System Failure: “Carnage” In The Markets

by | Mar 8, 2022 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    The markets are showing there’s a massive strain on the monetary system. With inflation destined to turn into true and unavoidable hyperinflation, the United States is undergoing a “carnage” that is going to be hard to deny.

    With S&P futures a one-way elevator lower after a modest rip higher on Ukraine ceasefire optimism early in the session, sending spoos more than 120 points down from session highs and closing down 2.9%, below 4,200, its worst close since October 2020…

    Source: ZeroHedge

    … and the Dow tumbling more than 800 points, everything was in the red, with the exception of the defensive utility sector and of course energy which is basking in the glow of a historic surge in the commodity space.

    There will be no hiding from reality once the ruling class pulls the plug on the financial system. At that point, they will announce their CBDC (central bank digital currency) and the permanent enslavement of those who go along with it. The end game is complete control, and we are on the precipice of seeing just far they are willing to go to try to enslave everyone on this planet.

    Digital Health Passports: The Snare That Will Lure Many Into The One-World Cashless System

    Everything being done to humanity is done for this one reason: slavery. We all know by now that we aren’t free and never have been. If you were born under any government of any name on this planet, you are a slave to that particular master. That illusion is finally falling away, but will enough figure this out in time? Here’s hoping…

    Has Humanity Won? Almost…Here’s The Next Step

    All of their scams and hoaxes and propaganda are being done for a reason. We will soon see why they used a “pandemic” to force gene-altering mRNA shots into the bodies of most humans. Personally, I don’t expect it to be pretty, especially when people finally figure out what they voluntarily did to their own children.

    Until then, they will focus on the destruction of the current slave financial system.

    The Nasdaq tumbled 3.6% with the help of Facebook and Moderna both of which have wiped out more than 50% of their value from all time highs, and is now down more than 20% from its all-time high, closing in a bear market, where it joins the Russell, which is now also down more than 20% from ATH. -ZeroHedge

    Ukraine and Russia appear to be a distraction and one that the ruling class masters can blame hyperinflation on, bringing in their digital currency. The choice has always been ours. Are we going to be their slaves?


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      1. All of this carnage, ongoing
        destruction and collapse
        is as we all know by now –
        all by design. They want to
        take all of us out in every
        way, shape and form by any
        means necessary. Financial
        ruin is not enough. They want
        all of us dead as well. We are
        truly surrounded by evil.

      2. this decline in the markets and coming market crash is just another sign of the usa decline as an empire. much like greece, rome and england before it has followed the same pattern, devalue its currency, over burden its defenses, allow unchecked immigration and corruption of govt until it becomes an authoritarian state.
        no one can predict if it will be a quick slide or a long one but the usa is on the firm decline to being a former great power like england is currently. fortunately for england and the world, the usa was there to step in to take england’s place. looks to be a long period of darkness for the world as the usa declines.
        the usa had a great run, but its over.

        • It’s pretty much over for the entire world. The NWO has been very successful in their plans for 1 world govt. They create crisis where it is needed to gain total control. They own the worlds banking system. They own most mega corporations. They control the smaller ones. They own the mainstream media. They own the people in a legal way. They own your house, car, everything. Now comes the great starvation and financial collapse and probably a couple nukes just to cement the deal. People already give away all their rights to have some imaginary safety. In short, the party’s over folks….

      3. On a better note… The 2021 CC Morgan dollars I bought have already gone over my buy price by 45 bux each. I told you they were a good investment! Gold is going to be 3K before long. Cheap silver rounds are 31 bux and climbing. I wish I still had my palladium bars I paid 175 bux for. It’s over 3100 now damm. It pays to not be stupid lol.

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