The Future Of America: “It’s Coming… Ukraine is a Warning”

by | Feb 26, 2014 | Headline News | 271 comments


We’re beginning to see more and more discussions about how the laws, policies and regulations of our federal, state and local governments are working to impoverish the people of this country and restrict their liberties. So much so that even the taboo topic of a potential Ukraine-style collapse right here in America is now being openly discussed in mainstream circles.

In a recent panel discussion on Fox News the question of whether or not Ukraine rioting is the future of America came to the forefront and long-time political operative and former Presidential adviser Pat Caddell weighed in.

Like many of us, and despite his association with high level members of the Democrat Party, Caddell is concerned about what’s coming our way should things continue as they have been:

What we’re seeing in the world… in Kiev… is American values at work. These people and the rest of the world are saying ‘we’re not putting up with this and we’ll put our lives on it.’

In this country a populace equally dissatisfied with its political class and its leadership.

We don’t have the same overt oppression, but we have a very soft oppression of complacency and corruption.

And the American people… what you’re seeing there… they need their own outlet for that… it is a warning… because it’s coming.

(Video: The Daily Sheeple)

Ever since the beginning of the financial crisis, when Congressional Representatives were told that failure to pass a $1 trillion economic bailout would lead to martial law in America, we have warned that there will come a time when the people of this country will take to the streets.

For years the mainstream ignored the warnings, even when the very same issues that drove hundreds of thousands of people onto the streets of Iceland, Ireland, Egypt, Spain, Greece and Egypt to depose their leadership and fight corruption appeared in America.

For years the alternative media has attempted to awaken the masses. And though many Americans have gained an understanding of what is happening behind the scenes and why, the vast majority continue to eat up everything dished out to them via their televisions.

Yet, now, even those stalwarts who previously refused to discuss or report on the reality of conditions on the ground over the last several years are coming around to the possibility of serious ramifications if something isn’t done.

If you’re paying attention, you know something isn’t right. Soon, even those who refuse to accept what’s happening around them won’t be able to ignore it any longer.


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    1. Jack Hammer

      It’s coming….prepare, prepare, prepare!

      • OutWest

        I have always felt that when our ‘teapot’
        gets hot enough, it will whistle here too.

        • sixpack

          Nice observation, Mac.

          • durango kidd

            The Elite PTB never get the message until there is blood on the streets of America. That is the history of this nation in the 20th Century.

            Americans are waking. Americans are becoming aware. This time, I suspect it will be their blood as any “collapse” would be deliberate and the people responsible for it are known to everyone.

            Kill the FED. Death to the New World Order!!! 🙂

            (PS I love to write that. It gives the chick in the Cyber Squad who monitors this site (and my IP address) an orgasm! Log that, BITCH!!! )

            • durango kidd

              Yeah, that’s right, bitch! I’m watching YOU while you are watching me!! Try to figure out how I do that!!! LMAO!!!


              • yourmotherwaswrong

                the durango kidd says:

                “Yeah, that’s right, bitch! I’m watching YOU while you are watching me!! Try to figure out how I do that!!! LMAO!!!

                No need too.

                1. A fat boy gets off via his keyboard.

                2. It’s recorded.

                NSA… NSA… NSA.

                • AZ Ready

                  Won’t be the same here as in Ukraine. We have firearms, they don’t, at least not legally. If they did this shit would have been over back in 2004 for Ukraines oligarchs, politicians and ruling elite. Same goes for Russia. It’s the biggest fear for our ruling elite, the armed citizens. To many of us and not enough of them. History shows it never ends well for the rulers once the people get pissed off enough.

                  Dittos to DK, log that bitch!

                • The Old Coach

                  Yeah to the firearms comment. There was a picture of an “armed rebel sniper” on the web a couple days ago. Close observation showed up that the “rifle” was an air gun.

            • Julie

              Right on !

            • another Jay

              I guess her finger got stuck down arrowing you…..

            • Warchild Dammit!

              DK,just in any post/e-mail ect. use one of the key words(about 200)that sets off nsa.Here is a good example,a friend calls/e-mails in evening wondering what’s up.Well,am PREPPING dinner in a PRESSURE COOKER while listening to the melodic metal of ANTHRAX.There are 3 key words in one sentence,every one did this they would need extra coffee makers at least,of course that would be on the taxpayers dime!

              • durango kidd

                WCD: I already have their attention and that’s FINE by me. At least I know they are listening to this citizen, reading my email, reviewing my internet links, logging my comments at various sites, and making comments in their reports: ie “angry man”.

                See Bitch, I got YOUR number while you got mine. LMAO!!! 🙂

                • Anonymous

                  You have already been classified as fat and unimportant.

      • Man on the inside

        Everyone I talk to at work, in the store, at church, at the coffee house says the same thing…. “I am sick of this, things are not right, and I think something bad is coming”. If you are on the fence you need to get off and get prepped and for the love of all that is holy… form some teams… you can’t go this alone. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, F O R M T E A M S!!!!!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          Yep, but remember to take the battery out of your cellphone on certain occasions– so the police state can’t hear your conversations.

          • ENFP

            Or wrap your cell phone in aluminum foil

            • Warchild Dammit!

              Beats the hell out the old foil hat I felt obligated to wear,the news/events of the past few years has allowed me to take it off!

        • Aaron the Cowboy

          I keep hearing that same theme, and like you, I hear it in just about all areas. And I feel it in my own gut. It’s that cold, creepy feeling ya got when you were a kid and got caught doing something wrong. Feels kind of dizzy and like you’re going to have to go to the bathroom. That feeling is what I have. Something ain’t right, I can smell it.

      • Anonymous

        Yep, the Banksters saw how easy it was to steal all the assets of Russian citizens, impoverishing them to the point that millions died, and so they next went to Greece, Spain, etc., and did the exact same thing in those countries! Now, they’re trying to do the same thing here! The ONLY thing holding them back is the fact we are so well armed here in the U.S., but they are still screwing the hell out of all of us!

        They have even outlawed our attempts at switching to sustainability by saying that we are not allowed to live off the grid– even though its obvious to almost everyone the grid is going down…

        • Anonymous

          What they don’t realize is, just as they have witnessed how easy it is to screw us, we all have also seen how easy it is for us to screw them– riots ending in the leader’s heads being hung.

          There are more of us and we have God on our side.

          • Man on the inside

            Just go to some of the town hall meetings…. the polititions are starting to see just how pissed we are… and yes the silence of 100,000,000 million gun owners is realy load….. They know something is up and they know we are not goin to take it….

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Many going grid down quietly,make no mistake,folks are getting ready.

      • snake eater

        my question is who is this mainstream???


    2. eppe

      Cocked, locked, and ready to rock….

      • Gold Leader

        Yep. But it’s not just coming….it’s already slowly unfolding right before our eyes. It’s already underway. It’s here. It’s now.

        Gold Leader standing by.

    3. Government Guy

      Selco made a good point in a previous article about not being a rioter/hero/cannon fodder. Stay home and protect your family.

      • .02

        Yes, no riots for this ole guy. NUT the thugs damn well better not think it is a green light to start the gun confiscations or I think things could spiral out of control quickly. There is a good chance food riots are coming to Amerika this summer, and if the decide to not let a good crisis go to waste and go for the gun grab, interesting is an understatement.

        • gun

          02… agree. Also it will be the EBT crowd rioting because of food prices unless the HNIC increases the alloted freebee as it is his voting base. Will be interesting on having your tax returns docked for bambicare penalty payments too.

          • .02

            Gun, it is obvious Obama has been told to finish us off. With the current state of affairs, his actions prove the Powers are coming in for the kill shot.

          • sixpack

            obullshit is on his way out, it will be hillary “what difference does it make” clinton who pumps up the voter base with more freebies.

            • TheGuy

              Great. The “village” idiot. Just what we need. A child protective services department run by the NSA.

              • sixpack

                “A child protective services department run by the NSA.”—don’t we already have that?

                • Hunter


                  Yep you nailed it….its called “congress”.

                • sixpack

                  I think you might have congress confused with a kindergarten run by the NSA…easy mistake to make.

            • CWinOR

              IF the charade lasts that long. With food security looking like it could be a valid threat this summer- that’s a BIG if. Nothing will light the fuse faster than hungry zombies.

            • Scott C.

              If there is a God in heaven that witch will die before 2016.

          • Anonymous

            the SNAPpers will quickly bite the hand as soon as the freebie river slows any at all. On the gun grab front, TPTB probably would have had better luck before the bubbles started popping. lots of folks who would have grubbled a little and then went along would hold out now. i hear lots of folks admit that things are falling apart, even though they ain’t realy prepping. most are making at least half harted efforts at least.

        • jaxx

          I’ve been thinking about the gun grab that they seem to have been preparing for….and of course it won’t work. But I’ve sort of adjusted my ideas on what it will look like and how it will play out.

          I used to think there would start to be incidents sort of like Ruby Ridge or mini-Wacos that would herald that phase. Single people or small groups that they identify as potential ringleaders or whatever that they go after first to try to diffuse the reaction.

          But then came the new law(s) in Connecticut. They tried to force registration of perfectly reasonable weapons and magazines (so that they could eventually confiscate them), and in general pushed the envelope as they always do toward their nirvana of skittles and unicorn poop.

          And people didn’t much protest or make a big fuss…they just silently said “go to hell” and did nothing. A small percentage voluntarily complied, and the rest…just didn’t. And you know what? I think it took pretty much EVERYBODY, pro- or anti-gun, by surprise. There was no big violent uprising, no public display of unrest. They just said “no thank you” and tacitly removed their consent to be governed in that manner.

          And the most important thing: it’s been damned effective. The gun grabbers have nothing out of the whole exercise to point to in order to demonize gun owners, and no success to point to for their cause. They got in people’s faces, and people yawned and said “make us. Come and get them, and if you find them, try to prove they’re mine.” I would have paid good money to be a fly on the wall in those lawmakers’ offices as they got the news of how their law was working out.

          I think it could actually play out that way across America when they make their move. They’ll have to go to every gun-owning household and actually physically remove guns from possession of an unwilling populace. They don’t have the manpower for that…and there are a LOT of guns out there that will just simply and quickly “disappear” as soon as word is out that they’re doing it. It’s an impossible task.

          There is a lot to be unhappy or even outraged about in the current situation, but there are positive developments too. We shouldn’t forget that, and examine those positive developments for ways to increase our own effectiveness.

          So yes, for survivability I think Selco was EXACTLY right. Keep your head down and let the guys who are all cock and balls do the dying, if dying there must be. I have a family to protect and provide for…I don’t have the luxury of deciding to just throw my life away for some nebulous cause. I’ll look to what people are doing in Connecticut for my model of how to register my grievances with the government. It’s effective and it keeps my powder dry for a time when I might not have a choice in the matter.

          • Calgacus

            For now, the good people of Connecticut have made the government irrelevant. There non compliance couldnt be more deliberate.
            Makes the govt look small. Theyre working on round 2 as we type.

            • Kevin2

              Two plus decades ago there was similar non compliance in NJ with the semi auto / high capacity magazine ban that went into effect in 1991.

          • MiVida Loca

            Well said! Thank you so much for your insightful and intelligent comment. And I truly mean that, no sarcasm.

          • TheGuy

            They have a lot of cards to play before they have to physically confiscate.

            It will be interesting to see what they do next, I’m going to watch that one.

            As they essentially control an individual’s access to credit, property, transportation, and now health care… “physical confiscation” would be sort of an act of desperation on their part. Too many strings they can already yank on.

          • sixpack

            “There is a lot to be unhappy or even outraged about in the current situation, but there are positive developments too. We shouldn’t forget that, and examine those positive developments for ways to increase our own effectiveness.”

            Yes, the only positive development I have gotten from all of this, is that I’ve finally found a group of others who, in general, think like I do. I don’t FEEL alone, even though I still AM alone here in my little corner. I no longer doubt my thoughts, because other people see it too.

            I don’t have to look to others for self-evaluation and validation, but it sure feels good to know that I’m not the only one out here.

            • Julie

              Six pack , I assure you , you are not alone , there are literally millions out here feeling the same thing. I , prior to Obamacare debate , was NEVER political. In four years I have learned so much and for so long was afraid I was losing my sanity till I found others. Prepare , prepare , I have spent a small fortune to my husbands chagrin and most of it has past expired . Time to go shopping, good luck to you .

          • jerrytbg

            Nicely put Jaxx…Thank you.

          • ThErEaLjOkEr

            That’s why when the SHTF it won’t be a battle of kinetic violence. They can kill a good majority of us by merely withholding the vacancy for captain trips. Get prepped for a viral outbreak as well as high inertial device outbreak.

            • TheGuy

              Come on baby don’t fear the reaper…

              Ahh Captain Tripps. That book was awesome. Well, the first half at least was, then it got kinda odd.

              • Warchild Dammit!

                I wanna be trashcan man!

          • tayronachan

            @jaxx, Good points, the people in CT did just silently say “go to hell”. But in my view, TPTB in CT have now lost face, and might think they now have to prove something. I think the probability of a Waco or Ruby Ridge incident is there.

            • The Old Coach

              But this time it will be in deep blue Connecticut, not in “Bubbaland” Texas. It’s going to shake them to the core. New York, too. Almost every county sheriff in NY is refusing to enforce the “SAFE Act”, so it’s not just the hoi polloi in revolt there.

          • otherguy

            while I agree that the gun owners of Connecticut are doing the right thing, by ignoring the ? law ?.

            I have long thought this will go down in the following manner…

            1. men, will ignore this law – hide and conceal
            2. the state, will make examples of said men who get ratted by ex-wives or kids.
            3. Most men will decide it is too expensive and dangerous to hold out, or conceal the weapons. Or hide them so deep, that the weapons are of no utility, or are lost to time.

            the end.

            • Old Sarge

              Especially this one:

              2. the state, will make examples of said men who get ratted by ex-wives or kids.

              Beware of the kids. They have been indoctrinated as good Leftists from womb to dorm room. Everyone of us in in mortal peril at the hands of the little Julias under your own roofs.

              • Madhatter

                Teach your children right. Teach them how family is number 1 and how we stick together. Teach them how to work. Teach them how to think for themselves and teach them the skills to take care of themselves. Homeschool them or send them to a good school. Anyone who sends them to public school is running a terrible risk

            • ENFP

              Sure hope you are wrong about this. We need defenders!

          • Nimrod Hunter

            Elsewhere, I’ve heard that called “Irish democracy”. Here’s a quote:

            Quiet, anonymous, and often complicitous, lawbreaking and disobedience may well be the historically preferred mode of political action for peasant and subaltern classes, for whom open defiance is too dangerous….One need not have an actual conspiracy to achieve the practical effects of a conspiracy. More regimes have been brought, piecemeal, to their knees by what was once called “Irish Democracy”—the silent, dogged resistance, withdrawal, and truculence of millions of ordinary people—than by revolutionary vanguards or rioting mobs.
            –James Scott

          • Anonymous

            During the floods of Alberta the RCMP broke down doors and took all guns……legal guns that were registered. All in the name of safety…….and since the town of High River was evacuated and people left with nothing in the panic, the guns were taken. I suspect that is a good way to take guns away from the people. ….wait for a weather event ………..This is the RCMP!!!!!!!!!!

        • slingshot


          Something has to happen. Obama Care with the unemployment it will cause. Medical insurance bailout from our retirement accounts. Agree food riots might go down.
          I do know this and that is I have never had to deal with so much bullshit in my life than what I do now. I am tired of other people screwing with me. We need this and we need that. Then you fucking pay for it and leave me out. Most of the crap I would not use anyway.
          As far as a gun grab. Bring it if you got it.
          Once the first shots are fired in the early morning there will be many that say, “”THIS IS IT”. Just lock and load be ready.

          As Connecticut goes, so may go the Nation.

          • .02

            I think the play here slingshot is to get everyone (except gov employees) on welfare/food stamps and then jerk the safety net away.

            • TheGuy

              Whether or not it’s the conscious play… that’s what’s happening.

              More Democrat voters necessitates more free sh*t army inductees. And they ALWAYS yank welfare away at the most inopportune moment, if you’ve ever known anyone that’s been on it.

              • CWinOR

                it’s being done consciously alright. right out of the Cloward-Piven play book.

                • tayronachan

                  It’s playing out exatly like the Cloward-Piven plan.

                  Another interesting read is Philip Freneau “Rules for Changing a Republic [into a Democracy, then] into a Monarchy”.

                  “As Hamilton had at his service a newspaper – John Fenno’s Gazette of the United States – to support his policies, his opponents, led by Jefferson and Madison, decided to establish a rival newspaper, the National Gazette. Philip Freneau, an experienced journalist of known democratic leanings, was chosen to edit the paper. The editorial, reprinted here, is typical of those in which Freneau criticized the Hamiltonian program from 1791 to 1793.”

        • Man on the inside


          • sixpack

            I’ll be treating the EBT riots just like I treat the Black Friday mobs—I stay the hell out of it unless they come step on MY toes…THEN and only then, will hell have no fury like mine.

        • rednek101

          Soon as riots start up…martial law will be declared…the “NWO” fed will go through gun registrations…storm troopers show up at your door to take your guns. Time to move to the country.

          • The Old Coach

            It’ll be selective, just like the Nazis did it. If you are “politically correct” you can keep your gun. If not, off to the camp with you, (if you live that long.)

            Stephen Halbrook – “Gun Control in the Third Reich”

            also, if you can find it:

            “The Nazi Takeover of Germany” by ?? (can’t find my copy)

            • The Old Coach

              New data: It’s “The Nazi Seizure of Power” by William Sheridan Allen. Copyright 1965, and out of print, but copies do show up on Amazon and evilBay. The town is fictionalized, I think to avoid any repercussions against the people he interviewed. Remember this was recent history in 1965, more recent than the Gulf War is for us. I witnessed Germans’ bitterness over WW2, and American occupation, when I was in Germany in 1990, so imagine what it was 25 years earlier.

              Anyway, a very, very interesting, closeup view of how Germany went from being the Germany of Bach, Beethoven and Brahms to the Germany of Gotterdammerung in five short years.

        • TheGuy

          Well, it certainly wouldn’t be the DUMBEST thing Obama’s done lately. It would be in the top three, but my point is… if he’s done something even dumber than this… I don’t discount the possibility.

      • Hammerun

        Before everybody gets all wound up, do some comparisons.
        Square miles area. Population
        America……… 3,794,100…………………….. 316 million
        Ukraine…………233,062……………………….45.5 million

        I’m in the middle of this topic. It’s easy to see some goofy ideas like the fundamental change and crap like that. But this would be a monster project that would be way beyond their abilities. Personal, equipment, finance, here? Not a friggen chance. Look at Ukraine they tried it and lost it. They tried but now they have an arrest warrant out for the president for mass murder.
        I don’t know how well armed the Ukraine’s are but what ever they are they got the job done. (Going up against an AK with a rock in hand would spook the living shit out of me.) This line of thought is lofty and ludicrous.
        I’m not saying this wouldn’t be a good idea but nobody could possibly be this stupid. It would be nice to see the end of the progressive movement and it’s participants to disappear. Before I die and get off of this rock I’d like to see a full on reset here in the states. Back to some semblance of our past.

        • Dejan

          You know who come to power in Ukraine now? Neofascists. With the help of CIA, like in Libia, Egypt…

          • Julie

            Exactly ! Ukraine has not moved towards Democracy , they are in the clutches of the banksters ! Look for something bad to come of this because Putin ain’t no pansy like Obama.
            We could be looking at WWIII.

        • sixpack

          What should bother the Ukrainians, is that they don’t really have a way to defend themselves from other, bigger predators like the EU, the USA and the NWO.

          The Ukraine trying to be on it’s own is about like California trying to be independent from the U.S. Does anyone really think the rest of the U.S. would allow California to declare itself independent and then start up it’s own trade agreements with China, or Cuba or whomever it wants?

          I’m in Oregon and I’d be pretty uncomfortable if California entered into NATO and started putting Chinese or other foreign military bases within its borders. What if it decided to put Israeli missiles up along it’s eastern borders?

          What might the outcome be today with it’s water shortage, if it declared itself sovereign? Could the U.S. withhold water from it? Would California have to adhere to ANY U.S. laws at all? NO.

          Neither California nor Ukraine has it’s own standing armies and it’s own weapons and munitions….and they’d be all that, right in our back yard…literally.

          • snake eater

            hell California already is isn’t it???????


            • sixpack

              Those are “alien” bases, snake, and aliens have infiltrated the entire state—how else can you explain all of the stupidity in cali? They must all be extra-terrestrials.

        • rednek101

          Gotta agree on the reset thing. We have a group of people trying to force this country to go the progressive way. All of them, without exception, have not wanted for anything. They do not understand nor do they want to understand the reasoning for the laws and social norms older folks hold on to. Older people had to pay the price to set their social norms. The progressive loco’s are only acting for profit. The reset will enlighten the progressives.

      • MongoPissed

        The problem with doing so is you cede the field to those willing to take it. I and a friend did an experiment in crowd control in the late ’60’s, taking over an SDS demonstration and inciting a riot. It was simple, since most people are sheep looking for their dog to lead them. I do not want to see the neocons taking charge anymore than Nazis (as in the Western Ukraine), or the Communists (essentially interchangeable with the neocons). You must have someone representing your interests, if you cannot do so yourself. The unmarried and those without children are the natural fighters you must prepare to support. Otherwise, if someone like myself decides to be a warlord, you might not like the policies I would choose to enact – especially if you are an Israel-firster.

        • tayronachan

          @MongoPissed, Well said, and that’s it in a nut-shell.

      • Warchild Dammit!

        Well,will not hide at home if folks need help/being killed by gangs ect. whether in uniform or not,must hit back hard and quick and show that folks willing to help others and the cost of slaughtering citizens will be costly to those that slaughter.I have no immediate family depending on me so until I find orphans ect. will fight(even then still fight) and do my best to gum up the works of evil,if I end up dead(likely)tis fine as long as I tried and made a small difference.Folks all hide at home waiting till the evil comes to them will be few left to help out,nope,not for me.

    4. Mr. West

      We will not see demonstrations here in America the way we saw in the Ukraine. We will not see police snipers in the open shooting at random 100 people. We will not see MRAPS filled with police attempting to crash through barricades.

      We will not see those same MRAPS overturned or set ablaze by tens of Molotov cocktails. We will not see an armed public using their won firepower to thoroughly devastate those acting upon unconstitutional orders. No way…. 🙂

      • Barn Cat

        The police in the Ukraine didn’t have military equipment. They weren’t openly shooting everyone who was throwing bricks. They will do that here.

        • Dejan

          Police is doing that in US every day 😉

          • sgt. Dale

            The Old Sgt. Is going to have to say B.S.
            Tell me where and when the last time a cop/s open fire in the USA on protesters throwing bricks.
            Even during the Rodney King problem the cops did not shot at the protesters. The people owning the stores did (GOD BLESS THEM)
            The poor guy that got drug out of his truck that had bricks thrown at him and was stomped on. Wished that the Cops would have open fire.

            Let me ask you if you had a 1911 45 in your hand and 4 guys had bricks in there hand and they had already thrown several you striking your car breaking out the windshield. The second volley hits you in the arms an legs. Now they are coming at you with more bricks. Now don’t forget you have a 1911 45 in your hand. WOULD YOU NOT FIRE ON THEM TO STOP THEM FROM CAUSING GREAT BODLEY HARM OR DEATH TO YOU?

            Cops don’t do this because they have orders not to. But they would be well with in their rights to do so!
            Pleas don’t make comment like this when you have no proof or right to do so. You right of speech is trump by my right of self defense.

            • Terry S

              Hey Sgt. Bullshit. Research the ’69 Berkley riots.

              • sgt. Dale

                You came up with Berkley.
                You are right. I grew up in the 60’s. I remember that, and when it happened.
                If you read what I had wrote I asked for one and you gave me one almost 45 years ago. I was responding to Dejan saying it was happening every day.
                It has been over 45 years since the cops have shot into crowed of protesters.
                You also have to look at the Berkley riots, The Cops claim they were under fire and they returned fire.
                If you shot at me I’ll shot back. You have the same right to defend yourself!!!

            • Connor Kenway

              Have to disagree Sarge. Stats don’t lie and the revenue collector’s that occupy our cities have murdered more Americans since 2001 then troops have been killed in big sand box.

              • sgt. Dale

                I’m not talking about those stats. I think they DEPLORABLE if true.
                We were debating about Snipers or cops shooting into crowds of rock/brick throwing protesters. Dejan stated this happens every day. I asked him to prove it. Terry did come up with one that happened 45 years ago.
                I pray that it never happens here.
                People need to understand that Police are human you hurt them they will hurt you back. Just like you, you have a right of self defense, so do the cops. He/she has no right just to shoot into a crowd, but if he is being STONED and can see who is stoning him to death he can drop them in his tracks. The same way you have the right to drop the bad guy with a brick, knife, bat, ECT. to protect yourself from GREAT BODLY HARM OR DEATH.
                Connor where are those stats? I would like to look them up. Thanks

                • Average Guy

                  Crap, I hit the Thumbs Up button when I meant to hit the Thumbs Down.

                  “We were debating about Snipers or cops shooting into crowds of rock/brick throwing protesters. Dejan stated this happens every day. I asked him to prove it.”

                  What, you don’t watch the news or read the Internet?

                  The people aren’t in crowds, but they get killed all the time. Funny thing is, 99 times out of 100, the cops get paid time off and nothing happens. …Think about that.

                • sgt. Dale

                  You really believe everything thing you read in the paper own by the NWO, and yes her boyfriend was French model? You can’t lie on the internet!
                  They are trying to get the two sides fighting against each other.
                  They all get time off with pay. This is done until the State Police and the State attorney, can do a full investigation into the shooting. It is also so you can get your head screwed on right. Because after a shooting you need to. You might know this if you ever has to shoot someone. State Trooper friend of mine was involved in a shooting it was on camera. It still took two weeks before he was able to go back to work.
                  99 out of 100 That’s not funny. You just made my point. 1 bad cop out 100. There are bad everywhere. 99 where justified shoots.
                  Again you can’t come up with Police just shooting into a crowd in the 45 years. It hasn’t happened!
                  Will it happen more than likely. TPTB will put armed people in a crowd of good folks standing up for their Rights to cause a False Flag. That is why they keep hyping all of the so call unlawful shooting.
                  THANKS FOR THE DEBATE.

            • ENFP

              Sorry sgt. but headlines every day about cops shooting old men with canes, foreigners (remember the Walmart pizza sample woman last year?) and lots of dogs. Definitely too dangerous to be around your pet dog!

        • Warchild Dammit!

          The citizens in the Ukraine though were not armed to the teeth,folks are in some countries.

      • Agent Provocatour

        I hope your right

      • Tom T

        It always amazes me that there are those such as you that have that “it could never happen here” mentality as we are much to civilized for that kind of thing. The Russians in 1917, the Germans in the 20’s and many others thought it would never happen there as they were just to civilized for that kind of upheaval. In the last 100 years over 300 million people died from their own governments that were too civilized to do those kinds of things. I am sure the rose colored glasses you are wearing gives you that kind of certainty that “it could never happen here” but history isn’t on your side on this one.

        • Jim Smith

          His post is sarcasm. Take another look….closer.

          • BJ

            Sure glad someone finally figured it out….geeeesh!


        • Warchild Dammit!

          Agree Tom,more killed by democide in the 20th century then all wars in same time period combined.

        • Guns N Rosaries

          Maybe it isn’t “history repeating itself;” maybe it is just simply a $1 bet by a couple of Rockefeller Bros or perhaps a couple of the Bush boys, ala the movie “Trading Places.”

          Bottom line, God has allowed this due to the sins and disobedience of mankind.

      • Jim Smith

        I don’t think too many realize that your post was sarcasm. I agree with you, we will fight to the bitter end!

      • MongoPissed

        Thumbs up since I recognize the sarcasm.

      • Silver Lodge

        Americans by the thousands riot in the streets, overturn vehicles, set fires, and vandalize when their favorite sports teams win a championship!

        But for some reason there won’t be chaos when food, water, gun grab,economic issues are going to occur?

      • 1braveheart

        Mr. West, how do you know that?

    5. BJ

      I got the DVD’s from Magpul Dynamics “The Art of Precision Rifle” and am extremly disappointed adn discouraged, a little pissed off too. The guy at Mega Sports knew I was green, so I don’t understand why he suggested buying and watching them?

      Last night I started watching them and right off the bat was frustrated and felt like an idiot. They mention the fundamentals a lot, but to a guy who is green, their fundamentals are advanced to me. Many terms thrown around that are greek to me, like, scope shadow, load the bipod….WTF? The bipod isn’t shooting anything? Parallax, minute/moa/minute of angle, adn many others. It was also obvious that the guys being instructed by Todd the instructor, were already experienced.

      Any suggestions? I am about to put a personal ad online, maybe Craigslist looking for a veteran/sniper to spend time with me, even if I have to pay for it.

      Disappointed and frustrated

      • .02

        grab a plane ticket to spokane and come on out BJ, I can show you 45 years of shooting/reloading precision work. There are a few reloading tricks that makes a HUGE difference, and If you don’t reload for each individual weapon, you will not get the precision you are looking for.

        • OutWest


          They try to make a mountain out of a mole hill.
          Precision is as precision does.

          Just settle those crosshairs down, let out a
          slow breath and slowly squeeze the trigger.
          1-2-3. It’s the same sequence whether you are
          shooting a paper target, or vermin of the two
          and four legged kind. Not rocket science.

          Factory ammunition is just fine. If you can hit
          a target the size of a bucket (blue helmet) at
          any range you shoot at, they are in big trouble.
          A little bit of practice will make you a force
          to be reckoned with. These are the fundamentals
          my friend, anything beyond that is mostly just
          splitting hairs where battle is concerned.

          • eppe

            And “know thy gun”….

            • .02

              fear the man who has but one gun, he probably knows how to use it. My father was such a man. He used a 270 Winchester model 70, all his life. He killed at least 100 big game animals with it and could shoot that thing like nobodies business. Open sights (buckhorn) and I witnessed him topple deer at unbelievable ranges. He came from the Snake River breaks where shooting across canyons in wide open spaces is/was the norm.

              • Econman

                He was like Quigley Down Under.

            • OutWest

              That’s right eppe, ‘beware the one gun man,
              for he surely knows it well’.

              I see I got a thumb down on my post to BJ.
              Probably from one of the Bench Rester Boys.

              The biggest problem with a bench rest is
              there aren’t any in the field of battle.
              Laying on the ground from a makeshift hide
              for concealment in inclement weather isn’t
              conducive to their sub-m.o.a. accuracy.

              Apparently these boys have never hunted
              deer from a blind when the temperature is
              10 degrees and the wind blowing snow hard.
              Maybe they are only going to shoot where
              weather permits, eh.

              • BJ

                Don’t feel bad, I get a few thumbs down on almost every post I make. I got some on this question I posted that started this discussion, and it was a heartfelt honest question. I wear my feelings on my sleeve in life whether I am online or not…it is who I am. Funny thing is, those red thumbs down really picked up after my sharp disagreement with Mac’s censorship post and those who agreed with him a few weeks back. Pay no attention to it….look at DK, he doesn’t….LoL

                • durango kidd

                  There you go BJ. What others think of you is irrelevant. What is relevant is what you think about yourself. Know yourself. Be true to yourself. And live by principle.

                  As for your problem, every profession or trade has its own vocabulary. Google a term you do not understand and keep reading. Finance was like that for me a lifetime ago. Eventually you can pick up anything by “osmosis”.

                  The man who masters patience, grasshopper, masters all things. 🙂

              • eppe

                Amen bro, I “know” all my guns, my fav is my deer rifle, Rem 700 @ .243, will reach out there too…
                It’s funny that some guys claim to hit golf balls a certain distance, I’ll pop up and say I can hit one at 400 yards. They will look at me in disbelief, and I just say “I just go 2 clicks up in the scope”….

                • The Old Coach

                  c’mon man, you know better than to post a keyboard commando comment like that.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          O2,I will put up with a tsa reach around for a few lessons!

      • themagicbusguy

        “Apple Seed” is a shooting program for beginners-They will walk you through the basics of shooting, and it’s run by volunteers, and generally free (you might bring some ammo) look for it (Google) in your area

        • BJ

          Ironically I just came across Appleseed a few weeks ago and looked into it. But the only thing they had in Iowa was an event. The actual class/school this year was donw in the Carolinas or Tennessee….can’t remember.

          • snake eater

            my brick will be the thump of a slug hitting your ass between the eyes


            • BJ

              “my brick will be the thump of a slug hitting your ass between the eyes”



          • snake eater

            son come down to south Carolina I`ll give you the training free,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we are running a class thru every 4 to 6 weeks,,,bring your weapon and ammo. you may not be a sniper when your done but you sure as hell will be able to hit what you aim at,,,,


            • BJ

              Any more specific info? When, where? I will be done with outage season come May/June time frame, until then I am tied.

              • sgt. Dale

                YOU know I can’t get the long range but I can show you some tricks and the basics of sniper shooting, I still have my hand book and can give you some paper work to go with it.
                You know where I live and we do have a mutual friend.
                Wait until it warms up PLEASE!!!!!
                Bring you gun and about 100 rounds. (guns and more ammo)

            • scheeler1

              Snake- i would love to come and learn long distance shooting. I am about an hour from lake hartwell (Anderson, SC) in NE GA. I am a natural shot (so my dad says) i hit 2 bullseyes at 100 yards with iron sights on my 30-30 after sighting in (when i was a young boy, that was a few decades ago) I would love to learn to hit big game at 500 yards. Charlotte is 3 hours, I am willing to drive if you are still having class or willing to teach. How can I get in touch?

          • Warchild Dammit!

            BJ,keep checking appleseeds,as weather warms they add courses.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Magic,they do charge a small fee for courses in New England unless ranges opt for free day,some do,some don’t.A friend last year took day course,was 30 and said was money well spent.

      • plaso20

        I suggest “Front Sight” in Las Vegas NV.

      • nfx

        got a book called ‘the ultimate sniper’ at sportsmans warehouse the other day. It will take you through some beginning sniping stuff like scope selection,mounting,etc. $60

        • The Old Coach

          Stop with the nonsense, and tell BJ to buy Jeff Cooper’s book, “The Art of the Rifle”.

        • BJ

          Is this by John Plaster? I am seeing on Google a DVD?

          • BJ

            nevermind that post…I figured it out

      • socmarine87

        Don’t make it harder then it is. It is a science, My suggestion would be to work with a DOPE book. Data Of Previous Engagmentes. Go on line you can order one or YouTube it and make your own. You can also get a ballistic cars for your set up. Lenght if barrle, caliber, weight of projectile and height of scope to barrle.
        The hard part may be finding a place to shoot with multiple know distance, say out to 600yrds. If you live close to Louisville, ky I can help with that. I recommend using Federal match 168gr for .308 and 75gr for 5.56, but I don’t know what the twist is on your barrle. I agree hand loading is great, but lets get you comfortable shooting first. With known distances you can start getting your DOPE and it will help you with range estimations. A range/ballistics card can get close. There good to have. Laser range finder is good as well.
        If this is helpful let me know and I will continue.

        Keep your head on a swivle people.

        • .02

          The 175 grain sierra match king is the best 1000 yard load for a 308 IF that particular rifle likes them. There are great scopes on the market with wind doping and bullet drop compensation and along with a good range finder makes shooting long distances a breeze compared to the days of Vietnam/WWII. Again, the shooting part is the easy side to being a sniper. I have taken many MANY large game animals and the adrenaline is something that is the most hard to tame. I could only imagine how the heart is going to be hammering after you have laid up for a week waiting for a target to appear and then all of a sudden THERE IT IS! Talk about shaking like a dog shitting peach pits. Go elk hunting.. After you take a couple of huge bulls without pissing yourself, then you are ready for the next step.

          • .02

            Better yet, if you have the money, go up north and take a few large bears. NOW THAT has to be a rush!

            • snake eater

              hell don’t shoot those bears kill with you trusty k bar


        • BJ

          Thanks and yes.

          I am in the Eastern / Central Iowa area, just a bit north of the Quad Cities, in case anyone with real experience might be intetested in passing on their skills.

          My wife told me to not even bother posting this online with it being hard enough these days in our soceity to meet true blues and with all the OPSEC freaks. Which we usually get a kick out of since the biggest enenmy to freedom loving preppers is the govt and military and they already know where you are, what you do, what you have and what you WILL do.

          Think of it like this if OPSEC is so high on your list of priorities that it prevents you from doing things you would A. like to do B. know you should do
          Let’s say your pinned down and up a shit creek without a paddle….basically you’re screwed along with those depending on you. And along comes a person who wnated to learn things (anything, subject matter isn’t important) but that person could find no one wanting to invest the time in passing on skills and books and videos wasn’t within their learning style parameters. That person is now in some freedom / liberty loving patriot’s midst. They could of helped you, the patriot out, but can’t due to not haaving the skill.

          My point is that those with skills need to find others that want what they have (skill and knowledge)and team up……the bigger and better the team, the better chance of survival and of actually winning.

          Time to get real folks and quit dickin around.

          • .02

            My offer still stands, as I don’t think/care about OP SEC as you are correct, the gov knows I have guns and ammo b/c I BUY A HUNTING LICENSE every year. But I am not or have I never claimed to be a sniper, I am a seasoned big game hunter and have expressed on this board many times I pray daily I can make it through this life without ever having to drop the hammer on another human being. If you are serious about being a sniper (a person that hunts humans) then you need to look else where.

      • .02

        And if you are considering being a sniper, then here is something to chew on. The shooting is the easy part. If you are really serious then start training. Grab a 65 pound pack, head into the wilderness and start CRAWLING ALL DAY up mountains through creeks shitting and pissing in your pants and live on ants for 3 days. Learn to go 36 hours without sleep. Practice breathing under water through a reed. Live in the snow and then head for the desert and crawl through the cactus. Anyone can shoot 1000 yards off rock steady rests in a controlled environment with known ranges. You want to be a sniper, or just someone that can hit a game animal under most conditions? Because, if you are planning to lay for a one shot one kill on a high ranking official/general then you start back at the top of this post and get with it. Also make sure you are packing a 9 to 12 pound rifle as you crawl through the cactus.

        • socmarine87

          I understand where you are coming from 100%. He doesn’t want to go through Sniper Indoc and school. He just wants to be able to understand the fundamentals of how to use a long gun. I agree with you so don’t get your hackles up.
          I’ll share a story with you. I man hired me to teach him how to shot a lomg gun. I took him out to our 3000 acre
          range and set him up on a ridge looking over an open field. I told him that I was going to plase a steel target up in the field and he would have range and take his shot 30 mins after I set it up. So I left him on the ridge and got in my truck and drove to town, ate at the Cracker Barrel, went to Walmart, etc. I came back to place the target in the field about 4hrs later, but I found the would be sniper sitting on the edge of the field confused and pissed.He faild the very basic part of being a sniper. I didn’t tell him when I would put the target up only that I was going to.

          Keep that head on a swivle partner.

          • .02

            And you can speak for BJ because?

            • socmarine87

              Your not dragging me into a pissing contest. I’m trying to help as you stroke your ego. I was trying to share some humor with you, but you took it as if I were attacking you.

              Storm Mountain is a much better school for a Sniper course then Front Sight.

              • .02

                Pissing contest or not, BJ has stated on multiple boards he wants to be a SNIPER. Now I don’t know for sure if he wants to crawl through cactus and shoot HUMANS b/c that is what snipers do, or if he wants to be able to hit a deer @ 350 yards. He has never stated anything other than being a sniper so how can you say ” He doesn’t want to go through Sniper Indoc and school.” Just an observation.

                • BJ

                  I want to know thy gun, ammo, survival skills and placing a small metal projectiles in a 12″ group at 1,00 yards, whether it be a metal plate, a elk or a un blue helmet or russian pos….or any enemy to freedom. That’s all I’m sayin. If I lived close to Spokane, I’d definitely come out to take some pointers from you 🙂

              • Mclovin

                Online chat forums: the easiest way for the dumb to fake smart and the spineless to fake tough since the invention of alcohol…

                • The Old Coach

                  Haw ! Ain’t that the truth !

              • .02

                I will let you ego remark slide this time.

              • BJ

                I looked at Storm Mountain….W VA right?

                • socmarine87


            • BJ

              Socmarine and .02,

              If I could go back to 1990 and getting out of high school, I would change a few things and not of gotten in the trouble I did. Let’s just say that even a letter of recommendation from my brother, a USAF cadet graduated officer, no one would take me due to my record. At that time I wanted to go in, adn I wanted to try and get into sniper school or some form of special forces…..I couldn’t. Then as we all know, life just took it’s course adn I forgot about the things I wanted to learn when I was younger, yet had no one to teach me….outdoor things such as survival stuff, hunting and shooting, camping, fishing. I took a stupid path and can blame no one but me, just sayin that is how it went. Now I am 24 years older and not sure I would of still wanted to join the military, knowing now what I know about bankster controlled wars and propaganda……would hate having to live with that, if in fact I were still alive. Funny thing is I was never part of the military of the insidious LE gang of the USA and still faced death many times and was shot twice on two separate occasions…..LoL

              Now after my awakening in the beginning of 2011, and getting into prepping, it awakened all those old desires I had when I was young. To leanr to be an outdoorsman and to learn gubns and shooting. Whern I was a teenager, I got field and stream and dreamed of someday being a guide out West. So in a way both of you are right, yes it would be cool to of had the skills a sniper has. But at this point, I would be happy with half those skills and be able to know my gun, ammo, surviving in crazy conditions, living on next to nothing and shooting successfully at 1,000 yards….and getting out alive to make another successful 1,000 yard shot……need that elk for the freezer 😉

              • .02

                Felonies? Think black powder. Or bows..or both?

                • BJ


                  I got into trouble is all. I got out of the felony charges, but still had a record that was supposed to be sealed….so much for that. The aggravating thing was to me that in years (a generation ago from that time) the military is where they sent you when you got into trouble….but not in 1990. I was young and dumb back then, too hot headed and drank/drugged. Now I am older, not super smart, but way smarter, a controlled temper (most the time)a saved by the blood Christian, a married man and a father of 7.

                • sixpack

                  Allowing the govt to pick and choose who it thinks should have the right to defend themselves, when and with what, is what got us where we are today. That govt list has gotten smaller and smaller and smaller…

                  Now, people are on that list who don’t have felonies, or any criminal record at all. The slope gets more slippery every day.

              • Average Guy

                BJ, you’ll be very lucky if you find a private farm that will allow a 1000 yd shot around there. As I recall, there are no ranges that have that distance. 50 yds is more like what you will find. It’s a start. You are very close to the Princeton gun range, a public range. Ask around to find where it is, it’s easy to find, right off 67, most gas station clerks probably know where it is. Go shoot there, spend some time there, talk to people, you’ll most likely find someone there who will guide you and you can relate with. It’s a popular and busy place. Plus, it’s free.

                • BJ

                  Yes it is called Folletts I believe and I think it’s 100 yards. I went there a few times before. But believe it or not, I have a real hard time meeting people and making friends. Wife thinks I am silly, get embarrassed too easy and worry too much about silly stuff. So walking up to a stranger and asking for help face to face showing what a idiot I am would be very difficult for me.

                • sgt. Dale

                  I posted up a little higher. I’ll work with you when it warms up. Just read the post above.

                • Average Guy

                  No, BJ. It’s not called Follets. Pay attention to what I wrote.
                  Also, don’t ‘go ask for help’, just talk to people.
                  Ask them about their shit.
                  Ask what they are shootin’.
                  Ask about what they are shootin’ with.
                  Then tell them you are just learning.
                  Then tell them what you got.
                  They will likely respond in a helpful way.
                  No need to ask for help or think you’ll come across as an idiot. Everyone was a beginner at some point.
                  Often there are very many helpful people there. That’s the way of an Iowan.

                  I understand the, “get embarrassed too easy and worry too much about silly stuff” don’t sweat it.
                  Just hang out there for a day (don’t even shoot, just hang… maybe collect some brass?) ain’t nobody there going to give you a hard time for asking questions. Well, except for the occasional asshole, but they are rare there. Surprisingly. Just brush them off like you would a woman with a bad attitude and move on to the next one.

                  One thing I thought of, you’re going to be sorely let down on hunting opportunities there, it ain’t nothing like Michigan. 1000 yd shooting is a very very rare thing in that state. If you go out in public lands during deer season you’ll probably bump into people. It’s a crowded affair. Your best bet is to find a farm. But I imagine you have intentions of hunting elsewhere?

                  There’s an NRA club 20+ miles further south in Bluegrass if you’d prefer that $.

                  There’s a gun show at the Mississippi River Valley fairgrounds the 7th through the 10th, you can ask them questions there.

                  Myself, I can’t stand the NRA, but YMMV.

                  I hope that helps. Maybe that whole ‘comes around, goes around’ will catch up to me now?

                  One other thing: follow the Wapsi. That’s about all there is there if you’re not a duck hunter or have access to a farm. My favorite years ago was North of 61, I think it was called, Badger Creek. Southwest of DeWitt. That’s as wild as it gets where you are. I imagine you’ll laugh compared to Michigan.

                  Yours in Liberty.

                • BJ

                  Average Guy,
                  I know it is Princeton, but I got used to calling it Folletts, because so many around here do. Yeah I know the hunting here would suck. I am originally from Keokuk….down in the SE corner. And hunting down in the Tri State area is very good.

                  I don’t do gun shows anymore, at least for gun purchases due to them mot supporting the 2nd amendment. But I like them for accessories and ammo if the deal is a good one. As far as gun purchases, I only will do that in a true 2nd amendment way….cash for gun adn a smile….have a nice day 🙂 and are good for this.

            • sgt. Dale

              I think I can speak for BJ.
              #1 He is setting a goal for himself. Not enough people today do that.
              #2 He wants to keep the wolves a long way from the door.
              #3 He wants to bring home food for his family. When TSHTF game will start to get hard to find and a long range shot might be all you have.
              #4 Bragging rights. There is nothing wrong with that. He is a competitor.
              This is coming from a FBI trained sniper (Back in the good old day of 1990). I believe I know where he is coming from.

              Keep looking you will find a Good place. I had only heard very little about Storm Mont. But what I did hear was good.
              AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

              • BJ


                Now if I could just get our mutual acquaintances to go with me.

                • sgt. Dale

                  He would be foolish if he didn’t go. It is well worth every second and every dime.
                  Stay in touch, and good luck in your search of a school.

              • Average Guy

                “#2 He wants to keep the wolves a long way from the door.”

                Ya. That’s about how I feel about the cops, and the robbers. Or, do I repeat myself?.

                My wish is that every cop in america would quit and get a job working for a private security firm. I think maybe that’s The Only cop I could respect. I guess it depends on how vigorous and deeply they’ve been doing their “jobs”?

          • BJ

            LMBO….that’s funny

            • sgt. Dale

              Now I know why you won’t come and see me when I’m working.
              Got in trouble when you where a kid. Well If you show up I’ll have to cuff you and stuff you for old times. (HA-HA)
              As you can tell I’m just kidding. But I’m working Sat 3-11. Stop by. I still owe you a cup of coffee.

              • BJ

                Thanks Sgt Dale, but outage is over and I came home Sunday morning. Yippee….just in time to have a hay day watching the Great American Race and to see Dale Jr win it and to see him more excited than I have in years. 🙂

              • BJ

                Need to turn on the Hagmann & Hagmann show with Steve Quayle and my friend Greg Evensen on talking about Flashpoints in America, focusing on what’s happening in Conn.

        • Them Guys

          02: Why cant a sniper just book a hotel room across street from say the UN, and then…Wait!

          • .02

            Lol, sounds like a great plan. Giver a shot! I am not akin to the concrete jungle so I really cant see any problem with your plan.

          • Rusted Spur

            Yep then head to Jackson Hole and take care of the Fed too. Honestly it isn’t that easy. They don’t take the bus to work, they arrive in armored vehicles in underground parking ramps and security is taken very seriously. A friend of mine was a seal and one of his assignments was to provide security at the UN for diplomats. He said it was the worst assignment he’d ever had. I wonder if they realize even their own don’t like to protect them.

            • sixpack

              Hopefully, they won’t realize it until it’s too late.

      • lastmanstanding

        BJ. .02’s offer doesn’t get any better than that.

        There are people all over that would help you…throw out your “approximate locale” here and see what comes up. Someone will be able to send you the right direction.

        • BJ

          Just North of the Quad Cities (Davenport / Bettendorf IA – Moline / Rock Island IL)

      • Smokey

        BJ, ‘loading the bipod’ means to set the feet in the ground and let it take the weight of the rifle and the recoil. You want the rifle to essentially return to the aim point after round is fired. If you’re just resting the feet on the surface, it’s going to skitter around and your fire is not as controlled as it should be.

        • BJ

          Thank you, that’s not complicated at all and totally nmakes common sense.

          I wish people wouldn’t use fancy little sayings sometimes, especially when instructing and not knowing your crowd and their experience level….which one wouldn’t if they are recording instructions for a dvd.

          I work in nuclear adn acronyms are used to a point of adnauseam.

          Again thanks

      • Warchild Dammit!

        TBJ,good for you for looking for safe ways to gain proficiency with firearm.The most important things I can say is have it safely stored when not in use and learn how to clear your firearm safely.As I do not know what you own search out your firearm on net for basic operation/handling/cleaning,plenty of good videos for free,the box of truth is a pretty good firearm site to check out.I would also search appleseeds,is a nationwide group of people that teach a basic firearm course at ranges around the country,will teach you the basics of safety/siting your firearm/different firing positions ect.,tis a day course but they also offer other courses that are two day,would give you a good foundation to learn off of.I have a couple of friends that got new rifles,first for em and while went thru the safety ect. with em and went out to just try out the rifles have herded them both to a aplleseeds course coming up,am in no way a instructor but at least have the knowledge to lead em to proper training,then,as many say practice when you can.

    6. berglos

      PRAISING THE POWER SHIFT in Ukraine, the Jew York Times paints “pro-democracy” activists as heroes but Russian-leaning Ukrainians as villains.

      For all the ‘democracy touting’ of the Jew-infested press, democracy hit the skids in Kiev this week with the illegal ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych and the installment of Oleksandr Turchynov as acting president.

      “There is no one to talk to there. It is an aberration to call legitimate what is the result of an armed mutiny,” said Russian prime minister Dmitri Medvedev.

      Tossing aside constitutional procedure, the parliament ousted democratically-elected Yanukovych, issued warrants for his arrest and members of his constitutionally-protected party, and installed former KGB head and Tymoshenko aide, Turchynov, as president.

      Ukraine is in constitutional limbo, the parliament operating lawlessly in the guise of law.

      Although Yanukovych did not return Ukraine to its 2004 Constitution, he did reinstate—with the approval of the Ukraine Constitutional Court—the 1996 Constitution in 2010 which provided greater presidential powers.

      Even Tymoshenko, Turchynov’s former boss, agreed with this while in prison.

      Therefore, the 1996/2010 Constitution is still in force, a legality the JewSA-owned parliament has deliberately bypassed, particularly when it came to the line of succession in appointing an acting president.

      Article 111, identical in both versions of the Constitution, states the parliament has the right to initiate a “procedure” of impeachment if “treason or another crime” is committed.

      It then outlines in clear wording specific due process steps to be employed by parliament when impeaching an incumbent.

      This includes the establishment of a “special investigatory commission whose composition includes a special procurator and special investigators.” Results from the investigation then go back to parliament for deliberation.

      THERE IS NO WAY Article 111 was followed in a couple of days in the actions of the opposition-controlled parliament. Where is the special investigation commission?

      The vote indicting Yanukovych for “mass murder” followed by a warrant for his arrest does not uphold any of the constitutional guidelines, particularly the call for a review of the investigative case by Ukraine’s Constitutional Court and a three-fourths majority vote by the parliament, i.e., 338 lawmakers.

      Both of these things HAVE TO HAPPEN in order to have a lawful impeachment.

      The Ukraine parliament spat on its own Constitution. And ‘democracy-loving’ Jews praise the parliament for it.

      Why not? Ukraine’s Jew-run National Bank is about to enslave its people to the Jew-owned IMF.

      At least for now, Kiev is a JewSA-owned, EU-backed, thugocracy after al

      • sixpack

        Who the hell wakes up in the morning and says to himself “I’m gonna be a NWO slave, or DIE TRYING”?

    7. Trent

      Another “It’s coming soon article” courtesy of shtfplan.

      It’s been coming soon for 40 years.

      Never got here yet.

      These articles will actually make people complacent, like “the little boy who cried wolf”

      • Spudweb


        • OutWest

          Wow Trent — if you cut any more Farts like
          that one we’ll all have to vacate the site.

        • sixpack

          If you’re a prepper, you at least have some tea leaves to read…

          • Smokey

            I’ve got two 6-pound cans of Darjeeling on the shelf, big Lipton’s cans I got in Canada a while back. Had 3 of them, opened the first to brew some up, had the most pleasant aroma from the packed tea in the kitchen for days.

            • sixpack

              sounds heavenly, smoke.

      • Bohica1

        Trent baby,
        If you don’t like the articles here, you are certainly free to troll somewhere else ,you know. Don’t let the door hit you in the a– ( in your case, brain?) on your out.

        • 1940justme

          because a person doesn’t agree and speaks their mind, they are a troll

      • Gonetoolong

        I understand your sentiment completely, but surly you don’t sit around thinking all is well and this can continue forever? Every natural law known is being stretched or broken. Something will give at some point. There is no one here that can predict the when of it all, but most agree that some shit is going down in the near future. I see it as a patient with congestive heart failure. They are on meds and doing relatively well for a while. The meds are increased and the body undergoes compensatory changes to accommodate the weakening of the pump. This can go on for quite a while, but eventually your body hits the wall and you go into acute, overt failure. Extremely hard to predict exactly when the country’s heart will fail.

      • Mclovin

        I heard someone say that Ukraine has a mixed culture that is split between those that identify with Russia and those that identify as Ukrainian. That is probably oversimplifying it at best and at worst complete bullshit but hear me out on this. Imagine in the next generation with the millions of illegals here I can see there one day being a conflict with the illegals that scare nothing about American culture and want to turn our country into Mexico. No way in hell I will concede to that and I will gladly raise my gun before I would stand by and let that happen.

        • Mclovin

          care nothing not scare nothing

          • JayJay

            I thought share sufficed nicely.

        • gun

          Its already there in southern Ca.

          • Mclovin

            good point gun, I imagine Texas and California will be the Lexingtond and Concord

        • Smokey

          Mclovin, that’s definitely true. Eastern Ukraine is about 50% Russified, the western half much less. The Crimea is 60% Russian, so could easily see Russia moving in there on the pretext of protecting native Russians, and gaining another big port on the Black Sea to boot.

          The Baltic States and Byelorussia are the same, lots of Russians were moved in and they stayed there. The Russians have been getting out of the former Muslim SSRs as fast as they can, but staying on in the European zones.

          • The Old Coach

            Just like Hitler did in Czechoslovakia. History doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes?

            The Roosians also have a big naval base in the Crimea, BTW.

      • Barn Cat

        It’s obviously coming soon. Currencies around the world are collapsing due to the monetary policies of the central banks. Ukraine, Argentina, and Venezuela have all had serious devaluations of their currencies. The dollar will die too.

        There are droughts and bad weather all over the world. 2014 could be a year when a lot of people starve or die of malnutrition because of food shortages and high food prices.

        • .02

          Starvation Generation….

      • Libprep

        Unfortunately, for some, the kids of all of the serious preppers will give their parents preps away when they die. Some people on this site can’t wait for it to collapse so they can justify spending all of their money on SHTF items.

        If it does happen most preppers will be in good shape for a little while at least, depending on how long the collapse is.

        However, the truth is probably in the middle. Power outages, hurricanes, and etc.. strike this country every year with millions without power for long periods of time. This will be the closest that most of us encounter.

        With that being said, prepping is more like having insurance. You may never have to file a claim, and you will be pissed you spent all of the thousands of dollars when you never needed it. But the saying still remains…. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

        Me? I prep, but not to the extreme that some do. I don’t think i will need hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammo, but i do have hundreds. I don’t think i will need enough food stored away to feed a small city, but i’ll have enough to get my family and i through a lengthy rough patch.

        The thing that gives preppers a bad name are the bigots who try to use the “prepper network” as their sounding board to spew their racist views. Or those who blame one side of the political party over the other, when their all in bed with each other. Or the ones you hear on here with strong conviction that it’s going to happen tomorrow, or next week.

        Hearing the same doom and gloom for the last 40 years will have a lot of people lose interest, but it doesnt necessarily mean it wont happen.

        I know, I know, you’re going to say: “well look at the things that are going on today” “the writing is on the wall”. Well, the writing has been on the wall for a very long time. After the Civil war, the sentiment that this nation wouldnt last has ran rampant. Nevertheless, this great country that has become a melting pot has seemed to withstand and stay on top from a military stand point. Might makes right. Everyone’s probably seen the “Newsroom America is not the greatest” youtube clip, so America isnt winning gold in alot of categories, but we’re still a powerhouse.

        I truly believe no matter what happens, the biggest threat will come from within than from other countries invading and/or occupying. The government sees this, which is why the DHS are making counter measures.

        Will the collapse happen? I have no idea, but i’m going to continue prepping as well as enjoying the freedom that i have. Because if the SHTF, say goodbye to a trip to the park with the family, or going to the beach and dipping your feet in the water. Enjoy life today, so if it does hit the fan, you can at least say i had a good balance of enjoying life and prepping as well.

        Basically, all of your eggs in either basket is not necessarily a good thing.

        • slingshot


          “Our children will give our preps away.”

          That is a sad point for I have some cool stuff. Not of the War Type Material. Stuff to have fun together.

          The past few years I have acquired some rare First World War and World War 2 gear. Blood chit from AVG.
          I am going to donate this gear to the small town War Museum. Hope it survives.

          You buy all this stuff and most of it just sits there. Hahahahaha!

        • Mclovin

          outstanding piece Libprep, well done.

        • The Old Coach

          +1 Libprep. Nobody can say when things will go all sideways, which is why we prep NOW and not next month.

      • Warchild Dammit!

        I disagree trent,see things getting worse on so many fronts and snowballing,would be glad to be wrong and gladly put on my tin foil hat and thought a paranoid nut but unfortunately between big brother govt./worldwide economic debt and a multitude of other things see things getting much worse.Will say though,do believe at some point will arise like the mighty phoenix from the ashes of our self immolation and perhaps just maybe,maybe this time learn so we do not rinse/repeat as so many societies have.

    8. jonesy_26

      It won’t happen just yet. Not until average folks are ripped out from their bubble of comfort and complacency. Cable TV, full shelves at the grocery store, ebt and atm still working. Once those begin to be un reliable and folks get uncomfortable, then you will see people get motivated to do something. But the folks in charge are doing a great job of letting us down real slow. People get accustomed to minor changes easily, and they accept it. It would take a major event to wake people up.

    9. Spudweb

      It’s ALWAYS “Coming”,whether it’s solar flares, EMP’s, foreign invasion, economic collapse, ETC,ETC,ETC, it just never seems to get here Does it. Blah,Blah,Blah

      • .02

        But can you agree that history proves all fiat currency dies and all empires have collapsed? So, here we are living in the largest empire ever created in world history with fiat currency being printed by the trillions, not just here but about every major player in the global economy is printing like there is no end. You actually think nothing is going to give? Really?

      • Barn Cat

        Stop prepping then. It will obviously never happen.

        • .02

          Yeah Barn, more for me and you. And Spud, if you have extra ammo (especially 22) I will gladly take it off your hands. Hell you wont ever need it. The ammo shortage we have been in for 5 years is no proof of anything. the price of food going through the roof while packages get smaller is no concern, even tho all the Lamestream just said last night how we better get ready for price shock. But you can ignore that as well and send me all your non perishable food stuff as well. I will kindly pay the shipping!

      • Calgacus

        Were living in shitty times. I know its been said in most generations but it dont take much smarts to look at the real numbers that give the signals to the truth about our economy and the global economy. The most probable crisis is the failed economy and how its been affecting our country. But the WORST crisis is the loss of our Constitutional rights from the loss of our free speech and right to our religious beliefs to the loss of legit representation in our govt system.
        Buddy, the shit is all around but it started out as an ooze. Now its being flung here and there. Before long, the shit is gonna be hurled faster than you can duck. If you dont care then enjoy the sewerfest. Me, Im buying more TP, soaps, food, and water.

        • .02

          Agree 1000% Cal the current generation is going to have it worse than the last one and this is a first since the great depression. As resources continue to dwindle, (especially clean water) each corresponding generation from here on down to rock bottom is going to have a higher misery index than the last until humans re-balance with what is left of our stripped mined/polluted destroyed planet. The party is indeed over. Only misery remains.

      • Warchild Dammit!

        Spud,already is here in many ways,lose of freedoms/inflation on basics/growing debt/stupid wars for corps/crony capitalism ect.,unfortunately is a daily growing process.That said,most preps used anyhow,food eaten and restocked,tools/fishing/camping gear ect. used,any alt energy sources just saving money,so,no real reason not to prep.

    10. laeagle

      Mac, Thanks for another alert. We cannot afford to fall asleep on watch. Keep it coming. Folks, never say never!

    11. 1940justme

      Americans will never take to the streets till their freebes are stopped. The 100 plus million people living off the system is the glue holding everything together, it may take a few more stimulus packages, some more bailouts to run the debt up to 30 trillion before our creditors figure out that they are going to get screwed, then they might pull the plug., keep packing away the rice, beans,and wheat berries..

      • gun

        And the freebees are a voting base. It wont stop, it will have to collapes world wide.

        • db427

          EBT receipiant: ‘this free food cost too much’

        • Warchild Dammit!

          World debt makes the idea of collapse/reset very likely.

    12. J. Roy

      The people on the fringe are in real trouble. When enough of the center feels the pinch you will begin to see unrest.

      • .02

        People are already starving in Amerika, this summer with the drought and an excuse to gouge consumers, I see some nasty problems ahead. Thieving is just one as who wouldn’t start stealing instead of letting the kids go hungry. We had the neighbor kids begging for bread last year,not once but twice. I gave them half a loaf the first time, sent them packing the second. Just like a hungry animal, you have to say no.. I is unnerving as they are just across the street.

        • Mcdave

          Wow. That’s deeply disturbing. WTF is up with the parents? If the kids are old enough, maybe they could earn the food? Weeding, cutting lawn, etc..? Could be a “teachable ” moment?

          • .02

            You don’t know these kids, dumber than a bag of hammers. The parents were going through divorce, and as far as brains go, they are seriously lacking in that department as well. I wouldn’t trust these people’s offspring with pair of pliers not to mention a power tool to cut my grass. No, it is best to let them know I don’t want/need them around. Caught one standing in my garage looking around and made it crystal clear the next time he is on the property is going to be very unpleasant for him.

            • Mcdave

              I see your point. It’s sad but they are probably more than one generation deep in that lifestyle and that is all they know….

              Sometimes, I forget how old I am,
              and how much my country has changed.

              Just sad..

      • Calgacus

        J Roy, I figure its one major illness for someone in middle class. Multiply that times all of those in middle class who got the insurance shaft due to obamacare. Working class folks who own there homes getting tapped out and forced into bankrupcy at 45 yrs or older – what do they have left to lose? Obama and his masters have it planned and its going to fall apart right before the mass of boomers need their SS checks.

        • Anonymous

          You described me to a T.

          • Calgacus

            This obamacare is going straight for middle class and itll be a gang rape. For Dirty Harry Reid to say peoples complaints and problems w/ obamacare are all lies is beyond contempt. He should spend a day in the life of some who are dealing with these commie laws.

            Im sayin a prayer for you as soon as this comment hits. I pray that you have the courage and Gods guidance to help you and heal you.

    13. laeagle

      Confiscation of assets has already begun in the form of some people who have company IRAs and 401ks not being eligible to collect their social security checks. Many may be shrugging it off but it has become a form of confiscation of personal assets.

    14. wishfulthinker

      Its becoming time to be selfish. I hope Obama starts crap with Russia, and I hope ww3 breaks out.
      all of these freeloading, Obama loving, gimme gimme, liberals will be stuck, with no preps, no plans.
      selfish, I know, but so are most Americans now.

      • Slick One

        Well WWIII could become something good, imagine if ghetto areas in large cities were vaporized……..
        The loss of criminals,EBT moochers,SSI disability…
        might be worth the loss of some real estate.
        The elemination of useless eaters would improve the genetics of the human species,and provide a blessing of relief to the American tax payers. Why social programs for career and multi generational welfare moochers could be cut by 80 or 90 percent! As Japan did with Nagasaki, and Hiroshima, we could rebuild.

      • The Old Coach

        If Obamanistas start a big war with Russia or China, he’ll plan it so that we will lose. That would be the ultimate orgasmic experience for him.

        Why else do they propose huge defense cuts just at this critical time?

    15. ethic

      No. they are not waiting for the 30trillion.
      china, Russia… are in action a way from the US$.

    16. .02

      It not I

    17. Al

      Ian Rand: paraphrasing:
      You can ignore reality but you will never be able to ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.
      Yeah, I believe it’s coming and could only be avoided if the Constitution is allowed to rule this land

    18. KY Mom

      Off Topic…

      Selective enforcement of laws and big breaks for some.
      There are MILLIONS of Americans employed and the feds do this. SHAMEFUL!

      Obama eases penalties for businesses hiring illegal immigrants

      “The Obama administration regularly cuts a break for businesses that hire illegal immigrants, reducing their fines by an average of 40 percent from what they should be, according to an audit released Tuesday that suggests the government could be doing more to go after unscrupulous employers.”

      According to an audit, one business received a 78% reduction in fines.

      The Washington Times

    19. zelmer

      The riots will eventually come but will it be for ‘American Values’ or because they are hungry and want the government to feed them? The people that really understand American Values will not expose themselves to these riots and will hopefully move out and hunker down with like minded folks.

    20. MongoPissed

      Good article, Mac. I am glad you mention the threat of martial law made in 2008 that lead to the bailout. Some Congress-slugs admitted they did not read or understand the legislation they signed. To all naysayers: we have been told that martial law is the goal post to which the globalists are pushing us, one financial crime after another.

    21. Satori

      the US government

      “doing the STASI proud”

      Inside the Army Spy Ring & Attempted Entrapment of Peace Activists, Iraq Vets, Anarchists

    22. Educated Sinner

      In Mexico in the early 1920’s the Government was taken over by radical Socialists. Like Lenin in the USSR their leader Pres. Plutartco Calles attempted to outlaw the Christian faith.
      At first the Christians did nonviolent resistance, until the Mexico’s Federal Government started to hang Priests, rape and murder Nuns, and burn churches.

      A Defensive Force of 20,000 armed Christians was formed and fought the Federals to a standstill. There were an estimated 90,000 deaths from this rebellion. This was the largest rebellion in Mexican history!

      The story of the “Christeros” can be viewed in the recent movie “For Greater Glory” staring Peter O’Toole and Andy Garcia.

      Who say’s” It can’t happen here”?

    23. KY Mom

      IRS Warns: Obamacare Tax Must Be Paid with Tax Return

      Agency employs Orwellian term “Shared Responsibility Payment” to describe Obamacare individual mandate tax.

      Americans for Tax Reform

      • .02

        More reasons then ever to go Galt. Do like the gun control registration crowd in Conn. Just say no, claim 12 on your w4 and let them come get it. Make it hard for them. Close the bank accounts and use money orders to pay the bills. Fvkem. If enough people would drop out of the system, the banks will put pressure on Oblundercare and shit will change.

        • Calgacus

          That would work.

          Yesterday the wife closed down her IRa and we took all cash. Its going to be reported anyway so who gives a flip that we walked out w/ cash.
          My IRA is up next.

          • Anonymous

            The IRS will garnish your wages.

            • Calgacus

              End of year I get a 1099_R and claim it on my 1040, line 15B. That is for taxable income from an IRA. Did that for 2013 and will do it again in 2014. Its the legal way to report income and they IRS got the paperwork after withdraw anyway dude.

    24. slingshot

      Quote of the day.

      “If you are paying attention, you know something isn’t Right”.

      • JayJay

        My quote has always been, If you’re not scared now, you ain’t paying attention!

    25. Mountain Trekker

      Boy I feel powerful today! Every time I voted on a comment it gave 4 to 6 votes. But on thumbs down only one. There for a minute I felt like a Democrat. Trekker Out.

      • Mcdave

        Funny, true.

    26. TheGuy

      Soon, even those who refuse to accept what’s happening around them won’t be able to ignore it any longer.

      Clearly, you don’t know my extended family. They could ignore their house burning down around them.

    27. Ned Ludd

      I feel we really need to put pressure on our state legislatures to get their ducks in a row so that when the federal government collapses we return to a system more in line with the original values of the constitution. Way too many times the fed uses the commerce clause to trample on our individual states rights. At one point in our history the states were against federating because of the opportunity for abuse, how prophetic they were.

    28. Kevin

      Whatever happens first, the Economy,EMP strike, Another major False Flag, earthquake, meteors,or Nuclear, Or maybe it will be all the above at the same time?

      Blood Moons next month and in October as well as in 2015.

      Things can’t go on this way forever! May God (Yahweh) intervene soon! And bring in HIS New World Order! Not Satan’s!

      Whatever may come Let’s get it over!

      Not wishing for anything bad upon anyone, but there needs to be

      Something that’s going to get Every Man,Woman and Child’s attention! But by God’s will. And to look up!

    29. Grey Dog

      In 50 years your grandkids will turn in your guns and turn in anyone with a gun. The ones left the police will arrest or kill. I don’t see a real big fight on taken guns away in the future. As for your rights well most of them will be gone and your grandkids will be fine with this. Times are changing . I know some of you are going to tell me what you are going to do LOL. Well the gov don’t believe you and they are in it for the long haul and they are wining .

      • The Old Coach

        Heck, my own brother tried to turn in my Dad’s guns when he passed away, and that was ten years ago. Fortunately I got to them first.

    30. Be informed

      Ukraine has 233,032 sq miles of land which 56.1% of it is arable land. 130,731 sqaure miles of arable land.

      45.1 million people means that there is 345 people per square mile of arable land.

      The U.S. has 629,000 square miles of arable land.

      315 million people means that there is 501 people per square mile of arable land for the U.S.

      Ukraine is no wonder called the breadbasket of Europe and one reason Russia wants it back into the Soviet days.

      Just look at what can happen to a country with all this to grow and a wonderful mineral base. What country are we talking about squandering what they have? BOTH. Yes what is happening in the Ukraine can definitely happen over in the U.S. Already part of it IS happening with the stupid economic point of view.

      • The Old Coach

        Good stats there. I have been thinking all along that it was just about all the pipelines.

    31. sgt. Dale

      I hate to say this but let it come. The sooner the better. I don’t want to see anyone hurt and I don’t want to hurt anyone. Now after saying that it push comes to shove I will. I will do everything in my power to protect my family and my group.
      With the IRS telling people that they are going to be fined and or have money taken out of their bank accounts, and now the gun grab in Conn. It is coming and coming soon.
      I just came up from the reloading room Just loaded 200 Rds. for my nephew, 100 rds. for my brother and 250 rounds for me. Damn them 230 Gr. 45 XTP’s H.P. look like ash trays. Coming at you they would like FLYING ASH TRAYS. With the way things are going I might need them very soon. I hope not.

      • Warchild Dammit!

        I just helped a buddy reload,we only did 30 of each for range tests,we have all the information on each lot so we find something we think is good can duplicate with alacrity!We need em for fun out on range/sandpits/private shooting,hope we need em for nothing else but better to have then not.

    32. eppe

      Hope you like these….

      Unnatural Laws”
      Law of Mechanical Repair: After your hands
      become coated with grease your nose will
      begin to itch or you’ll have to pee.
      Law of the Workshop: Any tool, when
      dropped, will roll to the least accessible
      Law of probability: The probability of being
      watched is directly proportional to the
      stupidity of your act.
      Law of the Telephone: When you dial a wrong
      number, you never get a busy signal.
      Law of the Alibi: If you tell the boss you were
      late for work because you had a flat tire, the
      very next morning you will have a flat tire.
      Variation Law: If you change lines (or traffic
      lanes), the one you were in will start to move
      faster than the one you are in now. (works
      every time)
      Bath Theorem: When the body is fully
      immersed in water, the telephone rings.
      Law of Close Encounters: The probability of
      meeting someone you know increases when
      you are with someone you don’t want to be seen with.
      Law of the Result: When you try to prove to
      someone that a machine won’t work, it will.
      Law of Biomechanics: The severity of the
      itch is inversely proportional to the reach.
      Theatre Rule: At any event, the people
      whose seats are furthest from the aisle
      arrive last.
      Law of Coffee: As soon as you sit down to
      a cup of hot coffee, your boss will ask you
      to do something which will last until the
      coffee is cold.
      Murphy’s Law of Lockers: If there are only
      two people in a locker room, they will have
      adjacent lockers.
      Law of Dirty Rugs/Carpets: The chances of
      an open-faced jelly sandwich of landing face
      down on a floor covering are directly
      correlated to the newness and cost of the
      Law of Location: No matter where you go,
      there you are.
      Law of Logical Argument: Anything is possible
      if you don’t know what you are talking about.
      Brown’s Law: If the shoe fits, it’s ugly.
      Oliver’s Law: A closed mouth gathers no feet.
      Wilson ‘s Law: As soon as you find a product
      that you really like, they will stop making it.

    33. OhioRiver

      “Occupy American Spring” may be the time when the couch potatoes watch MSM see decent Americans beaten to death during their protest in D.C. come May 16th.

      I don’t have an affiliation with the event, but I’m retired and tempted to go and be in the trenches (finally) for the first time against USG tyranny.

      Anyone care to join me? I have a van & ready to go. It’s my same van I used last year on my Walk Across America in “Support the U.S. Constitution”.

      I see lots of talk on this blog, but I, and another veteran did the talk & then did the walk. Let’s do it. I have space for 3 people.

    34. OhioRiver

      I am not affiliated with the “Occupy American Spring” that is to happen in D.C. on May 16th, but I am ready to go & participate.

      We can all do the talk here, but how many are ready to do the walk?

      I have a van that I’ll be driving that can load up 3 more people. Let me know if you are ready to go & become a part of American history.

    35. Cleber

      I’m from Brazil.
      I wrote a book showing some mistakes of the current economic principles. The current models do not see the entire system. This is causing all the troubles. I talked about how they move wealth from middle class to high people and companies and think this is the correct way.
      There are many mistakes about that.
      I tried to show the way to solve this trouble. The solution is not easy and it’s attached to the whole process and not to its parts like middle class and companies.
      I used many examples to show how these things work.
      I think you’ll appreciate this new point o view.
      The book is at Amazon at the address:

    36. Buzzfix

      Those 4th of July dogs are gonna be mighty pricey this year, that alone should awake and piss off the masses! Hopefully people won’t say its time to diet. Lol

    37. Tractor

      Coming to America
      GET READY…

    38. logicrazy

      Folks everything that is going on is just like Russia in the 80’s. You have to remember that line from Outlaw Josey Whales when the old lady at the ferry crossing says ” all that big talk don’t mean doodly ” Just keep that line in mind, as all the happy talk hits you in the face. Things are not what they seem to be, just like Russia in the 80’s. Unemployment numbers are manipulated, inflation rates are manipulated, profit statements are manipulated, and on and on. All to keep us calm. It won’t work for much longer. Trust your gut, and you will know when to take action….

    39. Frank Thoughts

      It won’t happen in the US and I shall give you my reasons:

      1) The state apparatus in the US is too sophisticated, full spectrum and nimble to lose control like the Ukrainian government did. Ignore the politicians (who do not really run things), it is the guys behind the scenes that do and they are no slouches.

      2) Big Data: The US is the world leader in this and can process unrest data at a furious pace, getting on top of things faster than dissidents can stir things up.

      3) Social structure: It is true vicious rioting can occur in the ‘Bro Zones’ of inner urban areas, but who cares? These places are economic dead zones anyway and it is akin to burning down some forest to contain the forest fire. So, yeah, go ahead and burn down the payday loan shop, the liquor store, the lotto seller, etc. These places are not central to the world economy.

      4) Smack down: Look at how easy it was to vilify and isolate the Occupy movement. Yes, there are some hard asses out there with no future who are very violent and either have to be killed or incarcerated, but most people are sissy: just tell them they will get a black mark at work or fired for participating in a demo, and they will come in line. It will be easy to control the prosperous areas by just telling people they need the state to protect them from the ‘bad people’ who are rioting. Women are especially easy to control and will effectively keep the men in line.

      5) Technological supremacy: The US has the most sophisticated weaponry and surveillance technology to track and suppress unrest. It was all beta tested in Iraq and that sh#t works. Having a hunting rifle won’t do you much good against a Hellfire missile.

      • Warchild Dammit!

        My guess is there are a lot of hackers out there that will gum up the govt. works badly,even with their secured private net the nsa has admitted to being hacked,bless those computer/tech nuts!

      • Logicrazy

        If by chance it is a national wave of discontent, nothing will stop it. If we reach that tip point even the best system will fail. No matter the failsafes in place. I have been places that would make most people freak out, that would make all the hair on your neck stand up. What comes deserves respectful fear.

      • TheBigOne

        Three maybe just only two strategically placed high altitude EMP’s will wipe all that out in less then a second fired from offshore ships. Then the ships would be timed to blowthemses to kingdom come to decontaminate evidence.

        The power grid of the entire USA and parts of Southern Canada and northern Mexico will be fried beyond repair. Every single transformer will have to be replaced and we get most of our power equipment from guess where? China!!!

        Wew only have small supplies for storms.

        Even just ONE well placed EMP on the East Coast will make Hurricane Andrew and Issac COMBINED look like a walk thru the park.

        We will be propelled back to the 1800s with today’s population to feed and most farmers rely on heavy machinery to deliver their goods and there won’t be any goods trains operating though steam locomotives from heritage railways would still operate!

        There are groups scattered that have and are restoring old steam locos which we could use to deliver goods and passengers if society remains intact long enough to come up with creative plans.

    40. wrong

      Think I’ll go blow some snow…………………..

    41. D.H. Hill

      Best we can hope for is the urban youths riot, start to burn the cities, then DHS has to go into the streets and fight them. We can stand back and watch while they destroy each other. That would be great (but I ain’t holding my breath)

      • Frank Thoughts

        I agree: we need to see those ‘hoods go all smokey and sh#t. Would do everyone a big favor. The best we can wish for is the underclass rises up, gets just close enough to where the real wealthy people live with the powerful connections, and then the order goes down the pipe to get the live rounds out. Then just sing the song ‘Let it Be’.

        My advice? Stay out of it and let the state take the heat and have to deal with the rampaging scum-hordes.

    42. peter salemi

      The bible has been saying this the whole time that America will fall

      • TheBigOne

        America won’t fail. It will simply be put out of the way. We are the 10th kingdom and out of it will rise an 11th..

    43. D7

      We are at a point in time where we have the cure to cancer, cure for diabetes and most other diseases. we have a free alternative energy, we have access to pure food as we did 1000’s of years ago. By utilizing these cures this would allow everyone on the planet to an average age of 100-125. Is it safe to introduce them. What would happen with the economy, who would take care of your great great grandparents. The health industry is about 30% of the workforce. we would only need one hospital per large city just for accidents.
      The list goes on for the energy sector. Who has the solution to a new world economy. How can social security pay for everyone to the age of 110. it cant be done. Social security was based on people living an average of 10 years. So do we change social security age to 85?

    44. TheBigOne

      Also becareful of *wag the dog* tactics. One major tactic is for them to WANT people to rebel because then that will give an excuse to declare Martial Law.

      If Obama declares Martial Law and there is no rebellion going on that will make it easier to remove that scumbag from office using proper laws and most of all you’re mind.

      The shadow forces WANT an extremely violent revolution and are hoping it will be emotionally driven so people won’t think and panic instead.

      Hence why so many violent video games since the *Bush Era* and articles that say that violent video games aren’t healthy are being poo pooed on so that people in this generation will be subtly trained to react to their lower self.

      They want blood and since the previous false flag terrorist attacks failed to get the blind panic they wanted then this is their next big thing.

      Does this reek Cold War all over again? Remember when students were taught to hide under their desks as if that would protect them?

    45. Whites go back to europe

      Hopefully mexico will learn from this event in Ukraine and one day take back its land that’s was stolen by white trash people.i find white people as the devil race it’s self.when you breed your people like dogs will there gonna behave like dog.i would kill all of you if I could,because what kind of human beings have animal traits behavior and respect that way of thinking ..white are just rapist perverd,lazy pigs .stupid like there cows.i say this for a reason my family members have been victims of 70 year old white man touching my 8 year old sister in front of my face .yall are evil animals .i kill every single one of you if I could..I know every race has goog & bad but y’all white people are all evil some more than others.hopefully god will make thing righty.Amen

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