium or barter system is agreed upon IMO. What’s important is to have that physical precious metal in your hands, and not in ‘safe’ deposit box in a bank.

      36. I’m right there with ya 7.62×39.

      37. Thought I’d go looking for signs of the rebellion.

        I came across this footage from Belgian farmers –

         Globally our food producers seem to be at the sharp end of the people’s struggle against the Corp, so I like to see them get to score the occasional point. 

        FOOD FIGHTS are fun whether you are 6 or 60, and it’s a nice antidote to all those Black Friday “zombie” clips. 


      38. The definition of insanity.The current US dollast.

      39. To add insult to injury those on the East coast  now received their electric bills. No, it is not a mistake.  Yes,  they have to pay up.   I caught that on the news ticker tape a day or two ago.  


        • I saw that too, Emily – it’s appalling – THEY HAD NO SERVICE FOR WEEKS!!!!!  Why on earth should they be billed?

          • Taxes, fees, surcharges, interstate pipeline, building use fees, meter reading, etc.  Seven months out of years the assorted fees are more than my actual electricity of gas useage.  A neighbor down the street who has solar told me that even though she “sells” the extra energy back to the power company she still gets hit up for all the assorted fees.  They won’t allow her offset the amount she sells back to them for the fees.

            They always win.

        • what are they charging them for? like here in ontario canada where we have a debt retirement charge on our hydro bills?

      40. When secular law runs amuck.

                        Most of us have no idea what types of law are passed in Washington, D.C. We have too much on our plates to involve ourselves in the oversight of government. We just elect officials and hope they keep our best interests at heart. It is very few laws that catch the public eye. The ones that affect our income are the most that get our attention. Still underneath all the glamor of the Nation’s Capital there is a rot that permeates throughout the land. It is the actions of our elected elite, behind closed doors, striking deals using Lawyer “Mumjo Jumbo” that  seek our Doom.  The comment By Nancy Pelosi, “That we must pass the bill to see what’s in it” is the most stupid comment I have ever heard and should have alerted our country just what fools we have to represent us. Lord knows how many more await the light of day to befall us. Our Presidents execitve orders should cause us concern and the passage of,  Hidden Draconian Laws, Extending Powers and Militarized Agencies, await activation. All that I have mentioned are secular laws with the power to ENSLAVE the majority by the few whom WE gave power. Our laws are corupted by power and money and they know it will soon end and that is why we see these oppressive agents being put in place. Every one of them, have no Divine Intervention. Our Founding Fathers held God to the Highest Degree and brought forth a living Constitution, ( A Divine  embeded document) and those nine judges who are suppose to interpret,  play politics. Obamacare comes to mind. Is it a law or a tax? It is to be a Heculean task as there are more laws than printed dollars bills.

             We must formulate now and share with others, what type of law we want when we come through to the other side. Our decisions will be paramount to the survival of our country.

        • Hi Sling’

             Bravo, the beginning of all rectification lies in the art of observation, then deduction followed by formulation….good work Dude’! I’ll have a new addenda to add to things by tomorrow, this one will be ‘On Responsibility’.

              It occurs to me – like all things usually go in this world – that mayhaps the trick ( for what we’re interested in here) is to ‘break-it-down’ into it’s smallest possible pieces and go from there…dwell on it a bit. 🙂

              LAst night was a ‘flying b_tch’ for me, up WAY too late…I’m gonna exit stage left for the evening….I wil be back full-bore on the morrow. G’Nite All.

        •     Why did slave owners forbid the education/ reading and writing, of slaves?

                Why do we need lawyers to interpret every important legal document?

          • slingshot

            how do you know they did???TV or the Movies????



            •     @ Snake   

              There is a plantation close by that is open to the public and its owner was one of the very few that believed in the education of his workers as stated in the historical record.

        • slingshot….thumbs up on the lawyer legalese. I think our law system reverted back to English law after the “incorporation” of the DC government in the 1870s. A few years after that the BAR association was formed. Some say that stands for British Accredited Registry. It is possible as the headquarters of the BAR association is located in the Square Mile. I believe the BAR association was formed to protect corporations and statutes were passed that do not conform to common law. This should be a starting point for reform after the financial terrorists have had their necks stretched. Eliminate the BAR association and go back to common law.

      41. Get ready for independence.

      42. I await the outcome of the current financial crisis that this once great republic finds itself.

        I had a wonderful discussion with my beautiful bride today, and we both agree, at this point we believe we have done almost as much as reasonably possible to make any transition to the inevitable change coming be it minor or major.

        I love this site and enjoy most comments as much as the articles…Keep it up all..

        Stay thirsty my friends..

      43. What I don’t understand is the mindset of about half the people commenting on this and other “prepping/survival” sites.   They acknowledge the fact that the debt bubble will burst and the dollar will collapse and become worthless/demonetized.   However; they are stocking up on all this gold and silver thats valued in, what????…… dollars.

         Who is to say what type currency system will replace the dollar system.  With that system how do you evaluate the worth of what used to be, say, $10,000.00 worth of todays gold/silver.   I know it will have some form of value, but I don’t see the dollar ever coming back and with that scenario, there won’t be a big increase in profit by stockpiling gold and silver.   PM’s will always have some barter value to someone somewhere, but; just how much, is the million dollar question. 

         If there is ever a famine for food, and i do believe we in the Americas will see it;  how much gold will buy a loaf of bread?  An ounce, a pound.  How much grain, along with a grinder, could one have bought with the hard earned$$ they paid for a pound of gold.   Just sayin’.  It could come down to that.

         I think a lot of folks say they are preppers but are just “opportunists”, stocking up on PMs thinking they are gonna come out on the other side of a collapse wealthier than everyone in the neighborhood or the county.   Me thinks they will be in for a rude awakening.

        • dont tread

          my friend you said it all right there,,fear has driven the price of gold so high,,i wouldnt trade any of my food for all your gold,,i have no way of knowing if its real,,(not yours) if you cant eat it means i cant either,,,,



        • @ don’t tread;  At the risk of being patronizing, I’ll try to proffer an explanation. First, understand we have been conditioned since birth to value things in dollars (or the respective fiat currency of your country). What’s your house worth?  $ xxx,xxx.00.  Car, $xx,xxx.00  Loaf of bread $x.00.  Let that sink in, it’s crucial. MONEY is a value in your head. It’s not the paper, the gold,silver or anything else.  Dollars are just the lanquage we use to conduct trade. The physical peices of paper are just instruments that we all agree to use to keep score. When we stop agreeing, for whatever reason, game over.

          Now where does gold come in?  Gold is simply a physical element that EVERYBODY, everywhere, past-present and future agrees is a store of value. Well almost everyone, or this post wouldn’t be necessary. Gold can’t be created out of thin air ( they try with gold etf’s, works to a point), is rare enough to value, doesn’t corrode, is divisible, and doesn’t have huge industrial uses. It is therefore the ultimate placeholder as a store of wealth. Just remember this. Gold is not valued in Dollars. Dollars are valued by gold. Or to put it simply, a high dollar value/price/cost, means dollars are “worth less”. Not worthless, worth   less.

          So folks who hold gold, and his baby brother silver, are simply putting some of their wealth/savings in the ultimate store of value. It is not to eat. it is not even for buying food or preps. No more than one would considr their 401k an account to buy food. It is storing value for the future. If one doesn’t want to store value ( that won’t expire,rot,decay, etc) fine. I believe, if fiat collapses, human nature will respond to value a substance to carry through until the next system is developed. Gold will transfer your wealth/savings safely to the other side.

          That’s all.   A house is worth 10 ounces of gold? Maybe, maybe not. That’s hard for me to conceptualize.  My brain thinks in “dollars”.  Gold and silver are just stores of value for folks who don’t trust the cuurent system. No one knows how things will ply out. No one. We just make educated plays based on what we know and have learned from history.

          So beat up on gold bugs, if you must. Our eyes are opened. We see it. You don’t.  I just shake my head when I heAR or read ” you can’t eat gold”.

          • so rick what do you plan on doing with it????


          • EXCELLENT dissertation/explication Dude…”I want HIM on my team!” 🙂

          • Bravo Rickster! Perfectly stated. My resourses are modest but all my savings are in silver and not in the bank. Now if I just had a scuba suit so I could find the dang stuff. . . . .

        • Don’t Tread ~

          I don’t make a whole lot of money, which is fine, because I don’t spend much either.

          I’m definitely not in the “gold” category, but I do purchase silver.  With every paycheck, the amount that I formerly put in my savings account now goes into a different type of savings account –  one made of silver coins.  

          This isn’t because I think I’m going to strike it rich after the collapse. It’s not really even for “investment” purposes in that I intend to “make money” off it.  It is because everyone needs to put something back for a rainy day.  There are going to be things that I can’t produce myself – things we want or things we need.  I have to have some way to buy those items and the paper dollar is not going to be a viable method to do that.

          I still buy seeds, storage food, defense items and water filters.  I just think PMs balance out my personal family budget by allowing me the freedom to be able to purchase things in the future.  PMs will give me freedom because I’m not hitching my wagon to fiat currency.

          Just my .02, from someone who is not a huge investor.

          ~ D

          • Good morning Daisy


            Keep stacking!



          • Daisy,

                Hon, where IS yout blog? 🙂

            • J1G  –

              If you click on my name it will link you right to it. 🙂

              ~ D

              • Hi Daisy,

                   ‘Doh!!, FEEL ‘tupid Now!!”…the whole blogging/modern era sometimes is beyond me…ABSOLUTELY didn’t know that I could ‘click’ on the user handle to get to somesuch….T’anks Hon.

          • @Daisy

                    Wish there were more like you.

            A Note on silver you might think about.  As these fluxuations in the gold/ silver ratio occur, there may be a time you can get gold at a trade. Example if you buy silver at 50 to one once of gold, when the ratio drops to maybe 5 silver to one ounce of gold, you can even trade. This is a possiblity and I will be in on that move. Thinking that government would accept gold for whatever new form of currency they create. A better form of wealth preservation. They will deal in paper form while we have to think in ounces of both metals.

        • don’t_tread:  Good words, I tend to agree with you.  I may invest in precious metals AFTER I had taken care of all other needs to support/sustain life for my branch of the tree (and maybe a few others).  A person could buy lots of food and equipment right now for what precious metals are worth.  There is another aspect of the gold pursuit I am concerned about, and it’s based on historical precedent.  Let’s say I buy gold at today’s price of ~$1700/oz., and then ride the trend up as we go forward in time – at some point (petrodollar death?), hyper-inflation will cause the gold price trend curve to rear up (go asymptotic).  At this point, FRNs are really worthless and there is no paper medium of exchange within our borders.  What the government has done in the past is step-in, re-calibrate, and declare a new value of gold in USDs (i.e. $35/oz.?).  So, the old “flight to quality” – going to gold and t-bills is only effective assuming the future health of the currency its monetized in.  Maybe the new flight to quality is to convert your currency to another currency that has a brighter future; still looking into it.

      44. Timothy Geithner announces currency reciprocity agreement with Zimbabwe.

        “It seems everbody else is doing it so we should too!”

        So said the US Secretary of the Treasury in a prepared statement yesterday.

        “Zimbabwe is the first and (cough, cough, stutter, mumble) only country so far to join with us in this financial triumph.” 

        In related news China has entered talks with Walmart to accept the Yuan as legal tender in all of its stores in the United States. Walmart/Yuan notes in the US will be printed using the vintage Walmart smiley face on the obverse. 

      45. did that already, and I highly recommend you do the same. has an article about the plan to get all private sector pensions. is one of those websites that have alot of crazy things on it, but when it comes to matters of politics, the articles are usually rather informative. Just a warning on the one hand, and a recommendation on the other.

      46. hey there’s more good news as of 830 am est today!

        ONLY 393,000 Americans lost their jobs last week..????

        I love this recovery..


        everything’s going to be fine.



        • “ONLY 393,000 Americans lost their jobs last week..????”

              Noticed that, did ya? Ya, just keeps gettin better and better…don’t it?

          • JustOneGuy

            Hell it’s the gift that keeps on giving..information that is.

            For the life of me,,can anyone explain how 393000 Americans lost their jobs in 1 week alone and we are in a slow aka sluggish recovery??That equates to a mean average for November of 400,000 given the last 4 weeks numbers or 1.6 MILLION JOBS LOST in 1 month!I don’t buy any of it nor will I go into normalcy bias either.Despite all the banter back and forth here on this post, we are headed in a downward spiral and it will continue..just wait til the summer drought on grains and all the beef/chicken, and pork spike soon.and they already are rising incrementally…for me I’ll keep prepping ,stacking, and loading canned and leaded goods..



      47. What’s up with the server?   I can go out and cut my grass and trim the bushes and still don’t get a post. Ok, Ok, I’l go cut the grass.

        • I’m having the same problem.  Also having problem with replying to a post…it keeps reverting the first post I replied to instead of the one I am currently trying to post to.

          I didn’t cut the grass but I was able to cook a nice brunch.

        • Hi slinshot,

              Ya, somptin’ is up…da boad wuz jumpin’ a bit dis moanin; whend I poted’ da moanin’ so-la re-poat’ 🙂

             Whassup Friend!? 🙂

      48. Yeah. I’m feeling some of that, New Age Gotta have it now Syndrome. Spamers.

        Just wish I reach into the screen and choke them a bit.

      49. Thanks for all the comments/responses on the gold/silver dilemma.  I wasn’t trying to bash anyone that puts back PMs for reserves.  Heck, I have some old silver that is stuck back for emergencies.  I just wanted to throw out another perspective on the possible scenarios of investing in the stuff.  A lot of people are easily swayed on ideas of prepping and if they have followed some of our fellow preppers comments, they may make a “huge” mistake of putting all their resources into PMs, without taking care of the priorities first.

         My ideas about the future are primarily focused around what our Heavenly Father says by His written word.  In His word, we can read of a time when …”they shall cast their silver in the streets and their gold shall be removed”.   Eze 7 : 19

         Too much emphasis on the created and not enough on the Creator could make for a rocky road ahead.

      50. I enjoyed reading your article. It doesn’t seem to be politically or religiously motivated like 99% of  other articles. 

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