The Following Content Has Been Identified As Being Potentially Offensive or Inappropriate

by | Sep 12, 2010 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    After all of the hoopla surrounding Rev. Terry Jones first wanting to burn Korans on September 11, and then strongly backing away from the event, the news media must have been itching for something to cover this weekend. The memory of the largest criminal act of terror against the United States of America and the death of 3000 Americans simply wasn’t enough to garner the ratings they need to survive against anonymous internet bloggers and non-journalists. When an unidentified man near Ground Zero decided to burn pages from the Quran, the media had their weekend news story.

    Though we wouldn’t personally take to lighting a Koran on fire, we fully support this American’s right to do so in public (or private), just as we support what most Americans what consider to be outrageous and unnecessary acts of burning a Christian Bible, Jewish Tanakh or the American Flag. All of these acts are offensive and inappropriate to large numbers of people. As Americans, many of us have grown accustomed to being regularly offended, and this perhaps explains why desecrating an American Flag or burning a Bible is not considered to be a big deal by mainstream media companies – including those based solely on the internet such as

    A most interesting sign of the political times is that the media, in this case Youtube, one of the largest media companies in terms of content distribution, chose to play the apologist and has attempted to distance themselves from the Quran burning incident with a disclaimer, presumably for the benefit of those from the religion of Islam who may be insulted. Incidentally, no such disclaimer is present for similar acts relating to sacred symbols belonging to other groups of people.

    Those accessing the video via Youtube were greeted with the following disclaimer:

    “The following content has been identified by the Youtube community as being potentially offensive or inappropriate. Viewer discretion is advised.

    Koran Book Burning

    Once a user acknowledges the disclaimer, they are redirected to the following video, linked from Drudge Report:

    (Direct Link – Disclaimer Required)

    Curiously, we explored other potentially inappropriate and offensive content on Youtube, and found that, although hundreds of millions of Christians worldwide may find the burning of a Bible to be a despicable act requiring a pre-viewing disclaimer, no such disclaimers were present for the following two (of over several hundred ) bible burning videos:

    Algerians burn Christian Bible prior to soccer match versus Sudan:

    (direct link – with no disclaimer)

    Here, a bible is burned by Satanists:

    (Direct link – with no disclaimer)

    In the following video, a US flag is burned in Mexico City. As you may have guessed, it’s been deemed as appropriate by the Youtube community:

    (Direct Link – with no disclaimer)

    In the following appropriate and non-offensive video, followers of Islam burn the US and British flags in London, while chanting “Democracy you will pay.” (Approximately 2:45).

    (Direct Link – without disclaimer)

    After the Muslim world’s outrage over a series of Muhammad cartoons published in a Danish newspapper, and the death threats voiced against South Park creators over one of their episodes making comedic remarks (and pictures) of Muhammad, we were surprised to find that the following video was not marked as offensive or inappropriate.

    (Direct Link – no disclaimer)

    There are tens of millions of Youtube viewers around the world, which begs the question, how does Youtube determine which content is offensive and/or inappropriate?


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      1. Comments….. Youtube method of operation in determining what is offensive is called the  double standard method.  it’s the same method used by the mainstream media. Very popular,—- very politically correct.
             The Christian community can expect to be treated to the double standard ever more as our politically correct society moves ahead with their NWO policies. 
                Everyone is expected to lay down, and make happy talk with mainstream Islam, but our spinless weasel leaders can’t even utter radical and Islam in the same sentence for fear of offending some rag head camel jockey somewhere.   Images of burning US flags, burning  the Christian Bible happen, and there is not so much as a wimper from the American MSM. What a bunch of two faced hypocritical wimps they are.  It’s ok to degrade Christianity, but don’t upset the Muslim community, they might not like us.
              If burning a Koran isn’t right, neither is burning a King james Bible either, but most people don’t see it that way. Hypocrits all….
              The double standard is alive and well, and will never die. Enjoy it.

      2. The day God Almighty will need computer nurds to defend his word will be the day I’ll burn my own bibles and start reading the koran.

        This issue is a fine example of why I don’t own a television set, or listen to mainstreem media, or read reports from reserve bank members and political leaders. Or bother watching youtube.

        But if anyone else wants to spend all day pushing their head through piles of shit, feel free to do so.

      3. Comments….. I only watch the news to laugh, but at the same time, to cry. The msm is waisted! In 20 years, the internet will be wasted (by then they will have thousands of paid government workers writing on the net, instead of the hundreds right now(world wide)) As time passes, and the people we have trusted for years on the net pass away, they will be replaced by gov workers and partisens, time is on their side, and running out for us.  We are so f$cked

      4. The problem with us Christians, is that we are tolerant concerning othe religions.
        What is happening in muslim countries is amazing. It’s not only the burning of the bible. It has to do mostly with the attitude against Christian religion and Christians as entities.
        In which muslim country could a Christian worship his God freely?
        In which muslim country could Christians demand a temple build with government expenses, in an area owned by the government?
        In which muslim country could people change their religion, without the fear of being killed by fanatics?
        The list may continue in whatever field.
        We must stand up and throw them out. Am i radical? Yes.
        Am i angry? Yes.
        Am i fanatic? No
        I’m just stupid that i tollerate those suckers.

      5. Wooba and others;  I agree mainstream news and lying politician scum of any party aren’t to be trusted.   Most all preachers are NWO  puppets and won’t take a stand for anything.   Patriots have home churches, just like home schools.   I also quit voting several decades ago as political scandals are on all levels of gov.  Small patriot groups of longterm friends are necessary for bartering, community defense, etc.  All hope for America is gone; we are down the sewer big time!  Younger people have no future, but they are too dumb to know this.  Live only for self/family, stay out of groups (tea parties, rallies, etc) and don’t give money to any org. they are only ripping off patriots and running a racket.  Patriot  talk shows are useless and redundant producing zero results and no solutions.

      6. What would you expect when the president Obama is a Muslim?  He has repeatedly stated that the U.S. of America is NOT a Christian country, and has bowed to Muslim leaders all over the world.

        If you are a believer in God, you should ignore the Government and MSM.  God has given you your laws and the  good sense to follow them.

        Not one thing you see or hear is not of Corporate origin, meaning nobody is responsible for what they say or do. 

        Gods people are not wanted in the corporate world, so I do not allow the corporate world into mine.

      7. Poster Manos, the Christian ,starts off with him being  tolerant of other religions and ends with him throwing out the Muslims. LOL, another stupid Christian. Be careful now, if you throw out the Jews you are also throwing out Jew Jesus, the Zionist.

      8. Yes Laura, that is exactly how I see it too. The system is hoplessly corrupt. All we can do is as you say, retreat from it as far as possible.

        Have you ever read much on the Forth generational Turning? It seems to be going as predicted by that theory with a cronic loss of energy supply thrown in for good measure.

        Makes you want to hide under a rock somedays lol.

      9. “The problem with us Christians, is that we are tolerant concerning othe religions.”

        Really, especially since Jesus said, “kill thee the non-believers” and “whosoever does not follow me to the letter must be stoned unto death” and “love thy neighbor so long as he professeth the same Christian faith as thee, otherwise smite him” and “tolerate not any difference of opinion about fantastical sky gods” and “hate conquereth all” and… oh, wait, he didn’t actually say pretty much the exact opposite of that crap?

      10. Millions of HOLY Cattle are slaughtered, butchered and roasted on the BBQs of America every year.  I admit to the being a   sacrilegious intolerant insensitive serial offender of this horrible act of first amendment abuse as well.


        Stick that in your Koran and smoke it Mr. Obozo.

      11. The difference is that people offended by bible or flag burning aren’t likely to don a vest of semtex and blow up utube’s offices.

      12. We ignore islam at our peril.
        islam has not been hi-jacked by radicals.   The “radicals” are TRUE  iSLAM!
        The  moderate moslems,  all the governments of  the West,  keep looking for,  to stand up against the “radical islamics”,   can not and will not,   because all those “moderate moslems” know , that the  “radical islamics”  are the true believers,  of what their  pedophile  prophet,  and his stupid ramblings, called the koran, teaches.
        Don’t take my word for it….look into it yourselves.   As long as we “tolerate”  islam,  there will be terror, and splodydopes.

        islam is a death cult,  and needs to be labeled as so.

      13. I have to laugh. …and laugh. …and laugh. If Allah even existed, he must be a pretty weak god. Having all these people have to do his bidding for him.

        YHWH doesn’t care if you burn his book. Burn the Bibles! Its just a book. The power is in YHWH not the stupid book, you morans! However and apparently burning a Koran hurts Allah. The faith of the Muslims must be so fragile that burning a book gets them all stirred up. …and, yeah, there is the double standard where burning a Bible doesn’t get much press. There is one simple reason: Gods word is holy. The pages they are printed on are just common paper. Because Islam is a groundless invasion plan to enslave peoples worldwide, they must get upset and show thier loyalty to this Allah. If we burn more Korans, will Allah cry? Will he be sorry for all the people that have been murdered in his name? It is the GOAL of Islam to murder non-Muslims.

        While I see there is some anti-Christian sentiment here, it has never been the goal of Christians on earth to murder those who do not believe. We, frankly, love those who don’t believe and try to convert them. Islam is more than an evil religion. Its goal is total and complete conquest. Don’t believe me? Just read their book. The goal of Christianity is to bring the good news to all of the world. If you don’t accept it, thats your problem and all Christians will do is pray for you. If you don’t accept Islam, their goal is to murder you.

        Oh, sure, all religions have been misused to the ends of profit and power at some point in their history. However, the fundamentals of Islam make it nothing less than a violent invasion plan. The Muslims that aren’t killing the non-believers are in violation, and often, are slaughtered by their brother muslims. Every Muslim dreams of killing infidels and those infidels are the ones that don’t believe.

        Personally, I’m forbidden from going after these souless bastard killing machines. Let them shout and let them dance in the streets. The victory is already mine. Because of that. I laugh at their feeble attempts to intimidate us. Their insecurity is very entertaining, often getting a smirk and a giggle from me. 

        I laugh at the Bible burners. I laugh at the flag burners. I laugh at the Koran burners. …and I laugh at all those that get upset. Shallow thinkers, all of them. Childish tantrums of childish, shallow people who know they have lost everything.

        I was once a sinner, unforgiven. Now I stand, justified, sanctified. No book, no flam, no bullet, no action can cause that course to waver even slightly. There is only entertainment.


        If burning a Koran isn’t right, neither is burning a King james Bible either, but most people don’t see it that way. Hypocrits all….

        Or burning Catholic churches in Afghanistan….didn’t hear about that on front page news last year, did ya??
        Double standard—are we going to have to resort to bomb threats as RADICAL ISLAMISTS do to be heard??

      15. Comments…..@JJ
        you are exactly right.  There is a gigantic double standard in our mass media. Those two faced weasely lemmings just report what they’re told to report.  As Americans, we’re told that we have to accept the Muslims as our brothers, and we must accept  equally their beliefs as equal to what Christians believe. Bull crap, that’s not what the Constitution says.
              I for one , am sick of hearing the Muslim faith is a religion of peace.  That’s a big fat lie.  Read the Koran verrses for yourself that pertain to non believers.  No where does it say to love one another, as the King James says.  Give me a break.
              Our media says nothing about Bible burning by other countries. Untill they give equal coverage, they are a complicent party to the problem of the double standard.
              So I say burn baby burn. Go ahead and stir the pot.  Give the extremists some of their own medicine.  They hate us already, and we will NEVER win their hearts and minds.  What a bunch of crap policy.
             I’m sick of catering to these rag head camel jockeys. Now, go ahead and flame me.

      16. Archangel has it correct and so do those who say that the MSM are corrupt. 
        No other religion will blow you up or put  a world wide hit on you for disagreeing with them! Just islam. So WHY do we let them get away with it? If your child hit you every time you told him/her “no”, would you allow that? Of course not. You would tell them to behave. The problem is muslims  have gotten away with being bullies so they know it can work. The world needs to tell them to grow up and behave. But the world in afraid of the tantrum they will throw. So how long do we let them hold us hostage? It won’t go away and should just be handled now.
         As to the MSM, they have been in bed with the NWO from the start. How else would they be able to cover their tracks for so long or to shape the public opinion for so many people who still believe that all is ok. They are blindly walking into the gas chanber and they are taking us with them.

      17. Just after 9/11 a catholic bishop decided to read the Koran and refresh his studies on the islamic religion. Catholic bishops do not see themselves as just serving the local catholic community, but the entire local community with the focus on catholics.  They are extreemly positive people  (sometimes annoyingly so)who always see solutions to all problems.  And so he read the Koran to learn about this part of the community. After 100 pages he closed the book and stated that he did not see how there could be any common ground found. The Koran had calls to kill all non-muslims on every page he had read. Convert or be killed. 
        That  this man who lives his life serving all types of people and finding solutions to all problems not matter what they might be  could say this, was startling to me. It really spoke about the looming problem we would have and now here it is. They are building huge mosques for a dozen families… No they are comming. They are planning to fill those mosques. Perhaps via Mexico to the US and that is why Obama won’t protect the border?

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