The Fed Is Expected To Raise Interest Rates In Spite Of Stock Market Stumbling

by | Dec 19, 2018 | Headline News | 28 comments

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    The United States’ central bank, the Federal Reserve, is expected to raise interest rates again, in spite of a stock market that’s been stumbling and on track for the worst December since the Great Depression.

    According to NPR, the Fed last raised rates in September. Since then, the U.S. economy has given off mixed signals. The job market remains strong, with unemployment at the lowest level in nearly 50 years and economic growth clocked in at a solid 3.5 percent in the third quarter. But the stock market is stumbling and home sales and car sales have slumped because of the higher interest rates. Not to mention the ongoing trade tensions between the United States and China which have led to growing fears about the outlook for the global economy.

    President Donald Trump has even taken to Twitter to announce the Fed’s plan to hike interest rates again.

    The decision to raise the interest rate will affect the rates on all kinds of borrowing, from home mortgages to credit cards. The 30-year mortgage rate in the past year climbed from 3.95 percent to a peak of nearly 5 percent in November, which is a seven-year high. It has since dropped to 4.63 percent, still higher than most borrowers would want.

    Trump also called the Fed the “greatest threat” in October in an interview with Fox Business, and has singled out Fed chairman Jerome Powell for harsh criticisms., of which the central bank is in desperate need of. The Fed is answerable to no one and usually insulated from political pressure. Presidents in recent times, including Trump’s predecessors, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush, have refrained from overtly criticizing the central bank, probably because they collude with the government for economic destruction.

    Meanwhile, Powell has said that the economic outlook remains solid and that interest rates are nearly within a “neutral” range which seems to be indicating that the Fed may not be immediately worried about any inflation. “Interest rates are still low by historical standards,” he said in November.

    Stock prices have fallen sharply since early November and it is somewhat rare for the Fed to raise rates in the face of a sustained market selloff. So there’s an outside chance the Fed could change course and pull a stunner by keeping rates steady at the Wednesday meeting.


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      1. The stock market, the economy overall, runs on cheap (low interest) money.

        When the interest is low, it grows. When the interest is high it stagnates or shrinks. The Fed knows this and plainly says so when it lowers interest rates in a declining economy and raises them to cool down an “overheating” one.

        The Fed is the one that determines if the economy is declining or overheating, that is their job and why they were instituted in the first place.

        And you can be sure political agenda reasons never figure into their calculations, not at all.

        For sure.

        • What country are you from or who do you work for? You are a complete idiot about the Federal Reserve and it’s plans.

          • Could you explain why?

            It’s all pretty much in the open as far as I can tell, and this is common knowledge, known and published in most financial circles.

        • Those cocksucking bastards!

      2. “Say goodnight Dick”……

      3. LOL, this is going to be a spectacular crash. DOW 25k Give me a break! They either dont learn, or they do it on purpose. After years of reading different opinions ive decided im not nearly smart enough any of it so ill just watch it fly apart of course thats all you can do anyway. I got canned corn and ammo.

      4. This is how the globalist elite control kings, presidents, and politicians. The world runs on the debt they create, it is the fuel for the economic engine. Debt has to always be created otherwise the engine stops. When debt is retired or paid off that fuel ceases to exist and the engine begins to starve, when to much debt is created the engine floods and chokes. The only way out of this scenario is for us debt slaves to stop using their debt instruments or money and go back to using gold or bartering. Never happen!!!

      5. “The United States Central Bank, the Federal Reserve” WRONG WRONG WRONG. This government was set up 240 years ago specifically not to have a “Central Bank”.

        • That government died in 1863. This one does whatever it can get away with, and that is a LOT.

      6. Mac Slavo, thanks for another important article. The FEDERAL RESERVE had a theme of LOW INTEREST RATES during the 8 years of Obama. The opposite is true for the Trump years. Does anyone notice the extreme bias.

        • Yes they’re going this intentionally to pin the 2019 market crash on Trump.

      7. The Fed hates Trump. Obama had interest free money for 8 years….politics peeps!

        • If the US treasury printed it’s own money as the constitution required there would NEVER be any interest.

          • Gen,
            Please explain your comment.
            This is a friendly request, I want to understand
            your thoughts.

            • relik, If we printed our money instead of the fed reserve doing it and charging us interest to do so, there could be no interest. The fed reserve is a private corporation run by the world masters not the US govt. In the constitution it specifically says congress shall have the power to coin money and it shall be silver or gold. That asshole Wilson on xmas eve signed on to have the fed reserve (private) banks print our money with interest. If we printed our own there would be no interst.

          • You’re right, Genius.

            Having the Treasury issue interest free United States Dollars is the only solution, and it’s the Constitutional solution as well.

        • All that money floating around and yet the economy stalled for eight years.

      8. Presidents and politicians won’t criticize the Fed too harshly because their lives will be over as has been proven in the past. Shrunken testicles syndrome easier than telling truth.

        • Yes many have died for opposing them including Kennedy.

      9. Everybody dances around this question,
        Who establishes the value of money?
        Be it Gold, Silver, Dollars, Francs, Pesos,
        Rubles, Yuan, Rupees, et al.
        Money is a means of transferring wealth,
        It is not in and itself wealth.
        Dollars do not make good toilet paper,
        nor can you eat a American eagle coin.
        You use these things(money) to get someone who has
        something you want to freely give that thing to you.

        Rightly or wrongly Central banks set the values.
        This is the system the world is stuck with.

        The Treasury can print money till the cows come home,
        but as Venezuela or Zimbabwe has learned it doesn’t
        make good toilet paper, nor can it buy toilet paper.

        I’ve yet to see someone come up with a better one.
        Perhaps someone here can make a suggestion?

        • The value of fiat currency is an illusion by the banks. It is based on debt system. It has no intrinsic value unless the banks back it with resources. Gold, silver, oil, etc. have intrinsic value because it takes labor (value) to aquire it. If people all stopped using fiat currency all at once the banks would disappear and so would 95% of the worlds problems. But that aint gonna happen. We don’t print our currency, the fed does and charges us interest on it. This evil scheme makes them by far the richest people on earth. And since most bungholes persue money as much as possible, it aint going away. Gold and silver would limit the amount of money that could be printed… fiat can be printed into oblivion. Take a look at the historical inflation charts before and after gold was no longer our money…

          • I could go on and on with this but do yourself a favor and watch “The creature from Jekyll island”. Another great vid is “The moneymasters” It is long but very educational. By now it is probably banned but might still be around.

      10. And to think folks willingly turned in their gold. The gold they had confiscated would be worth plenty today.

        • Bought a $25 gold piece at the poker game this week for $400.00. Person lost all his cash and wanted to keep playing. He lost the $400.00 also. Hope to see him again next week!!

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