The “Dead List”: Who The Secret Government Plans to Target Next

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    Camp FEMA

    Justice Scalia is just the latest of targeted and politically motivated deaths that have taken place during the Obama Administration, and virtually everyone is raising questions about the suspicious details surrounding his death, including the lack of autopsy or official investigation into the possible causes of death.

    The motive is simple: subversion of the laws and rights of this country. Obama is likely enough to get a third Supreme Court appointment, in spite of the opposition. If he doesn’t, Hillary might.

    Regardless, an effort that has already been well underway is coming to a head. And there is no reasonable doubt that a larger-than-Nixon enemies list exists, and is being executed.

    The United States has been taken over – and the last vestiges of freedom are being destroyed and undone. If they succeed, future generations won’t even remember this time, or the liberties and recognized rights that were once enjoyed, and fought for in blood.

    With Antonin Scalia fresh in everyone’s mind and still a topic of controversy, Lisa Haven discusses the list of other such suspicious deaths during recent years – including journalists like Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings
    – as well is who is next.

    The “Dead List” Who’s On It and Who They Plan On Targeting Next

    There is every reason to think that the death of LaVoy Finicum and the standoff in Oregon with the feds could be used to spark further revolt and would could become a very bloody “patriot civil war” against the system – and they may be targeting, arresting and purging fellow patriots and activists on trumped up charges in order to take out those they most concerned about.

    Brandon Smith warns that such a false and provocated effort to suppress the liberty movement and target uproarious individuals may really be underway:

    In my recent article “Liberty Activists And ISIS Will Soon Be Treated As Identical Threats,” I examined statements made by the Justice Department’s chief of national security, John Carlin, in an article published by Reuters. Carlin and the Justice Department have made it clear that they intend to apply rules of prosecution used for foreign terrorist organizations to “domestic extremists.” The Oregon standoff was specifically mentioned as an example of such extremism.

    Meaning, Carlin is testing the waters of material support laws and such tests may target liberty movement speakers and journalists along with anyone involved in physical opposition.


    Cliven Bundy was arrested after arriving by plane in Portland, Oregon, not on any charges relating to the refuge and his son Ammon, but on charges stemming from the Bundy Ranch standoff of 2014.


    It has come to my attention from personal sources that there may be a lot of truth to the rumors of pending or retroactive indictments, and that the FBI in particular may be biding its time and waiting to bring charges when particular people are at their most vulnerable and when the movement is less likely to react.

    Such a round-up also serves a critical dual purpose of chilling free speech and creating fear of arrest the larger population. As dissent becomes criminalized – against all the protections intended in the Bill of Rights and Constitution – many others will lose their rights or face incarceration over issues related to mental health, outstanding warrants, terrorism/extremism watch lists, and refusal to vaccinate their children.

    The pages of history are filled with such phases of genocide and tyranny, and unfortunately, there are many reasons to think that America is on the path to hell via government overreach. As Brandon Smith noted:

    At the very onset of what would become the Soviet Empire, Vladimir Lenin decreed the creation of a national internal army called the “Cheka.” The Cheka were handed very broad police powers and tasked with the disruption and elimination of any form of dissent within the communist system. Lenin launched what would later be known as the “Red Terror”, in which nearly every Russian population center had an established Cheka office of operations using surveillance, infiltration, nighttime raids, imprisonment, torture and execution to silence opposition to the authority of the state.

    Some of these people were active rebels, some were outspoken political opponents and journalists, others were merely average citizens wrongly accused by neighbors or personal enemies. The Cheka created a society of fear and suspicion in which no one could be trusted and little criticism was spoken above a whisper anywhere, even in one’s own home.

    It is important to note, however, that the dominance of the Cheka was established incrementally, not all at once.

    History repeats, and we are again at the precipice.

    After all, the government is well aware that many millions of Americans aren’t going to go willingly into the FEMA camps. They intend to take out key individuals well in advance, in hopes of quelling dissent and encouraging compliance.

    This is a very dark time. Free speech is under threat, and the prospect of a Hillary presidency means even greater abuses may be coming.

    Stay vigilant, because our lives depend upon it.

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      1. 100 million Americans own guns and know how to use them. The New World Order can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards.

        Make a list. Check it twice. Know who has been naughty and who has been nice in your neck of the woods. 🙂

        • and it’s totally constitutional! DEATH TO THE NWO.

          • THE 90% & 10% DILEMMA DURING MARTIAL LAW
            United States of America, Population
            318.9 million (2014)
            – 90% or 287.01 million will accept without too much inconvenience Martial Law
            – 10% or 31.89 million will be staunchly opposed to Martial Law

            – 90% or 28.701 million will peacefully protest from their homes against Martial Law
            – 10% or 3.189 million will organize resistance movements against the government

            – 90% or 2.8701 million will limit themselves to provide logistics, communications and supply lines
            – 10% or 318.9 thousand will organize themselves into armed militias to fight against government forces

            – 90% or 287.01 thousand are ages 50 to 80 (including some veterans from wars in Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Iraq 1991, Afghanistan and Iraq 2003). 90% or 258.309 thousand suffer from some sort of illness, dependants on prescribed medication, overweight, lack of experience in urban warfare tactics, their shooting skills are below modern standards and their weaponry is mainly composed of semi-automatic assault rifles and pistols. Many of them have a tendency in abusing the use of recreational drugs and alcohol (specially the baby-boomers). Most of them believe that the Constitution is the Bill of Rights (and they are utterly ignorant about the US legal system). The majority of them have an associates degree, while few ones were able to graduate from 4-year college. These people are overwhelmed with credit card debt.

            – 10% or 31.89 thousand are ages 18 to 49 (including some veterans from wars in Iraq 1991, Afghanistan and Iraq 2003). 90% or 28.701 thousand do not have any experience in modern urban warfare tactics, their shooting skills meet only minimum modern standards, and their weaponry is mainly composed of semi-automatic assault rifles and pistols. Some of them are obese while others have a tendency in abusing the use of recreational drugs and alcohol. Most of them believe that the Constitution is the Bill of Rights (and they are utterly ignorant about the US legal system). The majority were able to graduate from high school, while others started a career in the community college system but are unwilling to continue due to that costs that carry a higher education.

            – Consequently, about 3200 militia men are the real fighting force having the herculean task of confronting government forces during Martial Law.

            THE OUTCOME:
            – 90% of the armed militias fighting against government forces will perish in the first year of combat operations (about 287 thousand)

            – 10% of the armed militias fighting against government forces will surrender and be sent to DETENTION camps for indefinite periods (about 32 thousand). They will be tried for insurrection and treason in military tribunals, most will face the death penalty and others will be imprisoned for many years (25+ years).

            – 90% of Americans who were involved in the resistance against the government, and limited themselves to provide logistics, communications and supply lines will be registered and sent to RELOCATION camps for indefinite periods (about 2.6 million). The other 10% will be tried for sedition in military tribunals (about 287 thousand) and imprisoned for many years (15+ years).

            • Fuck you Max!!! 🙂

              It would only take 10,000 Patriots in five man FREEDOM CELLS to wreck havoc on the NWO between DC and NYC using commando tactics and guerilla warfare to attack and assassinate NWO Leadership. That’s a proven strategy, bootlicker. They can run but they can’t hide.

              There are three million American gun owners in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York State. Just saying.

              Shoot N Scoot !!! 🙂

              • fuck yourself NWO

            • The paragraphs on 319K and 31.9K seem almost identical and do not demonstrate a logical reduction. Then suddenly the 31.9K becomes 3.2K without any explanation at all.

              I could just as easily argue that 90% of the 3.2K will not take action because they would each rather stay home and protect their families.

              That leaves 300 guys. If it all goes down on a weekend, 90% of them will be too drunk or hungover to fight.

              Now we’re at 30 guys. Ninety percent of them will refuse to stop and ask directions, so they’ll never make it to the big rumble.

              This leaves three guys. I sure hope you have two friends!

          • “and it’s totally constitutional! DEATH TO THE NWO.”

            How insightful !!! 🙂

            LOOK AT THE MEMBERS OF THIS SOCIETY, THEY HAVE set in the most high of places in OUR GOVERNMENT.BETRAYED US.

        • Have to agree with ya DK. Connect the dots to their tyranny. Like the placement of Blackhawk Helicopters at key City Military Bases here in the US. You know the drills flying low in the cities at night with .50 Cals pointed out open doors. Domestic extremists are Patriotic Constitutionalists. The tyrants know damn well they will not suceed as long as Americans are armed to the teeth. 10 Guns behind every blade of grass and supplied with 15 stocked Ammo cans. I for one sure am no going to be the generation that lost our Country to Commie NWO SOCIALISTS. The Clintons murderous path to the Whitehouse is apparent. Too many suspicious suicide gunshots to the back and 2 bullets to the head is not suicide. Trump has to walk a fine line, between telling the truth and avoid being a target. He is the clear choice of America surviving as a beacon of light for the world against Hitlerys despot hijacked ZOG Admin ready to commit mass slavery and Genocide on the American populace. It is just a few hundred Traitors running our Country into the ditch of hell that need to be eliminated. The rest will flee into hiding. Make a note of what airports they fly out of and get your duck guns out for trap shooting and practice practice. Put nothing in writing but take mental note of the Tyranny in your area and community and organize a few fellow trusted patriots to carry out night time raids. Where they live, where they shop? Their habits. Today and every day going forward is recon day, prepare soon for the fight. Get your body armor and night vision while you still can. Every American can play a part to save our Country. Read up on American history of the Minuteman. Eyes and ears open. We are surrounded by political psychopaths carrying out Agenda 21, NWO COMMIE agenda in every town in America. Together organized we will never be beaten. Fly the US Flag proudly and keep a pocket copy of the US Constitution handy and review it daily. That was and still is our roadmap that protects our Liberty and Freedoms. Anybody who violates your rights is a traitor and need to be eliminated. Burn their enclaves to The ground. The 2nd Amendment is your right of enforcement. Exercise it and you will become proficient. Again out nothing in writing, say nothing on any phone, create small weekly get togethers to discuss matters. Start a weekly horseshoe tournament, or bike rides, picnics and small gatherings with the like minded. Knitting clubs, book clubs all to discuss matters. Start slowly to see where people’s politics fall. It takes time to build trust, but start getting active asap. Every American can play a part in your own local Militia. YouTube NoStressMike 3 Man Militias for starters. Get your mindset in order and prepare.

          -WWTI… Let er’ Rip!!!

          • VERY good Article>>My Views ALSO>>

          • Well done, Who.

        • Prepper tip…

          Emergency Essentials is giving a special discount today for online sales.

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          • I’m not worried about being on any list because a ‘ Geesuz loves me uh yay uh! I continue to suffer the slings and arrows of those who would slander me here because I know I can have God ” git” them anytime I want. The only people to be saved when the rapture arrives are those who listen and heap praise on ME, Uh yay uh! Well, that’s all fer now, I feel another personality change a’ comin’ on uh yay uh!

            • There is no rapture in the Bible…duh!

            • What was this diatribe all about? If it was to prove your ignorance you passed. If it was sarcasm you passed. If you think you are speaking the truth you failed.

          • Want to see an example of Mass Manipulation of Silver Paper Shorters?  Look at today’s March 1st 2016 Daily Silver Price Chart and look at the Green Line of todays trading.  As you can see, it is a pattern of daily Paper Shorting at the New York NYMEX, as illustrated at the bottom for 24 hour trading and the market times when the NT NYMEX opens the sell off begins.  Right off the bat almost consistently the NY NYMEX is the Culprit.   The Price goes up and in the morning the Price is driven down in a mass shorting sell off.  


            • Silver and gold prices are totally manipulated by the FED bank trading floor. It’s easy to do when you control the money printing presses and are able to naked short paper gold and silver without limit. Notice they do all their dirty work in the off hours when very. Little money can move the prices wildly.

              What they are doing is patently illegal. Will the next president allow this to continue?

              As long as PM’s prices are being mercilessly driven down, we are being treated to great sale prices.

              Think of what’s going like they were price controls. The US tried price controls in the 70’s to try to fix stagflation, it didn’t work by the way. When Nixon lifted price controls in the US, prices jumped huge very quickly. The same will happen to PM prices when the manipulation ends, which it must.

          • KY Mom: THANK YOU! That was a great catch. Just picked up a few “essential assortment” buckets, and very much enjoyed the $50 off.

            God Bless.


            • Grunty McPhereson,

              Glad I could help. I also ordered some extra supplies. 🙂

              God bless!
              KY Mom

        • That is such a BS post, no one is going to do squat except piss and moan, Most of the people will not even vote so we get the government the majority refuse vote for, they would rather look up what the Kardashians are doing or listen to talk sports shows and the like.

          • …or you’ve got morons who intend to vote for hillary “just to get it all started” and bring down the country.

          • You nailed it Jimb. I’ve been leading the charge against tyranny for 30 years and spent a year in the slammer to show for it. I’ve lost eveyrthing a couple of times already going after these bastards, and whenever I stick my neck out as I’ve done and continue to do, whenever I turn around to check with my ‘team’, they all scatter like cockroaches afraid to get touched by the light. I don’t think Americans have the backbone to offer any reasomable resistance. I can’t get them to share a free ebook, or attend an important web conference (FREE) to learn how to protect their rights. They won’t do anything. Tonight, 38% voter turnout in one of the important primaries. Americans have been drugged and stupified into lobotomized robots and will do little to nothing to correct the situation. I left the country 15 years ago and it’s the best thing I did. I live free where I am now. Good luck all you passengers on H.M.S. America…you’re taking on water and there aren’t enough life boats!

            • Mark ~ May I ask to what country you moved?

              Also wondering what kind of “exit tax” did it take to leave? The government tries to discourage moving out of the USA by gouging a hefty percentage of assets.

        • I just finished reading Term Limits by Vince Flynn. Granted it is fiction, but WOW, what a thought provoking book. It lines up nicely with your comment DK.

          • Mitch Rapp and lee Childs Jack Reacher are great characters that sniff out the crooked politicals

        • I do not believe that it will be much longer before the sound of explosions and firefights will be heard by all 24/7. No law exists on the streets (as compared to even last year)! The only real law seems to come from a gun …so CARRY one or two with extra-mags okay?
          These POS we have in our midst, and even upon our military installations have but ONE purpose in mind every day. The destruction of America and the death of all white christians, the raping of all women (young and old) …and they want to see ‘rivers of blood’. Isn’t that enough to make the majority of us say “okay, that’s enough of this shit.” (and start in on them in the same mannerisms …get them under the table (tactical subversions galore) as opposed to advertising your dislikes & intentions). I’ll leave it there for ‘thinking about’….

          • Ten of theirs for every one of ours, it’s a start.

        • “The New World Order can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards. ”

          Yeah, that worked out well for Finicum and his militia now didn’t it?

        • I understand the number one on their list is none other then Mike Snyder because of all the correct predictions he keeps on making. He’s forecasted 8 of the last 2 stock market corrections to name a few. If you ever think about hiring him as your lawyer, he will probably tell the judge of your case that you’ll just go ahead and plead guilty to all charges as you’re just doomed anyway.

        • X on every commies’ door. You’re gonna need lots of black paint.

          • Commie hater, why not RED paint instead? Commies have always had this special love for red; as in the Soviet flag, Chinese flag, etc. Red is also the color of blood.

        • Durango Kidd,
          Your comment makes the presumption that Americans have the guts to pull the trigger. I challenge that. Hell, Americans don’t even have the guts to get out on the street and protest! They don’t have the guts to lift a finger to organize, spread information or even talk about it. Sure! They have guns. But they’ll never use them because they’re not organized and most Americans are chicken shit! I speak from Experience trying to lead and educate people for 30 years. I stand up and stare down the tiger and when I turn around to look for my friends, they’ve all scattered like cockroaches. I challenge all Americans…get a backbone or you may as well just turn your guns in and get on the train to the FEMA camps now. Sad.

      2. “…and they may be targeting, arresting and purging fellow patriots and activists on TRUMPED up charges in order to take out those they most concerned about.”

        Ha, that has to be a oxymoron in someones’ play book! 🙂 LOL

        • I read an article less then 2 weeks ago, right here, and was written by Mac Slavo about the death of Scalia. He said in his own words ” his death was more then likely due to natural causes” but there was some suspicion about it. Now, today, we read in the opening sentence of the article that Justice Scalia is the latest of targeted and politically motivated deaths? And ” everybody” is raising questions about the lack of an autopsy. Well, how about his family, do you think if they thought for one minute his death could have been anything but due to natural causes they would have been publicly insisting that an autopsy be performed? I also wonder how in the short time frame of two weeks somebody can jump from a death being ” probably due to natural causes” to a ” targeted and politically motivated death”. In case you wonder, I’m not making this stuff up, it’s all there in the previous article that Mac wrote himself for this website.

      3. So whats going on with Cliven Bundy. After the Oregon event ended, all I hear is the sound of silence. Trekker Out.

        • How ’bout Finicum. After seeing this video I understand why TPTB would want things to quieten down.

          ht tps://

          • There is Jack Yantis too. A speedy and honest investigation was promised by both the FBI and the ISP yet every time people ask what is going on, the “Lab results” are just 2 weeks away. That was 4 months ago.

            On another note. I went to my party caucus and all that was brought up for resolution was more and better means to take my freedom and money. The Chairman was dead set to strengthen civil forfeiture in my state and I pretty sure that even thou most people voted against it he passed it.

            • Anyone who identifies as a politician needs to be on DKs list,,,,

            • Where is Pete Santelli? Still in jail in Oregon? I don’t know. He seems to have disappeared.

              • Philo, he might still be in jail. I’ve heard reports about him being a fed shill going back even before the Bundy Ranch affair. The feds have ben known to screw over some of their own. it’ll be interesting to see how this Oregon affair turns out. I checked Santelli’s website last night and it’s still up. His partner Deborah Jordan is keeping it going for him.

        • Cliven Bundy and his ilk are doing nothing just like everyone else so think long and hard before you decide to back someone like Bundy as they will let you sacrifice for their cause while they reap any benefits

          • Jimb, the Bundys are in jail. I don’t see them benefitting from anything at this point. I’d say they’re finished.

      4. To the Govt.

        BRING IT.

      5. It’s not just Hillary we need to fear. I do not see too many of the Republicans as big defenders of liberty either and fear many of them would sell us down the river using terrorism and extremism as the excuse. We have a binary choice to make, and both sides look bad. (Yes, you could go for a third party candidate, but not enough sheeple will follow you to make a difference.)

      6. WS, you are right in describing the Republican party. Both complaisant and compliance are on the same page in my dictionary. Its becoming a much narrow isle that separates both parties. It seems that both parties have grown longer arms to reach across the isle, shake hands, high-five, and to steal from their constituents.

      7. Study Guerilla Warfare tactics. The hit and run is the deadliest tactics, that slows the opposition down and depletes their moral. Most of the paid stooges that work for these organizations live in your commuities. Identify targets and hit back when they hit us. Only hit back if they hit is first. Recon recon recon. Their plan is to hit us at our homes and we can return the favor. Like when they return home and see their homes burned to the ground. Beware of moles and snitches. Get electronic devices that sniff out recording devices. Change your meeting places frequently and prefer outside and away from building and vehicles when meeting up. Check for tracking devices on vehicles and switch transportation regularly. Do not be predictable and choose various routes. Avoid red light camera intersections. This is the police state we live in. Every tracking device can and should be defeated. Paintball guns can blind camera lenses.. Get rid of your Smart phones and pay cash for throwaway phones. Study up on counter survielence. Run Silent Run Deep.


      8. Since Obama has been in office we have had two new Wilderness areas created here in Idaho, Still public lands legally, but they have been placed under massive Federal regulations.

        Legislation for both wilderness areas was sponsored by GOP Senators….Says it all.

        • Our house rep Raul Labrador, is just that….a lap dog pro illegal POS. The wilderness area regulations doesn’t seem to mean squat to a lot of locals up here….more of a challenge to some. A 12 pack of keystone light…and its game on for the mud bogging group.

          • Hey Dave, I can’t believe it!
            We are Repo-spent-it-I-Did by the Same Cuckservative!
            We moved to the Redoubt just ahead of the Fall of Baltimore. I’ve been Bogging up in Hayden a few times – without the beer, but with a .45!

      9. No difference between the two parties end goal is the same total control over the masses for the selected few.
        Live life standing tall for what you believe in not your knees begging.

        • Infidel. You may be right for the last few decades that there is no difference, but Trump has Hijacked the GOP and the establishment shills are skeered shitless. When these GOP’ers say they will vote for Hillary if Trump is the nominee, that just reflects what BIG FRAUDS they truly are. Rubio nor Cruz both warmonger NEOCONS and Cubans have NO chance.


          • Or they put Trump in for a good show for the sheeple. Just look at the low amount of dirt they are showing us… Should be a bloodbath with these clowns, but it’s just simple theatrics.

      10. My “Dead List”.

        The people who took “Justified” off the air.

        The idiot who stopped making Elmer T Lee bourbon

        ANYONE who has anything to do with designing, building, or selling a Chrysler automobile.

        Muslims who torture and kill dogs.

        Asshats who print lies about what is going on in the World just so that they can keep their readership up.
        Example: Zerohedge, they have predicted the crash of the dollar, the rise of the Yuan, the Grexit, WWII x2-3, etc.

        RT/Breitbart News/Fox News/CNN/ etc.

        • I have a few jeep Cherokees and they are by far the best and longest lasting SUV out there. They do have a few problems but nothing that has left me stuck ever.

          • I had a dodge truck, HD Dually with cummins,
            Engine was great, truck was the biggest POS ive ever driven,
            I have a Jeep JK
            The electronics SUCK
            Best parts about that jeep are the ones that are aftermarket, the shell and basic design (its still sorta a jeep) is all thats good about it, driveline, engine, electronics,,,, all garbage and always has some issue that the dealer cant get straight.
            Itll be Tommied as soon as i get the cash, ie gutted and rebuilt so it runs solid no matter what.

            • The electronics in the Chrysler are actually quite simple compared to most new cars. Im a little biased because that is my field but even my neighbor who couldnt figure out how to change his oil understood how it worked after reading a few small books.

              • Well if you know how to permanently disable the traction control and ABS on one you will be my new BFF!
                That damn traction control sucks, comes on at the most inopportune times.
                PS JK is far from stock,,,
                There is a ghost in the engine control too, if you touch the throttle at all in most cases it wont start. The way it cranks you can tell its dead, it will just die sometimes too, sitting at a light, just cuts out, wont start, if i didnt like the 4 corner coil setup and the mods ive put on it as well as the bigger cabin i would dump it, but at this point figure im better off to strip it down and rebuild it totally custom the way i want it from scratch rather than start from scratch with an older model.

                • What year?

                  • 07

                    • The ABS, Traction control and Cruise control all work together. There is a sensor in the steering column that tells the computer if the steering wheel is straight or what angle you are steering into. It then calculates the wheel spin from the wheel sensors and adjusts traction. If you lifted the body, you could have either broken wires to one of the sensors or your steering wheel is not centered due to alignment issues or the lift itself. Check into those. A scan tool may or may not tell you which one is bad.
                      My bet is steering wheel.
                      Ill look into disconnecting it for you.

                  • The trac control i can install a rocker switch in the console, basicly interceps the power to the trac control, but all the lights on the dash go on, not that they already arent all on anyway, the ABS no way to shut it off, it fluctuates, comes on sometimes even when light braking, usually after its been sitting for a week or so, but sometimes out of the blue starts coming on just driving in traffic.
                    The dealer sucks, cant figure it out, says its because of the mods, bud who owns a filling station and used to have a dealership says thats BS, have had it suggested to get a bully dog controller, but thats just more electronic crap,
                    Have a friend who took his 13 JK 4 door and gutted it, stuck a chevy crate motor in it with a nice 5 speed heavy duty trans and Atlas transfer, home wired the AC and rest of electrical, did away with ALL the electronics from the motor and cab, reworked the cab so its clean, SWgauges etc, got rid of all the odd plastic consoles etc, is sweet, way way cleaner and it hums, im thinking i will go with a doner CJ rather than reinventing the wheel, friend has a cj7 thats been in his garage for years, body is bad and got ditched, but everything else is solid and has been rebuilt, dude needs the cash and is over it with the project, so looking to just strip my driveline and electronics and stick the CJ driveline into the JK and swap out axles for 60s from Currie, cant beat the ride on the newer jeeps, but the rest of the rig is lacking.

      11. Prepper Tip of the Day

        one day only
        Emergency Essentials, has a $50 discount off
        a purchase of $150 or more
        use code EEMARCH50

        • Satori and KY mom…thank you so much for passing links and offers on to us. It is greatly appreciated!! God Bless!!

          • Spam

          • Someone else,

            You are welcome! Most of us have limited funds. Sales and discounts help us better utilize our budgets.

            God bless!
            KY Mom

      12. you know things are bad
        when the people who make the plastic pumpkins are getting laid off

        Exclusive: China to lay off five to six million workers, earmarks at least $23 billion

        ht tp://

      13. You know its something.
        You here all this talk about Civil War in this Country.
        And all this BULL SHIT about the Confederate Flag which was a flag that was part of this country at ONE TIME.
        Just like the UNION JACK, THE SPANISH FLAG.

        If GOD FORBID this country has another Civil War what FLAG will the other side USE ???????


        • Skull and Crossbones

        • Gadsden flag…..

      14. What do you expect from braindead, GMO engorged, TV watching zombie, ain’t America great, not in my back yard, sports worshiping, celebrity fawning, politically stupid, I say kill, noses in the air, entitled and jobless, cardboard box living, rights stripped but clueless, vast herds of cattle? An actual pushback?

        • you left out kim kardasians bubble butt.

      15. ‘Incredibly Creepy’ Billboards to Track Behavior of Passers-By

        h ttp://’Incredibly_Creepy’_Billboards_to_Track_Behavior_of_Passers-By/49433/0/38/38/Y/M.html

        big brother
        is EVERYWHERE

        • Smart Phones are spy devices by nature.

          Use them at your own risk and don’t be surprised when they end up being used against you.

          Two things truly smart people who value privacy avoid: Social media and Smart Phones.

          • Bingo!

          • If you turn off wi-fi on your “smart phone” it becomes less smart and only pings towers with the generic “Hey, I’m a cell phone that’s on” message. Simple enough remedy is to take the battery out until needed; otherwise ditch the solid body, internal battery models.

      16. How concerned are you? How concerned should we be?
        We have read all the warnings many times over to the point that we are losing our alertness. I conclude that they are doing things to enslave us as fast as we are doing things to prepare and save us. We don’t have the visual effect. The In Your Face Moment.
        So they have a list and target people. I am sure we all are on a list. You may get killed on the street or taken to the camps. Dead is dead. How fast can they change the color code from yellow to red. What you read. What comments you make. What you buy. Do you vote. What organizations you belong to. Right down to what type of job you have, can make the difference if you live or die by their standards.

        For those with air rifles.

        I brought a container of Crosman 22 cal. 16.7 gr. pellets, 100 count. Penetrators.

        Bench rest a Benjamin Trail. 15 yards.

        Group of three. Less than One half inch. Pellets touching each other. Very, very quiet. I don’t think it reaches top velocity because it may have issues with the plastic end seating as it traverses the barrel. Some guns the pellet slide out the barrel if you let the barrel end down.
        Does have enough energy to penetrate a laminated board. Good for small game. Good for stealth hunting.
        Price 9 to 14 cents per pellet.

        • Sling,have a .20 cal. Sheridan Blue Streak me dad bought in the 60’s,tis a mint air rifle and would easily kill small game.Getting the old school solid lead pellets in plastic yellow box near impossible,was best ammo for it and rare,pay huge when I come across it but well worth it,need a rebuild kit,works fine but you never know when it may need help.

          • I had the same rifle. I made some molds for making the pellets and it lasted until just a few years ago when it fell off the tailgate and got ran over by the truck. 🙁

        • Ive got a Benjamin Marauder, .25cal, will go through 3/4″ ply at 50 yds, shoot hollow point bullets from the hollowpoint guy, at 25 yds will do same as you mentioned, is a PCP rifle,,, fun, cheap to shoot.

          • I went to the local air gun store here and looked at both the .25 Marauder and the .357 Bulldog. Both guns can inflict nasty head shots out to 60 yards or so in a SHTF situation. The .25 is much quieter.

        • Thanks sling I’ve been looking and looking at air guns and reading reviews and so far have just continued to use the little 121 Remington Pump .22 with CB caps for backyard bunnies. I’ll take a look at that model. I take it that its a break/spring model?

          • Po’P

            Break spring. Those that have been using these guns for years say there is a break in period like any other gun.
            Although my Ruger Blackhawk .177 had Breach seal leakage. I went and installed a larger seal and spacer and that fixed the problem. Run a credit card over the “O” ring face and if there is no resistance it is leaking. Had noticed sound increase in velocity. Find it on line and is worth the purchase.

            These weapons have their place and if used correctly are a force multiplier. I keep saying that, don’t I. ;0)


            I did not believe it till I tried it.

            Instead of griping the forestock with your hand. Just lay it in the palm of your hand and balance it. I could see better grouping. May not work for you but give it a try. You never know.

            • Many thanks!

      17. Nothing this govt. does has any legitimate basis to it whatsoever. I live by a set of rules known as the Bill Of Rights, NOT any of this draconian crap. My rights come from GOD, NOT from any manmade govt. Anyone who targets me will have a fight on their hands and will die. Self-defense is a RIGHT, NOT a privilege.

        • Like Finicum?

          Or are you just jesting?

          • Oh, it’s the troll again.

      18. A man and woman who were shot and killed by Inglewood Police last weekend were both reportedly already unconscious when police first showed up to the vehicle the couple was sitting in.

        Why police shot two people who were unconscious? Who knows.

        Upon seeing the unconscious couple in the car, Inglewood Mayor James Butts explained to NBC 4 how “the officers retreated, isolated the vehicle, and spent about 45 minutes attempting to rouse the occupants and to deescalate the situation.”

        UMMM how DO you deescalate 2 passed out people ? how the Fuck could they have been a threat?

        As if shooting unarmed suspects wasn’t bad enough — shooting unconscious suspects is simply deplorable.

        • Why were they “unconscious”?

          If they were from common reasons (drugs, alcohol, monoxide, etc) it would show evidence of it in an autopsy.

          Any link to the articles reporting this?

        • They had a gun. Cant be too careful when you are a cop these days.

          Apparently they went to a party,got drunk and were too drunk to drive so they pulled over to sleep it off. Worried about the crappy neighborhood they guy had his pistol in his lap.

          • By the way. They were both single parents with 4 kids each.

          • a unloaded gun in plain view was not illegal in Ca. when I escaped from there 5 years ago. BUT the cops would shoot you if they seen it, then say you brandished it and they have to go home safe. In northern Idaho, most cops could care less if you have a gun in view. Donuts are a different situation.

            • Unless you are shooting your bull.

      19. IMHO Trump will be assassinated before all is said and done. The establishment cannot afford him in the White House.


        • A real possibility, and a dangerous one at that.

        • That or something will happen that causes Obummer to initiate the continuity of government stuff.

          • Probably the same thing. Trump gets killed and Obama declares it is no longer safe to hold elections this year because of it.

        • BigB. If HERO Trump is ever assinated Americans will take to the Streets and burn every government building to the ground. Drag the elite into the Streets and beat the crap out of them. Dare even mention that, it’s your death wish. Riots will burn the Establishment Zog infiltrators to their deaths. Bank on that.


      20. We need a Rommell.

      21. I encourage all of you to read about Cheka…the Soviet State Security. Because this is exactly what is happening here. After you enlighten yourselves with the Cheka….just imagine if they would have had the equivalent of an NSA at their disposal. Whether you want to believe this or not, I have a close friend that works for a govt surveillance office in Seattle. He has told me that there is now a dossier on every man woman and child in the U.S…..and a threat algorithm that assigns an alphabetical entity to each dossier in a database. A threat assessment list is then generated and distributed to all the security sectors established throughout the States. This will give the localized authorities prioritized arrest warrants after the continuity of govt & shelter-in-place (marshal law) orders are initiated.
        And its sad to say, that many of us here on this site have made it unto high-priority databases. We’re are headed into a scenario, that is about to become a frightening reality.!!!!

      22. In the beginning when the civil unrest starts they will pit the LEO’s against the Civilians. Then after the LEO’s get control (?). Then they will pit the Military against the LEO’s. Once the military gets control(?). Then the PTB will unleash their beast to pit it against the military. Then they will eat themselves. Like you see the (?) this means that I think that they will not get their way. (IMHO)

        For me as a LEO I will not stand against my Brothers and Sisters, if TPTRB are going against the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

        The HIT list of the Constitutionalist and Patriots just starts with the Big named People or the People that have some power that can stand against THE MAN. The day will come when they take out the wrong person and they get caught. That is when there will not be enough trees and short ropes to hang all of them. The only other option is WW3.


      23. The Feds have targeted me for extermination. They put Dunkin Donuts franchises on both of my escape routes. Bastards!

        • Hey look on the bright side. If the cops are on your tail, here is a good chance to loose them. You know, a cop car can pass everything but a Dunkin Donut.

          • Just leave donuts in a pile. They might charge you for shooting over ‘bait’ but at least you’ll make it.

      24. The LEO’s will not get control. They have been infiltrated by too many jackboots, and have ruined their credibility to protect and serve anyone but themselves. They have to go home safe….after stepping over the dead unarmed person they just shot. This statement I just made is shared by a few old school cops that are ashamed by what the courts, lawyers, prosecutors, and LEO have morphed into over the last 30-40 years. Protectors of their own benefit system and the elite who keep the departments budget solvent. Soon a majority of the citizens will see this, and without the backing of citizens, LEO will fail. I will help protect my LEO friends…the rest are on their own. Living near a small community will benefit LEO, as the people know who is good, and who is not. LE is not the only ones that have failed, society as a whole, has turned to shit.

        • LEOS’ are commies, almost all of ’em, Sgt excluded. Sgt is just naive, but I like to read his stuff.

      25. GenEarly says:
        Comment ID: 3528674
        Your comment is awaiting moderation and should appear within 0 to 2 hours. Your comment has been moderated because our system does not recognize your IP address or email address. If you utilize an email address (even a fake one) when submitting your comment in the future our spam filtering system will eventually recognize you as a trusted user and automatically approve future comments.

        I am on Your Email list for over a year and have commented as long, but…………

      26. got to agree with Hcks, we are really screwed.
        A major emp is sounding like the best solution. Continuity of gov’t. must be stopped and we start over from scratch.

        The internet is our only chance of reaching enough people to stop the insanity. but how to reach enough for serious pushback??

        Genius, I thought of something funny for ya.
        Last week I was smoking some big Yellowfin tuna steaks (got real high) and when I was done with the dry brine, which was straight brown sugar, and about to put them in the smoker, I was left with a mix of brown sugar and raw tuna juice. Been here before, can’t find a use for it, so I pour it out.
        Here’s where you can make some serious money:
        Genius’s Tuna Flavored Shine.
        Sashimi shine.
        Nobody has anything like it.
        Whaddya think? 🙂

        • I think I’m gonna spew……

      27. Its been stated if you cut the head off a snake it don’t rattle very long. Why are we letting a mere 535 people to get away with treason?

        • Because most of the people are commies, including many on this site.

      28. git the CFR, tis the head of the beast-see Hillary takes orders from CFR, Cheney CFR video, CFR members on Warren Lie, CFR 911 Put Option Banks, CFR members wrote 911 lie, CFR Ashkenazi members, PNAC did 911, DHS did Sandy n Boston, ghw bush drug ops thru CIA inter alia r WTF

      29. I read all these comments and am just amazed that people are forgetting or overlooking the Trojan horse that we all have invited into our lives willingly. What is it you say? Look no further than your local bank. We all use the monetary system and are deeply attached to it and unfortunately many cant live without it. So how does this play into the NWO playlist? Easy. They take your money. Take your ability to live with a roof over your head, pay your utilities, buy food. If you surrender your guns and adhere to what they say you are cool. If not you will be targeted for extinction either through forced labor camps, starvation or left to the environment to deal with you. You won’t be able to buy or sell anything. Most of those who resist will be dead within 30 days. Those that survive will be faced with a terrible cost for their resistance. They will be hunted down and killed. Most turned in by their own family and friends. People talk about armed resistance against those that do this. This does nothing but feed right into the idea of premeditation. You have to realize it will not just be American military, law enforcement that Americans will be dealing with. The NWO has a military as well. Millions with one goal in mind. World domination. You willing to fight openly against that? The fact is this whole globe is in the midst of a giant turd storm and it is indeed perilous times we live in. Who will be the head of this? I don’t know but we will all know who HE represents when it happens

      30. And do not forget the 1,000,000 civilians that were murdered by the Bush administration just to make a lot of money for him and his buddies. The shooting of the guy in OR, he and the Bundys were asking for it. They were armed and told the government they wanted a fight.

      31. “‘Liberty Activists And ISIS Will Soon Be Treated As Identical Threats,,,'” That’s how they were used by the Western powers who created “ISIS” against the real Free Syrians who were (and still are) fighting to rid Syria and the Middle East from “oilygarchical” Western rule and, from the West’s fellow authoritarian “Islamists” who the Western “oilygarchs” interject into any popular movement by Middle Easterners to free themselves. Yes, now, independent Americans are next.

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