The Bubble Will Burst, But Fed Is Waiting For Politics “With Trump Lurking Around”

by | Mar 24, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 64 comments

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    It’s no conspiracy. The music will soon stop and the economy will take a big hit when the bubble bursts – even the timing has been chosen.

    The Fed has been pumping easy money and buying time with future pain for years now, but the worm is turning. Only, the turn is taking a pause so as to avoid helping – yes – Donald Trump and his bid for the presidency.

    SHTF just reported on the startling revelation that not only has quantative easing changed the financial landscape in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, but it has been directly responsible for a full 93% of market action since that time.

    The Federal Reserve is a leviathan if there ever was one. Even its whispers float boats and sink ships. Easy credit has gone so far beyond the logical extremes, and the proverbial roadrunner has pointed out that we are all hanging out over a cliff.

    Contracting the money supply (by raising interest rates) is the snap reaction, but it will hurt. So they are prolonging the pain in order to shift the blame and distract everyone from the real problem as much as possible.

    Like everything else, it is now somehow Donald Trump’s fault. This time, because the Fed is a in a position where it supposedly “can’t” raise markets and stabilize the economy.

    Via the New York Post:

    Like it or not, the Federal Reserve will play a big role in this year’s presidential election.

    The Fed last week pulled back on its economic outlook for 2016 and beyond. […]

    The upcoming election and, especially, the surprising strength of Donald Trump also make it almost impossible for the Fed to boost rates. If Trump gets elected, the Fed will almost immediately be hit by audits that will reveal lots of secret, sinister things.

    So Fed Chair Janet Yellen and her fellow central bankers can’t do anything — like raise the cost of money — that might slow the economy down and give Trump a better shot at winning the presidency.


    But then the Fed gets boxed in by politics, especially because of Trump. Even though it eased policy in a controversial move right before the re-election of President Obama, the Fed will probably use the November election as an excuse to freeze policy until after the vote. It doesn’t want the economy to weaken or, worse, the stock market to tank.


    Sounds like the Fed, which so often claims not to be political, is admitting to the political weight of its station – which is, incidentally, private and quite powerful indeed over American life. The “politics” are over calls to make it accountable, a task which is apparently insurmountable and somehow detrimental to economic stability, itself a fragile ghost.

    The Federal Reserve’s power over monetary policy and the power it derives from issuing currency to the nation at interest are at the heart of why former Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul has called for auditing and ultimately ending the Fed:

    Allowing a secretive central bank to control monetary policy has resulting in an ever-expanding government, growing income inequality, a series of ever-worsening economic crises, and a steady erosion of the dollar’s purchasing power. Unless this system is changed, America, and the world, will soon experience a major economic crisis. It is time to finally audit, then end, the Fed.

    Donald Trump, who has proven to be a lightning rod on all issues, has pointed out that Janet Yellen is likely holding off on raising rate because it is clear from basic policy dynamics that the massive recession that has built up like a puss-filled sore would burst, and in turn, Obama’s Administration would appear culpable for the decline.

    Instead, Trump has charged, the Fed is putting that off in order to avoid giving his candidacy a boost – nevertheless, the recession is probably inevitable, and a clear result of Federal Reserve monetary policy.

    Yellen is “keeping the economy going, barely,” Trump told The Hill. “The reason they’re keeping the interest rate down is Obama doesn’t want to have a recession-slash-depression during his administration.”

    He added: “Janet Yellen is highly political and she’s not raising rates for a very specific reason: because Obama told her not to because he wants to be out playing golf in a year from now and he wants to be doing other things and he doesn’t want to see a big bubble burst during his administration.”

    They’ve got everyone at gun point, but the gun is concealed, and they won’t let anyone looking in their pockets or question their moves.

    ‘Don’t anybody get political around here, or the economy gets it…’

    The problem with gun control is that criminals don’t follow the laws, and the rest of the economy is totally disarmed and unable to do anything about the hostile actions of the nation’s central bank, save the few who have a bit of gold or silver to turn to. This is economic autocracy in action.

    Read More:

    Trump Accuses Fed of Not Raising Rates Because Obama “Doesn’t Want a Bubble Burst” Until He Leaves

    Ron Paul: Unless the Fed is Stopped, America Will “Soon Experience Major Economic Crisis”

    “Fed Risks Triggering Panic and Turmoil”: World Bank Warns Against Raising Rates

    Federal Reserve Insider Alan Greenspan Warns: There Will Be a “Significant Market Event… Something Big Is Going To Happen”

    Proof It Is Rigged: “Fed Moved 93% of Entire Stock Market Since 2008″


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      1. Harry Dents running around saying how bad the next recession will be .
        Nobody can fix this , we are long past that.
        Trump knows he cant do shit about it either , and he cant be blamed , this goes back to Clinton .

        • Goes back to Clinton? The last good POTUS the country had was Andrew Jackson, at least he eliminated the central bank and paid and left the country debt free – first and last time ever.

          Same ol’ shit, new day…


          • I agree about Andrew,
            Guess i was thinking about NAFTA

      2. What the heck? Suddenly my posts aren’t showing up…


        • Oh, they’re back…

      3. I’ve been saying this for months now that they’re waiting to pop the bubble after the election. They do this every time.

        • I still think it will be before the election.
          But i have nothing to base that on , i’m a financial moron , lol.

          • Hammerhead,
            You could be correct because what they might be doing is that IF the elections are NOT going the way they want then they might try to play the martial law crap and declare NO elections! just a thought!!

            • Apache, I’ve heard that for 20 years and as far as I know its never come close to happening. Not saying it couldn’t happen, just saying that is the nuclear option and everything falls apart if they do that. At that point EVERYTHING doesn’t go the way they want.

              Hammerhead, Being a financial moron may allow you to think out of the box and avoid the Normalcy Bias and Cognitive Dissonance that many people have that think they’re “not financial morons”. I think maybe everyone should have a financial moron or two around to give them good ideas that are stuck in the bottom of a rut.


              • Well for the record i agree with APACHE , that its a tool to influence the election , however i dont think martial law is in the cards just yet.
                Everyones watching the repubs , but Hillary could get indited yet and they wont allow Bernie to win a nomination , so look for the DEMs to toss someone new in to be the saviour .
                A couple “terror” attacks and we elect Mussolini .Just sayin..
                Its a mess !

                • Elect Mussolini? You mean Trump? Hehe. Well, he could be. But, there are checks and balances in his way. I don’t think he’s like Mussolini. I think he’s more of a loudmouth Reagan. The only bad thing about Reagan was the “free trade” and putting is into massive debt to build the military up. Free trade means We The People pay the taxes in illegal income taxes instead of lawful import taxes.

                  Either way the election goes, it will be very interesting.

                  • I an unaware of Reagan’s contribution to Free Trade?

                    GH Bush posted it when he was President. Clinton followed through.

      4. With Trump sticking his finger in their eyes, they will wait until after the election to pop it wide open. They don’t want Obullshit to have to take the blame. Remember that Obullshit after over 7 years is still blaming everything on Bush.

        We know that it is coming and have prepped.

        I think it will be a false Flag causing the stock market to crash causing other thing to crash with it. Next week would be a good time to buy some more preps, Food, Water, Med gear, Guns, Ammo, Gold or Silver.



        • Sgt. Dale

          Obama is still blaming Bush and they will blame Bush for eternity.

          I think Republicans should demonstrate against Hillary at her political stops.

          • S.S.

            We can yell, killer remember the 4 at Benghazi!

            You erased your Sever!

            You want my guns? Come yourself and try and take them!

            Maybe someone can come up with more.

      5. “Why are you guys so anti-dictatorship?
        Imagine if America was a dictatorship!

        You could let 1% of the people have all the nation’s wealth. You could help your rich friends get richer by cutting their taxes and bailing them out when they gamble and lose.

        You could ignore the needs of the poor for health-care and education. Your media would appear free; but would secretly be controlled by one person and his family. You could wire-tape phones.

        You could torture foreign prisoners. You could have rigged elections. You could lie about why you go to war. You could fill your prisons with one particular racial group and no one would complain.

        You could use the media to scare the people into supporting policies that are against their interests.

        I know this is hard for you Americans to imagine, but please: try!”

        Sacha Baron Cohen – “The Dictator”

        • …you could enact color of law rules and brainwash the public into obeying them as if they were really lawas so they would forfeit a massive chunk of their labor, essentially becoming slaves, so you could also brainwash them to think you were repairing the infrastructure and making life better for them while in reality the slavery was a small drop of the inflation that truly “created” the money for the oligarchs to waste. And, all this time, ignoring the fact that the law demands that we have gold and silver coinage. The fact is the USA is using someone else’s money and that someone else is the Federal Reserve.

          The above is how you spell: SCREWED

          Other words come to mind: Swindled, conned, fraud, robbed, etc.

          Until the people wake up, this will continue.

          You see, a dictatorship only exists when you force people to do things they don’t want to do. Its a democracy if you coerce them. Its a dictatorship if you hold a gun to their heads. If you lie, cheat and “pursuade” its something else.

          It is why they have to have full control of the system and its why they are so panicked with that rebel rouser Trump.

        • will confuse them with reality….

      6. Who wants to become President when the country is going down the toilet FOR GOOD!
        I mean Hillary has to be some kind of Bat Shit Crazy to follow behind Obama. Maybe NWO.
        As for Republicans/Establishment has it in for Trump and as long as the majority of the people have freebies they don’t care if the country goes down the tubes.

      7. In the immortal words of Stash Pudachek…”times are more like they are now, than they have ever been before”.

      8. Perhaps Soon now more so called “awakened” folks will finally get it, as to just why during 1930’s germany their new leader and political party Booted Out Jewish banksters in order to create the worlds greatest, fastest(less than 5 yrs!) Economic devestation Comeback, that the world has ever seen!

        And they did so without and Prior to even one single hair of one single jewish head being harmed.

        No wonder 40 allied and jewish hyjacked governments joined forces to wreck and ruin Germanys comeback miricle recovery eh…Because what would have happened otherwise if say, germany was allowed to continue fixing what was the worlds absolute worst great depression nation globally?

        ANSWER: If Germany was allowed to continue that path of a Fix and to keep jewish banksters OUT for good?…Within another short decade or less, when all other nations learned that this bootout of jew banksters was the Main key to economic greatness and success…The entire WORLDS nations would do likewise and give a huge BootOut to every private jew banksters and it would totally END their jewish/communistic/Anti White and AntiChristian agendas for all eternity!

        And Then that worst of all parisitical peoples would have to do self support of international jewry, which would drastically cut into time spent on self chozen, self-Worship by what Christ called “Tares” and Satans own Offspring children! (Read John 8:44 and Rev 2:9 for more clues/info).

        Picture an entire World of nations that can issue home loans and car loans etc etc and do so totally Usury/Intrest FREE and Via totally Debt Free Cash backed up by that Nations work force-Labor hours worked, AND Industrial/Manufactured Products said labor force Produced that was used instead of gold to back the nations cash created…Germany fixed it in Less than 5 yrs. So Could usa and all EU nations…Just begin with Job one..IE: BOOT OUT ALL JEWISH Banksters first!

        Now to further awaken truely…Research REAL Factual Truths about WWII issues and the too many Lies we all was taught to believe…research WWI and also 1917 jewish/russian revolt against whitey in eastern european nations too for more truths surrounding satans offspring…”IF” you really wish for Truth and a real awakening that is.

        • Very nice and true post.

          Also takes courage to say Hitler was right.

        • Hey Mac,

          I thought you flushed the toilet on shit like them guys. How is this ignorant fuck getting back on here with his idiotic ravings again. There must be thousands of pro Nazi sites he’ll be right at home at, why do we need the smell of shit returning here.

          • TG, Karl makes a good point here — please refrain from these comments.

            • Mac: And what about the absolute and total Personal attacks perpetrated upon Me and several others here who also post similar truths and Facts based infos?…I have yet to see you ever address this issue Mac.

              **** the rest of this comment has been removed by administrator ****

              • TG, we have, indeed, addressed the types of comments you speak of and though you don’t see it, they are removed, just like hateful/threatening comments targeting others.

                I have also addressed the issue of literally 90%, if not more, of your comments and those of some other users who continue to post comments wherein “jews” etc are the gist of the comment.

                We do have free speech here, but your comments and those of several other posters who repeatedly talk only about this topic are going to be deleted.

                When we did give you and other free reign to post here, you took over the entire comment thread with scores of what were essentially the same comment over and over.

                While you have every write to believe what you believe about whatever, it does not add to the conversation when almost every comment is about the exact same subject matter.

                Those comments will continue to be deleted.

                • Thank you Mac. That is the kind of site moderation some of us appreciate.

                • The aggregated article concerns the planned economic [slow-motion] crash.

                  Them Guys accurately noted a successful overthrow of the banksters, one of the few in history, and you want to suppress such information.

                  Whose side are you on?

          • The trouble, Karl, is that Mac doesn’t like stomping on The Truth. Now, don’t get me wrong, Hitler went off the rails under pressure. There was a correct way to combat the attacks, but, he didn’t. His reactions were all wrong late in the game and he ended up presiding over a very sick and twisted government.

            Frankly, Trump could go the same way. Obama is headed there. All powerful people head down Hitler Lane if they get enough power. That is the magic of the American system. We must make sure they do not.

            I won’t stomp on the “Jews”. I will, however, stomp on the banksters. If you look into Germany’s late term Hitler history you will find that it was the banksters that were pushing Big H to do what he did. They were pushing him so he would eventually implode. You think they were financing him in the beginning out of the goodness of their hearts? No. While Big H played his role, and his regime became as evil as they come, it started out benevolent. The evolution of the German devolution into Nazi politics and torture was mainly due to the pressure on them to keep them from becoming successful. The result was a good system and good people responding the best way they knew how to the pressure put upon them. Nobody will argue that it didn’t get ugly and evil, it did. But, in the beginning, it was good.

            So follows the old saying:

            The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

            That is not to say good intentions are bad. It is to say that we must stay on task and not allow things to devolve. The German people would believe any lie Big H spewed from his pie hole. This allowed him to bypass the checks and balances. They did it just like the USA did with the (un)Patiot(ic) Act in 2001/2002 and the way it continues. The law is the law and we must stick with it. No twisting. No lies.

            The law is the law. The government that does not follow the law is evil and becomes the enemy of its people. When the government breaks the law it must be severely punished, punished with ANGER and VENGEANCE and then released to do its job properly. The people of the USA have forgotten this.

            A cop that commits a crime must be punished twice as much as a person that commits a crime because the cop was IN CHARGE of stopping crime. He has, in effect, stooped twice as low. Same with a government embezzeler or a traitor official. But, the people of the USA have not done this and the consistent increase in crimes by government agents is a result.

            • Netranger,

              I agree with you about the bankers being evil 100%. They have always been this way and always will be until they are removed from the Earth and replaced by more humane entities. Yes, they did support Hitler early on, and then supported his enemies to make money from both sides while the war went on. But this can NEVER be used as an excuse for wholesale genocide of an entire race of people who most of had probably only seen the outside of a bank as their nearest association with it. What some people do here is to group their hatred toward all races that aren’t like themselves, and try to sell it as being ” woke up to the facts”. It’s one thing to be aware of the sordid history of Jewish bankers, but it’s something else to blame the entire race for the world’s problems, that is just plain stupidity and shows their ignorance of the truth, not their so called ” love” for it.

        • Them Guys… they control everything, how are you going to get rid of them.

          • At one time everyone did,they’ve been ran out of everywhere.

        • Dude, get a fucking book on basic writing, grammar, and punctuation and read it. The random capitalization you used was annoying as hell and made what you wrote impossible to read. Visit your local community college bookstore. Heck for giggles just sign up for English 101.

      9. I believe between now & the election a FF will be engineered that they will use as an excuse to suspend the elections. Obola will then be president for life & the US of A will cease to be. If Trump gets in the fed is exposed for the fraud that it is. I do not see that happening LBJ anyone.

        I hope I am wrong.

      10. Not sure why tptb would want to crown Obama. It would wake up the country… why?

        • Really very simple

          The controlled media will focus on him as they have done for the last 8 years as a distraction so the US can be further systematically disassembled of what is left of its manufacturing & high tech. Very few real jobs will be left.

          What will be left will be a society of the few haves & the rest of have nots dealing with mass starvation & endless crime. The importation of so many 3rd world illiterate in-bread warring muslims will accelerate the process.

      11. Just heard; u.s.marines in iraq on front lines leading attack to protect the oil fields. Check out zero

      12. Them Guys: asshole. Take your fucking meds. Jews this,jews tjat.jews something else. You got jews on
        your mind more than anyone I know.STFU about jews already

        • Ok…who the hell are the Rothschilds…Meyer Amsel Rothschild, the founder of the branch that had 5 son’s, married them into the inner circle of France and England… His famous quote,” If I control a country’s money, I care NOT what laws they make.” Who is the ruling gang of the world’s central banks, including our very own Fed??? Well, it’s none other than the Rothschilds… worth over 5 + trillion dollars…ARE THEY Catholic? Southern Baptist? Mormon? Jehovah Witness? …Muslim? Buddhist? Well…don’t be a douche, Henry Ford wrote a book in 1920 The International (Y)ew… Try reading it…

        • USS Liberty,Aipac?Hollywood?

        • USS Liberty,Aipac?Hollywood?

      13. Trump is working for the White hats military who will restore the constitution.. t then there will be a mass arrest of the ruling elite and their minions, that’s what they are pissing their drawers. He played the game with them partied, with them and now he will be removing the filth to make the country better again.. this is the Mass arrest the David Wilcox and Drake Bailey talked about 3 years ago and everyone Called BS.. I have news for the non believers, it’s going to happen and the cabal doing everything to avoid that which means triggering WW3, to then get China and Russians to come in and take out the whole hats and patriots.. that why the nuclear codes were give to the Russians, and I wonder who did that one. Russia our enemy and are allies with China, which is a really bad country and very very evil very bad, worst than the middle east.i know this for a fact because of my experience with their spetsnatz..and I did tell that to cops that I personally know…and they know about the rat bastards in the city..I am really interested to see who is he better fighter in a street fight when I beat her shit..put of one of you Russian soldiers in my city.. keep phucking with us..I can confidently say that I will kill any Russian who ever comes up into my face again in this city..taking crap and demanding my compliance to see my computer, you only taught it was my little chick friends store only to run into a commoed out Texas red neck indigenous combat soldier, up in our contractor I personally know went to a house an caught 6 of them in a resident neighnourhood in Jersey Village Kjns Rd area with computer and desk all ovr the house with nothing in the kitchen, because the AC broke, then they broke the lease and then left the house. He came to me scars off his ass asking me what it was, then I told my cop Putin, I don’t know who the phuck you think your fooling but you ain’t fooling us, as you crash our dollar imploding the US economy triggering callapse..phuck you Putin.


        • “Trump is working for the White hats military who will restore the constitution.. Then there will be a mass arrest of the ruling elite and their minions.”

          What you wrote is never gonna happen … Trump would be JFK’d – if he was to pull that kind of “Change” from the inside out.

          I think you highly underestimate TPTB.
          One person … even with a Military Force behind him is not going to clean up this filthy World of ours.

          It would need a Global effort from every country and it’s citizens to rid the filth that has been plaguing this Planet since the dawn of man.

          • Yes FTW , people like Bernie Sanders and many before him thought that a “GLOBAL EFFORT”was the answer and tried to impose socialism and communism on its citizens “just to be fair”.

            Original sin is just that , and will always be.
            Maintaining checks and balances and the rule of law is the only way its gonna work .
            Gee , American exceptionalism ? hmmm

            • My Global Effort scenario is not based on a socialistic/communist plan … I would hope you were not thinking that is what I was referring too?

              Look above at THEM GUYS post – my post was intended to be referred and in correlation to what THEM GUYS was describing … as in the Worlds continuation of “problems”.

              Countries across the Globe need to get on the same page to eliminate the power structure – then checks and balances; and the rule of law can be restored to normality.

              American Exceptionalism … NO
              America’s Global Democracy Program is a complete and utter failure.

              American Foreign Policy = Control
              Wrong kind of message to spread peace throughout the World!

        • It’s too late, the Russians have taken over the Galleria in Houston already and are using it as a secret base to coordinate attacks with Chinese troops disguised as waiters and laundry men. When Nibiru swings by next month it will be unloading several million dredlocks zombies who will then begin feasting on redneck brains in the greater Houston area. While all this is occurring Vladimir Putin will be playing the balalaika inside the Kremlin sending signals to the reptilian aliens they can begin the invasion of the rest of the world. Now, you may be wondering how I know this. Well, it was inside information given to me last week at a super secret meeting with scientist friend and four star general, not to mention Dr. James Garrow and Ed Dames. Truth!

          • congrats. for today, you win the internets !

      14. HIKS

        You fantasize the Russian Invasion story?

        On another note:
        Trump wants to audit the Federal Reserve. That’ll go over like a lead balloon.

      15. Ok I read everybody’s comments. Yes Trump audits the Fed, convicts the ZOG criminals, places them in FEMA Camps and their Job is to Print a new Dollar, Free from any FED control.reports all the Jews, and other Illegals. Restores order by arresting the Elite including Hillary and Obama holds more trials and puts America back to work and erases the entire National debt due to FED banister criminals. We will be dancing in the streets at Trump deputizes all Gun holders to round up the elite. Dead or alive. Ends these bogus wars and blows up ISIS and withdraws the US from the United Nations and NATO. He will enlist Russa and China to round up the bankster war monger chaos creators. It will be a wonderful world we will live in peace and prosperity debt free. This is all very possible. Trump is playing the game until elected. Then watch and learn how to take care of business. Trump is no dummy and not afraid of anybody. He has the Football red button and will not be afraid to use it.


      16. I think there will be another bubble pop or 2 before the economic collapse.

        I’m saying around 2020 give or take a couple of years, there will be a collapse. They all know its coming including Trump and there is nothing that they can do about it.

        There will be a world war and after that all national debt will be wiped clean for all nations, a reset and one world government system will emerge at some point there after.

        I would just as soon have Trump leading through that time as any of them. Don’t trust any politician. I used to think Cruse was different but I see him doing some shady crap now as well…

        When its all said and done, its all set in stone anyway. Its gonna be what its gonna be.

        Be prepared !

      17. “Even its whispers float boats and sink ships.”

        You can say that again. Titanic. Look up Conspiracy theories about the Titanic on U-tube. There is a titanic documentary worth seeing. Point is that it has benn more or less proven that the sister ship, The Olympia, was the actual ship that sunk. There was an insurance motive. “Coincidentally” the richest men in America including the opposition to the establishment of the Federal Reserve System died and left lonely widows with great fortunes. No slim pickings here. Men who plan and we know that they do, could have built those humongous ships with the full intent of sinking them.
        Now that’s a Titanic Conspiracy and a movie plot worth contemplating. Got hutspa anybody?

        • This movie is for entertainment purposes only. Any similarity between real persons or anything remotely resembling truth is coincidental and does not necessarily represent the opinions of the actors, producers, or anyone else connected to the making, or distribution of this film, including the Stars of the film. Just saying.

        • What? You mean like a Tribal Member- Wink wink, buying a dilapidated World Trade Center Building #7 then implode it with demolitions. “PULL IT” after fully insuring it, when the False Flag goes down. And already have plans for a new building to take its place, before it is demolished? Naw,.. couldn’t happen, or could it? Wake up peeps. Exactly.


      18. Glimpse of Things to Come:

        Canadian Oil Company Liquidates Hours After Bank Demands Repayment

        “Slowly but surely Canadian oil and gas failures are starting to become a daily reality; failures such as that of Canadian junior oil and gas producer Terra Energy Corp which yesterday said it shut down production, ceased operations and announced the resignation of directors and officers on Monday, after its lender, Canadian Western Bank, demanded full repayment of its debt.”

        ht tp://

        In One Year The US Mining Industry Lost More Money Than It Made In The Prior Eight

        “For anyone still looking for context to the biggest ever collapse in commodity prices in history, one far sharper and now longer than that in the deflationary aftermath of the Lehman failure…”

        “as the WSJ notes, the U.S. mining industry, a sector which includes oil drillers, lost more money last year than it made in the previous eight.”

        “It wasn’t just shale drillers: other types of mining operations were stung by falling commodity prices tied to weak demand from China and other parts of the globe. Mining revenues also fell sharply, down 38% in the fourth quarter from a year earlier.”

        “The faltering global economy also stung the manufacturing sector: as the WSJ notes, manufacturing revenue declined 7.8% in the fourth quarter from a year earlier, meaning dropping global demand for U.S.-made goods, which is nowhere more obvious than in Caterpillar’s impploding retail sales.”

        ht tp://

      19. We may be too busy at war to notice finance much.We probably need to send our kids to die to remove Assad so Syria can become as stable as a democracy as the rest of the Middle East we helped.Mean while Europe and America are invaded with wait for it Muslims.The kicker,not just pipelines but the leviant goes to the Middle East democracy.It will huge

      20. The music will soon stop and the economy will take a big hit shit when the bubble bursts

        Think that’s what you meant…

      21. Ftw good response, but I have. News for you, that I’d his plans. The white hats plan.. this cannot co tinge to going on for much longer. TPTB, is bad enough to trigger a false flag rhen marlial law before a Trump gets in..



      22. Nationalist: Forget Gas Pipelines and oil etc..Thats all secondary issues…Prime Main Number ONE Goal in Mid east/wars etc is as reported in Many More Israel based newspapers such as harretzz and jerusalem Post newspaper articles than one can count…That all state as main goal in Mid east regions is a “Greater Yisrael” agenda…

        Basically it means Israels and World’s international Tribe of jewry wants total ownership of every acre of lands mentioned in the Old Testement to Abraham 4000+ yrs ago…never mind that 99% of todays tribe membership consists of Khazars and have ZERO DNA/Blood ties/lines to tweleve tribed Real Israel, NOR any Real biblical hebrew DNA/Blood etc and are a khazar mixed race peoples.

        They Want it ALL and are willing to employ what some of their Leaders calls their “Sampson Option” IE: sampson option means Israel Will push the red button and send its 300 to 400 NUKES Flying to Every major and even some Minor EU nations cities if ANYBODY globally attempt to Halt their fanatical Lust for Mid east Lands and ALL of it per biblical description borders.

        Israel is the ONLY Nuke owner nation state that has still refused to sign onto the global UN Nuke NON proliferation Treaty…Iran signed it as has Every Other Nukes and Nuke electric power plant owning nation globally. Only Israel gets away with NON acceptance and signing it…Hmmmm.

        oh yeah add in that last year or so Germanys merkle Built and had germans Pay for 75% of 1/2 Dozen Nuke powered and Nuke-Missle Capable Submarines provided to Israels fanatical war mongers and nation wreckers eh…Now their samson option can also apply to USA-Canada and all worlds nations besides EU cities going up in Smoke..If israel-jewry do not get whatever They want from all the worlds…Goyim.

        With such great friends and allies…Who needs any enemies eh?!

        • As I notice you’re posting your usual drivel at 1.00 AM in the morning one can only reach the conclusion that you have no life, no friends, nothing to look forward to but being constantly drunk and spewing your usual ignorance. What a miserable excuse for a human being and why did God decide to waste a life on you to begin with?

      23. I read today thet the defense department is investigating Hillary. And that They can do anything the dept of justice can? Supposively Trump is just making certian the Clintons and the Bush family never get in the whitehouse again. Biden could well be the next puppet after Obama.

        • Old Guy
          Can you cite your source on DOD investigation of Clinton? I Google it and nothing came up. Thank you.

      24. I read about it in the Kookie Zeta Talk Weekly Newsletter.

      25. I would love to read informative comments which would enlighten me, or be of some interest, but only a couple are meaningful. Not only is most of it pure drivel, but I get a brain hurt trying to read comments with the worst spelling, punctuation, and meaningless rants. I appreciate those who are thought provoking and provide links to back up their ideas.
        Did you kn ow that you can actually re-read and proof or edit comments before putting out ideas or rants before posting. And here’s another idea: don’t believe every conspiracy theory out there. Do us all a favor and do a little research before posting some of this crap. Thanks to those on this thread who actually did provide insight and useful information.

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