The Ban List: AR-15, AK-47, AR-10, Saiga12, Bushmaster, Ruger, Beretta, HK, Smith & Wesson, Sig…

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    When rumors emerged about coming assault ban legislation just one day after the re-election of Barack Obama, many scoffed at the notion that the reports were real. As we now know, they were very real, and today the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013, aimed at disarming Americans, has been introduced in Congress.

    The list is a veritable who’s who of premier semi-automatic assault rifles that are owned by millions of Americans and include 2nd Amendment staples like the popular AR-15 and AK-47.

    In addition to the some 150 semi-automatic rifles, handguns and shotguns on the list, the bill aims to reduce magazine capacities nationwide to 10 rounds or less.

    While the new legislation would not force Americans to turn in guns they own that are on the ban list, it would require registration in a national database, which includes a background check even if you already own the gun.

    Owners of banned firearms would also need to submit photo identification and a fingerprint for the national registry.

    Here is the ban list as it stands now:

    Weapons Ban List

    (Click for larger image)

    Dianne Feinstein explains why you only need 10 rounds to defend yourself (Jan 23, 2013):

    The Feinstein show (Jan 24, 2013):

    *Related: The Resistance Begins: New York Gun Owners Refuse to Register


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      1. Someones been peeking into my safe… Now I’m “T” off.
        Damn politicians!!! 🙁


        • As the great american philosopher Gomer Pyle once said, Surprise Surprise Surprise…..not. I’d like to say it won’t get very far but I’m just not sure anymore about what will pass and what wont. Crazy times we are living. I always wondered what the everyday people of fallen empires were thinking as they were witnessing the downfall. Did they just shake their heads in discuss at the corruption and treason that controlled their future and was expecting an awakening by the power elite that just never came.

          • The handwriting has long been on the wall.

            Both “major” parties serve the banksters. Expect NO Republican resistance.

            The banksters have engineered a collapse and would prefer as disarmed an angry population as they can arrange.

            Ergo, both parties will do their worst to disarm us all.

            Don’t expect help from the Marvelettes… I mean, Supremes. The Court of Appeals has already determined that banksters may use and lose your bank and investment deposits without you having any recourse whatsoever—more legalized looting. With the judiciary in the pockets of the tribal banksters, there will be no meaningful help from the courts.

            That said, Feinstein, Schumer, Blumenthal, Bloomberg, Nadler, Boxer, Levin, and the legion of tribal machers and usual suspects have had decades to get their gun technology straight and yet they still managed some amusingly stupid inclusions among the ‘AR types.’ Apparently Ruger did not offer the tribe any technical assistance this time. Let’s NOT mention the ones they missed.

            • @ John Q

              Its funny that you mention “the guns they didn’t talk about” …. NONE of my firearms are on the list that’s already in place. However, I have already been on the phone with my reps office, letting them know that if they DON’T stand up for our rights, I will personally find someone to run against them in a primary, and will lay down in front of a truck to defeat any and all yellow bellies who won’t do right by “we the people”

              Left unsaid is that I have no intention of EVER complying with bullshit laws that rape our Constitution.

              “Spartans…throw down your weapons!” sneers the tyrants lackey

              “COME GET THEM!” roars back the freeman

              • Here’s our LIST! Obama-Reid,peliso, maxine worthless watters- brown, cuomo-bloomfatburger- feinstein rahm emanual. Leave our god-damn country you crooks!!!

                • Number of nation’s sheriffs refusing to enforce unconstitutional gun laws
                  Cns dot com

                • Wish ‘ no hope everyone you mention will die,these tryants are worse than any physcopath we have seen on the news .They
                  are the scum of the toilet that never gets cleaned.I will never comply.We will be performing guerilla warfare if the fuck with us.

                  • This time, I hope the “guerilla” in the room turns out to be “800 pounds”…

                • Just think, Obama has almost 4 more years to dismantle the Constitution..he’s off to a good start!

              • μολὼν λαβέ !

              • Hold on, just a minute, look closely at the top of the photo. This is the list of named weapons. There is also the weapons that will be banned by characteristics. Those of you who think you’re in the clear because your weapon isn’t on the named list might find out it is banned because of characteristics, and that is where you will also find those weapons that you are currently surprised aren’t on the list. The fat lady isn’t even warming up to do her lip sync.

                • It doesn’t matter whether it’s on this list or any other. Because eventually they all will be on a list. Government ALWAYS creeps into EVERYTHING. Let this happen and something tragic will occur with a weapon not on that list and it will be added. Nothing the government does ever gets reduced. Nothing.

                  • Yup, as soon as some psycho goes nuts with a pump shotgun somewhere, all the Remington 870’s and Mossberg 500’s will be gone too.

                  • Exactly…..first it is an extra $5000/year on your “Obamacare” policy if you smoke, then, if you ride a motorcycle, then if you eat red meat, then if you exhale CO2……

                  • All this is possible because we send our money to them in the form of taxes. I wonder how they’d like it if we withheld that money…

                  • Look at Canada. They registered everything, then started adding to the ‘ban list’. The ban list just kept growing and they were supposed to hand in their guns. There was no compensation for such banned guns. Some guns were prohibited in place, you could own them but you couldn’t take them out of your house and they had to be double locked up. After about twenty years they rescinded some of their laws. But the ‘banned’ ones never came back. What Obama is doing is so much worse. In Canada the laws regarding ‘characteristics got really confusing since they were intentionally badly written. Citizens turned in legal guns because they feared they were ‘characteristic’ of other guns.
                    I see talk here of Guerilla warfare. But who or what will you target to start with?
                    The best thing I’ve seen is that we should all withold our taxes. The U.S. is hurting a lot. If Obama gets no money he’ll be in trouble. It’s the best way to let him know we won’t stand for his crap and to make it obvious that we don’t want to be his slaves. But how many will follow the rules and withhold taxes? Unless many millions do it it won’t work.

                • My point was to highlight their technical incompetence, not to claim a loophole.

                • I told a local gun store to hang a banner with a picture of a bullet on it…so people would remember what they used to look like.
                  The strange thing is…few people are talking about it…
                  I went to one gun store.a few cops were in there,shopping and I asked the salesman, “Any .223?”..
                  Even the cops rolled their eyes & laughed at that one.
                  People are ‘panic-shopping’. Prices have doubled or tripled..if you can find anything.

              • JohnQP: That list of Moooslims names you posted are evil bastards eh!…I hope some patriots trap them in their sinagogs and charge em all with Treason.

            • @ John Q:

              its funny you mention the “guns they didn’t mention”… that neatly describes everything I have. That much being said, I have still already told everyone of my “representatives” both at the state and local as well as national level, that if they don’t stand up for the rights of “we the people” that I will focus on THEM as the source of all my life’s frustrations, and they will never have a quiet moment in their cozy little world ever again, and that I will be in their face and up their ass.

              We need to stick together!

              “Spartans, throw down your weapons!” sneers the tyrant’s lackey.

              “Come and get them!” roars back the freeman.

              Every true freeman is your brother. Don’ abandon your brothers!

              • better see that they don’t suicide you

              • If what you said was actually true you would have been picked up already and being mentally evaluated at your friendly county Health department!

            • JQP: You may be right, but the Republicans want to get back in power and Gun Control is the issue for them to do it; if they are smart enough to use it.

              Remember folks, WE are Seal Team America.

              Lock and load or be lined up against the wall and shot like a dog when they come for your guns. History will repeat itself if WE allow it to repeat.

              Read Washington’s Vision at SHTF Patriots, and pass that word. That is the future of America if We demand it: Free and armed.

              Engage. Vote. Its a numbers game. Make every ballot count. 🙂

              • This time the Cristeros shall win!

                Their battle cry

                ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

                Long live Christ the King!

              • The penalty for TREASON is death. That’s the Law of the Land.

                • Treason only applies during a declared war. She is an asshole but she will never get hit with treason. Anyone knows different fill us in on what the law really says.

                  • John W: Treason applies at anytime not only during a “declared war”.

                    “Treason is the violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or state, giving aid to enemies, or levying war against one’s state…. treason is actually betraying one’s country by aiding and abetting another state … ” Wiki

                    Government Officials, employees of the USA, have committed TREASON against US by passing laws encouraging the invasion of the nation by tens of millions of foreign nationals;

                    the transfer of the American means of production offshore thereby undermining the American economy and destabilizing the nation’s finances;

                    conspiring to dissolve the USA by merging it into the North American Union with Mexico;

                    and passing Unconstitutional laws to effect those changes while eroding, diluting, or outright abrogating OUR specific Constitutional Rights.

                    DEATH TO TRAITORS!

                  • Let’s send her to Banghazi…..I hear we have a few people there we need to replace…….

                  • war is not required for treason. People tried of treason are done so because they conspired against their country. In the U.S., we are – or once were – a Constitutional Republic. As such, anyone who conspires against the Constitution is guilty of treason. I dare you to find me one president still alive who has not committed treason. We are cowards in this country. We will not hold them accountable. Don’t give me the old “… cold dead fingers” bs, when the time comes, we won’t likely fight because no one wants to be the first. If we were willing to fight for our country, Gary Johnson would have won the election in November. If we won’t vote for liberty, don’t expect that we will die for it. The trouble is… THEY know it!

                • It’s a state of “Civil Martial Law” ever since the Civil War.
                  It’s also a solumn declaration of “Mixed War” where government has in essence declared war against citizens.
                  Are you a US Citizen via the 14th Amendment or are you a State Citizen?

              • DK- by all means, we should vote. You said “Make every ballot count.” Don’t forget trajectory, velocity and wind/gravity effects on those ballots!

                • Yep, my vote is chambered in 308 Winchester 168grn JHBT Match King. I like to vote between 500 to 800 meters.

                  Lock and load and check your six.
                  DEFCON1 out.

                  • Should be JHPBT
                    DEFCON1 Out.

                  • mine is a 338 laupa with sierra match grade 250 grain bullet, about same range as you defcon, i know it will reach way out there but realisitc solid shots with a 5.5-22×56 scope (nightforce) no mods.

                  • Since we are talking about technical issues, may I suggest reading what the Berger ballistician Bryan Litz has written about the unique INSTABILITY of the 168gr Sierra MatchKing?

            • Off topic; Was it my imagination or was there a Russian Soldier in dress uniform at Obamas inaugeration, saluting, I know I saw a Russian dress uniform hat with a red star. Mac or someone please confirm that.

              • Ryback: remember them black panthers also wears russian officer uniforms like when they acosted White voters in PA a few yrs ago.

            • well I dont live in america but the way I see it u guys have 2 choices. Fight of hide I would sugest a combination until the SHTF hide everyting thats on the band list. have some guns that u are allowed to own and use them if u have to. just dont hand in anything. good luck

            • “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”
              George Washington

              “The Constitution preserves “the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation…(where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.” – James Madison, The Federalist, No. 46

              “The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed.” 
– Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers

              “Are we at last brought to such an humiliating and debasing degradation that we cannot be trusted with arms for our own defense?” – Patrick Henry

              “The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.”
              – George Washington

              • OT: Hey Blowhardboy TRIPOD..Facts and Truth aint “Rayysssiss” nor “Antisemitic”…Go cash yer Mosad Goyim Hasbara SHILL paycheck and fuck off.

                You are Prime example what 40 yrs militray Brainwashings does to a persons mind. Go whack more Innocents just because them jewsih folks hates em so bad eh. Good soldier!

            • You idiot! I am in that tribe you are mentioning and I have the same gun safe that you have. Only I am keeping it because when the idiots like you come for me because you believe in some big “tribal” conspiracy and try to kill me I will not be lying down, or walking into the cattle cars. It is when shmucks like you realize that the powers that be are not the “tribe” but the politicians, that maybe I will feel safer. Until then keep your idiotic conspiracies in your own house.

              PS to the moderators- there is perhaps a thin line between political commentary and racism and this guy has crossed it. I don’t appreciate it, and don’t know why this gets through.

              • Polish Proverb= The jew whines and crys as he slaps YOU in the face!

            • when they start going door to door, dont die in a gun fight at your house. retreat to a safe place, regroup with your comrades, & re plan.

          • Its getting real folks. I love how even the Gun Show “People said she wouldn’t try.

            And have you noticed the wording. There going to do this a little piece at a time.

            • Added thought

              Think what these will fetch at the shows this weekend.

              If you are someone short on supplies and have spare complete units. It may be worth selling a spare or 2. Just buy part to keep yours going.

              One AR could supply enough shotguns for your whole family. Think it though. Think it though. Think it though.

              My ????? is burning up asking what I have for the upcoming shows and the offer are insane. Especially on the VERY High end special stuff.

              I was offered 25k for a (Something that starts with a B) and I had one left. I turned it down. I think I can get more. Yes I’m greedy but I was smart enough so my collection turned out to be the 2nd best investment I every made.

              • “Yes I’m greedy but I was smart enough so my collection turned out to be the 2nd best investment I every made.”

                It’s the American way, man, more power to you. I like your attitude. Nothing is for free or cheap it’s up for everyone to save and prepare for the rainy days. Enough of this bs of help thy neighbor, look what it got us they just voted themselves the treasury and politicians taking away our God given rights.

              • FP, you ain’t the only one. I just sold two firearms and netted $1100.00. The xtra mags for one of the guns I sold, am selling seperately and right now the bidding is at $510.00 for the seven mags. That particular firearm, BTW was no longer made or imported. This is just the reason that through the years I bought what I bought.

                • I had Maryland compliance Factory Glock SUper cap (18)Mags. A store bought them and they still will make a good amount of dollars. I paid almost nothing for them when on active duty in Europe. And they were just in a box I forgot about.

                  I loving it but not the reason for it.

              • I went to a gun show this past Saturday and everyone was sold out of pretty much everything. I was able to find 2 AK 30rounders for 20 each and was offered 50 for them 2 minutes later. There were pistols there but only representative of what they could order for you. I agree with you, I sit and watch my gold and silver sputter and be manipulated and it pisses me off. Brass, lead and steel are the new precious metals. Sadly I wasn’t able to get my “something that starts with a B” so I have to envy yours.

                • AK at our show were 35 to start. All gone on Sunday. I have one pallet left. I still don’t know what they will start at this weekend.

                  Has anyone also notice that internet sales for supplies has tanked. I think everyone is now noticing that all of those sales are online for life also.

                  • In PA, the Eastern Sportmen’s Show that has been coming to Harrisburg since 1951 has been postponed. The vendors were told that they couldn’t bring any assault style weapons. 300 vendors pulled out. Don’t blame them.

              • Man I shoulda kept my FFL and the stock I “gave”away….. 🙁

            • I expect that they will tax the guns away. You can have one but it will cost big time. No pay expect a SWAT raid.

              • they cant take what they cant find.

          • They have no intention of this passing. They know it is dead on arrival. Even the Senate will shut it down. The House, should the Senate somehow pass it, would shut it down.

            However, they LAY THE GROUNDWORK for incremental gains in the coming years. First it will be some small increase in taxes on ammo or on regulations concerning magazines. Next, decreasing the size of magazines. . . and so on. They will chip away at the 2nd A until it is no longer worth the paper it is written on.

            This legislation is designed to change the framework. Shift it away from absolute 2nd A protections to something less. Anything less will do. And they will get it, because the Republicans will always compromise to look “reasonable” and to try to get the hateful MSM off their backs. They will fail in both regards. Once they get something–anything–the chipping will move forward. The MSM, in the coming years, will repeat, over and over and over–REASONABLE GUN CONTROL MEASURES were introduced by the Democrats, but right-wing nut jobs like the NRA shut it down. This will eventually shift the framework so that IT WILL SEEM UNREASONABLE AND UNCONSCIONABLE TO SUPPORT A ROBUST 2nd A.

            These monsters are so far out in front that they cannot lose. They OWN the media and the message to the public. They own academia and the message your kids get in college. They own the education system and the message your kids get in elementary and high school. They own the arts and pop culture, which undermines traditional values, from liberty to private property to Christian beliefs to the Constitution. They own the broader culture, which influences every aspect of information in this world. They–the Statist, Anti-Constitutional, Anti-Christian Left owns the future because there is no entity well organized, well funded, and well committed to stop them.

            • The problem really will be at the state level, our idiot state legislators are already starting up with this crap, and none of them listen to constituents, im looking to move if they follow new york, dont care, ill walk away from everything rater than give one inch on my rights

            • We need to pass a law making it a felony to attempt infringement of the people’s 2nd ammendment rights. A charge of treason is appropriate if it weakens the security of america.y

            • @Federalist45

              the solution is for us to be really fucking UNreasonable with these cream o’ wheat spineless Repubs. And to “Dems” who hail from “red” districts” Or as a REAL leader once said “If you can’t make ’em see the light, make ’em feel the heat”

              They only care about being re-elected and staying out of the spotlight. Threaten either one, and they’ll fold like the empty cheap suits they are

              • I agree Anonymous. Now is the time for Second Amendment absolutism.

                Zero tolerance for compromise.

                Time will tell if Federalist45 is right or whether we are right.

                Incrementalism has been their game and, if they can only take a little, they will take it, BUT I think they are going for broke this time.

                The fuse on the economy is too short. We know it and they know it.

                This time is for keeps. This is not a drill.

            • @Federalist45 : True……but how is their aim ? Ours is better…LOL ! Thy can do what they want…it has been quite some time since I really cared…..because I have not ever accepted any of their BS rules….which violate the Constitution. Therefore….they are illegal….hence I don’t care. MOLON LABE .
              Montgomery County Texas.

            • It won’t be years. This also plays into king 0’s “we can’t wait for congress’ thing.

            • Up in Pa my political friend State Rep Darrel Metcafe just introduced a bill making it unlawful for anyone to enforce any of these new gun laws…its happening all over except for a few notables like NY and Cali….some of the states are gonna swing way the other way and barry is gonna wish he’d left it alone!

            • In other words, the Jooz. Or, that sh*tty little country in the middle east, if you prefer.

          • This new “law” sounds like a futile attempt to put the genie back in the bottle. There are millions of these guns, and millions of owners who will respond only by adding to the ammo collection.

          • Everyday citizens of Rome before the fall were overtaxed and over regulated until they frankly did not give a damn if barbarians took over.

            • Right! The archaeologists now know that the economy of Europe actually recovered after the “barbarians” took over. From 476 (the last Roman Emperor) until the Musloids turned the eastern Med into a killing field, populations grew, cities were being built, new churches arose, etc.

              • And also back then Popes acted like they should and Banned Usury intrest by jewish banksters.

          • I wonder what the response from that loser feinsteinless would be if some Hezbollah terrorist agents, totally from Lebanon, Syria, or Iran came over to the U.S. ILLEGALLY, brought with them some of the worst weapons they could, also ILLEGALLY, and then went into some Jewish synagogue and committed something that would rank as 2nd worst terrorist attack behind 9/11. Here’s the thing, the Jewish people wanted to have AR-15’s and other rifles to protect themselves, and yet they were banned. What would be feinsteinless’s reaction to her Jewish people being massacred by foreign terrorists using foreign weapons? Something that would not had happened in Israel at this level because the Israelis prepare for such attacks.

            Answer: In my opinion as well as anyone else that understands sanity and freedom. Someone as radical as this nut would blame completely U.S. intelligence and not once address that the Jewish people in such a terrorist target WANTED to protect themselves against the Muslim terrorists gunning for them with exactly what was banned.
            In the case of a Jewish synagogue or other large religious organization being attacked by a group of terrorists, which has been expressed by terrorists groups as one of their goals, the people there better have some Bushmasters ready to go or it is all overwith for a lot of innocent people. I wonder where the reasoning behind churches being able to defend themselves with assault rifles has not been brought up as they are prime terrorist targets, just look at other countries where this has happened many times in almost all religions, especially Christians and Jews.

            This is how totally psycho these Anti-gun and ANTI-SELF DEFENSE weidro extremists are, they want to ban EVERYTHING from you being able to defend yourselves. They are totally in love with the criminals and the terrorists. These anti-gunners think that the maniacs and criminals DESERVE more protection than the victim. They would gladly SACRIFICE their own families, their own race to get what they want. The ultimate end justifies ALL means. These anti-gun nuts are friends to NO ONE. Their goal of totally disarming everyone is ALL that matters to them no matter how many go down and suffer because of their actions, as long as they win.

            • I think that one of the most effective sound bites to shut them down is this:

              First, disarm Israel to stop the mass murders there.
              Then, let’s see how that works out.

              • You meant that as a joke, right ?

                • No joke.

            • Feinstein is not very bright. I guarantee that she is itching for a reason to go after every round of ammunition in sight, and your scenario would give her just the opportunity she’s looking for. She’s as dumb as a bag of rocks.

              • That’s not fair to a bag of rocks.

            • I’d feel better if “some Hezbollah terrorist agents, totally from Lebanon, Syria”, or Iran came over to Washington DC and brought with them some of the worst weapons they could, and committed something that would rank as 2nd worst terrorist attack behind 9/11…alleviating us of a whole bunch of “terrorists”.

              …if they could also drop some of those “worst weapons” off on their way out, it would be nice.

          • That about sums it up dude!

            the Watcher

          • Remember when they said that “Obamacare” would never pass? Rick you are so right. I strongly feel that it’s another done deal. I’m just a spectator in the USSA now.

        • Tell you what, this is the first open step that they have presented, more in store, they just want to see how far they can go with this. If the American people don’t resist strongly enough then they know they will get the ultimate goal, disarm all of the registered gun owners in America, or make it almost impossible to qualify as sane enough to legaly own a gun of any type. There has been so much brainwashing over the last four years, stripping us of our rights is becoming a piece of cake, taking candy from a baby. If you don’t think we are being set up then you are sadly mistaken.

          • You are excactly right LF&D, those that understand what is at stack, better stand up to this tyranny, because we are drawing down to the ability to defend ourselves against intruders and a government that is steppping way over the boundry lines of narmalcy. There is no good intention of any of this, because they want complete contol of everything. They fear a populace that can defend itself against their wanton enslavement of everyone and everything.
            They think they are the power and they know best, well we the people have to prove to them, they are utterly wrong!!!!
            Do not subjugate yourself to these pathetic examples of leadership, because they are nothing more than pure evil.

            B aware, B awake, B Alive

        • The proposed legislation is only trying to make criminals of all of us. They know there is no way people will register their firearms. So, technically, this is the way they plan on cracking the police state whip. A law abiding citizen will be turned into a common criminal and will have the book thrown at them. But where will they go if the prisons are full? Thats right! Camp Fema

          • This is gonna suck…here’s a dose of reality…

            It won’t matter if they just give everyone probation and let them go, they will be FELONS and therefore EXCLUDED from the ranks of those permitted to have a gun in their possession.

            They don’t need to actually send anyone to prison (or a FEMA camp, for that matter) to obtain their objective. Even IF they were to repeal the law that made millions of people felons, THE FELONY CONVICTIONS WILL STILL STAND and EVERYONE CAUGHT WILL STILL BE FELONS!

            This is no joke. They will do law-abiding citizens the same way they do the average criminal, right now—they will stack up the charges and then PLEA BARGAIN!

            Note: There is no “bargain” in a plea deal.

            For example: If one person gets caught with, say, 5 illegal items, under our current laws, they can be charged with 5 counts of criminal possession AND attempted possession, one of each for each illegal item.

            Then, even of they don’t throw in other charges like “child endangerment X5” or something like that, they will offer a “deal” that will avert most or all prison time and/or fines, but the person will STILL REMAIN A CONVICTED FELON for the purposes of the federal felon in possession of a firearm law.

            The choices — go away for 30 to life, or cop the plea for probation and remain a felon for life. Consider yourself disarmed, but home with your family more quickly. You’ll probably lose your job and anything you couldn’t keep up the payments on, while you spend several months in jail going to trial. This will happen even if you are found not guilty of the crime(s). The legal expenses will break you financially, if nothing else.

            I’m afraid THIS IS OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM AT WORK. Most people don’t know this if they haven’t been in trouble before.

            Question: How many here advocated for throwing the book at “other” criminals because they “deserved” everything they get for breaking the “law”? Be prepared to wear some of that same book now. They will not spare people breaking this law any more than they do those who break any other law.

            This “law” needs to be stopped BEFORE it gets implemented, or it will be TOO LATE when they start enforcing it. I’m telling you as a person experienced in the true ramifications of the so-called “legal system”, this will fulfill their disarmament agenda, even IF it get’s shot down later.

            Further, everyone will have a parole officer who can keep tossing you back into jail at their behest, for a very, very long time. You will have even LESS rights on parole OR probation. You won’t be able to refuse a search any time your PO decides to do one. You CAN be forced to incriminate yourself. They can decide whether or not you live in your own home, where you are allowed to work and with whom you associate. They can ban you from seeing anyone who has a weapon or has been convicted of a felony.

            Please, read this carefully and go research the laws in your state. In addition, go read up on the federal felon in possession of a firearm law. Read the parole/probation laws.

            You’ll soon see what I’m trying to tell you is absolutely true.

            • You also lose the right to vote as a convicted felon which means they get another bonus from it. I doubt very much that there is anything that can stop this baring a complete change of the type of people that gravitate to elected office.

              • In most states you do not lose your right to vote EXCEPT while incarcerated. A few states actually get absentee ballots to inmates in JAIL awaiting trial, but not necessarily in PRISON. Being in jail and prison are not the same thing.

            • Live Free or Die is the answer.

              Pass the Damn Bill and let’s get things rolling. They want a showdown. Give them one!

        • You Pussies gonna stand for this and just whine?

          • Most will and that is why they feel they can get away with it.

            • Next they will pass a law that your elected elite can have sex with your daughters on their wedding night!

          • We are about to find out who the real men and woman are.

            • We are also about to find out what happens to “elected traitors” that don’t uphold “their oath of office”. And understand this: THEY ARE TRAITORS by any/every designation and label.

              The penalty for “treason” is also spelled out within OUR founding documents. PENALTY TIME!

              • If most of the sheeple knew what agreements are in place with China/Obama…THE DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS would be in blazes tonight. And Obama and the Traitors WOULD NOT be hosting a BBQ, THEY would be the BBQ!!!!

                OUR PUSH BACK must be implemented NOW. DO-NOT-REGISTER-OR-SURRENDER your second amendment FOR ANY REASON. Molon Labe. While WE continue to “hold-em”, THEY are between the proverbial rock-and-a-hard-spot.

                Panic, rapidly followed by glaring mistakes will contribute to THEIR failure. Stand Tall…WE ARE LEGION!

                • If it even looks like you ever owned any gun, you will be on top of the hit parade. Surrendering ANYTHING will not help you. All of the noble sounding slogans aside, keep that in mind. Don’t think for even a minute that they will forget who was once a threat to their supremacy. You will just be easier to dispose of.

          • When the shooting starts we’ll be there.

            • Amen to that blacksmith!

          • Are you?

        • “””While the new legislation would not force Americans to turn in guns they own that are on the ban list, it would require registration in a national database, which includes a background check even if you already own the gun.

          Owners of banned firearms would also need to submit photo identification and a fingerprint for the national registry.”””

          If you are dumb enough to register a gun to be filed in a database managed by the largest criminal enterprise in history, you don’t deserve to own it in the first place.

          So long as people look at these idiots as legitimate lawmakers, they will get idiotic laws.

          Keep in mind this simple fact. ANY statute regulating guns is an infringement of the Law (2nd Amendment). It imposes no obligation on anyone other than those who willingly consent and submit themselves to it by following it.

          It is no Law, and never was.


        • What is that girl doing behind fensteins shoulder? Is she a handler?

      2. Classic example of Justice = “Just us” little people. All these psycho elite’s are clearly above the law. This is proof enough of why we need standard capacity magazines and semi-automatic weapons. To quote Celente: “These people are out of their minds and they are running our lives”

        • Here is a plan that could work, albiet with a few adjustments, that would stand in the face of this tyranny among other things:

          Start grass roots movements (through advertised meetings, online websites, local media exposure, press releases, newpaper articles, letters to the editor, etc) in our local communities, neighborhoods, and rural areas wherein blocks of us start to revolt against the two party system through non-violent civil disobedience to unjust laws in private contracting. If we do it in large numbers, we gain ground that they can’t take back. Sheep are always herded by just a couple of dogs who run the one or two strays back into the herd. But if the whole herd makes a run for it?

          The movement will focus on simple self sustainable lifestyles that do NOT require the use of federal reserve notes (long shot, I know, but we have to start somewhere). If we must create our own fuel (against BATF laws), grow our own food (against Dept of Agriculture), circulate our own gold and silver coins (against banking cartel regs), educate our own children (against gov propaganda requirements), and provide transportation (which may violate EPA and DEQ regs), then so be it. And that’s just for starters.

          All these codes, statutes, and acts have been passed against us to limit our ability to make provisions for our independence while mandating that our business activities be cultivated in a big government corporate compliance rich environment that is 100% dependent on the machine of the federal reserve.

          Lastly, train every man, woman, and child in the proper use of constitutionally authorized weaponry to ensure liberty and safety.

          As we move back to organic and healthy lifestyles I’m sure most of the disease, mental illness, and depression will disappear solving a lot of the medical problems.

          • This will work so long as the discussions are kept scientific and post-partisan. Any mention of “liberals” or “neocons” is going to flush the entire party.

            • It doesn’t matter how polite you are they just use it against you. We’ve been Mr. Nice guy in all discussions in the past and look what it got us? The simple truth is they’ve got the majority of American people with them through promises of all the money they can have with no end in sight. The US of A is turning into California. Remember what they use to say, “California always leads the way”. Conservatives in California will never be elected into office again not along putting (R) after their name.

              • Yes that is a great example of the kind of stuff that would put a damper on the productivity.

                If you’re still stuck in the left/right liberal/conservative paradigm then you will only cause friction in a group like the one SterlingSilver mentioned.

          • They tried this in the 1930’s during the great depression, just to survive, by forming co-ops. They were broken up by cops and men with bats.

            As long as you have to pay taxes, you’re toast.
            I have tried to form an, there are alt barter networks ( I forget the site), but, again, as long as you have to pay property, local, state and federal taxes, without FRN’s, you’re toast.

            Try it, just try it.
            WE have to form another country.
            We have to have an alternate energy.
            WE have to go into the wilderness.

            Where, what and how, is the question. You are not the only one working on it. It is a multidimensional problem.
            Try this, take up a collection for a reward for the heads of those politicians who vote for this or the ratification of the UN Small arms treaty…

            We could also, with enough people helping, build a floating island community, in the Atlantic, wind and solar powered to start. Build it, and they will come.

            Call it New Atlantis.

            • Oh horseshit…PM!

              Screw the science-fiction/fantasy melodrama…ok!!!

              We’re headed the Balkan route & you know it! The ideological divide separating the populace of this nation, is insurmountable…nor can it be adjudicated!

              They’ll demand…we’ll refuse…they’ll attack…we’ll hand them their ass on a platter…and then the union will dissolve and new nations will arise from its ashes.

              …likely time-line/duration of combat-ops = several years

              …the freaks/liberals/fags/entitlement-welfare types…will be cleansed from ‘OUR AREAS’….and the upstanding worthy types (behind enemy lines) will be welcomed by US!


              ***(hurry Posse/Ahab & John Q, you’re one of us…come to the freedom-zone guys)***……We’ve got your six!


              There is NO OTHER WAY!!! The enemy will likely not allow us…the political/social/economic room to maneuver…thus we have but one choice only!!!

              We’re gonna have to fight/engage the enemy!

              There will be defensive last stands…and there will be pro-active/offensive operations…by us!!!
              We possess the greater talent pool, by an order of magnitude…never doubt!
              Washington cannot win…a sniper’s war!

              May the CSA rise again…& stout hearts to our brothers in the mid-west…& onto the left coast/PNW!


              Ditto, never doubt…most vets will be walking point! See example below:


              • Only partially tongue in cheek gunsmith…

                You guys are so set on guns and killing…
                he who lives by the sword…
                When Gorgon is finished, you won’t be able to move without catching a hellfire up your tailpipe…
                If you fire first, you will be criminals.
                But if the Feds fire first, I’m with ya.

                Stand your ground, don’t give up, keep that attitude, I like it…but make sure it stays under control.
                If this national gun registry passes, THAT is CAUSUS BELLI, and you have been given marching orders.
                Declare open season on animulus politicianus…

                • AGREED PM!!!

                  Thumbs up to ya!!!

              • Gunsmith is right. And if what sixpak says happens IE all are made felons etc?

                How many Tens of millions will figure if they are facing prison for LIFE terms..And even two weeks IS a life ending term for most over 50 yr old whites. In prison whites are but 10% avg of total inmate pop.

                How many will figure with That looming why not go for broke and be charged for whacking “certain” type evil bastards?

                Do they truly desire to reside Underground forever? NO!

                And now today there is zero areas of world worth going to for Them as all there Will recognize them and act on it.

                These fools are Burying themselves and too stupid to see it.

            • I like your idea of a floating atlantis. If we keep it green and it stays within the parameters of the inconvenient truths of global warming, maybe we could get federal grants and solar money from the great Obama stash.

              Seriously tho, I’m not scared if enough of us start living on real economic concepts and stand up to the thugs. Nothing at this point will come free. It’ll be a tough fight but if we’re right, posterity will see it for what it is. I can’t imagine that first winter at valley forge was a winter spent in hot tubs with pole dancing women for entertainment.

              • Point is, we’re in an economic war, and you can’t shoot a tidal wave of evil.
                The only thing that makes sense, is to get out of its way, with enough skills and knowledge to create your own alternate economy. This has been said by many including me, I mean, what ya gonna do when your preps run out, or you get bit by a dog and get sepsis? Murphy rules the Universe. It takes more than a single group of skills, that’s why economies are engines of specialization.
                The problem is TAXES. That’s how they’re going to get you and your land after they collapse the dollar, they will not accept responsibility, and treat you as a failure, just like always.
                Only those employed by the CorpGov, will make it in their ‘new economy’. If they replace the dollar with a global credit, it will be electronic and require a bio id, probably a chip. What ‘cha gonna do then when your bank accounts are locked until you ‘comply’? Our MOO freinds only think about fighting, they are lieutenants in a war that requires some general officers.

                A separate man made floating island, is possible, has already been designed (for rich bastards as the ultimate BOL) and yes, it would have to be totally green and sustainable, and eventually have products to sell.

                But, as long as the consensus is, that we want to fight, then, fighting will be the self fulfilling prophecy.
                When the shooting starts, is when the economic crackdown begins, and they, will simply starve you out and get your neighbors to rat you out, if the 30,000 drone ‘MOO Catcher’ doesn’t track you down first. I’ve served my time, I fought my war, I’ve seen the elephant, this time we’re not up against Red Coats and muskets, the MOO’s will die, one by one, and will probably never see the high tech missile that comes down on their AO.

                We must go into the wilderness, which is to leave The System.
                Who can make war with the Beast?
                But the MOO’s must find out the hard way.

                • The solution is that Black Market. It already exists – what do you think keeps the AfroMex drug culture alive and vibrant? We need to co-opt that for our own use.

                  • Good idea OC…I’ll drive, you navigate…we’ll split the gas & profits!

                    Let’s run “guns/mags & ammo” to the blue-zone guys…trapped behind enemy lines, up northeast way!!!!!!!!!!!


        • They are ruining our lives, not running,

        • Remember the kids that belonged to the cliques in high school who thought they were better than everyone except those in their crowd? Well these are the same scumbags all grownup. The irony of creeps worth hundreds of millions who get re elected because they claim they hate the rich. What the hell is wrong with those who vote for them?

      3. Ridiculous, just ridiculous. America will regret this decision if passed.

          • Exactly! The tribe is quite expert at ‘boiling frogs’ and goyim.

          • Does your memory serve you well? Seems not. It was a manufacture and import ban. There was not provision to prohibit the transfer of existing weapons, nor was there a national database registry of grandfathered weapons (read a list of those to confiscate later.)

            I don’t put much stock in your “memory”

            • I wasnt trying to start a shit storm here. Simply asking what the difference is between then and now. Thanks to those that replied with a reasonable answer.

              Audie Murphy …never mind.

          • No sunset clause is the biggest score they will receive if it goes unchanged.

          • gravlore there is a difference. when the government passed it last time they didn’t have the patriotic act, NDAA, fema camps and a slew of other things that our government have put into place since 2001. when the government enacts everything that they have put into place i am going to damn glad to have my ar-15. because i will not go quietly into the night.

          • Gravalore–2013 is a completely different world from the one of 1994. Wow. Surely you see that. Right?

          • Graviore: shutup… up butthead, we are smarter now and there are more of us.

          • Did that not just restrict the import of those guns? Those made here were not banned.

        • America will not regret this decision if it is passed. the federal government will regret it. America “we the people” will fight it when push comes to shove.

          gravlore this time is different. when they passed it the first time, the federal government didn’t have the patriotic act, NDAA, fema camps and a slew of other things restricting the rights and liberties of the American people. when the government enacts all of those things i am going to be damn glad that i have a AR-15.



            IT WILL BE TOO LATE

      4. Any politician who aligns with this Bill should be tried for Treason as it’s a direct assault against the Second Amendment.

        • Meanwhile the “bengazigate” continues…they are trying to get the last of us freedom minded individuals to act out.

          They are working furiously to piss the only people that they can’t overcome into making the first and final mistake.

          Please be patient, they will make the first mistake or the earth will set the ball in motion and we will have to our God given rights to save our families and friends.

          SGT has a presentation by Clif High on this morn. sorry I do not know how to present links like most of you.

          I highly recommend listening to at least the first 20 or so minutes folks, it is 44 mins long.

          All…the planet is honest, we have seen how she works and we are her guests…I believe in my heart that she will help those of us that help ourselves and others.

      5. They’re looking at banning guns incrementally. They might even have some type of federal program where they offer money for your guns. But eventually guns will be illegal and eventually they’ll come after them.

        • They could also have a non-disclosed federal program where agents pose as private buyers offering loads of cash. Often times way more than the weapon or equipment is worth.

          • good point, they will try to draw people out and that will start a hellfire of a backfire against them if this happens. word will spread to people quickly if this happens but I do see their “predictable tactics” used in the near future. They will be people online tracing your address number and go after certain guns or high or large number of items you may have they think are illegal. This is war folks!! It’s getting closer and closer. Are we going to let them chip away or all stand united. I hope you know the answer to this even if this causes you to lose your life or someone else’s to follow the laws!!

            • Gonna love it when we all have that,”Come to Jesus” moment.

              • You all need to agree upon and draw a line in the sand. Then openly dare them to cross it. Ultimatum time. Probably put it on that White House petition site. 😉

        • @Barn Cat

          Looks like they are trying to give you tax credit for surrendering certain types of firearms. Check out HR 226, 113th congress; “Support assault Firearms Elimination and Reduction for Our Streets Act” It was introduced on January 13th of this year. No action taken on it so far.

      6. First step registration. Second step confiscation.

        • One need only to pull out the UK / Australia gun playbook to see the recipe for “Boiling a frog”. The NAZI and USSR version of this classic recipe was the rapid style.

          • Actually, Hitler made it easier for the German people to obtain firearms. You still had to go through red tape and some restrictions but it was MUCH easier than in the Weimar Republic.

            Here’s what Wikipedia says on the issue.

            Gun restriction laws applied only to handguns, not to long guns or ammunition. The 1938 revisions completely deregulated the acquisition and transfer of rifles and shotguns, as was the possession of ammunition.

            The legal age at which guns could be purchased was lowered from 20 to 18.

            Permits were valid for three years, rather than one year.

            The groups of people who were exempt from the acquisition permit requirement expanded. Holders of annual hunting permits, government workers, and NSDAP members were no longer subject to gun ownership restrictions. Prior to the 1938 law, only officials of the central government, the states, and employees of the German Reichsbahn Railways were exempted.

            Jews were forbidden from the manufacturing or dealing of firearms and ammunition.

            • Nazi Weapons Act of 1938 – Translated to English

              “Classified guns for “sporting purposes”.

              All citizens who wished to purchase firearms had to register with the Nazi officials and have a background check.

              Presumed German citizens were hostile and thereby exempted Nazis from the gun control law.

              Gave Nazis unrestricted power to decide what kinds of firearms could, or could not be owned by private persons.
              The types of ammunition that were legal were subject to control by bureaucrats.

              Juveniles under 18 years could not buy firearms and ammunition.”


            • Jews were banned from firearm ownership.

              The NAZI’s freed up restrictions on their supporters and increased restrictions or outright banned firearms possession from those considered undesirable which included Jew.

              Same story repeated throughout history only featuring different weapons, oppressors and oppressed.

            • What isn’t mentioned there is that to be exempted from the gun restrictions you had to be a member of the Nazi Party. Weapon restrictions are always intended to disarm the political opposition, without harming the PiP, (Party in Power). The Nazis designed their system to disarm Jews and Communists. The first restrictions in the USA were designed to disarm freed slaves. The Sullivan Law in NYC was designed to disarm opponents to Tammany Hall. The current push is to disarm the middle class, while leaving the drugs gangs and the bureaucracy armed.

              The uniformed military can’t be trusted to fire on citizens. This was true in Germany too. That’s why the Nazis had to invent the Brown Shirts, which eventually beame the SA, and by translation the SS. Obama will use the Homeland Security complex for his SturmAbteilung. Remember when he said that he wanted an armed civilian army just as strong as the uniformed services? One of the worst things that Bush did, and he did a lot of stupid stuff, was to consolidate all those alphabet agencies under one command structure. Handed the Dictator a ready-made weapon, he did.

        • Third step extermination.

          • You took the word right outa my keyboard…;)

          • bubba,
            They all ready have our replacements lined up. One way or another this will be a brown nation. The immigration scheme is taking too long and then they have the claims that China is starting to get pushy about. A deal is a deal.

        • Yes, first they make them hard to use for self defense.
          If you’re not registered you go to jail…I can already see that… nobody calling 911 after shootings.
          Just Shoot, shovel and shut UP.

          • PM; like that one. The 3 S’s, Just like the the 5 P’s. both make sense.

          • Hey Piper!
            Ranchers in Wyoming and Montana have been practicing the 3 S’s for years. When dealing with federally protected wolves, who had a taste for calves and sheep. Soon, we may have to apply that strategy, on a national scale, to other predators as well. Just sayin’

            • HI Smokin!
              Yeah, them damn Federals protect all kinds of wolves eh?
              Wolves, bankers, politicians, bureaucrats… they got their back…

              I read something somewhere, about the Environmental Protection agency being nothing but a scam to turn America into a vast wildland preserve… I guess, it’ll be full of us indians…

      7. If the firearms on the list are not used in crimes. Then banning them is about the simple disarmament of “WE THE PEOPLE”. I saw a movie once about when only the police and military had guns, Shindlers List.

        • Now go see videos at Ytube and if not still avail there other sites has it.

          See videos that DEBUNK “Swindlers” list. some also debunk Sphiellberg for the ziowhackjob he is.

      8. That’s my line in the sand.

        • So what will you do.

          Build a castle.

          There still is to many that do not care.

          • Thomas Jefferson said: “I support all men’s freedom; I am responsible only for my own.” That most do not care is not my problem, some people’s highest and best use is slaves. For me, live free or die.

      9. I have gray hair but a good memory and have seen this play out 45 years ago.

        Back then the demonized weapon was the dreadful “Saturday Night Special”

        Same bunch of hypocritical political clowns just of an earlier generation. Making political hay and pressing their will on law abiding citizens.

        Same arguments ‘Saturday Night Special” wasn’t made for hunting, only for killing, if we could only outlaw these cheap handguns there will never be another liquor store robbed, blah blah blah…

        Here we are again, its not about the gun it is about the CONTROL!

        • I used this example in former post, about unintended consequences.

          Now, instead of being robbed by a guy with a little revolver, everything now is “high quality, high capacity” semi-automatic. I’m sure that’s not what TPTB had in mind with SNS bans.

          Same thing will happen with magazine limits. Only the highest powered, most deadly ammo available will be used. If I can only have seven, it’ll be seven of the most lethal rounds I can find.

          Just leave the law abiding citizen alone, why don’t you?
          Turn me into a criminal, because I possess something that’s legal now, why expect me to put the brakes on??

      10. In other words, ban all weapons which can be used in the original interpretation of the 2nd: Defense against tyranny.
        Let’s hope Feinstein dies alone and scared in a dark ally, where her own gun jams.

        • Or after she misses with her first 7 shots….

      11. They can say it all they want and we can still say NO!! –The Tree of Liberty refreshed…etc. — or in words of G.BUSH, “Not gonna do it, wouldn’t be prudent” — which was about the only thing that man said worth repeating.

      12. I call Bullshit.

        I Ban the FED.

        I nullify the UNITED STATES Corporation.

        My Right and ability to defend myself precedes anything ever written on a piece of paper.

        I do not consent.

        I will not comply.

        I call Bullshit.

        • BadAmerican…. Can I had a few things?

          Anything in ALL CAPS



          SS NO.

          Admiralty law

          Whatever is in her purse.

          • @Shootit:

            Yes Sir. +1

            Add to that:

            implied consent

            consensual encounter

            making a Right, a privilege

            no knock (anything) warrants

            Sheriffs protecting the 2nd amendment, but forgetting the other nine

            …thank you, Shootit, for the assist….

            …I’ll be here all week….BA.

      13. youtube(.)com/watch?v=xWVxI6XZAuE

        had to post this again 😉

      14. The list is incomplete because as they say, “The devil is in the details”. It’s the wording such as, “capable of accepting a high capacity magazine” that brings in a host of other firearms.

        • Yea, my glock 9×19 can take a 32 rounder, now i just gotta figure out how to make it sing

        • That`s how they`re coming after the handguns

      15. I would be willing to stare at Feinstein’s shriveled ugly ass face for 30 seconds if it meant I could have all those guns hanging on the wall in the video.

        • Piggy


          That might be going to far for even this good ole’ boy.

          Can we form a line where, maybe… I don’t know, maybe something not as horrible, like bamboo under the toenails or jumper cables hooked somewhere for like 4 hours?

          I’m with ya on doing things to get da guns… It’s just I don’t want to be blind for the rest of my life. 🙂

          Y’all play nice now.


        • Don’t do it man. She turned Medusa to stone.

      16. we need to be calling out congressmen day and night,,,vote no on this bill


      17. Any gun control, ANY, is too much!! I will neither register nor turn in any of my weapons. Any politician who votes for ANY gun control must be tried for treason. Question, where the hell are the good guys? How come nobody is fighting for OUR rights? WTF?

        • NRA and every sheriff who has stood up to say NO!!! — keep writing letters of support.

      18. feinstein and her butties are looking for a fight it looks like… dumb asses… anyone that would even think of opening this can of worms is just totally stupid…


      19. That bitch is one UNeducated C***!!!
        I took my CCW class and also took Gun Fight 101. Both classes were real eye openers to me and I learned a lot….the biggest thing I took away from the CCW class was, how big of a responsibility it is to carry. Also little things, like the average man can cover 7 yards (21 feet) in less than 2 seconds, information used in defense of peope who shot a man in self defense (gun vs. knife)
        Also I have been shot twice. Once was a drunk kaccident when I was a very young and dumb man with a .22. The other was Memorial day in New Orleans while down there working on BP oil spill. I can tell you right now that there are instances where you need more than 10 rounds. In my case I was the victim and not doped up on anything except epinephrine (adrenaline) in fear for my life and wanting to stay alive. But the bad guy, black street thug, fired off several shots and only hit me once and I KEPT running….even with broken hip….adrenaline is amazing. Now imagine if I was doped up or needing a fix of crack and the one doing the shooting.

        Of course why am I wasting my time….I already know these people are not stupid…they have a plan/agenda

      20. Really funny, my Styer HS-50 (.50 cal) is not on the list. Guess it’s a safe gun, HaHaHa. The politicians have no idea what the hell they are trying to accomplish, they have thier flunkies all run around and this is the list. Boy are they in for a real awakeing, my guns will remain MINE period.

        • neither r my mossberg{sssss} don;t 4 get 2 stock on the pet food// and yes they do have a plan,, the puzzle is almost complete>>>>>>>>

        • Didn’t see a Mossberg 590A1 or Rem 870 Tactical, either. Come to think of it, is the SKS on the list, and they make hi-caps for the 10/22 as well.

          A .22 mag HP will do about as much damage as a .38 Special RNL.

          Damm those Libtards are dumb

        • yours is a single shot

        • However a .22 LongRifle gun is. What’s with that? A rimfire rifle is a military knockoff? These people showed their stupidity when they called a shoulder sling as being a bayonet attach point. They just make shit up as they go along. They get away with it because most people have never shot a gun in their life.

        • Don’t give them any more ammo, if you have a gun you think should be on the list, STFU about it. Do you want them amending the list in 2 months and adding another 100 guns????

      21. Also interesting to note that is that the 2nd Amendment DID NOT specifically ban any type of weapon either — which they had plenty of back in those days — so I doubt the Founding Fathers would ban anything regarding self-defense against a tyrannical goverment.

      22. Dang! Only three of mine on the list?

        Oh, I forgot, the rest will be in next years legislation.

      23. I refuse to register anything.

        • …including the dog…..BA.

        • Let’s keep my comment in the context of this article.

          • …1st amendment, pal….

            All in or all out.

            I don’t write your comments, I write mine.

            Police yourself, I am a Freeman.

            If your panties get any more in a twist, you’ll bruise your twat.

            ..sheesh, feinstein’s little boy thinks he has a voice…BA.

            • You may have the first amendment. So do I. Hence my request to maintain context. Don’t get too carried away on constitutional stance just because someone prefers to be heard a certain way.

              • @SM:

                no one changed your comment

                context unaffected

                request irrelevant



      24. All of us gun owners ALL of us are being held guilty for the crimes of another person.And that is against the laws of this nation, and against the principals of this Repiblic

        not only that, but it shows you how sick these people are

        This woman Fienstein is mental, and with that she should be disarmed by her own rules

        • sorry..bad key board..”REPUBLIC” correct the spelling of an important word in my post

        • “Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) displayed guns as props during her announcement of her proposed assault weapons ban. However, the guns on display break DC gun laws- as reported by CNN.

          Sen. Feinstein got special permission and does not have to abide by the law.”

          Permission from who? Since when? Who do they think they are?

          • Agreed!..The Rule Of Law applies to everyone..or it applies to no one..they cant have it both ways

          • Permission was granted from Eric Holder. Mr. Fast and Furious.

          • I wonder if the NRA could get special permission to bring illegal weapons and mags to DC or is that only reserved for the ” Knights of Obama “.

            They have the nerve to accuse law abiding citizens of being nazis but they don’t have the balls to go into the inner city urban crime ridden shitholes and stop criminals. This has nothing to do with laws and crimes.

          • Some pigs are more equal than others. She certainly is a pig.

        • Let’s pass this Bill and really feel the BURN.

      25. HOW YA’ LIKE THESE ZIONUTS enslaved AmeriKa ??? ;0p

        phuckin’ greedy zionuts jews , THEY JUST NEVER “HAVE ENOUGH” … NWO = NJO new jew order … Now we gotta start Fightin’ Back for Real Once Free Americans .

        “We Fight the NWO ZOG NJO … Today Now … so our children and Grand Children don’t have to !”

        the day a phucking GREEDY CORRUPT CRIMINAL OLIGARCHY POLITICIAN PROSTITUTE TRAITOR jew and their illegal unconstitutional kenyan oreo abortion CIA MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE puppet prez even tries to take away my right of/ as a Free American to exercise the 2nd Amendment of the u.s. constitution to “Bear Arms” is the day i become a outlaw in my own natural birth country … the day i become the most dangerous man on earth … a fully trained u.s. marine rifleman with his rifle , with nothing left to loose but his life for his once free country of AMERICA and the United States Constitution 1775-1776 .

        “The Tree of Liberty must be watered by both the blood of would be tyrants and patriots alike , during trying times times such as these !”

        ~N.O. ;0p

        • “I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”

          George Mason
          Co-author of the Second Amendment
          during Virginia’s Convention to Ratify the Constitution, 1788

        • I’m sorry to say Nina you will probably just sit there and wonder why other didn’t do it for you.

          Stop with the sewage that almost always comes from you and try bringing people together instead of your normal tearing them apart.

          OOh Isn’t that what the government is trying to do. Interesting. Waiting on your witty reply

          • ;0O yawn . @fagbumboy … who are you again ? ooh that’s right your nuthin’ … but a self confessed Old (has been) VA Veteran Nut Job looking for Attention an working as a paid Troll shill for the VA .

            Piss Off Dimtard … it’s time you headed to the rear with the rest of the woman and children .

            ~N.O. ;0p

            • That your best. Oh I feel so sorry for you.

              And the VA does not need to pay me. They have 100 of problems but most of the people there give it their all to help the vets. So they get my support. What do you do for a vet, nothing I guess.

              Is there anyone who would lay their life on the line for you. I doubt it.

              And what is this obsession you have for Fags. I have never seen someone who go to all the place you do that you beleive is full of Fags. What are you truly looking for.

              And if we were to meet up just remember you would be my bitch.

              And yes I’m 79 Young, 115 pds, Coke bottle glasses and instead of a inhaler I carry an oxygen bottle now. So I will save time. You are not scary just a interesting nunsense to break the the stress of the day.

          • Watch your thoughts; they become words.
            Watch your words; they become actions.
            Watch your actions; they become habits.
            Watch your habits; they become character.
            Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

            • Do you ever say something original.

        • The Rise of Bolshevik America? Anyone who’s read Solzhenitsyn knows how the KGB employed informants and quotas to counter anti-revolutionary measures. The American government is already preparing itself for revolution, with CDC concentration camps and the ability to create martial law, and removing constitutional laws enabling the American people to change their form of government if they so choose. This new network of required informants is yet another step in the direction of repressive regimes reminiscent of the former Soviet Union. Given the pretense of spotting people before a crime is committed, this is probably only the start. If health care providers are required to ask invasive questions, other federal employees in different spheres certainly will be asked to. The federal government may even try to coerce more states to involve more departments. How far is America from asking students about their parents activities at home?

        • Your an idiot The zionism you speak of is the eventual coming kingdom of GOD with Jesus on the the throne in Jerusalem This is prevalent in the scripture The Israelies have longed for this since abraham….The NWO is a plan based on the illuminati conterfiting what God is going to do on earth… There is jewish people as there is anglos, blacks etc ect that want a nwo but it is not a jewish idea you have been decieved..Go read your bible

      26. Contact your representatives and have them attach 2 riders to slimsteins bill:

        1) If any part of it is demeaned unlawful the entire bill is null and void with the representatives voting for it open to lawsuits for damages and a sunset provision for 1 year.

        2) Include a provision for COMMON SENSE ABORTION CONTROL, because it’s about the babies, RIGHT!?!

        Then have them vote NO for it and anything that has anything remotely connected to the 2nd amendment.

      27. Looks like “Knowitall” missed a couple of the best battle rifles of all time, M1 Garrand and the M1 Carbine. She also forgot Ruger’s Mini 30 and Springfield’s M1A1. I could get along just fine with a walnut stock on any of the above.

        I wonder what she hides in her purse?

        • …her strap-on….just sayin’….

        • husbands balls for sure, and maybe a set of her own..she sure looks butch to me

        • Her husband’s balls, a pentagram, and a copy of the communist manifesto.

        • @ Shootit

          A Sex toy.

          • @ slingshot…

            I betcha-buncha-o-beers that bitch has a sex-toy that has a kick-start lever!
            When they reach her level of perfidious degeneracy…batteries are for amateurs!!!!!

            • @Gunsmith
              It’s a known fact, she don’t wear panties, so she can get a good grip on the broom she rides around the Capitol Dome.

              • @ slingshot. Even a witch has more integrity than this lamia, harpy, orgress, or banshee. It takes a lot of hate and a lot of pure inner rottenness to become this physically ugly. I have seen all Halloween witches in store displays, in movies, in books, and they could not hold a candle to feinsteinless in pure hideous butt ugliness inside and out. Can you imagine anyone that has been involved with here in the past? They would be very fortunate that they had not turned to stone like the others.

        • Forgot my semi auto BAR and M-1919 also.

        • Not trying to be a jerk… Just would like to point out that the M1A1 is the US Army’s Main Battle Tank, produced from 1985-1992.

          The M1A, apparently, is NOT an assault rifle according to Diane Feinstein, but is produced by Springfield Armory and based on the beloved M-14. I’m sooo glad I don’t have to turn mine in. 😉

          Have a great night!

          • The devil is in the details. We must read the entire text to see that is and what isn’t.

          • You are correct. M-14 if forged and had selective fire. Some of the later versions did not have full auto. M1A is investment cast, and no auto option.

            I can’t believe she forgot the Tank. Does this mean we can get one and drive it to work? It would help with parking in the city. Fender benders would be a thing of the past!

        • An assault dildo. Large capacity for when once is not enough.

      28. ok I give! I’m tired of listening to the polls and the debates. I read the constitution. I know what inalienable means. Come get them.

        • jg,

          >>”I read the constitution. I know what inalienable means.”<<

          I think the word you're looking for is 'Unalienable' as opposed to 'Inalienable' as referenced in the Declaration of Independence.

          An 'inalienable right' is a right you possess that you can voluntarily give away or surrender.

          An 'unalienable right' (as stated in the Declaration of Independence) is a right you possess that you cannot voluntarily give away and cannot be taken from you involuntarily. It is a god given right.

          The government cannot take it and you cannot, under any condition, give it away. Politicians and media commentators substitute 'inalienable' for 'unalienable' either intentionally to deliberately create misinformation and confusion, or unintentionally out of ignorance. The meanings are profoundly different.

          The Founding Fathers were brilliant in their logic and reasoning. The language used is very specific for good reason.

          • Well stated YH. While I knew that, everyone else needs to understand it too!

            (Cough) Daisy!

      29. Obama Admin and all Dems have offically declared war against all gun owners. And we dont have a clue as to what the grand-fathering restrictions will be…

        If this bill passes, I will expect some dark times…

        If the GOP supports this bill in ANY form, we will vote for Secret Squirrel for the rest of our lives… screw’em.

        • If the GOP votes for this, there won’t be a GOP anymore.

          • Why do you think the GOP is in business for you? AT this point in the game, really?? I know old habits are hard to break, but come on!! How many times do you have to be hit on the head before you wake up???

            • Huh?
              I am neither demoRAT nor republiCON, specify your sarcasm or enlighten me as to you intention, your statement makes no logical sense.

      30. And this is just the start… betcha they will assign someone in ATF or Justice to oversee the list and add new models as they come up… WITHOUT any permission by Congress.

        • Yup, maybe add some of them very dangerous “assault hammers” or semi-auto “killer baseball bats”.

          Also she forgot to add the “Red Rider lever action BB gun with a compass in the stock”, hell you can put your eye out with one of them!

      31. No matter what happens …in the end … Feinstein and her greedy traitor husband who’s making millions off illegal trading … is gonna swing as a TRAITOR’s to AmeriKa .

        ~N.O. ;0p


          America that has fallen into chaos. Elections have been postponed, martial law has been instituted, and a massive federal land grab on the California/Oregon border has inspired a secessionist movement in the “State of Jefferson” region.

          • Where is the State of Jefferson? Mostly in the minds of a small band of die-hard believers. History supports the idea by numerous ‘uprisings’ including the temporary closure of a major Highway. Historians and would-be politicians have drawn several different boundaries for the new state. Residents are enchanted with the geographical and social distinction.

      32. I bought my AR-15 a little over a year ago when I realized how serious the financial situation was here in the States and across the globe. I feared for the safety of my wife and daughter should the house of cards came tumbling down. These inept and corrupt politicians helped create the mess we are in (yes you Feinstein, you old hag). Now instead of trying to take measures to fix the situation and make it better, they are focusing on stupid shit like taking away the very weapons that I plan to use to protect my family in a scenario that they created. If, by chance, our so called leaders manage to fix our economy (at least make an attempt to make it better, then I will consider giving up my AR-15. Until then I WILL NOT give it up! Man, am I fucking angry about this!!!

        • If the United States collapses…I read one guy said he’s find all the elite’s bunkers and pour concrete down the air shafts.. ha Good one.

          Dude….NEVER give up your guns no matter what.

          It’s time that all men…man up.

          These govt. jerks are my/out employees.

          Note… make sure you have a compound bow too…
          If they did take the guns… having a bow pointed at someone makes them think twice about messing with you. I have arrows designed to break bone.
          I shot a rabbit last year…it went right through it and through the 3/4″ plywood behind it.

          Don’t underestimate other weapons… knives, bats, shanks…heck…the top of the toilet tank. The paper towel holder…mine’s heavy metal.

          There’s the self protection level.

          • A friggin arrow will go through a deer,too! WOW,a rabbit

          • I saw on an african hunting show a few years ago, a guy had a recurve bow with a 100lb draw weight, his arrow with a fixed blade broad head went straight through an elephant!!!!

            • Bows work well.

        • @ Stickman
          You have not got a clue. Just turn in you weapon now.

          • You hit it the nail on the head slingshot. Stickman just needs to be a nice subject and turn it in now.

        • Stickman,

          An AR-15 or any other type of firearm represents the final link in the “checks and balances” equation. It is THE final layer of protection built directly into the US Constitution to counter and deter government dictatorship and tyranny. Now the tyrants are coming after it full force.

          As Thomas Jefferson once stated, “You won’t need the Second Amendment until they take it away.”

          If you only see your AR-15 as home protection, you’re looking at the problem through a high powered microscope.

          • Back in the day… all anyone had was muskets.
            This was the level weapon tech. For the 2A to an effective deterrent against tyranny populations need to have firepower equal to the Govt.

            This is what they are dead scared of…

            In a SHTF scenario, the Govt will want sheeple to obey orders under Martial Law. Problem here is the Govt cannot control any folks that are prepared, have weapons and dont necessarily want to relocate to anywhere but where they are. They can say no and resist. Govt doesn’t like not having control… and will try to find ways to negate this audacity.

            Yup,its about Control… funny about that!

            And it re-starts now with Feinstein Bill…

            NewTown is of no consequence here as we are way passed it now.

            Grand-fathering is moot if you think about it…
            With 95million owners having at least 1/2 of the guns on the Banned List, then these guns are still going to be around for 25-50years before the Feds come calling…

            So just how does this bill help protect the kids in the here&now ? It doesn’t and registering doesn’t either until they decide to use their new reg list to start the confiscation.

            Remember, DONT pay the Ferryman….

            • BRAD3000,

              I agree. The government has never liked playing fair, but in this case they know they cannot control the outcome with 100% certainty. They are acting like a wounded animal and that is when they are most dangerous and prone to wanton tyrannical behavior.

        • So if they give you something you will give it up. Please just go side with them now.

          I do not trust you……

      33. QUESTION…


        THUMBS UP = ” No, I’d keep my guns and tell the govt. to fuck themselves.”

        THUMBS DOWN = ” I’d turn in my guns and be a slave and not be able to protect my family….I should just tattoo PUSSY on my forehead and let everyone do anything they wanted.”

        SO… Obama…the BEST gun salesman in history.
        More US Citizens are getting armed than anytime in history.

        The all know the dollar will crash within their lifetime.

        • Now that I thumbs up on the fuck the gooberment, I suppose they won’t kick my door in, they will just use a drone and blow my home up! That would be safer for them, but if I live thru that 1st attack I’m going to do some steathy hunting. They gotta sleep somewhere. This time where are “they” going to go home to??? This is a totally different ball game, and they are going to learn that way to late….
          STU OUT.

      34. Someone ought to just tar and feather that Feinstein bitch!


        Is It Time to “Dis-Band” FIRE RECALL the entire U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate , time to Impeach and Imprison both the Wallstreet Banker Oligarchy Puppet President , First Ladies and Vice President .

        Completely Dissolve the entire U.S. Federal Government to just Allow each individual State to handle it’s own Legal Affairs Peoples and Lands ???

        *thumbs UP – YES ;0)

        *thumbs DOWN – NO ;0p

      36. This isn’t as sweeping as I had feared. Of course if it goes through there will be more… and more and more and more. No doubt.

        But they (unfortunately) played this pretty well. You’re going to have a hard time convincing 53% of the population (which is the percentage in favor of this thing) that you need a gun capable of going through a light armored truck to defend yourself (AK-47 with steel jacketed rounds).


        But true.

        Obviously the Second Amendment has nothing to do with burglary but 53% can’t think that hard.

        • Piece by piece is their plan now. They have learned

        • @TheGuy:

 not fight the technology….go after the blood and the bone…

          …no green zones, no big walls to hide behind….

          ..shoot-n-scoot,snipe-n-hide, an army fights with its stomach, no supply-no army, we are legion…

          …I’ll see you on the beach….BA.

          • Well just to be absolutely crystal clear here.

            I would never use a gun unless my life or the life of a loved one was in immediate, in your face, right this very next half second NOW, MORTAL danger.


            I take guns about 1000 times more seriously than a heart attack.

            And I’ve been in positions where I was house sitting and the house was broken in to while I was there.

            All sorts of problems. 1. Burglary itself doesn’t carry a death sentence 2. the walls are paper thin and your backdrop frankly sucks, I don’t want to hit little Suzy next door by accident, etc etc. I could leave and call in reinforcements.

            Having said that, I’ve been in similar situations 3 times, and each time they are frankly terrifying. I do like to know that if I get cornered and I’m going to be killed in the next 2 seconds, I do have something resembling an option to prevent that.

            • I am utterly unsurprised at the thumbs down.

              I guess I should be surprised… I really should be. Oddly, I’m not.

        • 53% of the people most likely believe two planes took down three buildings in NY. 53% of the people, when asked how long it takes the sun to go around the earth, would answer “24 hours”. sigh

        • @TheGuy

          I have been hunting wild hog with an AK47 for over 25 years. It is the best brush gun ever. Have taken down many a 2-300 pound hogs on the charge. Drop in water dirt or mud. Pick it up shake it and roll on. Don’t need a long barrel to hang up in the vines when seconds count.
          Fun to target shoot. Easy to clean and at one time CHEAP ammo.

          • Must say I’d like one jsut for the whole nostalgia value. What with all the cold war stuff I was brough up with.

            I also do not want to see them banned, I believe you should have the right to own one.

            In my personal situation, as a home defense weapon it would cause more problems than it would solve. Shotgun would be more ideal for me.

            In a SHTF situation… yeah I’d want one.

            It won’t drastically affect my life so in that sense I’m relieved. In another sense I’m deeply unhappy… there’s no legitimate reason to ban them.

      37. I’ll say it once more. These bastards are GIVING (for free) 16-20 brand new F-16 fighter jets and 200 Abrams tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaeda in Egypt, all on the US taxpayer’s dime, and they want to strip Americans of our rifles, pistols, shotguns and magazines??? They can kiss my ass and go straight to hell. I’d like to see them try and arrest 150 million defiant Americans. Just say no folks. Treasonous immoral bastards.

        • It won’t be 150 Million.

          You had better start looking at real numbers. Because it is going to go from a paper politc fight to a hot one real soon. And yes there are many but not near that many.

          I wish there was.

          • FB,

            I was being overly optimistic. I understand that only 9% of Americans actually took up arms against King George III during the Revolutionary War. We will have to see how many sheep actually bow down to this travesty and register their weapons.

            I believe there are 12 inspectors authorized by the NFA act of 1934 of which only 9 are currently on staff. Presently it takes anywhere from 5-9 months to register a Class III NFA weapon. A year if it’s a transferable machine gun. Add to that a flood of tens of millions of new gun registration applications??? It will take years to register a single weapon even with new inspectors added.

            It’s all part of the plan I imagine. Death by a thousand cuts.

        • Refuse to comply

        • Just waiting on the “Spark”, is coming soon. Prep now ! the Enemy is at the gate !

      38. I mean for me personally I neether need nor WANT something that overpenetrates like a mofo. Really really bad in a tightly packed urban setting with lots of friendlies. I’ll cry no tears for pieces of shit like the TEC-9… useless “weapon”.

        SPAS-12? Yeah… that’s a bummer. That one doesn’t overpenetrate and autoloaders are nice to have when you’re shitting bricks and can’t work the slide.

        But again… there’s just gonna be more if this goes through… that worries me a lot.

        • Wowmive never posted until your comment so let me get this straight even though you nor myself have an interest in a tec 9 does not mean someone else may. So what part of the right of the peoole to keep and bear arms do you not under stand “THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE” or the “SHALL NOT BE FRIGGIN INFRINGED” It is thinking like that from you and others that is not good for the 2A as a whole l

      39. Molon Labe…..bitch.

      40. I’m curious. If this becomes law will you fail to register as an act of protest?

        If they come to talk to you about it will you tell them that?

        Will you actually shoot them if they try to take your guns or force you to register?

        • The Universe,

          In the interest of anonymity, I and only I need to know what types, how many, and where they are located. The government does not have a need to know that information. 250+ million dead people from the last century can attest to that.

          No one needs to discuss openly what they intend to do if the men in black ring their door bell.

          The progressives are not revealing their final plan to me and I will return the favor.


        • That is the true question. How many will walk the talk.

          • I am willing to die for the constitution.

            • Eisenkreutz,

              >>”I am willing to die for the constitution.”<<

              General George S. Patton had the perfect reply to your statement.

              "I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country." – Patton


              • Look up Patton’s role in the Bonus March Massacre and then tell me what you think of your hero. I want you to remember that a general is only a sack of shit with stars on.

                • I forgot all about that. Message received.

      41. welcome to what NYS is now fighting…except coumo went one step further and said we could only put 7 rounds in a 10 round mag.

        • @rachel:

          Just perfect your new york reload technique.

          ….rain lead….BA.

      42. “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”
        ― Thomas Jefferson

        • Just because you can copy and paste famous quote still doesn’t earn you a Thumbs Up.

          • The third-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the majority. The second-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the minority. The first-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking.
            —A. A. Milne

      43. Demoralization – Violent TV, movies, games are are blamed for real violence amongst people in this country. The government and media specifically draw focus to entertainment, something the majority of the people partake in. It is an easy target.

        Destabilization – The government begin to suggest gun laws. They might pass a few bills or reject them, but that isn’t their immediate goal. The point is to get the idea into the people’s head as much as possible. In this case, gun bans and gun control due to “widespread gun violence”.

        Crisis – The government use any crisis to their advantage and spout propaganda to convince the nation of a specific viewpoint. In this case, GUNS ARE EVIL AND MUST BE STOPPED.

        Normalization – Once the people have been exposed to an idea for a long period of time and that idea is then supported by various tragedies, the people will believe that the government and media have been right all along. The laws the government implement will be completely justified in the peoples mind. The people allow it to happen because they believe it is the right and normal thing to do.

        What is this you might ask? Well it is How To Brainwash A Nation, of course.

        • 100% on point.

      44. A massive boycott backed by the NRA and outdoorsmen and women outraged that the nation’s largest outdoors show banned the exhibition of assault weapons has caused the show’s organizers to abruptly cancel the week-long event in Harrisburg, Pa.
        The successful boycott, started by the website, was the biggest demonstration of support by the outdoors industry yet against gun control efforts being pushed in Washington and in several states.

        search: NRA boycott kills outdoors show that banned assault weapons

        • Isn’t that exactly what they want? They got US to cancel the gun show.

        • Bummer for me as I was planning on doing some stocking up there.

      45. It’s not a game anymore,is it? This is going to affect lots of people if it passes Congress. Your whole life will change with a stroke of a pen. Signed into law by a half breed and a socialist. When you hand in you gun you will be torn inside, as your rights will forever be in others hands to judge you, what you need and that of your future generations. Lay your weapons down if you fear incarceration for you do not carry the respondsibility of owning a firearm in the first place.
        The only thing I am worried about is what are we going to do with the Torries after we kick their asses.

        • I am starting to smell the rain.

          Really hoped it would not of come to this.

        • Can’t send them back to England. Maybe Israel so they can disarm the Israeli’s after all majority of these people are of Jewish descent.

          • WOOD Chipers! Professional Size woodchippers! Sized to allow for even kommies what weighs 400lbs sized!

        • Soylent Green

          • With Hot Sauce

          • No Kidding.. Just saw the other night with a leading popular scientist showing off the next phase off of facebook. “Virtual reality” where U actually make yourself an avatar and can meet others and have a supposed real relationship, friendship whatever in a made up world.
            Remember the end of the Soylent green? where they watched this huge wall screen like it was an experience of a virtual Reality. TOO creepy. But look how close a step we are with facebook. Only one step away.
            Definite MINDLESS control

        • I’m thinking we’ll find another use for utility poles.

      46. You know, she kind of looks like a female Hitler. Photoshop a silly little mustache on her and that would do it

        • Dianne needs a Dirty Sanchez. Volunteers wanted

      47. Gee, I expected to see 30-40 Krags, Winchester 73’s, and Colt SAA on the list as well, maybe even sling-shots, pea shooters, and pointed sticks, what a maroon!

        Just goes to show how much fear they have of “We The People”. Wimpy old bitch, f*ck her.

        • If they can take what’s on the list, they can take everything else.


      49. This is a False Flag.
        In the next few years the real threat will come from our State Legislatures. (ie. New York) Where do you live??? Get to know your State Legislature, Congressmen Representatives, or what ever there called. One letter or phone call is worth a 100 people believing what your point is.
        Back to the False Flag.
        There are 10 to 20 Democratic Congressmen up for re-election in 2014 that don’t want to vote on this. Find out if one represents your state. Really call ,write. write, call there office. This is where the fight is.

        Stay Brave

        • Won’t matter in California majority of the electorate are not even citizens and if they are they’re waiting for the promise of a handout from the masters (DemonicRAT party).

          • Good luck with them disarming the Hispanic gangs. Those boys will fight. Most likely they will be hired to disarm the rest of us.

      50. I understand the coroner at the Sandy Hook shooting said the AR-15 was in the vehicle and all the shooting was done with 4 pistols. makes Feinstein look stupid trying to ban guns that weren’t used in the crime.


        Hitler was scathing about Jewish control of the Stock Exchanges; the
        ‘moneyfication’ of the nation’s labour-strength. “I say ‘without exception’, for the
        few non-Jews who had a share in them are in the last resort nothing but screens, shop
        window Christians, whom one needs in order, for the sake of the masses, to keep up the
        appearances that these institutions were after all founded as a natural outcome of the
        needs and the economic life of all peoples alike, and were not, as was the fact,
        institutions which correspond only with the essential characteristics of the Jewish

        – 28th July 1922. Hitler’s Speeches, Baynes. Vol.1. The Institute of International

        “Internationalisation today means only Judaisation. We in Germany have come to this:
        that a sixty million people sees its destiny at the will of a few dozen Jewish bankers.” –
        Hitler’s Speeches, Baynes. Vol.1. The Institute of International Affairs. 1942

        THE PRESS
        “These journalists were real virtuosos in the art of twisting facts ..” Adolf Hitler

        On the daily papers: “No means were too base, provided they could be exploited in the
        campaign of slander. These journalists were real virtuosos in the art of twisting facts and
        presenting them in a deceptive form. The theoretical literature was intended for the
        simpletons of the soi-disant intellectuals belonging to the middle and naturally, the
        upper classes. The newspaper propaganda was intended for the masses.” – Mein Kampf

        “The subject matter of the feuillietons was trivia and often pornographic. The language
        of this Press as a whole had the accent of a foreign people. The general tone was openly
        derogatory to the Germans and this must definitely have been intentional.” – Mein

        “The Press is the chief means employed in the process of ‘political enlightenment’. It
        represents a kind of school for adults. This educational activity, however, is not in the
        hands of the State but in the clutches of powers which are partly of a very inferior
        character. I was quite surprised when I realised how little time was necessary for this
        Great Power within the State to produce a certain belief among the public. It took the
        Press only a few days to transform some ridiculously trivial matter into an issue of
        national importance, while vital problems were completely ignored or filched and
        hidden away from public attention.

        The Press succeeded in the magical art of producing names from nowhere within the
        course of a few weeks. And so they made those names more popular than any man of

        real ability could ever hope to be in a long lifetime Or sometimes such men (tried

        and trusted figures) were so vilely abused that it looked as if their names would soon
        stand as permanent symbols of the worst kind of baseness. In order to estimate properly
        the really pernicious influence which the Press can exercise one has to study the famous
        Jewish method whereby honourable and decent people were besmirched with mud and
        filth, in the form of low abuse and slander, from hundreds and hundreds of quarters
        simultaneously, as if commanded by some magical formula. These highway robbers
        would grab at anything which might serve their evil ends.

        They would poke their noses into the most intimate family affairs and would not rest
        until they had sniffed out some petty item which could be used to destroy the reputation
        of their victim. But if the result of all this sniffing should be that nothing derogatory
        was discovered in the private or public life of the victim, they continued to hurl abuse at
        him, in the belief that some of their animadversions would stick even though refuted a
        thousand times. In most cases it finally turned out impossible for the victim to continue
        his defence, because the accuser worked together with so many accomplices that his
        slanders were re-echoed interminably. But these slanderers would never own that they
        were acting out of motives which influence the common run of humanity or are
        understood by them. Oh no. The scoundrel who defamed his contemporaries in this
        villainous way would crown himself with a halo of heroic probity fashioned by unctuous
        phraseology and twaddle about his ‘duties as a journalist’ and other mouldy nonsense of
        that kind. When these cuttle fishes gathered together in large shoals at meetings and
        congresses they would give out a lot of slimy talk about a special kind of honour which
        they called the professional honour of the journalist. These are the kind of beings who
        fabricate more than two thirds of what is called public opinion.” – Mein Kampf

        • Everything he wrote about germany back THEN could be Today written by Any number of trusted folks such as Ron Paul as example.

          And nobody sane can now deny what hitler said of jews owned MSM’s and all the other devious methods mentioned, is the exact SAME thing we got Today in america.

          And the same type jews doing it Here. Too bad so many idiots are so brainwashed they cannot never admit its truth.

          most aint got a clue what they did in russia PRIOR to WWII in 1918 and now those kommie jews Grandkids are here today…Like Finestien-schumer et al. WAKE UP AMERICA!

        • as i read this crap you have posted I a wondering why Mein Kampf has any place in this discussion of gun control. That is why I am keeping my arms. To protect myself and my family from you idiots as much as I am from the government and politicians.

          • Polish Proverb#2= After Butchering/murdering Both his parents….The murderous jew killer son whines that he is now an…..Orphan!

            Then demands Lawyer Alan Isashitz and the ACLU defend his poor orphan ass in a court with his fellow jew judge deciding the case!

            After its over, Lawyer alan isashitz demands All german children empty piggy banks to pay his fees, and begin holyhoax monthly payments to the Now aquited jew who butchered both his own parents, and is now a poor orphan boy at age of 45 yrs old!

            CNN’s Piers Morgan goes LIVE TV to Blame American guns and owners of said guns!(sombody tell piers the jew son used a butcher knife and an AX to do his parents in!)


        “Do not let yourself be confused by the uproar that will now reign throughout the
        world. The lies will one day break down under their own weight and the truth will
        again triumph. The hour will come when we shall stand pure and undefiled as our
        aims and beliefs have always been.”

        ADOLF HITLER: “The day will come when we shall make an agreement with the
        men of other Aryan nations. Then there will come a union between all of the one, good,
        ruling race throughout the world.” .

        Break Free From the Censored West

      53. Slingshot, somebody will take your weapons only if you let that somebody do so. NOBODY IN GOVERNMENT HAS ANY DAMNED BUSINESS LABELING US IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM! WHO IS CONGRESS TO LABEL US AS CRIMINALS WHEN WE FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION AS THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND? BEFORE Y2K, THE FBI WERE LABELING PEOPLE LIKE US AS TERRORISTS. THAT WAS BEFORE 911 AND THE CREATION OF DHS. Tom Ridge, Michael Chertoff, and Janet Napolitano have J. Edgar Hoover looking like an angel in comparison. Nothing any of these federal agencies do has any legitimate basis to it. Same goes for any new gun laws coming from Congress or an EO. I’M NOT FOLLOWING THEM, PERIOD! MY GUNS STAY WITH ME, PERIOD! Anything DHS or any other agency puts out is propaganda, period! Just totally disregard them! Braveheart

        • braveheart,


        • @ Braveheart.

          Not giving nothing up. Out think. Out wit, Out last, cause I sure as hell can’t out run them. There are many newcomers to the gun world. After all the Flag waving stops, the reality of it all sets in. I have been almost killed a half a dozen times in my life. Wondering if my luck is going to hold this go round.

      54. Resist. at all cost. don’t register, anything, ever. You all sound like you’re defeated when you hold all the cards. doyenne funkstank can go straight to hell.

        • Does anyone realize just how many Veterans are helping Patriots?

          Don’t give in and stand your ground.

      55. Spend your continuously devaluing dollar and buy more. It’s a good investment for the future as the dollar devalues there will come a time when it’s worthless and along goes the government with it. We may not see it in our lifetime but our love one’s left behind may and they’ll be greatful for that investment.

        • Off topic, but may be useful.

          Sun Oven Preppers Package – good for 4 days

          Sun Oven with accessories for $249.00
          Package Deal includes Sun Oven, hanging turkey roasting rack, multi-level dehydrating & baking rack, two easy stack pots, three multi-fuel water pasteurizing indicators, two loaf pans and two stackable cookie sheets.

          View the sale at:

          To purchase the deal you must sign up for the Marketplace markdown at
          Note: Twice a week they will send you an email of a different item offered at a reduced price.

          • That’s a great deal–I paid $239 for just the solar oven.

          • Not bad! Thanks KY Mom.

          • Agree with JayJay. I think I paid $249 for mine so that is an excellent deal on a super product!

      56. I apologize for the language but GFY Feinstein and every other Constitution hater out there. I fail to comprehend how the hell Libtards like her get elected.

        Reap it America you get what you vote for. Constitution being flushed down the toilet.

        • Simple. Been thinking about this alot. It’s all fraud. Goes back to the 1993 motor voter law. Starting in 1994 there was widespread fraud all over. Note that Cali want from good economy and beacon of example for the country from about that time, to now. Why? Destroy the best economies of course, then work toward the smaller ones. Clinton’s 1996 re-election? no way that guy won on his merits. But he got back in. Motor Voter I think is the answer.

          • “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin

            After all that has happened in the last 20 years, what amazes me, is that people still think “elections” are real.

      57. guys … world war is comming and fast very fast…

        “They (the Jews) use the age-old tactics of the hyena – when fighters are tired out, go for
        them. Then make your harvest! In war and revolutions the Jew attained the
        unattainable. Hundreds of thousands of escaped Orientals became modern ‘Europeans’.
        Times of unrest produced miracles. Before 1914 how long would it have taken, for
        instance, in Bavaria before a Galician Jew became- Prime Minister? Or in Russia
        before an anarchist from the New York ghetto, Bronstein (alias Trotsky) became
        Dictator? Only a few wars and revolutions – that was enough to put the Jewish people
        into possession of the red gold and thereby to make them masters of the world.”
        Munich. 13th, April, 1923. Hitler’s Speeches, Baynes. Royal Institute of International
        Affairs, 1942


      58. Oh hell! This same Governmet that couldnt pull off prohibition, The so-called war of drugs, cant seem to seal the boarder with Mexico.. and they are going to TRY and take our guns? REALLY? No, Really, wich one of you FED’s are going to go first? It will be an epic, well deserved and long over due smack down.

        • No,
          They will REGISTER first, so that you can’t use them for self defense without going to jail.
          One at a time, that’s how bullies work.
          At least until what SHTF…

        • They don’t want to seal the border, more voters for them. They don’t want to stop the flow of drugs, more money for them.

      59. those of us over 68 years old which includes many vets…will be locked and loaded..with a short list…traitors will not enjoy their folly….none of us will leave this earth alive anyway so…Molon Labe…the rest of you may hesitate at yours and your families peril….there will be no quarter….as the enemy has shown…they want total control….

        • Yup,
          Found them old combat boots… they still fit… the olive greens… not so much…;)
          Oh well, need some black bdu’s anyway…

          The III
          We are everywhere.

          • Yes we are. Even bought some brand spanking new body armor to set it off

      60. You know.. the one thing I do fear, but dont advocate is reprisals against Government workers and there families if something like this is atempted…I mean, could you imagin the blow back?just say’n

        • They all are targets. Fuck them all. They are our enemies and war is war

        • oh, but my family and kids are fair game to them. fuck that shit. they shall endure the same fears as us. just say’n

      61. Not the original author but this is worth sharing:

        “In a free society, the standard of care should not be that it is OK to oppress the law-abiding citizens in an effort to frustrate criminals.

        It should be to catch and deter criminals, while upholding the freedoms of your law-abiding citizens.”

        • “…law-abiding citizens.”

          Dude, none of us ‘law-abiding citizens’ anymore.

          We’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole for that.

          Too many laws and too many taxeaters.

      62. “1775 – Lexington and Concord
        In April, British troops were ordered to Lexington and Concord to seize stores of colonial gunpowder and to capture Samuel Adams and John Hancock. At Lexington, open conflict occurred and eight Americans were killed. At Concord, the British troops were forced to retreat with the loss of 70 men. This was the first instance of open warfare.” I’d say that if The Fed’s try to confiscate arms we would have leagl standing…I hope it dosnt come to this

        • It will come to this. Have no mercy on your enemy. They wont have any on you

      63. I bet that in a week maybe a month there will be another HUGE shooting at a high profile event. This will be so big and horrible that they will get the Media whipped up into a anti gun frenzy. All of it to pass their gun confiscation. Oh, and the Government will be behind it.

        • If this were to happen I would love to see it backfire on them.. Now with so many people armed, and not abiding by the no gun zone signs, maybe the field will be even or maybe one better, we the gun owners will have the upper hand and clean house. Than they will know and see just how serious this is.

          I dont pay attention to stickers that potentially could put my life or my families life in danger, i suggest more people do the same, it could be your life you save

          • BTW, Sandy Hook was 2 years in the takes a lot to pull off a false flag of these magnatudes, and gather all the actors, and materials etc to make it believeable to the masses..(sheeple).

            keep sharp and an eye open for anything out of the norm, andd never surrender your right to bear arms, everywhere you go..everywhere, period.

      64. Ah I love thumb polls…
        Would you contribute to a Reward fund for Feinstein’s HEAD on a stick?

        Yes = Thumbs up
        No = Thumbs down

        • Only if you put a bag over it

        • I dont condone murder but I think Feinstein deserves the penalty for high treason.

          • That’s not murder. And if you will be able to handle what we may have to do. You better figure out there is a difference.

            Murder NO Killing is another question.

        • I need to return some videotapes…

      65. I don’t post or talk much, but I will never register any of my guns ever. The time for talking has long passed people. We are in them process of starting a local gun club where I live and we already have over 2500 like minded individuals. We do not advocate violence, but we will honor and protect the Constitution of the United States of America. No matter what we end up having to do! I suggest all of you do something similar in your local area now before it is too late. We the people still really do hold the power IF we ACT. Yes act not talk.

        • I remember you were one tuff dude in the ring.

      66. it’s a damn good thing I lost all my guns in that card game the other night…..


      67. Today I managed to pick up brass 9mm $14.50/50, PMC XTAC 5.56 $8.50/20, CCI magnum large pistol primers $35/1000, CCI stingers $5.95/50, 8mm Mauser $190/720, and H110 powder $14/pound. Thankfully, I’m swimming in .22lr and .22wmr.

        • And that is primers only. That was the price for finish product not to long ago.

      68. Does anyone have a link to the full official complete text of the Assault Weapon Bill of 2013?




      70. Feinstein’s own words: “The purpose is to dry up the supply of these weapons over time.”

        A much more laudable goal would be to dry up the supply of cash for Zionist bankster scum, and idiot recruits for ZOG’s armed forces (a.k.a it’s enforcers). Or how about drying up the supply of corporate-marxist Jewesses with tyranny and genocide on their minds?

        Once the guns are gone, you can be sure that the first of one hundred million Chinese colonists will be packing their bags and heading to Feinstein’s Amerika (to settle ZOG’s bogus debts which are allegedly ‘owed’ to Jew banks), and the flood gates will be also opened to the fullest to admit the black and brown detritus of the Third World.

        Having lived 30+years in NYC, I know first hand what life is like when the blacks and browns are armed and you are NOT. Gun control is NOT an end in itself for ZOG — it is a MEANS to and end, which is nothing less than White extinction.

        • @ Ahab…

          Per Feinswine’s initial sentence….. -(quote)— “the purpose is to dry up the supply of these weapons over time” —(unquote)-


          Reading between the lines…her tribe is assuming/maybe asserting/alluding to…an extended time-line, inherent to a managed collapse & mandatory weapons confiscation in the meantime…thus allowing them…final endgame preparations/strategic maneuvering at our (potential) expense!!!

          …after all, they own the (LS)media/the fed-reserve/the govt & all academia…& are pursuing web domination…


          That said…ever notice that the enemy always “overplayed” their hand at a critical juncture…in times past??? History documents such, yes?!?

          Methinks, said enemy is about to get caught…screwing the pooch…yet again!

          …and the backlash/blow-back…is really gonna hurt them…this time around!!!!

          • Gunsmith: Yes histroy does. 109 nations Booted these vile evil scumbags since 245 AD era. America=nation#110.

            All they are doing Today in the usa Proves beyond all doubts what Many many others thru history said of their ilk/tribe is Factual Truths.

            And read what the bible says Gods plans are regarding ESAU. aka Edomites(not semites)…Thats who aprox 95+% of their group is today…Khazers aka Esau aka edomites.

            Their ancestors back around 750-800 AD CONVERTED to the religion called today “Judasim” which IS based on the Talmude.

            Converting makes them NO more true decendants of the 12 tribes of isreal, than if as example, Al Sharpton converts to Cathoilc.

            Will THat cause sharpton to become an Italian? or citizen of Rome since the vatican is located there?…NOPE!

            Will sharpton stop being an african black and become White or at least alot lighter skinned like Italians are?..NO!

            So why do so many IDIOTS believe converting to judasim/talmudisim 1200 yrs ago somehow makes These evil bastards today, jews with real 12 tribed isreal ancestories?…IT DONT! They Are ESAU! Jacobs Worst Enemy!

            Esau=Jacobs Twin Brother! the EVIL twin esau!

            A few hrs reading Real actual historic documented facts and truths from PHD Prof. Kevin McDonald and many others along with….at least 4-5 seperate jewsih Encylopedias that explain it all(the Khazer history etc) and you just must ADIMT what I and Ahab and JQP and a few others say is Correct.

            Attacking us as some idiots here do always wont change Truth and Real history, nor will it Silence us!!!!!!

        • Ahab: they are Esau not Jacob..They desrie to exterminate all whites to fulfill their head talmudic rabbi’s commands to Kill the gentiles…And Especially kill the Very Best of gentiles! aka white gentiles.

          What if most whites today are the True northern Ten tribes of Isreal’s decendants?….Jacob blessed epharim and manassah and said YOU TWO boys will Keep My name Isreal…And Forever even to a Thousand generations after yours, will still be known as Isreal.

          Jacob/Isreal never blessed Any decendents of Esau aka edomites(not semites).

          Khazer askeNAZI jews are a Mixture of Turks(edomites) Huns, Mongrels, and Caucacions…No true ancestories from orig 12 tribes there eh!

          • Japan and China are scared to death, and they have cooled off.

            India, you should know you’re not bullet proof, and kissing ass to the cabal is not gonna save you either.


            Because they know they will be wiped out AFTER the “Gun Control” is over and the INVISIBLE SOLDIERS (The HUNS) have taken care of the Yankees and the baby-boomers. 🙁

      71. RUGER.COM

        ENTER YOUR INFO AND IT SENDS 10 well written letters to your local officials by using your zip code. Very easy!

      72. Whats with all the Thumbs Down? Did JoeinNc”s Mother let him on the Puter Again?

      73. 22winmag, is it true that a weapon chambered for .22wmr will also fire .22lr? Braveheart

        • Braveheart; The 22lr will swell big time and stick in the chamber. Don’t shoot 22lr in 22 mag.

      74. Finally! The time has come!

        I have waited patiently all my life…I have trained with all the U.S. Military branches, hoping my chosen journey in this life was not a waste of time.

        I have waited for the call, waited for a worthy and just cause…that would stir my heart, and heat my blood for the taste of battle…once again.

        What the U.S. Government is doing(disarming it’s citizens for a takeover) is simply not right. Having said that, the right is on our side…Arm yourselves, keep the Faith, and never surrender!

      75. So another line in the sand has been crossed, eh? These proposed gun laws are designed to be more in line with
        Canadian gun laws. Gun ownership is not to difficult here, and we don’t have Castle Doctrine type laws, but we seem to get along not to shabby. Open and concealed carry of hand guns are relegated to Armoued car operators, a tiny segment of private security, (professional bodyguards) and maybe the occasional diplomat. Looks like you are all going to be Canadians, soon! After all, the gun laws have to be harmonized between Canada, U.S. and Mexico as part of that
        inevitable march toward the North American Union. It’s
        going to happen whether you like it or not, nationhood is outmoded and is going dead. GET OVER IT! “From my
        cold dead fingers”, “Come and Take it”, “Molon Labe.”
        Yeah right! Not one bullet will fly from your end, if
        Katrina was any indication. You are all too divided,
        and thoroughly conquered to do anything about your 2A/14A
        rights. NDAA and Patriot Act have been in your faces and
        nothing happened, along with bailouts. Nary, a peep!

        • @Slobesky O’Gorki….

          Take off, eh?

          • You must admit that this drawing of lines in the sand and
            they continue to cross them has gotten pretty old by now.
            Really, what are the American masses going to do about all of these, in your face tramplings of your God given rights?
            Remember that first Million Gun March that was supposed to take place in 2001? Didn’t happen! Neither did any subsequent gun rights marches happen, or were very lacklustre in attendance, with very minimal effect. No one wants to take the lead in assembling a posse of sorts to hold those traitors to the Constitution, accountable, AT GUNPOINT. Voting does not work at all, neither does writing congressmen. These people in office
            have no qualms about making examples out of you folk.
            Time has come for making examples out of those who repeatedly pull this kind of crap on ordinary Americans.
            However, they have all the contingencies covered, and there are many on both sides who have sold their souls for a paycheque, including those who have sold their soul
            for a paycheque to kill fellow Americans. Losing battle,
            no doubt, eh? I suppose all that is left to do is lock
            and load and wait for them to come to you. I sure hope that there are armed neighbourhood MAG’s (Mutually Assured Groups) that will come to the aid of their neighbours in the event of house to house confiscations.
            Confront those Oath breakers, round them up and make examples out of them. All of what is happening in the U.S. has had a muted, but subconcious effect in Canada, and if the Liberals return to power, the gun grab will be
            on in earnest. They will seek to regain what was lost to
            Stephen Harper, and then plenty some more, for good measure. Truth be told, not one bullet will fly on our
            end, here in Canada, as well, because we are just as much
            sheeple like Americans. Only our wool is thicker to keep
            our sorry asses warm.

        • Go fuck yourself arrogant canadian bitch. You people act so arrogantly with your defeated kuntry. Once we take this country back we just might take a big buffer zone up north to prevent your “monarchy” from creeping back into our nation and to keep slimey cowards like you 6 ft under. Don’t think it can’t happen.
          Nationhood is outmoded? Who the hell are you and why are you here trying to start shit? Whose fucking side are you on asshole?! Better not come into my neck of the woods asshole or you’re dead! Just go a suck your jewish cock that is being rammed into your ass just like us. The difference is that we don’t have a disgusting case of stockholm syndrome to back us up. You canadians are the biggest wusses next to the fucking french. You are pathetic weaklings who already gave your guns up so fuck off defeated slave!

          • Not here trying to start shit. Take a good long hard look at how many times government has deployed a full spectrum of laws that violate 2A,14A, Posse Comitatus, Habeas Corpus etc. The Rubicon has been crossed so many times and all of it so in your faces, yet still not so much as an .177 cal. air rifle pellet flew over the never ending incremental mission creep of these laws. In light of these in your face encroachments, all this armchair commando talk about “Molon Labe”, “From my cold dead fingers”, “Come and take it”, and the flying of Gadsens is just what Mike Tyson could be referring to when he said that ‘Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth’. (Or when they come for you, SHOT in the mouth). This also applies to Canadian keyboard commandos, as well. The latest, in your face physical gun confiscation happened during the aftermath of Katrina, yet nobody had an overwhelming sense of “Molon
            Labeism” there, didn’t they? Why? because trained killers, in peak physical condition, armed with the latest taxpayer funded gear had all the contingencies covered, on the ground and in the air. No one in the neighbourhood came to the aid of that poor old woman who
            had a lousy revolver taken away from her, and she had a
            broken bone or two to boot, when government and/or Blackwater thugs raided her home. So shall it be when time is ripe for them to come for your guns. Iraqi, Afghanis, Iranians are used to living in perpetual SHTF
            day to day living, whereas we, on both sides of the border, had it too cushy for far too long, with the majority sporting flabby bodies and minds. Nobody, in
            our world knows what real, longterm armed oppression is like, and when it finally happens, it will have been far
            too late for everybody to put aside their selfish, dividing differences to do anything about it. As far as
            Canada being a defeated country, you are most certainly
            right about that! Sure, we have our guns, as well, and
            getting a Possession/Acquisition Licence is no more difficult than getting a licence in the U.S. Handguns are more closely regulated, though. Central Banking and
            progressive income tax schemes are well known planks of the Communist Manifesto. Any country that has these in
            place are in no position to talk about sovereignty of the
            nation or it’s people. As it applies to Canada – “Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit,
            it matters not who makes the nations laws. Usury, once in control,will wreck any nation. Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most sacred
            responsibility, all talk of the sovereignty of parliament and of democracy is idle and futile.” William
            Lyon Mackenzie King – (1874-1950) Prime Minister of Canada.

            As it applies to the United States of America – “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks),will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”
            (1743-1826), US Founding Father, drafted the Declaration of Independence, 3rd US President.

            So, you see, we are not so different after all, as both
            Canada and the United States are equally defeated. We are both in eachothers ‘neck of the woods’ and we are both dead.

            These are just two examples of how far things have gone
            with respect to nothing being done to stop the status
            quo. Prominent people, throughout history have tried to
            put a stop to all of this multigenerational creep toward
            global plantationhood,to no avail. Unless EVERYONE bands
            together at one time, channeling their Gadsen mentality,
            backed up with a show of arms in every government house,
            at all levels, there would be change. After all, it was
            Chairman Mao who mentioned that meaningful change comes
            only from the barrel of a gun. In all likelyhood, we are all complacent cowards, hoping for the best, while any meaningful change will only come from their string of encroaching laws, backed up by THEIR guns.

            • You have some good points…however do not confuse quiet resolve and preparation for the fight with cowardice or a lack of resolve…up till now,and perhaps even now it would do little good to respond with guns blazing…theyve put more guns and other material into the stashes of the people with their stupid overreach than they understand…sure there are alot of people who will fold but here in America(and even in Canada) there are quiet people quietly prepared whom this govicorp hasnt got a clue are even there and when they get tread on too far theyre gonna sink their fangs in deep…just sayin…”Live free or die tryin”

              • Prepping in a low profile manner to keep out of sight therefore out of (the gun grabbers mind). Good for OPSEC
                and the biding of time, I suppose. I’m not advocating
                blazing guns as it is imperitive to have them fire first, then they are fair game. Critical mass has not been reached yet, as far as having enough folks who have lost everything and/or exasperated enough to the point of ‘enough’s enough’. It’s just so annoying to read posts coming from a lot of keyboard commmandos about ‘Come and take them’, ‘Molon Labe’, flying Gadsen flags and such. Especially after witnessing/reading about what happened after Katrina. That was just too humiliating to watch how those bastards went house to house, rounding up peoples tools for self defense. It’s
                just not fair. Those million gun marches are still a good idea, but like the Carry Canada CCW advocacy group,
                nobody feels they have any sort of stake or skin in the game, when it comes to securing rights and freedoms. I spied an interesting clip on Youtube today, about the McMinn County War/Battle of Athens going down in history
                as a significant example of how 2A rights were excercised
                in a bid to oust the corrupt crony politics going on. Of course, the people who took up arms were mostly WW2
                Veterans and continued to put the ammo box where their mouth was when it came time to confront domestic enemies
                of the Constitution in their own back yards. These people come from a different time and a tougher upbringing that contrasts greatly with what we see today.
                As far as those rabid Gadsen gadabouts go, the Mike Tyson
                quote of everyone having a plan till they get punched (or
                in this case, shot) in the mouth, sure seems to apply.
                Looks like it will be down to individual survival, after
                most of the guns have have been rounded up and the collaps has begun in earnest. Bear in mind that help
                rarely ever comes from the top, down and trickle down
                economics looks like Calvin (from Calvin & Hobbes) representing a banker, pissing on the masses.

      76. Here are some random facts on Dianne Feinstein and some other Jewish gun-grabbers in Congress:

        “U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat from California, reported a net worth of between $46 million and $108.1 million in 2010, according to financial disclosures.”

        “Unfortunately most states – especially those called Blue States due to their Liberal-leanings – continue to prohibit private citizens from carrying concealed handguns.

        “Outspoken opponents of gun ownership, such as Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Diane Feinstein (D-CA),[carry] concealed weapons. Not only does Schumer carry a handgun, the New York City Police Department also provides armed escorts for the good senator. In fact, the Government Accounting Office — the investigative arm of the US Congress — slammed Schumer’s use of police resources for personal protection. It’s clear that Schumer believes he’s special. He wishes to ban private citizens’ ownership of firearms, while he enjoys layers of protection. “No wonder Chuckie Schumer shoots his mouth off so much – he’s able to protect himself,” says a 25-year police veteran.”

        “Every so often a Jewish Elder or Jewish Adult will make a mark with the average JYA. Two such examples are the dynamic duo of Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, the twin Democratic Senators from California, and also both Hadassah members (allegedly)… Both are also known for their unwavering support for Israel, and have been given the esteemed title of “Good for the Jews” (as opposed to Bernie Madoff, who is “Bad for the Jews”).

        “There are some JYAs who devoutly follow the careers of both women, but most JYAs are supporters of DiFi and Babo simply because they like the concept of having a feisty Jewish Elder in the Capitol, putting the goyim in their place and making sure their staff all bring jackets in case it gets cold at night because you never know. For example, female JYA “Jessica” stated about Boxer “Oh my god! I love her! Wait, isn’t she like a mayor or something?”

        “Whether or not they agree with Feinstein or Boxer’s policy, and whether or not they even know what their policies actually are, JYAs are universally proud of their elder Jewish stateswomen. Even the most ardently right wing JYA will admit they are glad that two distinctive MOTs are representing in DC.”

      77. And now, Feinstein is having prayer before her press conferences, and said “the gun lobby is no match for the cross lobby.”

        What hypocrisy. Why doesn’t she just come out and say “Jesus wants you to turn in your guns.” Which, in case anyone isn’t familiar with Yeshua telling his disciples to take their swords with them, and if they don’t have one, sell their cloak to buy one.

        Why would he say that if it was a sin to use the most advanced personal weapon of the day to defend yourself? He wouldn’t, of course! Now they’re trying to shame Christians into thinking they’re somehow going against God if they own a gun. Only nominal Christians could fall for that. We know the truth!

        “cross lobby.” What hypocrisy! Until they bring home every soldier and weapon from every country they’re stationed in, fire their bodyguards and turn their OWN guns in, they need to SHUT UP.


          • Zhirinovsky admits Jewish roots, and he’s her cousin.

            Russia’s flamboyant ultra-nationalist, Vladimir Zhirinovsky – a notorious anti-Semite – has stopped denying that his father was a Jew.

            Mr Zhirinovsky always denied, or glossed over, his father’s Jewishness – even after a reporter found dug up documents in 1994 that showed his family name was Eidelshtein until he changed it at the age of 18.

            Why should I reject Russian blood, Russian culture, Russian land, and fall in love with the Jewish people?

            Vladimir Zhirinovsky
            “My father was a Jew, a Polish Jew,” he says in a new book published this week.

            “His name was Volf Isaakovich Eidelshtein.”

            He has at various times accused Jews of:
            Bringing Russia to ruin
            Sending Russian women abroad as prostitutes
            Selling healthy children and transplant organs to the West
            Provoking the Holocaust.

            This year he refused to honour a moment’s silence for the Nazis’ Jewish victims in the Russian parliament, on the grounds that to do so would be an insult to the millions of Russian victims of the Second World War.


            • Now that is what ya call an Good Honest jewish man!..Too bad so few exist.

      78. The killings are avoidable. So many innocent children.


        Wrong thread but abortion kills more.

        • So what? I don’t like most of them anyway, If there is one thing we have to many of it’s people.

      79. Direct link: Only 2 days after entering Havana, Castro started gun confiscation. Within days of taking all the guns, the executions began. Half of my wife’s family, including father and uncle, were lost to those butchers! Never give up your weapons under any circumstances! Braveheart

        • Braveheart: did the wife mention Who taught communisim to castro?….I doubt he thought it up on his own eh.

          Did your wife ever mention any tribe infouences? Or did she just assume it was white russians who are like white americans but speak russian?

          Thats what we was led to think till recent times. That russians was white folks but speak russian and are kommies!

          They never told us about the Hundreds of Millions, kommie bolshevik jews killed off of Our white ancestors eh!

          I’d likly have at least another 1000 relatives here in usa if they weren’t murdered by russian and polish jewery kommies. Evil pure EVIL!

      80. Ill never submit to registering anything, and I will kill whomever shows up to enforce this fucked up bullshit.

      81. Feinstein, Boxer, Schumer, Bloomberg, George Soros, true name is György Schwartz,Rahm Israel Emmanuel, Mayor of Chicago, and the ADL of B’nai B’rith, all want you disarmed? Wondering why? Well look back to what happened when the Bolsheviks disarmed the White Russians and then slaughtered TWENTY MILLION OF THEM, according to Kruschev.

        Make sure you JOIN NOW:

        As Mac has shown over the last year the DHS has bought over 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammo as have other Federal agencies. Just think of the same crowd that did in the Czar and his family, butchered them, and then think of the crowd that now owns Hollywood and DC.

      82. A little off, topic forgive me. Dont forget to have some form of communication. HF ham radio and learn about its basic functions. They arent that expensive and will be a real comfort if the internet, cell phones, etc should become unavailable. Imagine if a SHTF situation hits and you have no way of knowing what is being said about the events around the world.

      83. If you’ll haven’t seen the video- “Founding Fathers Battle Gun Grabbers From the Grave” (at,please do so!! Everyone in the U.S. needs to see it! It’s the best video I’ve seen yet on this subject (next to Alex Jones frying Pierce Morgan).

      84. dont care what this individual rep of questionable electability in ca. has 2 say. my law and guidance is provided by the bill of rights. i can defend myself via any means necessary. f u loser. molon labe

      85. Personally dont care if they were just banning sharp sticks belonging to the neighbor kid…I would support his righthave a sharp stick….this is America,and this issue is not open for discussion,we have weapons and the God given constitutionally endorsed right to keep/carry/possess/use said weapons…wish it hadnt come to this but Ive been seeing it come for decades and wont be capitulating at this stage in the journey…

      86. Why ban the folding stock Mini 14 and not the Ranch version? My Mini 14 ranch can spit lead as fast as her M-14 20CF

        • It’s all about perception

      87. Too many lives they’ve spent across the ocean
        Too much money been spent upon the moon
        Well, until they make it right
        I hope they never sleep at night
        They better make some changes
        And do it soon

        Well, they’re goin ruin the air we breathe
        Lord have mercy
        They’re gonna ruin us all, by and by
        I’m telling all you beware
        I don’t think they really care
        I think they just sit up there
        And just get high

        • Game on people..wake up!

      88. they cant stop those guns cos they are the most popular and i will fight them to the death to keep my guns.

      89. Set down with yourself and talk, what will I do, what is expected of me, can I leave my family if I have to, are they prepared, there are so many question you have to ask yourself, again WHAT WILL I DO.

        The time will be upon us before we know it, when we’ll have to do something, and we all know what that is.

        In all seriousness prepare your mind, body, and mainly your soul.

        Stand tall PATRIOTS and protect our FREEDOM. When it is all over, WHISKEY for my MEN, BEER for my HORSES. (Jack straight up)

        Pale Rider

      90. Slingshot, I’m glad to hear that. Yes, we will have to outthink and outsmart them; just like you, I’m too old for running, especially trying to outrun anyone. I’ve had my share of ‘close calls’, too. I don’t know for sure how long I’ll last in the post-SHTF era but I will hold out as long as I can. It’s always possible I could be ‘taken out’ before my supplies run out, but before i leave this earth, I’ll take out as many scum as I can. I’ve always suspected I’ll have to do that anyway in post-SHTF just to survive. Live free or die! Braveheart

      91. Totally off topic.

        I had an opportunity meet and conduct business with a true patriot. She had an excellent working knowledge of the government and the problems we now face as a society. She opted for self employment in an effort to avoid dealing with the scum of society.

        She recently purchased 40 does,4 bucks and few bunnies of various ages; that is with the aid of her partner of the same age.

        She has been self employed since she was 12 and is now the ripe old age of 14.

        What a great kid, there is hope for our future!!!!

      92. I think at this time it doesn’t really matter.
        They can list every firearm ever manufactured by man, from A to Z.

      93. The difference between a free man and a slave is the ability to say NO.

        • I would rephrase that. I would make it the POWER to say no.

      94. @Everybody. YOU MUST SEE THIS! I found a picture of Medusa, the one that turns people to stone by looking at IT. This is feinsteinless, it is weird, the resemblance is uncanny. Please check out this monster, both of them. 😉

      95. Let the bans begin!! Who’s going to volunteer to confiscate them??

      96. I fear this is the last go around for getting your 2nd amendment right before something decides to make it impossible. Get it while you can.

        • I think so too. something is comming. this has never happened ever in gun sales since the early 1900’s. think about this. This is no joke people. they are comming hard at us and if we didnt have the house we would be in a civil war and riot USA right now like no other!!

      97. time for a very tall tree and a very short rope…on second thought, we’re gonna need a lot of fucking trees and a shitload of rope

      98. Waiting for the Barbarians The Canon
        (C.P. Cavafy, Collected Poems. Translated by Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard. Edited by George Savidis. Revised Edition. Princeton University Press, 1992)

        What are we waiting for, assembled in the forum?

        The barbarians are due here today.

        Why isn’t anything happening in the senate?
        Why do the senators sit there without legislating?

        Because the barbarians are coming today.
        What laws can the senators make now?
        Once the barbarians are here, they’ll do the legislating.

        Why did our emperor get up so early,
        and why is he sitting at the city’s main gate
        on his throne, in state, wearing the crown?

        Because the barbarians are coming today
        and the emperor is waiting to receive their leader.
        He has even prepared a scroll to give him,
        replete with titles, with imposing names.

        Why have our two consuls and praetors come out today
        wearing their embroidered, their scarlet togas?
        Why have they put on bracelets with so many amethysts,
        and rings sparkling with magnificent emeralds?
        Why are they carrying elegant canes
        beautifully worked in silver and gold?

        Because the barbarians are coming today
        and things like that dazzle the barbarians.

        Why don’t our distinguished orators come forward as usual
        to make their speeches, say what they have to say?

        Because the barbarians are coming today
        and they’re bored by rhetoric and public speaking.

        Why this sudden restlessness, this confusion?
        (How serious people’s faces have become.)
        Why are the streets and squares emptying so rapidly,
        everyone going home so lost in thought?

        Because night has fallen and the barbarians have not come.
        And some who have just returned from the border say
        there are no barbarians any longer.

        And now, what’s going to happen to us without barbarians?
        They were, those people, a kind of solution.

      99. Daisy BB guns and sling shots are next on the old hags’ list.

      100. Sh_t IS Coming
        You will need more than guns & bullits

      101. That ‘ban’ list looks suspiciously like a photo copy of my Christmas wish list. Talk about a coincidence! What are the odds?…

      102. The majority of the citizens of the United States of America believe in and support freedom. Communism is our enemy. Registration equals communism.

        • Bullshit. The majority of Americans love socialism.

      103. Pale Rider, thank you for the tip. i heard it as second-hand info from a co-worker and just wanted some verification. Braveheart

      104. The real solution is simply stop working. Go on general strike. The bond markets would either consume the state with high interest rates or the Fed would ignite an massive collapse trying to print enough money to buy all the federal debt issued each month.

        Not that many people actually pay the way. It would not take long.

        Otherwise, take a look at the worst “hood” in your town. That is all the Democrats think the people need, and that is your future.

      105. Y’know, the silver lining in all this is that Americans may become more familiar with the management of the clip-loaded bolt-action rifle, which was the original mission of the NRA. Ever watch a trained hand fire a British Enfield SMLE? In the old days British troops were trained to put 40 aimed shots on a 1-foot target at 200 yards in one minute. And most trainees were able to pass the test. The secrets, if there are any, are the stripper clip and the manipulation of the bolt with thumb and forefinger while triggering with the ring finger or the pinky.

      106. Thanks Mall Ninjas. Your desire for black rifles with all the trimmings has ruined it for decent folk who want to protect themselves. Still, gun grabbers suck more

      107. Everyone:

        I see some rejoicing that, “My gun is not in the bill”. The reality is the full text is not posted yet on The GPO does not have the text yet. The Bill Number is S.150. This bill first names “bad” guns then gets descriptive regarding “bad guns” not named. I have yet to see that unedited wording.

        The devil will be in the details.

        Whoever gets the full and complete text please post a link ASAP.

        • @ Kevin2

          I have notice the rejoicing too. As I said before. Many are looking for a way out. Have no doubt that if they are successful in getting our military style weapons, the hunting and sport models are next.

          • It will be all semi-autos in the near future, you can guarantee that. Then it will be other repeaters like lever action and pump, you can guarantee that too. If we do not resist and defeat this now, we will be lucky to have single shot .22’s.

          • Slingshot

            That’s a given. One need only to open the United Kingdom / Australia playbook to see what’s next.

            The optically sighted bolt action hunting rifle becomes a “sniper weapon” after some out of nowhere very high profile crazy man shootings like Charles Whitman in Texas. The friends of animals chime in about it’s incredible range and therefore it’s inherent non sporting nature. A few bow hunters and black powder hunters get interviewed that support such a ban with the media claiming most hunters agree such weapons need to be controlled. TV show scripts (such as Grey’s Anatomy) will feature a two part show dramatizing the above and the public will be walking around looking at windows and rooftops fearing for their safety. Here lay the set up.

            A bill written months if not years before is submitted ASAP.

        • First they came for the AKs and I didnt have an AK so I didnt speak up…

        • Amazingly (not not so amazingly) there is no hue and cry over the 400+HP “Assault Car” rapidly cruising our streets capable of exceeding the speed limit by 2x. I have no hard facts but if rifles of all types murder less than 350 people per year and the “assault rifle” is a sub sect of that I think the “Assault Car” kills more people per year above and beyond the operator of the vehicle. Given enough money a juvenile can legally drive one on roads shared by you and I. Why does anyone NEED such a vehicle? You don’t NEED one for any legal activities that could be accomplished with a more environmentally friendly and safer non “Assault Car”.

          All one needs are eyes or ears with the intent to link the messages into the brain to see that the gun bans have zero to do with public safety.

      108. Everyone must start getting together and really discuss what is happening. Look at NY, they passed a law on what size a soft drink can be. WTF . Can this be happening to us, are we going to just stand by and watch them inflict dumb law after dumb law upon us. Please stop this madness. Start talking to your family and friends, don’t let this happen to us. Why are we afraid to stand up to this. Help me find the courage to stand up to this. Help.

      109. Funny, it seems that the Feinsteins, Schumers, Bloombergs, et al don’t have a problem with ex-Brooklynites running around the West Bank carrying Uzis. Could it be….?

      110. They can have my guns, one 55Gr piece at a time..


        • You mean the fictional book patriots? Wonder if he’s seen combat? Loved the book but its fictional.

      112. Time for a revolution. Lets get our country back to the way it use to be with freedom, liberty, and justice. This is what our father’s of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence would want. Time to act now…..

        • While I agree we’re headed down a bad road the romantic era of Freedom, Liberty and Justice is a myth. The fight for Freedom has been continuous. I’m a Libertarian not a conservative or liberal. Minorities especially in the Southern States were terrorized and received no, “Equal Protection Under The Law” until maybe starting 45 years ago (and that is debatable).

          What is bothering many now is the treatment the minorities had is now being applied to a much wider segment of society. Make no mistake the Power Elite have a vested interest in maintaining a wedge between as many groups as they can.

      113. looks like govt. will have to expand their prison system b/c a whole lotta folks aren’t going to comply.

      114. Pardon my French but FUCK these treasonist bastards , FUCK them ! Who in the HELL do they think they are ? The shits about to hit the fan , for real !

        • Julie,

          OMG right on girl,who the hell do they think they are. My g/f thinks I’m nuts. But oh well it is what it is, LOL where are all the ladies like you?


      115. Etu Mackus,

        Now even YOU are playing their game by using terms that dont exist. A “semi-automatic assault rifle” you say??? Jesus H Kayriest!! Words mean something. Just as there is mo such thing as an ASSAULT WEAPON there is no such thing as a semi-automatic assault RIFLE. Look up the term. I am sick of both sides being ignorant assholes spouting bullshit terms that dont mean a god damn thing to make their point.

        You wanna write and be taken seriously – understand and use proper terminology for the REPUBLICS sake!!!!!

      116. If we all stock up on everything and then we all quit or walk out from our jobs and occupations at the same time, and the taxes from the producers stopped coming in to feed their socialistically excuse for a tyrannical machine, it would all stop really quick, wouldn’t it?

        At least it would remind them who they get their wealth and power from.

        The Poles did it led by Lech Walesa and his solidarity movement. Are we so comfortable and unwilling to sacrifice that we would rather serve on our knees than show defiance standing on out feet proudly tall?

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