Switzerland Prepares For Mass Civil Unrest In Europe

by | Oct 10, 2012 | Headline News | 169 comments

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    This article has been contributed by Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet and was originally published at Infowars.com.

    Editor’s Note: You know there’s a problem when the traditionally reserved and neutral Swiss start mobilizing their military as a contingency plan for the possible collapse of law and order throughout the continent of Europe. 

    Despite being one of the most stable and economically vibrant countries in the world, primarily as a result of its refusal to join the Euro, Switzerland is preparing for mass civil unrest in central Europe that could spill over its border, by mobilizing troops to deal with potential disorder.

    The Swiss military is adding four new military battalions to its army that will be spread around the country for the purposes of dealing with the fallout from any widespread disorder that could arise from the crumbling Eurozone.

    “Minister Maurer, accompanied by whispers from the top uniformed leadership in Switzerland, is trying to raise awareness that Europe’s massive fiscal-cum-political crisis could get very unpleasant, writes John R. Schindler, a professor of national security affairs at the U.S. Naval War College. “Swiss military exercises in September, called STABILO DUE, were based on EU instability getting out of hand. The Swiss have stayed out of the EU – one more thing the very prosperous Swiss are gloating about these days – and they certainly don’t want EU problems spilling over into their peaceful little country.”

    Maurer is concerned that the massive decline in European militaries since the end of the Cold War could leave countries vulnerable to insurrections and even race wars.

    Schindler notes that if the ire of Muslims is raised a couple of notches above the anger that was stirred as a result of the YouTube “film” which insulted the Prophet Mohammad, immigrants in European countries could rise up.

    “It’s commonly held by European security insiders that if the next Anders Brievik were to target Muslims, not fellow Europeans, things could get unimaginably ugly very quickly,” he writes. “It is difficult to see how Europe’s much smaller militaries could cope with massive civil disturbances. (And don’t ask Uncle Sam for help, since the very last thing the Pentagon wants is to get dragged into any riot suppression – particularly putting down Muslim uprisings – anywhere in Europe.)”

    Switzerland maintains a trained army of 200,000 troops, a massive amount considering the nation’s tiny population. All military age males are also mandated to complete basic training, meaning the country can rely on a huge militia in times of crisis, a fact many historians cite when explaining why Hitler refused to invade Switzerland during World War Two even though it was surrounded by Nazi-occupied bordering countries.

    Europe has been rocked with riots and unrest over the last three years, tensions that have only increased in recent months. France, Britain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and most recently Spain have all witnessed scenes of unprecedented disorder.

    A growing underclass as the gap between rich and poor widens allied with harsh austerity measures which punish those least responsible yet most vulnerable to the economic collapse have fanned the flames of discontent.

    In Spain, which was devastated by huge riots last month, youth unemployment has risen to exceed 50%, while benefits have been slashed. Overall unemployment stands at a staggering 25.1 per cent. Compare that to Switzerland which has an unemployment rate of just 2.8 per cent and the foresight of the Swiss in staying out of the Euro is admirable.

    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show and Infowars Nightly News.


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      1. And the curtain raises on act three. time to go radio silent

        • The Swiss, with their low toleration level, would be smeared by our MSM. Then add to the fact the Swiss populace aren’t as splintered as other nations.
          Thumbs up Switzerland, beautiful country.

          • The Swiss are smart, too. Looks like they read Mac’s article by Max Velocity “Long-Term Security, Perimeter Defense and Lethal Tactics”.

            • Ha, ha, ha…. maybe some guilty consciences!

              Let’s not forget where many of the top Judeo-Zionist banksters are headquartered. The Bank of International Settlements is at the top of the synagogue of Satan’s dung heap in Basel Switzerland.

              Muslims indeed!

              The banksters are getting nervous that some goyim are calling for prosecution and punishment in Nuremberg for genocide and economic crimes against humanity.

            • What did you thumbs-downers dislike about this?

              Ha, ha, ha…. maybe some guilty consciences!

              Let’s not forget where many of the top Judeo-Zionist banksters are headquartered. The Bank of International Settlements is at the top of the synagogue of Satan’s dung heap in Basel Switzerland.

              Muslims indeed!

              The banksters are getting nervous that some goyim are calling for prosecution and punishment in Nuremberg for genocide and economic crimes against humanity.

            • You have to wonder about people who dislike facts.

            • Can you thumbs-downers disprove any of this?

              Ha, ha, ha…. maybe some guilty consciences!

              Let’s not forget where many of the top Judeo-Zionist banksters are headquartered. The Bank of International Settlements is at the top of the synagogue of Satan’s dung heap in Basel Switzerland.

              Muslims indeed!

              The banksters are getting nervous that some goyim are calling for prosecution and punishment in Nuremberg for genocide and economic crimes against humanity.

          • Not so sure about not being splintered.

            Sure, they hang together damned tight, but you have to remember that the Swiss…

            * have four official languages that all gov’t documents carry (German, French, Italian, Romanian – in that order.)
            * have 26 Cantons (think “states”) that rarely agree on much of anything. Federations tend to do that, though.

            On the other hand, they aren’t in the EU because they refused to take on debt (their laws state that each year requires a balanced budget or else no one in government gets paid until it is). They also have the absolute most badassed military (per-pound) on the planet (the Vatican happily uses their services, and has done so ever since the 16th century – and not just for pomp and circumstance. This is why the Nazis owned Italy in WWII, but kept out of Vatican City. Nobody pisses off the Swiss – not even Hitler.)

            They have their share of troubles (including immigration, which is strange since they have the tightest immigration laws alive). OTOH, they do tend to stick together, and have done so as a melting-pot entity for nearly 500 years now.

            • oq, yes you are corect that switzerland has 4 languages but one of them is not romanian. its romansch, and it is not at all like the romanian language, wich is slavic. romansch is a latin language like french or spanish.

            • They’ll defend their country like Roger Federer plays tennis.

            • Seder is correct in that one of the languages is Romansh, however Romanian is a ” romance” language & so is Romansh. Both are closely related to French, Spanish & Italian. Easy to check on Google.

          • Switzerland is the banksters home. That’s why it is always neutral. Their military is being used to protect the borders from angry europeans who might know where they hide.

            • Gods Creation

              “That’s why it is always neutral.”

              Yep, when you generally finance both sides in wars you kinda default into neutrality.

              Their doomsday device would be a small nuke below everyones stash of wealth. Invade and your all broke. The mere thought of anyone attacking them would bring the entire world to their defense.

              Money is one heck of a motivator.

          • Affirmative, they also mandate private gun ownership to back up that military, not like it has evolved here.

        • Why does this seem like something A LOT more serious than JUST civil unrest? Think about this one for a minute. Switzerland’s army is ALWAYS ready for problems, have been since World War 1. When Switzerland starts to mobilize troops, it seems like it is way more than just to curb civil unrest.

          Hmmm, today is October 10, the start of the window in which Israel has a dark enough sky to attack Iran, until the 20th. Hmmm, Syria, Russia’s ONLY Mediterrean port is boiling over, and Turkey is trying to get Syria to attack it so that NATO has an excuse to attack Syria. Any country attacking a NATO member is considered attacking all of them. Tens of thousands of Russian personnel in Syria, including a lot of their navy in Syrian ports. Hmmm, a war with Russia, Iran, most arab countries and China on one side and the U.S. Israel, and NATO on the another side. You would think this would definitely affect Europe and Switzerland. Hmmm, could this be an indication of something much, much, much more critical, or just a coincidence?

          • Personally, I’m not a big believer in coincidents…

            • or spelling

          • The United States has sent military troops to the Jordan-Syria border to bolster that country’s military capabilities in the event that violence escalates along its border with Syria, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Wednesday.

            link also posted on Drudge Report

            • KY Mom….that is how we are going to get into Iran…..through the back door.
              Sincerely your ohio neighbor.

            • crash and burn,

              Hello Ohio neighbor!

              I agree. If they want that … they will find some way to get us there.

              Lies, innuendos and half-truths …

              Take care!
              KY Mom

            • Walt O. What you work here now…….Jeeez !

          • Good luck to you all, I think the shit is about to hit the fan. Let us pray that nuclear weapons will not be used.

            • People have been saying this since 2007. Be prepared, but do not ever think yourself able to predict the future of truly random events. Otherwise math would tell us how to determine which numbers will win each much and there is a finite amount of input data in that, let alone with 6 billion people and hundreds of governments hell bent on self-preservation. People predicting a time frame (about to infers near term, as in under a year to most people) normally end up with egg on their face.

              Yes, things are getting dicer. There are more actors in play now then we’ve seen in quite a few years.

              But yet this does not lead to any conclusive predictable outcome. All actors could back away from the brink as has happened before. Be prepared, be aware. Don’t be an alarmist or the kid that cried wolf.

          • Be informed: I said in an other post, THERE WILL BE WWW3 AND NO COUNTRY WILL BE LEFT OUT OF THIS ONE! Every country will see death and destruction on their lands including the USA. No where will be safe in this one, NO WHERE.

            • Willow Springs Lake is a safe place when the SHTF.

            • Will meet you there DK. My folks have a place in Show Low. My secondary BOL.

            • @ copperhead. I think the only countries that “could” be left out are the countries around the equator and the island regions. 10 degrees north or south of the equator the air is constantly rising and spreading out towards the poles, this is called convection. If this did not happen the equatorial regions would be unbearably hot. Fallout will not come down here, not much at least. These areas will be much safer, at least from radiation. I don’t know if the countries themselves towards the equator will come under attack or not. I just know that this world is nuts right now, and people seem to want to fight. Almost like they want to vent their frustrations in a hateful way. Even animals seem more aggressive. I don’t know???????

              Anyway those 5.5’s last week on the Mid Atlantic Ridge were directed right at the New Madrid Fault. If you take a flat tape measure and place it on a globe and follow the curve of the planet south from the New Madrid and it goes right bull’s eye across the area of those earthquakes 3000 miles away. The USGS is not that stupid, just sneaky, they know this. I bet the USGS is back again doing vibration monitoring again.

            • Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

              “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” – Albert Einstein

              I’ve stocked up on sticks AND stones, be fore warned!

              I’m also fairly certain there will be quite a few safe places. Even if we went nuclear, which is very rare possibility since governments are all about self-preservation, simple knowledge of physics (you did take that in school right?) will dictate that a lot of places will be safe. Sadly I suspect they will be mostly in the southern hemisphere where it seems fewer nut jobs with nuclear weapons exist (therefore fewer targets to light up).

              I do not really see Russia or the US dropping nuclear warheads/bombs on say Peru… Only risk from fallout would be in an African country was nuked, but why waste it there, they just kill themselves fine anyways.

              So yes, if you want to be safe from WWIII if and when it comes, there are a few nice South American countries that actually have more freedom then America or Canada (minus gun ownership but crime is so low you wouldn’t need it anyway, since they’re already poor and with low crime it wouldn’t get worse since most people already fend for themselves).

              Research and some knowledge goes a long ways. With the Internet, there is also little excuse anymore.

            • Copperhead: You sound pretty sure of yourself about this WW III stuff. Got some credible insights, if so, please share. Just curious, but how will ALL countries see death and destruction?

          • Think about this. What do the Swiss have besides a great militia and chocolate? Bankers. Is there any chance the Swiss bankers are feeling a bit nervous?

            • The Swiss have some really great schools for the kids of the Uber Rich who connect there and then do business together later in life and politics.

              You must have a minimum of at least $5 million dollars to invest if you want a Swiss Banker to manage your Trust account.

              And Klaus, your neighborhood Swiss banker does not work for peanuts, but he is not Bernie Madoff either. Monaco is better, and Panama is cheaper if you want to direct your own offshore cash.

              Just saying. 🙂 Bullion Vault!

            • They also manufacture some of the finest machine tools and firearms in the world. Do not mess with them.

          • This would make a VERY affective October surprise….and with Obummer falls in the polls, he might need a little sumpin sumpin to boils things over!!!

            Also @BI, what do you make of the Bellemy Islands???

            • @ you don’t need to know. Please check out the very detailed comment I made about the Bellany Islands about 3/4 of the way down on yesterday’s article, Alert: Highly Sophisticated…………… There was another 4.8 polar earthquake in the South Sandwich Islands also on top of the 6.4 in the one Balleny Islands region on top of the other section last week that was a 5.3.

              I would now give it a 90-95% chance of at least a 6.5+ by October 24, extended because of the 6.4 earthquake. I would give a 75% chance of a 7.0-7.5, a 50% chance of a 7.6-7.9, and about a 20-25% chance of a 8.0+. I give a 10% of a 9.0. The area last week that had a 5.3, has an earthquake of 6.5+ 90.3% of the time, and the area yesterday 89.8% of the time. On top of the South Sandwich Islands, and two earthquakes in this area, something big is coming to the areas I mentioned yesterday. If I was in Vegas I would bet on it.

            • Two more earthquakes in the South Sandwich Islands, 5.4 and 4.9. This makes it near 100% that a big earthquake is coming by October 24, 95-100% chance. This much polar activity means something huge is coming. I still say the same locations across the south seas are most likely to be hit hard. Have another set of polar earthquakes and I might even see a mega earthquake coming 9.0+. I will be watching the earthquakes extremely closely, everyone else should to, because something big is coming within 2 weeks. almost 100% sure of this.

            • Thanks. BI, I don’t check all posts. Do your predictions remain the same with those two new earthquakes? Things have been quiet for a while….

            • @ you don’t need to know. These two polar earthquakes made it almost 100% a big earthquake is coming. Right now the only thing I am unsure of is the size. I went back and checked to see if when this area, Balleny Islands was hit that there was NOT a big earthquake, and each time the polar region was quiet. Almost always when the polar egion gets active like this, a big earthquake follows. There was a 5.3 and 6.4 in the Balleny Islands and a 4.8, 4.9 and 5.4 in the South Sandwich Islands, this is a lot of polar activity.

              It is not that these earthquakes cause a big earthquakes, they are symptoms of the plates getting ready to snap somewhere. Much the same as someone might get a sore throat before a bad case of the flu hits later. The Antarctica region is especially a good indication of plate stress as the Pacific plate, the Australian-Indo plate, The African plate, the Nazca plate, and the South American plate all have boundaries with the Antarctic plate. The Asia plate is of course connected to the north polar region.

              What I find so interesting is that between 55-57 degrees south when there is a 5.0+ earthquake, 78.2% of the time there is a 6.5+ earthquake that follows. Here is what is so strange. Most of the plate boundaries between the Antarctic plate are NOT at 55-57 degrees south. Some of them go almost to the Tropic of Capicorn in the India Ocean, and almost to the Antarctic Circle where this 5.3 earthquake happened last week. Only about 15% of the plate boundaries are at 55-57 degrees south, yet almost 80% of the time when a 5.0+ occurs here, a big earthquake follows. That is perplexing.

              Have some more polar activity in different spots, and look out. I have noticed that some of the 8.0+ earthquakes have had polar activity east and west of the South Sandwich Islands before they broke, so I am watching these areas should they start to get active.

          • I believe Iran is a diversion, China is the big one to watch that the DOD aka pentagon is focusing on

            • Yupper !

            • That is the silliest thing I have read in a long time. Just what would the DOD do with China? They cannot even win in Afgahaniville. The Armys boot are made in China.

            • john w, you are correct, it is a very silly idea.but make no mistake, bj is correct, thats where this is all going. i think it will be proven a silly idea but not until they try.

          • soon it will be the US (the people) against the UN trying to take away our gun rights!!!

          • Seems like the only Global Warming our planet really faces today it the heat between the US, the NATO countries and Israel versus Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Nth Korea, Venezuela, and any other number of States with an axe to grind against the West.
            It it were to erupt across the globe tomorrow it would make the last 10 years of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan look like a kindergarden playground tiff over playing marbles.
            But with the world leaders we have now? I don’t like our chances, whatever side you’re on!

          • Sounds like WWIII is on the way?

          • Can you say “False Flag” event. Its all manufactured, of course to their benefit. No “Coincidence” anywhere here.

        • Your a silly boy !!!! Every time some country does something or like what happened to the ambassador , all we hear from the fools is……HERE WE GO !!!! and then dissipates until the next event

          • Rich99, you’re still around? I figured you’d be at an Obama rally or something…. 🙂

            • see once again you show me your ignorance by CLAIMING i support O’ROMNEY. ( not a typo )

        • Just imagine if Chicago or Detroit decided to enlist the path of Switzerland today? Seriously what if the required every 18 year old to join their local militia, and after 24 months do service they would be required to maintain their military rifle and be ready to help defend their city, state and country at a moments notice.

      2. I’m glad someone, somewhere is on the ball. the current leader around here sure as heck isn’t.

        • I had to snicker at your use of the word “leader”. Talking of Obama?

          • Also off topic but hey if we gonnaexpose the fraud lets do it across the board? We been sayign its both sides not just one 🙂
            Remember Ron Paul Getting screwed by his own party?
            Or flat out working for the county clerks office and only registering one side, even so far as to throw out the other sides forms after they are filled out?
            or this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjUZLq3FMno
            And here is the actual person who worked for the clerks office doing the fraud.
            Both sides are screwing us lets not just show the side we dislike 🙂

            • And how about Ron Paul people in Mass trying to steal a delegate spot even though he never earned one in the election. Paulistas are as big a fraud as obama, Romney et al. Paul claimed to be a repub and won’t even endorse the party nominee. I’m glad he’s out in Dec.

      3. Roger, out.

      4. @ hwg: Roger, out.

        • Roger Out!!!!!!

      5. Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut dieser tagen…

        but can I move my family there….PLEEEEEASE?!?!?!?!?

        • Better than mine, I must say.

        • If you’ve got the money, but do not expect to become a citizen. That’s almost impossible in Switzerland. They actually hold a referendum on each applicant. We should do that here.

          • A referendum on the people born here too. Let’s send the politicians somewhere else, strip THEM of citizenship.

        • Nur wenn Sie genug geld haben.

          • Ja, du hast recht!Hoffentlich die lassen nicht die mooslim da gehen. Deshalb veileicht ist es da heil und gesund.


              Boy…I started a mess.

      6. So, an armed nation is a safe nation, sacrosanct even unto the likes of the ilk of Hitler!

        I feel good and safe! Hope you all do too!

        Onward! Back to the Articles of Federation!

        (One more exclamation point and I’m gonna blow.)

        • Lesson is to make your country, your state, your neighborhood and your home as impenetrable as Switzerland. Let any aggressor know they will pay dearly if they attempt to take by force what isn’t theirs.

      7. Tell the Swiss not to worry, Rich99 says nothing’s going to happen for decades.

        • NEVER said decades dummy…..I said many years ….like 5-8 years ….DONT PUT FUCKIN WORDS IN MY MOUTH !!!!

          • I bet you like some things to be put in your mouth though don’t you? Faggot boy.

            • NO but i do know that your wife does !!!

            • Why do you think I’m a male. You don’t have to answer that.

            • Why do you think I’m married. You don’t have to answer that.

          • lets see here…..i got 23 negative ratings because some A-HOLE said i said something that i did NOT say …..so explain the negative ratings ????? this just explains to me the comments i see after some of these articles !!
            where is the logic here but then again there isnt any logic in DOOMWORLD

            • rich lets be friends.

            • Why let it get to you. Half the stuff posted on here is in fun and the rest is bullshit.

            • @rich99, why are you worried about ratings? Do you think that outside readers will like your comment more if you have more thumbs up? Are you looking for some sort of approval?

            • I have nothing against you or what you say even if you are a shemale. Just having fun and poking fun at you..like you get it in your mouth. Haha.

        • The honest citizens will go outside the county for their ammo and the thugs will just steal it.

          All this will do is drive more businesses out of their God forsaken city.

          In the end, they’ll end up with LESS tax revenue than they currently have.

          These idiots are clueless.

        • only affects the honest, the criminal could give two shits about a gun,ammo violence tax, all their cash is stolen just like the bankers and the but fu&*ign banker backin politicians that creat the tax, time to make your own ammo

          • Just got a new loader for 12ga & 20ga, in Gates County in NE NC. Which County are you in?

        • what about a violence tax on our govt for the innocent millions they have killed in wars based on lies?

          • How about Nuremberg trials… and the scaffold?

      8. To Hell With a”Swiss Army Knife” I want a Swiss Army Rifle!

        • lol….That is an advertisement for Wenger knives in the background. Makers of the original Swiss Army knife.

        • Are they still using the STG58 I wonder? Those are nice.

          • Their pistols aren’t so bad either.

          • No, the Stg90 is their current issue. Truly a watchmaker’s upgraded precision version of the AK action.

          • Go to dsarms.com and you can own one of those fine rifles.

            But I think the current issue for the Swiss Army is this:


        • Easily done. Just buy a mil-surp K-31. These rifles are almost always in perfect condition inside, although the stocks look like they were used to drive tent stakes. Don’t let that put you off. Ammo is less common than, say, .30-06, but it’s not hard to find. Power is on par with .308.

        • suarez international has them in 7.62×39 and 5.56×45

      9. Swiss have most always had thier heads working in the same direction, unlike other places we know. Mandatory two year military is one of thier best moves that they have done for years.

        • Having the people bring their arms and gear home afterwards is a good thing too.

        • Plus, the Swiss Army is always in a defense mode, unlike US. The 2 year hitch; it’s like being drafted, as I was in 1971…

          • You were one of the last ones. By then they were letting people out months early just to get rid of them.

        • After you’re back on civvy street in Switzerland, you’re still in the militia, and you have to requalify on the rifle range every year. Target shooting with the military rifle is a national sport there, and they work at it.

          • Sounds like a true militarized state. A nation is only as strong as their military might. Thumbs up to the Swiss for that; however, any country doing military services for the Vatican leaves me with raised eyebrows.

            The “revived” Holy Roman Empire/European Union, will/has caused much turmoil among the nations. It is fairly clear, in these end times, who is pulling all the strings. It ain’t O’drama/US gov., and it ain’t the Chinese/Russians or the Islamic Nations. It’s the rider on the “first” white Horse. The Master Puppeteer via Catholicism. It started in 800 AD, and became somewhat dormant in the 1800’s. They love it when hate and blame is passed upon their scapegoats, the Zionist Banksters. I’m not saying the Zionist(which have many,many different forms/views/groups/off-shoots) are responsible for the worlds problems, banking or otherwise, but they are used as “whipping boys” by most of the nations. All nations/powers play a hand in the worlds economic woes.

            The Vatican has, and it will become more evident, played a major role. They control more of the worlds wealth than China or Russia. With that much wealth and control it is very easy to “buy” a country’s military.

            • You know your history. Thumbs up!

      10. If it weren’t for the internet I wonder how many of use would even be aware of all this.

      11. When Kaiser Wilhelm asked what a quarter of a million Swiss militiamen would do if they were invaded by a half million German soldiers, a Swiss replied: “shoot twice and go home.”

        • Love it—gotta keep that one for later.

        • The Russians lost over a million men when they invaded Finland. Two Finnish snipers had over eight hundred kills each.

      12. I am dead serious about us all buying long range radios and deciding our own frequency so that when the internet and electricity goes out, we can still communicate at least for a little while. Looks to be like World War 3 at last.

        • Ham or short wave? I know ziltch about radios? Anybody with a “radiohead”….hello…..Hello……HELLO!!!!

          • I don’t know much either. CB radio maybe? The idea sounds great though.

          • CQ – CQ-CQ— 2 meter band anyone? very versatile … will even make phone calls. got 1 myself. J-pole antenna costs about $14 if ya make it yourself.

        • A good idea in theory, but subject to many problems. The salient problems:
          (1) broadcasting will reveal your location
          (2) the frequency will be available to the adversaries to all men to distribute disinformation.

          That said, imagine if the Branch Davidians were able to broadcast video of what ZOG was doing to them!!!

        • I think it’s about time to get buddipole and antenna tuner. http://www.buddipole.com

          Elecraft KX3 radio to follow.

        • Fot my money the marine UHF radio with 69 channels is the only way to go. No licence needed. Can adjust most of them to broadcast in 1, 2.5 and 5 watt power range. I recieve and can broadcast over 100 miles depending on terrain. Water proof and what land forces are going to have access to or be monitoring a marine channel?

          If you are still bound and determined in using a short wave radio you cannot beat a Vertex VX 150. Compact and versatile with great broadcasting range. Not to mention that you can scan and listen to conversations from across the country. You do need a license to operate it in the transmit mode but you can find some one that can configure the radio to allow you to transmit with out a license. Not that I would!

          CB radios are pretty much useless. The only use I have found for them is in using the small ones for recon missions. The channels on the small walkie talkie like hikers use do not match up with CB channels making them a great local communication set up for a neighborhood watch or some thing in a small 1/4 mile radius.

        • I vote for Horse and rider communications.

        • Not saying that the dollar wont be abandoned eventually, but my question is what will the world go to. The chinese and the EU are both printing money same as the fed so that means that they are in the same boat. There really isn’t a fiat currency that could be switched to at present that i am aware of. Gold might be an option but look who has most of the gold, governments and corps. TPTB won’t let a collapse happen quickly and will divert our (the sheeple) attention with wars and such to keep us in line. By the time that most wake up to whats happened, they will have blamed it on some made up boogy man for so long that they wont have much left to fight the real culprits.

          • it will be hard or the ptb to make up a bogey man for when nibiru comes. if they survive , they will try though. im betting they dont.

            • I read that several scientist/astronomers determined that Nibiru behaves more like a craft or guided mass than a planet/star. What could it be? What is it carrying? It will affect the earth.

      13. Any European you speak to will STILL arrogantly tell you that nothing is wrong over there and that their socialist model works.

        I know this to be true because I’m related to a few by marriage. Nice people but they are political idiots and 100% clueless.

        • Substitute “American” for “European” in that statement and it still rings true.

          • That should be “tuk-tuk.” I didn’t notice that my spell-checker made a silly substitution.

        • The average yuk-tuk driver in Bangkok knows more about the world sitrep than most Americans, certainly more than the current puppet-in-chief.

        • @Bluto

          I think that we married into the same family….just say’n

      14. All of this is like a connect the dots picture. In this case while your connecting the dots and the picture emerges your inclined to either quit connecting the dots or connect the dots differently than the information requires because you just don’t like what you see.

        I would pay someone for plausible good news.

        • no tanks on trains today, its not raining here in the mountians and i had a bowel movement today, now thats good news.

          • Had a bowel movement too and what I thought was it causing the rumbling was actually 8 bombers flying high in formation over my house today.

      15. And another 6 months will pass and then another 6 months. If back in 2008 someone told me we would make it to 2013 without a collapse or martial law or civil unrest , I would have said they were NUTS !!!!! But here we are , so , reread my first sentence

        • @ RICH99. Time is a very difficult thing to gauge. I suppose that they can attempt to reset the economy in someway, after all the numbers are just phantom numbers anyway. What I see though that is most disturbing is the military movements that are going on. War is something that is a lot more concrete than the numbers of finance. Agression looks like before WW1, and the raw firepower over in the Middle East right now is more than it has ever been. The Turks forced a Syrian passenger jet from Moscow to land because they said it was carrying weapons.

          With finances there is a lot more wiggle room than when it comes to armies and world war. Throughout history wars have started quicker than almost any other economy has had the chance to fall, the time factor is much quicker and less expected with war. It really only takes one stupid move to have everything spiral out of control, like the last Israel war in 2006. Hezbollah back then had about 40,000 rockets, now they have over 300,000 and much longer range missiles. So does Gaza have much longer range rockets. China and Russia have huge interests in Syria and Iran, and have massive militaries ready for a prolonged fight.

          It is an extremely dangerous powder keg over there and this time everyone seems to be spoiling for a fight. I don’t know about the 5-8 year wait, it could be a lot sooner. I think Switzerland is seeing this and it is way more a regional or worldwide concern than an internal security reason they are getting their armed forces ready.

          • While I was blocked from replying to your earthquake post the proof is in the pudding. As you predicted, a 7.7 quake just hit off the Canadian coast. You are either the luckiest SOB I know of or you are dead on with your science. Thank you for all of your great and informative posts.

        • Rich99: You’re always saying what you don’t believe, how about telling us what you do believe. You think something is going to happen or you wouldn’t waste your time visiting this and other sites. You’re quick to challenge others on their beliefs but I don’t recall you stating (offering) what you believe is happening to the economic systems of the world. Please share your insights with us.

      16. I saw a lovely little snip on PBS about the Swiss. They build explosives into their bridges so that they can be dropped across roads at a moments notice. They also showed a barn(looked like a barn anyway) made of concrete that concealed a cannon and was only accessible through a tunnel from the center of town. They’ve got some clever people over there.

        • We need to take some notes

        • I saw the same episode., I might have been from the guy who does the travel episodes in Europe. I just can’t remember the name.


      17. And a word from another country no smart people or country shoud ever conciter invading, or F-ing with

        I like the Swiss

      18. Always wanted to go to Switzerland. Ok, what’s with the radio thing? I don’t get it.

      19. Hmmm, that’s interesting; we’re doing the same thing here in Texas. Considering the amount of rednecks, cowboys and veterans live here; I’d say Texas is prepared.

        • Texas will be a bloodbath for anyone pushing this way, you can count on it!

          • God bless the Texans.

            • Yep, they are 5-0!

            • Texans? Over half of them are Mexican now. Ain’t no more Texans, they have been Californicated.

          • Saw “The Alamo” on the TV the other night…the one with Billy Bob Thornton as Davey Crockett.

            I don’t think we’ve changed much over the years. At least not REAL Texans.

            (I can’t speak for the folks in Austin…they’re all transplanted Californians and Yankees)

            If you want to read some interesting stuff, try check Wikipedia for, “Battle of Gonzales”

        • The question on everybodies lips;
          If the Dark man is reelected by hook or crook,
          Will Texas secede?

      20. Heard on my car radio today that Obummer is sending U.S. troops to Jordan’s border with Syria. Given that there are 100,000+ Russian troops fighting on Assad’s side, along with 20,000 guys from Iran inside of Syria.

        Oh, Turkey has moved more of their NATO troops to their border with Syria……just maybe the Swiss are on to something…ya think?

        We’ve all seen this kind of build up before starting for me with the Gulf of Tomkin, Dessert Storm, ect., and know where it may lead.

        • Desert Storm not Dessert Storm, that would mean that it’s raining Ice Cream and Cake. (dumb keyboard)

        • Do you know who the original Reverend Ike was?

          And source please, for the claim that there are even 1000 Russian troops in Syria. Sounds like tinfoil hat stuff to me.

          • I remember listening to a guy called “Rev. Ike” in collage. He was the first health and wealth preacher I had ever heard of. I recall him saying, “If you can’t afford to send me $100 then send me $500”. Off the wall stuff like that. I also remember that he worn money green colored suits and drove a money green Caddy.

            You claim to be a “coach”, sounds like tinfoil hat stuff to me. Do you know who the original “Old Coach” was?

      21. We’ve got a way to bypass the straight of Hormuz??


        Man… I…

        If that’s the case… I dunno how China and Russia would come out on this one but I begin to wonder if we shouldn’t just do it.

        My major concerns were:

        1. Instantaneous and critical damage to our oil supply – doesn’t sound like that’s gonna happen.

        2. Massive retaliation by opposing first world powers.

        Remove the threat of #2 and I’d be on board with it, strangely enough.

        If they were REALLY going for nuclear power they’d go for Thorium reactors, the way we are personally helping China to do. Can’t be weaponized, can’t melt down, much larger global fuel stock.

        So in my mind they clearly are not doing it for energy.

      22. Switzerland, like the rest of Europe is being overrun by muslim cockroaches.


        • Oh come on! Islam is “The Religion of Peace”. Didn’t you hear Barry’s speech at the UN last week?

          Plus we all know that Barry always has the moral high ground on any subject that he speaks on, and as our DL, we must follow his advice.

          “Stomp them”, it’s not like they would cut your head off, or somethings really bad if you say pissed them off now would they?……never mind

        • fkn savages…

      23. All of this warmongering is ignorant greedy insanity. The U.S. military- industrial-CONgressional complex want all oil and natural resources in their possession, and will kill any and all standing in their way from taking it. Our government are the terrorists and mass murderers of present day mankind. It’s been going on since the inception of America and before then. Even Columbus, who we are taught discovered America was a genocidal mass murderer. The democrats in the past feigned an antiwar position. Obama has moved all the way to the right (wrong) on war mongering, despite pre election doublespeak, one upping Bush’s record of torture, surveillance, drone murders and repressive police state, with scant reaction from the American people. Facts are U.S. factions aided Hitler, then brought over at least 10,000 nazi’s into this country to form our CIA after WWII. These were the worst of the murderers under Hitler. So actually we have had fascism for decades in America. Like now, the criminals are untouchable in the eyes of the law. Any war is a war against all of mankind. Where are the peacemakers of America and why have they allowed themselves to be silenced?

        • Aljamo: Ooops, you made a boo boo and told the truth which has upset the children here. No one likes being told that their belief system is all a fairytale. General/President Eisenhower and USMC BGen S. Bulter (War Is A racket) both told us about the power of the military industrial complex and the danger they pose to our country. Eisenhower was a 5-Star General and BGen. Butler was a double recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor. They knew first hand who really runs this country and it’s certainly not “We the People”.

      24. The Swiss are the only people in Europe that have some common sense. They’ve had the good sense to maintain a top-notch army AND militia instead of wasting money on freeloaders. Plus, I own a Swiss watch and have several Swiss Army knives going back to when I was a kid. It’s only a matter of time before the EU’s troubles make their way over here. I’m still shopping and getting everything I can before TSHTF. What we’re witnessing in Europe is socialism in its death throes, I hope.

      25. The Seiss have been independent for a long time and they are not stupid. If they are showing concern then something is ready to happen in Europe. If It hits the fan there it will soon spill over to the USA. Patriots, be vigilant, care for your families and pray.

      26. Switzerland is prosperous because they’re the money launderer to the whole world. And who knows how much money they stole from people like the Jews in World War II who died in the camps and the banks never contacted next of kin? Every tin-horn dictator like Castro has billions in Swiss banks. Besides organized crime from around the world.

      27. The swiss had a dirty deal with Hitler. You honestly think the Germans would invade Russia and be hesitant about Switzerland ?????????????????

      28. My advice to the swiss if the mess spills over their border-

        All you armed citizens shoot 30 times and go home.

      29. Israel will wait for the elections and no more. I like Schoggi imported Swiss chocolates but they made the mistake of letting the Muslims become citizens in their country.

      30. Wait a-minute!
        The Swiss pegged the Frank to the Euro to even up trade! There is a lot more to this than meets the eye…………………..

      31. I want some green make up like that guy wears. One big bad “Green Back” Ha Ha……

      32. As a swiss, i can say the best choice we have done is remain seperated from the euro-zone.

        If its not the courts who will defend us, it is our army. We are legion because we are many.

      33. I notice that the writer of the article subtly implies that the Europeans would LOSE a race war with the immigrants were one to begin. Not so. An Anders Brievik incident might get the Muslims to rise, but there are still far more Europeans in Europe than there are Muslims, and if a race war were to begin SOON, the Europeans would win. The whites would take losses, of course, but in the end Europe would be white again and the immigrants would be GONE. As they should be gone. As they never should have been in Europe to begin with. The biggest enemy of the whites in Europe is time, is delay. The war should have begun in earnest already. It should be over already, with a decisive victory in favor of the Europeans.

        • fkn savages need to be gone….now…

      34. What is being planned is a uni-lateral currency default.
        Then it’s a one world currency, electronic with transactional taxes, one world govt. and a disarmed population.

        MCCARTHY WAS FUCKING RIGHT. Did you ever notice how they painted this guy in such a negative light.

        I’ll just say this…. Too many people on the planet and the elite are doing to be crating massive crop failures and so on. We already had the drought…no hay for cows, less feed for the livestock. Bacon is now $6 a pack.

        It’s all beginning.

        Good luck.

        I’ll say this and Mac, don’t delete this.
        What we need are not laywers in congress..but plumbers and trades people…

        Get rid of congress and open up the floor to internet electronic voting.

        Soilent Green times are coming.

        The boomers took a vibrant country and when they got in power…the “me” generation, the “children of the 60s”….the completely fucked it up.

        I love watching boomers kick off. Makes us that follow them very happy.
        They drove the housing prices up, sold off the factories.

        I always get a kick out of how offended these folks get when I point the finger squarely at them. “Oh no…not us”. The “Greatest Generation” created the worst generation. Let it all collapse. Let the dollar go to zero. I don’t give a fuck anymore.

        Fuck patriotism…..it’s was hoax. We’re not indebted to a communist country.
        This has all been planned. My generation now live in a time of a declining dollar.
        It’s fallen almost 50% since 2000.

        You give a black guy a credit card and see what he’s done with it…spent money like a drunken sailor. Get Obama out in November.

        BTW.. The other guy said I was a racist for not voting for Obama.
        My reply.. “What’s your point?” ha

        Look at this guy for what he is… a socialist communist.

        Go google the planks of the communist manifesto.
        They’ve all been achieved.

        The United States was ended by the first black president who spent more money than
        all prior presidents combined. Fucking Nero! Know your history.

      35. SkyNews UK report on board US aircraft carrier taskforce in the Gulf (11/10/12), so I guess mainstream is ramping up the war/strike likelihood. Report mentions concerns with ‘fast boats’ (of unamed origin – meaning Iranian).

        I had thought Russian naval and advisors were/had departed/ing Syria? RT.

        • It sounds like a replay of The Gulf Of Tonkin brewing with the USS Maddox and USS Turner Joy. Why not use the same playbook; it worked before. They really have to get outrageous for the public not to buy the official story regarding anything at least initially. Ex Post Facto it doesn’t matter anyway.

      36. Maybe the truth is that the swiss feel a little guilty or responsible for the wealth disappearing from many countries from the second world war.. Their guardians the New World Order is not as protective and powerful as promised to be…Look at UBS on how it stole Indonesia gold bullion , UBS open up a bank in Indonesia and create a bullion bank and give a incentive of a good 4to7% return….Indonesia deposits thousands of tons of gold and UBS issues Gold certificates in return….few months down the track UBS bank is still their and just telephones on empty desks….gold is put under investigation and cia makes false copys of gold certificates and then they say they dont know which certificate is a copy and which is real so they cant pay you out in your bullion….Thats what i call the swiss procedure under swiss law…

        deposits thousands of tons of gold

      37. Go figure…this mornings local paper has an AP photo of the Swiss AF in training manuvouers over the alps.

      38. Switzerland is the most beautiful country I have ever seen, and I admire their lifestyle.

        I wish America were more like Switzerland. Mind your own business, stay out of other countries affairs, train all citizens to fight if the enemy comes knocking, and be self sufficient.

        Will they let Americans in when SHTF here?

      39. While Switzerland may have four official languages and multiple cultures, when it comes to matters of national security they are one nation. They have witnessed the problems associated with Muslim immigrants in all of the other EU nations and have therefore the most restrictive immigration laws. Illegal immigrants, a/k/a refugees are not permitted to stay in Switzerland. Once captured, undocumented aliens are deported, right away. Hearing for asylum take less than 30 days and if not granted asylum, which is done only very rarely, you are booted out. Its military is also unique, aside from the draft, most of its forces are reserve forces, civilian-soldiers. Every reservist has his weapon – at home. Yet there are very few homicides involving military weapons. Switzerland is very careful with its Muslim population. They do not get the liberties offered to them by the other EU nations. No Sharia law, no mosques all over this Christian nation and no special considerations for Muslim customs. Switzerland is one of the most progressive countries in Europe, yet it has maintained its culture and traditions. Its preparation for potential unrest in Europe which may spill over into Switzerland is only prudent as the Muslims are set to “Islamatize” Europe. To gain acceptance of Islam in Europe they use every legal and illegal means available to them. Germany with its history is too afraid to reject any of the demands made by Muslims and is therefore a heaven for Muslim radicals. Look what happened in Great Britain with its appeasement policy, the Muslims tried to introduce Sharia Law into Great Britain. There are now British Civil Courts and Sharia Courts in Great Britain. France stopped bending its laws and is no longer appeasing the Muslims, but look at the riots it has caused. The US will continue to proclaim that our Judeo-Christian culture shall prevail, while the Muslims are busy, seeking more liberties, including the change of our 1st Amendment rights. If we do not keep a careful eye on their political activities the day may come that we have been outwitted. It is not terrorism which worries me as much as the continuous erosion of our unique American culture. We used to say: America – love it or leave it. No more, we now say, America: “how can we change to make it more like your former home country?”

      40. Until only very recent Switzerland had banking laws which protected the identity of the depositor. The US came to an agreement with Switzerland, unless you report every US citizen who has deposits in Switzerland you may no longer conduct any banking business in the USA. Reluctantly Switzerland agreed and opened its books to the US IRS. This compliance with US banking laws has cost Switzerland dearly as many foreign depositors no longer consider Switzerland a safe place where to “hide” their money. As to stealing Jewish money – this is only partially true. Switzerland has settled the claim with the Jews by surrendering a fixed amount of money to Israel, for them to figure out who had what deposits in Switzerland during the Nazi era. Israel in turn has paid out very little to the so-called victims, as it is rejecting most claims made by their fellow Jews. Switzerland required death certificates of the depositors before they would release any money to relatives of holocaust victims. Guess what Israel requires from the same relatives, fellow Jews, death certificates! So who is the real criminal? Switzerland was smart in surrendering a lump sum of money to Israel and for them to sort out who is entitled to any of the holocaust money as it did don’t want to involve itself with the required documentation as to who was a depositor and who is making a false claim. It stands to reason that not every Jew who died during the holocaust was a multi-million depositor.
        During wars Switzerland was always the friend of both sides. With its private banking laws and arms sales it prospered from almost every war as it serviced all nations and did not take any sides. To suggest that Switzerland is neutral is only true to the sense that it does not care who does business with Swiss companies.

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