The End Game Has Arrived: ‘All Signs and Evidence Point to the Great Global Economic Reset’

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    Editor’s Note: We are getting close. As you’ll see in the analysis provided by Brandon Smith of Alt Market below, the elite puppeteers behind everything from finance to politics are now entering the end game of their decades’ long machinations. With no loyalty to any particular nation or people, they operate with impunity and have become so arrogant that the very people who created the many global crises we now face are making themselves out to be the future saviors of humanity. In the end, as Brandon warns, the United States will be left impoverished, the dollar will be destroyed and their ultimate goal of global governance will have been achieved. We stand on the precipice of a paradigm shift unlike any other in the history of the world.



    One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes – Part 5
    By Brandon Smith

    Since I began writing analysis for the liberty movement more than eight years ago, I have always said that we will know when the endgame of the globalists is upon us when the criminals come out into the light of day and admit to their crimes. At that moment, it will be because they no longer fear either the repercussions or their plans being obstructed.

    As I plan to show in this installment of my series on the hidden fiscal collapse of America, the endgame has indeed arrived. At the very least, the international elites seem to think success is within their grasp, for they now openly expose their own criminality. But they do so in a way that attempts to divert blame or to rationalize their actions as being for the “greater good.”

    In Part 4 of this series, I discussed the reality of the false East/West paradigm and the fact that the “conflict” between Eastern and Western interests is nothing more than Kabuki theater constructed by globalists and designed to mesmerize the masses. You see, the problem with most people is that they tend to let their innate sense of tribalism drive them to take sides in war without understanding the fundamental root of that war. In most cases, they believe one side must be “good” and one side must be “bad.” Globalists understand this weakness of human collectivism, and they exploit it as often as possible. They create conflicts from out of the void, conflicts in which BOTH sides are controlled. Then, they let the masses fumble like idiots trying to set the noose around the other guy’s neck.

    The East/West paradigm is just another in a long line of false confrontations engineered by the elites, but it is one that is most dangerous to the liberty movement itself. In our rage over the destruction of freedom and prosperity within our own country, some of us have come to assume that the source of all that is unholy bubbles at the heart of U.S. corporate and government activity and that the East is in the midst of some kind of rebellion. This is simply nonsense.

    Recently, a reader sent me a link that reminded me of comments made by Rep. Louis T. McFadden, chairman of the House Banking Committee, on May 4, 1933. In the wake of his battle against the Federal Reserve, he said:

    “… the treacherous signing away of American rights at the 7-power conference at London in July 1931 … put the Federal Reserve System under the control of the Bank of International Settlements.”

    Even in 1933, there were some people who could see that the Federal Reserve was just an errand boy, an economic hit man for a more powerful entity. Sadly, McFadden died in 1936 from coronary thrombosis before he could make any headway in his crusade. The truth he stamped into the public record, though, lives on; and it is a truth that many people just don’t want to hear. It is easier to quantify the threat of the Federal Reserve. It is easier to believe that the Fed either controls the entire game or (for the more sheep-minded citizenry) that the Fed is a harmless “quasi-governmental body.” Many of us in the movement want to believe it is the gateway to the seventh circle of hell because if the Fed dies, then we win. And the Fed appears to be killable, most notably in light of certain actions on the part of the East. Unfortunately, the problem is far more complex.

    As McFadden exposed, the Fed is merely a tentacle, one of many slithering at the behest of a larger vampire squid. The Bank for International Settlements appears to be the eye of the leviathan. I have been happy to see that the BIS is gaining more and more attention from the alternative media as a primary threat to the stability of the world. Zero Hedge published a very interesting article on the BIS banking cabal recently, excerpted from a book by Adam LeBor and titled “Meet The Secretive Group That Runs The World.”

    Of course, this is not the first exposé on the BIS. Even Harper’s published a surprisingly honest (though only half the story) piece on the bank, titled “Ruling The World Of Money,” back in 1983. In it, the magazine claims that “…the unabashed purpose of its (BIS) elite monthly meetings is to coordinate and, if possible, to control all monetary activities in the industrialized world.”

    Any central bank that ends up on the membership roster of the BIS should be for all intents and purposes considered a pawn of the BIS. This includes the central banks of Eastern nations supposedly in opposition to Western power. The very beginning history of the BIS is stained with blood, since it financially played both sides of World War II and aided the funding of the Nazi apparatus. Keep in mind that Germany, Japan and the Allies were all members of the BIS from 1931 on and remained members through the war. Bankers have been pitting countries against each other for a very long time, and they have no loyalties to any particular nation.

    The BIS had to fade into the background for a time after its partnership with fascists was made public after the war. So the elites formed yet another monstrosity, the International Monetary Fund, to take its place in the public eye. However, the BIS continues to this day to pull the strings of the world’s central banks and, by extension, the world’s governments.

    The strategy of engineered conflict has not changed. I have written numerous articles on the undeniable collusion between Russia and the IMF, including the avid Russian support for the IMF’s new global reserve currency, the Special Drawing Rights. You can read those articles herehere and here.

    Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin have continued their love affair with the IMF since 2009, when they called for the SDR to become the world reserve currency.

    Last year, Putin reasserted the goal of the BRICS to become more involved (enveloped) in the IMF system:

    “In the BRICS case we see a whole set of coinciding strategic interests. First of all, this is the common intention to reform the international monetary and financial system. In the present form it is unjust to the BRICS countries and to new economies in general. We should take a more active part in the IMF and the World Bank’s decision-making system. The international monetary system itself depends a lot on the US dollar, or, to be precise, on the monetary and financial policy of the US authorities. The BRICS countries want to change this.”

    I also have been covering the Chinese shift away from the dollar and into the arms of the IMF’s currency basket for years.

    The great lie today is that China and Russia are anti-New World Order. Yet as I discussed in my last article, China (and Russia) have consistently called for a global conversion into the SDR basket system, and they want this system to be run by the IMF. The IMF, in turn, has consistently called for the end of the dollar as the world reserve currency and has openly embraced institutions like the new Asian regional bank, the AIIB, which is dominated by China, despite the fact that many people wrongly believe that the AIIB is somehow “competition” to the IMF or World Bank.

    This excerpt comes from the International Business Times:

    World Bank managing director Mulyani Indrawati told Xinhua in an interview.

    “We will definitely open for cooperation with AIIB [sic]. Even now, we are working very closely in the beginning and looking at the setting, principle and framework of this institution.”

    She also dismissed worries that the AIIB will compete against the World Bank or existing regional development banks and noted the global need for infrastructure is huge to accommodate multiple organisations.

    Speaking at the opening of the China Development Forum in Beijing, IMF chief Christine Lagarde said the IMF would be “delighted” to co-operate with AIIB, and the institutions have “massive” room for cooperation.

    More on the history of China and its partnership with the New World Order can be found in James Corbett’s excellent video analysis here.

    At the level of international banking and monetary policy, there is absolutely NO indication of any legitimate conflict between the East and the West. Again, such battles are only theater for the masses. But what purpose does this theater serve?

    The fake economic war between East and West provides cover and rationale for the true goal of the internationalists: the destruction of the dollar as the world reserve currency and the ascendency of the SDR global monetary system. The endgame of the bankers is, of course, global government. It has been the longtime dream of the Fabian socialists permeating the central banking universe. A global currency system and centralized economic management are first-step psychological weapons against the public. If the world operates on a singular currency mechanism and a singular economic authority, why not have a singular governmental system as well?

    The mistake many liberty movement analysts make is the assumption that the internationalists are somehow dedicated to U.S. interests. The idea that globalists have any loyalties to any sovereign government is a ridiculous notion. Fabians hate sovereign separations between nations (as much as they hate individual liberties), and they seek to ultimately destroy all boundaries for the sake of a singular global fiscal-political edifice.

    But the elites cannot simply kill the dollar and replace it outright. They need a magic trick, a smoke-and-mirrors hologram, a sexy assistant in a sequined bathing suit and fireworks galore while they pull their global basket reserve out of a top hat. The false East/West paradigm is the perfect distraction. What better way to destroy the dollar and conjure a new world reserve than to pit one block of nations you dominate against the other block of nations you dominate and blame the resulting economic catastrophe on the “barbarism of sovereign nationalism,” which you also plan to erase in due course?

    The elites are preparing for this event, and they are not content only to trigger it then sit back and watch it happen. They also hope to construct a new image for themselves as the prophets who tried to warn the world — the financial “sages” who would be our rescuers.

    The criminals are coming into the light, and they are wearing the masks of saviors.

    Alan Greenspan is now suddenly a staunch promoter of economic caution, warning that “something big … a significant market event …” is about to happen, and that gold is now a good investment as opposed to the dollar.

    Janet Yellen has openly conceded that cash is not a convenient store of value.

    Jamie Dimon is getting in on the prognosticator action, asserting that another financial crisis is coming.

    The IMF now consistently warns of “shadow banking risks” bringing disaster to the economic environment.

    The World Bank has been polite enough to warn the public that “now is the time to prepare for the next crisis.”

    The BIS now produces statements on a regular basis predicting a possible “violent reversal of global markets,” just as it conveniently alerted the public to the possibility of credit collapse in 2007 right before the derivatives crisis.

    Literally every elitist and his drunken uncle now publicly discuss the danger of another market crash. That’s a rather stark reversal from a few years ago when recovery was a mainstream absolute, Bernanke was being called a hero, and fiat stimulus was the fountain of youth. How would they know that such an event is coming? They built the conditions by which a collapse is inevitable, and now they want to purify themselves in the waters of Lake Minnetonka and absolve their institutions of all future ugliness.

    I would like to point out, though, that banker warnings of volatility and crisis are generally given far too late for average people to act accordingly. I would also like to point out that the rising chorus of mainstream voices giving predictions of destabilization are also marginalizing and isolating the U.S. and the Federal Reserve as the root cause. The U.S. is nothing more than a storefront for elitist activities. And the Federal Reserve is a tentacle that can be sacrificed if it means achieving total centralization. All signs and evidence point to what the IMF calls the “great global economic reset.” The plans for this reset do not include U.S. prosperity or a thriving dollar.

    If you would like to support the publishing of articles like the one you have just read, visit our donations page here.  We greatly appreciate your patronage.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at: [email protected]


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      1. Yep

          • Acid, you’re so cute when your feminist side comes out.

          • Read it RAND Paul WOULD APPROVE and you can soon see why common core and all the other hype is being forced fed down our throat like gay marriage even when their propaganda doesnt work they force it on us via laws or judicial activists from the bench……


          • Put them in thongs and I might watch football.

          • Considering the horrible mess MEN have made of the world, maybe women SHOULD rule the word, you ignorant piece of sh…!

        • How long did it take to come up with this? Your backdrop is sufficient and probably well researched, but the rest is a red herring, packaged by someone who obviously despises both Russia and China. Mr. Smith, you are thinking in terms of checkers, when the rest of what you’re trying to report on, is in terms of chess.

          You don’t seem to grasp the nuances of attempting to slide something big past the globalists who are in control, and who don’t hesitate to destroy entire countries to stay in power. Thankfully, the Russians and the Chinese seem to be NOT underestimating their adversary…which would be a fatal mistake in this game.

          Sometimes, openly stating your end goal and purpose, is a death knell for your efforts, especially when your foe can bury you before you even get started. There may be some truth in the alleged “spirit of cooperation”, but on whose terms will that cooperation come?

          If you plan to take down a powerful, merciless bully, do you run up and spit right in his face and hope he doesn’t pummel you into dust, or do you first go set things up to your advantage, and deal with your bully once he is off balance?

          Sounds like you’re the “spit in the face” type to me.

          If you ever allow yourself to see past your apparent hatred for all things “other than western”, you might see how far behind you really are. You’re not looking at the bigger picture here, because your beliefs are interfering with the possibilities.

          Don’t be the pigeon…

          • Brandon: “I would also like to point out that the rising chorus of mainstream voices giving predictions of destabilization are also marginalizing and isolating the U.S. and the Federal Reserve as the root cause. The U.S. is nothing more than a storefront for elitist activities.”

            Brandon, let’s accept your thesis on its own terms. Having said that, that would effectively make you a whistle-blower on the globalist elites, on their strategies, and on their tactics. And so you’ve alerted a segment of the population as to what is happening.

            Besides folks furiously prepping individually and in small communities as a response to your globalist elite alerts, what else could be done to neutralize or counter the globalist elites so that a global shtf collapse could be staved off? If nothing is to be done, that it’s inevitable, then that’s helpful for that to be included in your article. If you have an estimated timeframe, that would be even more helpful.

            P.S. Some whistle-blowers courageously say something, and something is done to neutralize and counter-act the wrongdoers. Does your whistle-blowing aspire to this? Or does your whistle-blowing meant to hasten the urgency for the common prepper to prep faster, and nothing more?

        • They can promise you anything if they never intended you to get it. Freedom, 401K, rights …

        • “Wag the Dog”

        • All the answers are in the Book, not shrugged or forth turned, the real Book which neither Quinn or you have read. If you are on the right side of things, you only know one thing we win. The boss of the “globalists” is not Soros but it does start with an S.

          • Sorry man; but you’re controlled opposition too. There is no Jesus or savior to come after the fact–that’s just to subdue you into compliance or non-resistance with the false hope of a reward after suffering. There is no reward for anything at all.

            That’s why I’m walking into the wall of bullets when it comes. And if you just so happen to be right; I
            ‘ll kick that dead kike in the balls for having the nerve to put me here when neither of us wanted it. All life is bad and the only answer is death.


        • Have you’ll seen the pictures of Greece??!! 13,000 protestors in the streets, protesting austerity. They want their government to give the finger to the IMF and that is what they are doing– leaving the EU. Good for them (homeland of Democracy rises again!!)But what about us? Guess it will come here next.

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        I bought one of these last summer and it’s great. Three large main compartments, two side mesh water bottle pockets, padded sunglass pocket, section for a hydration bladder. Not designed for shooters in mind, but the middle compartment has two internal pockets perfect to hold two AR magazines.

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        • You got it pretty much right Brandon.
          What we have is chickens who never
          leave the coop by choice and live well
          fed by the farmer who will eventually
          chop off their heads at leisure.

          Then there is us, the few free range
          chickens that answer only to them selves
          and accept no free gratis for survival.
          This will not change, and our strategy
          must be geared to avoid the flock and
          consequently the keen edge of the farmers

          • Another excellent analysis from Brandon. I think he is consistently the most moral and perspicacious commentator in our midst. That said, there are aspects to this WAR other than economics. We are in a RELIGIOUS war. The usury/debt/fraud economy is just one aspect of that war. The “liberty movement,” such as it is, is a gaggle of irreligious and religious people and the sectarian differences (and the hatred of religion by the irreligious) impede discussion of the RELIGIOUS underpinnings of this war.

            Satan wars against God. Satan hates God and Satan hates us humans because we flesh-and-blood mortals can, if we live righteous lives, occupy the Heavenly thrones from which the proud and disobedient devils were evicted. Satan and his fallen angels have many flesh and blood accomplices. Their goal? Keep those Heavenly thrones unoccupied by humans, hence the satanic “elites'” goals of 95% depopulation (fewer humans to get to Heaven) and enslavement, especially enslavement to sin (the few survivors sin themselves out of Heaven).

            After we survive the chastisements ahead (if we do survive them), it behooves us to build a decent moral society.

            While the grasping libertine irreligious abort and contracept their faction into oblivion, I suggest that decent people have and raise as many good children as we can. When life arises from the ashes, let the good significantly outnumber the bad. Look forward to building a good society.

            • MAC when are the thumbs coming back. I love to read the comments and watch everybody play Rambo, and then when we ain’t doing that we get to verbally attack each other. Atleast with the thumbs we knew who was the toughest and who agreed with who on the verbal attacks. Trekker Out.

              • The “thumbs” are just a manifestation of groupthink.

                • Wow, thats a deep thought!

                  • Ha ha, I have a t-shirt that says “Groupthink, it’s a no brainer!”

                    • Yikes! The Times of Israel published this and it sparked so much outrage that the Times of Israel pulled the article and now it is only available at archived sites. The author, long a contributor to the Times of Israel, is now claiming that he didn’t write the piece.:

                      Understanding the Idea of Israeli Land Under Talmudic Law
                      by Josh Bornstein

                    • Yikes! The Times of Israel published this and it sparked so much outrage that the Times of Israel pulled the article and now it is only available at archived sites. The author, long a contributor to the Times of Israel, is now claiming that he didn’t write the piece.:

                      Understanding the Idea of Israeli Land Under Talmudic Law
                      by Josh Bornstein
                      archive dot today/bUarE

                    • Groupthink leads to grouppoop and I ain’t goin there. Like I tell my wife, throne time is alone time.

                    • Yeah, just like YOU ” genius”. Why don’t post some more bullshit about how you know everything.

                  • you DID consider the source…no? 😉

                    but on topic…i think… his previous post sounds more like the ramblings of someone who lives alone and whose only interaction with people is here and a few other sites.

                    • Oy veh! The sayanim and agents provocateur are stalking my every post—certainly a sign of my truthfulness.


                    • jonny, I think you’ve painted yourself into the proverbial corner. You posted some garbage recently about how you fought off some black guys and do all this deep sea fishing for your food. I think the reins are beginning to break down inside your fragile little psychic prison you’ve built for yourself. You seem to try to come across as a kind of religious hero sent by God to ” warn” the unwashed masses. You constantly warn that some mythical ” zog” machine is destroying everyone and everything, yet when you’re asked by some what to do about it, the only thing you’re ever able to say is you’re in the ” warning and education” state. Well, that’s strange to say the least isn’t it, If indeed these ” zogs” are destroying humanity, hasn’t ” God” supplied with some type of plan to redeem the world instead of constantly posting the same nonsense over and over? If you really bother to read your own posts, you’re merely a broken record with nothing new to ever say. I think people are seeing you as you REALLY are, just a lonely old man left on his own to rant and rave. I feel sorry for you.

                    • If my life is as worthless and miserable as you claim, what does it say about YOUR life that YOU AND YOUR ILK are voyeurs into my life, parsing my every word, stalking every post, even talking about my privates?

                      It must be a perverted tribal voyeur thing. Here’s one just for you:

                      “It has been taught: Rabbi Akiva said: once I went in the bathroom and spied upon Rabbi Joshua while he was on the toilet, and I learned from him three things. I learned that one does not sit east and west, but north and south; I learned that one defecates not standing but sitting; and I learned that it is proper to wipe with the left hand and not with the right. Rabbi Tanhum said: ‘Whoever behaves modestly in a bathroom is delivered from three things: from snakes, from scorpions, and from evil spirits and disturbing dreams.’”

                      Berakoth 62a

                    • jonny, I think it says people are tired of your broken record antics. I think it says the truth has caught up with you and you’re finding it painful to deal with. Look at yourself, convinced that there are organizations that exist solely to ” get” you. This is your standard reply anytime somebody posts a disagreement with you. Does that HONESTLY sound like the argument of somebody speaking with clarity? If you think it is, you really do need some mental health counseling before it’s too late and you do something to hurt yourself or some other innocent people. For your own sake, please get it.

                    • Ahhhh… an opportunity to awaken and educate:

                      The Jewish Hand in the World Wars, Part 1
                      by Thomas Dalton
                      inconvenient history dot com/archive/2013/volume_5/number_2/the_jewish_hand_in_the_world_wars.php

                      The Jewish Hand in the World Wars, Part 2
                      inconvenient history dot com/archive/2014/volume_6/number_2/the_jewish_hand_in_the_world_wars_part_2.php

                    • Thanks Johnson.

            • Are you washed in the blood of Jesus?

            • Excellent. I rarely read such truth written so succinctly and so elegantly.

          • “…..I discussed the reality of the false East/West paradigm and the fact that the “conflict” between Eastern and Western interests is nothing more than Kabuki theater constructed by globalists and designed to mesmerize the masses.”


            The conflict between Great Powers is very real; whether it is East vs West, or North vs South. Just because there are Globalists on all sides competing for power and hoping to influence the winner, it doesn’t mean that these conflicts are not real.

            This strategy has been employed throughout history by families, groups and organizations intent on surviving the conflicts.

            NO great power on earth, whether the USA, China, Russia, or the EU will give their sovereignty over to the IMF. Le Garde is just another bureaucrat making a power grab when calling for “reform”. What power the IMF has is allocated to it by the member nations for specific tasks.

            The IMF is not a bank. It is a FUND. SDR’s are not a currency. The IMF Charter specifically states that it is not a currency. They are not even a bank note. Since their inception approximately 200 billion dollar worth of SDR’s have been issued to facilitate international commerce through foreign exchange.

            Why were they created? Glad you asked. Because individual member nations do not want to be holding Third/Fourth World Fiat for their goods and services if these Third/Fourth World currencies go south.

            $200 billion is chump change by any standard.

            And the BIS? Think of it as a steering committee organizing and coordinating your local high school Prom. 🙂

            • I disagree with you, DK.

              I agree with Brandon that the “East-West” show, like “left-right” game, is a manipulation, a game with moving goalposts, a game promoting the goals of the “elite.”

              Pillars of gevurah, chased, and tifferet

              Different centuries, different names, same game, same tribe.

              Keep your eye on the ball—objective good versus objective evil. That is reality.

              • I have to agree with Brandon also.

                The tentacles of evil reach out from all sides and directions. Those tentacles are all after the same thing….power.
                Power to control and seize every opportunity to gain another rung up on the ladder of authority.
                Manipulations and deceptions are the tools they use to get to their end game.

                Their endgame is just as Mr. Smith and others have laid out.

                A gradual decrease in the upper middle class, which has been accomplished on a pretty regular basis over the past few decades; with many more to follow shortly when the financial bubble bursts.

                That financial ruin will create a level playing field for 90% of the worlds population. Through that level playing field, many will self destruct because of non preparedness for a nineteenth century style of living. Many of that 90% will destruct/die off, because of compliance to the elites structure of livelihood. Mass concentrations of peoples and mass disease and pestilence. Then there is the martial law thing whereby chaos will cause many to march to their deaths.

                I am not saying all these things can happen next year or even come to completion before the true Saviour returns; but, there will be many killings of innocents before it is all said and done. The depopulation agenda.

                I don’t worry for myself, because I am suited with the full gospel armor on, and it is the best defense against all the fiery darts of Satan and his evil doers.

                Forget religion, rely on true Christianity.
                Forget organized religion by mega churches. Most of those, not all, but most, even the so-called christian ones; will be on the side of the elites and deceived. Many mega church leaders will lead their sheeple/congregations, to the camps of destruction.

              • “I agree with Brandon that the “East-West” show, like “left-right” game, is a manipulation, a game with moving goalposts, a game promoting the goals of the “elite.”

                Yes, John the elite cooperate when joint action with their competitors serve and advance their own particular agenda. i.e. “Free Trade”, gun control, and Illegal Immigration.

                The Right wants a globalism controlled by mega multi national corporations, and the Left want a globalism controlled by a mega government entity.

                The Right wants a global future government subservient to commercial interests (their interests; check the TPP) with politicians basically clerks introducing local legislation that advances mega corporate interests.

                The Left wants an all powerful global government controlling every aspect of society from business to religion.

                These are not two sides of a double headed coin as you, Brandon and many others claim. They are distinct philosophies which will collide (and do) like Islam and Christianity.

                The reason the lines appear blurred to the near sighted is because there is no clear winner yet, in the Great Game. While the Tribe works to manipulate events behind the scenes, they are not the only puppeteer to pull the strings, and no one should focus their attention solely upon them, as they would then miss the forest for the trees.

                Take a step back and get the bigger picture. 🙂

                • What bigger picture is there, DK, than Satan’s war against God? Really.

                  I disagree with you. You claim, “distinct philosophies which will collide.”

                  Your turn to view the big picture—Are you old enough to remember the “conservatives” of 1964? What would they call today’s “conservatives,” but Communists or Socialists? Today’s “conservatives” support virtually every plank of the Communist Manifesto.

                  I’d call that a most gentle “collision” of “distinct philosophies.” Moving goalposts have merged those “distinct” philosophies, as I said. The faces on the puppets change. So what? The two dimensional “right-left” landscape is merely theatre.

                  As for the tribe, food for thought, DK—The capitalist wing of the tribe funded the communist wing of the tribe for about a century. The money and power were in the hands of the same tribe on both “sides.” Does the tribe have family squabbles? Sure, but the tribe is infamous for ginning up conflict and wars to fund and profit from both “sides.”

                  Awakening to their phony dynamic, being educated to their deceits and ploys allows us to AVOID PARTICIPATING in their theatre. 🙂

                  Lastly, repudiate the debt and prosecute the guilty.

                  • ” Today’s “conservatives” support virtually every plank of the Communist Manifesto.”

                    Even more laughably stupid than the things that acid etch writes.

                    • I surmise you have never read the book, FreeSLAVE.

                      The 10 PLANKS stated in the Communist Manifesto and some of their American counterparts are…

                      1. Abolition of private property and the application of all rents of land to public purposes.
                      Americans do these with actions such as the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (1868), and various zoning, school & property taxes. Also the Bureau of Land Management (Zoning laws are the first step to government property ownership)

                      2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
                      Americans know this as misapplication of the 16th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, 1913, The Social Security Act of 1936.; Joint House Resolution 192 of 1933; and various State “income” taxes. We call it “paying your fair share”.

                      3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.
                      Americans call it Federal & State estate Tax (1916); or reformed Probate Laws, and limited inheritance via arbitrary inheritance tax statutes.

                      4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.
                      Americans call it government seizures, tax liens, Public “law” 99-570 (1986); Executive order 11490, sections 1205, 2002 which gives private land to the Department of Urban Development; the imprisonment of “terrorists” and those who speak out or write against the “government” (1997 Crime/Terrorist Bill); or the IRS confiscation of property without due process. Asset forfeiture laws are used by DEA, IRS, ATF etc…).

                      5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.
                      Americans call it the Federal Reserve which is a privately-owned credit/debt system allowed by the Federal Reserve act of 1913. All local banks are members of the Fed system, and are regulated by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) another privately-owned corporation. The Federal Reserve Banks issue Fiat Paper Money and practice economically destructive fractional reserve banking.

                      6. Centralization of the means of communications and transportation in the hands of the State.
                      Americans call it the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Department of Transportation (DOT) mandated through the ICC act of 1887, the Commissions Act of 1934, The Interstate Commerce Commission established in 1938, The Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Communications Commission, and Executive orders 11490, 10999, as well as State mandated driver’s licenses and Department of Transportation regulations.

                      7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state, the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.
                      Americans call it corporate capacity, The Desert Entry Act and The Department of Agriculture… Thus read “controlled or subsidized” rather than “owned”… This is easily seen in these as well as the Department of Commerce and Labor, Department of Interior, the Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Mines, National Park Service, and the IRS control of business through corporate regulations.

                      8. Equal liability of all to labor. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.
                      Americans call it Minimum Wage and slave labor like dealing with our Most Favored Nation trade partner; i.e. Communist China. We see it in practice via the Social Security Administration and The Department of Labor. The National debt and inflation caused by the communal bank has caused the need for a two “income” family. Woman in the workplace since the 1920’s, the 19th amendment of the U.S. Constitution, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, assorted Socialist Unions, affirmative action, the Federal Public Works Program and of course Executive order 11000.

                      9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries, gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equitable distribution of population over the country.
                      Americans call it the Planning Reorganization act of 1949 , zoning (Title 17 1910-1990) and Super Corporate Farms, as well as Executive orders 11647, 11731 (ten regions) and Public “law” 89-136. These provide for forced relocations and forced sterilization programs, like in China.

                      10. Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children’s factory labor in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production.
                      Americans are being taxed to support what we call ‘public’ schools, but are actually “government force-tax-funded schools ” Even private schools are government regulated. The purpose is to train the young to work for the communal debt system. We also call it the Department of Education, the NEA and Outcome Based “Education” . These are used so that all children can be indoctrinated and inculcated with the government propaganda, like “majority rules”, and “pay your fair share”. WHERE are the words “fair share” in the Constitution, Bill of Rights or the Internal Revenue Code (Title 26)?? NO WHERE is “fair share” even suggested !! The philosophical concept of “fair share” comes from the Communist maxim, “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need! This concept is pure socialism. … America was made the greatest society by its private initiative WORK ETHIC … Teaching ourselves and others how to “fish” to be self sufficient and produce plenty of EXTRA commodities to if so desired could be shared with others who might be “needy”… Americans have always voluntarily been the MOST generous and charitable society on the planet.

                    • courtesy of libertyzone dot com/Communist-Manifesto-Planks.html

                    • Today’s conservatives do not support communism.

                    • They changed the name and the poor schlubs swallowed the whole stinking mess. All ten planks. We’re living it and the velvet gloves are about to come off.


                    • @cm

                      You are precisely on target.

            • Here’s an interesting article excerpt:

              ““The best predictor of belief in a conspiracy theory is belief in other conspiracy theories,” says Viren Swami, a psychology professor who studies conspiracy belief at the University of Westminster in England. Psychologists say that’s because a conspiracy theory isn’t so much a response to a single event as it is an expression of an overarching worldview.

              As Richard Hofstadter wrote in his seminal 1965 book, “The Paranoid Style in American Politics,” conspiracy theories, especially those involving meddlesome foreigners, are a favorite pastime in this nation. Americans have always had the sneaking suspicion that somebody was out to get us — be it Freemasons, Catholics or communists. But in recent years, it seems as if every tragedy comes with a round of yarn-spinning, as the Web fills with stories about “false flag” attacks and “crisis actors” — not mere theorizing but arguments for the existence of a completely alternate version of reality.

              Since Hofstadter’s book was published, our access to information has vastly improved, which you would think would have helped minimize such wild speculation. But according to recent scientific research on the matter, it most likely only serves to make theories more convincing to the public. What’s even more surprising is that this sort of theorizing isn’t limited to those on the margins. Perfectly sane minds possess an incredible capacity for developing narratives, and even some of the wildest conspiracy theories can be grounded in rational thinking, which makes them that much more pernicious. Consider this: 63 percent of registered American voters believe in at least one political conspiracy theory, according to a recent poll conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University.

              While psychologists can’t know exactly what goes on inside our heads, they have, through surveys and laboratory studies, come up with a set of traits that correlate well with conspiracy belief. In 2010, Swami and a co-author summarized this research in The Psychologist, a scientific journal. They found, perhaps surprisingly, that believers are more likely to be cynical about the world in general and politics in particular. Conspiracy theories also seem to be more compelling to those with low self-worth, especially with regard to their sense of agency in the world at large. Conspiracy theories appear to be a way of reacting to uncertainty and powerlessness.

              Economic recessions, terrorist attacks and natural disasters are massive, looming threats, but we have little power over when they occur or how or what happens afterward. In these moments of powerlessness and uncertainty, a part of the brain called the amygdala kicks into action. Paul Whalen, a scientist at Dartmouth College who studies the amygdala, says it doesn’t exactly do anything on its own. Instead, the amygdala jump-starts the rest of the brain into analytical overdrive — prompting repeated reassessments of information in an attempt to create a coherent and understandable narrative, to understand what just happened, what threats still exist and what should be done now. This may be a useful way to understand how, writ large, the brain’s capacity for generating new narratives after shocking events can contribute to so much paranoia in this country.

              “If you know the truth and others don’t, that’s one way you can reassert feelings of having agency,” Swami says. It can be comforting to do your own research even if that research is flawed. It feels good to be the wise old goat in a flock of sheep.

              Surprisingly, Swami’s work has also turned up a correlation between conspiracy theorizing and strong support of democratic principles. But this isn’t quite so strange if you consider the context. Kathryn Olmsted, a historian at the University of California, Davis, says that conspiracy theories wouldn’t exist in a world in which real conspiracies don’t exist. And those conspiracies — Watergate or the Iran-contra Affair — often involve manipulating and circumventing the democratic process. Even people who believe that the Sandy Hook shooting was actually a drama staged by actors couch their arguments in concern for the preservation of the Second Amendment.

              Our access to high-quality information has not, unfortunately, ushered in an age in which disagreements of this sort can easily be solved with a quick Google search. In fact, the Internet has made things worse. Confirmation bias — the tendency to pay more attention to evidence that supports what you already believe — is a well-documented and common human failing. People have been writing about it for centuries. In recent years, though, researchers have found that confirmation bias is not easy to overcome. You can’t just drown it in facts.

              In 2006, the political scientists Brendan Nyhan and Jason Reifler identified a phenomenon called the “backfire effect.” They showed that efforts to debunk inaccurate political information can leave people more convinced that false information is true than they would have been otherwise. Nyhan isn’t sure why this happens, but it appears to be more prevalent when the bad information helps bolster a favored worldview or ideology.

              In that way, Swami says, the Internet and other media have helped perpetuate paranoia. Not only does more exposure to these alternative narratives help engender belief in conspiracies, he says, but the Internet’s tendency toward tribalism helps reinforce misguided beliefs.

              And that’s a problem. Because while believing George W. Bush helped plan the Sept. 11 attacks might make you feel in control, it doesn’t actually make you so. Earlier this year, Karen Douglas, a University of Kent psychologist, along with a student, published research in which they exposed people to conspiracy theories about climate change and the death of Princess Diana. Those who got information supporting the theories but not information debunking them were more likely to withdraw from participation in politics and were less likely to take action to reduce their carbon footprints.

              Alex Jones, a syndicated radio host, can build fame as a conspiracy peddler; politicians can hint at conspiracies for votes and leverage; but if conspiracy theories are a tool the average person uses to reclaim his sense of agency and access to democracy, it’s an ineffective tool. It can even have dangerous health implications. For example, research has shown that African-Americans who believe AIDS is a weapon loosed on them by the government (remembering the abuses of the Tuskegee experiment) are less likely to practice protected sex. And if you believe that governments or corporations are hiding evidence that vaccines harm children, you’re less likely to have your children vaccinated. The result: pockets of measles and whooping-cough infections and a few deaths in places with low child-vaccination rates.

              Psychologists aren’t sure whether powerlessness causes conspiracy theories or vice versa.”

              • FreeSlave:

                Are you trying to tell us that Brandon’s article is just another conspiracy theory?

                • yeah…I wouldn’t believe in any of these conspiracy theories either, EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT MANY OF THOSE INVOLVED IN THE CONSPIRACY ACTUALLY ADMIT TO THE VALIDITY OF THE THINGS THAT ARE BEING SAID.

                  Read Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley.

                  • Now there’s a read! Hope you ain’t to old when you start reading it, and if you decide to read Tragedy and Hope just be sure and let us know before you start, so we will know why you’ve gone missing. It ain’t like it’s a book you can’t put down, but it is just a tad long. Anon 3 now be truthful, did you read it in it’s entirety? I’ve read books that I had to force myself to finish, but I think I gave up on page 2428. Trekker Out. Well Maybe Not 2428!

              • Lack of belief in the reality of conspiracies can lead the untrained mind to accept even the most absurd, such as the official 9-11 conspiracy theory. I am reading Steven Runciman’s “A History of the Crusades”. The plots and conspiracies of the Frankish nobles, particularly the Normans, make me wonder how they ever found time to fight the Muslims.

                • What is the “official” 9/11 conspiracy theory?

            • DK , I agree with your statement , but also agree with Brandon or should I say can see his research as a possible outcome ! I’m not a writer or economist just average guy living by his means. So bare with me if my grammer isn’t all that great. Another way to look at this is say you have the Globalist or ( elit people ) bankers or what ever they want to call themselves, started their take over years ago. Then things got messed up by some countries seeing what was going on, wanting to try an stop these elites. But also countries wanting dominate other countries for what ever you have 2 forces fighting each other for supremecy . Now throw in a third group , religious groups , race groups all fighting for there own thing or even individuals trying to be dictators.basicaly a lot of these sub categories can be brought on by our dear so called president . Who I think threw a wrinch into everything which messed things up for the elite and countries fighting elites , so now there is so much kaos nothing can be stop to prevent this collapse which I do feel is coming soon. All n all I think it may be a combination of Brandon’s views your view hell maybe my view. Just trying to piece this all together so much to think about

              • ANON: Yes there is much to think about and it is confusing at first trying to sort out the chatter from the noise.

                For many here, the TRIBE(S) is the source of all our ills; but they are just one faction fighting for Supremacy. There are many others.

                Other groups, viewing their success (ROTHSCHILD) have sought to emulate that grab for wealth and power in similar ways; pushing their Agenda upon those who are non-political.

                When the masses allow a particular group (ie democrats or republicans) to decide their fate by leaving politics to these others; then they are corralled by those who control the political process: one rule, regulation, and law at a time.

                Politics is the responsibility of FREE men and women. We must engage or lose our freedoms. 🙂

      3. I would agree that I am hearing more and more warnings from a number of different sources and in different medias. I also agree it is too late for most “average citizens” to do much if anything about it, even if they were listening……

        • The Greek government has now “decreed the CONFISCATION OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT RESERVES…”

          The “decree which was posted in the government gazette has finally percolated among the population, and the response to what even ordinary Greeks realize is now the endgame…”

          Bloomberg reports, that “as Greece struggles to find cash to stay afloat, local authorities say they oppose a government decision to use their reserves for short-term financing.”

          “The government’s decision to seize our reserves not only raises legal and constitutional issues, but also a moral one,” said George Papanikolaou, mayor of Glyfada, the third-largest municipality in the metropolitan region of Attica after Athens and Piraeus.

          This “same government recently confiscated pensions to repay the IMF, so according to the chain of logic, the government first raided pensions, and now municipalities, just to repay the dreaded Troika.”

      4. The wealthy and the poor will be mostly unaffected, everything in between will either be wiped out or seriously challenged.

      5. Ok! We know its coming and we are told on the way. What we want it a Date with in a month to have some idea on how to act or react.
        It has arrived. I don’t see anything any different from today to 12 months ago. Am I missing something? If so PLEASE let me know.

        • You nailed it Sarge. It’s always the same old, same old.

        • Sgt. Dale: If you listen to some of the people on the internet they would have had you bugging out in 2012 then again in 2013 and 14. You see the pattern.
          You are a smart guy. Don’t let someone else have control of such an important part of your life such as when to leave. Look, interpret, and act. If you’ve done these with the best of your abilities you have served yourself well.

          • Should have clarified that bugging out is only an example, but the same holds true with how much metal to hold, ammo stock, money in the bank. Everyone has their own plan tailored for their situation. There is no universal blue print.

          • “M” “W” & “C.S.”
            Thanks for the come back. I gets old when you read or see this same old carp being told to us over and over again.

            I believe I have all my ducks in a row and will know what and when to do what I have planned.

            Here is my problem. There are several families for some reason or an other have made me the leader of the pack and they follow everything thing I say and do. It does boost the Ego, but I really would rather have someone else be the one they look up to and follow, I feel that I’m not worthy. I don’t want to take them down the wrong road. This thing will be life or death and I don’t want to see anyone die. The people in my group I have grown to love, and loosing a loved one is ruff. I want to get it right.

            This thing coming is like nothing that we have ever seen in history of Man. This is what I believe.

            I guess I will have to keep my eyes open 24/7 and listen to the drum beats in the distance, and Pray to God I make the right decisions when the time comes.

            Again Guys THANKS

            • Not to feed your ego but most leaders have felt humbled by the weight of the responsibility, and have at times not felt like the best choice. I personally would rather have a leader that was fully aware of the seriousness of the task rather than one that only lusted for the power of leadership.
              They chose you for good reasons.
              And because you realize the gravity of the position you are in you will be more diligent in your research and you will reach conclusions after thorough investigations.
              You will make mistakes, no way around it. But you can only pray that the mistakes are recoverable.

            • Sgt. Dale,

              “I feel that I’m not worthy. I don’t want to take them down the wrong road. This thing will be life or death and I don’t want to see anyone die. The people in my group I have grown to love, and loosing a loved one is ruff. I want to get it right.”

              If I may say so, HUMILITY is a sign of a good leader. It is a trait NEVER FOUND IN TYRANTS.

              You obviously have not let your ego get in the way, or you’d never even consider your own failure. Trust the other members of your group. Obviously, THEY SEE SOMETHING YOU DON’T.

              Trust in yourself, because they do. I think you’ll do the best you can.

            • Dale

              Your humility in the post tells me that they picked the right guy. I would not want it either. But you are there best chance. Keep praying and God will help you out.

            • Sarge, You have to stay very close to God to know what to do and when.


        • Hey Sarge,
          Go to the upper left corner of the home page and in the search box enter end game. Then look at the dates and see how far back on this site the end game has been discussed. And let’s not forget the articles from the DHS “insider” saying the end was near, or Gerald Celente’s predictions, or….. You get the picture. I figure if I’m prepared and nothing happens, well then my family will be in good shape when I die. If SHTF event occurs then my preparations will buffer the effects.

          • I agree, being prepared is just another form of insurance. If nothing happens, then great! But if it does we have a back up.

        • For the Umpteenth Billionth time….


          What this means is that the money supply will never ever decrease again.

          The US Dollar is based upon the full faith and credit of the United States Of America. And that by definition is the fact that you and I drag our asses out of bed every morning and take part in the economy (above or below ground).

          Therefore, by definition, each of our worth to the economy is a percentage of the money supply. Because our worth to the economy is a percentage of the money supply, as the money supply increases…our worth decreases….UNTIL IT ERODES TO ZERO!.

          Now, the majority of us pay no income taxes. We do pay Payroll taxes which self funds our retirement and medical but we pay nothing for the upkeep of the country. We, the 99%, technically have no say.

          There isn’t going to be a big bang. Maria Bartiromo isn’t going to be getting into a tizzy on Fox news. Nothing.

          THE DECAY IS LOGARITHMIC and most of us won’t feel it right now because it has only just begun….

          If your over 62, nothing will change. Seniors and baby boomers are expected to cash their monthly stipends, exist for a while, and simply die off. Plain and simple. It’s the future generations that are between a rock and a hard place and will really feel the effects.


          • yeah S has already Hit The Fan

            were living in it

            • “What this means is that the money supply will never ever decrease again.”


              The money supply has peaked and is in decline; at least the rate of growth in the money supply has declined for now, signaling a coming credit crunch and higher bond rates.

              With the next market Crash, tens of billions of dollars will be lost. This represents the destruction of dollars. This destruction of tens of billions of dollars and a 30’s type of Depression will represent a decline in the money supply.

              The FED will NOT hyper-inflate the dollar. Fewer dollars all around and fewer dollars for the average American unless you save ten dollar bills in number ten cans. 🙁

              • I’ve been waiting for you to say that.

                YOU ARE BLATANTLY WRONG. They are NOT decreasing the money supply with the proceeds they receive from the lended printed money.

                Rather, they, the FED, are re-lending it……i.e. NEVER DECREASING THE MONEY SUPPLY.

                Normal economics would include periods of decresing the money supply (i.e. taking money out of circulation). THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

                Stop with your NWO Shillery.

                And stop doing backhanded insults to the prepper community by your smiley comments about #10 cans.


                • Both of you needs to relax. Because in some ways you are just looking at different sides of the horse. Until
                  AFTER the crash the money supply isn’t ever going down. The Gov is never going to pay off the debt in real money and it’s never going to repudiate it. Why should it? On any given day it’s always better to print up some than to just say NO. The VALUE of the money supply is going to go down, at some point because the public is going to lose faith faster than the gov prints. The velocity of the money supply is already gong down, that’s already causing the appearance of a cash shortage. At the peak of German inflation the Bank said they weren’t causing inflation ,they were not even keeping up with the demand for cash.
                  If you want to argue, argue value, value of a fiat money is totally dependent on public opinion. Nobody can forecast that now. All you can say is it can change quickly and it’s very bad to bet wrong.

                  • @Paranoid,

                    There are a few things in your statement that are deeply troublesome.

                    1. “Fiat Money is totally dependent upon Public Opinion.”

                    First off, there is NO SUCH THING as FIAT MONEY. Fiat Money is an illusionary concept to which we have all been socialized…i.e. that money is created from thin air.

                    It is not. When the money supply increases, the economic unit of worth of a participant in our economy decreases. This in turn, requires the participant to spend more TIME, the immutable quantity, in the economic process in order to get the same value as prior to the money supply increase.

                    This has all sorts of ramifications to the human condition….longer work hours, less time with family, less time for spirituality, too tired to get involved, etc.

                    Thus, Fiat Money is based upon a measurable quantity… and that is time….something there is only so much of.

                    Bottom line. There is no argument about FIAT money…because the concept is fictitious.

                    2. “On any given day, it’s always better to print up some than to just say no”.

                    Again, you seem to have no problem devaluing our economic worth. Every increase in the money supply decreases the unit of worth an individual has in our economy.

                    This in turn translates to having to spend more TIME in the economic process to get the same worth as before the “printing” was done.

                • Thanks Cellar Spider, my thoughts exactly!

                  YMWW tracked DK down on a dating site on the internet. Was an interesting post she did on her find. No rocket scientist hunk, to say the least.

                • Cellar Spider: “YOU ARE BLATANTLY WRONG. They are NOT decreasing the money supply with the proceeds they receive from the lended printed money.”

                  First, I never said that: “They are decreasing the money supply with the proceeds they receive from the lended printed money.”

                  Second, read what you wrote; that is not possible. Please, do not read and insert your ignorance into my analysis. 🙂

                  The money supply is currently increasing at a decreasing rate. Under Keynesian economic theory which the FED follows, increasing the money supply stimulates growth. Extended QE has demonstrated that there is a diminishing return to growth for every dollar created in this way. Thus the FED has ended QE while leaving rates low.

                  There is a difference. Know the difference. 🙂

                  Current data shows that there is a SHORTAGE of dollars available for global commerce. The data also shows a dramatic drop in the annual federal deficit from higher tax receipts, which evidences less dollars available in the economy for investment by the private sector. i.e. a reduction of dollars.

                  Higher government bond rates will (eventually) also absorb additional dollars and remove them from the economy as investors flee to safety. Housing foreclosures and increasing business bankruptcies represent a MASSIVE destruction of dollars.

                  Massive layoffs from retail stores, banks, and oil & gas companies represent a MASSIVE destruction of dollars as these jobs evaporate.

                  When the stock markets tank this will also represent a MASSIVE destruction of dollars. In fact, dollars are being destroyed all of the time, even as new dollars are created by new fractional reserve lending.

                  Currently, loan volume is down because credit worthiness is being scrutinized again by the bankers in anticipation of another Crash, according to the data.

                  When that Crash occurs, MASSIVE dollar destruction in the hundreds of billions, likely trillions of dollars will be vacated from the economy. The FED will not hyper inflate the dollar in an attempt to revive the economy. The FED will allow America to sink into a new Great Depression; along with the rest of the world.

                  Why? Because hyperinflation destroys the currency in which the wealthy and powerful hold their assets. Deflation destroys the wealth of the leveraged Middle Class. And the poor, the Obama Free Shit Army? They have food stamps.

                  The rich have dollars and lots of them. Everyone else should save what they can, in number ten cans. 🙂

                  • Cellar Spider: “Normal economics would include periods of decresing the money supply (i.e. taking money out of circulation). THIS IS NOT THE CASE.”

                    This is true. Right now. And it is about to change. 🙁

                    The world is about to turn upside down; everything except the dollar and dollar denominated bonds because the dollar is the currency in which the NWO PTB and Uber Rich hold their wealth.

                • Cellar Spider: “And stop doing backhanded insults to the prepper community by your smiley comments about #10 cans.”

                  You are relatively new to SHTF Plan. Those like me who have been here since its inception (about five years) know the true source of that comment and honor its wisdom. RIP Mushroom.

                  As usual, you do not know shit from shinola and you are betrayed by your ignorance. 🙂

          • I haven’t read it quite like you’ve stated it here, ever. But, this is an interesting perspective.

            I’m going to be paying closer attention to your comments C.S.

        • @ Sgt. Dale

          Your and others’ observations lead to a reasonable conclusion—that the slide towards hell on earth will likely be gradual and steady. Of course the oft-mentioned “black swan” could suddenly accelerate our fall.

          We plan accordingly as best we can.

          Keep your lamps trimmed and burning.

        • What’s different? A guy named Tennessee Earnie Ford told us that a long time ago: “Another day older and deeper in debt.” Only things I know are perhaps small but I think important.The bailouts are no longer talked about as if they are long term, places like Greece it’s what do we do this week not months or years, To continue with Greece as an example, first they took pension plans extra cash, now they are getting monies from cities and towns, they are running out of places that have money, this is important.
          Whether it’s Valenzuela and TP, or Austria and Bank Bailins; it’s becoming obvious they’e running out of real money. Nobody eventalks about 8% real growth in Chna, Australia is difficulty because raw maerals are going down. If we could goback a year I think we’d notice a lot of differences

          • Para since you mentioned Greece, they continue to worsen their own situtation, because they are just another Communist/Socialist Nation. I have stock in a Gold Mining Co. that has mining interest in Greece and the new Socialist Leadership has put a stop to their mining operation putting 2000 people out of jobs Trekker Out. Ticker-EGO

        • Sarge, I will say ummmmm Oct. 32nd 2015 it will all break loose! Be prepared 🙂

        • Fear porn sells. Look past the headlines. The problems we have now are the ones we have read about before. Act and prepare accordingly.

      6. Money is NOT wealth! It is a means of exchange. Wealth is tangible assets like land, water, resources, weapons, machinery, buildings, food production, et al.

        • Exactomundo!

          • @ Rellik

            I’ve got a friend, not a good friend cause he is so tight and greedy he squeaks when he walks; that recently inherited a million dollars worth of stock certificates from his deceased mother.

            If he wanted to cash those out, would he not be wealthy?

            Hell yes, in my book he would be a friggin millionaire. If those stacks of 100 $ bills are stacked neatly in his safe, to use at his convenience, would he not be wealthy?

            In my book he would. So money is wealth if it is accessible and you have way more of it than you actually need.

            Although he is not a christian, nor even professes to love Jesus or the Heavenly Father, he is still wealthy until his dollars become worthless to buy food and stuff, or pay property taxes.

            However; even though he has wealth, he is not rich, because money and stuff is his God.
            When God and Saviour become priority one in a person’s life, they then become rich.

            • Not to knock Christianity,
              I know loads of starving idealist Christians waiting for the lord to work a miracle and take care of them,
              For some reason some folks dont grt that they still gotta do the legwork,

        • The only thing im wrestling with right now is property taxes.
          I guess living here in the islsnds we gotta just go along and enjoy what we can while we can. But looking ar long term sustainability for myself, im thinking i need to start looking abroad. Just got a list of a bunch of listings in Idaho, nice place, cheap land, at least from where im looking at it,
          Is a tough call, but for one thing it would be a chance to really get away, taxes are cheaper, distances are larger, and then theres the possibility of being able (hopefully) to explore and see a bunch of stuff i have wanted to see.
          At the same time, for what i would put into land, house and other improvements, i could get a nice Diesel dually, and a RV trailer i could pull my jeep into and cary some other toys as well, and just go for a little here and a little there,,, and then be back here for the cold months and do stuff here.
          Is there going to be a collapse? Sure, most likely,
          Should we drop everything and fixate on it? Not if you want to remain somewhat sane….
          I read stuff like Hodges and Quayle and Jones, after a while they just sound nuts, i mean really, do sny of you honestly believe that the government, you know these same ass hats who cant keep track of the border, and cant take care of the vets, are really going to be able to stick a few dozen MILLIONS of us in FEMA camps???
          Sounds nuts coming from me even doesnt it.
          Balance, we gotta live, if it falls apart, oh well! But until then we still gotta keep on keepin on.

          • Kula:

            I grew up a few miles from Blaine County in Idaho and you couldn’t have asked for a more free existence at that time.

            We were poor; but in a way rich. Learned to really hunt, how to butcher elk, how to fish and how to can those kokanees we got from the Anderson Ranch dam. How to snowmobile from our backyard in the winter….Still own a little piece of property there.

            Don’t know your age but if you are going to RV over here you probably should get cracking. I’ve been a lot of places but I wouldn’t trade the west for any place else. God was good when he dumped me here.

            • It looks real nice up there, a few of the properties have lots of timber, exactly what im looking for,
              Not sure if Northern or soutern Id would be better but dont want to be too remote, the RV idea sounds good but actually has far higher and more expenses than a static location…
              Anywho, i grew up country too, hunting, fishing, camping, riding, i miss it, tired of restriction.

              • Kula,
                I’m from the Pacific Northwest. I’m very familiar with Twin falls Idaho and to a lesser degree McCall. I really pursued moving back, primarily to SW Washington on the Columbia and secondarily to Idaho on the snake river. I miss being able to go to gun shows buy a rifle and go shoot rock chucks, all in the same day. I looked at the costs of land or being mobile in an RV. For me, bottom line is it would cost me an extra $900 more per month to live on property in Washington or Idaho, than the costs of living on the Big island. I evaluated every daily cost. I even counted the cost of going to the dump. As far as an RV as a home goes, it becomes a roll of the dice. If SHTF
                your money is gone, you are a large slow target not welcome anywhere, and you have to feed RV lots of fuel.
                Personally, if my wife didn’t get so sea sick, I’d get another sailboat and stay in SE Alaska, close to family.
                Bottom line; evaluate all the costs of trying to hide on the mainland. As for having no gun rights here, to Hawaii government, I say Molon Labe!

                • Ive been working through the math too,
                  As much as it pisses me off to sit tight and improve on what i already have it is way easier to be here in the islands than to move far away and start over,
                  I guess i just need to get over some ideas i have had in my mind about direction.
                  Am still going to actively look for the moment, but in my gut i know it really wont change much,
                  No matter where you go,
                  There you are!
                  Keep thinking a change of scenery and change of coordinates will make things better,
                  Really they will just make things different.
                  At least here i know people, loooots of people,
                  I know i can grow food year round and know where to find it year round as well,
                  Plus we have a pretty sweet setup all challenges aside, (those are anywhere and everywhere)
                  Anywho, sorry for the thinking outloud here,,,

                • Kula, I grew up in ID and I will tell you,, DO NOT move to Bannock or Ada counties! Twin Falls is a little police state too. Best bet is Soda Springs area or up north as in above Salmon.

            • POG, Is blaine county where sun valley and ketchum are? You might as well move to berkely california for all the liberals and off limit shit there now. STAY AWAY from sun valley, ketchum area! Besides the insane land prices.

              • Genius:

                I said I grew up a few miles FROM Blaine County. About 50 to be exact. A completely different world. Ranchers and farmers where I grew up.

          • EXACTLY! I often think the same thing. Ever been to the DMV or dealt with the IRS? They are ALL a bunch of dolts! Every last one. I seriously can’t figure out how government employees get their shoes on the right feet everyday (maybe they don’t).

            Example. I’ve had homebirths with most of my children. I procrastinated filling out all the paperwork for my thirds birth certificate and got myself in a pickle of sorts. Dealing with the county courthouse and county clerk. What a train wreak. Going between the two offices was a nightmare and took YEARS. You might think it was establishing that she was indeed our child, but no. It was establishing and proving the county. It was the f*cking seal being stamped twice because the sheet was 1 and 3/4 sheet long and the bottom was perforated so it needed a damn stamp too because it was a separate sheet though it was still attached to the top sheet and the court said, “No, it’s one sheet, one stamp”. I could not believe the bullshit.

            These are the people orchestrating a NWO? No, but they are going to help carry out orders? Maybe, but they are so stupid it really baffles the mind.

            I play totally dumb when I am in any government office, kinda like, “help my pathetic, stupid self oh great one” because, it works. I am embarrassed to admit it, but I can go far on that one.

            • Anon, I know exactly what you mean. Dealing with govt. people is very nerve racking they are so damn stupid! I do the same thing, just play dumb and it does work! Otherwise it can turn into a truckload of shit if you challenge them.

            • I think once their paychecks start drying up and benefits get cut they will pretty much be even more useless than they already are if thats even possible, and im not talking your average grunt wearing multicam or ACU, im talking ALLLLL these other gov boinkers we got running around,
              It will be comical, eventually they are going to piss the wrong folks off and they wont be able to show their faces in public,

              • It’s always pist me off how much control they have over something that is trivial but kinda vital…like the birth certificate thing.

                It reminds me of the kid in 3rd grade who got the be class line leader for the day and acted like a tyrant. Just that little bit of power, even kinda worthless power, makes them foam at the mouth, power hungry, beasts.

              • When I adopted my trio, one got his social security card immediately. The other two were declared dead, so I had to prove they were alive. They’re homeschooled, so there wasn’t a public school paper trail. I took my children with me to the Social Security office multiple times and showed all sorts of paperwork. Found out that if I switched social security offices to one that was in a liberal town, it went easy, probably because they were already used to pushing through the paperwork of “migrants”. My wife figures most of those in that sort of job are people who would have been teachers had they gone to school, because they like to find errors made by others that they can use to deny you.

          • Kulafarmer,
            I am wondering what will happen to tax rates. Where I live, we have to pay the County Tax Assessor-Collector, and a Municipal Utility District (water/sewer/garbage), and the School district.

            We are in a period of deflation right now, as far as commodity prices (copper, hogs, rice, oats, etc.) consumer spending, corporate capital expenditures, hiring, and the “velocity of money” (number of times a dollar changes hands per unit of time). So, will that continue until nobody has a job or money to spend, but the few who have dollars will be able to buy land or gold at bargain-basement prices, and also pay property taxes? If so, will the tax rates go down in recognition of this deflation?

            Or, will we cycle into inflation of the dollar and credit, causing the tax rate to go up so much that nobody will have enough dollars on hand to pay even the local taxes? If that happens, banks will not even have the desire or the resources to foreclose on millions of houses, and courts will be hopelessly clogged with foreclosure suits, and there won’t be enough goons to kick people out of their homes, so will we all just become squatters?

            I stopped visiting sites like those run by Hodges, Quayle, Jones, and other such charlatans, too, yet I know something very bad is going to happen between now and 2020.

            You know, John Mosby, the Mountain Guerrilla, wrote words to the effect that 150,000 troops couldn’t even pacify Baghdad, and even if they pulled every swinging dick in the military back state-side from overseas, they wouldn’t have enough manpower to even establish green zones in the big cities, much less pacify all 500 major urban areas in the US; even less Appalachia and other rural areas.

            I take a dim view of the “FEMA camp” discussion, and I think those who peddle such arguments are motivated by the same desire to control other souls that we can observe in Obama, Jim Jones, Marshall Applewhite, Madame Blavatsky, and Bill Ayers. Their symbolic immortality depends on how many virtual scalps they can collect from the poor, drooling masses. Still, it’s highly improbable that a world with so many flash points, so many people, and such a moribund world economy will be able to continue without a crash that builds like a tidal wave, invisible while at sea, and that finally crashes into the crumbling bulkheads with catastrophic force.

      7. A lot of this SH~T is to keep the mass’s so paranoid that they are afraid to wipe their own A$$. I say its way over due to call their BUFF. Make them SH~T or get off the THUNDER MUG. What say you???

        Now or never! Every night has its dawn.

        • I say its way overdue for people to say FU to the whole buncha boneheads elected and appointed as well as their hired minions. But individually there isnt shit we can do beyond basic civil disobedience.
          Its a shame, so many fun things yet to do but will it ever come to pass,
          Wheeling the Rubicon
          Hanging in Sturgis when the bikers are in bloom,
          House boating on Meade or Powell,
          Catfish and crawdads in NewOrleans!

          • Kula, Lake mead is a sewer! It is low as hell and last time I swam there I got an itchy rash all over. The water stunk and the sewer from vegas pours into it. Powell is nice though.

      8. I’m already dead, but it feels as if I’ve had worse.

        • One Memorial Day I was laying flowers at the
          gravesite of my beloved parents and my young
          I had also taken along a pint of good Irish
          whiskey to toast my love for them in a one
          sided conversation.
          As could be expected, it wasn’t so awful long
          before I was face down in the grass in near
          full inebriation in sorrow.
          An old couple came along and the women seeing
          this remarked, “Oh look Harold, they forgot to
          bury this one!”
          Sometimes I’m not so sure she wasn’t right.

          • sometimes you have to keep going just to piss of people who would like you to quit.

            • AMEN!

        • My back went out again the other day. Hips just quit working and diabetes went haywire also. Screaming headache from an old neck injury also.

          When the little woman asked how i was feeling, I said…

          “I’ll have to get better, before i can die”.

          Sometimes it would be much easier to die than deal with the pain.

      9. Well, they can plan all they want to and cheat all they want… things don’t always go as planned. People don’t always get what they want.

        There was a poem in high school literature class… Something about- “the plans of mice and men aft gang astray, but the deeds of men live after…”

      10. Well, they can plan all they want to and cheat all they want… things don’t always go as planned. People don’t always get what they want.

        There was a poem in high school literature class… Something about- “the plans of mice and men aft gang astray, but the deeds of men live after…”

      11. Basically, it comes down to this: in the end, Mother Nature (God) takes all…

        And THAT is the real End Game!

      12. “Janet Yellen has openly conceded that cash is not a convenient store of value.”
        That’s right. If a crash in credit then cash would be king. No wonder the credit tycoons want to outlaw cash! One thing for sure, we are in a credit bubble. Its ALL “stored value”. only problem is that could evaporate quite quickly.

      13. WAIT A MINUTE!!! You doom and gloomers need to step back and look to the immediate future.

        The CHAMPION has arrived on the scene. Along with the new First Lady of the land BILL.

        Why can’t you just give the CHAMPION of the American people take her place among the great leaders of our land. Obama promised FREE EVERYTHING for the masses and he has kept his word. He just never mentioned how much the free shit was going to cost.

        Prepare, prepare for the CHAMPION.

        • I think Billy is just misunderstood,,

        • Why can’t she just go home?

      14. Brandon:

        Congrats on this article! It should put to bed the Putin/Obama nonsense that has permeated SHTF. The international bankers own both countries and their puppets who are playing their part.

        The Fed=IMF=BIS=The City of London= Ownership of the world. Now if we only can come to grips with who the stockholders of these evil entities are, we will finally know who the enemies of all mankind are.

        Thanks again Brandon.

        Thanks again for the truth.

      15. Mr. Snyder makes several valid points. All of them support the decide long EOTWAWKI preached on multiple sites. He’s merely pointing out these events in Europe and Asia are two more nails in a nail riddled coffin lid. Keep prepping, planning, praying, and since its Spring again, planting for your future.
        Just my two copper coated metal discs worth.

      16. We Can’t Let John Deere Destroy the Very Idea of Ownership

        Deere and General Motors want to eviscerate the notion of ownership. Sure, we pay for their vehicles. But we don’t own them. Not according to their corporate lawyers, anyway.

        In a particularly spectacular display of corporate delusion, John Deere—the world’s largest agricultural machinery maker —told the Copyright Office that farmers don’t own their tractors. Because computer code snakes through the DNA of modern tractors, farmers receive “an implied license for the life of the vehicle to operate the vehicle.”

        It’s John Deere’s tractor, folks. You’re just driving it.

        Several manufacturers recently submitted similar comments to the Copyright Office under an inquiry into the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. DMCA is a vast 1998 copyright law that (among other things) governs the blurry line between software and hardware. The Copyright Office, after reading the comments and holding a hearing, will decide in July which high-tech devices we can modify, hack, and repair—and decide whether John Deere’s twisted vision of ownership will become a reality.

        ht tp://

        • They’re not deciding which high-tech devices I can modify, hack, and repair.

          I have tools, parts, equipment, and books, so I can tinker with whatever I please. I have voided countless warranties, and I have made computers and software do things they weren’t designed for.

          I have modified, hacked, and repaired for over 50 years, and I’m not stopping now.

          • I cant get the computer problems worked out in my JK sooo
            Rather than keep dealing with the dealer im gonna just gut it and drop a crate motor and aftermarket drivline and gauges in it and throw away anything that has wires on it that doesnt involve starting, charging, sparking, lighting, winching, or AC!
            They can stuff their programmers.

        • This is where free markets should dictate what happens. If the sheeple like this, then so be it. If not, a company should produce a machine that is not bound by these bullshit regulations. It seems to me that a person should not purchase a car or tractor for the kinds of money that they demand when not all of the item is yours. This is a bullshit law if upheld but hopefully we will choose with our wallets.

      17. Greece is probably going to default on their payment to the IMF and
        will Grexit. That might be the great unraveling. Maybe thats why Jade Helm and Operation Mapleleaf are underway. Or maybe the government just comes up with all this shit just to watch the alarmists reactions and get a chuckle….Kinda like proclaiming Wal-mart shut down 9 stores because of their “undergound tunnel systems” and their link to the government and the video to back it up.
        It’s no wonder most think preppers are lunatics. I can believe that building 7 was brought down intentionally but underground tunnels under Wal-Mart???/Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

        • It’s where they keep all their sweat shops and stocks of Chinese Plastic Pumpkins.

          I think The Gimp is down there too somewhere.

        • One can only hope!

      18. Believe me when i tell you. They have got plans. David Hodges was approached at his University that he teached at and this is what he was informed about. See this article. I was coming under attack by Mr M for a reason in the last few post. He tried to twist my comment making it look like i was asking for and opinion on Mr Hodges, when in fact, i was not.

        I was asking if anyone knew who mounted a surface to air misscle defence battery in our state, i the city of Lubbuck, see his previous article that was posted before this one on his site. It appeares that something very dire is being planned by the Jade Helm 15 group.

        David Hodges credibilty is really good. So is the credibility of Steve Quayle, Hagmman, Dr Garrow and others. David Hodges does not lie nor does he fake stories. The facts are very sickening in what he had discovered. And i have learned from other sources in person, that Hodges and what he is talking about is really happening. This link is his lates post.

        • I believe Hodges, Quayle and Hagmanns are seeing how dangerous these things are. Still trying to interpret exactly what the plan is. The way I see it, what totalitarian regime hasn’t instituted mass imprisonments and executions when they take over: Stalin, Mao, Hitler. And that we have all the trappings of a totalitarian police state cannot be denied. They aren’t even hiding it. It is all in print.

      19. “If you touch me again, I’ll drop your a–, alright?” Knight told him.

        so if they touch us,, can we drop their a– too?

        ht tp://

      20. You see, the problem with most people is that they tend to let their innate sense of tribalism drive them to take sides in war without understanding the fundamental root of that war. In most cases, they believe one side must be “good” and one side must be “bad.”

        One side must be ME… and the other side must be NOT.

        That’s really all it takes.

        Other side ain’t gonna smile, pat your head, and give you flowers, are they?

      21. ht tp://
        Automakers are supporting provisions in copyright law that could prohibit home mechanics and car enthusiasts from repairing and modifying their own vehicles.

        In comments filed with a federal agency that will determine whether tinkering with a car constitutes a copyright violation, OEMs and their main lobbying organization say cars have become too complex and dangerous for consumers and third parties to handle.

        • Next thing you know the car industry will convince the EPA to band people from changing their own oil in their cars, because it could constitue an environmental danager.

          • The EPA would love the car I owned back in the 1970s. I never changed oil in it, because it leaked so badly. I would just top it off every once in a while. I drove it for 5 years and finally junked it because it was rusting to pieces. I paid $500 for it and junked it for $100. That was a pretty cheap ride.

            • Archivist, ha ha ha that reminds me of a car I had when I was a kid. It was a 67 ford galaxie with a 390 v8. It leaked oil to beat hell and burned it too. My friends dad wouldn’t let me park in their driveway because of the oil lol. If you needed to lose someone just step on the gas and the cloud of smoke would envelope them ha ha. I could sit in one place and rev it up good and smoke out an entire block 😛

              • Genius

                Had a Skeeter Killer also. Turn day into night. Hahaha!

                61 Chevy.

        • That huge over-supply of law graduates had to go SOMEWHERE.

          Yay. MOAR lawyers. MOAR I say. Your butthole is proprietary and wiping it is a copyright violation.

      22. Meek shall inherit the earth

        • What are they going to do after they inherit it?

          • Frolic around meadows petting lions and lambs

        • But as J Paul Getty said: “But they won’t get the mineral rights.”

      23. Was watching old Mike Ruppert videos at and remembered something I read years ago on his website:

        The article stated there was just enough money/oil left to ease us all into an egalitarian society, based on honesty, equality, etc… or TPTB could use the remaining oil/money to build up a police state and continue with the same corrupt system until it collapsed. Its pretty evident what TPTB chose.

      24. The Next Financial Tsunami Just Began
        in Texas

        well worth a few minutes of your time

        more and more people are calling for a major financial collapse
        in Sept/Oct
        everyone from Jonathan Cahn in THE HARBINGER
        to the Bible Codes
        to more conventional sources like David Stockman,Paul Craig Roberts
        and Jamie Dimon of CitiBank (one of the ass holes who caused the 2008 meltdown by the way)

        and when BAD stuff happens financially
        it does tend to happen in that time period

        • The accidental were clumsy.

          • Very clumsy or just coincidence.

        • A scenario that ties it all together is the scientists knew this space object that returns in orbit every 3600 years is coming and the elite have laundered all this government money to build underground shelters for when it totally disrupts things on earth. They have to disarm us before we can see it coming in December 2015, otherwise survivors would never let them out of their bunkers alive, hence Jade Helm 15 and ISIS on our border. The invasion will allow them to declare martial law.

      25. It is all about easing people into the Great Decay. The economy collapsed in 2007/2008 and since then we have had a hologram economy. It is all a mirage and there is no price discovery. The whole thing is under tight control of the banks, the central banks and the BIS in Basel, Switzerland. They direct the pace and how much of the money supply is increased.

        I remember meetings during the crisis and we were told it was mathematically impossible to pay off all the money owed or destroyed. So, the only choice was either to collapse and go Mad Max, or exponentially expand the money supply and take over the planet. We went with take over the planet.

        This has one goal: to bring the entire world under central bank control and ensure all living things are cataloged and controlled.

        So, where is all this heading? It is a future where the majority will not have any assets or wealth and will be much reduced in numbers. Machines will do most of the work and the general population will be divided into core categories: the ‘sex bots’ will be the pretty women and girls: playthings for the elite of the world; ‘brains’ will do the mental work and come up with ideas; ‘muscles’ will be the people who will be sacrificed in combat or when there is a dangerous disaster, for example, Fukushima. A huge array of pleasure robots will be available for the brains and the muscles: every fantasy will be catered for: want a slim school girl, there is a ‘bot for that etc. That’s where we are going.

      26. Over 62 years old drawing social security, just die and get the hell out of here. That sounds about right. We of that age are just takers and of no use to society. Die you MFer’s! That goes double and triple for you multiple retirement dippers. Also you stupid younger peons who are clamoring for a $15 minimum wage, forget it you dipshits, that’ll never happen. Better get used to making do with less, the illegals will work for less and that is what they will get. The TPP is another step in that direction. We all lost in the game of monopoly.

        • “What the Greatest Generation handed down to us — the richest, most powerful, most self-sufficient republic in history, with the highest standard of living any nation had ever achieved — the baby boomers, oblivious and self-indulgent to the end, have frittered away.” — Patrick J. Buchanan

      27. 5.3 million Iowa laying hens to be destroyed in bird flu outbreak

        “Because of avian influenza, the state’s $2 billion commercial egg-laying industry has been on high alert this spring.

        Iowa, the nation’s largest egg producer, has about 50 million hens and supplies nearly 1 in every 5 eggs consumed in the United States.”

        “The virus is capable of killing an entire flock within 48 hours.”

        “Despite its virulent nature, officials say, the virus doesn’t pose a danger to humans…”

        “Scientists and government officials believe the virus is being spread through migratory birds in the Mississippi flyway, where the strain previously has been identified. The birds are believed to transmit the illness through their droppings.

        The disease has been discovered at more than 50 sites across the country in several states, including Arkansas, Wisconsin, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota.”

        Drudge Report

        • More like its in that scratch feed they are bringing in from China

        • Good thing we have 41 chickens. Though I think most of CA eggs come from CA. I’m guessing the price of chicken will go up. I didn’t buy meat chickens this year.

          • Anon 1970,

            I agree – the price of chicken and eggs will go UP.

            For those who don’t have chickens, it would be a good idea to buy some extra eggs or #10 cans of dried eggs.

            Fresh eggs stored in the refrigerator will last safely well over a month.

            Even without bird flu, there have been significant increases in the prices of food.

          • Food Inflation…

            One example:
            Sold online at Sam’s Club
            Augason Farms 2pk Dried Whole Eggs
            2-37oz. #10 cans

            04/02/2012 – $29.73
            12/05/2014 – $43.98

            2015 – The amount of eggs in the cans has now shrunk to 33oz.

      28. Another Chimp-Out.

        Coming around Baltimore Maryland. Another black guy dies after arrest. Chimps can’t wait to see the autopsy, and neither can the feds.

        We MUST riot….

        • Yes sirreeee! You GOTS to be hatin’ on them that negroes dontcha? But Hell, why stop THERE? God loves ME and He told me it’s ok to hate everybody who isn’t white or doesn’t ” know their place”. You what that means right? It means I hate negroes, Mexicans, Muslims, Jews, Hindus,heathen Chinee, Aw Hell, EVERYBODY who ain’t white and DEFINTELEY under 50! But it’s ok because I am a ” good Christian” and God loves ME! people just a hate on poor ole granny cause I’m a ” truth teller”.

          • Guess you can’t handle the truth. Go play out in your watermelon patch.

      29. Comrade Barry is as evil a SOB as ever walked this earth. However, he is NOT the only evil SOB living today either. ( Hillary, Bill, the Bush Family, Al Gore, Putin, The Leaders of Iran, Iraq, ISIS, China….and my Mother-in Law)

        Heard on Levin’s show last night that the reason Barry wants to “open up” Iran is a number of Fortune 500 companies see billions to be made in doing so. Go frick’n figure? I guess that they all have nuke proof Brook’s Brothers suits to wear.

        In an Economic Collapse, pork prices are sure to go up, so watch out fur them Hogs!

        • Hogs:
          Just got the price on a half beef from the farmer that raises my cattle. A 1250lb steer coast $2000 after he is possessed and on your table. That is $450 higher than last years prices.
          There is no inflation, YA Right!!! He also told me that pork prices are up as well. look at the price for a can of green beans, it was 28 cents 2 years a go At Aldi’s now it is 59 cents. So things are head down the rabbit hole real fast now.
          The people in my group have put some stuff away for a while now, mostly fire power and clothes. I keep telling them that they have to get water treatment stuff and more food. They are having a harder time putting extra money in the food basket because of the higher prices.
          You are right about those S.O.B.’S there are a lot of them, but there are more of those me firsters(a new word)and those you own meites (another new word. That I worry about more.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Just found 50# bags of hard wheat for $18. I need some more buckets. Got in with a local beef/pork/poultry farm for direct purchasing. Found local produce at bulk prices. Pretty soon, all I’ll need from WinCo is trash bags, coffee filters, salt-n-pepper and chocolate… 🙂 🙂 🙂

            Life is improving for me, at the moment.

            • Awesome! I hope to be where you are sooner than later. We are killing ourselves here, there is still so much to do.

              You go!!!!

              • What I just did was improve the quality of my food stores. It will also be more cost effective, once I get it all sorted out. I’ve been working for this moment for the last 5 years, and here I am!

                Anon1970, the interesting thing is that I found these people on a facebook page, advertizing things for sale in my area. I really hate FB, but it can have it’s uses if you use it right. In my case, it was a link to what I needed.

                If you think you’ve looked “everywhere”, look somewhere else…

            • Yea six, I’m feeling pretty well blessed here in the mid-Atlantic region, cause I have found hard white winter wheat for $26.00 per fifty lb.

              Got in on a co-op purchase and delivery program so I save about 75% off the normal shipping. Only about fifty miles to my nearest pick-up location, and we make that run with a Sam’s Club visit in the same area where we are now buying dry pintos for a little over .60 cents per lb.

              A lot of things are expensive at the regular markets, but prepper items are pretty good right now. I’d say it is probably the “calm before the storm”, that’s coming this fall.

              • Passin, can you give me any info on where you are buying your wheat?

            • We buy sale items, first in, first out. Makes a nice inflation hedge. Right now we’re chowing through the last of the $0.25 cans of veggies. Small losses from the occasional failed can.

              When prepping I keep in mind my corollary to Murphy’s Law:

              “Any disaster properly prepared for becomes less likely.”

      30. David Hodges for instance ..”his credibilty is really good” .. some guy did say here.

        yearrrr.. right ..he just can say the J.. word
        He is always blaming Hitler.. How stupid..
        Are the bad Nazis running the show or the J….s???

        You idiots .. the told you LIES about the bad Nazies
        Try tell him .. your comments never show up.

        Ask yourself are they liars?

        And Brandon thats an excellent analysis. really it is!!!..

        Just its not the globalist, not the bilderberger or the bankers Its the .. I cant say the word ..its verboten.

        3 of 3 last Federal Reserve Chairmen have been Jewish (Ben Shalom Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, Janet Yellen)

        1 of last 2 Secretary of Treasury have been Jewish (Jack Lew)

        2 out of last 3 IRS commissioners have been Jewish (Douglas Schulman, Daniel Werfel)

        1 out of 2 SEC chairmen have been Jewish (Mary Shapiro)
        The appointment of Janet Yellen as Federal Reserve Chairwoman highlights a pattern of anti-gentile racial discrimination in high level government appointments.

        Over the past two decades, more than 50% of Federal Reserve Presidents and 100% of the Chairmen have been non-gentile. Before non-gentile Chairman Benjamin Shalom Bernanke, there was non-gentile Chairman Alan Greenspan.

        In fact, there hasn’t been a gentile Federal Reserve Chairman/woman in over 25 years, even though gentiles comprise 98% of the population.

        The odds of a small minority, comprising only 2% of the population, randomly garnering this number of appointments is so infinitesimal it would equate to winning the lottery twice.

        Watch this pleassssse….

        • Frank, the goyim will not hear of such a thing. Truth is like kryptonite to them! They are the chosenites and above investigation!

      31. The sky is falling they keep pushing this but I’m getting mandatory overtime thank god for the useless eaters they buy stuff with their handout $. Making $ hand over fist myself I’m trying to cash in as much as possible on the OT. Because when the sky falls I will have years of salary saved up. When everyone is running to get work I will be wearing my house coat out to let everyone know I’m not working. I will never be conned to believe $ is worthless. Think of how stupid it sounds to say $ is worthless. It has value more than anything on earth. Try paying your bills with silver or gold. When ever I left this country I never exchanged my currency because people always wanted the almighty buck not some shitty pesos. $ is the number one prepp people you can’t deny it. I think a lot of people say the dollar is worthless because they don’t have many. I don’t think a currently collapse is gonna happen. People will just become poorer that’s all. Go to a third world country and look how people live. I’ve seen people living in structures that my dog wouldn’t live in. Don’t worry the gov will keep the food stamps for you. But that’s where it will end I think they would cut public housing first. I laugh at guys that are twice my age that don’t have anything and live with their parents. Losers but they always have cigs and beer. I’m kicking my kids out when they are old enough they will learn to survive or they can live in the street. It’s not that I don’t love them. I just don’t want to be on my death bed wondering if they will make it in the world. Of course I want them to come and visit us. I don’t ever ask my parents for $ I get it myself. There is so many bums that say they want to work but when I stop and ask a bum holding a sign that says need work they say they don’t work or they are disabled. Bullshit I was gonna pay a bum to regrade and reseed my lawn I was gonna pay cash at the going rate for that type of labor. These losers can’t commit to doing a big job they would want $ at the end of the day and never come back leaving me holding the bag. Unemployable that’s what they are. Put the weed down and do something with yourself. They dindu nuffin . People they don’t talk about the free shit army at all. My work can’t find people that don’t do drugs and have skills so I got to work overtime everyday. If the gov put a stop to being grown people’s parents they would have no choice to get a job and pay their way or die. There are a lot of able people sitting on their asses developing addictions . Fuck them if they want to be bums I will keep banking my$500 a week after I pay my bills. They don’t have to be losers they can do the same thing. It’s pretty bad when you hire ten people and get only 1 good employee if your are lucky. But hey working is no fun when Uncle Sam will cover you like a parent does a child. People don’t know the value of a buck anymore because they don’t work.

        • Well, I’m not kicking my kids out for damn sure. They are an asset my friend. My 15 year old daughter can run a house. She cooks from scratch, can care for our animals, she cleans without being asked, because she likes it tidy and she still has more than enough time to study Homer, Plato, Thucydides. If I die in the next minute she will take on my job caring for her family until she doesn’t need to.

          She can; knit, sew, can, crochet, garden, farm, surf, cook, clean like nobodies business. I am trying to think of things she can’t do! Well, she doesn’t like math….but the girl can milk a cow or goat. I think that makes of for hating math 😉

          I’ve borrowed money from my parents and paid it back 100% and recently my mom needed money and we gave it to her.

          My 24 year old takes care of her house, works 30 hours as a Sushi Chef and is a full time student while married.

          Just saying, how have you raised those kids that you would even consider kicking them out?

          I like my kids more than anyone else and they are an non replaceable asset. They are not perfect by a long shot, but they are good, hard workers and understand that they weren’t put on this earth to be ‘served’ like royalty.

          • You are quite a father! Very admirable.

            • Haha, I’m a mother;)

              It’s not really that hard if you;
              1. Homeschool
              2. Don’t give them iPhones, iPads, gaming devices, let them Facebook or social media accounts. Don’t have cable.

        • What we are seeing is not real poverty (we have never had so much wealth and easy access to food) but large numbers of people who are not self-reliant and who are just weak people. They can’t be helped because they will not help themselves. They choose alcohol when they have spare cash; they fail to save, even a few pennies; they eat and buy the wrong things; they do not stay in shape and dress neatly.

          I saw a woman begging who was not bad looking. Why on earth is a reasonably good looking woman begging? With a shower, some nice clothes, she could work in the sex industry and make really good money. Many will say ‘how dare you, Frank!’ but compared to begging and leaching off others, sex work is more dignified and she would be able to live well. I remember seeing a young woman – 18, 19 – in the 1980s who was homeless and begging on a rainsoaked and cold street. A businessman struck up a conversation with her and she told how she fell out with her parents and did not have enough money to rent an apartment. The businessman offered her a warm bed and help and I remember she took it.

      32. Big gov(s)are recording everything on all comm. Be careful of what, how much and where you say or text. Someone/computer could get the wrong idea.

        Agree time for a problem is near due to infrastructure vulnerabilities and from nuke activity in Mideast; not to mention the border. Terrorism here and Obama’s incompetence (intentional) are fueling internal strife (racial). A major problem may occur someday but we all should be ready.

        I store:

        potable water 20 gal pp
        water purification system
        2 years FD food (I have tested for years and rotate stock)
        numerous bug out locations

        I live in a Rural location close to water

        What will happen will probably surprise us all.

        Semper Fi

      33. Hey Frank it’s interesting how your mentioned that. Daniel Estulin wrote a book called “the age of human deconstruction..the bastards. Want to get rid of us and transfer their brains in machines. I for one will not screw with should the movie Chappie. We are literally being replaced. No machine bitch will be coming near me. This whole thing is totally out of frickin control. The Japanese being the strange freaks that they are seem to be working on a lot of robotic artifical women to replace real women. If you ever see the crap they make, what a bunch of weird sickos.

        • If all “they” really wanted, was to transfer their brains into machines, I say let them go for it! I’d even hold the door for them to get in a space ship and head for another planet…but that’s NOT all they want. They want more than they’re entitled to, and that’s where I personally draw my line.

          • Hold the door for them….LOL!!!! Love it!

        • I was checking out the sex bots: they are very impressive to look at. Can you imagine how much more sophisticated they will be in 10 years? I guess they are just an acknowledgement of a basic human need and a machine can provide it as much as a human being could.

      34. Best article in a long time. Well done Mr. Smith.

      35. The comment section at times can be an out of control classroom.

        • Bring on the sex robots!
          Hell, just transfer my brain into one.

      36. Brandon unless I missed it you left out the head mother fucker in charge ROTHCHILDS grab your balls son and bring it all out in the open stop white washing it sometimes when I read your articles it sounds like your setting the people up for them who’s side are you on

      37. Brandon Smith is half right, but half wrong.

        He is right to suggest that at a deeper level, the governments of Russia and China are “on the same side”. All governments are enslavers of “their own people”. So yes, in that sense, all governments are “on the same side”.

        BUT… Smith is wrong if he imagines that the governments of the US, NATO, and Japan on the one side, and Russia and China on the other, are merely pro wrestlers pretending to fight each other.

        The conflict between the two sides is REAL. The US military build up in the Baltics is REAL. Just as the conflict between rival Mafia families is REAL.

        • Likely close to accurate assessment. In a way all governments are just another form of special interest and elites ? Or one could say control freaks .

      38. If “plans for this reset do not include U.S. prosperity or a thriving dollar,” why doesn’t the U.S. turn against the elites with a vengeance?

        • Elites are the US. The us are outmaneuvered. It is the way they capitalize that is the problem. Still acting like a Patriot are we? That is so pre 9/11. Now we Patriot Acts and remember redress. The US has already turned. Johnny comes late but has good instinct. You must put the emphasis on the first syllable in the word Sheep. And make that P pop. Reeducation and resettlement will clear things up for you. You do have permission to ask that question don’t you?

      39. American police are and have been getting trained by IDF war criminals in Israhell.
        That’s all we need to see to understand there’s a very ugly future planned for us Here in the USA.

      40. So, what are them boys going to do for muscle if they trash the U.S.?

        Also, one world gov’t or no, Betsy ain’t long for this world. The entire industrial human society is about to collapse except for the dozen or so super elite lifeboat areas. The key word here is dieoff. It’s just around the corner regardless of what those bitches do. They know it and so, why would they still be pushing this new world order gig?

      41. “In the end, as Brandon warns, the United States will be left impoverished, the dollar will be destroyed and their ultimate goal of global governance will have been achieved”

        It’s worse than that. There are 800 Fema camps in this country (check it out on Youtube). They have not been built to house people that suffer disasters (the government does not love you that much) or to jail illegal immigrants. 800 camps, some hold upwards of 500,000 people. These are concentration camps, all barb wire on top of the fences at these camps points inward to keep people inside. It’s not just that the dollar will collapse, but they have plans for the citizens. It does not bode well for them. The Jade Helm operations this summer should give a hint of things to come. Prepare the best you can but expect martial law and harsh treatment from the powers that be.

      42. Hey six, your right. The bastards was to replace us so that they can live for ever on earth and completey replace us. You aught to read Daniel Estulin Human deconstruction. The first phase of it is the economic calapse followed by the global population reduction. They are so Confident they even put up the end results in showing what the world will look like. A hunger game end result. Then the robots take over with ski- net. They are really planing this crap. Yes it’s true, all the word governments are on the same side it’s a war against humanity, it’s and extra terrestrial war against us..this is topic I don’t get into much but the scientist told me that this is and underlying fact. The race that is supporting humanity is called the Plejarens. The founding fathers were in contact with them. We are literally in the middle of and alien versus alien war.

      43. There will always be a greedy Oligarch. It is up to the People, people. So it was written. So it will always be. Too bad our Constitution wasn’t. Pre emption lies behind a red shield. Napoleon pondered that one in exile, you can bet on it.

      44. Good read. I have also mentioned the many signs of an end game at hand. We all live in many illusions and the recovery and or economy and markets are just a few of those illusions. There are many more. It can all be maintained only, until the day it can’t ? Don’t forget about the many outlier events floating around out there. None of us can even begin to account for them all.

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