Sweden Is NOT Using Authoritarian Controls & Economic Shutdowns To Fight the Pandemic

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 15 comments

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    Sweden is perhaps the only country that is not demolishing it’s people’s means of making a living in order to fight the coronavirus pandemic.  Their approach is much different, and they are still thriving while we are all suffering in what could very well be the beginning of another Great Depression.

    Sweden has not closed its borders or its schools; neither has it closed non-essential businesses or banned gatherings of more than two people. Their economy is still going strong, and people can still eat regularly.  While the rest of the world, including the United States, imposes severe totalitarian restrictions on people’s lives and remove their source of income, Sweden is taking a more relaxed approach in response to the coronavirus outbreak, according to CNBC.

    The Public Health Agency’s lead epidemiologist, and a key figure in Sweden’s national response to the coronavirus, is Anders Tegnell. He told CNBC that although his country’s strategy to tackle the virus was different, the aim was the same.

    “My view is that basically all European countries are trying to do the same thing — we’re trying to slow down the spread as much as possible to keep healthcare and society working … and we have shown some different methods to slow down the spread,” he told CNBC Monday.

    Sweden is relying on the public to adopt voluntary controls, such as staying home when sick, to slow the spread of the coronavirus.  Their people are still enjoying life because of it too, and there’s little panic and economic stress to the public.  This approach should have been the one all countries adopted, considering the virus will spread and no one can be locked down for months without harsh repercussions.

    Dr. Ron Paul On Coronavirus Panic: The Real Danger “Is The Government’s Overreaction”

    “Sweden has gone mostly for voluntary measures because that’s how we’re used to working,” Tegnell added. “And we have a long tradition that it works rather well.” He said the agency had explained to the population why social distancing was needed, “and so far, it’s been working reasonably well.”

    Sweden is proving that totalitarian measures and the destruction of people’s livelihoods is not necessary to combat the spread of the virus. “The incline (in infection and death rates) in Sweden is less steep than in many countries and that’s exactly what we’re trying to achieve,” Tegnell said, adding that opinion polls showed the Swedish public was overall in favor of the agency’s approach.

    Life in Sweden appears normal compared to the rest of the planet. Massive amounts of fear are not needed to fight the virus. “Besides the obvious social media influences, I think if they would have enforced harsher initiatives like other countries there would have been more panic,” said Tom, an Englishman who works in construction in Stockholm.

    And, it bears mentioning, that if everyone in the U.S. could still earn an income, more could be donated to help those who do get sick.  “Being both an expat and an educator at a secondary school in Stockholm, I feel conflicted,” Erik, a teacher at school in Stockholm, told CNBC Sunday. “I still need to go into work, on a crowded bus, to teach my students who are advised to keep coming into school. We are all set up for distant learning, but secondary schools are not closing any time soon,” he said.

    He added that some colleagues were brushing off concerns about coronavirus saying, “It’s just the flu, I’m more worried about the start of the pollen season.”

    Sweden’s economy won’t escape completely unscathed, because the governments around the globe crashed their own economies to slow the spread of the virus.  However, they are in a much better place to be able to handle this in the long run than the rest of the Western world.

    As Thomas Sowell said, “there are no solutions. There are only trade-offs.” It appears that those in Sweden are about the only ones who currently understand this.



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      1. 3 March 2020 17:40 -Post Date-
        What has happened to the folks at TheDailySheeple website?
        * 11 March is Last article posted on my browser
        * 11 March is Last twiiter post I see on my end
        Are you seeing same? Is this because my DNS web coms compromised? Redirected to Fed control grid honey pot?
        Have TheDailySheeple been banned by the tech commie monopoly? Does anyone know?
        Been rounded up during this Hoax exercise?
        Are they ill? Are they ok? Need help?

        (My traffic is often intercepted, fouled up, auto reboots, etc., comments trolled. The “Theys” do not want the sheep to communicate. My computer system/phone completely compromised after a year or so. Too cheap to replace again. As we are unplugging anyway. 5g demands we leave areas that are radiated by 5G Kill Towers. Not sure how to stay away from Musks new sattelite 5g weapon barrage? 5G is a weapons system. It will kill. Avoid it when possible.)

        The arrogant Tech Commies even deleted twitter comments from Brazil President? California News/NPR, has banned Trump. So I’ve read. Not sure if true or not?
        ** “Stay on message with the False Narrative Message of FEAR and be controlled or “they” ban your speech.”
        (This shtfplan site has banned people so much that many have left. Maybe the old timers are still watching? Maybe they have been rounded up?) The current situation is a exercise Hoax. Cover for other misdeeds by your masters? Purge? Genocide? ChiCom CCP are using to purge their dissidents.
        Happening here too? Who knows?

        See if this post is ever seen? See if your post ever seen?
        * Back to original objective. Check on TheDailySheeple folks. See if they are ok? Need help? Many readers appreciate their efforts and would give aid.

        Texas is hasseling travelers from Louisianna. Stops.
        Other states doing same. The “Theys” want you controlled and in Fear.

      2. (Captain) Sweden is actually authoritarian — only against conservative, masculinist, ethnic Swedes.

        White people, see how things used to be made, in your own native countries, which used to be yours. Learn some survival skills and aphorisms, which your parents have probably forgotten, by now. You have a culture, which is more interesting than gas station music.

      3. Well good for Sweden!

        Given their racial gestalt this is just another symptom of their specific ‘Racial Disease’. Thankfully – as they’ll discover, either sooner or later, that type of mentation leads directly (Do not pass GO, go directly to HELL) to Extinction.
        In years past Europe and America were the SOLE source of Intellectual advancement globally for CENTURIES. Now, the descendants of those don’t seem to be able to think beyond the end of the noses on their faces. Worse, that ‘disease of thought’ appears to have gained a firm foothold on this side of the pond.
        Witness the likes of France, Sweden, England Germany, et al. Nowhere amongst those groups does the seem to be even the slightest inkling of cultural, ethnic, genetic preservation. Instead, there seems to be a MAD rush on the parts of everyone to dilute their fundamentals to the most base level imaginable. The epitome of that which we see publically is summed up nicely in Prince Harry and his new ‘wife’s. Beyond belief.
        Well, that should suffice to express my abject disgust on that subject, moving on…
        The Federal Reserve has over the last several days effectively MORTGAGED every component of the Body Americana…the consequences of that are absolutely unimaginable; your children and children’s children…and thier’s, and infinitum, and nauseam have been permanently placed under the yoke of debt servitude forever.
        As a counterpoint to that sickening example is the actions of Vladimir Putin yesterday. To whit he stated that, “The Rich must pay for the COVID-19 Pandemic”. The details are best obtained from ZH but My God a fine example of Humanity! Whereas HERE – at every fucking turn – the PTB through it’s organ, the Fed, continuously efforts itself to magnify it’s own power thereby automatically ‘havesting’ the American public via quasi-cyclic boom-bust cycles which they are pre-staged (virtually on a military level) to reap the maximum advantage from, Russia – under the leadership of Putin – actually appears to actively desire to effect an outcome which is a vital, healthy Nation.
        We might as well face the music here folks…America as we have known it is simply GONE…on a path that leaves us in a position almost identically similar to what the Israelites faced in bondage under Egyptian authority. The upper ‘crust’ of America has always in it’s secret soul soul harbored the fantasy of becoming Pharohs amongst mere Men and with the bear 5 Trillion in various vehicles which the Fed has offered to them over the last week, FINALLY their dreams of avarice on on the verge of realization…
        Let that settle in for a bit…and tell your children what their new role in America is; flipping burgers for minimum wage forever, accompanied by the NEW, three primary responses, “Yes Massa, No Massa, and I don’t know Massa” since if they stray much from those theirs beatings will continue until morale improves.
        Hmm, I wonder if Russia is accepting immigrants?


        • Probably not at this point in time, but Russia’s “far east” program (get a hectare of land for free as long as you use it for farming or one of the other approved businesses in the program) is open to immigrants 😉 Believe me, I’ve been pondering going there myself! But, things here in Canada aren’t so bad, so I’ll stick around for a few more years, anyway.

          • Howdy P,
            Thanks for the info!
            With each passing day my disgust for what I see happening to my own once-great (DEFINITELY past tense…) country leaves me more and more incredulous. Like yourself, me (and ‘mine’ also…)
            left for the GWN (Great White North) departing the lower 48 years ago, when looking about me I could no longer assure my sensibilities that the people around me – civilization in broad – were, in fact, qualifiably ‘ Sane’.
            It is so odd that the West seems gripped so profoundly with ‘unsanity’…not that state where sanity is obviously compromised (Insanity) but a state in which – through ACTIONS – Sanity is not plainly confirmable on sight. To be sure there is ample evidence of true insanity distributed across both the US and Canada presently…which appears to be on a parabolic curve to ascendancy, but heretofore I DID hope that the trends I was witnessing MIGHT reverse themselves…especially with the election of Donald Trump…who I now recognize as a political “Trojan Horse” designed to placate the silent majority.
            Truly, of all World leaders extent currently Vladimir Putin appears to be the SOLE personage who actually WORKS on behalf of the People of the country he heads and for the actual BENEFIT thereof.
            Had someone told me 30 years ago that this ‘Shite’ we see today about us – NOW – would come to pass and effectively be a complete role reversal of the US/Russia, I would have laughed in their face…rest assured, I am not laughing anymore.
            ‘We’ have secured ourselves WAY off the beaten path, having roughly 90 miles between ourselves and the nearest automotive-friendly roadbed and still I an not sure in my heart that THAT is sufficient…

            Be Well, Be SAFE and be Blessed Friend.


        • We need a real European Union that puts European people and their culture first. At present the EU is nothing more than a marketplace seeking the cheapest labour, and the cheapest labour in the world is in Africa, so the rush to bring them in.

          The original founders wanted a White EU as did the people who first voted for it. Since the 1980s the EU was turned into a marketplace only and started to mass import Africans.

          Russia stands as the last opportunity, the last bulwark to protect European civilisation. Putin has consistently put European culture first and has dramatically lifted living standards for Russians.

      4. Obviously, the local, state, and federal governments, the Medical Mafia, Silicon Valley, the finincial sector including Wall Street, and the military have declared war on American citizens. 

        Abusive relationships never improve. The abuse only increases. These individuals are psychopaths with deviant and sadistic personality disorder. They enjoy watching people that they torture and abuse suffer. They are cowardly, deviant, evil, retarded, insane, savage barbarians. 

      5. WHO and its shotty history of overstating pandemic risks has been called to account for its repeated fear-mongering and attempts to incite hysteria, dating back to 2005. In 2009, ( remember Occupy Wall Street?) they overstated the swine flu fatality and contagion rates. They were also calling for forced vaccinations at that time. The Jewish community was dead set against it, deeming that a swine flu vaccine would not be Kosher.

      6. Will be interesting to see how they go. So far, their infection and death rate is no higher than anywhere else and way lower than Italy and Spain.

        • No higher YET… Just wait, I bet those numbers are gonna skyrocket over the next week or two!

      7. If the coronavirus has validated anything about American government, it is that they are power-hungry, gulity of treason, guilty of constituional illiteracy, guilty of insanity, guilty of mental incompetency, and guilty of creating a national health emergency that did not exist prior to their fascist power grabs.

        Please, governments, commit mass suicide! We would be better off if you were all dead!

        A military coup is NOT the solution!

        • Ain’t that the truth!

      8. If there was any remaining doubt in anybody’s mind that the entire economy, financial sector, and stock market are nothing but 100% pure bullshit, JPM finished that off today saying that they expect stock market prices to stabilize, despite the fact that nearly the entire economy has totally ceased functioning. That is as insane, delusional, and as fraudulent as it can get, since the “wizards” at the Fed and treasury as well as the governments have colluded to mark to make believe and conitue to bail out the richest people in the world and corporations with financial fraud as a business model. If the CEOs weren’t doing stock buy backs, we would not need to be bailing them out, but many of them are now retired multi-billionaires, owing a debt of gratiude to the war-mongers that rewarded them for being
        subs (bitchez!)!

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