The Apocalypse Has Been Rescheduled According To Numerologist

by | Sep 25, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 43 comments

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    Apocalyptic space scene with two colliding planets.

    The world didn’t end on September 23, as previously prophecized, but that doesn’t mean we are in the clear yet. David Meade, the original numerologist who claimed Nibiru smashing into the earth would end humanity on Saturday has recalculated the world’s end date.

    Christian numerologist David Meade predicted September 23 as the date a mysterious Planet X, also known as Nibiru, would collide with Earth.  Meade based his prediction largely on verses and numerical codes in the Bible and the numerical symbology in the pyramids in Egypt. However, as the day approached, Meade backed off on the prediction and said he was misunderstood and Nibiru wasn’t supposed to destroy the earth in September.

    NASA declared on its website last week that the Planet X theory was a hoax and astronomers still deny the existence of a rogue planet that could interact with or crash into the earth. “Various people are ‘predicting’ that (the) world will end September 23 when another planet collides with Earth,” NASA said. “The planet in question, Niburu, doesn’t exist, so there will be no collision.”


    Numerologist David Meade

    Fox 13 Salt Lake City reported that Meade was actually expecting “nothing to happen in September.” According to The Washington Post, Meade says September 23 was foretold in the Bible’s Book of Revelation as the day a series of catastrophic events will begin. Meade went on to clarify that October will be the month of “action” and “seven years” of war and disaster will begin October 21.

    “It is possible at the end of October we may be about to enter into the seven-year Tribulation period, to be followed by a Millennium of peace,” Meade was quoted as saying by the Sunday Express. The tribulation refers to a seven-year period of pain and anguish for humanity. A series of major earthquakes around the globe as well as catastrophic storms such as hurricanes Harvey and Irma which have impacted the United States has led some Christians to say that these are the “signs” pointed out in the Bible.

    Meade adds that while the planet will not be destroyed, “the world as you know it will end.” According to The Sunday Express, Meade said “When Nibiru is on close approach to Earth sometime during the Tribulation, you’ll have solar flares and a possible loss of the electrical grid for weeks, maybe longer. However, that’s the main risk I see right now because, as I’ve stated in my book, right after the initial solar flare risk I see the Rapture of the true Church.”

    But not all Christians agree with Meade’s interpretation of the Biblical events. In Mark 13:32, it says: “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”


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      1. fucking crook

        • yeah fuk all the false prophets, elijah beheaded false prophets, maybe that is the answer to the fake shit

        • Hahahahahahaha… Any rational thinking person would already know the Apocalypse is already underway…..

      2. Hell yeh! We got a stay of execution for at least another month. Party!

        • Ah yes…..”date setters”.

          I wonder what part of “no man knows the day or hour” does this guy not understand?

          • Anon5, he doesn’t understand any of it.

            • It’s all about the money, another con artist selling heaven by the acre!

          • Niburu has been hiding under my bed this week. I was finally able to coax him out of my closet, but then he scampered from there to under my bed after he ran off after his Mayan calendar no-show.

      3. this is the numbers he is predicting $$$$$$$$$$$$$

      4. Well, more and more is already happening – MORE quakes in Mexico, volcano in Indonesia ready to blow (50,000 being evacuated), X-class solar flares on the Sun (Sept 06, 2017, at 8:02 a.m. EDT (1202 GMT), by an X9.3 flare…) luckily NOT directed towards the Earth.

        Had another BIG quake last week near Fukashima.

        Hey anyone see the report of STRANGE LIGHTS near L.A. again? Last time it was like 1 – 2 days later the Mexico quake, and a little rumble in L.A.

        All reasons why we prep.

        That, and Antifa has a video out calling for cilal war to begin in November.

        • Yohan, some more date-setters just got egg on their faces. Nothing unusual there. So antifa wants to have a civil war in Nov.? Let them bring it. They’ll get their clocks cleaned.

        • Now who in their right mind begins a war at the beginning of winter?

          oh, wait, I answered my own question.

      5. Hey Antifa…..

        Bring it.

        You have no idea what a big steamy pile you are stepping into.

        (You are going to need body bags..for you…not the rest of us.)

        • Anon5, they need to be careful what they wish for. Let them make the first move and they’ll get their wish.

      6. The idea of a “Christian numerologist” amuses me.

      7. Who believes anything NASA has to say? Just a bottomless blackhole ripoff moneypit of BS.

      8. If I ready my Bible correctly it tells me we will not know the day or the hour. So why bother listening to men. Be prepared for the earthly things you would like to live through and don’t worry about things you couldn’t possibly prep for.

        • Patriot, you are DEAD WRONG, the date is well known and so are the events!
          The problem is that most people (99.999%), are too lazy to look for it.
          The date has been known for 1000’s of years!
          It’s ‘built-in’ into the pyramid of Giza! And that is only one out of hundreds of “indicators”.
          All of them in plain sight, all of them public.
          The Da Vinci code… sounds familiar? The exact glass replica of Giza pyramid in the Louvre museum is there for something.
          Unfortunately for most people it is just another stupid decision made by french officials.

          • You seriously can’t be serious, can you, Bobane? Really, the utterly discredited DaVinci Code??? Really???? You seriously bought into that scam by Dan Brown???

          • The Louvre museum has an inverted glass pyramid under the the bigger one that is above ground, suggesting that the Giza pyramid is one giant glass sand-timer built to withstand thousands of years of passage of time.
            In other words, our expiration date is DAMN REAL and is damn close.
            The only way the builders could “see” the future was by calculating how many earth years it would take for a super Nova wave (or similar) to hit us. Obviously, the technology required was beyond our capabilities.
            This is only my opinion/conclusion and as such take it with high degree of scepticism.

          • “The Da Vinci Code” is fiction. It even says so at the beginning. It’s mostly based on “Holy Blood, Holy Grail,” which is also full of inaccuracies, even though it claims to be fact. I have research the genealogies in that book and found many problems.

            Da Vinci was an interesting book and an entertaining movie, but that’s all it was.

      9. I seen a video of some NASA Public relations tourist guides telling the crowd about the problems of the van allen belts and how it would effect spaceships computers ect. They talked about the challenges of solvint those problems. When Asked about the Apollo missions. That tour guide stammered We had solved that in 69 bet we have lost that technology and now have to redevelope it. And one other thing the ambient heat in space beyond our atmosphere when in the sunlight is higher than the melting point of the materials the lunar lander was supposively made of. NASA are big liars. They never made it into outer space let alone to the moon. Forget Nibiru. The magnetic pole shifting is real enough and its happening at this very moment.

        • Grandad was a rocket engineer in the 50’s and 60’s. One of his many patents was for a steam engine generator that circulated anhydrous ammonia through two plates, one facing the sun and the other facing away, to generate power for early satellites. Soon after solar cells were invented that replaced his tech.

          To keep satellites from being damaged by the heat of the sun or the cold of space on the shady side, they just had the satellite spin. Just like you can move your finger through the flame of a candle unhurt, satellites including the lunar lander did just fine.

          By gold plating most components they got just the right reflectively to maintain the internal temperature of satellites to an average 70 degrees F. They often install a small solar heat collecting panel on satellites with an adjustable reflective shutter so they can finely control internal temperature when needed. It can radiate heat when it’s in a shadow, or absorb heat if it’s on the sunny side.

          As far as radiation problems, many astronauts died young from cancer, even with the government giving them special lifetime healthcare watching for radiation induced health issues. I have a distant relative that was a Shuttle payload specialist who was on numerous missions, he is battling radiation induced cancer now, decades later.

        • The magnetic pole shift will have no observable effects, unless you’re looking at a magnetic compass.

      10. We call these blokes WANKERS!

      11. Not that I am disagreeing with everyone’s assessment of this guy, he should not be setting dates, but I would like to point out something everyone seems to not be aware of. When Jesus said, ” No man knows the day or the hour” it was a reference to the Feast of Trumpets, when the new day is not declared until the Levitical priesthood sights the new moon. And also Jesus had not ascended to the Father yet. But he was talking about his return, not the rapture. With that being said things started popping like crazy on Sept 23rd multiple EQ’s on the ring of fire and popactapetl volcanoe erupting 3 times and numerous other geological disturbances. I believe that the alignment was a sign saying things are starting and are going to kick in to high gear now. What everyone should be doing is seeking God amd preparing as best they can. Edify one another, don’t argue and tear each other down, the more positive you can be and place your faith in the grace of God the better your world will be.

      12. “the world as you know it will end.”

        Already did. It happened in 2008 on Nov 4.

      13. This guy can predict the end but bible says no man knows the day it will end. We just know we are in the end times. Till that day cums keep working and making $ keep debt free and keep your powder dry the world will turn.

      14. If this guy predicted this a month earlier, he would have looked like a genius. Four Hurricanes, earthquakes and lead up to war…. maybe he was late. All I know for sure is the whole world is in full meltdown mode, leading the way is our certifiable liberals. Who thinks they are ready for what is coming down the track?

      15. “It’s nerve wracking to live in the historical moment of an epic turning point, especially when the great groaning garbage barge of late industrial civilization doesn’t turn quickly when you know it must, and you are left feeling naked and ashamed with your dark worldview, your careful preparations for a difficult future, and your scornful or twittering relatives reminding you each day what a ninny you are to worry about the tending of events. Persevere. There are worse things in this life than not being right exactly on schedule.”

        James Howard Kunstler

      16. Rescheduled. October. Month of disaster. Got it. Mark the calendar.

        • I have said in the past that October is a favorite month for stock market collapses.

          And they might be having it two years later than 2015 just to make Jonathan Cahn look bad.

          • October is the choice month for market crashes. Likely it has to do with third quarter results and financial reporting.

            Interestingly Sept 23 is the favorite day for Hollywood end of the world movie predictions. People without realizing it have heard dire warnings about Sept 23 their whole life, in books and on the screen. On a subliminal level it does affect us without us realizing it.

      17. The physical world will never end, but the world as we know it will end. Humans will become extinct just like the dinosaurs, cave men etc. etc. Our world will end as soon as the government is successful at making every woman on the planet sterile. Once all women are sterile, that’s when population control will be completed. The government has an agenda that it has to keep pushing in order to keep control over the world. There’s 7 billion & counting people on the planet & the quicker they can get that number down, the better off they feel like they will be. They’re dumbing down the younger generation (electronic devices, not teaching them anything of relevance in school, ignorance on t.v, poison in the food/water, music etc. etc.) so that it’ll be much easier to control them….they’ll be so far gone that they won’t even know that they’re being controlled. ? All of this “end of the world” talk is just another one of their scare tactics, don’t believe the hype & please do not live your life in fear. Stay woke & please stay vigilant!! ?

      18. I think its a exciting time to be alive on the planet. Its a end of an age. Possibly a shift from a third dimension reality into a fourth dimension reality. There are spectacular earth change events occurring. Man didn’t cause it. Its not Gods hand punishing man for sins. Its a magnetic pole shift and maybe a complete reversal of the poles. Nothing anyone can do to prevent it. Just as well embrace the new adventure. I suppose its all about additude.

        • Its going to be interesting but I don’t know about exciting. I don’t feel that I’ll get that “Chris Matthews thrill” running up my leg.

        • OG says, “Man didn’t cause it. Its not Gods hand punishing man for sins.”

          Solomon said, “For three things the earth is disquieted, and for four which it cannot bear…”

          (Repeated for emphasis.)

          “For three things the earth is *disquieted, and for four *which it cannot bear…”

          “… For a servant when he reigneth; and a fool when he is filled with meat; For an odious woman when she is married; and an handmaid that is heir to her mistress.”
          — from Proverbs 30

          I guess, these fall under the heading of affirmative action.

          Biblical dictators, like pharaohs and Nebuchadnezzar, would have imprisoned a doomsdayer, inciting the people to panic.

          If accurate, he would have been treated lavishly.

          What is fair.

      19. As soon as they drag up the “Bible Chewing Lieories” Im gone…..sssswish!

      20. Listen to ANY Prophets.

        First Mistake.

        Attempt to interpret or misinterpret Biblical prophecy for your own use..

        2nd mistake.

        Can’t fix dumbass, surely cannot fix con man dumbass.

        • But another thought, Why if God is so perfect did he create such f**ked up Whoreshippers? You’d think a perfect God would make perfect idolizers.

          Why would a perfect god make such f**ed up whoreshippers that he to he rules over and punishes for being imperfect and unable to conform to his “laws”. This is building an ant farm to burn it down.. talk about long form passive aggressiveness feminist ideology exhibited by a supposedly masculine GOD.

          Why would a perfect GOD NEED TO CREATE WHORESHIPPERS to start with? It is clearly indicative of serious narcissism issues and motivations.

      21. Sorry but all doom is cancelled.
        Besides, the apocalypse means ‘the revealing’, I guess they ment ‘Armageddon’.
        We ARE in the times of revealing so yes, the apocalypse is in effect.
        If Armageddon comes, that is yet to be seen but Niburu is a fantasy, a hoax, a figment of the imagination.

      22. Bull shit Bull Shit hurry up God Dam it Let’s Git on With it

      23. If you’re using numerology and other bullshit…that’s not exactly Christian

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