The American People Are The Number One Target: “They Are Tightening The Screws”

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    A little more than a week ago it was announced that Whole Foods was bought by for just under $14 billion.  One of the major problems with this is that Jeff Bezos, the head of Amazon has deep ties with the CIA and the Federal government.  Wal-Mart being fully in the government’s pocket and now Whole Foods brought under thumb as well, how much longer before Kissinger’s “Food as a Weapon” principle is brought to bear?  A good article was just released by Jon Rappaport entitled Buy your food from the CIA: Amazon buys Whole Foods, that is worth reading.

    As if that connection is not nefarious enough, there is more: it appears a new cloud technology is being produced for the CIA from…you guessed it…none other than the CIA, as is excerpted here:

    The intelligence community is about to get the equivalent of an adrenaline shot to the chest. This summer, a $600 million computing cloud developed by Amazon Web Services for the Central Intelligence Agency over the past year will begin servicing all 17 agencies that make up the intelligence community. If the technology plays out as officials envision, it will usher in a new era of cooperation and coordination, allowing agencies to share information and services much more easily and avoid the kind of intelligence gaps that preceded the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

    “The Details About the CIA’s Deal with Amazon,”    6/17/17

    Guess the data center that ran taxpayers billions that is in Utah is not enough, nor the fusion centers in every state.  Did you like “…a new era of cooperation and coordination…” between the friendly agencies?  And all to “avoid intelligence gaps,” just for your protection, right?


    They are tightening the screws, little by little, while they refine all the control mechanisms and place that security web over their number one target: the American people.  They are taking control of the food supply incrementally.  Water?  Yes, here in Montana, the state just sent out a form for property owners to declare their water rights…as the CKST (Confederated Kootenai &Salish Tribes) Water Compact was passed into law in Montana in 2014.  Actions will be taken within the next two years.

    As enumerated in other articles, Montana kicked in $3 million after the liberals in the state House and Senate, as well as the liberal governor, Bullock (D, MT) signed the water compact into law.  The shortfall is $8 million, as the total state commitment was $11 million.  They are just waiting for the Senate to ratify this as a Federal treaty, and then they can (ostensibly on “behalf” of the Indian Tribes) place meters on everyone’s wells…off of the reservation…and “manage” the water on behalf of the Indian Tribes…enforced by DHS.

    This is a small slice of the country as a whole.  They are following full speed ahead with the Agenda 21 Directive to take over everyone’s food, water, land…everything.  A war will surely enable them to throw the Executive Order 13603 into action to confiscate and control every resource in the United States, including human labor…slave labor, to be precise.  Incrementally they place these laws into effect, and the stultified public, thinking only of the next barbeque and fireworks party is dumbed down into inactivity.

    There’s enough going on in the international arena that is capturing everyone’s attention, such as North Korea’s missile tests and threats, China’s aggressive South China Sea/Senkaku islands maneuvering, and the Syrian debacle unfolding with the U.S. ratcheting up the tough-talk of blaming Russia and Iran for any “Syrian chemical attack” that comes along.  Russia also just deployed a new satellite, and there is the possibility that in a televised broadcast, he sent out a message to “sleeper” agent in the West.  See the article by Stefan Stanford entitled Vladimir Putin sends message to ‘Russian Sleeper Agents’ in West as Russia Launches Top Secret Military Satellite.

    “Hammer and Anvil” usually refers to a military maneuver to crush an enemy force between two friendly elements.  This maneuver is being employed here and now, as well: either crush the United States and enslave its people domestically, with an economic collapse or civil war, or just initiate a war with another country and enslave the citizenry afterward.  Either way, they are pushing their agenda forward each day.  It is just a matter of time to find out which of the two vehicles…international war or domestic tyranny…that they will employ to obtain their globalist and totalitarian objectives.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. They are going to take our food and water? This the same they that cannot deliver the mail, secure our borders, keep the “Russians” from running our elections, pass a budget in at least three states? Or is this the THEY that cannot win a war with any raghead anywhere, manage to see a 700 foot long ship with a billion dollars worth of ship with the worlds best radar? Which exact they are we talking about? Because if “They ” is “THEM” I’m about as worried about them as a bunch of giant ants.

        • well it’s DIFFERENT here, parannoyed….the gubmint is dealing with americans,…..and they aint too bright……so, yes, they get away with a LOT of sh*t.

          • J Johnson telling more lies again. BUSTED. You see JJ bought his Mt Cabin property with his 3 cats, did not know, or do his due diligence when buying the property as to who owned the water rights. Well the water rights belong to the Indian tribe. And these hicks come and squat on some land think they own every thing and drill a well, and come to find out that Jeremiah Johnson has been stealing water from the Indians and failed to compensate them for it after several years.

            So now he comes on here and whines he’s got to put a meter on his well, and to top it ,Blame the Indians and this is all Agenda 21. JJ, This has nothing to do with Agenda 21, it has to do with you as a water thief, got busted for stealing and now he is whining he has to put a meter on his well. LMFAO!!!

            I looked this case up and it is a Native Indian Water rights. They own it, and JJ doesn’t, and he comes here to Whine for his years of theft. Poor me, I’m a victim. No you are a Common Water Thief, and now you have to pay.

            Preppers This is a Teachable Moment: This is why you get a survey on all property you are buying and property description to know who owns what when you are buying that Mt Cabin or Remote BOL, Do you own the mineral rights? Do you homework. JJ failed to do this. Stop Whining about your water JJ. Pay the man!!! You are worse than the FAKE NEWS Networks!!

            • Interesting comments but do you have something credible to back up your comments, something we can link to?

              I’ve heard of other situations were there was boundary conflicts from people setting up on what was shown to be BLM land and the indians claiming it was their land…

              I know its not quite the same problem but boundary lines out in the sticks can be questionable…

              BTW I haven’t heard of what might have been the resolutions to these three problems I know about…

          • J Johnson did not spell his name right at the top. Fake Name, Fake News, Fake excuses.

            The Globalist today don’t know what to do. Nothing is working for them. All their scams, False flags are being discovered. They are fighting for survival. They are loosing trillions of dollars. Their wealth is all on Paper, which I said here before is mostly Fraud. They are propping up their illusion and nobody’s buying. Nobody believes CNN any more. The pedophiles will all be in prison soon.

            In fact we the Public are empowered and buying more guns and ammo at record paces month after month and the elitists are frightened to death. We can bring a fast war on them very quickly, and overthrow them. They are just people who bleed, just like you and I. Just find them.

            Want to find them, look for the biggest yacht the biggest houses and the biggest jets. They all have to land and take off sometime right?

            • MAC, Tess, JJ, Paranoid, BCD, WD, CSS, Test, DB, J, Eisen, All,JJs article is another good one and provides a lot of insight into how the Globalist/NWO/Moneychangers are weaving their web to control the whole world. Frighteningly, “Void where prohibited by law” says it all! Paranoid’s first comment gives

              us some hope, but…we all know it is not going to end well for a lot of people!

              There is a lot this community can learn from David Eubanks founder of the Free Burma Rangers and his team on surviving in war-torn, grid down, apocalyptic, TEOTWAKI, FUBAR conditions. He is the real deal. I am sure Jeremiah Johnson would feel at home with the guy as they both trained and worked for the same group.

              On June 29th, David Eubanks appeared on three different shows through Fox News. Below are the clips to those interviews. The next interview with Fox News will happen on Sunday morning, July 2, at 7:20am ET. Do not miss it!

              Segment from Fox and Friends:
              Segment from Happening Now:
              Segment from Risk and Reward of Fox Business:

              The FBR’s websight is:

              Good luck with the viewing, keep on with the preparing, prepping, and praying. We live in interesting times.

              May God bless and keep everyone of you, and this great country that we all love, called America!! Happy 4th of July! Independence Day!

              Louisiana Eagle

              • If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population.
                -Henry Kissinger, Former U.S. Secretary of State

                When we grow our own food, we know what has (or has not) been put into it – genetically modified, chemicals, etc.
                Also, food tastes so much better when it is fresh from the garden.

            • MAC, Tess, JJ, Paranoid, BCD, WD, CSS, Test, DB, J, K2, E, All,

              JJs article is another great one and provides a lot of insight into how the Globalist/NWO/Moneychangers are working and weaving their web to control the whole world. This is no longer just a conspiracy theory, but, a proven fact. As this growth and expansion of Amazon demonstrates, the efforts being made by the elite NWO to further consolidate centers of power for the sake of controlling a segment of the economy that we all depend on is truly terrifying! Frighteningly, “Void where prohibited by law” says it all! Paranoid’s first comment gives us some hope, but…we all know it is not going to end well for a lot of people! The American people are in a collision course with the NWO and as BCOD pointed out, many have no clue! They are clueless!

              There is a lot this community can learn from David Eubanks founder of the Free Burma Rangers and his team on surviving in war-torn, grid down, apocalyptic, TEOTWAKI, FUBAR conditions. He is the real deal. I am sure Jeremiah Johnson would feel at home with the guy as they both trained and worked for the same group.

              On June 29th, David Eubanks appeared on three different shows through Fox News. Below are the clips to those interviews. The next interview with Fox News will happen on Sunday morning, July 2, at 7:20am ET. Do not miss it!

              Segment from Fox and Friends:
              [embedyt] ht tp://
              Segment from Happening Now:
              [embedyt] ht tp://
              Segment from Risk and Reward of Fox Business:
              [embedyt] ht tp://
              The FBR’s websight is: ht tp://

              Good luck with the viewing, keep on with the preparing, prepping, and praying. We live in interesting times.
              May God bless and keep everyone of you, and this great country that we all love, called America!! Happy 4th of July! Independence Day!

              Louisiana Eagle
              PS: My first attempt at posting went into moderation because of the URLs. Get rid of the spacing in ht tp.

            • CrackSummSkulls, although i think you may be being a little rough on JJ, who makes some points, i dig your rants and where you’re coming from man. The globalists, well, we just need to exterminate them before they ruin this whole planet.

          • Buy your food from the CIA: Amazon buys Whole Foods

            I buy my crack cocaine from the CIA, so why not my food?

            • HA HA HA LOL!!!!

            • It use to be opium!

              • I’m killing whoever shows up at my home barking orders.

                • Remember that freedom is the ability to either surrender to or kill the motherfuckers when they come calling. There are things that are worth maybe dying for. Our children namely.

                  • And I don’t give a fuck what their law says

                    • Right on! They can suck the barrel of my piece.

                    • Yep. Pretty much sums it all up. Thought I was the only one who’s effin tired of all this shit and the boogeyman scare tactics. Things will truly change dramatically when the copper flies. Patience and Good Will has a limit. Others can only do to you what YOU CHOOSE to allow. ” But they’re gonna do this!, and they’re gonna do that!. They’re gonna take this! and gonna take that!” etc; and on and on and on…..

                      What’s it gonna be dumbasses?

          • McDonalds took our food away years ago and replaced it with clown ? food.

        • I FIGURED IT OUT! THEM is those smart German Bankers that had to be bailed out because they lent all their money to those super smart ITALIAN bankers who had to be bailed out because they lent all their money to those sneakey Greek bankers who last it all because they lent it all to the Crooked Goat herder. Yup, I better watch out. That Goat herder is still at large.

          • Paranoid gets 2 points for the bitch slap

          • OFF TOPIC: Anybody looking for good cheap power inverters, a spare backup inverter or to put into a faraday cage, check this out. $18.00 for a 400 watt continuous power Cobra Inverter.


            • I just bought 3 to put into my trash can “Faraday Cage”. They are perfect for running lights and notebooks/tablets.

              One main reason for people to be able to create their own power/energy is because of what the government did in Greece. They placed major new taxes on electricity and it showed up in your monthly bill. If you didn’t pay, they would cut your electricity off.

              If they try that with me, they get the middle finger. One of the major joys of being independent!

            • Thanks for the post. I bought one.

              Interesting that the 200 watt was $32.98 and the 800 watt was $54.99.

              Good deal for only $18 for 400 watts.

              • Don’t forget water power.

                The government in the US controls all waterways, so small scale private water power is forbidden. Should a total collapse occur, who’s watching the cookie jar?

                Look at any map. Bob’s mill, grist mill, anything mill on the map. It was likely the location of a turn of the century small water mill. Location location location. Wonderful thing is water power is often available 24/7. Solar not so much.

                There are great articles on line about making water power generators. In a total crash electricity is a salable commodity, if you can defend it.

                • Make sure that the “Whatever Mill” is a legacy location on the map. All kinds of places have sprung up in the last generation with the name “Mill(s)” associated with them that are not even close to natural water. Pure marketing trend…


              • 28 months off the grid here no electric bill or associated taxes. In my opinion Solar Electric is more important than water. You can get water many places. You just cant go out and buy a bottle of electricity. Get your electric set up before a well. My solar runs a fridge, lights, internet, power tools, fans, A/C, radios, and charges a cell phone. Without electricity you are pretty screwed. Especially with out refrigeration.

                Water I can buy it, borrow it, rain catch it, get from my fresh water lake then filter it. Water is everywhere I live. Electricity is not. I would put electricity right up there with shelter.

                • buy a bottle of electricity.

                  isn’t that called a battery?

                • Where might an interested party see your setup? Very interested in your storage arrangement. I make sense of everything else but when it comes to the storage requirements necessary to run all the electrical appliances you list I draw a blank (I actually have a small machine shop that could be useful in a grid down situation).

                  Call me silly but I envision a day when the batteries need to be replaced and civilization no longer has the ability to produce such technical marvels as batteries.

              • The Inverter for my solar is a 3000 W 6000 W Peak. This powers a small cabin with lots of amenities. Harbor Frt. $200-300.? I run a line to my Fusebox off it. Runs daily not one problem in 2 years.

            • J,

              Thanks for the heads up! It is an important item.

            • CENTRALIZATION OF POWER– that’s what its all about. Years ago, I had a tow end with the DMV, which insisted I had to legally change my name through the courts– or go back and change my name on my social security card in order to renew my drivers license. In the past, I just showed them my divorce papers, etc. to show the reason for the different last names. NOOOO– that’s not good enough any more. They want all your names to match on all your documents, in all their agencies.

              I talked to the social security office about this and they were shocked! they asked me why I wanted to change the name on my social security to my old married name (divorced from) and I said I had to in order to get my drivers license renewed!

              I went back to the DMV and gave them hell– saying all the new requirements were unconstitutional and other states were not going along with this sh—. He was shocked by my out-spoken words and said that its required now because the federal government is joining various agencies. He said the social security office is being combined with the DMV and so all their data has to match.

              Centralization of power– One government. Taking power away from the states/ the people. We are being screwed. Anyhow, I balked and balked, never got my license renewed for years because I refused to play their games. I called the main office of the DMV and told her the same thing and asked her if it didn’t bother her conscience. Finally, they did give me my license and it turned out ok.

              • Your definitely on to the scheme that was started as soon as America was founded.

                Is is “incorporation” of the District of Columbia and slowly all the states and counties. Now all of us people of the republic are under various corporate contracts with the state (S.S , birth cert, any license.) Now we are their subjects through contract essentially a gov employee.

                see: the only one with this info and alot of it, solutions too.

            • the crappy ratings. . .21% gave lowest rating. . .you might as well set yer $$ afire. . .price now $27

              look at ratings first. . .esp the 1 ratings. . .less than a 4.3 overall yer asking for it. . .4.5 starts to look attractive. . .4.7 begins the real sweet spot

              watch out for small samples. . .30 is BARELY enough, there is too much variance. . .300 starts to get OK. . .in the 1000s is what you want. . .read the reviews, eps the bad ones. . .nielsen uses 1500 for a reason. . .

        • AWESOME!

        • Though defeated(in theory)those giant ants kicked some ass!That and Attack Of The Mushroom People done right would make great remakes with the tech out there now in film land.

          Fuck em,fuck their meters/fuck em all,things going to slide at a quicker pace,that and many you never thought would are waking up/prepping to best of ability.They may have their robots ect.,but,like all tech can be beaten with tech.

          So,remember the birth of this country,and ,how right when potus Washington then sold out to the tax man,enjoy the weekend and blow something up in memory of this countries birth!

          • I wish I could blow something up……

            Fireworks are illegal in my city….and every other city across America.

            So much for freedom.

            • Fireworks are illegal,so…….?The black market covers that and any prepper worth their salt can go to a big box store and make some,come on folks,it’s America!

              • JS and warchild, there’s a local ordinance in my city about fireworks too but it doesn’t stop anyone, especially the blacks. Local PD doesn’t even try to enforce it anymore. On July 4th and New Year’s Eve it sounds like a warzone here with all the fireworks and gunfire; stupid apes firing shots in the air and so forth. Over the last 3 years it’s become more gunfire than fireworks. On July 4th in 2014 the fireworks and gunfire were so intense they produced a huge cloud of smoke all over the city. The whole city was covered with the smoke. It was so bad people could hardly breathe. I don’t mind celelbrating the 4th, but come on, let’s do it sensibly.

                • Spot on, Deplorable Braveheart. If a local ordinance forbidding fireworks can’t be enforced by the local PD, then, repeal it.
                  Sounds like you live in Chicago, DB. That city has the highest gun-related homicides in the nation, as well as one of the strictest gun control laws. No wonder, people are exiting the city, they cannot defend themselves or their families; so, they voted with their feet and continue to do so.
                  If you live in a city other than Chicago, I apologize. NYC’s just about as bad when it comes to gun control .. Just sayin’.

            • We have 360 degrees fireworks all around us for July 4th and for New Year’s Eve. It is one of the joys of living here! I like the way WD put it, “Blow something up in memory of this country’s birth!” For sure, we are still going through, ‘birth pangs’! Rebirth of the liberty movement!

              Louisiana Eagle

              • In 2008 the bankers threatened tanks would be on the streets if they did not get their quantitative easing. That strategy worked. We must think strategically now. July 4th would be a suitable date.

              • In 2008 bankers threatened tanks on the streets if they did not get their quantitative easing. That strategy got them 10 trillion dollars at least. So? It is time for us to think strategically. Fireworks could be the signal.

                • they got two trillion zimbabwe dollars. . .who cares, both are fiat, based on non-existence. . .

              • Just recently, I found out that illegal fireworks operations are run by organized crime and street gangs. Figures. Lots of money involved. Tax exempt.

                • I hear that fireworks make you kids listen to rock and roll!!!!!

                  Which rhymes with p which stands for pool!!!!!

                  Trouble…. trouble…. trouble…

            • I’m pretty sure the American Revolution was illegal too. So how do YOU celebrate an illegal act?

              • Well, if that act is a march to the sea them you celebrate by first putting up statues of the General responsible and proceed to tear down the adversaries history right up to present day

                sorry, drifted a bit

              • No, the American Revolution was not illegal.

                We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…

                So these, then, are the foundational principles of our Constitutional Republic:

                Our Rights are unalienable and come from God;
                The purpose of civil government is to protect our God-given Rights;
                Civil government is legitimate only when it operates with our consent; &
                Since the US Constitution is the formal expression of the Will of the People, the federal government operates with our consent only when it obeys the Constitution.

            • Why are they selling them all over town if they are illegal? You need to get out more. You must live in NY or some other Commie land.

              • Paranoid, you can buy legal fireworks that are somewhat weak. The illegal ones have been banned by the Feds as explosive devices. M100’s and M500’s. You should get out a lot more.

                • I have 2 cannon over 2″ plenty of balls and enough black powder. Tell me why I need fireworks.?? Got some 24 Lb War of 1812 cannon balls also, unfortunately no cannon. Visited the Warship Constitution a couple years ago they don’t seem to have any balls have wanted to contact them to see if they need some. Anybody here know those people?.

                  • My balls are bigger than your balls………HaHaHaHa

              • I looks just like the electoral map

        • What did the 13 year old hillbilly girl say to her brother?

          Get off me Jethro! Yur smashin ma seegrets!

          Hillbilly definition of a virgin–
          A 10 year old girl who can outrun all her brothers AND her father.

          • What is the definition of relative humidity?

            The amount of sweat on your balls when your fucking your sister.

          • Man and woman were walking out of divorce court in Arkansas. Woman is crying.
            Man says,” don’t worry, You’ll always be my sister.”

          • Don’t get me started…….

            The more I read I could feel my blood pressure rising.

        • Ya, thats the same one,,,
          Like ive said, they can try,
          They can also blow me

        • This is the same “they” that brought you Ruby Ridge and Waco. Granted, “they” can’t find their ass with both hands but they can still kill American citizens while looting them to provide for the rag-heads they bring in to replace us.

          When it comes to corruption… we have the best government money can buy.

        • “Russians running our elections” ??

          That is really laughable, even if it were true. The USA has meddled in foreign elections for at least a century and that includes assassination of candidates. Only in the US with a population of near morons could such a meme ever get traction. Not only but also, the Russians must surely have realized that who sits behind the desk in the oval office makes very little difference in the malign agendas being carried forth by the “deep state”.

        • “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing.” Joseph Mengele

      2. They can’t control the water here in NC. You can’t go more than a few hundred yards without seeing water on the surface. You can dig a well absolutely anywhere and hit water. And it rains a lot here.

        The neighbors were out “practicing” their gun control yesterday afternoon. I’m not sure, but I believe there were multiple “items” present.

      3. Im not a bit worried about them or anyone. I don’t care who owns what. What I want to see happen is for the great numbers of bottom feeding parasite takers to be significantly reduced.

        • JJ Spent his Military Career doing exactly this in Foreign countries, Putting the Squeeze on the Country and its people turning them into slaves You worked for the Globalists in a US Uniform. And now since he was a part of this, he comes on here and now tells us what he did and what’s coming. People are either the Solution or the Problem. Chose wisely. Is the occupation you do a moral occupation? Or are you just in it for the money? And there are people who will do anything for money.

        • Old Guy, all kinds of parasites, including the takers will fall in ‘the great culling’. Not if but when.

          • It is usually the parasites that thrive during these times.

            • yes Parasite insects survive. However any parasite who kills its host is doomed. Many parasite insects actually work hard. A tick might wait years for a host to come by. And We are talking about Human Parasites anyhow. You know the enabled parasite takers? Those who demand more and more and produce nothing. They will quickly perish. If is decends to a SHTF WROL no holds barred root hawg or die survival of the fittest. They one thing that worries me that the government can easily do is Tax me beyond my ability or willingness to pay. My land can be legally stolen by excessive taxation. The five civilized tribes lost their land in that manner. Those who had a recorded deed and paid taxes where not relocated. Those who didn’t where marched westward.

              • Old guy said: . A tick might wait years for a host to come by

                Ticks only live 2 or 3 days tops without feeding…

      4. Amazon pushes thefresh food delivery service and fat, lazy, people go for it….no cash, just your card.They are conditioning people to buy this way. Now they bought a food distribution chain. They will try to put the smaller brick and mortar grocery food stores out of business and have the food distribution controlled……and YOU too. When they control the food, you will do as you are told, or you don’t eat. Watch, soon the ebt gimmedats will be having their chips and dip delivered to their crack houses. Its all about control. Water will be a lot harder. Bezos is a evil deep state elitist. If he teams up with Gates and Monsanto, they will slowly poison all of you. (I raise my own food) They have being trying to meter wells around the Lodi Ca area years ago, and have met stiff resistance. Western Montana ,J. Johnson’s area, will be a lot harder as there are many rivers and hand dug wells that are not tagged.

        • I heard that the Grocery sector on Wallstreet now has a lower than expected earing going forward since Amazon is now selling food. It is about price, and the fat cat supermarkets have been enjoying good profit for a decades, now they have a new competitor on the block. Amazon. From the report I heard MSM Radio, it will help bring food prices down? Yeah, lets see.

          So will Amazon put a deepening profit squeeze on Walmart?

        • Anonymous, they wouldn’t try that shit in GA without having a fight on their hands. My BOL and even all my family in the same area have wells. No meters on our wells period.

          • Yeah Dep BH, you dont have any water meter bills cause you dont own the wells or the property. Just squatt on it.
            You so smart and brave. lol

            • CSS, my relatives do own the water rights to their properties free and clear and there’s no squatting either.

        • Bezos is a evil deep state elitist.

          Why, because he is successful and made a good website?

          I order shit off amazon all the time.

          • bozo’s has been after trump with his fake news site for several MONTHS now, and that’s reason enough to ostracize that fuking TRAITOR….i would like to see HIS head on a stick.

          • @ stiner….you are so uninformed. try doing some research. Its like Hillary being successful because of the Clinton Foundation…

            • That’s why I’m concerned now, because I buy alot of items from Whole Foods. I don’t want to buy and give money to Bezos. I can raise my own food, but I also buy supplemental vitamins and herbs from Whole Foods. This disturbed me when I first heard about it, because it seemed like another monopoly getting started. It’s not enough to make millions from Amazon, now he wants in on the food market. Yes, now Walmart and Amazon, two big food suppliers, out to put smaller grocery stores out of business. But even raising your own food does not prevent TPTB from confiscating your food. I guess when it gets to this point it will be them or me. Waiting

              • Waiting, I go to Kroger or other sources for my food supply. I don’t go to wallyworld or whole foods for anything. It’s hard for me to picture grocery deliveries really catching on. Just like everyone else here I prefer to visibly inspect what I’m considering buying before buying. My family raises part of their own food supply. I’m just like you; if anyone comes after my supply they’ll get hot lead instead.

                • I frequent HEB (in Texas). Krogers too. I recently read an article that said Kroger was in deep doo doo because of massive debt.

                  • how much money has amazon made for SHAREHOLDERS?……hint: VERY little, if any. it will go down in flames shortly, too.

          • JS, Some successful, wealthy people (not all, but some) are evil to the core. He has sent employees to the hospital. One employee thought he was having a heart attack due ot sever chest pains after being verbally abused for a half-hour. Another said one day he had hoped he would die instantly because he was so terrified of being called into his office for a one-on-one meeting. He said he would have rather died. Others were lucky, they just ended up in therapy. He is brutal to his employees.

            It’s well known among those circles that he is a classic psychopath. Last time I checked psychopath = evil. He is not a psychopath because he is wealthy and successful. He was born that way. PSYCH 101: Psychopaths are born. Evil people come from all walks of life and all social classes and economic backgrounds. Get your facts straight before posting here.

      5. Sad to hear there are communists even in Montana. All those liberals from back east and Commifornia showed up and, sure enough, have screwed up Montana just like the screwed up the places they left. Appreciate the info from Montana, JJ. Stay strong. I hope this treaty gets flushed. I feel sorry for ya all. Dumbass dimmhi governor ya all got in charge.

        • PD, it sounds like JJ and the rest of the good people in MT will have to take out the libturd trash.

          • Yep. Sooner rather than later.

          • Montana is turning Liberal because of all the free shit they give to the gimmedats…in turn the gimmedats vote for liberal/socialist reps, who steal the landowner/taxpayers resources, taxes and water rights and continue supplying ebt, section 8 housing, niggaphone, and health care paid with your tax penalties for not being able to afford healthcare. Notice that their population is increasing too. Next, they will have more rapefugees, wetbacks, and chimps moving in for the free shit. Exactly what happened in Ronald Reagan’s beloved state of CA.

            • OOPS, I forgot to add the 400lb white trash land whales EBT sucking useless eaters in there too…forgive me Ron A.

              • that californification disease has been spreading ACROSS THE COUNTRY for DECADES now. doesn’t SEEM to be any way of staunching the flow of blood from lady liberty.

                • Well libertas anyway…. pagan roman goddess

        • JJ’s water problem is not an Agenda 21 problem or a Native American Problem. JJ’s problem is when he failed to see who owned the water rights before he bought his property.. So he has been stealing water from the Indians who own it for years and now he has to pay for what he steals. So Finally the Thief has to install a meter. I researched this story and JJ is acting like a victim. Exactly opposite. He is a thief.

          He has cried this same story line, on this site several times, and a few other web sites and I bust him every time. He’s a fraud and doesn’t even use his real name when writing these articles. So Its mostly BS. Just saying in this case. Pay the Man JJ. Stop stealing.

          • Actually JJ should be arrested. charged and thrown in jail for stealing the Natives water. Water is a resource just like stealing electricity. You get caught stealing someone else’s property or mineral rights, you go to prison.

            You are lucky JJ. all you have to do is put a meter on your well. Maybe you can write us and tell us what prison is like. Like how to survive in prison with No preps. Prepper to prison articles. Master Food preserver. lol. If you can food, you can call your self a Master food preserver.

            Got solar on that Cabin in the Mts JJ, or did you buy a North facing Property? lol

            • I bet he is doing better at his place then you are on your 5 acres of swamp, 4 car batteries and a chink inverter…why did you change your name after Eppe died? You are still a little asshole punk that no matter what name you use, its obvious who you are.

              • Yeah, you keyboard commando tough guy, hiding behind a keyboard then post it anonamous. Ron A. LMFAO.. What a Sissy. Eppe was a fraud. A dope. Now a dead dope. He fiddled his life away daydreaming. The weak parish early. Committed suicide a week before the election cause he thought Hillary was going to win and he did nothing to prepare. He was a fraud and a weak loser. Had no guns, no BOL. And lied to everybody here and I called out his lies. Liars and Losers stick together. Like the snowflakes. Huddled in masses.

                • Hey WWTI- you need to shut your mouth about Eppe.

                  Anyone who urges others to commit suicide is the biggest looser on the planet.

                  That would be you.

                  So how about YOU don’t bring Eppe into the conversation.

                  • Grandee, AMEN to your post. He made some posts about me on the last thread I didn’t even respond to and I’ve stopped responding to him altogether. WWTI is the fraud without question. I miss Eppe just like everyone else here.

                    • now, you guys leave crackhead alone. for someone born with not much more than a brain stem, it’s amazing he can even write his name, let alone forming complete sentences that are legible(well…he ALMOST makes sense, when you don’t stop and think about what he SAYS). they SAY he works in a video store rewinding videos for ten cents an hour in the midwest somewhere. just ignore him, and let him THINK he’s contributing to shtfplan,….K? play nice…..even though he KILLED eppe with his vitriol, there’s no need to kill him, like he was responsible for eppe’s demise….we don’t want him taking a bath with his toaster now, do we?

                      oh, and eppe is missed by MANY times more than will miss HIM, so here’s a joke in eppe’s honor
                      Q: How does every Korean joke start?
                      A: By looking over your shoulder.
                      a friend of mine in north korea works as a realtor in a place called “century four” and the other day i asked him “how’s it goin’?”….he answered “can’t complain”.
                      we miss you, eppe!

                • WWTI…who squats on 5 acres in the swamp with a porti potti, because your weak stupid ass got fired from a EMT job your brother got for you. Your post have shown for years who the keyboard commando is. You have made enemies with most everyone here and have given bad info on your so called Off grid system.

                  • Skull fuck/wwti what have you is a douche nozzle,fuck him.

            • CSS, don’t you realize it’s the same corrupt PTB who are pushing that water meter scheme? the same kind of govt. scum we all speak out against? How the hell you know he didn’t do his research thoroughly before buying his property? I don’t see that injun tribe presenting any legitimate claim for those water rights.

          • Fuk the American Indian

        • It is easy to screw up places like Montana and Colorado because the population is so low. IT does not take too many liberals to take over.

          • Scary. Because liberals are the problem. I can’t stand them. Always have their grubby hands in other people’s pockets.

          • Check the demographics in places like Salt Lake City, Utah and Twin Falls, Idaho. Huge and growing Hispanic (Mexican) populations. Denver, also.

      6. Whole Foods is only 2% of the grocery industry. Not everyone is going in for grocery delivery. I want to inspect what I buy before I pay for it. Nothing like bad lettuce and rotten tomatoes to go with out of date beans and swollen cans of fruit found on the front porch. Preppers will do without the fancy stuff. The government doesn’t have the manpower to check up on everybody’s food stash or puddles in the rear yard. As for Civil War or WW3 I’ll worry about the 200 yard perimeter around the house….plenty of places to bury unwanted interlopers.

        • Jim, Fer Fal said that’s what people did to unwanted inter-loppers. They DID NOT call the police. They handled the problem themselves. He said, if you called the police then you had two problems.

          But I think that’s a great business idea; offering a specialized cleanup service.

          We would need a good slogan. Something like “You Kill’m We Chill’m!

          • Where I used to live, there was a black funeral home. Some joker said their slogan was “You stab ’em; we slab ’em.”

            • “Use our layaway plan” is a good funeral home slogan

            • Yup; “Try our lay away plan; nobody ever complains.”

        • Agree….but my point is that they are conditioning people to shop this way. Soon all the stores will deliver. Walmart offers carside delivery in Sacramento. When the day comes that a majority of the people shop this way, they can control what you eat, what is in the food, and go to a cashless system. There is a bigger picture most are missing. Those of us that know better will resist. Look what would happen if in the near future there was few supermarkets and they shut off the EBT cards to the 101 million that are probably on it..people would starve because there isnt a dozen local supermarkets to loot.

      7. Sadly they are arrogant and ignorant enough to try it. With all their super computers running simulations for decades the one thing they cannot account for is will of God/Jesus intervention. So when you see the tiger teams with blue helmets coming remember only head and hip shots count. They are wearing body armor. Same blue helmet rapist that get stomped by pymgys with sticks. Fear not, if GOD is whit me who should I fear? So with all the military might, Vietnam, Afghanistan, the under armed and undermanned militas kicked the might superior forces off the battle field. How bout the russians getting waxed in Afghanistan. So the real enemy is fearing mongering when we finnally have the evil globalist right wear we need them. In front of our gun sites. Buck up reach down and gird your loins. No time for cowardly wussies. Grow a pair and aim small miss small.

      8. Exactly, I like to see what I am buying, especially food. Do people spit on food at the Fast Food Joints, especially through the drive through food? Go inside to see who is really cooking it.

      9. People are still out spending $ they don’t have. Home delivery of groceries makes people even lazier. What’s next scamazon taking over the local pizza guys business. Down with Amazon fucking agenda 21 scum corp globalist filth wants to take over all control of business and will regulate the pizza guy out of business or steal his customers. People need to not buy anything from Amazon who cares if it’s cheaper and convenient. I was forced to get a hard drive on Amazon cus they were the only ones who had it could not by the one I needed locally. I was pissed off cus I didn’t have a choice this is what I call funneling where your forced into a situation. Funneled into a kill zone but in this case funneled into spending $ where you don’t wanna shop cus you need something. Scumbag corporations have it all figured out.

      10. The movie Logan’s run is coming.

        In time, they will develop technology to the point they can track you at all times, what you eat and drink, what you do and how much you are working while working.

        Once they have that control over you, they will start restricting on the people who are costly(seniors) and sick or they just might start disappearing and who’s going to complain ? then you disappear too.

        the only way to be free then is live completely off the grid and you better start on that now bcause at some point you will not be able to get away.

        still liking your iphone ? I know the FBI does.

        • thumbs up Lena…or was that before you joined shtf?

      11. Remember, the more policies, regulations, and laws each level and branch of government initiates the more they have to enforce. Should a SHTF event occur, “put-put” or “machts nix” constraints as water control or super market control, will disappear. Enforcement at the municipal, county, state and federal levels will break down.

        As my father once said, “the decision to drink dirty (sewage included) water (rice patty water) is a matter of how thirsty you are.” Based on my travels and experiences I have had some similar experiences.

        As soon as system hits a SHTF event, the “drinkers of water” -which includes the enforcers – at each level will revert to the “how thirsty you are” philosophy; as soon as it hits, common sense will prevail in each community and they will drink. Each collective authority then can either drink or perish with the thirsty liberals.


        • Split personalities?

          Donald or Dave?

      12. The fed. gov’t does spy on and collect information, and they knowingly do it illegally, everyone knows it. Though it is patently unconstitutional, officialdom is not concerned with that fact, they get away with it with impunity because they have normalized abusing official power. They would threaten, arrest, co-opt, or maybe kill any citizen if they did the same. Gov’t and officialdom reserves for itself certain rights and actions (whether legal or illegal). When abusing the citizens, usurping rights, or breaking the law the TPTB are unconcerned what is legal or illegal, right or wrong, moral or immoral, good or bad because power is all that matters. It is all justifiable because they place the will of TPTB above the people, and they do everything under a cloak of secrecy anyway. The people are merely managed resources.
        They do have an almost limitless budget and collect vast amounts of data but the useful return on their investment ultimately is not much. This is why; for one, for every measure there is eventually a counter-measure, secondly, with 320 million citizens that means there are millions of unforeseen potential variations that can challenge data acquisition, interpretation, accuracy, and use. The third reason is though gov’t has formidable talent and resources it cannot forever match the ability and resourcefulness of its millions of citizens (even if it is doing its damndest to dumb down the people).
        The only real advantage of all of officialdom is that it is united in it’s drive to subjugate the citizenry, and they act in secrecy. The people are not united, thanks to the policy of divide and conquer by keeping the people constantly divided by so many issues. (for example – those silly SJW’s protesters are merely useful idiots.) The gov’t really can successfully only move against single individuals or small groups. If the people were really united en masse the gov’t would be powerless. The majority falsely and ignorantly believe they are naturally powerless.
        The US is an empire, and is exhibiting what empires always do in terminal stage. TPTB must employ unconstitutional power to harness the population to act in a concerted manner to maximize effort and effect for their behalf. They must use propaganda, they control media to release lies and official false statistics, they spy on the citizens, they work tirelessly to take away our rights, we are taxed too heavily, we have inflated currency, and accumulating colossal unmanageable gov’t debt. Since the public well is about dry the gov’t will not be able provide bread and circuses much longer. It will have to resort to more forceful measures to maintain empire. This will continue until exhaustion, then what happens is anyone’s guess.

      13. The 600# gorilla in the room.

        The globalists, are vampires living off the blood of society.

        They seem hell bent on crashing the system.

        Crash the western economies and the planetary economy crashes. If all comes to a halt.

        The globalist then starve.

        Throughout history there are often crashes that starve even the elite.

        • You can go back to farming with horses and the power elite will still legally own the land.

      14. America is crumbling under its own sins and under a totalitarian regime that uses data mining and heavy surveillance techniques. God help you.

        But here in Europe a similar, if not worse threat is brewing. INDECT is the name of the project, and it has been in place for years, unbeknown to its citizens. Big Data, Smart Cities and everything in the hands of the state. Frightening. They track and trace everything, work with facial recognition and even get into our pc’s to profile us and predict our actions.

        The whole caboodle is set to explode once a man with a mission of revenge judges that his time has come: Mr Disruptor himself, KT zu Guttenberg. Read about his ill conceived plans here:

      15. Who are they? Name them! If you know who they are, do the patriotic thing and act against them. However, “they” exist only in your deluded mind. Get out of your mom’s basement and get a life!

        • Can’t stand bs, how many times have I told you to go f#$% yourself and stay away from here?

          • I still can’t get my head around a guy who hates Hollywood yet uses the moniker braveheart. The foremost Scottish historian Ewan J. Innes, MA(Hons Scot. Hist.) FSA Scot completely debunks the film in totality:


            You, yourself, constantly change your viewpoint, from Venezuela, your hatred of spiks (even though you married one), through to your changing stance on Trump. One thing about you, you’re consistently inconsistent!

            Yet when someone dares to say something that doesn’t hit the latest take on your reality, you chuck all your toys out of your pram and throw a two year old’s temper tantrum.

            Ever hear of difference of opinion? Ever hear of reasoned debate? Ever hear of freedom of speech?

            Nah, all you can come up with are incohoate, unenforceable and meaningless threats, no rebuttal, no reason, no logic, nothing.

            Braveheart = King of the Keyboard cowboys.

      16. Grow your own food. Buy books that teach how to process food. Buy equipment for processing food. Experiment with fruits and vegtables from local farmers markets and local stores. Avoid using Amazon. Buy locally even if you pay more. Buy organic heirloom seeds. Plant fruit trees. Plant an almond tree (if they grow in your area). Learn how to cook from scratch. Learn how to make bread. Build an outdoor bread and pizza oven. Buy a simple old fashion barbecue. Put in a stone circle into your landscape that can be used as a camp fire if ever needed. Store firewood away from wood structures. Store charcoal in a dry place. Keep working towards food independence. It is a marathon, not a sprint. Build a wall around your property for privacy and security. Build an outdoor shed for hens surrounded by a fence to keep them from wandering too far out every time you open the door to the hen house. Build a shed for goats, if you have a big enough yard. When shopping for a home, buy a property with established fruit trees, and enough land to have a garden.



      17. Just more and more proof 1776 2.0 is WELL overdue.

      18. If the natives truly control the waters I want to offer them more compensation. But I need more water. And if I have too much and it floods I will seek compensation. In the 1400’s the Catholic church declared the wind divine and windmillers in Holland were told taxes and licenses must be paid to the church. The windmillers agreed and said they would gladly pay more but they need more wind. The request was withdrawn.

      19. “They” are tightening the screws?Hmmmm…..,well,then we will need,wait for it……..,more screw drivers,so,tock up on screw drivers today!

        • Warchild:

          Only buy screwdrivers made in America. They last longer.



          • SHTF emogi code?

            • Robert,we told you we would have to kill you!

              Screw drivers is just a metaphor as it were,in this case for 4 gen,no code breaking skills needed,just the attitude of nothing to lose and everything to gain.

              • ooh, there are code breaking skills required,

      20. Nice try cracksomeskulls, you troll. Still working hard on your shift giving advice to us preppers. Got your ticket to the DUMBS, eh? YOU ARE 100% AGENCY ASS CLOWN TROLL. You little prick.


        • Me thinks WTTI, aka Zeus, aka CSS, is basically OK when he stays away from the homemade hooch! But, stay away from him after he has had a night of drinking! His sentences, language, and thought process becomes unintelligible and mean.

          Louisiana Eagle

      21. The Democrats never met a tax they didnot like and want higher. Oregon wants to tax water wells, lower the voting age to 16, install a high sales tax as they have none now, higher gas tax, highway use tax that varies as to when you use the roads etc. Get the money is what they are all about They have never had so much money coming in yet they say they need a billion more or they face disaster We are a sanctuary state and need to support all the MS 13 gang members. Watching the women use food stamps while they have real gold gem stone rings on all fingers and multiple real gold necklaces and real gold bracelets on is educational

      22. Fear porn.

      23. yes Parasite insects survive. However any parasite who kills its host is doomed. Many parasite insects actually work hard. A tick might wait years for a host to come by. And We are talking about Human Parasites anyhow. You know the enabled parasite takers? Those who demand more and more and produce nothing. They will quickly perish. If is decends to a SHTF WROL no holds barred root hawg or die survival of the fittest. They one thing that worries me that the government can easily do is Tax me beyond my ability or willingness to pay. My land can be legally stolen by excessive taxation. The five civilized tribes lost their land in that manner. Those who had a recorded deed and paid taxes where not relocated. Those who didn’t where marched westward.

      24. In Florida now a birth certificate is required to renew your driver license, the close to expiration one you have with your picture on it is no longer enough, that with your social security card and two pieces of mail to your address. Overkill! In the article here above it states the need to consolidate the growing spy state to “avoid the kind of intelligence gaps that preceded the 9/11 terrorist attacks.” No amount of spying will bring the truth of 9/11 to light, this can only be used to identify those who call for truth of the event. All of the warmongering since that date is to hide the truth. This ruling cabal murdered its own citizens to falsely justify the fake war on terror. To believe otherwise is the height of stupidity.

      25. To Mr. Johnsion. I don’t know you, perhaps you aren’t old enough to have expirernced everyday as an adult since 1955, believe me I have see it all, I have seen freedom go from 100% down to 3%. I have seen all the fear mongering all the waste of time. And now I am to be ashamed of myself for being a white male and expected to pay for everything the non-working people demand?? YOU SHOULD BE fearing the liberals, progressives, libertarians [gutless liberals], entitlement people, victim class people, anti-white males, anti-christian, non-christian, anti-NRA, femists, socialists, class envy, communists, marxists, anti-consitution, anti-conservative, those that profit from war, AND those “people” THAT DEMAND FREE STUFF FROM THE WORKING TAXPAYER ….. AS THESE PEOPLE ARE OUT TO TAKE YOUR REMAINING RIGHTS AWAY, THESE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT WANT YOUR ASSETS. I don’t know why so many of you can’t see this!

        • Bert, welcome and everyone else here shares your sentiments. Very good post.

        • America was NOT 100% free is 1955. The money hegemon was in place since 1913. The government thought control centers [“public schools”] since 1840 or earlier. The economy was almost completely cartelized during FDR. His emergency edicts helped to cement the NWO in place by 1937. And then there is government universities, and “private” universities subject to unending government control. And all the agriculture hanky panky. The union monopolies established in 1935 [Wagner act] Suburban sprawl courtesy of FHA [new deal]. The income tax, and so on, et cetera, et cetera, and so on

          Maybe 20% free in 1955. . .

      26. It’s 1500 dollars for a complete set of IDs and smuggled into the US. A six month working visa is 1500 dollars. Then you have to leave for 6months . Tourist visa ? Or you can fly or boat into Canada and cross the Great Lakes to Dearborn Michigan . We have no idea how many foreign fighters with RPGs grenades mines IEDs are here. With them and the rioting looters. What do you think the response time will be to your neiborhood ? Print up flyers put them in all the neighbors mail boxes offer free hot dogs at the local park for a neighborhood watch barbaque . Charge them for sodas. And find out who is worthless. You might have a small army?

      27. Linking to Stefan Stanford and ANP mekes me suspect that SHTF is a Zionist website

      28. We’ve got some screws of our own. Here, ya wanna feel em?

      29. I buy 5 acres then some Indian tries to put a meter on my well?
        One dead Indian.

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