Teen Who Had MAGA Hat Ripped Off Head Gets New One Signed By Trump

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Entertainment, Headline News | 23 comments

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    Sixteen-year-old Hunter Richard was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat while enjoying a calm dinner at a Whataburger in Texas when a stranger, now identified as 30-year-old Kino Jimenez, yanked it off his head and threw a soda in his face.  But Richard now has a new hat, and it was signed by Donald Trump himself!

    *Please note that the below video contains racial slurs and could be considered violent to some.

    Jimenez was later arrested and shortly thereafter fired from his job for ripping off Richard’s hat and stealing it. “This is gonna go right in my f**king fireplace, b***h,” Jimenez said, acting like a bully for stealing a teenager’s hat. Jimenez also threw a soda in Richard’s face.

    Richard’s hat appeared to be gone for good until the video of the incident went viral and he received a new MAGA hat signed by the president himself, reported The Daily Wire. 

    Among those who commented on the video’s original posting was Donald Trump Jr., who retweeted a story about the assault against the teenager.  “If someone can get me this young man’s information I’ll get him a new #maga hat… SIGNED by #potus!!!” he wrote on Twitter.

    “Teen who made national news after having #MAGA hat stolen at a San Antonio fast food restaurant just got this in the mail. A hat signed by @realDonaldTrump,” Joe Gallow wrote on Twitter.

    Richard told media outlets that he’s been a bit surprised by everything that’s happened since the video was posted online. “I didn’t think it was going to generate the amount like what people are doing, I was looking at the comments by some people and ‘they are like this is uncalled for’ and other people are like mixed opinions but I didn’t think it would blow up to what it is now,” he said to News-4 San Antonio.



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      1. You have told us that job numbers couldn’t be better for Jimenez, yet never restored the social contract, for Richard, who is still being replaced.

        The subversives and invaders are emboldened by so many, conspicuous, quota-case appointees.

        And, you have conceded one hat, here.

        • Beaumont, the job number SHOULD be at 0 for that sorry spic. If I was an employer I would hire the teenager instead of the spic.

        • Whataburger made him do it. have u seen the prices?

      2. A nice gesture by Trump … what else could he do really? If only something as simple as a cap could solve all our problems and truly make America great …

        • Depends on what you mean by something as simple as a “cap”. This was Texas. A “cap” would have fixed the issue really fast, since Texas allows lethal force against someone using physical violence.

          • Dm,
            Lol. I hadn’t thought of it that way but you’re right. Your kind of cap would have solved the big, ugly problem at Whataburger in a heartbeat.

            • If that Mexican scumbag had assaulted me like that, he would have gotten his ass beaten to a pulp. He would think twice before he did that again. He not only stole, he assaulted someone who was minding their own business. He needs to feel the full force of the law, or the full force of my fist.

      3. The brownie needs to attempt to yank a hat off someone his own size and then get his ass beaten.

        • The little brownies provoke the big whities, so they can play the victim card.

          And, if you pay close attention, they are saying all the same gossips about you. They are treating whites, like whites are dirty. They are hiding their brown daughters from unaccompanied, white males. Get it? These are traditional roles, but in reversal.

          SJW’s, like Jiminez, are far more likely to be litigious than are passive whites, so are usually putting you on camera, white readers.

          You quit believing that you were under radical Reconstruction, while the subversives became ever more radicalized in their victimhood narratives. You became lax, as they became extremists.

          • Beaumont, like I told Menzo, let any of the brownies try anything with me and they will regret it.

            • You sound like a racist prick.Key board warrior.

          • You’re talking to an extremist. When the time is right I intend to kill these people that don’t belong here.

        • Menzo, had that illegal alien tried that shit with me he would’ve needed medical attention. Affirmative action wouldn’t protect him from me.

          • DB,
            When I was 16 I carried a switchblade. I lived in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood, many, many illegals. I was just an average
            sized 6 foot tall kid. If I had played football you would have made me a safety or receiver. I received a very long talking to by the police when I ran down, tackled, and subdued an “brown” adult that had stolen from the liquor store where I worked as a stock boy. They arrested the guy. They let me go as I was a minor and they didn’t want to do the assault paperwork.
            It is all attitude.

            • Rellik, you were lucky. Different times. Try that today and you would be arrested and portrayed as the villain and the thief[especially if he’s black] as the victim. Isn’t affirmative action wonderful? [SARCASM]

              • DB,
                I said this was a Hispanic part of town.
                Compton, CA was across the river. Most Blacks
                in Paramount were shot on sight after dark
                and nobody saw anything. I’m not too sure
                things have changed much.

                • In California (and, I am sure, other places, too) we have neighborhoods, where one side of the street is one way, and the other side is another way. That is red lining.

                  The only change, from what you have said, is new developments. (Also, red lined.)

                  To the moderates reading, any sturdy-looking, presumably-white person, will be labeled and pigeonholed, without your sayso. You have not earned anything. You are not a diplomat. It doesn’t matter how milquetoast you are.

      4. As the Liberals (Communist) get more and more violent everyday.

        Big tough 30 year old takes on a 16 year old peacefully having a meal, Yeah, real tough guy there for you. Oh course that shows the intelligence level of a Liberal for you. Like a bunch of babies that lost and now are pouting, crying AND now turning to more and more violence.
        Makes ya wonder how proud Obama is of this sort of actions? Or Clinton? More than likely encouraging it.

      5. Yall better think twice about trying that down here in the south. We have a saying, “An a–ed society is,a polite society”.

      6. 30,000 white women are violently raped by black men in America every year. When do these victims get acknowledged. White people have been targets of violence for years, but the media propaganda networks hide the truth, and create a false picture of white people as evil and inferior. White men almost never rape black women, with only twelve cases compared to 30,000.

        In 1995 the Justice Department stopped publishing official comparative statistics because the facts go against the perception tptb want promoted. So, although Sweden and South Africa have a terrible rape crisis problem, the USA is not out of the woods (jungle) either.


        • “30,000 white women are violently raped by black men in America every year.” and SOME of them get raped unwillingly(i bet).

      7. That kid just got a piece of American history. Sell it to a collector while the market is still hot and buy a car. Its the American Way.

      8. Plus One Mr. President. +1

        (Well played sir).

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