The Game Changer: Syria Will Strike Israel Should U.S. Attack

by | Aug 26, 2013 | Headline News | 595 comments

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    Syria is guilty of war crimes. According to the U.S., Israel and other Western nations, it was Syrian President Bashar al-Assed who was behind the chemical attack that left hundreds dead last week.

    All signs point to armed intervention in Syria this week, even though UN inspectors (who incidentally came under sniper fire today) have yet to conclude their investigation.

    No matter, however. The die has been cast. There is a strong possibility that the Allies will respond, in force, in very short order.

    The only possibility to avoid conflict at this point is that Russia, which has made its support of Syria’s government known, will somehow convince the west it is not in our interests (perhaps by threatening a full-scale confrontation, otherwise nothing else is going to work).

    Thus, let us assume that the United States, Britain, et. al. initiate a missile strike on targets in Syria in coming days.

    What will Assad do in response?

    According to a report by Steve Watson at Prison Planet, he’ll immediately direct his military to strike targets in Israel, just like Saddam Hussein did in the first Gulf War.

    But this time, the Israelis may not show the restraint they did in 1991.

    It could be a game changer for the middle east… and the world:

    A senior Syrian official has warned that Israel will “come under fire” should the United states pursue any military aggression against the Assad regime.

    As reported by the Israeli news site Ynet, Halef al-Muftah, a leading member of the Syrian Ba’ath national council, and a former aide to the Syrian media minister said today that the Syrian government has “strategic weapons aimed at Israel.”

    Making the comments on an American Arabic radio station, Muftah added that Damascus views Israel as being “behind the aggression” and therefore will be retaliated against should the US strike Syria.

    The official also stated that the Syrian government would not be beholden to threats from the US, and added “If the US or Israel err through aggression and exploit the chemical issue, the region will go up in endless flames, affecting not only the area’s security, but the world’s.

    In the last 24 hours President Assad suggested in an interview on Russian television that he will not back down.

    “Failure awaits the United States as in all previous wars it has unleashed, starting with Vietnam and up to the present day,” he told the pro-Kremlin Izvestia newspaper in an interview which the Russian daily said was conducted in Damascus.

    There is a strong possibility that any military action taken by the U.S. and its allies will be met with a military response. And if this report is accurate, it means that those Russian supplied weapons that have never been seen in the middle east before will likely be used to strike U.S. naval targets, as well as the heart of Israel.

    The game changer – the biggest variable in all of this – will be what Israel does in response.

    In 1991, the Israelis did not respond to Saddam Hussein’s targeting of Jerusalem with SCUD missiles. By doing so, the alliance against Iraq, which ironically also included Syria, remained in tact.

    Had the Israelis engaged Iraqi targets, it would have broken the alliance and possibly led to widespread confrontation in the middle east twenty years ago.

    This time, however, is a different story. And Israel, which in May made the unilateral decision to destroy a Syrian weapons facility, may well return fire.

    If they do, then the centuries-old conflict between the Arabs and Jews could potentially go into full swing, especially if Syria were to do something crazy like fire chemical or bio weapons, something Israelis now expect as they are distributing gas masks to their populace.

    In response, we could well see a nuclear contingency plan initiated by the Israelis.

    Folks, this has all the makings of the start of a World War.

    One misstep here and this could very quickly spread throughout the middle east and beyond – a warning that Russia gave the U.S. just a few months ago.

    There is, according to the Russians, no proof that Syria’s government launched a chemical attack on its own people.

    There doesn’t need to be.

    Armies are mobilizing, just as they did following the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in June of 1914.

    By December of 1914 over a million people were dead and war lines spanning hundreds of miles were drawn across Europe.

    It can happen fast. And this time it just might.


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      1. looks like all that spam and toilet paper won’t go to waste after all…(i had hoped it would)…the gov’t is trying to kill us all

        • “””Syria is guilty of war crimes. According to the U.S., Israel and other Western nations,”””

          War criminals are claiming that Syrians are war criminals for committing acts that they themselves did. Not much different than the terrorist in DC saying the Citizens of America are terrorists. Same game, different playing field.

          That is just what sociopaths do. It’s called projection. Blame the other guy for what you did, accuse them of your own crimes before they can get out the truth about what you did.

          Maybe the Syrians and Russians will retaliate with a controlled nuke in the 10 mile square. That would be a service to humanity and the American people.

          • TPTB are purposely driving us to a world war because it’s either that or edge ever closer to a global economic collapse. Not a pretty picture either way.

            • It is not just Syria, it is Hezbollah. I have talked with Israeli soldiers about the volume of rockets and missiles that Hezbollah has. It is between 200,000 to 500,000. Israel is about the size of New Hampshire, with most of their cities highly concentrated, with much desert and agriculture for the rest of the land. In 2006 Hezbollah broke even with Israel with only about 40,000 rockets and far less soldiers. Iran, via China and Russia, has armed Hezbollah to the teeth.

              Many terrorist experts call Hezbollah the A team of terrorism and put no one even close to their danger. Israel is ranked as one of the 10 militaries in the world and had their butts handed to them in the 2006 war. Israel will likely have to use neutron and otherr nuclear warheads to take these cells out that are spread all over Lebanon and Syira. Hezbollah has promised that if their forces are nuked that all chemical and biological weapons will be used on Israel.

              There is so much that none of us know, and the game playing going on. Today one of the Russian generals said that Syria being struck is not worth it to go to war over. Same statement about Georgia about a week before that country was flattened by Russia in a couple of days. People think this is some sort of video game. People think that terrorism won’t strike here from this. Hezbollah could hit anywhere as proven in the past, they are extremely dangerous blood thirsty characters.

              Really this song that is played for certain video games is played and all too well shows what big trouble the world is in. People just don’t understand the peril the world is in. For too often people have been desensitized with the fantasy world of video games such as this song that was used for just such a war game. Now the harsh reality is about to bite everyone in the backside of the real life horrors of an actual war.

              Gears of War theme song, Mad World lyrics

              All around me are familiar faces
              Worn out places
              Worn out faces
              Bright and early for their daily races
              Going nowhere
              Going nowhere
              Their tears are filling up their glasses
              No expression
              No expression

              Hide my head, I want to drown my sorrow
              No tomorrow
              No tomorrow
              And I find it kind of funny
              I find it kind of sad
              The dreams in which I am dying
              Are the best I’ve ever had
              I find it hard to tell you
              I find it hard to take
              When people run in circles

              It’s a very, very…..
              Mad world
              Mad world
              Children waiting for the day they feel good
              Happy birthday
              Happy birthday
              Made to feel the way that every child should
              Sit and listen
              Sit and listen

              Went to school and I was very nervous
              No one knew me
              No one knew me
              Hello, teacher, tell me, what is my lesson?
              Look right through me
              Look right through me

              And I find it kind of funny
              I find it kind of sad
              The dreams in which I am dying
              Are the best I’ve ever had
              I find it hard to tell you
              I find it hard to take
              When people run in circles
              It’s a very, very…..
              Mad world
              Mad world
              Enlarged in your world
              Mad world.

              • I know damn well our younger generation
                is going to blame all this on me and you.
                Our innocence will be of no excuse to them.

                • OutWest says:

                  “I know damn well our younger generation
                  is going to blame all this on me and you.
                  Our innocence will be of no excuse to them.”

                  It is your fault!

                  You VOTED for it fool!!!

                  • YMWW — a fool, most decidedly
                    but I have never voted, ever.

                  • YMWW, OutWest may have been misled by the system; hell, who hasn’t been misled by them? calling him a fool won’t change things. Monkeyboy needs a distraction rom the economy and all the scandals he’s facing right now. this whole affair reeks of false flag. attacking the troops won’t change things either. I don’t envy their position one bit. They may all be personally against going into Syria or anywhere else for that matter. I can appreciate that. But what happens if they don’t follow orders? Court-martial, that’s what! they don’t get to pick and choose where they’ll be used and sacrificed. this is all at the same time that budget cuts have been done to the military, but DHS is getting all the money it wants to buy weapons, ammunition, tanks, etc. to use against us right here at home. I smell the biggest setup for this country in history about to take place. THINK ABOUT THIS, EVERYONE. Why is the military’s budget being reduced at the same time that DHS’ budget has been increased? The only reason that makes any sense for the weapons, tanks, ammo, domestic army being formed, FEMA buying up emergency supplies, etc. IS TO GO TO WAR AGAINST WE THE PEOPLE! Why in the last few years do they call anyone who is against federal policy for any reason ‘terrorists’? I’ll say this again: NOTHING THIS GOVERNMENT HAS DONE OR EVER WILL DO IN THE FUTURE HAS ANY LEGITIMATE BASIS TO IT WHATSOEVER! WE DON’T HAVE ANY OBLIGATION TO THIS EVIL REGIME EXCEPT TO STAND UP IN OUR OWN RIGHTEOUS SELF-DEFENSE WHEN THE DAY OF ATTACK FINALLY COMES AND IT’S COMING, MARK MY WORDS! Monkeyboy is going to screw around and get our country destroyed unless someone does something to stop him. Whatever happens, I’m still prepping all the way to the last minute. I will fight. I won’t surrender. I’m so f#$%in sick of this NWO evil…..

                  • If you never vote, which side are you against?

                  • Back off from OutWest, troll!

                  • mostevenings says:

                    “If you never vote, which side are you against?”


                  • Let’s remember which tribe started the last two world wars and is ginning up the third world war.

                    NO other tribe comes close to the wars and genocides they have instigated, perpetrated, and often funded both sides for profit—the synagogue of Satan.

                    Timely that you should mention the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand… Jews (Gavril Princeps and four of his co-assassins) started World War ONE—25 million died.

                    Jews (the 1933 Declaration of War of World Jewry against Germany) started World War TWO—60 to 80 million died.

                    Jews created (Rabbi Moses Hess and his disciple Marx), financed (Rosenwald, Kuhn, Loeb, Schiff, etc.), propagandized (Ehrenburg, Mikhoels, Khaldei, etc.) exported (Kun, Eisner, Zimanas, Rozanski, Pijade, Rakosi, Olszewsi, etc.), and mostly ran (Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Sverdlov, Litvinov, Andropov, etc.) Communism, their secret police (Beria, Yagoda, Bronstein, Yurovsky, Pauker, Slutsky, Gay, Speigelglas, Babel, etc.), and gulags (the Kaganovich family, Berman, Frenkel, Firin, Rappoport, Kogan, Zhuk, etc.)—60 million died in the USSR; if you blame Hess and Marx for Mao, add another 75 million dead.

                    The synagogue of Satan is responsible, directly and indirectly, for the murder of nearly a QUARTER BILLION PEOPLE in the 20th century.

                    How many will you let them kill in the 21st century?

                • Warplanes and military transporters begin arriving in Cyprus – less than 100 miles from Syria.

                  Zero Hedge

                  • Thank you, Anonymous — a short explanation

                    As a brief to my dear friends here at SHTF,
                    I once had the pleasure and honor of being
                    the guest of President JFK for a couple of
                    days at his request.

                    We talked of many things and I developed a
                    great fondness for him as a Man, not just as
                    a Dignitary.

                    I won’t go into any detail as it is a very
                    personal part of my opsec.

                    When our corrupt government killed this man
                    I had come to consider a fine friend, it was
                    an awakening for me, and a disillusionment of
                    government of which I couldn’t shake off.

                    I have waited all these many years for another
                    man that could fill the vacancy of this honorable
                    Patriot, so that I could finally cast a vote.

                    As it stands now, I don’t believe that opportunity
                    will ever materialize, so I now use my non-voting
                    stance as a silent and personal form of non-violent
                    protest against an incorrigible government.

                  • “Page Not Found” anybody have this saved. THKS


                  • Things are moving fast now but there’s no reason for the West not to allow the UN chemical inspectors to investigate who did the alleged CW attack. Unless of course the US knows that the Al Nusra terrorists were responsible. Sounds like the rush to war in Iraq all over again based on lies. Syria has every right to attack Israel which is ultimately behind the PNAC scheme devised by the Neocons. Interesting that Iran just threatened the west with its own red line. They have a mutual defense pact with Syria, so what is likely is a combined Syria, Iran, Hezbollah attack against Israel. Iran is the real threat with their advanced missiles and they know they will be next if Syria falls. What will Russia do, that is the question?

                  • Amen Brother John Q. Public! Thank you for shining the light of truth on the Zio-plauge that controls our gullible goy (and the often willing goy) who claim to act as our leaders. If only we had a Putin-like leader who could clean the Zio-scum from our midst – before they take our nation down.

                • Lets see if I can get this straight?

                  The US Government “accuses” Assad of killing 200-300 people, and the US Government falls all over itself, “condemning the atrocity,” and calling for “intervention” on “humanitarian” grounds.

                  Meanwhile, in Egypt, the US controlled Egyptian military removes a democratically elected government, it kills 800-1000 protesters, and we here NOT A WORD about the “atrocity” or an “intervention” on “humanitarian” grounds from the US Government.

                  Can anyone out there explain this diametric to me?

                  • Obamas indignant chest puffing wont go past the first week into October. Just after Obamacare goes into full effect on the first. It looks like opponents might have a foothold on something and this is just a diversion getting the heat and any attention off of him and Obamacare. That’s all he needs just a month. Did they orchestrate this? Who knows but it’s pretty fucking convent timing.

                  • It’s called ‘picking and choosing your fights’, moron.

                  • John Kerry can explain it.
                    Being a Skull and Bones man, just like G.W. Bush, he has special insights and information that can justify any action.
                    The U.S. can do anything it wants.
                    This Syria nonsense is straight out of the PNAC playbook.
                    These creatures always show their true colors given enough time.
                    Obama and Kerry are neo-cons.

                  • Anonymous says:

                    “It’s called ‘picking and choosing your fights’, moron.”

                    Oh, Ok… Would you care to elaborate a bit more on that foreign policy of yours?

                    Or are you gonna tuck tail a run now?

                    Man up… Tell us all what’s up!

                  • BI is right about the enormous stockpile of missiles that Hezbollah possesses. These have been the target from the start of the “civil war”.

                    Syria must be neutralized before Israel can confront Iran about its nuclear weapons. That’s why Bibi has been in such a rush. A “surgical strike” by American Forces is not possible without a wider war.

                    OBummer better be prepared to go “all in” because that is what it is going to take to eliminate, Syria, Iran, and North Korea.

                    Game on! 🙂 BTW, Russia and China sit this one out.

                  • There are lies, damn lies and then THESE lies.

                  • Yo mama: Wrong again! 🙂 The US is not in control of Egypt’s Military as O’Bummer has been backing the Muslim Brotherhood there, much to his chagrin.

                    Start with the facts and your analysis might get better!

                  • When faced with figuring out whether problems stem from incompetence or conspiracy, always figuring incompetence will be correct in 9 caases out of 10

                  • Yeah, and meanwhile that cockknocker launches drones killing innocent children to get to a “high value” target.

                  • The Durango Kidd aka, The Troller says:

                    “The US is not in control of Egypt’s Military… Start with the facts and your analysis might get better!”

                    At it again eh DK? Trolling for the criminals in Washington!

                    So the Egyptian Military is NOT bought and paid for by the US? LOL.

                    So the $1.3 billion a year given to the Egyptian Military is a conspiracy theory? LOL.

                    Riiight… I know you don’t even believe that, but you just gotta say it, don’t ya?

                    The question is, WHY would you say it?

                    It’s apparent to me, you’re an Establishment Troll!

                    I think you should change your tag to: The Durango PsyOp.

                  • By bombing Syria we will be helping Al Quida so maybe down the road they can succeed in gassing our children. Good strategy .

                  • Yo Mama: The Military aid to Egypt has been historically, a bone to keep Egypt under control and at Peace with Israel.

                    In the current situation, O’Bummer has and is backing the Muslim Brotherhood as he has been a secret member of that organization since he was in Indonesia and visited the in Pakistan while at University.

                    Like his mother before him, O’bummer is and has been a CIA asset.

                    If O’Bummer was in control of the Egyptian Military, Morsi would not be in jail and the Brotherhood leadership would not be facing criminal charges.

                    As usual, Yo Mama Was Wrong! LMAO! 🙂

                  • You scrotum breaths and your “democratically elected” governments.

              • I see you got your info about 2006 from the MSM. Israel could have knocked the snot out of Lebanon. It was thier internal liberal politicians that Fkd up that war. Like Vietnam. You cant hold back. I see that Lib Bitch whats her name L is trying to give away thier land for peace. I think she was the defence minister in 2006. Israel can use Airburst to limit fall out, but I think they will just roll out the d-10 tractors and skirt across blitzkrieg style.

                • We would all be better off, if Israel had her own planet.
                  How about Uranus? (We could appoint Barack O’Bunghole as ambassador.)

                  • I wouldn’t appoint BO as ambassador of my toilet.

                  • Following a romantic encounter with his girlfriend, the astronomer’s comment was heinous:

                    “Though I’ve made a career out of Venus my dear, I’m tempted to switch to your anus.”

                  • I will make you [Israel] into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you. —Genesis 12:2-3

                • @dave in Id,

                  Will you please contact Daisy Luther at the Organic Prepper? She has some info for you. Thanks,


                  • OK

                  • Dave’s not here…..

                • @ dave in Id. Had a friend that was in Vietnam and he could remember how the carpet bombing would occur, and after about 30 minutes later the rats would emerge from their tunnels and begin the fighting again. In Israel they lost 100 of their best tanks trying to go through those narrow valleys in Lebanon. Russian and Chinese Anti-tank missiles and rockets work quite well against any tank. They can bomb the living hell out of Lebanon, but the fighters can go underground like the North Koreans have with their tunnel systems. Israel is only a country of a few million people. Their air force is superior but not really that large in numbers. They don’t have a navy, and lost their flagship to a 801 cruise missile made in China in that 2006 war. Their military is quite small in comparison to other countries. They only have I believe 7 subs for example.

                  Israel has to realize that its mere geographic size puts it at an extreme disadvantage. An Israeli reoprt several years ago stated that enough rockets and missiles coming into the country would be worse than even several dozen squadons of fighter/bomber planes attacked the country. The Arrow system was more meant for Hezbollah than Hamas, and that can be easily overwhelmed and saturated by the volume of rockets that would be coming from Hezbollah alone. There was an article about this about 2 months ago, I think it was on jpost or ynetnews.

                  Very superior armed forces have lost in past wars throughout history just because of being outnumbered. Israel reminds me of the fictional Jedi warriors in Star Wars. We all know what happened to them. Even the war movie 300 showed that numbers usually win out over the best militaries. This is why Israel maintains a huge nuclear arsenal, they have to, and will likely have to use it someday. Then it is game over.

                  • @ BI…I will stick with my opinion that with the right gov, BiBI would run right through Lebanon in under 2 weeks in a real war… Odds are… we will see soon enough. You are comparing Nam(jungle)to Middle east (mortar). Respectfully disagree.

                  • Tzipi Livni is the LIB that was in charge of ministry foreign affairs.2006-2009

                  • Remember the 2006 prime minister was Ehud Olmert and Ehud BARAK. bothe LIB spineless POS.

                  • Tanks and aircraft carriers are becoming an anacronism. They are both quite expensive, but can be countered relatively cheaply.

                  • Like the rest of the world the USA has been looted several times over by Jewish banksters and financiers. Our children and resources and the sweat of our brows have been squandered for the agenda of the Zionist Master Race.

                    It is overdue to prosecute every last perpetrator, warmonger, mouthpiece, puppet, enforcer, talking head, and “useful idiot.” Every rat must be flushed from their hole, the guilty must be punished and all their centuries of ill-gotten gains must be repatriated.

                    Leave the innocent alone, but do not let even one of the guilty escape punishment.

                    One wonders of the fallout will rain on the Israeli colonies on the Potomac and the Hudson.

                  • Moderation delays again…Like the rest of the world the USA has been looted several times over by Jewish banksters and financiers. Our children and resources and the sweat of our brows have been squandered for the agenda of the Zionist Master Race.

                    It is overdue to prosecute every last perpetrator, warmonger, mouthpiece, puppet, enforcer, talking head, and “useful idiot.” Every rat must be flushed from their hole, the guilty must be punished and all their centuries of ill-gotten gains must be repatriated.

                    Leave the innocent alone, but do not let even one of the guilty escape punishment.

                    One wonders of the fallout will rain on the Israeli colonies on the Potomac and the Hudson.

                    How ironic that Russians and Muslims may be the ones who save the American people from their Zionist-occupied government.

                  • This is exactly why Israel will use their nukes. They will not go quietly. The numbers are against them so they will be forced to use the nukes or dissappear from the face of theEarth.

              • @BI, I have told you before that my husband works in a place where he knows what’s going on. In five years of prepping today is the first day he’s been an alarmist. He didn’t say anything specific, just that this is not good and that something is off. I know this doesn’t help anyone, but this is serious and can lead to much worse. This is not conspiracy at all. Sec def said WMD used in Syria. Now it’s official and the prezzzzz. Now has to do something about it; his red line has been crossed……

                • @ Youdontneedtoknow. I as well as everyone appreciates any insight to what the hell is really happening. The real issue with me is Russia and China because either one of those countries can end the U.S. as a country in about 30 minutes. Anytime people can get a little head’s up on what is happening, it gives them an advantage over the masses. Please IF you hear of anything else, pleas let us know. Please anyone else with RELIABLE information, we need to know. Thank you.

                  I will try to update everyone on the earthquake situation later as many more precursor quakes have occurred and something is very likely coming on that front.

                  • i agree BI

                    the question isnt whether we are going into syria (thats a given) the question is are the russians going to just sit on there hands ,i dont take putin as being a huff and puff obama i think he maybe closer to a walk softly and carry a big stick type person ,im fairly close to cuba maybe that will help me when there picking there strike zone

                • Youdontneedtoknow … Just post “Alas Babylon” if you here somthing actionable that could be trouble for us… thanks….

              • Makes me think of Tom Lehrer:

                So long, mom,
                I’m off to drop the bomb,
                So don’t wait up for me.
                Although you may swelter,
                Down in your shelter
                You can watch me
                On your TV…..

                But though I may roam,
                I’ll come back to my home,
                Although it may be,
                A pile of debris….

                On a different note, (oops, a pun slipped in there)
                There is an online free university called Coursera.
                It is at

                They just started a class today called “Disaster Preparedness” and it appears to be a class to help people to create a personal disaster plan. It might be a good idea for some of the newbies here but it might be too basic for some of the people with more experience. The class originates from the University of Pennsylvania.
                I think it will last for about 6 weeks.

              • BI: very astute as usual. Looking forward to your next earthquake post info… up here in the Pacific Northwest…. Your thoughts on the Cascadian Fault… not if (we know it’s coming) but when and is it a little or a “full rip”. Thanks

              • BI, you might have heard it, but check out the Gary Jules version of the song that was in Donnie Darko. Pretty good music video to go along with it.

              • Hezbollah are bad-asses for very good reason. When you have a nation of blood thirsty, real estate thieves and Satanic monsters like the evil Israelis living next door – that is the only sound and reasonable attitude to have that will guarantee your survival. Incidentally, I got a tremendous amount of satisfaction from seeing the Israelis have their asses handed to them on a plate by Hezbollah the last time they tried to invade Lebanon.

                Say, am I the only one who wonders how the Israelis could be so stupid as to try to use nuclear weapons against a nation that is so close to them, that the resulting radiation and radioactive fallout would most certainly be blown back into their faces? I realize, of course,that Netanyahu and his inner circle are mentally insane psychopaths – but, wouldn’t the Israelis have a few sane thinkers who would grasp the horrific consequences of letting this madman start a nuclear war and then arrange for him to ‘have a sudden heart attack’ and then send him to join Ariel Sharon in his turnip garden?

                I’ve made several phone calls to the scum who call themselves my Congressional representatives to make them fully aware that I am firmly OPPOSED to any more of these endless wars for Israel and that I wanted no US involvement in Syria. Polls are running between 60-80 percent opposed to any American involvement in any more Middle Eastern wars that the Israelis are trying to drag us into fighting for them.

                Syria and Assad are right. This whole idea of attacking Syria is an Israeli promoted agenda (designed to lead to the next war on Iran) and they deserve to get clobbered with everything that Syria has in their arsenal.

                I hope Putin has given them some really nasty stuff. And, for a joke, the Syrians might want to take a crayon and write ‘Zyclon-B Plus’ on the side of their missiles before they hit the launch button.

                • I will make you [Israel] into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you. —Genesis 12:2-3

                  G-D WILL CURSE YOU!!!!!!!!!

                  • Can I ask Paulstein a question?

                    Exactly how many hours does one have to spend licking Satan and his spawn’s rectums, before you suddenly became addicted to the taste?

              • Really? I’ll tell you who’s bloodthirsty. ISRAHELL is bloodthirsty. There has been nothing but constant war because of ISRAHELL. I hope the Arabs eradicate them permanently. I’m POSITIVE the rest of the world can get along very well, peaceful, respectful of each other’s needs, without those insane psychopaths.

                • Them Germans Was Right.

                • On the spot assessment of the criminal, mad-dog, false flag terrorism sponsoring, criminal state of Israel.

                  I will sheepishly admit that it took me a while to figure out their game, even though I have never been particularly fond of that nation and it wasn’t until 9-11 happened and the puzzle pieces began to fall into place as to their complicity in that event (view the Mike Delaney 9-11 Missing Links documentary and read the Chris Bollyn book, Solving 9-11) that I started to pay closer attention to the endless evil that those treacherous people are constantly up to.

                  Ever since they manipulated the US and Great Britain into helping them steal that piece of real estate, whereby they engineered two catastrophically destructive and murderous World Wars that killed well over 50 plus million Europeans, the Israeli’s have been relentlessly attacking their Arab neighbors – doing so in a clearly offensive and aggressive fashion, but then claiming to the world that they had ‘intelligence’ that told them that their Arab neighbors were about ready to attack THEM, so they were only attacking their neighbors first in order to defend themselves. Wink, wink, nod, nod.

                  Yea, right. You try attacking and killing your neighbor who lives across the street from you, and then try telling the judge and jury that you had a dream that your neighbor was plotting to attack you six months or a year from now, and so you were only acting in self-defense and see how far that line of bull manure will get you in a court of law.

                  The bottom line is simple. These Israelis, or at least the gang who comprise their ‘leaders’ are mentally insane, blood-thirsty, war mongering, criminal psychopaths and these treacherous rats were involved in 9-11, along with help from key neo-con assets inside the USA – and they’ve used their 9-11 false flag attack to embroil the USA in a series of wars against every nation in the Middle East that the murderous Israelis hate and want us to destroy for them.

                  George Galloway, who is a nauseating liberal and who I have little use for – recently surmised that the ‘gas’ and ‘chemical weapons’ that found their way into Syria were supplied to the rebels by Israel, who clearly is trying to stage another false flag attack that they can blame on Assad, and then use that to get the USA and UK to proceed with the next target on Israel’s hit list, Syria. After Syria, they’ll ramp up their hysteria and try to get us to attack Iran.

                  So, this tiny, ‘shitty’ little sewage pit of a nation – just as Hitler predicted, is now the most serious threat to every living human and animal on this planet – because these evil, mentally insane bastards are trying to get WW3 going and that will result in thermonuclear destruction of vast regions of the planet. Russia and China have drawn a line in the sand, and attacking Syria is going to result in the USA getting their asses hit and hit hard.

                  Yep, those Germans were 100 percent right about this tribe of monsters. We should have put every last one of these evil rats on Madagascar and encircled that island with a permanent naval blockade to make sure not even one of them ever got off that island.

                • I will make you [Israel] into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you. —Genesis 12:2-3

                  G-d curses those who curse Israel!!

                  • PAUL: You keep Posting Genesis 12:2-3 then say G-d curses those who curse Israel!

                    Listen up you foolish idiot Jewboy or jewdeo christian whacked out John Hagee devote’.

                    READ: Galatians chapters 3 and 4!!

                    Abrahams “SEED” is NOT seed’s plural. It is SINGULAR “Seed” Galatians in the NEW testement which is the word of GOD that tells christianity all about the NEW Covenant that Replaced the 12 tribes israel OLD covenant thats Now defunct-Null-Void-Finished-Done forever replaced by a Much Better and Permanant new covenant of the ELECT! which IS Us true christian Jesus Christ believers.

                    The promice God made to Bless Abrahams SEED means JESUS Is that SEED. READ Galatians! Christians Are who will recieve the Promiced blessings to abraham.

                    There is NO Longer Jew nor Greek neither male nor female nor free man or bond(slave) man. As ALL are ONE In and Through Jesus Christ. Period.(if they believe in Christ)

                    No matter how often you post such Nonsensical idiotoc “Bless the jews crap” it won’t change Facts.

                    If a Jew Paul? You need Read entire new testement, Burn your Talmud rayssis seperatist self chozen supremesist teaching books and Repent of judaisim talmudisim and become a Jesus Christ believer Christian.

                    If already a phony Jewdeo-christian zionist, that is discussed in the Book of HEBREWS also new testement.

                    It has several Warnings for all christians to NEVER allow anyone to convince you to MIX christianity with Judaisim.

                    Like OIL and Water the two do NOT mix. Never did. Never will mix Period.

                    Several bible books and verses Warns christians if they get fooled into trying such a unmixable mix it will cause the christian to go Back under the Old Law of moses laws, and will end up in YOUR Loss of salvation under Gods Grace based soley upon Personal Faith. Grace thru Faith period.

                    So either wise up or take that bless jews jewdeo christian falshood and shove it up schumers shnoze!

                    Do you really think posting that same idiotic verse again and again is going to change 2000 yrs of Gods Word and Histroy Paul? or are you one who thinks you can simply “Wish” Your version into reality like some foolish liberal clown?

                    READ Galatians ch 3 and 4 Paul and heberews too. See how wrong you are. No need to thank me as I am happy to “Fix” the vast wrongs perpetrated by phony jew firster pastors such as Hagee et al, and of course the vast amount of wrongs taught by 3500 yrs of Pharisee Talmudic Judaisims Lies……Value Your Soul Paul? I do too so READ that stuff!

              • I bet millions in libya fell even worse.

            • That two little sentence is all that I read from these comments and your right on, no more reading for me.

          • GC, my first thoughts too; concerning war crimes. I, like many Americans, don’t agree with the US Gov’t’s foreign policy anywhere in the world that is getting our young men and women killed. ‘We the People’ reject the NWO. Period.

            • If any so called “Patriot” votes in the upcoming 2013 midterm election, or the 2016 election, or any future Federal election for that matter, they are complicit in “Crimes against Humanity.”

              Voting empowers the State, and this State IS a murderous, criminal organization.

              If you support this State by way of the ballot box, not only are you complicit in criminal activity, you have NO right to complain about what this State does!

              You voted for it!!

              Lets go further…

              Those who enabled State crimes by way of the ballot box should be strung up with the rest of the government for enabling criminal activity. Guilty by association.

              You think that extreme?

              “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

              ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

              • YMWW — very well spoken, indeed

                • OutWest, although YMWW made some valid points, he had no business calling you a fool. You may have been misled by TPTB at one time, but you’re not a fool. Not in my book. braveheart

                • I certainly agree to a great extent…
                  But let’s really put the blame where it belongs…

                  The psychopaths from the inbreed “so called” royal blood lines of Europe…Just because there are very few monarchs left out in the open doesn’t mean they’ve gone away…
                  they’re still there and don’t let anybody fool you…

                  They’ve been at this for centuries…
                  they are masters of manipulation…

                  And if it wasn’t for their psychopathy I could almost admire them…

                  • jerry, I had done some research on that royal(pain) blood line and had found something that bothered me: they have a high rate of youth suicide and death rate (drugs) that seemed odd. Then over the years I have come to the opinion that the youth/young adults that died prematurely, wouldn’t conform to the royal goals (NWO and genecide).
                    Ever hear of any royalty accepting Jesus and becoming a Christian? Princess Di had a heart for the poor and was seeking answers (aka: God). Look what happened to her.

                  • Most are descended from the British Queen Victoria or King Christian IX of Denmark. Physical abnormalities, hemophilia and mental disorders are the most prevalent problems unless you also include the unquestionable power and wealth. On and on it goes but to admire them is to devalue the principles they all dictate to the commoners. *Do as I say not as I do*

                  • I said ALMOST…
                    The point being, they have remained in power and have been manipulating us this entire time without loosing their heads… physically…or most of them anyway…hiding in the shadows…doing their best to lie steal and cheat us from our God given rights as human beings…
                    I ALMOST admire the skill set, as dastardly as it is.

              • YMWW, if you truly believe people should be punished for voting, you’ll have to condemn 99% of the population. Most, if not all, people have been totally misled by the propaganda organs for their whole lives. Everyone who has served in the military regardless of which branch was brainwashed in boot camp. everyone who has ever been through any police academy has also been brainwashed. that’s one of the few things that government specializes in. I don’t envy the position of the troops. they have possibly the most difficult decision of their lives to make. they’ve got to decide whether to stand with the people or with the NWO and there’s no guarantee of safety or survival in either. Only they can make the decision on an individual basis. If they decide to stand with us, I’ll be glad to have them with us. god knows, we’ll need all the help we can get. This whole affair with Syria has false flag written all over it. Looks like Monkeyboy will start WW3 as a distraction from the economy and all the scandals he’s facing. Someone needs to stop him before it’s too late. we’re being set up for a fall. the military’s budget is being cut back, but DHS/FEMA is getting all the money they want to buy tanks, guns, ammo, build an American Gestapo, etc. to use against us. Why all the demonization of the people? Why bringing in all of these foreign troops? THEY’RE GOING TO WAR AGAINST US, ALL OF US. THEIR AGENDA IS ANTI-AMERICAN, ANTI-FREEDOM, ETC. THEY’RE THE GLOOBALISTS’S TOOL TO ELIMINATE US SO THE ONE-WORLD REGIME CAN FINALLY COME TO POWER. Let them bring it on! The ‘domestic army’ will get themselves killed for a totally useless cause. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES BRAVEHEART

                • Ah yes, the pulse of truth… spot on…

              • careful the nsa has already read what u posted they know who u r and were u live so some day there will be three black suvs park in front of were u live then the people that live close to u also your love ones will never know what happened to u.

                • I tire from thy faintness thy weakness…
                  Rise and throw off thy hesitance…

                  Does that help?

                • I live in Sandy Oregon, a suburb. I’ve never seen a black helicopter here, until this evening at about 7:08pm PST. I’ve lived here a couple of years. Having been attached to an air squadron, I know a little about what I saw. The bird was flying pretty low and slow, due west at about 300′.

                  There was what looked like an optical array on the belly. Maybe google was mapping the area, but their vehicles are not black, they are painted like their cars, white.

                  Our area has some tall fir trees and our houses are hard to see from the air. I know this because I’ve seen it via google maps.

                  • Heading to Yakama

                • Yep they know where I am…and its not where they think it is…

                  • FBP, the coast is due west from here…I think Yakama is North by north east from here…unless my compass is upside down…

              • So if we don’t vote, how do we get rid of the crooks?

                • mostevenings says:

                  “So if we don’t vote, how do we get rid of the crooks?”

                  It’s called an Armed Revolution!

                  Maybe you’ve heard of them. They do happen from time to time, and they can be a bit messy!

                  There will be another one in this country… not a question of if, but when.

                  That’s how you “get rid of the crooks.”

                  • on our ballots we need an option box named none of the above. Now all we have is the write in vote option

            • BI, GC, and DRD5508, good evening to all 3 of you. I totally agree with all of your comments. This whole affair reeks of false flag. The BOY in the WH needs a distraction from the economy and all the scandals he’s facing. what better way than to start WW3? then everything else would be quickly forgotten and everyone would focus on survival. The economy and all other aspects of society can and will still collapse regardless of what triggers it. Monkeyboy is going to screw around and get our country destroyed! If only there was some way to prevent all of this. God help us all. braveheart

              • braveheart, good morning to you and hope you have a great day.

              • He hopes to distract us with a war…just remember if at any time you happen to see any of these devils in the midst of that war…remember you have a duty…don’t fail…

            • Well why the hell do the young ignorant stupid fools join the military then? Anyone with 1/4 of a brain knows our military is run by the globalist cabal that owns our govt. Fight for freedom? What a joke, more like fight for globalist conquest and resources for the elite. If your stupid enough to join the military and go murder other people for some B.S. propaganda then you are going to get an assload of karma. Whos the biggest terrorist nation? Give you a hint, the u.s of isreal. What comes around goes around, looks like the chickens are coming home to roost. Now get out there and murder those brown skinned terrists for your almighty govt. and the NWO that owns it!

              • Genius, think like one. Employment is why they join. If unemployment were low, the youth would have more choices.

                • Yes I agree there arent many jobs for them but… DOING THE WRONG THING FOR MONEY IS NO EXCUSE! Do you think its ok if some foriegner comes over and murders your family because he couldn’t find a job in his own country? Use your brain man!

                  • I can’t captain, I’ve given her all I got. We aren’t talking about other countries. Our society is full idealists, and many have joined thinking it to be a temperal solution to their status. They get the promise of educational benifits.
                    I work with and around the military and have asked why they joined and I gave you the majority answer. Now use your brain and get it that not all see the prism as you do or as cut and dried.

                  • It doesnt matter what ideals they have. There is right and there is wrong, moral and immoral, truth and fiction. It’s extremely black and white there is NO in between. Now it’s your turn to use your brain and tell me how there is a grey area that is excusable or moral. There is no excuse for murder, war, occupation, conquest. You CANNOT shift the blame to the state or say Im just following orders. It is YOUR responsibility and ultimate accounting! People need to learn the word NO! C’mon now say it with me… NO! NO, NO! Feels good doesn’t it.

          • @ Gods Creation. What IF this is all just a set up and the rebels or some other terrorist group used these chemical weapons so the Assad regrime will be attacked. It sure smells of false flag written all over it. BO sure needs some distraction over the economy, what better way than what has been used over and over again in the past top draw the attention away from a big fat problem like an exploding debt? War.

            • What if – and I’m only speculating – the real issue there is who winds up with the WMDs that Saddam moved to Syria before we invaded Iraq? And what if those WNDs are nukes, not just gas weapons? An invasion by the USA now had better be a surgical strike to to take possession of those before the Muslim “Brotherhood” does. Truth is, if there were no WMDs, we don’t have a dog in that fight.

              Was just reading about John Boyd again. . . .

              • You stil believe that bs about WMD from Iraq going to Syria? I didn’t think there were any dead Enders left

                • Don’t get up on him. Mouth breathers that say things like what you just said are usually committed leftists.

                  WOOO WEEE, the people on here could play ‘You really believe in that’ against leftists all night long.

                  Talk about swallowing something…

                  • I still wander about the trushs we were not allowed to fire oponeas they headed to the boarder.

                • Saddam’s nuclear weapons program did exist and remains a mystery.

            • @Be informed, I thought the same thing when I fist heard this. That it was a set-up to blame Assad. BO is really trying to watch his p’s & q’s as not to give up any information that would suggest a false flag.

              War = profits = jobs = BO saying look folks I put more people back to work. The economy is going great.

              • I agree that there’s no reason for Assad to have provoked the US when he is winning. The only other party with the access and ability to launch that attack is probably the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, with 20,000 crucial troops in Syria. They don’t care about Syria but want to provoke an attack, drawing in the US so that Hezbollah can hit Israel and maybe involve Russia. All to distract attention from Iran’s nuclear missile program if it is anywhere near completion. Also benefit from higher oil prices for export to help avoid internal economic collapse.

            • BI, most likely is a set up by the Criminals In America (CIA).

              • Yeah, they have to be a little more careful since the people have started calling the BS as it happens. They know we know. Sometimes they don’t care that we know..but if they’re gonna elicit assistance from other govts, they at least have to make a little effort to mask their deeds.

            • Be informed says:

              “What IF this is all just a set up and the rebels or some other terrorist group used these chemical weapons so the Assad regrime will be attacked.”

              LOL… The “other terrorist group” of which you speak of is the United States Government!

              The largest concentration of “Terrorists” are located along the Potomac River, in the formerly Free States of America.

              Hello? Hello? Anybody home? Huh? Think, McFly! Think!

              • @ Yourmotherwaswrong. When I refer to other, I mean EVERYONE is not above suspicion. I also think that this has the possibility of a staged drama play. IF that is the case we are in critical deep trouble “Biff”.

                The ONLY way I see out of WW3 starting is that ALL of this is rigged. This is nothing but show by the NWO and the elitists. IF WW3 is avoided because of this, we as human beings are in an unbelivable amount of sh&*. IF this is all staged it means that the amount of control these monsters have is that of some sceince fiction horror movie. If this whole thing is fixed then the future is as bleak for all of us as much as the aftermath of WW3.

                This is nothing but speculation, but I was thinking about this today. Imagine a future world that these elitist thugs go around each city with a type of futuristic weapon that paralyzes anyone that has a firearm nearby them or on them. A near or complete disarming of every citizen. Then comes to camps and work enforcement in the salt mine type of hell. The implants that control a person’s personlity and desire to be free. Remember BO wants a complete mapping of the brain. A type of people that are literally turned into cattle of sheep, totally obedient without a backbone to say anything but yes.

                IF these elitists and other secret organizations actually have that much power, the future of humanity is lost. Everything becomes like an insect colony in which almost everyone is nothing but a mindless drone. Sould like science fiction? So did the sh^& that we are seeing now with NSA and other organizations to people 30-40 years ago.

                IF this is not some show, then the fate in humanity hangs in the balance to who backs dowm first. Russia cannot in their own backyard. IF they did, they might as well sign over Russia to the U.S. and europe. Russia IF they were this weak would not be flying long range bomber planes practice runs, testing new ICBM’s all the time, and beefing up their military at an incredible rate of speed. The U.S. is the one that must back down, or no more modern world.

                • BI–if we see through this staged attack/false flag possibility until proven either way…leaders elsewhere must see it too.
                  They ain’t stupid!


                • What is happening with Syria and US involvement reminds me of the Cuban missile crisis with Soviet involvement. The US could not afford to back down on that. I don’t believe Russia can afford to back down on Syria. Roles are now reversed.

                  • Even one-liners are tied up in moderation… You can choose to get the number of the beast and be on the side of the synagogue of Satan…. or NOT!

                • You can choose to get the number of the beast and be on the side of the synagogue of Satan…. or NOT!

              • YMWW, you’re the one who’s wrong along with your mother. Back off BI. you’re just another troll.

                • Anonymous says:

                  “YMWW, you’re the one who’s wrong along with your mother. Back off BI. you’re just another troll.”


                  C’mon BH… we can be friends. I’ll even forget about you bringing my mother into this.

                  I’m not that scary. Shit, I don’t even vote for monsters.

                  That should earn me a gold star, right?

            • BI my friend…it is what ever it appears NOT to be…man I just want to farm to grow things and be left alone but these sobs keep breathing….so much simpler here on the farm…it bugs me …I shoot it!….too bad its so complicated in their world….

          • I live along the shore of the Chesapeake–as do millions of other innocent Americans…shame on you for projecting such evil and suffering upon my family and friends–and millions of others………

          • Just remember time is linear, we do what we have to do. We would not have this country if we didn’t conquer it first, much to the chagrin of my ancestors. Good or bad it’s bidness or karma or rapture or (insert label here) History is that his ass kicked ur ass and they get to and they write the books. Love my my Heinz 57 country and will fight for our Constitution, it works as it is was. now all can vote, remember only land owners were allowed to vote, as it should be. my opine. sorry if this upsets but it is my ONLY, freedom is a tree only sustained by the blood of those whom forgot to nourish it properly.

            • Heinz. Is no longer made in the USA. So what cohrty are you talking about. China.

            • Sad the “history” is Europeans slaughtered the red men. It happened a lot. But, actually, around 1/2 the people I grew up with in the south could identify native American ancestors within 2 or 3 generations. Seems “his story” leaves a lot of actual facts out: many people DO get along. many people DO work together and make a good society. Not at the national, greed level; but at the personal, local level.

              For the military industrial complex to maximize profits, they need to use up capacity. This is probably as true for Russian military companies as any others. There is a huge financial incentive for war on foreign soils. Do you suppose the financial beneficiaries see any personal risk in conflagrating a war? I don’t. I think they see $$$ signs. Follow the money…

          • the future has been written in GOD’S WORD AND WE CANNOT CHANGE IT. We may be able to postpone but we cannot escape it.Only God know’s.

            Isaiah 17: Destruction of Damascus

            In the last days, the Bible tells us of a horrible series of events that will take place in the lands of Israel and Syria. One of these events is the disappearance of Damascus as one of the premiere cities in the world. The oldest continuously inhabited city on the planet, Damascus has witnessed at least 5,000 years of human history, and some historians believe the city actually dates back to the seventh millennium BC. In fact, Paul was on the road to Damascus when Christ first appeared to Him, an event that transformed not only his life, but the course of human history.

            In the very near future, Damascus will once again play a major role in human events. The prophet Isaiah provides us with God’s commentary on a future conflict between Damascus and Israel, and in so doing, he reveals certain prophecies which have been partially fulfilled in the past. However, the ultimate fulfillment of Isaiah 17 remains in the future. The current existence of Damascus, which will one day cease to be a city, as well as the historical absence of the coalition of nations prophesied to attack Israel and be destroyed by God, is proof that Isaiah 17 prophesies events yet future.

            This is what God revealed to the prophet Isaiah:

            • Isaiah 17 has been used several times the past few days; reading it was the first thing I did after brushing teeth and taking vitamins.
              Interesting–but I like Luke 21 also for a glimpse into that future we can not change.

              Ricin was also made by our Creator, yes??

            • And we could be looking over that Precipice now ( I pray not but its in God’s time not ours}.

          • We can’t afford to repay the Russians for such a service.

        • Trade wars, currency wars, world wars

          – Gerald Celente

        • Anyone know how long it takes Ricin to work,or maybe how to make it. I bet Kellogg’s Ricin Bran would be good. Trekker Out.

          • How about Ricin-Roni? Ricin Krispy Treats?

            • I’m dieting….got any ricin cakes?

              • I don’t care for Harleys, I prefer the fast ricin rockets

                • You have been ‘gone too long’. Still enjoyed the wit. Keep a smile, I’m sure you put some smiles on others.

            • Spanish ricin with jalapenos

              • I know someone who just loves ricin gravy.

                ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin

          • Castor bean plant, the seeds are not poisioous, rest of plant is. Google it.

            • What do you think castor oil is made from?
              Castor beans.

          • I will not describe how to make ricin but it is not hard. A local doctor used some castor beans to try to poison her husband but she did not succeed. The ricin can take up to 5 days to work.

            It causes GI upset if ingested, but more severe symptoms if inhaled. It blocks protein production in the body and especially targets the gastrointestinal tract. There are some cases of rapid death but that is not always the case. I don’t recall any specific antidote/treatment except symptomatic care.

            • No know cure if inhaled or injected in blood stream. Dead is dead.

          • I dont know how to make it but i could pick about 200# of caster beans in about 30 minutes! Can see the plants from my deck.

            • I hear theyre a good replacement for kidney beans in chili… 🙂

        • What worries me more than entangling ourselves in another war is the real possibility once involved BO ties up our military in a slow bureacratic mess hindering our troops and putting them at a disadvantage and in harms way.

          I have zero confidence in his ability to lead our armed forces. He will hesitate, wet his pants and cause Americans to die in his indecision.

          Pray for our troops..they’ll be on their own. Don’t expect BO to make the tough calls in war to win it.

          • Now that sounds like a plausible plan!

          • It is the best thing that can happen for America, it would give the American people the reason to reclaim their country from their corrupt criminal government.

            • Chris, go to bed. Because that’s the dream world best suited for you.this is by no means the best thing that can happen!!!!

          • @Wolf359

            Screw the troops!

            That’s right… Screw the troops!!

            They put themselves, AND their families behind the States 8 ball when they bought into the States propaganda, and signed up for a Criminal Tour of Duty!!!

            A “Free People” don’t need a standing army!

            A “Free People” ARE the army!!

            Hey Wolf359, do you need the State… to hold your hand?

            • You’re awfully idealistic. I have read many of your posts an would bet you are wealthy enough to sit on a high horse

            • 1. You’re a dope and contribute little to this site. Go elsewhere.

              2. Contrary to your’re belief, freedom isn’t free. Its paid with blood of tyrants and patriots.

              • @Wolf359

                So you think we live in a “Free” country?

                In a “free” country, does the government have the right to assassinate it’s own citizens?

                In a “free” country, does the government employ a policy of indefinite detention?

                In a “free” country, does the government deal in arbitrary justice?

                In a “free” country, does the government conduct warrantless searches?

                In a “free” country, does the government use secret evidence against the people?

                In a “free” country, does the government engage in war crimes?

                In a “free” country, does the government operate secret courts?

                In a “free” country, does the government have immunity from judicial review?

                In a “free” country, does the government spy on every citizen?

                In a “free” country, does the government have a right of extraordinary renditions?

                Tell me why you think we live in a “Free” country.

                • YMWW,
                  I believe in a Consitutional Republic. It’s not perfect I know that. I find it abhorrent our rights have been slowly eroded away but unlike you through the democratic process I hope we can turn this great country back around. You seem to believe it’s time to start slaughtering you’re fellow Americans and force you’re anarchist rule upon the rest. How does that make you any different than any form of government in power?

                  The problem with you anarchists is you’re not satisfied with any form of government. All you’re ilk do is tear apart, break down, and divide. You offer nothing constructive to solve this mess. You rabblerouse with you’re extremist viewpoints and diminish the this great forum.

                  So instead of attacking everybody else on here who have the courage to lay out solutions and ideas on preparing why don’t you tell us what you think the solution is and how to go about it and what rol you would install??

                  • YMWW,

                    All those points you made have substance but you should know that no civilization has ever been free from those. It has never occurred. Our Founders made a most valiant attempt to free humanity from tyranny but the nature of man is tyranny,misery and slavery. And civilization always falls back to that.

                    It is a Constant battle for man’s freedoms and I believe our form of government and Constitution are the best out there and we need to perfect it further.

                    What say you? Or are you too much of a self loathing American to offer up anything of value.

                  • @Wolf359

                    I was hoping you would answer the question I posed to you: “Tell me why you think we live in a “Free” country.”

                    You chose not to answer.

                    You said: “… through the democratic process I hope we can turn this great country back around.”

                    Democracy is “the god that failed.”

                    Democracy has failed!

                    The “Democratic Process,” has brought us, and the West, to a point of collapse. Your government is corrupt; The culture is rotting; A private Banking Cartel controls the “peoples money;” The Constitution is a dead letter; Fascist policies have destroyed the economy; The rule of law is DEAD; etc… etc… etc. All this has been wrought by “The Democratic Process,” so you’ll excuse me if I don’t buy into the States Propaganda, aka, Bullshit. Your “solution” to the problem hasn’t worked. In fact, it has taken us in the OPPOSITE direction. Towards tyranny.

                    You said: “You seem to believe it’s time to start slaughtering you’re fellow Americans and force you’re anarchist rule upon the rest.”

                    So now you’re telling me what I think? So now you’re ascribing my disgust with the established system to forcing anarchist rule upon the rest? I don’t want to “force” anything upon anyone. It’s the Statist who wants to use force! Remember, there are two kind of people in this world: Those who want to be left alone, and those who won’t leave you alone. I am the former, most so called “Americans” are defiantly the latter. Which one are you?

                    You said: “All you’re ilk do is tear apart, break down, and divide.”

                    Really… Q: Just who is tearing apart, breaking down, and dividing the world right now? A: Your own government: The State!

                    You said: “You offer nothing constructive to solve this mess.”

                    Oh but I have! Cut 99% of the Federal Government. Constrain it to it’s original constitutional mandate. But, that will NEVER happen because a Democracy is the public, and the public is stupid. And your solution? It seems to be more Democracy. Well, how’s that worked out for us so far???

                    No, I say kill the collective, and take a second look at the individual. Do that, and we all thrive. Do it not, and you have America circa 2013.

            • YMWW,
              You are pulling no punches today, player!! Do your thing!!

              • @sd mule

                The truth is a very hard thing to confront when one is brainwashed to the point of being unable to ask inconvenient questions, and think critically.

                It’s the reason this country is in decline.

                People just wanna go along with the manufactured reality, and it’s killing us.

              • YMWW,

                You still haven’t answered me. You want 99% of the gov trimmed but have no idea on how to do that.

                Here’s how its done, by the BALLOT or by BULLIT. I prefer the ballot as of today.

                You can chose not to vote all you like and you will never influence a thing. Instead you’ll monday morning quartback you’re extremist anarchist viewpoints on this forum and still not offer up anything of value.

                Are you a constitutionalist republican?

                Most likely you are not as evidenced by you’re previous post.So what exactly do you want yo replace our constitutional republic and democratic process with, anarchy or should we just annoint you supreme leader since us lowly stupid people can’t govrrn ourselves.
                With you’re utter contempt for yourre fellow man and abrasive attitude you will fit in just right with all the great tyrants, stalin, mao, pol pot, saddam etc…

                • @Wolf359

                  I’ll only respond to that mess by saying this:

                  “Write drunk; edit sober.”

                  ~ Ernest Hemingway

                  • You’re not worth the time to correct grammatical errors when I post from my phone.

                    You still never answered or countered my points because you probably can’t.

                    Not sure if you noticed the substantial difference between our thumbs up or down. Appears quite evident the majority of people reason with me and view you as an extremist.

                • Hey Wolf,
                  The great thing about the majority in America is they are always wrong!! They were wrong about the housing market, they were wrong about G.W. Bush, they were wrong about WMD’s in Iraq, they were wrong about Obama, they were wrong about hiring all of those illegals outside of the Home Depot, they were wrong about buying foreign products instead of American made products, ect. I wouldn’t be too thrilled about having the “programmed majority” siding with you.

                  • Hey Mule,

                    The last thing the fine people here on Mac’s great site is the programmed majority.

                    Isn’t that why we are here?

            • YMWW, f#$% you! Back off Wolf 359, you f#$%in troll!

            • @YMWW says the troll sleeping under the protection of our troops. Very courageous coward.

              • If I was still active duty…

                I would defend his right to speak his mind…
                Sad that he does not know what us old dogs would still do for him…

                • This old dog seconds that….

              • The troops today don’t protect my “freedom.” That’s simplistic propaganda! And, most of the boobs in this country buy it.

                The troops actions, at the direction of their Masters in Washington, are DISTROYING my “freedom!”

                The troops don’t fight to protect my “freedom” to say the things I say! The troops fight for the CORPORATE EMPIRE aka, The United States Government! A government, btw, you are not part of, and have NO say it what it really does.

                So, keep drinking the flouride, make sure you vote, and always remember… The government loves you.

            • Your an “IDIOT” FUCK YOU!

            • Maybe you should move to a country that has no military. seems to be your wish. we have too many enemies that hate us for who we are and what we have. They always go after the guy at the top of the hill…regardless!

              • You forgot “And what we do”

          • I’d wager the US military is being set up…

            • Right, eliminate those who would fight the DHS, TSA, and NSA at home.

          • Wolf359,

            >>”Pray for our troops..they’ll be on their own. Don’t expect BO to make the tough calls in war to win it.”<<

            Well said! I couldn't have said it any better!

            • Thanks YH, I find it very distressing our troops will be left to the wolves just like Benghazi and Seal Team 6.

        • The two phrase’s most used that TPTB have totally twisted to distroy are country art(For National Security) and the second is taken from the Constitution (Promote the General Welfare) They have used these to devastate our economy and to infringe on our rights and take us into wars all over the world that we have no business being in. Trekker Out. Help Us Out. Ricin!

        • I heard Saddam Hussien has Weapons Of Mass Destruction! Um…he really does…right?

          I just hope if we get nuked, I’m at Gound Zero.

          • is anybody else having trouble leaving a comment?

            • Sixpack, please see the email I sent your way. Hopefully this is now resolved.

              • People seem to be a little edgy today. Guess it isnt a good time to post about the latest black on white hate crime…19 year old murders a 90 year old woman in New York.

                • It’s OK, he’s one of obummer’s sons…

                  White Genocide, one dead White at a time…

                  • He’s really a good kid. His (maybe) father said so.

                    You rayis crackers—He beats one defensless old man to death and…BANG!!! he’s a bad person.

                • Sad… and people are only going to put up with for so long and you can feel it brewing…..

              • Although a couple of comments posted as anonymous, they are getting posted now. thanks.

            • Sixpack:
              Yes, I am having trouble leaving a comment. I left one earlier today, it was awaiting moderation when there were about 25 posts, and now it is gone.

            • Yes, and I’m unable to give a thumb’s up to comments I think are good. The mouse “clicks”, but the vote doesn’t register.

              • I couldn’t post anything, not even have stuff waiting for moderation, for a couple of days. During that time, I could still thumb people.

          • Huh?!?!

        • The Jews or Syrians need to take out the real source and banker of the turmoil in the Mid east. The Saudis who are the financers and promoters of radical Islam. Who do we think is paying to have all the mosques built in the US? The Iranians will probably help them.

          • If US or Israel attacks Syria or Iran, Iran will take out Saudi-Arabia. There is something in the Bible about the Saudi oil fields burning. Better keep a full tank of gas.

            • Chapter and verse?

              • Isaiah 34:9 Its land shall become burning pitch
                According to ShoebatWalid: “slam being controlled by non-Arabs will eventually put Saudi Arabia at risk of destruction by Iran (Isaiah 21); Arabia, the source of Islam, will be no more (Isaiah 34, Ezekiel 25:13); and the oil of the Arabs will burn forever (Isaiah 34:9). All this will happen despite the U.S. effort to arm Arabia to the teeth.”

                • ShoeBat Walid!!! Mossad/cia/FOX TV talker/John Hagee pal, overall Propagandist promoting falshoods like Jewdeo-christianity!

                  ENFP: Read Glatians chapters 3 and 4, and Hebrews chapter 8 I think it is. See My Prior post to Paul regarding these issues. then WAKE UP!

        • THIS IS THE START OF WW3, by design. The New World Order is desperate, they need a giant distraction and a smokescreen to take attention away from the engineered economic collapse at home and all the scandals that are hammering this communist Obama regime. Syria is the backdoor entrance to IRAN, so we all knew this was coming. The chemical weapons attack was executed by AL QAEDA, NOT ASSAD. The satanic Illuminati media is taking us to war, following a script. Get ready folks, this could be the thing that our government blames the collapse on, in order to avoid the blame.

          • Yep…..

        • I personally believe that little or nothing will come of this Syrian debacle..

          It is sabre rattling 101..just enough to take all the other wranglings off the table..and get everyone focused on the shell game..

          Meanwhile..Benghazi,IRS,DOD,NSA,TSA,EPA,failing economy are off the table and off the wires… and soon to be totally forgotten!

          Remember recently when Iran was in the crosshairs..and North Korea before that?…gone!!

          I hope I am wrong on this but this smells of a shell game extraordinaire..

          Your thoughts..?


          • ~~~Meanwhile..Benghazi,IRS,DOD,NSA,TSA,EPA,failing economy are off the table and off the wires… and soon to be totally forgotten!~~~
            Along with BP/Gulf/CoRexit disaster and Fukishima that are horrific if the truth be known??

            As bad as a Ricin epidemic??

          • I hope you are right possee.

          • Agreed Possee! Plus, this gives big oil and those holding the stocks at a chance for more money with the fear of destabilizing the region.

            • PO’d &JayJay..

              Given the total deceit and myriad of possibilities..just about any scenario is possible..

              Of course any kinetic action will ultimately be designed to implode the Syrian regime and open up the final expansion of the desired LNG pipeline through Syria..

              It’s always about globalism isn’t it?Never for a moment to improve anyone’s lives except corporate always!

              China and Russia will rattle their swords, let us do the unspeakable..and all will profit from the LNG pipeline at the end of the road..

              China has quite a bit of investments in Iraqi oil fields..yet who did the dirty work..?

              NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Exxon Mobil (NYS:XOM) is selling over half of its 60 percent holding in Iraq’s West Qurna-1 oilfield project to China’s biggest energy firm PetroChina and Indonesia’s Pertamina (PERTM.UL), Iraq’s oil minister confirmed on Friday.

              Even if we do destabilize Syria..all the global interests will benefit… as always once again..

              We are all being played as pawns..period!


              • With all the latest coming in from Stratfor,Reuters,AP,Debkafile etc…

                they sure are positioning themselves for a strategic strike..supposedly the Joint chiefs are utilizing the Kosovo airstrike as a quaint it all is..

                Meanwhile the central banks are positioning themselves for another windfall profit from all of this no matter what ensues…After the Libya fiasco..banks were re instituted, and opened, before any utilities or basic services for the citizens were up and running…

                Everything’s for the damned banks..everything!
                Hell, they own the Pentagon and all the d.c crowd..and these bastards do their bidding willingly..

                Obama and company worldwide are just posturing while the bankers enforcers/leg breakers(military)line up all the chess pieces for another possible humanitarian..precision..kinetic..spreading democracy..strike..

                Oh..and the collateral damage to innocents will make the chemical attack count pale in comparison..but that’s ok..right?

                Afterall..we’re “protecting’ the innocents while we quietly arm the insurgents for civil war there and the death count is well over 100,000..?

                This whole spectacle is abhorrent..

                These luciferian bastards never stop in their lust for [power and death.


        • Yep, I agree. Don’t know how they’re planning to do it, whether through massive race riots, Russia nuking us, China nuking us, Syria and Iran poisoning us, or just what method is on order. We’re strengthening our perimeter and buying plenty of first aid articles, masks, skin cleansers, Cipro, heavy plastic and lots of duck tape. Has anyone noticed how exceptionally bright Venus is appearing? AND, is it just me, or does anyone else think the Moon is traveling further south in orbit than usual? The Ironweed is blooming over a month early, but Goldenrod which usually blooms with it is nowhere near that point. The rose hips on my Rugosas are enormous and I’ll pick them next month. Even the Heritage Roses which seldom set hips are just covered. We’ve had two enormous flocks of geese headed south already. The “V” pattern was sloppy, but they were headed out. It’s been a very, very strange year.
          Anthrax and Pressure Cooker.

          • Vicky
            I have noticed the same things. Everything bloomed like crazy, and everything is gigantic: all my vegetable plant leaves, the weeds, berries, everything. I attributed it to the solar maximum – there’s just more sun. What do you think?

        • To protect our Jewish brethren, USA must stay out of this conflict.

        • Not being a gambler, unfortunate, it is evident this US-Gov plan of attacking Syria (or was it Afghan ?)… is very likely to target (is it Iraq again?)… IRAN.
          Obama will unconstitutionally send US military into Syria (what’s new), Iran will assist Syria against ‘foreign invader’s’, the trap is set and excuse is made… to ‘make war’ with Iran.
          I do not see this fiasco working however, the (5-Perm-Member) Cabal may take a sharp turn, with Russia and China finally making their Empire claim… WWIII.

      2. What’s sick is that these people, Obama, Assad, Cameron, Putin, don’t give a shit how many people they kill.

        Psychopaths the whole lot of em.

        • I hate to be saying it but I think out of that list, it appears Putin is the only one who gives a shit. 😉

          • Should a couple of anti ship missiles or torpedos find a US ship and sink or seriously damage it this will get serious. Should a gator freighter loaded with Marines be sunk the shit will get deeply serious.

          • He is portrayed as a man’s man!!! on the other hand we have our femanazi president.Sad but true!!!

        • It is always funny how anytime we attack ANY Arab state they then threaten or do attack Israel. It is like they look for any excuse to do so. No should we stick our noses into this mess…. NO! we are now gasoline exporters and natural gas exporters and coal exporters. We don’t need a drop of middle east oil. We should excuse ourselves from the entire region. Any nation that wants to work with us we should work with and to hell with the rest of them. We should support Israel with money they need and let them have at it with these psychopaths. Israel generally can handle itself. If Russia wants a proxy war then let them fight the Jews not us. We support Israel and let them do the dirty work. …. No let me leave dream land and come into reality…. (queue popping sounds)… Obumer will use this as his next crisis, he will let us know that we need the NSA, we will spool up the war machine…. Gas prices will go back up saving the tanking petro dollar, ….. only this time we get to have a Proxy war with a debt free and much stronger Russia which is led by a manacle but very strong and capable leader. This will end badly for all parties including Israel. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS. Stay safe and hug your loved ones.

          • This ain’t about oil – its about the US dollar. Petrodollar and world reserve currency, the US’s no. 1 export.

            • Exactly what I was saying… Hold up the US dollar ( which is a train wreck) and give Obumer somthing new to feed MSNBC….

          • Man on the inside:

            Don’t include ME in your “we” support!!

            • OK

              • Me either.

      3. Be prepared for the O regime to institute some type of national distraction once the Syria balloon goes up.

        Stay safe and Semper Fi.

        • Distraction from Syria Israel Russia and the US? Must going to be one hell of a doozy. Can’t think of what your scenario would include.

          • You need a distraction? How about a bombing at a major sporting event, say for example a “marathon”? How about a shooting at a school?

          • Grippentrog

            Are you serious? All it would take for the 97% of the f*ckin sheep morons in this country to be distracted from all out world war is something like a ” dancing with the queers marathon ” or some miley cyrus bullshit.


            • III% brother
              MOLON LABE

        • I expect the regime to try to come up with a ‘reason’ to support this…

          Poll: Americans ‘Strongly Oppose’ U.S. Intervention in Syria

          “Even as reports indicate President Obama is putting the final touches on a missile strike against Syria, a Reuters poll shows that Americans “strongly oppose” the U.S. getting involved in Syria’s conflict, even if Bashar al-Assad really did use chemical weapons against his own people.

          The Reuters/Ipsos poll from August 19-23 showed that 60 percent of Americans oppose getting involved in the Syrian conflict, while only 9 percent believe Obama should get involved.

          Even if the use of chemical weapons can be proven, support for U.S. intervention only rises to 25 percent.”

          • I always thought that they would collapse the economy when they finally decided for an all out war in the Middle East. I believe Syria will be what ignites this.

            • Watch what it has done to the dow today and the rest of the week. It might not be a distraction, but a excuse for the failing economy.

          • Not sure what is the right response, only that it is crazy to tell them we will be doing something a week in advance. Whatever happened to surprise attack? Then get it done and not drag around and endanger our military. Play to win.

          • KY Mom. When did our opinion/voice start to matter? Take care.

          • KY Mom,

            Thanks for the Breitbart link.

            There are so many moving pieces on this chess board it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. However, if there is one thing that appears to be constant and that is the U.S. has yet to prove it’s case that Assad ordered the use of chemical weapons last month or this month. We cannot use weapons of mass destruction of our making on a sovereign nation without knowing a credible and imminent threat exists against Americans.

            Take a look at this You Tube video.


            At time stamp :52 seconds General Wesley Clarke makes mention of a clandestine plan to take down 7 middle eastern countries in 5 years. Iran being the main objective. Everything that appears to be happening is on a time table geared toward bring down Iran according to Clarke.

        • I think I found the distraction:

          U.S. faces new debt-limit deadline

          The U.S. government is set to run out of borrowing authority in mid-October, leaving the government at a high risk of having inadequate cash to fund all operations, including paying Social Security checks and military salaries, officials said on Monday.

          The mid-October date creates a new cliffhanger for Washington — and one that comes on the early side of what many analysts had anticipated.

          In exchange for raising the $16.7 trillion debt limit, Republicans are demanding significant new spending cuts — and some are insisting on de-funding or delaying President Obama’s signature health-care law. Obama has said he will not negotiate over the debt limit.

          • ‘Creative’ accounting…

            100 Days: Treasury Has Kept Debt Frozen at $16,699,396,000,000

            “The Treasury Department’s latest official daily accounting of the U.S. government’s receipts, expenditures and borrowings–released this afternoon at 4:00 p.m.–indicates that the legally limited debt of the federal government has now been exactly $16,699,396,000,000 for 100 straight days.”

            CNS News dot com

      4. The rivers of blood will run deep if, or more accurately when, someone gets an itchy trigger finger…

        • Maybe as deep as a horse’s bridle…..

      5. There’s no telling how this will evolve. A plan is only that until first contact with the enemy occurs, then all bets are off. Still time to prep, fuel, lock and load.

      6. After the bombs they recently dropped on Syria, I would not be surprised if Israel retaliates.

        Keep getting the #10 cans, the lead, etc. Time is short.

        • They will strike back and then the real fun begins.

          • Fun!!!! this will not be fun!!! your a freakin IDIOT. My grand children are still young.And that’s not fun. thinking about their future.or my own children’s future, for that matter why don’t you piss off you knucklehead.

            • My grandchildren are also young and…… it was sarcasm… most got that… War sucks … I have been to two of them and buried friends….. Stop snaking, Keep Prepping and keep focused. You want to yell at me that is OK I got big shoulders and a big heart. I just know what the reality of our present ADMIN in DC is (I work for these clowns) and we are in DEEP trouble. And I have no intention of Pissing off….. I will continue to read the great articles, share info with other prepers (team members) and ….. like the last article… I will accept the reality of wear the world is today and prepare my family for it. It is not a pretty picture and I spent 21 years defending this country in the hope for a better life for them. That probably will not happen… so now it is up to me to make it the best I can with what the butt clowns in DC have handed me. THAT IS what I focus on and I am not so sensitive as not to make a joke or enjoy some light hearted sarcasm. Those that can’t are not strong enough to face what is coming and should grow some thicker skin. Most of us here have come to this realization. PRAY (a lot), PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS. Stay safe and hug the ones you love (especially the grandkids… )

              • man on the inside,
                Looks like all that stuff they beat into us in basic is what allows us to see what is coming.
                It looks like its going to be a wild ride soon and with a government shutdown looming on top of it.
                What about the new rules on who gets furloughed ? Your time in does not matter now
                What IDIOTS we have as bosses .
                stay safe my friend , watch your six.



                GET YOUR PREPS IN ORDER ( especially ARMS and AMMO new tax on the horizon)
                TRAIN ! PLAN ! FORM TEAMS!


                Semper Fi 8541

                • make that “Boot Camp” for me !

                  Semper Fi 8541

                  • It is time to pray… for all of the citizens of this country (and the world)…. Stay safe and prepare… this could turn bad rapidly….

            • Oh don’t you feel like a freshly slapped ass…..

      7. If Syria attacks Israel in defense of its country, then so be it. This whole situation and policy should be one of the USA NOT intervening in the middle east. Instead we stick our hegemonic and imperialistic noses in this mess!

        NOT ONE politician is taking into consideration what this coming invasion could very possibly cause! They are completely ignoring the warning that Russia has given us several times.

        It is as though they are playing a gung-ho military video game with no responsibilities or real consequences!

        Can’t they see the dangerous possibilities that could occur involving an invasion of Syria?

        It won’t be their kids that come home in a box by the thousands and thousands, as this will be NO Afghan or Iraqi war!!
        Syria WILL fight back with Russia’s help and weaponry.

        It is time to take our government back before they kill the world. These war criminals in Washington DC must go!

        • Actually its time to take our government back before they get us into an irreversible world war and get us ALL killed.

          • One shell at a time could fix this mess. But how in the world does one get in close proximity? Aren’t there any patriotic snipers around?

        • Syrian official: “Strikes would trigger chaos, threaten world security”

          Drudge Report

        • Yep. Let them over there fight it out. We support our allies with money only and let them go at it. We need a proxy war with Russia like we need a hole in our head…..

        • Oh…make no mistake- they KNOW full well what the consequences are. They simply don’t care. Christians are being slaughtered by the hundreds by the same people this admin are arming- and they KNOW it. We have a jihadist in chief.

          • ..jihadist with a beef!

            • well duh DRD…he couldn’t be a jihadist with a pig…now could he?


              • CWin, play on words. Hope you enjoyed it, duh! Did like the pig part.

                • yes- DRD- I did thanks.

          • Screw More money for israel or other nations. We have paid out a Trillion dollars or more in cash and weaponery etc since 1948 to that Rabid Rogue state.

            Israel Is the largest welfare state in the world probobly. USA funds it, and germans keep repaying reperations for WWII again and again. Germans should just keep repeating “Is That Gas I smell”? Hint Hint!

            If they cannot operate their own shit after 65 yrs of welfare from us, too bad for that “state”.

            Look how they thank us. Their wall street swindlers and banksters, whitehouse advisors, msm liars, and overall smarmy anti american anti whites attitudes sucks.

            No nation ever in history of the world has ever done and paid so much for those people than americans have.

            They are akin to negroes. The other 1/2 of the ‘circle” the white negroes or wiggers. Both=Ungratefull unapologetic users of our compassions etc. Scrw them all.

            We had ZERO enemys in mid east muslims nations for at least 200+ yrs since Prez Tom Jefferson sent us marines to tripoli due to pirates and slavers captureing whites from usa to sell into slavery. US Marines took care of that fiasco real swell. No troubles since…Untill 1948 when we allowed that Rabid zio state israel to latch on like parisitic Leaches and suck usa dry.

            Now today every nations everywheres Hates us and america!

            Yeah some “Thank You” americans, Your best friends and allies in israel!

            • duuuuude- i never even mentioned Israel.

              • Egypt, I think is #2 in handouts to the tune of about 1 billion a year along with Israel. Camp David Accords brib money. Egypts Mooselimb Bruthahood gov lead by Morsi (not now though) destroyed and murdered thousands of christians. You know… the Bruthahood the head chimp in dc backs with our tax $$.

              • CWinOR: Duuuuuude who the hell do you think is training them and providing the weapons. The same people who took down the World Trade Center and blamed the Moslems…your not making the correct assumptions when you speak.

                • RR- depends on who you’re talking about. We train the Egyptians. We also train al-qaida…ooops- i meant “syrian rebels”. Israel doesn’t have a dog in this one. The only thing that may benefit them is currently the Sunni’s and Shiites are too busy shooting at each other to have much opportunity to shoot at them. and that all changes as soon as we launch on syria. the “best” thing for Israel is, as crappy for them as it is- the status-quo: let the sunni’s and shiites fight amongst themselves, for now, as long as it doesn’t get too crazy. if it came to serious blows between the sects though, Saudis would be compelled to join in. they would wind up installing a Caliphate after they won. then we’re ALL seriously screwed. Israeli’s most of all- because then they’d be facing a UNITED muslim threat. so what do we do- stay the hell out of it, and just try to keep the lid on the pot. but that looks less likely to happen every day.

            • You have serious mental problems. hard to believe that someone like you can actually use a keyboard.

            • Them guys: I would like to correspond with you but do not want to put my e-mail out to everyone. Any suggestions?

              • Get a second account like g-mail. then when you get too much spam. close it.

                • Many of us have multiple acounts and do exacly this…. and it is best if you can open each account on a different computor with different info….. from different site (servers) … it realy pissis off the NSA (National Spying Administraion)

              • Pissed off: just go to your email provided. Mine is Yahoo and you can set up a temporary email then delete or remove it after you correspond. You put the temp email here and them guys can contact you if he wishes.

              • Pissed off Granny, why don’t you, and Roadrunner and Them Guy’s all just select a Mosque somewhere, and all get together for a big reunion. Trekker Out

                • Trecker: This is a true Zionist TROLL. Read all his posts and you will begin to see how these guys stroke your egos but have no substance to themselves. These are the murderers, those who use subterfuge to subvert men’s minds. Trecker is a bona-fide, dyed in the wool traitor to America and what we stand for. He is part and parcel to those who brand patriots and veterans enemies of the state. He would be the FBI informant or the FBI agent that is teaching that George Washington was a terrorist. Wake up and study these individuals well, it will give you insight into dark minds. Most certainly he brands critics of Israel and Americans who speak the Truth as anti-semites.

                  • Road Runner: Haven’t you yet seen Trekkers highly intelegent and super informative info posts?

                    Daily Trekker posts such massive wisdom beyond the Stars above when every day 50 times a day trekker posts “Anthrax” or some other supposed Key NSA word.

                    Yeah that key word post along with such a high degree of vast wisdom is going to Confuse NSA Trillion dollar liqued cooled 1,000,000 sq ft of computer systems.

                    Yep all who refuse to kiss jews or israels ass must be antisemitic.

                    Define that word antisemite. As I read several Jews state they invented that very word as a weapon against all goyim who speak facts and truth to Out zios and jews swindles. Its supposed to creat Fear so we shut the hell up. Ha ha ha ha!!!

                    My current major main Fear is that fools like Trekker and several others here are going to stick their small heads so Deep up Jew and israel ass..Its gonna get stuck permanantly.

                    There only hope will be to diet drastically. So that they lose so much weight and get so damn skinny they fall through their own ass and Hang themselves!

                    Theres no other way to remove their heads from jewish ass.

                    Ok later road runner…Got to finish counting that SIX Million Fantasy number of Campers!

                  • Them Guys: I am afraid it is already stuck where the sun don’t shine because there ain’t no light gonna penetrate his hiding place. When you get to 666 campers be sure to post the 6,000,000 so we are assured of honesty in reporting! Marx will be proud.

                  • Them Guys: heads up the snakes and shills come out big time at night. You go to bed with 1 or 2 red thumbs down and wake up to ‘hidden due to low comment rating’. This is their 2nd job trolling websites at night.

                  • RoadRunner and Them Guy’s, since your one and the same, I’m not really sure that your not Obama, you seem to have many of the same characteristic. As Obama, It’s always Bush’s fault, As RoadRunner & ThemGuy’s It’s always the Jew’s fault. OH YEAH, RICIN. Trekker Out.

        • I’d wager they see the consequenses very well, and no, they don’t care what happens as a result of thier actions. They either want to rule the world, or destroy it.

          • wow….just wow. you forgot “rah-rah USA!”, and “push them back! waayyyy back!”.

            • sorry JustMe…this was supposed to be a response to GA Girl…

        • We do not need to let Russia intimidate us or any other country. We need to be the TOP military in the world. I am not saying what is the right thing to do in response to Syria, only that being intimidated is not right.

          • No–we need to bring our children home, spend that money used on defense for building businesses here to stop building China’s bank account.
            We need to close our borders and all other nations???–you’re on your own.
            It’s called tough love.
            Those oil countries need our fiat exchange as much as we need their oil.:-)

          • @ GA Girl

            You’ve got it backwards. Russia has vital interests in the Middle East. A natural gas pipeline for one. That makes the difference between them being solvent and not. The M/E is more or less its backyard. They aren’t about intimidating anyone. They have warned us to chill. Putin humiliated Oblunder in the process. Good.

            We are the nation running around the world trying to dictate to everyone what they must do and what they can’t do. And trumping up wars for profit, screw the consequences. The warmongers profit without risk. The people, sheep that they may be, who come home in coffins suffer but don’t profit.

            There need to be some consequences for the psychopaths in DC before millions of innocent people die for the lies.

            The military we are about to sacrifice for the lies over there is our best defense between us and the NWO. Let’s not let their lives be sacrificed for absolutely F’ing
            nothing. Again.

            • I see American politics in a likeness of that useless HOA trying to tell you what you can do with your back yard.

          • Get a brain, girl

      8. Never let a crises go to waste!!
        None better than the one you custom create.
        Is there any wonder what he will be jamming thru as shit is winging its way to Syria? If this goes off, pull the belts tight, this is going to be a wild ride.

        • And who gives a rat’s ass what Syria threatens? Syria can’t even kick it’s own ass (militants) so they sure as hell can’t do much of anything to us or Israel. Syria lost 4 wars along with its allies (Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq) against Israel. They couldn’t win with all these extras, they sure as hell can’t do it alone. Egypt is in chaos, Iraq is broken and in chaos, and Jordan is on our side this time. A hollow threat from Syria. The Soviets were going in to help their Arab allies in the 1973 (4th war) and the only response we gave was increasing SAC’s DEFCON status which scared the sh*t out of the Soviets. They backed down and watched Israel had them (Arabs) their 4th defeat. Today’s Russia is a shell of the former USSR and can’t/won’t risk it. I’ve been around since before Sputnik and they have a habit of bluffing a lot. But like all bullies, they always back down. I could be wrong but this smells like false-flag event to get us away from the continuing financial slow-crash.

      9. Historically when outside forces attack Israel, they wind up taking a major butt kicking. Remember that Damascus will be a ruinous heap at some point in the maybe sooner than later, if all the talk and bluster ends up turning into a real fistfight.

        • @OAG:
          I totally agree with you. When the conniving, lying, duplicitous, cowardly arabs fire on our ALLY Israel, they will suffer well deserved and long overdue annhilation. Of course we won’t aid our allies in time, and they will have to defend themselves alone, surrounded by their enemies, all sworn to their destruction.

          @Rick E:”If Syria attacks Israel in defense of its country, then so be it…” Syria defending itself against Israel? Put your crack pipe away, pal. Syria is the aggressor. Look at history and see this has always been so. And, read the history of allies and treaties – we are ALLIES with ISRAEL, no matter how much ricky hates it, and we are obligated to help them.

          But, Israel won’t really be alone, because YHWH loves them and will give them victory, no matter what Israel haters think about it. And, it really is important what you think about it, because He will bless those that bless Israel, and curse those who curse Israel.

          • 99, 100, change hands. The Zionists have been the schoolyard bully since the days of the Stern gang, the original terrorists, began driving the Palestinians off their own lands. They are on track to reap the rewards of decades of bad behaviour.

            The only thing attacking Syria without clear and unambiguous proof of its responsibility for the gas attack will do is generate a rolling cluster fuck that will end in a global war, probably nuclear as the insane Isreali’s take the Samson option when the get their arses handed to them on a plate.

            • “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.”

              – Polish proverb

          • GOP4EVER:

            If your name stands for the grand ole party of Republican’s then that explains your post. In this day and age if you don’t understand that at the national level there is no difference between demo’s and repub’s (they are all in it together). And what happens to you and America is of no concern to either party. Have you ever tried to get in touch with your GOP representatives? I have. If I am lucky I get back a “thank you for your imput”, period. Just in case you think I am a democrat; never happen. They are as putrid as the grand ole party.

            And if you think YHWH loves them Zionists……you are in for the surprise of your life.

            • @ pissed off granny. I just got a reply from mine. It seemed to be a form reply as the site required you to choose a topic. The reply rambled on about welfare fraud bla bla bla and my topic was about rinos and the 1,2,4,and fifth ammendment. Mine in Id is mike Crappo. (really) and thats just what I got.

              • Thanks Dave in Id: I live in Oregon now so you know who the liberal sob’s from the other side of the mountain are. Stinkin Ron Wyden. Ugh! Drunken Mike Crappo is just that, CRAP. At least I live on the redoubt side of Oregon; when the shtf maybe survival will be an option.

                When I received the last letter from my rep I wrote back that I didn’t want to hear any bs from him; just would pay attention to whether he votes to defund obamacare. Of course, no answer to that.

                See forest fires are burning down beautiful Blaine County. I worked for the school district there for some years. Loved living there way back when.

                • Grany.. in WA and drove through Baine county a bit ago and it is sad and heartbreaking…. and yes we have a two party system that is selling us down the river… and dont’ forget the ole “Tiger man” David Wo…. oh my what a freak…..

            • Calm down, Granny. I picked my name when being Republican meant something. And dude, I live in the PacNW, too, where there are NO Republican representatives of any kind. You are right about all that. And no, I don’t think YHWH loves them Zionists.
              I know He does:
              “For the Lord hath chosen Jacob unto himself, and Israel for his peculiar treasure.” Psalm 135:4

              Every word of God accomplishes its purpose, no matter what you think of it. The Jews aren’t any worse than anyone else in the scheme of things, but everyone is intent on bashing them. You do so at your peril.

          • @GOP4EVER,

            Why don’t you go and watch your whore hollywood made “Miley Cyrus” and S$$#@##@#. The American heroes without arms and legs due to your first war based on lies by POS’s like you still not getting the medical needs they need and you POS’s wants to start another war based on lies. Karma is a bitch.

            • c-o-n-v-o-l-u-t-e-d

          • You know since arabs Are Semitic’s. and the fake jew-Khazers are Not semitics, it is Ironic that nobody ever calls anti-arabians an antisemite no matter How often or how badly they bash arabs.

            I guess when all their historic and cultural info or knowledge comes from Fox TV and neocon Radio Talker shows like Levin-Hannity Et Al, it is to be expected.

            It is also very obvious now that even with at least 1/2 dozen persons that post much info here that fully Dispells all the Myths and Lies and Propagandas from Fox etc, by now “IF” any of these Fonts of wisdom here truly desires factual info or truths, they would have changed attitudes long ago.

          • NeoCON 4Ever: Read Galatians in the bible. It explains why You are totally wrong on that Bless israel crap.

            Gods promice to bless Abraham and His “SEED” is Not Plural aka “seed’s”. Galatians explains that the word SEED means Jesus Christ, and Through Him will all familys of earth be Blessed. You jewdeo christians and jews who always toss that OT verse out as some type command of God is BS and besides Galatians Other new Testement books also tells you this info.

            So perhaps You should stuff that bless jew crap into Your Crack Pipe and stuff it up netanyhaoos Shnoz.

            • @ Them guy’s

          • @GOP4EVER, I feel like I was just subjected to a Zionist, neocon, globe burning sermon by “Hagee” himself. You really need some serious “de-programming” help ASAP!

            ISRAHELL is NOT our ally…in any way, shape, or form. They are researchable statements by various “heads of the illegal state of Israhell” stating: “we own America…and THEY know it.”

            Unless you are a JEW, you are simple cattle to this “God blessed fantasy” you adore. THEY OWN THIS COUNTRY VIA OWNING OUR CRIMEGRASS AND GRAY HOUSE! How much more American blood, money, lives, and tears is enough?

            I curse Zionist Israhell and have NO FEAR of the GOD that I KNOW cursing me because of it.

            • As I recall, more than one scripture in our Bible states the Jews/Israelites broke the ‘covenant’ and didn’t God say–enough is enough..fool me once shame on you, lada lada lada????
              Ricin anyone??

            • Well Yental, we’ll shall surely see.

            • Yes Them Guys….and that is the “short list”!

          • WTF’k… Our Allie????…. Go back to reform school….

        • Ordinary Average Guy AND GOP4EVER: your both shills, hiding in back rooms stroking yourselves with your other boiler room hired thugs to add dis-info on net. There are hundreds of your assholes every where… Mossad, CIA, ADL, JDL, NAACP all dirty traitor to humanity. Fuck off you lying traitors. Your going to get your own asswoopin soon enough. I can tell you are braindead and spiritually dead antichrist, Zionist, Talmudic faggots. Go to hell! You are murdering pigs marked with the mark of the beast, his name is Lucifer and his Mark is the Star of David. Wear it with pride dipshits. You two are the conniving, lying, duplicitous, cowardly Judeo-Christians.

          • Road Runner,
            You are certainly entitled to your opinion. Why are you so anti-JudaeoChristian?

          • Yental: If you watch Pastor John Hagee on his San antonio TX Church show, and look through an Infrared rifle scope at your tv set screen…You can see all those many Snake serpants crawling around insude hagees head.

            Once I swear a few serpant snakes emerged from the sides of his head and slithered off the stage into the pew seats!

            Everybody there was throwing their hands in tha air with yells galore and all eyes roled back in eye sockets like hobammy whackjobs. Hagee thought he was being praised while it was due to the serpant snakes slithering all over the seats and floor that caused them people to act that way.

            To see his head snakes you Must use Infrared scope or binocs. Thats what happpens to preachers so deeply in with so many cabala snake oil zionists. Their symbol is a Globe of world with a snake surrounding the globe untill it eats its tail. Thats supposed to be the point of Global domination by jew zionists owning the world.

            You just cant make this stuff up eh.

            • My wife used to work in Boerne, Tx. for “an individual” that was in joint financial misadventures with Hagee. This has been more than 10 years ago, but even then she said “Hagee makes my skin crawl” but could not expand on WHY!

              We still live within “commuting distance” to San Antonio. I am VERY FAMILIAR with the Zionist Christian, globe burning desires of the “Hagee gang”.

              I can’t vouch for the “likes of your account”, but do recognize intentional misdirection and EVIL when I see/hear it.

            • wow. new meds huh?

          • Road Runner…It seems your oral diarrhea and constant profanity show how truly uninformed you really are. You wouldn’t know a traitor or the spirit of antichrist if you saw one. You must also have some supernatural ability to discern my position on world issues, given that I only stated an historical fact, and one reference to biblical prophecy. I suggest you pray on the issue if you remember how, ask for forgiveness and enlightenment concerning the subject of Israel, Gods plan for Israel, and his plan for you.

          • Road Runner…It is past 6am on the East Cost. BHO has your morning bucket of sheeple chow and Obamafone ready. I think it is your turn to bring the vaseline.

          • Hey road warrior { SARC], if they let total fuckhead assholes like you in heaven, you’ve just proven beyond all doubt that hell can’t possibly be that bad. With the added bonus of not having to listen to your sorry ass for eternity.

      10. The dear leader is supposed to consult congress before he makes any decisions but as of now, he has not. What does that mean you might ask, well given his current record, he will do whatever he wants without consulting anyone except his evil cohorts namely Valerie Jarrett, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, etc. They will not start a war, they will shoot their mouths off and act like they accomplished something great, all smoke and mirrors.

        In my opinion, he will do just enough to look like a humanitarian but not jeopardize his upcoming talks with Iran, he is what he is, a coward, a Muslim, a vile and soul less little man. The military is ready to act but they know that this leader will do nothing. It is all posturing.

        • Agreed. Obama may be many things, but a war time leader is NOT one of them.

          • Well if George Junior set the standard even Obama might be able to match that. Dip wad Bush started two wars and never finished them. All those people and all that treasure wasted so that he had something to hide behind playing war time commander. What a joke.

            • wow. here i was, thinking the obama vs. bush thing had already been “settled science” since they did their celebrity deathmatch! do you own a horse named Lazarus? cuz this argument has been resurrected after being beat to death countless times. SOOOO sick and tired of how people make excuses and give passes to Barackalypse “cuz Bush started it!”! what Bush did/did not do (hey- he was scum to me as well- but there’s a new guy in town now!)has NO BEARING on what Obummer is trying to do! ZERO. so what- cuz bush trashed the Constitution- that makes it ok for the “Constitutional Scholar” to do it?!

          • Hedge: damn your a future mensa candidate! Thats what we need in America, a fucking good war president…shit I wish I’d thought of that!

            • I don’t believe in a war time leader as being the best thing a president can achieve. But if you’re going to saber rattle or attempt to launch a false flag attack against somebody who’s allied with somebody with nuclear weapons, it’s probably best that the president in question not be perceived as a cowardly buffoon, unless of course you support Obama…….

              • Hedge: you just don’t get it.

                • Thank God for that! Anything you’ve got I sure as hell don’t want!

      11. I plan on staying put where I am and surviving as best as possible. I will not be cannon fodder for the sick Devil worshipers who run this country

      12. So….dose this mean Obama has to return his Nobel Peace Prize? And just where in the HELL are all those ANTI war BUSH protestors?

        • Excellent point! I think I saw Cindy Sheehan’s picture on a milk carton last week…..

          • It used to be but its blank now

        • The ANTI war protestors are busy using thier EBT cards….

      13. Better read up on GOG and MAGOG. We are witnessing end times.

        • maddog: great post…who the fuck are Gog and Magog. Please shed a little light on the subject and don’t leave me dangling in suspense.

          • Roadrunner…read Ezekiel chapter 38 and 39 from the old testament if you have one. Then find an internet commenter to explain the significance to you. You will see that no earthly power will defend Israel…God himself will provide for their defense. All part of the plan to reconcile the people to himself. The timing of this event is subject to debate. When it happens, if you are among the living and have access to communications so you can observe the activities, you may see that earthly nations and boundaries are insignificant….the greatest concern being to reconcile yourself with Christ and be a citizen of His kingdom.

            • Ordinary Average Guy: nothing but verbal diarhea. You have no fucking idea who Gog and Magog is, shill. Nor do you have any idea who Israel is. Your are one of the Zio-ZOG-antichrist shills who would not know truth if it smacked you in the face! Piss off. Go kiss your star of Remphan!

              • Roadrunner…I see that discussion of most any topic lies outside of your skill set. I attempted to send you on a path to find the info you requested. You have obviously rejected it, therefore i will no longer attempt to help you enlighten yourself. I will instead have small pleasure watching your diatribes from the cesspool you refer to as your life. Good luck fooling other sheeple…you won’t fool God.

            • OAG thanks for trying to explain GOG and MAGOG. I know as Christian I am to help bring others to Christ, however I have lived long enough to know their are some that never will. God even says some will not believe right to the very end.

              Road Runner, good luck.

          • Gotta go to work, but will check back this evening with respect to “maddogs” response…which I agree with.

            Gog and Magog are biblical references to what I believe are “current entities/countries”. Later.

          • What seems to be the problem roadie? Need a Mensa candidate to show you how to do a google search?

          • Road Runner, I have seldom seen someone be as vile to so many different people as you. You seem to think you also have the complete knowledge of the world rapped up in your very own mind. Having a battle of wits with you would be foolish, you are unarmed after all and that also would prevent anyone from enlightening you. I wish luck in the world to come. You will need it.

        • RR try revelations…. to much is lining up with it to not at least to take a look….

          • Man on the indise: please give me the benefit of your knowledge…it appears as though no one can answer the call. They are roosters crowing in the night.

            • @RoadRunner, I will preface this short description with the fact that I am not a “religious man”. I was raised “southern Baptist”, dabbled in other variations, and years ago, concluded that ALL MAN MADE AND ENDORSED ORGANIZED RELIGION is simply a manipulation/control mechanism designed to confuse OUR true identity and potential.

              More or less a valuable tool of “the morning star”! What better way to sow the seeds of self righteous hate and resulting blood letting…all in the name of some “version” of God.

              That said, I am “tuned into the unified field” and believe in my creator and the potential ONENESS that is constantly hidden through millennia of misinformation and intentional deception.

              I have NO DESIRE/INTENT of engaging in a “religious debate”, so understand when such efforts are ignored. I am at peace with my personal understanding.

              Now to your eloquently stated question: Who the “F” are gog and magog. I know what “religion” postulates. IMHO, Gog and Magog are one in the same. In Ezekiel, the reference is Gog, the land of Magog. Seems to indicate an individual from Gog. The reference in Revelation is actually a full millennia later. “Magog” is a symbol of Satanic deception, destructive power seeking to expand “it’s” domain.

              I believe the “Ezekiel reference” has already come and gone.

              The same references in Revelation pertain to the entire globe. From this point on…it is up to you to research/discern. Looking for specific geographic/demographic specifications and dates, call Hagee, or any other of the numerous false prophets.

              I stand firmly by my position that the current Zionist occupation force in Israel…ARE NOT THE CHOSEN ONES…rather an extension of Magog to usher in the rule of the antichrist! The true “gathering of the chosen” has yet to occur in the “commonly accepted religious sense”.

              • yental: yental this is for your benefit and no other. yental you are the only one who has any concept of God and Magog, Chief Prince Meshek and Tubal. The others are full verbal diarrhea.

                Eze 39:1 Therefore, thou son of man, prophesy against Gog, and say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal:
                Eze 39:2 And I will turn thee back, and leave but the sixth part of thee, and will cause thee to come up from the north parts, and will bring thee upon the mountains of Israel:
                Eze 39:3 And I will smite thy bow out of thy left hand, and will cause thine arrows to fall out of thy right hand.
                Eze 39:4 Thou shalt fall upon the mountains of Israel, thou, and all thy bands, and the people that is with thee: I will give thee unto the ravenous birds of every sort, and to the beasts of the field to be devoured.
                Eze 39:5 Thou shalt fall upon the open field: for I have spoken it, saith the Lord GOD.
                Eze 39:6 And I will send a fire on Magog, and among them that dwell carelessly in the isles: and they shall know that I am the LORD.
                Eze 39:7 So will I make my holy name known in the midst of my people Israel; and I will not let them pollute my holy name any more: and the heathen shall know that I am the LORD, the Holy One in Israel.
                Eze 39:8 Behold, it is come, and it is done, saith the Lord GOD; this is the day whereof I have spoken.

                Gog is the leader (antichrist) of the antichrist cabal (Judaism-Meshek) and (Christianity-Tubal). Magog is his land (Israel). They have stolen the inheritance, Israel came up from the Norther Parts (pale of settlement and eastern Europe) they are on the mountains of Isreal NOW. Their bow and arrows are (Judeo-Christianity) lying doctrines of demons. This is the antichrist force behind the beast. This is the golden cup God watches over and he will repay. These are the traitors to the covenant. These are the true barbarians of history…those who say they know God/Christ but lie. Now, tell me yental how many will ascribe to this interpretation? You put part of it together but not all…these are ones God will MARK during the 1000 year reign so they cannot deceive with their lying doctrines but will go forth at the end end of the age.

                These assholes here wonder why I use rough language…it is because I am up against rogues and perverts who have no idea what they speak…and guess what, soon they will have their full wage. They are proud and arrogant rebels.

              • yental: yental this is for your benefit and no other. yental you are the only one who has any concept of God and Magog, Chief Prince Meshek and Tubal. The others are full verbal diarrhea.

                Eze 39:1 Therefore, thou son of man, prophesy against Gog, and say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal:
                Eze 39:2 And I will turn thee back, and leave but the sixth part of thee, and will cause thee to come up from the north parts, and will bring thee upon the mountains of Israel:
                Eze 39:3 And I will smite thy bow out of thy left hand, and will cause thine arrows to fall out of thy right hand.
                Eze 39:4 Thou shalt fall upon the mountains of Israel, thou, and all thy bands, and the people that is with thee: I will give thee unto the ravenous birds of every sort, and to the beasts of the field to be devoured.
                Eze 39:5 Thou shalt fall upon the open field: for I have spoken it, saith the Lord GOD.
                Eze 39:6 And I will send a fire on Magog, and among them that dwell carelessly in the isles: and they shall know that I am the LORD.
                Eze 39:7 So will I make my holy name known in the midst of my people Israel; and I will not let them pollute my holy name any more: and the heathen shall know that I am the LORD, the Holy One in Israel.
                Eze 39:8 Behold, it is come, and it is done, saith the Lord GOD; this is the day whereof I have spoken.

                Gog is the leader (antichrist) of the antichrist cabal (Judaism-Meshek) and (Christianity-Tubal). Magog is his land (Israel). They have stolen the inheritance, Israel came up from the Norther Parts (pale of settlement and eastern Europe) they are on the mountains of Isreal NOW. Their bow and arrows are (Judeo-Christianity) lying doctrines of demons. This is the antichrist force behind the beast. This is the golden cup God watches over and he will repay. These are the traitors to the covenant. These are the true barbarians of history…those who say they know God/Christ but lie. Now, tell me yental how many will ascribe to this interpretation? You put part of it together but not all…these are ones God will MARK during the 1000 year reign so they cannot deceive with their lying doctrines but will go forth at the end end of the age.

                These assholes here wonder why I use rough language…it is because I am up against rogues and perverts who have no idea what they speak…and guess what, soon they will have their full wage. They are proud and arrogant rebels.

                • RR, you really are clueless. God saves Israel for himself not for the Jews. He does it to show the world who he is and to convince them turn back to his ways. You really need to remove your head from the space between your legs.

      14. God Bless all of us to have the strength to do the right thing when the time comes.

        Quo Vadis, America?

        • @CR:

          Standing Tall on the Monterrey Bay. NOMI.

        • Well- I’d say most of it is going straight to Hell, in a hand-basket, strapped to a run-away freight train, going downhill, on a foggy night, in the snow…and the bridge is out.

      15. This simpleton, meaning me, has been trying to make sense of all this. On one hand we are possibly going to war with the ruskies, on the other hand we have thousands of Russian soldiers in the USA Perhaps our leader wants to swap a few licks with Russia then call a truce. Then holler that the Russians have agreed to make sure everyone will honor the new peace and everyone must be disarmed per his signing the new small arms agreement through the UN. I hope I am an idiot and way off base. But all this stuff going on in the world doesn’t add up. At least it doesn’t to this simple minded oakie.

        • All i can say to that is OVER MY DEAD BODY.

          • @Kula:

            Over their dead body, Sir. Stick around, we’re making smores.

            …stay the course…….BA.

            • Pass the marshmellows….

        • his signing the new small arms agreement through the UN. I hope I am an idiot

          Yes, you are an idiot. No president can make any treaty the force of law. Only the senate can make any treaty the force of law. Learn how the government works or you just look like a, well… and idiot.

          • ncjoe, you’re right that a treaty has to be ratified by the senate, but what is there to stop monkeyboy from issuing an executive order to disarm us? if that happens, it’s game on.

        • Aren’t the Russian soldiers reported here really mercenaries–not Putin’s soldiers??

          • good observation…. nice to see a few are now getting it…

      16. Just listened to Kerry (Genghis John),

        what I heard was;
        “Now we’re MAD! We’re now screaming a hissy fit, and stomping our foot. And we have our friends stomping their feet as well. And… and… and, well… we’ll keep talking.”

        Either that, or the winds of war, are now turning into a hurricane. Depending on if you think Obama has the balls to actually push the button. Putin needs Syria to keep the NatGas screws on Europe…

        If we go against Syria, we go against Russia…
        Then Isaiah 17 & Ezekiel 38;39, as we as a few others becomes tenable.

        We are the first land of “unwalled villages” in the world.
        Is Obama that stupid, or, has he already pre-surrendered to Putin, since after the election he would have “more flexibility”… Putin needs Syria, Obama needs a distraction. After the latest closed meeting of all the financial types in the country… I wonder.

        I don’t trust this cadre of vipers and sycophants, and the Chief of the JCS, Dempsey, is evil to the core.

        Oh well, just humming my new song, remember “Don’t worry, be happy.”?

        Don’t worry, be preppin’….

        • Howdy, PM, and the scenario you outlined sounds plausible; wouldn’t be surprised if it really turned out that way. I’m just continuing with prepping and hope everyone else is too. braveheart

      17. Damascus is going get what God pronounced through His prophet milleniums ago. Have you not read, FOLKS YOU’RE IN THE LAST DAYS!

        GOD BLESS.

        • Yes – as always, keep your eyes on Damascus. These are the End Times and if they strike Israel, Damascus will become a heap of ruins. Pray people, and God be with you. This could escalate really fast and I confess I am not ready materially but I am ready spiritually.

        • Iowa Jesus said you will know the time his near when
          you see distress in the earth and in the heavens
          a lot earthquakes country against country pay attention
          to the sun its gonna get a lot worse

        • I hope we are in the Last Days. That gives me time.

          But what I am seeing is that we could actually be in the last hours, or even the last minutes.

          Be Ready. There are no level heads leading us. The Beast from the Sea is here and he is riding the White Horse….

      18. Sounds like the UN small arms treaty is what Obama is after. Forced to give up your arms for peace? There will be no peace util Christ comes back.

        • F$%K the UN

        • I dont think he needs the UN small arms treaty. I believe he signed (or is going to sign) a executive Order banning all inportation of ammo, guns, and gun parts, effectively doing the same thing.

          • So we make our own.

      19. All Governments and powers controlling the world today from east to the west and north to the south are EVILs. Evil breads evil as you can see each and every day in real life and events. There are ordinary soulless bodies who have sold their souls to the evil masters by committing crimes against innocent and the humanity. The fact is PIGS will always remains PIGS.

        • I think it was either FOX tv or Pat Robertson CBN zio christian channel shows, where I saw a program that had Jay Sekelow (jewish lawer hooked up with robertson and a regular on fox shows) Sekelow was in Israel in some big storage room or warehouse location.

          He was whinning and crying about all them Hundred thousands of “Rockets” we keep hearing of that israels enemys has and keep fireing at cities on israel.

          You would think any Real Rockets aka Missles would be so blowed up there’d be nothing left to display right.

          Not so with these type Rockets. Because every rocket was aprox 3-4 Feet long, made of cheep junked old Car metal, such as old car fenders or Hoods.

          Sekelow showed a huge array of neatly stacked shelves filed with Used up already Fired rockets. They are basically like a large metal Bottle Rocket!

          They light a fuse, rocket travels where IT wants to fly to as there is zero GPS or other means to control where it goes. Travels distances avg 300 ft, some farther, travels in an ARC same as a bullet from a gun.

          Gravity is what causes rocket flight to arc Down to ground. They showed a few cars-comm buildgs-houses-blacktop streets, those rockets has Hit when landing.

          Yes they do “some” dammage sometimes. One foot diameter hole 6 inch deep in blacktop pavement, Hole a foot wide in home roof, smashed car top or hoods etc.

          But NONE of them rockets has TNT or any type explosive payloads. None “Blow Up” like most folks think when TV news crys “Hezbollah terrorists” or Palestinian rebels sent Rockets flying into israel etc…TV news makes it sound like a Side Winder rocket the US Military employs.

          Nope..Just an Oversized old car metal Bottle Rocket that don’t Kill nobody unless it scores a direct Hit to their head when it come down to land.

          I think Jay Sekelow did his isralie zionists pals a Dis service by doing that expose show on Rockets. One gander at a room filled with shelf after shelf of fired rockets retrieved from roads or lawns after it lands proves its no where the threat TV news Implies by dramatic emotional pleas of “Oh NO! Rocket attacks on israel again!”

          Bottle Rocket JOKES! would be More Honest reporting.

      20. Flashback to 08′ candidate piece of unqualified shit obama, said “well, we’ll just take’em out”. Then was admonished by Mc Lame. How I luv my gub’ment!
        Standing ready in Daytona

      21. the propaganda for war is getting get so loud
        you wont be able to hear yourself think

        the good news is Kerry and his wife Teresa are
        being fitted with Army uniforms
        and the book How To Tour Syria on $7 a Day

        so is Lindsey Graham and the other chickenhawks inhabiting
        the cesspool we know as Washington DC


        wouldnt it be nice if the ass holes who start the wars
        would be the ones to fight them

        my motto ?

        “HELL NO I WON’T GO”

        I’ll defend my country
        I wont defend my corrupt government

        • “Politicians hide themselves away
          They only started the war
          Why should they go out to fight?
          They leave that role to the poor, yeah”

      22. Obama and his crew have been weakening our country since they started their apology tour of the world and accepted the Nobel PEACE Prize. He will do nothing in fear that his legacy will be one of war. Nothing will be done in and for our country just as an attempt to squeeze out of the White House before any real SHTF occurs. This lame duck attitude will be blamed on Republicans and frther erode our status in the world which affects us all politically and economically. If the world cannot depend on the U.S., they will depend on someone else.

      23. An unfulfilled prophecy in the book of Isaiah foretells the total destruction of Damascus.
        Could be close.

        • I agree. I think it’s as close as we’ve ever been before.

        • Christ Fulfilled the Prophets prophecys. He said so.

          New testement prophecys override and Cancel Out many, most, old testement prophecys. Those OT prophecys were meant for israels 12 tribes under Their old covenant. That was ended when they rejected obeying God and the laws etc of that old covenant. Jeramiah tells of it how God tells jeramiah to go tell his judah jews tribe they are NO longer Gods chozens, and he is No longer their God due to their refusals to Obey God.

          Then God tells jeramiah to tell judahs jew tribe folks that soon a NEW covenant will be comming to replace the old one. Of course that is the new covenant of Jesus and Christianity. Judah tribe jews are told they Must acept That new covenant to restore their bond with God.

          Prophetic events meant for those israel 12 tribes cannot now occure. Revelation amd other new testement books events predicted to occure for end days times Is now whats to happen. Those old covenant prophetic events were to lead up to a total world controled By israels 12 tribes. “WERE” is key word. No longer applies due to israels many failures of obedience to God etc.

          Damascus falling and many more events God changed with Rev events to come.

          Why does so many folks agree that God can do anything He wants to, knows all, does all, Yet for some reason folks cannot seem to understand as God that Yes he too can and Does Change His mind when necessary. Yep God can and Does Change His Mind.

          Basically Every Promiced event or thing God promiced to 12 tribed israel, was based upon Their Obeying Gods covenant with Them that They agrred to. Then they broke it. Same as any other Contract that depends on Both parties keeping their agreements of the contract becomes NULL and VOID. As did the old covenant with israel tribes.

          Do you get it yet.

          Whatever is promices from God based on that obedience has been Nullified. Christians are the Elect, they are the New “Chozens”… 12 tribes decendants whoever they are Can also Join by accepting Jesus as saviour like all persons must do for salvation.

          ps: God Never made Any covenant nor promiced Anything to any “Khazer” persons…Today 98% of “jews” are really Khazers. They too can be a christian. Most haven’t. Most likly won’t ever. Oh well Their Loss.

          • them Guys–are you really Helen??

            • JayJay: What the fuck do you mean? Helen?

              • JayJay: Helen? who is helen I do not recall seeing any posters here named helen? No I can assure you Jayjay I am a Male. A 60+yr old Whitey Christian Male.

                The kind your Mom warned ya about! or she should have!(joking)!

                • Your take on the Jews/Zionists/Khazers like it was explained to me by an email contact that has a blog….the T-Room.
                  It’s where I go every day to get what’s really happening here and other critical nations.
                  I agree with all you say–I am ‘the chosen’, you and your family are ‘the chosen’.

          • Them Guys, the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, are the inspired Word of God. What is prophesied in the Old Testament that has not yet happened still will happen. Both Testaments foretell Israel becoming a nation again and that has occurred. Sure what is there now is political and the people are in unbelief. But the day is coming when they will believe, sometime after the Ezekiel 38/39 war, I think.

            • ENFP: The prophecys tells us a time shall come when God will Regather Israel the 10 Northern tribes is who Kept the name israel. That 10 tribes were Dispersed First 145 yrs Prior to Judah and benjamin 2 tribes of Southern kingdom. Those 2 tribes of Judah were taken captive to Babylon. They there learned every despciable vile perverted religious thing possible. Then made That crap into the Talmud. First Oral Law then in 400 ad wrote talmud into Books.

              God says he shall Regather “Israel” and hes talking of the 10 tribe north kingdom. Jacob Blessed his Two Grandsons ephraim and manessah…NOT Jacobs sons. Not Judah father of the “jews” which is a nick name for judah residents aka jews.

              Jacob Did bless all 12 sons. But grandsons both got the Major Bulk of Material and Land blessings etc.

              God says I will regather Isreal the 10 tribed israel in north and bring them to a NEW LAND! God then described all the massive Land and resources and many streams-rivers-Mountain ranges Vast UNWALLED cities dwelling in SAFTY!

              When has Israel mid east state EVER lived in safty since 1948? Nope never. Massive lands? Nope Very Tiny state…Many rivers and streams? NOPE! NONE! Water shortages always in israel the state.

              Who which people or nations has EVER been Blessed BY jews in israel? Nobody never ever. Jews at any time in 2000 yrs blessed Who? Nobody! Every nation and peoples Desipsed jews and for Good reasons. Inventing communisim is one.

              AMERICA is the ONLY “NEW LAND” that in any way Fits.

              WE usa citizens, not all but Many are modern day decendants of original 10 tribed Northern Israel kingdom.

              Now You need forget all that scofield bible crap, and RE learn RE think what you knew. I had to too…We all do to arrive at truth not taught by maybe a handfull pastors today.

              I have and so has a few others here posted tons of posts with this type info. I aint simply making it all up!

              I spent 40+ yrs reading and study of the bible. 20+ yrs intense reading of all other issues like NWO fed res etc etc…Perhaps if you stop rejecting automatially whats written here and Research a little MINUS notions taught prior then You will see the Light on it all. Because I cant keep answering every little issue you reject or question… I say thats fair eh. I answered your other reply to me too.

              PS If you promice to READ I will post links proveing most jews today are Khazers aka fake jews. lik in REV ch2 vs 9 jesus talks of. Have you read at least That? Imposter jews?

              I wont waste time posting links if you reject all evidence.

              • Revelation 2:9—a synagogue of Satan…God has hit the nail on the head with that one..Praise the Lord!

              • I read a whole book on them being Khazers. Somehow that seems irrelevant. I said the current nation of Israel is political and full of unbelievers. Nevertheless, that is still God’s land and He will defend it and give to whosoever He will. It isn’t going to be Gog and Magog (and I think Turkey is a better fit than Russia for Gog).
                But, if as you say, many Americans are of the 10 tribes of Israel, does that mean those many are going to migrate to the territory of Israel?

            • ENFP: so let me get this strait? You are defending Isreal because they will someday become believers…are you nuts? The guy next door breaks in and rapes your wife and murders your children but someday he may be a believer…fuck off. You are a sick Judeo-Christian idiot. Where is your god given rational thought? You do not know the fucking scriptures fella. Israel is part and parcel with the antichrist and they have come AGAINST TRUE ISRAEL, STOLEN THE INHERITANCE, SIT ON THE SIDES OF THE NORTH, ASCENDED TOWARD HEAVEN and you have the balls to put this incomplete and lying post here! They are the great destroyers.

              • RR,
                Don’t know where your head is at. I am defending the Bible as the Word of God that will be fulfilled.

          • DNA tests prove that the Jews of today are not Khazars. Both the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim have DNA markers in common with the other semitic peoples; markers that are not present in Khazars. Facts are not your friends. I know I am wasting my breath with you but someone has to say it sometime.

            • Sigi: prove it!!!!!!!Your just full of facts! The fucking Zionist even support that they are Khazars.

            • SIGI: DNA PROOF YOUR WRONG!!

              In 2001, Dr. Ariella Oppenheim, of Hebrew University, a biologist, published the first extensive study of DNA and the origin of the Jews. Her research found that virtually all the Jews came from Khazar blood. Not only that but Oppenheim discovered that the Palestinians—the very people whom the Jews had been persecuting and ejecting from Israel’s land since 1948—had more Israelite blood than did the Jews. In sum, the vast majority of the Jews were not Jews; some of the Palestinians were. Some of the Palestinians even had a DNA chromosome which established that they were “Cohens”—workers at the ancient Temple and synagogues of the Jews.

              The Definitive DNA Study
              Now comes the ultimate, definitive DNA study, by Dr. Eran Elhaik and associates at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Entitled, The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses, and published by the Oxford Journal on behalf of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, the study confirms Oppenheim’s research and the many scholarly books.

              Dr. Elhaik and the prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine conclude in their report: “The Khazarian Hypothesis suggests that Eastern European Jews descended from the Khazars, an amalgam of Turkic clans that settled the Caucasus in the early centuries CE and Converted to Judaism in the eighth century…Following the collapse of their empire, the Judeo-Khazars fled to Eastern Europe. The rise of European Jewry is therefore explained by the contribution of the Judeo-Khazars.”

              Who Can Argue With DNA Science?

              So DNA science has proven that the findings of many historians and anthropologists is correct. The “Jews” of Israel are not Abraham’s descendants but, instead, come from the subjects of King Bulan of Khazaria.

              The newest DNA science finding is from Dr. Eran Elhaik (“a Jew”) and associates at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. In research accepted December 5, 2012 and published by the Oxford University Press on behalf of the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution, it was found that the “Khazarian Hypothesis” is scientifically correct.

              What exactly is the “Khazarian Hypothesis?” Simply stated, it holds that the Jewry genome is a mosaic of ancestries which rise primarily out of the Khazars.

              Jews are Khazars, not Israelites.

              The “Jews” of America, Europe, and Israel are descendants not of Father Abraham but of King Bulan and the people of ancient Khazaria. Khazaria was an amalgam of Turkic clans who once lived in the Caucasus (Southern Russia) in the early centuries CE. These Turkic peoples were pagans who converted to Judaism in the eighth century. As converts, they called themselves “Jews,” but none of their blood comes from Israel.

              Later, the “Jews” (Khazars) emigrated, settling in Russia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, and elsewhere in Europe. As “Jews,” the Khazars then left the European nations in 1948 and settled the fledgling, new nation of Israel.

              The people of Israel are not the seed, nor the ancestors, of Abraham. They call themselves “Jews,” but in fact, DNA science shows them to be Khazars. They say they are “Jew,” but they are not.

              “There are no blood or family connections among the Jews,” said Dr. Elhaik in an interview with Haaretz, Israel’s daily newspaper. “The various groups of Jews in the world today do not share a common genetic origin. Their genome is largely Khazar.”

              Thus, when Prime Minister Netanyahu says, “God gave this land to our Israelite forefathers,” he is absolutely wrong. There are no Israelite forefathers of today’s “Jews.” When today’s “Jews” say they should possess the land because they are Israelites and are the seed of Abraham, they are mistaken.

              The “Jews” are in Israel for one reason and one reason only: Because the United States, in 1948, recognized the nation of “Israel” and has since funded and protected it. God’s Word has nothing to do with it.

              God’s Word, the Holy Bible, prophesied that in the last days imposters would erroneously and falsely claim to be “Jews.” These imposters would, the Bible told us, persecute their enemies and especially the Christians. But God would have his revenge:

              I ask my evangelical Christian friends: What will you do now? Will you heed what God said, in Revelation 2 and 3, about “them which say they are Jews and are not?” Will you accept modern DNA science as legitimate and valuable in proving the truth of God’s Word?

              Or will you, dear Christian friend, walk right on by, dismissing what both God and science have informed you?

              God said that the seed of Abraham would inherit the land. Therefore, we must—absolutely must—in light of the DNA evidence, ask ourselves: Where, and who are the seed of Abraham?

              We know that Netanyahu and the people who now inhabit Israel have no claim to the land. They are interlopers, false pretenders. But there is a true and legitimate Chosen People of God. In fact, the scriptures had it right all along. The answer is found in Galatians 3:29. Read it for yourself:

              “And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.”

              So, if you belong to Jesus our Lord, you are “Abraham’s seed,” regardless of your physical race. You are overcomers, and Revelation 21:7 promises, “He that overcometh shall inherit all things.” This is the great secret that every true Christian knows.

              God is not a racist. The Great Commission extends to every race and ethnicity. We who love Jesus are His Chosen People, and we have the promise first given to Abraham way back in Genesis

              SIGI: NOTE TWO Jew Scientists Plus-Dr. Elhaik and the prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine conclude in their report: From DEC. 2012.

              Your Old facts Sigi are whats Wrong info. Earlier dna jew info was Skewed by jews trying to prove dan dates back to orig ancient israel etc…Same for jew “Names” yet in 70 ad when jew temple was destroyed it was Burned totally. And so where Every Genitic ethnic past birth records of jews. They have NO evidence of birth names or ancestoral family connections etc. Of course they Lie and say they do. But temple records were Burned to Toast in 70 ad.

              This latest DNA dec 2012 cannot be disputed sigi. No need to apologize I understand you made an honest mistake.

            • 1) proof?
              2) who did the study?? conflict of interest maybe
              3) not all Jews are Zionists/Khazars

              • Jay Jay: I reinterate…prove it! You can’t so go away and take your hypothesis with you. Them Guys has poster volumes of info…not one of you borrow rats have offered anything intelligent to refute it. You will never change because Truth mean shit to you! “Not all Jews are Khazars” damn your intelligent son!

        • I know I’m going to catch hell for this but I put it out there anyway…

          What if… all the history we know to be, was written only a few hundred years ago…and that includes the Bible…

          With these same families running everything during that time, how difficult would it really be to orchestrate what we are seeing happening on the world stage today…

          Most importantly…could “they” have pulled it off?

          I bid you all a good night!

          • jerrytbg: Jerry your damn right they could. Only those who are brain damaged cannot see it. With a little study and understanding given by the Holy Spirit…one can put the pieces of the puzzle together. The Old Testament shows a war between God’s prophets and the despicable Levitical Priesthood or Talmudists or Rabbis… all poison. Jesus plainly brought forth the Truth but men pervert it because they truly are antichrist and not chosen. These perverts do the choosing…if your a pervert like them they choose you. Why say “what if” bullshit…it is fact not fiction or speculation. Just rational God directed thinking…speculation is horseshit!

            • So RR, If I understand you correctly…you believe as I do…kool!

              Nice to know someone else gets it because it is true.

              • jerrytbg: we gotta hang in there…God has a lot more to show us! Especially when the covering cast over the nations is destroyed by his hand! Keep digging! All praise, honor and glory to Our Lord Jesus Christ who was, who is and is to come! This is the name above all names…wonderful, counselor, the mighty God the everlasting Father! THE PRINCE OF PEACE!

      24. how i am an US army veteran and at this point am pinning my hopes on the Russians to keep things from blowing into WW3 is beyond me.

        i am no ideologue that doesnt believe that the Bushes and ronnie raygun didnt have itchy trigger fingers and i believe there’s a lot of deaths that should way on GW over his handling of the terms of war over his presidency, but i at least believed he had some good people in there with military experience and some planning.
        i have no confidence everything is planned and thought out more than a couple of days before obama goes weapons hot because he told the syrians no and they went ahead and did it anyways and we all know obama doesnt like it when you disobey.

        • Our military, CIA and other services are infiltrated with Muslim Brotherhood operatives. Think that our plans will not be leaked as soon as they are approved?

      25. can’t go to war with these kinds of numbers

        Support for US Intervention in Syria at 9% – Reuters/Ipsos Poll

        government is gonna HAVE to gin things up

        what’s next ?

        a bigger better gas attack?

        babies being thrown out of incubators by Assad himself
        with pictures on FaceBook ???

        rest assured
        it will be something “good”

        they HAVE to get the public behind this

        we need a Gulf of Tonkin
        a “remember the Maine”

        or maybe we can raise the Luisitania
        and sink it again ???

        Operations Northwoods anyone ????

        • I’d wager you’re right…

          • Satori: Who was that Arab chick that “posed” as a Nurse, went all over live usa TV news cnn-fox etc and cried out that Sadams evil Brutes broke into the baby ward at some iraq hospital, and claimed the sadam soldiers grabbed babys out of incubators to smash baby heads on walls while holding baby by ankels?

            Recall that crap? Her daddy was some very big honcho muslim or arab? Or maybe she was really an Israeli girl with a dad thats a big zio boss in telaviv?

            Cannot now recall all details. I Do Know she was a Poser to the Inth degree and Lied of it all as zero babys were harmed. It sure worked swell to geek up american support especially of the neocon varity.

            You are correct Satori, look for massive false Flag home soil whatevers to geek support for more Wars for israel/jewish intrests. Them jewish intrests are goin to destroy america totally soon and Us too!

            • she was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador
              who is a member of the royal family

              he sat outside the hearing room while the little liar
              perjured herself before Congress

              and led us into war

              she was backed by the Washington DC pr firm Hill and Knowlton

              it was ALL a lie
              and thousands died because of it

              • Satori: Thanks for the answer. You Are a very wise person due to your ability to weed thru the info and find the Good stuff!

        • Don’t forget to add Pearl Harbor to that long list. FDR had enough advance notice about that to send the Pony Express to Pearl to give them the heads-up. Makes you wonder when the last time we were told the truth about when/why we went to war.

          • @CWinOR: No “wondering necessary” THAT truth has NEVER been told.

            Possible exception…The original WAR OF INDEPENDENCE, circa 1776!

          • Last time of war truth was 1775 right? Maybe the ONLY time ever! At least as far back as 1860 war of Agression against White Southerners by the Northern Armys of the first Tyrant Communist Red Prez, aka Abe Lincoln, americans have been Lied into war. And at least since 1860 the main instigators and Liar/controlers were what we now call Zionists. Back then prior to zionists they were just called jewish kommies. Zionists came in 1899 or so era. Was exact same crowd though.

            Like I said prior, they sure know how to Thank us americans for all we’ve done for their sorry loser asses eh. With such Friends who needs any enemys.

            When you have a little time for reading, check out whats spoken about the Edom nation and Edomites peoples. Later to become Turks I believe. The Old testement is filled with issues about Edomites.

            God said: “Jacob I loved, Esau I Hated”…Esau was the Father of All edomites. Esau was jacobs twin brother who Sold the birthright for soup!

            What if todays usa folks are the True decendants of the 10 tribes of Northern israel nation, and what if those fake jews aka Khazer(turks hunns mongrel caucasian mix) are actually fakeing being jews to Gain americans trust so they can do as written is their Main opjective untill God finally Exterminates edomites…

            That being to Gain Our trust, then scam-swidnle-cheat Us americans aka True israel tribes decendants of modern day, out of everything that we got by Gods great Blessings as promiced? (The Birthright Blessings of jacob).

            Thats basically what the bible says edomites will do to true israel decendants…And they even will assist enemys to gain Our destruction and mass deaths!

            Thats how Muslims gained secret entry into Spain, and overtook spain with muslim rule for 600 yrs! Untill 1492, when spainards beat the muslims off and regained control of spain….It was False Catholic Convert jews who Then assisted Muslims in secret….Conversios was the nickname spain gave false convert jews due to that discovery of jew “catholic converts”(false ones) working in secret with Muslims!

            Read of the Edomites, compare to todays destruction of usa and hate of it by most nations etc.

            Just remember you First Must cast OFF all prior belief that todays jews are really jews…Consider it for sake of research that they really are Khazers(I proved they are many times) and perhaps really modern day decendants of Edom aka Edomites. Cannot recall which OT bible books its in, several I think…You can find it I have confidence in all you high calibre of folks here at SHTF site!…I Bet you come up with much the Same after reading about it all.

          • Never forget the USS Liberty… I won’t ever forget THE FUTHER MUCKERS who attacked…. EVER….


          • Or we could have a good ‘ol revolution. Burn things to the ground…probably whats gonna take to get all the DixiePeach grease offn them pillow cases in the once Whitehouse. And I just know them bathroom sinks are probably plugged up from “King Pubehead’s” watchspring hair. When he’s gone them digs ain’t gonna be fit to inhabit.

            • Ain’t No Thang Butta ChikinWang!

        • Satori

          I worry that the poll figures showing support for war are so low that there will have to be a false flag figure at home to boost it. Sadly these sicko’s have a LONG history of murdering their own, when and if it furthers their political agenda. This is NOT the time to be going to see that big game.

          What cheers me is that the public seems to be getting wiser to the concept of the false flag. Despite all the intensive programming via the media and schools, fewer and fewer people instantly trust the gubberment.

          What concerns me is their plans are so fare along that they no longer CARE is the public is wise to them. With powers for detention without trial, and all the other civil liberties abuses we’ve let slide over the last few years the infrastructure is now in place for a police state already.

          Draft legislation has already been/is being passed on both sides of the Atlantic. The cannon fodder doesn’t have to be willing, and Obama already got rid of anyone in high up military command that might challenge yet another illegal excursion into regime change.

          The ONLY regime change mankind needs at this point is to remove the Central Banking Cartel. Times would be confusing for a while, but without this parasitic cancer on humanity I think we’d all be shocked just how quickly people would settle down to living in peace. (For a start the food they need for their kids in the Arab world would become affordable!).

      26. Instead of worrying about those ASSHOLES blowing each
        other all to hell over there maybe we should start
        digging foxholes our turns coming if Judas and Ahab want to kill each other let them

        • I’ll drink to that!

          • A round for the house! Put it on my EBT card!

            • I shook my head in disgust, as I went to the cooler at the local store, there was a small sign on the energy drinks, that said “EBT”…

            • Kulafarmer charge it to the white house

        • Swampratt: AHAB is the most Brillant and Most Articulate poster who writes posts and replies here! You sure you got the right guy?

      27. So, we’re once again buying the WMD lies peddled by our fraudulent, corrupt, lying government which is nothing more than a front and military wing of the new world order. Buying the lie that Assad is murdering his own people when polls show 80% of Syrians want him in power and hate the cannibal militias that McCain, Graham, and Obama support.

        When will American’s appetite for war for any reason die? Perhaps after the economy crumbles into dust, the US becomes a 3rd world nation, and everyone starts wondering what happened. Americans. Easily tricked into any war.

      28. Wouldn’t hurt to get a few extra gas cans and store some. We got a station in town that has one of its pumps that doesn’t contain ethanol. I use it in all my weed eaters, chainsaws and such. A little more per gallon but worth it.

        • Qwayzee: Americans appetite for war will cease once they realize that after they assist israel zionist jews kill off all muslims, then the next and Last only still remaining obsticle to a JWO(nwo) where nobodys left and jews can Own and control entire world, with a small few percent of goyim gentiles left alive to serve jews as slaves….Are those foolish ignorant Americans aka Final obsticle to JWO ownership.

          The plans are written of in all their zio books etc..Research Talmud-Cabala-Zohar-Protocals of zion-Marxist Manifesto. Their goal is Own and Rule entire world, with 2800 goyim gentiles Slaves for every jew. The other of 7 billion goyims are to be Killed Off.

          I know…Hard to believe…Untill you Read and research all those writtings I mentioned. And compare to what You See occureing the last 100 yrs in usa and 250-300 yrs in Europe.

      29. Heya Syria, do what you have to do! Personally, it would be great to see Israel bombed back to the stone age so we can stop kow-towing to their war mongering mentality and spend the billions in blackmail money we send over there!!

        • Ric:

          You got it right. It is time for us to wake up and realize that the state of Israel is just an octupus arm of the US government that is run both behind the scenes and actually right in our face now by the zionists and their bought and paid for stooges. They have become so emboldened that they don’t even bother anymore to cover up their involvement and yet a big portion of American’s still can not see. How can we still be so blind?

          Google how many senators and representatives have duel citizenship with israel. You will then understand why our laws are a skewed to take care of that stolen state. Those duel citizens are the biggest push behind all the bs laws that are choking off all our freedoms. Barbara Boxer, Charles Schumer, Jane Harmon, good God, the list goes on and on. Don’t take my word for it, look it up for yourself, as Mr. Beck has told you over and over.

          To read that we should support israel and their stolen land makes me gag. It is hard to believe there is anyone, anymore, with all the information on the internet that doesn’t realize that McCain and his moron sidekick Graham and the rest of the traitors in DC have been bought and paid for by TPTB. Just shills for the NWO gang lickin their chops waiting for the bottom to fall out of America.

          For all you anti-gun supporters out there; have you not seen the pictures of the people in the middle east trying to overthrow their oppressors with sticks and stones. That is what is in store for America if we ever give up our guns. We will be out in the streets throwing sticks and stones at the Homeland Security armored vehicles that are just waiting for us patriots to start a rumble. Without guns we will be toast.

          I am a prepper, but I realize if I have no way to defend myself and family, help defend my neighbors, etc. then all the prepping in the world will not save me when the hungry hoards come calling.

          Heaven help us in the lunatic world. I pray everyday that one more American will wake up to what the Zionists are doing to this world. And when I say Zionists; our congress, our representatives, our president, the international banksters, they are all a part of the grand scheme.

          Hurry LORD JESUS, Hurry

          And yes, the fall of Damascus plays into the end times…

          • God… Granny… I want to marry you. I couldn’t have said it any better. Israel, the dregs of society.

        • @ Ric shut up!!! you Dumbsh%t, Go back smokin crack, and get a better handle!! how about!! SCHIZERHEAD.

          • kaynine: smoke this…fuck you asshole!

      30. Just a side note…I have been living in Israel for the past 11 years and have always had in my home (as provided yearly,for every citizen, free of charge, by the state)gas masks.So please do not make it look like Israelis are buckling down in preparation for war at this time because of what is happening in Syria. We are surrounded here by potential foes. Look at a map…we must always be prepared…no matter where you live !!

        • You just Proved that the article Yental or Satori posted on Israel Now passing out gas masks in preperation for dangerous times etc,(posted in last article I think) was a Haox lie! I knew as soon as I seen that israel news article it was lies to geek up support for israel as “Victims” as usual. Because for over 10-20 yrs we have seen on every MSM Tv news tons of stories and photos or videos of israelis packing portable gas masks in side holter like cases.

          But as usual israel news and Debka attempt to Gin up worries that israel will be a victim so they are passing out gas masks…That We americans Pays for like everything else in welfare state israel.

          You in israel are on Borrowed time as the entire worlds nations are wakeing up to all their lies and hoaxes. Especially that “Six-Million” jews nazis killed BS story.

          Especially that 98% of who calles themelves jews today are actually Khazers whos ancestors in kingdom of Khazaria Converted to Talmudic Judaisim in 800 AD…Ergo they are not now and never were and never will be ancestors of the true ancient 12 tribes of isreael.

          Picture a balance type Scale…Then picture the Right side of scale, where all the Goyims that are awake to the massive swidnles of jewish origins are…Now Picture soon Very soon the right scale side Slams down fully due to the mass weight of so many awake folks!….Thats about when all the swindles shall end..

          But! Fear Not! you still have time to Convert Again! this time to become a true Jesus Christ believer Christian and gain eternal Salvation through Jesus Christ and his death and blood on that Cross…If you are not christain yet and need assistance to become one?…Let us here know we Will assist you. Trade that Talmud in for a New testement KJV Bible while there still time.(and before your orthodox Rabbi’s in israel Burn all the new testements in existense when they use a street camp fire and dance around like african jungle bunnies while burning those new testement copies as yutube videos proves)/

        • Charms: Sell your wares somewhere else! Whose fault is it you are surrounded by enemies, you guys are nothing but a paragon of virtue, right. Prior to 1948 when you assholes moved in, all the people got along…now you are there a bunch of fascist, communist full of Zionist antichrist lying demonic assholes. I truly feel for true Christians who may be there for a witness and you fucking slime spit and shit on them like you did Jesus Christ, the Moslems and any true human being that apposes you and call them antisemitic. You are wickedness personified and it is not going to end well for you! God is not mocked and what you have sown for 2000 years is going to come back on your heads 100 fold…count on it.

          • These guys are recalcitrant haters who don’t rightly divide the word of God and who cling to old lies of old Eurpoe. Ignore then. i usually do, but tonight I’ve had a belly full of their crap and sock-puppetry.

            • Sigi: Jewdeo Christian zionists jew worshippers like You and several others here simply Prove another Prophecy Jesus said will occure!

              Jesus told us Real christians back then his era and untill the day he returns…”They Hated Me and so too shall they Hate You who speak Truth!” and indeed Sigi who refuses to actually Read any articles or Links us guys provides, simply Rants and plays small child like games.

              Yet exactly same as jews who yell antisemite! or yell Forgery! or one of My all time favorites from jews “Its Just a Coincidence”!

              Yet Sigi like them jews Never provides any counter-proof, nor any meaningfull counter postings or replies that will actually refute me or others based on Rock Solid anything!…Name calling. And abject rejections on everything due to a hatered of me or whoever else its about. If not a Jew Sigi? You’d sure make a swell one. You have All the makeings…NO counter proof-Name calls-Tells others reject that guys info like I do because…Yes sigi, Why Exactly should others reject My info? Oh you wont have a good rebutal that too is a great trademark ID of a Jew Khazer fraud…

              Sigi You may qualify for a DUAL Israeli Citizenship like Finestien!!

              Now please go READ my Proof DNA refutation of Your asinine calling me a fraud sigi…Projecting Your faults at me perhaps?….Try and refuste MY DNA evidence I posted to your reply….I will wait.

        • Charms..I have already read this on many sites.
          I don’t think many that know history and know what our govt. is capable of are falling for these staged pictures.
          Or pictures from years ago–or pictures photo shopped.
          Ricin my arse!

        • Satori: This is a great article. Hope everyone takes the time to read it.

      31. Just filled the gas cans, wallet, & pantry. What more can I say.

        Now to convince as many others as I can to do the same. Wish me luck!!!

        • don’t say a word. OPSEC is a paramount concern now as never before. If they can’t think for themselves then they will be sure to think you’ve got it all ready for them… At least that’s what we are doing…

      32. Who in the hell even believes the drivel that comes out of the Zionist shills that populate the District of Columbia? Especially that John Kerry(Cohn). They have no credibility.

        Regardless, according to the PNAC, the fertile crescent is destined to go down.

        The granite counter tops for the new Damascus branch office of the Federal Reserve are already cut and polished and ready to be installed.

      33. What the hell is wrong with me. I find myself siding with Assad and Putin on this one. I am disgusted with myself. Kind of like that frosted mini-wheat commercial with the 2 personalities. I know we have no business being involved, but I don’t want any more good American (brainwashed) soldiers to get killed/mamed.

        • Whew–I feel better now.

      34. For a site that is mostly bullshit, this article shows a reasonably clear insight into the possibilities. Well done.


        • ncjoe, f#$% you! You’re the one who’s BS, not this site! Go f#$% yourself!

      35. Why is it always muslim countries that are war zones?
        Cant they learn to live like they are in the 21st century?

        Most muslims are peaceful, so why are muslim countries unable to live in peace these days? I am on about iraq, iran, syria, Tunisia, egypt, lebanon, somalia & afghanistan, why are they so lawless?

        • @ kev: One answer, oil/petrodollar. They want to keep the wars in the middle east so the u.s. gov keeps their monopoly. The vast majority of Muslims are indeed peaceful, even though the mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about that so they can fuel the wars in the middle east. It’s all about power. Who bombed Mosques from different sects of Muslims to start a civil war? The answer is blackwater. Sunni and shiites used to live without war. Up until the u.s. put its nose. So the answer is all about oil/power/control/petrodollar.

        • Tunisia isn’t lawless, but they were promised elections that should have happend earlier this summer and the people want to get on with it. They don’t want to be dictated to by hardliners and Salafists; they want the moderate/ secular style government they had before but without the corruption. It’s pretty much the exception to your list.

        • They aren’t lawless people at all.

          As a single female travelling around the Maghreb (North Africa) for fun a decade ago I felt far safer than I ever did in Western nations – there are not many strange US/European/UK cities I’d wander around on foot aimlessly without a map at all hours just exploring.

          Never once did I feel threatened or at risk. I never once encountered anything less than old school manners and hospitality.

          This of course was before these nations became a war zone. All the normal social rules go out the window once a nation is at war. Afghanistan has had two consecutive generations grow up in a state of war now, first the Russians and now us. It will now take several generations for the mental scars to heal, even if peace is declared tomorrow.

          Their religion dictates (Christian & Muslims in the region) that they reject Usury & the Central Banking Cartel. No one sensible is ever going going to stand by and say “thank you” when they see their women and children going hungry, being bombed, gassed and worse. That much is true of human nature whether they be an Afghani or Somali goat herder or a public school teacher in California.

          The war has been brought to their front yards, with direct violence. In Greece and other nations around the world the slow boiling frog method has been used to obtain control. How many Greek national assets have been transferred to the ownership of the Cartel since all this has started?

          They are wise to the NWO and leading the global resistance against it, despite having no money for food, a lack of fire arms to defend themselves, and constant infiltration of their governments and other formal organisations by the Zionist funded ” Islamic fundamentalists”. These nations are merely the front line against a foe we should all resist.

          What I do find interesting is that those I meet from E.Europe have an innate ability to read between the lines of the MSM BS we are fed that many Westerners just don’t seem to possess. Preppers refer to it as critical thinking skills. I’ve noticed those Muslims of my acquaintance are the same. (London is an ethnic melting pot). I wonder WHY WASPS are so darn naive and trusting of the sickos in charge?

      36. Boy. The news lines sure look like The End Times as told about in the B.I.B.L.E. Get ready people, both Spirtually and physically.Because its coming like a steam roller.

      37. “This message came to me concerning Damascus: ‘Look, Damascus will disappear! It will become a heap of ruins. The cities of Aroer will be deserted. Sheep will graze in the streets and lie down unafraid. There will be no one to chase them away. The fortified cities of Israel will also be destroyed, and the power of Damascus will end. The few left in Aram will share the fate of Israel’s departed glory,’ says the Lord Almighty.” Isaiah 17:1-3 (NLT)

        • Thank you, Farmer’s Daughter. The Word is always good to hear/read.
          Makes me feel clean.

        • Isaiah 17 sounds like what already happened back when Solomons temple got destroyed. If not then then in 70 AD when the 2nd temple was also destroyed.

          Funny Book of Revelation says none of that regards to Damascus eh. Neither did Jesus or the apostles in all they said of the future end time events. Perhaps isaiah 17 is like much of the rest of OT prophecy that got canceled and replaced by New testement prophetic events.

          • Why should Revelation mention Damascus? Looks like the destruction of Damascus comes before the future events described in Revelation. Likewise, why should Jesus or the apostles mention it? Isaiah wrote about it and there was no need to describe it elsewhere. It doesn’t mean it got canceled or replaced. But we may find out all too soon.

            • You Must be a John Hagee devote’. You make ZERO sense. Revelation was Johns Vision of the Things that are-were and are Yet to come. It IS whatever events are yet to occure. Many OT prophets events have not and Will Not ever happen as foretold. Most was about future world rule BY 12 tribes of israel. BUT after their old covenant was Replaced by the New covenant of Jesus and Christianity…It is since Jesus died about the ELECT not the Former chozens aka israels 12 tribes.

              Why is it so difficult to understand it?

              Many prophets foretold of a Israeli NWO with animal sacrafices in a temple etc and many more jews centered things…How can that happen along side “I John Saw a NEW heaven and NEW earth and it was Called the NEW Jeruselem coming Down from Heaven…So we will have That for christians and at same time OT jew religious animal sacrafices and Moses Laws etc?

              You need RE think all that Dispensationalists crap so many pastors has brainwashed folks with based on Scofields bible translations…Scofield was a FRAUD! And Darby aka Pre trib rapture boy was his Pal and also phony as a three dollar bill.

              ONE covenant and it IS the elect christians and NEW testement gospel. Jews NO longer has any covenant. How can ANY promices God made to Them based on That Old covenant still stand when jews disobeyed God so often God Disowned jews as told in Jeramiah!

              READ before making asinine posts.

          • Them Guys: I have to agree. Those who know history know that the King of Assyria leveled Damascus. It was in response to their confederating with Ephraim against Judah. I think Israel is trying to fit the destruction of Damascus into their end-time Zionist scenario. I do not think it will happen and this will frustrate the shit out of them and their divining lying asshole Christians buddies. Of course do not try to convince these Zionist Judaic Christians of facts…it confuses them.

        • Damascus Prophecy Isaiah chapter 17 verses 1-3

          17 vs 1= Damascus capitol of Syria, Destroyed in 732 BC.

          17 vs 3= Ephraim: Israel,leagued with Syria against Asyria and Judah; destroyed in 721 BC, Aram;syria

          That was during the era back when Asyria was sent by God to war with and ultimatly Capture the TEN Northern tribed Kingdom of the North aka “Israel” Jacob blessed ONLY those 10 tribes to forever Keep His new name of “Israel”(formerly jacob). It does NOT include the 2 remaining tribes of benjamin and JUDAH(jews) because those 2 were the Kingdom of the South in Palestine lands.

          After several wars between Asyria and 10 tribed Israel(north kingdom) israel finally were defeated. NOTE” How Ephraim capitol leadership of the 10 tribes Joined Forces With SYRIA to Fight war against JUDAH who joined forces with ASYRIA. In other words a CIVIL war between Judah of south kingdom vs Israel 10 tribed Northern Kingdom.

          Once 10 tribed Israel north got taken captive and destroyed by Asyria, aprox 145 yrs Later is when Babylonians came by Gods ordering it to war against Judah jews tribe in South…And eventually Babylon Took the jews Captive TO Babylon.

          THAT IS What Isaiah chapter 17 Is about! Damascus Fell as stated in 732 BC since they allied With 10 North tribes who Lost that war!

          The mistake so many folks here are making it seems is like many pastors or prophecy “experts” today, you/they First look at events going on Now in world Today…Then You/they scan the pages of the bible looking for Any mention of Any issue or city or nations name(like syria or damascus) and whatever verses you/they find even Remotely related…Bingo! That Has to be Important and Prophetic stuff soon to occure!

          Untill it don’t happen…Then back to the proverbial drawing board and wait for new news info…Then Rince and repeat cycle again…Look for remotely related events to Link todays events to old testement prophets. and BINGO! Eureka! By Jove! its ON get ready to fly away Rapture time folks pack yer bags we going flyby nite!

          Untill No wrong again!..Ever wonder Why every pastor today whos Prophecy books, Hal Lindsey-Jack Van Impe-John Hagee-Perry Stone-Benny Hinn-Paul and Jan Crouch(owners TBN swindle supreme tv chanel) and so many more too many to name here….Every Expert analysis Prophecy book they ever wrote. Always has to be RE written once their expert predictions Fail to occure as predicted.

          Hal Lindsey’s Planet Earth orig copy was aprox in 1984(?), Hal has Rewrote that same book 1/2 Dozen times since each edition has Failed to be correct! So He “TWEEKS” his bible prophecy predictions again. Sells a hundred million more copies…Then Oh Oh! wrong again Hal!

          Because they ALL operate same way. Same as Many folks Here are doing. Look to todays news events, especially if in Mid east region or Israel. Then search like mad all thru the bible till you find a verse, Any verse related or even remotely related or close enough!…Then BINGO! we have it down Pat!..Untill…Next weeks news changes things alot….Then Back to bible search madly for verses…Then Bingo!

          Why not look for the Real factual historical explainations such as I provided here in THIS post complete with Actual Dates Damascus Fell! as did also Israel 10 tribes in north. Makes any sense yet?

          Or do you folks believe when wrong you can then “WISH” it to happen if you just keep trying?!

          Go Read My DNA Proof for SIGI in reply to His asinine attempt to dispell my dna proof, its On this page of replies. DNA Proof todays jews ARE Khazers Un debatable, Definate, John Hopkins and Hebrew Univ Approved And Published DNA Evidence done by TWO jewish Scientists one woman in 2001 at Hebrew Univ labs and bioethnics etc and again in Dec 2012 by a Jewish Man scientists which even Moreso proves she was correct all along IE Jews=Khazers!

          Will SIGI Reject That proof also? Only if hes as stiff necked stuborn as Judahs jews whos stuborness Lost them their Covenant with God and lost their status as “Chozens”

          Sigi called me out as a fraud…My DNA proof solid if it can speak would say Screw You sigi the idiot fool.

      38. We need to stop the arms supply & Iran is the problem & possibly russia.
        Stop the supply of arms & the war will soon come to an end!
        I would like to point out that assad regime & the rebels are BOTH committing serious war crimes & personally I would not side with any of them as they are BOTH terrorists!
        Where are the neighbouring muslim countries offer of help?

        • kev: you must lay in bed eating Lucky Charms at night…you are a dreamer…go back to sleep in fairyland.

      39. Sorry, I forgot to include Diane Feinstein; the oldest, richest, fattest Zionist of all. Look up how she has fattened her bank account, along with her husband, on the taxpayers dime……..Just another lovely crook, scamming her way through the halls of DC.

        • Pissed off GRanny: Have you ever yet seen a website called www dot realzionistnews dot com ?(replace dot with a normal period) I didnt post actual live link as it gets held up for moderation.

          Its a website with tons and tons of articles and exallant photos of the culprit zionists you mention and more of them. The site owner and writer guy is Brother Kapner.

          He was born and Raised as a New York Zio Jew and attended the NY sinagog of satan his whole life as a strict Talmudic Judiac…Untill he found Christ! and converted to Orthodox Christian, of the ROCOR denomination.

          Thats the Russian Orthodox Chruch Outside of Russia.

          His wealth of knowledge as well as experience in all issues zionists-jewish is a massive knowledge he write of every day. And he never hesitates to Name jews as jews or zionists as such. Nobody can dispute his article truths since as a lifelong jew prior to converting to christian he Knows it All…Especially about NY jew issues and persons!

          If you never seen his website check it out, every issue from A to Z he has indexed at right side of home page.

          Every srticle has tons of Links and documentation to prove all he writes is true.

          • Yes I have. If we can figure out some way to correspond outside this website I have a lot to talk to you about.

            • Pissed Off Granny: sounds swell. If you can do what road runner says and set up an email address to Post here I will email That address. And give You My Real email address. Then you can Cancel out that temp email so others do not use it.

              I do not know how to do that stuff. My internet provider automatically set up my email etc. I am good at emailing and web surfing and Thats It!…I am dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to fancy computer stuff.

              And I do not desrire to learn as it frustrates me to no end and I hate that.

              I wll watch for you to post an email temp address ok.(hope You can do it or figure it out!).

        • Granny, correct that “Just another lovely crook” to JEW crook.

      40. Sooner or later someone will initiate a serious strike on Israel and they will press the nuke button. So far it has been the odd bombing and mortar strike but that hasnt been excuse enough to “Cross the Rubicon” – yet. All countries around Israel hate them with a passion and their annihalation is not only their objective but their lifes mission, irrespective of the consequences. The US is a sworn ally as is Australia and a few others. We have an election coming up here in 10 days and are certain to have a change of gubbermint but it wont make any difference as both sides are united on this foreign policy issue. So if it HTF in Syria we will be in it with you.

        BTW – a possible spin off from this is the increased risk of terrorist strikes at “home” (US and Aust) so naturally there must be more vigilant surveillance, phone and email “monitoring”, more intrusion by big brother – for your own good y’understand!! Convenient huh?


      41. How can any sane thinking person believe Israel is our ally? They control our banks, our media, our military and our government. They exist only as a base of operations in the middle east. Our criminal government is full of dual citizenship Israeli first Americans, all at the top of the NWO push into worldwide tyranny. They have most of the bible believing western world in their pocket, while actually hating Christians. They don’t care if 100% of Americans oppose further warmongering. Obama is the mouth puppet at their service, meanwhile our right to dissent and free speech is all but gone. If they keep pushing our lack of reaction, perhaps enough will say enough.

        • I didnt say Israel was our ally, I said we are theirs. Didnt say we should support them in any way either and for what it’s worth I belive any support should be materiel and money – not men. I think they are more than capable of holding their own though – the Israeli is a very good soldier with attitudes honed by generations of living on the ragged edge, backed up by awesome equipment. Not saying what they do is right or wrong either, just making an observation.


          • ready down under: get off the fucking fence. If you cannot hear the weeping of mothers and fathers for their children and the cries of children for their lost parents…fuck off! Your a childish thinker!

            • You’re just a nasty little bitch roadrunner. Talk about being a child, I like how you got your handle from your favorite cartoon. You’re also a first class, DANGEROUS religious nutcase ,incapable of having any type of intelligent conversation with anyone due to your being homeskuuled in a trailer park.

              • Forget it anonymous, not worth the aggro. Obviously Road Runner is happy to let someone have their own opinion but only if it agrees with theirs?


                • @ Down Under,

                  Yes, it’s obvious that CLOSED minds think alike. But it DID feel good to bitch slap the asshole.

      42. God of Israel will not hold us guiltless if we allow genocide without intervening. We should stand by her and protect her, not start the war.

        Well we’re about to be “nudged” like never imagined with the uber communist of them all now at the helm of the nsa as of today.

        We’ll continue to operate at Defcon1 and hold up as many as we can that need help as time is short, short, short.

        We’ll witness everything we’ve known as we’re about to repeat the past at breakneck speed and with UBER evils on all sides. Nothing will change however, except that when I fall on my knees tonight after a hard day, I’ll love as hard as I can and pray even harder.

        God speed fellow Freedom Fighters!
        Keep your heads down and make every minute count.
        Don’t forget the reward…Chocolate!!! (or vodka)

        • @off the grid .This is only the beginning of our sorrow’s.I have decided to live everyday as it was my last..

      43. I am to the point that I don’t give a shit anymore. I’m still part of America’s military machine, which, is a wonder we can run at all. In so far as the middle east, they can kill themselves until there is no one left for all I’m concerned. We don’t have a dog in this fight or the money to compete either. We have our own food, fuel, etc. We need them for NOTHINNG. They have been killing each other before any of us on this or any other forum has been alive. I JUST DON’T CARE. We have nothing to gain there. Chemical attacks, check. Artillary, check. Machine guns, check. Let ’em go at it. For once America needs to flip the proverbial thumb at those maggots and say F U!!!! But then again, that would take away money the .gov gives to the military industrial complex. Do the math, it ain’t hard. By the time it all goes boom, I shall no longer give a shit. Everything has been in a pot simmering for a good while now. When it boils over, I hope you are prepared and ready to hang on for the ride.

        • Sad but true… I’m so fed up with the lies and murder that I really just don’t give a big hoot and holler (being polite) what the hell goes down over this mess. Made two tours of hell back in the mid ’60s ( you can guess where) and at the time thought it was the right thing to do. Now? Not only “No,” but “Hell No.” I will do what I can for the family but just don’t see a reason beyond that…

        • Have courage. Don’t let the playbook for them…Rules for Radicals, become yours. They’re ultimate goal is to beat you down. Overwhelm the masses. Controlled chaos. These dirtbags want you not to give a shit. Don’t give them that.
          When you get frustrated…shut down the outside world and prep. Maybe the fruit of your labors will save your life, maybe not…. but nothing and I mean nothing gives me the strength than to do 3 things. Everyday!

          1) A random act of kindness to a stranger no matter how big or small.

          2) Hard labor. canning, plowing the fields, cleaning the coops (and that’s one nasty job!)…whatever.

          3) Prayer.

          When I heard about Sunstein yesterday, I almost threw up. Just wanted to rip my hair out. I shouldn’t be surprised but he is a huge cog in the communist takeover that WILL happen. I loathe him far beyond Soros, and I have real disdain for that waste of human skin.

          Vent here, hang here, and don’t turn the other cheek. They would win if you did.

          Keep faith.

        • CuzzinJim: get off the fence and stand for something. Give your life to Jesus Christ and be led by him. His Holy Spirit will tell you what to do as you grow. If you get Jesus Christ in your life you will give a shit! As he opens your eyes you will rejoice in the Truth…do it! Count the cost before you start because you will be hated. Do not seek religion but to know HIM and HIM crucified for your sins. You gotta love a guy like Jesus above all.

      44. Wow, you can’t look away for 2 seconds and more SHTF. Cass Sunstein was just appointed to the NSA. Don’t know who he is, well my guess is he RISIN will make sure you do soon.

      45. Has anyone kept a list of the countries the US has had a military confrontation in since we became a nation? I’m sure some obscure nation somewhere as of yet has not been touched but odds are sooner or later one way or another your getting smacked.

        I think if you were to include the UK the entire world would be covered.

        • Maybe everyone but Portugal, and Iceland. Who knows…I heard they have WMDs…

          • If a person for even Two minits can Forget all he was taught by most pastors about israel and jewish folks.

            Then consider a so simple equation. What did Jesus say to the jewish folks and their Pharisee rabbi’s?

            Jesus:” You are Of your father satan and the Lusts of he shall You do, he, satan is a Liar-Thief-and Murderer and has been since the very beginning”

            Ok so what else is satan the devil Famous for doing?

            Decieving! which is akin to Lying.

            Ok so if Satan is the father of the folks you call jews(like jesus said they are)..And if as jesus says they will Do as their father lusts to do. Then decieving Us and all goyim gentiles is not out of the realm of jew goals right.

            Suppose the devils greatest swindle scam was to convince most people hes Not a real entity….What if, as they Lust to do as their satan father, jews greatest deception ever was to convince You all that they really are jews as in Of the true tribes of israel decendants specifically the tribe of Judah…..

            But they are actually Khazer Imposters that Jesus Warned us of in Revelation chapter 2 verse 9 and chap 3 verse 9.

            Rev 2 vs 9: “I Know of those you have amoung you those who say they are jews but they are IMPOSTERS, and are of the Synogogue of…SATAN”

            Well ok so who today can Possibly Be those Imposter jews? The ONLY people worldwide who claim to be jews Are the current aprox 13.5-14 million jews of worldwide jewery.

            Recent jewish scientist DNA proof has Confirmed at least 98% of them today(jews) are really Khazers whos ancestors converted to Talmudic Judaisim in about 750-800 AD.

            Are any Red Flags going Up yet? Any Warning Bells going Off inside your head yet?

            What if all we were taught by most preachers in last 50+ yrs is BS about jews and israel as a state?

            Crazier things has been outted in last couple decades right…..But one can never SEE nor HEAR with their eyes and ears unless he Opens his Mind to such posibilities.

            And that wont ever happen unless the person is willing to Consider just maybe our pastors were also taught wrongly by Their Rabbi or zionists prof at seminary schools across the nation.

            Think on it a moment. Are talmudic judaic jew prof really the Best teachers in a seminary teaching about CHRISTIANITY? and the New Testement which jew talmudics Hate as much as they Hate Jesus Christ?

            Much to think about eh. So what are You waiting for?

            Sorry to Harp on it so often, but I cannot abide by so many MIS informed postings on israel and jew issues which will screw up Others heads with Falshood beliefs.

            Know the TRUTH is what we are supposed to do and Teach/Post. A little research goes a long way sometimes.

            • Actually research says that your DNA claim is a lie.

              Also, when Jesus was addressing those who He refered to as being sons of the devil, it wasn’t all the Jews, but those religious leaders of those days who knew very well that He was the Messiah and yet still opposed Him.

              You are blinded by hate and gather to yourself those who teach what your itching ears want to hear. How many sign-ons do you manufacture to drive up your ratings on your posts? Have you no real life?

              Damascus has not yet been laid to waste, and when it is I hope you will begin to question your position on things.

              • Sigi: You are so full of it. You use the same tactics as many jewdeo worshiping christians.

                Use your head sigi. If christ said pharise rabbis Talmudic beliefs and Teachings were wrong and twisted Gods word into nonsense. THen Jesus meant also EVERY Jew follower of those rabbis and all the way from 2000 yrs ago up to Todays talmudic jews. The talmud teachings have Never changed since 2000 yrs ago. Actually since jews were captive in Babylon where talmud began “Orally” prior to wrote in books.

                The xtra PROOF I am right and Sigi is WRONG, Christ Outted other rabbi pharisee “You pharisee go to the ends of the earths nations to prostylize a man to get him to convert(to Judaisim talmudisim) and then that man becomes Twice the child of Hell as he was before!”

                It is so obvious sigi, if pharisee who have That talmud belief are evil and satans children…So are All folowers that also believe the EXACT same crap Talmud!

                Boy are You spiritually Blind? or just severly delusional due to phony pastors teachings? or you worship all issue jew or isreal like jewdeo christo zios? Perhaps ALl the above!…PS be sure to READ MY DNA PROOF POST! right below Your asinine post to me sigi.

                And NO I use One screen name…Them Guys…

            • I will make you [Israel] into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you. —Genesis 12:2-3

              YOU ARE CURSED BY G-D!!!!!!!

      46. It would be comedy gold if Bash went all in , bombed the be-allah out of the cayman islands. Or some other viper’s nest full of offshored profits by the odious filth that manages the planet.

      47. Acorn Bread

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        Place meat into a pot with water and onions. Bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer for 3-4 hours or until meat is very tender. Add more water if necessary. There should be about 3 cups of broth when meat has been cooked. Add salt and pepper to taste, and keep the stew warm.

        Shell the acorns and grind them in food processor or blender into a very fine meal. With a slotted spoon remove the meat and onions from the pot and place into a glass bowl. Add the acorn meal and blend well. Bring the broth to boil; pour it over the meat mixture and blend well. Adjust seasoning by adding more salt and pepper if desired. Serve immediately with Indian Fry Bread.

        Bacon Hominy, Seminole

        8 strips bacon cut into small pieces
        2 pounds cooked hominy
        Salt and pepper to taste
        3 scallions coarsely chopped

        Fry the bacon pieces in a large skillet until well browned and crisp. Add the hominy, salt and pepper and cook stirring continuously for 6-7 minutes. Add scallions and continue cooking for an additional 5 minutes. Serve immediately.

        Serves 6

        Keep the FAITH

        • @ Watchman I’m hungry now!! going to make some grub!!!mmmm bacon!!!

        • Thanks! We do have lots of acorns and I have a recipe for bread, but think your recipe sounds better. Will let you know.

      48. Baked Acorn Squash

        4 medium-sized acorn squash
        16 tsp honey
        8 Tbs butter or margarine
        Fresh ground pepper to season

        Slice the squash in half crosswise and scoop out the pulp and seeds. Trim the bottoms, if necessary, so that the quash will stand hollow side up.

        Place 2 teaspoons honey in the hollow of each squash, then add 1 tablespoon butter or margarine to each and a twist or two of fresh ground pepper.

        Place squash in a large, shallow baking pan and bake, uncovered, in a moderate oven, 350 degrees, for about 2 1/2 hours or until the squash are tender.

        Baked Vegetables of the Vines

        2 onions, peeled and chopped
        2 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed
        1/3 cup salad oil
        2 cucumbers, zucchini or yellow crookneck squash, washed and sliced
        1 large eggplant, washed and sliced
        2 green peppers, washed, cored and cut into strips, about 1″ wide
        2 tomatoes, washed, cored and sliced
        1 Tbs salt
        1/4 tsp fresh ground black pepper
        1 tsp oregano
        1/4 tsp cumin seed
        1/4 tsp powdered dill
        3 Tbs salad oil

        In a flameproof oven casserole, saute the onions and garlic in the 1/3 cup salad oil until golden. Remove half of the onions and set aside.
        Mix together salt, fresh ground black pepper and herbs.
        Lay sliced cucumbers on top of the onion mixture in the casserole; sprinkle with one third of the mixed seasonings and 1 Tbs oil.
        Add a layer of sliced eggplant; sprinkle with a third of the seasonings and 1 tablespoon oil.
        Cover casserole and bake for 1 hour in a moderate oven, 350 degrees.
        Remove from oven, add a layer of sliced tomatoes, top with remaining onions, return to oven, and bake uncovered for 15 minutes more.
        Serve at once.


        2 1/2 cups Flour
        1/4 tsp Salt
        2 tbs Oil
        1 cup Milk
        1 Egg
        2 tsp Baking powder

        Mix flour, salt and baking powder in a bowl. Mix together milk, egg and oil and add to flour. Mix well. Knead on a floured surface. Pat down the dough until it is about 1 inch thick. Cut into 12 equal pieces.

        Bake at 400F until brown, approx 1/2 hour OR heat a frying pan, using 3 tbsp oil to cook the pieces. Serve hot with jam.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Are you Scots? We had “bannocks” every Sunday, but I’ve not seen anyone else mention them. All recipes are appreciated!

      49. Berry Corn Cobbler

        1 qt fresh strawberries or blackberries, washed (if you use strawberries, slice them in half)
        1/2 cup sugar


        1 cup corn meal
        1/4 cup sugar
        1 tsp baking powder
        1 tsp salt
        1/2 cup sour milk
        2 Tbs melted butter or margarine


        1/4 cup honey
        1 Tbs melted butter or margarine
        1 Tbs lemon juice

        Place berries in a 2-quart baking dish, and sprinkle with sugar. For the topping, mix together all dry ingredients, then quickly stir in the milk and melted butter or margarine. Drop batter by the tablespoon on top of berries, forming a design of rounds. Mix together sauce ingredients, and pour over batter and exposed berries.
        Bake in a moderately hot oven, 375 degrees, for 1 hour. Serve at room temperature.

        Southern Indian women, being both creative and experimental cooks, sweetened their corn-meal batter, mixed it with wild blackberries or strawberries, and baked the two together in to a kind of cobbler.

        Berry Soup, Sioux

        1 1/2 lb Chuck steak, 1″ thick, boned and trimed of excess fat (or optional buffalo)
        3 tbs Peanut oil
        1 Medium white onion, peeled and sliced
        2 cups Beef stock
        1 cup Fresh blackberries
        1 tbs Light honey
        Salt to taste

        Broil or grill the meat until browned on both sides, allow to cool. In a Dutch oven, heat the oil and brown the onions. Cut the meat into bite-sized pieces and add to the pot. Add the blackberries and enough beef stock to barely cover the meat. Stir in the honey and simmer the meat, covered, until it is very tender, about 1 hour. If the berries are too tart, add honey to taste, add salt and serve in bowls.

        Blueberry Fritters

        2 9-oz packages frozen blueberries
        4 cups flour
        3/4 cups sugar
        3 1/2 tsp baking powder
        3 cups shortening or oil for deep-fat frying
        5 eggs

        Thaw the blueberries well; drain off syrup and save. Sift together the dry ingredients. Measure the blueberry syrup. There should be about 1/2 cup. If not, add water to complete the measure.

        Place shortening or oil in a heavy, deep kettle and begin heating gradually. By the time you have finished mixing the fritters, the fat will register 350 degrees on a deep-fat-frying thermometer and be just right for frying.

        Beat the eggs with the blueberry syrup until foamy. Mix quickly into the dry ingredients, and fold in the berries. Drop from a tablespoon into the hot fat. Turn the fritters frequently as they cook so that they become chocolate brown on all sides. Drain on paper toweling and serve hot.

        Keep the FAITH

      50. Calabacitas (Skillet Squash)

        5 cubed small summer squash
        1 diced large onion
        2 roasted peeled green chiles or about 1 small can diced green chile
        1 tablespoon shortening or oil
        3/4 cup shredded longhorn cheese

        Sauté onion in shortening or oil until soft. Add squash and stir until almost tender. Add chiles; simmer briefly. Sprinkle on cheese and stir until melted.

        Carne Adobado (Spiced Pork)

        2 cups red chile puree or 12 tablespoons chile powder
        3 pounds fresh, lean pork
        2 teaspoons salt
        1 tablespoon oregano
        2 cloves garlic, mashed

        Cut pork into strips. Mix other ingredients, add to pork strips, and let stand in cool place for 24 hours. Cut meat into cubes and brown in small amounts of oil. Add chile sauce and simmer one hour or more.

        To serve, add more fresh chile sauce and cook until tender.

        Cherokee Huckleberry Bread

        2 cups Self-rising flour
        1 Egg
        1 cup Sugar
        1 stick butter
        1 cup Milk
        1 teaspoon Vanilla extract
        2 cups Berries (huckleberries or blueberries)
        Cream eggs, butter and sugar together. Add flour, milk, and vanilla. Sprinkle flour on berries to prevent them from going to the bottom. Add berries to mixture. Put in baking pan and bake in over at 350 degrees for approximately 40 minutes or until done.
        Cherokee Pepper Pot Soup

        1 lb Venison or beef short ribs or shanks
        2 qt Water
        2 lg Onions, quartered
        2 Ripe tomatoes, seeded and diced
        1 lg Sweet bell pepper, seeded and diced
        1 c Fresh or frozen okra
        1/2 c diced potatoes
        1/2 c sliced carrots
        1/2 c Fresh or frozen corn kernels
        1/4 c Chopped celery
        Salt and ground pepper to taste

        Put meat, water, and onions in a heavy soup kettle.
        Cover and bring to a boil over high heat.
        Reduce heat to low and simmer for 3 hours.
        Remove meat, let cool, and discard bones, returning meat to pot.
        Stir in remaining vegetables and simmer, partially covered for 1 1/2 hours.
        Season with salt and pepper.
        Serves 4 to 6.

        Cherokee Succotash

        2 lb fresh or dry Lima beans* (small ones are best)
        3 cups fresh corn cut from cob
        4-6 wild onions* (pearl onions may be substituted)
        salt to taste
        pepper to taste*(not in original recipe but good)
        2 tbs melted bacon fat* (originally bear fat)
        2 pieces smoked ham hock*(originally smoked bear meat)
        3 qts water

        Soak beans, if using dry ones, for 3-4 hours. Bring the water to a boil then add the beans. Cook at a moderate boil for 10 minutes then add the corn, ham hocks, salt & pepper, and onions. Reduce heat and cook for 1 hour on a low heat.

        Keep the FAITH

      51. Russian Warships Dock at Venezuelan Port for Visit
        Moskva missile cruiser
        © RIA Novosti. Vitaly Ankov
        02:10 27/08/2013

        MEXICO, August 27 (RIA Novosti) – A Russian naval task force, led by the Moskva missile cruiser, arrived Monday on a visit to the Venezuelan port of La Guaira, local media reported.
        The Moskva, the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, is accompanied by Udaloy-class destroyer Vice Admiral Kulakov from the Northern Fleet and the Ivan Bubnov tanker.
        During the visit, which will last until August 29, the crews of the Russian warships are expected to meet with their Venezuelan colleagues and bestow honors to former President Hugo Chavez, who died of cancer on March 5.
        Before the visit to Venezuela, the naval task force stopped at the ports of Cuba and Nicaragua. After August 29, the warships are scheduled to visit Spain and Portugal.

        Keep the FAITH

        • You can bet there are two subs with that task force.
          No port of call and will remain at sea.

      52. pressure cooker, anthrax, and ricin?

        • I do love slow cooked and appropriately seasoned ricin soup. Puts me right to sleep.

          • permanently!

      53. @ KY Mom. You are really astute and relentless about finding articles on the net we don’t see. How much Russia and China? Can you find anything around that talks about what those two countries are doing in preparedness for war? I especially want to know if Russia has begun evacuating any of their cities. IF Russia starts to move their citizens to safer locations, we all are in the possible death throes of the human civilization before the mushroom clouds are everywhere. “Anyone else out there hear anything we all MUST know?” Please tell us.

        • Just remember Obamas heart to heart with Medveded that was discovered because a mike was left on. Nice way to further weaken the US. Another war.

        • BI, Russia was ready as of last year. They undertook a MASSIVE civil defense project which included several thousand ‘bomb’ shelters for Moscovites.

        • all russian tourist to leave egypt by Sept 1

        • Russian Foriegn Minister Sergei Lavrov has stated ” Following last week’s chemical attack, the West has engineered a media campaign to facilitate a military incursion”

          Vladamir Putin told British Prime Minister David Cameron “Russia has no evidence of whether a chemical weapons attack has taken place in Syria or who is responsible”

          So, Russia does’nt buy this dog-wag this time…

          At some point, Russia, and China know, they are next…OR, have they been told, maybe long ago, that the US is to be used up, then they can finish it?

          It would be interesting to know if Russia has alerted her population, and they would, unlike here…

        • This on RussiaToday News:

          As Washington ponders over whether to hammer Damascus over unidentified use of toxic agents in Syria, declassified CIA documents reveal that 25 years ago the US actually indulged ruthless Saddam Hussein to use chemical warfare gases in war with Iran

        • Do we really think there will be mushroom clouds all over? That will take a lot of weapons. They really only need one shot, 300 miles above Kansas… more death than 100 mushroom clouds…

          • FriendPrep,
            And with that one shot, nature and natural resources would remain, just no technological machines and way fewer people.

      54. The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap. The cities of Aroer are forsaken: they shall be for flocks, which shall lie down, and none shall make them afraid.(Isaiah 17:1-2)

        At a breath-taking rate, world events are increasingly lining up with predictions of the prophets of the Bible, signifying that the Day of the Lord draws near. The biblical prophets are specific as to geo-political alignments and events which are to occur in the last days. The rapidly festering situation in Syria is an example of this phenomenon.

        • I often wonder if these “prophesies” are self-fulfilling, or are they being used as a “guide” in order to keep Christians from resisting the “inevitable”.

          • They didn’t keep Christians from resisting the inevitable in WWII nor the USSR nor any other time. We don’t KNOW that his is the end of the world, so why not resist as best we can? I now I will.

          • sixpack,
            The American people overwhelmingly do not want US involvement in Syria. But we not only don’t get to vote on it, Obama isn’t even going to Congress to get approval from our supposed representatives. So how is self-fulfilling prophecy designed to keep Christians from resisting? I am a Christian and I pray Obama resists his puppet-master on this. We are commanded to pray for our leaders.

            • How many Pastors are telling their flock that turning in their guns is the “right thing to do”?

              How many churches speak of resisting the authorities?

              How many churches have recently flip-flopped on things like abortion and homosexuality? NOW it’s okay?

              The primary mission of churches these days is teaching OBEDIENCE…and not necessarily obedience to God, especially when the govt IS the new God.

              Then there’s “the rapture”…

              Why resist, when after all it IS God’s plan for us? THAT IS EXACTLY HOW WE ARE TAUGHT NOT TO RESIST, because they think this is all God’s plan. But it isn’t.

              “We are commanded to pray for our leaders” Yeah, but what about RESISTING OUR LEADERS? The church is against THAT, isn’t it?

              This is only my opinion, and the main reason I just switched churches.


        • Well, if she’d grow her hair back, she’d be hot again anyway.

          • Yahaha, not so much.

            • Miley haters…

        • M.Cyrus is a PIG. Raunch. MTV- Degenerative, Loser, Pot-Heads. Music industry – Illuminati. No wonder the U.S.
          culture is going to hell in a handbasket.

          • Agreed, but she’s still cute.

      56. Mid-East including Israel on high alert after Obama’s failed last-ditch bid for Syria deal with Iran

        DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Aug 26, 2013, 11:16 PM (IDT)
        Monday night, Aug. 25, saw Middle East countries, including Israel, on high military alert after learning of US President Barack Obama’s failure to reach an understanding with Tehran to avert a US-led operation against Syria over its chemical attacks. DEBKAfile: Obama’s two emissaries were Deputy UN Secretary Jeffrey Feltman and Sultan Qaboos of Oman. Tehran’s rebuff signaled orders to US military assets in the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf to go on high preparedness. Iran, Russia and Syria redeployed in readiness for Syria to face attack.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Russia RE deployed? So Debka thinks Russias Main number ONE Naval Ship Being Docked in Venesuala is ready for Mid eat war at moments notice?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Debks=Israeli Jew Spew worse than CNN or MSNBC!!!

          Who writes for debka? Chriss Mathews?

      57. @ Ric – No ‘country’ is inherently evil. It is the governments that enslave and brainwash the people that make the world we live in. True, some (most maybe) will always be sheep but I think it would be just as ignorant to say that there aren’t groups of like minded people in the middle east, or the EU or even China or Russia; people who are awake, who are discussing how to prepare for the inevitable confrontation with NWO and TPTB. Thoughts like yours will get us all killed. The world needs to unite and make a stand against the NWO.
        Farfetched and highly unlikely? Yes. But without hope then what’s the point of anything??? You could say survival, but survival without hope is going to be one hell of a dismal world my friend.


      58. The Cold War is about to finally go HOT!

      59. The US bombs Syria and Israel gets bombed.

        So whats the problem?

        • Syria an Israel need to box it out themselves and leave US out of it.

      60. Chinese military helicopter launches air-to-air missile 2013-08-26 14:13:27
        GUANGZHOU, Aug. 26 (Xinhua) — China’s first self-developed modern military attack helicopter WZ-10 has launched its first air-to-air missile and successfully intercepted low-altitude targets.

        The WZ-10, meaning “armed helicopter”, carried out the launch during a live-fire drill involving army aviation troops of the People’s Liberation Army in the eastern waters off south China’s Guangdong Province last week.

        The drill, which was also the largest-scale activity held to study combat methods since the building up of the aviation troops, conducted six operations, covering fire, close fire support, special assaults, airlanding at the wing side, fire interception and move by leapfrogging.

        The WZ-10 is designed primarily for anti-tank missions and was first seen in public at the 9th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in the southern city of Zhuhai in Guangdong in 2012.

        Keep the FAITH

        • They have made great leaps in capability, thanks in part to US corparations….

          China has stated that thier “line in the sand” is an attack on Iran. It would be interesting to know just what China is doing right now. I’d wager they are in thier war room with thier Russian counterparts, maybe moving personnel and hardware to Iran…

          TRhis whole thing could get interesting really fast…

      61. They have to have most of our boys elsewhere so the civil war and martial law can happen. Foreign soldiers have already been spotted throughout the country. They have been quietly brought in for probably quite some time now. Militarizing cops, and obongo’s personal favorite: “civilian national security force”. It all spells big trouble. That coupled with rising unemployment and a soon to be bank run and bail-in, which means retirement funds will be wiped out. Yeah, right, Syria is the enemy – sure! Remember, the prez thinks drones are (cool) – nuff said!

      62. US Navy

        100 ships underway. 35%
        35 Local ships training. 12%

        Three aircraft carriers at sea. Nimitz, Truman, Bush.
        Seven in port.

        No info on Boomer Subs.

        Info from Navy site.

      63. All Russian tourists to leave Egypt by Sept 1
        MOSCOW, August 26 (Itar-Tass) – All Russian tourists will leave Egypt by September 1, the Federal Tourism Agency (Rostourism) spokesperson Irina Shchegolkova said.

        Keep the FAITH

      64. How can a comment I posted over two hours ago still be awaiting moderation? A fly in the ointment?

      65. It will be hilarious to me if it goes nuke, which it wîll. There is no way in a million years that the Russians, Chinese and Arabs will allow a scum weakling like him to support Al Qaeda. Guarantee that Obama the baby in the house is first on the list, cameron and Hollande a pathetic second.

      66. Some on this site cite Bible verses to support their views, and others reject anything Biblical. For the record, every event in the prophesy surrounding Jesus Christ has occurred on a Jewish feast day. Without going into many prophetic gymnastics, the prophesies surrounding the first 4 are fulfilled beginning with Passover when Christ was crucified. Starting on Sept 5 the Jews celebrate Rosh Hashanah, on Sept 14 they celebrate Yom Kippur and on the 19th they celebrate Sukkot. Some say that Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur have been fulfilled. That leaves only Sukkot, and that could be day that God removes mercy from the world. That day will be the beginning of Hell on earth. If we get thru this episode, there is a much better chance that God will finally intervene in 2014 or 2015 when the 4 blood moons occur (eclipses of the moon) that have signaled a big event in Israel’s history in the past. Google blood moon.

        • @ Cowdoc. Correct… not a coincidence. good research.

          • Yom KIpper: When on this day each year Jews recite their KOL NIDRE Prayer. A prayer that allows all jews to Disobey every Oath-Promice taken or made.

            Example: Jew senators schumer and finestien get re elected, swear an Oath to Uphold the US Const.

            One minits after swearing to that OATH, Both Jew senators Go on a rabid rampage to destroy the most important Right we have the 2nd ammendt.

            How can jews have No conscience in violating such Sacraed Oaths?…Easy! They Recite KOL NIDRE Prayers on jewish new years aka Yom Kipper and are allowed to violate oaths and promices for the entire New year in advance!

            No wonder for a 1000 yrs in europe zero jews were ever allowed to Testify as a witness in any trials in a court, nor were jews allowed to hold Any place or office of “Trust” since their religious kol nidre prayers lets jews Lie to goy gentiles at will and as often as they wish to.

            We need go Back to that 1000 yr system europe had in dealing with shyster swindlers like they are.

        • @ Cowdoc. New moon is on September 5. Still the U.S. really does not need the sky to be dark to launch cruise missiles. The new window for Iran attack is August 31 to September 10. I have been trying to work on something that you suggested last week. This though with the world is a major distraction for clear thought and will take some time. Even the earthquakes have taken a backseat to all of this. I did however figure out some danger spots that are coming up from the recent activity on the Indian Ridge that is the boundary between the African and Austrailian plates, and the African and Antarctic plates.

          The one yesterday indicated Northern Japan/Kuril Islands, Kermadec Islands, New Guinea, central Indonesia, and Northern Argentina and Chile. The one today showed that major earthquakes tend to really swarm after this section of the Indian Ridge moves. New Guinea again, Soloman Islands, Chile and Argentina again, Aleuntian Islands, Central Indonesia, and Mexico. The areas are overlapping. There were many 7+ in the past after these two areas shake. On top of what is going on in the Middle East a big earthquake is coming soon by the indications of the Indian Ridge.

        • Perhaps, then, Sukhot will be when the one holding back the man of lawlessness will be removed? Certainly there is no question that lawlessness has increased worldwide and there is a system in place, the man (Antichrist) is yet to be revealed.

        • This is true, Cowdoc! I’m a Christian who looks forward to Sukkot each year. Imagine, a holiday where you camp with your church family each autumn. Besides the Biblical significance, it’s also a good bonding experience and time of fellowship. Zechariah 14:16-17 talks about the future when any nation that doesn’t go to Jerusalem to celebrate Sukkot will not get any rain for the next year – which lets us know that God still takes His feast days seriously and expects us to as well.

      67. I would like to know where it is written that the U.S. has to get involved in every worldwide pissing contest that comes along. We barely pay the interest on our humongous national debt now. We had better get rid of these idiots by marching on Washington or start digging our fallout shelters. The saber rattlers have their shelters ready in case they start something they can’t stop, but you and I will be told to “duck and cover”. That from my youth, I remember well. I know somewhere out there is a politician with some common sense…..or maybe not. So now I have to add a fallout shelter to my preps. This survival stuff is getting expensive!

      68. My comments have been in moderation since 4:51. Is there something I need to know about getting my posts on the site faster?

        • Perhaps you could stop preaching what church people should attend and post what this site is all about!!!!
          Prepping and survival. While you are in moderation, read the Bible and study “to show thyself approved”


        • Smoke signal. Cuban seegar with Irish antifreeze.

          • “If it were’nt for Whiskey, the Irish would rule the world”-old saying

            • For most (not me) we only rule one day a year.

              • I know who “St.Patrick” was, and what he really did, and why they gave him a day…

                • Saint Patrick Rid Ireland of the SNAKES aka Jews! But most are taught as kiddies St Patrick rid ireland of real snakes like rattlers etc. Snake=Serpant=Satan=and His off spring=jews=khazers.

                  • What a vile statement.

      70. Two issues. First, who gives all these weapons out to other countries that they use in these civil wars? If they didn’t have access to the weapons, the wars would be very localized, short and sweet. The U.S. has been a major supplier of the weapons that leads to these types of wars. Second, if the U.S. goes in there and starts blowing up everything, Russia and China have already told the U.S. to stay out and mind our own business. Will we, or won’t we? If it leads to a nuclear confrontation. We can kiss our asses goodbye. Because it will not be limited to just one part of the World, it will be global. This is the, “Final Solution”.

      71. Lessee… Assad (admittedly a bad guy) committed war crimes by gassing 500- 1000 folks; meanwhile, Obumbler has killed perhaps 500 **children** in Pakistan alone, and the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” lemmings could care less.

      72. Still picking zukes, squash, egg plant & lil okies from garden. Roosters ready for holiday & Sundays except for being dressed. Pullets just about ready to prove egg or chicken. Potatoes dug. Apples picked & sweetie made first pie. 500 gal tank filled with #2. 2nd tractor almost back in shape. Steer angus getting fat on 12%.

        I didn’t vote (hope) for hope. I voted for change.

      73. Let the Middle East go. We have our own oil and bread basket. take care of ourselves and let everyone else duke it out. We’re broke!

        • The international Bankers and Globalist wont let us mind our own business!

      74. On a lighter note, I finished welding the door on my bunker today!



        I borrow a quote from the German Generals:

        “Our War was already lost BEFORE the first bullet was fired.”

        • Any news from the WATSON brothers is misdirected facts used to misguide people in the wrong the direction. There is no news from the main(extreme) media, it’s their plots by using guerrilla tactics to misguide you, and you have to DECODE their plots.

          “According to a report by Steve WATSON, at Prison Planet he’ll immediately direct his military to strike targets in Israel, just like Saddam Hussein did in the first Gulf War.” Or “In 1991, the Israelis did not respond to Saddam Hussein’s targeting of Jerusalem with SCUD missiles. ”

          If Saddam HUSSEIN did as Watson said, Israel would blow up in smoke. That was a LIE, and IT NEVER HAPPENED.

          Since Saddam Hussein’s military was the 4th LARGEST military in the world, and SADDAM TOOK KUWAIT IN ONE DAY. The media outlets have been bashing Bush for destroying Saddam Hussein since he was a checkmate of Iran; and Saddam kept Israel safe.

          Saddam HUSSEIN is a SUNNIS REVOLUTIONIST, and a revolutionary leader of the Socialist Ba’ath Party. After the Revolution he purged all Iraqi people (aka Shias) and
          Because of his bloodline, he was groomed during the Great Patriot War aka WW2, and he was in power since WW2.

          Saddam HUSSEIN burned his neighbor’s oilfields and his atrocities were one of the worst in history. HUSSEIN wanted to destroy American’s economy, Wallstreet could not be happier.

          Several years ago, Assad said he would quickly retaliate if Israel were to attack his country. So ASSAD attacking Israel WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED by the shadow governments, so don’t believe all the hype!!!!!!!!!

          ISRAEL ATTACKED SYRIA with Missiles as we’ve seen in the videos A few months ago, but ASSAD was never allowed to retaliate. The ones who advised him not to or stopped him, were his enemies.

          ALL military of the Middle East and the western world are NOT RUN by their OWN countries, but they have been INFILTRATED & CONTROLLED by the tribesmen of the shadow government. 🙁


          There will be WW3 after Syria has a new government, and the SUNNIS/ Muslim brotherhood will be in charge.

          • NMBC: so lets see…you are an infowarrior? Watson and Jones are Zionist shills who fill your mind with so much crap and emotional BS, you cannot think rational thoughts and sort out the Truth. God rules in this world and it will happen when he decides it will happen and all the prognosticators can go to hell. If God decides tomorrow to turn all the rulers against one another it will happen. If God decides that Russia will get pissed, it will stand. God frustrates diviners.

            • @ Road Runner


              And it shows in your posting, need I say more?
              Posting a quote and giving facts, the truth & disapproving dirty tactics are hardly an “InfoWarrior. I am just a concern citizen.

              Road Runner, since you CAN NOT handle the truth, so you VENGE YOUR ANGER on me. Here’re your own statements that describe YOU better than anyone else.

              “Watson and Jones are Zionist shills who fill your mind with so much crap and emotional BS, you cannot think rational thoughts and sort out the Truth.”

              BTW, I NEVER said, I bought into the Watson brothers and Alex Jones’s dis-info. and their agenda, so it never bothered me though.

              • Road Runner said: “If God decides tomorrow to turn all the rulers against one another it will happen.”

                According to you, YOUR God is about Divide & Conquer and is Vengeful. 🙁

                Talk about God, YOUR PAGANT GOD IS NOT OUR GOD. 🙂
                Your God and ours are different.

                Please don’t try to mislead Christians & the world that we have the same God. I do not want to discuss religion, maybe someone else or John Q Public can help you.


                If you truly believe in the power of YOUR PAGANT GOD, you would not have MASSIVE propaganda, OWN & CONTROL the media and have many of YOUR PEOPLE posting here & other websites, 24/7/365. 🙁

                Your people (Be Informed, KY mom, etc..) have 1000 more postings than mine, yet that’s okay according to you and your pagan God. 🙂

      76. I agree.

      77. Why would Syria attack its own people with nerve gas after the US warned that it would attack for such an outrage? Fact: Ambassador Stevens was killed in Benghazi while facilitating the movement of captured Libyan weapons to Syrian Al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood supported rebels. That’s why Bebghazi was covered up by the corporate press. These weapons included nerve gas and other chemical/biological weapons. The Banksters want Syria taken out and then to provide a base for attacking Iran next. Why Iran? Iran is selling oil around the world for gold, not for US dollars. This increases the value of gold as a world currency standard instead of the US dollar. So Iran has to go. That’s what this is all about, oil, gold and the US dollar. That’s it. The recent nerve gas attack on defenseless Syria civilians was a planned, financed and executed false flag event by the CIA and other US intelligence/security operatives using their Al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood subcontractors on the ground in Syria, much like 911. …and you? You get to pay for the carnage. So what does the God of Israel think of frame ups and false flags?

      78. I see a Bad Moon Ricin.WASP

      79. The World seems to be so filled with hate. I don’t believe there is any hope for saving it short of the Lord’s return.Trekker Out. Yes Ricin is the word of the week!

      80. My friends on all these topics,I have seen into the future even though you my friends will not believe a word I am going to say.I think our world is going to be destroyed by big hail balls(astroids).I keep having those dreams about time to time and cannot stop them,I know it sounds silly.I have never had dreams like that before as I was growing up until 4 years ago from when I saw an unidentified object 2 weeks before that dream,so I keep asking myself over and over should I see a shrink or blow it off and go on like it never even happened.My friends my dream is very crazy,but I believe it is telling me something is coming other than just WWR3.I cant shake the dream off because it was like I could see,smell,hear,and touch,in other words I was there in that dream and well alive to see the earths devastation that was acured.To all my friends am I crazy or does this mean something.I wish someone can help me understand what the dreams are trying to say or tell me,because I am alone on this and it is scary to have this dream going on and on.The hail balls were huge and were raining down on earth.

        • Earthman,
          I had a similar experience. I saw fireballs everywhere and in one dream a massive asteroid -like thing covering the horizon. It was as real to me as anything ever was.
          I had those dreams repeatedly when I was a teenager, not long after receiving Christ.
          I haven’t had them for a long time now.

          Your dream sounds like the following :
          Revelation 8:7 The first angel blew his trumpet, and there followed hail and fire, mixed with blood, and these were thrown upon the earth. And a third of the earth was burned up, and a third of the trees were burned up, and all green grass was burned up. (ESV -)

          • Revelation 16:21 And great hailstones, about one hundred pounds each, fell from heaven on people; and they cursed God for the plague of the hail, because the plague was so severe.

        • Earthman,
          It is not a common belief among Christians, but I believe the way God intervenes in the Gog/Magog war is with a space body that shifts the earth’s crust and showers the earth with asteroids. I don’t believe what is brewing with Syria will be that war. We still have some years yet before that happens. But the solution is to accept salvation in Jesus Christ and hear from him how to prepare for the things that are coming.

      81. The figures for Hezbollah’s rocket supply are very misleading. Almost all of those rockets are short-range tactical artillery rockets, i.e. WWII-era “Katyushas” or their slightly improved 1950’s equivalents. Most of these weapons have a maximum range of less than 40 km, and since they are not lined up right at the border, their realistic reach into Israeli territory is minimal.

        To be effective, these weapons have to be employed en masse and in a short period of time. But Hezbollah doesn’t have large batteries of MRLS with which to achieve such concentration, and if they did, the vehicles would be easy targets for Israeli airpower.

        To avoid Israeli airpower, Hezbollah disperses its ammunition, and only fires small numbers of rockets.

        The strategic value of Hezbollah’s rockets is defensive, not retaliatory. These light, short range rockets, deployed and launched in “penny-packets, ” can harass and disrupt the forward concentration of Israeli army units near the Lebanon border.

        Hezbollah has a small number of short-range ballistic missiles, but again these are first-generation ballistic missiles, whose basic design dates from the 1940’s, with limited range, limited payload, and lousy accuracy. Moreover, these higher-trajectory weapons are now vulnerable to Israeli ballistic missile defenses.

        Again, it’s mere nuisance value. Most of the loss to Israel simply comes from the labour hours wasted when the warning sirens sound. Damage and casualties, from the handful of missiles that can reach any of Israel’s major cities, is negligeable, as indeed it was in 2006.

        Israel, as a nation, therefore has nothing to fear from most of Hezbollah’s artillery. The Israeli government likes to throw around numbers without context, since it helps to justify their own lavish military establishment, and their own frequent acts of aggression.

        For that matter, the Israelis could, with the same shoddy logic, complain about Hezbollah possessing hundreds of millions of rifle bullets…

        • @ Roland. The question now is what has Iran given to Hezbollah. Iran cannot inflict much damage to Israel from their distance of over 1000 miles. Given Hezbollah, that is less than 100 miles away, everything you can get to them and Iran has a strong retaliatory capability. For many years now Israel has talked about striking Iran. IF the Iranian have any sense at all, what I myself have questioned sometimes, they have had 7 years to send Hezbollah everything they can get to them.

          Hezbollah is nothing but a stooge to Iran. In the interest of Iran to offer a reason why Israel should think twice before attacking them, Hezbollah and Syria and other terrorist groups is something that they need. Much money is spent for this deterrent. The old WW2 rockets are still there and are as you said a nuisance and cause very little strategic destruction. Haifa is barely in range of this. Nahariyya is about the only city that would come under the waves of these. Iran knows this and has been sending Hezbollah much larger missiles, rockets, and unmanned drones that carry much higher explosive charges. The Fajr-5 for example carries up to a 275 pound warhead on it and travels about 55 miles maximum. 275 pounds of high explosives will take out an entire neighborhood.

          On top of this many surface to surface cruise missiles have been given to the terrorist group that carry warhead up to almost an half a ton, I think 950 pounds if I remember. That can do considerable damage to power plants, refineries and chemical plants, water treatment plants, etc. This is not 2006, Iran has spent much effort for this deterrent the past several years for this counter-attack.

          Again, I have no respect for muslims for what they do to women, animals, and people of different faiths. Just look at what muslims go to Christians all the time, especially the Coptic Christians. I simply am stating what makes logical sense from Iran’s point of protecting their interest. Know your enemy. The best spent money for Iran’s value is not to build up 1000’s or more medium range ballasitc missiles to be fired at Israel. The best value for the dollar is to arm Hezbollah, Syria and other terrorists with the most shorter range hardware they can. It is cheaper and more effective as a deterrent and as revenge for an Israeli strike on Iran.

          Again, we are talking about logic and muslims that don’t usually mix, and you might be right about Hezbollah’s capability. Russians are logical and quite intelligent and I think that is what the world has to fear, their self interest in the region, which is enormous. We shall see likely soon enough. 🙁

      82. Like I have stated time and time again …….the RUSSIA/CHINA FACTOR! that is why we will NOT attack Syria

        • They probably don’t care what Russia and China think.

          • That was a very intelligent response …..just as simple as not caring ???????? Are you serious ……romper room is the next site over

      83. Where the HELL is the ” NO war for Oil” crowd NOW?

      84. Carla Del Ponte said that Chemical wepons were probably used by the rebbels and not by the Asad.

        • ***Where the HELL is the ” NO war for Oil” crowd NOW?***

          They’ve either been killed, blackmailed, or bribed?? 🙂

      85. Rich99 where are you, oh wise one? Appear and speak to us again and ease our troubled minds as we seek more time.

        • I am here oh UNwise one … can I help you young grasshopper !!

          • All of this will blow over, nothing will happen for the next couple of years as this country muddles along. How’s that sound?

            • Yes ……this will blow over just like the Korean crisis about 2 years ago …..remember that one ?? We were days from war at that time and north Korea was gonna nuke us , REMEMBER ???? this too will go away

      86. Maybe Israel will nuke Damascus if Syria fires chemical and biological weapons against them. It says in Isaiah 17:1:

        (Isa 17:1 NIV) An oracle concerning Damascus: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins.

        We might see the Ezekiel 38 and 39 prophesy being fulfilled too. There will be a huge multinational attack on Israel that God himself supernaturally defends.

        (Ezek 38:8 NIV) After many days you will be called to arms. In future years you will invade a land that has recovered from war, whose people were gathered from many nations to the mountains of Israel, which had long been desolate. They had been brought out from the nations, and now all of them live in safety.

        (Ezek 38:22 NIV) I will execute judgment upon him with plague and bloodshed; I will pour down torrents of rain, hailstones and burning sulfur on him and on his troops and on the many nations with him.

        (Ezek 39:4 NIV) On the mountains of Israel you will fall, you and all your troops and the nations with you. I will give you as food to all kinds of carrion birds and to the wild animals.

        (Ezek 39:12 NIV) “‘For seven months the house of Israel will be burying them in order to cleanse the land.

      87. well I left 2 comments that I see never made it on here so I see CENSORSHIP is going on and we know the accusations when governments censor !!! I obviously am touching somebodys nerve

      88. amazing …after posting this comment and the page refreshing look what has shown up …those 2 missing comments

      89. “…the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

        — Hermann Goering

        “Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear — kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor — with the cry of grave national emergency… Always there has been some terrible evil to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it by furnishing the exorbitant sums demanded. Yet, in retrospect, these disasters seem never to have happened, seem never to have been quite real.”

        ― General Douglas MacArthur 1957

        “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”

        — Henry Kissinger

        Before any of you write more on this subject of warfare, past & present, think about these quotes by grand chessmasters of war. There are many more if you go digging. If you truly want to know military history you must study the masterminds. ANYONE who takes orders from another becomes a pawn in a much larger game.

        • Good quotes, thank you. Makes me want to puke thinking about all the butt licking cowards that just follow orders right or wrong. Mindless mental midgets selling out theyre families and country for a bowl of soup. Yes sir! Im a good soldier sir! May I wash your ass with my face sir! LEARN THE WORD NO! LOVE THE WORD NO! MAKE NO YOUR #1 FAVORITE! Stop treating these phsyco asswipes like they are in control of you. Oh but I will get in trouble if I don’t… that attitude is why we are screwed!

      90. If all of this is true, then it is breath taking. The whole
        world seems to be sliding down the cesspool of destruction.

        God help us……….

      91. A Short Guide to the Middle East

        Sir, Iran is backing Assad. Gulf states are against Assad!
        Assad is against Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim Brotherhood and Obama are against General Sisi.
        But Gulf states are pro Sisi! Which means they are against Muslim Brotherhood!
        Iran is pro Hamas, but Hamas is backing Muslim Brotherhood!
        Obama is backing Muslim Brotherhood, yet Hamas is against the US!
        Gulf states are pro US. But Turkey is with Gulf states against Assad; yet Turkey is pro Muslim Brotherhood against General Sisi. And General Sisi is being backed by the Gulf states!
        Welcome to the Middle East and have a nice day.

        Mr KN Al-Sabah, of London, SW1

        • @ JC75. Doesn’t make much sense at all does it? It reminds me of the Chicago type mafia gangs that no one knows whom is their friend or ally. Well BO is a Chicago driven character, so why shouldn’t the rest of the world with any BO influence have the same criminal element. All the while the rest of the people get the shaft.

          • BI
            makes you want to sleep with one eye open, don’t it

            • @ OutWest. I have always wondered how birds sleep with one eye open. I guess we may all have to learn a similar defense with what is coming from multiple angles.

        • Damn shell games. Never was any good at that.

      92. “One day, we may all wake up dead”.

        I know most of us are thinking that it most likely go down in one of two ways. Nuclear War or Financial Collapse. With nuclear war, it will be done to save face. While financial collapse will be to induce a controlled takedown of countries without major damage to infrastructure. The only three countries that could withstand a nuclear attack are North Korea, Switzerland and Russia as they have been preparing for war for a long time, giving their people a chance to protect themselves with large underground bunkers and tunnels.
        The US will rely on subways and basements but can not hold a large portion of the populace. Basically we are on our own! Unless you have a bunker you can get to in minutes or out of a target area, you are screwed.
        We are to the same point as the Cuban Missile Crises. Not many know how close we came to nuclear war. Fat, Dumb and Happy. The financial collapse/recovery is fueled with lies and we will go headlong into it without fear. Again Fat, Dumb and Happy. In both cases most do not realize the danger. There has been no major warning to prepare except our crazy ramblings that no one listens to because we are not in positions of authority.
        Despite all the OPSEC, I did meet up with another person from this site. Both of us took a chance on each other and it was worth it. For the first time I confirmed, meeting face to face, there are others out there. The hard part is distance as I see, St Augustine, Daytona and Miami posters. I’m from Jacksonville. I say that now as I believe there is very little time before something goes down. Why did I take the risk? I am tired of trusting nobody. He was willing to take the same risk. I was tired of all the talk of banding together and NOT doing it. Life is full of risks and if you do nothing, nothing will be done. I figure when things start to happen, meeting others will be most difficult.

      93. US strike against Syria ‘as early as Thursday’

        “Missile strikes against Syria could be launched “as early as Thursday,” senior U.S. officials said Tuesday as the White House intensified efforts for an international response to a suspected chemical weapons attack that killed hundreds in a Damascus suburb last week.

        The “three days” of strikes would be limited in scope, and aimed at sending a message to the regime of Syria President Bashar Assad, U.S. officials told NBC News.”

        CNBC dot com

        • ” And away we go”
          Jackie Gleason

        • Won’t happen !!!!!!!! I ask you this ……WHY wait until Thursday when they have all their assets right in the Mediterranean…… they could do it today if they REALLY wantedbut they are BALKING because of the severe consequences to the navy

          • Are the carriers in port being readied to go to sea?
            Lot of things can be readied and move in 72 hours.

          • Isn’t that like calling Bank Of America;
            “Bank Of America, how may I direct your call?”
            “Uh, I’m gonna rob your bank Thursday, no wait, Friday.
            Yeah, that’s good for me, Friday.”
            “Sir, we’re closed this Friday. Can you make it next Friday?? Thanks for calling.”

            Ricin is affecting the brains of the ‘leaders’ of this nation.

        • @ KY Mom. Thanks for the information, you are always a beckon of news and altenative information links that many of us don’t see or have not the time to search the internet for.

      94. Bubonic plague outbreak in central Asia

        Kyrgyzstan – “Health officials on alert after teenager who ate infected barbecued marmot dies and three others are admitted to hospital.”

        The Guardian dot com

      95. Any Russians on the space station? Those spy satellites must be working overtime.

        • Area 51 might launch some new stuff.

        • How about a Jew and a Muslim on the space station.

          • Russian, Jew, Black, Muslim and a Cracker on the space station.

            What do you have?

            A Full house. Hahahaha!

            • Ought to be a royal flush.

        • Yes, we’re up here. We have our own window and they have theirs. Problem is they have the only ride home.

      96. We should write them a letter … telling them how angry we are.

        • They’ll be moved…

      97. Can’t anyone really see what is happening here. This is strategic positioning. It has little or nothing to do with Syria. This is geared towards Iran. Before they get to the point where they have nuclear weapons. If you were Israel Netanyahu has already said that they are not going to wait until it is too late. It will be too late if they don’t act NOW! If some F–ker said he was going to kill you and your family would you do something about it before he came to get you? I rest my case. If they take Syria with them in the process tough shit, stop harboring and protecting Terrorists and you won’t likely be a target. This is no different than when Russia was going to place Nuclear warheads on Cuba. Did Kennedy allow it at the time? Fuck no and he would have been a fool to believe any peaceful intentions that were conveyed to him. He was no fool. We have it pretty dam good in the Western World and most of you take your freedoms for granted as if there are no evil a–holes in the world that would rob you of your free life in a minute. None of us here have ever lived under these sorts of conditions and I hope that we never do. However sometimes you have to fight to protect what is yours. I am never a big fan of fighting or death but what can you do.

      98. In all my few years on this site..

        I can not believe how many brainwashed fucking neo con globalists here are coming out of the goddamned closet in regard to the Syrian situation..

        Go join the brainless gop or dems..or sign with the likes of peter king(r) or janet napolitano(d)..they love stooges like you..

        More than half of you are still drinking the friggin koolaid..buying into the statist propaganda mode and will willingly side with the globalists mentality once the shtf for real..

        I’d rather go join manos in crete.. at least he’s one of the few who has been fucked by the global cartel and living proof…most of you are armchair general wannbe’s still buying into the nuclear and muslim terror threats.


      99. pdf version(

        Operatrion Seaman Chain

        Dear private ship owner
        Would you gather around the fleet of USA and UK in the east Mediterranean?

        It is in order to block the attack to Syria by USA and UK.

        Counter Colonial Business

        v(^o^)v daisy Chun Jiuqien
        ( x ) daisy
        m m=* daisy e-mail:[email protected]

      100. pdf version(

        Referred to Syria Problem in the ICC

        Dear International Community include UN Security Council Member

        Why don’t you use ICC?

        International Criminal Court is funded to judge criminal just like Syria Problem.
        Syria Problem is a CHANCE!
        Syria Problem is a chance to appeal the presence of International Criminal Court.

        Referred to Syria Problem in the ICC.

        Don’t Miss It.

        Counter Colonial Business

        v(^o^)v daisy Chun Jiuqien
        ( x ) daisy
        m m=* daisy e-mail:[email protected]

      101. Everyone has to fight their own battle & so does China.

        “Gather around the fleet of USA and UK in the east Mediterranean.”

        Private ship owners or citizens should not get involved in the battlefield, unless you are the insurgents or the Free Syrian Army Rebel forces aka INVADERS.

        China is one the richest and most powerful countries.
        If China wants to avoid the nuclear attacks by the NWO, then they should know what’s coming to them, but it’s NOT directly from the U.S.

      102. The Armageddon prefered to by the New Testament is a HOAX and just like the NostraDamn-us’ prediction.

        This is a continuous on going battle which repeated failed in the past centuries.


        The battle to conquer the Middle East as they had in the early 14th century.

        The Kazakhstani leader, TAMELAN (aka Timberland), used the BUBONIC PLAGUE to kill their enemies 🙁 when Tamelan invaded other countries, which was the same disease that killed him.

        Tamelan moved his empire from Kazakhstan TO Turkey, that’s what created the OTTOMAN EMPIRE. After the 2nd world war, the OTTOMAN EMPIRE has to move to JERUSALEM.

        The coming collapse’orchestrated. And when it happens, “it’s the time for wallstreet to buy when blood is on the streets.” When they shut down the welfare system or restrict it, then the full collapse will happen. 🙁

        The welfare system was established, so we could go into debt after they closed the manufacturing and sent jobs overseas in the mid 1990s. 🙁

        At the same time it puts the countries in poverty, and the deprave politicians get re-elected.

        Safety, justice & happiness 🙂

      103. Don’t be fooled by politicians or salesmen who are masquerading themselves as a SAVOR.
        Any president’s action or Obama’s action can be stopped by his Senators.

        Since Democrats who are currently controlling the Senate house, they can stop this madness.
        What you may not know is that Democrat Senators have recently done this by placing Chuck Hagel (an former AIPAC LOBBYIST) in charge of our military regardless Republican Senators’ objection.

        🙁 Because of Senator Rand Paul (R), he joined Democrat senators to vote for Chuck Hagel. Without Rand Paul’s vote, this war might not happen.

        And it appears the NEW TEMPLE will be built in JERUSALEM after the One World Order War (aka WW3 or the last patriot war).



        “As a proud member of the “Jewish lobby” cited in artfully by former Senator Chuck Hagel, I fail to understand why some conservatives are pulling out all the stops in what I predict will be a futile effort to derail his nomination to be the next Secretary of Defense.

        Frank Gaffney, a former Department of Defense official whose own nomination to a senior post was blocked by the Senate , criticize Hagel for holding views on defense and foreign-policy issues that were VERY SIMILAR to those of President Obama.”

        If our president wants to nominate someone who agrees with him on defense issues, that’s fine with me. I didn’t vote for him, and probably would not nominate someone with Hagel’s views to head our military.

        • The main (ex)stream media outlets and their websites are constantly promoting their own people (Kate Middleman, John Kerry(D), etc.). Kerry is constantly on the front pages every single minute. Kerry looks an awful lot like Abram Lincoln, a Revolutionist.

          The Vietnam vets/soldiers do not trust John Kerry, and the world does not trust him.

          In the past Kerry testified to congress and blamed the Vietnam Soldiers for what they did not do; the Vietnam vets said this placed their lives in greater danger and gave more incentive to their enemies. 🙁

          That’s the reason Kerry LOST his presidential bid, regardless of how many times they counted the votes.

          And regardless of what Kerry and Obama have said, the world do not trust trust our politicians. 🙂 The media propaganda machines failed to work this time.

          However, GORDON DUFFS, a conservative shill, has been promoting Kerry. In Gordon’s articles, he wants to restore Kerry as a president of the US. The presidency of President Bush and Obama will be NULLIFIED.

          A SILENT VOTE from the Senate is a vote of SUPPORT.
          Democrats currently control the Senate, and they can stop him before its penned.

          Whatever the U.S. president or Obama did or does, congress will be responsible for his actions. That’s because they have equality of power. 🙂

          It’s not that Obama did not go forward with the attack against Syria on 8/31/2013.

          Maybe congressmen do not want to take responsible for this invasion since the UN did not approve it and it’s a violation of the international law as Assad has complained about Israel & the west 🙁

          The plan was for Obama to attack Syria while congress was on vacation, so the media outlets would BLAME Obama as solely responsibility for this, not the media’s senators.

      104. Articles from the main(ex)stream & its websites mention threats from Russia to bomb Saudi’s oilfields, then the US and the world’s economies will collapse. That’s exactly what the shadow gov’t wants.

        A revolution, which was staged, to happen on 3-11-11 was postponed.
        Now the shadow gov’t want PUTIN to do their dirty work???? PUTIN should replace his foreign advisor.

        The western world & Saudi have been taking the wrong advice, reacting because of FEAR (FALSE THREAT & FASLE intelligence reports), as they were advised to do. Saudi Arabia even hired Pakistan gov’t to protect them from Alqaeda, really????

        Saudi Arabia could not protect itself from Al$.Qaeda, and the Saudi prince has built several resorts to jail (entertain) A$.Qaeda. The Saudi prince also gave these militants alot of incentive, so they don’t attack them, but nothing has worked.

        The Saudi Prince who supported president Bush who fought A$qaeda, and who died after a visit to the hospital due to a heart problem. Who OWNS and RUNS A$.Qaeda?? We’ve seen leaders or generals (Egypt leader (Mubarak), the Yemen general) who fought against A$.Qaeda, they were either killed or being destroyed in some other way.

        A$.Qaeda has threatened to kill General Petraeus. WTH?????

        Saudi will release terrorists to attack Russia??
        Pointing the target at the U.S. or Saudi Arabia is not a new agenda or a new propaganda; it has been done for decades.

        The UN could not find chemical weapons in IRAQ, but those deadly chemical weapons (s/a the short-life nerve agent SARIN) were later used on our soldiers after the actual battle was over. Some soldiers did receive treatment for chemical weapons exposure.

        General Petraeus did train Iraqi (SHIITE) citizens to defend themselves. 🙂
        That’s why the actual battle was very short, lasting only days. 🙂

        • The threat that Saudi would release terrorism in Russia is doubtful. Saudi can’t even protect themselves, and they are terrified of the coming revolution.

          Terrorism could only be accomplished from within Russia’s shadow gov’t.

          The hidden hands have so much power, accessibility and are protected or are already in charge as they were in the past. 🙁

          Seeing Chechnyan black widows attack Russia’s theater in the past and ended with all hostages and movie-goers being dead. Hmmm.

          Propaganda tools and agenda are almost identical to what were used during the WW2. 🙂

        Germany went along with their politicians’ propaganda (Kommies like Joseph Goebbels & Heindrich Himmler – Members of the National Socialist German Workers’s Party), and their fate was determined before any bullets were ever fired according to their generals.

        The West and Soviet demonized Germany in the press and in Hollywood’s movies before WWII even started.

        Sound familiar???? The faith of America will be the same as was Germany’s after WW2. 🙁 Massive propaganda against the U.S. has been going on for over two decades now, and lately it’s getting worse as it’s getting closer to war.

        After WW2 Germany’s military was totally destroyed and dismantled and they have not been allowed to reform a military ever since. 🙁

        America has been paying for the cost to keep Germany disarmed since after WW2.
        Germany has paid France and Russia heavy damages.

        This is what could happen to America if we go to war !!!!!!

        Within the last 5 years, we’ve seen one nation fails at a time, first Qatar, then Egypt & Libya, now Syria.

        The IRAQI WAR was in retaliation for the aftermath of the 9-11 attacks and for the resulting 3,000 deaths.
        Read the VERSAILLES PEACE TREATY, so-called “The Covenant of the League of Nations.” The high contracting parties (or nations), in order to promote international cooperation and to achieve international PEACE and SECURITY.

        The stormy politics of the 20th century, which resulted in two wars (WWI, WW2) 🙁
        When the NWO wants something, or their interest are not being served, they have their militants orchestrate large protests around the world.


        In contrast to the masses, the citizens seem quiet and don’t know what to do.

      106. This researcher has the so called “rebels” as the guilty party in the use of the chemical weapons and here is the proof. They are going to hit Israel no matter what, (by design mind you) as that was the plan all along. The mercs would have (or will) grabbed Assad’s warheads and used then against Israel in the fog of battle and it will be blamed on Assad. The word is that US forces are now deploying to Syria so buckle up!

        The Videos below outline how the launcher was fabricated, the warheads made from scratch and fired by the same Al Qaeda Terrorists at innocent civilians! It is totally undeniable! You can actually see the huge plumes of white smoke from the blue Chemical Weapon.

        Guess what? it is sitting right on YouTube! As usual, right in plain site!

        The complete hubris of these bloodthirsty bastards is completely unbelievable!

        This is why we are losing ALL our rights? This is why innocent people are being butchered all over the world?

        Shocking New Video That Shows FSA Al Qaeda Rebels Launching and Hitting Civilians With Chemical Warheads

      107. You can’t talk about politics without talking about Hillary, Kerry and they are not even the president. They dominate the headlines and their extreme media outlets together with Internet trolls (Hillary Cheerleaders) portraying them as SAVIORS.

        Didn’t Hillary Clinton say, ***this country (America) runs like a plantation, you know what I mean!!!*** ?? 🙁

        But Hillary did not tell you who owns the fed, who runs the system, and who has added more laws to the system which Republican party has been trying to block her party all along; but Republican party was unsuccessful because they were not in charge!!!

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