Texas Signals New Gold Rush: “Governments Have Lost Trust in New York Depositories”

by | Jun 16, 2015 | Headline News | 78 comments

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    Grab your gold, and hold on!

    The financial wizards who have declared precious metals to be a treasure of the past in this interconnected and digital world of currency and trade may have a few things to reconsider.

    It is now official – Texas House Bill #483 was passed and signed into law by Gov. Abbott, establishing a Texas Bullion Depository to house billions of dollars in gold owned by Texas’ university investment firm UTIMCO, as SHTF has long reported, and, of course, other interested parties looking for a safer haven than the notoriously corrupt banking sector in New York.

    As Money Metals Exchange explains, Texas’ move to repatriate gold is a big deal, centered around distrust of Wall Street financial markets and a keen eye on schemes surrounding the physical possession of gold.

    When Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill Number 483 in his own hand on Friday, Texas gave a big gold “finger” to Wall Street and will soon bring $1 billion in gold bars back to the Lone Star State.


    In fact, those with the fiduciary responsibility for managing the Texas gold are feeling less certain than ever. That’s why they convinced state officials to build a depository and move the gold bars home from Wall Street. Texas joins Germany, Venezuela, the Netherlands, and other governments that have lost trust in New York depositories for safeguarding their metal.

    While many nations in Europe and Latin America have demanded the return of their physical gold holdings AFTER DECADES of trusting the Fed with it, Texas has now passed a bill going even further – by deciding to build their own repository.

    Moreover, they are inviting others to trust in the Lone Star state above the sketchy financial dealings of the New York Fed and the closely-connection megabanks who have been caught in episodes of financial mischief, fraud and insolvency.

    Banking crimes typically only result in fines and headlines, not jail time for the principal actors in often very serious misdeeds. However, the accumulation of shady practices is apparently contributing to the lost confidence that is driving Texas’ decision:

    Who could blame them? Gov. Abbott indicated on Friday in his signing statement that some of the Lone Star State’s gold is actually in the grubby hands of the New York Fed itself. And HSBC, the bank reported to be storing some of the gold, has been the subject of criminal investigations and lawsuits.

    HSBC’s suspected activities range from manipulation of metals and currency markets to rigging LIBOR interest rates. And the bank avoided prosecution for laundering Mexican drug cartel money in 2012 by paying nearly $2 billion in fines instead.

    Texas could have chosen to store with another bank. The problem is the alternatives aren’t much better. Virtually all of the major Wall Street banks appear to be engaged in some pretty unsavory activity – including ripping off their own customers. In recent years, banks have paid nearly $200 billion in fines.

    This is hardly a small-time showdown.

    Whether or not the NY Fed and HSBC make good on returning Texas’ gold, or whether they show signs of inventory strains (read: shortage) forcing them to buy back from the market, will all have a bearing on whether this decision will prompt other actions in this new gold rush. As Money Metals notes:

    The story will bear close watching as HSBC and the New York Fed prepare for Texas to take actual delivery down the road.

    The state’s gold holdings are reported to now total $1 billion in value. If those gold bars have been surreptitiously leased out, pledged, hypothecated, or even sold, then we could see a scramble for the physical metal.

    And that scramble could lead to a musical chairs on the scale of global world order, with seats in the new global currency, and the solvency of major states and institutions determined by who holds the gold, and who is short on collateral to back their leverage. (SHTF recently called it “The Ultimate Call”)

    The actual infrastructure to keep Texas’ gold has yet to be built, but that’s hardly the point. Those decisions will be made in due time as the announcement meanwhile signals a major turning point that could have major impacts on the gold market the world over.

    Superpowers like China are scrambling to accumulate as much gold as possible, and smaller countries are wondering how safe their own gold deposits will be… until they are, of course, in hand.

    The age of fiat faith in the power of governments is cracking, and the foundation of the new world order still rests on the idea that he who holds the gold makes the rules.

    Are your holdings safe and secure?

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      1. Any surprise the state doesn’t trust others with their gold.Was illegal for a while for folks to own gold in this country,less then 100 years ago.You have your basics covered having some precious metals good in the basket as long as in hand.I consider lead/copper metals in your basics list so please,no more ammo precious metal comments,they might be considered”disparaging”!

        • I only saw this as headlines at a glance, and so perhaps a decent historian can validate this:

          o. Sam Houston “founded” Texas.

          o. Sam Houston and Texas was anti secessionist.

          • Wrong, the land that is now claimed as Texas was founded and inhabited by Mexicans and Native Americans. Sam Houston and his band of outlaw banshies butchered those people and stole that big parcel of land that is called Texas. Typical US Government principles, nothing has changed since it’s inception. To be completely fair, the French and Spaniards played a key role in land occupation in the West at the time as well.

            Occupying other peoples land, because the ideology that those who were living there were deemed to be “savages” and not considered human, was enough excuse to occupy(steal) on those principles. Nothing has changed, and it never will, this practice still continues today in a different disguise -Humanitarian Effort- aka. Wars

            • To clarify your clarification, Texas as a state was founded by the Spanish and not by Mexico (which was also founded by the Spanish). After Mexico became independent and then decided to go the way of a strong centralized government vs states rights and abdicated their responsibility to protect the frontier, the people of Texas and other states took up arms to defend their families and property while declaring their independence from Mexico. Several of the states in Mexico also declared their independence but were brutally oppressed by Santa Anna.

              • Jeremy, what you say is true. Spanish founded/claimed/stole this occupied land. Just because some outsiders show up to somebody’s shoreline and claims it is theirs is not so. These land purchase’s that were made back in the day was illegal, that is all I was getting to, but what is done is done and nothing can be done to change it. Technically, back in the day. If you didn’t speak English and had Brown colored skin, you were deemed a savage – seems to me, this ideology still holds true to this day .. h’mm???

                • Someone here has been encouraging the community to buy gold to protect its wealth through the Changes, for five years.

                  Who is that masked man??? 🙂

                  • A smart mother fucked that’s who…

                    • IF they do get there gold back they better test it to see if it is real or not. lots of fake gold bars out there!!

                • I trust you are not extrapolating this to all of N. America?

                  If you didn’t speak English and had brown skin, you were a savage? Really? Why did the Pilgrims have great relationships with the Indians when they arrived? Why did Squanto (I assume you DO know who he was, correct???) help the Pilgrims? Why did David Brainerd (1718 -1747) – and others like him – give up their lives to go serve the native populations as missionaries (to help both spiritual issues as well as physical needs)?

                  The reality is that the aboriginal/settler relationships were very complex, and can’t be reduced to the simplistic leftist jargon. Any word from you about the French & Indian War? The Indians were not just victims, but active participants; and they participated in killing other Indians as well. And there was a massive range of settlers – many incredibly immoral, who would get wars going. But there were also Indians who were incredibly violent, and all this was compounded by massive cultural misapprehensions.

                  I am a US/Canadian citizen, and the Indians would KILL the Inuit (wonder if you even know what Inuit are?) on site. In fact, the recent division of Nunavut (do you even know where that is?) was prompted, in part, by the historic Indian/Inuit divide.

                  In sum, from what I read, you seem to be conflating a “settlers” (no, the Pilgrims were NOT like the conquistadors, any more than Hitler was like the Moravians); this (what is usually leftist) reductionism is absurd and does no justice to history, human nature or reality.

                  Your post was very insufficient.

              • True Story has no clue, apparently. Yup… those native Americans all just sat around and sang kumbayah to one another according the leftist narrative. If this shill had any knowledge whatsoever, he would ask what percentage of the native population died due to disease they had no resistance to, then perhaps ask why – as one example, the Paiute, Crow, Pawnee would act as scouts to go KILL the Sioux… or a 1,001 other inter-tribal conflicts. Many of these wars got started over cultural misunderstandings (e.g., on the Oregon Trail, when people going west set up for the night, a cow wandered off. To the Indians, it was free game. To the settlers, it was their very livlihood, something that could spell the difference between life and death. From this, one war started, and escalated. This went on a myriad of times. Who was to blame? Both sides, obviously… but that doesn’t fit the leftist narrative. The reality is, a war started, and the Indians had fewer people and inferior technology (except at Little Big Horn, where the Indians were actually better equipped, interestingly), and thus lost.

                Go look at a map of the range of the Cree tribe in Canada. They got guns before the more westerly tribes, and their range went VERY far west – at the expense of the other tribes – after this. You can google this for verification (not that I personally find the left has any intellectual honesty to do things like this!). In fact, one town in Ontario is called “Sioux Lookout.” Funny… the Sioux today’ are roughly in the Nebraska/SD area. Why do you think they ended up where they are now?

                This doesn’t fit the ignorant leftist narrative, but then most things in reality don’t.

                • Test, I was merely generalizing the overview of the end results of history, not giving out a historical thesis to the readers. I have enough confidence in the readers here to know for the most part that they should know of what had taken place back in the day and that includes what was taught to us, to the point of what eventually really happened.

                  Continue with your Know-it-all self if you want, but it does not wear well on you. Wasn’t it just a few articles back you wrote something along the lines of getting along with each other, and to stop the bashing? I’m sure it was, though you did not call me names, but your sarcasm is very much belittling. My feelings hurt? Absolutely not, and I’m not looking for an apology from a hypocrite such as yourself.

            • I have never figured out why gold owning
              entities didn’t hold their own gold.

              Even most of the common people know the
              axiom, if you don’t hold it in your hands
              you don’t own it.

              What’s that definition of insanity again?

              • OW, the reason they don’t hold it, often, is either a.) they lease it out to bullion banks, in order to get interest, or b.) in the case of countries like Germany, in case the Soviets rolled through.

                I can tell you this, though, and this should sober everyone here. My brother had a self directed IRA, where he held gold coins. Being a numismatist, he knew EXACTLY what they were, to a “T.” In a self directed IRA, these are supposed to be allocated directly to the owner. When he retired, he got his gold back… and lo and behold, they were NOT the same coins. In other words, this loaning out of gold to get interest was going on, even on this scale. This is why people say to take physical possession! Do NOT buy GLD or SLV. If a crunch ever comes, all you will do is stand in line, waving a piece of paper, which says you have 5 oz of gold, and they will tell you its gone – though they might pay you with (possibly by that time) rapidly depreciated paper dollars. GoldMoney.com DOES allocation, and they seem to be OK. Sprott has some physical funds, and the CEF – Central Fund of Canada – is also all physical.

                Finally, platinum is currently below gold. Very unusual. Google the cost to get it out of the ground, vs the spot price. Seems like a good deal at current prices. But who knows? Maybe prices will go down even further. There’s a MASSIVE amount of collusion going on! Some commentators like Rickards think that the price will stay down until China has a enough to get a seat at the IMF table, which in fact both sides want.

                Anynow, just some comments.

            • T.S.
              Too bad! They came they saw they conquered. The story form the beginning of time so get over it. It has happened before and it will happen again.

              If Sam Huston wouldn’t have done this, Texas would be nothing more than a piece of third world Mexico.

              Now if Texas wanted to go it alone, and become its own country, it is only one of a very few states in the union that can do so.

              It is what it is! So don’t play the political correctness game because P.C. is Bull Shit!!!

              From someone that is PROUD of the men and women that built Texas!!!


              • I’m proud of Texas too even though I live on the Left Coast.

                I was just thinking that Texas should secede when Liberal Fascism gets too big for its britches. But then when I read that Texas has an anti-secessionist history, it probably won’t happen.

        • Warchild, my precious metals have always been lead and brass. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Got to have them for the upcoming festivities.

          • Sigh……,Brave,lead and brass are “essentials”,precious metals are when essentials well stocked a little more in the egg basket for rainy day/currency collapse ect dammit!

            • In tongue-in-cheek fashion, I’ve often referred to lead as the “third precious metal.” Nevertheless, I have over 1,400 oz of silver and over 70 oz of gold, in a variety of denominations. A little paladium and platinum as well.

          • Brave
            Off topic.
            The wife is coming down to Gods Country, end of this week to look at couple of places. The last one we looked at, we got out bid by $1,000.00.

            • Whats this?, did they even give you the chance to counter offer? If not, then I wouldn’t be a bit surprised because it has happened to me before.

              Usually a Realtor knows potential buyer – friend or is a family member. When stuff like that happens, I look at Realtors the same way I do Lawyers. Shady business practices for sure.

        • Only a bunch of idiots would let someone else hold their gold in the first place.

          • “Z”
            Like I always say if you don’t have it in your hand you don’t have. PERIOD!!!

        • If you’re not holding your “holdings”…you don’t really have them now do you?!?

      2. It is with the Pentagons lost 8.4 trillion dollars. 47% of our National debt…poof. Cannot account for it. Texas will be settled with FRN’s the same as COMEX while we get the shaft, again and again and again and…

      3. There is no physical gold to mount a tinkers damn in the FED. It’s been given to top 1% to keep their wealth when the collapse happens (you think their putting back FRN or any paper currency, your living in a fantasy world). We have been played for suckers for decades, Like was said “there’s a sucker born every minute”. What matters from now on is what you can place your hands on in your possession’s. Paper gold by the bails will soon be flying. Folks the American people have been sold out long ago.

      4. This is a serious topic. We know now why Jade Helm Is here. It doesn’t take genius to figure this one out
        If the gold is not returned, Texas will not be able to issue a new Texas note backed by gold, and Texas will calapse right into time for the flags flags to start, just like that mentally ill ideot in Dallas driving a government issued armored truck with Jade Helm soldiers are firing on it, trying to prove that right wing extremist attacked the police..i have to admit I just heard the real news from Alex Jones and SGT Joe Biggs. The cabals isis who will then call on the so called right wing extremist, then it we will be publicly announced that the government just eradicate isis and the Patriots. Then they have the reason backed by the retarded dumb down publics support and the Lexington Concord event comenses, check mate..the pieces are all falling into place.

      5. Why would anyone trust the Fed centered New York banks? This Rothschild creation has robbed, murdered and plundered humanity since the creation of the U.S. government, and its tentacles spread farther back. Look whose mug is on the ten dollar bill, Alexander Hamilton the Rothschild agent who set up the first Fed bank in 1791 to drain American wealth. That twenty year charter ended in 1811, opposition to renewal prompted the war of 1812. Jackson ended the bank in 1836 and American enjoyed the greatest prosperity in its history. Lincoln opposed the bank, dead as a doornail. Then we all know what happened in 1913, the Fed was back with the income tax, shortly thereafter WW1 and then the great depression in 1929. More wars followed to make the banker’s immense sums of money. Fast forward to today, same old story, yet somehow the population became complacent and even accepting of their slavery and current evisceration of their constitutional rights. WTF!! Hello, is there anybody out there, is there anybody home? Who can stand against the beast? It will take some togetherness, otherwise it is a slow and methodical death for goodness, truth and justice.

        • To put it in simplest terms, America stopped being a country and became a corporation in 1871 [Act of 1871]. Anything after that enactment is null and void per the Founders intentions. Constitution and Bill of Rights are an illusion, these are privileges and they can and will be taken away from us if necessary.

          Since 1871, practically everything has been a lie, and the system continues to keep the populace in slavery in the form of Taxes. All of you reading this, do not and never have known America. You have been only taught what America is suppose to be and represent. We do not live in the times of inception of this Nation, and never have. It has been deteriorating and declining, more so in the last couple of decades. The ideas and intentions that the Founders had are and have been long gone.

          Can those ideas and intentions be put back and completely restored? I like to think so, but I’m not an optimistic person and I really don’t think society as a whole can come together to make it work. We are outnumbered and clearly on our own, make the best out of this bad situation.

          • Much better post this time. Well put.

          • USA a nation of fat people (70%) ??? I will not join their ranks. When they come for me I hope to take one, two if I’m lucky, with me.
            Stay fit
            Stay calm
            Stay quiet
            Stay proficient
            Stay liquid

      6. Aljimo,best one can do on personal level is “Go Galt”.Work under table/barter/trade and support others that do.You can,grow your own food/you can,where reasonable go alt energy and get off/decrese use of grid.Learn to live with less/reuse/fix things.Oh,and when the feds come for your food/water/goods,simply start killing em,may be a lost battle then but go down fighting.

        I would also say,when you get a jury notice,go,and if applicable practice the art of jury nullification.

        • Even when not applicable, still ask about jury nullification…….gets the judge’s dander up and makes the state attorneys red-faced but gains friends with the defendant’s attorneys……most importantly, allows you a brief moment to share with the jury pool WHY the law is wrong and plants the idea of finding the defendant not-guilty…

          • Why,tis why I won’t mention till in the deliberation room,am not looking for a judges opinion on something,am done asking permission!I will just if applicable do it and get a not guilty verdict rendered hopefully.I will never talk about it during say jury selection ect.

      7. The ideology of the Globalists is the problem. Bill Clinton said, “Americans only make up 5% of the worlds’ population, but they “enjoy” 25% of the worlds’ wealth. We didn’t earn it, we enjoy it. According to him. And the Globalists see that as a problem. So, outsource our jobs and manufacturing. Flood the country with more deserving poor immigrants and give them the American jobs. Problem solved, according to the Globalists. Does it start to make since now? It’s a bizarre form of hatred. A hatred for the West. A hatred for us. These are the people that govern you. That we have to stop them is not in dispute. How we stop them is the only thing not decided yet.

        • To be fair to Bill (hey, I like young poon too), he obviously looked at the whiny, obese general population and thought “yuck!! these people are gross and are just wallowing in filth and degradation – we need to fire them up a bit with some global competition!”

          American living standards will continue to decline until they reach a ‘biting point’ at which they will grow again. Call me when you walk down a typical street and you see lean, biceped young men in chinos and clipped, tidy hair cuts everywhere (and they aren’t gay and this is not San Francisco!!), not gang-bangers in tats with their jeans hanging off their a##es, men with pony tails, or giant guts hanging out of some Wallmart jeans. Then call me, and we can talk about a pay raise…

          • Frank,good luck with that!I am lean but have long hair/torn jeans(earned em,didn’t buy em that way)and yet am still a successful slut,dozens of women can’t be wrong(may have made wrong choice).I am proud I will not ever look like what you envision a man should look like!As for the raise,I earn it and if not move on,tis simple.All that said I hate crony capitalism(welfare)which is what is wrong with this country,among many other things.

      8. Just a little info. 10% of Lewiston, Maine is Somalian refugees. Fargo North Dakota has been sent 4000 non-white refugees. Minneapolis has been sent 35000 Somalian refugees. Former Attorney General, Eric Holder, promised that he would work with the Census Bureau to determine which cities didn’t have enough non-whites. There will not be any White areas allowed. Oh yeah, refugees get about $2700 per month of free tax payer money, plus EBT cards and Medicaid, education and housing assistance. This is what your government thinks of you. They hate you. Do you hate them yet?

        • All true! I was amazed how much money Canada gives to refugees and new immigrants. This never used to happen: you had to prove you had enough resources or a job offer to support yourself. You could not just rock up and go on welfare and get everything for free. No wonder these people are disgusted by the West: they have no sense of how hard it is to make wealth. I have also noticed more and more employers trying to get pay down to the same level or less than what these migrants receive. Diabolical!

      9. Prophet… yes I do but I love my country!

      10. I will bet when they go to get the gold it is not their. This will start a chain of events that will collapse the entire financial world and our own.

      11. This sounds good on the surface buttttt…
        A. I was under the assumption tha gold and silver are and always was the only legal currency.
        B. They want you to deposite your metals and you will be issued a card with the digital credit for your metals, the value of your holdings will prob rise and lower depending on current values.

        I dont know about you but to me this sounds like a grade A scam, seems like a way to get ppl to finally get rid of that old silver laying around, and go on an online shopping spree… Those who see through the scam will hold onto their bullion. I damn sure would never turn P. Metals into digital currency.. Just another acclimation technique to get us one more step closer to cashless.


        • Which is why squirrel,when essentials covered and filling basket with metals you have em in hand.The feds pull a fdr about private ownership of gold grip said hand tighter while aiming with other!

          • And the penalty for NOT turning in your gold in 1933 was 10 years in jail and up to 50,000 fine.

            • Anon,we live in a much different time now,they can pass all the dumb laws they want,doesn’t matter,would throw in ocean before feeding the beast.

              • warchild,,,
                That is exactly how i feel about it too.

        • “A. I was under the assumption tha gold and silver are and always was the only legal currency.”

          Correct you are, and don’t anybody be surprised if and when the Government decides to tell you that you must turn in all of your Gold and Silver at said price. Then once they feel comfortable that they have what they need from the People, then they’ll raise the rates on Gold and Silver to the point you could not buy it back from them without taking a loss.

          It’s been done before, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did it again. Only the so called Authority(s) can manipulate a scheme like this. The whole monetary system is a scheme, only precious stones and metals such as gold and silver hold value. Though still, it leaves a person to play their manipulative game, as in. Your stones and metals are only worth what they say it is, and we all know things of this nature are already undervalued from what they say.

          • Really? And exactly HOW many gold owners do you know that would turn in their AU? Even in the 30s, very few were jailed. Today, every single gold owner would not turn their stash in. What are they going to do, go door to door? Really?

            There’s been a lot of discussion about this in all kinds of venues, with the consensus being they will try something else besides outright confiscation. Maybe a windfall tax?

      12. Now the billion dollar question is how long will it take to get their gold back from the Fed………..

        If Germany is any example the better start now as it might take 7 years……

        • Several commentators have said Germany really doesn’t want its gold back in a hurry anyway. I assume because they want the house of cards to stay up as well.

      13. Texas joins Germany, Venezuela, the Netherlands, and other governments that have lost trust in New York depositories for safeguarding their metal.

        Didn’t Venezuela just have a major bout with hyperinflation? Was that before or after they ‘repatriated’ their ‘gold’?

        As an aside, I hope this is a sign of things to come where states start fighting back against the fed and .gov.

        • It also appears from reading Section 13, Texas is worried about September 2015 as well…

          SECTION 13. This Act takes effect immediately if it
          receives a vote of two-thirds of all the members elected to each
          house, as provided by Section 39, Article III, Texas Constitution.
          If this Act does not receive the vote necessary for immediate
          effect, this Act takes effect September 1, 2015.

          • State Constitutions technically hold no value, they are trumped every time the Federal Government interferes and gets involved into their affairs. A State that does not comply with Federal Regulations, will be a State that does not get “special funding” for State funded programs.

            Extortion still works very well these days on all Governmental Levels.

            • True,which is why states tell their citizens/businesses to stop paying fed taxes,lets get the game on.Tis also to best of ability reason to “Go Galt’ where possible,on a personal level starve the feds as much as possible and work/deal with others with same goals,time to enhance the alt economy.

      14. Anyone who would trust a liberal NY yankee bankster to “secure” their wealth must have detritus for brains.

        The banks will go ape-s*** of course. We are aware that there will be a lot of lawsuits but at the end of the day we are a sovereign power,” he said.

        Syriza has a strong ideological motive to strike at the financial elites. They view the banks as the nerve centre of an entrenched oligarchy that has run the country for more than half a century as a family business. Forcing these institutions into bankruptcy provides cover for a socio-political purge, best understood as a revolution.

        Iceland is a tempting model for Greece, but the parallel can be pushed too far. The Nordic country seized control of its three big banks – Glitnir, Kaupthing, and Landsbanki – when the crisis span out of control in late 2008.

        As a reminder, this year Iceland will become the first European country that hit crisis in 2008 to beat its pre-crisis peak of economic output. In spite of its total 180-degree treatment of nefarious bankers, the banking system, and the people of its nation when compared to America (or The UK), Iceland has proved that there is a different (better) option that western dogma would suggest: imprisoning the bankers and letting the banks go bust.

      16. FROM ZERO HEDGE (concerning banksters and Revolution):
        “…the banks will go ape-s*** of course. We are aware that there will be a lot of lawsuits but at the end of the day we are a sovereign power,” he said.

        Syriza has a strong ideological motive to strike at the financial elites. They view the banks as the nerve centre of an entrenched oligarchy that has run the country for more than half a century as a family business. Forcing these institutions into bankruptcy provides cover for a socio-political purge, best understood as a revolution.

        Iceland is a tempting model for Greece, but the parallel can be pushed too far. The Nordic country seized control of its three big banks – Glitnir, Kaupthing, and Landsbanki – when the crisis span out of control in late 2008.

        As a reminder, this year Iceland will become the first European country that hit crisis in 2008 to beat its pre-crisis peak of economic output. In spite of its total 180-degree treatment of nefarious bankers, the banking system, and the people of its nation when compared to America (or The UK), Iceland has proved that there is a different (better) option that western dogma would suggest: imprisoning the bankers and letting the banks go bust.

      17. Read this yesterday on Quayle site.

        Texas is smart. We should all have some gold and silver set aside. (along with other P.M. and Hollow Points, if you get my drift?)

        Could Texas be making a more to secede from the union. If I was going to start, I would want all my gold in my hands. Why else would they want it or need it?

        Very interesting times we live in.

        • You think they’ll become a part of Mexico?

          • “A”
            one word.
            Sgt. NO!

      18. Not to step on your toes Sgt. Dale, but if Texas is smart. They wouldn’t be allowing Jade Helm or any sort of Military exercise on Public Property. This will be interesting to see if Texas stands up against this kind of activity, but I have my doubts. I have a feeling that Texas will be like any other State and comply with this unconstitutional order.

        Also, I don’t want to sound like I’m bashing Texas in general. All 50 States have allowed numerous unconstitutional orders from the Feds and nothing gets done about it. Pissing and moaning about it does absolutely nothing, because the final result is full compliance, whether the people agree with it or not.

        • SRSLY
          Remember the Governor has their National Guard watch every move that is made in Jade Helm.

          • That is a good point Sgt. Dale, but I have a feeling that this Governor is playing both sides here and I’ll treat it as such unless he proves my suspicions wrong.
            I look at this way, he has the authority to allow or deny this activity. If he is so concerned about it, why allow it to take place? At the moment, I don’t trust what he says unless I am proven otherwise.

            • “S”
              Remember Texas has one of the largest military bass in the world there. Fort Hood.
              You do bring up some very good points, Like I said time will tell.

        • Does Texas have any actual legal authority to stop it?

          If so, specifically what (law) gives it to them?

      19. BELOW IS FROM P. C. ROBERTS WEBSITE… does it sound familiar?? Sure as h– does to me!!

        “…Obviously, the Western world doesn’t want to help Greece. The West wants to loot Greece. The deal is that Greece gets new loans with which to repay existing loans in exchange for selling municipal water companies to private investors (water rates will go up on the Greek people), for selling the state lottery to private investors (Greek government revenues drop, thus making debt repayment more difficult), and for other such “privatizations” such as selling the protected Greek islands to real estate developers…”
        Just as Choddofsky (sp?) wrote about in his book, “The Globalization of Poverty”– this is the Elite’s plan: to impoverish the world and then establish a New World Order”.

        • Michel Chossudovsky

          A prof at Univ. of Ottawa in Ontario, where my wife graduated from and I used to teach part time. Website is GlobalResearch.ca I don’t read him very much, but do know about him

      20. Srsly, and Sarge, i heard that the feds have been threateing to cut of the food supply to the grocery stores to trigger mass shtf. Not sure if its 100%, but i heard it. This may be why Jade Helm was not kicked out.

      21. and on cue, no doubt here will come the “blame the Jews” cabal and their incessant postings! We don’t want to stop free speech – just repetitious, ignorant, arrogant (yeah, right… we all want to read about your bloviations every hour on the hour)

        10 Other things Jews caused, according to the neo-Nazis here:

        1.) The lack of a Cubs World Series pennant in over 100 yrs

        2.) Foot odor

        3.) Those shark attacks in N. Carolina yesterday

        4.) Kim Il Sung’s bad haircut

        5.) My bad haircut

        6.) The creation of disco music

        7.) The creation of the town of Disko in Greenland

        8.) Flight delays

        9) Halitosis

        10.) Bell bottoms and platform shoes

        I submit this as a public service in that hopefully this will save them their incessant postings here on this site.

        • No we just blame the jews when it comes to banking for being corrupt parasites on the human race.

          Germany stopped these theives in the early 1930’s and went from being poor to rich and yes Hitler may have gone too far but it’s not easy to see since we have had 70 years of lies and propaganda about the war since then.

          History has shown time and time again that people when pushed too far will turn on the bankers and it#s not my fault if most of them are jewish

          I hope this helps your “Bell bottoms and platform shoes” or cock that got damaged just after your birth

          • Jews have been expelled from 109 locations since 250AD.
            It’s not the Jews themselves that is the problem, it is the ones who are ruling over them. [Zionist]
            I’m an American, yet maybe to a Foreigner I’m an asshole because of how the US Government behaves. I don’t condone what the US Gov. does, and I’m willing to bet most Jews do not like what their masters do as well.

            Someone here may say something like – ‘why don’t those Jews do something about it?’

            My response – ‘same reason why Americans won’t stand up to their own Government’

            People in general will complain, but most of them will comply with what their Government tells them.

            America is full of sissies, cowards, dumbed down titty-babies, & self indulgent assholes. We as a Nation of People are completely fucked! People say ‘we need to rebuild’ I say, ‘with what, have you taken a good hard look at the people around you?’

      22. HCK
        What has been happening around here is that the Save A Lot stores have been having a hard time making pay roll. My sister-in-law works and one and has friends in other stores that have been telling her the same story.
        She told me that the Feds, and state guberment are having a hard time keeping up with the EBT cards.
        I can only take her at her word. Has anyone else seen or heard of anything like this?

      23. Gold Is A “Barbarous Relic” But These Are “Barbarous Times”.

      24. It will come down to land control.
        See American Lands Council .org
        They cite multiple Supreme Court rulings supporting States land control rights.
        Land control grab by the Feds could stall in court, it would seem.
        Unless of course you have yet another exercise/drill that mysteriously goes hot, and the Fed attempts to force martial law, occupy county courthouses, restrict travel…

        ‘Lookin for the clampdown’

        • ( and you can laugh at my tinfoil hat, but the chicks dig it )

      25. It will be interesting to see if the gold is there to be returned.

      26. I like to fall back on that age old question,

        “What’s in your wallet?”
        Better not be paper and ink or plastic.

      27. The Fed govt is TOTALLy corrupt but don’t think Texas is that much better. They gave us LBJ, the Bushes and are still pushing more Bushes on us and NWO Cornyn.

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