The Conman Elites That Want To “Save Us” From The Coronavirus

by | May 22, 2020 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt-Market. 

    Last week the Federal Reserve released a report predicting that the next print on GDP numbers will likely show a loss 34.9% in the second quarter. This is the biggest GDP plunge since the Great Depression; even the crash of 2008 doesn’t compare.

    And when we take into account the fact that the Fed artificially boosts GDP calculations by adding in many non-productive government programs, we have to ask, what are the REAL losses above and beyond what the Fed admits to?

    With the supply chain in disarray, many companies (like Apple) are trying to shift their manufacturing base to dodge the pandemic. Of course, none of them want to bring factories back to the US; there’s simply no incentive to do so. And, the small business sector has been crushed by the shutdowns, with the vast majority of those seeking bailout loans still waiting for aid and over 20.5 million employees laid off in April alone.

    Needless to say, the economy has been severely affected. The problem is that many people are being led to believe that this event has been triggered by the virus outbreak alone. This is a lie. As I noted back in February in my article ‘Global Centralization Is The Cause Of The Crisis – Not The Cure’, the collapse of the Everything Bubble was well underway long before the pandemic. The crash was started by the Federal Reserve hiking rates into economic weakness at the end of 2018, puncturing the bubble and setting the liquidity crisis in motion.

    The pandemic is just the icing on the cake of a collapse that was going to happen anyway. It is also a convenient scapegoat, because now the banking elites are going to escape all the blame for the crash and the public is going to hyperfocus on the coronavirus as the culprit.

    As I also warned would happen over the past few months, the Chinese government has been caught in numerous lies surrounding their response to the outbreak, including hiding the true numbers of dead and infected and suppressing information to the rest of the world on the danger of human-to-human transmission. The problem that the public is still not being told about, however, is that the Chinese did not act alone, they had help.

    It takes two sides to do the pandemic tango – If air travel had been cut off from China immediately upon the confirmation of the virus spread until the danger could be assessed, the outbreak may have never carried beyond China’s borders. Yet this did not happen. Air travel remained open for weeks from China after the outbreak confirmation. Then, when the virus hit Italy hard, air travel continued from Europe to the US unabated. It was almost as if the establishment WANTED the virus to spread quickly…

    I remember some of the idiotic sentiments being passed around in web forums back in January and February. Some people argued that the virus “only infects Asians”. Some people said sarcastically “Oh no, whatever will we do without our new i-Phones…!”. And, yet others, including the Trump Administration, argued that the US economy would escape any real harm.

    Well, we are a few months into the outbreak and now the US has the largest number of infections in the world. US deaths are already almost triple that of the CDC’s yearly reported 30,000 deaths for the flu. The virus is no Black Plague, but it’s not something to be shrugged off either. If this virus behaves anything like the pandemics of the past, expect it to linger for a couple of years, not just a few months.  The lockdowns actually guarantee that this situation will drag on for quite some time.

    Apple i-Phone sales have crashed 77% in April, right along with almost every other sector of the economy. Clearly, the Trump Administration and Larry Kudlow were either lying to us in February, or they had no idea what they were talking about.

    Despite the current reopening hype, the situation is only going to get worse from here on out. Certainly in terms of the economy, but also in terms of the outbreak. The globalists have openly discussed their plans for this pandemic, including a minimum 18 month period of lockdowns and “reopenings”. The public seems to be oblivious to the fact that the plan is for a “1 month open, 2 months closed” cycle going into next year. That’s right, the lockdowns will return.

    Certain globalists have slithered out of the swamp to the forefront of media attention recently, and it is interesting to see how transparent the narrative has become. As I have predicted time and time again, during the collapse the very people that helped create the crisis are now suddenly being put on a pedestal by the media as our saviors and some are being presented as “rebels” on the side of conservatives. Here are just a few global elites that have been specifically prominent during this disaster.

    Bill Gates

    Wow, I’m getting incredibly sick of seeing Bill Gates presented in the media lately as some kind of virology guru. Why should we take the advice of a computer programmer on issues of biology and sociopolitical response? Why should we take the advice of an open globalist with an admitted agenda of population control?

    Bill Gates is notorious for letting his agendas slip in public forums such as his Ted Talks. In 2010 Gates called for carbon emissions to be reduced to zero (an impossibility without complete de-industrialization and the economic murder of billions of people). In the same talk, he hinted that methods to reduce the population could include “new vaccines and reproductive health services…” He did not elaborate at the time, except to claim that vaccines would lead to “social changes” that would reduce population.  Aren’t vaccines supposed to extend people’s lives, thus increasing the population?

    We do know that Bill Gates has funded numerous experimental vaccine trials through the World Health Organization, including Polio vaccination programs. It was these same programs that led to viral outbreaks of polio in various countries and hundreds of paralyzed children. In fact, the vaccines caused more cases of polio than the wild-type virus. This if VERIFIED FACT, admitted by the WHO, though numerous leftist media sources have tried to deny it.

    At most, the WHO and Gates can claim that the infections were “accidental”. But if this is the case, it would still suggest that vaccines developed by Gates Foundation programs and the WHO should not be trusted. Given Gates’ obsession with depopulation, I think it safer to not allow him to inject viruses (living or dead) into people.

    The Gates Foundation was also central in Event 201, a pandemic exercise which “simulated” a coronavirus outbreak and the government and UN response. This exercise took place only a couple of months before the real thing happened. What an incredible coincidence. It is also an incredible coincidence that almost every solution presented in the simulation is now being implemented or suggested around the world during the real pandemic, including the use of tracking apps and immunity passports that violate every level of personal freedom we know.

    Gates is not a hero, far from it. In fact, Gates and his ideology benefit greatly from the pandemic.

    Mohamed El-Erian

    A dedicated globalist, El-Erian has been everywhere in the economic media lately. As I examined in my Globalist Disinformation Spotlight article, El-Erian is an active promoter of a global currency under the control of the IMF through its Special Drawing Rights basket. He also argued last year that economic swings were “out of the control of central banks” and that they should not be blamed for any financial disruptions. At the same time, El-Erian claimed that the US economy was “strong” and that there was no chance of a recession in 2020.

    El-Erian was consistently wrong about almost everything last year, but this year, suddenly, he has been the go-to guy for the economic media. Mohamed has shifted gears entirely in 2020, flip-flopping on his outlook and presenting, finally, a realistic analysis of the situation.  He is now being presented as the wise man on the mountain warning us of impending disaster.

    This is a classic case of the globalist “savior” narrative in play. They lie about the danger of collapse right up until the collapse becomes obvious to the public, and then they suddenly start warning of the collapse when it is too late for the public to do anything about it. That is to say, they keep the public unprepared and complacent for as long as possible, then act like they predicted the whole mess at the last minute.

    Elon Musk

    The great fake liberty billionaire.  A long time globalist, Musk seems like an enigma, but he is really rather simple. As a classic narcissist, Musk switches his persona to ride what he sees as the waves of public sentiment. He wants to be all things to all people and has bought into his own hype. A couple of years ago Musk was a globalist gatekeeper, a top guest of the Global Government Summit, a proponent of universal basic income, and argued in favor of transhumanism.

    Musk’s companies are lavished with praise in the media despite their minimal global market share.  Being one of the only carmakers in the US does mean Tesla is one of the “biggest” in the US, I suppose (but how often do you actually see a Tesla on the road outside of California?).  The problem is Musk survives predominantly by siphoning up billions in government funding and taxpayer dollars. Without such funding, Musk would have been out of business a long time ago.  This fact runs contrary to Musk’s new persona as a kind of libertarian, small government businessman.

    Also keep in mind that Musk’s business model relies on global warming propaganda flowing out of the same elitist circles he enjoys when he’s not “speaking out” about government tyranny.  If carbon controls are not enforced by governments (and if gas prices stay low), Musk’s high-priced electric cars have no market.

    While Musk’s companies live primarily on government welfare, the guy acts like he’s some kind of savant, and he has a lot of people fooled on this account on both sides of the political spectrum. It is truly astounding.  If he is a “genius” at anything, it is that he is an effective con man.

    For now, Musk is attempting to hook into the alternative media and the rise of the liberty movement with his anti-lockdown tweets and sudden opposition to globalism. Has Musk been “red-pilled”?  I suspect he will flip-flop again in due course. If Musk wants to cut off all ties to his many friends in the globalist community then perhaps he has turned a new leaf, but I seriously doubt it.

    Dr. Anthony Fauci

    One of the people that helped create the coronavirus outbreak is the leading Trump Administration talking head on the coronavirus response. An avid defender of the WHO and, along with Trump, a defender of China’s rigged data back in January, Fauci is the guy who, in 2015, greenlit the millions of dollars in funding on coronavirus research at the Level 4 lab in Wuhan, China.  This is the same lab that is now under investigation for releasing the virus on the world, and Fauci’s funding went directly into research on coronavirus transmission from bats to other mammals.

    All I have to ask is, why has this man been at the forefront of the pandemic response for the US? Now in self-isolation for possible infection, perhaps Fauci will fade into the background as he is further exposed as a participant in the creation of this pandemic.

    Greta Thunberg

    Thunberg is not so much a global elite as she is a useful idiot.  A puppet of her activist parents, Thunburg only parrots the same global warming arguments that have already been debunked year after year, yet she continues to be elevated in the mainstream media as a spokes girl for environmentalism.  Why?  Because the “children are our future”, and leftists love the idea of brainwashed kid activists.  If Thunburg is any indication of the next generation, the future is bleak.

    While there is still zero concrete evidence that human carbon emissions lead directly to changes in the Earth’s climate, it is true that the climate does “change” over time.  Of course, shifts in activity on the gigantic nuclear fusion reactor in space known as THE SUN are probably more responsible for temperature changes on the Earth than the tiny 0.04% of carbon in the Earth’s atmosphere.  Don’t tell the political left this, though, or you might be labeled a “climate denier”…

    Thunberg and other climate activists have suddenly been pushed to the forefront recently to comment on the pandemic situation.  This might seem rather bizarre, but it makes sense when you realize how the pandemic is being exploited by the globalists to achieve certain goals.  Every agenda of the globalists from carbon emissions reductions to the suppression of industrial manufacturing to the destruction of large scale farming and even to the reduction of meat in people’s diets is being accomplished right now by the coronavirus and the government shutdowns.  Where climate activists failed, the virus is making headway.

    Beyond that, climate activists are now arguing that the restrictions put in place because of the pandemic should be KEPT IN PLACE because of global warming.  You see how that works?  One has nothing to do with the other, but the technocrats will force the public to see them as related if they can.  Just “listen to the scientists”, people!  Listen and obey the high priests of the technotronic era.  Stop demanding evidence, you aren’t “smart enough” to understand it anyway.  Only UN-funded labs have the power to decipher the magical math behind global warming studies.

    The pandemic will open the door to many lies and the flood of disinformation the alternative media has been working so hard to counter is going to explode beyond anything we’ve seen in the past.  The elites are at a crossroads.  They have to turn the public towards supporting collectivism and tyranny now, or they may find themselves facing the business end of a large number of torches and pitchforks.  At bottom, these elites should be in prison, not on TV dictating to the people about how they should behave and what freedoms they should give up during the crisis.



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      1. The coronavirus fatalities are drastically inflated because the federal government has bribed hospitals to inflate the numbers with $13,000 bribes per diagnosis and $39,000 bribes to place people on ventilators.

        They have been lying all along. Why would they stop now?

        The best thing to do is to let them know that nobody believes them. The facts prove that the coronavirus was used as a fall guy for their own financial fraud.

        Anyone still touting the coronavirus religion was obviously bribed to do so in various ways through employment, stock market rewards, or other financial rewards.

        They look like the jack asses that claim that Hillary lost the election because of Russia.

        They lie because they are too ashamed to admit the truth – that they are con artists that rip people off through outright financal fraud in the stock market.

        • Andrea Iravani, brilliant analysis with great examples. The financial incentive for medical professionals to MIS-REPORT Coronavirus deaths is a travesty.

          • Thank you cranerigger! The fraud has been rampant with Big Pharma and their licensed drug dealers all along. The drug dealers do not, will not, and absolutely refuse to report dangerous side effects to the FDA. It is just one more sign of collusion and conspiracy between the two. They cannot realistically be referred to as health care providers. They are drug dealers that are running a cartel and have cornered the drug market.

      2. China never should have went along with the narative that the coronavirus posed an extreme health risk, but did in order to contain protestors from Wuhan protesting over a waste incinerator planned for Wuhan. Wuhan was locked down two days prior to the lunar new year patade and festivals. The lock down was to prevent spread of protests at the highly televised and attended celebrations, and not the coronavirus, which was a convenient excuse to remove dissent.

        Trump is wrong to blame China for the coronvirus which most likely emminated from America at the San Antonio Bachen Bat Caves, which is a tourist destination for 15 million Mexican Free tailed bats and human tourists. CoronavirusA has been identified in both the bats and the bat droppings known as guano in the caves. Meat processors are likely suffering higher incidents of coronavirus since it is a zoonotic illness. The animals that they are slaughtering and the meat that they are processing likely have coronavirus. Factory farming increases the contagion in farm animals with little room for mobility, space, and shared troughs, as well as trampling on waste from other infected farm animals. Just as most people that have contracted the virus are asymptomatic, or have mild symptoms, the same can be said for the farm animals.

        Trump is using the coronavirus as a political psy-op because the economy is in free fall, which started prior to the corona virus. The ill health of the economy is usually what motivates people to replace the incumbent party with the opposition party in elections.

        Senile sex offender Joe Biden now has an eight point lead over Trump.

        Neither Trump or Biden are qualified to lead this country. Both are extremely corrupt. In fact, the entire government is extremely corrupt, and so are the corporations and banks that lobbied for corruption and bribed politicians for deregulation, in addition to over regulation to prevent any new competetion, and to knock out competitors.

        Money is not speech and corporations are not people. The Citizens United ruling must be turned on its head if there is ever expected to be a functioning government that serves the needs of We The People. It was not Citizens that United for the legalized bribery, but corporations, led by David Koch in a protest by billionaires, who feared that they were losing control of the narative, politicians, money, power, and control.

        China is succedding not because of the Chinese government, but because American businesses took the money and ran to China and opened shop their, leaving American employees broke and in the lurch in manufacturing, mining, technology, and textiles, which were all sectors that America had dominated prior to their slow boat to China.

        Now, Huawaii has threatened Apple computers, which was the first business in America to close anything, even before the government closed anything.

        Now Apple wants to move factories to India, and still not America. The entire tech sector has been lobbying Trump to sanction China over Huawaii, and negotiate with Modi.

        Why should Americans support companies that are not supporting Americans?

        Many are claiming that capitalism is the problem, but China today is an Orwellian version of America from 1940’s through 1970s.

        “Just a thought” – “To each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” Is that the direction that you wish to head in? Think seriously about this. How much freedom are you willing to sacrifice ? Are you willing to have the government determine which sector you and your children will be employed in, as well as where they will be forced to live and work?

        That is where that road leads to.

        Of course, they never really tell people things like that until after the fact.

      3. Trump is willing to start a war against Iran and Venezula, in a policy of insanity to save the banks that are over extended with bad loans to U.S. fracking companies, and to save the environmental destructionist frackers. Trump is trying to start wars with new countries everday. China one day, Venezuela and Iran the next, oh, not to mention his give away of something that he doesn’t even own to the Zionist regime, the West Bank and the Negev! Trump is a disgusting slobbering beastly monster! It is totally grotesque to witness such glutonous predation in a cannibalistic savage feast consuming the innocent to save the guilty!

      4. Trump is willing to start a war against Iran and Venezula, in a policy of insanity to save the banks that are over extended with bad loans to U.S. fracking companies, and to save the environmental destructionist frackers. Trump is trying to start wars with new countries everday. China one day, Venezuela and Iran the next, oh, not to mention his give away of something that he doesn’t even own to the Zionist regime, the West Bank and the Negev! Trump is a disgusting slobbering beastly monster! It is totally grotesque to witness such glutonous predation in a cannibalistic savage feast consuming the innocent to save the guilty! 

        If anyone can be held responsible for oil prices hurting frackers and banks holding their loans, it is Saudi Arabia! 

        Chump 2020!

      5. The “elites” don’t want to save us from anything. They want to grind the people down to a state of compliance. This compliance is to consist of a lower standard of living, debt peonage, a dramatic decline in individual freedoms, a loss of freedom of movement, and a powerlessness to do anything about it. We are seen as disposable, therefore any method these so-called “elites” employ to achieve their goals is acceptable to them.
        Some believe motives and conspiracies must always be elaborate. Not true, the motives by these “elites” are just as much as something personal rather than a complex conspiracy. More likely a product of, and guided by, a belief in their superiority and sense of entitlement. It is coupled with the fact they have a lust for unchallenged power and not just wealth, but all the wealth. You may also safely assume they personally and viscerally despise the rest of us, and they equally detest our individual liberties.
        TPTB must concentrate power, wealth, resources, and information. The general empowerment of citizens by our political and economic rights is something they consider must be crushed. Their minions in officialdom will insist we have no right to challenge lockdowns, go to church, to avoid contact tracing and tracking, and to resist forced vaccinations, or go to work if it interferes with their agenda. Seeing that too many citizens are not complying with official directives, we will probably see a “second wave” of this virus reported and an even more restrictive lockdown 2.0. The people must become initiated into accepting tyranny.
        Today I went to a grocery store I rarely shop in, upon entering I was told I couldn’t come in to shop because I was not wearing a mask. However, I saw some minority persons in the store who were not wearing any, and pointed it out to the store employee at the door. It didn’t help me any, they apparently didn’t want a situation with the minorities, but made me leave.

      6. Pompeo will be sanctioning anyone involvec in BRI, on the bright side, this includes most U,S. corporations and banks who have been 100% to Americans as well as citizens from countries throughout the world! They make money on the way to war, and on the way to rebuild. 

        Abolish the stock market and starve the beasts in order to restore America and restore peace. 

        The stock market bail outs gains have mostly gone to China and the Chinese government anyways. China got most of the bail out money, since that is where the corporations are in reality.

        Trump is a Chi-Com traitor! 

      7. The draft is illegal. It is involuntary servitude, which is is slavery and is illegal. Almost everything that the government does is illegal. It is so rare that they do anything legal, that it is difficult to think of five things that they have done in the past ten years that are actually legal.

        Pompeo will be sanctioning anyone involvec in BRI, on the bright side, this includes most U,S. corporations and banks who have been 100% to Americans as well as citizens from countries throughout the world! They make money on the way to war, and on the way to rebuild. 

        Abolish the stock market and starve the beasts in order to restore America and restore peace. 

        The stock market bail outs gains have mostly gone to China and Jews and the Chinese government anyways. China and Jewish multi billionaires and hedge fund managers got most of the bail out money, since that is where the corporations are in reality.

        Trump is a Chi-Com Zi-com traitor! 

        Another conspiracy proves to be true on the US census, asking for races and origins of everyone, except Jews, who claim, as well as Trump admin. that Judaism is a race and a relogion, so why when it asks White, white Asian, white Latino, does it not ask white Jew? Because they are worried that people will start adding it up. It cannot be for reasons of religious or ethnic discrimination, since it has long been official U.S. and Zionist policy to discriminate against Muslims, and people are asked which countries they are from. It is a special protection for Jews alone that is just another sign of Jewish supremacy policy. What are they so afraid of? Why do they deserve special secrecy that nobody else is entiltled to? Are they worried that people might start investigating them for Kosha Nostra involvement? Why are they supposed to be expempt from organized crime investigations, that Netenyahu and the Mossad even sent a cable to the State Department to warn of stock market manipulation, illegal gambling, prostitutioon, black market organ sales, human trafficking, illegal slavery, sex trafficking, sex trafficking of minors, cyber- crimes, and acts of terrorism?

        It seems to me that that is suspicious as hell! Were the Japanese in concentration camps in America? Yes. Were the Jews in concentration camps in America? No. Were blacks discriminated against in Ametica ? Yes. Were Jews discriminated in America? It is imposdible to claim that since they are controlling the media, the financial sector, the tech sector, and foreign policy. They are not being discriminated against. They are discriminating against everyone else. If they were discriminated against, they would be unemployed, broke, with a high prison population. Bernie Madoff was the token Jew of the U.S. prison system.

        • Many Amer. Goos loved and/or sympathized with communist USSR when it existed (Putin gave a speech stating Goos comprised 80 to 85 % of the Bolsheviks. This included its leadership, terror apparatus, and officialdom.
          It is noted many prominent and educated Amer. Goos worked to undermine Amer. policy that contained global communism. Some of these same individuals are now call themselves neo-cons, who happen to now despise Russia. This is because it is no longer communist (in fact the gov’t of Russia has helped to fund and restore or rebuild more than 25,000 churches in their country, and is rapidly restoring its Orthodox Christian national identity). These neo-cons want to see it destroyed as it now is.
          For 10 years after the communists were ousted from power in 1990, the country’s wealth and assets were looted and pillaged by many who were apparatchiks and their “associates”, so thoroughly, that the nation was becoming bankrupt and its citizens were being impoverished. Yes, Putin is not squeaky clean, but he largely stopped the wholesale theft by these class of predators. In the years between 1990 to 2000 while Russia suffered through economic collapse it also produced many new super billionaires, many of them Goos.
          These neo-cons, who want to create ill will and bad relations between the US and Russia, also want to control Amer. foreign policy, especially wherever Israel is involved. They hate the fact they cannot stop Russia from curtailing Israel’s ambitions for Syria, and their drive for regional hegemony in the greater Mid-East.

          • Bill,
            I think that there is more to it than strictly supporting any communist country. Venezuela may be considered communist, as well as Syria in some respects, as well as Libya under Qadafi, and Iran at the onset of the 1979 revolution, and also Afghanistan, which as everyone knows, those countries are targeted by both American foreign policy run by Jewish Neo-Cons, as well as Israeli Jews.

            Many Jews had roots in Russia and the Bolshevek revolution so it may bare a great deal of nostalgia by those who never actually lived through it, but Adam Schiff is from Germany, and many of the Neo-Con Jews like Wasserman-Schultz from Germany as well have roots that despised Russia since they were German as well, and maybe have a nostslgia to try to conquer Russia and invade it for Leibenstaumwitz.

      8. Jewish activists have now targeted the word globalist as a perjurative dog whistle hate term for Jews.

        Nazi is a word that requires no expletive or invective. The feelings and emotions invoked by the term Nazi for the average person are so vile, that they require no negative adjectives.

        The word Nazi is and of itself an expletive and invective for most people.

      9. Jewish activists have now targeted the word globalist as a pejorative dog whistle hate term for Jews.

        Nazi is a word that requires no expletive or invective. The feelings and emotions invoked by the term Nazi for the average person are so vile, that they require no negative adjectives. 

        The word Nazi is and of itself an expletive and invective for most people. Now Israel and Jew invoke the same feelings as a result of the policies against Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, and many others.

        The sad thing is that since Jews have been controlling foreign policy by bribing politicians, America has also become a dirty word for most people in the world. Americans have allowed this to happen by not participating, not in war, which has caused this, but by the silence of pointing out who it is that have been calling for these wars, in addition the the many individuals, corporations, bankers, and foreign nations that have directly benefited from the heinous wars.

        Politician is also a dirty word for most people, because of the actions that politicians have taken.

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