‘The Flag of Islam Will One Day Fly Over the White House’ *Video

by | Oct 4, 2010 | Headline News | 69 comments

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    When ABC’s Christianne Amanpour tries to portray Islam as a moderate and peaceful religion, something doesn’t go quite right.

    British Islamic Leader Anjem Choudary responds to Amanpour’s question about why people should not be afraid of Islamic domination:

    Islam has a solution for all of the problems that mankind faces. If you want to live at peace with Muslims, we are quite willing to live at peace with you.

    This idea that you have moderate Muslims and you have radical Muslims is complete nonsense.

    We do believe as Muslims that the east and the west will one day be governed by the Sharia. Indeed we believe that one day the flag of Islam will fly over the White House.

    Mr. Choudary has now convinced anyone watching this video that Islam is, in fact, a religion whose goal is to dominate western belief systems.

    Contrary to Choudary’s comments, there are several Muslims in the audience and on the panel who don’t seem to agree with him. In terms of moderate vs. extremist Muslims, there is a clear difference in their lines of thinking. There are those Muslims (probably a good majority here in the U.S., especially those who have lived here or were born here in the United States) that understand the separation of Church and State, and thus, they are probably against any suggestions about flying the flag of Islam over the White House.

    There are those, however, that are in a state of war with America, Americans and pretty much all non-Muslims. In fact, these “extremist” Muslims are willing to kill other Muslims who do not practice their faith as the extremists believe.

    Islam, it seems, is at war with itself.

    Hat tip JR and Freedom’s Lighthouse


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      1. iSlam…..spit!
        islam is not a religion and should not be given any religious status.   It at best, is an evil political system, and at worst, it is a death cult.
        There is no such thing as “radical iSlam”, because THAT IS ISLAM!
        We, in the west, keep expecting “moderate moslums”  to  rat out the radicals….but they can’t,  because the RADICALS ARE PRACTICING TRUE ISLAM!  and the so-called moderates know it.
        We ignore iSlam at our peril.     My prayer is, that the Lord ,will someday free the world, and the 1.5 billion people,  trapped in the iSlamic death cult.
        Honor killings, slavery, women just property,  terror, and pedophilia……..just a few of that “religion of peace’s” traits.

      2. Glad to see you’re finally paying attention to what true/real islam really is: a murderous death cult that demands its followers to bring EVERYONE under the submission of shariah law. We know 9/11 was an inside job, but that cannot take away from the fact that the koran calls for a worldwide islamic caliphate. Remember your president’s name is obama…wake up.

      3. lostinmo – 100% correct!  Double spit!

      4. Corrupt politicians on all levels have allowed Muslim immigration  and yes, they will implement stealth shiria here; they have taken over the E.U. and hate speech  is punished.   Muslims are winning all over; most of the old soviet union is converted, S.E. asia and moving into India, etc.   If more mosques are allowed in this country all hope will be gone in a few years.  Scum bag politicians are allowing this to destroy our freedom and any hope for the future.

      5. Triple spit!  If they get caught, look out.

      6. Let me say at the outset that I’m a peaceful, retired American and I’m very fortunate to live in this great country.  It is my dream to preserve the best this nation has to offer for my children and grandchildren.  But… 

        This is just more evidence that it’s time to draw a line in the sand.  These people can’t be trusted to assimilate peaceably  into our society.  By their own admission, they want to dominate our society.  Folks, that’s you and me.

        “… One day the flag of Islam will fly over the White House.”  What a crock.  It’s my view that if we continue to turn the other cheek, fellow citizen, one day we may find they’ve cut our throats.  The more we tolerate and accommodate people like this the bigger the problem we’ll be dealing with in the future.

        We must be willing to openly express our point of view and join with those who may agree, to resist any further expansion of this hateful, extremist “religion.”  


      7. Hack,spit, vomit, belch and curse and throw in an involuntary bowel eruption and we have a pretty good response to islam and their danged sharia BS! Hell will freeze over 7 times in a week and that BS still wont take over this nation and anypart that accepts it should be invaded and burned…we cant afford to play good christian brother with this death cult,kindness is weakness in their eyes,so lets cut to the chase…islam is evil and there are no good peaceful “true believers” in islam,dont like that….good, the truth isnt gonna change to suit the simple minded who support or defend this crap!

      8. Excuse me, but I think  islam is already flying a flag at the White House.

      9. Don’t be afraid of Islam. If Islam’s flags is raised at white house, the Islam I know (peaceful, tolerant respectful of other peoples differences), the Islam that was revealed by Allah through his prophets from Adam to Jesus (PBUH) and finally to Muhamad, (PBUH), America will maintain its glory.
        But I don’t agree those who say that the flag of Islam will one day be raised at white house. Why not in Rwanda Uganda Egypt Saudi Arabia or other countries? I think he was taking through analogies. He who plans that is not being honest with himself. Islam is not a religion that believes in occupation. It is a religion that encourages Muslims to live in peace with other countries. If he meant a president to rule America in future, that has no problem so long as he is within the law that governs America and that is what makes America a great country.
        To my Muslim brothers. Let us not give chance to the few stranded people who intend to divert whatever is said with good intention by Muslims to use it to cause conflict and also to avoid talking for the sake of it.let us strengthen cohesion with our fellow citizens.
        Let the world find the root cause of all this suspicion.
        Issa Kirarira
        [email protected]

        • Is your Islam pro-multiculturalism?

      10. islami is of the devil. the dirty koran is a book of lies from the pit of hell. I WILL draw the line with this horrible cult. Now after having written that, I also need to calm down and pray for the countless people who are deceived by this fake faith and hope they come to a saving knowledge if Jesus Christ. Because God does not want anyone to perish. But it is one’s free will to choose God’s gift of forgiveness in Jesus…. or not.   For those willing to think it through, do a parallel study of Christian and islamic eschatology. You’ll then understand why islam is a satanic lie & fake religion.  Flame away. I’ll just stand on my Rock.

      11. Islam is a false religion based on lies.  However, the poor souls who are held captive to the lies are deadly serious in their beliefs.  They will do anything for their beliefs, including suicide and murder.  
        Our president claims to be “christian”, but it is obvious to me that he is an athiest.   He has a political and social tie to Islam, in that he hates white people and america, but his little candid rant against those who trust in “god and guns” revealed his true feelings.  Therefore those who actually do believe in  islam have  an ally in the White house.   It is very dangerous.  

      12. Agreed, radical Islam is a threat to America.  But the biggest and most immediate threat to America is the 30 million illegals of “latino nation” that has infiltrated every nook and cranny of the United States, who OUR government wants to give amnesty so that these “new Americans” can vote in a national referendum to dissolve America into the North American Union.

        America would disappear with the stroke of a pen and without firing a shot! Vote for Patriots or take spanish lessons!

      13. Comments….. Nah.. , islam is not evil, just make every scholar,
        public face, minister, president eat pork and pray in the same
        time about peace. Muslims i mean ….
        If they puke, cut aid for Israel.


        Getting rid of Islam and Mosque in this nation is soooo easy….pigs, pig blood, pig skins, pig fries, pig cakes, pig feet, pig snouts, ……………..oops, I dropped/spilled it on your coat!!
        Or the lawn..in New York, the mosque won’t last long.

      15. Actually the biggest threat we face is the fact that no one wants to be “politically incorrect” and say what needs to be said.  If someone does or says something stupid, we should say so.  If they do something evil, say it and fight it!  To Hell with what the world thinks of us.  It is time to call as we see it and act accordingly!

        And the way I see it, we are being invaded by La Raza, The Horde of Laziness and Islam!  And I don’t give a damn who’s feelings get hurt when I speak it as it is!

      16. Ah, that good-ol Muslim boogie man. All I read here is a bunch of sheeple who have been lead astray by our Zionist controlled media. How did Christians and Muslims get along BEFORE the lies of 911? Quite fine, if I remember right. Oh, we had “incidents”, but were those REALLY the fault of Muslims? The Lavon Affair and the USS Liberty come screaming out as two obvious Israeli operations. BTW, so was 911.
        We’ll yippee-ki-yea, let’s go invade three countries and MURDER a million+ souls. Heck why don’t we plan on going into another peaceful country and kill a bunch of them because “THEY HAVE NUKES”. (Which they don’t, but but but another little country IN THAT AREA does. Heck, they won’t even join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty or even admit they have nukes. Let’s go ahead and send them three billion a year just for the heck of it.)
        Gosh darn, was that a Manora I saw on the Whitehouse lawn last Christmas?
        Who owns the Fed? How controls CONgress and the President? Who runs ALL the media? How controls Hollywood and the porn industry? Who are the ones who are TRULY pulling this country down? The Muslims have the power to do that, right?????
        Please choose. Either pull your head out of your ass or make sure you get your directions correct. Beck and Fox news is on in the barn. The feeding trough is on the right and the water tank is on the left.

        • U got that right. But we do not have to choose between Islam and judenzionism. Both are our enemies. They only act like enemies to fool us. They would cut our throats before each other’s.

      17. MDF – are you sure you aren’t Rick Sanchez?

      18. Fed Up…No I am not. I’ll agree with you on La Raza. I’m also in Texas, but don’t think this is isolated to here. Spend any time in Spokane lately? Same thing there.

        Question, what federal representative actually supports illegal imagration? Most do nothing (Kay Bailey and John Cornyn). Isn’t that the same as support? Traitors do.

        NAFTA, outsourcing, fucking TARP (let’s just GIVE the crooks some money), these wars based on lies, The Patriot Act, Homeland Security, Israel, welfare,  etc…. These are not things that true Americans support. Traitors do.

        Do you like having more than 50% of every dollar you earn STOLEN from you?

        This ain’t MY government. This is a MONSTER. That monster has a leash on. It might be time to “take the red pill” or “pull back the curtain” on who is REALLY running the show. It’s not the Muslim, that’s for sure.

        TURN OFF THE BOOB TUBE. It doesn’t take much digging to figure it out.

      19. MDF-  I have said before and will say again.  Lets have a reset!  We need reps that want to do something and not be somebody.  And I call Kay Bailey and Cornyn’s offices and complain on a regular basis.

        And as far as the leash, it is the power hungry that pull the leash.  The ones who would give your money to someone, not willing to work for it, for the vote they can get out of them.

        And I also realize it is not just our state.  I have friends in Indiana with the same problem.  A business there actually has signs at the border advertising work there.

        But to say Islam is not prospering a threat to our way of life is just not right.  I think we agree on a lot.  I will grant you that some of the Israeli methods of dealing with their neighbors are off.  And being a Christian I obviously have doctrinal differences.  But you have to agree that by percentage, more of the worlds Muslims are a threat than Jews.  And I have a daughter.  I will be dead before someone treats her like property, Lord willing.

        And just so you know I have several good friends who are Iranian Christians who would agree with me.  And I have friends that have been to Israel, Jordan etc and talk of the poor ways that the Israelis treat non-jews.  But if my neighbors friends kept trying to kill me, I probably would be a dick too.

        Finally, you had to like the Rick Sanchez joke, right?  I mean that was quick.  Not exactly helpful in the debate, but quick.

      20. I haven’t posted on this site for a while. I have a tendency to piss people off and I was on a roll about 8 months ago. I thought Rick Sanchez was a poster here. I had to look him up because I do not watch lievision. I understand that Mr. Sanchez spoke the truth and pissed some folks off. Good for him.

        Is Israel ACTUALLY being attacked? Is that what the media said??? I’ve heard they’ll launch “bottle-rockets” at themselves (of course nobody gets killed) as an excuse to launch some sort of retaliation (in which people DO get killed) against their enemies.  Add up the numbers. Just who’s doing most of the killings? How sweet of them was it to kill an American (shot AT LEAST 4 times) on that aid flotilla a few months back. You really heard a lot about that one didn’t you? How about that nice white phosphorous stuff that they use that BURNS RIGHT THROUGH YOU!! Isn’t that outlawed? I wonder what buddy of theirs gave it to them. They don’t want peace. All talk of peace is lies. They want LAND!! They will steal/kill at will to get it. They want their enemies destroyed. Of course Americans get to do that dirty work.

        Don’t get me wrong here. I’m no Muslim lover. If they screw with me, I’ll fight back. In the big scheme of things though, what two countries can be concidered the evil ones here? Could that possibly us and Israel? We’re killing them and they’re fighting back. Wouldn’t you do the same?

        Jesus spelled it out in John 8:44 and he WASN’T talking about Muslims.

      21. If the muslims in the ME would lay down their guns,  there would be peace.   If the jews laid down their guns,  ….there would be no Israel.

        Somehow, I missed the news, about all the jews, blowing themselves up, along with everyone else, who happened to be standing there,  and doing it in the name of their god.

        iSlam makes good men turn evil.   “Radical muslums are the most spiritual men of  iSlam,  carrying out  their moon god’s commands.

      22. If the Muslims laid down there guns, Israel would kill them ALL. Why don’t we look at some numbers from 12/08 to 01/09. 13 Israelis-  1300 Palestinians. 10 to 1, isn’t that special.  http://www.moiz.ca/coffin2.htm It was called Operation Cast Lead. Where WITHOUT WARNING OR PROVOCATION (except for those bottle-rocket things), Israel started another one of their murder sprees.

        To much death.

        Lost…. You go with what you believe. I’ll stick with mine. I just wonder what you and others might think about  when you figure out that Israel  along with OUR OWN DAMN GOVERNMENT did 911.

        How many weapons of mass destruction did we find in Iraq again? I think that was a BIG FAT DONUT.  Have we caught OBL in Afghanistan? Oh that’s right, he’s dead (and has been for YEARS). Didn’t you know that? Why are we droning men, women, and CHILDREN to death in Pakistan? Shit if I know, but we just keep on doing it.

        Why are we MURDERING all these Muslims? Because American’s are dumb-asses who believe anything that their told. (Don’t give me that I’m un-American crap. I was actually dumb enough to serve for this MONSTER)

        You better hope we don’t go into Iran. Russia and China have stated it loud and clear that they will back Iran. What’s next? WWIII.

        ALL OF THIS IS BASED ON LIES. Figure it out, PLEASE!!!!!

      23. Comments…..MDF, everything you have posted is %100 correct, but trying to explain it to these zombies is a waste of time, just look at the hate spewing out from these hate mongers who proclaim to be Chrstian.  For those of you making fun of Muslims and pork, may be you should read the Bible and see what Jesus says about the subject Deut. 14 8.

      24. Folks… you forget one thing.  They don’t care what we do… they’re going to try and kill us.   So at the end of the day, when all is said and done… One little thought should go through your mind.  “My tribe or their tribe… which one do I want to win..?”  You know the answer and you know what is going to happen.  Peace isn’t an option, so what’s the next answer on the list..?

      25. To the last Anonymous poster – have you EVER spent any time around Muslims???????? The average Muslim is JUST LIKE YOU AND I. They are just “trying to get along” and the LAST thing they want to do is kill somebody. How brainwashed are you? Seriously, get a fucking clue.

        This is absolutely typical of most Americans. TOTALLY IGNORANT TO THE FACTS.  Hurry up and run to Fox News, you might miss Beck. (Who is Fox owned by?????  Rupert Murdoch; Zionist, piece of shit)

      26. MDF,

        You have to open your eyes.  Just trying to get along?  By building a mosque right at ground zero?  Thats being antagonistic, not getting along. 

        And last I checked Christians were not the ones threatening to kill people for burning their scriptures.   Bibles are burned all the time all around the world and we don’t go crazy in the streets.  Or blow ourselves up, or shoot soldiers at Fort Hood, or beat women for getting raped, or ….. I could go on for a while.

        And as far as totally ignorant of the facts, simple, Iran admits to having nuclear capabilities.  Their President has said he wants to wipe away Israel and America.  Tell me again why we don’t want to stop him?  The smoking gun there would be a mushroom cloud.  And as far as Russia and China, to hell with them if they don’t like it.  Again, I don’t plan on asking my neighbor if its okay to shoot the guy breaking into my house.

        I had hoped you had a rational side, but, alas, as I had expected, that isn’t so.

        • Muslims and judenzionists are the enemies of Christians and non-religious Whites. But anyway i want to point out that ahmadinejad said was that “israel will fall like the ussr” iranian-do you speak it?

      27. Sam,

        Quick lesson.  Jesus didn’t write Deuteronomy.  Moses did via inspiration from God.  Deuteronomy is where the law was given.  And Jesus replaced the law with grace through his death on the cross and resurrection.  Therefore, we no longer have to live under the law, we live under Jesus grace.  If you would like me to go into a much greater detailed explanation, I will be happy to.

      28. Fed up ….. my point here  “Is this what you were told?” Where are you getting this info? If it’s TV, newspapers, magazines then it’s a lie. They are ALL controlled by ONE group.

        Did Imadinnerjacket REALLY say he wanted to wipe Israel off the map? Do you understand Farsi? Did this come from the 60 Minutes interview where CBS was caught omitting half of what he said and ONLY submitting the inflammatory stuff? CBS is Jew owned, BTW.

        So they say it (over and over and over) on TV  and you believe it?????? Was OBL’s name being thrown out the afternoon of 911? Man that was fucking quick, wasn’t it????? Who owned (owns) the World Trade center complex? Who took a double indemnity clause for terrorist attacks? Who WASN’T at the Tower of  America’s restaurant the morning of 911, when he was there EVERY morning without fail before that? Just how did Building 7 fall? How come three steel structure buildings collapse (at free-fall speed)  from fire when NONE have EVER COLLAPSED FROM FIRE BEFORE? Did you see a plane at the Pentagon? How about Pennsylvania?

        Iran is  building POWER STATIONS. Iran is a member of the NPT. Iran has allowed EVERY U.N. inspection. The enrichment of uranium needed for weapons is about 90%. Iran’s is about 20%, just about the level needed for POWER STATIONS.

        How stupid would they be if they nuked Israel????? They would be wiped off the map by Israel and the United States. I’m SURE they would want that!


        Come on man, question EVERYTHING your told.

        Did Eisenstein REALLY come up with the Theory of Relativity?  Is that what you were taught? Is that what you believe?
        This is just one teeny-tiny example of brainwashing that people accept as true.

        Red pill – Blue pill…… the choice is yours.

      29. Fed up……”And last I checked Christians were not the ones threatening to kill people for burning their scriptures.” Your words not mine. Remind me AGAIN how many people have we killed in the last 9 years? HOW MANY, MR FED UP.????? We don’t need them to burn a Bible, we just do it anyway.

        Do you actually believe Major Hasan did Fort Hood????? Keep on trucking there buddy.  You have no clue.

      30. Really?  The theory of flippin relativity?  Is there anything you don’t think is a conspiracy?  Do you even touch reality anymore?  How do you function with this level of paranoia?  Was WWII a hoax?  How about the civil war?  Oh, and what about the Crusades?

        And exactly how would Israel wipe out Iran if they were already nuked?  Do you realize how small Israel is and how few nukes it would take to totally wipe them from the face of the earth?

        Take off the blinders, get off of the internet for a while, and actually talk to people with knowledge of the situation over there.  Actually read a book from both sides of the argument.  Its called perspective and actually knowing why you believe what you believe.

      31. How DID the blue pill taste there Fed Up? Enjoy your life of ignorant bliss.  Isn’t O’Reilly on right now? You better go slop it up.

      32. Comments…..Fed up, you are clueless about scripture, Jesus didn’t bring anthing new, his mission was to confirm and complette the law upon humanity, the Bible supersedes the Torah which means inclusive of the Torah. But go ahead and live by grace and ignore Gods commands revealed to humanity through Christ. 

      33. Looks like the funny farm got a new computer with Internet access and the wingnuts are having at it. Don’t forget to medicate before you post next time guys.

      34. MDF: you wrote: my point here  “Is this what you were told?” Where are you getting this info? If it’s TV, newspapers, magazines then it’s a lie. They are ALL controlled by ONE group.

        Just where are you getting your info? If the website that you posted that link to is any indication, then I personally can give no credence to your comments whatsoever.

      35. Easy enough Joan.

        Financial lies:

        Governmental and Media lies:

        Big scheme of things:
        http://www.thedailybell.com/ Very good web site out of Switzerland.

        In your face screaming pissed off:
        You might think Joe is WAY out of line, but he spent years over in the Middle East dealing with the the real problem.

        Thoughtful pod-casts, occasional blog entries:

        I’ve got a host of others. I’d bee glad to post them.

        The Einstein thing IS questionable, I’ll admit that. My point is, “do we REALLY know what’s true vs. lies”. Could our whole way of looking at issues be wrong? If education, media, and entertainment have all been subverted, WHAT IS TRUE?

      36. Chill, guys. Just ‘cuz a guy gets airtime from a nice studio don’t mean he ain’t a crackpot. Look at Pat Robertson. But we ain’t afraid Christianity’s gonna fly its flag over the White House. Although some of us think that it’s an inextricable part of the Constitution already, don’t we? Geez – I hope we’re not being hypocrites here.

        Anyway, while anyone’s free to call out crazy d-bags like Choudary, it would be nice to hear more from Muslims themselves. But, then again, it would have been nice to hear from non-abusing priests in the Catholic molestation cover-up, but people seem, to a shameful degree, to look out for their own (even when “their own” is being used to describe sexual predators who are also priests, rather than innocent boys who are churchgoing Christians – or when “their own” is used to describe intolerant clerics who also claim to be Muslim, rather than Muslims or non-Muslims who are also peace-loving.”)

      37. Islamic scolars have repeatedly and openly admitted their desire to rule all. It is written that they are at war with infidels if they live on non-Muslim land.
        But the America cannot defend itself if it continues to support christian cults which are just as dogmatic. Realising that all religion is in your head and should therefore not be part of society outside of the home will allow America’s representatives to ensure no religion, islam or otherwise, fly it’s flag over American freedom.

      38. Let’s just call this “the pot calling the kettle black” forum. Most of the vile comments about Islam are correct. I hate Islam (but not muslims). I also hate Christianity and Judaism and all the other shoddy man made attempts at answering questions that couldn’t be answered when they were created. Oh, and MDF, btw, immigration is spelled like I just spelled it- not imagration. That’s pretty telltale right there.

      39. MDF- I may not have time until Sat. to check out your links. I will get back to you.

      40. I can’t spell worth a damn. Wow, that’s pretty “telltale” , isn’t it?
        I also got my death comparison wrong. That should of been 100 to 1. So my math sucks also.I guess I’m a complete idiot who can’t tie my shoes either. I broke my arm yesterday when I put a piece of Doublemint in my mouth while walking the dog. I seem to crap in my pants a lot also.

        I guess all this death doesn’t matter compared to spelling. Since the little useless issues are important to you and not the big picture, why don’t you run for office, you’d fit right in.

      41. MDF you are a loon, take a break from the computer, go get a glass of water and take your perscription. It is obvious you have forgotten to take them today.

      42. Comments…. Wow, if any body is a loon it’s you, because when a man speaks the truth in a nut house relative to all the crazy people in there he looks like the nuttyone. There’s relativity for you. MDF is %100 right but obviously you can’t make the deaf hear and the blind see.

      43. @ MDF, you post more BS than one can rightfully respond to. I can’t imagine too many share your paranoid thoughts, I hope not anyway. FU and your un-american rethoric, your 911 conspiracies..you served for this monster? Is that how you feel about this country? The freedoms of this country are wasted on you, and you should be living in Iran since you believe every word from that nut of a pres they have. What harm have the Jews every done to you to foster such hatred? Out-earn you and out-educate you? Sure, but that is no reason for your lies and hatred.  Just try to better yourself, and hate a little less, and you may be happy one day. The radicals in any religion be it christianity, judism, islam are the threat that we need to defend and educate against. Why should they build the mosque in downtown nyc, because we are not radicals, we have freedom and tolerance.

      44. @ wow, Believe what you must. I think I have more love for this country than you. I’m watching it being destroyed. You, along with 95% of this country have absolutely NO CLUE.

        Are we using the Constitution? Leno made a joke about years ago that we should give it to Iraq because we don’t use it. Everyone laughed. So Sad!!!

        Bush made a joke about not finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq at a fund raising dinner while he was president. Everyone laughed. So Sad!!! It’s always nice to laugh at the fact we killed a million souls. I guess they’re just chump change, aren’t they?

        If you actually wanted to find the truth, you’d look for it. But alas, you are a completely brainwashed waste.

        Did you serve Mr/Mrs wow? Somehow I doubt it. Think twice before you accuse me of being Un-American.

        I scream it out. If I didn’t, people like you will NEVER break from the chains.

      45. @wow or ANYONE ELSE ON THIS POST!!!!
        Do you see Joan up there? Joan questions my reasoning, but Joan is at least open to investigating it herself. I think she will start to understand all on her own. Will anyone else? Will anyone read those sites (not once, but continually). Could you possibly be wrong and afraid to admit it? If I am, I’ll gladly “take the hit”. I turned off the boob tube years ago. I dug hard. I WOULD OF NEVER THOUGHT I’d have come to this conclusion when this all started.

        All I’m asking is for folks to look at “the other side”. You might not like what you find, but as an American, you must.

        Thanks Sam. You understand. I think quite a few others do to. They understand the machine is broken. I did some troubleshooting and know why. Problem is, one man can’t fix it. 200 million, could.

      46. MDF

        You are asking us to look at both sides, but refuse to do it yourself.  You assume everything is a lie and then rail against those who have looked at both sides and then come to a conclusion that is different than what you want to hear.

        I am through with this argument with you.  You have are just as bad as those who always believe government is the answer to everything.

      47. Just what other side do you want me to look at? The media’s? That’s a laugh.

        Hummmmm……What to say?…. .What to say?????

        Oh why bother. Words that fall on deaf brains aren’t worth typing.

      48. Well, MDF- I can’t say that I am even close to being remotely convinced of your claims and the claims made on those web sites you linked.

        That 2 hour video shows a lot of images, but gives very little references-a lot of it is “he said-she said” kind of stuff and video recordings that could have been shot any time, anywhere,but I guess if the narrator says it is this or that, then I guess it’s true? I don’t think so.
        The video of eyewitness to the men dancing and the white van right after the towers were hit do not say anything about whether they were Jewish or Muslim or whatever, only the makers of this video claim it was Jewish men. And the video of Jewish men dancing could have been taken at any time for any reason, there is no evidence that it is showing what the narrator claims it is.
        The anti-Jewish bias of these websites is very obvious so it is hard to think that they do not have an agenda and will use whatever they can, whether true, partly true or completely false to further their agenda.
        The damning video of the intoxicated Jewish boy spouting garbage is disgusting, but there are obnoxious people within every group.  And regardless of the bad actions of some Jewish people, you can’t ignore the equally and even worse actions of Muslims that have been caught on video, dancing in the streets with audio of them shouting “Death to America”, etc, burning the American Flag, etc; not to mention the video with audio of various Imams and the hatred they spew.
        Regarding what other side you should look at-where to find it? Why not start with the internet. For every blog and newsite that supports your view, there is a blog and newsite that supports the other view.

      49. Joan
        I put out what I think is right. Could I be wrong? Heck yes, but I doubt it. I didn’t just lock on to those sites because they’re anti-Jewish, I read them every day and came to realize there was more truth in them than many others. Karl from The Market Ticker is certainty not a Jew hater. The folks that comment on Zero Hedge run all different angles and I’ve seen many confrontations on all sorts of topics, religion based or not. The people that comment on Zero Hedge are way smarter than me. They seem to be very well informed. I don’t comment on that site because they would tear me apart. I read, I learn.
        The Daily Bell is not Anti Semitic by any means. Mike Rivero from What Really Happened is over many, many issues. Some regard Israel, yes. He usually rips right through the media’s account. Does he hate Jews, hardly. The last three links I gave you are assuredly slanted . The Ugly Truth doesn’t go over the deep end on it. Mantiq and Joe, now those two blast it out. Overall, I would say the majority of those sites are pretty low key.

        I have two others,
        is out of Canada. Some articles on it are very good. Any by Paul Craig Roberts are without a doubt, worth reading.
        Another “big picture ” one is http://neithercorp.us/npress/
        I just started to read this one and the verdict is still out. My initial thoughts  are positive.

        I’m just throwing these out. You decide if you want to read them. You decide if you want to believe them. A quick glance is not enough to form an opinion, but I cannot force you to do anything. You make up your own mind.

      50. MDF…I appreciate your respectful and civil tone, thank you.

        The globalresearch site has a lot in it and I do not have the time to peruse it more fully. I did read a couple of articles, one by your Mr. Roberts, and skimmed a few others.

        I do not know how much of it is true or false, or exaggerated or one-sided, but again, it was clear that this site was in no way neutral. It was obvious that they are against America and Israel, and pro socialist-progressive.

        We both have different world views and we both have evidence to support these world views. And it goes for anyone else in the world- we are going to be more willing to believe the evidence we see and hear that supports our own view.
        On the other hand, why do we hold the views that we do?  I believe it is based on many things. Speaking for myself , over the years I have come to be more and more conservative as I have become more and more convinced of the truth of Christianity through prayer and bible study, historical research, and spiritual reading. My political and social views all stem from that faith and from the evidence I have seen and heard that continues to support my beliefs.  As I continue to grow and learn, some of these views have changed, while in many cases my view has been increasingly validated.
        Do I think that my view of the world, human nature, spirituality is 100% correct? Of course not.  There are so many things we can be sure of, and many more that we may never know for sure. When I do not know enough about a subject, or the information from both sides is so contradictory, I simply refrain from holding any strong opinion on the matter, because I believe it is almost impossible to know for sure.
        Sorry if this sounds a bit confusing, but I do not have the time nor inclination to go in depth and I think I may be getting off topic anyway.
        Thanks for your input, and I pray that we can both find the Truth.

      51. Thanks Joan,

        Those sites are always there for the taking. Taking all them in is indeed, time consuming.

        I don’t know what the “Grand Scheme” is, but I’m afraid it doesn’t include us. Greed for money and power on one side  -  sloth, laziness,  and the need for a constant handout on the other.

        I have watched the America I grew up with being torn to the ground. As any parent would want, I would like my children to have a better life than me. That is not possible in our present state. Our government seems hell-bent on doing everything possible to subvert the ideals of the Founding Fathers. That doesn’t work for me. I’m pissed and I will not sit any longer. People need to scream their anger. Lincoln said “Of the People, By the People, For the People” We’re missing all three of those, especially the last one.

        I’m screaming.

      52. MDF-well, based on your latest response, it seems we do agree on quite a bit. 🙂

      53. MDF,

        You have so much hatred for Jews, so how many of your family or any Americans do you know that were targeted by Jews? The underwear bomber, was he Jewish? The Ft. Hood Bomber? The 13 yr old American Muslim boy that last week blew up a bomb in Maine? The Time Square Bomber?
        Was it the Jews that killed all those innocent people in Beslan? Or the Jews that killed so many in India?
        Maybe all of these you want to blame on Zionists, but that is never going to help when the Muslim leaders and imams are the ones calling to kill others, humiliate, torture, and even rape non-Muslims.

        If we look at American history, we will see that Muslims were killing Americans, prior to US independence (First Barbary War.)

        John Quincy Adams was not quiet or shy about what he learnt about Islam, the founding fathers knew what jihad and Islam represented.  Even Abe had a koran, in order to know the enemy.

        Regardless of your personal feelings, USA is a country built on Judeo/Christian values, the ten commandments, and not the Koran!

        • The underwear bomber was some nut. His religion does not change the fact that the cia used him and allowed him to pass through airport security despite all the red flags (young male, one way ticket, no luggage) he raised. Remember in George Orwell’s 1984; i forget which part i lost my copy a few yrs ago;, how “big brother” would stage terror attempts and then take credit for “thwarting” them?

      54. Wow, so many sheeple here, it’s surprising. You guys know not to believe the news stories on how the economy is coming back strong, but show no sign of doubting what you see about Islam. Try and learn about Islam from books by Muslims, not morons like Robert Spencer who makes up lies.

      55. @TruthAlone
        I pretty well have worn this thing out. My main point has always been “is what you’re hearing the truth”? Let’s talk about Major Hassan. What we were told was that he went bazonkers, screamed out some Alla shit and started wasting people.  Did I get that right?
        Now let’s look at another angle. Major Hasan was a psychologist. His duties included helping soldiers who had real problems from military duty. PTSD for one. The shootings happened at the last staging area before deployment. Could it (even remotely) be possible that he was there to help 2 or 3 soldiers who had had enough and refused to go. Up to and including using violence to make sure they didn’t. This is called mutiny. With so many suicides and anger from within the ranks, do you think the Army would want something like an open mutiny to be known?

        2 or 3 men were hauled off that morning. Did you here that? The Major went about his normal routine before the incident, including eating breakfast at his regular place were the owners said he was perfectly content. If you were going to go “off the deep end”, would you be calm?

        I think he was used as a scapegoat BECAUSE HE’S MUSLIM. I’ll believe the media’s version if they make his trial public. Fat chance of THAT happening.

        Am I right????? Are you right???? Who REALLY knows? I won’t automatically “chow down” on the media’s story.

        I am a Christian man. I fully understand that this country was founded under those beliefs. It should stay that way. I seem to recall something about “freedom of religion” in some important documents somewhere. Maybe #1 on the Bill of Rights. Everyone has a right to their own way. I didn’t know the Muslims were  working so hard to change the rules. I must have missed something there.

        Since you are so quick to throw out the Founding Fathers. Read what good-ol Ben said about things  http://theruthlesstruth.com/Ruthlesstruth.html

        I’m pretty tired of continuing this. I’ve thrown it out there. Believe what you want. If you think I’m full of shit. Rock-on.

      56. Ding, ding, ding……. I can almost see the light bulbs coming on over peoples heads.

        Not ONE rebuttal???? Come on now, how about you Lost? What do you have to say Mr. FedUp? Didn’t I get a “FU’ from Mr. wow. I can’t forget my good buddy TruthAlone either. I was even thrown out a little message that I was Un-American.

        Do ya’ll POSSIBLY think that there JUST might be something to what I say? That there REALLY is a force so deceiving, cunning, and perverse that it (they) have EVERYONE fooled. Well there is. I think it would be a good idea if ALL of you dug a little deeper than just accepting “what you’re told”.

        This country can be returned to its former glory. Sitting on your asses AIN’T gona do it.

        I think the first stop on our little journey would be to get rid of The Fed. Gee, I wonder who controls that?

        • I dont watch the zionist media either but i did not hear much about the hassan thing other than the “official story” what do you think happened? Who got carted off? Who died and who was injured?
          Joan is right about us all going through life trying to figure out this world and only having what we experience to go on. I think mdf is right, he is much older than i (if he is indeed who he claims to be). All of our individual life experiences can help us in determining what is going on and what to do about it; That is why i love debate and freedom of speech(even all the cussing and name calling, it is fun sometimes).

      57. Comments…..MDF, You have my utmost respect for being so patient in trying to wake these people up, I gave up trying a long time ago, I’m so tired of stupid people not knowing who the real enemy is I finally said to myself let them dig their own grave and lie in it. But one thing you have to realize is the Gentile mind is feeble and weak and too trusting at times that it doesn’t have the capacity to maneuver through the atrocious deceit of the so called chosen tribe.
        May be this is the wrong site to discuss this issue for it’s obvious that Mac always likes to post things about what the Muslims say and not what the Jews do.
        MDF I believe what you say is %100 true not because of info on the Internet, but rather from the info in God’s scripture and what I’ve seen on the ground, I’ve being in the theatre of war more than once, and one thing for sure there is nothing in common with the truth that I saw with my own eyes and how the media spins things in order to make these murderers look like angles trying to defend themselves.

        God bless you and yours and may your heart stay pure that you keep seeing and living by the truth.


      58. Sam,
        Thanks for the kind words.

        I don’t consider these folks stupid. Deceived, yes. When “the chosen ones” have control of the churches, educational system, media, entertainment, and government, how can one “not” think as they do. The lies and deception are POUNDED into peoples heads DAILY.
        Someone will probably argue the churches being controlled. I can understand that. I quit attending my Catholic church because at least once a month I was told how we must protect the Jew or heard about their “suffering”.
        Are these Jews descendants of Abraham and Isaac? Hardly.
        http://www.revisionisthistory.org/khazars.html. (one quick link that I found in about 5 seconds) Are some of the christian Palestinians that they’re murdering? Yes.

        Again, am I really right? I don’t know. Things are so skewed out of proportion. I think I’m more correct than most.

      59. Comments…..T4C wrote that we need to remember that our president’s name is obama.  She forgot to memtion that his middle name is hussein.  If he is not muslin, then I want him to pray in public, to the one true God, and openly confess that Jesus Christ is his personal savior.   All muslin’s hate American’s, and are taught that we as infidels should be killed.  If they tell you otherwise, they are filling you full of lies.  Get your hip boots on folks. 
        If a islam flag ever flies over the white house, then we will never be a great nation as we have always been.  And if obama gets his way, we will become a socialist nation, one that he will control.  Why would he allow a mosque to be built on ground zero, if he were not muslin?  No other president, whether he be republican, or democrat, would allow a mosque to be built there.  Especially knowing that it was those same crazy, hate filled people who murdered all those innocent men, women, and children on 9/11.  Fed Up in  Tx, you are so right.   If MDF would read the true WORD, he would realize that Jesus Christ lived and died for our sins.  And because of Him, those of us that have given our lives to Him will be forever at His side in Paradise.  MDF has either been living in a cellar or barn, and I am sure has been raised by a muslin.  He/she is really ignorant.  All he wants to do is to kill all of us as who do will not bow down to islam.  By God’s grace, I will live forever in Paradise with Him.  I would hate to be an muslin, spending eternity with satan in his firey pit.

      60. I hadn’t even had two sips of coffee in me this morning when I checked my mail. Low and behold…… A DUMBASS  writes in with the typical brainwashed DUMBASS mentality of the majority of folks on this site. I did laugh about the part of being raised by Muslims.

        This blog entry is on Mac’s page 2 now and I had hoped it was done and through with. Nope……. along comes a DUMBASS (apparently one with no life either to be digging this far back).

        jj1, the layout of the farm was explained above. I don’t know if you’re gona make it for too long. The farmer’s going to see what a fat useless sheep you are and roast you up. Maybe you’ll get lucky for a while.  There are SO many DUMBASS’s to chose from. If you stick to the middle of the herd and keep your head low, just like the gutless wimp I know you are, the farmer won’t see you.

        Tired of being called a DUMBASS??????? Stop being one.

      61. There is absolutely NOTHING beautiful about your twisted and and false religion.
        Islam was created by Satin to impose his will on you and the rest of its followers. Islam is Satan’s way of influence for all of the lost souls and reprobates that fall into his trap and plan.
        It is up to the True Faithful on this planet to bring down Islam and reveal the absolute truth about the false and destructive nature of your sinful & damning beliefs.
        In the end, all followers of Islam will be banished from any rebirth and continue to burn in Hell for all eternity.
        Meanwhile, the true god Yaweh, will continue to ensure that the followers of Islam will suffer at the hands of the Truly Enlightened as they have for centuries. Nothing will change except your path to salvation. … Abandon your false religion (Islam) of suffer the consequences for all eternity.
        An eye for an eye … One drop of a Christian’s blood will be met with the spilling of an ocean of the Islamic Devil’s blood.
        I have no remorse about the death of any follower of Islam, for they are the living evidence of the evil of Satin and have no life value to the Righteous.

      62. It just never stops, does it?

        Albert, look right above your entry. Now substitute your name for jj1’s.

        You are a brainwashed “DUMBASS”.

        Do you actually believe what you’re saying? Could be that you’re not a dumbass, but a Jew whose job it is to spread the typical “BULLSHIT LIES”.

        It’s tough to figure out which of the two you are. I’ll go with dumbass Jew.

      63. this ckerk is idiot, so first they will have every one in the right religion, next will be will have ony one race, so this stupid guy will be killed by alqaeda one way or another, and because Allah choosed arab to be the best among nations according to quraan, this stupid pakistani will be behaded at the end

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