The Bad News: A Recession is Coming; The Good News: You Have Time To Prepare

by | Apr 29, 2019 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    The bad news is that a recession is most definitely coming, and likely to be global, as the “everything bubble” cannot continue to inflate forever without consequences.  However, the good news is that you have time to prepare yourself for the financial collapse.

    Big insurance companies are joining others in saying we are going to experience a recession.  But they also claim we have one year or so before it really gets ugly, so the time to prepare is now, according to a report by Barron’s. The survey, which assessed the opinion from 307 insurance company investment chiefs and finance heads, responsible for $13 trillion, found that 35% cited an economic slowdown and a United States recession as their top worry, up from 24% last year.

    And their fears are not unfounded. Earlier this month, amid signs of a slowing global economy, the International Monetary Fund downgraded its 2019 forecasts. Insurance companies said growth concerns are the highest risk to their investment portfolios, according to the annual survey of their views from Goldman Sachs’ asset management division.

    “Insurers predict a US recession is coming, just not this year,” said Michael Siegel, head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s business running money for insurers, according to Barron’s. “As a result, they are continuing to commit capital but are more selective in the risks they are taking.”

    A whopping 82% of those surveyed, said they expected this economic downturn to happen in either 2020 or 2021, and a U.S. recession is “not a 2019 event”, Goldman said, with only 2% of its respondents predicting economic reversal for this year. Based on the fact that 2020 is an election year, the recession could very well be pushed into 2021, giving those still unprepared a chance to get their finances together before that time.

    There is honestly very little any of us can do, unfortunately.  Voting won’t help as cutting government spending isn’t the way to get oneself elected as a political overlord. As Michael Snyder pointed out recently on The Economic Collapse Blog, individually, there is very little that we can do about our national debt, state and local government debt or corporate debt.  We can try to vote people into office that want to do the right thing, but unfortunately, fiscal responsibility and financial reform are not hot button political issues right now.

    Snyder added that what we can do is get our own financial houses in order.  Now is not the time to take on more debt, and paying off any debt that you have already accumulated would be a very good thing when the debt-based economy comes crashing down around us.

    Although it may seem like a difficult task to undertake, the paying off of debt and choosing to no longer rely on credit, it can be done.  A great resource is Dave Ramsey’s “The Total Money Makeover.”  This book is a sort of easy to follow pseudo-tutorial of how to work your way toward financial freedom and personal wealth.

    The best time to prepare for the inevitable debt-based system’s collapse is before it actually happens.  There may be adequate warnings this time, and we know that those who are prepared have a much better chance of making it through a recession unscathed than those who do not.


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      1. So Mac is this the same recession as the one you wrote about last week or the week before that or the week before that …………………………… it never ends. Yes there is a recession on the horizon. There always is. And the sun will set and the sun will rise. But will it be a super extreme recession or just a recession or who the hell knows. Just more endless doomer porn. Even a stopped clock is write twice a day. So sooner or later you will be right then you will claim see I predicted this. SMH

      2. Yeah, there’s still time to prep. I will say though having been through the steps, purchases, training, gathering of what I have chosen as my plan…. it’s a lot to do. Costly, not a guarantee one that it’ll be enough and tooks time. Years actually. I laud anyone who decides to give it a try and become as personally responsible as possible. But I caution that to do it right…. whatever that may mean to any individual … is not something that can be done overnight. The learning, practice and real-world experiences needed alone … well, should’ve been done decades ago.

        • People I know who prepped for y2k (wasted lots money) ain’t doing it now except for short term weather issues like hurricane last fall. We tossed or donated much and took a loss. Get money out of stock market, go for tax free bonds with good ratings (Edward Jones or Raymond James). Sell or donate unneeded stuff that is useless now. (Old sporting gear, camping, etc)

      3. The Recession IS coming, and it would have manifested long ago except for the TRUMP TAX policy which allowed an immediate write off for new plant & equipment.

        Current 3.2% GDP is driven by business expansion (investment) and does not necessarily reflect additional consumer spending.

        Couple that with the SUPPRESSION of the American economy, workforce and small businesses under Bush & Obama through over regulation for the previous 16 plus years and it amplifies the unleashing of the American economy ….. beginning with the oil & gas industry.

        The stimulus to the energy sector has trickled through the economy generating income & demand for new capital equipment.

        It’s all good. 🙂

      4. Heck a Recession is a new normal. Inflation keeps stealing the value of our income even in a recession. I want a full blown 1930’s style depression to kick inflations butt!

      5. Hello all ,

        I am finding this no different except that it’s annoying . Successful in personal endeavors , peeved but spending
        remaining days getting ready for the big one .

        Good Luck Everyone

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