The Fear-Mongering Continues: China’s “COVID Crisis” Could “Spawn” New Variants

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    The mainstream media puppets are continuing to fearmonger over new “variants” of the common cold, as China’s strict and totalitarian lockdowns ensue and have done nothing to “slow the spread” of the hyped-up COVID-19 scamdemic. Just how bad will a variant have to be to get people to take the gene therapy shots?

    We may find out. It’s difficult to say when they will stop this blatant nonsense, but we have some idea:

    Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

    If the ruling class fails to get everyone vaccinated, then they will completely fail in the next pandemic, World Health Organization officials said.  The goal is for every human to take these shots that aren’t vaccines. This vaccine is a piece of their agenda, but to what extent, is still unknown and highly speculative.

    World Health Organisation (WHO) officials again asserted that it is extremely essential for all to get vaccinated against the virus and continue all the efforts to stop the virus from circulating.  Yet, according to Our World Data which supposedly tracks the mass vaccination program, 86% of China has been fully vaccinated and complied with the demands of their master.

    “With the virus still circulating, the risk of new and potentially more deadly variants emerging remains, and the pandemic control measures are pivotal to effective response to a surge in infections,” said Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, WHO’s Africa director.

    According to a report by Mint, scientists in the U.S. warn the country may be about to see a wave of cases fueled by the omicron subvariant BA.2, which has already peaked across Europe. The country expects to soon mark the deaths of at least 1 million Americans killed by COVID.

    They are continually warning, especially lately, that there will be more COVID variants.

    Major COVID Allegations: Snake Venom, Genocide, Water Contamination

    Stay prepared. At any time, something nefarious that’s worse than the common cold could pop up and begin doing real damage. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Never put anything past those who think they have more rights than you, keep the rulers on their thrones, and believe they can own humans.


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      1. “With the virus still circulating, the risk of new and potentially more deadly variants emerging remains”

        What are these evil, satanic
        psychos really up to. There
        is definitely another agenda
        to getting everyone on Earth
        “vaccinated” with this crap
        (as you correctly mentioned).
        Is this alleged “virus” the
        only one that has ever
        “circulated”? Whatever this
        mass jabbing of the public
        is really for, in no way, shape,
        or form has anything to do
        with an alleged virus and
        even less to do with
        protecting our health. I think
        by now we can all be pretty
        damn sure of that!!

      2. The country expects to soon mark the deaths of at least 1 million Americans killed by COVID.

        and yet I know not even one
        person who’s died from the
        phantom menace and not
        even anyone who’s had it.

        If so many people had died
        from this thing – where is the
        list of names, and why don’t
        we ever see an endless
        parade of funerals in real
        life or on the lying television?

      3. Mostly

      4. I think I learned in High School during BIO 101 that the cold virus mutates to rapidly and this is the reason there is no vaccine. It’s amazing what fear does to the human psyche. All I can say is you the government can only cry wolf so many times and the time is now up. I wouldn’t believe them now if they told me water is wet and the sky is blue!

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